Kagaku Na Yatsura

June 7, 2013

Oh God… I think I have sinned… I swear… It caught me off guard… Really… I didn’t know… I really didn’t know it was a very close borderline to hentai… I know it’s my fault for not reading and even if I did read, my skimming was so fast that when I saw the words “science trouble romantic comedy” in the synopsis, I thought Kagaku Na Yatsura is just going to be a harmless ecchi comedy. Yeah… Define harmless… This is more than ecchi! Like I said, it borderlines very close to hentai and at any second it could just crossover to that category. Only difference why it didn’t was because nobody ended up having sex and the bottom part of the female’s anatomy is not shown (that includes the mosaic part even in hentai categories). Another reason why it never crossed my mind it is closely hentai is because if a series like this gets released and announced via normal channels, it can’t be that bad, right? After all, those usually looking hentai shows would have gone underground.

This is what you are going to see and expect for 3/4 of this show. There are a couple of girls in this show that have boobs so big that they may have jumped straight out from a hentai series. So big that it makes Seikon No Qwaser and Manyuu Hikenchou look like babies. So big and bouncy that you think it is filled with bags of water in it. So big that it looks… Ugly. To me. What is the use of having such large boobs if you’re not going to mess with them, right? So this is what this show is about. You see these girls with big boobs getting molested or masturbated. Yes. You read that right. Don’t worry. For those of you who like flat chests, there is a character that is as flat as a washboard. Either way, they’re going to get done in too. So you have been warned. Unless you find such unholy acts stimulating, you better quickly turn your attention elsewhere and walk away while you still can. I’m already a goner.

Boobs, Boobs and FaceBoobs…
The episode opens with clueless guy, Haruki Komaba not realizing he has been brought around the city by Airi Kuze. He didn’t realize it was a date till she pointed it out. So they meet Haruki’s love rival along the way, the oversized breasted Ayana Hizuki. This airhead gives us our first stimulation by being molested by her older sister, Touko who is in invisible mode. Ayana’s sensitivity means she cum easily… You get the idea. Airi notes that the Kuze and Hizuki families are rivals in trying to master the abnormal science. How does Haruki fit into all this? Since he is their childhood friend and knows their work very well, the club he chooses to join will prove which of them is superior. And of course will earn the right to marry him. I guess he didn’t hear the last part before. However, because Airi formed the Mechanical Science Club while Ayana the Chemical Science Club, Haruki got confused and eventually joined them both. Maybe that’s why things are getting worse. So this is the only plot you’ll ever need to know for this anime. Or you don’t even need to know it because the masturbating starts NOW!

Airi knows Ayana is her rival but what does Touko have to do with this? She knows Ayana is not assertive and that’s why she is needed. She tries to convince Haruki to join them by rubbing her equally big boobs over Ayana’s to stimulate her. Join and he can enjoy this double service every day! You think he can resist the temptation? Airi takes Haruki away for their date. Touko knows she can’t leave them alone and hatches a plan. She knocks out Airi and kidnaps Haruki. Away at a secluded spot, she lets him molest her breast. Does he like it? Well, he prefers if the 3 of them have fun together. Greedy. But at least he’s honest. Since Touko is an abnormal scientist, she is going to solve this the way she knows best: Drugs. Oh sh*t! The kind that makes you obey her every command! Double sh*t! Airi intercepts and they both fight. But when Airi lets her guard down, Touko sticks her syringes into her. On her command, she wants Airi to embarrass herself in front of them. Airi’s multiple mechanical hands start tearing her own clothes and masturbate herself. Ayana comes into the picture and this distracts Touko. Airi uses this chance to steal her drugs and give them feel her wrath. The sisters get stuck in some sticky glue as Airi uses her mechanical hands to molest and masturbate them. She ups the vibration mode and turns them into sleazy yuri hentai sisters. I’m not sure if Touko is enjoying this but she kisses Ayana who is already cumming for God’s sake, how many times already? At the end of the day, Touko calls it a draw and leaves with Ayana (who is still cumming I guess). Airi cancels her so called date with Haruki since the mood is ruined and the schedule all messed up. Was there ever a mood to begin with?

In school, the gang heard they have a new school nurse. Guess who? Damn right. Touko. Oh no. Her true intention is to lure Haruki into Ayana’s club. As Ayana points out being a school nurse is important to hear out students’ problems (relating some stress she got when she turned into part animal), Touko decides to do so by using drugs! WTF?! She opens a clinic for counselling personal problems. Guess what? She’s got lots of students rushing in to solve their problems! I guess teenagers have got lots of problems of their own. Success. So good that Haruki even thinks of getting one. More surprisingly, Airi wants one. So what is her problem? She wants something to make her boobs big. Haruki tells her that a girl’s worth is not measured by the size of her boobs. She is not convinced because he always kept staring at the sisters’ humungous melons and zaps him. He comes clean he is a boobs man. The bigger the better. Touko knows she has drugs to enhance her boobs and gives them to Airi. However she didn’t feel them grow big. Oops. Wrong drugs. It makes her boobs more sensitive. Why waste the chance? As Airi is ‘paralyzed’, Touko takes the opportunity to molest those little pair of molehills till she cums. When it’s over, Airi gets back by making Touko drink her own drug. Touko turns invisible and tries to escape so Airi searches for her and accidentally makes Ayana drink them instead. Oh dear. Her breasts are already so sensitive, could you imagine the hell when she’s drinking this? Even the shirt she is wearing is turning her on! So take it off! Not working because it feels like the air is licking her breasts! How sensitive can her boobs be???!!! Touko has no antidote and since the drug is mixed with the breast milk, the only way is to milk it out dry. But Ayana remembers she created an antidote but it’s back in her club room.

So the gang take her there and they are confronted with Ayana’s pets who are concerned of their master. She tells them to let them pass to take some medicine or else they’ll have to squeeze her breasts a lot to make her squirt it out. Oh God. I think she just worded it wrongly even though I know what she is trying to say. The pets start thinking. This or that. Since they hate medicine, I guess they’ll have to squeeze it all out. Damn. I saw this coming. Why the heck do they all have tentacles???!!! And so you can’t leave out the very much tentacle rape scene if you’re in this kind of genre, can’t you? And so, another round of masturbating and cumming as those tentacles molest and squeeze out… Use your imagination… But don’t use your hand!!! Yet!!! The pets detect Touko isn’t well too and proceed to give her their own molesting medicine. What about Airi? To prevent the same fate, she clings on to Haruki and claims he will suck out her breast milk! How the heck did he get involved? I guess he can’t let this opportunity slip too because he is sucking on her small tits and finds it very nice! I think Touko climaxed 3 times… After all that stimulation (I think they must have squirted out lots of breast milk to feed the entire school), Touko promises to make a better drug but Airi will not rely on her. She will use her own sexy charms to seduce Haruki. Ayana wishes her good luck but Touko but even Airi feels that she needs to be aggressive too. Where’s the fun if you don’t have an equally aggressive rival?

The Science Of Porn!
Oh God. I think I almost died… I think it’s a miracle I somehow made it through without ‘drying up’ myself. If you’re thinking I enjoyed all that, then the answer is a big NO! At first it may seem funny how the girls get into such ambiguous situation. But when the stimulation starts to drag and the excessive moaning making it unbearable, it really started to get to me. I admit I did have a few laughs but after a while, it doesn’t seem funny anymore. I know I could just cancel my viewing and watch something else but I thought I should hold out a little more. After all, there is only one perverted OVA episode lasting less than 30 minutes. How bad could that get? Very bad. If you’re a person who isn’t into hentai, it could seem almost like an eternity. So unless you are a true pervert and a great fan of hentai and love seeing the faces of girls in orgasm, I think this series just serves as an appetizer and there are other ‘worst’ stuffs in the hentai genre out there. I wouldn’t want to know. Only true perverts may understand how to appreciate this kind of art.

So do you care about the plot? It may seem interesting on the outside as stated in the synopsis on how Haruki gets into ecchi trouble when the girls extremely use their abnormal science to seduce him, but you don’t really see that here, do you? Do you care about the characters? Are you ever concern of how Airi ended up being part robot or why Ayana is part dog? Unfortunately this OVA introduces nothing except maybe to awaken our horniness. I’m not really into this genre as said so I can’t say if the quality of the borderline hentai is what is going to be set as the bar for future ecchi series. By the way, isn’t it the same scene all over and over again? Girls getting molested around their different body parts, lactating, moaning, big breasts, small breasts, sexy positions… Don’t you get tired of that? The same kind of thing shown in just a slightly different variation but with the main ecchi theme being played out? I guess that’s why porn never dies out. You can watch the same thing a hundred times and never get tired. So are you very stimulated after watching this? No? You must be gay. What does that make me then? Let’s say I prefer my woman not having oversized boobs that may seem like they’re going to explode any time or so flat that you can’t tell if it’s her front or back. Call me a hypocrite or a pervert. Everyone has their own perverted tastes.

Now that porn isn’t just a form of art, this anime proves that even with science, you can still have porn! How is that? Porn transcends both the art and science category. Don’t they both complement each other in that sense then? Even if the ladies here don’t master the abnormal science like they’re supposed to, I think they’ll become great porn stars! They’re such naturals, don’t you think? They are easily stimulated, viewers are easily stimulated, they get satisfied, viewers are also satisfied, happy ending. What more can we ask for? I guess it is only human nature to talk about sex and get horny. Whether it is science or art, we humans still have our basic instincts to get by. But remember, even if it is porn, don’t do drugs. And oh yeah. It’s not the size that matters. It’s the performance ;).

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