Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn

January 15, 2011

Gosh! I can’t believe it! Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn actually ended! And here I had resigned myself that this show would last forever like all-time favourites Naruto, Bleach and One Piece and perhaps slowly enjoying this show and then suddenly, pop! Last episode. Oh no! I thought they were just taking a few weeks break so I waited for several while and yup, as far as the anime is concerned, after 203 episodes and 4 years of airing, it is finally over. Ah well, at least I know it won’t drag on forever like some series. Eventually it has to end sooner or later.

So if you don’t know what this Reborn series is about already, you should go read some up since it has quite a following though it won’t be as popular as the animes that I have mentioned. If not, let me briefly state it. Whinny high school kid Tsuna finds himself to be the next Vongola mafia boss whether he likes it or not and is given harsh training by his baby-like tutor Reborn. He gathers his ‘family’ and friends as they fight against adversaries who’d bring harm not only to the Vongola name but their other pals too as they bond and grow stronger with each obstacle. Typical shonen anime with good mix of action, drama and humour. The last time my blog ended on this series was before they face off with Byakuran in his Choice game. So yeah, a short continuation from where I left off.

Choice Battle Arc
Wherever the heck everyone has been transported to, it seems like a place filled with tall buildings but void of any living thing. At least no innocent people will die. They spin the roulette to see who gets to participate. For Tsuna’s team it will be Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Irie and Spanner while Byakuran’s side will be Kikyo, Daisy, Torikabuto and Saru (a mist ring holder). The rules are simple. Like in chess, the side that takes out the king, wins. Tsuna’s king will be Irie while Byakuran’s will be Daisy. While the match is to be officiated by Cervello, the other non-participants could only watch from the room. So yeah, the high powered fight begins with Tsuna being able to unleash his box weapon Natsu and also use it as a protective cape against Torikabuto while Yamamoto faces off with Saru who turns out to be Genkishi. Irie as the main strategist, their plan seems to be on track till of course the Funeral Wreaths get serious and show their true power. Byakuran shows his cruel side by killing Genkishi via Kikyo after losing interest in him and Tsuna is caught in Torikabuto’s illusion. Yamamoto is having a hard time breaking through the barrier shielding Daisy while Gokudera fails to defend Irie and Spanner’s base from charging Kikyo. In a last desperate move, their base moves to get away from Kikyo but in the end they were no match for him. Just when the game seems to come to a draw as both sides took out their opponent’s king at the same time, Daisy comes back to life once more and since he is still standing, Byakuran team wins! He can’t die?! Oh no! Vongola lost?!

Injured Irie tells Tsuna and co about the real truth. Get ready for this people. Many years ago when Irie received Lambo’s 10 year bazooka as thanks from his Bovine family, he got curious and went to the future and met Byakuran. Irie aspired to be a musician but when he saw his bleak future, gave up and returned to his time. He visited the future several more times and discovered the existence of parallel futures! In each future, he met Byakuran and this unwittingly caused Byakuran to awaken his true ability of retaining knowledge of himself in each of the parallel world. Thus the start of Byakuran’s quest for world domination. You could say that all future parallel worlds have been destroyed and this is the only one left! Plus, this is the only time where Irie and Tsuna met and thus the creation of those Box Weapons. In another time paradox that I didn’t understand, the future Irie planned himself to temporarily lose his memories so that he could work under Byakuran without suspicion and earn his trust. Huh? It got me thinking if there were so many parallel futures, what makes them think that they returned to the right parallel past?

Byakuran demands the Vongola to keep the end of their bargain to hand over their Vongola Rings for his Trinisette policy. Can good guys renege on their word? Irie wants a rematch due to some promise made with him in the past but Irie feints he doesn’t remember. But then Yuni, Millefiore’s second-in-command appears. She has snapped out of Byakuran’s spell and isn’t going to give in to him. Byakuran considers her an important element in his conquest so he can’t do anything rash. With the Choice game annulled, Yuni pleads for Tsuna to protect her as our heroes make an escaping dash with the help of Mukuro back to their own reality. Though the teleport device is damaged, it won’t be long Byakuran and his 6 Funeral Wreaths come breathing down their neck.

Primo Family Arc
The gang is going back to the past once more in order to receive more training and become stronger to fight Byakuran. Though it has been just a few days from the Arcobaleno’s trial completion, this time they will call forth the spirits of the first generation of the Vongola Family, the Primo Family and undergo several tasks required to see if they’re deemed worthy of inheriting their powers. Hmm… Each of the Primo Family guardians look like a splitting mirror image of Tsuna and co. Whether it is their looks or personality. Like reincarnation, eh? Each Arcobaleno is paired with Tsuna’s Guardians respective ring attributes. Of course they need it to beat Byakuran so they can’t possibly fail, right? Well, the first test, Yamamoto flopped due to his aggression towards Ugetsu Asari. After being given a second chance, he passes. Then it’s Lampo for Lambo (near-similarity in looks and name as well?) in some simple amusement park trial but Verde’s interference turns out to be more of a blessing and has Lambo pass his test. Next is G (yeah, just a single alphabet moniker) for Gokudera. No fighting involved like that hot headed kid expected but rather a test of patience and trust/reliability. Of course he passes. Next are Ryohei and Hibari as they team up to defend Namimori School against stupid Arcobaleno Viper’s attack and earn them the inheritance power of Knuckles and Alaude respectively.

Finally it will be Chrome and Daemon Spade but the latter is more of a nuisance and has records of betraying the Primo family because of his twisted and ideal version of the Vongola Family. Daemon Spade uses Chrome and traps the other girls so the guys will have to fight their way through his illusions and playing mind games in hopes that they will abandon and turn on each other. Not going to happen if you know how close they are. With the Arcobaleno and Hibari busting the illusion and Tsuna’s X-Burner defeating Daemon Spade, but after analyzing Mukuro and deemed him worthy, he gives his inheritance power. With all the guardians passed, now it’s Tsuna’s turn with Primo but Primo passes Tsuna because he has witnessed his actions from start to finish and is impressed. Wow. He got it without having to lift a finger. Yeah, after all the trouble everyone else went through. The thing I find odd about when the Primo Family gave their power, their Flame looked more like a spit when it entered the Vongola Boxes. Pttuui! And with everything in the past done, it’s back to the future again.

The 6 Funeral Wreaths’ Invasion and Attack Arc
No time to rest and relax because just as soon as they get back, the baddies will be out for their blood in no time. By the way, a full 10 minutes has just passed. Before they could do anything, Zakuro invades the base and burns everything. Squalo holds him off in order for Tsuna and the rest to escape. Though we didn’t see what happened, it seems Squalo lost. That loud mouth swordsman lost? Tsuna and co take refuge at a realtor’s place that Haru recommended, Kawahira. Yeah, it’s that guy grown up I-pin delivers her ramen to. At the same time, Daisy attacks Dino and his men at Namimori school. They are no match when Daisy opens his Carnage Box embedded in his chest. He turns into a lizard and is able to read all their moves (because Byakuran of the parallel world told them. He remembered every single one of them?). Then it’s showdown with Hibari and since as mentioned the Vongola Boxes existed only in this world, Daisy is defeated via Alaude’s handcuffs. Kawahira manages to use his illusions to fool Zakuro but the mysterious guy leaves the gang with much suspicion. Soon Yamamoto and some of the gang decide to go back to the Vongola HQ to look for Squalo. It isn’t long before Torikabuto has the gang in his powerful reality-twisting illusion (he turns into a moth after using his Carnage Box). Torikabuto has Yuni in his grasp though Ganma and his underlings, Tazaru and Nosaru come to their aid. Thankfully with Chrome’s Vongola Box (Daemon Spade’s lens), this allows her to guide Tsuna to see through Torikabuto’s illusion and beat him. Kikyo and Bluebell decide to retreat and return to Byakuran, who contemplates on releasing the final member of the Funeral Wreath, Ghost, from the Vindice.

Final Battle Arc
Taking refuge in the nearby forest and with injured casualties as they plan their next move to defeat Byakuran. A strategy that protects Yuni from all possible sides, first we see Gokudera, Lal and Ganma teaming up to face Zakuro (transformed into a T-Rex). The gang are nearly obliterated and if not for Gokudera who managed to unleash G’s archery in time to turn the tides to their favour. At least for the time being. Bluebell joins the gang and they could’ve been toast if Xanxus and his Varia didn’t show up and pledge his alliance the fight off the menace. On the other side, Kikyo and his multiplying army of Spinosaur fights Ryohei, Lambo, Tazaru and Nosaru. We get to see Lambo unleash his Lampo’s shield and Ryohei using Knuckles’ Maximum Break but Kikyo is still a cut above them. Then as Hibari makes his appearance, all seems lost when Kikyo quickly dispatches him from a surprise ground attack. Over to Zakuro and Bluebell’s side, they too seem to have defeated their opponents when it is all revealed to be an illusion from Mukuro and Flan.

The battle gets even more intense when Ghost arrives on the battlefield. Kikyo is worried that Byakuran has sent him out. Their attacks do not reach Ghost because, like his name suggests, he is a ghost! Surprisingly, he is supposed to be Byakuran’s other self from another parallel world! Now this explains why they almost look alike. To make things worse, Ghost is absorbing all their Flames and you can’t touch him or even his Flames because that will mean instant death. Too bad Zakuro and Bluebell got zapped. So now it’s up to Tsuna to make his appearance and save the day. As he swoops down from the sky, he too tries to absorb Ghost’s Flames and with his Zero Point Breakthrough, Ghost is absorbed. Wow! That was the fastest match ever! Not considering Hibari’s match with Gola Mosca, it’s amazing that Ghost made his short appearance and just poof! End of his existence. And I thought he was going to be here for a while.

With that over, now it’s Byakuran’s turn to enter the field. He looks bloody confident. He should be because Ghost was just a tool to absorb their Flames into him. Oh yeah, he is bursting with so much Flames that he is spouting wings like an angel. Worse, all the sky attribute holders are dragged into a ring barricaded by a powerful force field. It’s like their own private location to duke it out. Byakuran and Tsuna battle it out while Yuni tries to buy time to revive the dead Arcobalenos using her life force. She’s prepared to give her life but would the teary rest want that? No matter how many times Byakuran beats Tsuna up and even uses killer techniques, he gets back on his feet thanks to certain items that saved his life (Lancia’s ring) and his utmost determination. Yuni explains about the powers under the Trinisette policy like Mare ring holders allow users to retain power horizontally via parallel worlds (like the wave), the Vongola ring holders allow users to retain power vertically via succession (like the clam) and the Arcobalenos appearing in certain points in time (like the rainbow). Primo unleashes Tsuna’s true power and this causes all Vongola Guardians’ rings to change to its true form.

The other onlookers who have been trying to break the barrier manage to make a little crack. This was enough for Ganma to jump in and give Yuni some powers to complete the rite. Sadly, both disappear and lost their lives. So of course in the end, Byakuran loses to Byakuran’s X-Burner. As the Arcobaleno revive and the defeat of Byakuran, it feels like a fairytale ending because all the effects of the parallel worlds destroyed by Byakuran have been removed. Just like that? As Tsuna and friends return to the past, the Arcobalenos seal the Mare ring powers, give some of the characters who didn’t propel into the future (like Dino, Xanxus and his Varia) the memories of what happened in the future (WTF?! Is this kind of convenience even possible?!) and since the Vongola guardians have to leave their Box Weapons in the future, their animals are turned into rings when they return to the past. Everyone returns to their normal lives and is grateful for Yuni’s sacrifice.

End of Training
Uh huh. So it ends just like that? I felt the ending was a little bit rushed. The events that led up to the final battle felt too fast too. As we know, Tsuna has fought and gained so many comrades that the number of members in his ever expanding family seems to be a little too much. So much so we have lots of good guys fighting a handful of bad guys. What does this tell you about quality over quantity? So you can’t have 1 on 1 battles since everyone had to ‘share’ for a fight. Because of this, it also contributes to them being just spectators at the end and nothing much. Notice how almost every main and supporting character in the series watched in awe as Tsuna and Byakuran fight? Heck, we’ve even got Mukuro’s buddies of Kokuyou Gang like Chikusa, Ken and even MM (still remembered that flute playing babe – hey, what happened to that old dude? Dead?) witnessing the grand finale but they didn’t do anything much, right? And for the non-combatants like Kyoko, Haru, I-pin, Bianchi, Giannini and Fuuta, having mainly women and children watching a cruel bloody match doesn’t feel right and it felt like they were excess baggage tagging along. It was just like 1 big party reunion with everybody just looking on in the final bout.

Though it is good that the individual fights do not last very long, but it seems that the characters didn’t spend much time in using their special moves. For instance, the Vongola Guardians’ and their special Vongola Boxes. It’s like they used it once and for a short period of time and that’s it (except Tsuna). You’ll never see them using it again. Oh, after going through that inheritance, they used it for a short while and how do you see that as a turning point to beat Byakuran and his 6 Funeral Wreaths? Okay, so maybe those little Box Weapons do play their role and turn things in favour to the Vongola even if they’re being used for a short while. I was expecting Hibari or Mukuro to have some final fight be it with each other or the enemy but they’ve been reduced to spectators as well. Come on! I want to see Hibari bite somebody to death. And for Zakuro and Bluebell, nothing much spectacular of them after they used their Carnage Boxes and I felt it was more of a convenience to get rid of them. Why didn’t they just kill of Kikyo rather than being taken into custody by the Varia?

And since the series ended, there are several questions still boggling my mind. Who the heck is that Kawahira guy anyway? Even Reborn is suspicious about him and I thought he would play a part somewhere in the end and make a surprise. Guess the surprise is his no show, eh? What happened to Iemitsu and Nana in the future? I thought they went missing? Did the producers forget about them? What about Basil’s mysterious path that boomed him to the future? What happened to Byakuran and the rest of his White Spell men? Is Byakuran living a happy carefree life in some parallel world as we see in one of the closing scenes in the final episode? I’m not going to crack my head over such matters but some things in the future seem pretty intriguing like Ryohei and Hana dating. Well, at least the picture seemed like it.

As we all know that the main focus of the series is how Tsuna and his other friends bond and get along. They grow stronger with each passing time and learn to trust and rely with one another. Tsuna doesn’t have to rely on Reborn using his gun to unleash his Dying Will Flames anymore. I’m not sure if Tsuna’s hell training will end seeing that he has completed his mission. But leave it to Reborn to make his life tougher in anticipation of future threats. By the way, the manga is still ongoing with its Inheritance Arc right after the gang returns from the future. Ah well, more enemies to fight and my guess is that the gang will have to go through more training and this time perhaps the other previous Vongola Family heads would be their tutors. Hey, there was one with a fork, right? Unless they make another season, there won’t be any more of this series. I have to admit that Flan has to be one of my favourite characters because of his constant mocking and verbal attack in his monotonous voice. Especially on his Bel-senpai. Boy, the stuff he says. Everybody else remains the same character-wise. Lussuria still so gay, Squalo still loud mouth, Xanxus still cold, Yamamoto still a simpleton, Gokudera still hot tempered but loyal to Tsuna, Ryohei still extremely letting his fists do the talking and Lambo still the naughty oblivious selfish kid.

I caught a special episode soon after that but it’s just a one-off filler episode which sees Tsuna and his friends taking a trip around Japan to various famous but altered spots (why does Vongola have their mark on them everywhere?). Nothing much except if you want to watch for the hilarity and the usual ordeal Tsuna has to put up with. Before the anime series ended, there were a few episodes dedicated to that short side non-related story called Monster Tamer Tsuna. A continuation where it left off as we see weak Tsuna gathering weird friends to defeat evil Hibari. Sure with lots of fluke and obstacles, they manage to defeat the menace. If I remember clearly, I think Hibari wasn’t going to let it end like that so I was expecting some continuation in the future. Didn’t seem so.

Perhaps there were so many things that I would like to add and say but it’s either I have forgotten them or lost interest and deemed unimportant due to its long duration. The parallel world explanation was hard to swallow as I find it a little ridiculous to believe even if its’ just pure fiction for this series’ storyline. Whether or not Tsuna would become the next Vongola head (he has to. At least that’s what he is in the future, right?), I guess he is happy with the way things are now. He has got his family and his friends that he treasures very much. A little pain along the way won’t be that bad. Perhaps Reborn should consider training him to be a true gentleman. Mafia boss needs his charm, no?

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn

January 23, 2010

Ciaossu. This is another long running series which I am currently watching. I never expected Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn to last beyond 26 episodes and couldn’t even think of it lasting 3 digits worth of episodes. And as usual because I have been watching this series on a weekly basis ever since its inception back in late 2006, I’ve decided to blog this down before my memory fails me. Oops. It already has started. Surprisingly this series has a following of its own so if you’d like more information, there is Wikipedia and other fansites dedicated to this series.
Basically our main hero of the story doesn’t have the qualities of what many heroes possess at the start of the series. Meet, Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada. He is such a useless and good in nothing in almost everything he does, that he has been dubbed "Dame Tsuna" (Useless Tsuna). Yup, a loser. But even losers are normal human beings because he holds a crush on his classmate, the gentle and nice Kyoko Sasagawa. And since he hasn’t got the guts to confess, yeah well, still a loser. But if you think that this is the lowest point in his normal life, then think again because it takes another drastic turn. You see, for some reason which I think must be due to that family tree tracing thing, Tsuna is the only heir left to the powerful mafia in Italy, the Vongola. The rest and of the potential candidates I can say they died. Therefore the 9th and current head of Vongola, Timoteo, sends a trained mafia hitman, Reborn, to whip and shape up Tsuna into the 10th and next successor of Vongola. Seems pretty simple, huh? So in this mafia themed series, you’ll get to hear some Italian words and terms. Not that my Italian has become fluent anyway. But it’s better being a yakuza, right? Maybe not either.
Now, viewers will have their eyebrows raised when they first see Reborn. Why? Because he’s a little talking baby! Erm… His head is a little bigger than it’s supposed to be and what’s with that yellow pacifier he always carries around. However, Reborn is no pushover as he is the top and deadliest mafia hitman the world has to know. Yeah, the best is a baby. Don’t think so much. Plus, Reborn is part of the Arcobaleno, the strongest 7 babies in the world. Yeah, don’t think so much. No matter how much Tsuna does not want to be the next mafia head, he gets dragged into whatever weird training schemes (more like torture) Reborn has to offer. Like they say. No pain, no gain. And don’t worry. His kind and blur mama, Nana, won’t realize it all simply because… she’s blur. But that’s the nice part about her.
A unique feature for this series is Reborn’s ability to fire Dying Will bullets via his shape-shifting chameleon Leon. From what I understand, when he fires one of those bullets into a person’s forehead, it doesn’t kill him/her instead but rather that person who feels a great regret before his/her death (you know, if you don’t accomplish something before you die, you’ll have that regret feeling), that regret is turned and amplified into a stronger will thus that person being reborn as he/she will go all out with superhuman abilities to accomplish that uncompleted feat. Though it lasts for a few seconds only and during that few moments, a flame will appear over that person’s forehead. And since Tsuna is such a useless chap, Reborn has to use this Dying Will bullet many times in order to get Tsuna started. The funny part is that Tsuna’s clothes will be ripped as he goes about jumping around hyped up close to naked in his boxer shorts. Just like the Incredible Hulk. Only thing is that he doesn’t turn big or green.
But no matter how much Tsuna whines and complains, you can’t help cheer him on as he grows into a respectable character. Albeit that will take some time considering the number of episodes :). Being a long series, you’ll get to see how Tsuna gathers his ‘family’ whether he wants it or not. Yeah, it’s like some sort of friendship bond thingy and you know, mafias do place importance on their family ties. As they grow together, they’ll meet formidable foes, fight them and power up in the process. Ah, a typical recipe for a shonen genre with a mix of action, comedy and drama. Besides it’s not that Tsuna alone is going to learn the meaning of friendship, loyalty, tolerance and all those good values. Viewers could take a hint from this good side of his. Not his whinny self, okay.
Family Assembling Arc
This arc serves to introduce the would-be and weird ‘family’ members to Tsuna’s Vongola family. Most of them have their reserves on Tsuna initially but after Tsuna did some noble thing like saving them and such, did their perception on him change and they continue to stick around him. In short, besides Kyoko, they include the ever loyal but hot headed dynamite user Hayato Gokudera who proclaims himself to be the 10th’s right hand man, the baseball freak Takeshi Yamamoto who seems to have a little carefree personality because he thinks they’re having fun, Kyoko’s older energetic brother and boxing maniac Ryohei Sasagawa (his favourite catchphrase is "Extreme!"), an eccentric girl who likes to dress up in weird costumes and sometimes uses some English words in her sentences Haru Miura (though she is from a different school, I can’t help wonder why she doesn’t transfer to Tsuna’s school seeing that she likes him after that), Gokudera’s half-sister Bianchi who is in love with Reborn (don’t ever taste her poison cooking. It kills!), an annoying naughty little kid dressed in a cow suit Lambo (supposedly from the Bovino family out to assassinate Reborn but his emotionally immaturity has him accomplished nothing. Oh yes, his hair is like Doraemon’s pocket, able to keep just about anything), the cold leader of Namimori High School Disciplinary Committee Kyouya Hibari (even if he hates crowding and does not want to be associate with Tsuna and the rest, you can’t help but love him. And yes, he loves his school so much. Believe it! Also, don’t bother him or he’ll bite you to death!), a weird looking Chinese girl because of her oversized Humpty Dumpty-like head and the same age as Lambo, I-pin (she is near-sighted and explodes when becomes shy), the perverted Dr Shamal (claims to cure only woman), the boss of the Chiavorone family which is close to the Vongola, Dino (Reborn’s former student and has a turtle Enzo which serves like Reborn’s Leon), Giannini (some technological expert but his inventions go haywire) and Hana Kurokawa (Kyoko’s best friend who hates kids).
Sure there are more to come but these are the initial ones first. You’ll get to learn their weird characteristics and relationship among each other such as Gokudera becomes paralyzed whenever he sees Bianchi because he was so traumatized by her poison cooking during young that it becomes a reflex action whenever he just sees her. So just to be safe, Bianchi has to wear a mask or simply put on goggles so Gokudera won’t get that butterfly feeling in his stomach. Also, Dino may be a skilled fighter with his whip but he loses his motor skills when his subordinates are not in sight. Yeah, he goes haywire and all klutzy. WTF?! Since I-pin has a crush on Hibari, she’ll go into that time bomb mode and for unknown reasons, she’ll always cling on to Tsuna. Poor chap. Lambo has a 10 year bazooka kept in his messy hair so when one gets caught in this bazooka, he/she will transfer place with his/her own self 10 years from the future albeit it lasts for a few minutes before the returning to their rightful place. Thus Lambo uses this whenever he throws a tantrum and herald grown up Lambo dubbed Otona Lambo which is much cooler self. However, since he looks like Bianchi’s ex-boyfriend Romeo, he has to be on the run. Worse still, Hana likes him but seems to lose him. I-pin too also has her share when she gets hit by the bazooka. Otona I-pin is some ramen delivery girl always seen trying to delivery her ramen to some uncle named Kawahira. So as we get to learn their personality, we also see them and Tsuna in filler episodes dubbed Daily Life Arcs as they go about in their bonding (and partly as training for Tsuna) like a New Year competition between the Vongola and Chiavorone family, a visit to the zoo (I love the part where Ryohei lost to a fight with a bear – playing video games! WTF?!), getting lost in the mountains, a competition to see how can make Lambo smile, Tsuna having to babysit Lambo and I-pin, Tsuna stricken with an embarrassing Skull Disease which tells of his embarrassing moments, and the ladies making (poisoned) Valentine chocolates.
Kokuyou Gang Arc
Trouble starts for Tsuna and gang when they bump into a little kid named Fuuta. This little kid is highly targeted by the mafia because of 100% accurate rankings. Yup, this kid can rank which are the best in whatever topics. Wow. I wonder where I rank in terms of anime otakuness. Probably at the bottom. Anyway, also several Namimori students have been attacked and injured (including Ryohei) by an unknown group which is later to be revealed as Kokuyou Gang. Hibari deals with the leader of the group, Mukuro Rokudo who has escaped from prison with other criminals and has a grudge against the mafia. But since Hibari was weakened by Shamal’s mosquito bite, he lost. As the other members of Kokuyou Gang step up their attacks, the Vongola kids go into action with Gokudera taking on bespectacled yo-yo master Chikusa Kakimoto and Yamamoto against beast transforming master Ken Joshima. Bianchi takes on flutist MM and defeats her with her poison cooking while some Freddy Krueger like twins called Bloody Twins (what a name) are threatening to kill unsuspecting Kyoko and Haru under the command of an old guy with an annoying laughter, Birds. I can’t believe those girls don’t feel a thing as those Bloody Twins are incessantly twitching their blades right behind them! They’re saved just in time by Otona Lambo and Otona I-pin. With that threat out of the way, Birds is defeated.
Then Tsuna comes face to face with Mukuro but he is Lancia and is a stand in for Mukuro. Though he is too strong for Tsuna, he manages to defeat him. Then it is round 2 for Gokudera and Yamamoto against Chikusa and Ken but the former lost. Hibari’s defeat has not gone down well with him so has another rematch with Mukuro after defeating Ken and Chikusa. By that time, Bianchi is under Mukuro’s spell as he is an illusionist (depending on the Chinese numerals on his right eye, they transform and give him certain strength). Tsuna is up against him but isn’t willing to hurt his friends. That is when Leon spits him a pair of mittens and a Rebuke bullet. This enables Tsuna to power up and go into Hyper Dying Will mode which allows him to fight calmly and the bullet enabling him to hear the thoughts of others. When Tsuna defeats Mukuro, he and his gang are taken in by the Vendicare, a mysterious group of mafia law protectors, to be imprisoned. Should have done that in the first place. With that over, the gang celebrates at Yamamoto’ dad’s sushi shop. And yeah, a few more Daily Life Arc fillers which include the gang finding a dead burglar in Tsuna’s room and trying to get rid of him (in the end it was just a setup – the burglar is part of the Vongola from Italy), Lambo and Otona Lambo switched bodies and causes chaos throughout the city, Tsuna and co take a vacation on a luxury cruise to Mafia island to meet an Arcobaleno ally Colonello and also encounter a threat from another Arcobaleno Skull, a competition to see whose method gets to make Tsuna swim but it goes awry and in the end the gang have to work to pay off their debts like working as lifeguards and summer festival stalls. With Fuuta ‘joining’ Tsuna’s family, Hibari has tamed Bird’s little yellow bird as his pet, Hibird. Proof? He teaches it to sing Namimori’s school song. He really does love his school.
Varia Ring Conflict Arc
The Varia is an independent assassin squad of the Vongola. Led by Xanxus, they arrive in Japan to find Tsuna and co because they do not approve of him being the next Vongola successor. Tsuna’s ‘missing’ dad, Iemitsu (part of Vongola’s External Advisory of the Vongola), returns to hand Tsuna and some of his ‘family’ half Vongola rings. The other half are held by Xanxus and his Varia. These Vongola rings are named after phenomena that colour the sky and are essential to those members who are to lead to the family. For instance, since Tsuna is to be the boss, he gets the Sky Ring while the other Vongola ring holders dubbed Guardians such as Storm Ring to Gokudera, Rain Ring to Yamamoto, Sun Ring to Ryohei, Lightning Ring to Lambo and yes, Cloud Ring to Hibari. Initially Tsuna and co lost to Varia’s ambush and their difference in strength is obvious. Tsuna doesn’t want to get involve because he doesn’t want to be the next mafia boss but I guess he has no choice. The battle for Vongola’s next successor of the rings will be in 10 days time. And during that time, they have to undergo vigorous training. Like Ryohei’s master will be Colonello, Gokudera taking lessons from Shamal, Yamamoto learning to sharpen his sword skills from his dad and Tsuna getting his usual from Reborn and Iemitsu’s subordinate Basil. At least with this lesson, Tsuna doesn’t need to rely on Reborn’s bullet and can go into Dying Will mode when necessary. Hibari wasn’t interested in all that and even prepares to throw away the ring so Dino has a hard time trying to convince him. Yeah, it’s going to be a tough lesson for the ‘tutor’ too with Hibari going to bite him to death relentlessly. The battles are to take place at Namimori, a match per night and holders of the same ring are to face each other. The match will be judged by a pair of same looking masked women dubbed Cervello. So it’s like the boys go to fight while the girls and kids stay home. Uh huh. They gave some reason for their midnight rendezvous for a sumo match. Yeah, they believed it. Makes it easier that way.
Battle 1: Sun Ring: Ryohei vs Lussuria
Literally it looked like some boxing match. Ryohei is blinded by the bright lights while gay Lussuria has his shades on (he always has them on). Plus, Lussuria has got a very hard metal knee pad which Ryohei has a hard time penetrating. Eventually Ryohei wins after destroying those bright lights with his crystallized sweat and by unleashing his Extreme Sun Maximum Cannon. Vongola leads 1-0.
Battle 2: Lighting Ring: Lambo vs Levi A. Than
Would a little kid understand the implications of being in a match filled with dangerous lightning rods? Obviously not. Thankfully all those torment has cry-baby Lambo using his 10 year bazooka to summon Otona Lambo. If that is not enough, Otona Lambo uses the same bazooka and his 20 year old mature self replaces him. Otona Lambo is on the way to victory but he changes back to little Lambo. This allows Levi to counter attack. Because Lambo’s life is in danger, Tsuna interferes and stops the match. Though Lambo’s life is saved, as a penalty Lambo and Tsuna lose both their rings. Varia leads 2-1.
Battle 3: Storm Ring: Gokudera vs Belphegor AKA Bel
Gokudera arrives in time for his match against the knife and wire Prince Ripper. If there are no winners by the end of the time limit, the whole place will explode and endangering both their lives. Gokudera struggles with Bel for the ring even if it costs him his life but after Tsuna tells him it would be meaningless without him, Gokudera gives up and lets Bel win. Varia continues to lead 3-1.
Battle 4: Rain Ring: Yamamoto vs Squalo
Dubbed the grudge match between the swordsmen. Squalo who has defeated many skilled swordsmen in the past knows all of Yamamoto’s Shigure Souen style as used by his descendants. However Yamamoto has formed his own moved via the 8th form and defeats Squalo with his Duplicate Rain technique. Squalo admits his lost and is devoured by a shark at the end of the match. Vongola makes a comeback 2-3.
Battle 5: Mist Ring: Chrome Dokuro vs Mammon
So who is the Mist Ring holder? Who is this Chrome girl? Originally named Nagi, she is Mukuro’s vessel to the outside world. That means, Mukuro is also part of Tsuna’s Guardians, eh? Chrome was an accident victim and lost many organs so she is kept alive by illusionary organs. Because Tsuna stood up for her, she kisses him! If Haru ever finds that out… The illusion battle begins as we find Mammon an Arcobaleno was formerly known as Viper. Chrome loses to Mammon’s illusion but the game isn’t over yet as this summons Mukuro out. Like a tag match, eh? Mukuro shows his powerful illusions and beats Mammon (barely escaped with his life). Mukuro reverts back to Chrome and the score is tied 3-3.
Battle 6: Cloud Ring: Hibari vs Gola Mosca
This is the fastest battle ever yet. Hardly lasting 10 seconds and shocking everyone! Hibari destroys that robot under that time and when Xanxus goes to retrieve it, Hibari stops him. This makes Mosca go on a rampage and Xanxus sees this as a challenge. However this is all a setup and that Xanxus has used Hibari as part of his plan to initiate a coup. To everyone’s surprise, Timoteo is inside Mosca’s body! It’s using him as its power supply. Soon Timoteo is rushed to hospital but the final battle is about to begin soon.
Battle 7: Sky Ring: Tsuna vs Xanxus
This match will settle it all, which means all those earlier matches are for nought. The other Guardians who are alive are also involved put are being poisoned. The antidote is in the ring itself and they could die if it is prolonged. So it’s Tsuna’s gloves vs Xanxus’ pistols. An awesome power battle (I guess their Dying Will also makes them able to fly) as gradually the other Guardians are being released by their poison and help one another. We see Tsuna powering up to a new freezing ability called Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough but Xanxus manages to break through the ice with the flames of his Dying Will. Then to everyone’s surprise, Squalo is still alive as he is being brought to watch the final match. Though Xanxus has all the 7 rings in his hands, however it rejects him. Why? Flashback as he isn’t the real son of Timoteo. Then some crib incident many years ago which left him frozen and once he was freed, he’s like back with a vengeance. Bla bla bla. An elite group of Varia arrives but are defeated by Lancia who is indebted to Tsuna. In the end, Tsuna wins the Sky Ring match to give Vongola an overall victory so everyone goes to celebrate back at Yamamoto’s sushi shop.
And the usual Daily Life Arc after a long story which includes Reborn becoming Tsuna’s teacher for a day, Nana’s purse getting stolen so Tsuna and co try to retrieve it, Tsuna and co playing a test of courage at a graveyard only for them to encounter the ghost of Romeo, the gang taking on a group of dojo challengers, a wedding between Bianchi and Reborn which soon turned into one for Nana and Iemitsu (it was funny to see Bianchi threatening to go crazy every time she suspects Reborn goes ‘missing’), Tsuna and co need to find a time capsule in order not to be expelled from school and Reborn holding a party and competition to see who can impress Nana. I remember Tsuna was looking a little cool after the fight and because of that expression he put up, Kyoko was blushing a little. Looking a little like a winner, eh? Not yet. He’s got a long way to go. She also gave Tsuna and the rest lucky charms in which Tsuna treasures very much.
Future Arc
Another long arc begins with Tsuna and Reborn being blasted nearly 10 years into the future via Lambo’s bazooka. Strange things began to happen as they don’t switch back to their normal era and that Tsuna’s future year self is in a coffin! OMG! He’s dead in the future! He learns that the Millefiore family led by the villainous Byakuran is bent on destroying the entire Vongola family and anyone related to it, innocent or not (like Yamamoto’s dad who died in the attack). Yeah, destroy the whole world while you’re at it. Slowly one by one, Tsuna’s ‘family’ are blasted into the future including Kyoko and Haru. I just wish Otona Lambo and Otona I-pin didn’t switched places with their younger selves. Not everyone will be blasted to the future yet. Giannini, Bianchi and a taller Fuuta will be from this era. They also have a failed Arcobaleno, Lal Mirch, as their ally. However, due to some deadly rays, all other Arcobalenos are dead in this era while Iemitsu and Nana are missing. Tsuna also has to learn to make use of Box Weapons by using his Dying Will Flame via his Vongola Rings. Thankfully Vongola has an underground base as they operate away from Millefiore’s eyes. They also learn that they need to defeat one of the higher ups in the Millefiore, Shouichi Irie (one of those kids who got frighten by the weirdness of the Vongola family back in the previous Daily Life arc) as he holds the clue to return to the past. The Cervello are also seen to be working on his side.
So the kids went out for a while to search for Kyoko and Hibird. Tsuna and Lal finds Kyoko safely in the house of grown up Hana while Gokudera and Yamamoto encounter a captain of one of the divisions of Black Spell, Ganma (the Millefiore is made up of 2 families and are divided into White Spell under Byakuran and Black Spell under an introverted little girl Yuni). Yamamoto sits out due to Gokudera’s obnoxious attitude of taking on Ganma alone. Then of course he has to teach him a lesson about his selfish attitude so the duo combine their powers but it wasn’t enough for them to beat Ganma. Future Hibari shows up to save the duo and defeat Ganma. Oddly, Hibari and Vongola’s underground base are connected. When everyone regroups, they learn that Millefiore’s Japan’s base is located under Namimori shopping centre and that everyone has to undergo training again so that they have a chance to fight against them. Plus, Tsuna has made a promise that he will get everyone back safely and vows to protect them. Tsuna has future Hibari and later Lal as his tutor, Yamamoto under the watch of Bianchi as he tries to figure out the CAI system his future self created, and Yamamoto taking lessons from Reborn. Of course a little tension here and there because of the heavy responsibility they have to shoulder so much so Tsuna nearly took it out on poor Lambo and Haru. Later he realizes that everyone is trying their best and they reconcile. We also learn Byakuran’s quest to obtain the 7 Arcobaleno pacifiers, 7 Mare rings and 7 Vongola rings in order to obtain the ultimate power in this Trinisette policy. Note that in this era, the future Tsuna has discarded all the 7 Vongola rings so the past Vongola brings with them the precious rings which Byakuran very much needed.
Glo Xinia, the captain of one of the White Spell’s division arrives in Japan to search for Chrome. Yes, Chrome has been blasted to the future and is all alone. Expect a fight but Chrome won’t be all helpless as Mukuro appears in the form of an owl (he possessed this Box Weapon in an earlier fight) to send Glo reeling in defeat. Future Ryohei brings Chrome back to the base as she is being put under ICU and with all Vongola Guardians assembled, Tsuna makes a tough decision on whether to invade the Millefiore’s base in 5 days. In the meantime, Tsuna undergoes more intensive training and develops X-Burner technique by combining the use of his hard and soft flames. Yamamoto watches Squalo’s DVDs on sword fights while Gokudera has also mastered his CAI system and reluctantly has a small cat, Uri, as 1 of his Box Weapons (cat always scratching his face). Elsewhere, Byakuran defeats Mukuro who has been impersonating as one of his close aides. Though Glo has been heavily bandaged, he has given Millefiore information about Vongola’s hideout and soon they attack their base on a dawn raid. With no time, Tsuna along with Yamamoto, Gokudera, future Ryohei and Lal have no choice but to kick start their journey to infiltrate Millefiore’s base while Hibari singlehandedly beats up all those numerous White and Black Spell foot soldiers.
Millefiore Base Infiltration Arc
As expected, the gang finds obstacles in the form of higher level Millefiore guards like Dendro Chilum and his boar Box Weapon. However Tsuna defeats him with his X-Burner in this supposedly warm-up match. Then Lal comes face to face with Glo’s assistant, Gingerbread. Lal defeats him (albeit it was just his fake body), she continues to suffer from the effects of the rays. It is then their presence is made known so Irie goes into offensive mode. Considering Lal’s condition, Tsuna volunteers himself to be the distracting bait while the rest head deeper into the base. Tsuna encounters and battles a group of King Moscas under the control of Black Spell technician Spanner (always having a candy in his mouth). Though Tsuna defeats the King Moscas, he fell unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds himself captive under Spanner but that guy is interested in developing Tsuna’s X-Burner and agrees to help him. Also, Reborn emerges via Giannini’s hologram so they are able to communicate. It wonders me how Reborn is able to see everything in 3D where Tsuna is considering that he is just in hologram form. Elsewhere, Ryohei takes on turban guy Baishana and beats him with his kangaroo Box Weapon, Maximum Ingram. Then Irie starts activating the base. It seems that the base is made out of cubicle blocks which allow them to be moved and shuffled about. Yamamoto and Lal are separated from Ryohei and Gokudera as part of Irie’s plan. Yamamoto encounters a pair of boomerang throwing twins while Gokudera takes on some old guy with an octopus-like hair. No prizes for guessing who comes out tops.
Then Irie sets up Ganma to take on Ryohei and Gokudera. Unfortunately, Ryohei got knocked out by his lightning blast so Gokudera takes over and fights him via his CAI system. So some flashback moments as we learn even among the Millefiore family, especially the Black and White Spell members, they don’t like each other. Something about how Ganma suspects Yuni was being put under Byakuran’s spell so he wants to defeat that guy so he can have his princess back. He also mentions how another member of his Giglio Nero family, Genkishi, was their biggest traitor as he sided with Byakuran. Meanwhile Tsuna undergoes some simulation by Spanner to develop his X-Burner while Yamamoto meets Genkishi. Since Genkishi is an illusionist apart from being a good swordsman, Yamamoto is defeated. On the other hand, there is another invasion at the Millefiore’s base. This time led by Hibari’s subordinate, Tetsuya Kusakabe along with Lambo, I-pin and even Chrome. Before Genkishi could dispose of Yamamoto once and for all, future Hibari shows up to duel with him. Irie has also come to know about Spanner’s betrayal and sends Iris and Gingerbread to find them. Thankfully Spanner manages to complete the contact lenses Tsuna needs for his new and powerful X-Burner as he blasts them with it. As Hibari and Genkishi trade blows, suddenly the Hibari from 10 years ago is blasted to the future replacing his future self. Hibari is annoyed with his new surroundings and upon learning that Genkishi has taken out Yamamoto, this is enough for him as to consider as an attack on Namimori. Hibari learns fast to use his Dying Will and Box Weapon but his hedgehog Box Weapon starts to go out of control due to the amount of Dying Will Hibari put in. It starts collapsing the room and the adjoining chambers as everyone makes a run for it.
Tsuna is flying through the base with Spanner tagging along to find the strange weird machine he sees in his dreams. Irie tries to prevent him from moving further by unleashing traps but to no avail and since some of the blocks have been jammed, moving them is impossible as Tsuna closes in to his destination. However he now faces Genkishi. As one of the 6 Funeral Wreaths under Byakuran, he uses his illusion and Mare ring powers to play mind games on Tsuna but his determination is strong so he defeats Genkishi via his X-Burner and Zero Point Breakthrough. When Tsuna and Spanner reach their destination, they are surprised to see Irie there. Furthermore, all the Guardians are captured and placed in a chamber so if Tsuna doesn’t hand over his Sky Ring, they will ultimately pay. However there twist in the plot comes. Irie knocks out Cervello and explains everything. Seems that he is on Tsuna’s side. He is been acting hostile all the while so that Byakuran will not suspect him. Furthermore, those matches are to serve as their training for the ultimate showdown with Byakuran is to come. The machine that Tsuna dreamt contains the future bodies of them all. Which means when they were blasted into the future, their future self did not switched places but was ‘stuck’ inside this machine. So destroying it will not be a good idea. Also, Irie has sent messages to his past self to help blast Tsuna and co to the future gradually. This is to help them get strong. Tsuna gets upset when Irie mentions this point when he blasts innocent Kyoko and Haru to the future. However he reiterates that the future Tsuna told him to do so.
There is also a battle going on in Italy as the Varia is leading the charge against the Millefiore family. In replacement of Mammon, Flan is the new recruitment to the team and under Bel’s wings. You’ve got to love this kid’s sarcastic in-your-face comments even if he tells them in a monotonous energetic-less fashion. While the Varia are busy dealing with the Millefiore foot soldiers, Bel and Flan chance upon the former’s brother thought to be killed, Sil, who is also 1 of the 6 Funeral Wreaths. He and his servant, Orgelt took them out but thanks to Flan’s illusion, they escaped. Sil and Orgelt come face to face with Xanxus and he still shows why he is the boss (not to mention his stuck up attitude still there). Though he mentions that the conflict within the Vongola and Varia are personal and internal matters, when there is an outside threat, they will unite and cooperate to rid of that menace. Xanxus unleashes a powerful Box Weapon, Liger (a hybrid between a lion and tiger) to kill both Orgelt and Sil. So much for making anymore appearances. With the news of their victory in Italy reaching those in Japan, Ryohei from 10 years ago is blasted to the future. A little late but at least all the Vongola rings are here. However in order for Tsuna to use the given Sky Box Weapon, he and those from his time have to temporarily travel back in time to face the trials of the Arcobaleno within 7 days. Hey, didn’t just Ryohei came to the future? Now he has to go back again. Irie believes it is essential that Tsuna and his Guardians pass this trial as he feels that in this era, it is their only best hope they could defeat Byakuran.
Arcobaleno Trial Arc
Tsuna and co arrive safely back at their own time. Though they have been in the future for a few months, it has only been 3 days in between since Tsuna and Ryohei’s disappearance. So they make up some excuse like getting lost in a picnic. What’s not to believe? While a pair of unidentical twins, Monta and Himeko Hariyama (Mammon and Bel in disguise), becomes transfer students in Tsuna’s class, Tsuna’s first trial is against Colonello. While Lal (in Arcobaleno form at that time) is the observer. I wonder how the Arcobalenos of this time get to know of this all important trial. Fate? Plus, the number of Guardians participating depends on that Arcobaleno’s trial. For Colonello’s trial, Tsuna and Gokudera pairs up for the trial to test their fighting abilities. With cooperation and Gokudera as a distraction, they win their first trial. Elsewhere Tsuna is seen provoking Hibari and Mukuro to come together (these 2 never got along even if they’re reluctant under the same Vongola family). However it is a ploy by Skull to take out Tsuna with Mammon’s help but they slug it out among each other. The real Tsuna comes by to give Chrome some onigiri when he sees this. So the second trial of charisma belongs to Skull. Though Tsuna easily takes out Skull’s giant octopus and the same goes for Hibari and Mukuro over Skull’s subordinates, the latter duo continue fighting. However Tsuna manages to come between them and stop them. Because of that, he passes this test. Next is Mammon’s trial as he gives Tsuna, Yamamoto and Ryohei riddles to solve and find his location in which he has kidnapped Kyoko. They manage to do so and find that Kyoko’s kidnap was just an illusion. Mammon was being paid to conduct several incomplete and unstable Box Weapons at that time so it’s no surprise that Tsuna with the experience from his future blasts them all away including Mammon and passes the trial.
The next trial is Fong, who is I-pin’s master. If you’re wondering why I-pin likes Hibari at least this provide an insight. Fong resembles very closely to Hibari. Lambo is the only Guardian around so Fong also allows Haru and I-pin to play a game of tag in Namimori. They have to catch him before time is up. It’s no easy task seeing that Fond is like the wind. Eventually Tsuna catches Fong by default (he got beaten up by Hibari for making too much ruckus) and passes the test in the nick of time. The next trial belongs to Luche but that Arcobaleno is currently missing. However her daughter, Aria (the current head of Giglio Nero), does it in her place and proceeds to have Tsuna do all her chores. He passes the test when Tsuna protects her from mysterious MIBs not knowing whether she was a threat or not. She hopes her daughter Yuni will grow up to be like him. The next trial is Reborn. He has Tsuna gather all the Guardians in an all-out battle against him. Reborn shows his true strength and not even Hibari is close in touching him. When all the Guardians are out, it is Tsuna’s turn. However he is hesitant and couldn’t fight back even if Reborn gave him a chance to use the X-Burner on him. Because of that, Tsuna lost and Reborn says he has failed.
While the gang recuperates, the final Arcobaleno, Verde, launches his attacks on them. However Verde isn’t interested in Tsuna’s trial and is doing all this to obtain data of the Vongola Rings and Dying Will Flames for his research and complete his Box Weapon. Because of that, the other Arcobaleno team up to fight against him as they view him as a threat in breaking the Arcobaleno promise. They get to beat Verde and eventually find his secret hideout nearby so Verde just passes them in his trial of intuition. Because Reborn saw Tsuna’s determination in that fight and also passes him. The next day everyone gathers at Namimori Shrine to be blasted back to the future. But Hibari is nowhere in sight. Is he not coming? As everyone else goes first, Reborn and nervous Tsuna wait for Hibari but he is no show. Time is up so they head to the future only to find Hibari already there and was the first one who reached here. Even they’ve gone back to the past for 7 days, only 10 minutes have passed here.
Battle Preparation Arc
Back to the future. No, not that Hollywood movie from the 90’s. When everyone returns shortly, Byakuran appears to inform the gang that he knew of Irie’s defection so he announces an official battle called Choice between both sides in 10 days. As far as I understand, this Choice game is some strategy game that Byakuran and Irie created during their bored times (they have so much times on their hands then?) and Namimori is highly speculated to be the battleground. Of course. Why not? He also shows them the true 6 Funeral Wreaths and that the ones we knew all along weren’t so because of their fake rings. Plus, that battle in Italy was just a little test. He uses his powers to teleport the entire base elsewhere only leaving the machine and the little land they’re standing on intact. With Millefiore’s presence totally gone in Japan, Irie and Spanner join Tsuna’s team and prepare them to fight against Byakuran as Irie passes the Guardians their own Vongola Boxes. So the usual daily affair like Chrome opening up to the girls and Yamamoto coaching a group of Namimori baseball club kids. Then also blasted to the future is Basil, who first ended up in Spain and followed some instruction book on how to use Dying Will Flames and Boxes (like it was sooooo convenient. Heck it beats having to repeat or re-show his story) as he reunites with the gang. Now they have an ally and Basil’s attribute is rain.
As the gang learns how to use an Air Bike for mobility for their upcoming battle, Dino also returns and with his sky attribute, becomes their tutors (aside from continuing to be Hibari’s tutor). As training begins (like Tsuna trying to control his temperamental Sky Box Weapon, Gokudera reluctantly training Ryohei and Lambo, Chrome undergoing illusion training with Bianchi and I-pin via late Mammon’s computer programming and Yamamoto on standby because Squalo is on his way to give him sword lessons (shouting included. Just kidding), Kyoko and Haru feel left out and being kept in the dark by the boys on their activities and eventually find out the real deal (oddly when they first were eavesdropping in the same room, I can’t help feel that the gang who are able to sense enemies and their whatever, are unable to sense the girls. No killing aura?). Of course a little tension here and there but eventually they move on and complete their training. It was a good thing too Tsuna told the girls because Byakuran tells him to bring everyone from his side from the past for the game or else they’ll be disqualified (howzabout blasting a mountain top as demonstration?). Battle day arrives and we could see Tsuna and co ready to take on Byakuran and his 6 Funeral Wreaths. What more convincing do you need when the Guardians’ combined Dying Will Flames are 10 million Fiamma Volts! Whatever the heck that measurement is.
Being a mafia boss isn’t that bad…
The series is interesting enough to keep me glued to the screen so it won’t be a surprise that I will continue to watch the series and find out more about what the characters have to offer, whether it is their past or the battles that they will face. It has been a long and winding road for Tsuna and the rest but over the series, you can see them grow, especially Tsuna from a whinny loser to a respectable friend and comrade. Though he still has some of his weak habits but then, nobody is perfect.
Many of the character themselves are likeable but I can’t help mention that I find those kids Lambo and I-pin a little annoying. It’s like their main role over the series is for I-pin to keep naughty Lambo in line, chasing each other around. I really wish that their grown up versions would have more screen time. Though the kid Fuuta isn’t bad himself, I’d still prefer the future Fuuta because he looks and sounds more mature. I don’t mean to sound like kid-hater Hana but I just felt that somehow these little kids don’t contribute much accept for comic relief. Then of course Gokudera’s calling of Tsuna as the 10th really gets to you after a while. Chrome’s loneliness and always wanting to find where Chikusa and Ken is always had me baffled why they always leave her behind. Speaking of which, if those trio escaped from the Vendicare, why didn’t they take them back? Perhaps they’ve got Mukuro the big fish so those small fries don’t matter, eh? Another thing about Skull is that if he’s got a reputation of being a strategist and a stuntman who can come back from the dead. But in his Arcobaleno form, he’s like being bullied and looked down especially by Reborn and Colonello. All just big talk? Reborn is also another enigmatic character. When things are not going good for Tsuna and co during their battles, Reborn puts on a worrying look. Then when Tsuna makes a comeback, Reborn lets out a grin and had knew it all along that this would happen. So does he really know it or just playing along?
On an unrelated note, I also wished that there were other rings created for Tsuna’s Vongola ‘family’ as they could be extended to the other characters. For instance Rainbow Ring for Kyoko (because of her cheerful disposition), Snow Ring for Haru (because her name means spring so winter is also a season… Sorry if you don’t get it), Moon Ring for I-pin (because her face looks like one. Haha! Just kidding), Wind Ring for Fuuta (because when he goes into ranking mode, everything close to him is like floating and suspended in mid-air. Sorry too if you don’t get it) and Haze Ring for Bianchi (just like her poison cooking because it chokes and bad for your health. Haha! Sorry). It would be interesting if they had such rings so as not to show that they are ‘useless’. But even if they aren’t in the front lines, at least they provide background and emotional support to Tsuna and the rest. So which girl will it be, Tsuna? Still gunning for Kyoko? But he can’t dismiss Haru because she herself proclaimed to be his future wife. How about Chrome? Yeah, gotta face Mukuro first. Don’t want to be called mukou-dono (son-in-law). Get it? Sorry, another bad joke.
The extensive cast line up include relative unknown seiyuus such as Neeko as Reborn (can’t seem to find any other info on this mysterious seiyuu), Yukari Kokubun as Tsuna, Hidekazu Ichinose as Gokudera, Suguru Inoue as Yamamoto, Toshinobu Iida as Mukuro, Hitomi Yoshida as Haru, Li Mei Chiang as I-pin (she’s a Japanese by the way). Of course there are other established seiyuus like Hidenobu Kiuchi as Ryohei (Touji in Peach Girl), Rie Tanaka as Bianchi (Suigin Tou of Rozen Maiden), Junko Takeuchi as Lambo (Naruto of Naruto), Kenjiro Tsuda doing several roles as Otona Lambo, Spanner and Romeo (Inui in Prince Of Tennis), Takashi Kondo as Hibari and Fong (Train in Black Cat) and Yuko Sanpei as Fuuta (Renton in Eureka Seven). Others that don’t really have a long list of anime roles to their names include Satomi Akesaka as Chrome (Kuno in Sekirei), Kenn as Dino (Kazu in Air Gear), Daisuke Nakamura as Colonello (Yamato in Suzuka), Yuuna Inamura as Kyoko (Apricot in Galaxy Angel Rune) and Masami Suzuki as Lal (Amelia of Slayers series).
With the numerous opening and ending themes, some are rock based while others feels like pop and they range from fast to slow. Those that sounded okay to me include Drawing Days by SPLAY (opening 1), Boys And Girls by LM.C (opening 2), 88 by LM.C (opening 4), Last Cross by Mitsuoka Masami (opening 5), Michishirube by Keita Tachibana (ending 1), Echo Again by SPLAY (ending 3) and Ameato by w-inds (ending 7). Some of them sound a little sissy or weird to me like Friend by Idolling! (ending 6), CYCLE by CHERRYBLOSSOM (ending 8), Suberidai by Mori Tsubasa (ending 9), Sakura Rock by CHERRYBLOSSOM (ending 10), Smile by Aya Ueto (ending 11) and Aoi Yume by Mori Tsubasa (ending 14). I don’t know, I just can’t stand them. Then there is one ending theme sang by the seiyuus of Hibari and Mukuro called Sakura Addiction (ending 5). It kinda feels weird to see both enemies singing together, if you know what I mean. Also, the current 7th opening theme by SxOxU, Funny Sunny Day, sounds funny and er… gay? With a variety of background music, some are quite nice, especially those battle themed ones. Then there are those which are character specified, tailored to a particular main character in the series. So when that song is played, you’ll know which character is going to make his/her appearance or hog a little of the spotlight of that moment.
On a trivial note, each episode is named Target and I wonder how many targets Tsuna and co will go through before achieving what they’re supposed to do. Initial the next episode preview starts off with Reborn narrating. Then during the Vongola Ring Conflict arc, the next episode preview is just a short scene lasting less than 5 seconds because the end segment has been turned into some best 3 horoscope fortune telling with recycled lines and actions from the series’ characters representing that horoscope. I don’t know how true is that but do you feel lucky? Some of their quips are funny like Ryohei’s "My constellation is always boxing" while others are just plain and dull. Later during the Future arc, a section called Haru Interview Dangerous whereby Haru and Reborn interview the series’ characters about their personal stuff or anything that matters. Usually it ends in a disastrous way. The characters here are drawn in chibi form so they look quite cute. Some characters appear twice and even minor characters like the Varia and Haru’s dad have their turn showing up. I suppose the horoscope segment must be damn popular because it comes back during the Battle Preparation arc shortly after a few episodes of what-the-hell-is-this Tsuna Monster Tamer filler. Yeah, another round of recycled lines (no Reborn, I did not miss this segment. Ever). I guess after all that end fillers, the next episode preview goes back to where it initially started off with Reborn doing the talking again. I guess those fillers were necessary to ‘fill up’ the air time. No wonder they can drag the arc for so long. I mean for instance for the Future arc, in almost every damn episode you have 5 minutes of recap of what has happened. From the beginning! Stop it already! I get it! Tsuna blasted into the future bla bla bla!
The series is popular enough to have video games, light novels and a radio show of its own. However unlike Bleach, Naruto and One Piece, this series does not have a movie feature of its own. I wonder what kind of storyline if they were to make one. Unless it is some alternate retelling or something like that. And I’m sure with cool and good looking guys like Hibari and Mukuro, this draws in the crowd and the more purpose for them to cosplay.
The significance of this entire series is about the importance of being a family. I know that when you say mafia, those thoughts of trigger happy Sicilian people come to mind. A good mafia? Well, it’s better than real life corrupted higher officials supposed to serve the people but served their own pockets instead. It does not matter if they are blood related or not, as long as you have that closeness of the family bond which glues everyone together. For Tsuna, he is going to have to live with the fact that his house is one noisy gathering place and whether he accepts his destiny as the 10th Vongola boss or not (well, the Future arc seems to indicate he has become one), he has learned to accept them as they are and to care for them. Maybe it’s about time I should do the same for my own family. At the same time, I’ll be watching this series with my Dying Will! Like my life depends on it. REBORN! Oops. I think I just split my pants. Better than being bitten to death.

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn

Honestly, I’m still following this great series and loving it even if at times if it is a little draggy and boring. But that is to be expected for a long and currently running anime series Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. With the series having three digit number of episodes, it is no surprise that one of the main factors for this popular series is its characters. You can’t help root for the main group of heroes each time they face and overcome their adversaries and obstacles. But due to space constraints, briefly listed below are the characters from the series of the Vongola family.
The Vongola Family Guardians
Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada
Tsuna Sawada 
He is the next and 10th rightful successor of the powerful and influential Italian mafia Vongola. Who would have thought a weak high school kid would be the next leader of a powerful organization. He reluctantly undergoes harsh training to be the next boss from Reborn and though he may be initially whinny and weak, he still has a big heart in the sense that he cares for his family and friends.
Vongola Ring: Sky.
Fighting ability: Uses a pair of gloves in which he later develops powerful techniques like Zero Point Breakthrough and X-Burner.
Hayato Gokudera
 Hayato Gokudera
The self proclaimed right hand man of Tsuna. Though he is extremely loyal to Tsuna and would do anything for him, he is hot tempered and rebellious towards the rest. Surprisingly he is good in his studies. However due to a traumatic experience when he was a kid, he will go into automatic ‘paralyzed’ mode each time he sees her half-sister’s face. To cure that, she has to wear a mask or at least a goggle.
Vongola Ring: Storm.
Fighting ability: A mid-range fighter employing dynamites. Learns how to use Rocket Bombs from Shamal and later develops a CAI System utilizing both Dying Will flames and Box Weapon system.
Takeshi Yamamoto
Takeshi Yamamoto 
The son of a sushi restaurant operator and a baseball freak. The good thing about him is his optimistic and carefree attitude which in turn is also a bad thing. Everything to him seems like fun and games but can be serious when needed to be so.
Vongola Ring: Rain.
Fighting ability: As the swordsman of the family, his baseball bat is able to transform into a sword whenever in battles. He develops his own Shigure Souen techniques like Reflecting Rain.
Ryohei Sasagawa
Ryohei Sasagawa 
The elder brother of Kyoko and the boxing enthusiast and obsessed. He is the loudmouth type and prefers to let his fists do the talking. His favourite word is "Extreme" and gets fired up in almost anything. Often rushes in without thinking and has short memory especially important details.
Vongola Ring: Sun.
Fighting ability: As a boxer, his fists are his assets thus giving him greater strength and advantage in hand to hand combats. Develops a powerful move which could shatter boulders called Maximum Cannon.
Amazingly this annoying cry-baby does nothing useful (in my opinion) if he is in his 5 year old self. Wanting to play around, eat snacks and not knowing the actual threats around him. I’d prefer his grown up self Otona Lambo and wish he had more appearance than this little brat.
Vongola Ring: Lightning.
Fighting ability: Keeps lots of weird stuff within his afro hair. Like grenades. Can come in handy. Or not. Also has a 10 year bazooka in which he uses to escape ‘harsh’ situations by switching with his 10 year future self. His suit has the ability to conduct electricity and pass harmlessly through his body. This allows the development of several techniques like making a temporary blade via his horns.
Kyouya Hibari
Kyouya Hibari 
The cold and distant public morals committee leader who hates crowding. Could care less about everyone else but loves his school very much (yeah, he did mention he can graduate anytime as he wishes) and his catchphrase is "I’ll bite you to death". The only reason he is ‘part’ of Tsuna’s family is his ‘respect’ for Reborn and the wish to fight him one day.
Vongola Ring: Cloud.
Fighting ability: Has a pair of tonfas as his weapon. Seeing that he is the strongest and trained skilled fighter in his school and yearns to fight strong opponents, coupled in with his ‘intimidating’ looks, he doesn’t need any flashy moves to take down his opponents.
Chrome Dokuro/Mukuro Rokudo
Chrome Dokuro Mukuro Rokudo 

Though Mukuro is initially an antagonist against Tsuna and his family, Chrome is the bodily vessel for Mukuro when he is imprisoned by the Vendicare. He switches places with her when she is in dangerous situations. Though Mukuro may be direct, arrogant and not easily intimidated, Chrome on the other hand is shy but takes a liking for Tsuna when he stood up for her. Does not get along well with Hibari and you can expect a fiery match if these 2 ever come face to face.
Vongola Ring: Mist.
Fighting ability: Both are illusionists using illusions to attack and confuse opponents. While Mukuro has Six Path of Rebirths containing 6 different abilities which he can use and change via his right eye, Chrome holds a trident.
The Varia
The obnoxious leader of Vongola’s independent assassination squad, The Varia. He is not the real son of the 9th Vongola head, thus was rejected by the Vongola rings. Has a scar across his face and it grows when he is angered and likes to call those he dislikes/hates "trash".
Ex-Vongola Ring: Sky.
Fighting ability: Possesses a pair of Dying Will Guns which can create a powerful and deadly blast.
Superbi Squalo
 Superbi Squalo
The loudmouth talented swordsman of the team and has battled and defeated many greatest warriors during his time to be the best swordsman in the world. The second-in-command of Varia is loyal to Xanxus and is seen as the next successor for Varia’s leadership.
Ex-Vongola Ring: Rain.
Fighting ability: His left arm is mechanical and also serves as a sword allowing to cover blind spots and flip several angles.
Also known as Prince the Ripper for displaying his genius in terms of combat and tactical skills on the battlefield. Has trademark laughter of "Shishishi…".
Ex-Vongola Ring: Storm.
Fighting ability: Combines to use of knives and invisible wires.
Levi A Than
Levi A Than 
Another loyal subordinate of Xanxus so much so he follows his orders to perfection like only fighting when he is allowed to. He does not care about his own promotion within the Varia and is zealous in getting a job done quickly.
Ex-Vongola Ring: Lightning.
Fighting ability: Has 8 umbrella-like parabolas which conduct electricity and also serve as swords.
I find him a little gay. Maybe it is his style of talking. Always seen wearing a pair of sunglasses and I don’t know if he is some fashion freak. What’s with that green half Mohawk hairstyle?
Ex-Vongola Ring: Sun.
Fighting ability: Favours Muay Thai and has a strong metal plate on his left knee as protection.
Formerly known as Viper. This Arcobaleno takes on any job as long as it pays well. Yeah, money makes the world go round, eh? Also has the ability to locate and find any person.
Ex-Vongola Ring: Mist.
Fighting ability: A spell caster also using illusions as part of his battles. Has a salamander named Fantasma above his head which helps him to fly.
Seen as Mammon’s replacement in the Future Arc when all Arcobalenos are dead. Under the wing of Belphegor, this illusionist’s lines seem to be mocking and sarcastic even he says them in an unenthusiastic and ‘drowsy’ way.
Gola Mosca
Gola Mosca 
A killing machine without any proper dialogues. It is revealed that it is powered by a human life force and during the Varia Ring Conflict Arc, the 9th Vongola head was the one unwilling powering it. It was quickly destroyed and went berserk during Hibari’s match.
Ex-Vongola Ring: Cloud.
Fighting ability: A killing machine equipped with many firepower. Need I say more?
Other Vongola Family Members
One of the Arcobalenos in charge of whipping and shaping up Tsuna and co to be the next leader of the Vongola family. As the best hitman in the world and personal tutor to Tsuna, Reborn has unconventional methods in training him. He can be unbelievably strong when he is serious. Has a shape shifting Chameleon named Leon which shoots Dying Will Bullets. Always keeping a straight face and nobody else but Tsuna seems to recognize him when he puts on a weird disguise.
Kyoko Sasagawa
Kyoko Sasagawa
The nice girl and Tsuna’s crush. Though she is unaware of his feelings and thinks of him as nothing more than her good friend. Thankfully because she is a little airhead, she is unaware of Tsuna and co’s battles. But because of her smiling and sunny disposition, she provides much needed emotional support for him and the rest.
Haru Miura
 Haru Miura
Another girl who has a crush on Tsuna but hails from a different high school. She is quite eccentric and upbeat. Likes dressing herself in weird costumes in which every normal people would find embarrassing to put on. Sometimes uses short English words in her sentences. She along with Kyoko are seen babysitting Lambo and I-pin most of the time.
The self-proclaimed lover of Reborn and Gokudera’s half-sister. She specializes in Poison Cooking in which every dish she creates are, well, poison. You can die from eating them if you don’t have a strong stomach. Make that very strong stomach. Hates her ex-boyfriend Romeo very much that she doesn’t hesitate to kill him. Unfortunately he resembles a lot like Otona Lambo.
The little Chinese martial artist specializing in her unique Gyoza Fist technique is always seen playing with Lambo. She also tries to keep him out of mischief. She is near-sighted and has a crush on Hibari. When she becomes embarrassed, she turns into a time bomb. Her future self is always seen rushing to deliver ramen to an uncle named Kawahira.
The current head of the Chiavarone family, which is serves under the Vongola family. A great fighter using whip, he loses his motor skills when his subordinates aren’t around and becomes very clumsy. Has a turtle named Enzo, in which it could grow big if it absorbs huge amount of water.
A little boy who has an uncanny ability to rank just about anything. And he is never wrong! Unless of course if it rains. When he is in this ranking mode, objects around him start to float. Because of this skill, he is being highly sought by the mafia. He lives in Tsuna’s house and calls him big brother after he saves him.
The technical expert in the Vongola family which specializes in engineering and weapon tuning, modification and creation. Has a shiny forehead and though he can fix just about anything, sometimes it goes a little awry before repairing it for good.
Tetsuya Kasukabe
Tetsuya Kusakabe

As the vice chairman of the public morals committee, he is also Hibari’s loyal right hand man during his schooling days. During the Future Arc, he helps Tsuna and the rest in their mission against Millefiore besides travelling around the world researching about Box Weapons and Rings.
Dr Shamal
Dr Shamal 
A skilled doctor and crazy womanizer, attempting to hit on just about any woman he comes across though always unsuccessful. Because of that, he claims to only treat women and not men. Even if he has to treat them (especially Tsuna and his male friends), he hates it very much. Develops trident mosquitoes to infect enemies with deadly diseases.
Nana Sawada
 Nana Sawada
Tsuna’s mother and a very nice and caring mom she is. Though she is quite blur and unaware that her husband is part of the mafia and own child is involved in all this mafia-related events. She accepts and welcomes Tsuna’s ‘extended family’ into her home, preparing meals for them as well.
Iemitsu Sawada
Iemitsu Sawada
Tsuna’s often absent father who is actually the external advisor of the Vongola family. This means that his position is the second highest in the ranking order in the Vongola family. Has Basil and failed Arcobaleno Lal Mirch as part of his team.
Sure there are many more characters missing and the details about the listed ones are brief. But if I were to list them all here, it would seemingly take a very long time. Besides, I did say that this blog is to be limited to those connected to the Vongola family. I know other antagonists are related to the Vongola as, well, their enemies but that is a different category. So if you’d like to know more about them, there is always Wikipedia and dedicated sites on the series which also explains the plot and some of its terms. But for me, it ends here. I just wonder if Tsuna will add anymore family members to his great but weird extended family. But one thing is for sure. Whether is becomes the next mafia head or not, he is happy to be together with them all. Let’s hope it continues that way.

Though this popular anime series, Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn, is still currently running in Japan (for over 2 years already!), I thought I felt like blogging on the original soundtrack of this series first. I’m sure that for a long running series, there should be at least a soundtrack album as part and parcel of the series. I mean, you can’t have a series these days going popular with just the series alone, right? You need to have video games, novels, movies, toys, merchandise and any other stuff the producers and marketing staff can think off to make it a global phenomenon.
So far, there are only 2 original soundtrack albums released for this series. Namely, Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Target #1 which is released on December 2006 and Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Target #2 which is released several months later, that is, April 2007. The first soundtrack contains 28 tracks whereas the second album has a track more as it contains 29 tracks. Thus a total of 57 songs.
From what I can see (hear actually), and due to the released dates of both albums, the soundtracks are mainly from the family gathering story arc (the story arc whereby Tsuna reluctant ‘obtains’ his followers… erm… I mean ‘family’) and the Mukuro story arc. So it’s not surprising that they still continue to recycle… I mean re-use some of them in future story arcs or even filler episodes.
There are quite a variety of songs from both albums ranging from exciting battle themes to slower pieces. It’s really a good mix seeing that this is a long running anime. Like they say, variety is the spice of life. And for those who are still watching the show like yours truly, we all know that Tsuna needs it. Or perhaps he is better off without the, Well, you decide. In addition, most of the songs have a mafia-feel in it which suits the series well. As usual, listed below are my favourite soundtracks in alphabetical order:-
1) Fuuki Iinchou Hibari Kyouya
2) Seisen
3) Tachiagaru Nakamatachi
4) Tsuna Kakusei
Holy sh*t!!! That’s a far cry from the total number of tracks in the series!!! Not even 10% of it. 7.017543059% to be exact. Hahaha! Does this mean that the other tracks are not suitable to me?! Well, I won’t say they sound horrible but I did mention that those are my favourite tracks. Tracks which I can’t get enough of listening to.
Among the four, it’s tough to choose which is my favourite and after a long consideration I would say Tsuna Kakusei (Tsuna Awakens) would have the slight edge over the rest. This dramatic piece sounds like a comeback song for our heroes when they make a turn around to beat their opponents or when they unleash some super move of theirs to stun their opponents. At first, due to the beat and tune of the song, it somehow reminded me a little of that American boxing film, Rocky. Yeah, I really love the way the strings and horns are being played in this upbeat piece. The strings take the lead in the first verse then followed by horns while the cello accompanies it before the finale everything comes together for 1 big final dramatic bang. If this was during those Baroque times, I’m sure it will be a classical hit.
Next, or I would rather sometimes say a joint-first is Tachiagaru Nakamatachi (Comrades Stand Up And Oppose). Though this piece is slower than Tsuna Kakusei, it shares a somewhat same feeling and atmosphere as it. In the sense that it is another comeback song and the tune too somewhat reminds me of Rocky. Only this time that there is some piano play in the background music while the strings take centre stage. Though there are some low horns for the 2nd verse, but I still feel that the orchestral strings are the one which made this piece a dramatic impact. Should be another classical hit if it were to exist in those days.
Not forgetting Seisen (Holy War) which is the most dramatic sounding piece among the 4. Don’t get frightened when the song starts. That’s because it really starts off on a very loud note. With the way the strings are played here, this music is usually used during dramatic battle sequences. And note the marching percussions in the background. Last but not least, Fuuki Iinchou Hibari Kyouya (Public Morals Head Hibari Kyouya) is some sort of a character song in which sometimes when his character appear, you’ll hear this trademark background music of his. Some of the other characters too have their own but this is my favourite. The exciting thing about this one is the way the piano is played. It sounds so helter-skelter going up and down the piano keys. Up and down, up and down. Wow. This is really a finger drilling session. You must really have fast fingers to play this piece. Though there are strings in this piece but I felt that it’s more for accompaniment purpose.
But I’m not ending my blog here. I’ll blog on several notable tracks which are worth mentioning. On the first album, the first track on the album is REBORN! Vongola Mafia No Theme, which is a slow funky fanfare mafia song which gives an impression of the presence of Reborn or that little baby had just arrived. Gokigen sounds like a lively one with the flute as its core, usually played when Reborn does his pranks on Tsuna. Nichijou 1 at first sounds like a warm Christmas song due to the way the trumpet is played. Yeah, the atmosphere feels like as though a family gathering around the fire place for Christmas. But in contrary to that, this is 1 of the main themes of the series. Likewise Kore Nite Ikken Rakuchaku sounds very leisure-like as it gives a feel of a relaxing day or go on a little shopping stroll.
Moukougeki! Is another one of those upbeat pieces with blazing horns and a little bell. Jiken Sensei! sounds like a song suit for trouble scenes or when there is a little pinch. Note the mischievous play of the xylophones. Kessen Mae sounds like a death march song because of the way the whistling is done. Battle 1 and Battle 2 are typical battle scene music but it somewhat sounded it has a little mambo style in it due the fast playing xylophones, percussion and fanfare. Nakama To No Kizuna feels like one of those Mexican atmosphere riding into the sunset with its slow trumpets. Reborn! Shinu Ki Time is the typical upbeat theme whenever Reborn fires his Dying Will bullet into Tsuna’s forehead.
The balance quarter of the first album seems to have tracks which are character related as they suit the character’s personality. Like Hurricane Bomb Gokudera Hayato sounds like an Arabian tune only with a dramatic twist. Gakuen Idol Sasagawa Kyoko is your typical angelic kind of song with cherubic bells but the later part sounds like a very slow waltz. Tennen Shoujo Miura Haru reflects the upbeat and wackiness of that Haru girl while Dokusasori Bianchi sounds like a spooky spy theme the way the voices are hummed. The xylophones of Bovino Family Lambo sounds naughty which fits that brat Lambo very much but I kinda noticed this piece is usually played during those horoscope predictions after the end credits. Of course there is the Otona Lambo tune which has a much more mature and slower feel to it. I can’t help break into a smile each time I hear Bakuden Ningen I-pin because of the solo Chinese instrument played at first. Then when the song soon descends into a lively tune, it gives an impression which suits a chase scene or situations in a pinch.
Over to the second album, Heiwana Hibi sounds like another one of those usual trouble-free themes with the calming and soothing play of the flute. You will hear Cosplay Reborn usually when Reborn makes his appearance in some silly outfit of his. Don’t know why most of the characters can’t tell it’s him. Contrary to the track’s name Suspense, it didn’t feel like one as it is soft and slow. Dame Dame sounds like a comical tune while Shoubu Da! sounds like another battle theme but has an African beat in it. Jikan No Yokan 1 and Jikan No Yokan 2 has a mysterious and enigmatic feel in them while Dandyism is your typical upbeat fanfare which sounds… dandy.
Medetashi X 2 is a short piece which gives a relieved feeling as it is usually played when the episode ends that whatever issues in that particular episode has been settled. For now. The tracks Teki No Mukou, Ajito, Zettai Zetsumei!, Kyouteki Toujou and Semarikuru Teki has that orchestra dramatic and suspenseful feel like as though the enemy is going to make its move or something ominous is about to happen. Mukuro too sounds dramatic the way the strings are played and it does fit an enigmatic character like him. Tsuna Tachi No Yuusei sounds like a grand battle theme song fit for majestic battles but the song ends with a kind of happy note like as though the heroes have emerged victorious (sometimes it also makes me feel like leaping through a time portal…?!). Shouri No Yokan sounds like a variation of Tsuna Tachi No Yuusei but with more orchestra-like features and at first I thought it was a song summoning for the Valkyries! Senkyou‘s play of the flute makes it somewhat a typical recap theme usually done at the start of each episode after the opening credits.
So that raps it up for this series’ great soundtrack. Of course currently there are other albums like character albums and the opening and ending singles, but that’s another story. I’m sure that in the near future there will be more soundtracks released based on the story arcs that it has gone through. It will definitely by interesting to hear them if there should be future releases. Well then, I’ll be listening to my usual 4 favourite songs with my dying will!

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn
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