Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa

March 19, 2016

Sometimes it is always written on your face. No matter how hard you hide it, other people can just read it like an open book. This is particularly bad when you have a crush on someone and your friends can actually tell without having so much to guess. Heh. You should take some kind of acting class then. But that’s not the point. Our protagonist in Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa has this sort of face and character that makes him unable to keep secrets. So we know what kind of porn he watches? So sorry. Actually that didn’t happen. There is a girl in class he particularly likes. I know. You’d be guessing that the entire world knows about this. Maybe. But my theory is why nobody makes a big fuss is that they aren’t any celebrities whom people would care if they even dyed their hair. Anyway, it isn’t his crush on this girl that is the main point. He discovers that she too has a secret identity that she must keep or else she will have to quit school. So, let me guess. She’s a porn star?! So sorry to disappoint. That actually is way off the mark! In view of discovering this (perhaps the biggest discovery since Columbus discovered America?), he vows to keep her identity a secret. I know. You must be thinking. How can a guy who can never keep a single secret keep such a big secret of hers under wraps? Who cares? This is supposed to be a romantic love comedy, right?

Episode 1
Asahi Kuromine has a crush on fellow classmate, Youko Shiragami. He rushes back to class after school to confess to her but he sees the biggest secret ever about her. Asahi is known in school as a leaky basket because he has never been able to keep secrets. His face tells it all. So is it no wonder why he sucks in a poker game with his friends, Okada, Sakurada and Shimada? So when he thought having a crush on Youko has been the only secret he has been able to keep, to his surprise his buddies already knew it a long time. It was so obvious. Although they support him but Okada doesn’t feel positive the last time. Remember the humiliation he had to endure when tried to confess to Nagisa Aizawa, the class rep and was instantly shot down (she even went as far as to say she was never interested in him)? He never had a chance to say a word. However Okada gives him a push that it is better for him to confess first before getting rejected. And so this gives Asahi the motivation he needs to run back and do his confession. That is when he saw the unimaginable. Youko is stretching in class. Not just stretching her arms but her wings! Embarrassed she has been found out, it doesn’t help that Asahi is a bad liar too. Thank goodness it wasn’t panties… While his friends figure out he could have been rejected, they are approached by the vile Mikan Akemi. As the school’s newspaper club, she likes to dig up scandals and gossips and spread all those juicy stuffs in her publishing. Asahi is always her number one target. You know the reason… She suspects something is going on with Asahi and is going to make his friends spill every bean. Youko regrets that her vampire identity is discovered. Of course she isn’t like the stereotypic vampires seen on TV. She stays out of the sunlight not because she would turn into ash but rather she tans easily. She talks politely instead of her kansai dialect to hide her fangs. She also reveals that since her identity is revealed, she will be forced to leave school. This was the condition her dad gave for her to attend this school. Fearing the girl he loves will go away forever and hearing how heartbreaking it is she is having a fun time, he promises he will keep her identity a secret. Really? Can he? But for him to do that and be close to her, he asks her to become his friend. She agrees. As they walk out together, Nagisa spots them and wonders why they are still at school this late.

Episode 2
Asahi is happy to think he has become Youko’s friend before realizing he has been friend zoned instead of becoming her boyfriend. Better than nothing, right? Nagisa continues to spot them together. Nagisa remembers when she rejected Asahi, some time passed after she realized he turned his sights to Youko. She thought he must have taken her advice to look for somebody else and has gotten over her already. However thoughts that she might be wrong about his feelings since she never gave him a chance to convey his message. She becomes bothered if he was really interested in her and goes to confront him head on. Saying that out loud in public, doesn’t it make it feel like she’s confessing to him? Then she turns tsundere and rejects him again after realizing she is giving his friends the wrong idea without giving Asahi a chance to say anything. Asahi has lunch with Youko alone in the classroom. She thought he bought her cream puffs and when she bites one, it contains wasabi. Hot! Hot! HOT! As she squirms around in her vampire form, Nagisa comes in to see what the commotion is all about. Oops. Another witness. And then something ‘amazing’ happens… A mini version of Nagisa pops out from the head and seeks Youko’s true identity! Nagisa accidentally reveals she is an alien on this planet with a mission. How could she be so careless? This body is an external unit she uses to move about for her mission. Although she has caught Asahi and Youko together several times, she assures she will not reveal this secret. That’s because she is going to erase Asahi’s memories with this hammer! She has seen many TV shows to believe it works! She can’t be serious! Oh, you bet she is. She chases and corners him. But when Asahi resigns to his fate to have his memories just to protect Youko’s secret for her peace of mind, Youko stops Asahi from doing this stupid thing. She already told him he doesn’t need to go this far to protect her secret. She wants him to know she is very grateful to him. Nagisa feels bad and will let this slide. Just when everything seems to be okay, Youko had to say that she knows about Asahi’s feelings for Nagisa and will root for them. This is getting awkward… Both give her a stinging rebuke. Lastly, the cream puffs were placed by Mikan and there is a recording device in it. Just look at her devilish face. She just can’t wait…

Episode 3
Mikan ties up Asahi’s pals and threaten to publish embarrassing photos of them peeing (turning on the hose attached their crotch). But now that Asahi is here, Mikan sets her sights on him and is going to get him spill out his relationship with Youko. The device only recorded a short segment of their conversation although it was enough to give ambiguous hints that they did something after everyone was gone. I wonder how he is going to keep this a secret because Mikan is a master torturer. Fearing she might target Youko, Asahi runs back to class. Since he doesn’t see Youko in, he desperately asks the teacher what happened to her. She’s absent with a cold you idiot. He is then given the task to hand printouts to her home. Of course Mikan heard this and starts chasing him. Asahi bumps into Nagisa and tells her what is happening. She lets him go ahead while she blocks Mikan’s path. How does Asahi know where Youko live? Easy. The house with lots of bats… She invites him in and he is pretty thrilled to be inside the room of his crush. However he gets a call from Nagisa that Mikan managed to slip through. Nagisa’s mind got distracted when Mikan mentions about the curiosity of the duo doing something steamy alone. Mikan in her bid to find secrets, opens Youko’s cupboard and all her embarrassing junk crushes her. Well, at least this put her out. Next day, Mikan displays a draft of her fabricated gossip of Asahi and Youko dating although it is clearly Photoshop. Now he chases her around in her bid to get it back. He begs, gets on his knees and is willing to do whatever she wants just to let him off the hook but this only proves more tantalizing for Mikan to do it. After all, targeting him makes her feel superior. Remembering what Okada says about Mikan that she does so because he resists, he tries reverse psychology that he would be more than happy for her to publish it. Instantly Mikan loses motivation and drops her objective. She feels disappointed if he this makes him happy. Later Okada talks to Asahi that Mikan isn’t all that bad person. Because every fabricated document has a small print to say the article is fiction. Besides this character of hers feels more like an act and there seems to be a reason she is doing so. Looks like Mikan too has her own secret. She has a pair of talking glasses! Fuku is some sort of fortune god and can easily grant her wish but it seems Mikan wants things to stay the way it is now. By being the perpetrator and Asahi the victim, she can stay childhood friends with him forever. I think I know why and it makes sense now… Ironically she refuses to believe her pair of glasses can talk. Then what is she doing?

Episode 4
Nagisa is oddly missing in class although she was seen earlier on. Asahi feels something being shot at his head. Mini Nagisa is telling him to get out of class. After feigning excuse to go to the toilet, he hears her out. Apparently Nagisa blames him for this. Earlier she overheard Asahi and Youko and got the wrong idea they did ambiguous stuffs together like 5 times! She flustered so much that she forgot to recharge her unit and it is now lying in the girls’ toilet. I suppose Asahi has to go in and get it, right? Oh, that ambiguous talk? It was Asahi lending Youko is Rambo DVD. As Asahi carries her out to the infirmary, Youko spots them and thinks they’re doing pretty bold things by skipping class. After being explained and Asahi puts the body there to recharge, Nagisa checks to see if the coast is clear for them to return. However Mikan’s scream is heard. She cannot believe seeing a mini Nagisa. Of course she is trying her best to act like a figurine. But so life-like… Mikan is getting more suspicious and even lifts up her skirt. It gets worse when Shimada comes in and really wants to ‘examine’ this figurine. Asahi’s reverse psychology and lies that he made this figurine only backfired and now everyone including Nagisa thinks he is a pervert! Asahi snatches Nagisa by force. Although he can hide from the ladies in the boys’ toilet, there is Shimada to deal with. Now hiding in the storeroom, somebody who is watching them uses some power to turn Nagisa big. She would have passed off as normal if not for her antenna sticking out like a sore thumb. She can’t say it has something to do with courtship rituals. When they are cornered, Asahi is willing to sacrifice his reputation to hide hers. They feint Nagisa beats the crap out of him as punishment for the figurine. She has also destroyed it (and destroyed whatever hopes Shimada dreamt of). After the commotion, the mystery watcher reverts Nagisa back to her mini size. Asahi later clears up the misunderstanding with Youko. Nagisa cannot help feel this fuzzy feeling inside her and doesn’t feel happy Asahi mended his relationship with Youko.

Episode 5
Nagisa thinks Youko went to the beach and got tanned. She has to proof she easily tans by taking off her blazer. So why does Asahi has to get slapped for it? Thus Nagisa decides to train her to avoid being tanned easily by jumping from shadow to shadow. It took the entire day. And why does Asahi even need to be there? He was just standing and watching painfully the training. Next day, it is time to put to use what she has trained. Youko is quick and creative to remain in the hiding of the shadows. When she enters the shopping arcade, Asahi fears a man handing out garlic samples might turn Youko weak so he eats all of them. Then a hippie tries to sell a silver cross. Thinking Youko like other vampires will turn into ash, he buys it and throws it away! A stray dog brings it back. Well, isn’t it good news that Youko isn’t susceptible to such vampire myths? Now Asahi reeks of garlic. Then they hit a dead end when the path ahead has no more shade. Asahi and Nagisa suggest armour for her to wear but it just looks ridiculous and attention pulling. Then they realize that Youko has never tried sun block before and when she does, now she can mingle in outside activities underneath the scorching sun without any problem. Why hasn’t she ever thought of that?! Another day, Asahi must be a lucky guy because he is going on a date with Youko to the amusement park. Both are scared sh*t riding the roller coaster but even so, Youko seems addicted to it. Asahi finds out her parents once dated here. She is half human and half vampire. Her mom is human. It feels like history repeating itself because dad too tried to hide his identity while attending school while dating mom. In the haunted house attraction, the irony of Youko being scared at all these stuffs. But when a vampire tries to scare them, she ticks him off thinking he is a real one! But the most shocking thing Asahi learns is that Youko also had a childhood friend but he is a werewolf. He seems more worried the fact her childhood friend is male. Ah… Speaking of which, Youko’s dad seems to be giving this werewolf dude a job to check on Youko to see if she is hiding her identity well. Otherwise, he gives him permission to end her school life without mercy. If that happens, werewolf boy wants Youko to be given to him.

Episode 6
Asahi is still bothered about Youko’s male childhood friend. Oh, here he is. Shirou Shishidou waits for Youko but he gets the wrong about her and Asahi together. He leaves in tears so Asahi mentions that they are just friends. I think he just killed his chances. His chances are further reduced when Youko continues to repeat about them being friends. Shirou then confirms with Youko about Asahi being human. He senses something amiss because why isn’t he afraid of his fangs? This proves that he knows about their kind. This means he’ll be taking back Youko. Asahi panics and starts acting tough and lying through his teeth about all that although you can obviously see that he is a bad liar. The argument fest ends when Shirou looks at the moon. Oh no. You know happens to werewolves when they look at the moon, right? Shirou turns into… A woman???!!! Shiho proclaims herself as a pervert and continues to seduce him. Back in Youko’s room, Youko introduces Shiho to Asahi as her childhood friend. Shiho explains that she is always 100% aware even when Shirou takes over but it is not the same for Shirou. He is not aware when Shiho is awake since this body is primarily hers. Shiho continues to boldly seduce him. To stop her, Youko shows her a picture of a full moon. She transforms into Shirou. Hey, it works! Because Shirou is getting mad and all, Asahi shows the picture again and he reverts back. Nagisa seems to be having unholy delusions about Youko and Asahi being close together. She can’t get it out of her head. She ends up at Youko’s place. Imagine her shock when she sees Shiho on top of Asahi. At first she thought she got the wrong house but when she realizes it is indeed Asahi, she feels disappointed about him and runs away. Asahi tries to go after her but accidentally touches Shiho’s boobs. Now Youko even thinks he is a pervert. He accidentally swings the picture… Nagisa calms down and thinks she might have overreacted. She goes back to apologize but sees Shirou on top of him now! Oh sh*t! So gay!!! She can’t take this BL sh*t! When Shiho continues to seduce Asahi, she can sense Youko’s jealousy and that love triangle so she takes her leave. She may be a pervert but she knows how others feel. As souvenir, she takes Youko’s panties. Next day, Asahi and Youko clear the air with Nagisa that Shirou and Shiho are Youko’s childhood friends. Think it’s over? Why, their class has a new transfer student: Shiho! Even more shocking, she introduces herself as a pervert!

Episode 7
Shiho loves flirting with Asahi. Mikan loves taking photos of this new scandal. Only Nagisa isn’t happy. Not because of this unholy public display of affection. It’s because Asahi didn’t have any sort of nose bleed when this happened with her! What is she saying?! Asahi thought he had seen all the weirdoes in school. Then he sees a girl with horns. Oh dear… He observes she interacts with other students like normal (not minding about her horns sticking out like a sore thumb) and lots of crows gather around her. Youko can’t resist petting her since she is so cute. They learn she is Akane Koumoto. Hey, is she the little sister of their homeroom teacher, Akari? Asahi finds it hard to ask about her horns and after the few misses, she reveals they are just accessories and takes them out. As she walks away, Asahi spots her devil tail! He is going crazy. Akane notes they are fun to tease when she bumps into Akane who starts harassing about playing pranks on them. If you think learning she is a devil and making illusions are bad enough, wait till you hear this. Akane is Akari’s great-great-grandmother! FFFFUUUUUUUU!!!! Since the secret is out, might as well tell them. Akane is the principal of this school and she knows non-humans exist. Thanks to her grace, the reason why they are still enrolled here. Akari admits she is the descendents of demons but has very little of their blood in her. And yes, she knows Youko is a vampire, etc. Because Youko continues to treat Akane like a kid, this has devil girl mock her back. Now all the claws and fangs are out. They’re going to settle the competition of who is more adult. So a sexy competition? Great for us. Not so for Asahi because the one who makes him nose bleed to most wins. Unfortunately, the duo are so lame in their sexy presentation that I think Asahi would rather vomit. Shiho shows them how it is done and easily makes his nose bleeds gush out like water. And for all the rest of the subsequent competitions, vampire and devil girl are just so lame that sexy Shiho just takes the cake effortless. Man, that guy is going to die with loss of blood. Finally a battle to eat spicy cream puffs laced and not show any distress. This isn’t going to end well. Akari knows Asahi is trying to keep Youko’s secret and he hopes he would do so as she doesn’t like her students quitting school. She knows about this because Akane has some sort of clairvoyance too. The dumb competing girls cannot take the spiciness anymore that the entire gym just explodes!!! WTF???!!! The place is a crater!!! Looks like the road to taking care of this is long…

Episode 8
Asahi thinks it is his lucky day for him to join the girls in cooking. But seeing how they are all amateurs, he’s screwed. Even more so this is a setup by Akari so they can make curry. Nagisa starts off pretty confident and ends up making a chocolate cake! She is embarrassed by this failure and throws the cake out. It lands before Akane. She tastes it and loves every bite of it. Mikan who wants to get an interview of this horned lady becomes her gopher to do errands but Akane is just milking her money. Luckily Akari is there to stop it. Asahi and the girls team up to make proper curry. Just as they are an ingredient away, Nagisa and Youko suddenly get a strange motivated idea to do better and go beyond making curry. Let’s open the doors to new possibility! Nobody can stop them. As Akane comes to check their progress, she sees some sort of warzone. Nagisa trying to kill herself for this failure while Youko trying to convince her otherwise. Asahi and Shiho are ‘dead’. Ah well, I think Akane will order take-out. At night, Akari is going on a rampage! She needs to taste more of Nagisa’s chocolate cake and if she doesn’t she will destroy the world! Oh look, she destroyed Akari’s apartment already. At first the girls don’t believe her but when they see on the news that an asteroid is going to crash in 3 hours, better start scrambling. Yeah, I wonder where everybody else in the world can run to. Nagisa makes truffles and Akari really wants to taste them. Unfortunately Nagisa thinks this is failure and throws them away. Akane then ties up Akari. She notices that if Akari loses concentration, the trajectory of the asteroid that she is controlling will be off. Akari realizes that this is Akane’s setup because she is going to make grandma taste all the other chocolates that the other girls are going to make, the reason why she called them here. Getting her revenge on grandma for all the pranks she did to her over the years? So it’s like playing chicken, eh? Will the world get destroyed first or will Akane die first?! Akane die? Oh yeah, she’ll go to hell either way. Haha! Akane survives Shiho’s rotten choco banana and Youko’s curry chocolate. Don’t even ask. Mikan who has a bone to pick with her makes something even hideous! With the montage of the world in its final moments, coupled in with stupid horrific faces of Akane. In the end, I don’t know what happened, it became a miracle as the asteroid flies away from Earth. Everybody rejoices. Asahi doesn’t understand what is going on in the cooking room because we see the girls and clones of Akane, all frozen with that stupid face! Must be real bad, huh?

Episode 9
It’s already summer and Asahi hasn’t made any progress with Youko. Okada suggests he ask her out to the pool. At first Youko was reluctant because she can’t swim but Asahi also says he can’t swim. Eh? Why the pool then? Youko gets this idea they can learn swimming together and invites everybody else. So much about the date. Because of Shiho’s tendency to do perverted things, I guess Nagisa takes over as Spartan instructor, pushing Youko into the water. Because Youko teases Nagisa that she is quite close in training Asahi, she almost drowns him. Feeling guilty, she resigns as instructor so the duo have to continue teaching each other. Mikan is also at the pool with her little twin brothers. The other guys spot her and this made her very embarrassed especially when the twins make fun that one of them is her boyfriend. Not the devilish Mikan we use to know? Observing Asahi teaching Youko, they notice that it may be the first time it might not just be admiration but real love as all the girls he had a crush on always took the lead. And always he got rejected. At the end of the day, Asahi excuses himself for something important. But his friends can tell from his leaky face that he has a ‘date’ with Youko. Even Asahi himself is surprised that Youko is asking for a date. Actually what she meant was to extend their swimming lessons by sneaking into the school’s pool. While they take a break, Youko tells him how her mom would tell stories of she and her dad having fun at school. It made her hopeful. But it turned out to be different as she was always alone. Till she met Asahi and the rest. It got more fun. Although it is important to protect her secret, it won’t mean a thing if it is so she won’t have to quit school. Thanks to all that has happened, she loves school. Akane continues to love watching over them as she is interested to see what kind of romance will turn out between a human and vampire.

Episode 10
Asahi invites Youko to a cake buffet with the guys. But he has a hard time trying to hide her identity as she is getting careless. Mikan seems to be working at this place part time. She tells Youko that she has completed her ultimate cream puffs. To avoid Youko from testing, Asahi would eat them all. You mean she made this much?! Shimada doesn’t understand the implications and joins him. Let’s say they both ‘died’ on the first bite. Akane spots this and has a devilish idea. Next day, Mikan is frantic because she lost her glasses. She is really panicking over it. I’m sure Asahi wouldn’t mind it because he knows the glasses are fake and if she puts it on, she’ll turn into her usual sadistic side. But those glasses hold far more than that. It was the pair that Asahi gave it to her. Can’t say that now, can she? She looks for it (why is Shiho looking for it in her ass?!) and Nagisa confronts her after hearing about it. To her surprise, Mikan apologizes for publishing an article about Nagisa rejecting Asahi then. Then Akane pops up wearing those glasses. She finds it interesting for them to chase her. After Asahi joins in, Akane throws fake glasses but didn’t realize she is still wearing the original ones. Even when she makes clones of herself, none are wearing glasses. The prank ends when Akari picks her up to give the ultimate pain lesson. Now that Mikan has got her glasses back, Fuku starts talking and this is found out by Nagisa. Mikan admits that to her as Fuku explains her status as a fortune god trainee. She demonstrates as proof but could it be mere coincidences? When Mikan learns Fuku can inherit all her memories once in her possession, she wants to get rid of it. Too late, Fuku rants about on Mikan’s embarrassing past, including one where she said she was going to marry Asahi. Nagisa realizes she is in love with him too. So she herself is admitting she likes Asahi? Speaking of the devil, here he comes with Youko! This spectacles has been bringing misfortune, eh? Mikan still wants to throw her away but Fuku says once she puts her on, she will confess to Asahi. Because if she doesn’t like him or anything, she should be able to face him without her glasses. Because Mikan is struggling with all this, Nagisa thought of distracting the duo. As their identity is being risked of discovered, they too get the wrong idea they should distract the other. With all the distracting antics, Mikan and Asahi’s face get close enough. She is about to give in and put Fuku on when Nagisa snatches it and puts it on herself. Fuku then confesses. It made it look like Nagisa confessed to him.

Episode 11
Nagisa and Asahi meet at the festival. They know they have been set up by Youko and Shiho who are both spying close by. Mikan is also here with her twin brothers. As things are awkward, Asahi doesn’t want the night to be ruined so he treats Nagisa to play at the several stalls (some of them feel like business rip-off). Doesn’t this look like a date? When they finally spot Youko, they go after her. Nagisa trips so Asahi catches her. She falls on his body and I don’t know how her hair got stuck in his button. She gives up trying to unfasten it and just sleeps on him. After all, she has resigned to her fate that she likes him! Is it wise to conduct such romantic drama in public? Because Youko is feeling some sort of heartache. Next day in school, Mikan chides Asahi to go find Youko and explain everything properly if he has time to agonize over last night. Youko is so spaced out at Akane’s office that the principal isn’t sure what to do. When Youko reacts to Akane teasing about their love, Akane gets this devilish idea to tease her by impersonating as lovely couples Asahi and Youko getting lovey-dovey in public. No matter where Youko runs to, she sees embarrassing clones of themselves engaging in sexy time (those horns are standing out like a sore thumb). Akane’s fun is put to a stop when Akari exacts her punishment and chase her all around. When the real Asahi comes by, I guess he is too slow to explain so Akari thought this Asahi is Akane and gets rough. But Youko can’t bear to stay around with him and excuses herself she has plans with Shiho. Similarly, Nagisa continues to space out thinking about Asahi.

Episode 12
The friends can tell Asahi is down. Did Youko dump him? Actually, Youko has been avoiding him lately. Nagisa feels guilty for creating that distance and wants to apologize. Then here comes Akane to shake things up as she blackmails Nagisa to make cakes with that photo of her lying on Asahi’s chest. Thankfully Akari sets things back to normal. Unfortunately the guys see this photo when she fails to hide it. I don’t know where she got that ice creams and planted them in Asahi’s face to avoid him from looking. Because of that, he pins her against the wall. Youko happen to come by and misinterprets this. Then Asahi wakes up from this dream whereby Youko tells him she has to leave school because her identity is found out. Heading to school, Youko wants to talk to him at the rooftop later. He thinks it is a confession but his friends think otherwise. It could be that complicated relationship with Nagisa. In that case, they tell him to confess before he gets dumped. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Nagisa has been eavesdropping and she fears this confession. This is when Mikan tells her off to be honest about her feelings that she likes Asahi. As typical as a tsundere, she denies. Mikan continues to tell about Asahi who has changed over the years. He couldn’t even talk properly to the girl he likes and with Youko around, she looks like his first serious love. Try to come up with an answer before she starts regretting. So I think this is her answer. As Asahi is going to meet Youko, Nagisa stands before him. Not only she is going to stop his confession, she is going to kill him? With a shovel? As she chases him around, her thoughts of stopping this confession is that if they become a couple, he would spend less time with her. He was the first to know about her alien identity and accepted it. That is why she loves him. In fear of changing the status quo, thus this silly mission. Asahi doesn’t understand if she doesn’t explain. As a typical woman, she can’t explain it or even say it in detail what is bugging her. Yeah, guys have to guess, right? Asahi doesn’t give a damn anymore on what she is going to do. He is going to meet Youko. That is final. As he opens the door, he sees Youko being taken away by a giant bat! Then it hit him. This wasn’t some confession. It was just like this morning’s dream. She wanted to say goodbye. Turning to Nagisa, he requests her help to bring back Youko.

Episode 13
Akari drives the related party to Youko’s house. Because she is sticking to the speed limit, Akane uses her magic to fly the car there, wrecking it all the way. There goes her new car. So while Akari tries to teach grandma a lesson, it’s up to the kids to save Youko. Nagisa apologizes for everything she has done to him and that is why she earnestly wants to help him save Youko. As they sneak in, they are confronted with this huge man. Shiho introduces him as Genjirou, Youko’s dad. Really a big guy… Nervous Asahi tries to request Youko to be released when the said girl waltz into the scene. Father and daughter get into a petty argument as Nagisa throws garlic as diversion. Asahi takes Youko to run. That is when he learns Youko was just taking care of her sick mom. Disappointed? And you wonder why Youko had worded it so ambiguously then. As Genjirou is on their tail again, Youko takes Asahi to hide in her room. After both sides apologize, Youko mentions there was some other thing she wanted to say to him at the rooftop. She can’t explain it well but it is something to do with feeling awkward when she sees him. Asahi comes clean about all the misunderstood accidents with Nagisa but Youko already knows about it. Genjirou is knocking on the door getting the wrong idea. But the big guy cowers when his little wife, Touko comes in to put him in his place. Hey, doesn’t she look fine? As explained, she was indeed sick but Genjirou overreacted and panicked trying to nurse her. So that bat carrying Youko away was Genjirou panicking and wanting her to come home. I’m not sure about their plan to hole up in her room till morning just in case dad comes breathing down their neck again. But then the furniture comes crashing down on them. The ambiguous position of Asahi over Youko. Of course this is cue for Nagisa to come in and look at this indecency. Now she is going to kill him with that hammer? Or more precisely, erase his memories? That is when Asahi gets an idea.

Confronting Genjirou, he tells him about this memory erasing hammer. Asahi is willing to have all his memories of Youko erased so she can remain in school. Because Youko now has many friends. He is one of them. Don’t just say it. Prove it. He lets Nagisa do the honours but she can’t bring herself to do it. Asahi will then do it himself. Not easy, eh? Youko then stops him and tells him off for being stupid. She already told him not to do extreme stuffs just to protect her identity. If he forgets her, how can her school life be fun anymore since he was the one who helped her befriend others? She wanted to confess something but Genjirou is already knocked out. Seems when Youko stopped Asahi, the hammer accidentally flew from his hand and into his forehead! Let’s hope the memory erasing effect works or else he’ll wake up into one angry big guy. Next morning, Akari comes to pick them up after apologizing to the household. Did Akane use her magic to make another new car? No. Akari made her pay for it in full! Genjirou won’t see off Youko but when the car gets going, they see him chasing after them. Actually he is waving goodbye. Youko waves back. Asahi wants to know what Youko wanted to say to him then. But she gets embarrassed and didn’t answer. I think we all know what it was. Asahi promises never to use that memory erasing tactic again and promises to keep her secret identity. So far so good.

Love… Actually…
Status quo? Typical happy life-goes-on ending? No real confessions were made but we all pretty know much how everybody feels about each other. Even before halfway. Heck, right at the start after watching the opening credits. And yet nobody said those 3 magical words that would have a high chance of ending the harem route. Well, look on the bright side. At least Asahi still gets to be with the girl he loves and all the other girls who like him still get to be together. Youko isn’t going to quit school any time soon and what could be better than that? So pushing for them to become a couple might just be asking too much. Oh. What am I ranting about here anyway?

Having varied characters for a harem anime is a given. I mean, wouldn’t it be just freaking boring if all the girls had the same personality? Maybe the only exception would be twins but that isn’t the point. So what I am saying is that despite the series having giving the characters their varied personality, some just feel cliché because you know, I have been watching so many of such similar genres that they all seem to be looking the same and overlapping. From your typical tsundere to the naughty and cheeky brat to spice things up to the standard childhood friend, these characteristics do ring very familiar bells when you are watching a romantic love comedy and harem theme. If you don’t employ them, it would be such a waste. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. Also in short, when you watch this kind of shows, don’t expect any sort of deep character development because you know how everyone will turn out in the end.

I don’t know if there has become an increasing trend to have a harem with girls who are non-human. Remember Rosario To Vampire? That is the furthest I can remember about a guy having monster girls as anime. Don’t forget High School DxD too. Then you have some alien girls in a harem when it comes to To Love-Ru and Date A Live. And more recently you have a harem with real monster girls, Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou. So having differing and cliché personalities is not enough these days that they have to even make the girls’ origins and race different? Thus it is getting pretty obvious here for this series as the main girls around him aren’t 100% human to begin with. Although you might argue that Mikan is human, heck, she has a talking glass! No ordinary human would have that, right? So when is Asahi going to get a cat girl, zombie, android, ghost and even an angel as part of his harem? If he ever gets them, can you say this fate of his is written in the stars?

So for the main character like Asahi, he is just like your typical guy who has a crush on a girl and very nervous in trying to confess to her. The more chances he gets, the more he screws up and it looks like he might end up in the friend zone before you know it. Well, that’s pretty normal in real life, isn’t it? Depressing, isn’t it? The only thing I’ll comment on him is his leaky basket disposition regarding keeping Youko’s identity a secret. It might seem that he has been doing a fine job. At least from his other normal friends and other humans. But my theory is that maybe it is not that it isn’t written all over Asahi’s face about this secret, but perhaps that vampires and aliens don’t exist in this world so his friends and others who never experienced encountering one before surely have not seen the ‘words written on his face’. Therefore the only reason why the secret is safe is because everybody does not believe in the existence in such creatures.

You can’t call Asahi as a 100% leaky basket because the only person who doesn’t seem to get his feelings is the very person whom he has a crush on. That’s right. To think Youko is this dense? And as expected, the more time she spends with him, the more she starts to really show it. Yes. It is all written over her body and face. It’s so obvious that it might get to an irritating point where you just want to scream out to her to just say it. Maybe she is just like him on being conscious of their friend zone. I am sure the duo have been very aware the friend zone status they have put each other many times. So that is why it is just getting harder and harder for them to set their feelings straight the more they drag this on. But the girl who ends up having Asahi as her boyfriend can be lucky he won’t cheat on her. At least, with everything so easily written on his face, you can tell right away whether he is cheating on you or not.

Nagisa feels more irritating than Youko thanks to her tsundere-cum-denial personality. But you can’t blame her after rejecting him once and if she really goes back to him, wouldn’t it feel like she has lost some face value? But I guess that is the charm of being tsundere. Well, maybe. First she acts too rash of wanting to kill him. Then after cooling down, she feels sorry. Apologizes. And then the cycle repeats again. I suppose that is why she is an alien. Not even aliens can comprehend human behaviour although she is clearly acting like a tsundere. Mikan started off as a b*tch whom everybody loves to hate. But after the revelation of her talking glasses and that she has feelings for Asahi (obviously), it seems she is pretty docile once you take away her devilish behaviour. She’s just so tame without that badass character that it made me wonder if she had some sort of split personality (even tamer when she was completely missing from the final episode). Perhaps. The only reason I can think of she always picks on Asahi is to hide her feelings for him. It is some sort of distraction so that she doesn’t have to fluster irritatingly like amateur-in-love-Nagisa. I suppose she knows she is down the pecking order of girls in line to steal Asahi’s heart so she gladly plays the tragic heroine of helping others at the expense of her own love. How sweet…

The only reason why Shiho exists is to satisfy horny boys who always dreamt there would ever be such a girl. Imagine if her character was a guy (no, I’m not talking about Shirou), what would be the impact if she goes around saying he is a pervert? Although a girl going around admitting she is a pervert is still frowned upon in society but in anime world, the impact is much less and horny guys are more inclined to forgive her behaviour. Say, I wonder what happened to Shirou? Have they forgotten all about him? I don’t know. The way things are going it seems pretty obvious that wolf boy has been totally left out. As if this guy was just to help introduce Shiho. I mean, really. There are lots of very curious things about this guy. Firstly, how did he and Shiho ended up like this in the first place? As Youko’s childhood friend, the typical cliche trope states that there must be some sort of love triangle but because he was forgotten, that never really happened. I guess with Shirou’s absence, in a way it is good too because we prefer to see more of sexy and perverted Shiho compared to this ‘ugly’ Shirou, right? Thank goodness for no full moons!

Taking over Mikan’s devilish behaviour is no other than the big devil herself, Akane. I guess when you have been living for so long, you get bored and she gets her kicks when she spies and plays pranks on her students especially Asahi and co. It is safe to say that Akane won’t be part of Asahi’s harem anytime (and because her face isn’t in the harem group shot in the opening and ending credits too). Besides, won’t it feel just odd that a great-great-grandma as a harem candidate? No way man! Not even if she looks like a cute little girl! It feels like a running joke that each time she tries to cause her own brand of havoc of fun, Akari will always be there to put her in place with her exaggerated abuse. And she never learns her lesson so the cycle is doomed to repeat itself. Another joke that Akane loves picking on Akari is teasing about her single status. Why do female teachers her age always have this stereotypical character of being single, yearning for a guy and drinks?

Although Asahi’s friends are pretty stereotypical for a typical group of guy best friends, aside the bespectacled and idiotic monkey character, I want to point out that the weirdest of them all is Sakurada. No, I’m not talking about his mature personality. The fact that this guy looks like a middle aged guy is what bugs me. I thought he was a teaching staff or even the gardener but what the heck? Asahi’s classmate?! Come on. He has got that little unshaven looks and even wears his flamboyant Hawaiian t-shirt to school. He looks more like an adult than a student. Sometimes I feel that this guy failed his exams so many times that he just stayed back in high school forever! This is the only way I could reconcile his looks assuming that I’m judging a character by its book. Yeah… But then again, when you have a school that houses a vampire, alien and even the principal herself is a devil, what is an ossan to all that?

One of the funniest segments is the random quiz variety section after the credits. It is one of those silly segments just for laughs. Usually it has some sort of twist as its punch line. For example in the guess this character game, we are presented with a very familiar shadow. Think you know the answer? Normally one would easily recognize that shadow belonging to Youko but the real answer turns out to be Shimada cross-dressing as her! Didn’t see that coming, did you? So we have the characters taking turns hosting this segment asking various silly questions or choices and usually some other character like Asahi or Nagisa would just retort everything in the end. From spot the difference to yes or no quiz to a memory test and even a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire parody, this light segment is surely to bring in some laughs.

The art and drawing seems pretty normal. The colours are bright and vivid and with the characters are distinctive enough so you won’t confuse yourself like in some animes when they look very closely to each other although unrelated. So colourful and distinctive that sometimes I feel that each of them can be a coloured Power Ranger or something. No, really. So who is going to be the red for leader? No, pink is not red! So you can’t be the leader, Akane. (FYI, Shiho is purple and Akari is dark maroon red, which isn’t that kind of red). It is both funny and silly when the characters put on that dumbstruck face of theirs, which seems to be the trademark art style. This anime is produced by TMS Entertainment who brought us Kamisama Hajimemashita, Itazura Na Kiss, D. Gray-man and Buzzer Beater. But they are more famous for their Detective Conan and Lupin III series. Hmm… Maybe that is why I find it a little familiar, the design style of the ears of the characters in this series. Well, almost.

Voice acting sounds pretty decent. It is been a long time since I have heard a main character speaking a kansai accent so I suppose with Yuu Serizawa doing so as Youko (Tenma in Mushibugyou), it reminds me that Japanese has lots more accents and isn’t just confined to the one I often hear these days. Other casts are Natsuki Hanae as Asahi (Inaho in Aldnoah.Zero), Inori Minase as Nagisa (Hestia in DanMachi), Reina Ueda as Mikan (Katai in Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyouku), Aya Uchida as Shiho (Kotori in Love Live), MAO as Akane (Suseri in Isuca), Emi Nitta as Akari (Honoka in Love Live), Rikiya Koyama as Genjirou (Kiritsugu in Fate series), Youko Hikasa as Touko (Mio in K-ON!), Kenichi Miya as Shirou (Entre in C -Control- The Money And Soul Of Possibility), Daisuke Hirakawa as Okada (Makoto in School Days), Hiro Shimono as Shimada (Keima in The World God Only Knows) and Wataru Hatano as Sakurada (Gajeel in Fairy Tail).

Surprisingly the opening theme is quite a fun song to hear, Ars Magna doing Himitsu Wo Choudai despite having that sleepy sound in his voice, the song has this playful and lively beat to it. The ending theme too isn’t bad. Ienai Ienai by Hilcrchyme resembles very much like hip hop. There is the very sultry and sexy insert song, Hologram by Minmi. Perfect for seemingly romantic moments. Actually the one played in the series as I found out is just one of the versions of it. The original one is fast paced and very techno. I think I definitely prefer the former very much and many times compared to the original song many times over.

Overall, this anime has still been enjoyable and funny (if you like this sort of genres anyway) despite it doesn’t break any new ground and seemingly using the overused formula of a romantic comedy genre. It lacks something that would make it memorable in the long run and stand out from other very similar animes in the same category. I’m pretty sure that animes like Nisekoi and High School DxD will overshadow series like this one in no time. Not to say those animes are great considering recently their sequel just… Well, let’s leave that another time. These days you don’t have to worry if something is written all over your face and trying to hide it the best you can. Whether you like it or not, everybody already knows. So just stop posting damn stupid things on social media!

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