Kampfer: Fur Die Liebe

September 24, 2011

When I first heard that Kampfer is going to have a second season, I was ecstatic not because I wanted to see horny girls fighting over the love and attention of some transgender guy and in a way make it a shameful distasteful lesbian showdown. But rather I wanted to find out more about the mysterious battle and other plot revolving around the fate of the Kampfer warriors. Sad to say, Kampfer: Fur Die Liebe (that’s “For The Love” in German) doesn’t even come an inch close to that. In that sense, it is such an utter disappointment.

If that wasn’t disappointing enough, wait till you hear this. When I heard it was going to be a series, my typical view is that it would span at least a dozen episodes. However, this so called sequel has only 2!!! That’s right, only a couple! I even have more fingers on 1 hand lah!!! So why the heck the misleading TV series thingy?! Why didn’t they just classify it as an OVA or something like that? Well, it did get released on the TV channels first. However… Yes, there is that ‘but’ word again. Even though they are a continuation from where we left off in the first season and named 13th and 14th episode accordingly, due to some reason, the 13th episode wasn’t aired and only the 14th one made it. So unless we wait for the DVDs to come out, we’ve only watched 1 stinking episode of this series, right? And yeah, so I waited for it to come out so that I could watch it in chronological order so that it won’t screw up my mind. Oh yeah, 2 episodes are a major headache if you don’t watch it in order (read sarcasm).

Episode 13
Yeah, this episode starts right off the bat with a fanservice note. Akane, Mikoto, Shizuku and Natsuru are staying together as a safety precaution due to the last time how Kaede singlehandedly defeated them and escaped. Akane and Mikoto are soaking in the tub and wondering why Shizuku is taking so long putting the Entrails Animals to bed. Actually she isn’t. She is trying to seduce pinned down Natsuru with her naked body! Whether he’s a boy or a girl, it doesn’t matter because it turns Shizuku on the more. Licking and caressing the body of that poor guy (or girl rather, now). Then Akane realizes Shizuku’s scheme that she’s trying to jump ahead from the rest of them and decides to go join the ‘fun’.  “Grope my boobs too!”. Can you believe a girl would say that? Then Mikoto comes in to say that the both of them are stealing ahead of her. How would she feel? What would she do? Because of that, the next day on her way to school, she seems pretty down that she’s down (mind the pun) on the pecking order. As the quartet meet outside, they encounter Kaede. Though they remain defensive it seems she is acting like as though she has no memories of what happened the other night. Shizuku calls for a meeting to find out more about Kaede? How? She slaps Hiaburi Lion awake for answers. However his weird answer about Kaede being a moderator, friend or foe has Shizuku confirming that Kaede is somehow related to them and wants everyone to keep their guard on. They think she has some kind of split personality.

Later Mikoto meets Akane at the library as they discuss about Shizuku getting ahead of them over Natsuru. Oh, so this is what is more important? Mikoto thinks that they should practise kissing each other so they could be good kissers and steal Natsuru. I guess they were desperate enough to actually start kissing each other so passionately! They’re so into it! Tongue to tongue! OMG! Desperate horny lesbians! Then when they realized the sin that they have committed, that would be the least of their worries because one of the white Kampfer girls already witnessed their unholy act. Yeah, Akane’s legs are too weak to go after her. Mikoto manages to chase her to the botanic garden whereby she meets the other white Kampfers. They tell her that they want to help her out to be together with Natsuru. They’re not kidding, right? Then they summon their Entrails Animal, Bakuhatsu Penguin! OMG! It’s the voice of Rie Kugimiya! And a tsundere one too! Ah, I remember how the characters here used to poke fun at the seiyuus of the Entrails Animals like how similar they sound. No exception here. Haha, Rie Kugimiya… Anyway the penguin is going to hypnotize Mikoto. Though she doesn’t believe it, she got easily hypnotized herself. Wow. That was fast. Oh by the way. That is all you’re going to hear from Rie Kugimiya. Ever.

Natsuru is surprised when Kaede wants to talk to him. Over the hill slope, she is trying to play mind games with Natsuru, about liking her and trying to get him to join her side. Natsuru is in a great dilemma so Kaede becomes bold as she pushes Natsuru down and will help him in making his decision to forsake his manhood without regrets. Would he pass up a chance to molest her boobs when she’s inviting him to do so? Guess not. Then Mikoto appears but she is hypnotized. Though her body is moving against her will, the real Mikoto inside could still see, hear and feel what is going on. Kaede pins down Natsuru with her magic and has Mikoto take over. She wants Mikoto to have sex with him as part of her plan to make Natsuru hers. Since Mikoto is under her grasp, the only problem lies in Akane and Shizuku. Mikoto too is in a dilemma because with her body moving on her own and preparing to have sex, it’s like she’s jumping ahead of the love game. Thankfully, no sex scenes because Shizuku and Akane are here to save the day. Though Akane fired a shot into Kaede, it seems she is able to stand up like as though nothing happened. Kaede flees while Akane gives chase. Shizuku frees Natsuru (who also then went after Kaede) and then fights Mikoto. She realizes she is under control and needs to give her a little shock to wake up. What kind of method did she employ? She jacked up both her index finger right up her ass! OMG! OMG!!! OMFG!!!!! Yeah, the shock and pain is enough to release Mikoto from her spell. And note that Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Ode To Joy in the background! Makes you want to sing along, eh?

Then when they catch up to Kaede, it seems that they are still no match for her because she gracefully evades all forms of attacks and even got them cornered. Man, you just can’t beat this girl. She is so slick in her moves. Till Natsuru comes by to save the day and protect Mikoto before she gets her brains blown by Kaede’s gun. Kaede decides to retreat and let them go. Shizuku notices that she didn’t even give her best and yet they’re struggling to beat her. Mikoto’s butt still hurts so Akane wants to take a look to see what’s wrong. Of course she doesn’t allow it. I mean, you can’t examine your own butt so somebody has to do it for you, right? Yeah, it’s just embarrassing to remember that incident. Natsuru’s mind is heavily clouded if Kaede is being controlled by the Moderators or not but vows to save her. Then it’s back to the love entanglement that we’re so familiar with. Yes, the girls pester Natsuru how far he/she went with Kaede. Uh huh. They want to know if he/she went tapping some other b*tch’s ass other than theirs (don’t look at me like that! That is what Akane really said!). I guess by now Natsuru must know what to do. That’s right: Run! Run like hell! Mikoto needs to catch up since her butt is still sore and can’t run properly. The Entrails Animals are watching as they mock how there is no cure for Natsuru’s idiocy. Not even death. Hahaha! They just love screwing with him, eh? Everybody does. Lastly we see Kaede giving her white Kampfer subordinates some great ‘rewards’ in bed. She notes she hasn’t given up on Natsuru yet and will have him come to her side.

Episode 14
This is how Natsuru got his ability to turn into a girl. He was abducted by aliens (Entrails Animals in alien outfits) and being an experiment subject!!! Oh, is this the real truth?! Heck, we all know it’s just bullsh*t. Natsuru must be feeling really violated at the end, eh? The true misadventure of this episode isn’t about cattle mutilation or anything close to an answer of what viewers would really hope for. Instead, we have a totally filler fanservice episode. Yes, you guessed it. The usual suspects duking out for you-know-who. Female Natsuru continues to be as popular as ever because she’s got the biggest boobs in town. So big that the buttons on her dress won’t hold and can be a dangerous projectile if you’re standing too close. Seriously. Because of her huge tits, Akane wonders if she’s okay not wearing any bra. Well, actually they all don’t fit anymore! It’s such a sin to have such a voluptuous body. Natsuru thinks of buying a silky bra but doesn’t have enough money. Akane suggests working part time together when the 3 stooges (that’s what I call the pushy class rep, smelling vice rep and pricey treasure) offer them to work in some posh cafe. They have no choice but to accept or else embarrassing private pictures of them will go around circulating. Isn’t that blackmail?! While Natsuru thinks he just needs to do the job, Akane is relishing the moment that it will be just the 2 of them. Shizuku is seen eavesdropping from behind the corner. The way she looks, I think she’s not going to let it have their way. Male Natsuru on his way back, his friend Mikihito Higashida invites him to a mixer this weekend. Natsuru initially turned him down due to his part time job but when he learns that their school’s idol will be making her appearance, Natsuru accepts the invitation thinking the idol will be Kaede and will protect her from all those wolfy guys. Look who’s talking.

Natsuru and Akane arrive at the supposed posh cafe. Natsuru has a weird feeling that the mixer and part time job is the same place. Could it be? Turns out this posh place is some high class cabaret as Natsuru and Akane have to reluctantly ‘serve’ their customers in bunny ears and tight outfits. Yeah, they’ve been ripped off. After that male Natsuru goes to join Mikihito and Nishino (the mixer’s organizer) and being served by not-too-happy Akane. Now, the moment they’ve been waiting for, their school idol turns out to be… Shizuku?! Such disappointment, eh? At least for Natsuru. Speaking about Kaede, she’s relaxing in her big bathtub doing some horny orgy bonding stuff with her white Kampfers. Having fun aren’t we? I’m sure Shizuku has to most fun because she’s trying to screw with Natsuru by making both his genders appear. Of course Natsuru can’t do that so one gender has to make an excuse to go away for the other to come and sit. This is getting tiring and doesn’t Natsuru see Shizuku’s sly actions by now? I’m sure the rest should’ve figured out seeing him/her tired and even his gradually unkempt clothes. Eye candy alert: Notice the few wrong cosplay outfits female Natsuru puts on are those voiced by Marina Inoue like Rio Rainbow Gate, Maria+Holic and Getsumen To Heiki Miina (and of course in Kampfer lah). Oh yeah, Mikoto is there too as a cook. She cooked 1000 curry dishes for him due to some love advice that whoever eats it won’t get sick of their lover. Crap! Total crap! You’d get sick of the curry dish and one sick tummy. Akane is upset that her little private ‘date’ with Natsuru has been interrupted with uninvited annoying pests so she decides to join in the mixer.

Nishino and Mikihito start asking Shizuku about her type of guy. Though she gave vague answers (you can probably, I mean definitely guess who he is), she turns on the question towards male Natsuru. To up the ante, she starts using her feet to caress Natsuru’s, erm… Let’s say it was in between his legs. Natsuru goes away giving an excuse he’s not feeling well but returns in his female form thinking he has nothing to be afraid as a girl. Does he think he can handle it better? However cool and smooth Shizuku continues to molest Natsuru with her feet, stripping her socks (man, she’s good in using her feet) and penetrating deeper inside!!! YEOW!!!! You can obviously see and hear the moaning and groaning Natsuru makes. Enough to send anybody into suspicious mode. It’s like she’s enjoying it. Is she? And I can’t believe the rest didn’t look underneath the table or suspect that there is something fishy going on right underneath their noses. Or rather the table. They just stared in disbelief while Natsuru is taking in all the painful pleasure. Why the heck is Akane trying to do the same feet molestation to Natsuru? Kiasu. However her legs are too short so she can’t reach. Shizuku tries to force an answer out of her the kind of person she likes so Natsuru blurt out hints that may indicate Shizuku. Then she climaxes. Akane also the same (I think her feet cramped up). And they got the curry spilled on their faces. WTF?!

Male Natsuru and Akane clean up themselves after finishing their job. However they hear the 3 stooges coming so they decide to hide in the locker. I was wondering why Natsuru didn’t turn himself into a female. That would be easier, right? Unless he doesn’t want to get into more trouble by seeing their faces. Yeah, I understand that. Anyway in the tight locker, Natsuru’s towel dropped. So now he changes into a girl to that Akane won’t have anything weird poking her below. But this time her boobs are choking out the space and Akane’s towel also come loose. Akane can’t hold it anymore and needs to use Natsuru’s body to support herself. That is, she hugs her. Too bad Akane had to transform into her Kampfer version so all the tough talk of doing her in comes flying. Probably it got too hot and heat expands, right? Yeah, they drop out of the locker on the ground stark naked. Oh look, the 3 stooges found them. Just in time to snap many shots that they will use for threatening purposes in the future. See, they’re trouble all the way. And all the Entrails Animals have passed out after drinking too many liquor. Anyway they can’t because their guts are sorely sticking out. Maybe it got into their twisted system already? Yeah, their bodies are really wrinkled up. Back home, Akane is quite happy that she managed to spend some time with Natsuru. That guy on the other hand, visits the bra shop as a girl to make her purchase of the bra that she always wanted. Hey, she looks like she’s looking so forward to it. I guess having a female’s body long enough turns Natsuru into an underwear expert. Or pervert perhaps?

I have rather mixed feelings after watching both episodes. Firstly, I had a few good laughing moments because I realized that there is no other way than to enjoy it but to turn into a sadist and see Natsuru get pounded by the girls left, right, up, down, centre and everywhere. Yeah, I guess that is where the fun is, seeing how his harem girls fight over him just about everything and anything relating to him. So if you set your mind this way, you can take the distasteful humour and indecent jokes like fingers shoved up one’s ass, girls French kissing or even your toes shoved right into your most private of areas. And yes, enjoy the fanservice moments too. Secondly, my other feeling is of course the disappointment. There is really nothing that indicates of any progress of the storyline. Even if Shizuku did mention that Kaede is somewhat related to the Moderators, that is just her speculation and deduction based on what the burnt-to-a-crisp lion said as there is no solid proof. Then after that, it just went downhill all the way. But we enjoyed the thrill of the ride, didn’t we?

Basically there isn’t any development on the characters either. Kaede is still as mysterious as ever and perhaps the way she can get herself out of a corner and corner her foes is pretty amazing. Keep this up and I may find myself rooting for her instead. So does she really have a split personality or she’s just playing innocent at times? And with her loyal white Kampfers, it is just tempting enough wanting to know more about this girl who is more than meets the eye. What else can I say about that Natsuru guy/girl? He still likes Kaede but this whole Kampfer thing complicated and screwed up his life. It got worse when there are 3 girls on his side (that term is rather relative) who are shamelessly gunning after his ass too. A harem guy is supposed to have control of his harem but instead, he got controlled, overrun. Yes, that is what I’m assuming Natsuru to be. So perhaps this sequel is made to focus Mikoto and Akane to spend a little quality time with Natsuru. But alas, Shizuku is always a step ahead of them and steals the show. Too bad for the Entrails Animals. I was hoping they would appear more and at least rant more sarcasm but they’re reduced to unimportant minor mascots bumming around. It was nice of Rie Kugimiya to make a cameo. Hopefully she’ll get more shots at this if there are sequels. And perhaps this way we can add more famous seiyuus like Aki Toyosaki, Aya Hirano or even Yuu Kobayashi like to the list. Yeah, I can only imagine what kind of Entrails Animals they will voice.

I’m not too sure if there will be another sequel. Even if there is whether it is in the near future or the distant future, I hope they can advance the plot in some way and not turn it into a shameless lesbian showdown over some transgender guy. Hah. I already said that earlier on. And even if they can’t make it into a proper TV series, at least do it via OVA or ONA so at least viewers will ‘understand’ the non-standard periodic releases. For the time being, I hope Natsuru can keep his dignity, modesty and virginity all intact before the real and all hell breaks loose. Just curious, how do you have sex with a transgender? Hey, maybe Natsuru can show it to us how it’s done. Natsuru, oh Natsuru, where are you…


July 9, 2010

When you talk about anime gender bender about a boy who can change into a girl and back under certain circumstances, most of us (those who have lived through the 90’s at least) would come to mind Rumiko Takahashi’s Ranma 1/2. A few seasons back, we have another anime series of this sort. Except that he doesn’t change genders at the splash of the water. Yup, if you have watched the ecchi fanservice action romance harem comedy called Kampfer, you will definitely know what I mean. What in the world does this word Kampfer mean? No, it’s not a corruption of ‘camp fire’, mind you. It’s German for warriors or combatants.
So what is this anime about? Based from the synopsis I read, this is what I understand. Well, Kampfers refer to the ‘contestants’ involved in a life-or-death battle against each other. The only catch is that you can’t choose whether you want to be a Kampfer or not and secondly, you have to be a female to be a Kampfer. Uh huh. I know what you’re thinking. Ecchi fanservice. I said that earlier on, didn’t I? So if you really hate your peaceful life ruined and have to live with the fact you’re going to fight other Kampfers for reasons unknown, well, that’s just too bad because some mysterious group called the Moderators said so.
Just like how in episode 1, your normal average high school boy, Natsuru Senou, wakes up one morning to find out his body has turned into a girl’s one. Not to mention a very busty one too. Unfortunately this isn’t a nightmare. Well okay, a living nightmare to him. But thankfully, he isn’t a pervert so he doesn’t go checking out his new body like some otakus would with their newfound body. To make things easier, I’ll refer make reference as a him or her depending on the gender Natsuru is in. In addition to her body change, she has a talking stuffed animal doll to tell her all that Kampfer crap, which includes the Bracelet of Oath that he can never take off to signify he’s a Kampfer. Harakiri Tiger is her name and part of the Entrails Animals. Say what? Basically Entrails Animals are messengers sent by the Moderators and each Kampfer should have 1 by her side. You can tell whether this doll is one because of its guts sticking out like a sore thumb (thus its name) and their bodies are like being subjected to some sort of horror torture. Not the kind of dolls you want to have for your kid. Oh yeah, did I mention the sarcasm that comes along with this little piece of sh*t? Anyway it’s school day so Natsuru must still be thinking that all this was a bad dream as he wakes up to find himself still an XY. He goes to school, meets up with his secret crush, Kaede Sakura. Their conversation ruined when a gunshot nearly hits them. You can safely say an enemy Kampfer is just across the street and this red haired foulmouthed barbaric b*tchy Kampfer, Akane Mishima, has a taste for blood. Natsuru can’t transform in front of Kaede or else she’ll think he’s some sort of pervert and runs away to transform. As opposed to Akane’s guns (called Gewehr), Natsuru’s weapon is Zauber (some fireball weapon). The fight could’ve turned fatal if Natsuru didn’t save Kaede and Akane herself from the falling pole. The fight ends for now as Natsuru rushes off to school. By the way, the odd thing about this Seitetsu Academy is, even though it is co-ed, male and female students study in separate blocks so you can see why some perverted guys are always dreaming that the other side of the grass is greener. Thankfully, Natsuru isn’t one of them.
Natsuru is in for another shock when a shy librarian comes looking for him. She is Akane! So to some, in addition to appearance change, some undergo a total personality change. In the library, Akane tells them that they are allies since they have the same colour bracelet: blue. Yeah, she got a Black Seppuku Rabbit as her messenger. She has a little knowledge about this Kampfer thingy like their enemies are those wearing red bracelet and their bracelet will shine to signify their transformation to a Kampfer or when another kind is nearby. The duo look try to look for more info but got into ambiguous compromising situation, something which the passing by sly student council president, Shizuku Sangou spot and wasn’t too fond of their boldness in public. On his way home, Natsuru gets into another mess. He thought Kaede was going to confess to him. Unfortunately, she wants to meet the female Natsuru and thank her for saving her life. Looks like she has fallen for her. Too bad if you look at it that way. Not sure what to do, I guess he has to go seek Akane for advice at the library. You can tell this specky girl too has a crush on Natsuru (the boy version, that is). Suddenly Akane transforms and before they know it, they’re being attacked by an unknown Kampfer via double chained daggers called Schwert. Aside from their bickering, they combined their attacks to corner and reveal the attacker’s identity and to their surprise, they saw helpless Kaede. Akane fires a shot thinking all this was her doing.
In episode 2, Natsuru stops Akane in time so her bullet misses Kaede’s face by an inch, causing that poor girl to faint. But the attacks continue so Natsuru is relieved that Kaede isn’t the culprit. But when the school bell goes off, the attack stops. Natsuru has been tasked of bringing unconscious Akane back to the girls’ section. Loving it or loathing it? Natsuru and Akane are being called by Shizuku to her student council room. She seems to know the ruckus at the library and hints the culprit to be a female. After they leave the room, Kaede comes looking for Natsuru. His happiness is short lived when she persists Natsuru to introduce the female Natsuru to her. Oh boy. Natsuru then invites Akane over to his house. Obviously Akane was thinking about doing this and that but actually he was thinking more along the lines about asking her advice on girls dating the same sex. The next day at the rooftop, supposedly where Kaede is supposed to meet female Natsuru, the plan is to have her do a retard dance so that she could hate her. Uhm… Natsuru is hesitant (not to mention his slip of tongue to tell her real name but Kaede is okay with that) so Kaede confesses her love and wants to date her. It would’ve been better if she had gone with the guy version but too bad. Unless Natsuru wants a bullet hole in her head, she has to do the retard dance. Unfortunately, Shizuku was there instead. She claims to have safely taken Kaede away and reveals herself as a Kampfer. With a red bracelet. Oh no. Enemies. Yeah, the one who attacked them at the library. For the record she’s got a Kanden Yamaneko as her messenger (that’s electrocuted lynx). So another battle round. Though Shizuku is strong, Natsuru and Akane work together to subdue her. However Natsuru makes a trade to spare her life. She wants Shizuku to leave Kaede alone, in which she agrees. But Shizuku asserts they’re still her enemies and will continue to fight them because she wants to know the reason Kampfers fight and perhaps make the Moderators pay attention to her. The next day, Akane and Natsuru are being called by Shizuku once more. She tells them about the fast spreading rumours about the female Natsuru and how Kaede is searching for her. To quell that, she wants Natsuru to be the new female transfer student. Oh yeah, this is getting messier by the minute.
And so female Natsuru does that (no choice though), something which every perverted guy dreams of doing and entering the forbidden zone. Not only Natsuru finds she is in the same class with Akane in episode 3, but she is attracting a hell lot of attention. She becomes instantly popular and every damn girl wants a piece of her! And you wonder why yaoi and fujoshi fans are rising in Japan. In short, they’re all weirdoes. From the pushy class rep, the vice club rep who likes to smell just about anything and the treasurer who likes to sell weird things at weird prices to make a profit. They’re all harassing Natsuru! Thankfully Kaede comes by to give them a piece of her mind and takes Natsuru away. Like she’s any better because she gets Natsuru all to herself. Because Natsuru still can’t control her transformation, the bracelet starts glowing so she has to make a run for it. Imagine what will happen to him if the girls find a boy in their section. Back to being the female version again, the whole class is having a hard time paying attention to the lesson in front because they’re more infatuated staring at Natsuru. Does this Kampfer thing come with some love pheromone or something? Natsuru then gets whisked away by the newspaper club member, Masumi Nishino, as she goes about her ‘interrogation’ on Natsuru’s life. As expected, the report comes out in a way that makes Natsuru some sort of lesbian so now all the girls really want a piece of her. To makes things worse (and you thought it wasn’t bad enough), the class rep trio use Natsuru to make money for their public funds. 500 Yen for each 30 seconds with Natsuru! And it’s a long queue! She’s sure being exploited. Not to mention she was kidnapped and nearly got raped by a bunch of girls. Can she hold on to her chastity? The odds of losing it as a girl seems higher. After a tough day, Natsuru goes home. Akane stops by and tries to get close to him but he is so dense (don’t blame his tiredness) that it’s so pitiful to see Akane frustrated.
The next day, the class rep trio are going to take female Natsuru away like as though she’s one of their toys but Kaede stamps her feet down and takes her away. During recess, Shizuku approaches Natsuru and Kaede and it’s like she’s trying to stir the hornet’s nest by saying how both the Natsurus are dating each other. This shocking news quickly spread throughout the school and every darn girl is devastated. I can’t believe how yuri they all are. Natsuru takes refuge as his boy version in the library (the only place where both genders are allowed in together) but Akane isn’t happy because she believed the rumours too. Then they fell on each other and got into another ambiguous compromising position. The worse is yet to come. Oh wait. It already came. Kaede saw this and she’s pissed that guy Natsuru would two-time female Natsuru who truly loves him. So Kaede vows not to lose out to him and is going to make the female one all hers. Just great. Maybe he should just accept the fact if he can’t have Kaede as his girlfriend as a guy, so be it as a girl.
More trouble for Natsuru in episode 4 because he learns that his female version will enter the upcoming Miss Seitetsu Academy Contest. I’m sure every guy and girl would be thrilled about it save for Natsuru. So he rushes to seek an explanation from Shizuku and thinks this is some sort of harassment. It definitely is unless you consider Shizuku’s reason for wanting to improve school life a rational one. Besides, Shizuku and Kaede are in this competition and it’s like the Clash of the Titans seeing that the duo are the school’s top hot beauties. And now with newcomer Natsuru into the equation, it’ll be Clash of the Gods. Shizuku allows Natsuru to pull out but on 1 condition. Body massage? Perhaps it’s Shizuku’s way of teasing him. Anyway she’s enjoying it. Would she give that up? Nope. She closes in on her like as though they’re going to kiss. Natsuru could’ve got his first kiss stolen if not for Kampfer Akane barging in. Because Akane put some bullet holes in the wall, Shizuku has Natsuru permanently in the contest as compensation. Not knowing about all those girly stuff, Natsuru has Akane take the lead in shopping her for a dress (though Akane would prefer the male Natsuru and thought it would be that 3 letter ‘S’ word). But his day won’t be peaceful because Shizuku also joins in and after that bra shopping incident, they all go to a karaoke joint and also invited Kaede. So it’s a battle to see who could sing a duet with Natsuru. She calls it a draw so Shizuku and Akane left for the toilet. Kaede takes this chance to try and get Natsuru’s answer on her love but she panics and runs out. When everyone comes back, Akane and Kaede got into an argument that the latter was trying to shamefully and unfairly seduce you-know-who when they’re not around (is she any better herself?). Kaede is determined to win the contest and proclaim her love for Natsuru to everyone so Akane thinks of joining this contest too. Oh yeah, things are heating up.
The school cultural festival is around the corner in episode 5 so the class rep trip and the rest have female Natsuru and Akane wear several outfits for the contest (part of their fetish and harassment I guess) before settling for a maid one. Then Kaede barges in and you can expect the catty fight between her and Akane, resulting the former to run away frustrated. Male Natsuru walks with Kaede on the way back and tries to patch up their relationship but Kaede misinterprets and is more determined to win the heart of the female Natsuru. The day of the festival arrives and the biggest attraction is of course the contest. Before it starts, some of the crowd received randomly thrown Entrails Animals. Female Natsuru appears in a dashing white military outfit while Kaede as a bride. Then it turned into some sort of fantasy love story which I don’t follow because it turns into a love triangle with Akane the cowgirl making her brute appearance. A struggle ensues which resulted in Natsuru’s top been ripped. That’s when Shizuku in some magician-like outfit takes control of the situation and knocks out all 3 of them, thus becoming the winner of this contest. Male Natsuru wakes up in the locker room, surprised to see Shizuku sitting by his side. He has got to expect his life is full of unexpected twists and shocks because Shizuku kisses him! Well, look on the bright side. At least his first kiss was in his male version. Finally, Natsuru’s childhood friend, Mikoto Kondou returns from her worldwide touring trip but can’t seem to find Natsuru anywhere at the festival. Hmm… She has an Entrails Animal too.
And so, Mikoto comes crashing into Natsuru’s life in episode 6 when the guy finds her making curry in a naked apron. Not good for Akane because that means more rivals. Due to the rumours, I guess it’s not surprising for Mikoto to even know both Natsurus are dating each other. For the second day of the festival, Natsuru’s class are doing a maid cafe and you know what this means. Yup, Natsuru in a skimpy maid outfit to attract the customers. An excuse to rake in the big bucks. 5000 Yen just to be served by her! Cutthroat prices! But who wouldn’t love to be with the hottest girl in town? Then Shizuku turns up and since she paid in advance, she has VIP treatment from Natsuru. But she is here to inform about a new Kampfer would make her appearance shortly. Then Kaede joins them as Shizuku vaguely hints about the Entrails Animals before causing more misunderstanding by saying she has kissed a certain someone in an empty locker room. Kaede takes Natsuru around the school festival when Natsuru notices she is being targeted and ditches Kaede in the haunted house to battle the white haired sword wielding Kampfer who is by the way wearing a red bracelet. She asserts her strong dislike for Natsuru but luckily for the latter, Akane comes to her aid. Shizuku stops the match and tells them all to revert back to their normal self. The new Kampfer turns out to be Mikoto (her Entrails Animal is Chissoku Norainu – strangled stray dog) and she is bloody shocked to see the true Natsuru. So they gather and talk as Shizuku suggests both sides make a peace truce for now. Natsuru realizes he has left Kaede alone and rushes to see her. Female Natsuru apologizes to Kaede and promises to make up to her with any wish. Bad decision because Kaede wants Natsuru to stay with her for the night.
Natsuru may be feeling on top of the world for spending the night at Kaede’s house even if he’s going as a girl in episode 7 but gets disheartened when Akane and Shizuku decide to tag along. Can’t leave things to go they are, eh? So much for privacy. Now the girls make a surprising find in Kaede’s large mansion. She has tons of Entrails Animal series! It’s like she owns a factory of them. Part of Kaede’s plan is to play some game where the participants will end up kissing each other after biting finish at the end of their stick. Based on random picking, first up is Akane and Shizuku. It ends with bold Shizuku homing in to kiss her. Is she a bi? Kaede tries to make it hers and Natsuru but fate just wouldn’t let her. Then it’s Natsuru and Akane but the stick broke before they could get their lips close. So heartbreaking for Akane. Kaede ends the game and takes the gang to her room and shows them her Entrails Animals collection. She points out her favourite one, Hiaburi Lion (burnt alive lion) as it was the first when she got. Mikoto somehow found her way to Kaede’s place and cooks curry for them. Shizuku pours curry over Natsuru’s head so Kaede suggests taking a bath. Oh no. True enough, Natsuru can’t bath in peace, not because she’s embarrassed about her large boobs but rather Kaede keeps popping up irritatingly second after second just to check on her. Watch out for a certain perverted stalker. Probably Kaede and Akane’s argument allowed Natsuru to take a bath. Then when it’s sleeping time, another debate who gets to sleep with Natsuru. She’s so popular, isn’t she? In the end, Natsuru has to sleep alone by herself. In the room filled with scary Entrails Animals! That night, Kaede sneakily comes in to tug in with Natsuru but the latter had changed back to a guy and is in a pinch. Before the molestation could begin, Kampfer Akane crashes in to fire a warning shot. She has no qualms shooting that b*tch to restore Japan’s declining moral standards. Has she looked herself in the mirror? However they are being interrupted by an attack from a white bracelet Kampfer. Hey, I thought there were only 2 sides? Schwert user Rika Ueda makes her move but retreats when Shizuku appears. She concludes ‘they’ are finally on the move. Amazingly, it’s mind boggling that Kaede fell asleep through all that ruckus. Even right till the point Natsuru put her back to bed.
In episode 8, Shizuku asks male Natsuru to go out on a date with her. I guess knowing her for quite some time, she must be up to something so he agrees based on the assupmtion that they’re going to draw out the white Kampfer. No matter how you look at it, it seems like a normal boy-girl date though Natsuru seems to be in denial that all this was just a ploy. Of course we viewers would think otherwise too, knowing Shizuku’s sly behaviour. Nothing much happens on this outing as the duo visit the aquarium, walk hand in hand like couples do and Shizuku forcing the guy to buy her a souvenir in which he got her a sea slug keychain. Maybe it’s to signify the love-hate thingy. During lunch, they talk about love and such, why that guy likes Kaede so much when his love is unreturned. Then Shizuku mentions about the white Kampfers could be a third force. She dislikes the idea of fighting without a reason and refuses to play into their game. Amazingly, Natsuru fell asleep at such crucial information that I think he was hoping to hear for. Tired ‘dating’? He wakes up to find himself sleeping on Shizuku’s lap and hopes she has not done anything funny to him. On the way back, Mikoto confronts him and starts strangling him upon learning that he went out with Shizuku. Natsuru pleads for Shizuku to explain but she doesn’t help much because she told the truth: They were dating. The hand is getting tighter around the neck. Back home, now it’s Akane’s turn to barge in to confirm about the ‘date’ so she pesters him what kind of girl he likes besides Kaede. After thinking hard and through all the Kaede faces that pop up in his mind, he sees a tiny face of Akane. This brings joy to Akane as she transforms into her Kampfer version and forces Natsuru to go on a date with her. He has to because he’s got a gun at his head.
That date takes them to a hotel where they can spend the night. You can see where this is going. Unfortunately Akane won’t have Natsuru all to herself in episode 9 because Mikoto and Shizuku are joining them. Do we see a pattern here? Oh yeah, Kaede is there too so Natsuru is thrilled with that. So some poolside frolics and girly arguments with guy Natsuru finding himself yet in another love quadruple pinch. But Kaede is happy because if the girls are chasing after him, her prospects of getting female Natsuru are much higher. As part of the deal, the female Natsuru has to make her appearance and after that harassing swimming lesson to Kaede, Natsuru is sent to buy stuff and on her way, she encounters other white Kampfers who start attacking her. They are Sayaka Nakao, Hitomi Minagawa and Ryouka Yamakawa (if I remember well, they were the ones who received randomly thrown Entrails Animals at the school festival). Natsuru could’ve been toast if Akane and Shizuku didn’t show up. To Natsuru’s dismay, she finds out it was Shizuku’s plan to use her as a bait to lure the white Kampfers out but they retreated upon seeing how bickering Natsuru and Akane are. Back in the room, Akane is thinks male Natsuru is going to move in on her, but you know he’s so dense that even the Entrails Animals also give up. Natsuru joins the girls in the other room so Shizuku kicks up another storm about their ‘date’. That storm turns into a catastrophic one when Shizuku kisses Natsuru just to show it to them. Unbelievable! Except for Kaede who is truly ecstatic, the rest are as good as dead. Suddenly Kaede (now spotting evil eyes) takes Natsuru and hypnotizes him to go watch the fireworks alone together. Hmm…
Shizuku, Akane and Mikoto go search for the missing duo in episode 10 in hopes that they will not get ahead and make out. It’s better they search alone since they’ll get into an argument who is better suited for guy Natsuru. How did this turned into who-finds-Natsuru-first-gets-to-keep-him contest? But there’s something strange about Kaede. She’s seducing male Natsuru and he’s come to his senses, he’s definitely surprised to see this side of her. Not only that, she wants him to seduce Shizuku and make her fall madly in love with him. She has got him under her spell again and promises to give him a reward for that deed. Before she could kiss him, Kampfer Mikoto and Akane attack. Kaede is nowhere to be found and Natsuru somehow in female version has no idea how he ended up here and maintains her innocence. When they get back, Kaede’s alibi that she got lost while buying stuff proves Natsuru’s innocence. Then in his room, Akane gets desperate and tries to kiss him. Could have succeeded if not for the Entrails Animals interrupting their moment because they want to watch TV. Then everyone gets into the bath (female Natsuru of course) so the girls take their opportunity to harass her with their so called skinship. Kaede hypnotizes Natsuru to complete the mission. Male Natsuru confronts Shizuku in her room and pushes her down onto the bed. Looks like she’s not resisting so she kisses him and he somehow snapped out of the hypnosis. Surprisingly Natsuru’s reaction wasn’t in shock or close to it perhaps he was scared stiff or something. When Shizuku learns that he was being forced to do so by Kaede, she knocks him out and puts an end to their steamy affair. Maybe that can wait. Hope she doesn’t regret it. Meanwhile Kaede is discussing with the white Kampfers that her planned is ruined and will have to rearrange them. Next day on their way out, Kaede whispers to Shizuku in a dark tone that she has thrown away her pride. As swiftly Shizuku turned around, she only sees the usual innocent Kaede. However she still remains suspicious.
Male Natsuru is invited to Shizuku’s house in episode 11 and they’re not here for another date. Seems that Shizuku snuck out Kaede’s lion and slaps him till he wakes up. He sheds a little light on their situation. It seems once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, there were two sides that were constantly fighting each other. The Moderators was caught between these 2 forces and came up with a solution. They selected a team of warriors of another galaxy, red and blue, to represent the warring faction and battle it out. Those warriors are the Kampfers we know and victory of one Kampfer side will go to their representatives. So they’re being dragged into somebody else’s war? Seems like that. Shizuku wants Natsuru to fight alongside her against the Moderators after telling him how her beloved senpai, Tamiko, lost to a blue Kampfer long ago. Natsuru goes to ascertain himself if Kaede is really behind all this as he pays her home a visit. Kaede shows her true colours as she reveals she knew her lion was stolen and that she hates boys and wants Natsuru to remain as a female. Another round of hypnotizing. She wants Natsuru to get rid of her pals and in doing so, will give her a big reward. Shizuku, Akane and Mikoto are being called to the rooftop and they think it’s some confession by Natsuru. Instead it is a trap as they are being attacked by the white Kampfers. The short battle ends in the favour of our heroines. Kaede shows up and with her true self revealed, Shizuku questions her if she is a Moderator since she does not wear a bracelet. If she is to answer that, they’ll have to defeat her. Unfortunately they lost and got tied up. Kaede mentions about the white Kampfers’ creation to eliminate them because their existence are a hindrance to the Moderators’ plans. She despises the idea of them teaming up. As for Natsuru, she mentions she is the key to it all. So she proposes a simple rule. If Natsuru chooses to be a girl, Kaede and co wins but if he chooses to be a guy, they win because as we know, they are in love with the male version as opposed to Kaede.
Too bad Natsuru is under Kaede’s spell as she orders her to dispose of them. Natsuru then spots the sea slug keychain and regains her senses. She decides not to heed Kaede’s orders because although she confesses she likes Kaede, if she kills the rest, she feels something important would be lost. So she makes her stand by choosing Shizuku, Akane and Mikoto. Kaede is unhappy by her decision and will force Natsuru into choosing her (sore loser!). Natsuru’s motivation was enough to have the girls to break free and do battle. In addition to that, they have their powers increased. Then the weird part is that the Entrails Animals decide to lend their support by singing aloud Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Ode To Joy in German! WTF?! Shizuku and co easily overwhelms Kaede’s subordinates but Kaede tries her last attempting into wooing Natsuru. She tries to give her an advance kiss but Natsuru has decided he wants to be a boy and reverts back to one. Disgusted Kaede slaps and pushes him away. With that, she and her subordinates retreat. However Shizuku and co confront Natsuru and beat him up instead? Is arguing kissing another girl more important than letting the enemy get away? Err… It is. So the next scene fully descends into a fight over Natsuru as they all give him their kiss and shameless tactics of forcing the poor chap into touching their prizes assets. Like that guy has got enough trouble already. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.
A totally filler episode 12, what’s worse than Natsuru finding himself switched bodies with Tiger? It’s Tiger in his female version body! You can tell by its ears and tails sticking out like a sore thumb from Natsuru’s body. And you thought being a girl was bad enough. How the heck did that happen? Who cares? Apparently with her newfound ‘freedom’, Tiger ditches Natsuru and goes out. How about a role reversal and taste of your own medicine? Tiger soon finds her other pals switched bodies with their respective Kampfer girls and the quartet go do things that they couldn’t enjoy as a stuffed toy. Like eating nabe. Unfortunately they can’t pay so the shop owners, coincidentally run by the class rep trio, decide to have them pay via their bodies. It turned out to be a stage performance in front of other Entrails Animals. Since they’re being cheered on, the quartet enjoyed it and even went to the extent of stripping naked! Till Kaede passes by and ‘saves’ them. Though she notices the differences between the real ones, nevertheless she requests them on a date. Meanwhile our Kampfer ladies in their switched stuffed doll bodies converge at Natsuru’s house to figure out what is happening. Yeah, they’ve got a sharp tingling sense that their body is being abused for embarrassing purposes. Gone, all those dignity down the drain. Kaede brings the quartet to the amusement park and it seems the rides resemble torture devices. They even played embarrassing games and you can’t blame them for feeling top of the world since they have never enjoyed such sensations as a doll.
Suddenly Kaede runs out of the amusement park and to a church. Yup. She feels she has sinned too much and seeks a confession. I’m not sure if this is coincidence or what because the nuns are the class rep trio and they tell her straight in the face that she’s a b*tch beyond help. Thus the only way to ‘cure’ her is to subject her to hard labour. Yeah, all those odd jobs are supposed to have them buy some southern island. Only 5 billion Yen left. How long is that going to take? Looks like they may have to delay it because Tiger and co bust in to save Kaede this time. But will the class rep trio allow them to take her away so easily? Before an epic showdown could start, Tiger trips and this prompts her to note the pain experienced as humans. The quartet start hitting each other and revel in the misery of being human. WTF?! So much so the class rep trio just admit defeat. At the end of the day, Kaede feels sad because she may not see them again if they part but they assure her that they will see each other though in a different form. Then it’s revealed to be some Christmas Santa Claus bedtime story, female Natsuru is reading to her daughter with male Natsuru as the daddy by her side. I don’t know this even makes sense. And yeah, Kaede on a flying sleigh distributes Entrails Animals to everyone. Merry Christmas. Now we know why the world is full of them. Hey wait a minute. How will they change back to their original bodies? Who cares? It didn’t make sense from the start.
Oh dear. Look at what a fine mess this has gotten into. What mess? Initially, I expected to have some elements of girly fights since this it is considered a harem anime. But instead of that fight-to-the-death Kampfer tournament that I had expected this short series to build on, it totally descends into a shameless and mindless ecchi fanservice harem fight. So it’s like that Kampfer thingy was just secondary to all that. Do I sound like I’m complaining? So who the heck are the Moderators, why are these random kids chosen to represent and fight some distant feuding sides and other ‘interesting’ developments are somewhat thrown out and replaced with a mediocre ending. Yeah, save it for a sequel if the producers ever intended of continuing the story.
Natsuru is already clueless on what’s going on (though he may have gained bits and pieces of it along the way), what more with 3 girls vying for his attention. It’s like he’s become a trouble magnet ever since he could change gender. Besides, he’s still uncomfortable and embarrassed with the fact of a female’s body when just about every guy his age would be damn curious to ‘touch and feel’ here and there. But there is 1 thing that I would like to say about Shizuku, Akane and Mikoto which makes them better than the other girls. They are straight and hetero girls unlike the rest who are so yuri. It’s such a sad thing to see, girls going crazy over a new girl who happens to be the guy next door. Shizuku may be sly and teaseful but you can see that deep down she is still a girl and probably that’s her way of showing her love to Natsuru. She’s got her pride, you know. While Akane may be shy, it amazes me that she would even go as far as doing it with Natsuru, only to have it unknowingly rejected by that dense guy. Very frustrating indeed. Her Kampfer version may be tough but that’s her style. At first I thought Mikoto won’t be part of the love quadruple mess because she was a childhood friend who knew Natsuru has eyes only for Kaede. But you know what they say about childhood friends… Anyhow, I felt the trio were becoming more and more desperate in their attempts to win Natsuru’s heart. There is a limit on how bold a girl can be or throw away her pride, you know.
Something about Kaede bugs me. It seems she keeps a large collection of Entrails Animals and due to the revelation of her true character, she must have something to do with the Moderators. Though that is just highly speculation. But the thing which bugged me was if she was the one who handed the Entrails Animals, including to Natsuru, was she just playing dumb that she didn’t realize both Natsurus are the same? It makes you wonder how she fell in love with his female version if assuming she is fully aware that they’re the same person. Perhaps a setup? Is this why she gave Natsuru an Entrails Animal? Or maybe this isn’t the real innocent Kaede we all know from the start? Oh wait. Don’t tell me. A clone or a twin sister. Hah. I could write better plots light this. And what a sad state of one-way love affair this is. Shizuku, Akane and Mikoto love Natsuru who loves Kaede who loves the female Natsuru. Do you think it would be easier if everyone just give up? Yeah, where’s the fun in that?
My favourite characters are of course the Entrails Animals. Simply because of their sarcasm. It’s a shame that they did not make much appearance as I hope they would. I really love it the first time they mock each other like how they are rip-offs and sound-alike of certain seiyuus who voiced them. Right on! Perhaps they should have made a sequel spin-off series about them. Speaking of which, I’m not sure how many specials are there but if you buy the DVD, you’ll get those extra clips. I have only watched the first special which is a picture drama lasting a good 10 minutes. Yup. Still pictures while they rant about how they’re going to make themselves more sellable. Well, if they don’t have guts sticking out or die a horrible death, maybe the girls would love to squeeze them to death in their arms with their extreme passionate love.
And speaking of seiyuus, there are quite a number of famous ones here. I thought I would hear a male seiyuu to play Natsuru but Marina Inoue plays both gender versions of Natsuru. I guess it is fitting since she did play voice roles of both genders in other animes (not to mention save production cost). If you remember how Kyoko from Skip Beat sound like, you can easily identify her here. Yui Horie (Eri in School Rumble, Naru in Love Hina) is perfect as both opposing personalities of Akane. The twisted voices fit perfectly with the twisted personalities of the Entrails Animals such as Michiko Nomura as Tiger (Shizuka in Doraemon), Yukari Tamura as Rabbit (Rino in Gokujou Seitokai), Nana Mizuki as Yamaneko (Rina in White Album) and Mamiko Noto as Norainu (Sawako in Kimi Ni Todoke). Other casts include Kaori Nazuka as Shizuku (Nadeshiko in Inukami), Kana Asumi as Mikoto (Yuno in Hidamari Sketch series), Megumi Nakajima as Kaede (Miku in Akikan) and Yuko Goto as the vice president of the class rep trio (Asahina in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu).
If you have a keen eye, you can spot several trivia (besides the fanservice of course). For instance the characters may spout lines from other series which they may have voiced a particular character in that show or even visuals which parody other animes. Some of them include Gundam, Maria-sama Ga Miteru, Code Geass, Jigoku Shoujo and Revolutionary Girl Utena. And yeah about the fanservice, they are not as numbing as some animes but is enough to keep normal otakus happy. In my opinion. Swimsuits and baths, what more do you want? Like I said, this show descended into a shameless harem fight. Even in the fanservice filled ending credits, you could see the Entrails Animals popping out from underneath the girls’ clothes. So are you really paying attention to the song? What the heck is that violent hip shaking dance anyway?! The mid-intermission is also fanservice related as it shows the girls in random pose and outfits before their clothes turn into bikini and skimpy ones. Super sexy or what? On a trivial note, each episode title has a German word in them. Heck, I don’t know what that means. Even I don’t understand the ranting of the next episode preview by the Entrails Animals. Whatever those fantasy plot or made-up story they’re talking about, I’m sure it isn’t about the next episode.
I just concluded that the Entrails Animals are just fun to watch at and not to own. They can turn your life upside down with all that sarcasm. I wonder what kind of horror animals will they have in this series. Choking Pig? Beat To Death Seal? Slit Turkey? Maybe not. Cruelty to animals isn’t cool. Definitely will have issues with SPCA. Hmm… I have old Care Bear teddy bears locked away in my storeroom. Maybe I should check them out to see if those cute little furry stuffed dolls have their guts sticking out. Better not. I don’t want to wake up one morning to find my dick dropped off (Natsuru said that one time!) and myself turned into a pretty busty female. Then again, which is better/worse? Fighting an unrelated distant war or fighting off a horde of love sick girls? So remember, it’s not the outside that counts, it’s the inside. Unless your insides are sticking out on the outside.
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