Kaibutsu Oujo OVA

February 24, 2012

Fuga. I mean, finally. I actually waited for over a year just to watch 3 episodes of Kaibutsu Oujo OVA instead of watching it right after it released so that the events could stay fresh in my mind when I blog on this. Sheesh. The OVAs are not to be confused with the extra episode that was released on the DVD of the TV series way back in 2007. I wouldn’t go so far as to say this new OVA is a total remake or a retelling but I guess with the fans’ dissatisfaction of the TV series, I guess something has to be done, right?

Apparently the OVAs stay more faithful to the original manga and work. That’s because the first thing fans knew the TV series was going to be deviating from the manga was the way the aristocratic Gothic-wearing Hime revived her Blood Warrior, Hiro using some flame instead of her blood. I didn’t read the manga and I only found that out when the TV series ended. But if you intend to watch the OVAs, be warned that you need to know about the storyline and characters beforehand. Certainly 3 episodes aren’t enough to do lots of backstory telling, right? Plus, the episodes are released along with the newly released manga volume then. Randomly watching this without prior knowledge will only end up having lots of questions instead of answers. Like yours truly. But that is only to research about certain new characters and their roles.

Otherwise everything much else about the series is pretty same. Hime and her siblings are supposed to be in some war to kill each other off in order to claim the throne as the ruler of the monster world. However Hime isn’t really interested in that and prefers enjoying her tea. But just to be safe, she and her ragtag team that consists of a petite loyal gynoid, a half-werewolf, a banished vampire and a high school student human as her latest addition, she has to fend off attacks from her rivals who want her dead. Ah, being a princess is never an easy job. And yes, who wouldn’t love Hime’s trademark chainsaw weapon choice? Cut ’em down baby! Fuga!

Episode 1 – Princess Darkness
This episode feels like an abridged retelling. Hime coolly walks into the hospital’s morgue, drops her blood on dead Hiro’s face and whoosh! White smoke for effect? By the time Hiro wakes up, he is alone and in a daze as he trudges out of the hospital confused. Meanwhile Hime and Flandre are faced with Lobo Wildman and his pack of nasty wolves in front of her mansion. The wolves attack but Hime and Flandre defend themselves. See how Flandre swing a giant tree as weapon! Hiro could sense that his master is in danger and rushes over (they’re literally connected by blood, right?). Lobo lunges at Hime but Hiro uses his body to protect her. Great, now he can experience death again. With the distraction, Hime manages to stick her sword into Lobo’s head, killing him outright. Hime then revives Hiro with her blood, introduces herself and one who controls all monsters and those that cannot be seen. So can Hiro be considered an undead seeing he got resurrected twice in the short span of the night? Well, at least he doesn’t look like an ugly mindless zombie.

As Riza walks her way to the mansion, she smells something odd and follows it. Before she knows it, a hand grabs her by the ankle and drags her deep into the woods. Realizing the hordes of dark army, she prepares to fight. Elsewhere, Flandre has awakened from her recharging slumber to go tell Hime “Fuga~”. What? Yeah, that single word means there are many intruders in the mansion. Hime wants Sawawa (Hiro’s over-busty and airhead elder sister) to retire to her room and not come out. I guess it’s a sign things are going to get bloody. Hime goes to look for Hiro but a hand pulls her into the dark room. When she flips the light switch on, the perpetrator vanishes. She sees a huge pool of blood on the floor. Riza comes in all messed up but alright. Hime feels they need to ask Reiri about something and upon realizing the intruders are that kind of vampires, she wants all the electric lights in the outskirts of the mansion to be lit up. Riza finds Hiro in his own pool of blood outside the garden. Good thing he isn’t dead yet. He claims he was attacked while on his way home for dinner. Meanwhile, Hime and Flandre have cornered a perpetrator. Hime suddenly turning on the spotlight in the total darkness while Flandre nails the ugly vampire with her tree log. Reiri explains they are called True Dark Walkers (TDW). Although they are vampires and consume blood, they cannot enslave others and are the weakest kind of vampires around. How weak? Not only they can’t stand sunlight but electric lights and light bulbs as well. Suddenly the place goes dark again. Hime gets a little scratch from a surprise attack of a TDW but is able to cut it with her chainsaw before Reiri turns on the lights. Hime also realize this TDW has taken the other earlier corpse.

As the gang gather to discuss about their circumstances, Hime has an idea what they are after. Showing them the place where she got attacked, Hime’s blood on the wall. However her blood seems to be smeared. She thinks though it may be vampire instinct that it tried to lick it, she feels they are after her special blood. And outside the mansion, countless hordes of TDW and their boss are just waiting to get in. Then all the lights start to go out. Hime and co make a run. Be careful not to let the darkness engulf you because that’s where all the TDW loom. Their hands sticking out from the darkness is a reminisce of some horror show. Riza and Reiri stay back to fight but eventually couldn’t stall much longer and rejoins the rest in a room. They can’t stay in this little spot with spotlights for the rest of the night because a riot squad may just barge their way in. But one of the TDW steps into the light and is unaffected. This is the one that licked Hime’s blood off the wall. TDW Boss confirms that if they take the royalty’s blood, they too will be able to walk under the sunlight. He discloses that there was one case whereby a royal princess was kidnapped and her blood sucked. He too became close to a perfect being. In short, TDW Boss wants to imprison Hime like what happened to her elder sister, Sylvia.

The TDW charges at Hime but she is confident and not budging, even telling Hiro to stay put. The vampire suddenly stops in his attacks. Hime tells off TDW Boss that he didn’t do his homework on Kinesky’s case. When he became a Blood Warrior, he wasn’t able to physically attack Sylvia. She cuts off the TDW’s hand with her chainsaw and dares them to kidnap her for her blood. Morning comes. The entire room is wrecked, cracks on the floor, fissure on the wall. Again, Hime needs to feed Hiro to keep him alive. Ironically she feels her wound is recovering much better when she is giving her blood. Riza wonders if they’ll come again tonight but Reiri dismisses it because among those TDW, only the leader can see how difficult it is to obtain what they seek. She can’t believe he tried to manipulate Hime this way. Looks like TDW Boss and his army left because he knows too well he’ll never be able to best Hime and her team.

Episode 2 – Princess Express
Hiro’s friend, Buchi seems to have dragged him to do some scoop at a railway station. However they got tempted by a little hooded ghost to board an express train that connects the human world and demon kingdom. In short, a phantom train to the netherworld. So looks like Hime and her team have to go save Hiro. Inside the carriage, the boys see ghost passengers and also a little girl. The hooded ghost is the train master and is thrilled that Emile decided to use his services while Emile’s Blood Warriors, Sledge and Keziah watch on. Seems they are transporting a huge goods: Flanders G (yes, that giant gynoid robot of Emile’s). However hot on their trail is Gilliam, another sibling of Hime and Emile. He is firing a photon cannon in an attempt to destroy Flanders. Hime and co wait at the next train station but the trains zoom pass them. Hime and Reiri jump on board while Riza and Flandre are left behind. They catch up with Flandre driving a truck. I wonder how the shorty’s feet can reach the peddle. Gilliam sees Lilian (Hime’s real name which she despises) and thinks she is in cohorts with Emile but she denies. With Keziah coming into the picture, Gilliam explains Dr Franken has changed everything as he is siding with Emile and turning that thing into an ultimate weapon. Meanwhile Emile talks to Hiro and the girl (she is actually the mermaid whom he made his Blood Warrior back in the TV series). He explains Buchi isn’t dead yet but humans’ life are weak here and will be alright if he gets off. But the train won’t be stopping anytime soon. He also tells Hiro to take care of the girl (let’s call her Ningyou for easier reference) and mentions he can sometimes see things in fragments. He goes off and wants Sledge not to let anyone pass this point.

Gilliam wants Hime to make clear her stand since she’s somewhat ‘interrupting’. Flanders awakens and seemingly is going to attack. Gilliam is confident that robots do not attack royalty but as Reiri says, if the doctor has sided Emile, he may have removed its limiter. The cannon is recharged as Gilliam orders another shot. Flanders uses its hand to deflect the beam (costing it that hand too) and fires back via its eyes. However it’s just a recoil. Gilliam is still around and his cannon is already recharged. Taking another shot, this time Flandre drives her truck in its path!!! Thus another deflection. Gilliam’s gynoid, Fratelus is trying to hold down Flanders while Keziah tries to remove that heavy gynoid but he’s not budging. Then Reiri detaches the coach Flanders is on and switches the rail line to separate it and Gilliam from the main train. Riza and Reiri meet up with Hime as they start their search for Hiro. Gilliam fires his cannon once more but Flanders fires back. Both beams meet and cause both sides to be on fire. Gilliam flees on his motorbike thinking this sacrifice is needed. He catches up to the main train and jumps on board. Then he unleashes a Blood Warrior into the carriage. Doesn’t this monster bug look like the one in Starship Troopers?

Hime meets Hiro but feels the need to talk to Emile. She is stopped by Sledge. She confirms with Hiro that he did greet Emile before he said something about seeing things and went to hide. She takes out of chainsaw and is going to prepare to fight. While Riza and Keziah take on the monster bug, Hime and Hiro face off with Gilliam on the roof of the train. Gilliam is convinced Hime and Emile are in league against him. He charges but Reiri interferes. Because she can transform her body into bats, Gilliam’s sword can reach her. He uses a white ash stake to shoo her away. Gilliam’s sword, Sword Being is also his Blood Warrior. Hime is preoccupied with it and got slightly injured. As Gilliam is about to thrust Sword Being into her, Hiro uses his body as shield. Again? Is that all he is good for? Riza and Keziah get pounded by the bug and though they manage to beat it, the bug resurrects. However it soon turns and walks away. That’s because that photon cannon train is heading towards them. How? Fratelus is carrying it with his hands and intends to throw it at the main train. Gilliam retreats thinking this is turning out better than planned.

When Fratelus throws the cannon, Emile is on top of the coach. He uses the power of telekinesis via his eyes (I think Ningyou also did the same) to stop the train and throw it towards Gilliam. Emile collapses as Sledge brings him in. Hime wonders why Emile would push himself so far. Inside the train coach, Hime reveals Emile can sometimes see fragments of the future since young. This was a reason Hime was saved from a car accident though this incident bore severe injuries on him that left him on the verge of death for several days. So Emile did it to protect normal humans. Riza is puzzled Emile’s action for protecting humans he hardly knows but is sure that Hime never runs and fights is because she stands on the side of justice. Hime didn’t answer. Flandre is looking through the train wreckage and sees Fratelus lying on the ground. He is still moving so this means his master is alive, right?

Episode 3 – Princess Island
I’m not sure if Buchi is part of Sherwood‘s team. I know that little lady has got gynoid Francesca and panda Ryu Ryu and if I remember she has a thing for Hiro. So is Buchi just tagging along to film some mystery? Anyway they land on the mysterious Birdcage Island with rumours that people go mentally unstable after a few days. Following which, they are trapped forever. Sounds scary, right? But there is nothing more they can do as the ground starts trembling and everything seen from Buchi’s video camera goes offline. Yeah, Buchi thought he saw something but he’s such a bad and amateur video cameraman that we don’t see anything.

Shortly, Hime and her team arrive at the island since Sherwood invited them. They are greeted by a little hooded ghost proclaiming himself as the hotel manager. Say, doesn’t he look familiar? Could he be that… Along the way, they discuss Birdcage Island’s nickname as Phantom Island because it isn’t on any map. Plus, no one knows when and where it will show up. Sherwood used her calculations and historical data to predict its appearance thus the reason they are able to see it now. Arriving inside the hotel (looks more like a castle), the see Gilliam and Fratelus. However they have no intention of fighting them because Sherwood also invited them. Same case with Sylvia and her team, gynoid Francette and Micasa. Sylvia mentions something about Hime finally being dragged in. Meanwhile a spider goddess, Nakua who was a stowaway on Hime’s boat gets out and sends her spider underlings to do some recon. Night falls as Reiri wakes up from her coffin and meets Nakua. She isn’t happy that Hime dragged her to an island while she was asleep. She can’t go back since she can’t cross large bodies of water. Most of everyone else is enjoying their dip at the hotspring. I’m sure the first thing you will ask when you see Sylvia is, is her boobs the biggest or Sawawa’s. Look at the monstrosity! They note that they have not met Sherwood and oddly no one has seen her yet. Gilliam and Fratelus are walking around when the former gets alerted upon seeing something.

Hime and her team go in search of Sherwood but sees Nakua (they seem to know her as she resides in the Sasanaki Temple). Nakua shows them Buchi’s camera and its footage of panic. Nakua’s spider subordinates found it deep in the jungles but before they can suggest to go search, the hooded ghost informs them that Gilliam has been killed! No, you’re not hearing things. Gilliam is indeed dead as they inspect his lifeless body at the fountain. Well, if he’s so, then his robot butler should self-destruct too, right? Speaking of which, an explosion occurs nearby and it is Fratelus on fire! I guess this proves Gilliam is indeed dead. Nearby are Sylvia and her team. The rest thought she is the culprit but she denies. She plans on going home because it is getting dangerous seeing the perpetrator is after the throne. She pinpoints Sherwood as Hime and Emile aren’t the type who would do this. Keziah notices he hasn’t seen Sledge so Riza suggests a roll call. Now Sawawa is missing too. She’s not in her room. Hime touches her bed and finds it warm. Riza and Hiro are going to look for her but Nakua tells them that she is right there. However they still want to go search for Sawawa. Soon another explosion rocks the boats at the pier. All the ships are on fire and Hime sees Emile watching. Could he be the one? Well, he says she can think what she wants. Emile walks away and Hime sees Sylvia’s lifeless body on the shore. Hiro limps over to Hime and says that Riza has been killed. She revives and asks who killed him. Unconsciously Hiro said “Gilliam”. Knowing what is happening, she decides to go find Sawawa.

Back in the room, they see Sawawa sleeping soundly. She was here all along. Hime explains they have been deceived. Or rather they have made false assumptions. All the assumptions they made in their heads became real. Take in the case when they were told Sherwood was missing, she disappeared. When they were told Gilliam was killed, he was dead. When the mentioned about Fratelus’ explosion, he soon burst into flames. Thus they were too preoccupied with their own assumptions that they ended up making different stories in their heads. So Sawawa was never missing in the first place and Gilliam wasn’t dead to begin with. Once they try to challenge a defined thought that they formed themselves in their heads, they end up not seeing or hearing anything related to it. If a person is continually provided with false information and other people perceive the same information differently, then such a situation will arise. The assumptions made were clearly to restrict their capacity to reason. At that time those imaginary things were close to them, they couldn’t perceive it and slowly they got isolated one by one. They’ll end up as prisoners on this island that eats people. Oh look. There’s a big eye in the mountain. To cut a long story short, everyone on this island is still alive. But they can’t get close to them anymore since they can’t just rewrite their memories according to the situation.

Morning arrives. Everyone seems dead. Yeah, it’s a bloody place. Everyone accept Hime and Nakua (nobody else met her, right?). Hime walks along towards a bridge to meet Sylvia. Hime believed Sylvia was still alive because she knows she was the one who forced the different assumptions on her and would therefore appear before her. They both draw their swords (what? No chainsaw this time?) and clash. Sylvia suggests settling this before Emile destroys the island. How? Using Flanders to pound the eye! I don’t it looked funny. So the ladies injure each other in their duel but Flanders’ pounding was so awesome that the vibration cracked the bridge. Looks like they’ll have to settle this another time. Sylvia falls off the broken piece she is standing on down into the chasm. Soon everyone wakes up from their illusion and Emile tells them they can go home since the problem has been solved. Just like that? So as everyone leaves, the island disappears from sight. Looks like Sawawa was the only one who thought she had fun. If she only knew… Oh heck, she’d never.

Warrior Princess
Well, I don’t know if there are going to be any more episodes. It’s been a mixed baggage for this OVA. It was fun to watch Hime and the gang take on their adversaries but the short number of episodes is unfair and not enough to flesh the characters out. Like I said, you need to have prior knowledge of the series. Perhaps because of that, I was stumped at a few scenes of how it turned out so and so. Like for instance especially in the third instalment, the reason why Sherwood would want to invite her siblings to the island. After 3 episodes, that is as much appearance she’ll get? Don’t see her trying to win Hiro over.

Somehow I do not find Hime as the aggressive and assertive princess she is in the TV series compared to here. She may still be enigmatic, taciturn and putting on deadpan and emotionless expressions but because of this, I couldn’t feel the impact between her relationship and Hiro. It doesn’t leave any impression that Hiro is being overly used as her servant (sorry, that’s how I see him in the TV series). Besides being a shield to take any convenient attacks, I felt he was just like a minor character and doesn’t stand out. The ‘animosity’ between Reiri and Riza is still there though I felt it is somewhat toned down. Maybe it’s because of the lesser number of episodes and Reiri do not mock and taunt her at each time they see each other. Because Sawawa do not make an often appearance, I didn’t feel so much of her airheadness. It’s nice to see some characters that do not appear in the TV series appearing here like Nakua, Gilliam and Sylvia. But the nature of the OVAs does not allow us to explore beyond what is shown. Like Sylvia’s character. She may look alright but does it hide any ulterior intentions? So if you watched the TV series and then the OVAs without reading the manga, you might wonder who the heck this little Nakua is.

Because of that I got a little piqued in interest and did a little research on some of the plots and characters (read: Brief skimming through Wikipedia). For instance how Micasa ended up as Sylvia’s Blood Warrior after Severin’s death (Micasa was Severin’s Blood Warrior in the TV series and this ambitious candidate died in Hime’s hands then), the mermaid’s real name (Madeleine) and how she subsequently became Sylvia’s Blood Warrior, how almost everyone died (Emile succumbed to some illness and some others in some explosion) and Hime was thrown into the future whereby Sherwood and Sylvia are the only remaining candidates left for the throne. Then there are many other characters too and the eldest sibling of them all, Duken who was part in the last war for the throne and the only survivor but wasn’t crowned. Wow. Looks interesting. Maybe they should make a continuation or more OVAs after all.

One of the major differences between this OVA and the original TV series is obviously the art and drawing. In my opinion, I still prefer the original TV version because everyone looks better (Hime was looking hot!). Though this OVAs’ art and drawing look more simplistic but this is how the original manga work looks like. In a way, I thought everyone just looked cutely odd. Another difference is the blood and gore. We see lots of them splatter here and there. The TV series was very much toned down as compared to the manga. I guess when you’re faced with zombies and other unearthly creatures, talking your way out is never the answer, right? And if you want to kill, might as well go all the way. No love lost. The action doesn’t disappoint though I won’t say that there is anything extraordinary. Of course it’s fun to see Hime wielding her chainsaw as always. I noticed that in each episode whenever Hime fights, she tends to get slightly injured on her shoulder. Is this her favourite spot in getting hit? And when Riza gets into a fight, she always ends up messy and bloodied. Maybe that’s how werewolves fight. Like a brawl.

Speaking of fanservice, there is a tiny bit here. I would never have thought of seeing any form of fanservice on Hime herself (there was none in the TV series) due to the nature of this princess but at certain scenes you do get a short panty shot glimpse. It’s a blink-or-you’ll-miss case so if you’re not paying attention, you’re not going to catch something that Hime and Reiri would never have revealed themselves. Ooo… Replaying that scene again… I would also consider there are some fanservice for Riza because the way she hangs her pants so low, it’s like you can almost see her butt! You can actually see her butt line. So much so, it’s dangerous enough that it might threaten to drop down anytime. No need to say anything more about Sylvia. Her monstrous boobs say it all.

I guess with a lot of things in the OVAs different, the seiyuus for the characters are completely different. In a way, it felt odd because I was so used (at least the way I remembered them) to how they were sound. Yeah something like Hime said, it’s hard to rewrite one’s memories. Instead of Ayako Kawasumi as Hime in the TV series, we have Saori Hayami (Musubi in Sekirei). Maybe that’s why Hime doesn’t sound assertive. Instead of a female voicing Hiro in the TV series (Fuyuka Oura, that is), we have a guy taking over, Miyu Irino (Syaoran in Tsubasa Chronicle). It made Hiro sound a little mature. Besides, Hiro wasn’t really panicky in this OVAs compared to the TV series. Mamiko Noto’s role as Reiri in the original is being replaced by Aki Toyosaki! I’m surprised! I couldn’t really recognize her because she wasn’t an airhead like she did in Yui from K-ON! Then we have Eri Kitamura as Riza (Ami in Toradora), Akira Ishida as Emile (Gaara in Naruto) and Ai Kayano as Sawawa (Menma in Ano Hana). For all the “Fuga~” gynoids, they are voiced by Yuka Iguchi of To Aru Majutsu No Index fame (yes, that annoying Index sister). I guess you can’t tell the different “Fuga~” because they don’t say it as often as they do. I still find it hilarious that a single “Fuga~” can mean so much and everyone can understand what they say. Speaking of which, though there is no opening theme, the ending theme is a slow instrumental rock piece and in certain lines you can hear “Fuga~” throughout the song. Uh huh. Word of the series, I guess. The background music plays to the tune of hard rock and definitely suit the action scenes but they may get too loud especially the bass. Or maybe it’s my hardware.

Going through this much hassle even for an underground being? And you thought humans have it worse or complicated. Perhaps there are dealings in which we mere humans don’t understand. Either way if they intend to make a TV sequel, a remake or a continuation with more OVAs, I’ll still be rooting for Hime and her team facing whatever monster troopers they will come across. I think this entire series pays homage to many of the horror characters, at least from the Western movies. And with such diversity among creatures, only one shall rule over them. Fuga…

Kaibutsu Oujo OVA

April 24, 2009

Before I really forget that there is such an episode, I think it’s best for me to blog down the additional episode of Kaibutsu Oujo. Yes. To my utter most surprise, there is an OVA episode for this series. Some may call it the 26th episode and some may refer to it simply as Kaibutsu Oujo OVA. Either way, this is a never-seen-before episode that is not shown on TV. I suppose it’s a trend these days to have an OVA so that the series won’t ‘die’ quickly and keep hardcore and even decent fans to satisfy their obsession or curiosity.
The episode opens with that busty blur airhead maid Sawawa enjoying her usual rounds of parfait at Master’s cafe. Should she spending more time in here rather than in Hime’s mansion? Anyway she’s really loving the parfait and says it was a good thing she moved here. This prompts Master to ask her how did she left and why she came here. Sawawa replies that it’s due to Hiro. Ever since their parent’s demise, they’ve been travelling so as not to burden their relatives and something to do with their stepmom. Master things they had it tough until Sawawa mentions how kind their stepmom was. Uh huh. And I really thought that they were being abused or what… Sawawa continues that a lot of things happened and then they finally arrived at Hime’s mansion and lived happily there. Yeah, she thinks how happy everything is and all this is like a dream. Maybe if she could just open her eyes a little more…
Back in Hime’s mansion, Hime is having her usual tea with Riza and Reiri while Flandre and Hiro serve them. Hime notices how tired Hiro is and thinks his flame is burning out and decides to recharge him later. Suddenly the whole mansion experiences a blackout and the gang wonders where Flandre has gone to. Hiro goes in search for her throughout the mansion but she is nowhere to be found. She’s not even in her own room recharging. Where could she be? Even so, what is the cause of this blackout since Flandre isn’t using up immense electricity to recharge? Just then, something creepy crawls by and OMG! It’s that ‘Thing’ from that inn! Remember that hideous looking multi-eyed spider (or does it look like a potato)? That ‘Thing’ suddenly grabs onto Hiro’s face like how you see those face hugging creatures in Aliens movie.
As Riza wonders how long Hiro is taking to look for Flandre, Reiri decides to have her nocturnal adventure by flying out of the mansion. Hey, she’s a vampire, remember? Of course the usual spat between Reiri and Riza as werewolves and vampires don’t get along well. After the short bickering, Reiri senses something amiss. That’s when Hiro frantically comes in, a little bruised, and manages to shut the door behind him as the ‘Thing’ tries to break it down. Then Riza too sense something amiss. She can’t transform her paws like she usually does when she’s engaged in battle. Reiri too says that she realized that she can’t fly either. As the ‘Thing’ backs off, Hiro collapses. Hime then asks him why aren’t his wounds healing itself.
Back at Master’s cafe, Sawawa continues to explain the ‘liveliness’ of the mansion and suggests for Master to come by and play with them. Surely that guy wouldn’t pass a chance like this, right? Yeah, he wants to see her room and wonders if Hiro would call him big brother. Hint hint. Since Sawawa is a dense girl, she says he’ll definitely call him so if Master asks him to because he’s a good boy. Just give it up Master…
Hime and the rest are walking through the dark corridors of the mansion and are trying to understand what is happening when Hiro spots Hiroko running into the room. Yup, it’s that cat girl alright. Hiro chases after her. Just then Master gives Sawawa a new parfait combo of his. If you ask me, it looks unappetizing and disgusting. How can she say that it’s delicious?! Ah, don’t judge a book by its cover. Sawawa then says how she’ll bring her little sister Hiroko here. Master thinks that she too must be cute until Sawawa mentions that her ears and tail are cute too. He must be confused already, huh? As Hiro chases Hiroko into a corner, she disappears and what greets Hiro is a punch from Lobo (Riza’s late older brother). Lobo starts attacking Riza but Hime finishes him off with her axe. It seems Lobo disintegrates upon being hit.
Back in the living room, Hime takes the candle and starts setting the curtains on fire. She tells Riza and Hiro to visualize that the curtains are not burning. After doing so, the curtains are back to normal like as though they have not been set ablaze in the first place. Hime then says that they are in a dream. Back in reality, we see the 4 of them asleep while Flandre watches them on. Fuga fuga.
In the dream, they’re trying to figure out whose dream this is but Reiri points out that they’re all dreaming the same dream and this may be some kind of lucid dream. That is, one is aware that one is inside a dream while dreaming. Suddenly the headless knight horseman appears behind Riza and slashes and kills her before disappearing. Hime slaps Riza back alive and tells her that it’s all in her mind and that the enemy is out to kill her mind. After Riza gets up, Hime is concerned of how to wake up and escape from this dream. Hiro is experiencing some pain on his cheeks because Flandre is slapping his face in reality. Hime suspects that it’s Flandre’s doing because robots like her can’t dream. Yeah, their fate lies in her hands. She then makes a call to Sherwood. Back at Master’s place, Sawawa is asking him what are his dreams. I guess this must be the chance he is waiting for as he tells her how he wants to live with her for the rest of his lives. Unfortunately, all that effort has gone down the drain because Sawawa fell asleep. Do you sometimes feel like strangling this girl?
Hime and the rest are running through the corridors which are seemingly on the verge of collapsing. Hiro and Riza got stuck under a pile. They keep telling themselves that this is only a dream and soon those pile of rubbles disappear. But it’s not over yet as that monster shark (the one from the lost ship) swallows Riza. I guess she got pretty use to keep telling herself that this is just a dream and poof! The shark is gone. Riza and Hiro regroup with Hime and Reiri and Hiro seems to be feeling tired. His flame is going to extinguish soon if they don’t get out of this dream. Since they’re not in their real bodies, Hime is unable to do so.
Flandre lets in Sherwood who has just arrived at the doorstep with Francesca and Ryu Ryu. Sherwood learns that Hiro’s flame is soon to be extinguished when Ryu Ryu falls asleep. Sherwood too feels sleepy herself and thinks something must be causing this. She orders the fuga robots to scan the vicinity. As Hiro grows weary, Hime hears footsteps of someone approaching. OMG! It’s that oversized psychopath dam killer with a paper bag over his head! Not 1, but several of them as they surround them. Hime leaves Hiro in Riza’s care as Reiri follows her to Hime’s room. Upon opening the door, they could only see an endless dark space. The psychopath killer then pushes Reiri down but Hime manages to slash him before she gets the same fate. How pitiful Reiri saying she doesn’t deserve all this. She’s falling endlessly…
Hime goes back alone to Hiro and Riza, who has just dispatched all the psychopath killer clones. Riza tells Hime to do something when Hime raises her axe and is going to kill him! Is she serious?! But she did mention that they’ll wait by the skin of their teeth on whether Sherwood will make it or not. If Sherwood manages to do so in time, then Hime will kill the mind before the body because this dream belongs to Hiro. Since only Hime and Hiro have been to that illusion town, it’s either Hime or Hiro’s dream as they are the only ones who recognize that psychopath killer. To narrow it down further, since Hiro has never been into Hime’s room, he can’t visualize what’s in there, thus only a dark space. So this dream will only end if they kill his mind. As soon as they’re free from the dream, they’ll save him. But if his body dies first, they won’t escape this dream. However that’ll be too risky and the results won’t be guaranteed, that’s why Hime says that they’ll wait till the very end.
Flandre and Francesca have finished scanning the area as Sherwood uses her powers to replenish Hiro’s flames just before falling asleep. Hime was about to strike Hiro when Hiro awakens. Hime then vanished for a short while and soon reappeared without her axe. Furthermore, the reappeared Hime doesn’t know what’s going on. Sherwood and Ryu Ryu are in the dream as she tells them how her sister will end all this. She then announces out loud to the assassin that he has lost because his real body is in danger. The voice of the assassin replies how all that is impossible as they’re trapped in this dream world. In reality, Hime has found the assassin, which looks like a hideous 3-eyed worm and slashes it with her axe.
When everyone is back in the real world, Hime explains how her escape from Hiro’s dream. When Sherwood replenished Hiro’s flame, Hiro visualized a strong image of Hime upon receiving the flame (Hime in a sexy position comes to mind?). With that, Hime was shunned out of his dream and a copy of her was created to replace her in his dream. So in order to bring back Hime’s consciousness, Hiro released her from his dream. Upon waking up, Hime tells the robots to take her to where the assassin is. Finally Hime says that even though Hiro has received Sherwood’s flames, his heart belongs to her which means Hiro completely and only recognizes Hime as his master. I felt that last line was like rubbing it into Sherwood’s face that Hiro will never be hers. Sherwood is clearly upset about this and orders Francesca and Ryu Ryu to teach him a lesson. Poor guy. He still gets punishment whether it’s a dream or reality. Meanwhile Master covers Sawawa with a blanket and wishes her sweet dreams.
Even if this episode was pretty decent to me, it still left me with a few questions. Especially the last part where Hime’s explanation about Hiro’s dream. For instance, why in the world did Hiro created another Hime to replace the one in his dream? I know he needs to be anywhere his master is but in a dream as well? And does it really matter whose flame Hiro receives in order to revive? Perhaps I may have forgotten the whole thing on how this flame replenishing works but how does Hime know Hiro was visualizing her? Even so what Hiro was thinking? It’s like Hime sort of knows everything in the end and has a good idea what is happening. But I guess that’s what makes her mysterious and ‘charming’.
Say, I kinda realized that Sawawa spent the whole episode at Master’s cafe. She really loves that place, doesn’t she? Yeah, sleeping there as well… Perhaps it’s better to let her be. And Master, he can keep dreaming. It’s nice that this OVA episode brought back some nostalgic memories while I was watching the TV series and short cameo appearances of side characters too made me recall them. Well, just like a dream.
Still pretty much of this OVA isn’t really that different from the TV series. I mean, it’s a little predictable in the sense that some assassin still wants to take Hime’s life and sets out several traps but in the end Hime gets the upper hand and triumphs in the end. And poor Hiro still bears the brunt of it all. Can’t complain, since this is the life he is destined to live. Forever. Perhaps one day he would hope and wish that he’d wake up from all this bad dream, huh?
Kaibutsu Oujo

Blood Queen

November 7, 2008

  Yume wo mita no ni naze ka wasurete shimatta n da,
  Tsumetai mama dokiri to takanaru can I do do
Ah… Thank goodness that this song is one of those few anime songs that I can sing with ease. Not to say that I’m perfect, but it’s better than most anime songs that I belt out. I also instantly took a liking for this song, Blood Queen, when I first watched the supernatural comedy series Kaibutsu Oujo.
  Watashi ga yonda toki wa kanarazu ite hoshii yo,
  Tooi you na chikaku de matteru na na na knight
The tune of this song fits the genre of the anime well. With the screeching-like electrical guitars (or was it sirens?) at the start of the song, I can say that this upbeat music piece has also a rock flavour in it. Perfect theme for halloween too, if I should say. Even during the solo part, the electric guitar is quite sharp and high-pitched. But as I said, the tone here is more rock than scary so listeners can enjoy this one too instead of being scared out of their wits.
  Kirei sugita bara ni koso,
  Toge no itami ga aru,
  Tsuyoku natte ima yori,
  Mamorubeki chikai wa kokoro ga shitteru hazu
Sung by Aki Misato, I do think that the pitch of her voice suits this song very well. Which brings me to point in case, no long sustaining high-pitched vocals which seems to be a problem that I’m still facing after all this years of singing anime songs. Because of that, this song became one of current favourites and I sang it several times over and over again. So much so I even thought that I sounded just like the singer herself when I sang the verses (yeah right!).
  Watashi wo shinjite kizutsuketakunai kedo,
  Kodoku wo aishita reizoku reishou no blood queen
Okay, maybe I still have trouble at a particular line of the chorus. The starting lines of the chorus, that is (the tune of the  line which goes ‘yami de’ and ‘omowazu’). I suppose this is the only line in the entire song that goes into a slightly higher pitch tone, though it’s just a short one. Initially, whenever I reached this part, I will go a little off tune. But with the correct breathing measures and mouth and throat position (yeah, I kinda noticed that I need to open my mouth in a certain position if I want to have a higher chance of hitting this part right), I’m able to overcome this problem.
  Anata ga nigetemo kanarazu kaeru hazu yo,
  Eien ni shibarare zetsubou no amai KISU shite
The only grouse I have about this song version is that there are no background vocals. Uh huh. It’s another instrumental version of the song. Although the background vocals are not obvious and are only present during certain lines of the chorus, but you know, I feel that even a little background vocals does help enhance one’s ‘happiness’ while singing the song. But I can’t really complain since it’s better than having no karaoke or instrumental version of it.
  Yami de aimashou anata ga matteru basho de,
  Kiken ni youterru zankoku raisan no dark queen
Lyrics wise, I think the words of the song also fits in nicely with the series’ genre. I’m sure with the title name like Blood Queen, you can pretty mch guess what the song is about. That’s right. No simple I-love-you words here. More like about a particular dark queen with typical dark characteristics and traits. In addition, the song also sings about how the singer herself can’t seem to get away from this dark queen. Perhaps this is a reference to the series’ main protagonist, Hime. Hmm… I find that the words of the last lines ‘kizutsuita yubisaki nameta’ to be a little naughty. It literally means ‘lick my wounded finger’.
  Omowazu te ni tooru GARASU no sword ga warete,
  Kakera ga hikaru no yo kizutsuita yubisaki nameta
I find that the arrangement of the song overall is simple. You know, the usual verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, chorus then end. Though the song doesn’t abruptly end, but just like the tv version of it, just after the last line and words of the chorus, you’ll hear a short single sustaining tune of the electric guitar before everyting goes silent. But it doesn’t end here for me. I hear an encore is in order… Let’s take it from the top once more!
Kaibutsu Oujo

Kaibutsu Oujo

April 5, 2008

This is a perfect show for the halloween season. Well, if halloween does last that long. I’m talking about Kaibutsu Oujo or also known as Monster Princess. Those who have read the manga should know its other name, Princess Resurrection. Wow, that’s a lot of names (not really). Perhaps it goes to show that it’s hard to give a suitable name for this series.
The main reason why I said that this series is suitable for the halloween season is because every darn monster or ghouls from the American horror movies or tv has appeared here. From the traditional vampires to werewolves and to the not so popular fish people and even the unheard of wereshark. So you could say that this series has some supernatural elements in it.
However, having said that, the supernatural elements aren’t really that scary nor would they scare the living daylights out of you. Unless you’re a 1st timer, that is. I wouldn’t say that this series is overwhelmed by comedy but there are enough to make you laugh quite a little than making you hide your head under the blanket covers. Furthermore, there’s some drama, action and adventure in it, so I guess the series is made to appeal to young teenagers as well.
Though the manga is still ongoing, the series has ended already with a total of 25 episodes. So in the 1st episode, we’re introduced to a boy named Hiro Hiyorimi, who is a new transfer student in a new town. The reason he’s here is because his elder sister, Sawawa (funny name), has got herself a job as a maid of some mansion. Hiro is having a hard time finding the place. Now initially I was reluctant to watch this show because of the supernatural theme even though there was some comedy element. What made me decide to watch this is because of the character Hime. Yeah, I know I’m a real sucker for a pretty face. Hime is seen riding on top of piles and piles of luggage, which is being trudged by her little servant called Flandre, to their new abode. I need to mention that this Flandre girl is an amusing character in the sense that this little robot has her mouth agaped at all times and has no other lines except "Fuga~". Uh huh. The whole damn series, she only can say those words. The voice actress must’ve got an easy job, huh? Not only that, everyone in the series seems to understand what she says and a short "Fuga~" could really mean 1 long sentence in human’s tongue or vice versa. Fuga fuga… Since Flandre is a robot, she’s rather heavy but I somehow don’t see the effects of her weight (like stomp marks on the ground) unless the producers decide to make it obvious like being dragged or whatsoever.
Anyway back to Hime. I find her to be like a rose with a million thorns. Yeah no doubt she looks beautiful, but this princess of the royalty may look and sound cold from the exterior. She’s quite stoic, tactful, doesn’t portray much emotions and has her own mysterious way of thinking and doing things. She doesn’t really tell you straight in the face what she intends to do and such and you’ll have to probably guess what she means or wait till the end of an episode to find out her explanations. She did mention that she is a compassionate person, but I guess her way of showing it is much different from the usual lovey-dovey kind. In a way, you could say that one could not help feel a certain respect for her and fear at the same time. Some may call her arrogant and obnoxious, but I think not and such character really does suit her.
Of course the little girl pulling a large transport feat seems to draw the crowd’s attention, including Hiro’s. Unknown to everyone, Hiro notices a steel beam is going to fall on Hime. In his instinct, he pushes her out of the way and takes death in her place. Well, the main protagonist died so soon in the 1st episode. How often does this happen in other animes? Instead of feeling shocked or surprised, Hime scoffs it off as a foolish thing but she did mention that the corpse is indeed good looking. At the hospital, the doctor and nurse puts Hiro’s corpse into the freezer. That night, Hime comes in and is going to show her gratitude by resurrecting him with her half immortality flame. Hiro is awakened the next day and is still confused over what has happened. I suppose the doctor and nurse got the shock of their lives to see a dead corpse walking around.
We see Hime and Flandre in their new mansion (though Hime quips how this place is much smaller than her previous one. Also, I kinda notice that there’re mini grey clouds circling their hilltop mansion) and looks like Sawawa is their maid. First thing you’ll notice about Sawawa is her large bouncy boobs. You’d wish how she has brains of this size. Not that she’s stupid, but rather blur case and an airhead. She’s very oblivious about the things going on around her especially if it involves supernatural stuffs. She also likes to hang out at a desert cafe and eat her usual favourite parfait desert whenever she goes out to do some shopping. Her deserts are always on the house because the bar master seems to like her for her huge pair of mountains (not to mention the other patrons too). Maybe it’s because of her carefree and dreamy voice. Sometimes you want to slap her head but at the same time it’s hard to hate this girl. She’s so loveable when she’s blur. Like how Hime tells Sawawa to stop calling her oujo-sama (milady) and Sawawa replied "Hai… Oujo-sama". While Sawawa still addresses her that, I think Hime couldn’t be bothered telling her again and just let her be. I wonder how she got the job in the 1st place.
Hime sense that she’ll be attacked tonight. Probably a welcoming committee. True enough, a pack of werewolves led by Lobo Wildman launches an attack surrounding the mansion. We find out Lobo was once Hime’s servant and the reason he’s doing this betrayal to kill Hime is that is beloved little sister is been held hostage. While Flandre takes out the other dogs with a huge tree log (odd to see a little girl swinging something that big), Hime takes on a fair face-to-face fight with Lobo. Hiro, who’s been wandering around, arrives at the mansion to see Hime being attacked. Guided by his instincts again, he dives forward and uses his own body to protect Hime from Lobo’s attack. It seems Hime has also expected Hiro to show up soon. As Lobo shakes Hiro off, Hime strikes him with her sword, killing him. But before Lobo breaths his last breath, he apologizes to Hime for betraying and that he tried to do whatever he could. Hime understood. Now it won’t be right for killing off a main character in the 1st episode, right? Or else he/she won’t be called the main character. Dying twice so early is such an ‘accomplishment’ but Hiro says it’s okay since Hime is alright. So Hime decides to give her half immortality flame to resurrect Hiro again but in exchange he has to be her servant… for life. Woah.
Throughout the series, I find that this half immortality thing to be a little contradictory. I mean, it’s not like when Hime put her flames into Hiro and he’s back from the dead forever. That flame will soon extinguish and Hiro will become a corpse again. So it’s like Hime has to replenish it over and over again. So how does that live up to the name immortality, or even half of it? Maybe if Hime continues the process, it’ll seem like Hiro will live forever. Furthermore, if Hiro turns into a corpse and Hime can’t resurrect him in a given time period, her half immortality flames will never work again (good for only 1 use, huh?) and Hiro will stay dead forever. So again, it doesn’t really suit the name immortality, right? Also, whenever Hiro is injured, he will heal immediately like as though nothing happened. Another thing is, in each episode, whenever Hime does her battles with other dark creatures, she’ll use an assortment of weapons. Quite nice to see how she gets creative sometimes. But of all the weapons she uses, the ones I like best is when she’s using the chainsaw. Yeah, I love it when she slice an dice with it. So cool. How I wish she would use it more often.
Like in episode 2 how Hime uses the chainsaw. But before that, Hiro needs to adjust to his new (undead) life in his new school (everybody seems to make fun out of this poor kid) and he learns the hard way about dying over and over again. Like how he decided to climb a tree to retrieve a little girl’s lost balloon, only to fall dead halfway. Of course everyone around is shocked to see a corpse. But Hime arrives in time to resurrect Hiro and by the time that girl’s mom came back with a police officer, Hiro is back on his feet. Hiro comes home to find Hime going berserk with her chainsaw. Yeah, she’s cutting the whole mansion up. To cut things short, there’s an invisible man here to assassinate her. So it looks like Hime’s just randomly trying to cut everything in hopes of hitting the assassin. But actually the invisible man has laced invisible sharp wires around the mansion and Hime’s just cutting them down. It’s nightfall and soon Hime cuts off all the power supply. Now both sides can’t see each other and the field is level. In the dark, Hiro learns a little more about Hime and spots in time just before the invisible man could strangle Hime with his wire. Hiro grabs the wire and struggles. His life is fading and the chainsaw isn’t starting. So typical horror movie suspense. But Hime manages to start it up and injures the invisible man, making him run away. Then they pour some gasoline all over the house and set it on fire. Now the invisible man is visible because he’s on fire (no, not that he’s hyped up or all excited) as Hime cuts him down. Yeah! Cut him real good. Hime notes that this assassin is sent by 1 of her many siblings. The next day, while Hime sips her tea, everyone else fixes back the mansion. It’s going to take some time. But luckily there’s Flandre. As for Hiro, he’ll learn about Hime’s past and situation and will in a way get involve because he has no choice. He’s after all, her servant.
To cut things short, Hime is involved in some sibling rivalry war to ascend the throne of the royalty in their Kingdom. But Hime is not interested in the throne and would rather enjoy her tea. But would her other siblings allow it? There’s this rule that only 1 of the siblings can only ascend the throne, which means they have to kill each other until there’s only 1 remaining. What sick idea is that. I mean, didn’t the ruler ever thought about how his/her children will be fighting each other and thus not to bear so many offspring in the first place? Ah well, I guess it’s like that over there. So perhaps to be safe, her other siblings will send assassins from time to time to eliminate Hime. Of course we know she’ll always triumph in the end.
In episode 3, Hiro meets a red-haired lady, Riza, on a motocross bike while he’s on his way to school. Initially Riza doesn’t care about Hiro, but when she saw him trying to protect a puppy from a truck and gets pinned down in the process, Riza decides to help him. You’ll know that she isn’t an ordinary human because her hands suddenly transformed into giant white paws to lift the truck. So she’s a half-breed, half man half werewolf. Actually Riza’s here to see Hime. Not a friendly visit but for revenge. The late Lobo is her brother and she isn’t too happy when Hime tells her that she killed him in an honourable and fair face-to-face way. So the 2 duke it out. Hiro rushes back and tries to stop Riza but she wouldn’t listen. Then this is the weird part, Flandre is driving a truck and crashes in. How can a short girl like her reach the peddles? Riza flees on her bike with Flandre and Hime hot on her tail. They cornered Riza in the woods and after another short bout Hime explains again that her brother did all he could to save her in the 1st place bla bla bla. Riza still doesn’t believe it all. Eventually Riza lost her will to kill Hime after some defiling honour talk thingy. As Hime and Flandre walks away, Riza spots Lobo’s grave nearby and finally understood. The next day, Hime is lamenting the fact that she doesn’t have enough servants, prompting Flandre to give her a dead mice (earlier on Flandre gave her a dead cat to resurrect but Hime told her off to just bury it). Of course Hime isn’t amused and is going to teach Flandre a lesson. Something which we’ll never see what is was.
Fans of Riza would sure love episode 4 because we get to see her in her swimsuit. Riza arrives at Hime’s mansion wanting to talk to her (though she doesn’t admit it) but before anything happens, she’s being whisked away by Hime and Flandre to their summer cabin near a lake along with Hiro. Upon arrival, I think the producers decide to ‘leave’ Flandre alone for a while as an accident causes her to sink deep in to lake. But Hime’s arrival isn’t a pleasant one. Several fish people seems to have a grudge against the royalty soon takes them as hostage. They want something from her, eternal life that is. To their surprise, Hime agrees to grant them but asks who wishes to die first. You see, she can grant immortal life but only if that person or creature is dead. The fish people are hesitating. Then a bloody huge fish people, Poseidon, tells everyone not to be fooled by her words. With that, Hime says they should settle it with a duel. It’s like David and Goliath. But Riza decides to fight in Hime’s place. At first, Riza may seem at the losing end but when the moon is full, she begins to power up (she’s a half werewolf remember?) and easily beats the crap out of Poseidon. Some fanservice here. In the end, Hime makes peace with the fish people and they are grateful to Hime. If there’s anything that Hime wishes for, all she has to do is call them and they’ll come to her aid. After a tough time pulling out Flandre from the lake, Hime and co said their goodbyes. It seems Poseidon is in love with Riza but that girl don’t give a damn, breaking his heart. So you could say Riza’s staying at Hime’s place so she could take her revenge, though she doesn’t admit that she’s part of their group. Oh yeah, she has a huge appetite too.
In episode 5, there’s a popular and pretty girl named Reiri Kamura. Everybody loves her. So when Reiri comes up to a nobody like Hiro, gets down on her knees, and zips up his pants (OMG!!!), it’s no doubt that all the guys are really jealous of him. While Hiro runs away in embarrassment, Reiri seems to take an interest in him. In short, Reiri is a vampire! Holy crap! A popular school girl is a vampire. And how does she stand the sunlight? Sun tan? And how come nobody knows she lives in an abandoned church and sleeps in a coffin. Anyway as a vampire, she harbours a desire to drink the blood of a royalty and does so by biting Hiro’s neck, turning him into her underling to gain access to Hime’s mansion. Since vampires and werewolves are natural enemies, it’s not surprising Reiri and Riza never gets along with the former taunting dog jokes to piss off the latter. Riza lost mainly because the night isn’t a full moon. Of course Hime already suspects a vampire will soon attack her and is already waiting for Reiri’s arrival. I guess a low level just-turned-into-a-vampire Hiro would succumb to garlic and cross. As Reiri takes on Hime, Reiri suddenly finds Flandre clinging to her feet. I don’t know the logic of this, but by holding on to a vampire makes her unable to turn in bats and escape. Hime is ready to stab her with a stake and Reiri resigned to fate but Hime decides not to kill her as she is still of use. I suppose Reiri has to be a lady and leave as gratitude but notes that she’ll still come after Hime’s blood when the time comes. Hime heals Hiro back to normal with her flame. A funny thing happened at school the next day. Reiri is walking with her other girl classmates when a group of guys suddenly stood in front of her and the other girls gasping. I was wondering what’s going on and I thought they want to confront Reiri or what. Then Reiri spots Hiro and whispers in his ear to play with her again tonight, making him all embarrassed before fleeing. With that, Reiri too walks away and ignores the boys. It’s revealed then those guys had their zippers down! Hahaha! They’re really hoping Reiri’ll do the same thing. Not. As Riza quips "Losers!". Damn right they are. Over the series, I find Reiri an odd alliance to Hime because she can be seen swooping down into Hime’s mansion from the window and informing her about some upcoming danger. Why is she doing this? Because she thinks it’s interesting.
Episode 6 sees Hime’s younger sister, Sherwood with her android Francesca (OMG! Another "Fuga~" character! But looks more serious and is bespectacled). Sherwood is proposing an alliance against her other siblings but Hime refuses, pissing Sherwood off. Because of that, she tells Francesca to plant some carnivorous plant in Hime’s mansion. The next day, the entire mansion is overrun by the vicious plants as Hime and Riza tries to fend them off. Hime knows that the plants can’t survive when night falls and tells Flandre to burn the mansion down. Hey, didn’t they just repair it? Ah well, I guess fixing it back later won’t be a problem. After eradicating the threat, Reiri comes to tell Sherwood’s whereabouts. She’s residing in some tent in the woods with Francesca when that vicious plant suddenly attacks her from no where. Looks like it’s part of Hime’s plan to get back at her. Hiro feels sorry and decides to go help her but gets eaten instead when he pushes Sherwood out of harm’s way. Nightfalls and the plants die out. Don’t worry, Hiro still’s alive in 1 piece. Hime is ‘amazed’ by Sherwood’s ability to survive through the night after all that and decides to form an alliance with her. But I guess that little brat has her own ego as she shrugs of Hime’s offer and instead says that it is her who shall offer the alliance to Hime. Really egoistic. Hime doesn’t care much about it and the duo shake hands. As the gang rebuilds Hime’s mansion, we see Sherwood clinging on to Hiro. Uh huh. She seems to take a liking for him after saving him. Even though Hiro’s Hime’s servant, Sherwood always tries to persuade Hiro to leave her sister and have the privilege be her servant. Like Hiro needs to be another one.
In episode 7, Sawawa is surprised that their electricity bill is sky high. Well, Flandre does use up a lot of power to recharge. Her room is like a Frankenstein’s lab. Anyway in this episode, Hiro losses consciousness while shopping so he’s been sent to that hospital again. Yeah, the doctor and nurse are thrilled once again to see that living corpse back in their hands, especially the head of the hospital, Sanagida. Yeah, he’s nicknaming Hiro ‘Dead Man Walking’. He wants to know whatever magic is being used on him for resurrection and wants to conduct intensive research. Hiro wakes up only to find those mad doctor, surgeons and nurses wanting to do some experiments on him. Of course Hiro doesn’t want his privacy violated so he has to run for his life (ironic?). I wonder why are there so many hospital staffs dead into the night and no other patients. Since the flame is wearing off, Sanagida and co manages to catch Hiro and brings him into the operating room. You know, I kinda find it irritating that this guy’s laughing and blabbing for so long that he could’ve got it done in a snap if he didn’t dilly-dally. Because so, Hime and Flandre bursts in to the room to save Hiro and kick some medical staff’s ass by using a defibrillator that’s being charged using Flandre. That must be the most shocking moment for Sanagida. Haha. Later we see why does zombie doctors are so zombie-like. Sanagida is working under a vampire called Zeppeli. Reiri drops by for a chat. Zeppeli too is after Hime’s blood and even though he and Reiri doesn’t form any alliance, they decide to work together. I find that it’s like a love-hate relationship between the duo and the way they talk has a sense of sarcasm in it. Meanwhile, Hime orders Riza and Hiro to drag Flandre back since she’s used up all her power. It’s a long way home.
Because of a storm, the gang has to seek refuge at an inn in episode 8. There are other guests too but Hiro suspects something when 1 of them falls dead. As for Hime, she’s not particularly interested as she plays chess with Reiri. I guess this is part of Reiri’s plan to get close to Hime and drink her blood. But Hime isn’t alarmed at all. Just playing cool. Okay, there is some monster called the ‘Thing’ which looks like a weird spider or potato with tentacles, draining the life force of those its host. The horror part is the way it enters and leaves through a person’s mouth! Eww! So scary and disgusting! Hiro and Riza goes off to investigate. After trying to chase it here and there, Hime finally shows up and tells them that the only way is to squish it. After luring it out from 1 of the host’s mouth, Hime uses a jack hammer to pound it and Flandre does the honours by using her weight to finish it off. Now girls, don’t get sensitive about your weight. It can be useful too sometimes. It’s clear and sunny the next day as Hime and co leaves. It’s revealed that the inn manager is Zeppeli in disguise and Reiri notes how much fun he had last night. At the same time, Hiro thanks Hime for helping out.
Sherwood is moving into the vicinity due to her alliance thingy in episode 9. But I’m not sure Francesca’s rational of kidnapping a panda named Ryu Ryu from the zoo. Hime tells Hiro to go welcome her as part of her housewarming. Upon arrival, Hiro spots Ryu Ryu and it seems that panda instantly falls in love with Sherwood. Another weird thing is that, everyone can understand what this panda says! Since Sherwood is all over Hiro and even thinks he’s here because he ditched Hime to become her servant, Ryu Ryu gets jealous and tries to outdo Hiro. Sherwood also notices this and decides to give Ryu Ryu a chance to prove his worth, delighting it. However, Ryu Ryu is causing more trouble and nuisance than anything. Hey, pandas aren’t meant to do housework, okay. Meanwhile Riza is trying to train an army of… young puppies?! Is she serious? Anyway Reiri comes to tell Sherwood that they’ll be attacked soon. It looks like Zeppeli has unleashed giant mutant spider bats. Sherwood wants to fight but Francesca holds her back and gives her some brush. It seems that the only thing Sherwood can do best is to order around. But the numbers are too much for them to handle. Ryu Ryu did a life sacrificing act when 1 of the monsters is going to a pound Sherwood. Hime, Flandre and Riza arrives to help out since they’ve formed an alliance (partly because Reiri also told them) and manages to defeat the hordes of beasts. Sherwood thinks Ryu Ryu is worthy of being her servant and is going to give her flame but soon discovers it was just sleeping unconscious and a mad Sherwood kicks its face to wake it up. Looks like Ryu Ryu’s here to stay. Later Hiro finds out that there are 2 more pandas. They are Ryu Ryu’s siblings as Sherwood orders them to play with a reluctant Hiro.
Episode 10 is focused more on Flandre. Flandre bumps into an android named Ciel. At least this guy can speak decent lines rather than "Fuga~" only. She notices that he’s damaged and proceeds to bring him back to the mansion for repairs. Though Hime approves, Riza is suspicious. After Ciel is fixed, he tells his story whereby he was working at the Kingdom for 20 over years but decides to escape it all so that he could live freely. Then he says that because of some system in him damaged, he only has 1 year to live and the only way is to get it fixed back at the Kingdom. He’s not going back there and is happy to live the remaining years of his life freely. However that night, it seems Ciel has come to assassinate Hime and as expected, Hime already knows of it and is prepared. Flandre attacks but Ciel nails her. Then when it’s Francesca’s turn, she successfully defeats him. After being repaired, Hime tells Ciel that his memory is implanted and that he only existed for only several hours. Meaning, he’s being used. We find out Ciel is being manipulated by Zeppeli as he heads over there to settle things. Ciel is upset that he toyed with his memories and emotions (are robots capable of that?) and reveals sets of dynamites wrapped under his shirt. But Zeppeli isn’t afraid whatsoever. Ciel blows himself up and the entire floor. That’s the last you’ll see of Ciel but not Zeppeli. I wonder how he made his escape. In the end, though it’s never mentioned, but I kinda feel that Flandre has some feelings for Ciel as she hears a seashell that Ciel gave to her earlier on.
Hiro finds a stray cat in episode 11 and decides to bring it home without telling Hime as he’s afraid she’ll not allow it. Riza of course doesn’t like it and wants Hiro to get rid of it. Sawawa on the other hand likes it and even names it after Hiro, Hiroko. The next morning, Hiro is surprised to find a cute cat girl sleeping on his lap. Surprised at first, he realized it’s that stray cat because of her collar. He can’t hide it forever so he decides to get Hime’s permission. This is the funny part. When Hime says okay, Hiro heaves a sigh of relief and blurts out how he was afraid that Hime wouldn’t allow so in the 1st place. This causes Hime to be mad (though her expression is the same) and says what kind of perception Hiro has of her before saying dramatically that she’s compassionate. I kinda notice the curtains flutter and that lightning in the background. But the way Hime says it without emotion seems so odd and funny. I think Hiro takes a little liking for Hiroko because this cute cat girl keeps calling her onii-chan (brother). Yeah, nobody has ever treated him that good in a long time. Later Hiro does some shopping only to bump into Sherwood who drags him to her house to play. But Francesca senses an assassin and goes into battle mode. What the? A frog ninja now? Anyway, it’s defeated easily. Too easy. Hiro notices the same collar as Hiroko and rushes back. Meanwhile Hime notices the traps being set by the assassin are too obvious and silly. As usual, blur case Sawawa thinks the armour statue and chandelier are getting rusty when it falls on Flandre (Hime using her as a bait for the traps). That night, the gang finds out that the trap setting assassin is Hiroko. So cat girl vs Hime. Hiro once again gets in between to stop them and as a result gets whacked by both sides. Probably he still thinks good of Hiroko and pleads for Hime to give her a 2nd chance. Just then, Reiri comes in and takes of Hiroko’s collar, turning her back to normal. Hiroko realizes she that she’s an assassin and runs away in tears and embarrassment. That’s the last you’ll see of her. The next day Hiro hopes for her to find a good master as Sawawa is pretty sad that she had bought lots of clothes for Hiroko to try on.
In episode 12, Sherwood’s inconsideration to drag Hiro to play with her has caused Hime to fall sick. Well, Hiro’s supposed to go fetch Hime and Flandre at a station because it’s raining. Tired of waiting, Hime decides to walk home in the rain. Not only that, a mummy in trenchcoat is looking for Hime’s mansion. Reiri notices this and informs Hime. Soon a horde of mummies has gathered outside the mansion. Hime knows that The Pharaoh has been offered some deal of immortality by 1 of siblings in exchange to get rid of her. However, Hime is unable to fight this time because she drank Sherwood’s strong medicine, which’ll make her sleep for some time. Till then, Hiro is the only line of defence she has. Can he do it? It’s a huge task. Well with Riza by his side, I’m sure it’s possible. Since there are too many of them, Sherwood and Francesca arrives to give a helping hand. By that time, Flandre and Francesca are out of power and The Pharaoh is going to settle it himself. Luckily Hime has awakened and faces off with The Pharaoh. Yay! She’s using double chainsaws this time. Wohoo! You can’t beat her with those. Die Pharaoh! Later Hime gives Hiro a medal for successfully defending her while in slumber. I guess Hiro has seen to many mummies and freaks out when he sees Sawawa with bandages over her face the next morning. But Hiro is happy and says to himself that he was of use to Hime this time.
Episode 13 is the most scariest episode of them all. It really feels like one of those stalking psychopath killer movies. Here, because Hiro and Hime are at the wrong place and at a wrong time, they’ve been pulled into a mysterious deserted town. It’s really kinda creepy. Well I guess it’s bad luck to have your car broken down in the middle of the night. To cut things short, they are actually reliving the memories of this town in which something horrible happened many many years ago. Attempts by the duo to escape the town seems futile as they’re always return to the same place where there’s a billboard and each time there’ll be new pics of supposedly murdered victims. Hime notes that at such time, Hiro is the only protection she got. So the duo finds out that this town was supposed to be given way for a dam project and there the killer is supposed to be the leader of the party opposing the project. Soon he goes on a rampage killing all those who supports the project. I’m not sure what Hime or Hiro has got to do with it all but it seems the killer appears (really huge and wearing a paperbag on his head, wielding a large pitchfork) and is going to kill them both. In the end after some struggle, Hiro and Hime manages to defeat him when Hime stabs the pitchfork in his back when he was going for Hiro. Soon the duo manages to get back to reality and the non-existent town is now a flooded dam.
The headless knight horseman makes his appearance in episode 14. Riza is upset because she lost to that ghostly figure in a race round the bend. Of course which ghost wouldn’t rest in peace if his head is missing so Riza drags Hiro along to find his lost head. I mean, is she serious? It’s like finding a needle in the haystack and the stretch is pretty long and dark. What are the chances. But it seems during the search the headless horseman kidnaps Hiro and brings him to Zeppeli. So Hiro and Zeppeli had a chat and Hiro notices a knight’s armour helmet on his desk. But Zeppeli has other plans as he turned Hiro into his knight by putting that helmet on him. Now Hiro’s under Zeppeli’s control and is ordered to go after Hime. Yeah, Sanagida and his mad zombie doctors are still around. Reiri doesn’t like it all and informs Hime and the rest. Riza soon finds Hiro and has a hard time taking the helmet off. But that headless horseman appears and manages gets his head back in place. Riza realizes that he wants another duel with her so off they go again. In the end, Riza wins and the knight is defeated and can finally rest in peace. However, Riza isn’t too pleased when she finds out that nobody saw her stunning victory.
Episode 15 is my favourite episode because it’s the funniest. Hiro’s 3 classmates notice how he’s living with several pretty girls and confronts him and asks if they could become servants too. Each of them are real sicko losers. The bespectacled photo maniac Buchi has his eyes on Sawawa because of her humongous boobs, freckle-faced Murayama is interested in Riza because he likes strong women, and Yoshida is a masochist himself and wants to be tortured by Hime. Sick losers. Especially Yoshida’s. He’s fantasizing of being stepped on by his master Hime and enjoyed being called a dog. Hime says "You’re lower than a dog, you’re a pig!". Damn right. Hime agrees to let them be her servants on 1 condition, that they go through the mansion filled with obstacles and traps. The 1st one to reach Hime at the balcony wins. Of course the guys dragged Hiro into it but before Hiro could join in, he’s knocked unconscious by a shape shifter assassin, which took his place. It’s a race filled with hilarious traps. Even Sherwood has come to watch her beloved Hiro but is torn because if he wins he’ll be Hime’s servant and if he loses, there’s a chance she can take him in. Why, Reiri too comes to watch this. She’s obviously a little ‘upset’ that she wasn’t considered to be part of the beautiful ladies and wants to see how those losers fail. Buchi flopped first because his pals ‘sacrificed’ him to Reiri’s bats. But he’s enjoying it once he come to because Sawawa’s nursing him. Next is Murayama as he takes on Riza. But when Riza pinned him, she got disgusted because he really loves how soft her paws are. Finally Hiro reaches Hime but Hime notices that it’s not Hiro because his wounds didn’t heal. Uh huh, Hiro got injured by the traps. So she orders Flandre to freeze that shape shifter with some extinguisher before breaking it apart. Hime then feels somebody tugging at her feet. Why, it’s Yoshida. He’s saying please step on me and Hime gladly obliged before walking away. Let’s just leave him in his happy fantasy. Those 3 losers are then being wrapped into a ball and tossed away by Ryu Ryu. Hiro comes to when it’s all over and Hime has 1 advice for him. "Choose your friends wisely". Hehehe. Good riddens.
It’s back to that fish people and summer cabin in episode 16. Riza decides to take some time out after a frustrated training. The fish people welcomes them and it seems Poseidon is still in love with Riza. As usual, she shrugs it off, breaking his heart again. Here, Riza meets a wereshark named Aron, who is a good friend with Lobo and once served alongside him. Some chatting here and there which brings back some fond memories. Riza still denies that she’s serving as a royal guard under Hime. I didn’t expect to see Aron pecking Risa on her cheek as some form of greeting. Soon Riza leaves for home. The usual spat with Reiri as always. Since I’ve been watching this series for quite some time, it’s really predictable that Aron is another assassin sent by 1 of Hime’s siblings to assassinate her. True enough, Aron sneaks in to do her job only to find Hime waiting for her. Riza finds out about it and is shocked. So the werewolf and wereshark duke it out and in the end Riza defeats Aron. Some flashbacks here and there. Before Aron dies, she gives her Lobo’s military tag and tells Riza to avenge her death and Lobo’s. Riza is devastated as she cries what is all this meaningless fights and deaths are for.
A magical witch who lives in the Black Forest wants the spirit of the royalty so as to keep her eternal youth and beauty after spotting a wrinkle in episode 17. At first she may look threatening but she’s actually a bungling nitwit and probably childish too. Also, Sherwood tries some human beauty products in hopes that Hiro would notice her. Hiro is buying some dumplings but some dark glutton goblin gobbled it all away. When he comes home, the rest thinks he ate it all himself. The goblin is under the witch’s control and soon they manage to find out Hime’s mansion and it’s pretty lame to see her trying to suck Hime into her mirror. But since Sawawa made some dumplings, the witch can’t stand the stench and goes away. Even Reiri can’t stand it and I think it’s the 1st time I’ve seen a funny expression on her face. Yeah, Reiri comes back wearing a gas mask. So the witch decides to target Sherwood now. Since Sherwood’s a little weak, she’s going to get absorbed into the witch’s mirror. Luckily the rest arrives and Hiro grabs Sherwood’s feet (she’s partially sucked in). While trying to pull her out, the force is too great that the mirror absorbs Hiro, Riza, Francesca and Ryu Ryu. But this causes the mirror to overload and explodes, sending those sucked in back out. The witch is in despair that her mirror is destroyed and that she can say bye bye to her eternal beauty. But Hime being the compassionate princess she is, gives her a few words of advice to lift her self-esteem and a beauty product which Sawawa won from the lottery to her, saying that she herself uses this product to look good. Of course that was just a bluff as Hime doesn’t really use it. Why did she tell a lie? Because she’s compassionate. Simple. She’s a woman herself and knows how it feels.
Here’s another bungling character. A raccoon named Shigara from the Kingdom in episode 18 does part time vampire hunting in order to support his family back home. Shigara is a helpful raccoon and doesn’t hesitate to help anyone in need. But his vampire hunting skills are zero. Plus, he’s clumsy and such. He makes a mistake that Hime is a vampire and unsuccessfully attempts to stake her. Of course Hime allows that coward to go free before she changes her mind. Shigara is then brought to Zeppeli but it seems all those garlic and vampire repelling stuffs don’t work on him. Zeppeli tells him that there’s another easier vampire target, Reiri. Of course that raccoon decides to do it and collect his bounty. He arrives at Reiri’s church and as expected, he flops. Reiri is pissed that Zeppeli is trying to dispose off her and decides to team up with Shigara to take care of Zeppeli. Tit for tat. That night Zeppeli is going to make his move on Hime but is interrupted by Reiri and Shigara. So a short battle ensued before Shigara stabs Zeppeli in the back with a stake. Shigara is happy as he’s able to collect the bounty and goes back to the Kingdom. I’m wondering why he didn’t take Zeppeli’s body back as proof. Dunno. He is clumsy after all. Later it is revealed that Zeppeli and Reiri actually staged an act as Zeppeli is recuperating in hospital with Reiri by his side as the duo laugh it off like as though they’re best friends. Really a love-hate relationship. And if you notice, this episode has a little fanservice.
It’s a beach episode in episode 19. Not. Besides seeing Sawawa in her swimsuit and those loser perverts staring at her bouncy boobs and Flandre too heavy to be on the sand, Hiro, Hime and Riza took a boat ride off coast and find themselves stranded on a ghost ship. Sounds like the Bermuda Triangle. They realize that they have to find and rescue a mermaid trapped within the ship if they want to get out alive by following her flute melody. The trio also meet a werewolf named Keziah, who was once a comrade of Riza’s dad. Thus the gang has to battle their way through hordes of zombies (probably restless dead passengers) before finally finding the mermaid. But the ghost of the ship (some monstrous shark?) wouldn’t allow them to escape. With the combined effort of the gang, they manage to subdue the threat. Then I’m not sure what Hime said about if a mermaid speaks she’ll lose her life because she has exchanged her voice for a human body. Also the flute was to lure other ships to come rescue her but so far they’ve failed. But in order to save the rest from the ghost, she had to use her voice which causes her to die. As the gang gets ready to leave the ship, we see Hime’s other sibling, Emile appearing with his huge aquatic robot, Flanders (yeah, another "Fuga~" only character. And no. No relation to that Simpsons’ neighbours). It seems Keziah is his servant and it’s his mission to retrieve the mermaid. Emile soon revives the mermaid with his flames and makes her his servant. Emile and his gang soon leaves after telling Hime the next time they’ll meet is during the battlefield.
Hiro has been kidnapped by a vampire named Dracul in episode 20 as a bait to lure Hime to come rescue him so that he could drink the royalty’s blood. Dracul is a real sadist as he tortures Hiro because he wants him to feel eternal pain since Hiro can heal himself but the pain is real. While Hime and Flandre went off somewhere, Riza and Reiri form an uneasy alliance to go save Hiro at the vampire’s kingdom. Some weird contraption has got them handcuffed together and won’t come off so easily. Weird part is, Reiri needs to bite Riza’s neck and turn her into a vampire so that low-level vampires can’t detect a werewolf. After doing so, I’m wondering if Riza is now a 1/3 breed. Yeah, she’s got vampire blood now but when this episode ends, she doesn’t indicate any vampire traits like the need to suck blood. So is it temporary? Dunno. Anyway, Dracul’s real disappointed not only that Hime has abandoned Hiro but he needs to face-off with a werewolf and a traitor and unleashes a giant cyclops to stop them. See, if the duo had been more cooperative, they could’ve defeated it like a piece of cake. Hime appears with her fish people army. Dracul notes that it’s against the rule for a royalty to raise an army to fight for their throne. But Hime says she’s merely doing so to retrieve her warrior servant and isn’t breaking any rules. Dracul decides to back down and escape for now, but tells Reiri that she has been banished for her treachery. So we won’t see a gigantic epic battle between the fish people and low-level vampires. Of course the gang heads home and the usual bickering between Riza and Reiri. But Hiro feels thankful that Hime came to save her.
In episode 21, Buchi seems to have picture proof that Reiri is a vampire and tells Hiro about it. Yeah, he drags Hiro to Reiri’s church to find out more. I want to mention a funny scene whereby Sawawa is at her usual parfait cafe when master decides to confess his love. Master tells her that he’s going to change his shop name to Sawawa and that girl got excited because it’s the same name as hers. Master decides to go direct as he tells how the sight of her burn his eyes. Sawawa then apologizes for hurting him. Sad case. Your advances are being unnoticed. Don’t you just feel like giving up, Master? Yeah, don’t we feel like slapping her but at the same time love her for her naiveness? But mainly this episode sees Dracul sending his low-level vampires to finish off Reiri. There goes her beauty sleep. Though they’re easy to handle but the overwhelming numbers are tiring out Reiri and Hiro. Dracul also makes his appearance to see to it that Reiri is finished once and for all. Reiri got a little injured during the fight. As expected, reinforcements arrived in the form of Hime (I think Hiro tells Buchi to head to Hime’s mansion to seek help). With their combined effort, Reiri sticks a stake in his heart while Hime thrusts her sword right through his back. The next day, everything goes back to normal. Not really. Buchi has any of his vampire memories erased by Reiri but to Reiri’s surprise, she finds some ‘ecchi’ pics of her and throws away Buchi’s book. The other guys are still jealous that Hiro is still close to miss popular idol. Another development is that since Reiri’s church has been burnt down during Dracul’s attack, Reiri’s moving into Hime’s mansion, dragging along her coffin as her only luggage. I’m sure Riza is pissed at the idea but she can’t say that because she herself is a freeloader :). In the end scenes, we see Dracul still alive but real injured. He’s back at his castle and pleading to 1 of the royalty siblings to help him but that mysterious shadowy figure just used his feet to drive the stake further into Dracul’s heart, thus killing him. At first I thought it was Emile, but later I found out it wasn’t him.
Another assassination attempt on Hime’s life in episode 22. This time 3 werewolves enter the mansion under their master’s order and Riza’s fighting for her pride because they’re mocking her half-breed and such. Hiro tries to protect and do his duty as Hime’s warrior and though he’s been beaten up, his will and determination makes him go on. In the end, the 3 werewolves are defeated and thrown into a chamber while Riza is badly bruised and is recuperating. Hime decides to punish them by shooting silver bullets everytime they resurrect. Meaning, she’s going to make them die over and over again. Don’t mess with this lady. The shooting lasts so long that Hiro himself can’t take it and pleads to Hime to stop. Once it’s over (I suppose the 3 werewolves have died without their master replenishing the flame), Hime comes out and tells Hiro who’s been waiting outside the chamber, something about how the inevitable is going to happen and that she’ll not allow Hiro to leave her side.
Hime and co sets out to find the sibling responsible for sending those 3 werewolves in episode 23. This episode feels like Resident Evil because the gang are being trapped in a town filled with mindless zombies and without electricity. Furthermore, Riza and Reiri comes face to face with a blood warrior, Micasa, who has some cool claw weapon. Of course this was just a distraction. Hime then concludes that the sibling responsible for all this is Severin. I’m not sure about that rule which prohibits a royalty from using zombies but Severin was bold to do so. Plus, we see him and another "Fuga~" butler, Franz, when Micasa regroups with them. It seems there’s a complex relationship between Severin and Micasa. Something like he killed her so that he could revive her to be his warrior. Anyway, Hime, Hiro and Riza are being surrounded by zombies (Reiri fled as she doesn’t want to get involved. Hey, vampires can fly right?) and it’s definitely a wrong time for Flandre to run out of power. I find it ironic because they decide to recharge Flandre by using a simple cable plugged to a convenience store. Is that enough? Furthermore, there’s no electricity! Don’t think so much. It may seem Hime’s just sitting around and letting Hiro and Riza do the work, but I assure you that she’ll kick ass when she has to. Soon Sherwood arrives with Francesca and Ryu Ryu to help out. Once Flandre is fully recharged, Hime orders Hiro to start up Flandre, and the switch is at her butt! When Sherwood saw this, she gets embarrassingly upset and thinks Hiro would do such a perverted thing and orders Francesca to shoot him. Poor guy. In the end, a large fire phoenix appears in the sky and Hime notes that the current ruler of the Kingdom has come to intervene. Reiri and Zeppeli are seen watching from a distance.
Hime is accused of using zombies in episode 24 and has to stand trial in the Kingdom. I’m wondering how did Severin put the blame on her. We see several different weird looking monsters there. Meanwhile Sawawa is depressed because she feels she’s being ‘left out’ by the others even though she’s not sure what’s going on. I think it’s better for her to stay blur. Anyway, it seems all this is a set up by Severin, as Hime’s lawyer seems bungling and the judge (what big green hat he’s wearing) seems unenthusiastic. To settle this, Hime suggests a duel to the death. Then there’s another point which I find conflicting. Hime mentions that the reason why the siblings are fighting and killing each other is because if they become an adult, they’ll be immortal. Huh? So the previous rulers and predecessors of the royalty must’ve killed each siblings, right? If so, then the Kingdom should’ve been ruled by the 1st royalty since he/she is an immortal. So why the need for descendants to fight? Do they have a limited term to be ruler?
At the battlefield, even Sherwood and Emile are there to witness it. The sword bout starts and it seems Severin has the upperhand, mocking Hime. We find out Hime’s real name is Lilian but despises being called that anymore. Sherwood notes that the reason why Hime isn’t doing well is because all this time, Hime’s strength is her cool and calm composure. That explains her stoic expression. Hime is losing it here and Severin knows it and using her anger as an advantage. But when she hears the voice of Hiro cheering for her, she snaps out of it and is back to her usual self. The tables are turned and Severin is really afraid especially the way she stares at him. Severin decides to play cheat by using a gun but it backfired. Hime then ends it all by stabbing him. Severin can’t believe that he’s going to die and soon Franz self-destructs to follow its master’s fate. The same will happen to Flandre too if Hime loses. We see that judge is actually the fire phoenix as he transforms into 1 and accepts the outcome of the duel before flying away. Another ‘meet you in the battlefield next time’ line by Emile before they go. Hime and co are back on Earth and are patronning Sawawa’s favourite parfait cafe. Sawawa is glad that everybody’s back and fine. Hiro meanwhile finds Hime standing on the stairs thinking and knows that she’s the one. Uh huh, some flashbacks here and there of Hiro’s misadventures since the day he met Hime. Then woah! Hiro’s trying to kiss Hime! How daring! Hime spots this and slaps him as Hiro tumbles down the stairs. Haha. He thinks he can steal the lips of a princess. And I thought there’d be some romance in the end but nope. Ah, the little suspense. Hime’s better off the way she is now. And I think Hiro’s pretty fine with the way things as they are too.
Episode 25 feels like a filler episode because this episode sees how Flandre has gone bad. A delinquent. Holy cow! She’s not listening to anyone, injures anyone who gets in her way (even Hime!), wears a dark sunglasses and her "Fuga~" sounds so bad ass! Fugaaaahh… The rest tries to catch her but she escapes in her mini car and causes rampage throughout the town. Kids, don’t drive like her. But it seems Flandre’s escape in a way does a little good for the unsuspecting townspeople like saving a cat stuck in a tree and foiling a robbery attempt at a bank. While Hiro and Riza chase after Flandre, Hime and Sherwood are trying to figure out what’s wrong with Flandre. There’s a manual on how it operates but neither sisters have really read through the thick manual. Plus, they’ve left it back at the Kingdom. Remember to always read your operating manual for all goods purchased if they come with 1. Eventually they think Flandre is going to self-destruct as she heads to some power plant. Hime tells the rest to leave while she watches her servant the last time. Because of some words Hime said, Flandre began to have flashbacks of memories of the times spent with Hime. In a way, you could say Flandre tries to go somewhere to self-destruct in order to lessen the damage, and that is underneath the ocean. Everyone watches helplessly as Flandre sinks into the ocean and an explosion occurs. However, Flanders soon appear with Flandre in its hand and Emile tells his siblings that whenever the screw on the robot’s head is loose, it’ll cause it to go haywire and thus Flanders just slightly turn the knob on Flandre’s head and she’s back to normal. Before he leaves, he advices her sisters to read the manual, tosses the heavy book to them and that ‘meet you in the battlefield next time’ line. So I see it’s just that simple.
Overall, I’m glad that I’ve watched this series as I find it quite enjoyable. Though there may be some issues with the storyline and its development, I find that most of the episodes can stand alone as itself. So probably the real storyline would just take up 2 to 3 episodes. Plus, each episode feels kinda predictable as there’d be some assassin to assassinate Hime. I still wonder which sibling sent them. And I did earlier mention that every darn monster has appeared except for Frankenstein. Well, if you look at it in a way, Flandre is a little and maid version of Frankenstein, right? I can accept that. By the way, did you notice all the "Fuga~" only characters have their names start with ‘F’?
The drawing, art and animation looks pretty standard (except for Hime who still looks stunning nevertheless ;P) but I can’t help but notice that there’s a drop in quality in certain episodes. Other than that, it looks okay. At certain points, it gets too dark to see anything. But I guess it’s suitable since we’re dealing with dark creatures of the night.
Ayako Kawasumi who voices Hime did a splendid job making her role sound fit for a aristocratic princess. She also did roles like Nodame in Nodame Cantabile, Aoi in Ai Yori Aoshi and Elie in Rave. Hiro is voiced by Fuyuka Oura (Yuu Tobita of Gakuen Alice), Riza by Yuko Kaida (Ryomou of Ikkitousen), Reiri by Mamiko Noto (Enma Ai of Jigoku Shoujo), Sherwood by Ai Shizumu (Mikoto of Mai-HiME, Senna of W~Wish), Sawawa by Yuko Minaguchi (Yurika of Final Approach, Akiko of Kanon), Flandre by Shiho Kawaragi (Megu of Rozen Maiden Traumend) and Francesca by Rika Morinaga (Mawari of Seto No Hanayome, Sousei Seki of Rozen Maiden).
I like the opening theme Blood Queen by Aki Misato as it’s quite an upbeat and lively tune. It fits the series quite nicely. But the most eyebrow raising one is the ending theme song Hizamazuita Ashi Wo Onamae by Ali Project. Literally it means ‘Get Down on Your Knees And Lick My Feet". Woah. I guess it’s Ali Project’s style. All their songs sound naughty and playful and this one is no exception. The lyrics has got that sadistic feel of pain and suffering in which the victim yearns more of it as the singer enjoys it! Even the animation is wild! Besides Riza doing that little jiggy of hers, we get to see a little mischievous stuffs from the rest. As for the background music, I kinda notice that most of them have that Halloween feel with all the violin, strings and such. Though not creepy, but it’s quite fitting. Of course there’s 1 whereby it sounds comical the way they play the xylophones, and is played when Sawawa’s at her usual cafe. Speaking of the original soundtrack album, I have heard all the tracks on it and noticed that some of the background music for the series are missing. Furthermore, almost the entire album is composed by Ali Project so you can expect to hear their kind of music.
Each of the episode titles are named in references to the situation in which Hime faces or actions taken by her in that particular episode. I kinda feel sorry for Hiro sometimes as he always bear the expense and brunt of unfortunate circumstances. But since that kid’s partly an immortal, I suppose it’s his ‘fate’ to serve as a comical factor. I’m sure Sawawa herself is still unaware of what’s going on in the supernatural world. She’s the best person to keep secrets, if you know what I mean.
If there’s a 2nd season, I’ll definitely watch it without a doubt because I really want to know more in detail about the throne fighting thing and how Hime goes about avoiding assassination attempts. Well, there’s always the manga… I guess this anime is suitable for many since it’s not too scary nor it’s not too flashy (those fanservice parts are nothing) as I feel it would be fun. So do I believe in creatures of the underworld now? Not really. Humans are a more scarier race. Though I really admire Hime, I wouldn’t really want someone like her to be my master, stepping on my head and such. It’s better for me to just admire from a distance. See but no touch. And I definitely don’t want to be resurrected if I ever kick the bucket. Hey, who wants to live forever? Plus, I don’t want to a servant who only goes "Fuga~".
Kaibutsu Oujo

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