Isshuukan Friends

March 21, 2015

Ever had that feeling that you want to make friends but that person just cannot remember you? Feel annoyed that you have been in the same class or department for donkey years and that person cannot even remember your name or who you are? Well, that’s life. Things like that happen. Blame it on the human’s brain. Memories. Such mysterious and enigmatic subject. What are they? Aren’t they just chemicals in our brain? Anyway I am here not to get too technical on that. So the reason why a person doesn’t remember you is because basically he/she forgot about you. Duh. What a no brainer. Okay, for the case in Isshuukan Friends, our protagonist would love to make friends with this fellow girl classmate. Thing is, she can’t remember who he is. It is like somebody installed some programme in her brain that any memories of her friends are reset each time a new day of the week comes. But he doesn’t give up. He continues trying to make friends with her in hopes it would somehow cure her memory problem. Gosh. Trying to do this every week and knowing it will get reset the next? This is worse than Groundhog Day.

Episode 1
Yuuki Hase must be a depressed kid. Because yet another failed attempt to talk to fellow classmate Kaori Fujimiya. Is he that desperate to be her friend? So he’s complaining it to his best friend, Shougo Kiryuu who seems like he has no shred of interest in the first place? Yeah well, he should be talking to her and not him. Hase is not going to let this put him down and goes up to the rooftop where Fujimiya usually spends her lunch time alone. Trying to strike up a conversation didn’t go too well. She gets up and leave. Try again. Next day, she hears more comments from fellow classmates that Fujimiya is such a cold person. He goes to have lunch with her again so she tells him she can’t be friends with anyone. Did somebody tell her to? Did her parents forbid her to make friends? She couldn’t say. But after he helps her out with some school chores, she thanks him as part of her kindness. She agrees to have lunch with him but in exchange they can’t speak to each other in class. He looks forward to join her tomorrow on the rooftop. He uses playing cards to break the ice. She beats him flat in a memory game. She doesn’t consider herself a math genius because she spends her time studying (she has no friends). Unlike Hase how hangs out with his friends at the karaoke. Guess what? She has never been to a karaoke joint before. Next day Fujimiya shows him a flyer of the crepes she likes but she takes back what she says since she shouldn’t be telling him this. They’re not friends, right? Things between them seem to be going on fine till Friday comes. Suddenly she tells him they can’t be friends anymore. She wants him to act like all this never happened. Because she’ll forget everything they do. Now here is the big secret: Come Monday, all her memories shared with her friends will be gone. She forgets everything about the people she wants to be with. She’s sad. He’s sad. But what can he do about it? Talk to his pal Kiryuu… He tells him about her amnesia so all he has to say is if he is trying to be friends, just keep talking and see if they get along. Friendship isn’t something you forge overnight. Hase believes Fujimiya isn’t a cold person that everyone thinks she is. If they tried talking to her, he is sure they can be friends. Then Monday comes. Time to see if what she says is real. When Hase goes to talk to her, she gives him that annoying stare. Who the hell is he? What does he want? It is true. Those eyes do not deceive. She doesn’t remember anything they have done for the past week. Can’t give up now. Hase asks her to be his friend. He’ll do it no matter how many times it takes.

Episode 2
Of course Fujimiya would freak out so she leaves. Monday blues is already bad enough… Hase continue to have lunch with her and of course she can’t remember anything even though he repeats what they did last week. However because he knows about her memory condition, it must be true that he has spent the week with her. So the introduce themselves again. He suggests for her to keep a diary and jot down what she did for today and her feelings. It might help jog her memories. And yes, she starts writing everything down. Even his favourite egg roll bread… And how bad he does maths in class… Okay. At least that’s a start. Then she shows him the crepe poster and gets embarrassed when he points out she showed it to her last week. He suggests they can go there together since the store is having a sale but so as not to be seen together, they can go on Sunday. So both the early birds meet up on Sunday and head there only to find the store is closed on Sundays. Bummer. Now what? Remembering Fujimiya has never been to a karaoke, he takes her there. First time experience… But it was fun, wasn’t it? On their way home, they feel pretty scared because tomorrow is like D-Day. However Hase is glad she has the diary. Even if she forgets, they won’t be starting from scratch again. Back home, Fujimiya puts up a big notice on her door that Hase is her friend. Big highlighted words. And also to please read the diary. Come Monday morning, she wakes up and sees the sign. She reads the diary as instructed. When Hase meets her on the rooftop. She’s acting a bit strange. Trying to remember but she can’t. But she lies that she had a lot of fun with him. I don’t think those are Fujimiya’s tears of joy. However Hase can tell she is forcing herself and apologizes for imposing this on her. He feels bad for putting her through all this and expected something. He was only thinking about himself. Her reaction? Jot it down in the diary! If she only worded it right… The reason he told her to start a diary was to make his life easier… Oh dear… But the end note says he is a wonderful person. So it’s all not that bad.

Episode 3
Fujimiya is up early trying to make omelettes for Hase. How is the experiment going? So he tests out every one of them and the ones he likes, she makes a note so she’ll use that recipe and perfect it. Fujimiya as usual excels in maths but some girls think she is making it look easy and must be celebrating inside. Because Kiryuu comments Fujimiya is lacking a lot in smiles, Hase talks to Fujimiya and suggests meeting his friend. He thought if more people knows about her situation, the better because they may come up with a solution. And so Kiryuu is reluctantly made to go meet her. His first words? Does she have a split personality?! Kiryuu observes them taking lunch and it’s like they’re acting like a couple. He tells Kiryuu about her weekly amnesia so he gives his comment that this condition may have happened when she was small and since the memory loss only involves friends, it may be due to some friends involved. Kiryuu questions Hase if he has ever thought all this was a hoax. Because she acts like a completely different person in class and that a decent actor can pretend to have amnesia. And she says she keeps a diary. Has he ever looked inside it? What Kiryuu is trying to say is that Hase is too easy to trust people. Is he just nice or just plain dumb? And why is Hase doing all the talking for her? Hase has had enough and tells him to leave. Much obliged. Fujimiya feels bad thinking the best friends are strained. She tries to go talk to him but some other girl cuts in. Like as though she wasn’t there…

Because Hase has been called by the teacher to finish his homework, Fujimiya waits for him at the rooftop. It must be one helluva long one since it’s already evening. She returns to class as she remembers a notebook she forgot. Then she heard a couple of girls badmouthing her. They saw her reading some diary and smiling to herself. Kiryuu happen to be outside and learns she forgot something. He enters the room without a flinch and goes to take the diary she has forgotten. The girls think it is bad but he points out speaking behind a person’s back is worse. He returns the diary to her and the girls realize she was outside. She says she doesn’t want to start all over again or forget her friends. That’s why the diary is important to her. When Fujimiya is solving questions on the board, suddenly she starts crying and runs out. Hase chases her. When he catches up, it seems she remembers some things. Hase is glad this is a huge step to regaining her memories. Kiryuu goes to pick them up since the teacher is pretty mad for them to run out like that. Here’s another surprise. Fujimiya clearly remembers Kiryuu! But not a single shred about Hase! Kiryuu’s theory: Since she doesn’t consider him her friend, the reason she remembers. It’s just funny for Hase. It’s like Kiryuu is more important to her than him. But he can take heart about this twisted logic that at least Fujimiya doesn’t consider him her friend. And with Kiryuu now sharing her secret, Hase believes there is some progress made.

Episode 4
There are rumours that Fujimiya and Kiryuu are friends. You know what this means for Hase, right? Feel like un-friending him? So it’s pretty obvious Hase is jealous that the whole school considers them as friends and he is getting the attention for it when Hase was there first. He could have said he was her friend too. Waiting for the right moment? When will that be? Next day Hase joins Fujimiya and chat as usual and learns she gets the key to the rooftop from their teacher, Jun Inoue as reward for doing drafting maths quiz and a place for her to ease her mind. Then when she mentions she is able to be friends with Kiryuu, this sends alarm bells ringing. The more she talks about him, the more Hase starts feeling the envy. Hase wonders why she keeps talking about him and thinks she is in love with him. It can’t be. But why is he so bothered? Aren’t they friends? It is precisely that. This upsets Fujimiya. She gets up and leaves for today. Along the way back, she stops by the riverbed to ponder a lot of things. A guy on a bicycle accidentally bumps into her. Though nothing serious, little did she know she dropped her diary. Meanwhile Hase returns to class and feels very guilty. What more, today is already Friday. Next week, Fujimiya doesn’t turn up in class on Monday and when she does the next day, Hase immediately goes talk to her and apologize. However she does not remember him or the diary. And the statement that killed it all: She only remembers talking to Kiryuu. Ouch. So when he goes back to class, it’s that look on his face. Kiryuu knows he is going to be troublesome. Wants him to skip class just to talk to him, huh? Hase thinks Fujimiya is really mad at him and decided to call it quits being her friend and thus not reading the diary. But Kiryuu believes she will not cast away something important after a petty argument and that she might have dropped it somewhere. And so Hase skips class just to go find it. Have any ideas where she dropped it? Kiryuu goes talk to Fujimiya about Hase. Just when it seems she might remember something, she doesn’t want him to tell her otherwise there will be no meaning if she doesn’t remember it herself. He wants her to go talk to him. It’ll brighten his day. Please. She finds him searching at the riverbed and couldn’t understand why he would go this far for her. Because it’s important. He is glad to hear her say she will never intentionally throw away something important. Good. That’s all he needs to hear. He finally finds her diary. Noticing his dirtied clothes and cuts on his hands, she puts them on her cheek and thanks him from the bottom of her heart. Before they part, Hase introduces himself again and asks if she would like to be his friend again. He is glad that their fight brought them closer.

Episode 5
One day when Hase is getting his usual lecture by Inoue, Saki Yamagishi finally finds Fujimiya at the rooftop. She goes up to her and wants to be her friend! The guys come by and although they are classmates, Saki doesn’t remember their names! She is told about the rule not to talk with Fujimiya during class but it seems all that must have gone in one ear and out through the other. Saki continues to be friendly with Fujimiya without any reservation. I wonder if she understands even if reminding her again. Fujimiya then explains about her memory reset every Monday. Care to explain because Saki girl doesn’t quite get it. But she somewhat understands because she too is a forgetful person. But she considers Fujimiya lucky because at least she knows when and what she forgets. Saki can’t tell when or what she’ll forget. They soon become friends close enough to use each other’s first name. I wonder if Hase is being worried that Saki will start replacing him as Fujimiya’s friend. Oh, Saki is already eating his lunch! And then when Fujimiya and Saki go out together on the weekend, worrywart Hase can’t help tail them. And he even drags Kiryuu along. I hope this doesn’t transcend into some stalker scenario. Hase is such a worrywart about being treated like a weirdo (Kiryuu believes he is already one), he even jumps at the girls sharing crepes (that damn shop is open today) and they’re having so much fun that it’s just depressing to him. Yeah. Fujimiya seems to be having more fun with her than she has with him. At the end of the day as the girls talk, Kiryuu notes how Saki has changed a lot. Yup. They were in the same class in elementary school. Because she usually forgets, she is often bullied. The girls note things are different now since they have each other as friends and no longer alone. Things will be more fun. After Saki leaves, Fujimiya couldn’t help cry. Come Monday, Saki greets her as usual but Fujimiya doesn’t remember. Saki is super awed that her memory reset is real. But it seems Saki remembers something when she points out they ate crepe the other day. Saki’s curious friends come by and are introduced to her. They’re chatting like normal. They can’t believe Fujimiya is forgetful because Saki holds the title as the queen of forgetfulness. At that point, Fujimiya starts laughing and everyone notes how cute she is when she laughs. Because Fujimiya also notices Hase, all is not bad. He is glad that they are making progress slowly.

Episode 6
Hase is one of those who scored so low on the test that he must take the makeup test or Inoue will start reading the kind of answers he put. Embarrassing… So he pleads to Fujimiya to help him study. To avoid any distractions, she suggests coming to her house to study. I’m sure you can imagine all the things that are going through his mind now after that ‘permission’. Saki who is one of those ‘failures’, comes running to Fujimiya about studying together. There goes Hase’s private time with her. I don’t know why they need to bring Kiryuu along too. Fujimiya’s mom is so surprised that she brought friends over that I think she messed up the kitchen somehow. In her room, Saki and Kiryuu want to read manga (well, the latter doesn’t necessarily need to study). When Hase goes to the toilet, Fujimiya feels awkward with Kiryuu (Saki is sleeping). She feels he is scary compared to Hase. Saki suggests fixing it by making Kiryuu laugh. Tickling him? Well, the others are laughing. I think the emotions are dead in Kiryuu. However Fujimiya would love to be friends with him somehow and hope they can get along. As they leave, Fujimiya’s mom leaves Hase a note to meet her at the park tomorrow. Obviously he is a bundle of nerves just thinking about it. So want to bring Kiryuu along? He’s not coming. So worried that he forgot about the makeup test… As he meets her, she wants to tell him about her daughter’s memories. She isn’t sure why it only affects memories of her friends but she knows when it started. She got involved in an accident while crossing a road. The pedestrian crossing’s light was red. She was hospitalized for a while. Although she recognized her mom, she couldn’t for her friends. The doctor diagnosed her brain as okay although she only suffered minor concussion. Therefore it can’t be the reason for the memory loss. In her mind, there might be some emotional weight associated with having friends. Fujimiya easily made friends when she was young and loves talking about them. She doesn’t understand why this condition came about. Because it was a Sunday evening that she left the house to see a friend that the accident happened. She feels sad to see her daughter struggle like that and that she can’t do anything as a parent. She’s happy enough she is still here, though. She hopes Hase will continue to look out for her. That goes without saying. Hase barely passes the makeup tests. Couldn’t have done it without her. She tells him whenever she reads her diary, there is one thing she sees every week. It is about Hase asking her to be her friend again. Though it pains Hase to see Fujimiya’s condition, if it helps to bring back her smile, he doesn’t mind becoming her friend over and over again.

Episode 7
Fujimiya is better interacting with other girls and made new friends with Ai Nishimura and Maiko Serizawa. They’re friendly enough to even ask her what is going on with Hase. I’m sure they’re over the moon hearing how she sings praises of him. Just short of that ‘3 magical words’… Fujimiya also explained her memory condition to them but they concluded she is something similar to Saki. Speaking of her, she bumps into Kiryuu and doesn’t remember him. Sounds familiar but nope, can’t remember. Sure, he says his name again but will she remember? Hase continues to have a nice time chatting with Fujimiya. So much so he points out she is cute. Stay calm. Stay cool. I can see she is flustered too but not that embarrassed. It’s her first time a boy called her that. But of course. She couldn’t remember, right? With the summer holidays around the corner, Hase is worried that Fujimiya might forget him if he doesn’t see her for a week. Leave it to Kiryuu to tell him to have a bit more faith. Make that lots of faith. Hase got no guts to talk to Fujimiya since she is surrounded by her friends. He just couldn’t. So more ‘words of encouragement’ from his best buddy. Learn to push yourself. Have some balls. Eventually he manages to talk to her about it and they make arrangements to meet each other more often. On a Monday when he goes to her house, Fujimiya’s mom wonders if they missed each other. Luckily Hase finds her at the school rooftop. Although she still has her memory problems, this time she feels this meeting isn’t like the first time. There is a feel of familiarity. She remembers him. Good news, right? Later Fujimiya gives him cookies because today is his birthday. Get this. She remembers his birthday and he doesn’t? WTF… She remembered because she wrote a big note in her diary after she overheard Kiryuu. This makes him ask what she thinks of him. She likes him. Serious, she said that? Yes. You’re not dreaming. Stay calm. Stay cool. Then he asks if she also likes Saki and Kiryuu in the context as friends. Yes. Just like how she loves maths. Wait. What? Are you disappointed?

Episode 8
Fujimiya wants to go to the beach. Hase is glad to hear that till she mentions about inviting Saki and Kiryuu too. Dang. I’m sure he wanted to give excuses that they can’t make it but look at her eager beaver face… So eventually he calls his buddy to tag along. You know, in case he needs some help and in turn Kiryuu calls Saki. Blur girls hopes he calls back tomorrow to remind her. Gosh… So the friends meet up, almost missed the train and despite the ride was enjoyable, the moment they reach there, it’s raining. Bummer. So as not to waste their trip, they play in the rain which is hardly any fun. Saki made a giant frog out of the sand? Then they hang out at the arcade. Hase sucks at the crane game and is only successful after a few tough calls. But Kiryuu is good at first go and claims twin prizes! Next is the group photo on the print seal and it brings tears to Fujimiya to think how lucky she is to spend time with her friends. Once the rain stops, they head back to the bridge. Probably Hase is regretting using rock-paper-scissors to decide who goes to the store and buy some food. Because Fujimiya and Kiryuu end up together. Cheeky Saki teases Hase on what he likes about Fujimiya. Likewise, Kiryuu asks about her progress with Hase. Well, still the important friend. Fujimiya then mentions she remembers Hase talking to somebody (Saki) the other day but couldn’t remember who. Kiryuu doesn’t press further. Back with the rest, Kiryuu talks to Hase that he should try pushing their relationship further instead of just being happy to see her happy. Hase and Fujimiya walk along the beach and wet their feet. She almost got thrown off her balance and he catches her. They are embarrassed although Fujimiya hopes she won’t forget this day. By night fall, they play sparklers and Fujimiya really feels this is the most fulfilling summer vacation she has ever had despite it is only a day. Just when Hase thought she confessed she likes him. It is actually that she likes the fireworks. You’d expected something like this, right?

Episode 9
It’s the last day of summer vacation so Hase is going to rush through homework, right? Well, Kiryuu has done his and Fujimiya has only a little more. So our main offender is Saki. Nothing done. Best of all, she didn’t even know summer vacation is ending! And she didn’t bat an eyelid saying that. Oh, she wants to take a break! Nothing started yet and she wants a break? As Hase still sucks in maths, Fujimiya explains it in a fun way that solving it is like an adventure. There may be different paths to take to reach the end goal. In short: The journey is more important than the destination. Therefore the joy is in crafting the solution and not the answer. Well, that’s a good way of putting it. So later when Hase talks to Kiryuu about not getting anywhere in her memory problems, Kiryuu borrows that line from Fujimiya. He shouldn’t be worrying so much about it. As Kiryuu and Saki leave first, Kiryuu hands her a sheet of answers he wrote because he was bored. Saki remembers the same thing happened before. She found a sheet of answer in her shoe box when she was in elementary school. It was him, right? So why? Because people teased her and she didn’t make any effort to change, he thought he pushed her in the right direction. Saki is happy that someone cares for her although her dreams would be someone who would take care of her for life. He thinks he messed up the execution. Meanwhile Hase has just finished his last piece as he asks Fujimiya about remembering him more recently. She feels something inside her has changed ever since they met. At least when she reads the diary, she knows there is someone she can trust. Hase trips on a book and lands on top of her! The first ‘aggressive’ scene in this series! Surprisingly she is not panicking and touches his head. To pick up a speck of dust. Then mommy comes in. Sorry for interrupting. Hase goes into big explaining mode. Ironically, Hase is the one panicking while mommy is just being cool about it. Next day, Fujimiya is happy enough to feel that good things are coming their way. Indeed. As the class changes seats, Hase and Fujimiya are seated together right at the back. Inoue introduces a new transfer student from Hokkaido, Hajime Kujou. Seems he recognizes Fujimiya but she doesn’t. He blames her for breaking their promise and it shows he is meaningless to her. She is a traitor. In that moment, the shock has Fujimiya remember who he is and she collapses. Although she wakes up fine later in the infirmary, to Hase’s dismay, she doesn’t remember a thing about him. She gets defensive and cautious when he tries to touch her. Every single memory they spent together gone.

Episode 10
Now that her memory has resetted, it’s time to start all over again. Care to be my friend again? Probably Hase is overreacting whenever it involves Hajime because there’s this one time he forgot his textbook and the teacher asks Fujimiya to share it with her. Hase won’t have it and wants to switch places! Like the teacher cares. So Hase is telling his frustrations to Kiryuu. What now? You going to run away? Hajime is there too. He notices their relationship drifting ever since he showed up. He assures they just went to the same elementary school but he shifted away and never saw her again until now. Also assuring him that he isn’t the kind to steal other people’s girlfriend. But it’s not like that for Hase. Oh? So he can try tackling Fujimiya? Just kidding! Hase remembers all the times spent with Fujimiya. Just in a flash, everything was undone. Feel like crying? Saki could even tell they are acting awkward and talks to Kiryuu. She feels the need to do something as their friend although Kiryuu insists this is their problem and they should sort it out. It turns into a conversation whereby Saki mentions that she decided to rely on someone useful. A person who would make a good husband. Kiryuu can be her husband! He doesn’t take that joke too well. It’s not a joke. What’s even worse than an emotionless guy? An uninterested guy. The progress between Hase and Fujimiya continues gradually. There is this crepe she read in the diary and wants to try and hopes he could take her there.

While she waits for Hase, she sees Hajime meeting up with a few old friends. They talk to her but Hajime notes she isn’t the social type. He gets irritated when she says she doesn’t remember them. Oh come on. They go to the same elementary school. Sorry, she can’t. The Fujimiya he knew was always laughing with friends. So what happened? He is baffled that she can’t remember just because they are friends. Huh? The friends mention they were a couple and something about Fujimiya beating the rest of the girls to it. This causes her to remember traumatic memories of being called the worst for stealing him. She couldn’t take it and runs away. Hase gets the wrong impression seeing this and blames Hajime. Like he would believe he did nothing to make her like this. Hajime was fine if she forgot about her but couldn’t accept it when she forgot her friends. He thought it was a stupid excuse. Hase tells him all about her memory condition and the diary that helps her remember. Hard to believe, eh? Hajime throws down a lot of caution. How do you know she is telling the truth? How would you know if she considered you her friend? Meanwhile Saki bumps into Fujimiya and talks to her about Hase whom she considered as a precious friend up till recently and a diary filled with things about him. Can’t remember. Hase remains positive that if he keeps doing what he does, he feels her memories will slowly return. No matter what anyone says, they are friends. That is why he will do it over and over again, how many times it takes in hopes that the end they reach will have something good in store for them.

Episode 11
Hase talks to Kiryuu about his steady progress with Fujimiya. When Saki comes by, she panics in seeing Kiryuu and runs away to hide underneath the teacher’s desk in class! Well, at least she’s not trying to avoid him. Okay, so she is. So Ai and Maiko find out that Saki believes she has made Kiryuu mad and hasn’t apologized yet. The girls go out together so that Fujimiya could help Saki overcome her problem. But before that, Ai asks Hase if anything has happened to Fujimiya because it seems she is afraid of going to that crepe place. And so he drags this issue up with Hajime again but this time he isn’t hostile. If he knows anything, please let him know. So it’s odd to see them hanging out at the café. Hase wonders if Hajime likes Fujimiya. That’s not funny. Even odder, Hase wants to know about his childhood days! This is getting creepy. Hajime explains that he used to hate his first name because it is just a single stroke and so easy to write that everyone teased him. Only Fujimiya liked it. Making Hase guess the kind of relationship they had, it isn’t exactly dating. They’re elementary kids for God’s sake. Pointing out about Hase’s relationship with Fujimiya, are they friends or more? So it was the same case for them. Friends but more than just friends. They used to stay back after school and study maths together, a reason why she’s good at it. Hajime has also called for those old friends to come meet them to explain. They reveal on that day she had the accident, she actually went out to meet Hajime.

They bring up the name of Naomi Shigihara, Fujimiya’s friend. Naomi knew Hajime called Fujimiya to the park and hated that. Hajime couldn’t understand. Weren’t they best friends? At the same time, Fujimiya just walked in to the café and heard this. Because Naomi liked Hajime and thought Fujimiya was close to him to steal him, she told the other girls and they started hating her too. She couldn’t take it and ran away. That’s when the accident happened. Although Naomi and her friends visited her at hospital, they thought she was pretending not to know them and I guess that’s the end of it. Everyone is surprised Fujimiya is here. She is surprised this was how she lost her memories. She starts crying. Saki sees this and takes her away. The guys feel lousy. Hajime was the one who called her to the park and basically he feels it is his fault. He wanted her to remember him even after he left. He cared only for his happiness and caused Fujimiya to lose her ability to trust others. Hase and Fujimiya continue to meet at the school rooftop as usual. She still considers Hase and co her important friends and tries not to let the past hold her back and move on. Can she? Hase later talks to Kiryuu. He doesn’t see a problem in her moving on and he wanted to make friends, right? Hase begins to doubt if this is the right way. He thinks he is just like Hajime and worries that one day he might be the one who triggers her memory reset. After all, Hajime didn’t mean to hurt her too. He doesn’t want to cause her any more harm. He doesn’t want her to suffer. He doesn’t want to see her cry. But he is crying himself. So the next time when Fujimiya continues to be friendly with him, Hase tries to put some distance between them.

Episode 12
Fujimiya talks to Kiryuu about Hase. She thinks she has made him mad. Kiryuu thinks she should be talking to Hase instead. Kiryuu thinks he is a failure as his friend and never understood his feelings at all. But he hints Hase is trying to compare himself to Hajime and is worried that whatever he does might trigger her memory reset. But first, we have to deal with Saki’s strange act towards Kiryuu. She still avoids him so when he talks to her and warns he will stop talking to her if she doesn’t speak up, that’s when she let the cat out of the bag. If she hated him, she wouldn’t be this confused. She thinks he got mad when she asked him to be her husband (because she softly hit her to stop saying that). That’s why she stopped talking to him fearing it would make him hate her more. He apologizes for that and this surprises her. He gives the green light she can keep relying on him although he won’t go as far as to pamper her. Fine by her. And they’re back to being friends again. So now we have to fix Hase and Fujimiya’s relationship. Hase is fine the way things are because he has happy enough that she is not sad. So for the winter break, Hase and Fujimiya’s respective family is to go on some trip but last minute things got in the way. So they take a walk by themselves and eventually bump into each other. Coincidence or fate? They talk about the first time they meet (don’t expect her to remember it) and also this friendship thingy they’ve been going at. On the way back, they finally manage to get the crepes and eat them together. When he walks her home, her eyes brighten up. It’s like she was waiting for this moment. They pass by a shrine she used to go when she was little. As they pray, Fujimya starts explaining as she gradually breaks down. She would love to remember every second they spent together. But if they weren’t friends, no matter how many memories she has she won’t be happy. That’s why she wants to talk like the way they used to. Spend time like they did today. But now she doesn’t know what to do. Oh dear. Hase you made her cry! Your plan backfired. Probably he realized the big idiot he is so he starts screaming about what he was trying to do. He really wants to be her friend and as long as possible. She gives a lovely smile that is so assuring. When the next term starts, Hase views the chance to create new memories more important than the existing ones. That’s why he will always say those words again and again no matter how many times it takes. In perfect sync, Hase and Fujimiya ask to be each other’s friend again.


Short specials lasting a minute or so and is about what Fujimiya writes in a page of her diary.

Special 1 – Fujimiya notices Hase has a memory problem like hers too when it comes to maths because he just can’t remember the formula that was just taught to 5 minutes ago. Eventually he couldn’t solve the problem. Talking to him about it, he said he didn’t feel like solving and had issues with math for a long time. She offered to help and as he listened to why she loves maths, she notices his smiling face while attentively listening.

Special 2 – This time it is about Kiryuu and although he might seem cold, he is actually a kind person. She doesn’t understand why Hase is friends with him but after talking to Hase, she started to understand. His words are blunt but rational and keep you on the ground. She also observes he speaks to nobody else in class except Hase although he is quite perceptive about the class and may be the lone wolf type. Ultimately he is a caring guy. She is happy to become his friend. Also a note of Fujimiya’s omelette experiment recipe for Hase to taste and he likes it sweeter.

Special 3 – Fujimiya just lost her precious diary and thanks to Hase she got it back. She reread the things written in it and it lit a fire in her heart. She finds him a very nice person to help her get it back but she wonders how did he know she lost it or it was important to her. Like as though he knows everything about her. However it is okay as long as it is him. She wants to know more about him too.

Special 4 – This one is about Saki and the fun time spent with her. Heck, there is even this joke that Saki wants to become her little sister, in which Fujimiya herself could have mistaken her to be part of the family. Sisters of forgetfulness? I can see lots of irony in here. She also writes about the time she and Saki ate at the crepe stall and feels the need to apologize to Hase because they were supposed to go there together but she went with Saki first. In short, Saki is her cute new little friend.

Special 5 – This is when Fujimiya invited her friends back to her home for a group study. She is happy that she got to know Saki and Kiryuu’s likings. Of course all thanks to Hase and now she has 2 more friends and had lots of fun. She is also concerned that Hase has forgotten a maths formula learnt last year and wonders if he will do well in the make-up tests.

Don’t Forget To Remember
Okay. Personally I have to admit upfront first that with the drama and seemingly slow pace of the series, there are many times I have caught myself yawning and being distracted by other things going on in my house instead of paying attention to this series. Unfortunately for me, this series feels a bit of a drag and a little boring. I mean, worst part is that I don’t even think Fujimiya’s memory condition is cured although she seems to be making a great headway. I expected something like this since it would be unrealistic if a guy who perseveres is the one who cured her memory problem instead of doctors and scientists. Ouch. That will be a big insult. And so we have this kind of feel good ending that despite she still has her unfortunate condition, it improves a lot to a point that seems that she never has such condition in the first place. Because the way she is acting so emotionally and friendly like as though she knows him for a very long time. Something I find it hard for a person with no memories, although gets convinced by reading her diary and then proceeds to treat this ‘stranger’ like a close friend. Wow. I think Fujimiya must be the very trusting type. And it is a good thing she met Hase, no?

The relationship between Hase and Fujimiya isn’t anything impressive. It feels normal. Just that you add an amnesiac and reset button to it. Because on the surface and in the eyes of others, they look pretty normal. Therefore to ‘spice’ things up, we have this ‘roller coaster’ ride of memories forgetting incidents. Just when things are going smoothly and nicely, all on the right track, then something happens that threatens to destroy all the hard work again. From the time she dropped her diary to Hajime’s appearance. Well, I don’t know what is next but I am sure they can pull it through. Hopefully. I don’t know. Watching them doing this repeated friendship thingy reminds me of that Hollywood movie, 50 First Dates that starred Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Similar concept but totally different in overall terms. I was hoping that even if Fumiya’s memories are causing her the problem to remember, maybe her body would remember and thus help her mind recall some of the things they do together. Doesn’t seem like the case here. If her mind is reset, so will all the experience she had over her body. And I do not intend to sound ambiguous with that, mind you. Heck, this anime doesn’t have a shred of fanservice or at least anything that I would deem it as one.

Among the quartet, Hase feels like the one with the most emotions and the one who gets dramatic each time. Whether it is about Fujimiya (mostly it is about this) or talking his troubles to his emotionless friend. You could say Hase goes the extra mile for her. I am very sure he likes her a lot, otherwise why do all this stuff when many would have just given up and leave her alone. Because if let’s say there is another case exactly like hers (not Saki’s), would he do the same? But leaving this aside, thanks to his stubbornness (or perseverance if you prefer to call it), it does pay off eventually. Fujimiya is lucky to have such a guy like him around.

Fujimiya on the other hand learns to open up more and she isn’t as scornful or having feelings of distrusts like in the beginning. You’ll notice that she becomes livelier and more cheerful to the point that as though she never had this problem in the first place. But it is definitely great to see her smiling and laughing again because this face is much better than the gloomy and unfriendly one everybody else used to know. Although I find it silly that her selective memory reset only applies to friends, maybe I thought if she could find a loophole somewhere and stem this problem off? Like consider them as, say, step siblings! I know it is crazy but she remembers her family members, right? Only friends she forgets. So theoretically if she classifies her friends as a different family, does it mean she will remember them? Another point to ponder: If Fujimiya reads her diary every day and she adds to them each time, don’t you think she is going to have a few books by the time she graduates? How will she have the time to read all of them? Will her brain have the capacity to absorb all of them? I mean, surely if your memories reset, you’ll find it suspicious about this friend you have just made even though the diary was written by you. Oh heck, if you don’t trust in yourself, who else could you trust? But the thought that the more she writes and reads, the heavier toll it will be on her mind and body. How long will she spend reading her entire volumes of diary? It will be tomorrow when that happens! Kinda reminds me of Chihiro’s case from ef ~A Tale Of Memories~.

Kiryuu is like the guy who doesn’t cares but cares. Get it? No emotions and always have this tired tone in his voice that makes you think that it is a pain for him to go through this and that. So is having no emotions worse than having no memories? But as you can see he obviously cares about his friend. He gives timely and good advice although the tone of his voice doesn’t sound like it. He may have the unfriendly look too and I think nobody would want to make friends with him either. Thus maybe that is why he hangs out only with Hase. But like he cares if he has friends or not. Once you get to know him, you’ll learn he is a good guy even though I am sure he won’t admit it or brushes it off. Just like the other characters of this series. Don’t judge them by their looks and still waters run deep.

Personally I think the ‘coolest’ person in the series goes to Saki because she is like in a world of her own. She has this dreamy look and feel which makes her both cute and cool. She takes and does things at her own pace. There is no need to conform to others because if you have a hard time yourself, imagine how much tougher it is to conform to others. So just take it slow and easy. That is Saki for you. Some may call her a retard by the way she acts and sometimes I feel she is a bit like that too. But do you call a handicap person a retard? So is Saki a handicap? Not of the physical type anyway. So I suppose it is much harder to see therefore easier to judge her. Overall I think she is quite cute the way she is and thus in a dilemma if she is ever cured of this memory problem of hers.

Romance wise, I don’t think it is going anywhere at the moment. Nearly-nearly there but not quite. I didn’t put my hopes up on this department seeing that if Fujimiya already had memory problems, how could she even remember her boyfriend? Oh wait. Remember the loophole I just said? Perhaps if Hase elevates his status into lover, maybe she’ll remember him. Only one way to find out. And it is not in this season! But we all know that the 2 of them are growing to like each other as they spend more time together. We hope this is the case. Then they can change their status to one week friends to eternal lovers. Haha! Nice one. I think. But it is safe to say that instead of being one week friends, they are actually friends for life, don’t you think? Likewise, there seems to be some seemingly romance in the most unlikely pair of Kiryuu and Saki. You know Kiryuu’s character, right? Is this the kind of guy that is even capable of falling in love? And with Saki’s dreamy disposition, it is a surprise that she is bold enough to ask him to be her husband! I wonder if she really knows what that means and implies. Two characters with totally opposite and stark contrasting personalities become an item? And even before Hase and Fujimiya as we are hoping? Yeah. Weird indeed. Even though this is somewhat ‘resolved’ for now and their friendship back to normal, it remains to see if this would be reignited later. Because it is not like Kiryuu is against the idea. Maybe it just came to a shock to him too fast at first.

Drawing and art feels very simple and plain. Something like Kimi To Boku but even simpler. To a point that sometimes I couldn’t distinguish between certain characters. In other words, a bit misleading. Because take for example the case of Inoue. I didn’t actually think he is a teacher but some high school student! Unless he is a very young teacher and just starting out with his teaching job, he certainly looks like the same age as the students. Same case with Fujimiya’s mom. At first I thought she was her sister!!! The colouring and the shades feel very light too. The backgrounds sometimes look like they were being painted with water colour. I guess such light art is suitable for what I consider overall a light series that isn’t anything too complicated once you think about it.

Voice acting feels pretty normal since this is just a big romance drama. Yoshitaka Yamaya does Hase (Hikaru in Re: Hamatora) while Sora Amamiya is the voice of Fujimiya (Hazuki in Blade & Soul). The rest of the casts include Yoshimasa Hosoya as Kiryuu (Shichika in Katanagatari), Rumi Ookubo as Saki (Hibachi in Mushibugyou), Shintarou Asanuma as Hajime (Tsuda in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Juni Majima as Inoue (Tooru in Hitsugi No Chaika), Asuka Kakumoto as Maiko (Niko in Mikakunin De Shinkoukei), Rui Tanabe as Ai (Nanana in Ryuugajou Nanana No Maizoukin) and Mai Nakahara as Fujimiya’s mom (Gonou in Rail Wars). The heavily guitar strumming pop-like opening theme is Niji No Kakera by Natsumi Kon while the ending theme is Kanade by Sora Amamiya, a lovely slow ballad.

For those who like slow paced romance genres and lots of tender and heart warming moments, this one may suit you very much. Because memories play an important factor in everything especially in relationships, it makes you at least appreciate that you have memories lasting beyond a week. It can be a double edge sword too. Everything breaks down just because you can’t remember. Have you ever faced the fury and wrath of your wife or girlfriend for not remembering her birthday or anniversary? Yup. That. So it is important to remember even the trivial of things because your beloved’s birthday and anniversary date is anything but trivial. Haha! Whoops! Though, I myself can sometimes understand Fujimiya and Saki’s case as I am in some ways an absent-minded person. Now, what did I eat for lunch yesterday… But thank goodness at least I can still remember watching this anime because it would be a big pain just having to rewatch this again and again. And again… Same time next week? Please, no…

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