Never judge a book by its cover. The grass is always greener on the other side. How often have we heard these adages? We must be getting sick of them. But we never learn from it. That is why there will always be funny stories based on this. Take for instance, Kare Baka: Wagahai No Kare Wa Baka De R. From the point of view of others, our main protagonist might seem to have the hottest boyfriend in town. He definitely has the looks. Wow. A hot looking stud whom girls would die for to go out with. But there is a secret that nobody else knows. Despite his good looks, her boyfriend is the world’s biggest idiot! A stupid person! That is his only redeeming quality! OMG! How can hot people be stupid?! Believe it. That is why those adages come in handy. And so this short anime series is about peeking into his stupidity while making us laugh at it all. Hey wait. So it’s like, stupid people would only understand stupid jokes?

Episode 1
Akomi Natsuki is trying to sneak away from her friends, Reika and Makoto. But they know better. She is supposed to show them her hot boyfriend whom she claims is way cooler than theirs. Unless it is all in her figment of imagination. Don’t worry. He is real. Because he is here now. Girls, meet Ponta Ninomiya. OMG! So freaking handsome! So freaking polite! So cool! So awesome that they are blown away to bits! Reika falls to her knees and this is actually a sign of respect of prostrating before Akomi. Meanwhile Makoto is knocked out cold and her tummy is exposed, a sign of surrender and obedience. They want Akomi to spill all the details on him but why are they suddenly flirting with him? Because all hot guys belong to everybody! Luckily Akomi has foreseen this and has Ninomiya rehearsed fake answers like he is from Keio University. However for lines that were unrehearsed, it is natural he screws up. Like when they ask the course he takes, he misinterprets them as duck quacks and mentions he loves ducks! Akomi fears her lie will be exposed. Especially he isn’t even a college student and they only met at a thrift store. Good thing his good looks keep the girls from thinking rationally. Yup, and that is this idiot’s only redeeming quality. His pretty face.

Episode 2
Akomi is shocked that her boyfriend has things to do. But when she learns he is to meet up with his high school friends, she knows what is going on. Apparently he and his friends attend the stupidest high school in Japan! And they are taking part in an Earth Deliberation Meeting! So folks, meet the equally handsome and dumb Piisuke Kurosaki, Monyokichi Ootori and Peruhiko Saijou. So they’re discussing about global warming. Wow. So deep. The world is getting warmer. So what’s the problem? They like it nice and warm. They talk about all the food they can eat in summer as well as in winter. But can they enjoy winter foods if it is no longer that cold? But whatever Kurosaki suggests, it seems they should it down that nobody eats such food in such season. From hotpots to tofu to grated yam to daikon radish, they end their ‘fruitful’ discussion today. Because it is time to get some food! It is getting a little chilly so what kind of food goes with that? Crepes. Yeah…

Episode 3
Akomi is telling her school problems to Ninomiya at a diner. It is about her dilemma of quitting her swimming club to concentrate on her studies but her grades didn’t improve. If you think he has been diligently listening to her, you will know that he is more concerned of the dishes he ordered. Each time he finishes a dish, he realizes he has lots of rice to spare and orders another dish. And when he finishes the rice, he notices the dish is still not finished and orders more rice. Rinse and repeat this cycle of imbalance as poor Akomi pours out her dilemma and troubles that even spilled into her family life. It all ends when Ninomiya realizes his finished rice and he still has a fried shrimp left. Akomi then steals and eats it. She feels good in having someone listen to her troubles but Ninomiya is a sad cat that his girlfriend ate his fried shrimp. The struggle is real. First world problem…

Episode 4
So what is the Earth Deliberation Meeting is discussing now? Declining birth rates! Oooh. How deep. Ninomiya suggests people to get married but before that they have to date. However Ninomiya’s friends can’t say much as they are not popular with girls and don’t have a girlfriend like him. Don’t worry. There is another way. He shows them a packet of birdseeds. It is for storks. If they increase the stork population, it is sure and definite the birth rates will increase as it will attract more storks to carry more babies. Genius! But where to get more storks? He spotted them at nearby Ueda. The trick now is to get more birdseeds and since they need money for that as well as travelling expenses, everyone agrees to do part time jobs! Time to get their ass moving! Oh yeah! Hey wait… Do storks eat birdseeds?

Episode 5
Akomi sees Ninomiya playing with a bunch of kindergarten kids. And they are calling him their leader! Immature? These kids are even busier than this guy as they leave for their own lessons and activities. Ninomiya then tells Akomi that he once had his secret training at this park. That technique is called Fanged Wolf Wind Fist. When he was young, he followed this shady man to his home where he would teach him this secret technique in exchange for his allowance and snacks. Ninomiya of course believed in him and we see him being used to do errands and chores although in his eyes this is the ‘training’. Yeah, child exploitation. Then one day this ‘dojo’ was put up for sale and his ‘master’ vanished. He wonders where he is now and hopes to thank him one day. Akomi is lost for words. When a nearby robbery occurs, Ninomiya uses his special technique to beat down that guy! OMG! It is such a powerful move! Well, all those training did come in handy after all.

Episode 6
A big issue for Earth Deliberation Meeting this time. What the heck is TPP issue? Man, this is going to be difficult. It seems Ninomiya is trying to make a sentence from this abbreviation. For instance, Takahashi was to buy Papayas but bought Panties instead. Then it becomes some sort of TPP story while other TPP abbreviations are rejected. Takahashi at Pudding and Partied all night. Takahashi brought Ponzu sauce to Pakistan. Takahashi becomes a Pizza maker in Paraguay. Takahashi Ponpoko Punch. Takahashi meets Princess in Paris. Everyone is so intrigued to know what is happening to Takahashi after coming this far. What will happen to him? The final verdict: Takahashi became a Paladin in Paraguay. Everyone is so happy for Takahashi. Who the f*ck is Takahashi???!!!

Episode 7
Ninomiya’s grandma is dying and he needs to travel to see her for one last time. Of course Akomi wants him to go to her but fears like the last time he will get lost alone at a train station for a week! Even so, he must go. Akomi is kind enough to follow him. So they begin their journey from taking train, plane, bus and ship. Then they trek through the forests and rivers before hiking up the mountains riding bears! Man, where does grandma live? I’m glad Akomi weathered through all that and is still alive. Grandma is moments away from passing on and her last wish is to see her grandson. Ninomiya pops up in time and hopes she would get better. A sudden miracle happens. She is brought back to life and active as ever as she welcomes him and spoils him with lots of treats. Wow. She is so much better already. Akomi’s conclusion: Hot guys are amazing! Yeah, believe it!

Episode 8
Wow. Another deep discussion from the Earth Deliberation Meeting. What is the issue this time? Deforestation. The world’s forests are simply getting destroyed. Any solutions? Stop destroying the forests! Brilliant! Case solved! Next issue. Ozone layer. The ozone is getting destroyed. Solutions? Stop destroying it! Wonderful! Case solved! Next issue. Noise pollution. How to stop it? Stop making noises? Nope. That wouldn’t simply work. It is suggested to put earplugs. But they can’t hear a thing. Try putting it on your nose? Hmm… Not only they can hear now, they can block pollens! Alright! It is settled! Who’d knew that solutions to such jarring problems are so simple and easy!

When Stupidity Shines The Brightest
Wow. I didn’t realize I would find myself to enjoy such a short series. Before I knew it and was just warming up to the episode, it has already ended! Oh no! Need more of Ninomiya’s stupidity! Please don’t end it right here! Please turn it into a full length anime series with proper number of episodes per season! Am I affected and addicted by his stupidity? Since this series made me laugh, it can’t be all that bad, right? Well, I suppose the reason why it is short and won’t be getting any more longer episodes (for now) is so that we won’t turn into stupid idiots like him. Yeah, we don’t want to take the risk of infecting and turning people stupid. Sighs… I guess these will do.

The entire series is divided into Ninomiya’s time between Akomi and his Earth Deliberation Meeting. As we peek into the minds of the dumb people, it becomes more evident how stupid they are. However they are just so stupid in everything that we cannot find ourselves to hate them! In fact, we love them even more! Don’t you agree?! Isn’t it any wonder that Akomi for absurd reasons become this idiot’s boyfriend? I don’t even know how but I am sure it is of the silliest reasons. I know one of them is his amazing handsome face but if it is in today’s world, he would have been immediately dumped. Because I mean, he is not rich, right? So can you say that their dumb love is keeping their relationship alive? If that is the case, I also want to have such beautiful silly relationship!

Earth Deliberation Meeting in my opinion is by far the most effective Earth preservation group and meeting ever in the world! Don’t you agree? They are better than high profile international meets that gather and just talk about the climate and do nothing. G7, G15 or G100 whatever. They are nothing compared to these blokes. Oh, they are no different than them you say? Well, true. Even if their solutions are freaking simple and silly, hey, at least they came up with a solution, right?! Whether the world’s problem is solved or not is not of their concern! I want to join this meeting! Where can I sign up! I have lots of ideas that I can contribute.

Characters wise, like I said Ninomiya is the lovable idiot who gets away with everything or hides everything just because of his good looks. Can you really blame him because all of us are just being suckers for a pretty face? Isn’t that why the most charismatic and beautiful people are always at the top? Sort of. As for Akomi, there is this temptation at first to be her mother and tell her to switch boyfriend. But if you think about how ‘safe’ she would be under him, I think it is best she remains. Yes, he is a much safer bet out there than other guys. Too bad the other guys in Earth Deliberation Meeting don’t bring much variety to the ‘stupidity’ except for Kurosaki whose role seems to always get his ideas shot down and then falling into depression. I wonder if it is a sign for stupidity because notice how the guys have very funny first names…

Making this series even funnier is the opening and ending theme. Well, it isn’t really a proper one as they are both Baroque-like instrumentals. But what I like most about them is that amidst the beautifully passionate and wild piano pounding and finger drills, we hear Ninomiya humming away to the tune “La la la la la la~”. OMG! It is so freaking hilarious! It is like he is trying to sound like a maestro but he fails so badly that it sounds so funny! You know, when you want to hum to the song in the shower and you do so with all your passion? Yup, that’s the way. Even the ending theme trolls us by putting ‘lyrics’ on screen which is just basically gibberish like “Chachachachadadum” or “Dum Dananana” or “Hmmmhmhmhm”. So f*cking epic!

Overall, this is a highly entertaining short series that pokes fun at stupidity and then it makes you reflect how the real world isn’t any much different. There are lots of sayings being attributed to this. You know, how life is already tough but it is tougher if you are stupid. Not in the case of this anime! So I hope that this season is just testing the market to gauge how many ‘stupid’ people like this series and once enough fans love this series for all the silly reasons, they can go ahead and make a proper anime series out of it. What a perfect way to run away from life’s reality and your own stupidity by watching others. I guess it is true, you can’t cure stupidity anyhow. If you can’t beat them, join them?

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