March 1, 2008

  Inori tsudzukete ii desu ka,

  Shinji tsudzukete ii desu ka,
  Zetsubou no mori ni sashikomu,
  Hikari yo…
Funny thing when I first heard Hikari, which is the opening song of the anime series Inukami, I didn’t really like it that much. Then slowly as I continued watching the show, somehow I felt ‘attracted’ to it and before I knew it, I had to have this song in my list of anime songs collection. Hmm… Maybe it goes to show that some songs need a little more time before they become ‘accepted’.
  Tsumetai daichi wo tsumasakide kete,
  Sukitate no kami hodoki tsukiyo ni mau,
When you hear this song the first time, the first impression is that this song makes a pretty good dance song. Yup, with all the techno sound beats, I’m sure this song fits nicely in those dance clubs and such. Besides, doesn’t it make you wanna get up and do a little shuffle with your feet? Of course I didn’t at first, but later on, I find it hard to ‘control the urge’. Who wouldn’t since it’s quite lively, upbeat and fast paced.
  Obieta hitomi no kodoku wa sute you,
  Tsuyogari dake ga itsumo tomodachi datta hi,
  Kanata ni oiteyuku
Thank goodness this song has a karaoke version with all the necessary back up vocals, or else I really suck big time if it was a totally instrumental version. Like most of the other songs that I sing, the verses are usually manageable. But when it comes to the chorus, my usual problem starts creeping in. Yeah, there is a line in the chorus whereby I need to go to a higher pitch, albeit it’s just a short one. I’m sure Yui Horie (the singer of this song) does it perfectly but it seems I need some more practice here. Lots of them. In the meantime, I’ll just have to put up with my inability and going off pitch each time I sing that part.
  Sukui wa soko ni arimasu ka,
  Fukai yami wo iyasemasu ka,
  Nukumori wo motomete ite mo ii desu ka
Because of that, I also kinda noticed that by the the time I reach the end of the song, I would be nearly out of breath and trying to do the last chorus line seems to take more effort and energy than usual. Other than that, I think I sound quite close for the other lines (like real). Lyrics wise, it’s simple enough to remember th lyrics though the chorus has a few words changed here and there but they’re manageable.
  Dare yori mo tsuyoku naritai,
  Itoshiki hito wo mamoritai,
  Watashi wa terashi tsudzukeru,
  Hikari wo…
Right now, I’ll just need to practice more and sing my heart out till I get it right. Or close enough. At least, I’ll have to catch my breath first.


July 28, 2007

If you’re a dog lover and an anime otaku then you should try watching Inukami. Just kidding. If you’re neither of those 2, you could still watch this series. Like me. My main reason for watching it as usual because it is partly a comedy genre. And secondly, I’m curious to know what this whole show is about.
Literally translated as ‘Dog God’ (note the palindrome too), this 26 episode series has some ecchi and partial nudity stuffs. Albeit it won’t amount so much to a hentai genre, but those who can’t even tolerate a little bit of ‘exposed skin’, then it’s best to stay away from this. Besides that, it’s your usual supernatural action adventure with some romance in it.
So what are this ‘Dog Gods’ or more appropriately Inukamis? They’re not exactly humans (duh!) but they take a form of one because they look much better in a bishie form. Haha. Just kidding. They’re dog-like demons in their actual form. But they’re not evil demons at all. In fact, they help and protect humans from other evil demons and spirits. However, not every human being can use them. Those who have contracted with the Inukamis are called Inukami-tsukai (Inukami users) and just like men’s best friend, the 2 would become like some sort of a super demon-battling team to protect the city. Something like that.
Thus we have this teenager guy Keita Kawahira, who comes from a line of Inukami-tsukai descendants. But he is considered a ‘failure’ in his line of family because of his laid-back attitude. Though Keita has an Inukami of his own, the green-haired Youko, this guy is a pervert! Yeah, this guy likes to flirt around with other girls, or at least have the thought of it. But with such a pretty Inukami like Youko, why does Keita still go around flirting? Probably he thinks that since Youko is a dog (the female term is derogatory, mind you), Keita’s wild imagination has got him thinking that if he ‘do it’ with her, he’ll have puppies as his children instead of normal homo sapiens. I suppose it’s normal for a guy to want to have a normal relationship with a normal human being girl. Luckily, Youko’s always there to stop him. Since Keita isn’t a round-the-clock pervert, Keita has his good sides too like he cares for the one he loves and tries his best to help those in need.
Therefore it’s kinda odd if you notice that Youko’s the one who’s having Keita on a ‘leash’ rather than the other way round. Anyway, it serves Keita right and it keeps him in line too. Just like in the first episode whereby we see Keita’s raging hormones of pervertness. Instead of accompanying Youko to go see the sakuras blooming, he’s off doing what he loves doing best, flirting. As expected, Youko doesn’t tolerate it all and uses her Shukuchi, 1 of her 2 magical powers, to magically teleport Keita somewhere else. Thing is, she only teleported Keita and not his clothes! Yup, as ‘divine’ punishment, Keita’s naked in public! The policeman thinks he’s a flasher or some pervert of some sort and proceeds to lock him up in the police station’s cell. Serves him right alright. So everytime you see a guy naked, you’ll see that his crotch area is being ‘censored’ by a picture of an elephant’s head. You know what it means, right? And if ‘it’ is bigger, than a mammoth’s head will be in place.
So as Keita is languishing in his cell, he meets other perverted guys there as well. Uh-huh some muscular guy who is some sort of a lingerie thief and he even wears one on his head! Then there’s some magician guy who’s a peeping tom and a bespectacled salaryman who seems to find his ‘thrill’ by tying himself up in a tight rope. Yeah, I wonder how he moves in a position like that. Anyway, the trio think that Keita’s part of them and thinks he’s been doing a good job. Above all, they consider him to be their boss! Of course Keita would deny that he’s part of their gang and their whatever sick ideologies. Youko visits him and reminds Keita about their contract thingy. Yeah, between the 2 of them, the head is the one with a tail. Hehehe.
But Keita gets to be ‘released’ from his prison cell when a special investigator, Karina Shirou, appears and offers them a job to catch and stop an evil spirit. This Karina guy has got some sort of a jagged light saber as his weapon. To cut things short, that evil spirit is a pervert and because he himself is a loser at love, he has grudges against couples who are in love with each other. Yup, he’s making clothes disappear! And he activates is by pinching his nipples! Eww!!! Thing is, he only make the clothes of men disappear, much to Keita’s disappointment as he’s so looking forward to see a bevy of bare naked ladies on the street. But after some words like how girls won’t hate the guy they love if they see them naked and that nobody is afraid of being naked, Keita strips himself naked and while that perverted evil spirit is distracted, Youko uses her Dai Jaen (her other magical ability which is a stream of super flame) on him. Though the perverted evil spirit has been cleansed, Keita finds himself in prison again because the police mistook him as that naked pervert running around earlier on. Too bad.
So most of the episodes are gonna be something like this with a little pervertness in it. And while the duo tackles some evil spirits, they bond and get closer in a way while meeting other characters along the way. Like in episode 2 whereby Keita refuses to give Youko some skinship thingy but they’re being called by Keita’s grandma and her Inukami, Hake, to some temple whereby the male monks have been possessed by dog spirits. And the only way to calm them all is to have skinship with them like taking them for walks and petting their bellies. Keita’s regretting that he didn’t do this on Youko and has to do it on muscular hairy men. Feeling lika gay, huh. Hahaha. And because Keita’s so good with them, those dog-possessed guys calmed themselves down when they’re in a rage as they’re attacking the townspeople that night because 1 of their member has been taken hostage by the townspeople. Soon the dog spirits has been appeased and released their male hosts but it seems that Keita has been acting like a dog ever since.
So more Inukamis are introduced in episode 3. Keita’s cousin, Kaoru, must be a real popular guy because he himself has 10 Inukamis! All his Inukamis love him. You could say he’s got a harem. But unlike Keita, Kaoru is more responsible and not a pervert. Kaoru’s got strict team leader Sendan, mysteriously powerful Nadeshiko, shy mangaka Igusa, brutish Tayune, twins Imari and Sayoka, miko priestess and fortune telling Furano, mature and studious Gokyouya, good sketch artist and ‘no eyes’ Tensou, and the youngest of the pack Tomohane (reminds me of Shippo from Inu Yasha). But you’ll keep wondering where is this Kaoru guy because he won’t be showing his face for the next several episodes. Thus you could say Kaoru’s got a harem but it seems Keita too wants to flirt with Kaoru’s 10, especially Nadeshiko whom Keita thinks is more ‘refined’ than his Youko. Of course that puppies as his children vision comes to mind everytime he thinks a little further, he shivers at every thought of it. Of course Youko doesn’t really like Sendan and the others except Nadeshiko and can be seen as loggerheads sometimes.
Here, the owner of the amusement pool contacts our Inukamis because there is some evil spirit in the form of a water droplet which can burn away clothes. You can’t have any episodes in this series without any hints of pervertness, can’t you? When Kaoru’s 10 Inukamis stand in some line or position to combine their powers, they’ll say some whatever gibberish lines (sounds like one to me okay) and then together their powers would magnify and some super blast would occur and most evil spirits will be destroyed. I also need to mention that during battles, not only Youko does the fighting as Keita do chips in. Keita has this little small explosive frogs which he throws at evil spirits by saying a systematic and pre-determined lines. Yup, it’s a double meaning alright. The word ‘kaeru’ in Japanese can both mean a frog or to return (telling the evil spirits to return to where they came from).
But after the job is done, Keita is happy because Hake promises him to send over a cute Inukami to help him with his household chores for 1 week. Who could it be? Why it’s Nadeshiko! Dreams do come true. I smell jealousy and competition here. But it seems that in episode 4, Sendan and the other Inukamis are not too fond of Nadeshiko and plans to get rid of her by letting Nadeshiko stay with Keita since that perverted guy is so happy with her. But since Youko is around, there’s gonna be a little problem, so Sendan suggests to get rid of Youko. But even though Sendan and co outnumbered Youko 9 to 1, it seems Youko is more powerful and defeats and wounds them all easily, even if they are in their beast form. But it ended when Nadeshiko steps in to stop them. Well, it seems Youko too ‘respects’ Nadeshiko and decides to stop before any one of them became dog meat. With that, they all made up, become friends and went home.
A flashback episode 5 tells how Keita and Youko met. A young Keita couldn’t careless about things because he was so happy he was gonna get an Inukami. So he went to some temple with powerful magical barriers only to see a beautiful Youko there, who’s surprised that he doesn’t remember her. Since and Inukami-tsukai and an Inukami has to make a contract by exchange vows, it seems Youko isn’t the kind which listens to her master and proceeds to torture Keita with her magic. Yup, she even make him do whatever her whims and fancies are. Since Keita is fed up by it, Youko ‘merajuk’ and fled to the city. Though Keita manages to find her at some building rooftop, he gives her 1 more chance to be his Inukami or else. She of course chose the latter. With that, Keita unleasehes some secret item in a backpack that Hake gave to him earlier on but since Youko steals it and opens it herself, she got freaked out and scared. Yup, Youko’s afraid of dogs! And while Keita’s gonna use this to his advantage, evil spirits seem to be gathering and is attacking them. Youko then uses this opportunity to her advantage and tells Keita to make a contract with her and be his master. No choice, Keita does and a dog collar appears around Keita’s neck as a sign of the contract and Youko proceeds to wallop those evil spirits easily with her super powers. Youko has used to much of her powers but Keita still manages to give Youko some water which shows that he’s still concern for her. You could say the 2 started bonding after that. But it’s a love-hate relationship because back in present time, Youko blows her top when he finds Keita’s erotic DVDs.
Because in the previous battle, Youko humiliated Tomohane by stealing her kiddie panties, she plans to get her revenge by making some chocolate cake in episode 6. However, Tomohane finds out that Youko’s gone out and won’t be in so soon. Unfortunately, Keita’s in and he already gulped down that cake, much to Tomohane’s horror. At the same time, Karina appears and is seen chasing some little weasel (looks like that one from Mahou Sensei Negima) with powers to stuck things together. With that and the laxative chocolate cake in Keita’s stomach, Keita and Tomohane are stucked together. Yeah, Keita’s having stomach problems from time to time. They continue their chase with the weasel in the supermart and his hilarious to see Keita and Karina got stuck with Sendan, Furano and Tayune at the mart. Yeah, Karina’s got 1 hand on Tayune’s breast and the other on Furano’s while his face is on Sendan’s ahem ahem. Not only that, he’s butt is stuck with Keita’s butt as well and Keita needs to go to the toilet as he can’t hold much longer. Hahaha. Bad day for Karina. Tomohane who’s the only who didn’t get stuck then chases the weasel till some rail tracks. The weasel slips and 2 trains are approaching. Tomohane sums up her courage to dive down to save it but used up her powers. Luckily Keita, who has been freed, arrives in time to save them both. So some talk here and there as Tomohane now has a more favourable view of Keita as Karina allows her to keep the weasel as her pet. Keita then wants to have his fill of pervertness by groping Sendan and Tayune but Youko arrives just in time to give him his usual beating.
Youko and Keita visit the hot springs in episode 7 and met a two-tailed travelling cat named Tomekichi who’s searching for missing statues. Uh-huh, more of Keita’s pervertness with some fanservice. In short, some old couple in ghosts form who’re looking for some treasures attached themselves to Keita’s back and in a way possessed him. Since Keita’s not himself, he’s saying things which are pissing Youko off, in which she uses her Dai Jaen to burn the ghost couple and Keita in her rage. It seems the ghost couple is looking for an old Buddhist statue, which is also what Tomekichi is searching for. And if you think that scene in the end seems ambiguously hentai, yeah it is. Keita’s just giving Youko a feet massage. Seems pretty convincing, isn’t it.
While Youko thinks her tail may be causing her extra weight in episode 8, some hyped up passionate guy, Naoki Kawarazaki wants Youko to be his model for his otaku comic. Youko was gonna accept it until Naoki makes a comparison of Youko’s tail of a raccoon’s. Even he tries to bribe Keita by setting up a date between him and Youko in exchange for a week’s worth of bread. That guy can be easily bought over. Anyway, some wooden chicken with cosplay powers appear and as usual Karina giving chase, puts on some embarrassing anime cosplay costumes on the duo. Plus, they can’t seem to take off the outfits and the effects only wear off in 2 hours, and leaving the victim naked of course. When Naoki comes in at the right moment, it seems he and the chicken click because the chicken can read his fanatic cosplay mind and with that Naoki goes round cosplaying the town with his new found powers. Finally Keita confronts Naoki and the 2 battle it out. It ended in a draw as the chicken’s power is all used up. Karina then takes it back with him. Oh oh. A naked Keita and that policeman. Here we go again.
On request of his cousin, Keita and Youko visits Kaoru’s home to take care of his Inukamis in episode 9. You know how it’s like, right? Keita and his pevertness are like a pair of gloves. It’s his trademark. Of course, Youko gives him the ultimatum that if he does something perverted, they’ll have to leave. But Keita says otherwise. Yup, Keita isn’t being a pervert, or is he trying his best to refrain? Yeah, the girls try to seduce him with their traps but it has no effect. Also, those 3 perverted guys somehow escaped from prison and are terrorizing the girls with their perverted fantasies. Youko blows them away with her Dai Jaen but the hole in the wall causes Igusa’s manga sketchbook to fly out of it. Keita saves it which causes Igusa to have more favourable view of Keita. With that, Keita continues with his help around the house and since there isn’t any pervertness coming from him, Youko heads home herself. With Youko gone, Keita now becomes happy as he strips naked and decides to join in the bath with Kaoru’s 10. Yeah, it’s all part of his plan. Unfortunately, this was another trap set by Youko as they realize his true form and beat the crap out of him. Some things never change. And since news that Kaoru’s coming home, Keita and Youko soon heads home but some perverted remark pisses off Youko as she gives him another Shukuchi which lands him naked in prison alongside his 3 perverted comrades.
Another flashback episode in episode 10 but is more on Hake and Keita’s grandma. When grandma was a young girl then, she was desparate to contract with an Inukami to fight a Shinigami who’s terrorizing her village. But not a single Inukami wanted to. Hake saw her determination and decides to follow her. And because of her strong will and never give up till the end attitude, Hake then decided to become her Inukami, which lasts till this day. Uh-huh it seems Inukamis live longer than human beings and don’t age too. Perhaps it’s that 7 dog years equivalent to 1 human year. Ah well, back in present tim, that perverted Keita is even trying to flirt with a ghost! Any young female will do, huh.
In episode 11, Keita’s grandma enters him in some spirits tournament but some spirit posseses Keita and makes him feel tired. And the rest of the Inukamis think it’s their fault that Keita is in this predicament and tries to ‘cure’ him. Like Tayune who punched him because she thought he touched her back or Igusa who ran away after bumping into him. Uh-huh, Igusa tries to cure him using her magical girl powers and even dresses like one. To her embarrassment, Youko and Tomohane caught her in the act as Igusa quickly runs away. And grandma has place a substantial bet on Keita. He can’t loose now. Well, it seems pretty ironic because Keita won his matches by default or something unfortunate befalls on his opponents. All without any effort or lifting a finger. But that evil spirit leaves Keita’s body when Youko shove some special fruit down his throat. Now ready to take on his opponent in the finals, which looks like a harmless stuffed rabbit, Keita is feeling pretty good and confident. That is, until the rabbit turned an evil looking monster and easily beats the crap out of Keita. Though he lost, it seems that grandma had bet on Keita to lose in the final and is enjoying her cruise with Hake while Keita becomes the Inukamis’ servant. Too bad Igusa. That magical girl thingy still doesn’t work.
Episodes 12-13 are a little more serious because a guy named Sebastian, who’s the butler of the Shindou family has come to seek assistance from them. In short, the Shindou family long ago made a contract with a Shinigami called Boryoku No Umi to be wealthy. In exchange of that, on every 20th birthday, he returns to take a life of 1 family member until they’re all dead. And now there is only 1 member left, a girl named Kei and tomorrow is her birthday. Kei seems dejected and gloomy. Who wouldn’t if they know that tomorrow’s their last day on Earth. But Boryoku No Umi appears a day earlier and he had a short battle with Keita and Youko. Looks like the duo are no match for him as his blasts evaporates Kei’s mansion and will be back tomorrow for the ultimate kill. With that, Keita with his full determination decides to protect Kei.
So the day arrives and Keita is gonna have his match with Boryoku No Umi inside a boxing ring in an airship. Well, at least nobody on the ground will get hurt but a boxing ring? So as they fight, more flashbacks, more words of encouragement as Boryoku No Umi seems to have the upper hand. Until Keita releases his explosive frogs from his mouthpiece, boxing glove and under his pants!!! Woah! He can shoot with it too! The explosion causes the airship to explode and is gonna crash. Sebastian takes Kei and leaps out of it to safety below. Boryoku No Umi still thinks he has the upper hand but Keita reveals that he too has a trump card. Youko, that is. Youko now transforms herself into a terrifying creature and rips Boryoku No Umi apart with her claws. Youko has never revealed this form to Keita before as she doesn’t want him to hate her. But no choice, Youko is gonna send Boryoku No Umi to hell. Don’t play play. As the airship is gonna crash, Youko grabs a barely conscious Keita and flies away to safety on the beach below.
And if you’re wondering when that Kaoru guy is gonna show up, he does now. Yup, after halfway through the series he finally makes his appearance as he waits on the shore with his Inukamis how he has hope that Keita will be alright. Though Kei is very grateful, Sebastian reveals that with Boryoku No Umi’s demise, all the assets of the Shindou family have disappeared. But I guess it’s better to live happily in poverty than to live in fear wealthily. But there’s another bad news for Keita and Youko. That airship has crashed into their home! Yup, they’re homeless. From now on, those 2 will live at a makeshift tent near a stream under a bridge. Yeah, and they befriended a kappa there too. I thought this kappa would play an important role but I find that throughout the series, it’s just a side role and doesn’t amount to anything much. Why won’t Keita and Youko crash at Kaoru’s mansion? Probably the Inukamis know of his pervertness, that’s why.
But it seems in episode 14, Youko’s father, Dai Youko, is going to be awaken as the sealing spell is weakening as mentioned by Hake. Yup, Dai Youko must be some fearsome evil force with tremendous powers that wrecked havoc on Earth before, that’s why they had him sealed in the first place. We also find out that Youko isn’t an Inukami but a fox spirit, which is supposed to be an enemy of the Inukamis. Though Youko felt bad for not telling Keita at first, Keita doesn’t mind all that and says that he’s still contracted to her and nothing between them has changed, making Youko feeling a little better. But Youko sense her father’s awakening and rushes to the place where he was sealed 300 years ago. There are other weird forests animals trying to reseal him but it’s not working. Dai Youko tries to persuade Youko to free him but Youko tells him how happy she is with Keita and such, which prompts Dai Youko to say that he’ll never allow her to have a relationship with a human being. With that, Youko successfully reseals Dai Youko. Back home, Youko rushes to Keita, hugs him and says how she loves him. Aww…
A raccoon named Tanuki decides to repay his gratitude to Keita when the latter saved him several years ago in episode 15 by giving him a bottle of pills, in which Keita will fall in love with the first thing he sets his eyes on. Of course, Keita wants it, Youko disapproves of it as they try and grab the bottle. A pill got into Keita’s throat and Youko tricked him to open his eyes. Since there’s no effect, Tanuki ran away crying thinking that the pill may be ineffective. Well, Keita soon decides to have his fun as he dashes off into the city. First Keita tries to hit it with some school girls but a group of old ladies passed by and smothered him with their love. Then a group of young housewives but several macho men jogged passed by and gave him their love. Finally, Keita saw Nadeshiko but got hit by a bike and when he comes to, he saw Sendan, Tomohane, Imari and Sayoka. Yup, those 4 actually started to fight over him! Keita is happy but that thought about having puppies as children made him have second thoughts. Good thing is, the pill’s effect soon ran out and Sendan gave him an uppercut.
Later as Keita is hiding behind a mailbox, he’s surprised that the mailbox comes to life and accidentally drops a pill into it. Why it’s Karina. What is he doing in there. Anyway, Karina fell in love with the other mailbox. Haha. Youko finally manages to find Keita and is blasting him with her Dai Jaen and orders him to hand over the pills. Since Keita isn’t giving up, he swallows the entire bottle and with that, the whole world, man, woman and animals rush to him. It’s a stampede. That night, Tanuki brings a battered Keita back to their place and Keita admits he was wrong to use the pills in the first place. Therefore he concludes, that if he’s gonna pick up girls, might as well use his own power to do so. Of course either way, it’s not what Youko wants to hear as she sets him on fire. Hmmm… So maybe why that pill didn’t work on Keita and Youko in the first place, could it be because they’re already in love with each other? Maybe. Their daily quarellings make them as though they’re like husband and wife.
More beach, sun and swimsuits in episode 16 as the elusive Kaoru sends his Inukamis to the beach on a hot summer and invites Keita and Youko too. While Igusa is telling a ghost story, Tayune got scared which prompts everyone to think that the tough girl may be afraid of such silly stories and proceed to tease her. With that, Tayune beats up everyone as everyone including Youko teams up against her and somehow got an innocent Igusa dragged into it all. Thus the girls are plotting their revenge on Tayune. Something about scaring her and taking a pic when she’s crying. Hey, even Inukami can get nasty sometimes. Their plan seems to work out fine as Tayune in her panic is knocking down trees in her path. This causes Furano, Tensou and Gokyouya to notice a secret door. As they head down basement, they saw some figure lying in some ice chamber. But because they’re freaked out by it, they ran out. Well, that mannequin that’s chasing them is actually for real and isn’t part of their plans. Tayune manage to reach the main house and saw Kaoru there. But she realized that it’s Keita as he destroys the mannequin with his explosive frogs. So after some words of comfort, as usual Tayune has a more favourable view of Keita as the latter mentions how if Inukamis are fighting among themselves will attract low level spirits, which was what happened. When all the Inukamis have gathered and made up, Keita is back to his perverted ways and suggests to take a hot bath together to commemorate their reconciliation only to be hit with a frying pan from all of them.
Episode 17-18 introduces another villain, Sekidousai. You just gotta love this guy’s voice. If this guy’s voice seems familiar, that’s because he’s Norio Wakamoto, the same person who did the voice over for Onsokumaru in 2×2=Shinobuden. Anyway, Keita, Youko and Nadeshiko gets sucked into a painting and into Sekidousai’s world. It seems Sekidousai and Karina are related. Though they look the same, Sekidousai has blonde hair and is more of a pervert. Yup, this guy’s a flasher wannabe as he doesn’t wear any pants. You’ll see his mammoth alright everytime he flashes open his cape. Sekidousai has Karina hostage and if they want to rescue him, they’ve got to come get him. So some talk between Youko and Nadeshiko about Kaoru and Nadeshiko blushing everytime she thinks of him. Yeah, that girl really loves Kaoru.
Also some flashback how Kaoru and Karina team up to fight Sekidousai with Kaoru manage to wound him a little. Then there’s this weird challenges whereby Keita is up against several macho men. And there’s 1 part a macho man even ccidentally kissed him on his lips! Meanwhile, Youko and Nadeshiko manage to find Sekidousai’s hideout while Kaoru and Karina comes to and plans to break free. Though they’re separated, they had planned to do so at the same time. After managing to do so, Youko is teleported to a church whereby Keita is now challenging some macho man in a wedding dress by slapping each other’s chest! How unsightly. Karina faces off with Sekidousai’s robot, Xanthippe, who has a drill on his crotch! Don’t ever get penetrated by it. In the end, the gang got reunited, much to Nadeshiko’s relief that Kaoru’s very much well and alive. But it seems all this was just part of Sekidousai’s plan to test them all and plans to use their power to ressurect himself. Uh-huh. This sicko wants to change the world into one without any restrictions (read: no pants) as he flashses his mammoth. Real sick guy.
So the battle continues as Keita, Youko and Kaoru take on Sekidousai but couldn’t get close to him. Then a funny part whereby Keita tripped and his face fell flat into Sekidousai’s crotch! Disgusting. Eventually Keita and Kaoru aimed and cracked the sky which brings them back to Sekidousai’s base. But Sekidousai uses a bubble to trap them and suck out their powers. With that, the machine is also able to reveal what they are thinking (what else for Keita) but it overloads as it the machine soon stops. Sekidousai remembers his objective to return to the world, and that is to get his revenge on Dai Youko, who has defeated him before. While Xanthippe holds them off, Sekidousei manages to flee into the real world. Our quartet manage to come out into the real world only to find Kaoru’s other Inukami’s waiting for him. But by that time Sekidousai has wrecked havoc among the city people causing unhappiness wherever he goes.
Another round of battle ensued and our heroes’ power seems ineffective. Remember that wooden chicken? Yeah, it looks like it belongs to Sekidousai as he uses it to change Keita into some swan ballerina outfit. Also Xanthippe is now giant size (which mean his drill is also big) and is causing mayhem. As things look bleak, suddenly Naoki leading a crowd of weirdos appear to save the day. Yup, even though they’re all weird they still love this city as they topple Xanthippe. I don’t get this part. That peeping tom guy seems to steal some magic book from Sekdousai, then tosses it away, which lands in Karina’s hands, after which Keita lands on him, and that wooden chicken soon retrieves the book and gives it back to Sekidousai. Huh? While Sekidousai retreats and happiness returns to the town, Youko thanks Naoki as Kaoru does with his Inukamis. But why is Nadeshiko looking sad? That’s because in the closing scenes, we see Kaoru collaborating with Sekidousai on something as the 2 meet up. Oh oh. Is this guy evil all along? Nadeshiko’s there too but she seems unhappy about it. Still waters run deep.
But that cliffhanger takes a breather because in episode 19 Kaoru’s Inukamis are arguing among themselves about their ranking. Currently, Sendan is at top spot while Tomohane is at the other end. And it seems the rest don’t want the twins to be ahead of them. Since Kaoru isn’t gonna rank them, who is? To cut things short, Keita is going to. But Keita doesn’t know about this yet. While he along with Youko and Tomohane are walking home, a large jar comes rolling their way. Youko thinks it would be a good idea for them to have their bath in it and orders Keita to carry it back for them. Soon they meet Furano who’s gonna strip in front of Keita. Yup, it’s a crowd puller. I don’t really remember but it seems that whatever pun words they say, the jar will glow and will bring out something. In this case, Tensou, followed by Imari, Sayoka, Gokyouya, Tayune and Igusa.
Back home, Keita hears the Inukamis explanation and seems pretty excited about it. But Karina decides that this jar is dangerous and is going to take it away when Keita knocks him out and decides to have his fun with it. Thus Keita says that they have to serve him if they want to be rank and use the jar (some perverted harem idea he got). But each time the jar seems to grant some twisted wish based on the pun and play on words they said. Finally when it’s Igusa’s turn, she can’t help but saying how hentai Keita is which ends up with Keita and Karina naked and in each other’s arms. Yeah, totally misunderstood situation. They think he likes this kinda of stuff. With that, they realizes it’s useless to depend on Keita and is gonna decide by their own strength when Sendan and Nadeshiko arrives. Sendan ticks them off for fighting over something this petty while Nadeshiko is more gentle in her persuasion saying how Kaoru wouldn’t want them to fight over their rankings as they realized their mistake. So if you’re wondering where Youko is all this time, we see that Keita has tied her up real good prior to this and now since Youko has managed to free herself, she proceeds to Dai Jaen those 2 guys. Pity even though it’s not Karina’s fault. Finally when Tamahone asks why Kaoru had asks Keita to do so, Nadeshiko replies it’s because Kaoru likes Keita a lot.
That perverted underwear thief is back and doing his rounds in episode 20. Because he picked on the wrong girls (our Inukami girls, that is), he gets blown away. With that, he meets his master. Yup, another sick underwear thief but from the outside he looks like a samurai from those olden days. Yeah, he’s gonna demonstrate to his pupil how to steal women’s underwear while they have their clothes on. I don’t know how, but this guy’s real good. Besides that, Tensou and Furano notices how gloomy Gokyouya looked everytime she looks at that photo with a pic which look so much like Keita, so much so they plead to Keita to go out on a date with her! Though Youko’s against it, but after hearing out, Keita decides to help her out. The date seems normal and it’s revealed that before Gokyouya became Kaoru’s Inukami, she was Keita’s dad Inukami, which was the reason why Keita’s mom hated her. Yup, that person in that pic is Keita’s dad. But their conversation is interrupted when that underwear thief master comes stealing Gokyouya’s underwear. The other Inukamis who gave chase earlier on arrive. A gust of wind blew away that pervert’s hard earned underwear as he has time to admire them while they’re fluttering in the sky. And that distraction is enough for the Inukamis to fry him out cold. While Gokyouya thanks Furano and Tensou for their concern, Gokyouya feels much better with Keita around now though she doesn’t have any romantic feelings for him in the first place. Gokyouya notes how he’s so like his father as a jealous Youko continues her attack on Keita.
Dai Youko’s seal is once again weakening in episode 21 but Keita and Youko are no where to be found. Because of that Kaoru sends Tomohane on a mission to find and bring Keita and Youko back. Some light is shed on that ice chamber in a few episodes ago. It seems that the figure lying there is Kaoru (his clone or what?) and Kaoru has no choice but to leave it all to Sekidousai and wonders if everyone would hate him if they ever find out that he’s collaborating with that sick flasher. But whatever it is, Nadeshiko says she’ll always protect him no matter what as they both embrace. Meanwhile, Tamahone has a hard time finding Keita and has some close calls like hearing someone calling out a pervert but it’s another pervert not Keita. See how trademark is Keita’s pervertness. Tomohane also meets Naoki, Kei and Sebastian (who’re operating a cake shop) and had a short chat. Just when Tamahone’s gonna give up, some evil spirits start attacking her. She’s defenseless but luckily just in time, Keita and Youko appears and easily finishes off the weak spirits. We find out that Keita and Youko has been called by Tomekichi to help some Cat God. By doing so Keita gets 1 wish as a reward. Because he wanted a harem, that Cat God misinterpret his words and changed his outfit into a cat maid one. And he can’t take it off so he’s in hiding. But whatever it is, Tomohane’s glad that Keita’s back and hugs him.
Episode 22 begins with Karina being captured by Sekidousai as the latter tells about that ice chamber thingy as some ‘product of despair’. Meanwhile Keita and Youko have arrived at Dai Youko’s sealing tomb and they all need to combine their powers to seal Dai Youko for another 300 good years. Since the other Inukamis don’t want Youko to join in thinking that she may betray them. With that Youko leaves but Keita soon catch up to her. So more flashbacks as we see how a young Keita found an injured Youko in her fox form and treated her with kindness and chocolates. Ever since then, Youko was taken in by Keita’s kindness and wanted to be his Inukami. Keita then realized that the fox back then is Youko. But that chat has to be chut short as it’s time for the ritual. In short, it failed. Yup, Dai Youko breaks out of his seal and revives! He looks like a handsome young man as he smothered Youko with his love. But of course when he sees Keita, he doesn’t take an instant liking. Furthermore, Youko describes things which are ambiguously intimate like they’ve bath together and such, shocking Dai Youko. While Dai Youko and Keita are arguing, the rest may think that Dai Youko may be just an idiot. Yeah, a powerful idiot. Why he demonstrated his powers by splitting a mountain top in half! Be afraid.
But soon, Dai Youko accepts Keita as his son-in-law and even has talks about marriage and all that stuff, saying that he’s calling a truce for the sake of his unborn grandchild. I suppose Keita has no choice but to have puppies as his children. Unfortunately, Sekidousai makes his appearance. And this made Dai Youko happy. Yup, his ‘playmate’ has arrived as they both fly towards the city. No they’re not gays. The way they ‘play’ with each other means that with all the magical projection and spells, the city will become like the aftermath of a comet come crashing into it.
That’s what’s happening in episode 23 as Dai Youko takes on Sekidousai. It’s quite amusing and ironic to hear Dai Youko saying "I love you" whereas Sekidousai replies "I hate you". As the 2 battle it out, the other Inukamis race to the city to stop them. However, since Kaoru is collaborating with Sekidousai, he lies to his other Inukamis to protect the city people while he and Nadeshiko go stop Sekidousai. But along the way, they meet Keita and Youko and Nadeshiko lies to them about finding a secret spell to seal Sekidousai. Of course Youko is suspicious and later comes back to confront Nadeshiko. Because of that, Youko and Nadeshiko duke it out to make the latter spill the beans as Youko tells Keita to find Kaoru. When Keita does, Kaoru tells him the truth which pisses the former off. So the 2 cousins soon fought each other. These causes the other Inukamis to be confused. But ultimately it seems Sekidousai wins his match as he shrinks Dai Youko and puts him in some small bottle, absorbing his powers. No time for internal squabbles as the Inukamis turn their attention to Sekidousai. Sekidousai is gonna blast Youko but Keita protects her and is hit by some whirlwind which causes Keita to become a baby! Yup, he’s an infant. A talking infant. Keita would’ve drowned in the river if Youko hadn’t come to his rescue. They bump into Karina who thinks he knows Kaoru’s secret. Meanwhile Kaoru is slightly injured as the rest of his Inukamis are quite concerned and wants to know what’s going on.
Kaoru comes clean in episode 24. When Kaoru was young, he meet some hooded magician who have some sort of Mayan gold piece mask named Jasei, and was cared and nurtured very well by him. However all this is just a facade when Jasei reveals that he loves seeing people in despair and miserable especially after all that hope and happiness he had instilled and then take it all away by telling Kaoru the bad news that his current body is a fake one and that the real one is actually lying frozen in that ice chamber. Of course any young kid would feel devastated, which is all going to Jasei’s plans but Kaoru mentions how he’s gonna live his life to the fullest. If it’s like that, Jasei has no reason to live and disappears. Bad thing is, only Jasei can break this curse. Later Kaoru finds out that Sekidousai has the power to do so and thus the reason of collborating with him. Another bad news is that since time is running out, Kaoru’s fake body is going to disappear.
But after battling Keita, Kaoru realized that even if he’s got his real body back, he has already betrayed everyone and will still lose important things around him. With that, Kaoru decides to fight Sekidousai with his other Inukamis firmly behind him except Nadeshiko. Uh-huh, Nadeshiko is spacing out and feeling jealous that the 1 special thing she shared with Kaoru is gone. I can’t believe this b*tch (allow me to use this term on her) is thinking like this! How selfish and at a time like this. Good thing is that Sekidousai has some machine called Daisakkai which allows it for any wish to come true. Since Sekidousai is gonna use it as for his world without pants dream, he’s deterring the rests from coming close to it. Kaoru wants Nadeshiko to go up to that machine and wish for Sekidousai to be destroyed but that Nadeshiko b*tch girl could only think about her ‘love’ with Kaoru. Because she’s wasting time spacing out, she heard Kaoru’s voice and to her horror and everyone else, Kaoru has been stabbed by Sekidousai! Oh no.
It’s true. Kaoru actually dies in episode 25. After some last words in the arms of Nadeshiko, Kaoru turns into dust. It can’t be happening. But it did. See it’s all your fault Nadeshiko. Now she’s really mad. And it seems Sekidousai reveals his true self and it’s that Jasei guy! He’s been planning all this all along. Nadeshiko pours her rage and anger as she unleashes her super power pounding Jasei. But that isn’t the end yet as Jasei puts a vision of Kaoru on himself which makes Nadeshiko hesitate. She’s got a soft spot for him and because of that Jasei gets to suck her powers as Nadeshiko plunges below. Now she’s in despair while Jasei is all happy to see in such. The other Inukamis join in to battle Jasei but are no match for him even with their combined powers. Youko arrives to give Nadeshiko some words of encouragement like how since there are 10 Inukamis under Kaoru, she’s gotta learn to share and not hog him all by herself. Just kidding. With that, Nadeshiko gets her confidence boosted again and joins her comrades in battle. Meanwhile Karina is carrying Keita and heading towards the battle place but are stopped by some zombies. As Karina tries to deal with them, he accidentally drops Keita into the fast river current below. Is Keita gonna share the same fate as Kaoru too? Don’t think so. But let’s hope for the best.
More fighting from the Inukamis in episode 26. But before that, Keita seems to have survived and resurfaced underground. And it’s like 1 big reunion of characters because that kappa, Tanuki, Tomekichi, Naoki and his bunch of weirdos and perverts have gathered and vow to do all they can to protect the city they love as they take on those zombies. With that Karina after changing Keita’s diapers, carries him off to where the Inukamis are. But it seems Jasei isn’t too happy because of the Inukami’s adamant spirit to fight him when they should be in despair. Yup, it’s tough to break that spirits so much so I felt that Jasei’s the one in despair. He’s been saying "Why why" so much so it becomes irritating. It’s like a broken recorder when his plans aren’t going as he wishes. Stop it already. Don’t you know you’re the villain and in this kind of shows you’re destined to lose. Karina arrives and throws Keita at Daisakkai. But Jasei is gonna have the last laugh as he blows up the machine to destroy all hopes. Just when everything looks bleak and everyone is on the verge of giving up hope, Keita now back in his normal form appears from the ground below. How? Well, Youko uses her Shukuchi to teleport Daisakkai away and thus Keita was able to make his wish come true by turning himself back to normal.
So more teamwork pounding and fighting as Youko decides to transform into her true form to give Jasei an ultimate beating. Before that, Keita gives Youko a peck on her lips (aww…) and with all their final combined power they blasted Jasei into smithereens. Yeah, Keita can still flirt around but since Youko has no time to punish him, she just let him off with her warning. Soon it’s sunrise and it looks like Dai Youko and Sekidousai have returned to their normal forms. I thought Sekidousai is Jasei but I later find out that Sekidousai has just been ‘possessed’ and taken over by Jasei. With the duo tied up and Sekidousai now wearing an underwear (yeah, he’s freaking out and wants to take them off), Karina says he’ll teach them to behave properly in public from now on. Good for them. Kaoru’s Inukami’s notice that they still have their contract ring still intact with them and concludes that Kaoru isn’t really dead afterall and his soul is probably wandering somewhere. They now have renewed hope and will do their best to search for him. Keita and Youko are having their moment together as Youko finds out that Keita’s real intention back then when he found her in her fox form was to find and trap strange creatures so that he could sell them at a pet shop. So it’s back to the usual squabbling as she zaps him and does her usual Shukuchi on Keita. Ah, we’re all back on familiar happy ground.
Overall, I guess I kinda enjoyed the series in general but with the way things ended, I suppose they made room for a potential sequel and I’m guessing it’s to find Kaoru’s soul. But a movie of the series has been released in April 2007 but I’m not sure what the storyline is about. Whether it’s finding Kaoru or some flashback story. Keita has got to be the guy who’s been naked the longest and the most in anime history ever. He should get an award for that. And his elephant should get a co-starring role since it appeared quite a number of times.
The drawing, art, animation is all pretty standard and would appeal to those who love Japanese anime bishies. Of course the voice acting too is quite satisfying and as mentioned my favourite one is still Sekidousai’s with that low cool mellow voice of his. Of course there are other star studded casts like Yui Horie (as Youko), Nana Mizuki (as Kei), Megumi Hayashibara (as Keita’s grandma when she was young), Jun Fukuyama (as Keita who also voiced Tsubaki in Full Metal Panic Fumoffu and Anon in The Law Of Ueki) and Yuki Kaida (as Kaoru who also voiced Fuji in Prince Of Tennis and Kurapica in Hunter X Hunter).
I find the mid-intermissions a little amusing. Though some of them have the characters in sexy position and sometimes in different outfits or costumes, after they say "Inukami", it’ll be followed by "Wang, wang", which is supposed to be a dog’s bark. The next episode preview is narrated by Karina and there’s full of sexual subtext in it. I mean, the way he says things with his low steamy voice may indicate that this upright justice guy may have some hidden and unfulilled lustful desires. So nobody’s perfect okay.
While the opening themes song, Hikari, sung by Yui Horie sounds like a disco dance song with lots of techno music, the ending song, Yuujou Monogatari by Aice5 sounds funny. Especially the chorus part where they go "Taihen, taihen…". Not only that, the characters there are all in chibi version and their eyes are as big as a goldfish in proportion to its body. Then there’s a parody of this song in episode 18 whereby the characters are taken over by semi-naked muscular macho men as they too sing the song. It’s bloody hilarious as well as it looks and sound disgusting at the same time! I couldn’t stop laughing and went "What the? What’s that all about" in the end.
So if you still don’t like the idea of nakedness and ecchi even though it’s all for comedy purposes, then you should skip this one. Otherwise you’ll be disgusted rather than laughing whenever Mr Elephant appears. I still think that it’s all just good clean fun. And no, after watching this show didn’t turn me into a pervert at all nor do I feel horny! With Keita’s perverted attitude, it’s a good thing he only has 1 Inukami because if he’s got 10 of them, there’s gonna be lots of Shukuchi and Dai Jaen coming his way. Maybe I should get an Inukami of my own. A pretty one. Another new reason to be called man’s best friend. On second thought, maybe not. She may sound like a nagging queen control wife. Oops. Sorry, just kidding.

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