Kamen No Maid Guy

June 28, 2009

Maids. That word brings to mind those female servants who serve their master’s whims and fancies gracefully. Be it those Victorian maids from England or the more recent Japanese anime and manga style maids. However, have you ever seen a maid guy? And I’m not talking about being a butler. That’s right. A guy who dresses as a maid. No, not cosplaying or cross-dressing mind you. You’ll get the idea once you’ve watched Kamen No Maid Guy.
I don’t know the reason why he dresses up like a maid but it adds to the comedy and hilariousness of this nonsensical fanservice-laden series. But if you’re expecting that this maid guy, Kogarashi, is gentle, soft and girly, then think again. He’s muscular, burly and has one kind rational and thinking for his masters. Yeah, it’s like he’s giving the maid outfit a new fashion meaning. Imagine a WWE wrestler in one…
So who are the (un)lucky masters for this maid guy? As seen in episode 1, Naeka Fujiwara (looking a bit like Kojima of Girls Bravo) is your average girl with over-sized boobs living an average life attending Seiha Private High. Did the boobs thingy attract your attention? There’s more to where that came from. Naeka is also a skilled kendo club member as she scores another victory for her school. But her life will soon take a drastic change (for worse or better, depends on how you look at it) because she should’ve noticed the signs when a water bottle given to her from her friend has been hit away by a knife while several officials we’re knocked out by several needles. The culprits? Kogarashi and his colleague, Fubuki, from afar ‘protecting’ their would-be master as they think the water may be poison and those officials are assassins. Some thinking. Later, Kogarashi even puts extra set of undies in her locker as his first time meeting gift. WTF?!
Soon Naeka and her chubby brother, Kousuke, are called by their wealthy grandpa, Zenjurou, to come live with him in his big wealthy mansion being served like kings by dozens of maids. Of course Zenjurou is a dirty old man and it’s no surprised that loser Kousuke has unfortunately got this part of his genes. However Naeka refuses so Zenjurou takes a trip to their house and wonders if they’re really okay with the present condition. OMG! Their house is worse than a pig sty or a garbage dump! Trash and rubbish filled to the brim and the stench is unbearable! How on Earth does these 2 go on living?! Zenjurou cannot accept such embarrassment to the Fujiwara family and will forcefully change their lives as he summons Fubuki out. Fubuki, the graceful maid appears and I suppose it’s natural for Kousuke to drool over her. But to their surprise, they find that their entire home has been cleaned. No spot left untouched! Wow. It’s like a makeover. Can give that How Clean Is Your House reality series a run for their money. Zenjurou praises the perfect maid that he has picked out for Kousuke. Though that kid rejoices, Naeka doesn’t approve of it because it will further ruin Kousuke’s eroge lifestyle. Zenjurou thinks that Fubuki isn’t Naeka’s type so he has already prepared a maid to suit her personality, Kogarashi. Erm… The path of the samurai or swordsmen reasoning? Kogarashi makes his entrance with some dark aura because he’s trying to clean up all those pests in this ‘zoo’.
Of course Naeka doesn’t want such a weirdo like him and kicks back. It is then that Kogarashi starts to ‘violate’ her. Uh huh. He’s undressing her and making comments about he has replaced her worn out undies with a new set and wonders why she didn’t wear them or does she have such fetish. Any girl would feel mad as Naeka kicks them out of the house. Later as Naeka chats with Kousuke about what has happened so far, Zenjurou has a discussion with Kogarashi and Fubuki. We find out that Naeka and Kousuke’s parents may have died in some accident and this may not be a mere accident because all of the other children of Zenjurou have met the same fate. Thus Naeka and Kousuke are the only ones left who will rightfully inherit Zenjurou’s wealth once Naeka reaches her 18th birthday, which is in a few months time. He orders the duo to protect them at all cost. In this time, there may be assassins out to assassinate them, thus the need not only to protect but to properly raise them.
So we see how Kogarashi show his maid guy skills to Naeka like putting a water hose between her boobs to wake her up from her morning slumber. And because Zenjurou got the wrong idea that Naeka got her most important thing as a female stolen, he is furious at Kogarashi so he gives Fubuki the power to do whatever she can to tame that wild beast. But since Kogarashi still doesn’t get it, Fubuki gives Naeka a special whistle to tame him. Naeka gives it a shot and when she blows, it’s like Kogarashi experiences a very painful frequency in his head. And because he’s cooking, he is set on fire! Naeka is shocked at the results but feels that she has overdone it. Well, their fire extinguisher has expired 3 years ago… However, you can’t expect a little fire like this to kill a maid guy like him, right? He’s one bloody tough cookie.
Thus in each episode you’ll notice something like this. Kogarashi and Fubuki tries to serve their new masters to their best but you know Kogarashi is the source of Naeka’s misery (and hilarious antics) even though he’s loyal and multi-talented. Bloody multi-talented, I’d say. He can do a lot of things. Impossible things. He makes the impossible look so easy! Of course, most of them are useless and it makes you wonder if they’re necessary in the first place. But they’re cool. With his trademark "Kukukuu" laughter, Kogarashi isn’t afraid to criticize Naeka’s weakness or come up with his out-of-this world logic and answers. And when he has gone too far, Fubuki has to teach him a lesson as she hammers him with a club with nails to stop his ‘sexual harassment’! It’s a bloody scene but Kogarashi will be up on his feet faster than you can say "WTF?!". And by the end of each episode, a countdown of the number of days until Naeka’s inheritance. It’s less than 6 months and time is ticking…
However in episode 2, Naeka won’t be able to use that whistle anymore because she accidentally breaks it by closing the drawers on it when Kogarashi’s appearance startles her. But in this episode, Naeka learns that there may be inverse proportions between bust size and maths score. Uh huh. We have to do a detailed research on this ;p. It seems her flat chest classmates, Eiko Izumi and Miwa Hirano, scores way higher than her. Yeah, Naeka flops. Because there are too many boob talk and comparisons, you can’t blame them for going mad over Naeka’s monstrous boobs. So if Naeka doesn’t pass the next mid-term test, Eiko and Miwa along with their kendo club captain (I’ll call her Buchou) will sell her boobs off to the male kendo club members for 10 million Yen! Wow! Do big boobs fetch such a high price? To make things worse, the 3 guys of the male kendo club are fans of Naeka’s boobs and even made a fan club of it, Fujiwara Naeka’s Boobs Fan Club (FNBFC). Sickos.
So how to help Naeka? Leave it to Kogarashi to concoct some weird drink. He may put in all those sick ingredients but it turned out looking just fine. But Naeka is reluctant to drink it fearing of something may go wrong so he tries to force it down her throat. Thankfully Fubuki’s there to punish Kogarashi and stop his antics. Kousuke becomes the guinea pig and after drinking it, he instantly becomes fat! Thank goodness she didn’t drink it. Naeka wants Fubuki to teach her but she too isn’t good at maths. Naeka is horrified because that inverse proportion rumours may be true as Fubuki too has a huge pair herself. Thus Kogarashi decides to personally coach Naeka. Not believing it at first but Fubuki admits that Kogarashi was once a professor at the famous US university, MIT! Holy cow! So he’s got the brains and brawns too! Now we know the quality of students these days. Poor Fubuki, in despair that she lost out to him for once. Kogarashi continues to tutor Naeka and there has got to be a limit on Naeka’s bad maths. I don’t even know how she came out with the answer 1 + 1 = 3. She even goes on saying how it doesn’t matter what the answer is because it could be 5 or 10 depending on the factors bla bla bla. Is she adopting Kogarashi’s reasoning?! But that maid guy isn’t going to let this slip by. If Naeka can’t understand the basics, all she has to do is memorize. Now this part is hilarious because Kogarashi is going to print out the lecture notes during his stint at MIT from his memories. How? He plugs a printer USB port to his ear and the images start printing out! WOW!!! He’s really useful and multi-talented! "You’re not a true man if you can’t communicate with it". I’d like to try that out too. Of course Kousuke wants Kogarashi to teach him how to do it because he has lots of ecchi figurine models in his mind out on paper… However, Naeka burns out because her tiny brain isn’t enough to absorb in all those notes.
In a final desperate attempt, Fubuki wraps Naeka’s boobs to make them small. Hey, it may be so crazy it might just work. Unfortunately, her boobs are too big that the bandages can’t even keep them in place. Boobs over brains, I’d say. To counter this, Kogarashi has her wear a metal steel breastplate. During the day of the test, Naeka is pretty confident and it seems like all is smooth sailing. Until the breastplate starts to burst during the test, leaving Naeka embarrassed and topless. Really, her boobs has got to be the thing which stands out in the end. However, it seems Buchou, Eiko, Miwa and FNBFC guys are happy over the prospect of making huge money and getting something they’ve always wanted. Did Naeka get her boobs sold?
We see more of Kogarashi’s awesome and absurd abilities in episode 3. Yeah, some Maid Guy Sensor when he senses some unknown individual glaring at Naeka. Before that, we see FNBFC challenging Naeka and the girls to a kendo dojo. If the girls win, they get the newly constructed dojo and if the guys win, they’ll get Naeka’s boobs! However it’s a one-sided match as Naeka pounds them all and even gets approval from Buchou to cut them up!. Later, Naeka seems to have received a love letter in her shoe locker but reluctant to open and read it back home. Because of that, Kogarashi uses his Maid Guy X-Ray Visions to take a peek but was stopped by Fubuki’s needles. Kousuke then tells Fubuki how Naeka has philophobia (fear of falling in love) because back in middle school, she has a crushed on a senior and was ecstatic when he agreed to have a picnic with her. However, he nearly died when he taste her bento (his mouth was instantly foaming and went into a violent seizure!). He developed a fear for that poison woman. That’s why Naeka vowed never to fall in love again. In present time, since Naeka didn’t want to read the letter, Kogarashi tries reverse psychology by using his Maid Guy Shredder to rip it to pieces. He also chides her for being a hypocrite by hiding lots of dating tips magazines under her bed. "You don’t even have someone you like and yet you’re preparing a date plan already". He furthers go on to ‘take pity’ on those sad grandkids by saying how Naeka is a homeless dog and Kousuke only plays eroge games and vows to serve them until they are happy.
Next, Kogarashi concocts another weird potion. When Naeka drinks it, she becomes all lovey-dovey as she clings onto Fubuki’s breasts! Fubuki is freaking out but Kousuke is okay with maid-san yuri! Kogarashi ponders where he went wrong in making the potion (does he even know what he’s making?!). Zenjurou comes by for a visit only to his horror to see the whole place dark and bloody! Fubuki is heaving heavily with a bloody nail club and Kogarashi is seen lying motionless on the floor with blood splattered all over while Kousuke and Naeka are being tied up! Bloody! Later Fubuki teaches Naeka how to cook and Kousuke becomes a guinea pig of Naeka’s effort. Thankfully, it tastes good so this boosts Naeka’s confidence. The next day in school, Naeka is going to meet the guy as mentioned in the love letter and is thinking what kind of guy he is. She settles that even though he may not look good but as long his heart is, she’s okay with it. Then Naeka finds the shocking truth. Even I didn’t see this coming. Naeka’s admirer is a girl!!!! HOLY COW!!! Naeka is in denial and tries to run away. But Kogarashi isn’t going to let Naeka escape and wants her to take responsibility not to be insensitive of her admirer’s feelings and drops the duo into a love bed suite he constructed! Naeka fears for her life while that girl is obviously not going to let this chance escape as she pounces on her. Love fest time! When Naeka barely gets back home, she’s so pissed that she wants to cut up Kogarashi with her sword but is restrained by Fubuki and Kousuke. At least we know Naeka’s not lesbian. Throughout the anime, I noticed that no one refers to this yuri admirer by her name. I did my research and find out that she’s Saki Tabaruzaka and she’s not going to give up her lust over Naeka that easily.
Episode 4 starts off with a loli with strawberry panties, Elizabeth K Strawberryfield or Liz for short, going to show Naeka her true colours. Meanwhile, a group of hooded men breaks into Naeka’s house to steal panties because selling panties of beautiful women could fetch millions. WTF?! They get caught and Naeka thinks they’re referring to hers when they mention that they are after Fubuki’s. Haha. Naeka attacks them in her anger but this allows 1 of them to escape with a panty. However he soon realized that it’s Naeka’s. He then gets swiftly beaten up by Liz. Kogarashi just arrived at the scene only to find the panty thief knocked out. So he uses some mind control ability on a fish monger who was the only witness (he was just passing by in his van) and the only clue he got was strawberry panties. Next day in school, Naeka has a new transfer student from England (Liz) in her class and challenges her to a kendo duel. You got to love this loli saying her challenge to her: "I want to beat you up. I want to beat the crap out of you then watch you beg for mercy, lick my shoes…". Yeah, she throws a shoe at Naeka’s face! You could say this wealthy kid doesn’t like monster boobs Naeka 1 bit. Furthermore, she has a personal ninja maid, Shizuku.
Meanwhile, Kogarashi is doing something which could have lawsuits against him. He is stripping panties off the girls in Seiha Private High! Woah! Since he is so fast and agile, he manages to do it without making the girls feel that they’ve been stripped! They don’t even notice that they’re not wearing anything beneath their skirt! Double wow! I guess lots of perverts would like to have such skill! But to his dismay, none of them are strawberry panties and once Fubuki finds out what that maid guy is doing, she presses a button which sends Kogarashi exploding. Wanna bet he’s still alive? He is. That’s because Kogarashi is being attacked by Shizuku. Maid guy versus ninja maid. Who’ll triumph? Meanwhile Naeka gets ready to face Liz in a kendo match, which has accumulated a crowd, and Liz blackmails Naeka to face her, failing which she’ll spread erotic pictures of Naeka to FNBFC. The best out of 3 matches start and it seems Naeka plays dirty when she gives Liz wears a smelly unwashed headgear of 3 years to Liz. A stench enough to knock out anyone. Slick. So it’s Liz’s turn to play dirty when she scatters those erotic pictures to catch Naeka off guard. The score is tied with each a piece. At the same time, Kogarashi’s battle with Shizuku heats up as the latter hides somewhere to taunt him. Kogarashi uses his X-ray visions to easily find her and Shizuku fears the worse but all Kogarashi wants is to check her panties. After using his swift stripping skills and not finding the panties he wanted, he leaves after throwing back her panties. Shizuku is so damn embarrassed and violated.
The 3rd final round between Naeka and Liz lasted about an hour and it’s starting to get draggy. It’s turned into an endurance match. Then Kogarashi summons a group of Naeka-undies-seeking-crows which starts pecking at Naeka’s undies strewn all over the place. WTF?! Perverted crows?! They manage to distract Liz and some fanservice to viewers. Thing is, they started pecking on Naeka too. Bummer. Fubuki has had enough of it all and hits the self-destruction button which explodes the entire room. Looks like it’s a draw. It’s the hospital for everyone else. Finally as Kogarashi gathers all of Naeka’s panties, he notice that a pair is missing. Then we find out that Kousuke has sold it and with the earnings, he bought 70,000 Yen worth of eroge! Extreme! Naeka unsheathes her sword and prepares to slaughter… That smile on her face doesn’t mean a happy one, you know…
Based on the last events, in episode 5, Liz develops a fear of crows and starts ‘making a world map’ on her bed. Since Shizuku was incompetent, her twin sister, Tsurara makes her appearance and chides her as well as scolding Liz for being childish. Liz is so pissed off at Naeka that in class she can’t concentrate on lessons and tries to snare Naeka until the teacher throws a chalk at her. That night, Saki in her own room is happy that she has set up several hidden cameras to spy and record her beloved Naeka. Another hilarious part is that Kogarashi senses this and uses his Maid Guy Freezing Voice to freeze Saki. With this, she cannot move. Not even blink. To make things worse, Kogarashi has hacked and switched all the camera views to a naked elderly fish monger taking a bath! Oh the horror! That disgusting scene is definitely to burn right into Saki’s cranium. ARGH!!! Serves her right. She’ll be frozen like this for 30 minutes. Seems like eternity… Later Kogarashi has Naeka watch a video whereby she spots Fubuki wearing her school uniform. Fubuki in the video then said how Naeka may have gained weight, which made Fubuki give Kogarashi his usual punishment to shut him up. Meanwhile Shizuku and Tsurara are going to watch the spy cameras on Naeka when once again Maid Guy Freezing Voice intercepts and freezes them. It’s that horror fish monger bathing scene again! Amateur Shizuku can’t escape and watches in horror while Tsurara manages to unfreeze herself and let her poor sister be.
The next day, Saki decides to get rid of anyone else pursuing Naeka as she heads to her locker room. However, to her surprise finds Kogarashi there as she unleashes his Maid Guy Freezing Voice on her. Deja vu again? Kogarashi inspects her undies to see whether she is Naeka’s rival and since he didn’t suspect anything, he heads back into the locker. Meanwhile Tsurara is going to infiltrate the school to find out more about Naeka by dressing in a school uniform. However nobody is fooled by her looks and thinks she’s an aunty trying to dress young, pissing Tsurara a lot. Haha. Shizuku goes to Naeka’s locker, only this time to find the FNBFC guys in a freezing position too and semi-naked. Haha, she thinks they’re summoning for UFOs. Shizuku could’ve got hit by Maid Guy Freezing Voice if not for Tsurara who saves her in the nick of time. Thus Kogarashi and Tsurara engages in battle. Tsurara uses her ninja skills to numb Kogarashi’s senses but he mentions that she only managed to destroy 3 out of the 37 senses. WTF?! It’s total nonsense! A normal human has only 5 senses, right? God or devil? Whichever, you don’t want to mess with him. Kogarashi revives by using his long hair to entangle and ‘violate’ Tsurara (substitution for tentacles?). By that time, Saki is able to move and gets caught in Kogarashi’s hair tentacles. Kogarashi apologizes to her as he has mistakenly thought her for someone else so he gives her a Maid Guy badge to make up for it. Who wants that yellow little sharp teeth smiley? Tsurara seems to be at the losing end when Naeka spots what Kogarashi is doing and beats him up. This allows Tsurara to escape with Shizuku. Back home, as Tsurara chats with Shizuku, Liz comes in to spot Tsurara in a schoolgirl uniform and teases her about her fetish. This misunderstanding pisses off Tsurara as she declares how she’ll beat Kogarashi.
In episode 6, Kousuke, Naeka and Fubuki are out shopping when they step into a lift only to have it beep the overweight warning. With that, Naeka decides to have everyone undergo a dieting programme (poor Kousuke gets dragged into it even though he doesn’t want to diet). The gang take some weight measurement and Kogarashi uses his Maid Guy Levitation and makes his weight at zero! Then it’s Fubuki’s turn which turns out to be at an ideal 35kg. Kogarashi then reveals Fubuki’s bluff as there is a needle stopping the pin and upon removal, Fubuki weighs 85kg! Though she blames all those tools which she carries hidden under her uniform. How does she carry so much of those stuff anyway? Their first step in dieting is through sauna and Naeka swallows a whole bottle of pills when Fubuki says how it helps in weight loss. After stopping that, the girls are shocked to see Kousuke coming out as a handsome guy. Wow. Enough to fall head over heels. Until he starts drinking his cola and in an instant, he’s back to his chubby shape. Dang. Next is to fast. Kousuke is obviously against it because he can’t eat his favourite food. But he has no choice. As Fubuki and Naeka starve and lock themselves in a room, Kogarashi decides to teach them a lesson by using his Daydreaming Maid Guy Illusion and have both ladies in horror as their boobs shrinks! They can’t tell what is real or not in this nightmare illusion! Though they end their fasting, Fubuki has come down with fever.
Naeka then decides to play nurse and maid to Fubuki but since she’s cooking up weird food, this causes more anxiety for Fubuki and her fever won’t be going away anytime soon. Plus, with Naeka donning a maid outfit, she’s more clumsy and tripping than ever. Thus Fubuki tries to put up a front that she’s already well but Naeka soon finds out that she’s just faking it and drags her back for more treatment. Kousuke then tells Fubuki how Naeka wanted to be a nurse when she grows up as their mom was always sick but that dream ended just then because she adapted her body to handle whatever weird food she puts in her stomach. Though Kogarashi chides Fubuki for being a useless maid, Fubuki orders Kogarashi to go on a journey and bring back some special herbs she prescribed. When he returns, Fubuki gets her usual strength after drinking it but when Kogarashi says how it’s all in her mind as that special ingredient was just moss at the back of the house, Naeka is thrilled once more as she gets to continue nursing Fubuki since she is still sick. Oh the horror. Say your prayers, Fubuki. Hope she gets well soon.
In episode 7, Naeka along with Buchou, Eiko and Miwa are dipping themselves in the public bath house and talking about the upcoming kendo tournament. Since Naeka is opting out, the trio aren’t too pleased. We find out that several years ago, Naeka faced an opponent, Yoshie Arayashiki in a televised final. Wow. Arayashiki is like a giant and one could be forgiven for mistaking her as a male. Anyway as Arayashiki charged towards Naeka, the latter accidentally causes her bottom to be pulled down and at the same time her panties snapped. So the entire world witnessed the most horrible thing in their lives. It would’ve been a different story if she was a pretty girl, right? Ever since, Arayashiki has been brutally training herself to beat Naeka and avenge her public humiliation. But do the trio give a damn? Because if they win this one, they’ll have their training camp at the beaches of Okinawa. Ah, the motivation… Just then, Kogarashi kidnaps Naeka to the reclusive mountains for her training. Don’t worry. Fubuki is there to watch over them after she gives Kogarashi a good pounding for another undesirable method of whisking Naeka away. After gauging Naeka’s strength with a real bear (she flops of course), Naeka has to collect 10 Maid Guy badges in order to complete her training. And for going up against that bear, she already gets 1 as a reward. Uh huh. You’ll find that the reasons for Kogarashi giving the Maid Guy badge for Naeka’s achievement to be one kind.
Finally Naeka seems so ready, so calm, so focused because she can slice the water of the waterfall in half! Superb. So her final test is to take on a giant falling log. She flops. But because Kogarashi admires her courage to face up with it, he gives her the 10th badge and completes her training. The day of the tournament arrives and as expected Naeka is to face Arayashiki in the final. Arayashiki is relishing the chance to beat Naeka after her viper-like training and drink. Uh huh. See the battle aura of a viper versus a cow? During the match, Naeka manages to get a point as she strikes Arayashiki’s torso but ends up being flattened by her. Though Naeka is out cold, Arayashiki is going to continue with her revenge when Kogarashi intercepts with his Daydreaming Maid Guy Illusion to make Arayashiki have several visions of Naeka’s head (which are those spectators in reality). Arayashiki then starts to go crazy as she rips naked all those Naeka-head people. Even Saki and FNBFC guys! She’s on a rampage! Though she has been disqualified and Naeka is declared the winner, Kogarashi gives her a Maid Guy badge for her craziness. He gives out those badges easily, huh? In the end, Buchou, Eiko and Miwa are seen enjoying themselves at Okinawa’s beach. But where’s Naeka? She’s in hospital covered with bandages and Kogarashi’s by her side. Those ingrates…
In episode 8, Naeka receives a marriage proposal from a handsome Englishman named Hendrick with a weird accent (gotta love some English words he says like "Sh*t!". However, he changes his mind when he sees Fubuki. To cut things short, this guy is a big breasts maniac and is Liz’s elder brother. Liz comes riding on her horse under the guise of Strawberry Mask (though everyone can tell it’s her) and whisks her stupid brother away. I also kinda noticed that Kogarashi has started referring to Fubuki as dojikko (clumsy) maid. To make things worse, Naeka’s male homeroom teacher is on maternity leave (that’s right, maternity leave) so Hendrick is their replacement teacher. Thing is, he has the natural ability to charm females to swoon over him whenever they look into his eyes. Later Liz tells Naeka, Eiko and Miwa about Hendrick’s case and it seems Liz thinks Naeka is using her ‘lump of fats’ to trick her brother. Eiko then guessed correctly how Liz has brother complex. Something about how Liz always reminded him that she’ll marry him once he grows up but as time goes by, her boobs was the only thing that didn’t grow. Ah, I see that’s why she hates girls with big boobs. The girls soon find out that Hendrick is also the advisor for the female kendo club and has got all the other female kendo members under his charm. Hendrick wants Naeka to be part of his harem and since she refuses, she and her pals challenges him to a duel. Liz is watching from outside when hooded Kogarashi appears to help another fellow mask to use some secret weapon which is a sure win against Hendrick that will open his eyes.
During the match, Eiko and Miwa got defeated easily when they try to fight him without looking into his eyes. So all their hopes rests on Naeka. Her friends came up with a strategy to fight without her bra so that Hendrick will be distracted, which works but Naeka is quite embarrassed about it. However Hendrick spots a flaw in this strategy as with time passes, Naeka will work up sweat which will cause her shirt to be transparent. Naeka can’t fight effectively with one hand over her boobs, can’t she? Before Hendrick could land the final blow, Strawberry Mask appears to assist. Yeah, now she look like she has boobs. Of course Liz puts down the rules that all Hendrick need to do is to hit 1 of them to win in order to get Naeka’s boobs, in which he accepts. Hendrick has them cornered. Then upon remembering Kogarashi’s advice, Strawberry Mask uses the secret weapon by pulling the bra string, which turns out to be an inflatable bra. Erm… It expands to unbelievable proportions which sends ecstasy to Hendrick (opened his eyes alright). But that bra which Kogarashi dubs Sure Kill No Bra Blinding Strategy Maid Guy Protection Bra Model Destruction, soon emits a very bright light which temporarily blinds him. Naeka uses this chance to strike Hendrick but before that he gets a little view of Naeka’s jugs (was it those beauties that he was enthralled with and didn’t defend himself?). His charm over the other girls wear off as Hendrick admits defeat while being stretchered away. Back home, Naeka finds out that Kogarashi has laced all her undies with dangerous weapons and devices as defence tactics so she throws one at him which expectedly explodes.
In episode 9, after witnessing several successful critical help outs from Kogarashi, Eiko and Miwa wants to be his apprentice to save their part time job at a local cake shop, D’erlanger. Kogarashi says that they need to ask his master first and when the duo are willing to let Naeka copy their maths homework, busty girl instantly gives the approval stamp. So they get down to work as they find out that D’erlanger is losing business to a rival cake shop opposite. Upon closer inspection, the customers seem to be typical otaku geeks. Then they find out that one of the main attractions of the store are busty waitresses, in which the job application also state the requirements to have them. The bigger the better and the higher the pay. Brace yourself for lots of boob comments and insults here! Or else cover your innocent ears! Thus, the duo wants Naeka to infiltrate and spy on them and since Fubuki too ‘qualify’, Naeka forces her but that dojikko maid is reluctant and embarrassed. Naeka goes to ‘work’ while Fubuki runs away at the last minute, leaving Naeka to fend for herself. She discovers that the staff and the Manager (I’ll refer to her as that) has rocket size busts! Outrageous! It’s so big that they may violate air space ;p. At the same time, Kogarashi will be working as D’erlanger’s chief patisserie seeing that the useless owner of D’erlanger has run away with no hope (he even blames the duo for not having big boobs!).
Kogarashi then uses his Maid Guy Trapping Voice to hypnotize those male customers to come over to D’erlanger. You know, the pastry stuff Kogarashi made are really one kind. Scorpion Chocolate Cake? But the customers are loving it. Manager gets to know of this so she assembles her staff for an emergency meeting. Naeka finds out that the shop’s selling points are their boobs and the cake is just as a bait to lure them in. Boobs Society? Manager decides to teach newcomer Naeka on how to use her boobs to make her more appealing but she fails so Manager has her pull out from the serving front. Fubuki is disguising herself in a trench coat and somehow ends up as a patron at D’erlanger, who is experiencing good business. Naeka makes a visit and finds Kogarashi using weird ingredients for his cake (a panda?!). Manager then busts in (no pun intended) and decides to taste their cake as she orders 3 sets while insulting Eiko and Miwa ‘minimum size’ and ‘palm size’ (shocking them greatly). Manager notices the crab cake is fake and demands the chief patisserie. She complaints while saying how she’ll strip him behind his mask to find out his true identity. Kogarashi then says they both have been lying and wants to strip her mask too. Yeah, he punctures Manager’s fake boobs! They’re all just air, eh? Too good to be true. Manager’s staff chides her for tricking them and she insults them back for their big boobs (nutrients going there instead of the head?). While they are in disarray, Eiko and Miwa uses this chance to increase their sales and destroy their rival by saying customers will get a chance to see Naeka’s real boobs if they buy their cake. All the perverted customers (including FNBFC guys) are motivated by her real boobs and starts buying 10, 20 30 sets of cake. WTF?! 260 sets?! See, sex sells. Kogarashi spots Fubuki and tells her to come out. So no choice, Fubuki has to don a maid outfit and serve those perverted customers. Later as Naeka and co takes a break, her insensitive comments about small boob size causes Eiko and Miwa to get mad.
In episode 10, Naeka is still having math problems so Kogarashi suggests to pray to God as he takes the gang to a local shrine. They are greeted by a priestess (whom I shall refer to as Miko) who is Kogarashi’s ex-colleague and she calls him Gai. Miko is a divine priestess as she is able to directly communicate with God and put God’s wishes on her clipboard. She can even tell their personalities like how Kousuke wants to know what panties Miko is wearing (she isn’t wearing any by the way) and Fubuki disrobes when she gets drunk (a secret that we never knew!). You’ll note how the gang even quotes "We don’t even know what God is thinking sometimes". Since men are forbidden, Miko takes in Naeka and Fubuki while Kogarashi and Kousuke watches from outside. Naeka finds out that Liz and Arayashiki are here to seek God’s prayers to dispel her fear of crows and to beat Naeka respectively. Remember God works in mysterious ways so the winner will get their wish granted through a tennis doubles match. It’s Naeka-Fubuki against Liz-Arayashiki. No Prince Of Tennis exaggeration here. Since Fubuki’s refusal to wear a mini skirt, Naeka-Fubuki team gets 1 set penalty. WTF?! Is God a pervert?! Naeka-Fubuki make some headway so Liz suggests Arayashiki to use several objects to block their shots. Since God finds it amusing, He allows it. WTF?! Fubuki is depressed by her uselessness so Naeka decides to cheer her up by saying that it’s alright because she’s used by failures as she’s a dojikko maid. I think Fubuki got fired up because of her anger rather than encouragement. As they continue, Kogarashi uses some mind telepathy to hint and boost Naeka’s morale about why God penalises them in the first place, before cutting communications so as not to arouse Miko’s suspicion. As Liz-Arayashiki continue to dominate, Naeka then lifts up Fubuki’s skirt. God is ecstatic and gives 1000 points to them! God is really a pervert! Naeka-Fubuki is 1 point from game, though Fubuki isn’t too fond of it and wishes to have a ‘long talk’ with Naeka once everything is over.
Arayashiki notices this and forcefully strips Liz. So okay, God is a lolicon too but he prefers big boobs as He only gave them 200 points. Arayashiki isn’t happy so tosses Liz away and she strips herself naked to show God her sexiness (ARGH! My eyes! My eyes!). Even God disapproves of her nudity as dark clouds form. God has had enough and declares Naeka-Fubuki the winner and since Arayashiki questions His problems on her sexiness, He strikes her with lightning. Remember this golden rule: Never question God as He is absolute. Miko gives a maths problem charm which will have Naeka’s maths IQ at Einstein’s level. However when doing her maths problem, Naeka notices she must fulfil a condition in order for the charm to take effect. Something about for each Fine Play a maid does, a math question is guaranteed solve. For Super Fine Play, 10 questions will be solved. Since Naeka has tons of them, she looks at Fubuki with those monster eyes… Later Fubuki goes to see Miko to cure her dojikko maid title when she spots Liz in a loli swimsuit to get a charm for her crow phobia. She runs away in embarrassment. Miko relays God’s Fine Play as putting on sexy see-through lingerie! Fubuki has no choice but to put it on if she wants others to call her decent maid. When she goes home, though she feels uneasy, Kogarashi spots her and calls her a decent maid. He uses his Maid Guy X-Ray vision so in her embarrassment she clubs him and runs away vowing never to wear them again. So looks like even God and Miko thinks it’s impossible for Fubuki to shake off her dojikko maid title from the start.
In episode 11, the kendo members are running up and down stairs as part of their training. Of course the FNBFC are doing it because of Naeka’s bouncing boobs. Because Leader (that’s what everyone refers to him) of FNBFC was admiring too much, he slipped and ended up hospitalized with brain damage. Naeka feels guilty as she and her pals visit him. Even the doctor says he has no hope but when Naeka’s boobs sway too close to Leader’s face, he immediately comes to and praises her boobs! Naeka beats him up. However he has amnesia. Then the doctor ditches her medical science and tells Naeka that the a way to get his memories back is through a Love Shock Remedy! Thus Naeka has no choice but to date that boobs pervert. Naeka in her yukata, meets up with Leader and was made to promise not to beat him up by Eiko and Miwa. But Naeka can’t help but kick his back when he remembers her name after seeing her boobs. As Naeka gets lecture by her pals, Kogarashi is watching them and decides to support his master’s love, though Fubuki isn’t too fond of it and even clubs him. But I guess after getting clubbed so many times, he even manages to recover in record time to give Fubuki the slip.
At the festival as Naeka and Leader date, Miwa, Eiko and the other 2 FNBFC members are watching from afar (read: busybodies). Kogarashi decides to heat things up by snatching a nearby toy rifle and using his Maid Guy Gun Action, fires the cork using centrifugal force at Naeka’s feet to send her tripping into Leader’s arms. A romantic set up? Until Leader says how soft her boobs are, which earns him a painful elbow from Naeka. Kogarashi is going to make another accident when Fubuki appears and prepares to club him (because partly Kogarashi did call her an old maid) but unfortunately she’s taken away by twin maids who has her help out their takoyaki stall. How did she end up in that situation anyway? Later while the rest continue to spy, Naeka asks Leader is there anything else he remembers besides breasts and he wonders if he could touch them as to jolt his memory but once again earns another knockout punch. Naeka then meets Liz and the usual catty talk. Hendrick then comes by with 2 big breasted foreigner women flanking him. Yeah, he is still enthralled by her big boobs (heck, any big busts will do) so Naeka does her version of Guile’s Moon Kick on him. When Leader comes to, Naeka points out to those huge foreigner boobs but he says he only has eyes for Naeka’s boobs. This causes Naeka to blush and her heart beating fast, so much so her punishment kick in the leg is ‘soft’!
Kogarashi then unleashes his Maid Guy Golden Splash as he fires a goldfish into Naeka’s yukata. The idea is so that since Naeka can’t take off her yukata in public to get rid of the goldfish, she has to run into the woods and a concerned Leader will follow. Aha. Trying to get them doing lovey-dovey stuff, eh? At that time, mad Fubuki has arrived to club Kogarashi and her scary aura has Eiko and Miwa tell her where Naeka went. In the woods, Leader is searching for Naeka when he sees her semi-undressed. Yeah, he gets perverted and jumps on top of her. But it’s revealed that he’s just taking care of a snake. As the duo have a heart to heart chat (is Naeka giving him a chance to steal her heart?), Fubuki appears and instantly throws her lamp at Leader. The force is great enough to send him crashing and stuck into a tree. Because of that, Leader this time is hospitalized and in coma. Fubuki feels guilty and since her boobs sway too close to Leader, he instantly revives and passionately says to show him more of it! Naeka is bloody angry because she wonders where his eyes for her boobs only went as she throws him out of the hospital window. So he’s turning into a big boob fanatic just like Hendrick, eh?
Episode 12 starts off with a pointy hair man, Wabisuke Kofujiwara addressing a ninja maid, Hyouchuka and her clan members to devote and combine to build their power. Is that Shizuku and Tsurara serving under him too? Back at Naeka’s house, she and the rest receives an invitation to celebrate Zenjurou’s 70th birthday at his mansion. Upon arrival, Kousuke is happy to see grandpa and his hug nearly killed him (not that he has long to live ;p). Soon, Wabisuke arrives and Fubuki and Kogarashi notes that he is the secondary inheritor although he is at the lowest rung in the family. The duo receive orders to head to the security room whereby the head maid informs them how Zenjurou received a cross star knife next to his bed when he woke up this morning. They think this may be related to the inheritance thingy so Fubuki and Kogarashi vow to protect the grandchildren and show those perpetrators their true maid powers. Meanwhile we also see Liz and Hendrick there but since that guy is still fawning over big boobs, Liz beats him up and threatens to go home. Outside, a ninja maid swiftly takes out the several security personnel. Soon Naeka and Kousuke are to hand Zenjurou his presents on stage in front of several multi-national dignitaries when the lights go out. Shizuku then drops in from above to kidnap the grandchildren as she also drop several sleeping gas bombs. The entire mansion goes into full alert.
Outside on the rooftop, Naeka and Kousuke are being held hostage by Shizuku and Tsurara. Suddenly both ninja maids find themselves trapped by fine hair cage. Actually it’s Kogarashi who is disguising as Kousuke as he reveals his true self. Before Kogarashi could ‘violate’ them further, Hyouchuka and her subordinate appear. She orders them to take out Kogarashi but the maid guy shows us why he’s still unbeatable as he takes them all out with ease. As Kogarashi approaches Hyouchuka, she takes out a whistle and starts blowing. OMG! Kogarashi body starts to ‘explode
in blood! Then he got pierced as he crashed below! Oh no! NOOO!!! Kogarashi can’t die!!! The whistle then disintegrates. Good for one time use only, eh? But it’s one heck of a good use. Then when Naeka starts ranting on Hyouchuka’s aim is to force Zenjurou in naming her master as the heir, Tsurara notices that there is something wrong because this Naeka knows too much. Yup, it’s Fubuki in disguise as well. Hyouchuka notes that they have been had and that all the information they’ve gathered were fake. Hyouchuka sends her subordinates to dispose of her but she too shows why she’s a master with a club. So where are the grandchildren? They’re lying semi-naked unconscious in a room. Before the present ceremony, Kogarashi and Fubuki switched places with them. Naeka comes to and she spots Kogarashi lying motionless outside. She is devastated that he is dead and refuses to believe so as many ‘memories’ of them come flowing back. Her voice reaches him as he instantly revives! YAHOO! Hey, even if he violates her all the time, he is HER maid guy.
Though Fubuki is tired after taking out too many subordinates, Hyouchuka and the rest are surprised to see Kogarashi’s revival. He then throws a boulder at them, soon after he levitates in the air and unleashes his Homing Catapult. Hyouchuka realizes her lost and decides to retreat but is stopped by Fubuki. However, Kogarashi is going berserk as he continues to summon some jumbo typhoon, sucking up Fubuki, Naeka and the ninja maid sisters into it while Hyouchuka escapes. She apologizes her failure to Wabisuke but he isn’t disappointed because he notes how the real fight starts now. In the aftermath, Fubuki and Naeka clubs Kogarashi as their clothes are torn and shredded. Zenjurou and the rest wakes up to see his mansion heavily damaged. Hey, there are other unmasked maid guys too! The next day, Naeka is back to her normal self as she meets up with Eiko and Miwa. But the FNBFC are still persistent on Naeka’s boobs, Naeka decides to slice them with her sword while Saki is ecstatic as ever. Fubuki talks to Zenjurou about their formidable enemy and the former reassures how she and Kogarashi will protect his grandchildren with their life. And Kogarashi pledges that he will continue to serve his master with top quality services so that she can enjoy every day with complete assurance and safety. With that kind of services? Oh well, that’s what being a maid guy is about.
There is a filler OVA episode whereby the gang is vacationing on some deserted island when some legendary folklore old guy, Tarou Urashima, starts to do perverted stuff on Naeka like unhooking her swimsuit top and even trying to do something unthinkable to her and her pals at the hotspring. Can’t believe that a famous folklore character doing perverted stuff. Though Tarou managed to drag naked Naeka into the forest, thankfully she is rescued by Kogarashi. Back at the inn, the gang discovers a giant talking turtle (from that same legend too) and Turtle tells them that Tarou and some princess called Otohime were in love but she found out he was cheating on her by flirting around. Fearing her wrath, Tarou escapes with Turtle. Furthermore, the earthquakes in Japan are caused by Otohime’s anger whenever Tarou left. Ah, the stress. Thus the gang have up to 2 days to have Tarou meet up with her in order to save Japan. Now that’s a big task and would’ve rewritten all legend and stories. Kousuke comes up with a plan by planting fake huge boobs in Eiko and Miwa wearing swimsuits as bait. That dirty bastard did appear and even had some boobs rubbing action on him. That is when he realized their fake boobs but it’s too late when Kogarashi springs his Maid Guy Hair Sensor. He escapes and lets both girls fall into Kogarashi’s hair trap.
Of course Kousuke still has his trump card in the form of Naeka in a naked apron. Tarou is suspicious because he won’t fall for the same trick twice. Until Kousuke cuts the apron loose and reveals Naeka’s authentic melons, which sends that guy into ecstasy. Plus, Kogarashi uses his hair to cut Fubuki’s clothes and reveal a very revealing bikini. Because Tarou thinks how Fubuki’s boobs are even bigger than Naeka’s, this obviously upsets Naeka very much and he is defeated in a single punch. Just like that? He deserves it. Tarou is tied onto Turtle’s shell as they swim back to alleviate Otohime’s anger. In the end, it is revealed that all this was Kousuke’s dream as he is awakened by Fubuki. However, since he was sleep talking, Naeka and her pals have overheard his erotic story and aren’t going to let him go. After beating him up, everyone leaves the island but Kousuke is left behind.
It’s sad to see that this series has ended but of course with the potential of a sequel. But I really did enjoy the ride. Kogarashi is a character whom viewers would either love or hate. For me, since he is the source of many hilarious antics and nonsensical quips, of course I dig him! Many viewers also compare him to Sagara of Full Metal Panic due to his insensitive and no-holds-barred approach in solving problems and handling situations. I was hoping Kogarashi would clash with Tsurara again seeing that ninja maid did mention she wanted to get revenge on him but that final episode wasn’t anything much. I kinda noticed that Fubuki who originally started out as a graceful maid, becomes less of so as the series progresses. Perhaps she has got fed-up with Kogarashi and trying too hard to keep that beast in control. But nevertheless, they’re both still loyal to their masters. I bet even though Naeka finds her maid guy very distasteful, I guess she’d have it no other way too.
Rikiya Koyama who voices Kogarashi (Hakuoro in Utawarerumono) definitely suits the character very well in terms of making him sound burly and such. The other casts include Megumi Toyoguchi as Fubuki (Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist), Yuka Iguchi as Naeka (Irukuku of Zero No Tsukaima: Princesses No Rondo), Daisuke Sakaguchi as Kousuke (Sunohara of Clannad), Saki Fujita as Liz (Momo in Manabi Straight), Hiroki Takahashi as Hendrick (Harima in School Rumble), Akemi Kanda as Shizuku (Nina of Ultra Maniac, Miharu of Da Capo series), Hiroe Oka as Tsurara (Kanwu of Ikkitousen), Mugihito as Zenjurou (Hayashi in Binbou Shimai Monogatari), Yuko Kaida as Saki (Riza of Kaibutsu Oujo), Emiri Katou as Eiko (Kagami in Lucky Star), Yu Kobayashi as Miwa (Kaere/Kaede in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) and Mayumi Yamaguchi as Arayashiki (Forte of the Galaxy Angel series).
The opening theme, Special Life! by KOTOKO is a lively pop piece which gets viewers into the mood of the series while the ending theme, Work Guy! by Yoshiki Fukuyama sounds like hard rock. I love it everytime before the ending theme starts, you’ll hear Kogarashi saying some sentence before the singer completes it with his wild hard rock screaming voice. Besides, the end animation credits sees Naeka and Fubuki trying to run away from Kogarashi. A sign that they can never escape from his grasp? The background music for the mid-intermission is an eyebrow raiser because it sounded like a kindergarten tune!
I just want to note something about the art and drawing. No doubt it’s drawn to today’s conventional Japanese anime standards, I can’t help feel that especially the female characters have a sharp chin and that their little mouths are too close to their little noses. It gives them a one kind look. So if you’re not used to the absurd fanservice in this series, I’m afraid you’ll have to pass this one. You don’t know what you’re missing, man. So maybe you want to lock yourself alone in a room and watch this behind your parent’s back.
Though I myself don’t wish for a maid guy, but I sure do admire the multi-talents that a maid guy posses. I really wish I can be as competent as a maid guy and do lots of stuff even if it looks silly and impossible. Plugging a USB port into one’s ears? That’s got to be the best thing Kogarashi’s ever done. I wonder how many other maid guy skills he has but hasn’t shown yet. He should run for president, if you know what I mean. Ah well, if there’s a sequel, I’ll definitely be waiting for him to be at my service. And yeah, I want one of those Maid Guy badges too! Kukukuu…

Kamen No Maid Guy
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