Juuou Mujin No Fafnir

August 2, 2015

Am I seeing some sort of trend recently? Or has my mind gone numb after seeing too much of the same thing every season? Because somehow in a certain way, some animes have the same ‘feel’. The theme of ecchi fanservice, harem (including a typical single male protagonist), magic and dragons/monsters/beasts or a combination of them. That is why when I started watching Juuou Mujin No Fafnir (Unlimited Fafnir), immediately my thoughts are how similar this anime is to Seiken Tsukai No World Break in an overall sense. Heck, both shows are aired during the same season back in early 2015. Then there are Seikoku No Dragonar, Seiken Tsukai No Blade Dance, Cross Ange and Dragon Crisis to name a few… Have they run out of ideas lately?

Reading the synopsis itself is amusing. Try and make a guess from it. The world changes with the appearances of dragons… People (and by that they mean only girls) with dragon powers are then born… Suddenly there is a single boy in the whole wide world known to only possess this power… Gets “forcefully thrown into the school where such girls are gathered”… “…Where he saw the naked body of one of the students”… “Meeting his long lost sister…”… He said this to one of the girls, “When there is no choice, I will – kill you”… She says, “Can I really… Believe you?”… And finally, “The curtains open as the ‘one and only story’ about the boy who is supposed to become the strongest assassin and the incompetent girls unfolds – Ultimate School Battle Action!” Woah! I don’t know what to make out of this. Lines like that in the summary are mostly pretty ambiguous and sometimes misleading. Is this a whole lot of drama, harem, action and comedy mixed into the fray? Well, it better live up to its synopsis…

Episode 1
As narrated, dragons appeared in the world 25 years ago and destroyed a big part of it. Since then, there are people born with the same powers as those dragons. They are called Type D. Just like Yuu Mononobe who sets his first foot on Midgar only to find naked Iris Freya bathing in the sea (she lost her swimsuit to the waves if you must know). She tries to beat him up but screws up. After quelling the misunderstanding, Yuu’s sister whom he has not seen for 3 years, Mitsuki comes to pick him up. Starting today, he will be a transfer student on this island and the first male student in this academy. Colonel Haruka Shinomiya isn’t just the high commander on this island but also a teacher in the Brynhildr Class. We have a brief history of how Midgar came to be. From breaking away from the military NIFL (that Yuu is from) and being internationally recognized as having human rights, they have joined Asgard under UN to become an autonomous educational facility to help promote the use of D’s powers for society. Mitsuki who is also the student council president introduces Yuu during the assembly. But in class, some of the girls, Lisa Highwalker in particular isn’t convinced so Yuu has to demonstrate that he is D material by materializing some dark matter. But they question his decision to materialize it into a gun since it will be useless against the Red Basilisk dragon that they are trying to fight. Hey, didn’t they say just to show proof? Iris tries to stand up for Yuu but screws up in her line about this morning’s accident. That’s a quick way to be known as a pervert.

Yuu is brought to the underground training facility whereby the girls demonstrate in their practice how they fight a dragon. Shinomiya explains to us the use of vivid imagination and dark matter allows the girls to use elemental powers and magic in their fight. Wow. The power of imagination! The rest of the girls, Firill Crest, Ren Miyazawa and Ariella Lu also strut their stuffs. Shinomiya reveals the reason why dragons appear in this world: To find a mate. Those with the Dragon Crest mark are their target and Ds who come into contact will turn into a dragon. This was confirmed when they fought with the Purple Kraken. Therefore Midgar is also serving as a fortress to protect Ds and intercept dragons deprived of their mates. When it is Iris’ turn, she screws up no matter how many retries. Later Yuu talks to her but I don’t think being realistic is helping to cheer her up. She mentions her parents were killed by a White Leviathan. She survived and that’s when her D powers awakened. She says it isn’t for revenge that she joined Midgar as she doesn’t have hatred but just feels like she needed to fight. Oh sure, can you say that when it is a harem, can you? Yuu notes Iris reminds him a lot like Mitsuki during her younger days when she is full of strive. That’s why he can’t leave her alone. She wants to get to know him better too. Their friendship is about to hit off when a Level C emergency is sounded.

Episode 2
Wow. 47 hours till Leviathan is here. So much time… Major Loki Jotunheim contacts Yuu and tells him to kill the D when the time comes because he is NIFL’s strongest Fafnir. Otherwise they are forced to use other ‘inefficient’ methods. As Mitsuki addresses the crowd, she is seeking those whose Dragon Crest is resonating. Yuu remembers Iris’ acting weird and may be it. He goes to find her and she is at the rooftop. Trying to jump down? Thankfully she doesn’t have the guts. It’s not that he is a pervert and wants her to show her Dragon Crest. It’s just to make sure. Well, it’s resonating. Iris is sad that she doesn’t want to hurt everyone. Leave it to Yuu to assure her that won’t happen and everyone will protect her. How cock sure is he? Well, if it really comes down to it, he’ll kill her. Oh, that’s reassuring alright. Iris is sheltered in a safe room as Yuu tells Mitsuki about this. She isn’t pleased and wants to kill Iris when it happens. WTF. Fighting over the right to kill her? Yuu then contacts Loki to accept the job so please don’t interfere. Yuu bumps into Lisa who is still putting up that b*tch mode with him. She also lets him know about the 2 Krakens they killed a couple of years ago. One of them was Shinomiya’s little sister, Miyako and her friend. Lisa won’t forgive Mitsuki for killing her.

Yuu goes to guard Iris in her room but it feels more like some flirting fanservice if you ask me. Because she has screens that can view the camera outside, I don’t know what on Earth was the camera focusing and it gave them a glimpse of one of the girls’ pantsu! Suddenly I can have a million devilish thoughts about this! This causes Iris to worry if he likes to see panties and is willing to show it to him. YES! I WANT TO SEE YOUR PANTSU! Oh… Don’t tell me you’re gay, Yuu???!!! And don’t tell me I have to buy the BDs just to see this?! And then… I suppose Iris let Yuu take a bath first so she can sneak in to wash his back but got freaked out seeing his ‘little dragon’. WTF?! Therefore it is right for him not to be sleeping in the same room. She thanks him for being kind. I don’t know what the heck they’re talking about future possibilities because he really believes there is a future he doesn’t need to kill her. Why the complication? Anyway, let’s just believe in everybody that they’ll protect her. Simple. Yuu falls asleep and dreams of his childhood with Mitsuki. Lively little girl wants to be with him forever and since mom says kids can’t get married, she agrees to wait till they’re adults to do so. And here’s an engagement kiss as promise. Eh, what? Yuu wakes up after some sinister voice tells him the price of something is his memories. Well, Yuu isn’t too late in missing the show because Leviathan is here and it easily breaks through the first defence. So much about that.

Episode 3
I guess you’re screwed when Leviathan has the power to deflect ANYTHING! Now it’s up to the girls but they too can’t stand its might. Shinomiya then calls Yuu but he already knows she has already called for NIFL’s help since she can’t let what happened 2 years ago happen again. It’s better than letting those girls shoulder the burden. But you sent them out, right? All Yuu wants is their infiltration route. Since Iris entrusted her life to him, he won’t let anyone have it. Can he do it alone? As long as his opponent is human… So we see why Yuu live up to his name as the best Fafnir because he singlehandedly take out all those NIFL soldiers who are equipped with real guns! A soldier almost shoots Yuu from the back but Iris’ reflex blasts him away. How did she do that? Then they go to the cliff to wait for Leviathan to fight it. But Mitsuki is back and injured. She wants to kill Iris. Yuu understands the pain she went through when she killed Miyako but he won’t let her kill Iris. So they’re going to fight just to see who get the right to kill her? The oldest trick in the book: Yuu tricks Mitsuki he can see her panties and she lets her guard down enough for him to defeat her. Fighting over the right to kill her won’t do any good so he suggests fighting Leviathan till their last breath. When they reunite with the other girls, they aren’t too please Iris is brought here. It’s like a big signal to tell the giant narwhale that she’s here.

Since it is Iris’ call, she decides to fight it and calls forth her wand, Kerykeion to let loose some blast at Leviathan. It did some good in slowing it down as the rest of the girls provide support. But this only makes Leviathan angry and its anger scream is enough to blast and destroy the rest of the barriers! You’re so screwed. Seeing Iris trying so hard reminds Yuu the same of Mitsuki then. He felt so bad she wanted to protect their home and that he lacked the power. Suddenly the voice of Gaia’s oldest dragon, Tohue, a green dragon also known as Yggdrasil wants to confirm his contract with Yuu. Who the hell called this dude? As Yggdrasil seeks the annihilation of other dragons, in exchange for power to Yuu, the price to pay are his memories. Moments before Mitsuki is going to shoot Iris, Yuu calls forth Yggdrasil to make another contract. This time he materializes a freaking huge cannon gun! This is more like it! Unlike those pee shooters from those girls… With Iris, they repel Leviathan away and Mitsuki delivers the final blow, shooting it into half with her arrow. They did it. Iris’ mark is gone. They’ve won. Later Iris talks to Yuu and wants to be his friend but she is surprised that he has already considered her his friend. Since when? Does it matter? To show her gratitude, Iris kisses him.

Episode 4
I think Lisa must be hinting something when she tells Yuu she is promoting him to apprentice classmate, tsundere style. Whatever. Iris must be having a bad day because it is obvious she has forgotten to wear her pantsu and today’s schedule is physical examination. Of course Yuu won’t be any part of it as he is made to go see the headmistress, Charlotte B. Lord (a little girl as the school head?) and her personal secretary-cum-maid, Mica Stuart. She claims all the girls in Midgar are her harem and thus an excuse she will examine Yuu herself. How can she say she hates men when she starts licking his hand?! She reveals that today’s physical examination is just to check the Dragon Crest as the Red Basilisk has begun to move from its nest. Then she suggests to go peep at girls as she is finding an accomplice! Thankfully Mica puts a stop to her craziness. During the assembly, Mitsuki introduces a couple of girls who were found by NIFL to have Dragon Crest resonating with Basilisk. One of them being Tear Lightning and although she has horns, Mitsuki says she is human. However this loli asserts she is a dragon and so angry she is that her dark matter starts zapping everything. When everything calms down, Tear recognizes Yuu and is happy to see him. She quickly hugs him and says she was born to be a dragon’s bride and thus Yuu is her husband. Eh? What? Yuu explains that he was once in a rescue operation to save Tear kidnapped by the mafia and forced to make gems.

Shinomiya assigns Yuu to guide Tear and Mitsuki to help him since the other girls have become scared of her. So with the loli hogging Yuu (including sitting on his lap as her seat in class), this doesn’t sit well with a certain little sister and friend. Yeah, she’s sticking to him like a leech. No fair! It’s always Tear, Tear and Tear. Iris joins the siblings and Tear in a study session but we know it’s going to be hard to concentrate, right? However Tear shows she isn’t just an annoying loli because she answers all her questions correctly! But we don’t care about that because since Iris wants to bath with him as a reward, the rest of the girls go in just to keep watch. They’re in their swimsuits of course. The bathtub is freaking cramped… Yuu tries to teach Mitsuki about friendship and thus to make friends with the other classmates. She is reluctant thinking there are some bad people. But after a little nudging, the first step is always the hardest. Once she greets everyone and they greet back, it is all easy flow from here. Yeah, it is like as though they’ve been best friends forever. And when Iris thought she got the chance to ask Yuu to sit on his lap, instant rejection! Sad girl… Now that Tear has warmed up to the girls, Lisa even says Yuu is too incompetent to handle her and will take over from now on. Yeah sure. Thanks. A burden just got offloaded from his shoulders. Lisa teaches Tear how to materialize weapons via dark matter. It starts out great till Tear remembers this trauma that some hooded lady keeps telling her she is a dragon. Her power becomes stormy and goes berserk.

Episode 5
Tear turns into a dragon and starts zapping everything. Yuu saves Lisa from being toasted so that we could have a little cheap fanservice thrill of his hand over her boob. Once Lisa fires back at Tear, she reverts back to normal and faints. Later at the infirmary, Yuu meets the other girl, Honoka Tachikawa and helps put anti-septic on her back. A few chat and my harem senses start tingling that she definitely likes this guy. Then Yuu gets a call from Loki about the dragon worshipping cult. They have begun their move to retrieve Tear. Midgar’s defence is impenetrable and thus no doubt that woman will make her move, Kili Surt Muspelheim, the D who opposes NIFL. When Tear is awake, she is devastated to learn the trouble she has caused. Yuu understand she didn’t do on purpose. He wants her to promise never to think herself as a dragon again but she still insists as she has this strange power. So do the rest. But they live as humans. If she chooses to live as a dragon, he can’t be with her. He wants her to live as a human. Asking about her parents, she mentions they are all fake. She was living a nice life till all that deception was revealed and that was when she met Kili. After Tear apologizes to everyone, Lisa imposes a quick punishment (a light bump on the head). What better way to forget all about that and to go out to the beach and have fun. I know. Your obligatory fanservice scene with girls in swimsuits. Tear recognizes Iris as her rival and they challenge each other to some sand hill digging game. Tear won. And of course, Lisa being tsundere as usual. Perhaps Mitsuki is being hypocrite when she warns Yuu about his comments on girls’ swimsuit that borderlines sexual harassment. So what if he comments on hers? Go ahead. I am not sure what Yuu did wrong. Because all he said was she looks good in it and it’s like she’s not happy and pulls his ear. What?! Not enough compliment? Said too much?! Women, can’t understand them! Charlotte also joins in the fun since her harem is here. She brought lots of BBQ stuffs and when it is time to party and dance, Mica takes her away. When Yuu returns to his room, he receives information on Kili in his laptop. Hmm… Involved in over 300 terrorist attacks! Can burn people or things upon touching! Chose to live as a dragon. Yuu won’t let Tear turn out into someone like her. It couldn’t be worse timing as a dragon appears right smack in the middle of the academy.

Episode 6
Good thing or bad thing, Blue Hecatoncheir is just standing there doing nothing. Even so, Shinomiya says it is immortal! Past records show any damages are instantly healed. Their job now is to reduce possible damage. Lisa is assigned to protect Tear while the rest go on standby. Of course Yuu can summon Yggdrasil’s power to drive it away but if he does so, Midgar will suffer enormous damage. Well, he argues if he can’t use it now, then when? I guess this is what happens when you leave just a guard to protect Tear. Kili blasts her way in with no resistance. So will Tear quietly go with her? Didn’t think so. I have a feeling she can end everything with the snap of her finger but something tells me she is just toying with them. I mean, you see Lisa and Tear trying to run and escape but Kili is always there. Finally she gets tired of the game and a super blast that is big enough to make Yuu’s sense tingle. Yup. He rushes back to realize his worst fear has come true. Lisa is down and Tear is in Kili’s hands. Yuu fires a bullet at Kili but it was melted by his barrier. Then she melts his gun. Kili says she is going to take Tear to Basilisk and marry them. She starts brainwashing Tear that because she refused to come, a lot of people are going to get hurt, including this boy. But don’t worry, everything here is fake. She is going to listen to this woman instead of Yuu? When Kili starts giving Yuu a real taste of pain, Tear agrees to come along with Kili and is convinced she is a dragon. Yuu reminds her of the promise she won’t disappear and how everyone here right now is real. Kili must have said the wrong word about happiness because Tear starts thinking about the happy times with her friends here. She wants to be here. She rejects Kili and claims she is human. When Kili is going to make her regret saying that and also to see to it she can’t live as a human anymore, Yuu becomes desperate to save her that he somehow could use Leviathan’s repelling force to push Kili back. Play time is over. They’ll regret not handing Tear over. Kili has Hecatoncheir start moving. Let the rampage begin.

Episode 7
Mitsuki’s idea is to push Hecatoncheir out of the academy by generating lots of wind. But nobody ate burrito last night? Just kidding! So as all the girls generate their wind power including Tear using her dragon or angel wings, Yuu again makes a contract with Yggdrasil to ‘download’ anti-gravity ability from Leviathan. In this tiny bullet he fires, Hecatoncheir is levitated into the air as all the girls push the limit of their wind powers and finally Yuu blasting it away with his cannon. Heck, I thought he should have levitated it into space, if not blasted it there. So it’s gone and their academy is safe? Where did they blast it anyway? Remember, it is immortal! Oh, who the hell cares since our harem is safe. Charlotte is still alive, coming out of the rubble and this loli talks big because she really wants to teach Hecatoncheir a lesson the next time for ruining her room and ‘collection’. Mica tells her off about building her room in high places and should have been more practical like Shinomiya because she built and underground shelter where all the other girls emerge unscathed. Lisa is fine although in lots of bandages as Tear goes on an emotional apology spree. As Mitsuki’s room is destroyed, Shinomiya gives her stay at the lodging house temporarily. Then there is this argument between Tear and Iris of wanting Yuu to stay in their room. Tear the ever I’m-your-bride loli kisses Yuu to signify their engagement, something Iris is not happy with. She starts revealing she kissed Yuu first much to Tear’s surprise. Mitsuki tells the girls off for being too noisy. Yuu will be staying in the room next to hers. Oh, she blames Yuu as the one being at fault the most! WTF?! He is the quietest one and she blames him???!!! Now you see why it’s hard to understand women???!!!

And Yuu knows Mitsuki is mad. She talks about Hecatoncheir who suddenly vanished from its Siberia base where it was contained and appearing here. It is not known to have teleporting abilities. Also, she is concerned about his anti-gravity skill. Where did he get it? She feels he is keeping secrets from her. It is fine that he doesn’t want to tell her because the most important thing she needs to know is whether he really kissed Iris. He did. And something must be wrong for her to remain cool and not blow her top. Uh huh. She tells him to be sincere of his actions or it will be deemed as an act of indecency. That’s because she notes his first kiss was with her when they were kids. Oh sh*t. You know what? He can’t remember! And great news. She wants him to pretend not to remember that kiss and that promise. How convenient. How can he when he doesn’t remember? Heck, he even thinks she is making up this joke! But it’s not when you see her crying and say she doesn’t need such childhood wishes anymore to atone for her sins. She’ll keep on fighting. And Yuu had to be the ever happy ending hero because if the only way she’ll forgive herself is via fighting, then he’ll end that battle. Because he isn’t going to let her give up on her happiness. How touching.

Episode 8
Mitsuki is still reeling from nightmares over the death of Miyako. Tear and Iris are yet again in another WTF competition to put more cube sugars in Yuu’s coffee… And for some reason when Lisa thanks Tear for her help, Yuu had to compliment Lisa’s beauty. Was that called for? Is he hinting something? Shinomiya calls the gang as Basilisk is reported to be heading towards Midgar. Its beam turns anything into rock, ash or salt so Midgar will be done for if it is in the vicinity. Their plan is to take a boat out to some volcanic island and destroy it with the island. Charlotte laments she can’t go with her harem and had to stay back to fix the academy. Pay attention and don’t daydream to avoid accidents! Safety first! As Lisa is injured, Shinomiya has drafted Honoka temporarily into the team. Later Yuu overheard Lisa and Mitsuki arguing. It’s something to do about Miyako’s death and Lisa won’t forgive her about it. Because Mitsuki confiscated Firill’s book (since she was so engrossed in it that she got seasick. Don’t ask), she comes to his room to get it back. She really wants to read it so he teases he is going to reveal the spoilers. She immediately jumps on him! Bad joke backfired? Then she starts ‘experimenting’ by touching her body with an excuse she wants to be a writer someday and needs to know a lot of things. Is this part of what she wants to know? His nonchalant comments that she’s pretty too but she doesn’t want him to fall for her. Instead, she wants him to hit on Lisa more. In that case, Yuu also has a request of Firill. He wants to know more about Lisa. No, you don’t start off with her 3 sizes. He is concerned that they do not get along but Firill points out he is already wrong because they don’t resent each other in the first place.

That night, Yuu talks to Mitsuki to ask about Miyako. She doesn’t want to talk about it but wants a hug. I suppose that gives her the strength to talk about Miyako. When they first met, they instantly became good friends. They were so attached to each other that you could say they’d be a great potential for a lesbian couple. Heck, they even share the same bed! One day, a Kraken attacked Midgar and Miyako felt it was resonating with her. She willingly got devoured by it and turned into a Kraken. Just great. Two dragons to deal with now. Mitsuki was so sad that she activated her dark matter and destroyed the original Kraken. But she can’t for the second one because that is Miyako. Shinomiya tells her to do it and will take full responsibility for it. She even hears Miyako’s voice to do so. And the rest is history. Yuu suggests Mitsuki give Lisa an opportunity to forgive her because it is tiring being angry and bitter for very long. Next day, Lisa confronts Yuu and she knows he said something to Mitsuki because she asked for forgiveness. Yuu just told Mitsuki to consider how she feels and that it is not like Lisa hated her too. In that instant, Lisa realizes Firill also had a hand in it. If it lessens Mitsuki’s guilt, Lisa will continue to be her punishment.

Episode 9
Loki sees Major General Dylan. Seems their experiment on a weapon to destroy Basilisk is complete. After a great loss of lives to obtain this data, it better hell work, whatever this UFO looking thing is. Since Basilisk is still very far off, you can’t just sit around and do nothing. Honoka has taken the liberty to come up with a hotspring programme. I have a feeling what this is about… Of course Yuu can’t go as he is the only guy. But Firill gives him a coupon that has the hotspring all to himself. This is thanks for resolving the issue between Lisa and Mitsuki. But that smirk… Something is up… True enough, when Yuu thinks he is going to have a nice time by himself, the other girls come in. Deep sh*t alright. Fanservice galore… As expected. More surprising for Yuu is how Firill is next to him (how did she creep up to him?) and wants his opinion if he is happy? Why not? If he isn’t, he is definitely gay. She wants to add more to his happiness as she gets closer to him… Closer… This causes him to raise his voice and the other girls think they might have heard him. Thanks to Mitsuki’s handphone ringing, they forget all about it. Mitsuki informs that NIFL has decided to carry out an operation tomorrow. In the briefing room, Dylan explains further that NIFL wants them to let them handle this one. Research shows that Basilisk’s beam is a weathering effect as it breaks down components via accelerating time. So a second is like 2000 years?! They have found some material that is resistant to aging and that is mithril, earth’s strongest alloy. They have constructed a huge bomb, Mistelteinn packed with mithril and will drop it on Basilisk. The operation begins the next day and once the aircrafts are directly over Basilisk, Mistelteinn is dropped. Basilisk blasts it with its beam and at first it seems the plan is going to work as there is no effect on it. But then it uses its hidden third eye to shoot an even bigger blast! OMFG! No sign of Mistelteinn! I wonder if that blast could reach the moon. As I expected. It failed. Or else how do you give our girls a chance to shine? So much for those who were sacrificed. All in vain. Suddenly Tear weakens and her Dragon Crest starts resonating.

Episode 10
And so now it is up to our girls to do the job. Shinomiya briefs the girls on their mission. They’ll attack when Basilisk is 6 kilometres away from the island. Thanks to the world’s circumference, it is not like Basilisk will shoot straight into them. Sure, they’ll be hiding behind the volcano and safe from Basilisk’s vision but its shot’s trajectory will be upwards, leaving a small safe zone for them. Tear will be on a boat heading away from the island to distract Basilisk. That is when the rest will use all they’ve got to fire through the island and hit it. Shinomiya splits the team into pairs. As Yuu practises his anti-gravity move, he remembers Charlotte telling him that he isn’t the first to gain such ability after fighting a dragon. Mitsuki was the same. Therefore his ability to make such dark matter is triggered during such battles. She also had this interesting theory that because this is like stealing the dragon’s ability, could it be that the dragons are just wanting to get it back. Then Yuu and Iris have a little chat (because their screen time together is getting lesser recently) especially about the time they said they wanted to know each other. He asks about that gratitude kiss and her reply is that this is how her family greets although it is on the cheek. He is the first on the lips. I know what this means… Everyone sees Tear who is still in pain to give her some confidence. Don’t worry. Put your trust in them. The operation begins as everyone begins powering up their dark matter and Yuu too also summons his giant cannon. They blast through the island but Basilisk counters it with its third eye. Heck, the blast is so freaking big that it makes the one from our heroes like a pee shooter! And it goes right through the island! Holy sh*t! Can’t blame them for looking this surprised. A look that also says, “Holy f*ck, we’re really screwed this time!”.

Episode 11
Honoka sinks the ground so the beam misses them. Yuu shoots a bullet into it to dispel it. After Shinomiya gives the retreat orders, Basilisk fires another shot to destroy the island. It’s a good thing everyone is still alive but they’re sad the mission is a failure. It’s like they’ve failed Tear who is already in coma. Later Yuu talks to Mitsuki who once again blames herself for the failure. He doesn’t want her to give up yet. Simple words, enough to cheer her up. As they watch footage of Basilisk (it boggles me how they get such high quality close-up footage when everything around it should have been turned to stone), Yuu notices something amiss. How come it didn’t use its third eye when it was pursuing them? It could have easily blasted them away. Yuu then contacts Loki and wants NIFL to hand over a prototype of Mistelteinn. He doesn’t believe its concept is flawed. Yuu has a briefing with the girls and from what he mentions, Basilisk didn’t continue to use its third eye because there is a limit on how much it can discharge. Something like a cooling point too. Theoretically it would be weakened after using it up and this is where they’ll use Mistelteinn to attack. Everyone agrees with this except for Honoka who has doubts. Because if they screw up, this will be the end of Tear. Yuu believes the help of Ds can control Mistelteinn’s descent but Honoka believes Basilisk has another ability. Since it blows away time, it might be able to see what’s at the end of time. Their chat is cut short when Lisa and Mitsuki are in a heated argument. Mitsuki’s plan is that she’ll descend down with Mistelteinn to adjust its trajectory. Trying to be a hero? Lisa slaps her for even thinking the worst (asking them to take care of Tear if she fails). When Firill volunteers to be the one, suddenly everyone else wants to do it. Including Yuu. Lisa adds a condition to forgive her is that everyone participates and they all come back alive. Boy, that’s going to be tough. Later Yuu talks to her to cheer her up again but he feels perplexed when he can’t remember a childhood promise that Mitsuki mentions. Yuu goes to check on Tear but is devastated to see the place torn apart and she is missing. Thinking Loki may have made his move, he goes to search for her but finds her in the hands of Honoka. She believes Tear would be happier becoming a dragon than a corpse. She snaps her finger to send some warning explosives to him. Yuu recognizes this familiar move. Honoka adds that the easiest way to find Tear was to disguise herself and infiltrate Midgar. And the biggest revelation ever in the series… Don’t hold your breath… HONOKA IS KILI!!! Surprised?

Episode 12
Kili is trying to argue that Tear’s future might be better as a dragon. Of course Yuu disagrees seeing Tear has already decided to live as a human. In the fight, Yuu defeats Kili simply because he remembers Loki’s words that he can defeat anybody as long as they’re human. So why didn’t he win then? He stops short of killing her. Because he also thinks of her as human despite she keeps saying she is a dragon. Well, if it looks like a human, talks like a human, acts like a human… Kili decides to let Yuu have Tear. She wants Yuu to show her that he is a lot better than Basilisk. And a goodbye kiss! Wow. This Yuu guy is so cool that he even got a kiss from the antagonist?! After Tear is brought back to the ICU, he reveals the truth about Honoka and Kili’s hint that Basilisk can see the future. Iris is most distraught especially about Honoka as they’ve been close. You know what they say about keeping your friends and enemies close… No time to be depressed because Mitsuki soon briefs everyone about their plan to drop Mistelteinn on Basilisk. They have a few backup plans in case a certain scenario shows up. So once they drop the bomb over Basilisk, it uses its third eye to attack. As predicted, it uses its shot too early to buy time for itself to recharge and attacking using its normal eyes. That’s when the girls leap off Mistelteinn and start attacking. Basilisk sees its future of being pierced and tries to escape. But how fast can a turtle go? Dragon abuse till it is completely destroyed! You can’t kill it without Yuu’s cannon, right? Proof of that is the mark on Tear disappears. Lisa keeps her promise and forgives Mitsuki. Then it is time for everybody to celebrate with a big group hug. Yuu was forced into it… And everybody else are impressed that those kids defeated Basilisk. Including Kili who has to be satisfied with just kissing a picture of Yuu. Maybe next time you want to make him yours? Mitsuki talks to Yuu that she won’t give up on him (typical harem declaration?). Her feelings back then when they made the promise have not changed. A time when they become siblings. So they’re not blood related? Yuu, don’t bother cracking your head. You can’t remember. Right? Luckily she doesn’t force him to remember and just wanted to let him know. Gee, thanks. Later Yuu talks to Iris about his memories exchange thingy with Yggdrasil each time he uses his weapon. But good news is that he still remembers meeting Iris. She assures that even if he forgets, she’ll be there to remember them. Yuu goes to school and all the girls happily greet him in class.

Limited Fapping…
So when will the next dragon come and ruin their life and lovely harem? We will know. Because a certain mark will flash somewhere over their body that makes the girls feel so uncomfortable. And so all is well ends well but with nothing much to shout about. I guess it is better than killing off everybody or ending in a cliff-hanger that leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. So despite Yuu didn’t choose which girl he wants to be (heck, he wants to be with all of them), but it doesn’t really matter because we never placed any hopes around it anyway. He is already a winner when he has got a bunch of them by his side. Ultimate soldier, a hit with the chicks, has super weapon that kills dragons. Wow. No wonder everybody loves or has high hopes for this guy. And I feel cheated and misled that they call this an Ultimate School Battle Action. I just don’t feel it in any way.

I am not very sure if this show is about the romance/fanservice and the fights against the dragons are a distraction or the other way round that this series is about fighting those dragons and the romance/fanservice is just a diversion. Because either way they both feel disappointing and the drama feels draggy. There are a handful of fanservice scenes from naked bodies (censored of course) and the obligatory beach swimsuit and hotspring scenes. Feels pretty generic if you’re a veteran ecchi watcher and even to casual viewers, it feels limited. That is why your fapping is also limited. Haha! Unless of course you are completely a newbie in the anime world. Welcome to your first big step in being corrupted! Haha!

Even the plot of how dragons appear, vanish and constantly attack humans seems loose. It may sound like adding to the mystery at first but eventually you’ll come to think of it as lazy writing because there aren’t conclusive answers to anything. I mean, dragons descended on our world and cause havoc. Why? Don’t know. Don’t care. Let’s just leave it unexplained. Or how Yggdrasil came into contact with Yuu (or is it the other way round?) or whatever contract they made. Because if Yggdrasil really wanted to annihilate all the dragons, why use Yuu? Can’t he do it himself? If he can’t, again why Yuu? Strongest Fafnir? What? Aren’t those cute chicks good enough? Apparently not. Does Yggdrasil really like taking his memories so much? Don’t know. Don’t care. And how Yuu becomes and is the only D male person in the whole wide world is still a freaking mystery. Because sometimes when you think about it, it also feels like lazy writing to give some sort of harem setting to the show. And his lapses in certain memories are also a convenience not to cover certain loopholes and at the same time add some mystery effect to it.

You can guess that many of the girls and perhaps all of them in Brynhildr Class will start falling for Yuu. Some are so very obvious (Iris and Tear) while there are others that are not so obvious (Mitsuki, Lisa Firill). But you can make a guess from their body reaction. When you even have antagonist chicks falling for you, well, you’re definitely one guy that others would really envy over. If you are expecting something to develop in at least the romance department, eventually it didn’t go anywhere. The feeling of this Yuu guy he wants to protect the girls’ happiness and the way he can nonchalantly tell a girl straight in her face she is cute and beautiful sounds like he doesn’t know the implication of what he is saying. I know it’s good to be honest but can’t he take a hint or ever consider the consequences of such things he said? Does this have to do with his military training? Oh right, his memories thingy he paid… He might have forgotten his love etiquette.

And thus this brings to the next topic of lacklustre characters. Because they just feel stagnant. Especially about the big loophole about Yuu’s memories. It feels like he hasn’t forgotten a big part of his past yet so it makes me wonder what kind of memories Yggdrasil took in exchange for his awesome power. And I was pretty convinced to borrow that kind of firepower will require a lot of memories and heck, maybe his entire memories up till now. But nooooo, Yuu is still here as he is, remembering what he did with the girls ever since he came to Midgar. So if that first kiss and small promise with Mitsuki was one of the price, it is relatively small and unimportant compared to the magnitude of what is contracted, isn’t it? Unfortunately too, we don’t get to really see how much why he is the best Fafnir because his enemies aren’t human and that short interception of NIFL’s soldiers wasn’t actually shown. Too awesome to see, huh?

The girls themselves are disappointing. Some of them don’t have enough screen time like Ariella and Ren so I wonder if they will ever be part of Yuu’s harem. I’m sure they would because like for Ren, it is hinted that she is afraid of grown up men but Yuu is okay since he isn’t. WTF. So what happens when Yuu grows up 10 years down the road? Lisa and Firill don’t get lots of screen time too but at least they’re ‘more prominent’ compared to Ariella and Ren. But they’re still being the typical stereotypic archetype of girls that you would expect in a harem. A tsundere and kuudere respectively. I wonder if Lisa’s surname is some sort of tribute or in any relation to that Skywalker from Star Wars… Nah! Then you’ve got the little sister who is trying to shoulder the entire burden and responsibility of her past sin (if she isn’t doing this, she’d probably be blaming Yuu about something during harem moments- like everything is his fault), an energetic loli who has no qualms in claiming her husband and a friend who wants to be more than just a friend.

Charlotte has the potential to be an amusing character but too bad, limited screen time. Same case with Mica. She’s just relegated to being a maid and someone to put Charlotte in line when she steps out. And Shinomiya… Just always watching over the girls. I wonder why she doesn’t help out with the girls during their missions. Because when she was a student, she too entered the battlefield. Sure, somebody needs to be in the command centre. Too old to fight dragons? I thought you can only be too old to be a magical girl. Loki sounds like he is an antagonist from the way he interacts with Yuu because the latter just doesn’t trust that guy like as though there is always something sneaky going on whenever dealing with him. I guess so. He does have that sneaky look. When you have a military unit with initials that sound very close like one of the greatest and favourite sports in America, everything sounds sneaky alright. And sometimes I think might be in love with Loki because of the tone he sounds every time he calls Yuu his Fafnir. So gay…

The action part doesn’t seem so exciting despite not being many of them. Despite each of the girls having their own unique dark matter weapon they materialize, eventually it doesn’t impact much because at the end of the day, it is Yuu and his freaking big cannon that does the job while the girls are just reduced to being assisting and supporting roles. Therefore it is odd to see some of the girls’ weapons like a magical girl wand (Iris) and a book (Firill) to even just a glove (Ariella) as oppose to your typical bow (Mitsuki), spear (Lisa) or hammer (Ren). The dragons themselves are pretty badass because they rank from extremely tough to immortal that you would just sh*t in your pants that even super abnormal methods can’t bring them down. It is like fighting the last boss on an eternal cheat code. If those D girls can’t do the job, who else can? Maybe a D guy… Ah well, I guess that is what makes them formidable.

The art and drawing style of the main characters may be very freaking similar to Seiken Tsukai No World Break especially the main guy. So much so you may think that this is an alternate parallel universe of the other anime. This is because both series are animated by the same studio, Diomedea (whose other works include Shinryaku! Ika Musume, Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu, Akuma No Riddle and Noukome). CGI is used to animate the dragons that I feel they resemble more like monsters that are worthy to appear on your weekly Ultraman series. In fact they should be called just monsters instead of ‘tainting’ the dragon name. I know, dragons sound more majestic. Like they give a damn anyway. At the end of each episode, an end card by different illustrators provides a little eye candy.

Voice acting wise, nothing special with a handful of recognizable seiyuus. Most notably Ayane Sakura as Tear because she is in her typical trademark bratty voice which she always voiced so perfectly like Suzuka in Tokyo Ravens and Eno from Love Lab. Also recognizable are Kana Hanazawa as Firill, Saori Hayami as Honoka and Marina Inoue as Kili. Nobuyuki Hiyama (Madarame in Bleach) sounds weary and lacks the enthusiasm like his other characters such as Sanageyama in Kill La Kill, Madarame in Bleach and Kankuro in Muteki Kanban Musume. I thought it was only confined to his character but apparently the higher ups in NIFL also have this sort of weariness in their voice because Dylan also sounds like the part very much. He is voiced by Atsushi Ono who did Marcus from Aoi Sekai No Chuushin De. Who wouldn’t after fighting against ‘undefeatable’ dragons for years. Heck, not only them, some of the girls too like Mitsuki and Firill have this weariness in their voice.

The rest of the other casts include Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Yuu (Kirito in Sword Art Online), Manami Numakura as Mitsuki (Riko in Love Lab), Rina Hidaka as Iris (Airi in Ro-Kyu-Bu), Hisako Kanemoto as Lisa (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Rikako Yamaguchi as Shinomiya (Charles in Freezing Vibration), Fumiko Uchimura as Ren (Haruki in Akuma No Riddle), Sora Tokui as Ariella (Nero in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Risae Matsuda as Charlotte (this is her debut and her only voice acting role so far) and Mariko Higashiuchi as Mica (Kanegami in Nourin). Surprisingly the opening and ending themes aren’t that bad. Flying Fafnir by Trustrick as the opener somehow evokes memories of Air and Clannad’s theme. Maybe it is the similar feel of the song’s tune. The ending theme is Ray Of Bullet sung by the duet of the voices behind Iris and Mitsuki but the final episode’s version places the entire girls of Brynhildr Class singing this piece.

Overall, this isn’t exactly one of the greatest harem masterpieces. Nowhere close. You thought putting in dragons might help a bit but it really doesn’t. They could have put in aliens and monsters as the creatures of the day and it still won’t work. Action and character development are mediocre with lots of unexplained stuffs (like they expect us to just accept things as they are without questioning). If you want to watch this show, do it only because you have so much spare time (like yours truly), a fanatic harem lover that you must watch all harem genres whether they suck or not, and to further appreciate ‘better’ harem shows that you are planning to see in the future. Because what better way than to do so by watching a mediocre one first and then be awed by a superior one later. Unfortunately, we all do not have Basilisk future seeing ability. Otherwise we might have simply avoided this and save for one which has better fapping material.

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