Inugami-san To Nekoyama-san

October 24, 2014

Are you a cat lover or a dog lover? Well, it doesn’t matter because you still can be friends, right? And so it is in the case of Inugami-san To Nekoyama-san. High school girls who somehow have animals in their names (and showing certain traits of that animal), meet and become somewhat best friends. Somewhat. Because it is their quirky behaviours that make their friendship go through high and low periods. Attracted to each other but yet so uniquely different. You know what they say about attraction and opposites, right? And the one caught in between the madness is a friend of theirs who also has to become some sort of moderator to quell the situation and prevent it from getting more insane than it is.

Episode 1
Despite her name, Yachiyo Inugami is a cat person. Because she is the type who prefers to be subdued rather that to subdue. A masochist in short. Then there is Suzu Nekoyama. Also despite her name, she is more of a dog person. But she looks so much like having cat traits and others think she is more of a cat person. When Nekoyama’s friend, Aki Hiiragi introduces her to Inugami, Inugami wants to cuddle her but Nekoyama slaps her away and won’t allow her to touch. Nekoyama loves dogs because she can teach them things. Inugami displays dog obedience to her. Nekoyama gets a wrong idea about Inugami and Aki’s relationship. She thinks too far they are yuri. Inugami on the other hand thinks Nekoyama is in heat and dreams… When Nekoyama thought her gym clothes is missing, Inugami could point out it was in her bag. She knows because of her smell… Creepy! As Inugami owns 3 dogs, Nekoyama would like to come see them. She is enthralled in petting them, etc while Inugami starts to film her and finds it most relaxing. Inugami warns Nekoyama not to lick her dogs because they are dirty. In return, she licks her! It makes Nekoyama feel even dirtier. Because Nekoyama wants to stay with the dogs forever, Inugami suggests they get married. This is because if she said yes it would sound like she was only after her dogs. Inugami’s face lights up further. Fancy some sort of marital affair?

Episode 2
Inugami never knew there was this cute petite girl sitting behind her, Mikine Nezu. She loves eating cheese (but of course) since the way it melts in her mouth makes it lewd and she likes it. Inugami believes they can get along fine. Because she is a night person, she finds it hard to stay away in the day especially in class. When Nekoyama learns Inugami made a new friend, she panics and tells her she’ll never forgive her if she leaves her. Jealous? This has Inugami smother her with lots of love and assure her love for her will never change. Got more than she bargained? Nezu hopes Inugami could join a club she is in. Registered as Assorted Living Beings Club, Nezu introduces Inugami and Nekoyama to Yukiji Ushiwaka, the president of the club and her ‘wife’. They explain all the club does is drink tea and relax. Nezu takes a liking for Nekoyama because they are both short. Didn’t that sound like an insult? But she agrees that they can be friends since their partners are tall lazy people. Aki is introduced to Nezu as the latter notes of their interesting pairing. One short, one tall. Aki thinks that the 4 of them make a cute idol unit.

Episode 3
Inugami looks like she has a devious plan. She is going to switch this catnip tea with Nekoyama’s during recess and once she drinks it, she will fall unconscious onto her knees and she’ll endlessly pamper her! Of course you do realize Aki is going to stop this. Nekoyama couldn’t understand why Inugami is so happy greeting her or why Aki is lending her wooden sword. During recess, Inugami and Aki are having a leg battle under the table. Trying to interfere? Nekoyama wonders if they’re flirting shamelessly and looks as though they have something to hide. Inugami tries to force the drink onto her but Aki blocks and the drink ends up spilled all over Nekoyama. Now what? Nekoyama is drunk and totally dominant. She makes Inugami lick all her wet places. She even invites Aki to do the same. Like hell she will. The killer move comes when Nekoyama pecks on her forehead and sends Inugami into nose bleeding frenzy before collapsing next to her. In the aftermath, Inugami didn’t learn anything because she would really love to get addicted to it. As for Nekoyama when she is sober, she would really want to forget those bad memories…

Episode 4
Since Nekoyama didn’t pass the eye test, Inugami insists she go get some glasses after school. Would this be their first after school date? Please keep your enthusiasm in check. To her friend’s surprise, she seems to be a regular at this optician. Because the beautiful ladies are all wearing glasses. Not surprising… Inugami tries to make Nekoyama pose in certain angles with glasses and comments on how old Aki would look like in them. Inugami wants to her to continue this abuse since she is a masochist but Aki won’t comply. They get too friendly fooling around that it pisses off Nekoyama. What were they here for? Once Nekoyama has bought her pair, she isn’t wearing them home. Since Inugami insists, she puts them on but becomes dizzy as she is not used to it. She becomes dizzier when Inugami holds her hand. This is just to help guide her. But Aki tells Nekoyama not to be fooled by her consideration because Inugami did this as she knew this would happen. That ruined the mood for her.

Episode 5
Nekoyama is shocked that Inugami and Aki have gone karaoke together before. She has never. So Nezu offers to bring her there as part of their friendship deepening among shorties. Nekoyama becomes picky in certain songs she doesn’t want to sing. Songs that cats don’t really like. Because Nezu’s microphone goes dead, she shares with Nekoyama. Although Nekoyama doesn’t find it bad singing with another, she gets embarrassed when she realizes their faces are too close. Nezu continues to tease with some close proximity. Then the telephone rings to signal their time is up. Do they end or extend? Since Nekoyama cannot decide, Nezu extends their time. Nekoyama gets fired up and starts singing (horribly). It’s no wonder her throat feels sore since she has been singing loudly for an hour. But Nekoyama had a fun karaoke in her first session and thanks her. When Inugami hears about this, she is screaming in disbelief. She should have been invited! It doesn’t get better when cheeky Nezu teases how cute Nekoyama was. Inugami goes crazy…

Episode 6
Nekoyama has to put up with her elder sister’s hangover. Not that Tamaki could remember anything anyway. Just when Aki got her day off from club activities, she is busy babysitting her little sisters, Kiri and Kaede when Inugami had to call to bug her to go shopping. Of course Aki refuses but here Inugami is at her doorstep anyway. And so Aki has to tag along with Inugami to the pet shop and it seems Nekoyama is there too. I didn’t know Nekoyama was good at sarcasm when she notes Kiri and Kaede being so cute that she didn’t notice them (what does this make of Aki?). Nekoyama hints jealousy when she asks why she wasn’t invited. Inugami says she doesn’t want to bother her on her day off. How kind… I guess she wasn’t kind enough for Aki. Yeah, even the lolis are quipping their big sister lets people take advantage of her. On the way back, Nekoyama wants to say something to Inugami. Could it be the words she longed for? Actually she wants to walk her dogs. Dream come true. Inugami gets distracted by a cat and they end up in a silly argument over nothing. So Nekoyama is okay with them being together but not Inugami with cats?

Episode 7
What’s this? Sora Sarutobi hates Inugami?! I can think of a few reasons… Anyway one morning we see Inugami dragging and rushing Aki along. Seems they are late to do some task but the attendance sheets and handouts are missing. Work of a fairy? You wish. Sarutobi did it in her place. No, she’s not the fairy you dummy. She’s your class rep! Sarutobi didn’t bat an eyelid to say she hates her. Did she do something bad? Aki deduces it’s because of the ‘dog’ and ‘monkey’ thingy. Sarutobi dislikes using animal references in their names and if she is going to continue using it, she’ll shut her up. But I get a feeling Inugami is going to like that mouth gag… Sarutobi continues to carefully watch Inugami complete her task. Inugami can make it sound so lewd what she is doing… A ploy to make her mad at her? Oddly they are having lunch together as Sarutobi asserts she still hates that animal reference. She doesn’t look convincing especially saying that with a banana in hand. Sarutobi doesn’t want to make friends. But Inugami likes the way they are now and wants to… Get intimate with her! Wait a minute! Sarutobi believes it?! That doesn’t even sound romantic! Sarutobi retracts her statement that she doesn’t like her and Inugami pretends not to hear and wants her to say it again loud and clear. Jealous Nekoyama is watching… Her jealousy flames are burning so brightly… She is pinching Aki’s arm so hard…

Episode 8
Nekoyama wonders who this Hibari Torikai girl is as she is always absent (she spends most of her time in hospital due to her weak body). When Aki quips nobody has ever met her, she thinks she is a ghost! And when Torikai pops up before them, it freaks them out! She starts to get depressed because she is unsure if she herself has become a ghost so our friends have to assure they can still feel her. Torikai makes friends with the duo and even gives them nicknames. Since she likes to make jokes about death, Aki warns she will beat the crap out of her if she hears any more of those. She’s not listening… Inugami is introduced to Torikai. She thinks a pretty ghost girl has appeared before her! Sarutobi is also a friend with a certain banana lover… I think I know who she is. Sarutobi reprimands Torikai for coming to school on her own. She could have called and they could have come together. Well, Torikai did many times. Only, Sarutobi can’t read her heart, damn it! Torikai thanks Sarutobi for being around. Those words weigh heavily on Sarutobi and Torikai wants her to welcome that heavy love with open arms… I think I know why Sarutobi is always this moody now… When Nekoyama and Aki notice Torikai didn’t turn up in class today, suddenly they here this ghostly voice from Torikai that this girl was never in this class in the first place. Remember what Aki said about beating the crap out of her? Say sorry now!

Episode 9
Wait a minute. Inugami and Nekoyama fighting?! Is the world going to end?! And Aki is caught in between. If it’s about who is cuter, she’s going to punch them. Thankfully it’s not. Nekoyama takes Aki and leave. Inugami calls Aki a traitor. Anger directed at the wrong person? So Aki is forced to hear what this ‘lover’s quarrel’ is all about. It all started when Nekoyama’s curly hair got worse during rainy days or when she just woke up. When she thought of straightening it, Inugami gave that death stare. Scary sh*t. Inugami scolds her for wanting to do that and from their long-winded-it-doesn’t-matter-at-all argument, seems Inugami loves the way Nekoyama’s hairstyle is and since she won’t have it any other way, Nekoyama snaps because what she does with her hair is her own business. And then they start screaming and getting overly emotional about not being lovers or anything. Inugami can’t shrug off that harsh rejection. Nekoyama wants to shrug off that statement! Aki’s conclusion? Well what do you know? It’s just a lover’s quarrel. Nothing to worry about.

Episode 10
It’s the pool lessons. Inugami jumps in and earns the reprimanding of her friends, in which she pretends not to hear of course. She laments their swimsuits don’t come with name tags. Then she starts imagining if it does and Nekoyama forgets to write her name, she’ll write it for her. It just gets erotic… Nekoyama stays by the side like Torikai. Because the latter feels the chlorine might melt her. Of course Nekoyama like a cat dislikes water and she knows Inugami would come after her as soon as she enters the pool. Then here she is splashing a gush of water over her. Inugami makes the cutest pleading face to persuade her but it’s not working. Nekoyama oddly starts to have a strange fantasy on Inugami because from this angle she looks hot and sexy. Till Inugami opens her mouth of wanting to see Nekoyama drenched in water that it ruined the mood. Since Nekoyama didn’t swim, she has this uncomfortable feeling she may be missing out on something. The part whereby your friends rub and dry your hair with a towel. That fuzzy feel food feeling… Anyway she blames the pool and feels tired and goes to sleep. Ironically she is the one who barely did any swimming…

Episode 11
Nekoyama is sick and thus it is logic she stays home. Suddenly Inugami’s world comes crushing down! It’s the end of the world! School sucks… No mood… Depression… Nezu gives her a much needed motivation by saying sick girls are 30% cuter. Nekoyama’s fever is rising and fears she could see things. Well, she knows she is not seeing things when Inugami is here! Appreciate the consideration but don’t skip classes just for this! Inugami starts acting weird. On a pretence that she will take her cold, she gets close to her face and then… KISS!!! Her first time taken? Thank God it was just a dream. But thinking about that still makes her feel embarrassed. Then she hears Inugami assuring her it’s alright and patting her head. She can fix that if she wants. Is this a dream too? Nope. Nekoyama bangs her head on the wall repetitively and hopes this is a dream. Not working. Aki is here to visit too. Because Nekoyama says she is going to stay here for 6 months, Inugami doesn’t mind catching her cold. She prepares to get close… Is the dream coming true? Thankfully she gets a hug. Aki takes Inugami and leave so Nekoyama can rest. She wonders how they got in. Ah… Tamaki. Big sister is amazed she really does have friends.

Episode 12
Aki, Inugami and Nekoyama are at the stalls for the fireworks festival. Inugami is not pleased Aki is not dressed in her yukata and wants her to go change this instant! Well too bad she won’t she came here straight from her club. They meet Nezu and Ushiwaka too. Ushiwaka notices the Blue Hawaiian flavoured shaved ice Inugami is having. Since it makes her tongue blue, she takes the liberty to wipe it off her lips. As they continue their fun at the festival, they notice their other classmates and teachers. They don’t think Torikai would be here and will be sick in bed at home while Sarutobi would be by her side. True enough it is. Inugami couldn’t stop resisting hitting Aki with a yo-yo balloon while Nekoyama always wondered what goldfish tastes like. Yikes! Then everyone watch the fabulous fireworks.

Episode 13 (OVA)
While taking a dip in the hotspring, Inugami wonders why Nekoyama is keeping herself wrapped up. Because this way she cannot wash her if she covers herself! Flashback reveals Aki won a lottery for 2 to the hotspring and only invited Nekoyama. She wondered how Inugami ended up coming. Inugami is furious that she is left out and was not in her thoughts. How could she be so mean? I mean, Aki realizes Nekoyama was the only person she would love to bring along on this trip. Inugami further accuses her of trying to plan something to take advantage of Nekoyama and forces her to let her join in. Now we know why Aki doesn’t want to bring her along, eh? Inugami calms down and takes up Nekoyama’s advice that they should make the most out of it. That’s why she brought a video camera… Aki throws it away into the snow. Inugami apologizes for getting carried away. Then she slowly lets her fingers run through Nekoyama’s thighs… And she gets beaten up and left behind in the hotspring. When she returns to the room, she is appalled to see the duo so close having a meal. That was the whole idea of leaving her behind, right? Inugami throws a tantrum about being left behind again and asserts they should do things together. But the duo continue ‘flirting’ and ignoring her. More heartbreak for Inugami when Nekoyama says she likes Aki (in the sense of friends, that is). Inugami isn’t really convinced when Nekoyama also says she likes her. I mean, she says she thinks she likes her but doesn’t necessarily mean it, right? What Nekoyama meant is that although she can say it straight to Aki’s face, it makes her blush thinking about saying it to Inugami. They find Nekoyama blushing to be quite cute. When it’s time to sleep, Inugami creeps up pretty close to Nekoyama, scaring her away into the arms of Aki. The next day they leave refreshed and they wonder where to go next with Nekoyama. Inugami thinks it’s best to leave Aki out the next time and the feeling is mutual for Aki.

Call The Zookeeper…
Wow. They almost had all the domesticated pet/farm animals anthropomorphise as humans. So… where is the rabbit? In addition to the dog and cat, you got a mouse, monkey, cow and a bird so where is the rabbit again? You can’t leave out those cute furry little bunnies, can’t you? Don’t even mention goldfish… Or hamsters… Oh wait… What was this show about again?

The characters as expected are quirky. The only downside is that the series is too short for them to be fleshed out but still that doesn’t mean you can’t find them enjoyable. With airhead Inugami’s masochistic and berserk mode combined with Nekoyama’s tsundere and timid personality, there is no doubt room for lots of fireworks to go off not only between the duo but those around them as well. Nekoyama has this yandere potential too. Notice how jealous she gets when we see Inugami getting friendly with others? At the same time she is being tsundere with Inugami. She wants her to be close but not close enough since we all know how perverted that doggy girl (that ‘B’ word just feels derogatory) can get.

Aki I suppose is the only one not having an animal reference so could she be the zookeeper of them all? Her role seems to lean more towards keeping the balance and sanity of the duo. She is like playing the straight man each time such situation arises. Compared to the rest of the characters, she is like the most normal. But then again, she has been retorting and making jabs so often that I don’t think you can see her character as normal anymore. Other minor characters are okay too and add to the dynamism of the main characters. From Ushiwaka’s humongous boobs (udders?) to Nezu’s crafty personality (cheese turns you on?) to Sarutobi’s lively scathing (like a monkey) and Torikai’s sickly behaviour (her name is some sort of bird disease and hence her sick persona), it is fun to see these characters mirroring the animal names they carry.

There are mild hints of yuri but I don’t think it would constitute to anything major. Major as in, think of Sakura Trick (if you have seen this anime, you’ll know what I mean). You won’t really feel it and think Inugami and Nekoyama are just very close and quirky friends. Even those lewd fantasies or Nezu calling Ushiwaka her ‘wife’, the yuri factor just feels mild. Sometimes it won’t even cross your mind. At least not to me. Unless you have a very yuri mind… Okay, so that Nekoyama getting drunk part and having Inugami lick her all over may feel a little more like it. Just like the last episode whereby Ushiwaka swiping Inugami’s lips, I thought it was a cue just to remind us about this mild yuri theme. Besides, all the characters in this anime are females.

The art and drawing are pretty okay. Nothing to shout about but nothing to complain either. As long as the girls look pretty then everything is fine, right? Right. Just be prepared for lots of those ‘sparkly bubbly scenes’, like the kind where they start to fantasize or in awe/ecstasy. At the end of each episode, there is an end card illustration illustrated by different people. However I thought some of the styles look quite similar to each other especially those cute looking ones. The anime studio of Seven produces this show and it seems they are no strangers to producing short anime series. Their notable works include Morita-san Wa Mukuchi, Ai Mai Mi, Shin Strange and Recorder To Randoseru.

The upbeat and lively ending theme is Zettai Fukujuu Sengen but the duet of Inugami and Nekoyama (Sumire Uesaka and Nao Touyama respectively). Surprisingly this song is addictively cute and you can’t help but want to sing along sometimes. The lyrics fit the theme of the series and it is fun to sing along. Really. Try it out. Wan wan wan neko ga suki, muchuu de nani mo mienai. Nyan nyan nyan inu ga suki, sunao ni I love you… See, isn’t it fun?

Overall, if you want to watch something that doesn’t take up too much of your time (because you might be a busy person whatsoever) but at the same time want to watch something heart-warming about a quirky friendship (yes, this anime can be considered to be heart-warming believe it or not), give this anime a chance. It will be good worth for 12 x 3 minutes of smiles. So whether you are a dog a cat or some other animal type, despite all the differences, it shows that we can still get along just fine. Well, define ‘fine’ actually. I guess the norm is that nobody says anything out of the ordinary if you’re a dog lover or cat lover or even a human lover. But I wonder what they will think if you specifically mention you love girls instead… And I’m a maid lover so…

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