August 10, 2019

Ah, remember those very old times of the infant stages of movies when they were just moving pictures? Yes, those silent movie eras marked the start of how movies will be developed into a sophisticated state right now. Hence we get to somewhat relive that era again in Joshikausei. Yes, an anime with cute girls doing cute things without any dialogues or speeches! Oh yeah. Why do you even need dialogue when you have girls this cute?! Says the synopsis, obviously! I guess we too will be left speechless and only making `~kyun noises at how moe everything is.

Episode 1
Momoko Futo is lying on her classroom desk with her thighs spread out. Yeah… When Mayumi Furui enters, she is devastated with this indecency and tries to close her thighs but Momoko uses them to squeeze her face! Next, Shibumi Shibusawa also sees this atrocity and does the same. But this time she shuts and opens her thighs like as though it is some sort of music instrument. Mayumi sees this and gets the wrong idea. When Momoko is lying alone, now comes the annoying mosquito to ruin the peace. To protect herself from this annoyance, she wears stockings but now the damn pervy mosquito is gunning for her ass! Hence she slaps her own ass in her bid to get rid of it. Missed, of course. So when Momoko takes the train home, a guy gets the wrong idea to see a hand mark on her ass.

Episode 2
As per astrology readings, Momoko is going to experience bad luck today. Uh huh. She takes out the trash and a murder of crows is waiting to target her. Scary! One even almost drop bird poo on her! In class, Momoko didn’t do well in the test and all the plastics to her food and utensils failed to open cleanly. On the way back, the drink she wants from the vending machine is sold out. But Mayumi wins a lucky extra can and gives it to her. After finishing, Momoko fails to properly dispose of it in the recycling bin. Hence a cat comes to toy with it. The can then rolls along the same path as Momoko and she trips on it. Luckily her friends catch her. After they help her up, a crow drops bird poo directly hitting on her shirt. You mad? Catch me if you can!

Episode 3
A guy was up watching TV late last night. It’s no surprise he is sleepy as he takes the train to work. The train as usual is crowded as he dozes off. When the train jerks him up, he sees Momoko smiling at him. He fears he might have fallen asleep on the shoulder of the old dude next to him (which of course he did not). But another jerk causes that old jerk to bump his face onto his shoulder. At the same he took out his gum and it fell in between Momoko’s thighs. When she returns it, everyone who is watching might get the wrong idea so he lets her keep it. But Momoko in return gives him her cookie. This brightens up his day but Momoko tries the gum but it isn’t a flavour she likes.

Episode 4
At a restaurant, Momoko has no money to order parfait. Shibumi tricks her into letting taste some but eats it all herself. Luckily Mayumi shares some and Momoko tries to mock Shibumi that Mayumi is now her new best friend. Momoko and Mayumi use the serviettes to make animals as they play some weird food chain game. I wonder who wins if bear vs crocodile. In the end, Shibumi makes cages out of straws to cage the animals and end this charade. After they leave, the waitress is about to clean their table and is confused at this ‘circus’.

Episode 5
On their way home, the girls find an abandoned skateboard. Momoko rides it but because the wind is threatening to blow up her skirt, Mayumi stops her. So what is the best way to ride? On your knees?! Momoko and Mayumi have fun riding it in different positions like the penguin slide and the bobsled while Shibumi takes pictures. Eventually she wants in on the fun and sits with them. It’s getting a bit cram and heavy. But it’s fun once they get moving. After they had their fun, they leave behind the skateboard but with a bottle and feathers as offering?

Episode 6
Kizuku, Momoko’s sister realizes she has put on a bit of weight. Watching from a TV commercial of a simple weight loss exercise, she tries it out but fails. Then she tries it out on Momoko since she is sleeping so soundly. So she goes on top of her and not sure if this method makes use of Momoko as the support. Definitely when Momoko wakes up, she is giving that WTF look. Eventually Kizuku can’t hold any longer and falls onto Momoko. Thank goodness those boobs didn’t kill her when it land right smack on her face. As punishment, Kizuku continues to do that exercise but Momoko now sits on top of her.

Episode 7
A cold wintery day. Momoko and friends get creative drawing on the foggy window. A few close shaves like Momoko drawing a turd but Shibumi covers it up as an ice cream. Mayumi thought there is a ghost when she saw footprints over the glass but it turns out to be Momoko using her fist to draw the footprints. By the time they want to snap pictures of their artwork, it is all cleared up. Lessons resume and for some reason the teacher brought a kettle. When it boils, the steam fogs the window and the teacher sees our girls’ creativity mark on it. They are forced to stay back and clean up.

Episode 8
During a heavy downpour, Momoko takes shelter at a bus stop. There is also a guy waiting there and he gets a little nervous since you know, they’re all wet (from the rain!) and he could almost see through her uniform. Then Momoko bends to pick up something she dropped. Oh yeah. That ass! Then she ties her hair up. Oh yeah! That nape! Sexy! But she accidentally swings and her ponytail smacks his face. Is that divine retribution? Then a passing truck splashes water on him. As he tries to find his handkerchief but couldn’t find it, he thought Momoko was kind enough to offer hers. Unfortunately it is a fat ugly lady now taking shelter! Shibumi has come by and shared her umbrella with Momoko.

Episode 9
Flashback to a year ago when Mayumi was a new transfer student to this school, she was a bit clumsy. She was afraid of Momoko because of that delinquent vibe she gave off. And those weird hand signals she gave. WTF?! After school, Mayumi spotted Momoko doing weird poses. Then she realizes she was doing shadow puppets. Mayumi goes to join her and their friendship took off from there. They had a swell time making a few hand shadow puppets.

Episode 10
Another flashback episode, with so many kids bringing key holder accessories to school, Shibumi as the class rep bans them. This doesn’t sit well with many of her classmates. Then Shibumi receives a hair accessory for her birthday. Some girls confront her about her double standards and try to tear it off her hair. Accidentally they broke it. Then Momoko cuts her beads accessories and help glue them back together. I believe Shibumi cried tears of joy. In the aftermath, Shibumi relaxes the rules and allows key holder accessories but only not more than 1. The guilty girls feel guilty of their actions and Momoko claps to Shibumi’s fairer rule.

Episode 11
On a cold winter day, the trio return to Momoko’s home and enjoy the warmth of the kotatsu. They eat some delicious mikan as well. Momoko starts sketching Shibumi blindfolded and of course her portrait turned out awfully funny. This has Shibumi in turn do the same. Yet another hilariously awful drawing. They continue to fool around and have fun so I guess it is time for the friends to leave since Momoko is cosily sleeping in. Before they leave, they play a prank on her by balancing a bunch of mikan on her forehead. Steady now… Damn, they’re really balancing well.

Episode 12
We see the trio walk back on their home from school. They stop by the convenience store before getting on the train. Because Mayumi is too short to grab the handles, her friends lend their arms. Eh, why stand when there are spare seats on the train? Then they hang out at the bridge before making their way home. After seeing of Mayumi, Momoko and Shibumi go their own way. But because Shibumi’s stomach growls, Momoko shares her bun. Momoko then reaches home. And she says, “I’m home”. OMFG!!!!!!!! FIRST WORDS OF THE ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SURPRISING!!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE MY EARS!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Wow! OMG! Isn’t this so great?! Girls not opening their mouths and saying anything make them look even cuter!!! Damn, why does that sound so misogynistic in today’s politically correct world???!!! But heck, they had to ruin it with that final scene of the final episode. Somehow that single line from Momoko just ruined the crazy speechless combo! Now you can’t say this is entirely a dialogue-less anime!

But seriously, definitely part of the unique charm of this series is because there is no spoken dialogue whatsoever. Sure, it makes them look like retards or this world is nothing but a pantomime but it gives a whole new refreshing look without any conversation at all (except for that final episode scene that dispels this theory). It goes to show that action speaks louder than words and that a picture is worth a thousand words. One can easily enjoy and guess the antics of the girls just by watching what they are doing. It doesn’t take a genius or rocket scientist to deduce and figure out their (mis)adventures. Why talk when you can translate what you want to say via your actions?

So yes, there is no story and plot at all and every episode seems to be random. That is why everything seems so fun. After all, what do you expect from a 3 minute episode? Besides, not too long ago we have had cartoons with no dialogue. Those who are old enough should remember Tom And Jerry as well as The Road Runner Show. Yeah, remember those classics? Hence this anime is suitable for everyone and those who don’t even speak Japanese! No subs required. Just don’t mind the miniscule words in the background such as notices and signs. But these aren’t a lot either so don’t worry about it.

The characters are paper thin too but who cares when you see the girls having their own random fun. You could probably guess that Momoko is the adventurous one, Mayumi the shy one and Shibumi the prideful one. Yeah, can you not blame us for judging the book by its cover? I could be wrong judging their stereotypical characters but I’m sure my guts are pretty close to correct. And besides, it’s not like we really want to know about their background and history, right? As long as we have our bishoujo having fun, everything else is a-okay. I hope.

Of course this series is totally void of human voices. You can still hear them but only limited to grunts, sighs, groans and similar murmurs. Therefore it sometimes feels like a waste of seiyuu talent for having seiyuus voice the characters. I mean, the producer could have just ‘voiced’ them all himself and nobody could tell the difference. But hey, need to look realistic on the books. So we have Rika Tachibana as Momoko (Reiko in Shomin Sample), Yurika Kubo as Mayumi (Hanayo in Love Live), Tomomi Mineuchi as Shibumi (Eiko in Slow Start) and Misato Aoyagi as Kizuku. Ironically, it is the ending theme, Silent Days (also such an ironic song title) by Amatsuuni that has spoken words. Heh. Singing, that is. Sounds so odd after 3 minutes of no dialogue. And then they play this anime pop with lyrics. Not bad actually, this song. But that violin BGM sounds a bit weird… Like as though an amateur is playing it. Sounded like the violin was almost screeching…

The art and animation can be said to be hovering close to poor quality. It is average at best but it’s not like it is worth it to put all the effort to make everything looks so masterfully beautiful for a 3 minute episode, right? Because of that, sometimes the scenes look a bit dull because no bright colourful hues were used. This series is animated by Seven who specializes in doing anime shorts like Okusama Ga Seitokaichou, Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken, Recorder To Randoseru, Strange+, Fushigi Na Somera-chan and Morita-san Wa Mukuchi (this one has a character who technically doesn’t speak too). Don’t mind all the other anime porn shorts that they do too… Maybe that’s why the animation quality has this similar feel…

On a trivial note, I figured why they named this Joshikausei which is supposed to be a pun of Joshikousei (high school girl) is because the latter is already taken. Remember Girls High AKA Joshikousei? Yeah, I remember watching that slapstick comedy. Don’t want to get lawsuits… And perhaps Joshikausei sounds a lot cuter… Probably…

Overall, not really much to say (pun intended) and if I had to put it in a few words, fun and enjoyable. Not the best there is because our anime standards are so high these days… However if you are looking for something short and fun, this is your answer. No need for complicated dialogues because even simple ones can give you headache as you have to ‘think’ and figure out what is going on with the conversation. Unfortunately the internet out there isn’t so kind as I have read many comments calling this a waste of time. Wow. Such sophisticated and classy people. But me, I’m just a simpleton. Strange (but cute) girls entertaining me and making me smile is more than enough to make my day. Enough said. Period.

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