K: Return Of Kings

July 2, 2016

There was a movie prior to this sequel but as usual I didn’t watch it. Therefore I am going in to this second season. K: Return Of Kings partially ‘blind’ and blur since the movie is a prequel to this season and takes place after the events of the first season. I know I will be asking a lot of questions and there will be lots of stuffs that I won’t be understanding so quickly. Plus, most of the things in the first season I have forgotten and I didn’t want to bother to go back reading my previous blog and refresh my memory since I find some of the confusing terms daunting. That itself was a major put off and yet I still had the guts to want to watch the sequel. I only have myself and my laziness to blame if it all doesn’t turn out too well for me.

Episode 1: Knave
Homra and Scepter 4 are facing off. We have a cool fighting scene of each member taking on their counterpart in a fight filled with, uhm, colours? Anyway, back to modern times, Kurou and Neko are still looking for their missing Shiro. Neko receives some bird present but little did she know it is a bomb and it goes boom. Back at Scepter 4’s base, they discuss about Kurou’s whereabouts and the green clan, Jungle seems to be targeting him lately. Furthermore, Jungle’s website seems to be indicating about toying with other coloured clans for points like as though it is one big game. They are using anonymous and masking technology to orchestrate their activities throughout the city. Homra has also stumbled upon this and it gets worse when Jungle hacks the public broadcast to publish a video announcing the end of the other clans and mocking the death of Homra’s king, Mikoto. This riles up Yata as he heads to the source of the broadcast. He meets archrival Fushimi who is also here for the same thing. Their animosity to rip each other’s head out could have become true if not for their clan’s second-in-command to stop this foolishness. Because they’ve got bigger problems. They are surrounded by Jungle who are happy that there are lots of big players in the field that could earn them big points. Like Anna who is now the head of Homra fetching a handsome 100,000 Jungle points! I guess it’s time to show those low level guys where they stand. Neko and Kurou survived the bombing and they are questioning a Jungle member for answers. However they realize he is just a disposable pawn when they notice his superiors cut him off from some super powers and he lost all his Jungle points. They return searching for Shiro. Meanwhile, Sukuna Gojou from Jungle has been observing the developments of everything and although their plan has failed to lure the Silver King out, but he can see Munakata’s Sword of Damocles damaged and that he is running out of time. Lastly, we see Yashiro on a blimp. He decides that it is now the time for him to descend to the ground. Only this time it is voluntary. Hey wait. Did he forget his parachute?!

Episode 2: Kindness
Kurou is invited to see Munakata at Scepter 4’s base. They talk about Jungle who are playing these dangerous games to earn points and move up the ranks. As the Gold King is missing, the Slates are being kept by Munakata for safekeeping. Munakata knows the silver clan does not have a territory and it would troublesome without a base to operate. He offers Scepter 4 as temporary base but Kurou declines. Meanwhile Awashima talks to Gouki Zenjou, the former right hand man to Jin Habari, the previous Blue King. She believes thanks to him, a greater disaster has been averted. She asks about Munakata’s Sword of Damocles. Honestly, the damage is very obvious and others have noticed this. Elsewhere, Neko hangs out at Homra’s base. She didn’t want to go with Kurou to Scepter 4 because she hates that spectacles boss. Anna gives her a bead that allows her to see Shiro albeit not all the time. This proves that they will always be connected. They talk about a few other things but ultimately they too offer their base for the silver clan to operate and until Shiro returns. Similarly, Neko declines because she knows she has a place called home. Meeting up with Kurou, they head to the island school of Ashinaka. It might not be exactly their territory but it is their home, a place they can go back to.

Episode 3: Kismet
We see the higher members of Jungle talking among each other. Sukuna, Yukari Mishakuji (Kurou’s brother although not related by blood but under Ichigen’s tutelage), Tenkei “Iwa” Iwafune and the Green King, Nagare Hisui (he must be so dangerous that he needs to be strapped like a mental patient) discuss about if the Silver King is still alive. Seeing how Neko and Kurou have come into contact with the red and blue clan, Nagare wants them removed from the game as soon as possible. Yukari offers to go slay Kurou since it is fate. Iwa wonders why Nagare is rushing into things. Nagare is running out of patience and says if the First King intends to continue with the game, he won’t let his subjects die. Yata is not pleased his bounty is lesser than Fushimi. Maybe that guy can process information? Anna needs to return something Neko left behind. Yata volunteers to do it for her seeing as king she can’t simply walk openly in the streets. She should rely on others sometimes. Okay. So is Yata going to return Neko’s panties? Oh sh*t! At Ashinaka, Yata and Fushimi meet again. I’m sure they love to kill each other had not Sukuna intervene as he is going to kill them for his points. If you think something is wrong when a girl sends Kurou a love letter, it’s because it is. Kurou can tell this is a challenge letter from Yukari to meet at the school’s bridge (by the way, that girl is a Jungle member). Without wasting time, the swordsmen clash blades as Yukari talks about Jungle’s roots that will engulf this world and create a new one. He wants to see what kind of world Nagare will make but too bad Kurou won’t be around to witness that. Kurou supposedly would have died if not for Shiro come crashing down! He survived from that altitude? Oh well, that’s why he is king. Yeah, it took him 2 episodes to arrive… Shiro is not happy Nagare is trying to hurt his family but the mad guy couldn’t be happier for the Silver King to return to the game.

Episode 4: Knot
With Shiro back, Nagare calls his side to withdraw since his strategy to lure him out has worked. This means Sukuna has to stop even though he was going to win easy points against both his adversaries. Kurou and Neko are happy to reunite with their king. Neko is more clingy and emotional while Kurou is just playing tough. Shiro knows what is going on. Otherwise how could you explain his well timed entrance? He thought he could do things behind the scene without getting everyone involved but it seems Jungle outlasted him and drew him out. With Shiro back, his first action is to call for a round table conference with the red and blue clan. More like a rectangular coffee table conference in his small apartment! Jokes aside, everyone knows this is about the green clan. First, Shiro says that Koukujouji the Gold King has died. This is the reason why Jungle has become more active and brazen as there would be no one to stop their ambition. The reason they want Shiro too is because of his knowledge about the Slates. His power is eternal compared to Jungle’s of manipulation. Munakata has no objection in joining forces since it is exhausting enough to just counter the green clan. Anna also agrees to cooperate in Mikoto’s spirit. Later Shiro talks to Munakata as he is the one watching the Slates in Koukujouji’s place. He wants to help but Munakata shoots him down. He will not rely on a man who ran away once. Since Shiro had it coming, there’s nothing Shiro can do.

Episode 5: Ken
The red and blue clan are teaming up to take down those low level dudes of Jungle. Easy as pie. Shiro visits the place where Koukujouji lived to take some important documents. The gold clan then seeks Shiro’s permission to cease active participation in this affair and to solely just the maintain of the current system in accordance to Koukujouji’s orders in which Shiro allows. Munakata sees the Prime Minister so that he could transfer all authority of issuing orders that was exclusive to the gold clan to Scepter 4. Don’t worry, it is for the country’s future. Shiro tells Kusanagi to tell Anna to help keep an eye on Munakata because the signs are on his Sword of Damocles. It might not happen so soon but it is best to be on high alert since he is also unstable. Shiro is thinking alone when Nagare pays him a visit (via his parrot). He is here to offer his proposal to team up so they could further evolve mankind. Koukujouji was powerful enough to keep Strains minimal as well as keeping those Slates which give the kings their power under control. Now that he is gone, Nagare wants to unleash it as an evolution accelerator. Shiro rejects but Nagare will take the Slates by force either way. At first he thought of waiting and letting Munakata tire himself out since that foolish guy thought he could suppress the Slates like Koukujouji. Now the plan has to be changed. Shiro deduces that everything that happened so far (if you remember the events like Totsuka’s murder), Nagare was the big orchestrator from behind just to bring him out. Because he believes Shiro isn’t meant to just watch but to play. Now that Shiro has refused him a second time to team up to release the Slates’ power, then be prepared for there will be war.

Episode 6: Keeper
Nagare is telling his comrades about their plan to seize the Slates now that Koukujouji is no longer around. He miscalculated about Munakata lasting longer than expected in suppressing the Slates that would otherwise automatically start mankind’s evolution. With Shiro’s return and the alliance of the 3 kings, the only way left is to take it by force. I wonder if his comrades are really listening since they are busy doing their own stuff. Similarly, Shiro is having a ‘briefing’ with his alliance and his strategy to take down Jungle. Kusanagi questions Shiro’s ability to lead this operation although everyone here acknowledges him as the Silver King. He is the best person to lead as he knows a way to defeat Nagare. Not because he had personal ties with him. Koukujouji and Nagare once fought. The latter lost. Shiro later heard all the details from his former lieutenant. Right after it ends, the tower is under attack by Yukari and Sukuna. The blue clan fights them first in the first part of the plan in weakening them and to stall for time. Of course they cannot defeat the duo as they head up the tower with traps laid out by Fushimi. Although they breeze through all the traps, they are separated as planned. The silver clan is to fight Yukari while the red clan will take on Sukuna. However during the complexity in separating them, the red clan has to deal with Yukari and Shiro’s clan faces off with Sukuna. Shiro knows well that even the might of the 3 allied kings are no match for Nagare alone who can take out every single one of them in this time. Of course the price to pay for having such awesome power is that he can only use it for a limited time. That is why Yukari and Sukuna are here to clear the path for Nagare to fight. Speaking of him, here he is at the entrance of the tower. I guess he can’t wait for the party to get started and is here early. He powers up like God once his strait jacket comes off. Now Shiro’s words start to make sense.

Episode 7: Kickdown
You thought it is going to be an unfair fight with Homra and Scepter 4 ganging up on Yukari. However with everyone sensing Nagare is on the move, Yukari makes his retreat to grab Sukuna and withdraw from the stage as ordered. Nagare is blazing through all the traps. Yeah, he is so white like a ghost I thought the producers became lazy to colour him. Although it is not enough to stop him, the strategy is to make him use up his strength in his limited time. When Shiro examines the damage Nagare left behind, he is puzzled that he is not conserving his energy and is going faster than expected. Nagare zooms past Homra and Scepter 4. Anna gives chase and I’m sure this dude won’t be listening to a little girl to stop. A chance for Anna to showcase her power. Just when Nagare thought he had broken into the room with Slates, Munakata blocks his move and Nagare completely runs out of power. There is some chatter about Nagare and Neko being the same being because they are not bound by human qualities forced upon them. Munakata notes Nagare is not qualified to fight him because he has no heart which he has lost during the Kagutsu Incident. This is also what gave him his superhuman abilities. His power is what keeps him alive and if he runs out of it, he is no more than a corpse. However Nagare says that it isn’t him whom he will face. It will be his trump card. The person he has cleared the way for. While Scepter 4 and Homra race to reach Anna, a mist engulfs the area and this dude just walks past everyone. Fushimi detects unknown power on par with a king. A fifth Sword of Damocles appears over the tower. As you would have guess, that guy is Iwa who is the Grey King and supposedly believed to have died during the Kagutsu Incident.

Episode 8: Kaput
14 years during the Kagutsu Incident, a large portion of the place was levelled. Iwa is shocked and regretted at the magnitude of destruction all because of the ideals he pursued. He is trying to call out for a survivor, any single survivor. He finds a dead kid under a slab. Looks like he healed him. Hey wait. Doesn’t this look familiar to Kiritsugu’s case in Fate/Stay Night?! Munakata carries on with the explanation of Kagutsu Incident. A king’s death triggered its worst destruction in human history. Among the dead was Seigo Ootori, the Grey King. He never expected him to be alive and Jungle’s mastermind. Iwa refutes that guy is dead and is just a simple man. Munakata fights Iwa in a misty battle. Shiro is reduced into protecting Anna since the cold fog is weakening her. Munakata continues more on Iwa’s history. Once a highly respected king of the grey clan, Cathedral, that incident wiped out his entire clan along with other innocent civilians. The death toll stood at about 700,000! All he tried to do was just prevent Genji Kagutsu, the former Red King from Damocles Down. Both sides clash too in their ideals but eventually Iwa gets the better of weary Munakata and breaks his sword, causing his Sword of Damocles to go even more unstable. It is revealed this fight is just a big distraction because Jungle sent in a helicopter to pull out the Slates from underground. See ‘ya. In the aftermath, the wounded are treated. Shiro is at a loss because he never expected Nagare to have a trump card. But instead of whining and doing nothing, they remain positive they can still do something. Things are going to get a little hotter now. Well, there is no time for Yata-Fushimi argument to blame each other that this alliance failed big time. Because Fushimi confronts Munakata not only to criticize how the kings were so obsessed in the Slates, they couldn’t sense the existence of another. He goes on accusing his boss that he thought with Koukujouji out of the way, no one would stand in his way. He could control the world he saw fit. Munakata thinks Fushimi is the happiest seeing he was the one against this alliance from the start. And happy too that his king lost. Fushimi threatens to quit if he bails now but Munakata dares him. After all, he was used to being a traitor. I guess that does it. He’s gone. Awashima gets a call from Kusanagi if Fushimi is hanging around their place. Nope. So why is everyone especially Yata seemed so shocked to learn he has walked out of Scepter 4? Apparently now Scepter 4 knows how important that guy is because the work is piling up. So nobody does computer processing except him? Speaking of that guy, he joins Jungle.

Episode 9: Kid’s Room
Fushimi sees captured Jungle member in the cell, Douhan Hirasaka. She doesn’t play Jungle’s games for the points but for the money to earn her living. He likes her answer and busts her out. A month after the Slates are stolen, random people are now slowly displaying supernatural powers. The top Jungle guys are discussing the start of their new plan phase. They also note how Douhan has been earning points and recouping her loss quickly. Then there is Fushimi who is also moving up the ranks at lightning pace. They think he is cheating somehow but he is the least of their concerns. Shiro is focusing hard to find a solution. He is thinking of using Resonance Hammer Effect on the Slates. Something about this irreversible effect by unfolding the Sanctum under special conditions. Well, keep working on it. Awashima and Kusanagi disguise as a couple to infiltrate a big party hosted by Jungle Corporation in which Yukari is the CEO. The place is filled with politicians, celebrities and foreign dignitaries. This party is to promote Jungle’s system of human evolution as the way of life. Awashima manages to steal a list of guests so they can get an idea who is under Jungle’s thumb. But the Jungle guards chase them down. Right before they are scot free, the list inside the PDA is destroyed by no other than Fushimi. This act earns him enough points to level him up to the highest rank. Awashima is shocked Fushimi has joined Jungle but that guy has no regrets and escapes via Douhan’s power of walking through solid objects.

Fushimi is taken by Yukari to Jungle’s secret base for top rank members. A deep underground maze that connects many exits in the city. Yukari knows about Fushimi’s sly tactic of hiring Douhan to work for him. That way, the points are doubled and that is how he moved up so fast. Even this is like cheating, Nagare accepts it for he likes people thinking outside the box. Now it’s time to see Yata in his outburst after learning his rival betrayed his own clan. Munakata sounds calmer though. Although he is more concerned in replacing the void Fushimi left. Yeah, lots of people from various department just to fill his shoes. Also, he has hired Zenjou as his bodyguard. Why does Awashima look so shock? Fushimi is being treated to a sushi party. Sukuna is in a bad and jealous mood. He had the record of moving up the ranks of Jungle the fastest till Fushimi broke it. No wonder the foul mood. But Fushimi isn’t here to make friends either. Since this is a game, he wants to see what happens after scoring past the limit. He might see if it would change the way he sees things. So don’t let him down that this sushi party is the goal. Certainly not. Because their real plan starts from here. Fushimi would rather complete any missions Nagare throws at him. He will easily clear them all. It is better than dealing with relationships anyway. He really got straight to the point, didn’t he?

Episode 10: Keystone
Sukuna is still jealous over Fushimi beating his personal score. Fushimi doesn’t give a damn so Sukuna challenges him to a match wagering their points. They are stopped by Yukari who tells them to act more responsibly at this important time since the Slates will be blooming soon. Awashima is not pleased to learn that the Prime Minister has fired Munakata to take responsibility for that tower incident. Making it worse is how the Slates were guarded perfectly under Koukujouji but in less than 2 months under Munakata, it was stolen. Now Scepter 4 is in disarray since their king has been fired although they are to await further orders from the government. Rumours surfaced that it is most likely the government is siding with Jungle as many were at that party. Anna returns to her base to inform that she has just concluded her visit to Shiro. They have decided to destroy the Slates. Although she loves her clan, if it becomes the source of hurting the one she loves, she doesn’t mind losing her power. She has also called Munakata over to discuss about this. Munakata views the Slates as important since it was what shaped the nation today and has deep roots to it. But they can’t be thinking about this now. Anna also notes his failing wellbeing so Munakata notes the irony last year he was trying to do the same reasoning to Mikoto but it was futile. However Anna says he and Mikoto are different. Flashback to that awesome fight between Scepter 4 and Homra but with more focus on Munakata vs Mikoto. Especially about their clashing ideas of order and being reckless, the responsibility to use their power responsibly, blah, blah, blah. Munakata views the alliance as no longer valid as he has been fired and cannot assist them. But he is still the Blue King, right? I’m not sure if Shiro’s plan to destroy the Slates consists of many pages or they are just duds and the real plan is just this single draft page. Anyway, as the most dangerous method, he views it as the only way and Nagare won’t be expecting it as he believes the Slates are indestructible. Of course, Shiro says his plan involves him coming back alive so don’t worry. Shiro also takes this moment to give them a small shiny badge. Since their clan has no symbol or name, he thought now it’s the perfect time to do so. He gives Kurou the honour to name their clan. He looks around trying to find something that their clan is best described. Noticing they always love rice, he calls it Hakumaitou (White Rice Party). After explaining the benefits of white rice, I guess they can’t argue with that. Suddenly Shiro and Anna start to feel pain. The Slates are starting to be liberated.

Episode 11: Kali-yuga
Nagare and his pals are narrating about the super powers everyone will have now and be on par with kings. Like Fushimi gives a damn. The power outbreak is starting to get rampant. It is happening at Ashinaka too. Kukuri is freaking out at her own powers but luckily Shiro calms her down. Then they task her to inform others to use their powers for good and to protect others. The power outbreak is also happening worldwide. The Prime Minister is panicking he didn’t sign up for this (I’m sure all politicians only listen to what they want, right?) and even regrets firing Munakata! No balls! Munakata and Zenjou are heading towards Jungle’s base. It isn’t hard to find since the Slates are firing up beams now and then. But first he has to face a wave of Jungle small fries. This will be easy, right? Awashima can’t stand doing nothing so she resigns from Scepter 4 so that she could continue to serve by Munakata’s side. She passes the command to the next alphabetical order guy. He in turn gives the order to go defeat Jungle and protect civilians. This means Awashima is under their protection, right? Yeah. Loopholes. Nagare knows Fushimi is trying to invite Munakata into their secret base. Even if Munakata is king, he cannot get inside if the gates are not opened. Fushimi will become a traitor once he opens the gate. He finds his personality of free will befitting to Jungle instead of Homra or Scepter 4. So what will it be? I suppose Fushimi is going to stay true to his betraying colours and opens the gate. There’s your answer. Now that he is no longer a clansman, Sukuna is more than happy to kill him. Iwa is going to face off with Munakata in round 2. But a giant blimp crashes through. This has nothing to do with Munakata being a decoy. Anyhow, their rematch is still on the cards.

Episode 12: Knuckle Bump
When Munakata left Homra’s base, he caught Yata eavesdropping from outside. He apologizes to him if Fushimi dies. It seems Fushimi’s current position was because of Munakata’s orders prior to that tower mission. If it failed, he was to infiltrate Jungle’s central command as his reputation as a traitor made him the only one who could pull this off. Hakumaitou and Homra are riding the blimp. The plan is for Homra to clear the levels enough for Hakumaitou to reach the Slates at the very bottom level. And so that’s where they crash in. Zenjou stands aside while he watches Munakata fight Iwa. His role is to slay Munakata if his powers go out of hand. Munakata could have lost had not his faithful Scepter 4 come to his aid. Their unit has also been trying to regain order around the country by subduing those abusing their newfound powers. And so with the power of loyal clansman, Munakata is able to dodge all of Iwa’s bullets, get up close to him and slay him once and for all. Piece of cake. Fushimi could have met the same fate had not Yata come to his rescue. The best friends-cum-best rivals somewhat reconcile. You know, they argue but it’s their way of communicating. Yata admits himself as stupid because he couldn’t have guessed all this and Fushimi should have just worded in a way he could understand. How could he? It was top secret mission. So I suppose they acknowledge each other and then cooperate and fight how they used to against Sukuna and win. Yata had to go secure his level as part of Homra’s plan for the final party so Fushimi escapes with Douhan. Meanwhile, the much anticipated final fight between Kurou and Yukari is just about to begin.

Episode 13: Kings
Shiro and Neko reach Nagare who explains a little about Neko as Miyabi. She is one of the few survivors of Damocles Down. It was also when Nagare awakened as a king and Neko gaining powers as a Strain. She was forced to manipulate her own memories and lived as a cat. Though the Slates robbed them of everything, it also gave them everything. Huh? To support Shiro’s statement that humans don’t need the Slates, Neko says all she wants is to eat good food with the people she loves. Nagare is disappointed with their answer so it’s time to get serious and face off. Once Nagare and Shiro’s Sword of Damocles pop up, this is the signal for Anna and Homra to summon all their powers to make clear a path. That’s burning the entire floors to where the Slates is? We take a detour to finish Kurou and Yukari’s fight. Kurou gets the better of him with some beautiful move but spares his life. Shiro mentions his goal of destroying the Slates via Damocles Down. There is a brief technical explanation about it but all I understand is that the Slates and Damocles Down will eliminate each other under the right condition. Shiro begins his move as Nagare swiftly tries to kill him first. Because it takes time for Shiro’s move to be effective, if Nagare can eliminate him, his Sword of Damocles will disappear. Kurou is there in time to block Nagare’s move. Game over. Awashima is so relieved that Munakata survives this incident. He teases her he wanted to see if she had to guts to cut him down. Then she gets back at him by punching his face! OMG! Awashima doing this?! With the Slates gone, Nagare dies. It was the Slates that kept him alive after all. Explosions are heard throughout the place. If this is Iwa’s idea of evacuating everybody so he could die with Nagare, it was just plain weird. And as you would know, without the Slates means everybody loses their power. This means Shiro as the Silver King will also be gone because remember, this body originally belongs to a student of Ashinaka he borrowed. Kurou and Neko are sad he has to depart but he promises they will meet again. Yeah, they ‘lost’ their king again. The end montage shows Yukari and Sukuna hanging out together (with Nagare’s parrot), Yata and Fushimi on friendly terms, Homra still being Homra and Scepter 4 still keeping the peace. Lastly, Neko has transferred to Ashinaka as a student and there is this rumour that a hot new teacher from Germany will be teaching there too. Folks, meet Shiro, his actual form and body.

Power To The People
Hey. It wasn’t that bad. The ending might not be much but with everything over, what is left to tell? Everybody goes on to live their normal lives. Just without all that power. The first few episodes were confusing to me as expected since I did say I did not watch the movie. I was trying to guess what was what and who was who seeing there is a handful of new characters (though they appeared in the movie). However as I go along, I realized this second season just boils down to one simple plot: Baddie wants to steal and release Slates to give every Tom, Dick and Harry equal power as part of his dream to make mankind evolve and our heroes have to prevent that otherwise chaos would be the new law and order. Yeah. That is about it. If you don’t remember the past history and some of the terms, it is okay. You can still get by.

There is only one reason why people who watched the first season would catch this sequel (and the movie of course). It is to see gorgeous people fight. With style. That is right, people. It is one of the only few things why you would put up with the silly drama and the so called simple plot. I won’t say that the fights are truly amazing that your eyes would be popping out at every clash of the blade (or whatever weapons the fighters used), but it is amusing enough to see how ‘beautiful’ the entire fight is. Uh huh. Those handsome hunks are already good looking, enough to make fujoshi girls go straight or even worsen their fujoshi tendencies. Then you see them engage in melee combat with lots of beautifully executed choreograph and with some effects. Cool + Cool = Freaking cooooooool!!!!!

But this is the reason why I came back for the second season: The awesome soundtrack. Yes. This is one anime where a big majority of the soundtrack is beautifully crafted. I am glad that they play familiar tunes used in season one but as I searched around if there were any new soundtracks for the second season, I couldn’t find any at the point of this blog. Because I am sure that there are some that I have not heard of. Later I found that some of the soundtrack from the movie was used. Oh well, if the original soundtracks are good enough, might as well use it to bring back some nostalgic factor. However there is one complaint that I have for the soundtracks: It doesn’t match certain scenes. Because most of them have that cool jazzy and techno feel, sometimes when they are played during drama and talking moments, it is quite jarring. I am not saying that the music is bad but the scene in which it was played makes it sound unfitting. I believe that such songs too aren’t the battle music type and when played during fight scenes, it just raises some more eyebrows that they aren’t suitable. It just feels odd.

Unlike last season, the opening theme this time is sung by Yui Horie who didn’t have any singing role then, which is odd because she is quite a famous singer-cum-seiyuu and if she is voicing at least a strong supporting character, she would sure to have a singing role. I suppose this season makes up for it. However this season’s Asymmetry isn’t to my liking and personally I think this would be one of the few anime songs of Yui Horie that I don’t really like. I think it might be my hardware but I don’t really think so because the dramatic music is louder than her voice. At least the ending theme is better but still not appealing enough for me. The rock based Solution by CustomiZ graces the end of every episode. Except for the final episode in which Angela sings Kizuna.

While the seiyuus from the first season make their recurring appearance, new ones of course come into the fray. Notably Rie Kugimiya as Sukuna. She wasn’t in her tsundere role but I managed to recognize her. But the most surprising once has got to be Masaku Morita as Yukari. For those who have watched Bleach and remember how the main character Ichigo sounded like, you’ll be in for a surprise because you wouldn’t recognize him here. You know how Ichigo has always been a hot head and screaming with his teenage voice, right? Well, Yukari is such an effeminate guy you can’t even tell if it is him. Not that I would notice it either but to hear him in a different role is quite shocking and refreshing. But he hasn’t been landing in many roles ever since Bleach ended. Then there are Kazuyuki Okitsu as Nagare (Andre in Prison School), Houchu Ohtsuka as Iwa (Shiro in Arakawa Under The Bridge), Kenjirou Tsuda as Zenjou (Sadaharu in Prince Of Tennis) and Kaori Nazuka as Douhan (Chelsea in Akame Ga Kill).

The other unique thing about this series and probably would have annoyed some of you is the colouring hue. Remember how odd it was to have uneven colour shadings throughout the entire series? This season is no different and goes all the way. This time we have uneven hues of green seeing Jungle has become the main antagonist. This type of colouring isn’t going to bother you since you will be mostly focused on the hot looking guys. Yeah, everybody looks hot. Even middle aged guys like Iwa and teenage boys like Sukuna, every damn guy look so hot that it would turn straight guys gay. Haha! Sorry, I’m still straight. In addition to bishonen guys, we have girly guys like Yukari so there is something for everybody in the looks department.

Character development in this season feels weaker this time since it is focusing on the battles. But even if there was, the main ones go to Scepter 4 and Jungle. Especially with the final arc at hand, it brings side supporting characters, Yata and Fushimi to the fore by reconciling their past that they can still be friends despite serving different kings. Even some of the henchmen from both clans have their fair share of screen time but I don’t even bother to remember them except I noticed that their names go in alphabetical order. I suppose with Shiro and his clansmen having their fair share from last season, it is only fair that the rest of the other great characters to have their turn to be thrust into the spotlight. Even when Shiro is taking charge of that tower mission, his team’s presence seems lacking since Scepter 4 and Homra are mainly seen on the offensive front against Jungle’s top executives.

Because of all the cool characters, I guess some of the dead ones can’t stay dead. Get what I mean? They reappear in flashbacks. Because with such a cool guy like Mikoto and his untimely death at the end of the first season, I am sure that many fans of his wouldn’t be happy if this guy doesn’t at least make a single appearance in this season. That is why you have that cool face off between Scepter 4 and Homra right at the start. Totsuka isn’t bad looking either and makes his limited flashback appearance though that was mostly protecting Anna. So as long as you are good looking and a hit with fans, you are sure guaranteed for a little cameo. Because if you are like that villain Colourless King, nobody cares or remembers you and thus the reason why he won’t be appearing here.

Newer ones that appeared in this season had potential but feel wasted. Like that Zenjou guy whose only role was supposed to cut down Munakata if he ever goes berserk but thankfully that never happened because you can’t have hot hunks dying one by one. Therefore Zenjou’s existence and role is questionable in the sense that you wonder why the need for another character when Munakata could have just ordered Awashima to do that (unless he had no confidence she would cut down his own captain). Or maybe they just needed to add another handsome guy to the cast. Then there is Iwa who is interesting as the former Grey King but too bad his life was cut short at the end of this season. Looking at how everything has ended by the end of this season, perhaps if the producers find there is good response for this series, they might make prequel sequels like the Kagutsu Incident and tell more about the grey clan. Douhan’s entire short cameo was just to be Fushimi’s backup to escape from Jungle. They could have just used a random unknown but it will make us ask who the heck this person is for this convenience and thus my theory in why Douhan’s character was created for this sole purpose. Silly but yeah.

The most useless character I would say goes to Neko. This season she has been nothing but pretty much be freaking annoying in the most possible way. I’m sure whatever drama about her has been resolved in the first season and since she is part of the greatest colour clan, she needs to have some screen time. Thank goodness they are limited. But still annoying nevertheless. I don’t see her doing anything really special or worthy but complaining about everything else and sucking up to Shiro. Even if the final episode is supposed to be her redeeming point when she tells off Nagare, I don’t think it was because it was like her entire role for this season was just for this last bit which didn’t really amount to anything much. If you want to think of her as the mascot of fanservice, please not that she doesn’t walk around naked this season. Because when you think of busty female fanservice, the role goes to Awashima, whose purpose and existence this season is just exactly for that. The way I see her fight, the way she poses in her fight, the way she sexily moves in her fight, all boils down to one freaking conclusion that it is purely for fanservice. I mean, who the heck goes into battle with a mini skirt?! I know it is her uniform but really? So short that at certain angles you can sometimes you can see her panties. Yeow! I’ll take strict lady any time over annoying cat woman.

One thing I missed about the series are those little cleaning machines that spout the catchphrases “You’re too kind” and “Judgement!”. Darn. Because the setting doesn’t take place in school anymore, it is somewhat sad to miss those funny little drones. It is also just sad that the colour kings are limited to just 7. I wished there would be more because it would be more fun, don’t you think? Because it made me think if the other colours weren’t popular like brown, purple and orange. I can understand there isn’t any yellow because of gold but I wonder why they had to repeat silver and grey since they are almost similar. And if there was colourless, why the heck isn’t one of a rainbow or every colour? But that is only my fantasy if I care to dream more about it someday.

Overall, not a bad sequel since I managed to get by without remembering all that confusing terms in the first season. Beautiful people +Beautiful soundtrack + Beautiful fights = Enough to cover up for its shortcomings. With the story over, it is unlikely there will be another season unless like I have said, do prequels and tell stories of the past. That way they can bring back hot dead guys like Mikoto who is probably one of the fan favourites. Otherwise we can konclude this kolour khronicle. Kthxbye.


June 23, 2013

What the hell???!!! How short can it get?! It’s like the question for zettai ryouiki on how short can one’s skirt be before it sets the alarms ringing. I know I dread anime titles that are a mouthful to pronounce and remember but what I didn’t expect that it could also be so short that it is just a letter of the Roman alphabet. One stinking letter!!! Imagine the billions of search results when you Google it. What are the chances of hitting it? I thought an anime title having two Roman alphabets (three, if you take into account the exclamation mark) was bad enough (remember that anime about the masochist boy trying to get a cure for his odd fetish via a sadistic girl?), now they halved that and it is just one alphabet. So I thought K was just the temporary name for the series. Looks like it wasn’t. What will they think next? Naming half the alphabet or just a symbol?

Thankfully, this anime is sometimes referred to as K Project but I doubt that would make any difference. Plus, it sounds like some secretive government project… Anyway since this series is an original anime, trying to get more information on the plot of this series initially didn’t yield anything. So you could say by the time I started watching this anime (when the series ended), I didn’t look up on the plot overview and just went in ‘blindly’ without knowing what this series is all about. Of course prior to the airing of the anime, there were 2 prequel mangas to explain the back story. What are the chances of me reading them?

Episode 1: Knight
The Homra clan led by Mikoto Suou or more commonly known as Red King, attack a rival gang in some building. Anna Kushina uses her red marble on the guy and since he doesn’t know anything, the gang leave. However a special task force unit called Scepter 4, headed by Reishi Munakata or also known as Blue King confront Mikoto and Homra just at the building’s entrance. Both sides power up ready for battle. At Ashinaka High School, Kukuri Yukizome wants to give Yashiro “Shiro” Isana her vegetables since his lunch doesn’t have any. WTF. Is she his mother? Unfortunately he is able to give her to slip. Shiro enjoys his lunch somewhere atop some building and loves the peace of this country as a stray white cat joins him in his rest. Back in class, Shiro is tasked to help out for the cultural festival to run errands for the student council (because he seems free). Because he often forgets his PDA (which is very much needed in this high technology world and serves as ‘ticket’ in and out of school), he uses the old fashion key to unlock the backdoor and slip out of school. A Homra member spots Shiro and they immediately go to the ground to find him. Shiro comes into skater boy, Misaki Yata who wastes no time in wanting to kill him. Great. Nobody else cares to see somebody being chased down a busy street. He is cornered by other Homra members and at the alley, Kurou Yatogami the Black Dog uses his exceptional sword skills and magic to deflect all the projectiles and make their escape. On a building top, Shiro is grateful for his help but before he could leave, Kurou points the sword at him. Claiming to be the vassal of the former seventh king, Ichigen Miwa, he is going to slay the evil king in accordance to his late master’s wish. That’s Shiro, right? Suddenly all the video screens in the city are hijacked. It starts playing a clip whereby Shiro (or someone that closely resembles him) coldly kills Tatara Totsuka (the recorder of this clip). He then claims himself to be the seventh king, Colourless King and is waiting for someone. Lastly, Munakata has Mikoto sitting nicely behind bars.

Episode 2: Kitten
Just like any person who is about to be killed, Shiro proclaims his innocence. Kurou doesn’t believe. Don’t judge a book by its cover? Kurou judges a man by his actions! If it looks like him, then it has got to be him, right? Since he serves Ichigen, he will not hand him over to the police. Shiro gives up and is willing to resign to his fate. However he wants to write a farewell letter to his ill sister in hospital. He wants Kurou to deliver it to him but the latter realizes it is a trap and made up when Shiro escapes with a smoke screen. Kurou leaves the scene to continue his search but little does he know, Shiro is hiding in a mascot suit nearby. Homra’s second in command, Izumo Kusanagi puts up a bounty with reward of ten million yen for any information about this killer in the video. Anna’s marbles pinpoints Shiro’s possible location. Because Shiro is walking around in the suit, nobody could spot him. Kurou and Yata clash. Oddly, Shiro is seen signalling to be on Kurou’s side. Kurou easily defeats Yata and goes to where Shiro is but is gone by then. Kurou only picks up his school badge on site. Shiro is back in his dorm wondering why those people are after his ass. But it couldn’t be more intriguing when he finds a naked sexy babe sleeping in his bed! Yikes! Kurou waits outside Ashinaka and lots of girls think this guy is hot. Kukuri offers to help him out as she guides him to Shiro’s dorm. While Shiro has his hands full with this mysterious babe, Neko, here comes another trouble: Kurou. He’s asking about his ‘sister’. Sh*t. Kurou is going to kill him but Neko stands up to protect him. Then they run through the campus as Neko puts up illusionary obstacles to keep Kurou at bay. I don’t know but even in the heat of the chase, Shiro can even stop to help other students in trouble. Does he not know his life is in real danger? Kurou finally corners Shiro. But because Neko can manipulate space and surroundings, Kurou charges and bangs into a wall. Wow. It feels like a joke. So the entire day, the trio keep chasing each other. Serious. They end up back in Shiro’s room. Tired. Exhausted. Since Neko is hungry, Shiro wants to stop to make breakfast. WTF. There’s break time when you’re going to be killed? Anything to delay your death… Because Shiro and Neko suck in making a decent meal, Kurou got pissed and does the cooking. Man, this guy can cook!

Episode 3: Kitchen
Flashback during Munakata and Mikoto’s clash, Mikoto willingly surrenders before the fireworks could start. In the cell, Munakata warns his Weismann level is pushing its limit and if the Sword of Damocles should fall, there’ll be a repeat of the Kagutsu crater. In short, he wants Mikoto to renounce his throne or he’ll have to watch him 24/7 and keep him locked up for life. Mikoto doesn’t think it’s such a bad deal to be under his surveillance. He can even use force to restrain him. Too bad he can’t since he is busy and breathing the same air with him makes him sick. Munakata’s second in command, Seri Awashima suggests ways to restrain Mikoto and he will consider some of her methods. On the case of Totsuka’s murder, the gun used to kill him was modified that the mafia was dealing in and the man and the truck involved in the smuggling are missing. Munakata wants to know everything that happened in this city for the past 2 weeks till this case is solved. Kusanagi is upset when Yata and Rikio Kanamoto fight and damage his prized bar counter imported from England. After teaching them a lesson, it seems their fight stems from the rumour that Mikoto left Homra for Scepter 4. He reveals they’re trying to confine a guy who is a natural disaster waiting to happen. Worst case scenario is that he would be under Munakata’s watch at all times. His capture means they could roam freely. Yata goes off to look for Kurou. Shiro and co just finish their breakfast as Kurou explains those Fire Guys who are out for his head because he killed their clansman. He also explains about clans, a group of people serving their king. After breakfast he’s going to kill him. Oh boy. Just like having your last meal, eh? Meanwhile at some warehouse supposedly belonging to the missing gun dealer, a group of guys are ambushed by Munakata.

Shiro tries to stall for more time by asking about this king thing. Kurou’s late master ordered him to evaluate the man who would be the next king and kill him without hesitation if he is evil. Ichigen the previous king possessed the ability to see the future. A king embodies the natural laws of this world and holds the power to run this country. No, not the Prime Minister. He’s just a puppet. There are 7 clans and each clan is ruled by a king who rules them. Each clan has their own colour and power. His previous master was known as the Golden King and brought economical and technological progress to the country (the companies he controlled include those that made the PDA and soy sauce). He describes the red clan as violent. Because bonds within a clan are thicker than blood, killing a clan member is a stupid thing to do. I guess he is still accusing Shiro as the murderer. Shiro argues the video might be fake and if he was the murderer, he would’ve run somewhere far away. He vows to prove his innocence and convinces Kurou about it by asking if his late master ever told him to kill people without making a proper evaluation. I guess Shiro pressed the right button on Kurou’s tape recorder that contains all the ‘wise sayings’ of his late master. What a creepy freak this guy is too. He loves his ‘poetry’? Even guys like him have a quirk or two.

Episode 4: Knock-on Effect
I don’t get it. Kurou is making lunch for Shiro too? He accompanies him around the campus to find prove he is innocent. Or else, it’s off with his head. I wonder how they can even convince the teacher that he is the new transfer student. Including Neko. Maybe the teacher doesn’t really give a damn. And there are several situations Kurou feels like killing him right away because Shiro is frolicking around more than being serious in proving his innocence. Meanwhile Munakata sees the killer’s similarity to Shiro and traces him to Ashinaka. Anna also pinpoints Shiro’s position on the island campus. Shiro claims the date and time of December 7th 11.45pm on Hirasaka Building in the West Precinct, the distance made it impossible for him to return to Ashinaka in 1 hour. He is going to try to prove he is on campus at that time and date. On that day, he was helping out with the cultural festival. Something unforgettable happened, his friend Souta Mishina confessed allowed to Kukuri on the clock tower but was rejected. Kukuri of course would like to forget about that embarrassing incident but she couldn’t determine if Shiro was one of the many people watching it. Shortly Mishina wanted to blow the school up with fireworks but the student council swiftly dealt with him. Thinking the student council might have seen him, Shiro goes to see them but they too can’t assure that and tells him to go ask the photography club since they were taking pictures like mad that time. It was because while everyone was watching the commotion, a prop accidentally got razed by the fire. Despite all the photos, Shiro wasn’t in one of them. Alibi slipping away…

Shiro gets an idea to get the log of students passing through the academy on that time. Because his name didn’t appear on the log, he argues he is on campus on that time since the gate scans and checks all those who enter or leave. However Kurou remains suspicious. This is made worse when Kukuri comes by to hand him back his PDA. He always forgets it, right? And always sneaks out due to that, right? Oh dear… Further prove is not necessary. He will die right he is standing now! Neko jumps to Shiro’s protection. But because Shiro puts up a serious expression in protecting her, this reminds Kurou of something similar in his childhood days. He agrees to give him another chance. Shiro remembers the ceiling of the gym caved in due to a broken sprinkler and the toilet overflowed. Kukuri remembers something like that. She ran away to the gym after Mishina’s confession and saw Shiro there. Indeed there is a hole in the ceiling and to prove Shiro is totally innocent, Kukuri shows her PDA with a time stamp he was here. All this could have been solved in the first place instead of going around in a wild goose chase if they told her what’s happening… Once this case is solved, Kurou asserts his authority to get the other classmates to finish up the cultural festival preparations. Sure he is effective but can he do that? Well, he’s the transfer student… Relieved Shiro returns to his dorm but when he sees a bloodied shirt in his closet, memories of that killing flow through his mind. Could it really be him? Yata and Kanamoto are waiting outside Ashinaka but couldn’t get in. No PDA… You can’t just simply waltz in, can’t you?

Episode 5: Knife
Yata and Kanamoto manage to enter Ashinaka by ‘extorting’ PDAs of other students. Little do they know, Shiro, Kurou and Neko just exited the school via backdoor. They just missed them. Awashima and her team are also at Ashinaka and she is trying to get the directors to willingly cooperate or else they can use the law (which both sides would rather not) and force them to reveal information about its students. One of her subordinates, Saruhiko Fushimi goes off by himself. Yata seems to be scaring the students away. I mean, what is your reaction if somebody asks you in a thug-like manner? Plus, this guy seems to only ask boys and not girls. What’s with the double standards? Fushimi secretly enters the student council room, puts one of its members to sleep so that he can use her details to access the student database and do a matching search. Then he spots Yata and Kanamoto outside and decides to go play with them. So when they both come into contact, Fushimi purposely irritates Yata by calling his first name. Yata calls him a traitor because he left Homra and joined Scepter 4. Yata tries hard to control his anger but the last straw came when Fushimi mocks Mikoto about losing his edge. Skateboard versus sword. Fushimi plays dirty by throwing hidden knives and one of them hit Yata’s shoulder. To their surprise, Fushimi seems to wield both blue and red colours. The power fight could have gone out of control had not Awashima coming in between. She wants them to postpone their match. That’s an order. Yata has no obligations to comply till Awashima reports how Mikoto is doing in prison. He’s fine. Complaining about prison food but eats them and goes to sleep. After the duo leave, Awashima isn’t too thrilled on what Fushimi has done. He too doesn’t seem happy to be caught with his pants down. Awashima asks his results about infiltrating the school database and it seems there are no students that match Shiro and thus they conclude the suspect is not a student of this school. Yata wants to ask one more person before he leaves. He didn’t expect a girl to reply him (getting all flustered, is he?). That girl is Kukuri but when asked who Shiro is, she does not know.

Episode 6: Karma
As Shiro, Kurou and Neko eat at a ramen store, Shiro notices the owner has a board with photos of his regular customers. The odd thing is Shiro is his regular customer and yet there are no photos of him. Strange? Awashima is a regular customer at Kusanagi’s bar. She relates she bumped into one of his men the other day. She is concern that the red king’s Weismann level is at its limits. How dangerous can it be? Let’s say it could change Japan’s topography. Kusanagi has confidence in him despite noting he is bad in self control and patience. Flashback 8 years ago, Mikoto was being ‘stalked’ by a kid named Totsuka. One day they learn he got beaten up and hospitalized. They paid him a visit and Mikoto wants to know who did this to him. He didn’t say but remains playful, much to Mikoto’s ire. Totsuka mentions that he will be the king’s vassal and that Mikoto will become a real king. Back to the present, Shiro calls Kukuri since the memo she handed is unreadable. Neko is uncomfortable with handphones and runs away. When the call connects, Kukuri doesn’t recognize who Shiro is and doesn’t know anybody of that name. Is this some joke? Doesn’t seem like it. Kurou wonders if this is an effect from Neko. Shiro wants to call home to make sure somebody recognizes him but it seems there is no such number. Shiro becomes shocked. There are a few possibilities. 1) He called the wrong number; 2) Something happened and they changed their number; 3) He’s lying. Kurou thinks of option 4: There’s something wrong with his memory. When they arrive at Shiro’s supposed home, it is not there. They’re in a middle of a stadium. He begins to question if his is Yashiro Isana in the first place. He may be a murderer after all and wonders if Kurou wants to kill him. Flashback to 3 years ago. Mikoto beats up those who annoy him. He didn’t like being king and as pointed out, he seems to attract every type of weird person. Anna is an example. Totsuka is part of Homra and the other clansmen have taken a liking for him. Totsuka assures Mikoto’s powers are not for destruction but to protect. Fast forward to the night Totsuka was shot and killed, Yata and Kusanagi rushed to his side. He died in Yata’s arms and Yata became very devastated. It would seem like Kurou is unsheathing his sword to kill Shiro but he whips out his tape recorder and another one of Ichigen’s wise sayings to give up this listless mission and reconcile. Though he doesn’t believe who he is either, that was before he became unable to believe in his identity. He will not listen to Ichigen’s words to give up nor will he reconcile. What he is trying to say to Shiro is not to give up yet.

Episode 7: Key
The stadium is suddenly surrounded by Scepter 4. Awashima wants them to surrender but Kurou isn’t going to do just that. Scepter 4 prepares to draw their swords as Neko suddenly teleports everyone into a busy street and take Shiro and run. However this is just an illusion. Awashima stands in their path. The Sword of Damocles appears. Herald Munakata into the scene. With his powers, he dispels the illusion and identifies Neko as the source. He reveals she is a Strain and by projecting her powers within a perimeter with herself at the centre, she can interfere and manipulate senses and perceptions of those around her. Shiro wants to surrender but it’s no-go for Kurou. He will hold them down while they escape. They clash but Munakata is clearly superior. He is waltzing through Kurou’s attacks. Once Munakata pins Kurou down, he says Shiro may not be powerful but is a wild card who could tip the balance of power between kings. He believes he will replace Ichigen as the new Colourless King. Kurou mentions he will not let anyone lay their hands on Shiro till he reaches his verdict and since he still hasn’t come to that, Munakata concludes that this may be Shiro’s ploy to stay neutral. Playing neither good nor bad, he gets to keep Kurou as his bodyguard. With Neko around him, it’s not hard he may be deceiving them all and puppets in his scheme. Shiro’s return surprises everyone. He can’t let his friend die. He reveals he has been lying all the while and activates his Sword of Damocles. That distraction was enough for Kurou to break free and make his escape.

At an alley, it is learnt that was just an illusion put up by Neko. Kurou puts the pieces together on what Munakata said about Neko’s power. In addition to manipulate, she can create false memories of those around her. Like making people who met for the first time into believing they are old friends. I guess that’s why Kukuri couldn’t recognize Shiro now. Shiro wants Neko to correct this amnesia thingy now. Even if he will turn out to be an evil king and be killed on the spot, he is tired of running. He wants to settle this right here otherwise they can’t move on. Regardless of who he was in the past, his present self must take responsibility. Neko begins her ritual to have Shiro look back into his memories. Neko as a cat was scared of almost anything and did anything to survive. Till she met Shiro’s kindness. The memories first began as we see Shiro falling from the sky and crashing into the roof of the school’s gym. That’s when they first met. Kukuri happened to enter since she heard a loud crash. Neko manipulates their memory as though they’ve known each other. However Shiro wants to know the memories before that. Neko is reluctant because she fears he will disappear. He assures he won’t. Several seconds before his free fall, Shiro sees himself clinging on the edge of the blimp and someone kicking him off. Who the heck is that guy?

Episode 8: Kindling
That blimp, Himmelreich is still floating in the skies. Shiro returns to perimeter of his school. Even though his past was faked, he knows the time spent with everyone recently was real. So it’s good enough to say he has returned home. Despite so, there are lots of uncertainties he needs to clear up. Munakata and Awashima discuss their next move. Their men report some sort of contact left behind by Kurou. A piece of paper that indicates “1400”. Thinking it is a time indicator, they wait for 2pm to pass and on the dot, Munakata receives a call from Shiro. He thinks the man on the blimp is also connected to the murder. However he won’t turn himself in and will only do so with the right price. If they can bring that man down to the ground so that he can question him, Shiro will surrender himself. Munakata at first was unwilling to accept his terms because he knows his friends will come and bail him out. However he accepts it and announces he will detain that man on the blimp, Adolf K. Weismann, the first and Silver King. During that talk, Fushimi and his team has already been despatched to trace the call. Just when they thought Shiro was making a call from a truck, they got it had. A cheap trick used. A handphone calling a handphone. Munakata despatches his biggest operation yet to take Adolf into custody. They will give him the option to surrender first, otherwise they will storm in and command Himmelreich by force. Awashima wants Munakata’s reasoning of taking such action. He has observed Himmelreich’s flying pattern over the skies. Its path is more or less the same with just deviations from the weather. However, it abruptly changed its route immediately after a certain incident: Totsuka’s murder. Scepter 4 prepares to head out via helicopters. Shiro and co are waiting at the airfield base and knock out a unit to take control of their helicopter. As they approach Himmelreich, Adolf is anticipating things to get even livelier. Shiro wants to know about the Silver King. Kurou, though has never met him, he heard from Ichigen he is special like the Gold King, who is the second king. Gold King exists only because Silver King. While Gold King rules the ground, Silver King rules the skies. They plan how they want to snatch the Silver King once they get onboard. It will be not easy since other Scepter 4 members are going to board it too. Naughty Neko starts pressing the buttons to speed up and causes the helicopter to fly dangerously close to Himmelreich. When it is close enough, Adolf sets off explosives that send the blimp exploding in flames. Hmm… Looks like a bright shining star from the ground.

Episode 9: Knell
Back in Germany in 1945, Adolf demonstrated to others his rodent of his under the influence of Slate. It has his mouse commanding the other mice under its control at the end of the maze. I’m not sure about the mumbo-jumbo about the increased power it will have and how it will affect humans. Lieutenant Kokujouji thought it would bring an army of super humans but Adolf says it is for joy. Anyway the mini maze got destroyed by the power instead. During a raid on Germany, the bombings killed Adolf’s sister and fellow scientist Claudia. He was saved because of his Sword of Damocles. A few months later, Adolf takes Slate with him and leaves Germany in Himmelreich. Kokujouji thought he was just running away. In present time, Adolf’s body is retrieved from Himmelreich while there are none at the copter who crashed into it. Awashima learns the actual pilots for this helicopter were knocked out at the hangar. Kukuri and her friends are cleaning up after the festival and want to enlist that guy’s help but can’t remember who he is. They somehow enter Shiro’s room and though do not recognize this place, have a feeling that someone was occupying it. Munakata visits the Golden King, Daikaku Kokujouji to confirm Adolf’s body that is resting nicely in the glass coffin. Munakata believes Adolf may be faking his death because the Silver King was the king that started it all. His physical state never changes and thus also called the Immortal King. For a man who retains his youth and vigour suddenly dies after half a century later, don’t you think something feels fishy? He wants to examine his body but looks like the Golden King won’t allow it.

Mikoto is sitting pretty nicely in prison when a mysterious caller mocks him. There’s this fox spirit coming out from the phone claiming to be Totsuka’s murderer. He tries to provoke Mikoto that he will kill more of his comrades so that Totsuka won’t feel lonely but Mikoto plays it cool. No reaction. The spirit then taunts he will take Anna for himself and sees an opening. He possesses Mikoto but his plan backfires when he sees a fierce flaming lion and becomes scared. This allows Mikoto to trace the call back to a dorm at Ashinaka. The room and whoever this fox dude was possessing goes boom. With that, Mikoto breaks out of his cuffs and prison. Nothing can stop him. Not even the heavy security walls and doors or the might of Scepter 4. He is unstoppable! So cool! If Awashima can’t handle his flames that burns everything down (and he doesn’t even break into a sweat to do that), what makes you think Fushimi can? His hand is even trembling and can’t even unsheathe his sword. Says a lot about the magnitude of his power, eh? Outside Scepter 4’s gate, his comrades of Homra are waiting for him. Now that he has found his target, they make their way to the island campus. Scepter 4 can do nothing but watch them walk away.

Episode 10: Kaleidoscope
Homra makes their fiery entry into school. Don’t panic, cooperate with us and we’ll leave once we find this killer guy in the video. In short, Ashinaka is now under Homra’s control as the gang go around sniffing out the killer while Mikoto just lies around. That’s what being king is all about, right? As Scepter 4 has surround and barricade the perimeters of Ashinaka, Neko uses her sensory perception so that they can sneak into school. Munakata realizes Mikoto making his move on Ashinaka means he is here to apprehend Totsuka’s murderer. But if the culprit is another king, especially the Colourless King, it’s going to get messy. Each king displays their own unique power and no one knows that power till he shows it. Thus the Colourless King is unlike other kings because he’s like a trickster that agitates the relationships between kings. Since Scepter 4 didn’t capture the Colourless King, they can only apprehend the Red King and risk an all-out war with the red clansmen. Kusanagi talks to Yata that he shouldn’t get so worked up. Especially now that Fushimi is on the other side. He doesn’t blame him since Fushimi was once Yata’s partner though Yata accuses Fushimi for betraying them first. Flashback reveals Yata confronting Fushimi when he was about to leave Homra for Scepter 4. He is bored of playing gangster and wants to move into something big. To add insult to the clan, he burns his Homra mark on his shoulder. He provokes Yata by running down Homra to the point of being ungrateful to Mikoto who picked him up from the streets.

Later Kusanagi talks to Mikoto about old times and Totsuka. He never thought he would become a real king. When he became one, his short fused personality stopped. He became a gun that protected what needed to be protected. He also found it hard at first to believe he had so much fun with people gathered around him. Mikoto gets up to settle some business. Mikoto goes to meet Munakata. He wants Mikoto to relinquish this school peacefully since he is involving innocent high school students’ lives. If he does that, he will slay Totsuka’s killer, the man who calls himself the Colourless King on his behalf the way he wants it. He reminds Mikoto his Sword of Damocles is in bad shape, his Weismann level is at is limit and at this rate will cause another repeat of Kagutsu crater tragedy. Mikoto declines so Munakata sternly reminds him the innocent lives involved. His reply is that they take care of their own businesses. You do what you need to do, I do mine. Shiro and co return to his room but are devastated to see it torn apart. I don’t think a normal burglary would just blow the place up and blast a hole in the wall. Kurou feels with Mikoto’s appearance here, a clan war might take place. Shiro surprises Kurou that they should seek Ichigen’s advice. However Kurou says that won’t be necessary because what they need to do next is obvious: Rescue Kukuri and others. They don’t need to rely on Ichigen’s words for that. And all Neko is worried about is fixing back her favourite broken rice bowl. Can we do that once they come back?

Episode 11: Killer
Scepter 4 is on standby and when an explosion rocks a part of Ashinaka, Munakata gives the orders to charge in. He lets Awashima take charge. The Homra guys are ready to rock and roll as both sides being their clash. As Fushimi and Yata settle their old score, more explosion rocks the place. Munakata saves a Homra guy from being crushed by a falling block. However he shows his gratitude by stabbing him. Munakata doesn’t seem perturbed and lets the blocks fall on them. Anna leaves her place after seeing a vision and was almost sniped by a Scepter 4 soldier on the roof. Kurou saves Kukuri from an explosion blast. She doesn’t remember Shiro and co but he helps her get away. However Mikoto has found them and he is not going to let them go. Kurou tries to stall him to let them get away but Mikoto is too powerful. Not even Neko’s sensory perception could do the trick because Mikoto is on a rage. Kurou continues to fight Mikoto till Munakata steps into the picture. You didn’t think he would go down that easily, huh? So with Munakata butting heads with Mikoto, it’s perfect timing for Shiro’s group to escape. Kukuri wants to tend to Shiro’s minor injury. She surprises everyone by stabbing him with a glass! Kurou restrains her as we see a fox spirit possession her. You can tell its trademark with the mad twisted face it displays while possessing somebody. Short flashback reveals the several people the fox spirit possessed that include the Homra guy that tricked Munakata, the Scepter 4 dude, Adolf in his blimp and Shiro himself. The fox taunts Shiro he doesn’t remember a thing and that he ran away to live peacefully. He should sleep without remembering anything. Shiro is snapped out by Neko’s voice. The fox spirit escapes via Kukuri’s body. Shiro is in a daze as he starts to remember Adolf’s memories from his time in Germany as a scientist with Claudia right up to her death and his departure from Deutschland. He suddenly shoots out a bright silver light which forms into the Sword of Damocles. Then speaking in German, he tells the rest not to worry about his injury because it is healed for he is an immortal. And his name is Adolf.

Episode 12: Adolf K. Weismann
Shiro can say that he isn’t only the Silver King but also Shiro. Flashback reveals the Colourless King possessing Shiro facing off with Adolf in his blimp. Adolf isn’t interested in what’s going on in the ground but since the Colourless King does, he takes over Adolf’s body. It’s not like body swapping as Shiro puts it. Because of his status as Silver King possessing inviolable powers while the Colourless King has the power to affect other kings, the result was the Colourless King snatched his body but failed to take his powers. Since that has nowhere to go, it went into Shiro’s body that Colourless King discarded. His amnesia was the result of the shock and why he wasn’t hurt from the free fall. It is clear now who Totsuka’s murderer is but the Colourless King has jumped from many bodies before. Mikoto and Munakata continue their battle. Their Sword of Damocles give glimmer of hope to their clansmen that they’re still alive. Awashima tries to head over to her captain’s place but Shiro and Neko takes her with them. Kurou waltzes in between Homra and Scepter 4’s fight. He wants them to stop fighting under the Silver King’s orders but they don’t give a damn. Kurou adds if they truly know the goal of their respective king and wants them to put down their sword and await their king’s next order. They’re not listening. Yata and Fushimi agree with each other for once that Kurou cannot be trusted and fight him.

Kurou, Neko and Awashima appear in the room where Kusanagi and Anna are waiting. Anna confirms he is not the enemy. Shiro requests for their help. Kusanagi receives a call from Kokujouji who wants to talk to Shiro. Seems they are on friendly terms with each other. Kokujouji notes all this is his fault and can stop this by putting an end although he knows he won’t listen. Shiro knows this is goodbye for him so Kokujouji wishes him good luck. The plan is to have Homra and Scepter 4 lead the students out of the island campus. But won’t Colourless King possess one of them and escape? Shiro thinks not because he is targeting the kings. Suddenly the Colourless King makes an announcement to everyone that they can’t escape. He’ll have them dance till they die. Shiro drafts Neko as his first clansmen and wants her help to use her power to the max. With Neko’s illusionary powers, Shiro appears before all the students (who are running low on morale). They might not remember who he is but he does. Because they are his friends. He assures they will not get hurt and to trust and follow his lead to escape. He sends a warning to Colourless King that they will settle their match. Neko tires out after expending so much power so Shiro leaves her in Awashima and Kusanagi’s care before leaving to settle things. Colourless King is still possessing Kukuri and curses what is happening. However he still thinks everything will go his way once he has the Red and Blue King. Kukuri’s inner self is still fighting as she pleads for help.

Episode 13: King
Mikoto and Munakata continue their fight. Yata and Fushimi couldn’t beat Kurou. They remember they were lost kids bumming around in the streets till they chance upon Mikoto. Kusanagi gave them a chance to join them. Yata and Fushimi realize nobody else is left on the island. Both Scepter 4 and Homra have evacuated. Kanamoto takes them both away. Now that everyone has evacuated, Shiro reunites with Kurou. Kurou bows down before him and as he asks Ichigen’s permission to serve another king, Kurou now swears his loyalty to Shiro AKA the Silver King. The Colourless King is watching Mikoto and Munakata’s battle from afar, thinking that one should dispose the other in which he will take over the loser’s body and devour the winner. He claims he will then be the most powerful king and to hell with all the 7 kings. Kukuri is still fighting inside so it sometimes makes the Colourless King lose focus. Shiro and Kurou confront possessed Kukuri. There is no one left on the island for Colourless King to possess. Kurou draws his sword and now that he has confirmed this Colourless King is evil, he will not hesitate to slay. Colourless King plays dirty by reverting back to innocent Kukuri but Kurou is not swayed. Turning to Shiro for help, Shiro wants Kurou to stop and in this moment he let his guard down, the Colourless King jumps out to possess Shiro. However it is part of Shiro’s plan to contain him within his body. Shiro pities him because he has consumed too many personalities that he doesn’t know which is his true self. Kurou wanted to scold Shiro in taking such a risky gamble but all is well, right? Now Shiro plans to stop the fight between the Blue King and Red King. He wants Kurou to take Kukuri away. He knows he needs to finish this fast since he can’t contain the Colourless King inside of him for too long. As he makes his way, Shiro reflects on his research how he thought it would make everyone happy. However it brought nothing but loneliness. Even though each king has his own followers, the king still walks a solitary path.

Yata returns back to his Homra gang and he is not happy that everyone abandoned Mikoto. Kusanagi knocks some sense into him that he should be ashamed of himself because even Anna is enduring everything. Fushimi is back with Scepter 4. Awashima thought he went back to his old gang. She notes Munakata is a man with a big heart because he gave Fushimi an important post despite his past. That’s why Fushimi hates such people because they don’t care about petty struggles of people serving under them. Perhaps that is why they are only attracted to other kings. Shiro drops in the middle of the fight. He first pushes Munakata away. Then he wants Mikoto to kill him and the Colourless King together. Mikoto obliges and the result is a powerful explosion upon contact. There is a crater as a result but not a huge one that could change the topography. Mikoto seems satisfied but Munakata clearly isn’t. Before Mikoto’s Sword of Damocles could fall on him, Munakata thrusts through his chest to disintegrate it. Mikoto apologizes that he won’t be able to show Anna that beautiful red anymore. Anna senses Mikoto’s death and becomes distraught. The Red King’s Weismann level has vanished. Munakata returns to Scepter 4 and they cheer on their victory. Later Kurou and Neko revisit the mini crater. Neko pulls out Shiro’s umbrella from it and becomes very possessive. She is adamant to return it to Shiro and in denial that he is gone. Kurou perhaps agree with her in a way because he is supposed to be the Immortal King and theirs. Though Homra is saddened over their king’s death, they start chanting their motto. All of their clan’s mark start floating in the air (including Fushimi’s). The little red balls of light were the most beautiful red that Anna had ever seen. Kusanagi thanks Mikoto for being their best king they could ask for.

Kolour Konundrum Kontinues…
Well, it certainly isn’t the best kind of ending around. One of those animes whose ending that left me unsatisfied. So what happens in the end? It ended just like that? So? SO?! Thinking back, this entire anime is mainly focused on capturing the guy who killed Totsuka. That basically sums up what this show is about. We are introduced to a protagonist who may or may not be the killer and when things are gradually revealed, an all-out war between 2 clans take place at perhaps the most iconic place in this series. Then we have a face-off between 2 hot guys who are also kings resulting in one of them dying. End of story. They put me through 13 episodes of this crap just to end it like that? But as I read, this series has been given the green light for a second season so perhaps all isn’t lost. Provided if they continue from there and not do some spin-off sequel or another story. Besides, there are 7 kings and I’m sure there are other coloured kings too that we are not introduced yet. Black, white, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, pink, grey and all the other colours you can think of.

Trying to follow the flow of the drama seems somewhat tiring and confusing for me. As said, this entire show is about the hunt of a murderer. They throw in some drama, flashbacks and action in it in an attempt to find, identify and bring in the so called killer. Then there are those terms and other plots in the series that continue to baffle me. Like what the hell is a Strain? Neko is one and though her ability of perception manipulating is cool and also mysterious, if Munakata had not identified her with that term, I think I would have gotten by easier. Now that she is a Strain, what is she actually? So what? More importantly, how did she enter Shiro’s life and became his pet? This with no back story to explain what Neko is (sometimes I feel her presence is for fanservice because she runs around naked a lot in the first half of the series), she is one of the several mysterious characters to be around and yet not much is known about her. Same case with Anna. I’m not sure if this was mentioned in the series but I found this out doing my lazy online browsing that she is also a Strain. So what is her role exactly in this anime, this gothic lolita dressed girl with perception skills via red marbles? Perhaps she’s the mascot for Homra.

There is nothing much to be said of the other characters. Except for Shiro, the rest are how we see them as they are. Yata is angst driven, Fushimi is filled with despise and loves going “Tch…”, Awashima the loyal second in command who is always concern for Munakata (don’t expect any romance brooding, though), Kusanagi the cool bartender and brains of Homra and even Totsuka is just a nice guy who attracts others around him. Munakata and Mikoto are respectable as kings of their own clan but just like the rest of the other characters, I don’t really feel their impact in the series overall. Everything that eventually led to their showdown in the end and their fight wasn’t really that great either. I didn’t see any power battle I was hoping for. For Kokujouji, what was his appearance for anyway? I don’t really see how he impacted the series and in a way I felt it could go on without him. Somebody from Adolf’s past who was involved in his experiment, now an old dude who is the Golden King in some cult-like clan of his own called Usagi (what rabbit?) and keeping Adolf’s original body. Huh? So?

Kukuri and the rest of the students, after their memories return to normal (the one whereby they don’t recognize Shiro as he never existed in their lives before), it is funny to see them in a daze they can’t put their finger on this certain person when they try to think about him. It feels like they know this certain guy but can’t really remember. And right till the end they are still like that. Funny, isn’t it? Sure, Shiro was there for real for a certain period of time. But I guess even if the brain doesn’t remember, the body does. Do you think Shiro is really dead? He is the Immortal King, right? His body was never shown, right? So? Could he still be? Maybe. Maybe not. What are the chances? Not that everyone else would remember him if he suddenly pops back out from the dead. One of the amusing ‘characters’ in this series is the little mini robots that go around cleaning up the streets. Their limited vocabulary is amusing to hear and who wouldn’t break into a smile as they say “Show some respect!” as their catchphrase. Yeah. Treat those machines nicely. Other catchphrase include “You’re too kind” and “Judgment!”. If they only appeared more often…

Then there are some questions that baffle me. I know I’m thinking too much but how does a king get chosen? What about the colour he represents? I never realized what the Sword of Damocles is except that it is proof of one is king. So how does one’s Sword of Damocles start decaying? Used too much power? Perhaps that is why Munakata was so concerned about Mikoto giving up his king title. As I found out, the sword comes crashing down when the king has reached its limit. And as deduced I suppose that will cause a huge crater as stated. But how does it make any difference in killing him? Wow. It suddenly vanishes. Was there any other way for Mikoto to relinquish his post? If there was, why wouldn’t he? Maybe he wants to find Totsuka’s killer first? A lot is going on in his mind even if his face doesn’t show it. Then there is this Slate thingy. I still don’t understand what it is. Blame me for being dumb not understanding what this supposedly happiness thingy Adolf created that turned into the source of a king’s loneliness. Then there’s the case of the Colourless King holing up in the blimp in Adolf’s body. Why was he flying in the sky ever since Totsuka’s murder? I know he is able to jump bodies and being trapped on the blimp where Adolf lives alone, he won’t be able to possess others. But he can always land the blimp, right? I thought he wanted to devour all the 7 kings? The faster the better, no? Maybe he was waiting for the right moment. The moment whereby Munakata and Mikoto clash. Thinking back, his plan of killing Totsuka just to rile up Mikoto to get to him seems more troublesome and I personal think it would be better if he just discreetly picks off the kings one by one. I can’t help think some of these questions and hopefully the sequel would answer some of them and not add anymore to my already confused brain. Maybe some of that are explained in the prequel story and in addition to that, there are 2 light novels that tell about the blue and red side of the story. Do I really have to read them to understand? Maybe I’ll just wait for the sequel.

The action and fight sequence just feels rather okay. It doesn’t have anything that special. They aren’t the most exciting battles ever either. But they are just enough to keep you entertained at least for that duration of the show. As said, Munakata and Mikoto’s showdown wasn’t as epic as I hoped to be and it looked pretty bland with their auras just emitting like crazy just to give us a perception of how powerful and crazy their powers as kings are. The characters who fight don’t really have much of a variety of moves so in a way sometimes it is uninteresting. Some powers aren’t explained like Kurou’s hand grab power or whatever that projection was. Or why Fushimi is able to wield both blue and red colours. So technically speaking if you go around joining other clans, perhaps you can use all the other colours too? Or maybe he was just someone special.

One of the most eye catching visuals you are going to definitely notice in this series is the colour hue. Unless you are colour blind of course. At first, the unbalanced colouring of the scenes and backgrounds will make you think that somebody slept on the job and didn’t do a good job in putting enough or the right colours into them. For a big part of the series, you’ll notice the very obvious discrepancy in the colouring which is either going to be greenish-yellowish or bluish-purple. Like as though the series did not buy enough red colour to fill in the scenes. Like as though somebody screwed up and forgot to add in red in certain scenes. And even if that scene had red in them, it probably would have been overdone. Like putting too much in them. But it is not so bad that you can’t tell what is blue or red or green or yellow. I know colours play some vital role in this series’ theme so I guess the producers would even go this far to play around with the visuals’ colour. In a way, it makes it unique despite how odd I felt at first. As for the characters, you could say the design is your typical bishie art. Hot handsome guys and pretty girls running around. Something about the character design of Kusanagi bugs me. Glimpsing at his overall character, I thought he is a very much toned down version of Durarara’s Shizuo! Both are bartenders, smoke, blondes and wear a pair of shades. Kusanagi is just not that violent and short fused to go uprooting vending machines to throw at people.

In the voice acting department, I might not hear much of Mikako Komatsu but hearing her as Neko instantly reminded me of how much she sounded like Marika from Mouretsu Pirates. Maybe it’s the way she says it. Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch in Code Geass) as Yata is filled with angst that you might think shouting and yelling is his normal way of talking. Mamoru Miyano (Shinku in Dog Days) may possess a boyish voice but as Fushimi who is a crazy character, he sounds equally crazy especially when he takes out his grudge against Yata. Kenjiro Tsuda’s low and cool voice makes him suitable as Mikoto. It sounds like as if Mikoto is a sleepy person or someone woken up from slumber. Because of that, his speeches sound lazy, like mumbling his words that he is not really interested. He was the voice of Inui in Prince Of Tennis. Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki in Gintama) is rather calm in his role as Munakata, not displaying too much emotion as the captain of Scepter 4. Other casts include Daisuke Namikawa as Shiro (Waver in Fate/Zero), Daisuke Ono as Kurou (Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji), Miyuki Sawashiro as Awashima (Shinkurou in Kurenai), Takahiro Sakurai as Kusanagi (Suzaku in Code Geass), Yui Horie as Anna (Eri in School Days), Tetsuya Kakihara as Colourless King (Kouichi in Linebarrels Of Iron), Satomi Satou as Kukuri (Wendy in Fairy Tail) and Yuuki Kaji as Totsuka (Akina in Yozakura Quartet).

The opening theme by Angela, Kings tries to give off that epic feel of this series but I somehow wasn’t appealed to this anime rock. Neko’s seiyuu sings the main ending theme, Tsumetai Heya, Hitori. Feels kinda cold… Feels kinda sad… Feels kinda lonely… I don’t suppose naked Neko in the closing credits animation would offset that. There are some special endings like the one in the sixth episode by Totsuka’s seiyuu. The guitar driven ballad Circle of Friends typically feels like a song for, urm, friendship. The upbeat rock beat of To Be With U by Angela is the special ending theme for the final episode. Despite the unappealing opening and ending themes, it is the background music that I find very attractive and what I would say music to my ears. For most of them, they sound like those easy casual lounge music. You know those calm and soothing pieces you hear at hotel lounges. Well, at least that is what I felt. Some of them are really nice. In addition to that, they also have this jazzy and hip hop feel blended into the song. This series isn’t short of music because I believe at the next episode preview, it also previews the character image song for many of the main and supporting characters. So you will sample a different character song for every next episode preview. But somehow I don’t really fancy them. Maybe it is just me who somehow prefers my music for this series to be without words and singing and just stay instrumental.

I suppose the producers have a thing about the alphabet K. You have the episode titles named after the 11th letter of the alphabet. Even the song titles of background music in the soundtrack album all begin with that very alphabet. If it doesn’t start with the letter K, then somewhere within that word has that very letter itself. Highlighted and in capital. You can’t live without that letter. Maybe it just looks kool? Maybe there is some hidden meaning to it. It’s not like this series brings any resemblance to Sesame Street and I doubt it is targeted for young audience. Enough of the alphabet K already. One more word of it and I’m going krazy and kuckoo. Oh, I realize I even have that letter in my full name. Looks like I can never escape from it. Till the next time, this show was brought to you today by the letter K… Show some respect for the letter!

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