Again… Sighs… WHY, JAPAN?! WHY OH WHY???!!! Trying to outdo yourself again? Oh well, it was unexpected since it was announced right after the first season ended. If you couldn’t get more of your horny desires of watching women with irked and sickening faces while showing their pantsu, then you will definitely love the sequel, Iya Na Kao Sare Nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai S2. Yup. More or less the same thing. Those girls somehow agreeing to flash their panties at us just because we are ‘persistent’ enough to beg. But in exchange, we also must see their disgusted face. I suppose that’s a fair deal. That’s why we’re here in the first place. Again. Now hurry up and show us your pantsu!!!

Episode 1: Chitose Itou (Maid)
Wohoo!!! The best character has been retained!!! We go see our favourite maid again and we can obviously see from her chiding face that screams, “Oh, why it’s that perverted master again”. She claims she won’t show her pantsu even if we beg and kneel. Oh, so she’s just putting up a tough act, huh? Because the moment we prostrate ourselves, she panics. She didn’t expect us to do so and feels sad!? WTF?! So she rather throw away her own self-esteem than see us go this low? Okay. Whatever. That logic seems to actually make her calm down and we get to see her cute face. We are actually fine with this and should have just f*cking agree that we want to see her pantsu just because she is wearing it. But for some stupid reasons, we say we want to see them because it’s there. Uh huh. Doesn’t matter who. Anybody wearing the pantsu, we want to see it!!! WTF???!!! WHAT THE FFFFUUUU????!!! WHY???!!! And with that, our maid gets angry and does her trademark mean face. Sighs. Oh well. What is the name of this series again? A very annoyed maid then barely pulls up her skirt just for us to see…

Episode 2: Yuno & Kano Futaba (Twins)
What is better than seeing a single pantsu? Why, seeing double pantsu with twins! Our twins are so happy with us sensei because we helped them score better. But Kano is teasing Yuno that she did slightly better than her this time. Then Kano tries to get us to take her to the park as promised but Yuno disagrees since she scored higher the last time but didn’t ask for any reward. Then probably this yuri wrestling awakened our horny desires. Because when the twins ask for our answer, we say we want to them both… To show your pantsu!!! Initially shocked at first, they are even more disgusted when we start laughing and remain firm in seeing their underwear. I guess their respect of us has tanked. So they eventually want to get over with this quick. Yup, just show their pantsu as the minimal thanks for helping them in their exams. Then GTFO of here and never show your face anymore! Don’t come to us for the next test then…

Episode 3 Shiori Matsuura (Bookstore Clerk)
Shiori is happy that her favourite customer is back to get more books. After she happily recommends a book, we complain that she made a mistake in the book we ordered. She panics that this is the third time she has made this mistake. She’ll do anything to make it up to us! Anything, you say?! Show us your pantsu then!!! You heard that right. We’re bored with words and now we want picture book! Save us your fancy reprimanding words of how disappointed you are in us. Enough of words. Just show us your pantsu! Yeah, bet you never knew we also read other kinds of books, porn!!! Hahaha!!! But the reason why she put her disgusted face is because she is disappointed that we are a straight person and not gay!!! Sorry to disappoint you!!! Not all guys who love books are yaoi material!!!

Episode 4: Natsumi Hayakawa (Dentist)
Open wide!!! Cutie dentist assistant seems to be flirting with us as she cleans our teeth. She even hints that if we manage to get through this, she’ll give us a reward. Aha… Once we’re done and we are making bookings for the next appointment, she hints the reward as certain days where she has free time. I guess we’re pushing our luck as a big idiot because we know she likes us but instead of agreeing to a date we want her to show us her pantsu!!! WTF?! We even admit that this is a good chance to see her pantsu???!!! Wow. We’re really f*cked up. And just like that, she lets her see what’s underneath. Yup, agree with her we need not get our teeth fix the next time but our pervy personality!

Episode 5: Riko Fujino (Childhood Friend Imouto)
Our little sister is so happy that we took her out on a date today. She even thinks if we look like a couple. Oh, you bet it is going to be ‘better’ than that. In return for this wonderful date, she would like to give us something to make us happy. As long as it is inexpensive. Okay. How about priceless. Like showing your pantsu!!! Not a joke! Show it to us!!! Otherwise today’s date is meaningless! Wow. She looked so disappointed and even dropped the spoon to see if we picked it up. We did! Surprised, no?! And because we couldn’t see it clearly, we specifically tell her to lift her skirt! Yup, that’s what we really want. She takes off the bracelet we bought for her and throws it away before giving in to our immoral request. Saiyaku. Saite. Hope it was all worth it. Damn it was!!! HAHAHA!!!

Episode 6: Maria Takayama (Nun)
Previously, lots of people might have converted into Christian. That’s why her character came back this season!!! Hahaha!!! Anyway, our sister thinks we have returned and repented. Heck, we even wrote a letter to show our true feelings. She reads it and praises the Lord that we have indeed repented. But wait. She read it wrongly. Instead, read not horizontally but vertically. The hidden code to our true desires. Oh yes. Show us your pantsu!!! Uh huh. We’re still sinners. Then we go into prayer mode and promise this will be the last time!!! Our sister is starting to lose faith in us as she lifts he skirt. Oh yeah! We can see heaven coming!!! We’re cumming, heaven!!!!!!! Oh Maria, you wised up because with that pervy face you know this isn’t going to be the last time. Best Christian anime sequel ever!

Don’t Get Your Panties In A Bunch!
Oh well. Not sure if there is going to be another season but I won’t be surprised if it will. Because it still feels incomplete!!! HAHAHA!!! Despite a few new characters, I guess a few more types and tropes are missing. Like the policewoman. Uh huh. Perhaps too dangerous to put this profession here because she’ll right away arrest us and lock us up in prison. Worse, police brutality as she pulls out her gun and pumps a few lead into our heads!!! Woah! That would be a shocker. But it could be worthwhile. You know, we could die happy after seeing her pantsu? So die!!! And I did a sneak peak to see other kinds of characters not featured yet that they might want to show us their pantsu in future seasons. A baseball player, huh? Strike and home run, baby! An air stewardess too? Mile high club here I cum come! Hot chick in yukata? Tamaya! What’s this Anubis character too?! Bow down before your pharaoh now! Foxy girl? Finally something furry to pet. Wow. There is so much more they should make a whole proper season and compilation out of these pantsu, oops I mean, girls. Well, there’s the illustration and book compilation if you really can’t wait and available online… But if you want to see your favourite ones get animated, that might take a while the pervy producers contemplate whether or not they should make another season out of it.

As usual, this kind of series caters to depraved and perverted people who watched it. Oh yeah, you must be thinking that yours truly is too. I guess that is why we never learn. We come back for more. All the great rapport we as the main character have built up somewhat tossed away in jiffy. All just for a few seconds of the desire for the pantsu. But still, it is mind boggling that these girls would continue to oblige with us. In the real world, they would have slapped us, beat us up, call the authorities, sue us and still not show us their pantsu. Uh huh. They keep their dignity intact and then they call the police to arrest us. Hence it is still mindboggling how they still lift their skirts to let us feel good. Like as though there are no other options to get over this. I mean, this is after all anime and the logic is that it ends like that in every episode. But to really think about it that they would still show their pantsu, are you sure that deep down they don’t harbour some sort of twisted deep love for us? That’s why this unholy obligation? Just saying… For your information, I’m so depraved that I was laughing throughout the twisted pantsu showing logic instead of feeling horny. Honest.

Seriously. Something is really wrong when you have the silent main protagonist (that’s us) being casted as a total pervert maniac. Take for example Chitose’s case. It is already amazing that this maid is still under our employment. She should’ve resigned the last time but for some reasons, she still stayed behind. Anyway, the moment she relented and was okay in showing her pantsu voluntarily, we already had the key to her heart. But instead, we screwed it up by saying the worst thing that a woman would want to hear. Had we gone along with that game even if it’s a lie, we could have had multiple if not unlimited access in seeing her pantsu!!! Anytime we want too! DO YOU NOT THINK THIS IS MUCH BETTER?! Because we’re such a panty crazy lover and desperate to get our short term fix, we had to slip up and say any pantsu on any woman would do for us. That’s it. I’m sorry, but I’d like to slap this master myself. I’m sure many of you would agree too.

There is one complaint of mine that makes this season feel less great than the first. The real pantsu shot only lasts about a second! OMFG!!! THAT’S TOO FAST!!! SLOW DOWN!!! SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!! Because right after they lift their skirt, that one second camera angle shot is then quickly moved up to focus on the girl’s disgusted face. Sure, we could pause that moment and enjoy it as long as we want. But considering that each episode is slightly over 5 minutes and we got a second or two just to see that delicious scene we’ve all been waiting to see, then it is over too soon. After that ‘lengthy drama’ to get to that end scene, that’s not even 1% of the entire running time of the episode. Are they trying to subtly hint that perverted otakus like as cum too quickly???!!! Oh well, we got our desired pantsu, now look at those disgusted face. Oh well, you’ll get used to that appalling face anyway. Roll safe meme: Can’t really see their repulsive face when you’re watching and keeping focused on their pantsu. Hey, also better to see their revolting face than their crying face, right? Works better on our conscious… That’s why we don’t learn :-).

Until the next time, we can dream of more girls in different outfits doing the same thing. Not enough? There’s always the ecchi stuffs around the internet. Even hornier? There’s porn if you know where to look to get your horny fix. For better or worse (most likely the latter), society in this era has reached this stage that it is no longer the question of morally good or bad series. We can argue this is a form of art, but hey, who are we to judge? You like it? Good. You hate it? So be it. As long as men will continue to be fascinated with women’s panties and Japan continuing to exist, I think it is safe to say that we’ll be seeing more of this morally questionable form of entertainment for a long time to come. In the meantime, can we suggest that for the next season of this series that the girls don’t just lift up their skirts? They have to take off their clothes and show us their bra and panties lingerie as a whole set too! OH YEAH!!! Never have we prayed to God so hard for this to come true!!!!! WHY, PERVERTS?! WHY OH WHY???!!!

WHY, JAPAN?! WHY OH WHY???!!!! Because… It’s Japan being very Japan. Do you need any other reasons? Who would have thought that Iya Na Kao Sare Nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai would even be animated. I mean, besides all the hentai out there. As the title suggests, a group of girls in various outfits will show you their panties but in exchange for this eye candy, you must put up with their disgusted face. A small price to pay, right? Yeah, why the heck are they even showing it to us. And that is what mainly this ‘series’ (that was ‘adapted’ from illustrated works that literally shows us angry faced girls flashing their pantsu) is about. Mad girls showing you their panties like as though they are doing you a favour. Oh right. They are. I guess they have a right to be mad when they see our cringe filled perverted smiling happy faces. I know there are so many other ‘worse’ ecchi (without even crossing the hentai line or being borderline hentai) but to animate a series just for this specific purpose? Oh my dear Japan… You really want to outdo yourself, huh?

Episode 1: Chitose Itou (Maid)
OMG!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!! MAID CHARACTER AS THE FIRST!!!!!! OMFG!!!! THANK YOU JAPAN!!!!! I LOVE YOU JAPAN!!!!!!! Now you know why I watched this series…Meido-san, since I am your goshuujin-sama, I want you to show your pantsu. Sexual harassment, whatever you call it, JUST F*CKING SHOW ME YOUR PANTSU!!!!! Hehehe… Good maid…. Can I have a second round?

Episode 2: Yuina (Idol)
Wow. Such a sell-out concert, huh? Must be thanks to us who were your first and staunch supporters, huh? In that case you can be grateful by SHOWING YOUR KAWAII PANTSU TO US!!!! IT IS NOT ONLY OUR ONLY WISH. IT IS OUR F*CKING RIGHT!!!! No, we don’t want your whatever curry meal you can cook for us. Oh, take off those ‘fake’ outer pantsu so that we can see the real pantsu you are wearing.

Episode 3: Maria Takayama (Nun)
Best Christian anime ever to grace our screens recently. Oh sister, we are such lost sheep. Please help guide us back to the righteous path… BY SHOWING US YOUR PANTSU!!!!! By the will of God’s grace, you will show us your pantsu and help a miracle occur and bring peace to our minds. Oh, bless you sister. Bless you… And your pantsu…

Episode 4: Iori Izumo (Miko Priestess)
Time for another ‘spiritual healing’ this time with a more eastern type. Yeah, we are childhood friends with the supposed shrine maiden and we’re supposed to follow the footsteps of our shrine master. Since you started it by asking us if there was a certain someone we like, I guess SHOW ME YOUR PANTSU!!!!! Hey, it’s your fault for bringing up the nostalgic memory of accidentally seeing your panties when you tripped then. Oh yeah. I have no more regrets after fulfilling my earthly desires.

Episode 5: Misuzu Tanahashi (Nurse)
OMG! YOU SAID IT FIRST! YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR WORD! Because if we manage to finish this 3000 piece puzzle in 4 hours, you will do us any one thing that we ask! Even by your own admission if it is something ecchi! You better make good your promise because nothing makes us go faster than the power of boners. NOW SHOW US YOUR PANTSU!!! AND STICK YOUR ASS OUT WHILE YOU’RE AT IT! Oh yes. I can feel our injuries healing already. But just to be safe, can we have a 3000 jigsaw puzzle match with you next time so that we can ask you to strip? We might be energetic but we’re not totally healed yet!

Episode 6: Airi Sega (High School Girl)
Yeah… Japanese guys sure love their joshi kousei. Gamer girl loses to us. Yeah, she didn’t think we could beat her. Hence she is so mad that this challenge was a bet to see her pantsu. So confident you could win, eh? Agreed to play because you thought it was a joke and we share the same hobby, eh? Now look what happened? So just shut up and SHOW US YOUR PANTSU!!! Oh, turn around and show us your ass to while you’re at it. Yeah, yeah. Complain and insult us all you want with those flowery nicknames you came up on the fly for us. But if you don’t do it, it means you have no pride as a gamer and a girl who goes back on her word. Oh yeah… OH YEAH!!! Is there a save point for this?!

Panty Raider: Underwear World
Oh dear… Oh my… If you think this was bad enough (or satisfyingly good), wait till you hear that there is going to be another f*cking season of this series!!!! You heard that right. WHY, JAPAN?! WHY OH WHY???!!!! I guess there are so many other female outfits that we missed out that we have to have another season just to get our ecchi fix. Especially the policewoman outfit is sorely missing here. Yeah, I suppose we will be arrested right away, locked away forever with the keys to the cell thrown away.

With today’s declining moral standards, there is going to be some (petty) arguments from both sides of the divide. But we’re not here to judge who is right or wrong. Simply because I am one of the few who kinda ‘enjoyed’ this sleazy cheesy cheap fanservice series. Especially the maid. Oh yeah. The most important and best one of the lot. I hope she gets her own spinoff sequel and add a few more other maid characters to the mix. That would be absolutely perfect. A dream come true. Rather, the wildest fantasies-cum-delusions and dreams come true. We all know this series is made to target a certain demographic audience and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. What a world we live in.

But I am in a dilemma to whether to call those panty shots as worth it. Yes, it is somewhat ‘worth it’. Because which sane girl would actually lift their skirts to show their panties? And we’re not even talking about porn. Even if the girls put up their disgusted faces, we will be so focused and engrossed at their kawaii pantsu that we would hardly notice them. No wonder we want to look at their panties and ass. Further away from the boobs and hence the higher chances of our eyes meeting. Yeah, I’m wondering how these girls will look at us from now on. Will they continue to show us their panties or will they completely avoid us or greet us with that auto disgusted face every time we meet. I don’t think that will be worth it in the long run, seeing a girl’s disgusted face without getting to see her pantsu… More importantly, what happened to us and her after she showed us their pantsu? Will legal action be taken? Don’t care. Got our pantsu fix. Can die happy now. Or rot in prison forever.

A few seconds worth of panty shots doesn’t sound like anything much and that is all the fanservice this has to offer. Of course you could pause the video to have a longer look… So it feels like a short term quick fix for those wanting something light on the naughty side rather than something heavy. We just want a quick glimpse of those kawaii pantsu rather than seeing the convoluted plots infused with semi-naked girls and their big boobs (High School DxD, Sunohara-sou No Kanrinin-san, Killing Bites, Nanatsu No Bitoku) or even one of those porn animes (Joshi Ochi).

But having said that, the biggest ‘dissatisfaction’ that I find is the limited view of the pantsu. What I mean is that there is just one fixed view of the pantsu. Hardly satisfying. Woah! Am I expecting more hardcore fanservice from this God-given ecchi stuffs? Should I not be grateful? Am I saying I want some full 3D rotation shot of all the pantsu? Yeah. Maybe. Perhaps I should get a VR of this series if there was ever one made. I’m saying this because the ‘most unsatisfying’ pantsu shot goes to the nurse. I could hardly see her pantsu as she is showing off mostly her ass. Turn around! Turn around, I say! Didn’t happen. I was left to rue the wasted panty shot for that episode. Yeah… First world problems… And why does the nun wear such fancy lingerie? I thought she’s supposed to conservative and loyal to God? Does God like fancy pantsu? At least the high school girl was slightly better despite showing most of her ass to us. Sighs. Even got panty shots still complaining…

In the end, it feels like the cheapest porn logic ever for these girls in outfits to just show us their panties. Yup. No resistance whatsoever. Because we want to see them, they show it to us without further questioning. Like as though they want to show them to us… But then again, this isn’t only porn logic (but without any sex or penetration in this case) but perhaps the complexity of a woman’s mind. You know how they will snap back at you for cheating on her in HER DREAMS?! That’s why we can’t complain if we can get away by looking at women’s panties with a disgusted face as penalty. I’m sure most of us can live with our conscience of this guilty pleasure. Till the next round when they spam us with more pantsu shots. WHY, JAPAN?! WHY OH WHY???!!!!

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