Oh my. Oh my. Oh my… Looks like this season we have another one of those game nerd guy who gets mysteriously warped into the game world whereby he becomes the all-powerful saviour of the land and the likes. Isekai Maou To Shoukan Shoujo No Dorei Majutsu might sound generally like another one of those plots from Overlord, Log Horizon, Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku and to some extent, Sword Art Online, but add in with some fanservice flavour. Our protagonist somehow gets summoned to become a slave in this supposed game world but instead that magic is reflected on the sexy girls who summoned him and now they become his slaves. Thankfully not sex slaves. But I guess the power of resistance must be strong seeing super busty elf lady and flattest of the flat panther girl as his slaves would have turned everyone into a Demon Lord of the heart.

Episode 1
Takuma Sakamoto is the most powerful player in the popular MMORPG, Cross Reverie. As his Demon Lord avatar, Diablo, his strength is gained due to being jealous of couples playing the game? Yeah, an otaku shut-in. But wait. Suddenly he gets transported into the world and becomes Diablo! He is first shocked to find himself before a couple of beautiful babes, elf girl Shera L Greenwood and panther girl Rem Galleu. It seems they were doing some Enslavement Ritual but it failed. The magic deflects on them and now they become his slave. Diablo thinks it is this powerful ring he got that made it so. They need his help and since he can’t just leave them behind, he lets them follow him and in the border city of Faltra, they end up renting the same room at an inn. Don’t let your mind run too wild. They are visited by Celestine “Celes” Baudelaire. Diablo remembers her as the head of the Mage’s Association. Originally she is here to talk to Rem but seeing the circumstances, she hears out Diablo’s story. Celes wants to help Rem but the latter refuses and claims she can protect herself. Celes then leaves to do research on how to release the girls from the spell. Diablo can tell Rem is hiding a secret (partly he played too many games with this route) and since Rem refuses to talk fearing he would leave her, he takes her to their room for ‘interrogation’. Before you know it, it looks like a rape scene and Diablo panics because doesn’t know it would turn out this way. So he thinks the safest is toying with her cat ears? Is she climaxing? So loud that the downstairs people could hear… Shera busies herself with food… Finally Rem reveals that the Demon Lord Krebskulm resides within her soul. Krebskulm is the game’s ultimate boss. Diablo deduces that Krebskulm will be release upon Rem’s death and there are no other ways to extract it. Otherwise it would’ve been done. He understands why Celes was trying to help her. Diablo agrees to help her, bringing Rem to tears. That night as Diablo thinks alone, Celes’ mage buddies are drunk nearby. Galluk who has a bone to pick with him tries to start a fight by summoning a level 30 fire breathing salamander to roast him. But it’s nothing to Diablo. He is level 150!!! He easily destroys the beast. Now you better show this Demon Lord some respect.

Episode 2
Morning fanservice. Diablo has got his hands on boobs! One busty, the other flat. Boobs are still boobs! Now for just punishment… As Shera’s dream is to be an adventurer, they head to the Adventurer’s Guild to register. After filling up, they measure themselves via mirror. When it is Diablo’s turn, the mirror malfunctions! This attracts Sylvie the guildmaster. At first she cannot accept them as she doesn’t know Diablo’s strength. Can Diablo accept orders from someone weaker than her? He is okay as long as he is paid. And so Sylvie welcomes them and tries to find a suitable quest. Hmm… This shady quest to find some snake in some forest will do. When they arrive, they realize it is a trap. Shera senses people hiding in the trees so Diablo uses his fire magic to smoke them out. They turn out to be elves. It seems Shera is from the elven royalty and they are here to take her back. However Shera doesn’t want to. She believes her brother, Keera who is the rule only sees her worthy to produce an heir. That is why she ran away and tried to live on her own. They don’t think so and believe Diablo is a slave trader. Diablo is not impressed and will show it to them. The elves attack with their weak arrows. Nothing happened. Even when they fire their most powerful arrow hat is supposed to penetrate anything, nothing happens. Diablo freezes the entire forest to smoke out the perpetrator who hired the elves for this mission: Galluk. He belittles demihumans and still think this isn’t his fault. But when threatened how they will tell Celes and that he used the Mage’s Association name for this request, he baulks and runs away. Shera has the elves send a message to her brother that she will not return. She is going to travel with Diablo and Rem. Back in the room, Diablo is alone with Shera. He realizes why the level of people here are so low. Unlike in the game, death is real and you can’t restart or save. Hence the risk factor to not level up. Shera fears he would choose Rem because he explains about how he levelled up like mad to defeat the final boss since she believes Rem is closely connected to Krebskulm. Shera is happy he stood up for her today and wants to reward him with boobs? Yeah, she knows he can’t keep his eyes off them. He gives in to the temptation but Rem just walks in. She is mad thinking this is an insult to hers. Oh no. Battle of the boob size again.

Episode 3
Sylvie has a new quest for the trio. Don’t worry, it’s not shady, it’s easy with high rewards and it’s by Celes (to make up for that Galluk incident). However Rem wants to sit out as she still feels she doesn’t want to owe Celes. Diablo and Shera take up the quest but will split accordingly. Diablo is soon faced with Emile Bichel Berger who is supposed the Adventurer’s Guild’s strongest warrior. Strongest at level 50. He is under misconception that Diablo enslaved those 2 women. Diablo could have easily overwhelmed him but the ladies stop and explain everything. So now he is friends with Diablo? Diablo and Shera start their quest to deliver wine to the soldiers at the bridge. At first they think he is a Fallen but thanks to the rumours of him being a horned demon, he is somewhat saved. It seems the soldiers are helping people to evacuate as there will be a large scale invasion by Fallen, something Diablo thinks has never happened before even in a game as the Fallen are treated as boss monsters. Since rumours are rife that they want to revive Krebskulm, Diablo wonders if they already know Rem’s secret. Even so, they can’t get into the city which is being protected by Celes’ barrier. With the soldiers obviously scared but choose to stand their ground to defend the people, you bet Diablo is going to help them. But he is going to do it alone as everyone else will get in the way. So here they come. Meanwhile Celes sees Rem and apologizes for that incident. She tells her Galluk has already been relieved of his position. She warns her to be careful of Diablo as he may be a Fallen but Rem refuses to believe that because if he was so, he had many chances to kill her but did not. But looks like Galluk isn’t done yet. He barges in wanting Celes to explain that his firing was a mistake. Selfish dude even asks her to worry about him and he still thinks he is doing the right thing! Desperate, he kills himself and turns into a Fallen, Gregore. Hope he stays dead forever. Back to Diablo, his magic easily pushes back to Fallen but with this many, at this rate his magic powers will diminish. But the Fallen’s commander, Edelgard gets down to face off with Diablo in a decisive battle.

Episode 4
Gregore explains how he used Galluk and hid inside his body. Amazingly Celes can’t detect Fallen who camouflage this way and hence the reason he was able to sneak into the barrier. As Rem and Celes run, they are cornered but women loving Emile and other adventurers come to their aid. Unfortunately they are beaten to a pulp. A message of this invasion reaches to Diablo’s side. You want to shout it out louder so even the Fallen can hear? Because of that, Edelgard is confident if she beats Diablo, victory is assured for them. Diablo worries about Rem and needs to finish this fast. So he warns everyone to step back as he is going to use his grand magic. White Nova blasts all that is in front of him into smithereens! Even parting the river! Although Edelgard survives, she is deeply wounded. Diablo and Shera then teleport back to Faltra. Just in time because Emile is on the verge of death. Time for Diablo to take over and show this lizard guy who is boss. Gregore remains cocky and confident until Diablo deflects all his magic and imitates and uses it back on him. Gregore is now begging for his life but Diablo is so mad that he won’t spare him. He seals Gregore in eternal darkness forever. Rem and Shera are so happy. Them flanking him makes Diablo feel awkward. He gives an excuse they are his property so he protects them. But they love this idea instead. Soon a funeral is held for adventurers who died. Diablo is resting up as he used too many magic points. Shera comes in dressed very skimpily in hopes he could recover faster. Yeah, she learnt this disastrous fanservice fashion sense from Sylvie. Of course a tug of war over Diablo soon begins but is interrupted when Sylvie is here. The lord of Faltra has received demands to hand over Shera to the elven kingdom in 10 days. Otherwise, it’ll be war. Diablo of course won’t hand her over and hence the request from the lord is to stop a war from breaking out with the elven kingdom.

Episode 5
If there is one thing Diablo hates, it is negotiating. Given that he isn’t good at communicating, I suppose being a Demon Lord is kill, kill, kill, right? Keera has also placed a hefty bounty of Shera, hence there will be greedy adventurers who will try and kidnap her. Sylvie takes them to meet the lord, Chester Ray Galford. He was once a hero who fought singlehandedly and defeated the Fallen. He is a bit hard to talk to so please mind what you say. If only Diablo could sound less intimidating… On to business, Galford explains that the elven army has a paltry 100 men. However they specializes in hiding and ambushing in forests so he is not willing to send his army to die needlessly. He seeks Shera’s explanation of leaving a life of luxury to be an adventurer. She seeks her own freedom, something which she will never attain if she remained in the elven royalty. Galford also introduces an imperial knight from the royal castle to help them out, Alicia Cristela. She is quite a friendly person and quickly makes friends with the ladies but as usual, Diablo keeps his distance. Later, Diablo goes to buy a weapon. This is so that his overpowered-ness will not kill others. But this scythe he got looks so badass. Soon after, Shera is kidnapped by greedy adventurers. If not for passing Emile, who knows how long the chase would be. Emile will not kill them but punish them by lecturing till they believe the goodness in women! Fate worse than death? Alicia feels useless she couldn’t do much to stop so Diablo thinks she is the kind who lives by being useful to others. He tells her to forgive herself for being useless and if she wants to follow them, just do as she please and not insist on results. It somewhat backfires as she will now focus on forgiving herself when she is not useful. They are about to head to the elven forest when Alicia’s empty stomach roars like a beast. Ah, can’t go fight on an empty stomach.

Episode 6
Celes heard rumours on how to release their enslavement. So the gang head down to a slave market to meet the owner, Medios. She can see great magic flowing from inside Diablo and Rem. It seems Shera can also do the same but never said anything because nobody asked. Glad she’s an idiot? Rem decides to sit this out since she doesn’t feel so well. So Medios guides Diablo on how to remove the slave collar from Shera. Hmm… Sounds very much like a sex ritual. If you happen to close your eyes and just listen to what they say… Lots of sexual ambiguity here. But in the end, the process failed. It tired how Diablo. Despite he is able to see Shera’s magic flow, it felt endless. He explains it like an endless ball of yarn tangled. You need to untangle each threat but you’re in a room filled with smoke and can’t see. Before they retire for the night, they hear a beautiful flute. It is Keera at their doorstep. Diablo steps in to confront him but surprisingly Keera says all that has happened has been a misunderstanding. He really doesn’t want to start a war and has been prioritizing his kingdom that he didn’t put Shera’s feelings first. Shera feels odd that Keera is acting like this but Rem tells him off it is still up to her to decide. They don’t know whether he is using another way to get Shera back as they can’t trust him yet. Keera assures he will respect whatever decisions Shera makes. That night, Shera talks to Rem about her dreams of opening up a café and including them to work there. Because they are her first friends since she left the kingdom. Even better, they are more family than friends. Rem unfortunately can’t see herself in her plans yet as she has her own problems to deal with. Until then, she hopes her doors are still open. Shera is so happy that she starts doing lesbian stuffs on her. I wonder how long can Diablo pretend to be asleep. Lastly we see that Keera truly can’t be trusted because he has a plan that will finally make Shera his.

Episode 7
After Alicia and Rem head off to report about Keera, Diablo makes some of his potions. If only he isn’t distracted by Shera’s jugs. Soon they hear Keera’s flute but Diablo brushes it off. Then Shera acts strange. She wants to go home. And with that, Keera picks her up. Isn’t it too convenient? Diablo can’t do anything because of the prior agreement that both sides must respect her decision. So what is Diablo going to do? Sleep! Cry in his sleep? Later Rem talks to him about Shera being a bad liar. Shera told her that dumb dream of hers last night. She knows something is wrong and is under some spell. Diablo fears that feeling of rejection (something he experienced in real life) and doesn’t want to feel that again until Rem still wants to go save her because she is her friend. This pumps him up to offer Rem to use his powers to rescue her. Meanwhile in Keera’s camp, he has her spill what Diablo has ordered her to do. Besides shaking hands with Rem, nothing else. Elf guy can’t contain his horniness now. Cue evil pervy face as he unleashed pervy slimes that eat fabrics. Desperate Shera screams out Diablo’s name. What do you know? He is here. I guess he was so busy thinking about f*cking his sister that he didn’t hear the explosion outside. Yup, Diablo put the forest on fire and took out all his guards! He doesn’t care if he starts an international war as he is here to ascertain Shera’s feelings. Keera makes Shera say she wants to return home but it is obviously mind control. Hence Diablo uses the collar to order her to tell her true feelings without being bound by any magic. Not surprises here. Shera wants to stay with her friends and be free. Mad Keera is so disappointed that his fun is gone that he is going to destroy the world with this Hydra he summoned. It’s supposed to be the elf’s trump weapon, you know. Diablo isn’t sh*tting in his pants, you know.

Episode 8
Is it me or is Hydra looking more comical than scary? Diablo tests it out first and finds it could regenerate. Time to hit the panic button? Well, if Shera had told him earlier that there is some core inside it he must destroy. So Diablo just blasts the entire thing. Done. He wants to kill Keera as punishment but Shera pleads not to. She hates him but he is still family. Shera retreats only to be suddenly decapitated! It’s Galford and his troops. He orders to eliminate all elves and take in the princess. Diablo realizes this is part of his plan to make him fight the elves so he could seize their land. Galford puts him in a barrier that Diablo has never seen before. It’s going to be tough to get out but thank goodness for that training with Medios to find its core as he breaks out in no time. Diablo further deduces Galford’s plan to invade the area after Diablo wore himself out fighting. Both men fight and Diablo could barely put distance between them since he is lightning fast with his footwork and thrust. Luckily some magic mines Diablo enabled put a stop to that. Diablo thinks he has got Galford but it is a trap to make he think he had an opening so that he could use a big spell that has some cooling down time. This enables Galford to go for his jugular. Thankfully again, Diablo’s quick thinking to unleash a high level devastating spell saves his skin. Diablo tries some reverse psychology that he considers him too weak to fight and have lost interest. Galford suggests killing him or he’ll regret it. Because he can report to the king and make him be at a disadvantage. Alicia will report back of his intentions. If Galford still insists on dying, he can do it himself. With that, Galford calls off his mission. With Rem seeking potions to heal the wounded elves, Diablo tends to Shera. She still hates her brother but never thought they would part like this. Time to let those tears flow freely. In the aftermath, Alicia returns to make her report while Diablo is unmotivated and trying to recover his lost magic points. Making it worse that he didn’t get any reward since this was Galford’s scheme. But here comes Sylvie with some alcohol. Thinking he can’t get drunk (because it never happened in a game), Diablo drinks it and starts seeing Sylvie as a dakimakura. He rips her clothes and cuddles her tightly in his sleep. Oh Sylvie, you brought this upon yourself (including the skimpy dressing) so why you so mad? Were you hoping to take advantage somehow but it backfired?

Episode 9
Saddler the paladin slaughters an entire village just because they worship the Demon Lord. Back at the imperial castle, he stumbles into Alicia. He talks about his love for all things mortal because they are created by God. That’s why he will not hesitate to kill those who worship the Demon Lord. It seems he will also be going to Faltra to investigate because Lumachina the head priest revealed a prophecy of the revival of a Demon Lord. Meanwhile Diablo teaches Shera to enslave some turkey bird so she can have the same aerial view as it that serves useful to locate enemies in places she cannot see. We take a break with bathing fanservice. Oh, in this world, you bath naked, right? Diablo trying to stave off his temptations. Suddenly Rem is confronted by Edelgard. She assures she is only here to talk but after hearing the rumours, she confirms Rem is the one with Krebskulm. With that, Shera hears the whole story and gets emotional and wants to help her. It seems Edelgard knows of a resurrection ritual to revive Krebskulm that pose no risk to Rem’s life. Rem will also be worshipped as the mother. Diablo thinks this is a good chance and the question if he can beat Krebskulm afterwards. Edelgard tells them to meet at Starfall Tower in 3 days. Alicia returns to warn Diablo and co but looks like they bump into Saddler. Diablo doesn’t want to provoke him but being ‘normal’ means introducing himself as the Demon Lord. Everyone thinks of it as a joke but Saddler soon turns serious even if it was one. With Rem scolding him for being rude, Saddler uses God’s power to suffocate her. But Diablo can sense it is some magic and mocks him. Saddler is about to turn him into stone but Diablo’s jewel deflects back at him. Saddler is now a stone. Of course it is not permanent and he will return to normal depending how strong he is. After his paladins take him away, Alicia wonders why he let him go. Yeah, she has this glare at him that says you-should-have-f*cking-killed-this-bastard. Then they tell Alicia about Rem’s problem and what they’re about to do. Wow. The ladies start to have one big emotional hug and promise to help each other. Diablo can’t help feel something is wrong.

Episode 10
The ritual begins but it seems Diablo can’t go deeper. Edelgard points out to make a hole in her stomach. Will that kill her? There’s another hole. YOU MEAN THAT HOLE???!!! Time to use our imagination. So is Diablo’s finger game strong? You bet. Don’t look now because Krebskulm is now revived! Only… A little bratty girl? Really? This is the Demon Lord? Worse, she forgot how to fight! She doesn’t even remember her role and even agrees not to kill anybody because they say so. WTF. And because she is hungry and Shera feeds her biscuits, she thinks eating biscuits is her destiny! All hail biscuits! As they return home, they are attached by Eulerex, one of the top elites serving Krebskulm. Because Krebskulm doesn’t want to kill her new friends as sacrifice (or else no more biscuits), Eulerex views her reincarnation as incomplete. He tries to kill Edelgard and blames her for an incomplete resurrection. Also, Edelgard is okay with this since if this is what Krebskulm wants, so be it. Diablo fights Eulerex but the former knows all the tricks. Eulerex tries to target and kill Krebskulm but Rem protects her. In the end, Eulerex flees knowing he cannot defeat Diablo. Diablo is tired back in his room. So how does Shera heal him? Get naked and rub all over! She invites Krebskulm to join in. I wonder if he’ll get healed or drained by the end of this unholy act. Yeah, something so great coming into them, eh? Well, thankfully Diablo’s magic is restored. Wow, that was some really hot playing stuff. Meanwhile if you have noticed Alicia who has been displeased ever since Krebskulm took her loli form, looks like she has her own agenda. Flashback shows adults always tell her what is wrong and right (AKA virtue signalling). Hence she needs Krebskulm to fulfil her duty and kill everyone so that a beautiful world can be created. She’s not the only one with an ulterior motive. Saddler has recovered and he is holding a pretty big grudge…

Episode 11
There’s a biscuit song Shera sings? Sounds like Doremi… I don’t think that is the reason why Alicia sneakily took Krebskulm and Rem to the dark alley. Is it to hint her goal to resurrect the real Demon Lord? Because she really wants to restore her memories and awaken her. Alicia also hints she has always been the same. Only this time she doesn’t need to pretend to be their friends. She was also the one behind provoking Galluk and letting him take Gregore in. When Saddler arrives, Alicia changes her story that Rem is a demon worshipper. Rem attacks but is no match for Saddler. Rem and Krebskulm are being transported away. Both talk about the pain and sadness they caused others. They are brought to the outskirts of some church in which Saddler will make her confess and bring her salvation. Basically, it’s a torture chamber. Saddler gets all high and mighty and believes himself as God because he is blessed this and blessed that. Meanwhile Diablo has been searching all that and hasn’t got a hint where Rem has gone. Doesn’t he have some sort of scanning spell? He stumbles into Adventurer’s Guild. However he is at a lost on how to ask for help because Demon Lords don’t ask for help, right? Emile and Sylvie so confused. Luckily a young boy reports seeing Rem being taken away. I guess Diablo doesn’t need to ask for help now and heads right over. At the same time, Edelgard is leading a large Fallen army towards Faltra. Saddler tortures Rem but it seems Krebskulm cannot do anything to help her or even kill because of some initial promised made. It is when Saddler realizes Krebskulm is a demon, he turns his sword at her. Wow. Rem so fast in breaking through her chains and protecting Krebskulm from the slash. Saddler then pierces more swords into Rem. The hatred triggers Krebskulm to turn into her true powerful form. You scared, Saddler? Now where is your God? Since he is still thinking he is God, Krebskulm just kills him off. Good riddance. But with a bigger problem at hand, Diablo wants Shera to use all his potions to save Rem while he faces off with Krebskulm and save her.

Episode 12
Alicia meets up with Edelgard outside. Both of them are in cohorts for this day. Shera used up all the potions to resurrect Rem as she explains Alicia’s betrayal. Emile is here to bring them away because don’t want to get in between Diablo’s fight with Krebskulm. He has a hard time so is this the first time he met his match? Finally he is able to set up the most powerful magic on her. Krebskulm still lives. Now it’s the voice of Shera and Rem that somewhat got through her. Assured that Rem is alive, Krebskulm returns to her loli form. Eulerex is displeased with Edelgard’s failure and wants to punish her. Edelgard fights him to allow Alicia to escape into the city. In the aftermath, Sylvie might trust Diablo but not Krebskulm. So to avoid this impasse, Diablo suggests Edelgard become his slave. A Demon Lord becoming a slave of a Demon Lord? Even if her freedom is lost, at least she can eat biscuits freely without others out for her head. Diablo starts the enslavement ritual. I didn’t know they had to kiss. Now the real battle begins because all his slaves want to sleep with him. Suddenly Alicia barges in to take Shera hostage. But she isn’t here for revenge. She needs Krebskulm to heal Edelgard who has been seriously injured. You mean the Fallen didn’t kill her?! With Diablo’s permission, Krebskulm instantly heals Edelgard. Although grateful, she is given an ultimatum to obey her otherwise she does not consider her as her follower. Now we turn why Alicia was so hell bent on destroying humanity. To cut her flashback story short, those around her are like wolf in sheep’s clothing. Having seen too many evil, she became alone. Diablo could sympathize with her because in real life he too became a shut-in. With her goal gone, the only thing left for Alicia is to kill herself. You bet Diablo won’t allow her to do that. Plus, here comes his lecture of don’t be so conscious of what others think about her. Just be herself. Do and say whatever she pleases and she will eventually find her own place of belonging. Dying as atonement is the easy way out. If she tries this stunt again, he’ll show her something even scarier. Uhm, what can be scarier than death? Everyone believes Alicia is kind because she helped Edelgard. With all that being said, now everyone wants to revitalize Diablo and strips down! Naked sex party on the way! Too bad Diablo is such a noob that he fainted. In the aftermath, I guess Alicia decided to go her own path instead of being Diablo’s slave. Shera and Rem b*tch to Diablo about the kiss he gave to Krebskulm. They want one too. He leaves them hanging.

Maou Yuusha: Demonic Hero
Among all the other ‘terrible’ anime shows this season, this one seems a lot bearable. Still way better than a certain anime that has a modern kid thrown back to the past with his Smartphone. Still way better than a group of young kids playing as a legendary party in a famous online game. And definitely still way better than a certain group of heroes who can use their blood as weapons trying to destroy Tokyo to save mankind (WTF?!). Even if this series has the main character as an overpowered protagonist, it still isn’t as annoying as one think it would be. You see, not all overpowered characters are bad. Say, One Punch Man and even Overlord. I’m not saying this series is on par with those but it is hell better than other crappy anime with overpowered main characters. One reason is the lack of use of Smartphone. That’s right. At this point, trying to incorporate Smartphones as a useful tool is a recipe for disaster.

Diablo might have started out as a very powerful character but this is thanks to all the hard work and levelling up he has done while he was playing as human. There were no shortcuts to suddenly make him so powerful. He is already powerful to begin with. Plus, with the magic and fantasy setting of this world, it makes sense that Diablo as the Demon Lord is able to pull off magical feats naturally. I guess it is a hell lot better than relying on your Smartphone or some debugging mode. Hence Diablo being one of the more powerful characters in this world seems justified. Even if he fails, you can’t blame the Smartphone. Oh yeah. Smartphones’ reputation are so detrimental these days.

Within the context of this anime, the plot doesn’t seem overly interesting. Basically our Demon Lord trying to help his slaves overcome their problems. The first concerning an elf’s family and heir issues followed by the supposedly purging of the real Demon Lord lying dormant within panther girl. And even though the latter didn’t somewhat come to be, I guess you can call it a successful mission as long as the real Demon Lord doesn’t want to destroy the world and instead spend the rest of her time enjoying biscuits. Yeah, somebody is going to find that title being stripped if she is not going to live up to her name.

It seems one of the core running jokes of the series is the way Diablo thinks and feels of wanting to interact with others but the outcome turns out very differently. Hearing his inner voice feels like a reminder that despite his Demon Lord appearance, he is still that human player deep down in his heart. The crux of the jokes lies in when Diablo panics into thinking of handling the current situation. He can’t do it because of his social awkwardness or has some sort of appearance to keep up whatever. So when he tries his best to do so, he comes off sounding like an arrogant and haughty Demon Lord. Then he will be in despair (internally) upon realizing he sounded so superior and conceited. But it usually works out eventually. So far so good keeping his appearance and reputation intact. Because all the excuses he has given so far to give off that impression he is the superior Demon Lord, it might be a little contradicting because for example he implied he isn’t supposed to care but then twists the words in his favour to rescue his slaves as they are his property or something. You’ll find that a lot with Diablo. So is he really a bad guy or just a really nice good guy?

Diablo isn’t exactly perfect and all powerful either. He is only so because almost everyone in this world is just so low in their stats. Because of his experience in playing a game so similar to this, he is able to make quick decisions and pull off high level magic moves without breaking into so much of a sweat. Hence with the enemies so stunned at his power that they probably have never seen before in their life (busting Galluk’s salamander, deflecting Gregore’s magic, cutting down Keera’s Hydra), the reason why Diablo looks so overpowered. He met his match with Galford but I suppose Diablo has also lady luck smiling on his side.

Shera and Rem as Diablo’s adventuring pals serve to advance the plot and give him a role and reason in this world. Because they have unfinished issues to deal with, hence Diablo gets his chance to show off his high level magic skills and awe everybody, bring fear to his foes and the girls admiring him even more so. Otherwise for these two, I don’t want to go so far as the paint them as damsel in distress because ultimately Diablo is the one who comes to their rescue. But encountering Diablo and technically becoming his slave, their life has at least turned for the better because they now have the freedom to choose and live as they want without fear. And also to provide some shameless fanservice in the guise of recovering his mana. Kansha suru yo! Now he has got a Demon Lord loli, that will be triple the service! It’s good to be Diablo. Don’t think he would want to return to his original world anytime soon even if he finds a way.

For some reason, I have always suspected that Alicia wasn’t as she seemed even when she was first introduced. There was something off about her that makes her look untrustworthy despite all the friendliness she displays. It was one of those moments where my guts were right as she harbours some sort of ulterior motive to destroy the world. Is she the true villain of this series? No matter how tragic your past and circumstances was, you just can’t blame it generally on the rest of the world and destroy everything that goes with it. For instance, a tiger killed your family. You’re not going to hunt down and kill all tigers until extinction, right? Alicia being evil at least isn’t as annoying as Saddler because man, this paladin really thinks he is God and indeed playing one (rather, playing the devil if you ask me) just because of his magic being superior to others. Good riddance he is dead and probably in shock right now because he is burning in the pits of hell for eternity. At least Alicia got her chance at redemption because it would be tad sad to see a friend who has been hanging out with them for a while perish under such circumstances. Yeah, the world may be a sh*tty place but you don’t have to be one. Is that what Diablo is also trying to say? Well, with Alicia still breathing, she has lots of chance to make amends and right the wrongs. Something you can’t do if you’re dead.

There are some fanservice moments here and you can tell right from the start because of how busty Shera is. Are those boobs made out of bouncy silicone gel? If she was in our world, she would have been scouted to do elf porn. Oh well, there are lots of sexy posters of Shera going around the internet… Having busty Shera and flat Rem feels like a balancing act for Diablo in terms of those who love them big and those who love them underdeveloped. I know this world being fantasy and all but I also have to wonder why some people dress like as though they want to have some wardrobe malfunction happening. Just take a look at Sylvie. Is this supposed to be her uniform? For goodness sakes, she is the guildmaster. Is this the way she attracts new members? Making it weirder is the way she dresses, she tries to show her underboobs but being s flat, this fanservice seems awkward. Seriously. I think Krebskulm also needs some sort of fashion lesson but being the Demon Lord herself, I think nobody tells her how to dress. She can walk around topless with whatever those leftover things barely covering her non-existent tits. And of course some very sexual innuendo scenes like that one where Diablo tries to reach deep into Rem’s stomach through that ‘hole’. WTF but good, right?

Art and animation are pretty decent. It might not be up there along with the best masterpiece but at least it is watchable without having you to notice of any low and inferior quality. There are some magic effects but the want I want to note is when Diablo focuses on the magic flow inside a person. Personally, I thought it reminded me of an old Windows’ screensaver. Seriously. Just want to note that when Alicia officially revealed her true colours, why does her evil face make me think she is going to turn into some sort of lizard monster? I don’t know, it seems many baddies have this one kind look on their face. Like Keera has this crazy rape face when he is about to do incest and Saddler his f*cking face is just annoying to look at. You know a series is made for the fanservice when the visuals have higher and better quality than the rest. So get a load of your bouncy boobs that defy the laws of physics, ass shots, crotch shots and whatever sexy angles this series has to offer. Can’t complain, right? This series is done by Ajia-Do who did Nintama Rantarou, Zettai Shounen and Shuumatsu No Izetta.

Voice acting feels okay with me only recognizing Akira Ishida as Keera and Sayaka Ohara as Medios. Other casts include Masaaki Mizunaka as Diablo (Ryuuen in Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi No Kyoushitsu E), Yuu Serizawa as Shera (Iroha in 3D Kanojo Real Girl), Azumi Waki as Rem (Maika in Blend S), Yumi Hara as Alicia (Albedo in Overlord), Rumi Okubo as Sylvie (Chinatsu in YuruYuri), Atsumi Tanezaki as Krebskulm (Emily in Harukana Receive), Emiri Katou as Edelgard (Aura in Overlord), Akio Ohtsuka as Galford (Blackbeard in One Piece) and Sayaka Senbongi as Celestine (Chitose in Girlish Number).

The opening theme is Decide by Summoners 2+ (basically the quintet behind the voices of Shera, Rem, Alicia, Sylvie and Edelgard). It is a very techno-heavy music and I have this feeling that if you run out of songs to write or rushing to ‘create’ one, just spam heavily on the techno effects and have the singers sing it as it flows. That’s why it sounds generic and chaotic at the same time. For the ending theme, Saiaku Na Hi Demo Anata Ga Suki by Yuu Serizawa (I thought it was a duet with Azumi Waki) sounds better although this song being more of a rock piece and the singer trying to sing it in a cute girly way.

Overall, you watch this series if you feel like wanting some fanservice to spice up your life. Yeah, there are other ‘superior’ ecchi fanservice series out there like High School DxD but I suppose if you want an ecchi version of Overlord, this is your answer. It sounds like this anime didn’t live up to its namesake of how not to summon a Demon Lord. But it did just that and failed. Twice. Because you aren’t the Demon Lord if you aren’t going to destroy the world. You aren’t the Demon Lord if you prefer to spend your time trying to figure out how to free your slaves instead of world domination. You aren’t the Demon Lord if you figure your life’s mission is to eat all the delicious biscuits instead of devouring mortals. Oh yeah. The world would certainly be a much better place if we all could just have our biscuits and tea. Maybe we should have how to order the best biscuits for teatime instead.

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