Kamisama Dolls

April 22, 2012

What makes someone or something God? Is it their looks? The reverence? The awesome power that one beholds? Anyhow as long as that thing or person is viewed to be much more powerful than the average Joe, there is a high chance that you might consider that something or someone a God, right? In Kamisama Dolls, one of those ‘Gods’ comes in the form of huge mechanical woodwork. Doesn’t seem majestic but wait till you see its devastating power!

Kyouhei Kuga comes from a secluded village that ‘controls’ such giant Gods with powers known as Kakashi. Gifted people who control them with their minds are called Seki. And when you put together a God and human combo, you can always tell that there will some conflicts whatsoever because it is human nature to show off how powerful we are. Kyouhei is an ex-Seki, having giving up his position and has left the village for Tokyo. If you think if he is a country bumpkin, think again. The village may seem like a backward laidback town but like still waters run deep, there is something more than meets the eye, something dark and secretive. Or else, why would a simple and good kid like Kyouhei leave especially his family behind. And like in most clans or families that run things by the generations through the bloodlines, Kyouhei’s past slowly creeps back into his life. It’s like as though he never left. Couldn’t leave. Never will.

Episode 1
A scene of wreckage and chaos as kids are fleeing and fighting for their lives. In present time, Kyouhei arrives late for N University Sociology Department’s 7th annual party. His buddies make him the ‘sacrifice’ to go confess to Hibino Shiba (partly he likes her too and was planning to do just that). Outside the restroom, nervous Kyouhei fumbles his way and was interrupted by drunk Suou. With the massive failure, Kyouhei drowns himself with beer and sings his heart out over karaoke. While he’s unconscious, he dreams how his father allowed him to leave the village that time has forgotten since he has relinquished his rights as a Seki, though mom was against it. Even his sister Utao wasn’t too fond that her onii-chan was going away. He wakes up and finds himself sleeping on Hibino’s lap. When it’s time to go, they are horrified to see a corpse in a very bloodied elevator. The place is cordoned off as the police will have them take their statements tomorrow. Kyouhei and Hibino part ways.

As Kyouhei rides the train home, he recalls that the marks on the corpse were probably from his village. He felt somebody stalking him and rushes home. In the elevator, a Kakashi appears from the bottom. Kyouhei isn’t scared and recognizes it as Kukuri. Its Seki, Utao is waiting for Kyouhei just outside. Kyouhei notes how she hasn’t mastered controlling Kukuri yet. In his room, Kyouhei has tons of questions to ask. Why are they here since he’s not involved in the village’s customs anymore. Besides, Kukuri is the village’s most closely kept secret. Utao mentions Aki Kuga has escaped. Flashes of slaughtered bodies come to Kyouhei’s mind. Apparently someone in charge of him screwed up and after Aki learnt Kyouhei left the village, he escaped. Speaking of which, that badass kid breaks into Kyouhei’s room with his Kakashi. He mocks Utao for not being a real Seki and taunts how the village sent a little girl to capture him. Utao continues to use Kukuri to fight Aki’s Kuramitsuha but is no match. Thinking this loli needs more training, Kuramitsuha flings her out of the apartment. Kyouhei becomes mad at that crazy bastard but Aki replies it is not him who is insane, but the village. Good news is that Kukuri caught Utao. Bad news: She uses Kukuri to blast a hole in the apartment.

Next day, Hibino’s dad, Shingo (who hails from the same village as Kyouhei) picks Kyouhei and Utao up. They are going to live in his house from now on since the shrine has contacted him to look after them. And orders from the shrine cannot be disobeyed. Kyouhei remembers how the aftermath of that attack, people from the shrine came to collect Aki (man, he’s restrained in a bag for corpses?! How dangerous is this dude?!). They allow Utao to live with Kyouhei and consider it as her training. Kyouhei doesn’t like the way he was bossing him around but he quotes the shrine’s orders are absolute. Kyouhei felt in the end though he left the village, he’s still their slave. Back home, Hibino asks Shingo about this village thingy which he never talked before. He never because he wanted to protect her. He explains Karakami Village has a treasure they’ve kept since ancient times. He has Utao summon Kukuri as demonstration. Soon Hibino and Utao get acquainted and later Hibino welcomes Kyouhei to her house. Meanwhile the convoy that’s supposed to bring Aki back. Yeah, it crashed and the important ‘package’ escaped.

Episode 2
Flashback sees how Utao was in a procession to become Kukuri’s master. Detective Kyousuke Karahari and his partner are investigating the mysterious bomb blast at Kyouhei’s apartment. Kuuko Karahari of the True Science Club drags a member to the club house to conduct their true investigation of the unexplained mysteries and occult so that they can use them to destroy the so called science that dominates the world. She’s pretty confident about that… Kyouhei helps train Utao control Kukuri at the woods. He explains to Hibino the means of controlling Kakashi is passed down. Certain people are chosen to be a Seki and they put their soul into and share their heart with the Kakashi and control them. Kakashis has been used in building, logging and repelling enemies. Aki was one of that talented people but had an attitude problem and thus imprisoned. Kyouhei was once a Seki but got fired because he didn’t have enough talent. He was Kukuri’s previous owner but Utao took his place. He thinks it’s for the best as she is better at putting her heart into the Kakashi. Though she needs more concentration.

Meanwhile the only club member threatens to quit the True Science Club. But Kuuko won’t let her only slave, oops, she means member go. Heck, she doesn’t even know his name! He won’t give in to her seduction either. As they struggle in the car, little did they know that an unwatched flame will soon lead to an explosion. What do you expect with that cramped club house? So boom! The club house was near the vicinity of Kyouhei and co. First thing Utao said that it wasn’t her fault. Haha. This means she always gets blamed for the slightest thing that goes out of control, eh? The slave, er, I mean member is unconscious and is heavily pinning Kuuko down. With Kyouhei’s instructions, Utao uses Kukuri to rescue them. However she still isn’t good at controlling so she gets disheartened and feels he hates Kakashi and shouldn’t have come. But he disagrees and pats her head. Instead he was happy to see her again. That boosted Utao’s confidence as she brings the duo to safety. The compliments got to her head so she accidentally dropped them in the river. Don’t worry. They’ll be alright.

Kyouhei and Hibino attend college and the latter is worried if it’s right for Utao to stay at home all day. He mentions not to worry since she is doing correspondence courses that Seki are allowed to do via their village. Kuuko drops in on Kyouhei and Hibino at lunch. She teases them for being so close. Kyouhei gets disheartened when Hibino strongly objects but Kuuko knows this means that she could only have feelings for him. Though Kuuko got yelled at for causing the club house to be on fire, she notes there are many ways to deal with that stuff. But what puzzled her most is the big kokeshi doll-like monster. First she thought if she was dreaming but if someone did come to save her, couldn’t that person have also reported the fire? Then she sees her father, Kyousuke at school (she calls her own dad by his name). She isn’t pleased seeing her old man around. She even got the guts to twist his fingers when he said something inappropriate (at least to her). Kyousuke recognizes Kyouhei but the latter refuses his offer for a car ride home thinking they should be more careful not wanting him to figure out anything about them. Meanwhile bored Utao is trying to further her training skills by using Kukuri to man the video game control. Of course she flops and breaks it. She manages to hide it from Hibino’s dad, Shingo and agrees to go help him with the store.

On the train home, Hibino thinks Kyouhei wants to be a Seki again because when he was teaching Utao, it felt he wanted to control the Kakashi himself. However he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it all. He notes the power of the Kakashi brings disaster to all. An uncontrollable power that shouldn’t be used. Misery befalls both the person who uses it and those it is used upon. He doesn’t want Utao to experience that. When they arrive home, they are surprised to see Utao helping out with the cafe. I guess you need a loli to increase the popularity, eh? Yeah, Kyouhei start having weird ideas that she should dress up as a maid.

Episode 3
The convoy that was bringing Aki back were talking about some discord between the Kuga and Hyuuga families. When suddenly Kuramitsuha stabs the driver to crash to truck and then slices off the arm of the other guy! He couldn’t care less about the families, shrine or village. Utao is really bringing a new meaning to the word moe with her clumsiness. So cute, yet so destructive. Suou visits the cafe and takes an instant liking for this cute loli and gives her an extreme molestation, freaking her out. So it’s no wonder Utao serves everyone else nice except her. So how to get to Utao’s heart? Buy her a cake! But this is all part of scheming Suou so that once Utao takes a bite, she plays guilty mind games about putting on weight and becoming fat! Utao got traumatized because she did sample quite a lot of the cafe’s cake and loves eating them for lunch. From now on, cake is a taboo word! At least for now. It doesn’t help when Kyouhei returns with more cake! She starts biting his head like a certain glutton nun…

Hibino takes Utao out to the park. She also helps her train Kukuri underwater. She suggests picking something up so Utao concentrated to hard and pulled out a wrecked car! Everyone saw the car flying in the air before splashing back into the pond so the duo quickly get away before they become suspects. Kyouhei is supposed to meet up with them but bumps into Aki (I thought at this point he looked like Index’s Accelerator). Kyouhei doesn’t want to cause a commotion and pleads him to return to the village. However, he’s not the kind who listens. He doesn’t like the way he’s bowing his head, pleading him to return. Aki tries to stir the hornet’s nest by suggesting he kill that girl he was with at the karaoke box. This made Kyouhei very angry as he grabs his collar. This is what Aki wants. To show his true self and not pretend it never happened because they have walked the same path ever since. Suddenly a Kakashi crashes onto Aki. Kyouhei recognizes that Kakashi, Uwazutsu belonging to Koushiro Hyuuga. He notes he will take away that pain the ass away from him and warns him not to get involved. Aki lives up to his name as an escape artiste. Yup, he’s good at running away. You thought he’d be easily done for under that Kakashi, eh?

A truck driver spots a kid on the elevated highway and serves to avoid hitting him. This causes him to go off the barricade and threatening to crash into Hibino, Utao and other the people below. Utao instantly summons Kukuri to catch the truck before it slams into them all. Later Hibino thanks her for saving her and this is the second time she has saved lives. Utao heard a voice praising her sarcastically. She suspects it to be from a Seki. Aki has barely escaped and is resting on the rooftop thinking back when they opened the gate to hell and lost all kinds of things that they could never recover in exchange. That’s why he’s so pissed at Kyouhei for pretending it never happened and feels he doesn’t deserve to live a happy life. He snaps out in time before Uwazutsu slams into him. Another fight on the cards. Nearby, Kuuko just finishes up her illegal part time job (shows how she disrespects her dad, eh?) when she spots those monsters fighting in the air. Rushing towards its direction, she comes into Aki. He throws his coat to confuse her. She almost got hit by Uwazutsu. Now she’s scared and makes a run but sees Aki falling before her. Koushiro seems to have got the help of that kid, Kirio Hyuuga or else who could’ve barely beat Aki. Kirio pinpoints Aki’s location but it seems he is gone. Actually Kuuko is dragging that unconscious guy away. She thought she found something great.

Episode 4
We go a little back in time when Aki and Koushiro face off. Koushiro offers him to come to Hyuuga’s side because their leader welcomes him and if he lets the Kuga side catch him, he’ll only be thrown behind bars. However Aki isn’t interested and fights him with Kuramitsuha since he understands how Uwazutsu works (it can instantaneously appear and attack). But as Aki makes a run, he is puzzled why Koushiro can still see him despite in hiding. Then thinks it’s his smell. That’s when he comes face to face with Kuuko. To put that theory to work, he throws his coat at her and immediately Uwazutsu attacks her but still misses. In that instant, Aki rides on Kuramitsuha and would’ve slashed Koushiro’s neck if not for another Kakashi, Takemikazuchi interfering and knocking him off and Kuuko hauling him away.

Back home, Kukuri is dirtied and covered with algae so the girls clean it up. Kyouhei returns when the girls are bathing. Utao immediately lets Kyouhei know she met a Seki today but is unsure who that person is. Kyouhei also tells her he met Koushiro who is after Aki. Utao is surprised and loses her balance. Kyouhei got worried when she screamed and barged in. And saw things that not even gods should see… Is it any wonder that Hibino isn’t on talking terms with him? Later as Kyouhei talks to Utao, he thinks Hyuuga must have sent multiple Sekis for Aki. Next day in university, Hibino calls Kyouhei not because of that bathroom incident but rather she heard Kuuko murmuring something about she had found someone connected to those kokeshi monsters. They plan on visiting her and to also call Utao to come along. Speaking of Kuuko, she has got Aki all tied up and gagged (and stripped!) in her room which resembles so much like a dumpsite. She starts interrogating him about those monsters and wants to know more. She threatens him with a modified air gun and fires several painful shots into his body to show she means business. Kuuko mentions she is sick of this world and all the fakes when she got into the paranormal. But that incident she saw got her excited. She continues to bombard him with questions so Aki easily disarms her with a slice from Kuramitsuha. With that little demonstration, he lets her know what she needs to know. This is his power. She was thinking if he could share it but it’s not something you can easily split into half and give it away.

As Kyouhei and co approach outside Kuuko’s apartment, they see her barging out (like running away from a rapist!). Then they see Aki. Kyouhei grits his teeth. Aki sees Hibino and introduces himself as Kyouhei’s old buddy. Then he understood why he’s so obsessed because Hibino looks a lot like sensei. Instantly Kyouhei becomes violent and punches Aki’s face without stop! Aki points out to Hibino that this is his true nature before escaping by falling off the ledge. I’m starting to think he’s really good at escaping. So as Kyouhei and the rest mount a search for that guy, Kuuko is getting excited and as she changes her clothes, she is surprised to see Aki back in her place. He plans of making this his hideout since nobody would think that someone who ran away would return to the same place. Kyouhei is searching for Aki in a frenzy. He remembers sensei’s words to stay as Aki’s friend forever. I doubt he can do that. He’s so frustrated that he starts punching the wall and his bloodied knuckles wouldn’t just be broken and perhaps the wall too if Hibino didn’t find and calm him down. Meanwhile Utao comes face to face with Kirio and is shocked to see her face similar to hers. She says Kuga were hiding them all and that they are both each other. A pair like Seki and Kakashi. He is Utao’s Seki. Utao summons Kukuri but is no match for Takemikazuchi’s might and is sent flying away. It almost crashes onto Kyouhei and Hibino. Kyouhei recognizes Takemikazuchi but not the Utao clone. He is surprised when he addresses him as ‘onii-chan’.

Episode 5
Utao charges Kukuri to keep Kirio away (and also Kyouhei and Hibino from being too close to each other). Kukuri and Takemikazuchi engage in a public battle that has everybody stunned right before their very eyes. Kyousuke is part of the crowd and notices Kyouhei because the latter is trying to calm Utao down. As Kukuri lies low, the plan is to sneak up and attack Takemikazuchi with its only knife weapon since Takemikazuchi is able to do range attack with its lightning. Kyouhei wonders who this Kirio is and if he is in possession of Takemikazuchi, does it mean he is with Hyuuga? Utao makes Kukuri dash towards Takemikazuchi but Kirio already saw her move and electrocutes Kukuri. But Kukuri uses its arm to shield itself and grabs a hold of Takemikazuchi. Another electrocution to release that pestering Kakashi. This causes Kukuri to lose an arm. Then hiding Kukuri in the forest, Utao is clearly shaken and it doesn’t help when Kyouhei yells at her that her rash actions would destroy Kukuri. As Hibino calms her down, Kirio finds them and lets them know that it was Utao who started it. He taunts her for not cut out to be a Seki. Though he is here only to tease her, however the events that happened have made him changed his mind. Takemikazuchi unleashes a full lightning blast on Kukuri but to his surprise, Kukuri automatically absorbs the lightning with its other arm and returns the power to Takemikazuchi, destroying it into pieces. Koushiro comes by and returns Kukuri’s broken arm. Then he lectures Kirio for always losing his head.

Back home, Utao is understandably upset so Hibino comforts her. Kyouhei is on the phone but gets no answers from the shrine. The only way left is to return to Karakami and see a Kakashi specialist to get Kukuri fixed. Utao doesn’t have to worry since Kyouhei will come along with her. Shingo learns about what happened and is somewhat glad that Utao can’t move Kukuri for the time being. The Kakashi battle is all abuzz on the TV news because these days, anybody can be a cameraman. After Kyouhei finishes his bath, Hibino asks him if she could tag along with them to Karakami. Hibino must the slowest driver ever. I know she wants to be careful driving her car through the forest but I think the snail is even faster than her. So slow that it boggles my mind how the heck she nearly crashed into a tree! Kirio is back in his village and fears seeing the head of the Hyuuga clan, Sahei. True enough, Sahei beats him with a stick till he bleeds for damaging Takemikazuchi in a pointless battle. He threatens to send him back locked up in the storeroom, something Kirio doesn’t want and pleads for a second chance. But Koushiro prevents Sahei from hitting Kirio anymore because he considers that kid to be his partner since their mission to capture Aki is still on. He asks Sahei if he was the one who released Aki but he rubbishes the thought. Sahei’s mistress, Ayame talks to him about Kirio’s fighting his first battle and that he needs time as compared to Utao who is progressing. However Sahei who notes he has raised him in secret for 12 years feels it’s time to say goodbye and lately he has become doubtful about the event that caused everyone to think those 2 children are so important. Something about the ability to communicate with the Kakashi from within the womb. A sign that they would be a higher level Seki. But now he thinks they may be too hasty. However his concern is that they need to quickly find a Seki powerful enough to control the Kakashi called Amaterasu. Hmm… Like one badass Kakashi being wrapped up…

Episode 6
Upon arriving at Karakami, Kyouhei and Utao’s mom, Hitomi immediately hugs Utao. Kyouhei sees his dad, Yasuyuki about Kirio but he doesn’t know much since he wasn’t at Utao’s birth. And since she had a hard labour, Hitomi lost her memory of it due to the shock. If he wants to know, he should ask grandpa and others present. Kyouhei is not too happy he didn’t care to find the truth and ran away but Yasuyuki mentions the same about him when he left Karakami and everything to Utao. Later Kyouhei, Utao and Hibino go see Moyako Somaki who is a Kakashi repair woman. She reprimands them (through the soft speaking voice of her grandpa) the disrespectful way they treat Gods. I’m not sure if Moyako realized she needs to edit some of her words because she doesn’t bat an eyelid when she used words such as ‘balls’ and ‘crotch’. But it is not Moyako that Utao is afraid of seeing. Rather, her sister Yurako. Upon seeing Utao, Yurako instantly hugs and bugs her in an annoying fashion. Hibino and Yurako almost ended up in a tug of war over Utao! Inside the workshop, they also see Takemikazuchi. Seems Koushiro brought them here and their job is to fix Kakashis and not take sides. Moyako explains how Kakashis are given their own breath of life. Though their workings may be wooden and mechanical, they use Kamu No Chi, the God’s blood with the combination of special resins and soak it in a tub for several days. Moyako then takes Hibino to the woods where the resin trees are grown. The trees here are somewhat like an internet. Some psychic wave thingy I guess. So much so if you’re ‘connected’ you can read the minds of others. Moyako demonstrates by reading Hibino’s mind and causes her to be embarrassed. Then Hibino sees a beautiful and sad vision that she cried.

Utao sees her grandpa and was being told she failed. He tells her about Kirio, her younger twin brother who was snatched away during birth by the Hyuuga in secret. He only planned to tell her when she is older. Utao gets permission to tell Kyouhei so long as she takes responsibility as she’s an adult now. Okay, maybe not quite. How the heck she tripped like a kid? Meanwhile Koushiro brings Kirio back to his home and his lovely wife, Kii-chan. He teased him that Kirio better not be his child from somewhere else ;p. As Kirio takes a bath, Koushiro sees the hideous scars on his back. Then he makes good dinner for that deprived kid. Kirio envies Utao because they’re supposed to be the same. Two days later, Kukuri is fully repaired as Moyako guide Utao in practising with Kukuri. During the break, Utao seeks advice from the ladies on how to treat a younger sibling. While Moyako’s methods are brutal, cruel and violent (must be speaking from experience with Yurako, eh?), Hibino prefers the gentler method of smiling and giving a big hug (note, Hibino is an only child). Once they part ways, Utao suggests they fly but Kyouhei has doubts for Hibino. His worst fears came true when Hibino is hanging on to dear life. Complaining about the height, speed and just about anything. Because Utao isn’t concentrating, this causes Kukuri to suddenly drop momentarily. Kyouhei grabs on to Hibino. Her shirt. Almost pulling it off… As for Utao, she’s clinging on to Hibino’s legs. Her pants. Almost pulling it down. In just a few more seconds, she’ll be unclothed… Utao further blunders by making Kukuri go up instead of down. So once they finally get back on ground, safe to say Hibino didn’t lose any of her clothes and more important, her cool. After all, she’s somewhat used to it. After Kyouhei and Hibino pray at a grave, the sudden downpour catches them off-guard as they seek shelter. Hibino asks him about Aki, the sensei that he mentioned and their relationship. So I guess it’s flashback time. Going back 6 years in time…

Episode 7
Chihaya Senou just arrived in Karakami when she sees Aki being surrounded by Atsushi and his gang. Atsushi is trying to throw his weight around that he is the new Seki for Kuramitsuha. Chihaya tries to stop them but there is nothing she could do. Aki mocks Atsushi’s ability in controlling Kuramitsuha and as Atsushi is about to use his Kakashi to slice Aki, Kyouhei and his Kukuri butt in. Atsushi and co back off for now. But Aki continues to ignore Chihaya. Chihaya becomes a school teacher in the village and it is obvious that Kyouhei develops a crush on her. Aki meanwhile is forced to walk her dog. I don’t know why he obliged. Atsushi tries to force himself on Chihaya but was slapped. She complains to the principal but was reminded that the Kuga and Hyuuga are absolute in this village since they run the shrine and that she should behave herself. Kyouhei also complains to Yasuyuki but he tells him to take his grumbles to the principal himself or just shut up. Kyouhei goes to find Chihaya and assures that he will protect her. On her way home, she meets Aki (still walking her dog?). She asks why he doesn’t attend school and his reply is that so that they wouldn’t hate him. He warns her this place will be cold to her unless she is in the in group. As for himself being lonely, he’s been alone for a long time in this sh*thole.

Next day in class, Chihaya is shocked to see a slanderous note on the blackboard. The one she slept with her student’s dad. She can’t take it and skips class. Till she bumps into Aki (still walking the dog?). She gets scared when she looks into his eyes and decides to go back to school. In no time, Chihaya’s bad reputation spread throughout the entire village and people start shunning her. Atsushi again forces himself on her but she resists. The dog bites his leg (damn bastard kicked the dog!) as distraction while Aki hits Atsushi’s head with a stick to take Chihaya and run. Back in her home, she admits that she did sleep with her student’s father and was caught red-handed by the kid. She saw his eyes like as though his soul shattered into pieces. When he rushed out, he was knocked by a truck, though he survived. That incident forced Chihaya to quit her job. So is it a wonder she couldn’t get a job anywhere else? So that’s why she saw the same eyes in Aki’s then. Then she kisses him. Aki knows she wants to get revenge on me since she can’t get it on the kid. Chihaya pushes him down and they make love. Well, you can’t turn sex down, can’t you? F*ck first, talk later. Chihaya wants to go somewhere faraway with him but Aki still has something left to do here. And it’s about reclaiming Kuramitsuha.

One day Kyouhei wanted to confess to Chihaya but she spoke first and told him to be friends with Aki. Pictures of Chihaya sleeping with Aki got into the principal’s hands. Seeing she has violated the rules of this village and especially being seen with Aki, she is forced to leave school and the village. While she is packing her bags, Atsushi kidnaps her. When Aki comes by, he sees the poor dog slashed dead and a letter that Chihaya is in that bastard’s custody. Rushing to the scene, Atsushi lets loose his hate for Aki and is about to kill him with Kuramitsuha. However Chihaya leaps in front and got killed protecting Aki. It boggles me how a human can dash faster than a Kakashi. Unless Atsushi is a poor master, which proves how he failed to stop it from slicing Chihaya. As the bullies start panicking, Atsushi is going to cover up by killing Aki and calling it a lover’s suicide. However Aki somehow manages to wrest control Kuramitsuha and stop it dead in its track. Then the village people rush in after hearing the commotion. They are confused of what is happening. Aki goes crazy and slaughters everyone with Kuramitsuha. Say, it’s raining blood. By the time Kyouhei arrived, it was too late. He couldn’t contain his sadness and anger. Soon Aki was imprisoned as Kyouhei buries Chihaya’s body. Shortly he stopped becoming a Seki and Kuramitsuha was sealed. It was only much later Kyouhei learnt Aki didn’t kill Chihaya. The beautiful and sad scene Hibino saw was the one whereby Aki was walking with the dog.

Episode 8
Utao takes up Hibino’s advice to smile but the more she practices, the creepier it seems. When they leave Karakami, Utao spots Kirio. She flies up to him with Kukuri and tries to put on a smile. Because she took too long, Kirio sticks out his tongue and walks away. And Yurako didn’t make it in time to see off Utao… Good grief. Back in Tokyo, Kyouhei decides to take Utao to the beach since she has never been to one. But upon arrival, they are stuck indoors because of the typhoon. Since their rooms are leaking, Hibino and Kyouhei go get the inn owner Murata. A tree suddenly crashes into the wall and pins Murata down. The electricity also goes out. Hibino goes back to get Utao (in the bath) so she could use Kukuri to pull Murata out. As they grapple in the dark calling each other’s name, they bump into each other. It’s amazing Utao hit into Hibino’s stomach instead of her boobs. Does this tell you how short she is? Okay, her hands were actually stretching out. I guess it’s so dark that Murata even thought Hibino was the one who pulled him out from beneath (Kukuri was holding up the tree so maybe he thought it was Kyouhei). Couldn’t he tell about the boobs? Kyouhei and Hibino go outside to bring in the generator since the electricity breaker isn’t working. A signboard threatens to slam into Hibino’s head when Utao swiftly controls Kukuri to take her out of harm’s way. Next day, it is fine sunny weather but Utao got praises for what she did last night.

Back in the city, Hibino goes off to the library to return borrowed books. Since Utao has never been to a library bigger than the one in her village, she relishes the chance to go. Shingo seems to have forgotten to return a book so Utao is up to the task of bringing it to the library herself. Ironically once the ladies are gone, the cafe is void of any customers. Tells you what kind of people patron this joint, eh? The guys talk and it seems Shingo mentions that even though it has been 20 years since he left Karakami and severed ties, he felt the village never lets anyone born there go. Kyouhei reflects and now understands after telling Hibino about that flashback. He quit being a Seki for fear of what’s inside him and Aki. That fear he may just snap and kill everyone. At the library, Hibino is surprised to see Aki reading there. Aki can tell from her face Kyouhei has told her things. She admits but the one thing she couldn’t understand was why he was so obsessed with Kyouhei. It’s fine if he hates the rest and deals with them himself but don’t drag Kyouhei along. Aki wonders if she likes Kyouhei. She doesn’t know but feels it doesn’t have anything to do with him. On the contrary, if they’re together that means it matters to him regardless of what Kyouhei wants. When Hibino brings up Chihaya’s name, Aki threatens her with Kuramitsuha. She quickly apologizes. Returning back on the topic of Kyouhei, he mentions that nobody realizes that there is something terrible and dark inside of him. On second thought, maybe he did that’s why he’s avoiding him. He has an idea that if he does something to her, that will anger Kyouhei. Kukuri whizzes through in between them. Hibino tells them not to fight in here.

So I guess they settle it outdoors in the park. Utao is much better in controlling Kukuri and wants Aki to return to the village because Gods aren’t meant for killing and destroying but saving and helping people. He disagrees because all their Gods could do is just murder and destroy. Simply because they have human hearts inside. He wants them to tell Kyouhei this game isn’t over yet. When the girls return, Hibino is so upset that she locks herself in her room. This causes frantic Kyouhei to come knocking on her door and even more when he finds out they met Aki (it may break if he continues at this rate). So noisy and irritating that Hibino has no choice but to open up. And Kyouhei had to fall all over her. Now it’s Utao’s turn to punch and kick that unfaithful brother. But the reason she is breaking down is because she is confused about her deeds using the Kakashi. She is in a dilemma that no matter how much good she uses, it will still bring destruction. Kyouhei calms her then she must decide what it does and if she doesn’t want to do those things, Kukuri will be a good God. Meanwhile Kyousuke who has been researching on the matter himself is waiting outside the cafe while Koushiro and Kirio arrive in town with Moyako.

Episode 9
Kyousuke patrons the cafe and Utao is obviously panicking when she serves him. It may seem like Kyousuke is bullying a kid with his questionings but Shingo ‘saves’ her by calling her back to the counter. Later Moyako pays Utao a surprise visit and also to check on Kukuri. She asks if Utao had used Kukuri’s left hand (the one which absorbed Takemikazuchi’s lightning) but she was unsure. Seems Kyouhei was only able to use this move and honestly Moyako didn’t think Utao could pull it off (yeah, it ruined her happy mood). The reason Moyako is here is because Koushiro wanted Takemikazuchi back immediately though the Kakashi is still in repairs. She is dedicated to her duty of making sure the Kakashi is functioning back to normal, thus the reason she came with him and continue fixing it. She has a couple of gifts for Utao. First one from Kirio: A message of “STUPID!”. The second one is from Yurako. Utao not looking forward… A doll of Yurako that Utao can sleep with? Late in the night Kyouhei walks Moyako back as they talk about recently running into Aki and also on Kirio.

If you’re wondering about Kuuko’s absence for the past few episodes, wonder no more. We see that crazy girl doing her own crazy research on Karakami since freeloading Aki isn’t telling her anything. She tries to seduce him for answers on that day where several people died simultaneously in a mudslide. Only thing there was no record of a mudslide. She concludes there may be a reason Aki can’t return to Karakami and that he might have been a mass murderer! She gets this crazy idea he needs to do something big and flashy to change the world. Aki isn’t motivated (probably her seduction wasn’t as good as Chihaya) so she even hints of doing it with him (seriously) when Kyousuke comes ringing on her door. After making Aki hide, she reluctantly sees her loathsome dad. He invites himself in checks around the place, finds nothing and leaves. And as for Aki, he already fled through the window. Koushiro gets a surprise call from Kyouhei to meet. Kyouhei ponders about Kirio’s wellbeing as Koushiro assures that he will protect that kind as long as he is with him. Kyouhei has other questions for him but all Koushiro said is that he needs to decide quickly. Or else he’ll get himself killed and involved lots of other people. Koushiro signs off with a message from Kirio that he too wants to meet Utao. Kyouhei ponders lots of things during another party with his N University mates. Then he runs into Hibino and it’s that semi-déjà vu feeling to confess again. Only thing is that his pals didn’t set him up. Too bad he got interrupted by Suou again. Didn’t I say it was semi-déjà vu? Aki too has a lot on his mind. He wonders if he has gotten as far away as Chihaya wanted him to. But he feels he has nowhere to go and have to blast that sh*thole off the face of the Earth. Kuuko comes by with a guy, Shimoyama to see him.

Utao dresses up and gets prepared to meet Kirio. She thought Kyouhei was saying how cute she was but actually he was looking at Hibino’s elementary school graduation photos. Not wanting to lose out, Utao also has a picture taken with Kukuri. Still having problems smiling properly? So Koushiro’s side meets with Kyouhei and co. The former mentions their families may be enemies on the surface, but that doesn’t mean they can pick fights every time they meet. Kyouhei also doesn’t want that. Reminding Kirio to be a man and keep his promise, Kirio promises never to fight Utao again. However a voice taunts their actions. Koushiro wants Mahiru to come out and when she did, she immediately hugs Kyouhei’s arm. That’s another one more rival for you Utao.

Episode 10
The Hyuuga girl is bored that Koushiro and Kirio left the village and sees no reason why she should be a good girl. Yup, she’s here for her beloved Kyouhei and couldn’t care less about the Kuga and Hyuuga thingy. Utao tries to tell Mahiru to get her fingers off Kyouhei but was pushed away. Hibino stands up for Utao but was told to shut up whether or not she had direct or indirect ties with Karakami. Looks like only Kyouhei can calm her down. Koushiro wants her to immediately return but she starts throwing a tantrum that everyone is ganging up on her. She unleashes her Kakashi, Magatsuhi and attacks Koushiro. Any Kakashi that is trapped within Magatsuhi’s barrier, their Kamu No Chi will be cut off from their Seki (it means you can’t control your Kakashi). Moyako threatens to stop maintaining Magatsuhi and during that distraction, Utao uses Kukuri to cut the barrier allowing Uwazutsu to pin Magatsuhi down. Mahiru is so pissed that it ends with a big explosion and a crater. Don’t worry, everyone is safe.

Meanwhile Kuuko and Shimoyama bring Aki to Takeshi Hirashiro, the first Diet member from Karakami. He knows Aki pretty well and finds the conflict between the 2 families to be primitive as he believes Karakami’s treasures can be put to good use for the people. Kuuko contacted him when she investigated the village and found its connection. Aki realizes that Hirashiro was the one who freed him from prison. He did so because he thought Aki would kill those village elders (he feels the need for their elimination due to change in times) but he vanished and popped up in Tokyo instead. Aki isn’t interested and is about to walk away when Mahiru crashes into the office with Magatsuhi, complaining just about everyone and everything. Aki and Mahiru see each other and didn’t know Hirashiro had contacted the other. Seems he wasn’t just soliciting one of them (giving that Karakami’s future as an excuse of course). Though Aki notes the cry-baby Mahiru have grown up, she still thinks Aki as a loser. Then their Kakashis fight each other to trash the place and if Aki was a second faster, he could’ve sliced Mahiru. But her barrier was activated and it’s game over. Shingo notices everyone’s gloominess. Obviously who can’t be after what happened. But Utao is more concerned about Kirio not wanting to call her onee-sama but instead called Mahiru that. So troubled that she didn’t know she is on her 6th bowl of rice! Koushiro meets up Kyouhei to find out his connection with Mahiru. Likewise, Mahiru also forces Aki to listen her flashback (inclusive with all the taunts that he can’t do anything without Kyouhei).

About 8 years ago, Kyouhei and Aki found Mahiru and Magatsuhi unconscious near an abandoned mine. She recently underwent her inheritance ceremony to be a Seki. Aki gets rough with her while Mahiru tries hard to hold back her tears and put on a tough face. Because they feel something from the mine, they decided to check it out. They see a dormant Kakashi and think if they give it a Seki, it will move. Aki thinks of making this their secret Kakashi but obviously good guy Kyouhei feels it’s more appropriate to tell the adults. Suddenly the Kakashi activates and binds Aki. He heard a voice wanting to devour his hatred and obsession. Kukuri cuts Aki loose as the kids make a run for it. The Kakashi start blasting even when the kids got outside. Kyouhei suggests they cooperate and defeat it. When Mahiru traps the Kakashi with Magatsuhi’s barrier, she is suddenly paralyzed with hypnotic fear. She could’ve been done for if Kyouhei didn’t save her. Kuramitsuha stabs the Kakashi from underneath but it didn’t go deep enough. Then Kukuri slams right into it. The kids are exhausted and shocked. Mahiru is clinging onto Kyouhei with absolute fear. Aki understands why because that Kakashi eats one’s mind. By doing so, it doesn’t need a Seki to move. Their reprieve is short-lived when the Kakashi resumes its attacks. Kyouhei is seen carrying inconsolable Mahiru while dragging Aki away. Kukuri blocks another blast from the Kakashi but the kids are sent flying. The Kakashi closes up on Kyouhei ready for another blast. He was so scared to be so close to death that he passed out. The next thing he knew, adults were all around him and the monster was destroyed. Ever since, his mind has been broken. And maybe for Mahiru too. She adores her beloved Kyouhei and if not for him, they all would have died if he had not opened Kukuri’s left hand.

Episode 11
Continuing from the flashback, Kyouhei may not have remembered what happened before the monster Kakashi’s blast but Mahiru and Aki saw everything. When the Kakashi fired, Kukuri’s left hand absorbed its blast and repels back at it, completely destroying the powerful Kakashi. That scene affirmed Kyouhei as Mahiru’s hero. So I guess the reason why she teamed up with Hirashiro is because as long as Kuga and Hyuuga are fighting, they both can’t be together. After all that incessant talking, Aki got her to ‘listen’ when he says Kyouhei already has a girlfriend. Yeah, you’ve guessed it. The one with the huge racks.

Utao draws a complicated relationship diagram of the characters involved in this series. She’s serious, eh? But Hibino is impressed that she can write harder kanji words. Once Kyouhei return, they have him tell them what he told Koushiro. After Moyako fixes Takemikazuchi, she goes off with Hibino to do shopping together. See the amount of bags they have? They could’ve bought the entire store. Meanwhile Utao bakes cookies for Kirio. On the way back, Moyako heads to the ladies as Hibino waits. Unfortunately she got kidnapped by Mahiru. Once Moyako is done with her business she felt something has happened to Hibino seeing all the shopping bags are strewn over the floor. In a private penthouse, Hibino is tied up and the first thing Mahiru did was to molest those melons like as though it was the evil thing that would seduce Kyouhei away. Mahiru tells her off that a piece of crap like her isn’t worth dating Kyouhei. Her glossy rant of her ideal couple includes words like modern Romeo and Juliet, get married, destroy the village’s old rules and rulers and new paradise. I’m sure you can make a sentence out of it. Hibino puts on a sad expression when Mahiru claims Kyouhei as the strongest Kuga Seki (that is what Aki said too). Mahiru gets rough with her and lectures about her belief in the strongest of the fittest. Shimoyama informs Hirashiro about Hibino’s kidnapping and he can’t do anything to stop or else that crazy b*tch would’ve killed him. Anyway he is called to watch Hibino because Mahiru wants to go on a date.

After Kyouhei calls Koushiro and speculate Mahiru may be behind Hibino’s kidnapping, Mahiru arrives in a whirlwind probably like a whirlwind romance she wanted so much with Kyouhei. Unfortunately she landed and crushed Utao’s box of hard baked cookies. Mahiru admits that she took Hibino. Kyouhei denies that she is dating Hibino but Mahiru doesn’t believe him and thinks he may still fall for that witch’s wiles! Utao couldn’t stand anymore of her ranting since her cookies have been trampled to death! Their Kakashis fight each other but Kukuri was thrown aside. Mahiru wants Kyouhei to the village with her but he can’t. She gets upset and disappears. Gone with the wind. But she left the place in a mess. Yeah, like her, she’s a mess too. Moyako notes he sucks in negotiation (sarcasm at this point?) but the truth is, Kyouhei can’t lie. Kyouhei is in a dilemma on what to do so much so he sees a vision of Aki taunting him about looking cooler as an outsider but isn’t and that he has no Kakashi and not a Seki anymore. Kyouhei wants Utao to use Kukuri to follow Magatsuhi (which apparently teleported) when he receives a call from Kuuko to go to Setagaya penthouse. Moyako also tags along because she feels responsible. And Shimoyama plans on doing something horrible to Hibino. He says he wants to see Kyouhei’s reaction? I think he’s just thinking with the brains between his legs. Can’t resist the temptation, eh?

Episode 12
Apparently when Kuuko was messing around with a device, she overheard Hibino’s kidnapping. She didn’t like what happened to her friend and hacked for details, knocked Hirashiro out and stole keys to the penthouse. Then she sees Aki tied up in the storeroom and just throws him the keys to free himself. Actually he doesn’t even need it. Just summon Kuramitsuha to break free! Hibino struggles with Shimoyama upon her impending rape but was told to behave or else he’ll shock her with the taser. Shimoyama doesn’t consider Kyouhei his friend because in that village he is just a peasant if the Kuga and Hyuuga are rulers. However Hibino doesn’t think Kyouhei thinks of him that way. Just as he’s about to get to the good part (Hibino’s body, not the story lah), Kuuko whacks him out with of golf club. Hole in one! After she frees her, they run into Hirashiro now dangerously armed with a gun. Kuuko locks Hibino outside the rooftop while she handles Hirashiro herself. Kuuko is crazy enough to use a distraction to come up close to him. As they struggle, a gunshot is heard. Hibino fears the worse and rushes down to get help. However she’ll have her own set of problems to deal with when she meets Mahiru, who is totally upset over Kyouhei’s rejection. She wants answers from Hibino. Mahiru couldn’t understand why he would throw away all the power in his hands so Hibino thinks it would not get him happiness. However this only confuses and upsets Mahiru further because if he was that powerful, shouldn’t he have gotten everything he wanted? She flings Hibino off the building but thankfully Kyouhei and co come to her rescue. Meanwhile Shimoyama comes to and sees Kuuko all bloodied and Hirashiro’s lifeless body. Kuuko throws the gun at him so a lady passing by thought he was the killer! Then Kuuko pretends to be his lover and make they both make a run for it.

On the rooftop, Mahiru is determined to eliminate all those in her way and make Kyouhei hers. Utao decides to fight seeing she too has a reason to fight (the cookies, remember?). But the fight between Kukuri and Magatsuhi at first looked like a Kakashi version of pro-wrestling. Koushiro and Kirio are watching from afar. Not only them, the ordinary citizens are yet again dumbfounded of another huge fight in the sky. Kukuri stabs a critical area Magatsuhi to cease it from moving. Mahiru is clearly upsets and orders Magatsuhi to get up even if it doesn’t. As explained by Moyako, its control system was cut through so it won’t listen to her anymore. Suddenly Magatsuhi rises on its own and grabs Hibino in one of its tentacles. Then it intimidates Mahiru but she isn’t pleased and orders it to put her down. Eventually she overcame this with her sheer mental strength. But that won’t last for long seeing it starts attacking them. Kyouhei pushes Mahiru out of harm’s way. She thought her prince charming saved her but that turned to despair when she noticed he was more concerned about Hibino. Magatsuhi flies off with Hibino but Kukuri hits it down as a pole impales through its body. Magatsuhi starts shooting beams, something she never knew it could do or seen. Moyako says a Kakashi’s abilities are influenced by its Seki’s personality and this means Mahiru hasn’t fully mastered Magatsuhi. Kyouhei climbs up to try and free Hibino. But its tentacles start pounding him as Kyouhei grits his teeth and hangs on. Takemikazuchi and Uwazutsu join the fray. However as Takemikazuchi is about to stab Magatsuhi, the latter uses Kukuri as a shield. Kukuri’s vital control system is cut as it falls below. While Kirio is stunned, Takemikazuchi gets fired by the beams. Kyouhei is trying so hard to free Hibino from the tight grasp that eventually he too gets trapped. So tight that he starts remembering how he told his parents about wanting to leave the village for Tokyo. Yasuyuki allowed him to do whatever he wants for the next 4 years because he’ll eventually become the head of this family. Kyouhei realized that was a warning he’ll never escape this village. Despite that, he wanted to live his own life and not one the village prepared for him. Then in Tokyo he met Hibino and the rest was history. Kyouhei is so mad that the village may take Hibino away from him that he is about to snap. A tentacle lands a massive blow on his head. Kukuri rises and starts moving on its own.

Episode 13
Kukuri furiously attacks Magatsuhi and destroys its tentacle. Kyouhei and Hibino’s fall are broken by Uwazutsu. Koushiro tells Moyako leave (Kirio seemingly went missing. Actually he ran away). Utao and Mahiru are paralyzed by the shock so they’ll have to carry them away. Kukuri pounds Magatsuhi like a punching bag (I thought it looked like some super combo punch) and in the end, Magatsuhi is totally destroyed. Kyouhei continues to lie in coma in hospital as Hibino, Utao and Shingo wait. Mahiru and Kirio each ponder why is everything so screwed up and what have gone wrong. Kyouhei remembers back his past and felt like an outsider from start to finish. He had the power but was powerless. He once tried to tell Atsushi and his bullies to lay off Chihaya but is shocked to hear she has been sleeping with Aki. Then on the night whereby Aki slaughtered everyone, mad Kyouhei pinned him down and attacked anyone else who tried to interfere. Even if it was his grandpa. Utao was also there and saw what was happening. She ordered them to stop and in an instant, Kukuri stopped dead in its tracks. That was when he lost Kukuri to Utao. His nightmare continues when he sees Hibino being taken away. Reach as his might, he yells out that Hibino belongs to him! It’d be fine if he said that in his dreams. Well, he was somewhat sleep talking so in reality he is hugging Hibino desperately. Yup, she heard it too. Utao didn’t view that as fair and gets her fair share of hug from onii-chan. At the hospital rooftop, Kyouhei things of going back to the village to avoid Hibino being dragged further since Aki and Mahiru have come after him. However he was reminded that she can’t abandon him when he’s in trouble. And about her being his, it’s not that she likes being viewed as his personal property, but at least she’s happy. Then she kisses him. Didn’t see that one coming. They could have done a second round after the hug but a granny came by for fresh air. Well, at least it wasn’t Utao. Speaking of which, she is disheartened that Kukuri can’t move anymore. So back home after Kyouhei gets discharged, Moyako does some checking and doesn’t find anything wrong. It’s not like there is anything broken or if Utao is the problem. She can’t ascertain it. Maybe they need to take it back to the village to get a more detailed check-up. Kyouhei asks Utao if she likes Kukuri. She says she does because Kukuri is a good God.

Kyouhei feels everyone is suffering because of him so Hibino thinks maybe if he feels so, he could start atoning. But he doesn’t need to be the only one who atones. Another romantic moment interrupted when Moyako calls for Hibino’s turn to take the bath. After that, Aki pays Kyouhei a visit. Seems Aki plans on returning to the village because unless he settles things, he can’t go anywhere. He also heard that Sahei had that Kakashi monster that attacked them revived. Though Kukuri destroyed it, seems it regenerated and he dug it up from the old shrine. As for his hatred and wanting to destroy everything, though Kyouhei has his own problems with the village and his parents, at least he doesn’t destroy everything like him. Even so, Aki says that he can’t go back or reset things now and have to keep moving forward. Then they talk about the good ol’ times and got into a petty argument. Enough for them to start laughing at how petty it was. Felt good, eh? Why wasn’t it like this before all along? Then Aki leaves and tells Kyouhei to take care of himself. We see short snippets of Sahei and Ayame watching over Amaterasu, Kuuko and Shimoyama hiding together, Kyousuke continues to patron the cafe and Utao lets loose her gluttony. Utao talks to Kyouhei about the many Sekis before them who controlled Kukuri. She wonders if her feelings will be remembered by Kukuri hundreds of years in the future. Kyouhei believes it will. Kyouhei is now determined that he won’t run anymore and will settle this. The next tantalizing scene shows a rejuvenated Kukuri and a powered up Kyouhei facing off with that Kakashi monster.

Short 2-minute specials that come with the DVD. They are random, funny and nonsensical. Nothing to do with the story whatsoever. I suppose it’s for those of you who haven’t got enough of the loli in Utao, the fanservice in Hibino and Mahiru’s angst.

Special 1 – In a dating simulation-like game, Utao Plus has the viewers dating, well, Utao. So you get to take her out shopping and make her try on various outfits, much to her embarrassment. At the end of the day when Utao is happy you accompanied her and pat her head, Aki shows up to tease her. Yup. He saw everything at the shop. Embarrassed Kukuri unleashes Kukuri while Aki does the same with his Kuramitsuha. Another explosive affair. But Utao isn’t happy her date is ruined. Was she using this as a practice to date Kyouhei?

Special 2Hibino tries out her new swimsuit but is horrified the see the flabs around her waist (I don’t see anything – maybe it’s a girl’s thingy). Worse, she didn’t seem happy about her weight on the scale. We couldn’t care less what Hibino is talking about because all our eyes are fixated at her bouncy boobs when she does push-ups and sit-ups despite her having the perfect boobs, slender waist and back. In the end, Hibino gains more weight because of the muscles she obtained during the workout.

Special 3Mahiru treats us viewers by giving us her stern mocking lecture and even beating the camera up. I guess she needs to take all her pent up frustrations out seeing beloved Kyouhei isn’t here. How convenient. I am not an M. But I don’t think she’s listening. She feels she wants to really make us stupid guys understand her deep sadness so much so she unleashes Magatsuhi to teach us a good lesson. And because she is bored, she is going to play with us a lot more. Should we feel honoured? Doesn’t look like a play that we guys would enjoy…

Special 4 – Utao must be devastated seeing the viewer votes for the specials are in. Yeah, she might have gotten first place. Or else why dedicate this special to Utao doing cosplay in various dresses while being photographed by Hibino? Why is Hibino so obsessed in putting more outfits on her and snapping away like crazy? I didn’t know she had this sort of fetish. The final straw came when she wants Utao to wear a sexy see-through lingerie. No way!

Special 5 – Utao must have come up tops against in the viewers’ poll, eh? She’s doing an interview of Tokyo in her swimsuit by visiting various landmarks like Tokyo Tower, Akihabara and Shibuya. Each time she feels its large magnitude, feels scared and gets swamped by a group of crazy otaku guys. Mahiru thought she was taking pictures of her without her permission so she chides her before humiliating her with Magatsuhi, letting the otaku guys take all the pictures they want of Utao. Can’t bear to take this anymore, Utao summons Kukuri and the epic explosion means everyone gets caught in the cross-fire. They find it awesome?

Special 6 – It’s Mahiru’s turn to top the polls. She’s relishing in her victory. So do viewers finally understand her or they just fear her? This time we see her taking us to the festivals as she shows us the fireworks. She is bragging about the special display she is going to make especially for us but I guess we’re hesitating to come along with her since she did mention she’ll show it if we become her slave. But do we have a choice? Then Aki pops up upon hearing the commotion and he teases her about this date. Yeah, he promises he won’t tell Kyouhei. They summon their Kakashi and fight but it accidentally lit the fireworks. I don’t think the wild display was bad but there goes Mahiru’s festival.

Killer God Dolls
If not for the ‘to be continued’ message right at the end, I would have certainly considered to be one of those unpleasant animes that ended so abruptly with everything left hanging, that I would have cursed furiously without hesitation. It’s not that I am happy with how things ended but that message ‘softens’ the impact. It still left me wondering what really happened to Mahiru, Kirio and Kuuko. The first 2 seemed to have run away. They start reflecting on things. Period. The crazy girl also ran away with her ‘lover’. Period. Aki is still on the loose. Then show ends. But still the show had promising developments so I guess if there is going to be a sequel, I would definitely want to watch it to see what happens next to the characters and the village.

The most amusing character is definitely Utao. Her blunders and even trying to work hard seems to make her look funny. There are times she may be serious or sad but that will soon turn into something comical. From trying to smile properly to being devastated seeing her cookies destroyed, you can never tire of her cuteness. Yurako is also amusing but only to the point she is annoyingly clinging all over Utao. Good thing or bad, she doesn’t get any much screen time. Kuuko is getting crazier as she gets. She is not afraid to take risks and no matter how wild or disrespectful she is towards her dad, the last bit clearly shows she still has a human heart and treasures her friendship with Hibino (heck, Hibino is her only friend in university!). I hold Hibino responsible for 95% of the series’ fanservice. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? At first when I glimpsed at her, I just thought how those boobs were so huge that they seemingly are at the point of just ripping through her shirt! Love it or loathe them. At first, Mahiru may seem like an obnoxious b*tch but that is only because she is totally blinded by her love for Kyouhei and her twisted ideal being the survival of the fittest. Her haughty attitude may be something to watch out for but I feel it’s because she’s been cooped up in that village just like the rest for too long. Sometimes you need to take your dog out for a walk, right?

No matter how much Kyouhei tries to run, eventually he realized he can’t really escape from the village. He may have given up the position as a Seki but that doesn’t mean his powers are also gone. I’m sure there is a big chance that it is sleeping dormant within him. He is just afraid to turn into a bloodthirsty killer and unable to control it by hurting his loved one. Aside from the story, this could have turned into a harem series. It’s a four-way tussle for Kyouhei. With his the little sister with brother-complex, the classmate girl and the childhood village friend. Seems there is a lot of potential in this sense, right? But wait? You counted three? Who is the fourth one then? No, not Moyako because from her body language she seems to have feelings for Aki though this is not confirmed. Believe it or not, I feel it could be Aki! That guy just doesn’t show it but he’s hanging around Tokyo because of Kyouhei, right? I just wonder why he didn’t live with him or at least close to him if he was that obsessed. Maybe he doesn’t want Kyouhei to bug him about going back to the village. I find Aki’s role a little redundant in Tokyo. Besides to provide some fight sequences and flashback mode. All he does is bum around Tokyo. If he meets someone he knows, then they ‘talk’ or fight. Then he runs and disappears. At this rate, Koushiro and Kirio are going to have a hard time bringing him back. Or is Koushiro just delaying on purpose? It’s not like he’s a terrible hunter or tracer. It’s hard to classify if Aki is really a bad kid. Though he admits he kills and his ideology twisted, but it feels every sh*t that has happened was due to the village. Yeah, you could say those elders at the village are the main villains. Oh, I noticed this too. Sometimes when a person from the village steps foot in the city, the typical answer for the ‘veteran’ is to say “Go back to the village”. Is that place a safe haven or rather it’s for the good of the city folks? The most redundant character role I feel goes to Kyousuke. Maybe it’s because the series ends halfway so we don’t get to see much of his nose. In the end, Kyousuke is still investigating the matter without any solid leads unlike his daughter. In such a way he is a character that you won’t remember much. If you ignore him in this series, it won’t change much of anything either.

The fights between the Kakashis are rather okay but I won’t say that they are mind blowing or anything that sort, though each of them has their unique design and abilities. The concept of Seki and Kakashi somewhat reminded me of Mai-HiME’s Child and Orphan. Not to say the design of the Kakashi is similar but if you look from it from a general point of view, it does have that similar feel. But I can’t help get this feeling that Kukuri has this uncanny resemblance to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica’s Kyuubey! Yikes! Doom I tell you if they’re really related! And to think that the Kakashis are made out of wood, somehow the way I see it, those giant Gods exterior appearances make them look like as though they’re made out of metal and steel. Maybe somebody did a very good paint job. I just wished that there were more Kakashis appearing in this series but I guess if there is another season, maybe they’ll show more of them because I’m sure the Kuga and Hyuuga family aren’t just small units with members that you can count with your fingers and still have leftovers. And they should be since we’ve caught a short glimpse of a new Seki and Kakashi in the final scene.

A funny thing about the Kakashis is the way they hum when they are activated. It sounds like a computerized and muffled voice droning a creepy song. Sometimes when Kukuri does this, I thought it was a creepier version of Woody Woodpecker! There is something about the unconscious movements of the Kakashi that I noticed. Sometimes the Seki doesn’t command them to do certain things. It may be the Seki who isn’t masterful yet but it’s like the Kakashi sometimes has an unconscious mind of its own. The reflex and protective move by Kukuri and Magatsuhi’s intimidating act. After all, they are not called Gods for nothing so something supernatural of that sort must be residing in them after a very long time. The drawing and art of the series may be your conventional Japanese anime. But there is something about the faces of some of the characters especially Utao and Mahiru that makes them look, how should I put it, cartoonish. Maybe it’s their eyes that are slightly bigger than usual and their thin mouth line that nearly stretches across the face. Looking like Pac-man I thought.

On a trivial note, before the next episode (I don’t think there was ever a proper one) there is an amusing and fun segment called Kamisama Dolls Corner hosted by a real life little doll version of Utao and an equally little doll version (sometimes done in CGI) of Kukuri. What she does here is rant away with some ‘important’ points in the series and in addition to her fast yapping and scatterbrain, you can see some of the images or sketches of the characters and Kakashis that appear. Utao is so funny and cute that you can’t help smile each time she talks. Heck, is there even a full stop in her sentence?! Except only for one episode (I think it was the flashback episode) whereby the duo were like ‘dead’ either because they were so sad that they’re lost for words or so bored that they fell asleep. And as for Kukuri, it is just happily spinning around. Spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning… Oh Utao, you sure love Kukuri, don’t you? I don’t know what happen subsequently, but later there are few Kukuri clones turning up at the end! So Utao, maybe you want to really make a full sequel spin-off with this corner like you wished because I don’t really mind you yap for almost half an hour :).

Misato Fuken (Yami in To Love-Ru) is totally cute and moe in her role as Utao and is a perfect fit with all the different expressions this loli puts up. Miyuki Sawashiro too is also at her crazy voice as Kuuko. You can picture her something like Maria in Arakawa Under The Bridge and Ultear in Fairy Tail. Kana Hanazawa was slightly unrecognizable at first as Mahiru because she was acting like an arrogant princess filled with lots of teen romance angst. A departure from her other soft-spoken character roles like the titular character in Kobato, Shiori in The World God Only Knows and Aoi in Asobi Ni Iku Yo. Other voice acting line-up includes Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kyouhei (Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Ai Kayano as Hibino (Menma in Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae Wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai), Ryohei Kimura as Aki (Hinata in Angel Beats), Katsuki Murase as Koushiro (Masa in Seto No Hanayome), Yumiko Kobayashi as Kirio (Azumi in Yakitate! Japan), Ayahi Takagi as Moyako (Megumi in Special A), Rie Yamaguchi as Yurako (Mackenzie Torisu in Freezing) and Makiko Nabei as Chihaya. The opening theme, Fukanzen Nenshou by Chiaki Ishikawa is to a catchy Latin beat. Sometimes it makes me want to get up and dance a tango myself. The ending theme also by Chiaki Ishikawa is at a moderate pace entitled Switch Ga Haittara. It also has the gloomy and depressing feel just like the special ending song for that flashback episode, Natsu No Niwa. Only difference is the latter is much sadder.

There is something more going on beneath the Karakami village. Why is it that this village only house beings that are called Gods? Just how long has it been since the Kuga and Hyuuga families have been fighting each other and for what real purpose. Sahei’s anticipation of Amaterasu (which points out to be that powerful Kakashi) definitely has a bearing on the destiny of both clans. What purpose do they have in maintaining and handing down the Kakashis throughout the generations? What hidden powers doe the Kakashis have? Will things really be settled if the village and its elders are no more? Will it really be over then? Ah, so many questions so I hope the sequel do come out. Not just looking for these others, but looking forward to see more of Utao’s cute antics and blunders ;p! With Kakashis appearing recently in the eyes of the public, though many are stunned at the aerial battles right smack in the city, many of them would just pass it off as some filming effect. Great apathetic reasoning, eh? Well, you can’t blame them since in movies these days, the effects are so real which renders everything so fake.

It is true that depending on the person, one can turn into a bad god or good god. As long as humans are the masters of these ‘Gods’ (ironically should it be God who governs over men?), you can never be too careful if there will be some megalomaniac who just wants to blow up the world for fun/boredom/weariness or take over the globe. Maybe that is why the real Almighty above has abandoned us and left us to our own devices. Just look at how destructive it is considering it is just one Kakashi. Now that is what you call playing God.

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