Here is another really nonsensical comedy. But this time it doesn’t take place in outer space nor in the big city. Where is it, you say? It’s in the tropical jungle! You might have guessed that I’m talking about Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu or also known as Hare+Guu.
Even though the setting is in the jungle, just to note that this isn’t exactly how jungle life is about or portrayed. If you really want to know how life is among the luscious trees and abundant flora and fauna, it’s best to see a documentary on it. Or else when watching this series, please turn off all your logic senses and turn on your non-stop laughing mode.
In this 26 episode half hour series, you’re gonna see a lot of wacky and comical stuffs accompanied with lots of wacky and interesting characters that inhabit this tropical jungle. As mentioned, the whole series is generally a comedy one. So there isn’t going to be other aspects like romance, drama or even slice-of-life. Even if there is, somehow it will all go back to the comedy element. You’ll be laughing like mad (most of the time) in this crazy series. I know I did.
Firstly, we have this main protagonist, Hare. He is naturally a good natured boy who lives along with his one kind mom, Weda. Why is his mom one kind? Like most mothers, she loves her child. But that’s about it. Other than that, she likes to drink, get drunk, likes to have fun and is lazy so much so that Hare is the one who does the cooking and cleaning in their jungle hut. So you could say that he is a good son in a way. But Weda’s character doesn’t really make her a bad person or somebody you would hate from the start. She’s not evil. Just that she’s laidback and ‘blur’ at times (okay, maybe most of the time).
But all this is gonna change when one day Weda brings home a cute looking homeless girl called Guu. Why? Because she has no parents so Weda decides to take her in and live with them. I wonder if that qualifies as a good reason because she’s already got Hare and it’s not like she did quite a good job in raising him. Okay, so I don’t know that part but I suppose it’s more the merrier. Well, everything seems okay to Hare at first. Guu is quite kind, polite and with that innocent face, isn’t she just adorable. At first.
That’s because the next day when Hare wakes up, he finds a completely different person. He’s wondering if she’s the same person yesterday. Yup, Guu is the same person alright. Only thing is she has undergone a total personality change. Now she looks and sound monotonous and is really really weird. Sometimes having ‘tenticle’ arms, if you know what I mean. Now this is where Hare’s life takes a turn for the worst. In each episode, you’ll see that Guu enjoys making life difficult and miserable for Hare. Why, you could say that she’s a number 1 troublemaker and instigator. And you may wonder why is she doing only this to Hare? Well, firstly I think that Hare’s the only one who notices that Guu is different from her first appearance and secondly, the other characters are ‘blur’. Yeah, they’re oblivious to Guu’s mischieves and pranks and think ‘it’s like that’. Note that this doesn’t mean that people who live in the jungle are stupid. Plus, since Hare is the only one who has a direct reaction from Guu’s actions, I guess this make it even more interesting for a second, third time for Guu, doesn’t it?
So it’s also like this in every episode. Because Hare knows very much of Guu’s nature, he gets worried and concerned of what she is going to do. Uh-huh, he becomes all frenzy and in a state of panic everytime Guu says something because to Hare, after some deep analytical thinking of his, he thinks what Guu says and mean are completely different and concludes that she’s up to no good. Because of that, Hare will freak out and jump the gun as he yaps and blabs like a psycho so much so that sometimes Guu has to give him an uppercut in the stomach or jaw to shut him up. On purpose, of course. Thus, Hare will do ‘whatever it takes’ to stop Guu. But most of the time, Hare is the one who bears the end result of Guu’s doing. Poor kid. I’m thinking that when Hare grows up, he’s gonna end up being a psycho himself. So young already got mental breakdown. But he’s really a tough kid having to endure chaos after chaos in each episode.
Before we continue, I’ll just briefly run through the other ‘interesting’ characters in the series first. Remember just how weird is Guu? She has a habit of swallowing things. Yeah, really swallow things. Because of that, when Hare got swallowed into Guu’s stomach, there seems to be even weird things in it. Like several buildings, a hundred legged cat, a floating lips fish and 2 human inhabitants in her stomach! They are good friends (probably after living so long in Guu’s stomach) Seiichi and Tomoyo and they both don’t mind living in her stomach! Now that’s a positive way of looking at things. Unless, they too are blur cases. Later, Guu’s stomach takes a 3rd inhabitant. In episode 8, a young air stewardess, Yamada, attempts to commit suicide by drowning because of her love problems but Guu ‘saved’ her by swallowing her. However, Yamada’s emotional instability makes her a dangerous person because she becomes unpredictable and violent! Yeah, Hare found that out the hard way. Though Hare manages to calm her down and give her some hope (temporarily), but Yamada is still that same violent person when it comes to matters of love.
Then there’s the head of the village and principal of the only school in the jungle, Chourou. The first thing you’ll notice about him is his big erm… hairy chest hair. Yeah, he thinks it’s a symbol of his strength and manliness. So much so he won’t hesitate to give the young ones or anybody a rub on his chest hair for boosting morale and such. Eww… But in episode 3, his world came crashing down because… You’ve guessed it, Guu. Yup, in Chourou’s cooking class, Guu steals his chest hair for some device (using it as an afro hair wig?) but luckily, Chourou’s chest hair grows back again quickly again the next day. Even though Hare tries to stop Guu, but you know how it all ends up, don’t you? Unfortunately, Guu steals it again and because of that, Chourou’s chest hair wouldn’t grow anymore, rendering him with low self confidence. I think it’s because he had a dream that Guu stole his chest hair, everytime Chourou sees Guu, he shivers in fear and even calls her ‘Guu-sama’. He’s like a scared obedient dog and follows whatever Guu tells him to do. Poor guy. Though the next time you see him with his chest hair, it’s actually just a strap on. At least it’s not so bad.
I’m not sure but I notice that the jungle has quite a handful of students only but the school looks like it has several classrooms and fits for about 100 students. But perhaps the jungle is so vast that they could build quite a ‘big and spacious’ school. I mean, as far as I can see, there’s only 1 class and all of the students fit into there, regardless of age. Plus, other than Chourou, there’s only 1 other teacher, Reiji. But he’s not so much as a model teacher as he likes to spend his time sleeping. Even in class! Yeah, and I thought only students do that in boring lectures. But this is too much. So much so you’d be thinking, what have the students learned so far from him. Actually they don’t and even once they got pissed off by it. Uh-huh. Self study periods most of the time. Again note, this doesn’t mean jungle people are stupid.
Then there’s Reiji’s little sister, the red-haired and cute Mari. She has a crush on Hare but after seeing and misinterpreting a situation in episode 4 whereby Hare forcefully had to play along with Guu to tell her that he loves her or else Guu won’t stop her usual bugging, Mari considers herself as some tragic shoujo manga character. Part of Guu’s doing? You can bet on it. In addition, Mari loves Weda a lot because Mari herself doesn’t have a mom and always yearned for one thus she sometimes get jealous or mad when she sees Hare not appreciating having his mom around.
Other children of the jungle inculde Toposte, who is Chourou’s grandson and fears that 1 day he might have a bushy chest hair like his grandpa due to genetic reasons, Waji, a kid who is always laughing for whatever (or even none) reasons, Gupta, an older student but immature for his age, Wiggle, another older student who is in love with Weda but his attempts are futile whenever he tries to prove his love to her, Lavenna another older student who is quite an indecisive young lady. There are 2 other young students in Hare’s class, Sagin and Raaya. But I suppose this 2 only make up for the numbers in the class or else the class wouldn’t look like a class as they don’t have any proper dialogue. Even if they try to speak, the scene would change to another.
Other inhabitants of the jungle include the lovey-dovey couple Adie and Chet, Weda’s friend and drinking partner Rebecca, and making his appearance in episode 5 is Dr Clive. Yup, Hare got sick on that episode and decides to go visit the new school doctor. He heard of rumours that he’s mean to guys and only kind to girls. Furthermore, this doctor is a pervert as he spends his time reading playboy magazines in the infirmary. When Dr Clive finds out that Hare has a young looking mom, he’s quite interested to flirt with her, of course much to Hare’s objections as he tries to keep him away from his mom. But as fate would have it, we find out from Weda as she calmly points out that Dr Clive is actually Hare’s real biological father! Before Weda came to the jungle, she was living in some rich and big mansion and got into a relationship with Dr Clive that time, resulting in Hare’s birth. She was 14 years old then. Because of that, Weda and her late dad don’t see eye to eye as the latter disowned his own daughter. That is also the reason why Weda had left her home and head for the jungle. Weda didn’t want to tell Hare at first as she was waiting for the right time to do so. Poor Hare initially thought that he was the reason why Weda got disowned but luckily his mummy consoled him. So it’s kinda odd to see father and son squabbling and arguing most of the time as Dr Clive would still try and use every opportunity he gets to flirt with Weda.
Perhaps Dr Clive got to much of a bargain because there’s a woman who’s crazy about him in episode 10. And old hag, that is. Everyone seems to notice Gupta’s long hair and Hare suggests for him to get a haircut. But Gupta freaks out because he doesn’t want to get a haircut from the jungle’s creepy ol’ barber, Dama (reminds me of a character from Lat. Yeah, must be her afro hairstyle). Eventually Gupta gets one and when Dama laid her eyes on Dr Clive for the 1st time, it’s more than just love at first sight. It seems Dr Clive resembles ‘very much’ to Dama’s beloved late husband. We eventually find out that Dr Clive and Dama’s late husband don’t really look a like and the only thing that they have in common is their white hair! Haha. So it’s so bloody hilarious to see Dama turning into a monster and alien (not to mention a change in her voice as well) as she chases Dr Clive here, there and everywhere while Dr Clive is having a hard time avoid being captured. She’s really dangerous when she’s in love. And he’s really terrified when she is. Hare thinks that he got a taste of his own medicine. But it seems Dr Clive can’t go back to the infirmary anymore because Dama will always be there looking for him, so he decides to seek refuge in Weda and Hare’s house, much to the latter’s dismay.
Oh, I want to mention that in this series, the jungle is inhabitat with lots of weird looking creatures. One of the more common and abundant ones are called Pokutes. They can be seen walking here and there just about anywhere (or even lovey-dovey with each other!) and make really weird kind of noises. They look like the alphabet ‘H’ at first sight as they have 2 legs, no hands and I think those 2 limbs on top of their head are their ears or what. Yeah, they have that face which reminds me of those statues on Easter Island. Plus, Pokutes are the main food source and staple food for the inhabitants of this jungle as they could be used to make several Pokute dishes, though they’re considered to be protectors of the jungle sent from Heaven. How ironic to eat ones ‘saviour’. Perhaps it’s a custom here.
So most of the episodes sees the gang and their hilarious ‘misadventures’ as Guu tries to scheme something but a frantic Hare decides to do something to stop her. Like in episode 2 whereby Guu is first introduced to Hare’s class and Hare is concerned about what kind of facial impression she will put on. But you know what’s gonna happen, right? Guu swallows them all into their stomach. But being the blur people they are, they think it’s some dream. Eventually everybody accepts Guu regardless whether they’re aware of her true nature or whatsoever. Ignorance is bliss. Then in episode 4, Waji tells Guu that laughing makes your troubles ‘fly away’. You should hear how Guu laughs! So damn eerily funny! Like a breakdown robot going HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Also, Guu gives everyone a ‘greeting kiss’ to boys and girls alike by nearly swallowing the head!
In episode 6, Guu tells Hare that it’s a pastime for people to take baths in their clothes. Of course Hare doesn’t believe so as he’s always done so naked. Hare went around asking the other inhabitants for their opinions and comes up with a conclusion that people do really bath with their clothes on. Then on the day the school decides to go to some jungle bath, Hare bathes with the guys with his clothes on but his male buddies find it weird because they we’re all bathing naked. This prompts Hare to get embarrass and think that Guu has played with his mind once again as he storms into another section. But this time as he bathes naked, he notices that he is in the girl’s section. And there is no way out… Taihen desu yo.
Or in episode 7 when Hare gets a weird present from Guu as his birthday gift. How weird is it? Well, it isn’t anything tangible and it’s more like an out-of-body experience. In other words, Hare and Dr Clive switched bodies! So Hare gets to see first hand what live is about being Dr Clive. Hmmm… It seems Mari is quite fond of Dr Clive too as she always make lunches for him. So the next day when Hare returns to his normal body and is feeling a little sympathy for his dad, he finds out that Dr Clive is still the same ol’ perverted guy he is. Yeah, all that feelings just went down the drain.
Something big, black, hard, shining, stinking, strange-voiced monster is terrorizing the jungle inhabitants (so they think) in episode 9 when Weda goes missing on a hunting trip. It’s funny to see each of their interpretation of that black hard shining thingy and I suppose Dr Clive drew something hentai (hint hint). Because the others are so blur on what is it, only Hare seems to figure what that perverted doctor drew. In the end, it’s revealed that the black hard shining thingy is actually a bear. Yup, Hare got injured when he tried to attack the bear but it seems Guu transformed into an older version of herself, tackled the bear and in a way saved Hare, who’s barely conscious. This older version of Guu somehow reminds me of Maya of Tenjou Tenge as she looks more serious and mysterious. Throughout the series, this version of Guu remains a mystery as I’m not sure what is her real intention and purposes as she only appears very seldom. Even that cute and innocent version of Guu. Not sure what she really is as her transformation to this one is also very seldom. And probably I think she would transform into the cute version much later in the series for a short while just to make viewers remember and refresh their memories about this one.
Then in episode 11, the gang heads to the beach but Weda and Hare dozes off on a raft as they lose sight of land. Yeah, they got back when Guu transformed herself really large and brings them back ashore. And nobody notices it all. Mari gets abducted in episode 12 by some Boa Team and the rest goes off to rescue her in Power Rangers style. Fortunately, this was all a play. Later Guu holds a weird contest among Dr Clive, Mari, Wiggle and Hare whereby the winner gets Weda. Everyone is so enthusiastic about it like as though it’s a game, even Weda herself. In the end, Hare wins but good thing is that he got his mom to himself but bad thing is, he still has to do all the work and chores. Or that Pokute legend in episode 15 whereby Chourou tells Hare how Rebecca was raised by Pokutes when she was young. Yup, her house has full of it doing whatever chores.
By episode 13, things are starting to pick up (as well as the weirdness) as Hare meets Weda’s ex-servants, Bel and Asio, who are taking a vacation so that they could come to the jungle to look after Weda. Bel the maid is quite infatuated with Weda ever since young and gets nosebleeds everytime just thinking about her while Asio the gardener has ‘scary eyes’ as said by the others, though I don’t see how scary they are. They look just normal to me. Asio has a tendency to correct or state the true situation to Bel (which is often correct) which prompts Bel to get mad and pound Asio without mercy.
A flashback episode 14 which explains how Weda got kicked out of her house because of her pregnancy. Weda realizing that the mysterious man in her dreams is actually Asio in episode 15. Mari deciding to role play in episode 16 by making Weda her mom and Dr Clive as her dad as the trio slept together like a family, making Mari quite happy. A health check for the kids in episode 17 with Hare finding out that their examining doctor is that older version of Guu. Also, Asio and Weda disguised themselves as transfer students and gets a health check from Dr Clive. Yeah, almost everybody’s a blur case not knowing who those 2 transfer students are. Yeah, even Weda gives herself a new name as a cover up, Wendy. And since Dr Clive knows that Wendy is Weda, is he gonna do something hentai to her? Hare’s really worried and has to put a stop to this.
Dr Clive’s nightmare with Dama continues in episode 18. Yeah, Dama hasn’t given up on him yet and Hare has to reluctantly help Dr Clive. Yeah, more monster and alien-like terrorizing from Dama. In the end, Dr Clive dyed his hair grey which successfully prevents Dama from chasing him any further. That simple, huh. So for the rest of the season, Dr Clive’s hair will be in grey colour and no longer white. Consider this as a safety precaution. In episode 19, Hare is fed up of the annoyance of Bel and Weda so much so Guu gives him some magic stick which could change a person’s character. Yeah, Guu is having fun changing everyone’s character. Also, everyone suspects that Chourou did something weird to them especially the girls, who they think Chourou did something hentai on them. Though Chourou doesn’t know anything in the end, his innocence is proven when it is actually a cat who has an uncanny resemblance of Chourou’s face. Good thing it doesn’t have Chourou’s chest hair.
It gets more insane in episode 20 because it’s snowing in the tropical jungle! Hare thinks it must be Guu’s doing. Of course it is. And it all started because Mari read a book on the Alps and wishes how it would snow here as well. And because it really did snow, nobody’s really bothered whether it’s a dream or something wrong as they had their fun in the snow like having a snowball fight. See Hare, you’re too tensed up, you need to relax. Okay, maybe he’s better worrying because he’s more funny that way. Haha. Just kidding. Then after the snow melts in episode 21, Hare wonders how life is in the big city. And just like that, Weda decides to pack her bags and return home. Wah! So fast decide ah. Hare thinks it’s just a short visit but Weda says they’re leaving the jungle for good! Oh the horror. Be careful of what you wish for. With that, everybody says their emotional goodbye to Hare, Weda, Guu, Bel and Asio. And guess what. They’re taking a plane there and the pilot is… GUU!!! Oh dear, things couldn’t get any worse for Hare as he’s panicking and freaking out once again, much to Weda’s ire as she knocks him out. It’s gonna be a looooong ride, buddy. So hold on to your seats.
The gang have arrived in the big city in episode 22. Also, they meet up with Weda’s overprotective paranoid bodyguard, Robert. He looks cool with his handgun of this as they all arrive back at Weda’s huge mansion. Besides having to adjust from a jungle life to a more civilized culture, Robert (and Guu) decides to train Hare for his own protection because Robert tells them that this concrete jungles is filled with lots of danger. So another short flashback in episode 23 of how Robert met Bel as the former admires the latter and thus decides to to the same for Weda but found out that Weda is totally opposite of what he perceives her to be. So as Hare tries to show Robert Weda’s good points, Hare and Guu ended up being taken hostage in a bank robbery. Yeah, Hare’s really freaking out and saying something like how he don’t wanna die and such while Guu is having a whale of a time. She’s enjoying every moment of it. Poor Hare. Now he has to go through this terrifying situation as well. But the robber leader seems to be friendly with Hare because of some video game thingy. Once Weda and Robert knew of the situation, they both sprung into action and managed to save the day. See how strong a mother’s love is. And that robber leader seems to accept his fate and defeat as he intends on using that free time in jail to play and conquer whatever video game he and Hare discussed during the hostage crisis.
Hare receives a letter from Mari in episode 24 asking him about the life in the city. I wonder how Mari knows the address of the mansion. At the same time, Dr Clive has left the jungle to attend some lecture in the city and coincidentally meets with Weda and the 2 got into a hotel room. Of course Hare is surprised to see his perverted doc here and together with Guu and Robert, they pull off crazy tactics to pull them apart. Yeah, Guu dresses up Hare like a girl as a disguise. But in the end, Weda left on her own will. And just like the moral of the story as Guu says at the episode’s end "And the moral of the story is… No pants". Whatever that means, but it was sure funny. Hare’s feeling pretty bored in episode 25 though it has been a few days of ‘unwanted excitement’ in the city. So Guu suggests to play some hide and seek game whereby Guu becomes ‘it’. But Hare soons become terrified when he finds out that Guu is swallowing everyone in the mansion! Hey, even Tomoyo, Seiichi and Yamada are running out and about. Sometimes it’s nice to get a little fresh air. While getting lost in the mansion’s garden (it’s like a jungle in here too), he stumbles upon a cabin and an elderly lady there. To cut things short, she’s Hare’s grandma.
So the final episode 26 also sees why Weda doesn’t like her mom too much. Something like she wasn’t supportive of her when she was pregnant with Hare. At the same time, Hare’s home sick and wonders what his other jungle pals are doing so much so Guu transform herself into a robot and allows Hare to use it as they have a peek of the jungle life with Hare and Guu. Seems pretty okay, unless of course it’s Guu who’s causing all the trouble as usual. Finally Weda and grandma meet, but Weda now decides to leave the mansion and head back to the jungle. Change her mind again, huh. However Hare is reluctant to leave as he just got to know his grandma. Yeah, Bel doesn’t want her oujo-sama to leave her too. But in the end, I guess it’s good that Weda and grandma reconciled, though Weda is still adamant in her decision to go back to the jungle.
If that doesn’t feel satisfying, that’s because there’s a second season or rather 6 episode OVA after that called Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu Deluxe. Personally, though it still retains the silliness and hilariousness, I kinda find that this particular season isn’t as funny as the first. In addition, the episode stories are shortened by half meaning that in 1 episode there are 2 stories. Yeah, and there’s that amusing short eye catch as its mid-intermission.
So basically it’s like a continuation from the first season. The whole gang are now back in the jungle. First off, probably Reiji has been sleeping on the job too much so much so that the school has got a new substitute teacher called Yomi. Everybody’s real afraid of her except for Hare who has just returned from the city. Why? In short, she has mood swings. Violent and temperamental. You don’t want to make her mad or say something unpleasant. Yeah, Hare found out the hard way too. Here comes the pain. And in a way it ended up Yomi having Hare as her boyfriend. I don’t want to have a girlfriend like her. Also, Chourou’s chest hair returns but this time it engulfs the entire jungle so much so that Chourou went missing after that.
But the biggest surprise is that Weda is now pregnant and that Dr Clive and Weda are going to get married! Uh-huh, even Bel, Asio, Robert and grandma have arrive at the jungle. So round 2 of that weird contest whereby the winner gets Weda continues with Dr Clive, Asio, Bel and Wiggle vying for her attention. But in the end, nobody really won because I think Weda just wants Bel and her mom to congratulate her on her wedding. Other than that, other hilarious adventures include the time when Mari transforms into an adult version of herself after thinking that Hare may like a grown up version of herself. But I suppose it’s best for Mari to stay the way she is now. Then Hare got his hair dyed all white which spells disaster. Because Dama now thinks that Hare is her beloved dead husband! Run Hare run!
Then a time where Guu uses her magic stick (now in a different form) to change everybody else into little children which makes Guu the ‘eldest’ one. So it’s tough being a grown up. Also, it seems that Hare too becomes a violent person when he becomes drunk. Uh-huh. He could challenge Yamada as well. But another important point in this second season is when Hare and Guu take a trip back in time when Weda is still pregnant with Hare. Because Hare tries his best not to let a young Weda know his identity (and possibly ruin or screw up his future), he tells her that his name is Ame, because it was raining back then. And so thus back to present time, Weda has given birth to her second child called… Ame because of the events back then. If you think about it Hare’s name means sunny and shiny whereas Ame means raining. How contrasting.
But the last episode in this season sees the return of that bald robber leader. Yeah, he’s back in the jungle and is going to get his revenge on Weda. Yup, he’s got Hare and Guu hostage once again. And just like any loving mother would do, Weda decides to sacrifice her life by falling off a cliff in exchange for Hare’s life. Dr Clive tries to stop her but too late. Everybody could only watch in horror. Then Dama arrives in time to save Weda and soon a battle between the ol’ hag and bald robber begins. Dama is so different here. She’s no more that love sick chasing monster she used to be. Yeah, she’s much more ‘refined’ here. In the end, Dama not only defeats the robber (yeah, some super kick to the crotch) but they both end up in love with each other and got married!
And there’s more to where that came from. A third season called Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu Final has another additional 7 episodes. Also this season’s pattern follows quite closely to the second season’s in the sense that there are 2 stories in 1 episode and I also felt this wasn’t as funny as the first season. And as the name suggests it’s the last of the Hare+Guu series. Yeah, all good things must come to an end.
This final season starts off with Weda getting a video message from the Bel and Asio back at the jungle. Because of that, they decide to do a video letter reply and with that, Weda decides to go back to the city once more to see her mom. So it’s back to the city again. Well, Dr Clive isn’t coming along. Hare seems to be blabbing how bored he is and hates the city and wishes to go back to the jungle again where his friends are when Weda decides to enrol him in a private school. Thing is, Hare instantly fell in love with a cute blond girl named Rita. See how love could change a man. At least he has something to look forward to.
Of course in school Hare tries to fit in while Guu is trying to give Hare a usual hard time. So Hare has his fair share of being a bully victim. Robert tries to protect from afar (trying to snipe a kid? Seriously) but gets thwarted by Dama. Hey, what’s she doing as the school’d janitor? So much so Rita couldn’t tolerate anymore and tell off those bullies in class. I guess it’s pretty embarrassing but to get a scolding from a cute girl. Bloody suey. Hare’s grateful though.
And just when Hare’s about to settle down and probably have a steady futue girlfriend, Weda thinks it’s time to head back to the jungle again. Oh brother. Yeah, the class threw a farewell party for Hare. Of course Bel is very sad to see her oujo-sama leave and so is Rita. After some heart to heart talk, the trio soon leaves. But that’s about it for Rita. No more major stories which involves her. And I thought there’s gonna be some romance for Hare. Even Guu’s pretty disappointed with a ‘normal’ ending. She’s really hoping for some screw up. Upon arrival, they are greeted by Mari who’s quite eager to see them. Uh-huh, Weda is only in her lingerie because it’s quite hot back here. Yeah, she looks hot too! Have she no shame? But that isn’t so important. Anyway, everybody’s glad that they’re back except for Mari who’s thinking that Hare may be two-timing her behind her back. But luckily Hare says that Rita’s just a friend and nothing more, prompting Mari to become happy again as she forgives him. If only more girls were like that. So a messy welcome back party as Weda gets drunk as usual. And poor Hare. He’s got to do all the cleaning up once it’s over.
Other than that, we see Toposte getting all worried if he would have his grandpa’s chest hair as Hare tries to sooth his fears. Yeah, Chourou is now a big hairball of chest hair. But after some flashback storytelling, Toposte doesn’t fear having chest hairs anymore because… it could make him popular with girls, just like grandpa during his heydays. Haih… Then Lavenna takes a walk to do an errand and meets all kind of strange and weird incidents from the jungle’s inhabitants but didn’t think of them as anything extraordinary as she writes in her diary at the end of the day how peaceful her day was. Haih…
Also, it’s like an RPG game style as Hare along with Tomoyo, Seiichi and Yamada turned into RPG characters to save Ame from the evil older Guu version as they meet other jungle inhabitants in different character roles in their quest. Rita too makes her appearance but it isn’t anything much. I like the title with the first half as ‘RPG Test Version’ and the second one as ‘RPG Pirate Version’. Hahaha. Then Yomi and Hare have their date but it was disasterous. A heartbreak Yomi thinks she’ll never fall in love again, that is, until Toposte passes by. So is Yomi and Toposte a new item? Not really sure. And Hare and Dr Clive decides to be good to each other so that they could be good role models to Ame. It’s rather hard, isn’t it? But they manage to pull through.
Things get a little serious in the final episode of the 3rd season. Though it is mentioned vaguely somewhere in the 1st season that Weda has an older brother and sister but that’s about info you’ll get on them. Here, the 2 siblings find out that their late father has left his vast fortunes to Weda’s name in his will. Because of that, they decided to hire a professional assassin to take out Weda. Luckily Robert’s there or else Weda would’ve been toast. Well, after some intense exchange of gunfire, we see that the assassin is a pretty hot and sexy blonde. Yeow! But when that hot babe suddenly changed into Dama, Hare freaked out. Yeah, something about how Dama sees herself. I don’t really get it.
Anyway, the face-off between Dama and Robert is just like a series of talks. Uh-huh, something about some guy who is using Dama as a pawn to do his bidding. Some flashbacks here and there as that guy found her and train her while Dama’s keeping all this a secret from that robber husband of hers. After Dama realizes that she has been deceived, she jsut walked away to settle things her own way. While Robert seems to be concerned about Dama, Hare doesn’t really care. Yeah, the story’s been blown out of proportion and I’m still trying to understand what’s going on. How’s it all got to do with it all. But in the final scenes we see Robert fending off some unseen assassins for the 7th time back at Weda’s home. Because of that, Weda decides to do something about it. Yup, she’s going back to the city to face her siblings. And that face of hers is now really scary. Something about this fight will cost them. Too bad Hare. You and Guu have to tag along too. The end.
Overall, I felt a little disappointed of how it all ended. It’s like a prelude to make another season but unfortunately, the anime ends just there. But generally, I still love all the hilarious and silly antics and all those freaking out moments from Guu and Hare respectively. Like in some episodes how when Hare realizes that everything has gone wrong in the end, the weather suddenly changes from a dry one to a heavy downpour in an instant as he screams in frustration.
Probably because of the way things ended, it didn’t do much justice to the other characters as well. In order words, it didn’t really tie up properly what happens to the other characters. Maybe it’s back to their usual lives, nothing much happening out of the ordinary. But with Guu around, I’m sure it’ll be more than just havoc and chaos. Yeah, she could be a professional troublemaker, if there’s such a job in this world. Oh there is, but not officially. Hehe.
The art, drawing and animation for all the 3 seasons are pretty consistent with each other. I like Guu’s voice acting which is voiced by Naoko Watanabe. It really does fits the characters role and personality. Meanwhile Rikako Aikawa does an amazing job for Hare’s voice. Yeah, you’d expect him to freak out and become psychotic in every episode.
Of all the theme songs in the series, my favourite one is still the ending theme for the first season, Ohashi, sung by 0930 (pronounced Okusama). While the opening theme song for the first season, Love Tropicana, sounds like a song fit for a jungle themed series with all that fanfare, the second season’s opening theme song, Love Tropicana Deluxe has a line whereby Hare is reading and cramming it so fast that it sounded so funny, though I’m not sure what he’s saying. And the opening animatino is pretty wild too. The second season’s ending theme Fun Fun And Shout has the gang singing like broadway style with Chourou in the lead. If you’ve guessed the name of the 3rd season’s opening song is Love Tropicana Final, then you’re right. Yeah, they’re all sung by the same group, Sister Mayo. But the final ending theme Teruteru Bouzu,is sung by Rikako Aikawa which is an acoustic solo. You could see more and more of the characters gathering as each episode goes by. Though I’m not really sure what it all means.
So just be warned, do not attempt to pull any stunts like what Guu did. It’s definitely impossible. And we certainly do not need another Guu to mess up and further complicate our lives. Heck, if we wanted to do so, we would’ve done it by ourselves, wouldn’t we? I just hope Hare is able to keep his sanity when he grows up. Hecl, probably he’s one already. And a final reminder. Jungle people are not generally stupid, though the ones here are generally blur cases. In the jungle the might jungle the lion sleeps tonight…  No lions here. Only Pokutes. And with all that racket, certainly it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep.

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