We are getting too attached and dependent on out Smartphones these days. Here is more bad news for you if you can’t leave a minute without bringing your Smartphone along wherever you go: You can’t bring your device along with you when you die! Shock! Horror! Oh no! How can this be?! Well, unless you are this lucky guy in Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni. He basically died. How unfortunate. But his death was a mistake and untimely so guess what? God felt bad about it and since He can’t ‘disrupt’ the order of reality (yeah, because bringing back people to life in the real world is much too shocking), He is going to resurrect you in another world. Sounds rather okay but not as farfetched with that fact that he is allowed to bring over his Smartphone! WTF?! I want to go to this world!

Episode 1
Touya Mochizuki. Is dead. God even apologizes for this accident. Say what?! However Touya is not mad thanks to his grandpa’s upbringing of not harbouring hate. Sure, imagine if you start hating God… Anyway God can resurrect him but not in his original world but another world. Because rules. What rules?! In this new magical world, he is able to take his Smartphone with him. Although he cannot interact with his old world, he can still read news feeds from it. Huh? Wow. He’s now got God as his personal contact. Hey… I hope this isn’t some rip-off from KonoSuba… Making his way to town, a man in a carriage stops and wants him to sell his high school clothes! He’ll pay gold coins for that! After doing so, he stumbles into a commotion at an alley. Twin sisters Elze and Linze Silhoueska are being hoodwinked by a couple of ruffians trying to cheat them of a delivered good. Touya wants to buy it at a cheaper price. Elze agrees. Touya then breaks it. The ruffians attack. Previously, God has given him super abilities so he easily defeats them. The sisters thank him and he mentions he is trying to look for Silver Moon Inn. Oh, that’s where they are staying too. As thanks for saving them, the sister help Touya look for a job at a guild. He can’t read and has no weapon. So after registering him and getting him a weapon, they take on several wolves as part of the request. Later, Touya hopes they can teach him magic too. So they explain the importance of aptitudes otherwise magic cannot be used at all. They demonstrate a spell using spell stones. When Touya tries, the magic is overflowing! Thank God, right? They also let him try other spells and it seems he can easily do all of them with ease. They are awed that he can use all elements but Elze remains sceptical because nobody can use all elements. I know. Thank God, right? Innkeeper Mika introduces them to Aer who is having trouble adding new dish to her menu. Believing Touya is a travel and has some ideas, he uses his smartphone to teach them how to make ice cream. Wait. This world has no ice cream?!

Episode 2
Their next job is to deliver a letter to the royal capital. They see a commotion in the streets. Ruffians ganging up on lone girl, Yae Kokonoe. Though she can defend herself, the trio help her before it gets overwhelming. Yae introduces herself and Touya thought she comes from a place that sounds familiar to feudal Japan. She is on a journey to test her strength to become a better warrior. They let her join their mission as Touya continues to learn all kinds of magic. Don’t have any naughty thoughts of stealing underwear with this drawing spell. Along the way, they stumble upon lizardmen being summoned by an evil mage. After defeating them, they hear cries from a carriage. Sushie “Sue” Urnea Ortlinde is devastated her butler, Reim has taken an arrow to his chest. Touya comes up with a solution that nobody seems to think. He uses his magic to draw out the arrow and then heal him! So easy! Reim introduces himself as a butler who serves Duke Alfred. The other girls kneel and Touya learns dukes are the highest noble title belonging to the family. This means Sue is the niece of the current king of Belfast Kingdom and Alfred is his younger brother. Grateful Sue brings them back to her palace and her father is so darn happy she is okay that he bows before Touya! They discuss that Alfred may have enemies who want him out and they were probably trying to kidnap his daughter for blackmail. Had they not have this letter mission, Sue would have been kidnapped or dead. Alfred would love to introduce him to his wife, Ellen but she is blind from an illness. Sue was on a trip to learn her late grandpa’s special magic that might heal it. If only someone had capable null magic… Why are all the girls looking at Touya with glee? Before Ellen, Touya uses his magic… And now Ellen can see! Woah! Too easy! Thank God, right? Alfred rewards handsomely Touya with 40 platinum coins as well as giving them family medals. This allows them to pass through any checkpoints with ease and to use any facilities only nobles could. After delivering the letter, Yae admires Touya’s strength and humility and decides to follow them for her training. Yeah, why not? The harem is just getting started. Oops, I mean their very own guild party.

Episode 3
Back in town, Touya finds a lost animal girl, Alma. Thanks to this smartphone’s GPS, he manages to return her to her sister, Origa. Touya buys a new coat the increases his magic resistance and properties he possesses. It seems a couple of store owners are now hooked on this shogi game Touya introduced them. Even Alfred is hooked on it and wants to keep playing with Touya despite it’s already night time. No more shogi for him… It’ll be a traumatic nightmare… The gang is trying to take on a new quest. The girls oppose vehemently about this slime one. Yeah, melts clothes… So they take on this dullahan one and after defeating it, they thought they could find some hidden treasure in the ruins nearby since this was where the old capital was. Underground, there is a large relief with writing that is unrecognizable. Nothing like the smartphone could do and snap a few photos. Trekking deeper underground, they stumble upon a strange glass statue. They realize too late their light is being absorbed by it as it activates. Touya uses his gate to escape to the surface but this high-tech magical beast that moves at super speed attacks them. They thought they had destroyed it but it regenerates. Elze is caught off guard and gets injured. While the rest deal with it, Touya heals her. Then it occurred to him about some shogi move. So Touya uses his magic to draw out its core for Elze to destroy it. It crumbles for good. They report this to Alfred and he will conduct an official investigation. Touya shows the relief so Alfred notes it could be a clue as to why the capital was relocated. There were no records whatsoever of why it was so. On another day Touya visits the palace, Alfred looks like he is in a hurry. He thinks Touya is God sent at such a crucial time. It seems his brother has been poisoned.

Episode 4
Alfred suspects the kingdom of Mismede because his brother tried to form an alliance with the newly established beastmen country. If the king is gone, his eldest daughter, Yumina would take over and he can sense there is someone trying to gain power through political marriage. He wants Touya to heal his brother like he did with Ellen. And as easy as always, the king is healed like as though he woke up from a bad dream. Wow. The young girls in the room are starting to fall for Touya. Like Yumina and Charlotte the royal family’s mage. Maybe she’s just interested in his magic. As they discuss who the culprit is, the ambassador of Mismede is summoned because it is believed the wine she brought is poisoned. Touya is surprised the ambassador is Origa. Touya requests to investigate the hall where the poisoning took place since it was left untouched. After scanning it, he calls everyone. He says the wine has been cleared of poison and has some of the men drink it. But Count Balsa seems reluctant. So when he is forced to drink, he starts screaming he is dying of poison. Touya reveals he already wiped the poison off the glass. Balsa tries to run away but slips from Touya’s magic. Yumina is totally in love with him and can’t stop staring! She finally decides she wants to marry him! Father agrees. So fast? Because Yumina has mystic eyes, she can tell a person’s personality. If she acknowledges him, he isn’t a bad man. Touya tries to play that legal age card. Well, since Touya is 2 more years to reach legal age, this means Yumina has 2 years trying to win his heart! The hole in the ground is getting deeper… Heck, even God calls him to congratulate and assure polygamy is okay in this world. Speaking of which, how would his harem fare when they learn about his future wife? Shock of course. Plus, Yumina is going to live with them as part of her training. This means joining a guild and their party and going on missions. Yumina shows what she’s got as the gang easily defeat a pack of wolves and monkeys. But Touya can’t keep sighing because of his harem, people are staring with jealousy. The girls don’t get it and blush when Touya explains they are cute. He just dug his grave even deeper… Later Touya summons a beast to make a pact with. A white tiger pops up and Yumina recognizes it as the White Emperor. It is a heavenly beast. Unless Touya can prove his magical superiority, the white tiger will not follow him. I guess he got drained by Touya’s awesome power. Now it offers to become his familiar, Touya names him Kohaku. He wants to be by his side always but since it would scare off others, how about this chibi form? So cute! Yumina can’t stop hugging him! Now all the other girls take turns to squeeze it to death. Not even Touya can help. How low the heavenly beast has fallen?

Episode 5
The girls are not happy for this next mission. They are to investigate an abandoned castle filled with slimes. Yeah… They find research documents belonging to the researcher. As they trek deeper,, they encounter never-seen-before slimes that seem to take on a more pervy nature. But each of such slime is labelled failure by the researcher. So when they find the researcher’s corpse, the ultimate successful slime is one that turns into a harem of naked girls! Without a doubt, the girls burn down the entire castle in the name of purification. Never again shall such monstrosity arise. In town, Touya spots Yae trying to help a crying girl find his lost mom. Touya’s magic search has limited range. So use his smartphone! Because of that, Yae requests him to look for her brother whom she has never since she left on her journey. She describes him as close as possible and he is resembling more and more like Touya. Yae gets embarrassed and dismisses the thoughts that she likes Touya or anything. Next, Linze requests his help to read some spell with ancient words. He creates some magic glass that enables her to fluidly read everything. Then she tries to learn a new spell with it to the point she exhausts herself. But she doesn’t give up and eventually masters her water bubble bomb. With the bashing of tough creatures, Elze’s gauntlet begins to crack. After getting a replacement, she sees a lovely dress being displayed at a store. Touya believes she will look cute in it and as expect she denies (I doubt it is low self-confidence). So he has her try the dress and despite she doesn’t think of it as cute, Touya does and buys it. Now the other girls want him to buy them theirs… Yumina receives a letter from her family that she and Touya are to return to the royal palace for Touya’s knighthood as reward for that incident. He would like to decline it but he needs to state his reason publicly so either way he has to go back.

Episode 6
So even declining the knighthood, Touya still gets a huge mansion in exchange?! Wow. This guy can never lose! The girls are shocked when Touya allows all of them to live here because it’s too big by himself. I’m sure it’s not the part whereby the king gave this gift to him that is the problem. And this guy is so dense not understanding the implication of what he says when he mentions he likes all 4 of them equally! Yumina isn’t jealous since she has no intention of monopolizing him. And he still doesn’t get it?! The mansion will have a few staffs. Namely the head butler Raim and maids Lapis and Cecil. Is it me or do the security personnel look like thugs? Anyway, Raim is the older brother of Reim and he intends to serve Touya for saving his brother as well this is his ‘retirement’ after serving the king for many years. Alfred and Sue drop by to congratulate on Touya’s marriage. They also mull over the idea of marrying both royal princesses. Remember, polygamy is acceptable here. On to business, Alfred informs the kingdom has decided to form an alliance with Mismede. This means a venue is needed for both kings to talk. Since travelling is dangerous, this is where Touya comes in as they need his gate. Since he can only open gates to places where he has been, yup, he has to travel there. Don’t worry, an entourage will travel with him. They include, Origa, Alma, Garen the commander of Mismede’s troops and Lion Blitz of the first knight squad.

After journeying for a day, they make camp. They detect several bandits surrounding them. Touya uses his smartphone to detect how many and even paralyzes them all at the same time. While apprehending them all, everyone could see Lion is smitten with Origa. This prompts Touya’s harem to hint a certain someone is dense. Still don’t get it? No wonder Touya doesn’t understand why he is being lectured. In town, they see Lion trying to get something for Origa. With Alma’s help on what her sister likes, Lion is able to pick with ease. Yumina hints she would have wanted one too but she’ll prefer a ring on her left finger. Hint, hint. While camping for the night, they spot a dragon flying over. Although dragons don’t leave their sanctuary, some do so to go rampaging. As they feared, the red dragon burns down the village. Touya distracts the dragon to an open area where Kohaku finds out it was doing this for its own amusement. Touya and his harem cooperate to take down the dragon. Even cutting its wings, it can still breathe deadly fire. So fighting fire with fire because using a huge magnifying glass to burn it? A black dragon then pops up. He is here to retrieve a renegade dragon. Learning Kohaku serves a human, the black dragon apologizes for his rudeness. OMG. If a dragon can respect a mere human like Touya, is Touya God?! Everyone returns to help the village. Touya’s hard work is paid off as he finds himself sleeping on Yumina’s lap pillow. The other girls look on jealously. No hard feelings because rock-scissors-paper decided the outcome. Women’s battles are so fearsome…

Episode 7
Not only Touya and his harem help heal the villagers, they also donated useful parts of the dragon to them. Wah. So noble. As reward, the village head hands Touya a dragon fang as reward. They also return him a knife plucked out from the dragon’s eye but Touya doesn’t recognize it is from one of them. At Berge, the royal capital of Mismede, they have an audience with the king, Jamukha. He is impressed that Touya had slain a dragon. Because he likes to challenge strong people, he wants Touya to fight him. His subordinates don’t like this habit of his and hopes Touya will beat the crap out of him! Touya easily wins using his slipping magic but Jamukha won’t recognize it and wants a rematch. Without the use of that spell. Touya fights him fair and square as well with a good amount of magic to keep up with his speed and attacks. In the end, Jamukha admits defeat. During the party, Touya shows Jamukha his Smartphone that could take pictures instantly. While wandering in the hallways, Touya stumbles into a teddy bear, Paula who brings him to its master, Leen. She is 612 years old from the fairy folk. Paula isn’t her familiar but is animated using her magic. After demonstrating it, Touya tries it out and does it better. She wants him to be her apprentice but since she doesn’t like forcing others, she leaves her door open in case he changes his mind. Touya uses the fang to create a gun with bullets. Wow. He makes and masters it so easily. He even creates one for Yumina and Linze. Touya makes a few improvements to his gun as it can also doubles as a sword. He names it Brunhild. On the way back, Kohaku senses somebody watching them. So Touya traces and confronts them. They escape but thanks to GPS he manages to track them. They try to escape again but he shoots them! Don’t worry. Rubber bullets. As they won’t talk, he body searches them for weapons. Boobs?! Turns out they are Lapis and Cecil. They are spies working for the king to protect Yumina secretly. This means Raim is also on this. The knife is from them. They hope he won’t tell Yumina otherwise it’ll defeat the purpose. Also, she won’t stop b*tching about it. Touya opens the gate for Jamukha to meet Belfast’s king. This prompts Leen to ponder about visiting her apprentice, Charlotte who is there.

Episode 8
What a long tiring day as Touya returns to his mansion. After sleeping, he enters a room where he sees all his girls changing! At the same time? Of course time for him to get lectured. Touya is making bicycles. The girls are trying to outdo each other for Touya’s praise. Wow. It’s like they suddenly get better at cycling. As Alfred requests more bicycles, Touya heads to town to get more materials. In the alley, he spots a girl, Renne being attacked for pickpocketing. He saves and even feeds her. When he learns she is homeless and has no family, he takes her home and has her become one of his maids. Touya and co spot Alma. Then they see Origa and Lion out together. Lion seems shy to hold her hand so Yumina is also hinting something at Touya about the same. What’s this got to do? They tail them and using Touya’s Smartphone, they get to see and listen what they’re talking. They bump into Jamukha in disguise. When trouble occurs nearby and the victim is being ganged up, Touya and Jamukha don weird masks to defeat them. Lion could instantly recognize Touya from his coat and voice. Origa could identify her king but he quickly escapes. Too slow for Touya. He’s got some explaining to do. Touya quickly deflects the ‘blame’ to Lion. He asks him if he would like to date Origa and such, in which he answers yes. There you have it. Now the duo are an item. Returning to his mansion, Leen and Charlotte are here. They want to discuss about the mechanical beast they defeated. She has been investigating this case. A village to the west of Mismede said a crack in the sky was discovered a few days ago. She went to check but the village was destroyed. It is believed such creatures are demons called Fraze and have translucent bodies. They once tried to destroy the world. Knowing that Touya can use the gate, she wants to head to the far east of Eashen, Yae’s hometown. As Touya can only open gates to places he has seen, Leen tells of a spell that could transfer memories and hence jump to that places of memories he read. Yae is embarrassed to let her thoughts be read. She can be selective of those. But they have to be in contact for the memory transfer. Like kissing. Just kidding. So they hold hands and put their foreheads together (other girls looking jealous). With that, Touya is able to open a gate to Eashen.

Episode 9
Eashen is so like Japan but of course. Even the names of certain people are suspiciously familiar to history. Yae takes the gang to see her family but only her mom is in. It looks like father and brother have gone off to help their shogun Ieyahsu to fight the Takeda clan’s invasion. They’re not faring well. Looks like it is up to Touya to save the day. Opening the gate to the fortress, they see lots of samurai zombies swarming the place. Touya meets Jutarou (Yae’s brother) as he uses his app to heal the injured. Learning the zombies will only stop in their tracks when their mask is cut off, Leen believes it must be powerful relics of ancient civilizations. No problem. His app can zap all the masks with accuracy! Then they meet Ieyahsu and Yae’s father who are grateful for their help. They believe the Takeda clan will attack again once they regroup. They heard their clan head, Schingen recently died and their strategist, Kansukay Yamamoto has taken control. He is likely holed up in his main camp. Ieyahsu is about to show them the way when Tsubaki, a ninja for one of the main generals of Takeda drop in to deliver a letter. It is a plea to help save the Takeda clan as all the generals but Tsubaki’s have been thrown into prison. Tsubaki’s master pretended to be on Kansukay’s side. Ieyahsu has no obligation to save them but this might cause trouble for his people. Well Touya, looks like you’re up to the task again. He has Tsubaki envision her camp since he needs to open a gate there. Piercing stares from his harem… Only Leen and Tsubaki follow him since too many might attract unwanted attention. In a harem sense? Leen uses invisibility on them and then starts groping Tsubaki’s boobs and blaming it on Touya. We’re in the middle of a mission! Touya heads to free the generals and then confronts Kansukay. However nobody can lay a finger on him as Kansukay uses Schingen to attack them. They can’t attack their lord even if he is dead. What is Touya to do? Just break Schingen’s mask! And since Kansukay is bragging about this immortal gem that has magic properties, Touya snatches it! Leen can tell its cursed properties and lets Touya destroys it. Kansukay crumbles into dust. The day is saved. With Yae bidding farewell to her family, the rest continue their journey to the ruins after receiving its specific whereabouts. They arrive at the beach and the girls are ecstatic to see the ocean. Oh no. Don’t turn this into a sexy beach episode…

Episode 10
I guess investigation of the ruins have to wait because it’s beach episode! Time for fun in the sun and sand. Not to mention swimsuit fanservice! So it isn’t going to be just Touya and his harem because they also bring the entire royal family here! This Eashen beach is starting to look like some private royal beach. Aside all the big boobs and flat boobs fanservice, time for Touya and Leen to get to work. As Touya dives in, he sees the underground ruin but of course he cannot hold his breath and has to resurface. Shockingly his app can’t make some scuba apparatus so Kohaku suggests making a pact with the Black Emperor. It’s a snake and turtle combo. While the turtle sounds condescending, why does snakey sound so gay?! Touya needs to challenge and beat them. Again he uses his slipping app to make them slip and turn turtle infinitely until they give up. That is how you get heavenly beasts under your thumb! With them acknowledging Touya as their master, he names them Kokuyou (the snake) and Sango (the turtle). Looks like the investigation of the ruins have to be put on hold further because Leen tells him to go have fun with the rest of the harem or else they’ll start suspecting he is spending too much time with her. Speaking of which, they are. So they’re asking who has the best swimsuit. Touya thinks he chose the safest answer by calling Sue’s but this only makes it worse since they think he is a lolicon. Making it worse is his Smartphone falling out and a picture of Sue and Renne being displayed. For memories, you say? I’m sure they’ll forgive him if he plays with them. Not in a hentai sense, that is. After Touya fulfils that, it’s time to investigate the ruins. I guess it is only for a single person since Kokuyou and Sango can only allow Touya to breathe and walk underwater like as though he is doing so on land. Inside the ruins, he activates a strange device and this leads him to a beautiful greenhouse. Francesca the android girl greets him. She is the terminal that controls this Aerial Garden of Babylon. The shocking thing Touya first notices about her is that she is wearing no pantsu!

Episode 11
After covering up herself, Francesca explains this garden has been floating in the sky for 5,092 years and was created by Professor Regina Babylon. The garden remained beautiful and everything still worked fine due to reinforced magic. You mean it can last forever? Francesca was also built by her as this garden’s control terminal. She isn’t 100% machine and contains several biological parts. Cue for her to make a scandalous statement that she can’t have children but still can have sex. And she is hinting he can do so to her any time! But gentleman Touya would never violate her, right? And it is a good thing too because this was all part of the test to see if he is deemed worthy to be this garden’s next master. Had he assaulted or allowed her to walk around pantless, she would have kicked him out. And she still has the guts to flirt and tease him… Meanwhile Touya’s harem seems to be ‘divided’ based on their boobs size. Just in time for Touya to open a gate to bring them to the garden. First thing they notice is the other woman. It does not help with Francesca putting it in an awful way she showed Touya her body and he is now her ‘master’. It looks like Linze has a big problem with this. She scolds him like as though looking at their swimsuits wasn’t enough. Wow. She’s really making a big deal out of this. Till Leen ‘stops’ her lest she makes her stance clear with him. This goes the same for the other girls. So stop b*tching about being a moral police unless you are officially his wife! Later, Yumina talks to Elze, Linze and Yae about their talk earlier in the mansion. She pointed out all of them loves Touya and as expected all turned red and giving excuses why they are not. However Yumina is okay with Touya having a harem because she cannot support him by himself. She cannot be selfish with the trivialities of wanting him all for herself. Sharing is caring! Let’s all be his bride! Wow. So inclusive! And now she reminds them have they made up their mind on their feelings yet. Still flushed with embarrassment and more excuses on the thought of marriage.

Back to the discussion on the garden, Francesca reveals there are actually more gardens floating. Each have their own unique facilities like the library, lab and workshop and are managed by her other sisters. Originally there are 9 of them but over the years, the parts may have broken up into more. Combined, they complete the Garden of Babylon. As each garden is protected by magic, it is not visible from the outside. Also, connection is severed so Francesca cannot contact her other sisters. Hey, why don’t we use the Smartphone? Great idea! None detected. First failure?! Hence the only way to get to other gardens just like this one is to find a teleport circle. I bet they are scattered all over the world. Francesca would like to complete the transfer of this garden’s ownership to Touya. How? By kissing him! French kiss! Wet French kiss!!! OMG!!! The other girls must be so dead. Yumina is most mad because she hasn’t kissed him yet. So much about the harem policy. Francesca’s ‘excuse’ is that this is the fastest way to take his DNA sample. Oh, is Linze going to be a moral police again? Touya is prepared for hellfire but surprise! Linze confesses she loves him and kisses him! I believe the true battle is going to begin and it’s going to get messy.

Episode 12
Touya brings Francesca back to the mansion. I guess she also works here now, huh? But now comes his biggest trial yet. Because Yumina sees him and she is mad. Oh boy. She is mad because he kissed others and not her first. She doesn’t care if he has 10 or 20 wives but the fact he didn’t kiss her. Yup. That’s the biggest problem. She’ll forgive him if he kisses her. And because he is the one who initiated the kiss, this means she is the first to be kissed by him. Technically. So all is forgiven. Phew. It’s really hard to please a woman. She then asks about Linze. He doesn’t hate her or anything and likes her. Yumina then calls out to Linze who has an invisible spell cast on her. She heard everything. Since Touya didn’t revert to her, she thought he hated her. After reconciling, Yumina suggests he takes her as his wife too. Polygamy is okay. They end with a goodnight kiss each. On the forehead. If you think that settles it, wait till next morning when he gets a rude awakening by Elze. Yup, another mad woman. She and Yae challenge him to a duel. Apparently they’re not happy he took Linze as his wife. If they win, he must listen to their request. To cut it short, they do and it seems they want him to put them as the same position as Linze. You mean be his wives? So why are you all flustering now? Yumina would love him to accept them too because they have discussed this before. However Touya can’t decide. He needs more time to think. Yeah, don’t go pressuring the main guy of a harem. So he is thinking in the garden as Francesca has a message from Regina. Conveniently the USB fits his Smartphone and does it have hologram feature?! Whatever. What is this BS he can converse with Regina in the past?! Oh, she has some tool that allows her to see and interact with the future? Load of crap… Anyway, after teasing him with her seductive ways, she gets down to business talking about Fraze. Her device allowed her to see the future until the Fraze appeared. She couldn’t see anything. She believes Fraze altered the future of her timeline. However the Fraze too one day disappeared and she could see the future again. She had fun watching Touya and his harem. Wow. Looks who is the peeping tom from centuries ago. So in exchange for watching this fun, she entrusts him her garden? I bet it was way damn fun…

Touya goes to see God of his problem. So he doesn’t have a consulting app? When you have to see God, you’re screwed. Heck, God himself isn’t sure so he calls for someone else! She is the God of Love!!! So can she solve his harem problem? From what I understand, she too isn’t really sure but what is important is to cherish them and don’t lie to himself. So it is okay for him to be selfish because it isn’t love if only one side is happy. All sides must be happy! Harem lovers rejoice this answer! And now he has found his answer, he calls the quartet. He tells them he isn’t marrying. Now, before you all jump the gun, hear him out properly first. What he meant is he isn’t getting married now. He will keep his promise to marry all of them if they aren’t against it. For now, he can’t shoulder that kind of responsibility. Excuse to delay responsibility or let their love grow? I suppose everyone is okay with it because imagine the only guy rejecting you because you’re being a forceful b*tch. Yeah, might as well take it slow. With this settled, Yumina suggests they all kiss him. Elze is first but she gets embarrassed and punches him in the gut. Well, there goes today’s kiss. Leen, Francesca and Charlotte are watching over this. Fun, right? Francesca calculates he will amass 9 wives at this rate. She wonders if Leen is part of it. From that group picture, yes. And a host of unknown ladies too! Well Touya, go find them. In the aftermath, he calls God to update about his resolved harem. He then helps a guy named Ende when he got the wrong currency to pay for his food. Touya finds his oddly shaped coin interesting but Ende finds his Smartphone even more interesting.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of ‘Em All!
Well, I should have expected this. I mean, I should have seen this coming from a mile that this is what it all boils down to. Just some cheesy harem anime that everything and anything goes for plot convenience and to make the main character look good and hence harem lovers feel good. Because hey, why not? So who the f*ck is that Ende guy doesn’t really mean a thing because I believe it is meant to troll us all and throw us off our balance. He could be the future antagonist or the alternate timeline of Touya because of what Regina said about that Fraze thingy or could be just one random guy. Heck, in worst case scenario, he could be even Touya’s future partner!!! Whoever said his future wives and mistresses must be all females?! We must be inclusive! Be the first gay partner!

The entire anime is pretty cheesy and mediocre. The Smartphone is supposed to be the main draw but instead it became some sort of convenient tool whenever it is needed to solve something or a plot device, if I should go so far as to call it that. The rest of this series revolves around Touya and his harem going around in their mini adventure and basically, this is just another harem anime. Yup, look at how good and kind-hearted Touya is amassing his girls from the first episode right up till the end. In short, almost every girl he meets will end up ‘following’ him. And I don’t mean that by following one on social media because there is none in this world.

The plot itself feels a little lost because aside the random adventure of amassing his own harem, there is this ‘side quest’ of trying to find out more about the ancient threat of Fraze. Then it got side-lined into this Garden of Babylon thingy and hence more ruins to find. Or should I say, more girls to find. So what the heck are these Fraze and why they suddenly disappeared? Heck, who the hell cares?! As long as Touya is amassing his wives that’s all we ever want to know. Because at this point I’ll just do a conspiracy theory that the Fraze appeared and disappeared so as to allow Touya to have his harem. It is all possible thanks to Fraze. Yeah, f*ck it. They are the closest to being the series’ main antagonist in which it is seriously lacking. Yae’s Eashen home is just one-off. Dragons aren’t that bad and the rogue ones can be controlled by the wiser ones. The beastmen aren’t that all bad either and now they have established relations, heck there are literally no big bad guys here save for a few small time bandits. Nothing like Touya and co could fix up in no time. No wonder this world is peaceful enough for Touya to amass this much girls in his harem. Now wonder it is so interesting for the rest to watch it. I suppose they don’t have football matches in this world…

The characters are pretty cliché and mediocre themselves too. Like everything was a plot to setup whatever it is needed for a harem anime with no serious character development whatsoever. I should have expected it ever since I saw the promotional poster with Touya sitting on a king’s throne and all his girls flanking him. But I didn’t think it would be this bad. Pfft. Okay, I must be kidding and lying to myself. Because you see, the more girls Touya gets to his harem, the less significant they become because you know, the share of screen time is divided and this dilutes their worth. Like the sisters who are the first in his harem, you can feel that they slowly become less relevant as the series goes by and more girls popping up. Of course they are still relevant but it is not to a point that you would see them as main contenders or anything. Just lurking in the background and mingling with the rest till something convenient for them is needed pops up.

I don’t know if I should label Touya as one of the worst main characters ever because deep down inside me, I also want to be him. I want to have a Smartphone that does everything conveniently which also serves as a chick magnet. Touya is actually a weak character and has no real actual abilities or skills by himself. He is only made ‘strong’ because of his Smartphone that can miraculously do almost everything and anything. Hence, he is now somewhat an ‘overpowered’ character. There is nothing his Smartphone cannot do! There is an app for literally anything and only limited to his mind’s creativity. Somehow it works in this world where there is magic. Oh, how convenient! I bet his Smartphone and apps are going to worth billions in our world. The most coveted Smartphone ever! Oh wait. I just praised his Smartphone and not Touya himself. See, that says a lot, right? But damn you Touya for having a harem!

As for the rest of his other girls in his main harem, I guess like everybody else, they stick to him because he is such a kind and considerate guy. Not to say that Touya is a pervert and at times it is only natural to catch him starring at girls’ boobs but he isn’t a jerk kind of pervert in nature and that is why the girls stick to him. Also because he has a cool Smartphone that impresses. Because you already know, it can do anything and everything. Really, with just a click of a finger and all your wishes and solutions are granted. It feels like technology trumps magic in this world and that the girls here are like country bumpkins attracted to him mainly because of his cool never-seen-before gadget. I wonder what would be of him if his Smartphone dies out. No replacement! Can he ask God to buy the latest Apple iPhone?! We know one just recently came out, right? You see, I have a theory why he doesn’t duplicate another Smartphone for others. Not even his girls. He knows this Smartphone gives him the power. The authority. His trump card. Imagine if there is another one that rivals him. No competition, the better, right? Touya you sneaky bastard… Assuming if this is true of course.

So I don’t know what else to comment on them besides trying to fill up the harem trope as much as possible. You got the sisters, then you got the traditional eastern girl (because, which Japanese anime would be complete without at least one Japanese-like girl, past or modern), then you got the royalty princess, her little loli sister, a fairy and now he has got an android to the mix. How lovely. And those are the main ones. This is not counting the maids at his home which comprised of Yumina’s secret service agents and the random kid whom Touya picked up on the street. Let’s also not forget about furries like Alma and the magical assistant, Charlotte. It is only a matter of time and question when Touya will hit on MILF. Oh… The king’s wife… Off with his head!!! And what are the chances of Touya amassing more girls in his harem assuming he comes into contact with Francesca’s other sisters? Oh you bet he can do it! You bet he can make connections between all gardens working and easier again! All hail Touya! All hail his Smartphone! Heh. I didn’t even mention a bevy of beauties in that final episode scene. Just how many more wives and mistresses can Touya have?! That’s the question that I would love to find out. Can his app do a calculation on that?

So those in his harem that made an ‘impact’ are those who are bolder in their love for Touya, especially those who like to tease him like Leen and Francesca. Because if you have an entire harem who just blushes and gives excuses why they want to be with him (I sometimes feel the excuse of Touya being unreliable and hence they need to be next to him feels legit in a way), it would be just plain boring. With these girls, they get to stoke and fan the fire and push the harem in ways most cliché as possible. Hey, it’s already cheesy, mediocre and cliché, why not go all the way? Make these girls tell ero jokes whenever they have a chance! I mean, girls can get away with it if they talk dirty, right? And Yumina… She sounded magnanimous of wanting everyone to be Touya’s bride. But what she didn’t say and I feel is that she didn’t make that statement clear enough. I believe she meant that herself as his main and number one bride and the rest be his concubine. Hence, they rank lower in the pecking order. See where this is going? Eventually, it’s not wrong for Yumina to want Touya for herself since she is a woman too but assuming this is what she meant, she shouldn’t be this deceptive. Oh, women can be deceptive when it comes to the matters of the heart.

I also believe Kohaku, Sango and Kokuyou only exist to give some moe in the form of animal mascot. Ever since they ‘lost’ to Touya (I would like to attribute their lost to his Smartphone actually), they have become docile and it feels like an insult that they have to be in their chibi form so as not to scare off other people while tagging their master around. Seems legit, I guess. Like Touya’s harem, they hardly do anything worthy except tagging along. For instance, Kohaku may have just fought the rampaging dragon once but that was for a short while and he didn’t even show his true extent of his power. What a waste. Same can be said for Paula because I don’t see the purpose of Leen needing to use her magic to automate a teddy bear except for some animal mascot cuteness which is otherwise redundant. So if you’re not into girls, at least the animal mascot should satiate you. Heck, you shouldn’t be watching this series then, you gay furry faggot!

One of my biggest questions is if Touya dies in this world, will he get another chance to reincarnate in another world? And if so, is he able to bring his Smartphone along? Even if he can, will it be further upgrade? If that is the case, then Touya would be an immortal, don’t you think? Because for God to single him out as the special one who gets to survive in another world just because of one stupid mistake He made in his original world, then if you think about it, it wouldn’t be fair to a lot of other people in the real world who have untimely died. God should have brought them to this world then but clearly Touya is the first because had they been here, his Smartphone wouldn’t have been such a novelty. Maybe they died without carrying their Smartphone? Who doesn’t carry their Smartphone 24/7 wherever they go these days???!!! That’s insane! So yeah, the Smartphone is some sort of a free pass for the convenience of the plot and whatever that feels necessary.

Art and animation also feels mediocre. Well, it isn’t technically that bad but with my sentiments of this anime is already so, the visuals too are affected. They’re just standard and nothing close to a masterpiece. My only ‘complaint’ is how Touya’s design makes him look like Kirito from Sword Art Online. That generic look as well as his coat. Just replace his sword with a Smartphone. Feels like they are drawing some sort of parallel tribute to him because the latter too has his own sort of harem and is quite powerful in his own right. And doesn’t Leen look a bit like SukaSuka’s Nephren? Oh, does Regina look like the grownup version of To-Love Ru’s Yami or that Tearju woman? Production Reed animated this series and upon checking, they have been dormant for a while seeing they have only been producing 1 or 2 animes per year since 2010 with their most recent works like Nijiro Days and Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan. Back in their heydays, they made Ultra Maniac, Sousei No Aquarion, F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu and a host of other retro animes.

For the voice acting, I only recognize Kikuko Inoue as Origa is because she quipped and parodied her trademark line of always 17 years old somewhere in the series once. Here is another fact I discovered: Honoka Inoue who voiced Alma is actually her daughter!!! I supposed with mother being always eternally a teen, that’s why they are sisters in this anime? I hope it doesn’t get confusing in real life. But the other thing that shocked me is the cameo of Yui Horie as the God of Love! Oh God, it’s nice to hear her sweet voice again. For a while now she had been ‘missing’ so I was worried if she quit voice acting. But let’s hope she was just taking a break because looks like she is back and there are a handful of animes this season I noticed she made short cameo appearances. Slow but surely. Welcome back?

The other recognized seiyuu is Jouji Nakata as Belfast’s king. The rest of the casts include Katsumi Fukuhara as Touya, Maaya Uchida as Elze (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Yui Fukuo as Linze (Rika Hayase in Time Travel Shoujo), Chinatsu Akasaki as Yae (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby), Marina Kouno as Yumina (Niwaka in Akiba’s Trip The Animation), Sumire Uesaka as Leen (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo koi Ga Shitai), Rumi Ookubo as Francesca (Aguri in Gamers), Nanami Yamashita as Sue (Nanami in Wake Up Girls), Yuki Kaida as Kohaku (Homura in Sekirei), Taiten Kusonoki as Alfred (Rock Bison in Tiger & Bunny), Yuuki Kuwahara as Charlotte (Konoha in Gamers), Himekawa Akaneya as Lapis (Honoka in ReLIFE), Madoka Yonezawa as Cecil (Ui in K-ON!), Yoshino Aoyama as Renne (Guri in Renai Boukun), Tetsu Inada as Jamukha (Sawatari in Linebarrels Of Iron) and Fumihiko Tachiki as God (Zaraki in Bleach).

The opening theme, Another World by AOP sounds generic. Lots of flashy synthesizer and sound effects that could have been mistaken for a dance song. Not really to my liking. Junou Emotional is a rock piece and there are different versions of it. Actually, depending on which of Touya’s harem is singing. Hence there are 6 of them. Namely Elze, Linze, Yae, Yumina, Sue and Leen. So I’m taking this are his official girls in his harem. Too bad Francesca. I guess you’re not in. Yet.

Overall, not entirely a bad anime and I won’t go so far as to call it as crappy because even though it is mediocre, I still somewhat enjoy this series since this kind of genre is one of my favourites. Mediocre characters and paper thin plots only to be overwhelmed by the harem factor and the overpowered use of the Smartphone sometimes make you feel that such shows exist because there needs to be at least one per season. It might give a misconception of how girls flock to you because of your cool and hip trendy Smartphone as well as how dumb we are because we rely totally on the Smartphone for everything. Hence its name. No questions asked. All hail and accept this God-given but manmade miracle! My only question now is with Touya’s expanding harem, I wonder how he will fit everyone into the picture if he decides to take a selfie. Well, clearly for Touya, his Smartphone isn’t his only friend in this other world.

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