July 5, 2015

Life itself is never straightforward or easy. It is such a winding road with some many forked and converging paths that it sometimes confuses the hell out of you on where to go next. Because I am sure everybody doesn’t want to screw up since all of us have only one precious life. Better make that count. So who do you ask for life’s advice when you’re lost? Too scared to ask your parents or close friends (or they may be the source of your problems?) or don’t believe all those crappy life advice columns in newspapers and magazines? Don’t worry. In Jinsei, you can write a letter to a bunch of high school students who ‘specialize’ in giving their opinions and views for your problems! You not only get 1 answer but 3 or 4 of them! Wow! It’s like giving you several options to choose from. No guarantees it will work, though. Heck, they may even compound your problem because with these kids with different backgrounds and mindset, they are always set to clash and what better way to see whose answer is the best by trying things out… Uhm, the answer you are looking for might have to wait for a little while as they sort things out…

Episode 1
To show Yuuki Akamatsu her gratitude, Ayaka Nikaidou, the president of the second newspaper club makes him the manager of a life counselling club and all he has to do is manage the 3 girls who will give their opinions and advices on troubles bugging the students. Sounds easy right? Well, that depends. So each of the girls are specialized in a certain field. Like Rino Endou who is into sciences, Fumi Kujou will cover humanities and Ikumi Suzuki on athletics. So our first issue our team will handle is about a guy who is having trouble deciding joining a club. Of course all the girls come up with stark different (and crazy) answers. Noting this guy’s trait is being indecisive, a suggestion is that he forms an indecisive club but even that itself is indecisive. He’ll be indecisive to recruit members and new potential members will be indecisive to join. Since they can’t sort this out, the only way is to have a water balloon match in which the winner’s answer will be chosen. Rino who is physically weaker uses her science and calculations to fight back against Ikumi. However she is athletic enough to evade. And then Ikumi hears that Rino and Fumi have paired up against her. They even set traps for a bunch of water balloons hidden in a tree to fall on her. But Ikumi like some kung fu master, empties her mind and lets her body take over. All the water balloons are deflected back to the duo. With their shirts soak, Ikumi starts molesting Fumi’s boobs.

Another guy has trouble of getting along with others and feels his communicating skills are lacking. As usual, different answers. Time to put it to a test. This time an experiment. Since Rino insists on physical contact, she is made to touch Akamatsu. Nervous and uncomfortable. That says it all on her face although she is denying it. So she manages to softly touch his hand. What about calling by each other’s first name? While Akamatsu could, Rino couldn’t. Fumi’s family runs a shrine so she is going to help teach about intimacy. She talks to Rino in hopes of finding a common interest. None. Not even anything general. Fumi felt so defeated that she ran away. In another letter, an art club senior is in desperate need of members since the manga club next door seems to be taking away potential ones. Since there is some ‘screaming’ portrait attached to the letter, Ikumi gets an idea to have a mascot for the club. Yeah, I don’t know what is this strange spirit… A result of all their ideas mashed up together. Ayaka will accept it but on one condition. As the newspaper needs to feature an article on local date spots, someone has to go on a date and test it out. And so, Akamatsu and Rino end up in some café. They felt they have been set up. Surprisingly they both could hold a decent conversation. Of course, Rino spamming all her sciences in it. But all fun times must end and when it’s time to go, Ikumi and Fumi are waiting outside. They were certain (and probably waiting) for them to kiss. But it is second round for Rino since the girls go back in to enjoy the cake. Anyway, their mascot, Super Spirited-kun is approved. Say, how come it looks like that Scream painting?

Episode 2
A girl is having serious self confidence problem especially finding Mr Right thanks to some prediction she got from a fortune teller. Scientific Rino doesn’t believe in such superstitions but the others are trying to lure her into it. To solve this problem, they become fortune tellers and blow away her negativity by telling good predictions. Well, it’s amazing they manage to do all the setup to make it look real. When the girl is brought in, Ikumi who is playing the fortune teller, shoves Akamatsu and Rino underneath the table. Cramped space. Boy on top of girl. Oh dear. Ikumi is bugging them for answers but something feels more than that because it is like Ikumi’s legs are forcing Akamatsu to be all over Rino. So much so, the last straw came when he got his hands on her boobs. I don’t even know how this happened. He had to shut her up or her screams would have ruined everything. Everything goes without a hitch. Except that Akamatsu is apologetic although it wasn’t his fault but Rino is not too amused. Another issue has a girl having a fight with her friend and wants to make up. Obviously Rino is still upset about that incident so Ikumi tries to open her eyes to forgiveness and all. Ikumi tries to be an example as she shows an apology letter she wrote for her teacher for falling asleep in class. However the teacher is not convinced and she had to rewrite it several times. It becomes so absurd that the teacher eventually gave up and let her go. So did love won out in the end? The rest doesn’t think so.

A guy is jealous about his ever growing popularity of his frenemy. In order to give their client confidence by beating their own enemy, they head to an abandoned section of the school to investigate rumours of a White Entity. Even though it is Ikumi’s idea, she is the one who is most scared. Uh huh. She even hopes whatever it is would turn out to be a pervert instead of a ghost! They thought they see something running into a room so Akamatsu and Rino further investigate but whatever this Black Entity is, it isn’t a ghost as it manages to give them the slip by escaping via window and a piece of cloth to abseil down. Their next client has trouble getting a birthday gift for a friend. Because Rino’s answers are things that you would never want to get for a present, she reveals she is bad in getting gifts because she doesn’t get many and doesn’t celebrate birthdays. For some time, Rino notices Akamatsu avoiding her. She thinks he is still reeling from that boob groping incident. She continues to brush it off. When she enters the clubroom, the rest pop a birthday surprise although it is a day earlier to her birthday. Rino is confused since she is not familiar with birthday customs or how to celebrate it. But as Akamatsu puts it, she is an irreplaceable friend and wants to celebrate this important day together. At least Rino is still human because she starts crying. Albeit she’s denying it… She ekes out a thank you.

Episode 3
Because Ayaka feels disappointed Akamatsu didn’t get a girlfriend, this calls for a summer camp for the counsellors. Since they have their own agenda, they can’t make it. Well, can’t say Akamatsu didn’t try. Still, Ayaka doesn’t want him to give up easily and continue persuading them. Another client has self confidence problems. So what better way for Rino to try it out on riding a bicycle since she can’t. As usual she fails and hurts herself. She believes she can’t do it because she has been trying since young. But seeing her friends giving her encouragement and Fumi giving a Terracotta doll, she picks up and tries again. Her confidence grows as she is able to keep balance and move straight but crashes at the corner. Even so, now Rino’s confidence has skyrocketed to the point of cockiness and all she needs to do is understand the bicycle’s dynamics. Well, at least she got her confidence. In school, they see some guy doing some Mad Max thingy. Seems he is being helped by Kouta Asano who is the president of the first newspaper club. Seems this guy has a crush on Ayaka and is setting up a rival counselling service to beat them at their own game. He introduces the other members rivalling theirs. There is Kumi whose G-cup size to rival Fumi. The sharp tongue Shino to rival Rino (doesn’t it sound she just hates Asano?) and mind bogglingly Yoshitaka to counter Ikumi. Ikumi didn’t like her fake as a guy… Their mascot is also a rip off from theirs. Once Asano crushes them, Ayaka will have no choice but to run back to him and realize the handsome villain he is. And they will take their time exploring each other’s bodies. Somehow, I feel that is never going to happen. Ayaka loves this challenge and tells them to bring it on.

A girl complains about her mother’s nagging. All have the same chewing gum answer? This leads to them helping Fumi solve her problem because her grandpa is strict and usually takes over the conversation. Thus she has no chance of getting the message to him and always kept quiet. Will Akamatsu help do something about it and convince grandpa to let her go to the summer camp? So the friends are at her home. They go through her photo album and keep track on how her boob size spurt in these few short years. Fumi gives Akamatsu a rage meter. As grandpa’s rage intensifies, the meter fills up and by filling certain numbers, he is able to pull of some super killer technique special move! WTF?! Finally they meet grandpa and as usual, he is dominant and gives no chance to Fumi to speak. Wow. The rage meter is already increasing. Even more so to the max when Ikumi starts going against him! Oh sh*t! Akamatsu apologizes on her behalf and tries to explain but before that could happen, he jumps the gun that he has violated his granddaughter. Oh sh*t! Is he going to die?! Surprisingly it is Rino who puts a stop to this and gives a decent explanation. Grandpa’s best answer: Now why didn’t she say so? Duh… With Fumi wishing to be heard more often, grandpa realizes she has grown up and feels the need to stop treating her like a child. He calls Akamatsu his future son-in-law! Well, thank goodness he didn’t get speared. That’s much worse, right? Or is it… To help finance their summer camp, they take up part time jobs at the supermarket. Ikumi sucks at rock-scissors-paper and is made to wear a weird back pad mascot outfit. She’s lively but is scaring away the kids! Unlike Rino who has all the information but her shyness prevents her from getting her point across. So they both combine and as weird as this ‘monster’ seems, it is a huge success! The kids love them and their product is sold out!

Episode 4
There is an email from Asano that is obviously an attempt to spite the second newspaper club. He is asking how he could make those members give in and see the error of their ways. Ironically enough the girls answer back with their suggestions! Because Asano will be having a summer camp at his villa, Ayaka also wants to do the same. Because that Mad Max guy tried but failed to get enough members, might as well not let it go to waste and take his place. At the beach villa, they continue their advice work. A letter about how to improve memory leads them to give suggestions like putting up some traumatic experience and taking pictures. Ikumi has Fumi the subject and she’s pouting all the way. She alternates between seaweed and Rino between those pictures. Akamatsu is smitten seeing Rino’s wet ass in her swimsuit (?!) but she gets the wrong idea thinking he is interested with the sea organisms she found. I’m sure he is pretty much disappointed after knowing the thing he wants to touch and taste turns out to be that. What was he thinking? You think she would really allow that? Another letter that has a guy wondering about his flag since a female classmate seems to be doing such events with him before but stopped. This leads to Ikumi suggesting to hit watermelons. Ikumi shows that even if she is blindfolded and spun around so many times, she can still locate where it is. As for Rino, it might take ages before she can get close to it. Akamatsu is made to put the watermelon in front of her. Rino trips and he grabs her breast. Thinking he is taking advantage of her, she is going to split his head. She slips again and once more he catches her breast. I think she can nail his head perfectly this time.

Strangely it seems Akamatsu and Rino are close to having a romantic moment with each other but Asano had to pop up and spoil everything. Ayaka won’t let him get the better of her as he suggests a competition to see who can give the best advice. The loser team disbands. He signs off by claiming they can watch his fireworks from afar. But Ayaka will have them recharge their energy with a nice meal and bath. While the girls head over to bath, Akamatsu reads a letter from that Mad Max guy personally for him. His intention for this trip was to get girls and then peep on them but it fell apart. Now he wants Akamatsu to live out his dream. Yeah, he spent a lot on this elaborate plan. I am sure Akamatsu is using the excuse to make sure the girls are safe from prying eyes as he goes check on the ‘facilities’. At the toilet, after removing pieces of plywood on the wall, he could hear the girls in their ambiguous talk. Then following an underground tunnel that leads to inside a metal statue, he could peep at the girls via a lens. Damn those steamy vapour… If all else fails, there is a lever next to it. Akamatsu pulls it and he is ejected outside into the pool. Too bad he missed the fireworks. When the girls return, they wonder about his change of clothes. Did something happen? Ikumi thinks he wet his pants. Yeah… Might as well go along with that.

Episode 5
The day of the battle is here. But what the gang doesn’t know is that the format will be like a game show quiz-cum-penalty game. They will be streamed live and viewers will vote. The one receiving the least votes will be punished. The girls don’t agree to this but since Ayaka finds it interesting, what else can they do? Asano even plays dirty because Yoshitaka is some sort of priest (the real one is manning the camera – heck, nobody remembers how he looks like so can you call it a foul?) while Kumi has her mouth gagged because her choker that plays a voice of an old man! First round pits Rino and Yoshitaka. It is about a guy nervous on his first date. On no. Rino isn’t good in this department. Although she tries her best, Yoshitaka comes up with some insane answer to pray to your ancestors and then head straight to the love hotel! Rino may have lost it and tries to point out Yoshitaka’s speech pattern which doesn’t have anything to do with the question. Guess what? Rino wins by a landslide! Asano is appalled because the penalty game has Yoshitaka slide down into the water where lots of eels are giving him tentacle rape! Not cool! Next round has Shino against Ikumi. The question is about a guy having trouble studying. But since both answer way off and are more interested in quarrelling with each other that leads to insults of “May Asano lick your (insert whatever you can think of here)”, the round is stopped and Shino is voted the winner. The penalty this time is that Ikumi is hung upside down. Don’t worry. She is wearing sports pants. She even doubles this by doing sit-ups. Asano curses his foiled plan since it was Shino who is supposed to lose as she only wears panties underneath.

Final round pits Kumi and Fumi. With the question about a guy having no dreams or direction, Kumi’s argument starts to sound familiar. Then they realize it. It is Fumi’s grandpa behind that voice! Fumi got the guts to interrupt her grandpa and argue back her facts. Grandpa won’t lose and argues back an even greater point. Since Fumi still won’t give up, she concentrates so hard that we see snippets of past episodes and her closing argument of the precious time spent with everyone. That includes grandpa. He is so happy that he admits defeat. Asano can’t believe this but what do the voters say? They choose Fumi! And so the second newspaper club wins. Asano is frustrated he always loses (because he is always a loser, duh!) so he takes out his frustration with Kumi fanservice, dropping her naked into the pool… Time to take some photos while at it. Akamatsu narrates their team’s victory thanks to their routine discussions but ironically they have no teamwork too. With extra time, Ayaka suggests they play some riddle game before they can eat BBQ. Akamatsu has to pass them and they pick up a card that has them select the food they are allowed to eat. With Akamatsu just passing them and they pick out cards with foods that do not suit them, it all descends into frenzy as they try to hurry up since Ayaka is eating up all the good stuffs. Argh! Who cares?! Free for all!

Episode 6
I don’t know what Ayaka is screaming at Akamatsu for but they smell something burning. No, it is not his brain on fire but their submission box outside! Ayaka is interested to catch the culprit and write a newsworthy article on it. So Akamatsu gathers what he can on the burnt letter and thanks to the incompleteness, the girls ended up quarrelling on misinterpreted points before Akamatsu lets them know about the incident. So they go investigate it as Rino uses her sciences to deduce the probable identity of the culprit. But Ikumi is confident with her smell and uses it to guide her to the culprit. Nope. Only led her to hidden porn magazine and DVD in the bushes… Fumi notices a letter ‘h’ burn mark and deduces it could possibly a secret society called HHH! Ikumi knows a man whom she admires who can help out. Of course Ayaka is more interested to know this man Ikumi knows and has everyone tail her. Although she makes stops at weird places like the supermarket, Rino and Fumi can’t help answer comments on community boards and even wishes plates at the shrine! They just had to give their opinions, huh? Finally they see Ikumi meeting up with that guy. Hmm… A bit old to be her boyfriend. Seems like she is giving him stamps but he refuses. She takes out some hero mask from his bag and puts it on him. Fumi takes the liberty to adlib some sort of messy forbidden affair (which of course isn’t actually the case). In the end, the guy turns her down and leaves.

After they confront Ikumi and ask who that guy is, she reveals he is a local tokusatsu hero, Koganen. They stop by a café, Ayaka has the owner relate his problem. His business is dwindling and Ikumi again suggests Koganen to solve his problem. Koganen was a hero of peace and justice created for this shopping district and Ikumi loved watching his shows when young. It was him who made her passionate about athletics and the stamp card she gets from those various places allows her to meet him, shake his hand, etc. Yeah, that guy is so cool that he even has his own theme song. But they point out some of the misheard lyrics but Ikumi feels those lyrics ruined the song. They have to ask Hiroyuki Iida (Koganen’s actor) but Ikumi again refuses to believe Koganen is Iida and the latter is just his disguise. Plus, Koganen has no worries. Ayaka rephrases that they are going to ask Iida and not Koganen. Back at the clubroom, Asano invites himself in and also takes picture of the burnt submission box. I thought his newspaper club was disbanded but it seems he is also trying to find the culprit. I’m not sure about Ikumi wanting him to shout out his attention out loud and since he does (including his wish for panty shots), Ikumi gives him permission to take pictures of Fumi’s panties. Asano also believes HHH is behind this and then reveals his plan to embarrass their club by solving this case first. Another challenge? Challenge accepted! Here we go again.

Episode 7
Surprise! Iida has life worries too and sends one to the counsellors. His problem is that he isn’t popular with girls and wants to know their top 5 icebreakers. He mentions his but they don’t seem to work with girls. Obviously… So they pay a visit to some antique shop he is working at as Ikumi wants him to come back as a hero. But he won’t. Because it isn’t cool. Say what? He took up this job thinking he would be popular but a concept that a neighbourhood association came up with a budget that could only feature 2 villains is hardly anything. Empty seats. Only Ikumi was watching enthusiastically. As thanks for their advice, he lets them have certain items for free. And those icebreakers are just rephrasing of his original… Ripped off. Ikumi throws a tantrum that she wants her pals to put on a hero show. She used to go there with her late grandpa and thus she associates Koganen with memories of grandpa. The rest agree to do it as Akamatsu is given the role of Koganen. Now for some Spartan training! But all that hard work pays off because Ikumi is going to give him her special massage. Serious. Okay, nothing fishy. She’s massaging his leg, feet, etc. Feels good. Till he finds out she’s deciphering massage points from some scribble! The next massage that has her press his pressure points changes his voice and even his personality! Who the heck is this handsome lady killer?! He is flirting with Ikumi till Rino barges into to stop them. Since when did she care? Rino notices he still keeps to old submission box and its bottom part is dissolved. Examining it again, she deduces the culprit is using some sort of hazardous chemical and the only one who has access to it is the science teacher, Fujita. Further deduction reveals the culprit’s goal isn’t to burn what was inside the box but to erase whatever chemical that was accidentally poured in it.

They tail him after school but see him visiting some adult store. Hey, you never know. But Rino and Akamatsu’s keen observation make them realize that Fujita is a left hander, just like their suspect. The life advisors receive another mail that his friend Asano is missing (the rest of the mail is just crap). Akamatsu thinks of letting the school handle this but Ikumi don’t want to let this golden hero chance to escape. Fumi agrees because if Fujita is part of HHH, then it would cast doubts on teachers being trustworthy. Once more they follow Ikumi’s smell finder and it leads them back to that abandoned section of the school. A pair of fresh footsteps. One set might belong to Asano’s friend. Time for Akamatsu to don his Koganen suit and be the hero. He confronts Fujita calibrating his weird machine while a student is tied up beside it. To avoid being recognized, he presses his own pressure point to change his voice! Cornered, Fujita is going to reveal everything about HHH. In the aftermath, Ayaka chides Akamatsu for this ridiculous article about HHH. It’s a secret organization of perverts to hide their porn?! He claims all that is true but Ayaka won’t buy it. Flashback reveals Fujita mentions that every guy’s fear is for their porn to be discovered. HHH was formed to overcome this challenge. So he created a machine that would rid of their porn in record time. From throwing it away outside to dissolving it with chemicals. Indeed, he is the culprit that burnt the submission box. Since Rino was in that club, it was only a matter of time he would be caught and needed to eliminate all traces of it. Akamatsu extends his hand that he will handle it. Akamatsu returns to the girls and Ikumi is glad the day is saved. I don’t know how she called that kicking evil’s butt. Therefore Ayaka is so disappointed she got her hopes up. But all is not lost because Akamatsu felt like a real hero.

Episode 8
Ayaka is praising Akamatsu’s normality. That guy loves this compliment when suddenly she starts chiding him about how normal his suggestions are for the cultural festival! She’s raging about it and some ambition she has that she can’t tell him now! So Akamatsu has those counsellors give suggestions but as usual, their odd, weird and even typical suggestions are questionable. I don’t know what Fumi went on ranting about her Three Kingdoms strategy to organize her thoughts but since she is so passionate about it, the rest won’t interrupt her. So for a change of pace, they answer a letter. Some guy who believes life is predetermined from the day you are born and wonders if he is fated to live a loser life. While discussing about it, Fumi suggests doing their own version for Game of Life and this gives Akamatsu to use it for their cultural festival. Of course as they go through it, they feel it doesn’t cover a lot of things in real life. When Akamatsu is called by Ayaka, she is in a bad mood. There is an article about Kaori Shirakawa, the school’s student council president and granddaughter of the school’s director. She claims she has made the greatest accomplishment of cutting down truants. Ayaka is not pleased because this means abandoning weaker students for her own goals. In reality, they are transferred (or exiled as she puts it) to their sister school, Kumon Technical High School. Therefore in Kaori’s eyes, the school is nothing more than her property. Looking up at their website, it feels like some sort of torture cult… Also, those who crossed her path will be transferred there without warning. Ayaka vows to catch her someday.

As the Game of Life has been given approval, the challenge now is to design it. I don’t know what Ikumi’s abstract art is. But at least Rino’s futuristic blocks and Fumi’s moustachioed and bearded characters look better. Since they can’t decide this, they answer a question about someone who wonders if going through life flattering others would be beneficial. So they try playing a shiritori game using flattery. Ikumi is always flattered, Rino too but that soon turns to annoyance while Fumi doesn’t take her big boobs as compliment. And then they lose sight of it all and everyone becomes annoyed. In the end, Ikumi loses because she broke some rules. Then they go see Emi Murakami of the art club to suggest she design their Game of Life. Ikumi is still under the impression to play shiritori to flatter her. At firs Emi is suspicious but is soon convinced by Ikumi’s nonsensical talk. I don’t know, she feels touched and shows her painting. She even has Ikumi suggest what to draw next. Some grilled eel? She’ll do just that! Nothing stops her when it comes to painting! And she wants everyone to strip to be her model! If they won’t, she’ll do it herself! Once they calm her down, they ask about their request. She agrees to it but in return would want to ask them for life advice too. Emi and Ikumi are happy for each other and for the rest, they just feel odd that 2 people who just meet each other bonded so well. Yeah. We’re not sure what just happened.

Episode 9
Emi wonders if they can do something about the occult club next door because with occult-like happenings, it is affecting her mood to paint. So they discuss suggestions on how to tackle this issue and Emi likes Ikumi’s one to just punch in the gut. It leads to Rino’s long ass explanation why occult is fake. Everyone’s asleep… This is followed by Fumi’s Three Kingdom’s story… So sleepy… Because Fumi points out Rino as cute and annoying, the latter is made to go stop the occult club with her intractable personality. Rino wants occult girl to predict a few things but she has a great excuse because Rino’s mind is closed and how do you read a closed book? You can’t. So she won’t. It is agreed to do hypnotism on Rino and if they manage to get one secret out of her, she wins. Otherwise occult girl will do what Emi wants. Rino easily gets hypnotized on the fourth count as everybody is interested to know her love interest! First, occult girl has her imagine the happiest place she’d love to be. Rino descends into a child-like state happily riding her quail. But she encounters a little problem in her dream when Ikumi tries to eat her quail. Then Rino asks Ikumi is she likes or hates her before wanting her to be patted on the head and being told she is a good girl. She does the same for Fumi but this time uses her lap as a pillow. Then she wants a hug from Akamatsu. At this point, occult girl wants her to reveal her love interest. Surprisingly Rino denies! After several tries and realizing she is inept in expressing romantic affections, she admits defeat! But Akamatsu might have heard something from Rino. Something about why she can’t say the name of the person she likes.

Emi temporarily helps out as a life advisor. Rino continues to fluster and space out. Ikumi starts fondling Fumi that it gives inspiration to Emi to draw. I don’t know what poem Ikumi is reading but adding it into the drawing makes it look lewd. I don’t know how, as part of Emi’s inspiration to draw, the rest are cramped up within card box enclosure. Don’t even ask how Ikumi got stuck in between. So as they discuss another letter, Ikumi wants Akamatsu to say he loves her in which he did. This makes Rino panic. Ayaka then comes in with bad news that Kaori has rejected their festival proposal. The cause? Somebody scribbled and put ugly photos of her on their bulletin board. Could it be you the culprit, Ayaka? But she won’t give up and vows to fight for their right to participate. Emi gets fired up to start a revolution with them. Later when Akamatsu is alone, Rino sees him to ask if he heard what she said during the hypnosis as she doesn’t remember much. However her panic and indication that she doesn’t want that to be her first confession makes Akamatsu realize she did remember. Because he did hear her say she can’t say the name of the person she likes then as that person in that room will hear it. He is the only guy in that room, right? Could it be? OMG. Rino likes Akamatsu? Him? No way. Impossible. Are you thinking too much?

Episode 10
As they confront Kaori, she claims she has fairly assessed their request but eventually given their requested locations to weird clubs they never heard of. Yeah, they were just formed recently. Ayaka even prostrates herself as requested but I doubt that would change anything. I don’t know why Emi came in handing Akamatsu a fire extinguisher but if he touches her, he can kiss his school days goodbye because she has the authority to make that happen. However she gives them a chance. This auditorium can be theirs if they help the school’s Big Four Negative people. Actually, only 3 of them as one have already left thanks to being so negative. The first one is Kimie Yamanaka who is pretty negative about fitting in Tokyo as she came from the countryside. They try to talk to her to give her confidence and she is worried especially about her accent that she thinks everyone will make fun of. Although they give her confidence to speak, it seems they can’t make a word out of what she says! Though, they just lie and give positive feedback. All that is left is for Akamatsu to understand. She takes of her glasses and reveals her beautiful eyes. But it’s that thick accent again! Oh sh*t! If he says the wrong thing, she will go into despair again. What is he going to do? He just says “Of course” and everything becomes fine. I don’t know what he agreed to but let’s hope it is nothing dangerous. Next negative person is Yano who has secluded himself and given up on everything. They meet him and find he has the looks. Ikumi thinks being active is the key so she wrestles with Akamatsu (he has to put up with all the ambiguous positions) but to no avail. Yano didn’t pay any attention. They learn he was such a popular guy and loved himself. But reality hit him when friends excluded him when he overdid it. Rino thinks they need to make him accept that it is okay to be a narcissist. They let Emi do her passionate painting. Yano is puzzled they don’t find her annoying. With some words of encouragement, he is back on his feet.

Finally, Tomoko Uchimura is going to be hard as she is afraid of students. She is a teacher. Their club’s advisor. She got caught in the crossfire between Ayaka and Kaori as the latter had many ways to harass her. But Ayaka feels today she can change that but they must find her first. She is faking illnesses at the infirmary. I don’t know what Ikumi is thinking since she crawls under her blanket and did something ambiguous. This includes stripping her to massage her body to take away whatever pain she is feeling. It did. Tomoko is so negative that she thinks of resigning and okay to be a loser. She also doesn’t mind having regrets. Ayaka comes in with occult girl to hypnotize her but Rino got hypnotized even before she started counting! Rino is now a genki kid asking for Tomoko to tell her geographical stories. Tomoko becomes inspired and starts talking. The rest feel asleep… Tomoko feels refreshed and remembers how much she loves teaching. Kaori is not pleased that Ayaka’s group succeeded and is forced to give the auditorium. Their Game of Life was a hit especially with the surprise prizes Ayaka brought. Akamatsu talks to Rino about her second hypnotism as she is worried she might have said something embarrassing. Akamatsu assures she didn’t but she doesn’t buy it. As they struggle, she falls into his arms… Later Akamatsu confronts Ayaka about her feud with Kaori. It all started when she was a reporter under Asano. She discovered something dark about her and wanted to publish it. However Kaori started pressuring her and Asano changed his character, kicked her out of the club and destroyed the evidence. Kaori had misappropriated the student council’s budget and vows to expose this and get her removed. This is the reason why she assembled Akamatsu and the girls.

Episode 11
Ayaka complains about Akamatsu but also admires his strong points that he is selfless. Till she reveals how the club is out of money because she used it all on the informant to dig up Kaori’s secrets! Don’t worry, teamwork will see them through! Teamwork? As they answer a letter about a guy who wants to become a very close friend, Fumi checks out the English dictionary of the word confidant and this leads them to have a pyjamas party in the clubroom right smack in the daylight. Because pyjamas party is where you reveal your secrets, no? So knowing one’s other embarrassing secrets makes you closer? Yeah, the girls are really interested where Akamatsu keeps his porn and he doesn’t mind telling them! Then there is this cheeky thing Ikumi did of wanting to know Fumi’s breast size so the latter hints it is between E and G. What alphabet is in between there? J! This causes Fumi to correct her it is F! Oh, she just revealed it… Then there is this folly whereby Emi is trying to undress her pyjamas beneath the blanket! Akamatsu is tempted to look as Rino gives that piercing stare while Fumi is up to here in trying to tell Emi to put her clothes back on! Eventually with all that screaming, Emi strips naked and nobody gives a damn about Ikumi revealing her embarrassing secret of eating stick snacks. So she forces Akamatsu to listen and this prevents him from turning around to look at the gorgeous naked body that is just a few feet away flaunting about… What a waste…

Ayaka comes in with news that the first newspaper club is holding a beauty contest for the school. What caught her attention is the grand prize of 500,000 yen’s worth of rice coupon. This is sponsored by Kaori and the results are already rigged to make her the winner. All part of the misappropriation of funds. Of course Ayaka needs more definitive proof but has used up all the money on the informants. Though Kaori is beautiful enough to win the contest even without rigging so they need to send someone in to jeopardize her chances. Who could it be? Ikumi volunteers! A long silence… Emi is comparing her boobs with Fumi’s… Surprisingly Ayaka agrees. Why? Because if anything bad happens, she needs to get away quick and Ikumi is nimble enough for that job! Ikumi starts sulking and doesn’t want to participate. She won’t be coaxed. This has Ayaka leading the rest to rally how cute she is. Now that her confidence is back up, she’ll do it. First she needs to fill up the form but all the details she fills in are ridiculous. This irks Fumi as she becomes the strict coach in guiding Ikumi to write better stuffs! I don’t know how many times she has to rewrite it… It is amazing Fumi can stand her idiocy this long. And when it’s over, Ikumi gives a big sigh of relief and also the most innocent smile ever. I guess this is good enough for them to think she’ll go far. Meanwhile Kaori is screening through the applicants and sees Ikumi’s. She knows Ayaka has sent an ‘assassin’ into the competition. Bring it on.

Episode 12
I am not sure about Emi’s argument about putting Ikumi in a torn miko priestess outfit to bring out the true beauty in her. Adding to that, she is going to pour lots of green slime on her made by Rino! Ikumi is hesitant at first but I don’t know what Emi is ranting about true beauty of fighting slime monsters that convinced her. So they spray bottles after bottles of slime over her as Emi films. Rino and Fumi aren’t spared either. The climax comes when Emi wants her to take off her clothes! Or else she will do it herself! In the end, a normal promo video of Ikumi in her usual high school clothes is taken and the slimy one is sealed away and Akamatsu only knows where it is… It is time for Ikumi’s infiltration and she seems obviously nervous waiting in the room with other participants. Via communicator, she can communicate back to her friends in the clubroom. As Kaori is busy judging the participants, she isn’t in her room so it is perfect time to sneak in and gather some evidence. Of course you would know Ikumi being Ikumi, she gets distracted by the comfy place and even eats the snacks! Yeah. Those crunching sounds… When it is time to check out the computer, the gang fears the worse when they hear crashing sounds! It’s getting louder! True enough, she broke it! In her drawer, she finds a book with 2 guys doing things… When Kaori is heard coming back, can Ikumi get out in time or will she be busted?

Akamatsu then gets an idea. He transforms himself into Koganen and barges into the waiting room! He claims this is an unauthorized beauty contest and wants them to pay for protection money! Is this what a hero would do? Kaori comes in after hearing the commotion but Koganen teases them. As she has her men remove him, Koganen sprays his green slime on them and buys enough time for Ikumi to escape before he makes his exit. When Akamatsu returns, happy Ikumi hugs him and loves the way he improvised. Happy ending? Well, Rino isn’t. That yandere look… She’s murmuring about poison dosages and gasses enough to kill a man! Ikumi won’t let go… As they wait for Ayaka to come up with a new plan, it is back to club activities for them. They answer a letter about a shy guy who wants to stop being hesitant. As they discuss, Ayaka brings Kaori into the club. She is here to negotiate and propose a deal. She knows that they were the ones who infiltrated her room (who else could split her computer in 2?) and though she knows there is not enough evidence to pin on them, she suggests if they stop writing an article on the beauty contest, she’ll let this slide. However Akamatsu says he will still write it. Kaori thinks he wants to impress girls and will introduce as many girls of their level as he wants. But Akamatsu stands firm he will write what has to be written and wants to show off to just these girls. If that is the case, Kaori will now take action and she hopes he’ll be prepared for the consequences of opposing her. The girls stand behind Akamatsu and will not yield in the name of justice (dumb Ikumi almost giveaway she was the infiltrator) when suddenly Ayaka interrupts and admits surrender. They will not write the article.

Episode 13
In exchange, please make Ikumi second place winner. Kaori agrees since she’ll be winning this anyway. Ikumi is not pleased because this makes her a cheater. But she doesn’t get what Ayaka and the rest have understood. Because they do not have solid proof that Kaori is cheating, the threat of writing the article has Kaori think they have evidence. So now with her agreeing to make Ikumi get second place, it shows there will be corruption. All Ikumi has to do is act her usual antics and the audience will definitely sense something amiss that the contest is rigged. Got all that? Yeah. It took another 6.5 hours and 89 Emi’s drawings for her to understand. Asano hosts the contest as it is Ikumi’s turn. She acts like an idiot (God, that is) and beats up Asano! Then she throws slime at everybody! Judges verdict? Near perfect score! The audience is not happy. Suddenly Kaori shows up and apologizes that this contest is rigged. She will find the culprits, bring them to justice and hold another fair contest. I guess Ayaka’s plan backfired. Asano has been made the culprit and both newspaper clubs are forced to combine. Their clubroom is a gym storeroom. As usual, they go about answering problems with Asano joining in but with his usual perverted answers. Kimie comes in to find some shovel to dig her own secret garden. Kaori then calls the gang as she announces she will be holding another beauty contest. Ayaka is not interested despite being assured it will be fair and all the amazing prizes thrown in (a card for you to get out of trouble – it even has a blatant advertising!). But Fumi will agree to participate if she throws in another condition: The right to form a club. Kaori disagrees but when Fumi says the taboo word that she is running away, she won’t back out and agrees to it.

Everyone praises Fumi on how she read up on some article about Kaori not wanting to be seen as one who backs down from a challenge. The girls go all out to collect as much rice coupons which are the voting ‘currency’ to win this contest. Everyone has their methods (I hope Emi didn’t really strip!) but how is Rino doing? She’s not back yet. Akamatsu goes to check and finds she is hiding in a corner. She is afraid to speak to others and couldn’t muster the courage. Akamatsu gives his to hers. She doesn’t want this special treatment but he says he is just giving it to the girl he wants. Next day, Rino is still ‘missing’. The rest think she may have gotten hypnotized and sold her body to get more coupons! Akamatsu will not allow this and goes to check on her. She is seen mustering her courage to speak to some guys. She tries to make her cute appeal by holding a teddy bear. The guys easily give their coupons. The girls are on a roll but by the 4th day, the coupons stopped coming in and everyone starts avoiding them. They figure Kaori put some pressure on them and because 30% have not voted yet, she might get all the votes (despite she is leading with 32%). Before the deadline, Akamatsu works hard trying to convince others. He might look like a desperate case because he is also continuing this stint on the final day when the undecided students cast their vote. Kaori is confident she will be declared the winner but guess who wins? Kimie! How can it be? Akamatsu was convincing others to give their votes to her and this in turn spared them from being harassed. They also got the right to form back their club from her in exchange of featuring an article on her. Although Ayaka is backing down from exposing Kaori’s corruption, she won’t give up yet. As of now, it is too early to face the student council head on and should try a different approach. For example, develop the life advice column into an organization that rivals the student council and exists solely to serve the students. More importantly, Ikumi wants to know who Akamatsu gave his coupon to. He won’t tell but the girls know from their obvious reaction.

With A Pinch Of Salt…
You know how the word consult came about? It stems from both words to con and insult! That is why when you go to a consultant, he cons and insults your views by saying your way is wrong and that his is right! Don’t you think so?! Okay, back to the anime. Personally, this is just an okay anime. It has its amusing parts, it has its funny parts, it has its fanservice parts but also it has its boring parts. That’s why I thought a little fanservice there was to help ‘service’ our interest before it wanders elsewhere and never come back. Haha… Anyway, what I am trying to say that despite having life advice columns which is supposed to be the signature of this show, I find it somewhat boring and the ‘sub-plot’ such as trying to expose Kaori as a corrupted b*tch more interesting than it. Seriously. Because of that, the anime may not end with a bang but at least my mouth wasn’t agape from the boredom that you could fit a steam locomotive inside it. I know the ending feels a bit rushed and somewhat a little as expected (because you can’t just take down a formidable foe in just 2 episodes, right? Otherwise, such would not be called a formidable foe), but I wasn’t hoping too much on this kind of genres.

It was pretty unique at first having the girls with different opinions and it was interesting to see the way they settle things based on their different backgrounds. However because sometimes I do not understand the point of what they are saying, it takes the fun out and as they discuss more and more problems, it becomes some sort of a drag. I realized that the bits I find funny are a lot more less than those I don’t really understand. So if you are not into the kind of animes where the jokes are in the talking, you might find this a big bore and half of the time you will be trying to understand what the girls mean with their suggested answers. Although at the end of the experiment and debate, there will be an honest answer on what you should do, I really don’t pay much attention to this. Mainly because I never had such problems (serious!) and I don’t think we are expecting to get real life advice from this anime or learn anything of this sort. Or do you?

Looking at the girls giving their nonsensical answers, it feels like they too don’t have any life experience from the way they opine. Of course you can argue that they have never experienced such troubles before and are offering their answers based on their principles and that they are just high school kids and not expert life counsellors despite they are giving their counselling at high school level for high schoolers. And having different personalities feel more like clashing instead of getting a variety of answers. But then again, if they do answered it like professionals, this anime would be even more boring and I suppose that is why their different personalities are important in bringing out the funny and comedy parts. If you could ever understand them.

Characters play an important part in making or breaking the series. They aren’t necessarily original and feel clichéd and stereotyped but sufficient for this series without you loving them to death or anything. So we have the most amusing of the pack, Ikumi because she is energetic and frank, saying whatever she has on her mind. Thanks to her ‘idiocy’ she provides the most comic relief and funny moments of the series with her antics that sometimes goes as far as WTF. Then there is the proud and smart Rino, busty Fumi and her historical stories and/or theories, Emi the passionate painter-cum-nudist/stripper and Akamatsu the guy who gets caught in between everything. He is pretty normal and sometimes a little pervert too but tries not to hurt the girls’ feelings. Ayaka has her own agenda too but when it comes down to her club members in danger, she is not willing to risk them for the sake of her own goals. Asano, selfish pervert, nobody cares about him. Kaori is building up to be a smart and beautiful antagonist (at least based from her dark secret) and it would be interesting to see them clash with her again and the kind of tricks and wits they’ll use to turn the tables.

Good or bad thing, the series lacks excessive fanservice and romance although there are hints of them throughout. First for the fanservice, it is a good thing that they don’t distract us and cover up the ‘hard to understand’ (to some) life advises by spamming fanservice although they are noticeable when it happens like when Ikumi starts fondling all over Rino, Rino getting into awkward positions, some swimsuit and bathing scene, Emi’s penchant for stripping and the only reason why Fumi has such big boobs for her age is because of this fanservice thingy to distract us. Okay, so that doesn’t sound very lacking but you know they tease you with them when you can see bits of their bra or panties and if you’re desperate enough, you may think that by tilting your head a little you’ll get to see more ;p. No you won’t.

The romance also feels like a nearly thing but often missed. It is very much hinted about Akamatsu and Rino. You know there is something going on between them especially with that kind of body reaction that Rino gives out and the jealousy she shows when some other girls are getting to close to Akamatsu. I think everybody knows it but just doesn’t want to admit it. It is such a shame because I thought we could get some romance and love advice from this… Sighs, what was I expecting? Therefore I don’t really see how it really fits into the series with all that has happened. Maybe 13 episodes are too early to tell but despite those signs, nothing is really confirmed and we are just assuming it. I mean, Rino never actually admitted anywhere about the person she likes, right? By deduction it should be Akamatsu but what if this science girl harbours a deep secret that nobody knows? Like, she’s a fujoshi and in love with one of those girls! We didn’t expect her childish behaviour when hypnotized, right? So it might be a possibility. Might… You’ll never know…

Art and drawing seems pretty okay with the girls looking quite cute to begin with. Cute enough to think that they are life-like dolls! Feel animated this series so you might see the resemblance of the characters’ cuteness as they have produced animes like Futsuu No Joshikousei Ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita, KissxSis, Fortune Arterial, Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai, Nagasarete Airantou, Outbreak Company, Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai, Kanamemo, Yosuga No Sora and the Da Capo series. Another good thing about this kind of genre, you don’t need flashy art or special effects but because of that, nothing extraordinary stands out although here the sceneries and everything are bright and colourful.

Voice acting wise, nothing spectacular as they are using unknowns in the lead roles. Ayaka Suwa as Ikumi is perfect in sounding her character so and thanks to that I think she sounds the most amusing among the lot. Although I heard her voicing complete opposite roles in other animes like Ruri in Kanojo Ga Flag Wo Oraretara and Tokaku in Akuma No Riddle. Others include Yasuaki Takumi as Akamatsu (Torii in Saikin Imouto No Yousu Ga Chotto Okashiin Da Ga), Moe Toyota as Fumi (Sakura in Kyoukai No Kanata), Saori Oonishi as Emi (La Folia in Strike The Blood), Rena Maeda as Ayaka (Nike in Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii), Maaya Uchida as Kaori (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Showtaro Morikubo as Asano (Shikamaru in Naruto) and Daisuke Namikawa as Koganen/Iida (Rock in Black Lagoon). Hiyori Nitta is the voice of Rino and so far this is her debut and only role.

The opening theme song is Dekoboko Kaiketsu Sensation by Ayame Tajiri and Yurika Takahashi. I thought it was the girls of the life counselling club singing this. Anyway, in this generic anime pop music, I didn’t quite like it despite the way they’re singing it is like they’re trying to exude a lot of moe. The song itself wasn’t that attractive so I suppose that is why they are putting up that hip shaking dance right at the opening. The ending theme isn’t to my liking too. Jinsei Kimi Iro sung by Jinseiz (the voices behind Rino, Fumi and Ikumi) has that little rap lines for that moe effect but otherwise sounding pretty generic too. Even the background music isn’t that much and the most ‘notable’ one is that trumpet march-like tune. Having said all this, the best song is the insert song, Koganen No Uta! Typical tokusatsu tune as it may sound but I think it’s the best and coolest one among them all. I’d rather here this action song multiple times rather than the other overly cute themes.

Remember people, if you need advice for just about everything, they are freely available everywhere and more importantly, do not listen to everything you hear or everything you read. Simply because all advices are not one glove that fits all. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. I’m saying that despite the problems may look similar generally, each one of us is unique and there is no single solution that solves it all. Each has to be specifically ‘tailor made’. Therefore if you want to watch this anime, be prepared to get a second opinion if you really want to take their advice. Because there is no use pointing fingers and trying to see who takes responsibility once something goes wrong. Watch this at your own discretion. Heck, there are mixed reviews about this anime over the internet. Some say it is good, some say it is mediocre and some say it is just sh*t. So who do you go with? Only one way to find out. Well, what are you waiting for? Trust me, I know :).

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