Kakyuusei 2

January 31, 2009

I didn’t watch the first season when I decided to hop in and watch the second instalment entitled Kakyuusei 2. When I finished watching the series, I then only went and do a little online research about it. It seems to my knowledge and understanding, this second season does not really bear any relation to the first season. Since this season’s TV series is based on a PC dating game of the same name, which is an unrelated sequel to its prequel PC game also of the same name, so I guess I won’t lose out much if I don’t watch the first season at all.
When watching this series, it somewhat reminded me of that OVA series called One. Yup, there is an air of mystery and enigma surrounding a particular character called Shun Kishida. Just like in One, at the end of the series, I still didn’t get the big picture of things. Yeah, it brought back horrifying memories of an unsatisfied ending. But this particular series wasn’t really that bad, albeit it still wasn’t satisfying. So who is this Kishida guy really? He seems to have a connection with many of the characters he meet in this series and most of his lines has something to do with time. Like talking in riddles. Not only that, he is everywhere! Though I have a clue about him in the end, but as I said, it wasn’t fulfilling.
In this TV series, there are 13 episodes and because it is based on a PC dating simulation game, expect to see several girls here. Ten of them if you are keeping count. But don’t expect to see them all to appear at the same time per episode. It’s like some of them, especially the main ones, will make more appearances than the rest, while the minor ones are just cameo and are concentrated only for that particular episode. So how do I know that these girls make up the 10? Yeah, you can tell from that sponsor picture at the end. I guess this is the only time when all of them appear together. Hehehe…
So the mystery starts in episode 1 at a desolated school area some time in the future. We see 2 grown up guys waiting for someone about some promise. But that’s all you’re going to see even if this scene keeps repeating in some of the future episodes. Then we head back to the past, which is the main setting for this series. From first looks, we see a high school student named Tamaki Saimon looking for her club member Rouma Oriya. Thing is, Tamaki is the manager of the kickboxing club and I couldn’t believe this cute girl is a member of such club. Of course the other member has to be Rouma, who has been ditching practice. Yeah, it’s like he is playing hide and seek. Of course Tamaki meets Rouma’s buddies, the fishing enthusiast Nozomu Sunafuki and Jin Amadou to ask about his whereabouts but they too aren’t sure. Viewers can guess that Tamaki and Rouma are a couple but they don’t show their affections like normal couples usually do. Let’s just say it’s a love-hate relationship.
Currently Rouma is taking refuge in the library and is talking to the school’s librarian, Fumi Yokomizo. With her lab coat, one can easily mistake her to be the school nurse. Rouma has some medical prescriptions (looks like his hip hurts) in which he made a paper airplane out of it and tosses it out the window. The airplane gets stuck on a basketball hoop and when Tamaki spots it, she was like so eager to get it down. As Tamaki grabs the tennis referee’s chair to grab the paper airplane she spots Kishida from a distance and has a short flashback of meeting him while she was young. But since she is still short, she suddenly slip and falls. Luckily Rouma was there and good thing is, he was fast enough to break her fall. As usual, he’s slightly a pervert and goes on to describe her panties. Expect some argument but luckily Rouma is saved from Tamaki’s firing when a classmate of theirs, Yuuri Shirai comes by. Since Rouma got all friendly with her, Tamaki isn’t too happy so she just left.
Later we see Jin is talking to Nozomu and tells him about a challenge letter from a guy named Sukekiyo Koudaiji giving Jin the letter as he wants to challenge Rouma to a duel after the latter beat up some of his guys (so I see that’s why he was injured). But they have to find him first, right? Then as Kishida passes by, they note how he is the new mysterious transfer student in their school. Mysterious alright. Even when Fumi spots Kishida, she remembers seeing this kid while she was a student. Looks like Fumi was a student in this school and had first seen Kishida on boat on the school’s lake. Hey, that guy looks the same in the past! So, who is Kishida, really?
Episode 2 introduces more girls. Like the student council president member, Nanase Takatou, who is telling how Tamaki’s club budget is being cut due to its inactiveness and even a threat to be disbanded. Also, Fumi meets with the school’s temporary arts teacher Misaki Wakai, and Rouma (now with a backache) bumping into a petite girl named Kazuki Sawamura. First thing a normal person would say is that Kazuki looks like a student but she is actually a teaching staff of the school! Oh my. For loli purposes? Furthermore, this swimming club instructor also has a tendency to bump and trip into people and is always in a hurry to somewhere. Jin then arrives but Rouma didn’t stay long and walks away to Nozomu’s usual fishing spot at the school’s lake. It seems Tamaki is there waiting for him. She looks angry. Though Rouma tries to come up with excuses, Tamaki didn’t smack him but just walked away.
Jin takes up a basketball and shoots a hoop and manages to get that paper airplane down and realizes that it is Rouma’s medical prescription. Later in the evening, Tamaki tells of her problems with another buddy of hers, Chiho Kotono, a swimming club member. Then I think Tamaki went searching for Rouma throughout the entire city till it’s night time. During her walk, 3 punks, thinking they can’t let such a cute girl walk peacefully pass by them, decide to do have some fun with her and corners her in a dark alley. Why, 1 of them even had the nerve to take out a knife! Kishida then walks by and spots what is happening. His eyes and Tamaki’s met but it seems Kishida doesn’t have that alert expression on his face. Just the usual expressionless one. Another round of flashback of a young Tamaki meeting Kishida before. By the time Tamaki opened her eyes, the thugs are lying in pain on the ground and Tamaki manage to catch a glimpse of Kishida just walking away from the same spot. Wow. It’s like as though he did some mysterious super move invisible to the eye and everything was like happened in a split second! I really want to know what happened and who this guy really is.
Episode 3 has Yuuri talking to Kishida at class if he is free this coming Sunday but he didn’t give a definite answer. We learn that Yuuri is a model wannabe and when she bumps into Tamaki later, Tamaki thinks Yuuri should introduce Kishida to her because she thinks Kishida should fit as a new member of the kickboxing club after last night’s incident. Meanwhile Nozomu is talking to Jin about how someone popped out from nowhere to save Tamaki. Yup, he was there that night at the dark alley and witnessed everything. As they also make some comments about Rouma and Tamaki’s relationship, they also note how this new guy is an unexpected enemy to Rouma. Speaking of the devil, Rouma soon comes by and Jin gives him the challenge letter, in which Sukekiyo too includes his handphone number! Desperate case. But Rouma isn’t going to go anyway and poor Sukekiyo is seen sitting on the temple steps waiting and waiting and waiting… Rouma didn’t turn up at all. Then we find out that Kishida wasn’t the person who saved Tamaki that night and it was Sukekiyo instead! Sukekiyo was buying a drink at a nearby vending machine when that incident occurs and proceeded to beat up those thugs. Kishida just happened to walk by. And away. Ah, mystery solved. Looks like Tamaki’s dream of recruiting Kishida as a kickboxer member has failed, but she isn’t bent on giving up yet.
Later in the evening, Rouma walks back with Chiho and talks about Tamaki. Because Sukekiyo is fed up of waiting, he decides to go look for Rouma. He’s mad. Very mad. Just that he doesn’t turn big and green :). Finally he finds Rouma with Chiho at the river bank and is pissed that he disregarded their holy duel (WTF?!). But before Sukekiyo could ready himself for a duel, he spots how pretty Chiho is and just like any other guys who fall in love, gets that nerve-wrecking feeling. Tsundere, isn’t he? You can tell that he has fallen in love with her. Sukekiyo even apologizes for interrupting Rouma’s date with his ‘girlfriend’, in which Chiho refutes. So how love makes a man do silly things? Sukekiyo runs away but ends up falling into the river. And he can’t swim! Swimming club Chiho strips (got her swimming suit underneath lah) and dives in to save him. Once she pulls him out, she’s like on top of him to push out water from his lungs! So sexy. How misunderstanding! Wow! Then this is another misunderstanding part. Chiho tells Rouma to give mouth-to-mouth CPR on him! So when Sukekiyo opened his eyes, the 2 guys stared at each other in disbelief! OMG! First kiss stolen away like this! Poor guy, now he looks more like a wimp as he runs away.
Episode 4 starts off with Rouma waiting for a bus to go to Yuuri’s movie rehearsal (she invited him back in episode 1). And Tamaki’s there just to keep an eye on him, though she didn’t get on the bus and tells him to enjoy his ‘date’, shocking Rouma. But I think Tamaki isn’t going to let Rouma be alone as she had earlier called on Chiho to give her a bicycle ride there. Meanwhile Yuuri is at the lighthouse (the place where the movie rehearsal is to take place) and recalls doing a research on an old film back at the school’s library with Fumi. What’s this? Kishida is in the background of that film too?! Anyway, Rouma has arrived and we see that the director is like so gay. Yeah, he’s all over Rouma. Even giving me the chills. As for Sukekiyo, he’s doing some training on the rocks at the same place. Can’t get his mind of that ‘kissing’ incident’, huh? Of course he spots Rouma there. Is this fate? At the same time, Kishida is also there because previously Yuuri gave him directions to the place on a sheet of paper. Likewise, Fumi and Misaki too has stopped by here.
I don’t know what kind of films the director have in mind but it seems Yuuri has to get into several sexy outfits and has no shame about it. Like a sexy revealing leather biker outfit and then in just a towel. Yeah, that gay director and the production crew seems to enjoy it too. "So beautiful…". Tears of joy? Then a stuntman double for Yuuri has stomach pains and left the set so much so Yuuri decides to do her own stunt. But Rouma won’t allow that and decides to volunteer. Sukekiyo then meets Kishida and watches Rouma pull off some acrobatic stunts and is impressed that such a person can do such moves without daily training. But when Sukekiyo asks what is Kishida is doing here, he replies "Sealing time". What is that supposed to mean? Then we see Rouma in a bridal outfit (haha!) standing on a bridge for the shoot. Everything goes well and the gay director is so pleased. Suddenly a gust of wind blows Rouma over the cliff. Oh no! Then this is the mysterious part. Kishida does some time stopping thing, pushes Sukekiyo down the cliff and when he resumes time, Rouma find himself being carried in the arms of Sukekiyo below the cliff. They look like 2 odd newly wed couples! Holy sh*t! And everybody saw it! From Fumi, Misaki to the just arrived Tamaki and Chiho. More misunderstandings. Tamaki must be thinking Rouma is gay.
Back in class in episode 5, Tamaki has made some special bento for Rouma’s recovery and the upcoming kickboxing tournament but that guy is nowhere to be seen as usual as her pals try to give her some encouragement. We find Rouma sleeping under some desk in the arts club. Kishida is coming by when Misaki spots him. Misaki tells him that she plans to go back to some town with Fumi to search for her memories there. Also, she shows him a painting which looks so much like Kishida, in which Misaki has only a vague impression of him. My bet is that guy is definitely Kishida. Rouma has awaken (not after bumping his head on the desk) and eavesdrop on their conversation. Not only that, everyone else too is eavesdropping. Probably they are interested to hear what Rouma is eavesdropping. Ah well, the whole gang soon tags along to the town and as usual Tamaki and Rouma are in their quarrelsome mode. Uh huh, Tamaki using that gay incidence as reference. So the usual stuff that people do in a hotspring inn. A wholesome meal and a dip in the spring itself but the rain dampens the fun. Misaki has another round of chat with Kishida and we see that in her flashback, she did meet him while he was young but can’t remember much. The next morning, it’s bright and sunny as Misaki takes a walk. She then heard some shocking news from an elderly villager and rushes to a scene which I think is the place whereby the town was, is now a huge crater. Something about the ruthless felling of trees caused landslides which in turn washed away the town and buried it in deep mud. All that’s left is the shrine and the sacred tree. How sad. Though Misaki is sad, she holds some charm close to her heart as she smiles. I wonder what is it that Misaki wants to remember.
Episode 6 sees Nanase talking to Jin about his basketball club (that guy has his own fangirls too!) and he hopes it isn’t a budget cut. Because Nanase is always strict and looks ‘scary’, Jin tells her to relax like going out with a guy or do things she like. Tamaki spots the 2 from afar and hatches a scheme. Meanwhile, Rouma is playing some ecchi game at the arcade when Tamaki catches him in the act. Oh oh. At the restaurant, she tells him that they are going to make Jin and Nanase together by setting them up at the beach so that they could get their club budget increased. Rouma has no choice but to do so. Chiho is sitting nearby and by the look from her face, she really wants to tag along with them to the beach. So your usual beach episode with girls in swimsuits. Meanwhile Sukekiyo is doing his usual training and once again he sees Rouma. Oh oh, it’s that feeling again. Is he turning gay? Better not. Then Nozomu comes by and Rouma wants to ditch his responsibilities by pushing it to him. However Tamaki’s plan didn’t turn out well because when the girls came out after dressing in their swimsuits, Jin tells Chiho if she wants to race him to that buoy. Then Rouma invites Nanase for a swim. So much for Tamaki’s plan. Tamaki is stuck on shore lamenting her plan to Kishida. Yeah, he’s there too.
I don’t know why Rouma left Nanase right in the middle of the ocean just to go back on shore to get some juice. Of course he comes face to face with Tamaki and before anything could happen, Sukekiyo comes by to challenge for another duel. Uh huh. He said something ambiguous. "Rouma, it seems that we are destined for each other". Of course he realized too late and hope that this isn’t the kind of destiny he is hoping for. So Rouma asks how long is he going to follow him. Sukekiyo replies "Until we’re done with each other". Rouma: "Sorry, I don’t swing that way". Hahaha! Because they’re being too noisy, Chiho comes by to see what the fuss is all about. As usual, Sukekiyo is ‘paralyzed’. To make things worse, Chiho scolds him for being a stubborn guy who never gives up, sending him into depression. Then a bunch of thugs (the one who ambushed Tamaki, has brought more friends of his) and surrounds them. These guys are really looking for trouble. Can Rouma and Jin handle them all? But the sky over the ocean suddenly turns dark and the waves turn volatile. Nanase is in a panic. See, why did Rouma leave her out in the open in the first place? Luckily Kishida spots her and rows a boat there to save her. Wait a minute? Why didn’t he just stop time like he did previously? Can he row faster than the change in weather? As Kishida arrives and extend his hand to Nanase, a huge wave threatens to swallow them.
Episode 7 continues off where the previous have left off. When Nanase opens her eyes, she finds herself with Kishida alone on a deserted island. The duo walk through the virgin jungle to find a way out and Nanase is quite relieved to have found a fresh water lake and dives in. She says how this place is left behind by time and that they were being forced out by the stream of time. But Kishida replies that no one can escape the stream of time as it ruthlessly flows by. Soon they continue their journey. It’s evening and they are relieved to find a fishing boat and a man onboard. He picks them up and is surprised to see other people on the island. The duo learned that this man is waiting for the return of his couple and their son but they got lost and never came back. Yeah, that was 10 years ago. He’s still hoping they’ll come back one day, a reason why he’s wearing that watch. Then some talk about love, death and memories and Nanase seems to be maintain her calm and positivism about it. She says "Endings always give way to new beginnings". The man brings the duo back to the beach where they’re from and tosses his watch into the sea. He mentions how those missing person are in his heart.
Kishida tells Nanase to go back to her friends as he thanks her and says farewell. When Nanase goes back to Rouma and co, I can’t believe that the guys don’t seem worried about where Nanase has been throughout the day! I guess they’re enjoying the fact that those thugs are serving them like slaves. Nanase learns that when the thugs started getting nasty, Sukekiyo came by and beat the crap out of them before they can do any harm to his beloved Chiho. When Chiho thanked him, he gets embarrassed and runs away. Yeah, that guy is wondering what is this pain in his heart and every time he thinks of Chiho, he gets nosebleeds. That night when the gang watches the fireworks on the beach, Tamaki spots Kishida and go talk to him. He asks if he has reconciled with Rouma as she tells him it’s more like he wasn’t aware of it. Then when Tamaki said that even if Kishida distance himself from them, it feels kinda nostalgic whenever he’s with them, this prompts him to remember the time when he met Tamaki when she was young as he says "Wearing white lacy summer dress, you were like a white sprite. I wanted to see that white sprite one more time". I’m sure Tamaki is as blur as me on what he is saying. Then upon closer examination, we see that at that time Kishida was the one who held Tamaki’s straw hat in his hands.
Episode 8 is the start of the series of one-minor-girl-per-episode-focus. This one begins with Nozomu bringing the whole gang to some fishing place rumoured to have some huge catch dubbed ‘The Lord’. But all they came across was a spooky infamous abandoned research lab. When weird lights start to randomly beam out of the building, it scared the living daylights out of them as they ran away except for Kishida who stood his ground. A bespectacled girl named Hiroko Hirasawa and her black cat Harumi comes out of the lab. Then the scene changes to one whereby Kishida is riding a snowmobile through the snow covered forest. He reaches the lighthouse area which is seemingly abandoned to look for tools to fix his machine when he spots Hiroko and Harumi, which is a kitten now. But I’m not sure of the time line whether it’s in the future or past. Because Hiroko and Harumi soon embarks on a journey with Kishida and Hiroko doesn’t seem to remember anything. But I think it’s in the future because Kishida did say how he remembers meeting her back at the lab and so if he takes her back there, she might remember something. Of course during the journey they stop by and had a little snowball fight and even discuss about the cruelty of capturing other life creatures.
During a blizzard, the snowmobile crashes into a ravine and we see that Hiroko is a robot! We hear Hiroko’s sad story about being a family maid robot and the reason why they abandoned her was because they felt jealous that she didn’t age along with them. What kind of reasoning is that?! Don’t they know robots don’t grow old?! Besides, it’s every guys dream to have an eternally beautiful maid… But that’s not the point. Anyway, I think Hiroko’s tears is partly causing her to malfunction. Haha. Hey, she’s a hi-tech robot, right? Before she shuts down, she asks where Kishida is going. In another abandoned lab, Kishida watches Hiroko’s past life on film and then he answers to himself on Hiroko’s question: "If they still remember me…". Then the opening scene in episode 1 whereby it occurred to me that the 2 guys are Jin and Nozomu, are seen waiting for a person because of a promise made. Then Kishida appears. End. Huh? But this episode left me thinking if Hiroko is a robot or not because the end narration seems to indicate that she is doing a research on building domestic security robots and is using Rouma as a sample for data collection.
Episode 9 begins with a young Kazuki playing games with her friends during the festivals but they decided to play a prank on her as after she finish counting and open her eyes, her friends are nowhere in sight as they left her standing all alone in the middle of the creepy woods. Some pals they are. Because of that, Kazuki develop some phobia whenever there are such festivals. Back in present time, Kazuki bumps into Kishida before rushing off to time Chiho in her swimming lessons. Then Fumi spots Kishida and remembers that time again. Looks like back then, she was secretly in love with him and stalked him. I mean, followed him. Fumi tried to follow Kishida through the crowded festivals but lost sight of him when her buddies called her. I guess she let go of him then. Meanwhile, Chiho is planning to setup Rouma and Tamaki together at the festival with the help of Jin and Nozomu. At the festival, Tamaki and Rouma are wondering why those trio are late when the fact that they have been waiting for hours for them to turn up but are just hiding somewhere. Thinking that they may have gone ahead first, Rouma tells Tamaki to go ahead instead, which she does. At the same time, Kazuki seems to be happy when she meets Kishida at the festival. Kazuki tells her about her phobia of the festival and Kishida went on ranting something on Buddhism which I don’t understand. Kishida notices Tamaki was watching them from afar when Tamaki’s handphone rings. Tamaki spots a pensive look. I’m not sure who Tamaki meant when she said she has fallen in love with another person. So is Tamaki in love with another person in the first place or she doesn’t love Rouma now? And why is Kazuki happily following Kishida around the festival? Is her phobia gone?
Episode 10 has Tamaki keeping a watch on Rouma doing push-ups. That perverted guy asks her to turn his way and open up her legs so that he could have a better view. But she kicks him instead and tells him to be serious about his training. As Rouma later takes out his frustration by playing another ecchi game at the arcade, Tamaki talks to Chiho about Rouma. Then Sukekiyo shows up but is still to shy to tell his feelings and runs away. Is he a man or what? At a street, a girl named Mika Horiide, is playing her guitar in a street performance, which catches the attention of Kishida passing by. He remembers when he said goodbye to her in a piano room as she shed a tear. Was he and Mika a couple before? Anyway Rouma was one of the many passer-bys who is awed by her street music. As Mika leaves, she thinks she spot Kishida across the train station and memories came flowing back but when the train passes, he’s gone. At school, Rouma plans of getting to know more about this Mika girl when he tells Jin and Nozomu about it. Jin isn’t happy that Rouma is ‘drifting’ away at such an important time. When Tamaki shows up and asks them where Rouma went, Jin just says he went over to the new prima donna he’s so infatuated with. Right thing to say?
Rouma arrives outside Mika’s school gates when he bumps into a short chubby girl Eiko Ooyama, who tells him that Mika hasn’t been coming to class for a few days and probably it’s because she’s always being compared to her mom who is a role model student. Eiko also wonders if Rouma is one of Mika’s street music fans. Then a few nasty girls teases how Eiko is being hit on by a guy (hey, better than you girls, a chubby girl being hit on by another guy seems ironically in-your-face, right?). Rouma gives Eiko some encouragement and tells her to go hear her music sometimes. So Rouma waited the whole day at the spot where Mika used to perform but she didn’t turn up. Yeah, Tamaki was watching him from a distance. When Rouma leaves, he bumps into Mika who thinks her music isn’t up to standard but Rouma disagrees and tries to give her some confidence. However, she just ran away teary eyed. Kishida is in that piano room reminiscing about those times while Mika starts singing alone in the park after thinking about Rouma’s words. Later as Chiho is teasing Tamaki about ‘being ready to face him’, Sukekiyo turns up. To cut things short, he starts doing push-ups while confessing to her. The reason? So that if he got rejected, it wouldn’t seem to others that he was confessing. Weird style. Must be his male ego. Chiho spot several people watching from afar and starts thinking that he might be serious. Looks like Chiho is blushing too. Meanwhile Rouma is listening to another of Mika’s street performance but the crowd seems less enthusiastic since Mika decided to play her own style. Except for Rouma who still loves her performance and even gives her more words of encouragement. As Mika leaves, Rouma heads back only to find Tamaki standing there as they both stare at each other. Oh oh.
Episode 11 opens with a girl jogging in the rain when she meets Kishida. He tells her how nice if her feelings reached him, making her blush. I don’t know what happened about last night’s encounter but back at school, Rouma is trying to ask Yuuri out with some ticket movies. But she refuses and tells him back about skipping kickboxing classes. Okay, so a short flashback what happened back then. Tamaki was saying how Rouma didn’t change at all and can’t he do anything about what other people telling him to. So much so she felt like an idiot always worrying about others. At the school’s lake, Tamaki is pondering about things when Kishida comes by to say it must be painful to believe in such a person. Why is he helping her? Because that frown face doesn’t suit her. Rouma is waiting for Mika to show up but didn’t so he went to her school to get some answers. The girl we see earlier on in the beginning tells him that Mika has dropped out of school after someone told her something. Rouma can’t believe it. As he treats that girl to some burgers, she thinks that person who told Mika something was him. Before she left, Rouma asks her name and she replies Okie Ibuse. But Rouma is left wondering if they have met before because she seems to know his name. Then Nozomu comes by and Rouma asks if he knows her. Nozomu says that she knows she was chubby before and had seen her doing rigorous training rain or shine. Nozomu thinks she must have fallen in love and wants to be beautiful for that said person and that’s why she’s doing this. And when Nozomu says her name is Eiko, it hit Rouma. Oh my. This girl is Eiko! Wow, she slimmed down so much in such a short time! She beat all those slimming programmes and diet hands down!
The next day, Jin and Nozomu are surprised to see Rouma seriously training for his upcoming kickboxing tournament. Are they dreaming? Or did he pick up something strange and eat? Rouma says: "We live for love and revolution". Now this guy can talk. Even Tamaki is surprised on the change of Rouma’s attitude. Later we see Okie is indeed Eiko as she talks to Kishida about how she used a fake name because she doesn’t want to reveal her real identity to Rouma as Kishida tells her to recall her feelings for him when she was jogging. During the kickboxing tournament day, Rouma is pretty pumped up to face whoever his opponent but it seems the first round match will pit him against the defending champion! Rouma defied all odds to knock him out in 1 kick! Wow! Rouma spots Eiko watching him and calls out to her to thank her for her help, making that girl happy. But in his 2nd round match, he flopped. He was going to give his opponent a punch, when he tripped and that guy took the opportunity to knock him out. When Rouma regained consciousness, Tamaki is beside him and he knows he has lost. We could’ve seen an intimate moment between them, and even probably a kiss, if not for those busybody buddies peeping on them! Rouma is mad and asks if they enjoy playing around with them. Their honest reply: "With utmost pleasure!". After all these time trying to set them up and we finally get to see them kiss… all ruined. Hey, why is Sukekiyo here? Another shocking development is that Chiho and Sukekiyo are a couple now! Woah! She’s getting all lovey-dovey with him and was the one who told him to come watch this tournament. Everyone is sure in disbelief.
Episode 12 starts off with a flashback of a young Tamaki and Rouma together. Back in present time, Rouma is seen talking with Fumi at the library. Later Fumi tells Jin and Nozomu Rouma is acting strange and the duo tells her that without any new members, the kickboxing club will soon be disbanded, and also indirectly his relationship with Tamaki. Fumi then says how Rouma came to talk to her about his childhood memories and left. Chiho then comes by and also tells of the same thing about Tamaki, who too rants about her childhood memories and left. (What’s this? Lots of fangirls admiring Chiho’s superb swimming?). But Chiho has to leave soon for her date with Sukekiyo. Yeah, she’s dreaming of all the fun stuff lovers do. Nothing ecchi, mind you. She’s really looking forward to it. And we see Sukekiyo in a white tuxedo suit and a bouquet of flowers in hand. Love does change a man. Chiho thinks he’s cool and fawning over him. Back to the conversation, Fumi finds out that Tamaki actually had a first love when she was a kid but can’t tell Rouma about it then and remained it in her heart. Gradually, Rouma has started to notice it. Meanwhile Tamaki is sitting alone on a bench when Kishida comes by. That talk during that festival night and the usual flashback. Then another shocking discover. This is what Kishida says "Time keeps moving. No one can stop it. You cannot hang around a ghost forever". OMG! So Kishida’s a ghost! That explains a lot of things like why he’s been around everywhere with his same appearance. Wow. The twist here reminds me just like that American movie, The Sixth Sense.
The next scene shows Tamaki and Fumi taking a train to the countryside to visit some abandoned school. At first I was confused of the time line here again and I thought it was in the future. Perhaps this was their elementary school days because Tamaki has a flashback while she was young and attending the school here. Back then, she spot Nozomu, Jin and Nozomu trying to do some loop over the iron bars but Rouma slipped and the next thing he knew that he had fallen on top of Tamaki. So I guess that’s when it started. Then they saw the beautiful sakura tree blossoming and were ecstatic. Back to grown up Tamaki and Fumi, when the duo spots a straw hat on the ground, they both put on a shocking facial expression like as though they can’t believe what they are seeing.
In episode 13, Tamaki follows the straw hat which reaches the hands of another person. Why, it’s Rouma. Tamaki is glad that he came as he puts the hat on her head and they watch the scenery together. Also, Yuuri tells the gang that she heard Kishida has transferred. Nozomu and Jin feels like he has left after accomplishing his goal, which I think was to bring Tamaki and Rouma together at that place. Nozomu then remembers seeing Kishida telling this to Rouma and then saying something weird like wondering if he could meet them all again. Of course Nozomu replied they could anytime. But Kishida said that if they still remember in 50 years, they’ll meet here, at the school’s lake. We see Kishida talking to Fumi, who wonders if it’s alright if it’s like this. He says yes because it’ll be a big mess if people finds him, as he makes a paper airplane out of the directions to the movie shoot place from Yuuri. Finally she asks his reason for coming to this school and he replied "To recall some things I’ve started to forget". Well, if you’re a ghost and live that long… He throws the paper airplane and leaves. Wait, vanishes! The paper airplane lands on top of the basketball hoop. Deja vu? Since this is the last episode, we see nearly all the characters of the series, especially the girls, coming together to help with the school’s festival, or at least just passing by.
Jin tries a shot again at his basketball shooting and takes the paper airplane. Yuuri then notices it’s her handwriting but there is a line at the bottom which reads "Goodbye", which isn’t hers. But the thing is, they can’t remember who wrote it. Oh no! Is everybody starting to forget Kishida? Jin went around to ask his pals of who wrote it but to no avail. He tells Nozomu like as though he has made a promise with someone but can’t seem to remember. It’s like something is telling him not to forget at the same time. Then it hit them when they remember Misaki. But Fumi tells them she has left for her hometown since the original teacher had came back. They went to the art room to see her painting of Kishida. I don’t know why, but they made a paper airplane and threw it out of the window. Then the flashback of Tamaki watching the 3 youngsters on the iron bar. After Rouma slipped and fell on her, Tamaki is upset to find that perverted kid enjoying the sight of her panties! Looks like his perverseness started from young. As Tamaki started chasing Rouma, Jin and Nozomu caught glimpse of a young Kishida underneath a sakura tree, smiling. What in the world does this mean? Even if the end scenes show various scenes of Kishida and speeches of other girls towards him, and his final line of "Goodbye", I still didn’t get it. However, I find that in this final episode, Tamaki and Rouma weren’t so prominent and it was Jin and Amadou who took the lead.
So, do I really understand what is going on still? Not really. Even though I understood that Kishida is a ghost, but there are still some questions which eluded me. Like his ‘sealing time’ comment. Didn’t see him doing that throughout the series. And does he really have some time stopping power? Perhaps he did that to make young Rouma and Tamaki fall on each other, though we didn’t see it. But there are other times which he could’ve used this power to make things easier. What about that meeting with Nozomu and Jin in the future? I guess that was settled during Hiroko’s episode and explained in the final episode, huh? So they did remember after all. And that part whereby he said he wanted to see that white sprite in a lacy dress again, he was referring to Tamaki, right? And so, what was it that Kishida was trying to recall something he forgot? Argh! So many questions…
I just can’t believe that after all they have been through, it was like the characters were conveniently made to forget about Kishida. Just like the fansubbers’ end comment on how this is a forgettable one. Haha. Yeah, perhaps I should try real hard about forgetting it. Don’t think so hard and hurt my brains with questions which will never be answered. But I’m glad that Tamaki and Rouma found each other in the end, so does Chiho and Sukekiyo. What an odd couple, those 2. Really. You see, we all should give love a chance. Perhaps since this is a short series, the rest of the other minor character girls weren’t given much attention too. So if you want, perhaps you could play the game and make your own destiny with that particular girl :).
Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Katyusha. The opening is entitled 18 (that’s right, that numerical number) and sounds like a pop beat from the 60’s. It was funny because it started off something like this: "Di di di di… di di di di… nya nya nya nya nya, hey!". The ending theme is Koi No Uta and sounds like a ballad from the 60’s. The opening lines reminded me of a tune from GTO’s ending theme, Last Piece. Except for the final episode whereby the opening and ending themes are switched. Hmm… I’m not saying the background music are memorable, but some of them do give that nostalgic and eerie feel. Then there’s a slow background music, a variation of the opening theme 18, which is being played over and over so many times (using wind chimes I think), so much so everytime I hear it, I would go "Oh God. It’s that song again…".
At the end of most episodes (the exception being the 1st and last episodes), viewers are treated with several statistics of the girls in focus of that particular episode. From their age to height to their hobbies and even their vital statistics. They also narrate on several other stuffs in relating to themselves like their future ambitions and such. So you have 10 girls there. Which means, even the guys have an episode dedicated to them but all four of them (Rouma, Jin, Nozomu and Sukekiyo in particular) are being cramped into one. Haha, not as important as the girls, huh? I was hoping to see one on Kishida, but there isn’t. He’s as mysterious as ever.
Other trivial things I notice is that the mid-intermission is like watching through an old colourless film projector, showing the straw hat and paper airplane flying through the air. Even the next episode preview is something like an old colourless sepia film back in those days. You can only hear music in the background and no speeches at all. Good ol’ silent movies with moving pictures only. The title of each episode too gives a mysterious feel like episode 1’s ‘A Stranger From The Past’ and episode 5’s ‘A Travelling Wanderer’. Due to the little amount of fanservice, I can see why it’s forgettable. Hell, were you expecting full blown fanservice all the way?
Have you ever had that feeling that you have met a certain someone before but can’t quite remember meeting him or her before? Yeah, I have my fair share of that. Hey, maybe it’s that Kishida guy. Just kidding. Or perhaps my own memory is the one that is failing me. I hope I won’t forget all those wonderful animes that I have been watching so far. That would be devastating. A scar that time cannot even heal. I can think of many time related idioms and advices, but will that be just wasting time? Just make the best use of time, that’s all.

Kakyuusei 2
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