The teasing has not stopped yet. Nor it will ever. Hence that is why we have an extra episode, Karakai Jouzu No Takagi-san OVA to continue watching Nishikata’s torment. Since this doesn’t amount to any serious bullying, I guess we’re okay with it. Also, this OVA is somewhat your ‘fanservice’ pool episode. Sure, the TV series had its own mini pool episode but this one is entirely at a real pool amusement park. Wait a minute. Are we here to see Takagi in a swimsuit or she pulling her usual pranks off Nishikata?

Water slide
Remember that swimsuit that Takagi had Nishikata accompany her to buy? Yup, she’s wearing it now. Isn’t she cute? Also, it looks like not only the duo are here at the pool park but Nakai and Mano too. The moment they meet up in their swimsuits, Nakai takes Nishikata to the water slide. Immediately this frustrates Mano. Not only did he not compliment her swimsuit but she really wanted to ride the water slide with him. She thought of busting her blues by hanging out with Takagi but soon it becomes apparent she does want to be with him. Later it is discovered why she wants to ride the water slide with him because of the legend that says those who ride down together will forever love each other. Sighs… Another one of those urban Japanese love rumours. Who the f*ck keeps telling people such ‘lies’?! Of course Mano wants Nakai to be the one who ask her and is willing to wait. Good luck on waiting forever. Yeah, everything must be perfect for a girl in love. Takagi agrees to help out and gives an excuse to go be with Nishikata. If she is with him, Nakai would surely be with her. Meanwhile the 3 Stooges are also here. Yukari is appalled the floats are out of stock. And she can’t swim. Don’t worry. The duo will teach her. But soon we see them lazing around and enjoying. What happened to the swimming lesson? It sees there is a reason why Yukari fears the water. She sinks like a hammer. And no, it is not her weight!

As the guys walk up to the slide, Nishikata hears Nakai talking going down the slide with Mano. She hinted something about it but he brushed it off. Yeah, he thinks it is okay. Then Nishikata feels somebody giving a death stare. Holy sh*t! It’s Mano! Definitely not okay! So as he slides down, he is trying to think of an excuse to break away from Nakai. Too bad he couldn’t enjoy the ride down and Nakai teases he was thinking about Takagi. This gives Nishikata a great idea but then again, this would make him look like he is asking Takagi out. Back to the drawing board. Eventually he gives an excuse to go find her but Nakai thinks he should just say he wants to be with her. Nishikata is thinking hard but look like Takagi found him. She suggests they go get juice. They talk about Nakai and Mano and the slide so Takagi suggests spying on them. Looks like they’re heading up and riding down together. No problems. Since it looked fun, Takagi wants Nishikata to ride down too. Separately. That kid almost got a heart attack. As she goes first, she lays down a challenge for him to catch and then makes a head start. This leaves Nishikata as usual fumbling as he tries to catch up. Just when he has find the rhythm to slide down faster, Takagi tells him about the slide’s love legend. Instantly embarrassed Nishikata tries all his might to slow down. ‘Hand brakes’ not working. Yeah, he didn’t enjoy the ride down either. Takagi has the laugh of her life. Had fun, did she?

Meanwhile Takagi’s other male classmates are also here. They see Nakai and Mano together. But when dense Nakai invites them to ride the water slide together, immediately they can see Mano’s unhappy face! Thank goodness they are sharp enough to make excuse they want to do something else! Phew. Takagi and Nishikata resurface from the pool. Nakai again teases him for his bumpy ride due to thinking about Takagi. Now that the guys go ride the water slide again, the girls laugh to each other and decide to have fun somewhere else. At the end of the day, Yukari looks like she didn’t enjoy her pool moment. She thought she saw Takagi but came to a conclusion she didn’t. This prompts the rest to assure her they will still be her friend even if she cannot swim. Even if she is heavy! Hey!!! After Takagi and Nishikata part ways, the former can tell by the embarrassed reaction of the latter that he has been teased all day. He won’t admit it but in his heart he does so. Nishikata thinks that he can get back at her now since she is no longer in her swimsuit. But Takagi strikes first! She wants to come ride the water slide again. Images of that love legend spring into Nishikata’s mind, causing him to fluster. Even if they slide separately next time, Nishikata insists he goes first. Okay. But Takagi insists she will catch up to him. Poor guy. He just can’t win.

Don’t Let Your Love Slide Away
Ah well, another rather okay entry to the series and nothing really spectacular. I guess we have gotten so used to the formula that we expected Nishikata to get tons of teasing nonstop. Either we have become immune or maybe they cut a bit of slack for this guy. Because it feels like Takagi has reduced the ‘impact’ of her teasing on Nishikata. There were no over the top pranking manoeuvres nor excessive mind reading to stay many steps ahead. Expect the unexpected. You know, that kind of moment in the TV series of prank or be pranked first. Always and often it is Nishikata who always gets the short end of the stick. Thus the pranks here feel tame in comparison to some of the teasing she pulled off in the series but then again, she doesn’t even need to put in a lot of effort just to tease Nishikata. Just say the few right words and this guy will blow up as always. He won’t disappoint, I guarantee.

Besides, this episode wasn’t totally on them as it sometimes focuses on Mano and Nakai. They’re pretty normal but I guess Nakai falls under the category of one of those dense boyfriend. If this guy was the subject of Takagi’s pranks, it will fail from the start and the pranks will never happen again. Yeah, this guy is so dense that he could still be riding the water slide if the whole place is somehow on fire! Well Mano, keep trying and praying that you dude will finally open his eyes. Well, literally. Because his eyes is often closed. Haha! Whoops… So we can expect more or less the same thing wherever Takagi and Nishikata are. Fun on the beach, camping in the mountains, visit to the hotspring inn or skiing down the snowy terrain, we know as long as they are together, the teasing will never stop. Anytime, anywhere. At least they’ll always have each other at heart.

Ah, remember back in your old school days, there used to be that one kid who always keeps teasing you. No, I’m not talking about being a serious bully victim. Yeah, there is always that one classmate who keeps bugging and annoying you. So irritating that it makes you mad but not mad enough you want to kill that person. Oh yeah. Good times. If you have those memories, you can somewhat relive them again in Karakai Jouzu No Takagi-san. Our titular character is a master at teasing her classmate as she enjoys his priceless embarrassed reactions. Of course, we all know the deeper meaning why she keeps teasing him. Or maybe she just gets her kicks this way.

Episode 1A
Nishikata is making a paper spring to scare Takagi in his Jack-in-a-box. Noticing she can’t open her pencil case, she has him help out. He got pranked as her Jack-in-a-box scares the hell out of him! Got scolded by the teacher, Tanabe. With Takagi laughing, Nishikata plots his move to embarrass her. She asks him to lend his eraser since she forgot hers. He tries to mock her for being forgetful. So what? Mocking failed. She tells him of a legend that writing a person’s name on the eraser and using it up means their love will be forever. He is confident that he didn’t write anything but with her examining his eraser and giving that smug look, it’s time to hit the panic button. He takes it back and finds nothing on it. Gotcha! Mad Nishikata becomes noisy and gets a chalk thrown by Tanabe. When she goes to the toilet, he thinks of getting back at her by looking at her erase. Hmm… There seems to be something written on it. He gets scared to know. After all the deliberation he decides to finally see the entire word. It says look at the hallway. He sees her staring at him! His reaction is priceless! As he reels in the agony of embarrassment, it seems he did not look on the other side of the eraser which actually had his name written on.

Episode 1B
Nishikata needs to go into class early for duty. He thought he saw Takagi but as he enters class, she isn’t anywhere. Of course thoughts that she is out to prank him races through his mind. He thinks she is hiding underneath the teacher’s table (I can see your shoes) so he sits back in his seat and does nothing. But wait. What if that was just a prank to prank him? He pretends to go out and then sneaks back in to ambush her in the closet. Only, she’s not hiding there. He gives up and is confused when she pops up and scares him! She was hiding behind the curtain. But if she says it is thin and she can see through and hence watch all his actions, then why couldn’t he see her? Too preoccupied with predicting her pranks, maybe. When she talks of how they are like the last 2 humans left on Earth in this empty class, it prompts Nishikata to confess something embarrassing. Too bad the noisy classmates (Mina, Yukari and Sanae) enter and ruin it all. Nishikata then realizes he forgot to do his duty.

Episode 1C
Nishikata thinks this funny face he makes will make Takagi laugh and get her into trouble with Tanabe (because his lame friend laughed at it). When he does so, no reaction. She shows how silly he looks via her hand mirror. He starts laughing! Got scolded by Tanabe instead. Then she teaches him how to do a real funny face. But why is she not laughing? Because Tanabe is standing right next to you! Not again! Nishikata vows not to look at her for the rest of the period but when he peeks, he sees her staring at him. Waiting for this moment? She has a staring contest and does a funny face. Another loud laughter from the gullible boy. It must be a record for getting scolded by Tanabe in a single session.

Episode 1D
Happy Mina suddenly stop dead in her tracks claiming she is tired. Her pals know something is amiss so they forcefully remove her from the spot. Mina thought she had stumbled upon 100 yen but it is just a token from the arcade. So now she thinks she is so tired that the money turned into a token?

Episode 2A
As Nishikata and Takagi aren’t sure on what to write for their calligraphy, Takagi suggests writing what they want the other to do. Nishikata writes ‘restraint’ as a subtle hint for her to stop pranking him. Takagi writes ‘status quo’ but says it straight in his face she wants to continue teasing him. Realizing she is on the offensive, he wants to redo again. This time he writes ‘kindness’ in hopes she will realize that is something she lacks. But when she comments on his good handwriting and take away dirt on his face, it messes with his mind had he not realize her kindness before. Then she reveals hers as ‘there is ink on your face’. Looks like he got pranked again. In the end, both write ‘don’t let your guard down’. I know who is going to win this one…

Episode 2B
Mina and Yukari are still in their long sleeves uniform for summer. When they see Sanae in short sleeves, Mina blows her top because they are supposed to change together. The next day when the duo change into short sleeves, Sanae is seen wearing the long one. Now it is her turn to get mad. I suppose Mina forgetting to tell her isn’t going to cut it.

Episode 2C
Nishikata’s mind is preoccupied with getting back at Takagi. So much so he couldn’t pay attention to what Tanabe is saying when he is called out to answer. Got scolded. This sets up Takagi to ask what he is thinking. Is it something dirty? Of course not! Is it about getting back at her? Aha. It must be it since his face flusters. He claims he has come up with a fool proof plan. So as he keeps talking to her to get her distracted, Tanabe calls her to answer. You think she might not be attention but then she answers correctly! Your plan has failed. Back to the drawing board. She asks again if he is thinking about her. He says no but obviously we know better. In that case, something dirty? Of course not! The ultimate reaction when she tells him she is always thinking about him. He might be mad about her of thinking how to tease him again but looks like Tanabe has called him to answer and he doesn’t know what to answer. Lost.

Episode 2D
Nishikata injured his hand so he rues he can’t play in the pool like his friends. But Takagi is out with him too. She could guess it right that he got bitten by a cat. It’s now his turn to guess why she isn’t swimming. He thinks it is period but would that be too rude to point out? Plus, if he doesn’t answer, it will be her win. As he is racking his brains if this is an honest question or a trap, he is taking too long that Takagi accuses him of staring at other girls, especially their breasts. He denies but hits upon a possible answer. What if Takagi is too shy to swim because of her small boobs? But would that sound even ruder? With time running out, he goes with the period answer. Wrong. Seeing him fluster is all the motivation she needs as she takes off her clothes. Don’t worry. Wearing a swimsuit underneath. She gets permission from the teacher to swim. She tells him if he said small boobs, wrong too! So was it all just a hoax to tease him, the reason she stayed out? The only thing she tells him is that once his hand is healed, they can go swimming together. But sceptical Nishikata won’t fall for that! We’ll see…

Episode 3A
Mina is drinking black coffee because she thinks she is an adult. Too bad she can’t handle it. Sanae offers to exchange her orange juice. Sounds tempting… To be an adult or a kid? Eventually Mina takes up the offer. Nice and sweet. Maybe some adults aren’t just into black coffee, she thinks.

Episode 3B
Nishikata shares his can drink with Takagi but teases this is an indirect kiss. No reaction. She drinks it! Then she hands it back to him. Now he is panicking. Even more so when she says it is an indirect kiss. He drops his can. When he throws it as it lands exactly into the bin. He tries another one and nails it. Takagi tries but fails. Buoyed with confidence, Nishikata teases her for sucking at this. So she challenges him whoever throws it in first will be the winner. Nishikata makes that jinx statement that he will do whatever she wants if she wants. Guess what? She nails it in her next shot! Pressure on Nishikata. As he is about to throw, she tells him she will give him her first kiss if he wins. He loses balance and loses. He is prepared to do her bidding but she is okay of him not doing anything. However he doesn’t feel right because if she doesn’t do it, he feels he can never win against her. Desperate case…

Episode 3C
Mina is in a dilemma. She keeps drinking soda but the carbonation keeps hurting her tongue. Yukari doesn’t think so as Mina dares her. She drinks and nothing happens. Yukari feels the need to burp but tries to hold it in as she fears Mina will tease her. Mina thinks her tongue is hurting. When Yukari can no longer hold it in and burps, luckily Mina didn’t hear because she is being noisy with her soda. But Sanae heard it…

Episode 3D
Oh boy, Nishikata has really been keeping count how many times Takagi teases him every day! Since it is 15 times, multiply that by 10 and he has to do 150 push-ups! Barely reached 20. But he won’t give up and hope that building up muscles will allow him to get back at her one day. Next day, his arms his sore and she couldn’t stop teasing him about it. That’s 23 times. Yeah… One day, she tells him such intense training would stunt his growth. He panics as he thinks she will tease him if she grows taller. Of course she clears the air that it is just rumours. However he starts blushing some more when she compliments how muscular he looks now (skill scrawny to me) and it makes him look good. Today’s teasing count stands at 54… Oh sh*t… I hope he never skips a leg day.

Episode 3E
Mina and Sanae are adlibbing a pair of cats like as though there is some cat drama and romance. Then turns out both cats are male and the plot quickly changes into some bro story.

Episode 3F
Nishikata teases Takagi she forgot her umbrella on a rainy day. It backfires because she remembers his umbrella is big enough for 2 of them. Nishikata feels awkward all the way as he shares his umbrella with her all the way home. Don’t they look like couples? He tries to scare her with a frog. But she takes it, fawns at it and puts it back on his shoulder. Noticing his shoulder is getting wet, she sticks closer to him. Heart pounding even faster. Feeling even more awkward. Thinking if she spots him being nervous the teasing will never stop, he tries to talk about her forgetfulness. She admits that because recently she is forgetting certain words. How do you say the word for a couple sharing under the same umbrella? Yeah, it’s just another tease to make him say it and be embarrassed. So she forces him to say a few more of such words for lovers. I wonder why he must obliged. This is why she doesn’t stop teasing. When the rain stops, he thinks it is over as she can walk herself home. Then she says she forgot her way home… This guy can never catch a break.

Episode 4A
As punishment for being noisy in class, Tanabe has Nishikata clean the science room. This time he gets a scare when Takagi is hiding inside the closet. She didn’t say if she was punished to clean the room (obviously not) but hints to help him quickly finish it. However to make it more interesting, they play a rock-scissors-paper game and the loser has to clean 1/4 of the room. Takagi announces her hand and panicky Nishikata didn’t trust her and loses. His friend, Nakai passes by to ‘wish him luck’ so the dense kid thinks it is cleaning. It seems his girl, Mano is pestering Nakai to quickly leave. This has Takagi tell Nishikata the duo are dating. They are probably going to the rooftop and will be all by themselves. She wonders what it’s like to enjoy youth. You think Nishikata knows? This guy can’t even take a hint. Anyway, he loses all his matches and has to clean everything. He realizes she isn’t here for being punished but to tease him (but of course). Why? Because she wanted to enjoy her youth too.

Episode 4B
Nishikata could barely do a rollover on the high bar. He is waiting for the day Takagi challenges him and that day has come. She might be able to do it but he knows she can’t as she is wearing a skirt. Guess what? Challenge accepted. However he must look away whenever she does it. If he looks, he loses. So gullible kid looks away as she does her rollover. Don’t know if she did it or not. Nishikata’s turn. Barely made it. A draw. What now? Try again. Takagi does it but this time Nishikata is sceptical so he peeks and sees her really doing it. As her skirt threatens to reveal her underneath, he sees her wearing shorts. Once she is done, he admits defeat. He treats her to a drink although she doesn’t feel she has won. When he hints he could have won had she not wear pants, she accuses him of being a pervert. Flurry of denies. So he thought she was cheating. Another round of denial…

Episode 4C
Nishikata absent? Oh, Takagi looking worried. Who will she tease today?! Then he enters class late and it seems he is sick. Takagi could guess correctly he was up watching a show called 100% Unrequited Love (a show whereby the hot guy teases the girl and makes her heart go kyun~!). This has Nishikata getting loud and gets a chalk missile from Tanabe. Even when sick she shows no mercy. Nishikata thinks of imitating that hot guy pose to get back at her. However she is not responding. It’s like she is ignoring him! Is she being considerate not to tease him when he is sick? Can’t keep up with this pose forever. When she has not teased him for a while, he notices her cute side for being quiet. His heart is starting to go kyun~? So I guess he felt guilty and admitted to her he isn’t that sick and just got up late. Takagi feels better as she starts teasing him more than usual. Ah, back to normal.

Episode 4D
Mina and her friends see Nishikata and Takagi at the sweets shop. Yukari believes they are dating and wants to leave them alone but dense Mina still enters to buy her sweets. After the duo leave, Mina gets this idea to tail them. Yukari goes into her own fantasy delusion of them being romantic. Nobody’s listening. Takagi seems to know the trio are tailing her and after they turn the corner, the trio are shocked that they are gone. Yukari wonders if they knew they were tailing. They give up and leave. Actually, Takagi and Nishikata were hiding behind the bushes. Their close proximity has Nishikata flustering like hell but he was quiet enough not to give them away. He wonders why they needed to hide like this when they could have just turn another corner nearby. She thought he would prefer this. Nishikata isn’t amused as either way it wouldn’t have mattered.

Episode 5A
Nishikata’s friends can’t take anymore studying and abandon him. Oh, look who is here to company him then? Takagi! The reason he is studying hard is because if he doesn’t get more than 50, his parents will confiscate his video games. Sure you want to tell Takagi about it? He fears he won’t get to focus when Takagi starts teaching him. He is sceptical at first but she makes a decent maths teacher. Still sceptical, he asks why she is so nice today. She replies she is always teasing him in class and apologizes. This makes him feel great that she has changed her ways. So great that he treats her to a drink. He thanks her for the great progress he made. Until she reveals what they studied won’t be on the test. Oops.

Episode 5B
Yukari doesn’t want to guide her pals on English since she is aiming to score 90 as her parents promised to buy her a video game. Games over friends! However the test is maths and not English… When the results come up, she gets 88. Oh, so close… Meanwhile Takagi challenges Nishikata whoever guesses the closest the other’s score wins. Nishikata has 59 but with his so freaking obvious reaction, Takagi could easily deduce by elimination his score if she is getting further or closer. Eventually she guesses 57 and Nishikata gets arrogant she failed. Chalk missile to his head. Now it is his turn. Thinking the teacher praised her high score but didn’t get full marks, he guesses it is 92. Wait a minute, what is this reaction she makes? Other closer scores yield no reaction. But then, could this be a ploy by her to trick him? I mean, she doesn’t make reactions and that was pretty obvious like as though it’s a trap. She also messes with his mind that they have been staring at each other for quite a while. Thinking deeper, he believes it is 97. Too bad. It’s 92. That’s what you get when you don’t trust others.

Episode 5C
Nishikata quickly enters the bookstore to buy the 100% Unrequited Love manga. But as he leaves, there is Takagi! The last person he wants to know he bought that manga. She wants to know what he bought so he lies it is some football manga which is popular with guys and not with girls. She still wants to see. Gasp! He tries to weasel his way out that he hasn’t seen it yet. Okay. Let’s see it together. He tries to leave but she follows him. With him being panicky, she then wonders if he lied to her. Gasp. She reveals she knows he bought that manga as she saw him picking it and paying it at the counter. Nishikata pleads for her not to tell anyone. Well, how could she when he lied to her. Oh dear. But to put his mind at ease, she decides to tell him her little secret. She whispers in his ears that she likes him. His face goes redder before she claims that was just a lie. Now they’re even. As she leaves, she says out loud that he could lend her that manga because she too wants to read it. Yeah, I think the whole town knows now…

Episode 5D
The duo take shelter when it suddenly rains heavily. As her shirt is a bit wet, he is a bit conscious it is almost transparent. Knowing this, she requests to borrow and wear his gym t-shirt. Hers is a little wet. Hope that eases on where he should look. Then she wants to make a bet if the rain would stop at a certain time. The loser has to do anything the winner wants. Nishikata bets it won’t stop so she chooses the opposite. He believes it is a win-win situation for him. If it stops, he can go home and watch his favourite anime. If it doesn’t, Takagi will be at his beck and call. So while they tend to a stray cat, the rain then stops. Takagi’s win. He hopes to get over with it quick and go home. But then she says there is one place they would like to go together now. Lose-lose situation it has become…

Episode 6A
As summer vacation has just begun, Takagi wants Nishikata to ride in tandem on her bicycle. He disagrees and she wonders if it is embarrassing. He denies and says it is easy. Okay then. Show it. If he fails, he has to treat her. Yeah, it looks harder than it is. And no, she is not sabotaging from behind. She even says how a girl friend of hers could peddle easily. This spurs him to do better and just when he gets the bicycle moving, she says the last time she did this was when she was 4 years old with her dad. It causes him to go off balance. You lose. Now that he has to buy her a drink, he realizes he hasn’t enough money for his own. She tries to share but he believes she will only tease him and declines. Resisting must be hard. Surprisingly Takagi buys one for him and notes he might be embarrassed by the indirect kiss. She hopes they can come here to practice tandem riding.

Episode 6B
On the first day of summer vacation, it is raining and Mina thinks her plans are ruined. But what is she doing bumming around in Yukari’s house complaining then? Instead of doing homework, she continues to bum around. Maybe she should just go home.

Episode 6C
As it just stopped raining, it is too wet for tandem riding practice. Hence she suggests a kimodameshi as she takes him to an abandoned tunnel. She tells him haunting stories of many accidents and thus ghosts and even spirited away incidents. Then she tells him to enter. You scared? Male pride doesn’t allow him to chicken out. We would have seen it coming all the jump scares she would do like making him look into the empty barrel while she says boo and then ‘vanishing’ for a while to make him panic like as though she got spirited away. He thought of getting back at her by pretending to get his hand stuck in the hole but he got scared by some weird mask she picked up instead. There, his hand is out now. When they love, young kids point out to them a couple just come out of a dark tunnel. Takagi thinks they thought this was a date. He thinks of going home but Takagi wants to go back again. You scared? Here we go again.

Episode 6D
Yukari and friends are eating different flavoured ice cream. Mina and Sanae choose really odd flavours and associate it with some risk taking crap. They talk about their research homework they should be doing and as usual the lazy duo aren’t even serious about it. They think Yukari will share her answers eventually as she is the class rep. Yukari gets annoyed thinking she should just do an observation research on them.

Episode 6E
Nishikata is facing his worst summer vacation. Overslept, his bicycle’s tyre punctured and he is made to do house chores (that’s bad for a kid, right?). But luckily Takagi is on family vacation but he thinks she will be back by today. He then spots her and believes so. He tries to tail her to see if she has any weaknesses. It looks like Takagi has spotted him. He thinks she is hiding at the corner to ambush him. So as he goes to scare her, it is just her hat. Then she jumps out of the bush to scare him! As she grabs her hat, a cicada flies by. She loses her balance. He tries to catch her but she regains balance and he falls flat on his face. He scrapped his knee. At the park, she helps him wash it off and knows what he was trying to do. She invites him to play in the cool tap water and notes her summer vacation is good today because she get to see someone. Guess.

Episode 7A
Nishikata just bought the latest copy of 100% Unrequited Love at the shopping mall. Worst timing ever, he bumps into Takagi outside. Trying to prevent her from finding out, he asks what she is doing here. To buy a swimsuit. And what type do you like? As he tries to leave, she asks if she can borrow his manga he just bought. Did she find out? Thinking about it, it is impossible to see what he has bought as the store has no windows. Believing she is bluffing, he lies it is some robot zombie manga. Really? Then show it to her. In his last ditch effort, he tries to sow some doubts in her mind if the manga he bought was 100% Unrequited Love. This might make her think twice and think it isn’t. However she is certain he bought that. Now show up. You lose. Now he has to accompany her to pick a swimsuit.

Episode 7B
I guess Nishikata is going to be flustering for a while as she picks her swimsuit. And if he can’t decide which is best, this will go on till he does so. When she wants him to handover a swimsuit next to him, she makes it look like she is naked behind the curtains. Of course she is fully clothed. Duped again. Nishikata is worried his friends will see him here and what do you know, Nakai and Mano are here. Could he have ditched Takagi because she sees the couple instead? Apparently Nishikata is hiding in the next changing room. Why does he have to leave his slipper out? Thinking nobody knows what slipper he wears? Anyway, Mano notices this and is considerate enough to take Nakai and leave. Takagi busts Nishikata out from his hiding. Now he is forced to pick which swimsuit looks best. That’s not the end of his woes yet as she invites him to go swimming next time.

Episode 7C
Yukari and friends are at the beach. Watching her pumping her inflatable makes them realize she cannot swim. When Mina and Sanae have done all the watery fun and return to land, they see Yukari flat out tired. Her pump broke and she used her own breath. Mina wonders if she is enjoying life so Yukari threatens not to let her copy her homework anymore. Have mercy!

Episode 7D
With not much time to do their homework left, Takagi suggests doing it at Nishikata’s room. I guess this guy is desperate enough to bring her to his room for the first time. She is impressed with his full 100% Unrequited Love collection. Their face got too close and only Nishikata flusters. She teases him he likes this. What she meant was his manga collection. Gotcha. As for doing their homework, using the same table and chair would be too cramp and serve another round of teasing. In that case, she suggests using his bed as the desk. Nishikata realizes he has been tricked again as she only brought kanji practice book. You don’t actually need to do that together, right? So anyway they just do it and both their hands grab the eraser at the same time. This reminds him of a similar scene in 100% Unrequited Love. However he can’t be as cool as the hot guy and panics. At the end, Takagi leaves and hopes to come again. Well, better start cleaning your room then.

Episode 8A
Previously Nishikata had trouble when Takagi holds on to his waist during the tandem riding practice. Now that he is okay with it, looks like they can’t be doing this anymore as summer vacation is ending. Asking if he is sad or relieved, he gives the middle ground answer. Takagi? Something similar. The start of the next term is a windy one. A storm is picking up and Nishikata is so awed with the wind that he acts like as though he is a wind user summoning something. Of course Takagi sees it. He lists excuses he is just checking the wind but this only serves for more teasing. She then asks why she isn’t riding her bike today. He must answer it within the allotted time or she’ll tell everyone what he was doing. As expected, he starts overthinking it could be more than just the dangerous typhoon. Could it be the wind will blow up her skirt? He is too embarrassed to say it so in the end, the answer is because of the dangerous typhoon. As they make their way, the wind dies down. Takagi tries to imitate (teasing him in a way) to summon more wind and exaggerates, which leads him to say he didn’t all that stuff, which means to say he was doing more than checking the wind.

Episode 8B
Nishikata thinks he can best Takagi during this class marathon race. He has been constantly practising, rain or shine. At first he runs slowly so as not to lose energy and keep with his pacing. Takagi then catches up and he thinks she is panicking thinking he will be too far ahead. Actually she was just giving him a handicap head start. When she zooms ahead, Nishikata thinks she will run out of energy but soon worries if she is a really good runner. He speeds up and catches up to her. Then she challenges him if he could touch her, he wins. He realizes it is another of her ploy because with everyone running around them, he would be too embarrassed to do so. Yeah, imagine what it would look like. He thought of throwing down a challenge that if she can run 50m in front of him, she wins. Is he sure? Definitely. At this point, girls are supposed to turn back while the boys run ahead a further 2km. Damn it.

Episode 8C
Nishikata’s ribs are ticklish. To get back at her, he challenges whoever laughs first, loses. When she says her ribs aren’t ticklish, it is a ploy to throw him off guard and poke his ribs. He did well to hold in his laughter. When he is about to tickle hers, he realizes despite she is defenceless because both her hands are on her bike, he can’t do it as it will seem like sexual harassment. Suddenly Takagi does a funny face and sends him laughing. He loses. Penalty? Nishikata really believes when she says he cannot forever eat rice or read 100% Unrequited Love? She’ll settle for his penalty to poke her ribs. Must be her scheme to see his struggling reaction. Poke. Nothing happens. Told you her ribs aren’t ticklish. But her armpit is. Wanna touch it?

Episode 8D
Mina realizes during the summer vacation they forgot to do kimodameshi. To avoid having regrets, she brings her pals to that tunnel. Mina sounds more excited and hyped than anything scared. Yeah, very noisy too. In the end, she is satisfied it felt so much like summer vacation. However she regrets summer vacation won’t be coming back… Bummer.

Episode 9A
Nishikata has got a new handphone. So his plan to tease Takagi is to wait for her to ask his email? She just takes a look at it and gives it back. That’s it. On the way back, there are so many chances for him to do so but you know, he keeps getting nervous and overthink. So much so accidentally reveals himself about his plan to tease her. Fail. Thanks to that, he now has to help her for class duty. Yup, even if it didn’t went through, it was still his fault he got himself busted. When Takagi will call him back home, Nishikata realizes that this means she is going to tease him more! Oh dear. His only refuge is now destroyed. Mina talks to her friends that she wants a handphone so that they can all chat together. Yukari believes it is the reason her parents won’t buy her. This leads to them claiming Mina will drop out first when they talk horror stories. To prove she isn’t, she dares them. They start talking and we can see she is starting to cower. Yeah, fake invoices stories are always scary.

Episode 9B
Nishikata learns that there is somebody whom Takagi messages with. Are you curious to know? Why is he looking worried? She’ll tell him who if he tells her what he often messages with the boys. Nishikata thinks this shared scary video link of a cute goat violently contorting into a demon would scare the sh*t out of her (at least he was scared out of his daylights). He sends the link. Takagi looks puzzled. She shows him a sexy babe picture and asks if he is into this. Nishikata panics and wonders if he sent the wrong link. Actually, it’s just a random picture she had and was just asking. Trolled. Finally she opens the real link and sees the video. Nothing happens. Well, it’s not scary if you watch it in daytime. So as for the person whom Takagi messages with, she drops hints as eager Nishikata tries to guess. But he is left confused while she is laughing so hard because he is trying to figure out who this itoko person is. Oh, that word means cousin.

Episode 9C
At home, Nishikata plans to send a scarier video. Speaking of the devil, Takagi calls him and knows he is going to send her a scary video! Is she psychic?! Does she have a tracer bug in his room?! She hopes they would hang up on the count of 3. Nobody did. Both call each other a liar. Takagi is supposed to send him some picture. He waited all night and she never did.

Episode 9D
Nishikata is too slow to take a picture of cats fighting. Apparently the boys are having a competition to see who can take the best photo. Nishikata wants Takagi to do her funny face but she won’t. He must do something for her for that. Not willing to risk it? Suddenly she does her funny face. He can’t stop laughing. This means he lost the chance to take a shot. No second chance. He tries to act depress to get her guard down. However she scares him with a toy snake and took shots of his face! Priceless. Is that called a cheap shot? She laughs so hard and Nishikata plans to take a picture of her. But again too slow. She poses fast enough for him to take. He offers he deletes this photo so she could delete hers. Nope. She plans to keep it. So you can keep the shot you take too. As Takagi leaves, she tells him not to show that picture to anyone because it’s embarrassing. From how cool she looks saying that, it’s not convincing. Nishikata wants to delete it (what would people think if they see him having a photo of a girl?) but the thought of using it as a future deal makes him keep it for now. I wouldn’t put my hopes on it.

Episode 10A
Thinking on trying to get back at Takagi, Nishikata accidentally bumps into a pole. Did Takagi see that? Thinking she didn’t, he tries to talk about growth spurt like what he is experiencing now. Takagi looks at him with dead eyes and claims sexual harassment! He thinks she thought he was talking about her boobs but she was talking about her height as well. To see who is taller, they measure by standing against each other’s backs. Takagi says they are the same height but he doesn’t believe. She must be cheating. In that case they stand face to face. Nishikata measures and finds he is taller. She admits she was standing on her toes. Yup, she was cheating but she didn’t say she wasn’t. Nishikata thinks she is bitter on the inside but like as though she read his mind, she tells him she is not. Because running into a pole seems more painful. Oh sh*t…

Episode 10B
Takagi touches Nishikata’s face with her cold hands as surprise. She allows him to do her back. But seeing how the 3 Stooges are molesting each other with their cold hands, he can’t. There’s no way. Hence she touches him again. What’s this crap about a person with cold hands has a warm heart?! Never heard of it!

Episode 10C
Yukari wonders if Takagi and Nishikata are dating as they are always so close. Sanae misinterprets this as she wants a boyfriend. Not sure if Mina got jealous because now she can’t do her business in the toilet. WTF. When Nishikata’s friends invite him to play a video game, he declines. They think it is his girlfriend and of course he denies. Mina then assures they aren’t because she asked Takagi in the toilet. But the friends continue to wonder if they’re not going out, why is he always walking her home? Isn’t that dating? Nishikata hell knows it is about the teasing. As school ends, Takagi tells Nishikata that someone asked her if they are dating and that she is the one who is in love with him (because she is the one who always asks to walk home). Nishikata knows he has fallen into her trap to see him squirm. So he tries to ask to walk her home and she replies that she’ll think about it. Because it’s like he is scheming something.

Episode 10D
At the vending machine, there are only weird flavoured drinks. Nishikata is thirsty and knows either way he will regret it. This gives him an idea to ask her a would you rather question. Would she rather have a tasty drink but ends up sick or a disgusting plain one? She asks back will he visit her if she is sick. Uhm, okay. Then she’ll have the tasty drink. He asks another question, no allowance for life or no more teasing him. Without hesitation, she goes for the former. She has enough money and can do part time jobs. So that’s decided. Feeling he is up to something, it is her turn to ask questions. Would he rather she disappear forever on continue keep on being teased? Oh God. He is already troubled over this?! Because he cannot fathom a life without her, he chooses the latter. So he loves being teased?! More teasing then! Next, get zero on his test forever or kiss her. Damn. Either way he is damned. He answers not the zero one so she forces him to be more specific. The kiss then… That smirk… Then her face goes closer to him. He fears she might do it but it is just to measure their height and confirm he is taller. Then the questioning continues…

Episode 11A
Nishikata tries to catch a cat but with Takagi entering the picture, he fails. He thinks she would have teased him had he caught it but then he reacts happily when she points out another cat nearby. Nishikata is sure it will not go to her but surprisingly it lets her touch all over. The way she is petting it is tempting him. He thinks he finally got her when she asks if he is scared of cats. He confidently says he is not and can prove it. Okay. No big deal. I believe you. This shock has Takagi laugh back at him for being gullible. By the time he wants to pet it, the cat is gone.

Episode 11B
Yukari wants to talk about love with her friends. Seriously? She is surprised when they easily tell her the type of man they like. She is totally loving this conversation when she realizes they were talking about dogs. Bummer…

Episode 11C
In art class, Takagi and Nishikata draw each other’s portrait. Of course Nishikata is blushing too much and this makes a great tease as usual. He gets an idea of drawing her the way he envisions her. This means drawing Takagi looking like a devil. When she takes a look, she does her funny face trying to match it, making Nishikata laugh like mad. Takagi shows hers in which a blushing Nishikata. He is now more embarrassed than ever.

Episode 11D
After the girls take their fortune telling, Takagi tells Nishikata to play rock-scissors-paper with her and if he wins, she will help him clean the class. Cautious at first and laying down the rules and everything, surprisingly he wins! He is surprised she is taking this very well but nevertheless a win is still a win. She talks to him about the fortune telling today that was on love. Hers read that she will do well with her current crush. This messes with his mind thinking that it is him she is talking about. With him reacting so jumpy, he starts realizing could it be he likes her? Uhm, we figured this out like so long ago. He tries to change the subject on the other readings. It seems it also predicted Nishikata’s win. But since she is cool about it, poor Nishikata is only more confused.

Episode 11E
According today’s horoscope, Nishikata will have good luck. But it seems Takagi knows his horoscope and (guessed correctly) his blood type to know today is his lucky day. Too bad nothing good his way came because he only got more teasing. At the end of the day, he thinks he just needs to land one critical hit to tease her and win. When his friends invite him to play a new football game at their house, he declines them just to walk with Takagi home. As he ponders his plan to tease her, she asks why he declined them and he tells her because she wants to walk her home. OMG! Takagi blushed for real! Did you see that!? Too bad Nishikata was too preoccupied with his plan that he didn’t. But when he does, he thinks he did something wrong and panics. Yeah, revealing his teasing plan. This guy just made an own goal. She agrees to forget what he said if he says it again. Of course he can’t and runs home. After leaving, Takagi shows a sigh of relief. That genuinely embarrassed face that we all thought never would see. She admits she got a critical hit.

Episode 12A
It looks like it is a trend for girls to write letters to each other. So when Nishikata notices Takagi writing one, he thinks she is just an ordinary girl. But what’s this? There is a letter in his book?! Oh sh*t. Panic time. He is pondering if it is a love letter from her. Or not. Of course he tries to deny whatever reaction he has when Takagi says that letter is from her. Oh dear. She wants him to read it now so she could get his answer. As usual, he starts panicking wondering if this is a love letter. When he finally reads it, it is to ask whether if he could walk home with her together today. Relieved or disappointed? So why didn’t she just ask him directly? Because it is now trendy to write a letter. And also she wanted to see his reaction. He blows up and gets a chalk missile from Tanabe. Yeah, she can’t stop laughing now.

Episode 12B
We go back in time when they first started school. Nishikata is late to class and is berated by Tanabe. He feels uneasy with everyone looking at him and feels the need to make friends with them fast as he fears being stuck with a tardy nickname. As they change seats, Nishikata is disheartened he is right at the back. He knows nobody at all. But Takagi is next to him and talks to him. She hears him blaming a person named Takagi for being late. They are interrupted when it is time for the entrance ceremony. When they return to class, Takagi came back a little late. She wants to guess his reason for being late and if she gets it right on the first go, she wins. Okay. He was late because he tried to return a lost handkerchief. Yup, that handkerchief belongs to her. Not sure if Nishikata is breaking down in the most epic fashion but Takagi finds it so amusing she couldn’t stop laughing.

Episode 12C
With the start of the new term, Nishikata remembers the handkerchief Takagi lent him during summer vacation. He lacks courage to give it back to her but it seems Takagi is genuinely sad. Because they will have their seating rearranged. Wow. She really looks sad. I can understand why but Takagi too? So when it is done, Nishikata is at one far corner while Takagi is at the front centre. Peace on Earth from now on? Why isn’t Nishikata happy? His seat is next to Mano who is so depressed as she is separated from Nakai who now takes Nishikata’s former place. When Kimura who is right in front of the teacher’s podium desperately wants to change seats since he cannot secretly eat in class (did he just dig his own grave?), Nishikata thinks hard if he wants to. By the time he does, Kimura already switched with Nakai since the latter has bad eyesight. Depressed Nishikata? Later he is surprised Takagi is sitting next to him. Takagi switched with Mano since the latter claim she is small and cannot see the board. Conveniently that was Takagi’s seat. So all is well again? Nishikata gets embarrassed when she points out he tried to change his seat next to hers. He finally returns the handkerchief. At home, a note pops out from the handkerchief. It is a lovely thank you note from him. Another missed opportunity to see her reaction. But she’s one happy girl.

The Tricky Master
Looks like status quo, huh? Seeing that it is in high school that Nishikata first got to know Takagi (instead of my initial thoughts that they were childhood friends), I have a feeling that the amount of pranks Takagi has done upon him, he has been teased for and worth several lifetimes already in that span. And at this rate it would be like forever. Oh man, the teasing will never stop! Does this guy enjoy being embarrassed? His body and words say no but his heart and mind say yes. Wow, this is certainly a strange tricky situation he has gotten himself into, like forever, huh?

Although the plot is as simple as Takagi bullying harassing teasing Nishikata and the latter trying to get back at her but always fails, for almost every skit using this same formula, it never gets boring. One reason other than their interaction is because we don’t normally see them using much of technological advances. It is just them and plain ol’ traditional stuffs. No handphone or internet as distraction although those exist in this series’ setting. It’s nice to see good ol’ teasing using wits instead of having technology as assistance.

This series somewhat reminds me of another anime, Tonari No Seki-kun. In fact both series are on the polar ends of the same spectrum. While this series is about a girl teasing a boy and giving him trouble, that said series has a girl being busybody trying to know what the boy is doing hence bringing herself trouble. Do you see that similarity here despite the obvious difference? Either way, the hapless ‘victim’ is going to get it by the end of it all while the other continues to do as they wish.

This brings me to my next point. In a very politically correct era now, imagine if the gender roles were reverse. Uh huh. Imagine if Nishikata was the one who keeps teasing Takagi. Yup, definitely sound like sexual harassment. There will be tons of complaints and Nishikata’s teasing would be stopped dead in the tracks, nipped in the bud from a very long time ago. So why is it okay if a girl teases a boy this much? I mean, from the looks of Nishikata’s discomfort face, he doesn’t like it. No doubt that Takagi doesn’t mean any harm but still, isn’t this amounting to some sort of harassment? So much for gender equality, huh? Plus, because they are kids, nobody is going to bat an eyelid. Now, what if the genders were the same? Would it look more like bullying or bromance or sorority sisters thingy? Anyhow, having a girl teasing a boy seems like a free pass that nobody will lose their bat sh*t minds over.

Although it doesn’t get tired seeing Nishikata fall victim to Takagi’s pranks, but sometimes I do pity him. This guy’s thinking and reaction are so obvious, written all over his face that it is child’s play when it comes to Takagi having her way with him. It doesn’t help that this guy is too emotional and shows it too. You think that after being teased for so long, he would at least learn how to do poker face. Yeah, he tried that too but obviously he fails and not good at it. This is why she always owns him. Because of that, sometimes I also believe he deserves getting all that. So many numerous chances to learn or at least get better but he ruins it with overthinking and being overcautious. Oh well, if you want to call it being considerate because she is a girl, be my guest. Such a gentleman. No wonder she keeps coming back to him. Even more so when a guy who loves to watch romantic comedies. How rare is that to find such a guy?

Nishikata’s constant falling for Takagi’s pranks also remind me of the Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner Show. Remember that old Looney Tunes cartoon? This is just a reverse version of it and no wild contraptions bought from Acme. At times Nishikata tries to get back at her (as in the Coyote catching the Road Runner) but more often it is Takagi initiating the prank instead. Either how, Nishikata’s whatever plan fails and falls victim. Even if there is one or two times he is successful, so what of it? Compare to his losing streak, this minor victory is meaningless in the bigger picture. I wonder if he would be scarred for life. Psychological and emotional damage. In short, Nishikata feels less than a human and more of a tool to be used by Takagi to make the show more entertaining. Personal plaything. Poor guy. Can’t even catch a break from reality.

Therefore sometimes I also can’t help think of this dark alternate future whereby Nishikata would turn into a serial killer. Yikes! My conspiracy theory is that Nishikata who felt inferior to Takagi during his schooling years would take out his frustrations by baiting and luring weaker girls into dating him. And then he breaks up by killing her! With that evil smirk on his face, he will scream, “Take that now, Takagi-san! That’s for all the torment you’ve been giving me and tarnishing my childhood years. HAHAHAHA!!!!! DIE!!!!”. And then he would finally do it unto the real Takagi as he enjoys seeing her beg for mercy and life. Hahaha! Not this time! Now die!!! Oh my. Really. But if you think about it, there is a chance this might come true. Because noticed how Nishikata has been doing push-ups every day? He builds his muscle and stamina gradually and if things don’t turn out right, this might be the possible nightmare future we would see.

Despite all I have said in the previous paragraphs, Takagi is really a cool cat and a master in teasing Nishikata. As I have said that Nishikata is an open book and she knows him by heart so well to predict all his predictable thinking and moves, sometimes it feels as though she knows him so well is because she reads off from the script. Uh huh. Even if she closes her eyes and go to sleep, I figure she can still prank him the same as before. After all, Nishikata has never changed. She is always many steps ahead and just when he thinks he got her, too bad he didn’t predict the unpredicted. Did not expect the unexpected. She has all sides covered and has multiple plans if either Nishikata goes through with it or not, she is fully well prepared. Sometimes it’s like she could see the multiple futures and pick which one turns out best for her entertainment. Takagi could grow up to be a very good lawyer or insurance saleswoman. But of course to show that she is not truly a heartless or emotionless monster, she too has a blushing and embarrassed side that is rarely seen. I would say it is like finding a four leaf clover but not finding a unicorn. It’s there, rare and hard to find but not impossible.

And as you might have guessed, that this dynamic relationship between the duo all boils down to they like each other. Obviously Takagi has dropped hints of that but Nishikata is too dense and preoccupied of thinking and playing the victim to get the hints. I guess it is true when somebody constantly picks on somebody is because he/she loves that person. Though, this is often applied to boys on girls rather than the other way around. Hence in Nishikata’s mind, he thinks she is doing all this because she is bored. At this rate she is having a field day every day. And I suppose he never stops to think that he tolerated all her pranks are because he has a crush on her. Because the end result of all his thinking is that it will end up with her teasing him even more. Had Nishikata not liked her, he wouldn’t have accompanied her on so many occasions. Heck, trying to get back at her feels like a lame excuse in this sense. He might be even a secret masochist who lives for her pranks even if he doesn’t admit or sound like it. Uh huh. Remember one time how he chose he would rather be teased forever than have her gone? That last episode sealed the deal. He definitely wants her around. Mutually the same for her. He has gotten so used to it that it feels hollow without her pranks. Does it mean he feels most alive when he is embarrassed? Better being picked on than have peace. Better to know the devil than the angel. So what happens when they both finally know they love each other? Will the pranks stop? I doubt it if Nishikata remains the same. Maybe the teasing will evolve to a higher level. Would that be harassment if that’s the case?

Taking a break from them are side and minor characters whom I have conveniently described them as the 3 Stooges. I even further nicknamed them as Glasses (Megane), Eyebrows (Mayuge) and Droopy Eyes (Tareme). Yeah… While they too have their own funny short skits among themselves, sometimes I feel that the trio could form a whole new spin-off series of their own. Because they hardly interact with the main duo and even during those rare times of interaction, it hardly makes any dent or significance. Except for that tailing episode but I feel that is to show that they don’t exist parallel in another dimension. Yeah… So the trio are like the one of those odd groups of friends. Mina being the genki speak-before-she-thinks type, Sanae being the lethargic I-don’t-really-care type and Yukari being the normal one trying to have normal friends but can’t and is left disappointed because the duo are just one kind. Sighs. It’s tough trying to be normal when circumstances don’t allow it. And you’re stuck with these weirdoes at least throughout the entire school years.

From the looks of the art and animation, it is quite simplistic as well as clean. Thus the simple looking characters sometimes make me feel that they are in middle school instead of high school. But sometimes the characters feel a bit weird because they have this high forehead space. Also, some characters like Nishikata, I thought his head seems a little bigger than his body, making him look a little odd. Overall the feel is bright and vivid since this takes place in the countryside and mostly during summer. This series is produced by Shin-Ei Animation who did Tonari No Seki-kun, Amaama To Inazuma, Denki-gai No Honya-san, Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu as well as old popular series like Doraemon and Crayon Shin-chan movies. I can see why their art style is similar across these titles.

Yuuki Kaji is absolutely perfect as Nishikata. The kind of whiny voice really suits the character well. Sometimes reminds me of Shingeki No Kyojin’s Eren too. Rie Takahashi as Takagi really makes her character sound cool and composed. Other casts include Konami Kohara as Mina (Akane in Tsuki Ga Kirei), Mao Ichimichi as Yukari (Shion in Slow Start) and Yui Ogura as Sanae (Tomarin in Teekyuu). The opening theme, Iwanai Kedo Ne by Yuiko Oohara (I thought it was Rie Takahashi since they sounded similar) is a lively piece that suits the pace of the series. For a short series, there seems to be multiple ending themes. Each only lasts for 2 episodes and all sung by Rie Takahashi. They range from anime pop (Kimagure Romantic and AM11:00, first and second ending theme respectively), rock based (Jitensha and Kaze Fukeba Aoi, third and fourth respectively) and my favourites Chiisana Koi No Uta (fifth) and Ai Uta (sixth).

Overall, this show is meant to be funny and entertaining. But in this era where bullying is so rampant and the lines between a harmless prank and harassment are even blurred, it is hard to say if this series is considered controversial. But since it is a girl teasing a boy, I guess not. But I’m seeing this as 2 innocent kids spending their innocent childhood and schooling time together, their dynamic chemistry, witty dialogue of trying to outwit or be outwitted definitely makes this a fun and enjoyable watch. The best advice for Nishikata to have the teasing stop is to totally ignore Takagi altogether. That is, if he can. We rather have an embarrassed and teased Nishikata than one who doesn’t care anymore (and hence possibly hurting Takagi’s feelings). Because it is always funny when it happens at the expense of others. Yeah, love sure works in pretty annoying ways.