Everyone has secrets, right? On the surface they may look normal or even better but beneath that exterior they hide something that must never ever, ever, ever, ever being found out. The risk of exposure means the end of the life or in this sense, the perception of others towards them. So in today’s versus blog, we’re going to compare a couple of girls who have a secret that they can’t share with the rest of the general crowd. If you’ve been in the anime scene for some time, you could have at least guessed it will be Haruka Nogizaka from Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu and Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou Wa Maid-sama (you could’ve guessed it from the blog’s header too). Yes, these girls definitely do not want others to know the secret hobbies and stuffs that they have been indulging for the past, erm, who knows when.

Initially I intended this blog for these 2 girls but decided to add in Kirino Kousaka from Ore No Imouto Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai. However due to some lack in information, you will notice that not all topics will have Kirino’s detail (maybe it’s a secret). I guess it’s better than including some in rather than regretting having not putting in any at all.

The secret
Haruka: A major otaku who loves animes and mangas.
Misaki: Works as a maid at Café Maid Latte.
Kirino: Erotic little sister games.

Why must it never be found out
Haruka: Due to her privileged upbringing, such obsession is frowned and looked down upon by society and thus her fear that this will lead to a ruin in her reputation.
Misaki: The boys will start teasing and lose respect for her once they find out a tough girl like her is doing something so otaku. If her reputation goes down, this means they are likely not to listen to her anymore.
Kirino: Wouldn’t it be weird for a GIRL to play such games?

How she got into it
Haruka: When she was young, she ran away after being scolded by her father for having such hobbies. A stranger boy she met at a park consoled her by giving her a copy of Innocent Smile’s first issue.
Misaki: In order to help out with the tremendous debt her missing dad has left with the family, she works part time to help her mom pay off the debts.
Kirino: Although she herself doesn’t know the reason for her obsession, it is speculated that she is using the games as substitute for her brother complex.

Her appearance
Haruka: Beautiful, intelligent and the unattainable idol and perfect girl.
Misaki: Well erm, if you ask me she just looks plain and normal…
Kirino: As a model, she has got to looks, right?

Her character
Haruka: Gentle, kind, soft-spoken but can be a natural airhead, naive and clumsy.
Misaki: Strong, aggressive, brute, competitive and demanding especially towards boys (she somewhat initially hates the male species) but nice and friendly towards girls. But when she’s at work, she puts on a cute and gentle personality.
Kirino: Confident and stylish, she is also a perfectionist and an over-achiever. But her interactions with her brother lean more towards sibling-hate as she constantly and violently abuses and bosses him around. Something like a tsundere too…

Her nickname
Haruka: Nuit Étoile (The Night Star) and Lumière du Clavier (The Piano’s Light).
Misaki: Demon President.
Kirino: Kiririn.

Blood type
Haruka: Type A.
Misaki: Type B.

Haruka: 20th October.
Misaki: 29th September.

Haruka: 155cm.
Misaki: 165cm.
Kirino: 165cm.

Hair colour
Haruka: Brown.
Misaki: Dark brown greyish.
Kirino: Yellowish orange.

Eye colour
Haruka: Brown.
Misaki: Gold.
Kirino: Blue.

The school she attends
Haruka: Hakujou Private High School.
Misaki: Seika Public High School.

Her special skills
Haruka: Playing the piano.
Misaki: Akido.
Kirino: Track athletic and modelling.

Sucks at
Haruka: Drawing.
Misaki: Cooking.

Closest friends
Haruka: Shiina Amamiya.
Misaki: Shizuko Kaga and Sakura Hanazono.
Kirino: Ayase Aragaki and Kanako Kurusu.

Affluence status
Haruka: Very wealthy and rich. Heck, daddy bought an island just for her on her birthday!
Misaki: Poor and modest. Heck, they get by with her sister’s unusual luck of winning prizes at raffles!
Kirino: Moderate and typical Japanese household and lifestyle.

The first 2 have younger sisters who are totally the opposite characteristics. While the third has an older brother in which they are distant.
Haruka: Mika – lively and cheerful and loves spying on her sister.
Misaki: Suzuna – laidback and shows very little expression in her appearance and speech.
Kirino: Kyousuke – wants to lead a normal life.

Haruka: Akiho – looks very young for her age.
Misaki: Minako – looks very much like a middle aged woman.
Kirino: Yoshino – normal housewife.

Haruka: Gentou – loving and doting father despite looking like a yakuza head.
Misaki: Unknown – ran away from the family.
Kirino: Daisuke – strict and grumpy policeman.

The boy who knows her secret and best possible love interest
Haruka: Yuuto Ayase.
Misaki: Takumi Usui.
Kirino: Kyousuke – No, contrary to the topic, she will NEVER be her love interest in any circumstances.

How their relationship developed in keeping the secret
Haruka: Yuuto helps her out with her secret hobby as she is the only person she can lean on and rely to. Their feelings develop as she gradually relies more and more on him.
Misaki: Usui’s constant ‘bullying’, teasing, bugging, bothering, annoyance and mischief throws her off her pace for his own personal amusement (that’s why he didn’t expose her secret). She becomes more and more of a tsundere even if it obvious that there are feelings developed between them.
Kirino: Kyousuke is forced to give her ‘life counselling’ therapies by fulfilling her needs such as buying those games she likes in secret. Though she continues to be rude, bossy and demanding, she does gradually open up and feels grateful for his deeds.

Other people who knows her secret
Haruka: Her parents, Mika and her maids, Hazuki Sakurazaka and Nanami Nanashiro.
Misaki: The baka trio and subsequently later Hinata Shintani. Of course her family members too.
Kirino: Ayase, Kuroneko and Saori.

First kiss
Haruka: After lots of ‘interruptions’, they finally land their first kiss at the Ouse Cape (more like she kissed him) in episode 6 of season 2. There are other suggestive scenes that they kiss but not as clear as this one.
Misaki: As early as the 6th episode Usui kissed her before he jumped down to retrieve a picture of Misaki in a maid uniform. Oh, there are many other parts he kissed her. On her hand, her back… And they land another kiss in the final episode too when they’re alone in the classroom after the cultural festival.

Love triangle equation
Haruka: Haruka-Yuuto-Shiina. For Yuuto.
Misaki: Misaki-Usui-Hinata. For Misaki.

Her rival
Can be considered as one…
Haruka: The equally wealthy Princess Blizzard, Touka Tennouji.
Misaki: Usui and Tora Igarashi.
Kirino: Kuroneko.

Haruka: Loves the TV series, Nocturne’s School Lacrosse Club.
Misaki: Is the president of the student council body.

Fanservice scene stealer
Haruka: The one at the hotspring and the one in her Santarina outfit.
Misaki: The beach episode and the various types of cosplay outfits she don for Maid Latte’s special themed occasions.
Kirino: In her shorts, bending down looking through her stuff…

Haruka: Mamiko Noto.
Misaki: Ayumi Fujimura.
Kirino: Ayana Taketatsu.

The baka trio
Actually somewhat related to the topic but felt the need to put it in because the first 2 series had this idiotic trio.
Haruka: Nagai, Takenami and Ogawa – always having their own idiotic discussions and wishing the same thing every New Year but end up having the same bad luck.
Misaki:  Naoya Shirakawa, Ikuto Sarashina and Ryuunosuke – after losing their delinquent attitude, they frequent Maid Latte and become Misaki’s biggest fan. Albeit acting like idiots and always losing out to Usui.

I guess it’s hard living a double life. You have to worry whether or not your other identity will be busted and the consequences once that happens. For the time being, it’s safe to say that their secret will be protected. So far those who know the top secret are those considered close to her and in her circle so no worries if it will turn out into a national disaster or scandal. As time progresses, they find that it isn’t so much about their secret that they have to worry about but the boy in question. They have definitely grown in their characters and in a way are a better person than before. I’m not saying they are pretty much worse off but at least for Misaki, she learns to accept boys and not group them all as the same and hate them. As far as Haruka is concerned, she is more open about her hobbies and doesn’t have that fear when she talks about animes and mangas. Though they are still confined to the people she trusts the most. And Kirino? Let’s just say she hates her brother lesser though the sibling hate is still there. At least she’s grateful at the end. It’s okay to have a few secrets and possibly one or two people who know about them. After all, we are not perfect. Oh, as for which of these girls fare better in my opinion? That’s a secret :).


Kaichou Wa Maid-sama

October 29, 2011

When you talk about a girl having an otaku secret that nobody else should know or find out about, out thoughts will go directly to Haruka Nogizaka, right? Well, there’s another one that fits this bill but other than that, that is where the similarity ends because Kaichou Wa Maid-sama is totally different in all other aspects.

If Haruka is a rich perfect oujo-sama, then Maid-sama’s main heroine Misaki Ayuzawa is the exact opposite. Firstly, she doesn’t have the perfect manners that will make guys swoon over her. Rather, she is aggressive and demanding especially when it comes to boys. Seika High School is a public institution and was just recently opened as a co-ed school. Previously it was an all-boys school. As the only female president of the student council, she makes drastic changes with her autocratic rule to protect the low female ratio at school. Seems noble but when you step on a guy’s pride, you’re going to expect lots of trouble. Secondly, Misaki comes from a poor family. Apparently her dad vanished and left a huge debt so Misaki takes it upon herself to work hard and support her mom, Minako and younger sister Suzuna. Another reason why she enrolled in Seika is because the fees are cheap. Well, she didn’t get picked up by a filthy rich butler and being made his maid-cum-bodyguard-cum-confidante-cum-everything-else. She gets by doing a part time job that nobody else will ever know. A side that will threaten her very image if anybody knew about it. She works part time as a maid at Maid Latte. Doesn’t sound that bad, eh? But imagine her tarnished image if the delinquent boys find out about it. She can no longer push them around nor will they listen to her. Yeah, this seemed like the perfect plan for Misaki’s life but you know, life is never a bed of roses. Till she meets this popular, attractive and handsome hunk, Takumi Usui. You can say her life is going to be more unpredictable and at a drastic pace.

Episode 1
The first episode introduces all these settings. From how Misaki works hard to the top of the student council for the betterment of her female students, to other characters such as Misaki’s friends Sakura Hanazono and Shizuko Kaga to the gentle student council vice president Shouichirou Yukimura and the Maid Latte workers like the owner Satsuki (she’s actually 30 years old despite her kiddie appearance), bespectacled Subaru, college student as part time maid Erika and the one who always gets into the character of her job Honoka (often criticizes Misaki for hiding her maid job from others). Misaki continues her patrol and reprimands delinquents Naoya Shirakawa, Ikuto Sarashina and Ryuunosuke Kurosaki for their sloppy dressing and ear piercings. Then she tells of Usui for bluntly rejecting a girl’s confession instead of doing it more discreetly. She does sound like you mother-in-law, eh? We also see a different side Misaki when she dons her maid outfit. It’s like she’s a totally different person. Super moe and kawaii! This is where her life starts as a living hell. Usui spots her while she takes out the trash at Maid Latte. What are the chances this won’t spread like wild fire in school? Oh, her life is so doomed. Surprisingly Usui is seen waiting for Misaki after she finishes her shift and she tells him why she’s into this maid job due to her financial circumstances. At school, Misaki learns the kind of cool guy Usui is from Sakura and Shizuko (from their perception of course) and it seems he may not like girls because he rejects all confessions though girls are still coming in trying to ask him out. So what are the chances if he doesn’t like girls, will he like maids? Well, that really isn’t related since Usui makes a bold entrance through the front door of Maid Latte, catching Misaki by surprise. She has to serve him as her mind goes psycho wondering if he is challenging her or just fooling around. Misaki continues to work so hard that she takes all the student council responsibilities upon herself when the body couldn’t solve it. She gets sick but perseveres. Usui offers to help but she tells him to mind his own business. Then the worse possible moment as she is taking out trash at Maid Latte, her identity is further busted with the appearance of Naoya, Ikuto and Ryuunosuke. She isn’t feeling well so she can’t fight back. They’re going to get their revenge when Usui tells them off not to touch her (while holding her in his arms!). Apparently the trio apologize and back off immediately. Seems Usui has some kind of commanding presence not only on them but the entire guys at Seika. You better listen to him if you know what is good for you. Misaki wakes up back home with Minako by her side. Next day at school, she is feeling much better but asks Usui why her secret is still safe. He told the trio not to leak it out as this was some sort of his personal entertainment. Plus, he doesn’t intend to rat out her secret. She feels indebted but doesn’t know what to get him. He suggests being his maid for a day. Say what? I think he’s serious. She said anything, right?

Episode 2
The guys at Seika are causing their usual perverted nuisance against the girls. Devil Misaki locks the perpetrator in the gym but cool Usui later kicks the door down to ‘rescue’ him. The school cultural festival is near and Misaki has already set her sights what kind of festival this is going to be. Yeah, one thing is for sure. You can see her hatred for males cropping up. Her student council guys are powerless against her. She has vetoed everything. She has the final say. You can’t disagree. All is final. Some of the other guys confront Misaki about their ideas for the festival like a baseball tournament and even have taken in views from others. However Misaki isn’t budging a bit even if this event is Seika’s tradition. I guess the guys have no choice but to use their last resort: Usui. Though this isn’t what Usui wanted to do, he advises Misaki to listen to the boys. Misaki is further irritated when Usui becomes a regular patron at Maid Latte. To make things worse, the delinquent trio have also become regular customers and a big fan of Misaki. They have become so tame that they seemed like idiots now! Yeah, that’s why they are nicknamed the Baka Trio! Usui even has the guts to lift Misaki’s skirt wondering if she’s wearing any panties underneath! I guess that’s why she hates guys. Then more of Misaki’s ‘injustice’ when she shoots down the guys’ suggestion but quickly approves the girls’. Because of this, the guys plan to do something on festival day itself. On the day of the festival, Misaki patrols the school grounds for any untoward incident. She is horrified when she sees that group of opposing guys dressed in weird cosplay outfits and taking over a classroom. Usui is also taking part and dressed as a commercial pilot. Misaki will not have this nonsense continue and reprimands them outside. But the guys tell her off that she is arrogant ordering them around and that the bottom line is that she hates guys. The guys get up and leave and Misaki notices the cafe shortage of staff. With Usui’s advice ringing in her head, she swallows her pride and makes a u-turn, pleading the guys to help but they aren’t interested. Misaki goes to help the cafe herself. Unwittingly, Misaki uses her maid skills and almost got herself exposed as a professional maid. When Usui helps her out, the guys get interested to see the fun and loads of customers streaming in so they turn back and help out. At the end of the day, Misaki thanks Usui once more. He gets bold by cornering her over the tree and says he has no intention of leaking her secret because she is after all his personal maid. You’d think she’d accept that?

Episode 3
Satsuki gets this idea of turning Maid Latte into an imouto (little sister) event. This doesn’t sit well with Misaki so Honoka gives her an earful about the laws governing the world (WTF?!). Then for the coming Battle Maids theme, Satsuki asks Usui’s opinion for Misaki’s colour. Transparent dress?! Sicko! Later Usui asks the Baka Trio for their opinion. They have their own passionate opinions and got carried away by it. Misaki reprimands Yukimura when he is browsing a confiscated magazine about imoutos. Then she asks Sakura and Shizuko for their opinions and concludes that perhaps Satsuki is trying to create a tranquil environment. Misaki is still having a dilemma about this imouto event as she tells Usui about why Maid Latte is special to her. He notes that she is fine the way she is. Misaki is seemingly doing well in her imouto role at Maid Latte but she has to serve Usui making lots of unreasonable demands. As a maid-cum-imouto, you can’t refuse, can you? When Usui gets up and leave due to her bad mood, Misaki gets into her imouto character to tell him not to. She looks so cute that as though she’s a natural tsundere type! Next day at school, Usui gets another confession call from another girl. Seems he prefers to pay attention to Misaki who used her hands to save a guy from the falling ladder at the library. In the end, he tells the girl that he is a maid otaku fetish. Can you accept that? Later he confronts Misaki and knows that she is hiding the pain in her hand. He helps bandage it at the infirmary. He notices that whenever someone is in danger, she will help out regardless of whether that person is a guy or girl. She affirms it and will help out even if it is him. At Maid Latte, Usui knows Misaki is pushing herself and hopes Satsuki would look after her and not make it obvious. Satsuki also knows how hard she is working and giving all her best no matter what. Usui now knows what colour best fits Misaki: White. Because it’s like moving forward without getting other colours tainting it but at the same time, makes you want to taint her as well. And so Misaki gets the white dress for the Battle Maid and gives her merciless chop on the Baka Trio. They changed their mind to go easy on them after one of them really gets knocked out! Yes, boss!

Episode 4
Famous internet idol, Aoi Hyoudou makes her entrance at Maid Latte. She is Satsuki’s niece and though the customers swarm all over her, Satsuki isn’t impressed. Seems she got ‘disowned’, the reason why she is here. Bratty Aoi continues to selfishly do what she wants at Maid Latte by wearing the maid uniform but this isn’t a place for kids to play. Then when she first sets her eyes on Usui, well, she’s going to make that guy fall for her. Then a pinch when the cook can’t come due to an emergency. Who else can cook? Satsuki is desperate and hires Usui seeing that he can. She has him undergo a little test but he passes with superb flying colours! They’re tasting a piece of Heaven. Next day, Aoi continues to attract Usui’s attention but all she got was the usual boring swooning reaction from other customers like the Baka Trio. Usui doesn’t seem interested in her. Later Aoi spots Misaki in normal clothes when she goes off her shift so she starts getting upset that she didn’t care about her feminine side, what more seduce Usui. Say what? Next day, Aoi tries to get bold by getting close to Usui and says that she only wants him to be hers. Usui then overpowers her, wondering if she knows what that means. Then Misaki comes in and sees Usui over Aoi over the floor. Though he got punched away, Aoi gets slapped for trying to test her limits. Misaki goes on to make her realize that people will one day accept for who she is and find her cute. Then her wig falls off. AOI IS A BOY!!!!! Probably the reason why Usui was immune to her charms was because he knew ‘she’ was a he. Aoi says that though he is a boy, he likes to wear pretty dresses but everyone laughs at him for it. Even after all that lesson, Aoi didn’t change and vows to come back prettier to woo Usui’s heart. Next day, Aoi comes to Maid Latte in his usual male school uniform. Upon seeing Misaki’s casual dress, he gets riled up and instantly takes her out to get some clothes suitable for her. Then Aoi witnesses how Misaki singlehandedly arrest a snatch thief. He thinks her moves were rash. She apologizes for making him worry but that’s the way she is. She is best being herself. A tomboy and a cross-dresser. This world has gone crazy. Aoi decides to make some clothes for her. Next day at Maid Latter, the maids are taken in by the feminine dress that Misaki is wearing, though she doesn’t really feels right. Yeah, I feel the brutish Misaki fits her. Oops. Don’t hit me. She was expecting everyone to laugh at her but for Usui, he’s getting turned on! Oh, that alien pervert!

Episode 5
Satsuki hands Misaki a taser gun since recently there has been reports of stalkers assaulting maids. But Misaki declines since she can protect herself. I hope she’s strong enough when she meets a guy twice her size. One day, Satsuki attends some meeting so Misaki, Subaru and Erika are left handling the shop. But the latter duo had to leave for something so Misaki closes the shop alone. Then she felt someone grabbing her from the back and overthrows him. Turns out to be Usui. Then he tells her that she needs to be more aware of herself because she’s still a girl. After Usui left, he spots a couple of suspicious people running by the back lane. Usui is worried about Misaki so much so he ignores random women on the street asking to go out with him! Can they actually just do that? They see a handsome hunk and go ask him out. Women these days are so bold. Misaki is left alone to run Maid Latte again due to one of many Satsuki’s busy meeting schedules. However this time Misaki gets tied up for real by a pair of stalkers. That very same pair who turns out to be regular customers of Maid Latte. They’re going to make their move on her. Usui’s Misaki-in-danger sense must have led him to jump up to the second floor. He was going to bust through the windows when he saw an incredible sight. Misaki becomes stronger than Wonder Woman as she breaks free from her handcuff via brute strength (amazing!) and takes them out in a single blow! So who’s the scarier one? Yeah, she didn’t need Usui’s help all along. Though he already broke through the window. The stalkers are rounded up and reflecting on their actions. Being the otaku they are, they want to receive their punishment but Usui says Misaki is not for rent. Another reason for her to take out her frustrations. After the stalkers get picked up by the police, Misaki gives the cutest thank you to Usui. Probably it made his heart skipped. Satsuki returns but when she sees the broken window, she collapses. That’s going to cost a lot. Later Misaki gets embarrassed when she learns that the picture of her in feminine clothes is in Aoi’s handphone. And there’s more from where that came from. Poor Misaki has a hard time deleting it. Looks like she’s got a lot to catch up to be technological savvy. Too bad Aoi sent one to Usui.

Episode 6
One day, out of the blue, Misaki gets 5 disciples. I don’t know how this came about but they really want Misaki to be their master and learn everything about her. I don’t know too if they’re clones because they all look and sound the same. It’s annoying enough that they follow her everywhere, taking down notes on everything she does (mostly all the brutish ones). But they crossed the line when they want to follow her to her part time job. Thankfully with Usui’s help, they give them the slip. At Maid Latte, Usui earns enough points to challenge Misaki and beat her to take a commemorative photo with her. The Baka Trio also got enough points and after seeing Usui victorious, get confident of doing the same to beat Misaki but was no match for her. Try again. Next day at school, more annoyance from the ever-following followers. But good thing is that they always support Misaki no matter what. But each time when it comes down to following her to her part time job, Usui is always there at the right place, right time to give them the slip. At the rooftop, Misaki mentions how she is afraid of letting them know of her maid identity as she thinks it will destroy their hopes and image of her once it is blown. She doesn’t want to disappoint those who are good to her. Usui won’t. But he teases her when he takes out that photo. During the struggle to snatch it back, the photo fell off and close to the clones. Usui will go take it back before they see it. How? He’s going to take the shortest and fastest route by jumping down! IS HE CRAZY?! HOW MANY FLOORS IS THAT?! So why is he doing this? Not just because she said so, but also because he likes her! Then he kisses her! OMG! Didn’t see that one coming! Then he jumps off! OH SH*T! He really did it! Misaki starts to panic as she rushes down. He finds him just coming out of the pool. Though he is messed up, the trees broke his fall and more importantly, he has the photo safe in his grasp. Then the disciples come by, wondering what just happened. Misaki is ready to reveal her secret but Usui quickly covers her mouth and cheekily wonders if it is the way he keeps her after school, shocking the disciples. They start dreaming that Misaki is Usui’s cool bodyguard and won’t interfere. Usui recuperates in hospital and reveals that he didn’t want Misaki’s revealed because he doesn’t want more fans. Imagine if more people know about her maid job and love her for it, that will mean more rivalry, right? He wants her to take care of him in a maid outfit but she gets embarrassed and storms off.

Episode 7
Misaki is a little clumsy since that kiss is clouding her mind. To her surprise, Usui is released early from hospital and pays her a visit at Maid Latte. He gets flirty but she pushes him away. Her heart is confused when she gets a call from Sakura. Seems some of the Seika guys are involved in a street fight with the student council of a prestigious school, Miyabigaoka. Seika’s guys don’t want to apologize so the Miyabigaoka’s Hirofumi Koganei expects them to come to their school to do so or else this will turn into a school conflict. Misaki is already having her hands full on how to solve the situation. She gets jumpy whenever Usui’s face gets close to hers. Usui can tell she is troubled so he kisses unsuspecting Yukimura on the lips!!! SH********T!!! His first kiss went to a guy but Misaki feels better now that Usui’s just a sexual harassing moron. Misaki along with the Seika delinquents with Usui head to Miyabigaoka and in Koganei’s chess club, the duo remains adamant not wanting to apologize. However when Koganei calls them ‘flies’, Misaki gets upset and wants him to apologize first. Seeing this is getting nowhere, he challenges them to a game of chess and if they beat him, he’ll take back his words. Only Usui has played chess before and volunteers. Even if this Koganei is some high ranking national professional chess player, Usui didn’t care much about it and soon makes that guy sweating in his own pants. In the end, Usui easily wins and sends him reeling in shame. And no, he did not take back his words after all. Koganei tells the danger Seika is to his student council president Tora Igarashi but he got splashed by water for being too noisy. Next day, Igarashi visits Seika in a grand manner. However he is polite and full of manners when speaking with Misaki. He is here to apologize on his student’s unruly behaviour behalf. My, he’s such a gentleman. Then he witnesses Misaki unleashing her brute side when she overthrows a naughty student. He is impressed by her might and beauty but he is here for another reason. He is here to invite her to join Miyabigaoka’s student council. Everything from her school fees will be taken care of and she needs not pay back anything! Wow. A deal too good to be refused. And Igarashi is dead serious on this. When Igarashi goes back into his limo, we see his true colours. He is interested in Misaki but has some ulterior motive and wants his vice president, Kanade Maki to keep a close watch on her. Maid Latte’s theme today is butlers and only female customers are allowed in. Misaki must be having the joy of her life because she’s surrounded by so many female customers. I hope she’s not into that kind of stuff. Usui notices Misaki quite happy as she mentions how she is a guy at heart. Usui gives her another life lesson when he undresses himself in front of her. Hey, they’re both guys, right? So being topless together won’t be an issue. Because Misaki can’t do it, Usui notes that she is a girl after all. Meanwhile Maki has come back with reports on Misaki and Igarashi is surprised to find out about her maid job. He has a surprise welcoming ceremony all laid out.

Episode 8
Maki visits Misaki at her home and presents her with lavish gifts in hopes of persuading her to join their student council. At first she has no intention of joining but when he mentions that Suzuna’s future can be taken care of as well, Misaki falls into a dilemma. If she thinks her own Seika guys don’t care about her, she gets a pleasant surprise that the delinquent duo stood up for her because she protected them and tells off others who badmouth Misaki. She thinks hard day and night before coming to a decision. She is at Miyabigaoka when Sakura calls her. She hangs up. They feel they’ve been relying too much on Misaki and if they want to snatch her back, they can’t lose to Miyabigaoka. They go rally up some support from the student council to go over to Miyabigaoka. Misaki meets Igarashi and is to reply to his offer when one of the students accidentally trips and spills the drink all over her. After she takes a shower, she finds her clothes missing but Igarashi says he has taken them to the dry cleaners so she’ll have to make do with a revealing maid outfit. She was reluctant to put it on so Igarashi thinks she is injured and wants to come in. Misaki has no choice but to hurriedly put it on. But she’s a pro in wearing those kind of outfits so she’s perfect. Then her fears start to realize when Igarashi asks her if she enjoys dressing up as so and shows a picture of her Maid Latte uniform. He continues to mock her that he felt disappointed in her since she fell for this easily. He takes out a suitcase of money and throws it at her, thinking she’s in for the cash. He overpowers her and says that she is no different than other useless women. However Misaki isn’t going to let this slip by and tells him off about looking down on others. Plus, she is here to turn down his offer to join Miyabigaoka and has no intention of stepping down as Seika’s student council president. Igarashi’s grip is hard so much so she can’t get herself loose. As his face gets closer, Misaki could only call out to Usui’s name. Speaking of the devil, he barges in (man, he took out all the guards stationed outside?). He snatches her away from Igarashi’s hands and they leave. Usui praises her for standing her ground well before descending into his usual teasing. Once they reach the outside gates, Misaki is surprised to see all her Seika friends greeting her. They are glad that she has come back to them. But this isn’t going to be the last time we’ll see Igarashi. He still has something sinister up his sleeves.

Episode 9
Totally a filler episode with no relation whatsoever to the story. If you know the popular Japanese folklore called Momotarou, take heart that this is a twisted version of it using the series’ characters. Of course who else to fit the main hero better than Misaki? Yeah, she looks like a samurai girl. She goes on a journey to hunt and destroy a monster responsible for capturing ladies. Along the way she meets the Baka Trio as the dog, monkey and pheasant and Usui the… Ringmaster? They arrive at the village but they see men fighting among themselves. Seems without women, all the guys didn’t bath nor have anyone doing their laundry so they stink. They really stink, I tell you. Stink so much that they look pathetic. So they take a boat to the monster’s island and along the way meet Suzuna as Otohime, Aoi as the turtle and battle Igarashi and his crew of pirates. When they finally reach the island, they see all the ladies dressing up as maids. Then Misaki gets the surprise of her life when Usui turns out to be the monster because all the ladies address him as their master. Misaki prepares to cut that fellow down but the girls say that she has misunderstood. They came to live on this island on their own as they can’t stand their own lives back there. They are satisfied with everything here and that’s how Usui’s house was taken over. He wants Misaki to go out with him and against her will, they both became a couple and go on a journey. And all these turn out to be Misaki’s nightmare because Usui is letting her listen to this crappy story while she’s asleep on her desk.

Episode 10
Sakura is a devoted fan of the band Yumenishi and particularly in love with their lead vocalist, Kuuga Sakurai. Misaki accepts Sakura’s invitation for a tea party with Yumenishi. Uninterested Shizuko is made to tag along. The Baka Trio are working part time so they can earn and spend more time at Maid Latte but to their surprise see Misaki at the cafe where they’re working. What’s more, the quartet of Yumenishi becoming their blind dates. Misaki is happy seeing Sakura’s joyous face. But it seems Kuuga as he tells his bassist Kou that he is more interested in Misaki. The Baka Trio start panicking when they eavesdrop this. Kuuga invites Misaki to their concert and totally ignores Sakura. Misaki declines but he keeps pestering. Later as Misaki refreshes herself at the washroom, Kuuga and Kou confront her. She asks about Sakura and he merely tells her that he is doing this out of fan service. He doesn’t have any feelings for her and will have to reject her. Kuuga closes up on shocked Misaki but is interrupted with Usui coming in between them. Oh? He’s working here too? Actually he was passing by, heard it all and stole the uniform of one of the Baka Trio. After Kuuga leaves, Usui mentions that he is possessive when Misaki relates the problem she is facing now. Kuuga goes back to the table as Sakura continues to be the eager beaver fan. But she soon realizes that Kuuga is not interested in her because he asks her to bring Misaki to the concert and starts praising her. Sakura tries to hold back her tears while putting on a happy face but she can’t hold back any longer as she stood up. Kuuga wonders if she is mad at him and Misaki too since she did the same. Misaki chides him for his attitude and grabs his necktie and tells him off she will never hand Sakura to the likes of him. Shizuko who has been staying quiet and ignorant all the time blows her top and gives them an earful about being considerate. They leave as cry-baby Sakura finds comfort in Misaki’s arms. She says the next time she falls in love, she wants a guy who pats her head like this. As for the Yumenishi guys, they are having bad service from the Baka Trio. So only now make your useless appearance, eh? I find it odd that the other Yumenishi guys, guitarist Shou and drummer William just sat there like a rock doing nothing! It’s like they’re part of the furniture.

Episode 11
Usui helps Minako pick up her dropped apples. This leads him to Misaki’s house. Oh boy. Not only does he know where she works but now where she lives. She can’t even have peace in the sanctuary of her own home. Usui proves himself useful by fixing the broken floor boards so much so they can be assured that there will be never the same hole at that spot again. Sakura and Shizuko spot Usui and Misaki coming out of the house together and think that they’re a couple. Sakura pesters Misaki to tell everything though she denies that everything is just a misunderstanding. Disappointed? Then they discuss the kind of life he lives and is interested to find out his address (at least for Sakura). So when Misaki gets off early from Maid Latte, she spots Sakura and Shizuko in horrible poor disguises trying to tail Usui to his home from Maid Latte. All the places he went turn out to be true from what Sakura fantasizes! From a high class swimming club to high class boutique and to a super high class restaurant. They think he’s meeting up with some hot chick but she meets someone else and Usui is just eating by himself. Why does Misaki feel relieved? Then as they continue to tail him like stalkers, they see him do weird stuff like playing shogi with old folks and help children cross the street. Just who is this dude? At the end of the day, Sakura and Shizuko got tired and went home. Misaki spots Usui looking at an abandoned kitten in a box. He’s not good with animals so the kitty scratches his face. Usui reveals that he knew they were tailing him all day and led them on a wild goose chase. Now that explains why everything he did was random and unrelated. After learning all Misaki wants is his address, he hands it to her on a piece of paper. See, just that simple if she had just ask in the first place. Usui returns to his high-rise but seemingly barren apartment with the kitten.

Episode 12
It’s the sports festival and for the obstacle race, the first prize is to kiss Sakura! Boo hoo! Which guy would pass up this chance? So leave it to Misaki to save the day. Yeah, she’s going to enter and win it to protect her lips. Not only that, she enters every race and wins. The other guys are no match for her since Usui isn’t interested in participating. Misaki is tired but soldiers on for the last obstacle race. Of course Usui can’t let his personal maid suffer so he too enters the race. With the number of participants and kiss hopefuls reducing drastically, it becomes a three-horse race between Usui, Misaki and Gouda. Gouda plays dirty to knock Misaki off her feet but Usui is there to save her when it matters most. Usui catches up and beats Gouda to the finish line. While he is sulking, Misaki crosses it to take 2nd place. Usui gives the reward to Misaki so Sakura pecks her on her cheek. Gouda is frustrated and thinks he should’ve come in second! Next up is the costume race, an event for those who aren’t sports inclined. Misaki gets this sinking feeling about this race but nevertheless wants to participate to protect the other girls. Of course will Usui not join in? Yukimura is also in since he is glad the school has made events for those without athletic abilities. The race starts with participants picking a random sack and must change into it before dashing to the finish line. Of all the costumes, it must be fate for Misaki because she ended up with a maid outfit!!! But it’s better than those embarrassing weird outfits the other guys have to don. Since the tent is dark, Misaki’s sack got mixed up with Yukimura’s. So he goes out with the maid outfit. Hey, he looks damn cute! Then all the guys start teasing him, stopping him dead on his tracks. Misaki wants to go out to give them a piece of her mind but Usui reminds her that if she goes out without changing, she will be disqualified. He continues about change when someone does his best. Misaki is pumped up, takes off her top and changes into her outfit. Yukimura trips along his way while the others continue to laugh. Then he is helped out by a pirate samurai (Misaki) and ninja (Usui). Misaki tells them off what’s wrong for being serious in this costume race as the trio cross the finish line together. While Usui bandages Misaki’s sore feet, she ponders about bringing up improvements for the costume race at the meeting. Usui commends her for her hard work and kisses her hand, surprising her. And as for that maid outfit, it actually belongs to the Baka Trio. They made it especially for Misaki to wear it when somehow it got lost (they were searching for it the entire day). Imagine their broken hearts when they find it all torn up. All their heart and soul into it…

Episode 13
Gouki Aratake beats up his underlings. But he’s not satisfied as the boss of Seisen Middle School because he hasn’t surpassed the Whirlwind White Demon who was Naoya. So when they visit Seika, they are surprised to see Naoya acting like a moe idiot. Is this really him? Hey, why is Yukimura cross-dressing as a girl? Forced to? Aratake mistaken Yukimura for Naoya’s girlfriend and kidnaps him! Misaki and Usui learn about this and head over to Seisen to rescue him. Guess what? This is where Aoi goes to school. The Baka Trio are still clueless about Aoi’s internet persona as Aoi tells about this school’s gangsterism. There was once a big group before he enrolled and were united but now broken up. Yukimura is being held at an abandoned building. Attempts to tell Aratake that he’s a guy just couldn’t work. He couldn’t believe a cutie like him isn’t a girl! Aoi has a plan instead of barging into the place in their school uniform. That is, to act out a gangster scene. Why does it feel like they’re acting in a film? However their plan backfires when they get unwanted help and advice from passing Suzuna and later Satsuki, Sakura and Shizuko. Yeah, Misaki’s disciples are there too. Aratake waits for Naoya to show up and remembers how he lived up to his nickname. When Aratake was cornered by bullies, Naoya showed up and beat them all up. Then Naoya told him the way to solve things is via violence and when a kid looks up to someone as cool as him, you’d believe every word he says. Aratake’s subordinates begin to doubt Naoya since after he graduated, he went into hiding. They don’t think Aratake fits to be their leader. He punches him. That’s when the calvary arrives. The Baka Trio continue to be their frolicking carefree selves. Brings back nostalgic memories, eh? Then Naoya and Aratake start trading punches. Usui holds back Misaki because this is between those guys. Fighting to them is like a form of communication. Aratake is defeated and everyone welcomes back Naoya. Aratake mentions all he wanted was to be as strong as his hero. Then when he learns that Misaki is Naoya’s boss in school (because she tore out his earring), they bow in respect for her upon Naoya’s whim. They mistook her meido (maid) title for meido of Hades/hell (same pronunciation but different writing). And with everything ending well, there’s a little tiny bit left that they forgot. Yukimura! Yeah, poor guy sitting all alone in the dark totally forgotten.

Episode 14
Misaki is happy because she has been hearing comments on the street that Seika is less scary than before. Hard work paid off, eh? Then odd things begin to happen when her student council members start doing careless mistakes they don’t usually do like misplacing the accounts books or dressing like a delinquent. Then Misaki hears the broadcast playing a rather sleepy music. She enters and sees a guy in a hood, Soutarou Kanou claiming that he is running some kind of test. However he soon hypnotizes her and orders her to embarrass herself in front of others. Seems this guy has a problem with girls because he feels Seika doesn’t need more females. Misaki wakes up at the infirmary with Usui by her side and she’s acting all drunk. She even starts seducing him but Usui is not amused and ties her up. Usui senses something amiss and suspects that Kanou guy because well, he’s acting strange. Who wouldn’t suspect anything from a hooded guy in this kind of heat? Usui confronts Kanou and knows his interesting technique. Kanou uses hypnotism on him but it doesn’t work. Usui grabs his shirt and then lets him go. Later when Misaki learns about this, she confronts Kanou and his grudge against girls. As long as she is Seika’s president, she is bent on increasing the number of girls in this school. Too bad she got hypnotized again. By the time Usui finds out about this and rushes down, Kanou has already told Misaki that she will hate Usui to bits at 5pm tomorrow. Well actually, it isn’t different than before, right? But Usui is testing her patience because he calls her non-stop back home. Even right in the dead hours of the night. He tries to get psychological on her by wanting her to like him! Kanou is on the prowl again. He hypnotizes Yukimura so that he could give Misaki drowsy medicine instead of blueberry supplements. Later Usui finds Misaki half conscious at the rooftop. She gets this weird idea of wanting him to hit her so that she’ll hit him back and feel refreshed. Huh? Of course he would never hit her. She realizes that she hasn’t thanked him properly for what he has done at the festivals. She nods off as Usui notes he doesn’t want to be hated by her and will come to her rescue no matter how many times it takes. Kanou is pretty confident his plans are turning out the way he expected it.

Episode 15
However Kanou gets surprised when Misaki isn’t asleep yet. She stands up and claims that she got infuriated after hearing more and more of Usui’s pervertness. She understands why he hates girls now and tells him to get ready for punishment. Misaki organizes an open house cafe since there will be girls from other schools paying a visit. All the girls will be helping out and for physically demanding tasks, they will have Kanou do it. Much to his dismay because he is surrounded by girls. Kanou tries several times to escape but he can’t escape the watchful eye of the demon (you know who)! Misaki observes Kanou and concludes that though he is avoiding girls, he doesn’t treat them like enemies. Plus, he isn’t allergic to them either. On the day of the school tour, Misaki leads the group of girls but with Usui around, they’re more distracted to him than anything else. Misaki gets an idea and has Usui help out with the demoralized sports club. In no time, all the sports club tussle for Usui’s attention to bring in some recruitment. Yeah, he excels in all of them. Meanwhile Kanou’s phobia in women is starting to creep him out even though they’re being totally nice to him. Kanou isn’t amused when the girls put on a bunny butler outfit on him. He pours his complaints to Misaki. Flashback reveals that his dad told him girls are fragile and easily broken. That’s what happened to his mom when she left home. Although he knows that this is not true, the trauma and fear that he might break them easily still prevents him from approaching girls. But as Misaki points out, he should’ve realized that within the past few days he has been working with them, they aren’t as fragile as he thought. With one of the girls having issues with fear of men, this is Kanou’s chance to stop running away from his problem and help her out. He casts his hypnotism spell on her. In the end, she gives off a laughter but feels she isn’t afraid anymore. Misaki commends Kanou for doing well and as promised, she forgives all that he has done to her. And with Kanou’s part done, now she has to deal with Usui, who wants his reward for the day’s workout. Since a simple thank you won’t do, she pats him on his head. Is that enough? Well, he wants to ‘attack’ her. Of course not! Lastly, Kanou gains respect for Yukimura because he was dressed as a girl all day long and nobody found out he was a guy. Well actually he couldn’t find his uniform and change out of this. From now on, I noticed that Yukimura and Kanou will be always together like an inseparable pair. Though, don’t expect any yaoi BL stuff between them.

Episode 16
Maid Latte takes a trip to the beach. Too bad for those Baka Trio. Their happiness turned into despair when they learn Maid Latte will be temporarily closed for the summer. Satsuki’s younger but tanned sister, Nagisa runs a beach house there. Aoi is here since he got ‘disowned’ again. He is being made to work so he has no choice but to do so, so that he can return home (and cross-dress too). And what the heck is Usui doing here? Well, Satsuki requested his presence and he’d do anything if it involves Misaki. As the girls have fun, they realize that Nagisa’s beach house lacks customers since it is the furthest away. In order to boost publicity, the Maid Latte girls go into action. Serving maids in swimsuits? A definite sure kill. With the crowd coming in, Misaki goes to help. Usui did something sneaky by kissing her back! With this, she won’t have the courage to go out with a kiss mark on her back! Thus she has to wear a t-shirt over her bikini. That night as they celebrate over BBQ, they think of going to the hotspring nearby since Satsuki has free tickets. Wicked Honoka starts spouting haunted stories of the place, causing Misaki to start shivering though she did put up a lousy act to hide it. But she is more afraid of the kiss mark on her back being seen so she passes this one. After everyone has left, Usui finds her sulking and blaming him. Then she realizes Satsuki and gang have forgotten to take the free tickets and takes it upon herself to deliver it to them alone even if she’s afraid of ghosts. While walking through the dark path, she suddenly sees a ghostly like and is scared out of her wits. Turns out to be Usui with a lamp. He locked up the shop and decided to go with her. Noticing that she is breathing heavily and recuperating from the shock, Usui hugs her. It seems to calm her though she continues to call him an idiot. Then more surprise for Misaki when Aoi spots them hugging while he’s walking back from the convenience store. He is irritated that they won’t admit that they’re dating and that she likes him, in which Misaki vehemently denies that they’re even a couple. When Misaki finally delivers the tickets to Satsuki, she learns that these are extra free tickets. Oh, all for nothing. Nothing but shock treatment along the way.

Episode 17
Nagisa still doesn’t like the way Aoi cross-dresses but will allow him to do so if he wins today’s beach volleyball contest. He wants to pair with Nagisa since she was the champion but due to the age limit, he has to find someone else. Seeing how serious Aoi is, Misaki decides to be his partner. But Usui gets worried when the winner will also get to be a beach princess for tonight’s festival. That means lots of people will be taking memorial photos. Yeah, I’m sure he doesn’t want anybody else to do even keep photos of his personal maid. He doesn’t want her to go but she is adamant that she’ll participate. Misaki is surprised that Usui is also participating and is pairing with Erika. Misaki-Aoi hammers their opponent into oblivion. No chance at all! As expected, they progress to the final round against Usui-Erika. Usui is proving to be a hard nut to crack and making Misaki and Aoi running around. Misaki notices this and thinks back at all the times Usui helped her out but unwittingly yells out why he has to be the enemy this time round. Then Misaki trips when she tries to return a serve and her back threatens to hit against the pole. I don’t know how but Usui was faster than The Flash as he uses his body to cushion Misaki’s fall, letting his own body hit hard against the pole. Bruised? Definitely. Misaki feels guilty for obtaining victory this way and in a way follows Usui around instead of joining the congratulatory festival. Usui continues to tease her but lets her know he doesn’t want to see Misaki in costumes that will make other guys happy since it is likely they have weird ideas of their own. That’s the reason why he tried hard to win. Misaki thinks Aoi’s predicament is more important but to Usui, she is more important. We could have the first kissing scene but the fireworks distracted them. They return to the rest and see Aoi happy because she was made the queen of the festival. Everyone takes a commemorative photo. As for the Baka Trio, they are waiting outside closed Maid Latte, lamenting their ill fate for Misaki to return.

Episode 18
Misaki remembers her debt to Usui for the festivals. Yeah, he still wants her to be his personal maid a day. While Misaki is working at Maid Latte, Maki suddenly shows up with intentions to buy this shop. His family runs a chain of famous high class restaurants and after their study, they figure this is the best spot for their target audience. They plan to open an English theme butler cafe. That means they will have to tear down this place. Misaki thinks this is some sort of revenge since Igarashi shows his face but he’s here to support him. Plus, if they have any doubts of the quality of butlers, they are invited to the footman audition next week. Maki wants Satsuki to consider and if she’s unhappy with the compensation amount, he’s happy to renegotiate. As they leave, Misaki confronts Igarashi outside about his ploy. Usui pulls her back before he toys with her. Igarashi asserts that he’s just watching over Maki opening his first shop and is serious. Misaki is also serious that everyone at Maid Latte works hard. Igarashi mocks her if she’s going to be a professional maid once she graduates. He suggests she fights Maki for ownership and a good chance to see how she treats her customers. However there is a catch. No girls allowed at the audition. Will Misaki let this slip by? Of course not. She cross-dresses as a guy along with Subaru (because she’s flat chest. Sorry). The audition is crowded with footmen-wannabes. To cut down the number of participants, since this is a two-member team competition, the first task is to carry one’s partner while running a marathon. The first 50 will pass. Satsuki is grateful that they’re going this far for her but Misaki says that they’re not going to lose even before it starts. Misaki-Subaru of course passes but they also meet the Baka Trio and Kanou-Yukimura who are also participating. Want to take a good guess who that guy in a cat mask is? The next round pits the teams with lots of hard work like moving tableware, pot cleaning and glass polishing. But the next part Misaki dreads because they have 1 minute to change into tailcoats. Subaru couldn’t change in time and lets loose a girly scream. Everyone gets suspicious to hear a girl’s voice. They suspect it’s those cat mask people. Turns out to be Usui and Aoi. However Aoi is disqualified since he is not a high school student. Then attention turns to Subaru and she too is disqualified after she admits she is a girl. The partners will also be automatically disqualified but Igarashi is one of the judges feel that it would be waste to let such talented people slip by and suggests Usui and Misaki form a pair but must meet the requirement. Usui admits his age and gender. Misaki is stutters at first but admits that she is a guy and convinces them by putting Usui’s palm on her chest! Since he comments how flat it is, everyone is convinced.

Episode 19
Thus the second half of the audition continues. They are to set a glamorous table suitable for an afternoon tea and are free to use any tableware and food. Surprisingly Usui is more knowledgeable in setting what kind of food and its position. During the break, Yukimura goes over to Usui and is surprised to see him but Usui feigns he is a different person. Yukimura believes it! Misaki is in a dilemma which toilet to enter: Male or female. Passing Igarashi just gives off a snicker. With the audition resuming, each team are given a number which corresponds to their turn to serve the judge posing as a customer. They are to show their loyalty and elegance in the strictest manner. Well, Misaki-Usui got the one right at the end so there’s enough time. Unfortunately Misaki got surprised with Yukimura’s sudden appearance and in fear that her cover will be blown, she trips off the ring. Again Usui comes to her rescue by using his body as soft landing. Though his hand is injured, he is okay to carry on. It occurred to me that since they have time, why didn’t Usui get it treated at least a bit instead of waiting for everyone else to finish their turn. Of course it worsens lah! Misaki feels guilty and tries not to add to his burden during their turn. With Maki as the customer, Misaki does every physical task in Usui’s place, arousing Maki’s suspicion. Usui remains calm and will do anything his master wishes so Maki wants him to play the violin. Maki wants to enjoy this longer so Misaki’s mind again starts to go into that conflict. Usui seems pale but he soldiers on. She stops Usui and tells Maki about his injury. Maki chides her wilful act for making him stop what he is doing even if he has to will to do so. But Misaki earnestly tells him when there are others who are supporting you, you may want to support them back. She has come this far because of their support and the reason why they’re able to satisfy their customers is because of this atmosphere they have. That’s why she loves that ship and excuses herself. Misaki needs to contact an ambulance to take Usui to hospital (now his hand has swollen a lot). Misaki thanks Satsuki so the latter asks what would she do if the location and appearance of Maid Latte changes. She replies she’ll go anywhere and to her aid if she needs her help. Satsuki thanks her and is fortunate to have such good employees. Igarashi finds Maki spacing out. He thinks about his uncompromising policy and the strict English society rules he was brought up to follow and thought customers would be satisfied with that. He lost his direction after listening to Misaki. Igarashi says that there are other top grade locations and will gladly give part of his land for his shop. Which means Maid Latte stays so he can learn from it too. Satsuki must be over the moon since Maki has withdrawn his proposal to buy over. Meanwhile Misaki pays Usui a visit at his apartment. She makes porridge for him and though it sucks, he still eats it because it was made by her. Yeah, and feed him too since he can’t use his hand. Misaki mentions that she’s quite reliant on him even though she wants to repay his debts, all she can do are these useless stuffs. Usui hugs her and comments she’s sly. He also says he’s reliant on her because to him, she is wonderful. Lastly, Yukimura is devastated that he got disqualified but oddly Kanou passed. Although they were a pair…

Episode 20
Yukimura’s little sister, Ruri dreams of being a princess. But Yukimura doesn’t seem like the person who would fit her criteria. He doesn’t look like a prince. At least she doesn’t have onii-chan complex. Sorry, my bad. So what is her ideal vision of a prince? Usui! Yeah, just like any other girl who sets her eyes on him, they fall in love with him and want to marry him. Ruri is no different. Thus Yukimura wants to regain that princely image she once had of him by asking Misaki and Usui’s help (she only looked up to her brother at that one time since he’s friends with the ‘prince’). Usui meets Ruri on their date while Misaki, Aoi, Yukimura and Kanou spy from behind. He seems pretty boring but still has his charm. Like when Ruri tripped, he didn’t do anything but she is all happy when he helps her up to the clinic. Can’t blame Usui for not being interested in doing this. Yeah, he’s not a lolicon. So much so the other girls think how great he is for this little girl to have a cool brother. Not some pedo guy if it’s somebody else. Misaki gets this conclusion that Usui may turn into a pervert and steal Yukimura’s position as her brother so she has this plan to make Usui the bad guy while Yukimura comes in as a hero to save her. Aoi even has a camera and some extra actors (Baka Trio – but they flop as fast as they arrive) as well. Due to the previous ‘trauma’, they start hiding when Sakura, Shizuko and Satsuki pass by. Misaki acts as a heartbroken princess being tossed away by Usui and enters this love triangle. He plays along but Ruri knows it’s her dumb brother behind it and hates him. Then she runs into a restaurant and causes some kind of havoc. I don’t know how but she made the cabinet fall. If not for Usui holding it and Yukimura covering her, she could’ve been a flat loli. But Ruri still thinks it’s their fault for ruining her day. Yukimura puts his foot down for being selfish. Both siblings then made up and she apologizes. Ruri goes home with Yukimura and notices that Usui’s princess isn’t her but you-know-who. Yukimura also notices that Ruri has shown a little maturity on her side. Later, Aoi dressed as a girl is shooting a promotional video of herself. Since Yukimura and Kanou do not recognize him, he has them help out. Yeah, the Baka Trio are also in. They go on filming but Aoi feels something is still lacking. Flower petals? Yeah, he has the Baka Trio collect them. Like counting sand, eh? He has Yukimura and Kanou get some stuffed toy animals. Aoi comes back in a maid outfit but she scorns them for comparing her with a certain type of maid. As they continue with their antics, Aoi takes out the chip from the camera when an unruly guy bumps into her, causes her to drop it to the bushes below. Aoi leaps to catch it but was grabbed in time by Misaki. Seems she was chasing that snatch thief. Everyone offers to help find the chip but he wants to be left alone. He thinks they hate him because he said mean things to them. But they don’t mind it especially the Baka Trio since they always insult each other (that’s how they talk). They don’t find her words insulting and like people who speak their mind. Then they start calling each other idiots and end up fighting. Truth hurts, eh? Misaki beats them up and could understand why Aoi finds them irritating. But Aoi laughs. As for her chip, it fell into Usui’s hands. Yeah, he’s sleeping on the bench below. Though Aoi has better perception on them, but would they want to be her servants? Maybe the Baka Trio would…

Episode 21
A glutton, Hinata Shintani transfers to Seika. As usual, Misaki turns into devil reprimanding the sports club guys leaving behind their awful stench in the building. They will have to participate in a mass cleaning tomorrow whether they like it or not. Because of Yukimura’s feminine touch (I guess he’s good with this now) of suggesting to prepare onigiri for them, they couldn’t refuse. But now they have a problem to make large servings of onigiris. Leave it to Misaki to think up of something. Later Kanou approaches Misaki and wonders if she’s dating Usui. Denial mode on! This leads to him thinking if she’s not his girlfriend, why did she visit him and make him porridge? She shrugs it off as debt repayment and nothing more. Later Kanou sees Usui. Yeah, another love letter in his shoe locker so he wants Kanou to go on his behalf! No way! Kanou asks that if he finds all this confession troublesome, shouldn’t he get into a relationship? Perhaps a certain demon president? Usui says he is tired of it and it’s troublesome when you get serious about it. Next day, Misaki and the student council body make onigiris. Only Misaki sucks. Is that an iron ball? Anyway all the tired guys stampede for the share of their grub. Till Misaki becomes her demon self, everyone flees for their lives. At the end of the day, Misaki is the only one eating her own onigiri as she nods off. Oh wait, make that another person: Usui. He pecks her on her head. Kanou is further puzzled by their actions and wonders why they have to lie and not take a step further. Next day as Misaki ponders about the mysterious disappearance of her onigiri, speaking of somebody falling out of the sky, turns out to be Shintani trying to bite bread crust! Not wanting to waste precious food? But this desperate? Oh, this guy is transferred into Misaki’s class and he gets off with a weird start. He can smell any kind of food no matter how hidden and wants to eat it! With those puppy dog eyes, I guess the teacher can’t even help but let him do so. Till Misaki steps in. Then he cries like a baby. She even confiscates his precious bag of bread crusts! Then Sakura and Shizuko report to Misaki that Shintani is in trouble. Well actually, more like having fun. Seems the guys are fascinated with his accurate food description and each time he guesses correctly, they give him the snack. Let’s say his record is 100% and he has amassed lots of them, happily munching them away. During that we learn his parents passed away and lived with his grandpa who works on a farm. With his appetite, grandpa jokes his entire plantation won’t be enough this way but he took it seriously and thus the reason why he decided to move back to the place he once lived. Plus, he is here to look for the girl he first fell in love with (wanna bet who that is?). How does he know which girl? Heck, he knew he made this promise line to her: “I’ll follow Misaki-chan forever”. That narrows it down a lot. Fate, huh? Then Misaki starts to remember. Yup, he is that fat kid (how the heck did he slim down after chowing down so much food?! It’s a mystery!) she used to play with. She used to call him You-kun because she misread his kanji name. While Sakura is ecstatic with her past date, Usui doesn’t seem happy with this new rival. Then while Shintani overviews the scenery from a tree, he slips. Misaki calls out to his old name but Shintani as agile as a cat lands on his feet. He could be representing Japan at the world gymnastics championship. He asks her name and once he realizes it is her, he hugs her! Seriously?! Yeah, seriously.

Episode 22
The Baka Trio and other guys are looking forward to their outdoor trip. Yeah, paradise they say. However it turns out to be one boring temple-cleaning-soul-searching trip. As Misaki pointed out, this tradition was probably handed down by disappointed souls who have gone through this utter boredom as revenge. So it’s work, work and more work and no play. But for the girls, they’re interested in Misaki’s love and thus her motivation on this trip is to talk about love topics with her. Shintani seems to be to only one who can stand up to Usui where other guys fear him. Because of his airheadness, that’s why. Misaki finds Shintani searching the warehouse without permission. For what? For food. Yeah, with the stingy temple not generous with the food amount he gets (at least to him), he needs to eat his fill. Then as expected, they got locked in. Shintani’s in a dilemma on what to do because you know when a young boy and girl locks themselves inside, who knows what can happen. There are a few close-call scenes but nothing suggestive like how he wants her to look at him as a man. And as expected, Usui can find Misaki anywhere, any time. He ‘kidnaps’ her and hearing what has happened, he’ll look at Shintani as a man (read sarcasm). After 3 days, Misaki thinks the guys won’t have enough energy to fool around (even the Baka Trio have reached ‘Nirvana’) but her pals caution that the girls will meet a dreaded fate on the fourth day. But it seems Shintani and Usui still have enough energy to ‘fight’ among themselves. Misaki takes them outside to reflect upon their actions so this is when Usui starts calling Shintani, Sanshita (underling). Shintani asks if he’s dating Misaki but he mentions if it was so, he wouldn’t be doing such troublesome things. On the fourth day, it is raining heavy as the girls realize the curse. Seems the guys are so unsatisfied, they have become somewhat like zombies, losing their senses and are going to unleash their pent up desires on the girls. Yeah, they’re going to assault them! Any girl is fine! The girls are placed in a separate area but the heavy rains prevent the teachers from setting up barricades. Misaki fears the worse so she goes out alone to ask the teachers for the next best step while promising the girls she will return. On her way, she meets the guys. Shintani tagged along because he thought it would be fun playing cards with the girls. But do these guys look like they’re going to be just satisfied with playing cards? The guys begin their attack on Misaki so she fights them. However it’s going to be tough because all they need is just one guy to pass through her and to the chick’s den. But with Usui siding on Misaki’s side, the guys cower and run away. Don’t want to mess with him. You can’t beat Misaki-Usui combo. Oh, count Shintani in too. Misaki returns to the girls, much to their relief. Later she meets up with Usui. He corners her and asks if Shintani is special to her. She says that they’re just childhood friends so it’s normal she is on better terms than other guys. Plus, she’s always concerned about him since he’s an idiot getting into all sorts of mess. But she notes Usui is even more troublesome. Probably he took it as a compliment and was going to peck her forehead when his stomach growls. Need so much energy to keep up with that Shintani guy, eh? But the guys are disheartened because Shintani has eaten all their portion! Now they’re going crazy once more! Yeah, they’re hallucinating a sexy meat! Oh, Yukimura. Run!

Episode 23
Erika is down because she accidentally made a promise to a customer that she will date him if he wins Maid Latte’s upcoming Sweets Feast. Misaki assures that she will help her out. Yeah, she cross-dresses as a guy and enters the contest. The Baka Trio are there too but wait, Shintani too? Apparently he heard there’s a food contest. Oh boy. Where’s Usui? He’s in the kitchen making all the sweets. Eventually Erika’s customer bows out and it’s down to Misaki and Shintani. She thinks of letting him win till she learns that one of the prizes include a commemorative photo of your favourite maid. Shintani saw the list of maids and chose Misaki since she bears the similar name to his first love, not knowing that they’re both the same person. Misaki is already damn full but she needs to protect her identity. In the end, Shintani wins. Misaki leaves in a hurry and rests on the park bench. Usui lends his lap for her to lie down and at the same time teases her with his usual stuff. Then in school, Sakura and Shizuko invite her for some sweets buffet. Definitely will pass this one. Misaki learns that Shintani still doesn’t realize that she works in Maid Latte. But to overcome this problem, Satsuki suggests that she accompanies Shintani to Maid Latte, after a while she leaves and returns in her maid outfit but with a disguise so that he can’t recognize her and take the photo. Oh, Usui’s tagging along too in case of anything funny happens. They start talking about the good ol’ days like how he views Misaki as a good girl because always find her cute when she smiles. I’m sure Usui isn’t happy hearing all this. Besides, their conversation is getting too friendly. He taps her feet so she accidentally changes the topic into part time jobs (Shintani is currently working part time as a gas attendant). Shintani wonders what hers is (she claims it’s in the food industry) and thinks Usui may have seen her in it since he is keeping his silence. Misaki panics since Usui may spill the beans and lie. Feeling uneasy, she gets up and leaves. Usui realizes she can’t lie to him that easy. Shintani tells about his past how he was lonely after his parents died but Misaki was always there to encourage and cheer him up. Asserting that she’s the girl that he loves as a kid, Usui takes this as a challenge to him. Misaki just finishes changing into her maid outfit and is calming herself down. She declines Satsuki’s horrible face mask and notices Shintani easily comforting a baby while her mom’s away. Then she goes out and meets him. Shintani gets super surprised to see her and starts hounding her with questions but Usui steps in. He’s dressed as a butler and warns him not to make a move on this shop’s maid and gives him a big lollipop! Then he brings her away and outside. While they’re chatting, Shintani also comes by. He gets excited seeing her wearing the cute dress when Usui pulls Misaki away and warns him if he ever touches her again, he’ll bite him. Yeah, notice Usui’s fierce Doberman against Shintani’s gentle Akita breed? Like he stands a chance…

Episode 24
Thankfully for Misaki, Shintani doesn’t plan to tell anyone her secret job. Sakura pesters Misaki if there’s any progress in her love life. It’s always fun to watch other people, right? Even Satsuki is interested if Usui is jealous now that Shintani knows about her work here. Maid Latte will be having a special anime cosplay event as witches. Since Misaki is unfamiliar with the anime, she has to watch all 40 volumes of Little Maid Witches. Okay, maybe just the important ones. Late one night as Usui gets off from his shift, he is trying to find the cherry tree he once climbed and fell off when he was young. Well, he didn’t find the tree but rolling persimmons. Yeah, it’s Minako and her habit of losing her fruits on the streets. Just like deja vu, she brings him back to her home for helping out. Oh, now another guy knows where she lives. Suzuna instantly clicks with Shintani bringing back all the fond memories they did as a kid. Trolli Cheese Hamburger formation? Suzuna asks if he likes her sister. Shintani instantly blushes and stammers. Once they learn what he was searching for, Misaki also remembers the tree and after he fell off it and got hospitalized, that’s when he promised to forever follow her. Maid Latte is in full swing as the witches. Aoi was probably the one looking forward to it but was denied by Satsuki. Usui comes in as a customer but they notice him different than usual since he’s not with his usual sarcastic remarks. Probably Shintani got to him? Speaking of which, he too becomes a frequent customer at Maid Latte. The Baka Trio take another magic challenge to get their elusive photo of Misaki but once again flop. As for Shintani, initially he wants a spell to beat his rival. But since these kind of things you have to do it with your own strength, he wishes for a spell to find what he is looking for. At the back, Aoi and Satsuki argue about friends and relate this topic of Usui to Misaki. Aoi wants to know what he means to her now. She couldn’t answer. This pretty much occupies her mind for the night. She takes out the trash and sees Usui waiting for her. Apparently he overheard their conversation and wants to know her answer. She throws a punch but he grabs it. He notes that when she is unable to lie, she expresses herself violently. Thus he will use his actions to express his feelings. He pulls her close and hugs her. She tries to break free but he holds her tighter and chants a magic spell for her not to lie. Misaki is ‘weakened’ and confused how could he cast a spell when he’s not even a witch. It’s not that kind of spell. Meanwhile Shintani has found the tree and is happy it has grown really tall.

Episode 25
Shintani wakes up from a dream when Misaki bid adieu when he left for his grandpa’s farm. While the other boys still see Misaki as a merciless demon, to Shintani, she is the gentle girl he has always known her to be. More flashback about his past when he was growing up. Oddly, he is popular with lots of girls but only a certain girl preoccupies his mind. He keeps dear to his heart a notebook that Misaki gave when they parted. Misaki is not amused that Sakura is inviting her to Yumenishi’s school’s cultural festival. Considering what happened the last time, Sakura notes that Kuuga has changed but Misaki isn’t that convinced. Oh yeah, Usui wants to tag along too. At Maid Latte, Erika does some fortune telling act on the Baka Trio’s future on Misaki. Since she can’t see anything, it means there’s no future! Bleak! Totally hopeless. Then it’s Shintani’s turn. She reads his future with Misaki as a paper balloon. While others laugh it off as being deflated, Shintani remains positive as it can be inflated again. Erika adds that his optimistic nature may change the course of events at the end. This interests Usui to take his fortune reading. Erika panics at the outcome so Usui tells her to come honest. Their future? No future at all! I’m not sure if she’s pulling a fast one or for real because her acting is good and is definitely into her role. But she notes that if they insist on being together, they have to confront big trials together. Well, Usui seems gloomy after that. Is he also acting or for real? Misaki tells him is not the kind of person who would believe such crap and even so, would he allow her to go so easily? Then she just realized the impact of what she just said. Shintani watches from afar and for the first time, he has that very concerned look on his face. Starting to realize everything, buddy? Next day in school, Shintani helps Misaki clean the corridors left dirtied by the sports club guys. He gets clumsy and accidentally wets their clothes. Usui is concern not about her getting a cold, but her walking around and letting others see her visible undergarments. Well, she didn’t mind since it’s not really showing. But he won’t allow it and lends his shirt to cover over her. Or else he’ll strip naked. Don’t let that perverted alien do that. Shintani could only watch in pain as they go away together. Usui gives of a “Woof!”. Shintani shortly does the same but with tears in his eyes. He remembers how he was talking with his middle school friends about this Misaki girl. They think she already has a boyfriend and panics at the thought. One of them wonders if he is serious in finding her when he gets to high school and cautions he’ll get more disappointed if he gets his hopes too high. So as Shintani ponders over it, he’ll only think about it when Misaki finds him a bother. Hasn’t she all along? Misaki, Usui, Sakura and Shizuko attend Yumenishi’s school cultural festival. The band makes their appearance, enough to make the girls go crazy and shoving, knocking Sakura off her feet. But Kuuga ‘saves’ her and hopes that the girls will have to be good if they want to follow them. But of course. The crowd separates Misaki and Usui from the duo. Misaki hears comments that Kuuga has changed like he doesn’t flirt with fans anymore. But she is still worried for Sakura so Usui thinks it’s no use thinking too much about it and might as well go have some fun.

Episode 26
The school festival continues. Usui is so hot that girls even tried to pick him up. Have they ever heard never talk to strangers? Unless hot studs don’t count. Basically what we get are a few scenes that have Usui and Misaki spending some ‘quality’ time together. Then they participate in a love trial to see how strong their bond is (because Usui wanted to see how compatible they are) as they need to clear several tasks at each station and failing one means they totally fail. Those who pass will receive an invitation to join the after-festival celebrations. But there’s another catch, they both have to keep holding each other’s hands throughout the game’s duration. The challenges include eating a large bowl of ramen, ping pong match and balloon quiz. Each time Misaki has to put her pride on the line and hide her embarrassment so as not to lose out to Usui or at least show her weak side. Needless to say, they made it. Meanwhile Shizuko is pissed that Sakura had dragged her to wait for Yumenishi’s debut on stage. Yeah, in 2 hours’ time. Which means 2 hours of lecture for Sakura! And when they do arrive, they don’t disappoint. Especially Sakura and the other girls are just mesmerized over them. At the end of the concert, Sakura is utterly shocked that she will be touring the festival with Yumenishi members so much so she is rendered speechless so Shizuko has to explain on her behalf to Misaki. Then Misaki bumps into Kuuga. Though she still has her reservations on him, Kuuga isn’t interested in a mean woman like her anymore. But Misaki can clearly see from his body reaction that he has indeed changed and now likes Sakura for real. But he gets defensive and tells her to go play with her boyfriend instead. Yeah, that self-proclaimed stalker. No, make that weird and perverted alien stalker. He wonders if she is making him suppressing himself but she is left wondering what his words meant. Then Usui comes by and was going to leave the grounds but Misaki still wants to stay back for the celebrations. He is surprised because she’s asking him to accompany her. Truly unexpected. Usui and Misaki are dressed as Romeo and Juliet (part of the prize when they win the love trial). Then in a classroom alone together, she asks if he is suppressing himself when it comes to her. He closes up on her, she starts stammering, not even knowing why she asked all those silly questions. Misaki’s face is clearly red when she takes his hand and says that she’s suppressing herself. Showing her true tsundere side by blaming him for always making her angry and fooling around, she would never have realized it if it’s not for that love trial game: She had always wanted to hold his hand! Woah! In addition, her heart skips when he’s near her, she feels lonely when he’s not around. Why is it she can’t maintain her composure in front of him. Yeah girl, that’s a long way of putting it that you’re in love. Usui responds by saying she’s too cruel and wondering how far she would go to make him suppress himself to be satisfied. He’s always around her because he is interested to see her reactions. And for what he is suppressing himself for, he just can’t put it in words. Yeah, best describe it in action. The moment we have all been waiting for. Finally! They kissed! Though he says he loves her, she says she hates him instead. I guess when a girl says she hates you, means she likes you, right?

Episode 27
There’s a special episode that came out with the DVD as some call it episode 27 but it only lasts half the time compared to the episodes in the TV series. Seems Misaki had accidentally ripped her maid outfit so Satsuki allows her to bring it back home to fix it. Suzuna helps to sew it but she puts in on right after! Ever wanted to feel what’s like to be a maid, eh? After Shizuko delivers some food on to Suzuna that she won from some prize (she did deliveries to cover for her ill brother), then it’s Minako’s turn to put the maid outfit on. Surprisingly how come it fits them? She too starts acting like one. This is followed by Sakura doing another radish deliver for Suzuna (coincidentally her big sis fell ill so she too had to cover for her). Misaki can’t stand anymore of her family members wearing her suit and wants it back. This means, she has to wear it. Now she has to act like one. Minako has her to take a stone outside the garden. But Murphy’s Law strikes. She hopes no one will spot her in the outfit and what do you know? Usui and Shintani are right at her doorstep! Of all the guys, it has to be them both together. Well, better than any others. How did they end up together? Usui had to help out Shintani when his pumpkins are rolling all over the street. And it had to be on the street Misaki lives on. So Usui thinks she even dresses like this at home and that her house has become Maid Latte too. So the guys are invited in as they talk about Usui’s stray kitten he picked up. Seems he hasn’t given it a name since. I mean, he never tried calling it! So everyone comes up with weird names for the cat. How come they are simply giving it names from things within their sight? Toothpick? Fridge? No class! Usui asks for Misaki’s opinion so she suggests Licht, which is a tea leaves brand. He agrees since it has a nice ring to it. Plus, it was given by Misaki. Why would he refuse that? Misaki gets embarrassed when Suzuna points out that she’s still wearing the maid dress when she could’ve changed so Usui teases her that he wants to be served tea by maid Misaki. When Usui goes home, he feeds his newly named cat. However he notes it is just like Misaki because it gets hostile towards him when he tries to pet it, then went into hiding before slowly coming back into his warm lap.

Lala Special
There’s another short DVD episode lasting 12 minutes called Lala Special. Divided into 3 parts, the first part has some of the characters of the show introduce themselves and their role in the series like Misaki and Satsuki. Even the Baka Trio have their screen time but as usual they screw up. The best one has to be Usui because… Specialty: Observing Misaki; Favourite food: Misaki; Favourite word: Misaki. Oh yeah, gotta love him. The second part uses that scene at the end of episode 2 whereby Misaki meets Usui to thank him for helping out at the cultural festival. This time, we have the characters voicing over the scene in their delusional fantasy versions. Like Satsuki’s personal maid love and rewarding affair, Usui’s S&M love confession and the Baka Trio not only had their own version as a group, but as individuals! One is a love triangle, the other an otaku fetish and another about erotism and panties. WTF?! Of course we have Misaki’s version, which is a totally different scene in which she managed to persuade Usui to turn over a new leaf and build a new Seika together. But in the end, will Usui be okay if he’s not a perverted alien? Well, Misaki would allow a little but then again, define ‘a little’. The last part shows a montage of clips from the TV series with some voiceovers over the characters. What they’re trying to say in the end is just an ad to promote their monthly Lala magazine issue and the series’ DVD release. Yeah, go get them.

You Just Maid My Day…
So… That was quite a mild ending, I’d say. As expected, Misaki and Usui end up together. Even if the former still refuses to admit that she likes the latter but that’s the thing about being a tsundere. Misaki sure played that role to perfection. But more of tsun than dere ;). By introducing Shintani late into the series, I thought this guy was going to be a major factor in affecting the ‘harmony’ between Misaki and Usui. The way it is played out, I don’t think it even came close. He felt just like a comic relief in between them rather than a real threat that will turn into some complicated love triangle. Even if he was late in realizing his feelings for Misaki, that even pose a serious threat because of his airhead tendency. His role was somewhat ‘wrapped up’ in the penultimate episode because the final episode wanted to focus more on Usui and Misaki so that viewers would be reminded that it should rightfully be these 2.

After meeting Usui, Misaki’s life has definitely taken a drastic turn. With him around, she is constantly being reminded that she isn’t always the one in charge. Without him, she may have turned into a man-hater. You could say that Usui is God sent. He is quite a cool character despite his laidback personality. He is the only person who could throw Misaki off her feet and pace. She’ll never know what he’s thinking or do next. Listen to all the lines he has to say and throw to her. They are quite interesting and till a point where she is rendered speechless. However Usui’s past remains a mystery throughout the series because I was hoping that there would be some light shed on his mysterious background. For instance there are snippets in the ending credits animation showing a young Usui and probably a lady who could be his mom that left him. None of these are given any prominence in the episodes. Usui’s extensive knowledge in cooking and even the high class lifestyle was never really explained. I did a little research and found out that he’s supposed to be an illegitimate child of a Japanese father and English mother and was adopted by his mom’s cousin. Due to the personal tutoring he gets, that is why he excels very well academically. However after being bored of isolation, that’s when he decided to enrol into a normal public high school in Japan. Though he likes Misaki deep down in his heart, probably the reason why he never took the next step in their relationship was because he enjoyed seeing her cute flustering reactions. And if they’re a couple, you couldn’t do anymore of these, right? Speaking of which, based on my reading up, I read that in later chapters of the manga, they did end up becoming a couple and started dating. So for all those girls who fell in love with him at first sight and have the guts to confess, look elsewhere.

Shintani may be an airhead but he is the only guy that poses a real threat to Usui. I know I did mention that he doesn’t seem threatening to break them up, but because of his airhead personality, he does not really fear Usui. His honest and goody-two-shoes character is somewhat like a thorn and a third wheel that comes between Usui’s personal space with Misaki. The Baka Trio are so idiotic that you can expect their role as losers and comic relief. How can a bunch of delinquents become tame otakus? Yeah, the power of maids. Don’t underestimate them. The other characters are lovable and quirky in their own ways but they don’t leave much of an impact. Kanou appeared as an antagonist hating girls due to his misguided perception but later becomes someone docile. He doesn’t fear girls as much as he does before but it’ll be a long way to go before he gets to interact with them naturally. Yukimura naturally looks good as a girl, he should consider doing part time otaku job of cross-dressing and nobody can tell the difference. Speaking of cross-dressing, Aoi doesn’t do so as frequent as he always did. What happened to his plans to woo Usui? Maybe after finding out he only has eyes for Misaki, he gave up? Yeah, he really gets irritated seeing them still not admitting to liking each other. Satsuki loves voicing out her fantasies especially when it’s about Usui and Misaki. So much so she can’t control her ‘flowers’ rampaging out of control. She’s already 30 years old and still acting like that. Ah well, there’s a child in all of us. Emotionless Suzuna is an amusing character because of her knack (or perhaps very lucky) to win many prizes and bargains from contests and promotional events. It feels like some kind of trade off because if they had money, they would have bought it instead of winning. Keep this up and they can earn a fabulous vacation without Misaki breaking too much sweat like how some people work and save up their entire lives just for that dream vacation. I was expecting Igarashi to do something major because he is still quite interested in Misaki though not in romantic terms. But after that Maki’s-footman-hiring arc, it seems the Miyabigaoka guys have been forgotten. But Igarashi isn’t totally a baddie as there are times he shows compassion though it’s to his own fellows. Even if Yumenishi’s Kuuga seems like a jerk at the start, he eventually changed to somebody better. Not sure if he and Sakura will turn out to be a couple.

Though the main drawing and art of the series caters to bishonen and bishoujo, meaning you can expect almost every guy and girl to be pretty, handsome and attractive. That means even the delinquents here are good looking themselves. However the same cannot be said about the background because at times upon closer inspection, they seem like water colour paintings. But I guess you won’t really notice them if you focus on the great looking characters. But during comical times, they don’t stay the pretty people they are. Sometimes they turn into their chibi mode or just a very simple outline of their bodies. Remember how police draw a white outline over dead bodies at crime scenes? Erm… Something like that but fill the inside with white colour. The Baka Trio, living up to their nickname perhaps are the ones undergoing the most ‘transformation’ when they get moe and such. Yeah, at one point they even turned into a jelly! Of course the various moods of Misaki from being mad to her aggressive devil and yeah, tsundere. For a girl like her, she sure displays lots of mood swings. Thanks to a certain alien pervert. The series also likes to fill the screen with kanji words for sound effects and other narration. I’m not saying that they will be totally annoying like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei in the sense that every scene will have different words that you need to pause and read them all, but it’s enough to make it feel like as though you’re watching a manga. Get what I mean?

Ayumi Fujimura fits her role as Misaki and displaying her various moods. I guess playing tough girls role like Raimei in Nabari No Ou and Mafuyu in Seikon No Qwaser makes her suitable for this character. Nobuhiko Okamoto voicing a laidback Usui feels like a departure from some of the roles that he played like angsty Kashino in Yumeiro Patissiere, nice guy Leicester in Shukufuku No Campanella and the samurai kid Yoichi in Asu No Yoichi. Aki Toyosaki as Satsuki (Yui in K-ON!) and Kana Hanazawa as Sakura (Sora in Mahou Tsukai Ni Taisetsu No Koto: Sora No Natsu) are recognizable since they pull off their trademark lively and genki voices. Though Yu Kobayashi did Shizuko (Ayame in Gintama), I feel with her crazy powerful voice, it doesn’t suit the character. Well, but that’s just my perception. Other casts include Atsushi Abe as Shintani (Touma in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Hiromi Igarashi as Aoi, Kazuyoshi Shibashi as Yukimura, Kousuke Toriumi as Kanou (Gennosuke in Basilisk) and Kaori Ishihara as Suzuna (Reki in Hidan No Aria). When I first heard the opening lines of the opening theme, My Secret by Saaya Mizuno, I heard “Douka, please can you keep my cigarette”. It’s secret. SECRET! How the heck could I misheard that? Otherwise it’s an anime pop song for this kind of genre. However I find both the ending themes somewhat unsuitable because they are rock pieces. Both sung by Heidi (the lead vocal is male, by the way), the first ending theme is Yokan while the second one is Mugen Loop. Partly I think it’s because Usui is the main focus here. It’s like the ending credits animation is dedicated to him. See how hot he is with his shirt off in one scene? Isn’t he manly? Now, don’t go falling for him. He’s already got Misaki, remember?

With quite a number of guys knowing Misaki’s identity, at this rate maybe the entire school will find out about her secret job, eh? But even if they find out about it, I’m sure that they’ll accept Misaki for who she is. After all she has always been a considerate and helpful girl. They may be surprised that she would be doing this kind of job but I’m sure they’ll understand after listening to her predicament. Then perhaps she’ll realize that there is nothing wrong being a maid. What is more important is that she brings smiles to others that she serves. But then again, the image of certain people may not sit well the public. Imagine if the Prime Minister of Japan loves manga… Oh wait, there was one, right? Then again, you can always argue that the contents of the heart matters. But these are a different tale altogether. Of all the types of maids, I guess the best one has got to be Japanese anime maids because you get to do anything to them… XD. I wonder if I can get a personal maid to wish me “Itterasshai, goshuujin-sama”.

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