I was surfing through the internet one day and to my surprise I stumbled upon an old series which I never knew had an OVA. It has been such a long time that I have watched Kashimashi – Girl Meets Girl so much so I actually have nearly forgotten that I have watched such a series in the first place. So it was quit a surprise to me when I saw Kashimashi – Girl Meets Girl OVA. And for the record, this 1 episode OVA has been released way back in October 2007. Now that feels like a very long time ago.
This is what I remembered about the TV series. Some guy named Hazumu is seeking refuge up the mountain after being rejected by the girl he likes. Somehow some alien spacecraft has to crash directly on to him. Feeling sorry, the alien in charge, Sora and his assistant, Jan-puu, reconstructed Hazumu’s body but the catch is that they reconstructed it as a girl! So everyone looks at him at a different light now. Especially Hazumu’s perverted dad who is fond of putting on some girly clothes or accessories and taking pictures of his ‘new daughter’ while mommy has to restrain him. Then of course the love triangle between Hazumu, Tomari and Yasuna. Thinking back, till today I still can’t make up my mind whether Hazumu is really a girl in his heart. Yeah, the series is definitely yuri. So for easier reference, I’ll refer to Hazumu as a she since well, he was once a boy and now looks and sound like a girl.
Thus the OVA is somewhat a continuation from the TV series and tries to explore and end the love triangle surrounding the trio. It has been 4 months since that incident and Christmas is just around the corner as the city is enveloped in white snow. We hear Tomari’s narration about some bond called destiny that will tie them together in some inevitable miracle. Tomari notices somebody throwing pebbles to catch her attention outside her room window and that person is Hazumu, who wishes to invite Tomari to a Christmas party. However Tomari snubs her so Hazumu just puts it in the letterbox.
Back home, Hazumu’s dad is once again his perverted self, snapping photos of Hazumu in a Santarina dress. Thankfully mommy is there to put a stop to it since Hazumu’s final exam is just around the corner. Weird thing is, mommy suggests Hazumu to put on a maid dress instead! No difference, eh? Hazumu’s male friend, Asuta comes by and is taken in by her dress. If I remember, that guy has a crush on his best friend ever since Hazumu turned into a girl. Soon Hazumu changes and goes to school together with Asuta, Yasuna and Ayuki. On the way, Asuta eavesdrops the girls’ conversation and fantasizes his own fantasy when Hazumu complains how their school uniform feels a little cold. Though he gets snapped out of it, he tries to give an excuse that he is a healthy high school boy, this level of fantasy is normal. Yasuna asks him what do normal boys think of since she isn’t familiar with that area so Asuta blushes and misinterprets that Yasuna may have a crush on him. Dream on!
In class, Hazumu notices that Tomari still continues to ignore her. Remember their homeroom teacher who always complain about whether she’ll meet her destined lover, Namiko? Yeah, she’s still lamenting her boyfriendless fate for 36 years and will be spending Christmas alone and even drawing a love umbrella between her and Sora on the window. Suddenly she sees Sora outside the window and tries to go after him. Of course she fell down the storey block. Haha! Now I remember that this tripping thingy is one of her unfortunate traits! Some things never change. Yasuna also spots Jan-puu outside the window. Later a friend of Yasuna reminds her about her flute solo for the Christmas concert. It seems she too is following the love triangle development but Yasuna says how she has freedom now and is okay being single for now before leaving to attend something. Yasuna goes to see Ayuki at the lab whereby they release the hatched butterflies into the greenhouse. They then talk about the relationship and Ayuki wonders if she’s getting off the stage. Yasuna mentions that she did tell Hazumu that she’ll be alright by herself, which is like rejecting her a second time but at least she has made her stand.
Meanwhile Hazumu and Asuta sees Tomari doing her track practice. Hazumu goes to ask about the invitation she sent to her for the Christmas party but Tomari totally ignores Hazumu’s existence and continue running. Namiko is watching from afar and is envious because you know of her case lah. But is that Sora coming up behind her? Anyway Tomari continues to practice till evening. Ayuki comes by to advice her not to push too hard. Then they talk about their feelings and Hazumu. It seems Tomari can’t forgive her for changing the one she loves so lightly so Ayuki advices her to go tell that feeling to Hazumu. Even Asuta gives his piece of advice on Hazumu’s troubled heart before she made the decision but was taken away by Ayuki. Tomari seems to be in a dilemma and troubled on what to do as Yasuna watches from afar, thinking back when she asked Hazumu a weird question if she likes Tomari but Yasuna answered her own question that she likes Tomari too and they both laughed.
Before the start of the Christmas party, Yasuna wonders if Tomari will show up or not. While Yasuna puts up a splendid performance, Tomari did not attend as she is doing a part time Christmas sales job. After the concert, Asuta is on his way to Hazumu’s home and fantasizing the kind of reaction Hazumu will display in gratitude for his Christmas present. Yeah, some perverted thoughts there. Don’t worry. This level of fantasy is normal… That is, until Yasuna spots him. Embarrassed, isn’t he? However Yasuna’s words are ambiguous because she tells him that she has been waiting for him and wonders if he has time after the Christmas party. Asuta thinks she is going to confess to him so he goes crazy for a while thinking about the what-if dilemma he has to choose between Hazumu and Yasuna. Yeah, dream on, pal! Actually what Yasuna and Ayuki want is Asuta’s cooperation. Soon Hazumu invites them into her home. Some party they have which of course has Hazumu’s dad continuing snapping all the way while the gang plays cards. Hazumu realizes that Tomari isn’t coming so Ayuki takes Asuta along and leaves early.
Tomari is in her room lying on her bed reading Hazumu’s Christmas party invitation when she gets the shock of her life seeing Ayuki standing on top of the bed in a Santarina outfit. Ayuki tells her to get ready but since she is still reluctant, Ayuki kidnaps her in a sack. With a little help from Jan-puu, Ayuki floats down out the window onto a cart peddled by the reindeer (it’s Asuta by the way. So that’s what they wanted him to do). They arrive at the shrine where Hazumu confronts Yasuna and wonders if she’s okay since she too likes Hazumu. Yasuna replies that she is now able to walk with her on her own thanks to Hazumu. A short flashback which has Yasuna telling Hazumu this and she doesn’t want that because she’ll end up relying on her kindness. Therefore she thinks she is the one who can make Hazumu happy and wants her to give Hazumu her honest feelings. After all that build-up and talk, Tomari isn’t just going to shrug it off her shoulder and turn back, isn’t she?
She walks up the stairs and finds Hazumu waiting. Another short flashback whereby Hazumu confessed that she likes Tomari and wants to be by her side. But Tomari did not give any answer and went away. So after a few more flashback clips, Tomari finally says that she will become Hazumu’s bride. Erm… Does she mean it as a girl to girl? Hazumu thanks her for her answer as they both embrace. Jan-puu then uses her magic and change Hazumu and Tomari’s clothes into a bridal outfit. She even puts up a mock wedding scenario. With Sora as the priest, he tells them to kiss as in exchanging their vows. And they did. It was weird for me to see 2 girls kissing. Oh well, it is a yuri anime after all. Then they all hop on the sleigh and fly through the beautiful night sky. Tomari’s final narration is about how no one realized a miracle that has rained down on this city. And that miracle is what people call love which makes everyone happy as such miracles exists deep down in everyone’s hearts. So I’m thinking their miracle is the yuri part? Unless you take into account love works in mysterious ways. At least they have found happiness in each other. Hey wait a minute. Isn’t that Sora and Namiko sharing a kiss? Yeah, she found her miracle too. It’s still funny to see Sora wearing that yellow alien jumpsuit.
So okay it did bring back some nostalgic memories while watching this OVA though ironically I can’t remember much of the TV series. Brings back memories especially of Namiko’s tripping, Yasuna’s inability to differentiate men in visual sense (which was cured at the end of the TV series), Hazumu’s perverted dad who can’t stop taking photos of him and Sora’s weird jumpsuit. If I remember well, those aliens left at the end of the TV series but my guess is that they’re back to see how their subject is doing. Haha, even they like watching love triangle drama. Just kidding.
One thing which raises my eyebrow is the opening theme song. Though it is the same theme that they use for the TV series, they played the entire full theme lasting over a good 4 minutes. While at it, they show several clips from the TV series itself. I can’t remember if the clips are part of the opening credits used for the TV series but when I started watching the OVA, I started going "Hey, isn’t this song a little too long for the opening". And when that’s over, approximately 5 minutes have already passed. No wonder the OVA is 27 minutes long. Not that there is anything wrong, but I wonder why they didn’t do the same for the ending theme too.
I wonder about the legal implications if they both decide to get marry. Well, Hazumu’s gender was recorded as a boy before he underwent that galactic sex change. Unless he did not change that registry, then legal wise, they are still considered husband and wife. If they ever really get married in the future, that is. Perhaps such a case would be easier and more acceptable in anime but in the real world… Oh heck. Tomari did say that love is miracle. Thank goodness I found that in anime. My first love and still going strong… So to speak, can I marry an anime character?

Kashimashi – Girl Meets Girl

Somehow I felt rather a little confused about the love relationship even when I’ve finished watching Kashimashi – Girl Meets Girl. You see, it’s one of those boy-meets-girl, no wait, or is it girl-meets-girl (as said in its title) kind of anime.
To get what I mean, here’s the plot. We start off with the first episode seeing this high school guy, Hazumu Osaragi, having some lonely walk on some hill. Looking and examining some plants on the way. You’ll notice that he’s some floriculturist as he has some wide knowledge and passion in plants and flowers. At the same time, his classmate buddy, Asuta Soro, is riding around town on his bicycle desperately trying to find him, only to encounter 2 of his other girl classmates, Tomari Kurusu and Ayuki Mari, along the way.
You’re wondering what’s going on, right? So are those girls. Well, you see, Hazumu had just confessed his feelings to this particular he has a crushed on, Yasuna Kamiizumi, but he was rejected. Thus, of course Hazumu felt dejected and went to a place to find some solace. And that Asuta guy thought that by bringing him ‘erotic magazines’ should console/cheer him up. Much to Tomari’s dismay at first.
Anyway, also at the same time some alien mother spaceship which is looming across our planet Earth doing some research, when some techinical malfunction occurs. With that, the spaceship falls into Earth’s orbit and guess what. It crashes right onto Hazumu!!! Really! I was going like, ‘hahaha…’ and ‘dang…’. Of all the places, it had to crash there, some more right on him. Hazumu must be really having a bad day.
So feeling sorry that the aliens have ‘damaged one of the humankind’, one of the aliens, Sora Hitoshi (what a weird jumpsuit with 2 antennas sticking out), took to the task to ‘repair’ Hazumu’s body. The catch is, he had rebuild his body in a form of a girl’s. Yup, now Hazumu has physically become a girl! I wonder why couldn’t he make after a guy’s body in the first place. Ulterior motives? Well, actually Hazumu’s body is modeled after some artificial intelligence creature named Jan-puu (her voice reminded me of Milfeuille of Galaxy Angel). Yeah, she’s that spunky energetic girl, supposedly the spaceship’s auto-pilot.
Now another weird thing is, after Sora had finished rebuilding Hazumu’s body and returned it back to Earth, he had to tell the whole world! Yes, the whole world, from Paris to New York, on how sorry he was for what happened and how he transformed Hazumu from a boy to a girl’s body!!! That’s got to be really embarrassing. Therefore, this of course attracted the interests of reporters.
In the second episode, you can see how these reporters bug and harrass Hazumu, who’s still confused over what’s happened. But luckily, Hazumu has got Tomari. Yup, at first looks she seemed to be Hazumu’s ‘guardian/protector/guide‘ since his transformation. Tom-boyish and a little violent, with some threatening words from her mouth, those reporters started to back off and you’ll never see them again. Wah… so easily get scared. Cannot become paparazzis like that lah.
Oh, have you noticed that when Hazumu was a boy, you never get to see his eyes? Yeah, somehow his hair conveniently covers it. Plus he was somewhat acting like a girl even when he was a boy. Cries a lot, getting bullied (but Tomari’s always on his side protecting him), so girlish lah. So I think when he became a girl also quite fitting.
So the next few episodes you’ll get to see how Hazumu adjust his daily life of from a boy to being a girl. Because he doesn’t know much about being a girl, he usually gets ‘exploited’ in certain circumstances. For instance, when Asuta asked to have a view of Hazumu’s breasts just to be sure, or to show him what bra Hazumu’s wearing. Of course, in a flash, you’ll see Tomari giving him her ‘super kick-in-the-face‘. And you’ll see this funny moments several time as well.
Then there’s also Hazumu’s perverted father. Yeah, his father has really become some weird perverted since Hazumu’s transformation. Everytime looking forward to have a father-to-son/daughter bath, or taking photos of Hazumu in revealing outfuts or sexy poses. But all his plans come to a grinding halt when Hazumu’s mom does some wrestling move on his dad. But each time his dad never learns and keeps coming back for more. And then the same thing happens again. So hillarious.
In addition to Hazumu’s woes, space aliens Sora and Jan-puu decided to do a research on love and school life with Hazumu being the main subject. Uh-huh, so Sora disguises as one of Hazumu’s teacher while Jan-puu goes around invisibly hugging her half brother/sister. Yeah, she calls him onee-nii-san.
Then there’s Hazumu’s homeroom teacher, Namiko Tsuki. I really liked her character because she brings a lot of comic relief. Always claiming that for 35 years without a boyfriend bla bla bla… my duty to protect the students yada yada yada… and before you know it she drops into some hole or falls off something. So funny, I tell you. And with the appearance of Sora, she hopelessly fell in love with him at first sight and ever since tries her best to attract him. But to no avail as Sora doesn’t seemed to be interested in her advances.
As time passes and Hazumu gets used to his new life, Yasuna now notices Hazumu. Uh-huh, by the end of episode 5 and beginning of episode 6, you’ll see Yasuna kissing Hazumu much to the surprise and shock of the on-looking Tomari. But of course, Tomari just shrugged it off.
You see, there’s some story to Yasuna’s rejection towards Hazumu earlier on. Since young, Yasuna has been suffering from some strange condition. She can’t see the actual facial appearance of men. Yes… she only sees them covered in grey blur and couldn’t differentiate one from another. Are you getting it? So, Hazumu’s the first guy that Yasuna could actually see clearly his face. And she was afraid that if she accepted his love at that time, he’d turned into one of those grey blurs. But now since that Hazumu’s a girl, she felt more secured. Wow… some condition I’d say.
But it’s explained by Sora something like this. That this condition is when we couldn’t differentiate between animals and insects. Isn’t it so true. I mean, I can’t tell the difference between a dog and another dog of the same species. They look the same to me! So I guess this explanation was kind of ‘fitting’ and made me go ‘Hey, why didn’t I noticed it like that before?’.
So as the story advances, you’ll learn that besides Yasuna, Tomari too has slowly developed some feelings towards Hazumu (but she had always liked him too when they were little). Plus, her feelings towards Hazumu has made her more ‘feminine‘. Like in episode 9 where there’s this summer festival so Tomari wanted to buy a yukata to join Hazumu and Yasuna. The hillarious part was that Tomari’s mom couldn’t believe her daughter had turned into a women and she thought Tomari had lost it but at the same time was overjoyed.
While the feelings of other characters too were confirmed. As in episode 7 where Asuta wants to be ascertain of Hazumu’s feelings for him but ended up knowing that Hazumu considered him to be his buddy, and that’s it. Heartbroken, but I guess he eventually accepted it. What about the reserved and quiet Ayuki. She seems to be watching the love triangle from a distance. Though she admitted that she prefers to watch rather than to go ‘on stage‘. Plus, she assures Tomari in episode 8 that she doesn’t harbour any feelings for Hazumu. Hmm… Even so, I’m not quite sure in the end.
As the story progress, Yasuna and Tomari’s love towards Hazumu grew even more but they seem to hold back. As for Hazumu, because he/she couldn’t decide which to choose, he became indecisive and decided for now to have both of time, as not wanting to hurt the other’s feelings.
Until in episode 10, which is the turning point, where Tomari once again secretly saw Hazumu and Yasuna embracing each other at a train station. But of course, she misunderstood the situation and shrugged it off. Then at the end of episode 10, Tomari became a little desparate and kissed Hazumu (so is it a girl kiss boy or a girl kiss girl?) at that same spot at the train station, this time with Yasuna secretly watching in horror. And when Hazumu and Tomari found out that Yasuna was watching them, Tomari and Yasuna exchange some harsh words before Yasuna ran across the tracks and slapped Tomari!
Then Yasuna’s condition started to worsen. Now she couldn’t see girls even. Not even Hazumu. She went into depression. Of course this affected Hazumu and Tomari as well, but they didn’t know what to do. Fed-up of what’s going on, Ayuki finally stood up and had some talk with Hazumu. Using some biological references and explanation with plants withering and so and so (didn’t get this part), she said something like because you can’t choose either one, both of them will eventually die. Something like that. And with that, Hazumu knew what to do.
Yup, Hazumu eventually chose Yasuna. But before he did that, Hazumu decided to spend one last day filled with fun with Tomari (reminded me of that part from Onegai Twins where Karen dated Maiku) before he confesses to Yasuna. After that, Hazumu went searching for Yasuna and when he/she finds her, he/she belted out his/her feelings for her. And what do you know, suddenly Yasuna is cured of her condition and she can see normally again.
But at the same time, Sora and Jan-puu were leaving planet Earth because before Yasuna’s miracle, they found out that their research was going nowhere, and decided to pack up and leave. Much to Jan-puu’s dismay as she’d never see her half brother/sister again. And with some lenghty closing explanations from Sora about love, and off they go.
In the end, we can see that Hazumu and Tomari together spending their time gardening. Of course, also spend some time with their other friends as well. But I wonder what that last part meant. The part where Hazumu skips over some rocks across a river asking Tomari to come as well.
Overall, I find that this anime quite ok. I couldn’t understand the part whether Yasuna and Tomari loved Hazumu as a boy or as a girl. I mean of course it doesn’t matter to them, but it’s kinda weird to see that kind of love between girls. Gives me an impression of a lesbian relationship. But I’m glad that eveything turned out well (maybe except for Namiko’s case. Lost her beloved Sora, still getting bumped into things. Still so funny). I must admit that I felt a little heartwarming feeling at the end.

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