How cool would it be for you to have the powers of an immortal. Each time you take a major damage, that body part gets healed. Each time you die a horrible death, you get revived. Sounds cool, eh? But something about this power baffled me in Itsuka Tenma No Kurousagi otherwise also known as A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives. The main character here has such powers. However he can only die up to 6 times and regenerate. If he gets killed by the seventh time, he stays dead for real. The spell resets itself in every 15 minutes so he can die again for another 6 times. Wait a minute. What the heck is this bloody limitation? Why would anybody get this kind of troublesome power? Sure, it’s to make sure you are careful with the limited lives you have but really, you have only 6 chances? Hell, it’s better than only 3 lives you normally get playing video games.

As far for the story, all I can say is that this main guy, Taito Kurogane seemed like an ordinary guy living an ordinary life going to a seemingly ordinary school, Miyasaka High. Yeah, like every main protagonist are: Normal but hidden with latent powers. Then he remembers a promise he made with a vampire 9 years ago, Himea Saito and reunites with her. Yeah, conveniently remembered his forgotten memories. Like every main protagonist out there. Then along with a group of ‘allies’, they go on some epic adventure to stop the resurrection of some ultimate powerful creature of the universe that could well, destroy the universe. Sounds like a typical action adventure genre, eh?

Episode 1
We are introduced to young Taito and Himea. The latter injecting some sort of power into him so that they’ll be together whether dead or alive. He becomes her slave but not the kind of love slave you think even though she proclaims she loves him very much. And from that instant, Taito’s life changes. Fast forward 9 years later. Taito is grown up and a high school student. He’s got the usual cliche childhood friend, Haruka Shigure as his classmate and the one having a crush on him. Oh heck, everybody in class knows of it. But what makes Haruka different from other girls in school is that she doesn’t have the hots for the super good looking and popular but acid tongue student council president, Gekkou Kurenai. This guy is good in studies and sports so much so the only thing you would think he could work on is his attitude. Well, he proclaims himself a genius so it’s no surprise he looks down on everyone else. Taito remembers how an injury prevented him from doing karate, a sport he excelled since young. But Haruka was always there to support him. Meanwhile Gekkou’s student council fellow, Mirai Andou is attacked by a creature coming out from a wormhole. She’s whiny, he’s not interested. Till he sticks his sword, Spell Error into that small fry to return things into normal. What is intriguing Gekkou is a manuscript that lists Himea as the ancient sorcerer and Taito as the sacrifice. His name also has something to do with it. When Mirai goes out to get drinks, she crosses the road and what do you know? An oncoming truck! Taito happened to pass by and pushes her out and gets slammed! He thought it was a miracle that he didn’t die. Till he realizes his head is detached from his body!!! FREAKY!!! Guess what? Mirai is pretty amazed at everything! Does she know the magnitude of what is happening?! Yeah, she thinks Taito is alright. Wrong reaction! Taito is in shock but puts back his head. In that instant, some magic starts working and poof! His body regenerates like as though he has never been hit! Something is obviously not right. Himea in some suspended animation is thinking about Taito. Wondering if he is living the good life and has forgotten about her. She hopes Taito will remember her and call out her name. Taito is still reeling from the shock and thought he heard a voice. Was it a dream he saw? He thought he had seen her before and then he remembers. That girl is Himea. With that, Himea is somewhat freed and changes her appearance to a 15 year old so that she could meet him. Taito is obviously frantic, wondering why he had forgotten Himea for 9 long years. He vows to save her and the promise they made. Where is he heading to? The playground where they used to play. Taito finds Himea waiting. Yeah, he’s late alright. What is another 5 minutes compared to 9 years? The romantic reunion is cut short when Gekkou stabs his Spell Error right through Himea’s chest.

Episode 2
A flashback of how young Taito and Himea met at the park. They become friends because of their similar predicament of unable to make friends with others. After she gives him her powers, they are attacked by a kid, Hinata Kurenai. He claims he is not on Bahlskra’s side or the church. Taito tried to protect Himea but each time got brutally killed. Hinata learns about the ‘curse’ Himea put on him. She loved him so much that she gave him powers that prevented him from dying. But like I said, for only 6 times in 15 minutes? Himea is willing to do anything for Hinata to spare Taito but he’d rather erase Taito’s memories. Before his mind went blank, he promised to save her. Back in present time, Gekkou mentions he stabbed her because Hinata is pursuing her. Gekkou finds out about Taito’s powers and sends Mirai, who is also his familiar into attacking mode. He powers her up by kissing her forehead. Himea uses a barrier to block Mirai’s blast and traps her. Mirai thought Gekkou was thoughtful of her when he throws his sword down when they demanded him to do so. Actually he claims he doesn’t need it to beat them. This was enough for Mirai to be happy and break free. She tosses Taito high into the air. Himea catches up to him and after confessing her love again, she gives him a flame spell that would burn up ordinary humans. This allows Taito to fight on par with Gekkou. Their fight is interrupted when Hinata attacks them. Gekkou changes his priority to kill this little brother of his. Taito also wants a piece of Hinata for what he has done to Himea. Gekkou wants Mirai to take care of Hinata’s spider monster and though he manages to stab Hinata, but his Spell Error has no effect and his body resurrects. Out of options, Gekkou wants Taito to team up. Hinata is willing to let everyone live if they give up Himea but you already know the answer. Taito uses his flame power to burn everything. This is his sixth death as Hinata changes his priority to Taito and views him as his biggest threat. Himea is willing to go with Hinata to spare Taito’s life but he doesn’t want her to give in. He already promised to protect her and if he could give up his life for her smile, he would willingly do so. Hinata is confident he won’t do it but Taito surprised him by going all out on his last life to burn him down. Before Hinata could regenerate, Gekkou cuts the source of his regeneration. Now Taito is just a head and shoulders. Yeah, on his last breath. Himea is inconsolable and the next thing he knows, Taito is pretty much alive, back to normal and in his classroom. Everything isn’t a dream because Himea becomes the new transfer student in his class and hugs him in an instant. Everybody not happy that a newbie is cutting in between Haruka… Yeah, now she’s got a rival. Gekkou makes Taito and Himea his slaves. That’s his term for being part of the student council body. No objection to it.

Episode 3
Probably Himea is in Taito’s class just to be close to him but does this give her the right to skip it? How can she be next to him when she’s not attending them? Gekkou gets another rude wormhole invasion in his room and sends Mirai to the frontline. Meanwhile Haruka has made a bento for Taito and everybody is watching with death stares to see Taito’s reaction. All they have are negative perceptions of him. To make things worse, Himea comes in and wants to eat lunch with Taito, oblivious to what is going on. Taito is caught between a rock and a hard place. Whose lunch to eat? Haruka is on the verge of crying. Himea is still bugging. Taito is somewhat ‘saved’ when he gets a call from Gekkou to come now. So Taito takes Haruka’s bento and will eat it later. But everyone still not happy… Suddenly an announcement that due to inspections, all afternoon classes and activities will be cancelled. So everybody else got the day off. Taito and Himea are on their way to the student council room when Taito is killed by a vicious bug. After resurrecting, he sees Mirai tackling the mother bug while Gekkou is just sitting his ass around watching. Due to this invasion, that’s why Gekkou convinced the principal to have everyone go home. Once the invasion is over, we see Saeko Suzae of the magic-oriented organization (an organization who is also chasing Himea – but thanks to the military’s barrier, the church and Temperon Crowley are unable to find her) explaining to Taito the many worlds that exists in this universe. As we know, Himea the vampire comes from the witch world while Mirai is from the demon underworld and the daughter of Indra. These worlds are connected by dimensional rifts and you must pass through them to reach different worlds. All different dimensions intersect at Miyasaka High, which was originally established as a facility to monitor intersection between dimensions. However only those under 18 years old are able to pass through the rifts and once over that, they are forbidden to enter the Holy Land (fancy term for rifts). The student council’s responsibility is to monitor Holy Land and eliminate any invaders. In return they are freed from obligations of normal students such as not needing to attend class. Yeah, and you wonder why Gekkou calls himself a genius.

Mirai realizes afternoon pool classes are cancelled and bugs Gekkou that she wants to attend one. Himea was cool enough to tell Taito that seeing he would be distracted with other girls, she is willing to kill every girl other than herself! She can say that with a smile?! While the girls play in the pool, Taito learns from Gekkou about why he hates Hinata. He tried to kill him. Gekkou thought they were always meant to be together and their relationship was unbreakable till one day he saw Hinata summoning monsters to kill their parents. Hinata didn’t have any further use for his brother and spared him for another 9 years. Gekkou couldn’t take that insult and worked hard. When the time came, Hinata sent Mirai (who was his familiar then) but was easily owned by Gekkou’s Spell Error and forced into making a contract with him. So each time to lift the curse on Mirai, Gekkou has to kiss her. Gekkou goes back to the room and is paid a visit by a monster. Stabbing his Spell Error or a talisman didn’t yield any effect. He has a message from Hinata (yes, he is still alive). He doesn’t want him to bother taming Himea since he can’t handle that crazy witch. He’s just warning in case if he’s foolish to keep her and to beware the moon’s encroachment. Meanwhile as Taito sits with Himea by the pool, he notices himself blacking out twice. Himea points out that he did not realize he has died twice and it is due to the red rain. They need to find shelter soon.

Episode 4
While Taito and Himea seek for cover inside the school building (he died a third time), Gekkou reflects Spell Error doesn’t work on certain beings. Those who serve Tenma. Wanting to prove Hinata wrong, he kisses Mirai and tosses her into an opening wormhole with him following shortly. A red blob possesses Himea and takes over her mind and body, catching Taito off-guard and killing him. With him dying 6 times already, Himea fights to regain control and tells Bahlskra to stop. In their inner consciousness, Himea and Bahlskra talk about the foolish weak human, Himea’s tarnished body, loneliness and how Bahlskra wants to be with her till the very end. Bahlskra is upset that Taito ‘stole’ her because the beautiful Himea only belongs to him. Himea tries to stall for time to let Taito run away (she’s crying blood tears!). Hopeless it may seem, he has no choice but to do so because Bahlskra is bent on killing him. While resting, he gets a call from Haruka who is worried he may be pushing himself too hard (still unaware of what’s happening). It made Taito realize he will never run away. He faces Bahlskra and vows to bring Himea back even if it kills him because he doesn’t know how to give up and will keep struggling till he emerges victorious. Hopefully it won’t be more than 6 times. Thankfully his 15 minute spell restarts so he gets to die another 6 times. At this rate, it won’t be hard to kill him off because he’s just like advancing straight into his attacks with no backup plan… What else can he do? Hope that his words will get through Himea. About the promise… Bla, bla, bla… Always be together… Yada, yada, yada. With his final life, Taito charges to hug her and then whisper those 3 words in her ears. That was enough to shatter the spell. Bahlskra reminds her he was born to protect her because she was lonely. Himea feels he can’t do that anymore because Taito was the one who found her. He warns Tenma is coming and will violate her body. By then she will have no power to protect herself and it will be over. But if she can be by Taito’s side, that’ll be enough. Bahlskra is defeated and Himea returns to her body but even in his demise, he feels Taito isn’t suitable to protect her. However when Himea collapses a second time, looks like another personality takes over. She seduces Taito to make love to her. Elsewhere in some universe, a voice is narrating that the ancient witch Himea has awakened and must be prevented from completing the secret spell of Rapture. The voice mentions she was born solely for that and to continue monitoring the situation. ‘She’ turns out to be Haruka and she couldn’t help wonder why she’s crying in the park. Oh God. Don’t tell me…

Episode 5
This other Himea’s personality is a spell she created when she was lonely: Rapture. Gekkou and Mirai are in some strange world. Gekkou as usual being the bossy one, not fearing this God known as Tenma. Tenma takes a hideous form and this is not his true form because if they see it, their existence will be obliterated. He shows them Miyasaka High and the prophecy has been set in motion. Mirai didn’t like the red blob destroying her Three Kingdoms book and attacks but was blasted away. Seriously, she was about to take on Tenma just because of her ruined book? Gekkou wants to know the purpose of this power demonstration so he mentions the appearance of Ramiel Lilith. She will destroy the world before destroying herself. Gekkou wants to know if Ramiel Lilith is Himea but Tenma says it is not her but the other ancient witch, the other God who desecrates worlds. Rapture lets Taito know about Tenma, Gods from beyond the moon who is coming to devour Himea. Tenma is willing to lend Gekkou his powers when the time comes to kill this witch. However he refuses. Gekkou guesses Tenma is afraid of this witch. If not, why ask a mere mortal like him to do the job? His cockiness seems to anger Tenma but he isn’t fazed. He will take up the challenge and grant his wish. Rapture attacks the red blob as Taito tries to convince Himea if this is one of the powers she created, she can also stop it. Taito sees her crying blood tears when the red blob strikes her back. Rapture regenerates the body. Taito wants her to bring the real Himea back but she mocks him he doesn’t know the meaning of true love. She wants him to answer why Himea is always so anxious and that he won’t be able to stop this magic. Taito blames himself that he is the cause Himea is unhappy. Even if he admits he is a useless fool, he still wants to see Himea and apologizes. Rapture senses Himea’s presence and tries to quarantine her. Rapture says Himea’s true wish is to bring rapture to this world. Taito reaffirms he will protect her from whatever and will not abandon her. He’s saying all the things girls would love to hear. “I’ll stay by your side. Forever”. So powerful his words and because mainly it’s his sincere heart that Himea returns to normal and the dark clouds are lifted. They kiss but were interrupted when Gekkou and Mirai return. Upon learning Gekkou has made a deal with Tenma, Himea prepares to attack but he points Spell Error at her throat. He wants her to spill everything about Ramiel Lilith. Seeing that she doesn’t know what he is talking about, he backs down and concludes Tenma have no use for her. He gives them a choice to believe him or not because Tenma has promised not to lay their hands on his slaves. Mirai interprets that to the rest that Tenma told him to kill Himea but he refused to be like Hinata because he won’t betray his comrades. This means Gekkou is going to punish her for good (locking her up and not letting see her TV show). Later Himea explains Rapture is one of her past sins sealed along with Bahlskra. So when Bahlskra died, the spell was restored. If not for him, she would have given up and wouldn’t be here now. Gekkou reflects Tenma’s words. The witch was broken by her solitude and at some point she will attack him and destroy the world just like in the prophecy. So if Himea isn’t it, who else? Oh, I can think of one person. Haruka chances upon Hinata who thinks those monsters beyond the moon are cruel.

Episode 6
Hinata mentions she is just a replaceable puppet and even if he kills her, those beyond the moon will create another observer. At first he thought of using her but decides not to interfere seeing she will plot her revenge against those who created her for making her life extremely painful. Taito tries to read up an introductory book to black magic from Gekkou. He took it without his permission so he apologizes but Gekkou continues to mock him with painful words so Taito wants him to prove he understands this book. Yeah, Taito is on fire! YEAOW! Taito cools himself at the toilet. The girls’ toilet. Izumi Aomi thinks he is having fun and wants to join the student council. Taito will let Gekkou know. Mirai and Himea are fascinated with this thing called dating so the former pesters Gekkou for one. Haruka gives Taito a large bento. It’s those death stares from others to tell him to eat the damn thing! Taito takes a bite and finds it delicious. Just when everybody rejoices in victory, Himea barges in and wants Taito to go on a date with her. Here comes the obstacle… Izumi sees a weird guy doing weird poses outside the student council room. He is Yuuichi Philier Cross and the school’s new English teacher as well as the advisor to the student council. Himea wants to go on a date now. Right in the middle of school. But Taito feels he isn’t strong enough to protect her yet. Though she is sad she agrees to go next time. Gekkou gets a call to deal with magic traps in the city and brings Mirai along. Is this the date she’s been waiting for? On their way, they pass by Himea who sheds a tear. I’m not sure about this prank of putting talisman as traps around town like in crane game machine. But we know Gekkou sucks in some of them while Mirai is just having the time of her life. Meanwhile Taito tries to become stronger by challenging dojos. He beats them all flat and wounded their pride! The national champion, the Olympic medallist and world champion stand no chance! Hey, he’s not a normal human to begin with. Several punks try to hit on Mirai but they are clearly possessed. But Gekkou easily takes them all out. They pass by Taito and mention about Himea crying. Gekkou tells him off he is an idiot because idiots repeat the same mistakes. Taito remembers Rapture’s words and realizes he made Himea cry again. He rushes back to class and instantly agrees to go on a date with her. Well, I guess dating in school after school hours isn’t bad. As long she is with him, she doesn’t mind where their date will be. Himea notes that she thought if she was with him, she would walk freely outside but even so, this world doesn’t treat vampires too kindly. Taito promises to be stronger to protect her from anything and everything. Have we heard that line before?

Episode 7
Needing to be stronger, Taito seeks Gekkou’s help. After a few foul mouths, he sends Taito into a portal. Just try not to die, okay? He meets a being called Edelka, one who grants anything but in exchange, something of equivalent value must be given. Of course Taito wants to be strong but he is shown a vision that Himea also paid Edelka a visit. When Taito really died with his battle with Hinata, she wished for him to be brought back alive and will pay whatever price. This means she has lost most of her magic just to save a puny human like him. Taito mentions he does want to be stronger but with his own powers. He doesn’t hate working hard. Edelka says if he assumes that wish would mean a cheaper price, then he is sadly mistaken. She’ll take what is important to him and place it on a side of the scale in the ring of fire to find its equal value. Since he did mention he doesn’t mind working hard, she gives him lots of information. Some useful, some useless. Search hard pal. She also takes something of importance to him before returning him to his world. Himea realizes that Taito went to see Edelka and will find out the truth. Well, she can’t hide it from him forever, can’t she? Taito wonders what was taken away seeing he still remembers his memories with Himea. They both go on a hunting spree to look for something he needs to protect her with. Going through different worlds, Taito must have experienced horrible deaths in his quest. But nothing that suits him. See how his head explode when he can’t process every bit of data in his own head!!! That’s why don’t study too much :). He even has time to return to taste Haruka’s delicious bento. At least that girl is happy now. Izumi is still waiting for a favourable answer to join the student council when she sees Cross. She knows something weird is happening in school (Taito on fire) and wonders if he could recommend her to join the body. Taito and Himea enter an area, a prison labyrinth in which Vishob Eleranka was sealed away for destroying the seven Alga when it was still the familiar of Fenolz. Taito clashes with this Vishob creature and the latter turns into… A cute cat? Taito wants this feline to be his familiar and calls him Nyankichi. The cat isn’t thrilled and only accepted everything because Himea said so. Making the contract and in exchange, Taito will give him 3 litres of his blood every day and when he will appear whenever he needs his powers. Gekkou is not amused to see Cross in his room. Seems Gekkou didn’t hand in the report to the military about the Tenma incident as required. Gekkou insists the incompetents should stay out of his affairs and it is because of him, damage was kept to a minimum. However Cross shows that he is a level higher than Gekkou as he is faster and more agile, stopping his every move. Wow. Now there is somebody who tops him. Can’t be cocky anymore, eh?

Episode 8
The student council takes a training camp at a beautiful beach right in the middle of school? Well, they are exempted from normal school rules. So what calls for this? Taito’s dismal grades… Yeah, blame it on him. Gekkou not happy… Even if this place is under military spell to keep ordinary humans away, why the heck is normal human Izumi here? Something about her becoming the student council’s secretary due to Taito’s screw up and ended up getting blackmailed. Even if the military did cave in to her demands, Cross feels she will be useful. Gekkou remembers his humiliating ‘defeated’ by Cross in the previous episode. Cross thinks he should be proud because he did a better job when he was a student council president (this means Cross is Gekkou’s senpai). Plus, Cross believes the weak should obey the strong (that’s you, Gekkou). Once more, Himea gets lovey-dovey with Taito, confessing her love for him (we heard that already). As the guys and girls are to be sleeping in separate rooms, Taito suddenly walks into a classroom. A classroom? It’s just an illusion (they’re in the toilet). Cool Cross attacks him, killing him several times. He notes Taito is too slow and weak to protect anyone like that so Taito wants him to train him to become stronger. Later, Himea attacks Cross for hurting Taito. She knows he is not human seeing he is regenerating but he notes he is one. At least on the outside. He notes her magic attack range and for that she needs a bodyguard. However Taito is too weak being one and her low instant spells can’t kill him. That’s why she wants him to be stronger. Unfortunately she is unable to do so herself because it’ll require him to be less human. He assures her he is good at teaching people. So this camp is also to improve his combat ability significantly. In the sense he will be strong enough next year to face a Gedgard, Primal Wyrms that are on a different level. In short, they are like Gods. At the end of this camp, they’ll be tested. If they fail, they can’t leave. This means a normal human like Izumi has to pass it too. Yeah, she’s already supporting the others to do their best. Before entering the dimensional door, Cross disallows Himea to take part seeing she is strong enough. Though Izumi doesn’t need to participate, she has to watch. So she sees Mirai getting beaten up, Taito killed many times and Gekkou being thought a lesson that he’s not the best. So the gang return beaten up and barely with any energy left. Izumi makes curry for them because she’s good at that. But meal after meal, you think everyone will get sick of it?! At least the guys are. It’s not a dish she is good at, it is the ONLY dish she can make. Even Cross calls Suzae for reinforcements. Cross is kind enough to let the kids take a break. Himea wants to head to the cliffs with Taito when they are surprised to see Haruka and Suzae. Haruka even more surprised to see Himea clinging tightly to him. So… Is this what they call training? Speechless…

Episode 9
So this is Cross’ suggestion for reinforcement not to get sick of those curry dishes? Gekkou not happy… And besides, he also brought her here not just for cooking but to watch the love triangle unfolding. I guess this guy is really bored. Gekkou should learn to control his emotions better. Maybe that’s why he takes it out on Mirai who teases him by covering with seaweed. Okay, that wasn’t funny. So with Haruka in the equation, this means Himea won’t get all the attention she wants, right? You can’t make every girl happy. With Haruka and Taito cooking together (Suzae sucks. She almost burnt the whole camp down), Himea distances herself. Izumi knows what is going on and supports Himea to get Taito. She suggests for them to hold a kimodameshi (test of courage) tonight. Gekkou disapproves but Cross says otherwise. Izumi assures Himea that she has rigged the pairing and would let her end up with Taito. However Cross saw this coming and rigged it again. This means Himea gets Izumi. The other pairs include Gekkou-Mirai, Haruka-Suzae and Cross-Taito. Disappointed? Mirai, Haruka and Suzae are just screaming their heads off. Himea talks to Izumi if she’s afraid of dying. Izumi takes it on a positive note because eventually everyone dies one day. The most important thing is to have fun now because they as humans have a time limit. There is another reason Cross pairs himself with Taito. To tell him certain stuff like the military knows the activation of Rapture at school and how everything and every action that has happened has been moving according to the prophecy. To avoid Himea from falling into the despair of loneliness, he wants Taito to like her. Of course that goes without saying. When Cross pats his shoulder, Taito temporarily saw some vision and became slightly weaker but brushes it off. The training continues and they get much better. Can you attribute this to the power of their friendship? That night as everyone is playing with sparklers and fireworks, Haruka has finally mustered up her courage to tell Taito that she loves him. Oh, Himea also heard that… So real trouble begins now, eh?

Episode 10
Taito knows he must make his feelings clear to avoid any half-assed endings you see in harem animes. Suddenly he gets a call from Haruka’s mom. She thought she is staying with Taito but he doesn’t know what’s going on. The truth is, Haruka hasn’t come back home and didn’t answer her handphone. It seems while Suzae is driving her home, she is being intercepted by the Entolio brothers, Serge and Hasuga who took Haruka as their hostage. Clearly they used magic in their attacks though their affiliation and purpose remain unclear. Taito is frustrated over his own uselessness to do anything. He thinks this is his fault and what Edelka has taken from him. Taito begs to Gekkou to lend his powers to go save Haruka. His begging didn’t move him but even if he didn’t say it, he was going to rescue Haruka. Why? Because all students in this school are his slaves! I love this guy… Suddenly Cross and Suzae come in and the school and an announcement made for everyone to leave school as there is a bomb threat. Miyasaka is tightly guarded by military guys. That serious, eh? Cross wants them to give up saving Haruka. This is an order from above and the military has received the church have been involved in the recent events (probably those same blokes who tormented Himea during those 9 years). They can’t try to negotiate because the military and church are on bad terms. They don’t want to make a wrong move that will result in an all-out war. The guys didn’t like his reasoning and attack but Cross was cool to fend them off. He is disappointed they didn’t improve much from the training camp. Smart Izumi surrenders on behalf of them all so Cross backs down. She made a wise decision seeing they can’t do anything if they’re dead, right? That night as Himea sits on the rooftop, a projection of Serge comes to negotiate with her. He is a Spell Breaker and for a price removes all kinds of spells and curses. He offers to exchange Haruka for her seeing they kidnap her for this as they are hired by the church to kidnap Himea. Abducting Haruka is just a scheme to lure Himea out. He also warns her the kind of emotional scar it will leave on Taito when he sees Haruka being beaten up to a point she is unrecognizable. They’ll be waiting for a favourable answer. Eavesdropping Izumi has heard everything and talks to her. For the sake of Taito’s love, Himea is willing to give herself up. She is happy to have make lots of memories with him and of course Izumi (though it’s just a short spell) and that Taito belongs on the side of the humans. Himea flies off to Taito. She freezes him and kisses him as his goodbye. Soon after, Izumi pays him a visit to tell him what is going on. He gets motivation to rescue them both. Then Gekkou calls him. He too can’t sit around and is going to take back the student council. He wants Taito to be a useful human shield. Breaking through the school gates, they dispose of the military which turn out to be Cross’ shikigamis. They confront Cross and he thinks the kids haven’t learnt their lesson. Mirai and Gekkou distract Cross so that Taito could enter the wormhole Gekkou opened seeing he has an idea of the Entolio brother’s hideout. Himea sees the brothers and wants them to release Haruka as part of their bargain. However they can’t as they have other use for her. Himea gets caught in their trap. The brothers report to their employers of their success in capturing Himea. Haruka comes to but it seems it is a different personality. Her request is to seal this ‘observer’ personality that was created by Tenma to observe Taito. In exchange, they will receive all information pertaining to Tenma once they annihilate her and seal Himea. But she wants them to promise to return Haruka to Taito since she has found the courage to confess to Taito and doesn’t need her around anymore.

Episode 11
Nyankichi helps Taito use some Yz spell to light the way. He ends up in the brother’s lair and finds both girls tied up. Meanwhile Gekkou fights Cross and is able to learn from his mistakes and at least cut off his tie. Cross gets serious and uses his magic to bind Gekkou. Though Mirai breaks his hand, Cross’ magic regenerates it as new. He is going to kill her but Gekkou pleads not to and even prostrates himself to demonstrate his sincerity! Oh God. I never thought this guy was capable of going this low. I guess this shows he cares for Mirai even if in normal circumstances he usually doesn’t. Cross steps on him but they are interrupted with Hinata’s appearance. Hinata and Cross face off in some conversation that Hinata is somewhere in the third Scudel of prophecy while Cross is barely at the first. Hinata also notes that Izumi is also in the prophecy, that’s why he knows about her (and probably why she was allowed into the student council). Cross wants to make Hinata his but his magic wasn’t powerful enough. Hinata signs off to tell his brother that he is 20,000 steps behind him and that the next time they meet, he hopes he would cut that step by 10,000. Wow. That’s a long way to go. Serge says he can only return one of the girls and tosses Haruka to him since she has no use for them. Due to their policy of protecting their client’s privacy, they can’t reveal what they did to Haruka. Serge creates spells and barriers while Hasuga breaks them, thus they are called Spell Breakers. Hasuga beats this guy up to the point of death. Nyankichi tells him to use the Skalz spell and sends a terrifying curse. Well, it’s up to him to figure out what it is. Hasuga continues to beat Taito up to convince him of giving Himea up but that guy is never going to let that happen even if they offer to make him human again and return to his normal human life with Haruka while completely forgetting about Himea. If not, he’ll die here. Serge’s spell is taking too long so Gekkou and Mirai show up. Taito gets up once more and his determination is strong as ever. Even if he feels scared and wants to run away, he can’t do it because he can’t live his life if he should do that. He is going to use all his powers so that nobody will cry anymore. Gekkou wanted to help (he offered his assistance?) but Taito doesn’t need it (yeah, he’s all beaten up and can’t heal himself as the regenerating spell is somewhat sealed).

More beating up means the more Taito won’t give up. Amazingly he can still stand and says he would rather die rather than giving up without a try. Those words opened Gekkou’s eyes and bring back cruel memories to the brothers of how they were beaten up and ostracized just because they are half breeds. Taito, still wanting them to give back Himea, couldn’t throw a weak punch and got punched in the face instead. Now he is all out of power. Gekkou is going to handle the rest but Himea awakens. She has already deciphered Serge’s spell and it seems this is the curse of Nyankichi. She breaks free and reunites with Taito. You know what she’ll do with people who hurt her beloved Taito, right? They’re going to die. Die a sh*tty death and burn in hell. However Taito hugs her and says she doesn’t have to deal with them anymore. He just wants them to go back together. Well, if he says so. So is this the power of love, asks Mirai. How would Gekkou know. Due to the spell Himea activated, this dimension will collapse so it’s best to get their ass out fast. Things return to normal and back at school, Haruka seems to not remember about her kidnapping. Just when they thought those fan girls are once more crazily hogging Gekkou, to Taito’s surprise they are infatuated with Serge and Hasuga. More bishonen, eh? Hey wait a minute! What the heck are they doing here?! As Gekkou explains for his scum brain to understand, they are now part of the student council and since their employer, the church have made it hard for them to find a job due to their failure, they’ll be staying here till things settle down. Himea assures Taito that if they try anything, she’ll kill them. She’s saying that with a smile, that’s what’s scary. Oh, and Haruka, she comes in, gets close with Taito, wants to go home with him and boldly says she loves him. Yeah, she didn’t care if everybody else was listening. And even if Himea did say she didn’t hear anything, it’s obviously a lie because tears start welling up in her eyes. Taito tries to assure her that he likes her more but Himea just keeps asking and asking and asking and asking… Just to be sure… Well, a bloody battle is heating up and this is going to be much harder than some fight against the prophecy.

Episode 12
It’s such a hot summer that Nyankichi thought of telling ghost stories to keep cool. Not working. Till Haruka shows up in Taito’s room. Yeah, he’s only in his shorts. She is here to give him tickets she won at the raffles to the hotspring. Wait a minute. A trip to the hotspring in hot summer? Are they going to fry themselves? Meanwhile Izumi tries to convince Himea to come along. She initially refuses seeing she doesn’t sweat and such but Izumi used the magic word: Taito. So as they go meet Taito in front of his house, guess what happens when Himea and Haruka learn they’ll be both going to the same place with the same guy? Oh yeah. Summer is going to be boiling and overflowing. So Gekkou and Mirai are there too. Even Serge and Hasuga. They say they are working hard to research the human world. But why the hotspring? Well, it attracts girls of a high calibre. I guess that says about their true intentions, eh? So we see this fanservice filled filler episode with them trying different baths, Himea wondering if Taito likes his woman with big boobs (he says he prefers Himea the way she is – I hope that’s not a sign for flat chest fetish), Yuika (Taito’s little sister who tagged along) wondering if the girls like her brother like in those galge but confuses herself, Izumi getting naughty by touching here and there on the other girls, Mirai talking about herself entering a love hotel when it turns out it was Mirai who barged in and ate everything and he had to make amends (how did he throw a tub exactly to hit Mirai’s head from the other side of the wall?). We also see Taito and Gekkou in some sort of endurance competition while the brothers watch them. Taito is obviously at the brink of his limit while Gekkou isn’t even breaking a sweat. Then there is this sauna endurance where the guys lock themselves in with a spell. So when even Gekkou can’t take the heat, they try to get out. Nyankichi has to remove the curse first but he knocks out due to the heat. Taito offers him his blood (at the expense of his life) to revive him and break the first seal. Now it’s Serge’s turn but he already passes out. Hasuga panics and breaks everything. Everything but the door. So hot water and cold water come gushing into the room. By the time the door unlocks, everyone is frozen in ice. While everyone is resting, Izumi gets drunk with a non-alcoholic beer (WTF?! Does that even exist?!). She mentions that high school may seem like forever but it only lasts for 3 years. After that, they won’t see each other anymore. That’s why she wants to have fun with everyone now. This pumps up Taito to party heavily without regrets but was reminded to finish his homework first. And without copying. Summer sucks… Izumi wanted to drink from Taito’s bottle but Himea snatches it away to forbid any form of indirect kissing. Does this include herself? Well, she doesn’t mind being labelled a pervert. Back in school, Cross tells Liir to play with the student council president a little longer. Seeing that everything is moving just as the prophecy ordains, he wonders if the black rabbit that resides within Taito awaken before the time comes. So as for the student council members, they must have feel refreshed after returning from the hotspring and are geared up for another mission in another dimension. Taito promises he’ll get stronger (didn’t we hear this many times already?) so happy Himea hugs him.

Mirai dreams that she is being attacked by bandits. Some cool bearded hero saves her but she sees Gekkou in him. Once she is awakened, she is thirsty but seeing Gekkou is stingy to give her money to buy juice, she drinks the entire suspiciously looking potion! So when Cross finds out about it, he hopes nothing will go wrong as this is a magical medicine prototype created by the military. Mirai bumps into Taito and when they start talking differently, you know they have switched bodies. Taito realizes he is in Mirai’s body when Gekkou comes looking for her. Seeing his scary face, Taito makes a run. Mirai is happy to be in Taito’s body and Himea thought it was him at first. Till she realizes a different presence and that she is Mirai. Himea is in a dilemma to touch Taito’s body because although it’s his body but it’s not him. Get it? In her delusion, Himea bumps her head into Mirai and they switch bodies. Mirai is happy with her newfound body while Himea is happy she can touch Taito’s body all she wants. It’s like her dream of uniting with him came true. Cross explains to Izumi and the brothers about the medicine. The soul of the one who drank it will switch to the other person that they made contact. Cross is interested to see what will happen if a demon like Mirai consumes it. Taito (still in Mirai’s body) thought she spotted Mirai (in his body) but it’s actually Himea fawning over Taito’s body. They conclude since they bump into Mirai, bumping each other’s head will turn them back to normal. Well, they only got a major pain in the head. Then they think it’s maybe because their hearts aren’t throbbing enough. Yup, maybe they should kiss. Taito, isn’t it weird to kiss your own body? As their lips inch closer, Haruka sees the inevitable. She gets disheartened that ‘Taito’ is also on to ‘Mirai’. How can you solve this misunderstanding? As Mirai experiments with Himea’s body, she is happy Gekkou didn’t recognize her. Then she bumps into heartbroken Haruka and they switch. So when Taito and Himea come by, a little confusion before they realize this ‘Himea’ is now Haruka. Then happy Mirai skips along and bumps into Gekkou. Switch again. It is then Gekkou understood what is going on.

Meanwhile Taito, Himea and Haruka think they should kiss each other to return to their normal bodies. Taito plans the order on who kisses who. Actually it’s not complicated. It’s just that who is who that we’re confused. So first we need Himea (in Taito’s body) to kiss Haruka (in Himea). On the outside, it may seem like the perfect couple but it’s actually girl kissing girl. So they psycho themselves that they’re kissing Taito. See those tears? I bet it wasn’t tears of joy. In the end, nothing happened. Wasted. Mirai returns to the student council room as the brothers and Izumi are puzzled with the very strange character change in ‘Gekkou’. Yeah, he happily opened a wormhole, returned with lots of snacks and stuffing his face with it like nobody’s business. So is this the effects of the potion Cross was talking about? Well, Cross thinks this is summer sickness. Yeah, he wants to watch what happens. So when the real Gekkou, Taito, Himea and Haruka show up, Mirai panics and opens wormholes to escape. Of course Haruka couldn’t believe what she is seeing while the rest give chase to that cheeky demon. Run, run, run. Chase, chase, chase. Is it that hard to catch her? But where do they end up to? I didn’t think they would do a cross-over but heck, it’s that The Legend of the Legendary Heroes! Brings back memories of that dango loving Ferris. Yeah, Ryner has no choice but to stick with her enjoying her dangos. A wormhole opens and the chasing gang steps all over her precious dango, ruining them. Ferris gets pissed and is going to kill them. Following them through the wormhole, Ferris thought Hinata is the culprit and attacks that guy who obviously isn’t aware of what’s going on. Yeah, what the hell is this dango they’re talking about. Hinata is somewhat interested in Ryner’s magic but his fascination is cut short when Ferris lunges her dango stick into his mouth. Since Hinata finds it delicious, Ferris forgives him and leaves. Huh? What… The… Hell…?! So if you’re wondering why the cross-over, it’s because both series are from the same creator, Kagami Takaya.

You Only Live Seven Times…
That’s it?! It feels like it hasn’t started at all. It feels like this season is just a prelude to whatever epic things that are to come if they ever make a second season. So we are introduced to the characters, especially the big badass creature known as Tenma. Then we have this prophecy thingy that piques my interest slightly. Sure, it’s some powerful witch known as Ramiel Lilith that will destroy the world as prophesized and the mysterious part was who this witch is. That is just about that as the story turns into one whereby Taito has to save Himea from her inner demons, trying to find ways to make himself stronger, throw in a little love triangle for distraction and finally ending with a rescue Himea arc. All without trying to die more than 6 times. So far so good. Well, I guess there are supposedly more than meets the eyes to some of the characters. For instance, Izumi couldn’t just be part of the student council just for some comic relief, right? She isn’t, by the way. As far as this series has gone, she seems like someone who is just bumming around the student council helping out a little here and there whenever she can. And Cross, he might like to do funny poses with himself but the way he talks and behaves feels he has an ulterior motive despite being from the military and siding our group of young heroes. That Liir girl appearing briefly shortly in the end as I found out is supposed to be a personification of the Holy Land. Didn’t get to do much, did she? Hinata seems like he is going to be the antagonist for this season but after his early defeat to Gekkou, he just makes random appearances, sometimes to mock how weak his little brother is and nothing much. So what is his goal anyway? Too much things to ask, so many interesting potential but too short for this series to answer. Even Haruka may seem like an ordinary person but that part which revealed her split personality indicates she too may be more than meets the eye and not just for the purpose of providing love triangle. Well, at least in the end she is more honest with her feelings and doesn’t hold back in confessing her love right in the face of her rival.

The best characters of the series go to Gekkou and Mirai. Yes. These two definitely should be the main stars of the series. Why? Their interaction simply never fails to amuse and crack me up. Mirai is such an airhead that she doesn’t really bother if that particular thing is a danger or menace to her or others. She doesn’t really get startled or panic unless when Gekkou gets mad. Whether it is in her words or actions, but at least she is being honest with how she feels, right? Mirai is also like the fanservice girl providing us her shima pantsu slips whenever possible. So how can you not love this idiot? Now can you understand why Gekkou wants to keep this familiar who once belonged to Hinata as his? Okay, maybe there are other reasons but since Gekkou didn’t say (and perhaps will never say), I’ll stick to this one :). Oh, and Gekkou. You got to love his badmouthing of calling others trash, small fry and garbage. It’s like he considers himself a higher being. If you want to go up to this moody guy, you better prepare yourself mentally because his words are going to hurt you as much as his Spell Error. Nobody can stand up to him with the way he uses his words and the answers he gives. Maybe except for Cross. I guess with him around, at least Gekkou won’t be so cocky and do whatever he likes. It keeps him in perspective that there are others who are well stronger than him. Gekkou may look cold and unforgiving on the upfront but I suppose that is his way of saying he cares. Imagine if you have a student council president who is kind and soft. Not fitting, right? You got to be tough if you’re going to take on vicious creatures from other dimension.

So Taito now isn’t an ordinary human anymore. Basically he has experienced death many times with his regenerating ability. It still bugs me why Himea did not put a spell on him that at least have more lives or shorten the time for the spell to reset. I thought she was that of a powerful witch. His desire to protect Himea is the fuel to keep him going on and becoming stronger than before. Sounds like a long way. Well, Himea is one of the most powerful characters in the series but her love struck over Taito makes it less obvious. All she cares about is just to be with him. I suppose if you’re stuck alone for 9 long years, you’d want to be with the one you love for every second. Each precious second counts because she won’t know when the next time she’ll be kidnapped again. I initially thought Bahlskra was going to be the main antagonist after Hinata and a powerful being. But I somewhat felt disappointed it fizzled out to be just a split personality of hers. The same case for Rapture. It is therefore sometimes annoying to hear Himea keep reiterating she loves Taito just as Taito himself keep saying he will be stronger. I know, we know. Just move along. (But ironically it’s not when Gekkou starts mocking and berating others…). The hidden antagonist which is supposedly the church, I wonder why they are so obsessed with Himea. Her snippets of her flashbacks indicate they have done some horrible experiments on her and it doesn’t seem pleasant. But really, church doing something on vampires? I thought their belief was in God. Unless vampires = the Devil. With Serge and Hasuga now part of the gang, it is going to get livelier than before. Anymore people care to join the student council? Oh, I almost forgot about Nyankichi. So what was his role again other than to provide help to Taito? I just don’t feel the stuff he did like the curse he placed on made him anything that Taito saw him as an item in his quest to become stronger. Maybe for now he’s just a mascot for the series.

The action can get bloody and gory. What do you expect when Taito dies in almost every fight he throws himself into. Then you see his limbs flying off, a hole right through his body and blood splattering everywhere. It’s like dying a gruesome death once isn’t enough. But I feel he may need more lives for a bigger battle, much bigger than the fate of the world: Which girl he would choose. He’s going to need infinite lives for that if it ever gets ugly. Because of the different dimensions that intersect and the several monsters that passes through, at certain points I felt that the monsters were scary enough to send some shiver down my spines. Okay, maybe I don’t like watching horror genres but they do look creepy to fit that bill. I still have sleepless nights if I ever remember how Edelka looks like. It’s a good thing Tenma didn’t show his true self. Now I know what he meant that our existence will be annihilated when we see his true form. Maybe my serenity of seeing something so scary. There is one thing I would like to mention about the hair of the main girls. No, it’s not their hairstyle. Rather, the tone and shading of their hair. Notice how there is like a dual tone? It feels like the dyeing had gone wrong and they are left with this weird colour and tone. I don’t know the meaning behind this but the other minor character females do not have this feature. Himea’s one has got to be an eyebrow raiser. In addition to her hair tone, she also has, how do I put it and what should I call them, little light balls floating across her hair. It’s like as though her hair is like another dimension as we see those light balls moving around whenever she turns or moves her head. Something like a stagnant light from a disco ball. Get what I mean? In certain scenes, there will be bats flapping their wings covering the edges serving as frames. At first I thought they were cockroaches till I take a closer look. Still gave me the creeps, though. There are a few fanservice moments too but those are minimal (most coming from Mirai as mentioned). So when the fanservice-y mid-intermission and that casual tropical background music come into play, it sends mix signals if this is a horror show with fanservice. Personally, I don’t think that’s a good combination…

The opening theme by Hitomi Harada, Once is your typical upbeat anime pop that fits the pace and tone of this series. There are a few ending themes for this series. The first one being Utsusemi by Akiko Shikata. With those eerie ‘hollow’ voices, it feels like a creepy and ominous song. Really. But it gets less scary and intimidating towards the end because it becomes more pop-ish. The other ending songs feel like character songs as the beat reflects the personality of the main heroines. Sparkling Kiss by Iori Nomizu is a lively, cheeky and cheerful song that pretty much fits the character Mirai is. Himea’s Strawberry Eyes ending theme by Megumi Takamoto is my favourite as the tune is catchy and feels like an idol song. Haruka’s Secret Tears by Mina is a moderate pop piece. Yuuichi Nakamura as Gekkou feels like he’s doing a Tomoya of Clannad only with more nasty retorts. Iori Nomizu as Nymph fits the airheadness of Mirai, which feels different from her role as the sick and sadistic Minatsuki in Deadman Wonderland and Nymph in Sora No Otoshimono series. Other casts include Megumi Takamoto as Himea (Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Shinnousuke Tachibana as Taito (Minato in Sekirei), Mina as Haruka (Sohara in Sora No Otoshimono), Chika Horikawa as Izumi (Misato in Nichijou), Junichi Suwabe as Cross (Archer in Fate/Stay Night), Jun Fukuyama as Hinata (Lelouch in Code Geass), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Serge (Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama) and Kenichi Suzumura as Hasuga (Kairi in Peach Girl). The animation for the next episode preview is amusing. It’s a short story of Himea waking up, having trouble on what to dress. Then we move over to Mirai who is a heavy sleeper and couldn’t wake up no matter what. And when she does (this is my favourite part) she sees Gekkou’s angry face through the wormhole, gets spooked and suddenly is awakened from her slumber. Himea and Mirai rush and collide with each other and results of them being cloned. And all this turned out to be Himea’s dream. Huh?

It still bugs me what Taito has got to do with the dark rabbit within him (hence the name of this series). But I’m not going anywhere if I speculate what this bunny is. Does it have something to do with cats? Cats? Because cats have nine lives… I really don’t want to have this kind of regenerating ability. Sure you’ll die for real when you use up all your lives (no option to extend it further like in video games?) but having only one life is as good and perhaps even better because that way you get to treasure your only life and think real careful before pulling off any stupid moves that not only fails to save the person you love but also lose your life in the process. I know practice makes perfect but nobody is perfect, right? Not Taito anyway. I also don’t want to go dimension hopping or face off with nasty creatures from other worlds because that will be more than just a pain in the ass. Don’t want to lose my head either. Rather be a living coward and be called a trash, small fry and garbage. It’s so much safer.

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