Kemeko Deluxe

September 6, 2009

Normal high school boy whose normal life is shattered when some girl turns up and proclaims that they are to be married. How often have I seen such animes. Not that I’m complaining because it seems that such genres attract my attention! Yeah, I must really love such series in addition to harem ones. Kemeko Deluxe is no exception.
Initially I was ‘turned off’ by looking at one of its early pictures. What do I mean? Seeing a very ‘ugly’ short chubby funny-looking girl which somewhat resembles an uglier and bigger version of Potemayo as opposed to those pretty kawaii wide-eyed bishoujos had me kick into stereotypic and bias mode and brushed this off as a not-to-be-seen on my anime list. However, curiosity got the better of me after learning that this is a comedy-ecchi-romance genre, I decided to give this a shot. Lesson learned: Never judge a book by its cover. Do more in-depth research first before jumping to conclusions.
Though I’m not saying that this anime totally rocks, but at least now that I have watched it, this is one of those ubiquitous ecchi and comedy series and there is nothing extraordinary. So fans of the ecchi genre may want to watch this for some panty and boob shots while others like me would just want to sit back and laugh at all the frenzy and hilariousity (if there was ever such a word) that the characters pull off.
As seen in episode 1, our typical normal boy is Sanpeita Kobayashi. Ten years ago he had a childhood friend, Kemeko. A girl his age. Before she departed, she gave him swallowed an energy ball. Ten years later, you can say that Sanpeita still harbours hope of reuniting with this girl and even carries a picture of her (the only picture) in his wallet. His peaceful life takes an ‘interesting’ turn when a giant spaceship crashes and gets stuck on his room’s ceiling. What follows next is like what we usually see in Western action flicks. That ugly short chubby funny-looking girl/robot in a bridal outfit appears and starts kicking ass! Wow! She’s firing the machine gun against her robotic pursuers causing damage to his room like nobody’s business. To make matters complicated, she proclaims that she is his fiancee. What is a boy to do at this moment? Yup, he runs away to school. It’s school day, by the way.
So on the way, he meets another busty childhood friend, Izumi Makihara. You can tell that this girl harbours a deep crush on Sanpeita but of course she is too shy to tell him straight her feelings. So typical. Ah, the tension. At school, we are introduced to Sanpeita and Izumi’s other friends and classmates. The bespectacled Ryouta Minamino who is basically the class pervert and Misaki Hayama, an odd girl who seems to know of Izumi’s crush and she harbours deep fantasies about making their one way non-existent love. You can tell from her soft but queer voice and that ‘deep breathing’. You know what I mean. Better than reading a yaoi doujin, eh? Then a funny part is that when Ryouta is anticipating a hot girl transfer student, it turned out to be a nerdy short chubby boring-sounding guy named Hanayamada. How disappointing.
But Sanpeita’s day is still about to get worse because that bridal freak comes crashing into class, force kissed Sanpeita and telling them all how they’re to be married. Yeah, she says her name is Kemeko. Some evolution from a pretty young girl into this ugly creature? All these shocking revelations, eh? Izumi’s heart must be most uncomfortable. Then another robot from a big electronics corporation, Mishima, appears and another battle ensues. Sanpeita and Izumi run up to the rooftop as the class is being evacuated but there, another giant robot attacks them. If not for Kemeko, they could’ve been toast. Now the amusing thing is that this Kemeko girl can really kick ass despite her appearance. Just think of Sammo Hung. Short and fat but agile and flexible. Kemeko defeats the robot easily but she has taken some damage. Kemeko’s head then opens up to reveal a girl inside her. She is MM. It is mind boggling to see how she can fit into something smaller than her control it. The law of physics doesn’t apply here and it’s no use trying to scratch your head trying to think about it. Just accept it. Because MM is injured, she faints so Sanpeita takes her to the infirmary (Izumi having fainted from all those frightening stuff earlier on). At the same time, Sanpeita is thinking hard because this MM girl resembles a lot like her childhood friend Kemeko.
Izumi awakens in the infirmary and sees MM lying in the next bed. But when MM comes to, she becomes alerted because she realizes that she isn’t in her robot suit (trashing the infirmary just to find it?). She finds out that Sanpeita is ‘keeping’ Kemeko in his classroom under his table so of course when she arrives, this causes everyone’s head to turn. Who wouldn’t be distracted of seeing a girl in some sexy near-revealing body suit. However remnants from the robot she fought earlier on starts attacking her and MM in time enters Kemeko to do another power battle. Yeah, another devastating damage to the school before Kemeko defeats it. At the end of the day when Sanpeita goes home, the craziness hasn’t end and it is just the beginning of his nightmare because Kemeko is seen waiting for him in his room. Now trying to play the wife role, eh? Not removing the spaceship from the ceiling anytime? Well, if it’s not broken… Oh wait, the ceiling is broken… Ah, never mind.
Episode 2 introduces the rest of Sanpeita’s household. I can understand why he is somewhat tolerant to all the recent craziness (okay, maybe not so) that’s because his little family is as quirky. Take for instance his single mom, Fumiko. She’s constantly trying to finish her manga and beating its deadline (which she hardly ever does) along with her assistant Aoi. And I think it’s because of this pressure that Fumiko sometimes snap and no matter how much Aoi tries to put her foot down and orders her to finish her work, Fumiko still toys around like nothing. Besides, Aoi’s unrecognized effort and being dumped by her boyfriend too sometimes has her in ‘psychotic’ tears. So to keep the family together, Sanpeita’s little sister, Tamako, takes on motherly roles like buying groceries and preparing meals. Meanwhile Sanpeita is still annoyed by the intrusion and ruckus caused by Kemeko in his room. Because mommy and Aoi are too busy with their work, they can’t be bothered with the ruckus upstairs. So when Sanpeita manages to get MM out of her Kemeko, he takes out that picture and asks her if she is that girl in the picture. MM instantly blasts that picture with her ray gun. But it turned out that she sensed an enemy watching and fired it as reflex. Turns out it was just a cat. Oh no. Now that picture is gone! Of course he is bloody upset that the picture was destroyed though MM denies ever meeting him 10 years ago. MM also mentions that the Mishima Corporation is their enemy and is currently pursuing Sanpeita for reasons not willing to be revealed. You can tell that this Mishima Corporation is one hell of a big and famous corporation because not only every darn electronic product brand is from them, there is a huge TV screen right smack in the middle of the city which serves as their HQ. Seems intimidating, doesn’t it?
Though Sanpeita doesn’t want her little sister to find out about all this, too late because as she is preparing a meal in the kitchen, she notices an unusual ruckus so she has to go check it out. Thinking that something bad may be happening to her brother, she musters up her courage and barges in to his room to save him. At that time, MM has entered into Kemeko and is trying to seduce Sanpeita on his bed. You know the misunderstanding when Tamako sees it so she attacks her brother instead. Dangerous loli when she snaps. Seeing that Sanpeita is attacked, Kemeko tries to fight but Sanpeita ends up in both their receiving end. Poor guy. It just gets worse, eh? Outside the rooftop, Tamako confronts her brother and tells her tale of how she sacrificed herself and everything for him (prostituting herself too?!). That’s when she hits the spaceship as it starts to ignite. The spaceship blasts off with Kemeko in it but Tamako’s clothing is caught stuck onto it. Sanpeita clings on to Tamako as he tries to save her but they soon fall off. It’s a long way down. Thankfully Kemeko swoops down to rescue them with a soft landing (except for Sanpeita, of course. On his head…). Though Tamako apologizes to Sanpeita, she is taken in by Kemeko’s coolness and accepts her into part of the family upon learning that she is Sanpeita’s bride. That easy, huh? Yeah, Tamako even calls Kemeko her onee-sama (big sister). Even mommy accepts her. And if you think Sanpeita will get an outdoor starry sky as his ceiling, well that is short-lived because the spaceship plunges right back there again. How unlucky can this guy get? Uh huh. It’s not the end yet.
Sanpeita’s day is about to get worse because in episode 3 in order for Kemeko to continue protecting him and sensing an enemy nearby, she has to follow him. Even to school. Not as a fellow transfer student, but as his teacher! For all subjects! How does she get everyone to accept her? She points a chain gun at the class and orders everyone not to go against her education policy! Who dares to oppose? In order to continue their unfinished wedding ceremony the day before, Kemeko instantly causes another ruckus as she chases Sanpeita through the class wearing a traditional Japanese bride outfit. Yeah, at the expense of cancelling the literature class. This is going to be more than just scandalous. The slapstick chase resulted in Sanpeita falling over Izumi in a compromising position. Embarrassed Izumi in her reflex throws Sanpeita out of the window. You’ll notice how this girl’s favourite motto is "Unhealthy" each time she thinks or sees Sanpeita getting close with another girl. Outside, Sanpeita encounters a girl named Ryouko Kurosaki and her pet black cat, Juumonji (the cat MM nearly blasted in the previous episode). Kemeko sensing her beloved husband in danger, arrives on scene to battle with sword-wielding Ryouko. Meanwhile Misaki is playing some mind games with Izumi saying how Sanpeita may be eloping with Kemeko but we can tell that even if Izumi denies having an interest in that guy, her body language tells us that she is concern.
Ryouko manages to damage slightly Kemeko and takes the opportunity to awaken some Nano Ball which is believed to be inside Sanpeita. Sanpeita starts glowing and a little plant sprout from atop his head. It then grows into several vines which start attacking Ryouko. Fanservice time, eh? Vines in replacement for tentacles and they’ve got Ryouko in its grasps. In addition, Sanpeita is possessed and is in a zombie-like state. Kemeko pulls herself together and does some weird technique to beat possessed Sanpeita. Kemeko-the-hip looks more like her butt in his face. I don’t know. It seemed so funny that it worked. Later when Sanpeita comes to, a relieved MM hugs him. Ryouko and Juumonji watches from afar and classifies this investigation case as ongoing and that his powers isn’t complete yet. Meanwhile Izumi has witnessed all that has happened behind the block and wonders what is going on.
In episode 4, Sanpeita learns that Ryouko is his classmate, just that she doesn’t attend class very often. I guess now that Sanpeita is her investigating subject, she attends classes. Still thinking that this girl is dangerous, Sanpeita puts up a lot of barriers but Ryouko cuts them all down with her sword. Even Sanpeita’s clothes. Now he’s totally naked in class! Furthermore, Ryouta seems to take a liking for her and I’m not sure of his masochist ways wanting Ryouko to scold him and run him down and such. But this episode is your typical fanservice episode. Kemeko flexes her authority by cancelling class so that everyone can have fun at the school pool. Yeah, girls in swimsuits. Looking pretty hot! Can’t say the same for Kemeko in my opinion… Yeah, even Fumiko and Aoi changed into their swimsuits back at home, though they’re still arguing about the manga deadline. Meanwhile Sanpeita decides to sit this out along with Ryouko (don’t want to admit that she can’t swim?). Though Sanpeita pesters her to tell him about his hidden powers, the only thing she spilled is that the fate of the world depends on him. Woah. That is going to be such a huge responsibility. Tamako comes by to deliver Sanpeita and Kemeko’s forgotten lunch and gets involved with Kemeko’s organized water competitions.
Because Izumi isn’t happy with the recent developments, she challenges Kemeko to a swimming duel. If Izumi wins, she wants Kemeko to stop her unhealthy relationship with Sanpeita. The match starts with Izumi seemingly in the lead but Kemeko eventually catches up (it’s a power robot suit, remember?) and her Underwater Death Technique finishing move called Kemeko-with-flutter-kick causes a whirlpool and emptying the pool while sending the students flying away. In the end, Kemeko proclaims the match to be a draw since this place has got not enough water and the next time she’ll accept her challenge at the sea. But it isn’t going to end just like this. That’s because when Izumi goes over to Sanpeita, a spectacle comes falling down from the sky and in good timing, unhooks Izumi’s top. Sanpeita has a full blown view of her huge… melons. Embarrassed Izumi punches him and causes him to be hospitalized. And he thought he couldn’t get hurt if he stayed out of it all. And in the end, Kemeko forces Ryouko into some swimming lesson.
In episode 5, because Kemeko is disguising as some passer-by super assistant Kemeko J and helps the hopeless mangakas to finish their work, Fumiko hands her a pair of movie tickets in which Kemeko later and forces Sanpeita out on a date. This includes going bowling in which Kemeko throws her bowling ball with powerful force into the pins, nearly destroying the entire alley! As opposed to the Midas touch, everywhere she goes, Kemeko ends up nearly destroying it. And that Kemeko song of hers? It sounds so weird. So perasan… Fed-up with all this annoyance, Sanpeita isn’t willing to go out with her anymore and this prompts MM to get out from her Kemeko to change into some decent dress. Sanpeita is taken aback on how pretty she looks. If only MM would come out more often from Kemeko. So the duo finally made it to the movies and some intimate moments here (which include MM revealing this name of hers to Sanpeita for the first time). But in the midst of the movie, the rest of the audience in the cinema turned into Mishima robots and starts attacking them. MM calls her Kemeko like you see in those sentai shows and jumps into it with precision timing to defeat all of them with the help of Sanpeita’s unused wire. At the end of the day, MM and Sanpeita walk home together as they admire the beautiful starry sky. Though MM blushingly requests Sanpeita to take her out again to see the movie, Sanpeita teases her name in which she returns it with her Kemeko punch, kick and… Kemeko Yoga Fire? Next day at school as Izumi gets her courage to ask Sanpeita out for a movies (seeing she has obtained them from Misaki earlier on), she gets freaked out to see his super bruised face and that poor guy saying no to anymore movie outings. Ah, a moment too late. Well, keep trying. I’m sure Misaki enjoys watching from afar.
The summer break arrives in episode 6 and as usual Kemeko butts in and plans an outing for Sanpeita and his buddies. Unfortunately Fumiko and Aoi still have their manga job to finish and thus can’t tag along even if they’re wearing their swimsuits back at home. They’re never going to finish at this rate. And because Kemeko and Izumi continue their public spat over Sanpeita, it is understandable that this kid is irritated by it all and leaves for home. But upon arrival, he gets the surprise of his life because he spots Kemeko in a kimono and an eye-patch. She is Kiriko, to be precise. Another machine from Mishima. Yeah, mommy thinks he’s such a playboy while Tamako won’t forgive his two-timing ways. Putting that aside, inside Sanpeita’s room, a woman named Vanilla Makes Repairs (yes, that is her full name) comes out of Kiriko (another mind boggling fact how she fits into it). Vanilla, the executive director of Mishima, seems to take a liking for Sanpeita and proclaims that she is here to protect him from Mishima’s traitor who is MM. But Vanilla is not alone as she is accompanied by her R&D department of Mishima, Kyte Brian Sounds, who doesn’t listen to higher ups even if he is Vanilla’s subordinate. She hands him her business card and tells him to meet her 10 days from now at that place if he wants to know all about MM and will explain everything before leaving. Kemeko later comes back and has nabe with the family and though she suspected something wrong, she doesn’t question Sanpeita’s behaviour who is trying to hide the fact of his earlier meeting with Vanilla. At the top of Mishima HQ, Kyte wonders if Sanpeita will really show up and Vanilla is confident he will because Sanpeita is essential in her plans.
In episode 7, Izumi is trying to choose a swimsuit with Misaki in order to enhance her relationship with Sanpeita for the upcoming trip when she collapses. Back at Sanpeita’s home, if you’re wondering what that Purippurin exercise is about, part of it has one doing a head stand while splitting one’s legs wide upon and saying "MARVELLOUS!". I wouldn’t want to try it to save myself from embarrassment. Kemeko has the whole Kobayashi family doing it and since Sanpeita isn’t enthusiastic and spacing out about his encounter with Vanilla, she chases him and threatens to kill him with a chainsaw when a car comes crashing into his place. It is Misaki and sounds panic as she informs him that something bad has happened to Izumi. Sanpeita rushes there and barges into her room only to see her changing. He gets hit of course. Actually Izumi has a cold and it isn’t as bad as Misaki dramatically painted it.
Then Kemeko appears out of nowhere and starts playing nurse to heal her. All her suggestions are ridiculous and common sense tells us it is not going to work anyhow. This includes shoving leeks up her butt. Seriously? Then she made some porridge and has Sanpeita test taste it but since it was too spicy and laden with explosives, he got knocked out in an instant. Man, that stuff could kill! This is followed by putting several cosplay outfits on her (can you spot Punie of Dai Mahou Touge and that bloody death angel Dokuro-chan?). When all else fails, Izumi tells them to leave and that she doesn’t want to be a burden to everyone and decides not to go with them on her vacation trip. After Kemeko and Misaki leaves, Izumi tearfully laments her fate when Sanpeita comes to. After some comforting words from Sanpeita, Izumi gets her confidence back to soldier on and this is when she realizes that her cold is cured. Outside her room, Kemeko and Misaki are eavesdropping and Misaki mentions how she thought it was the right thing to have brought Sanpeita. Something about how love cured her. Later Kemeko and Sanpeita walk home and it seems MM now has a cold. Oh yes, Fumiko finally masters that Purippurin exercise. Marvellous!
Episode 8 shows Ryouko sending her report investigation to somebody. We also see Vanilla talking to a loli subordinate, Riko At Androids, who plans on killing an obstacle named Ryouko. Meanwhile Kemeko is having a ramen contest as her students cheer her on. While trying to beat the clock and food obstacles, poor Hanayamada is ignored to get his meal ordered. Sanpeita is not too fond with all this and leaves when he bumps into Ryouko in the streets. More like he was attacked by Ryouko. I don’t know how but to show her apology, she takes Sanpeita out on a date but it ended up with him paying and treating for her sweet desserts. I guess he has no choice but to because Ryouko promises to reveal her secrets. Not only that, Sanpeita is having fantasies of ‘doing it’ with seductive Ryouko. We also see the teaser Ryouko is because when she was about to reveal her first secret, she flashes her skirt up and says she’s wearing black panties, causing Sanpeita more than just nosebleed as he blurted out "F*cking great!". Yes. He did say that! I guess that’s his appetisers, main course and desserts. All in one.
Then Ryouko agrees to tell him if they are both alone. Up on the hill, as Sanpeita is panicking while thinking of erotic fantasies with Ryouko, she teases him once more when she proceeds close to him and prepares to kiss him. But it fizzles out when her intention is just to get him buy her juice. Oh the frustration. When frustrated Sanpeita leaves to get her juice, Ryouko then tells her hidden enemy to come out. Another robot from Mishima. Ryouko transforms herself into some fighting outfit and reveals that she is part of the 88th department of the Unified Public Security Agency and her codename is Black Girl. She destroys the robot and when Sanpeita returns, he is shocked to see the kind of girl Ryouko is and runs away. Ryouko catches up with him and that’s when he realized he needs to go back to the ramen store. Upon which, Kemeko has conquered all obstacles and been crowned Ramen King as she is being tossed in the air by her happy students. Even the ramen owner is happy that there’s somebody who beat it all. Just when Hanayamada thinks all the attention and hoo-ha is over and wishes to take his order, the waitress continues to ignore him! Aw, he’ll never get to eat! In the end, as Riko rendezvous with Vanilla and Kyte at Mishima HQ, Vanilla is unfazed that Ryouko is still alive but is confident that Sanpeita will leave MM once he hears the truth about her.
The summer vacation at Misaki’s villa near the beach starts in episode 9. We get to see more Izumi vs Kemeko situations. However this is an elaborate setup by Misaki and Ryouta to see if Sanpeita chooses which of the 2 and also Ryouta’s attempts to get close to Ryouko. It was pretty funny to see Kemeko smashing the watermelons with her bare hands to make watermelon juices. It’s amazing that Tamako even tries to emulate her! Because Sanpeita notices how good Izumi is in her swimsuit, jealous MM later comes out of her Kemeko wearing a bikini. When Izumi comes in to find Kemeko, in MM’s haste, she escapes but leaves her Kemeko suit behind. Because so, the gang are horrified to learn Kemeko is paralyzed like a stone. Worse, they think she may be dead! Of course Sanpeita knows what’s going on as he leaves the villa to find MM. He finds her hiding in the nearby forest bush and is embarrassed because of her bikini. I guess at such times, whether true or not, Sanpeita still has to comment how good she looks in them. The duo then fell into a trap hole.
When they come to, MM finds her ankle sprained so Sanpeita decides to carry her after wrapping it with his shirt. Hey, can’t have her protecting him all the time. So now it’s his turn to do some good. They then encounter a cat maid girl named Miura who proceeds to offer them some refreshments and tea as she explains her role in protecting this island. At the same time, the rest at the villa are bidding their time by playing some card game (so care free, aren’t they?) and Ryouta is over the moon when Ryouko kisses him as part of the penalty. Soon Miura attacks the duo, believing that they are intruders and as they are running away, Sanpeita is knocked unconscious. That is when his Nano Ball activates and his vines got the better of Miura and defeats. The plant on his head act as a propeller as they escape from Miura’s Maid Hole while the latter proclaims that this is the first time that somebody had successfully escaped from here. Similarly, Vanilla and her subordinates are watching all this from their helicopter. When Sanpeita returns to normal, he and MM rushes back to the villa and back into Kemeko before anybody suspects anything. She revives by giving an excuse how good a sleep she has had. Later when Miura comes in and as Sanpeita finds out that she is Misaki’s elder sister, he snaps and goes on a rampage. Kemeko adds to the chaos by whacking him to ‘stop’ him. It’s a crazy holiday alright.
The summer vacation continues in episode 10 with the Purippurin exercise and pillow fight (in which Ryouko used Ryouta as his shield, much to the latter’s delight). We also see how Fumiko came to draw her yaoi manga when during her high school years some popular guy took a look at her drawings. Yeah, Fumiko is even laughing how it all happened. Not only that, when that guy is leaving overseas and promises to marry her when he returns, that girl rushes off without saying anything just because it is time for her favourite anime! No wonder lah. Back to the villa, Miura notes how her maid fetish is just her hobby (just like Misaki’s fetish in watching other people’s love affair) and that she no longer is fit to be manager for Maid’s Hole and has somebody more fitting to replace her. He is Paul Patrick, age 43, and is some tough American army veteran. Why is Miura keep emphasizing on his age? Anyway since Sanpeita defeated her, Miura now wants Sanpeita to be her master! It’s getting worse alright. The gang decides to go watch the fireworks at the festivals tonight and Tamako is pretty enthusiastic because the way she sounded is like she’s never been to one before.
At the festival, looks like it is part of Misaki and Ryouta’s plan to create the much anticipated moment. As Ryouta gladly accompanies Ryouko to find a perfect spot to watch the fireworks, Miura follows Tamako seeing that she is the sister of her new master. Misaki lets herself being taken away by the crowd to leave Sanpeita and Izumi alone. Realizing this, Izumi gets nervous so she decides to get some drinks. However as Misaki and Miura spies from afar, they see Sanpeita being approached by MM who takes him away. Miura recognizes that girl as the one she battled at Maid’s Hole. Misaki sense something amiss. When Izumi comes back, she finds Sanpeita gone. Then alone at the shrine, MM comes out of her Kemeko to reveal her yukata she is wearing and returns the shirt Sanpeita used to wrap her ankle. She seems nervous to say thank you and when she does, the fireworks start. MM then flees in her Kemeko. Izumi regroups with the rest who are watching the fireworks but finds out that Sanpeita and Kemeko hasn’t arrived at all. MM is sorting out her feelings while Sanpeita that tomorrow is the day he’ll meet Vanilla.
Everyone returns back home in episode 11 and it seems Kemeko is on a winning streak after playing mahjong all night with the family. Izumi then comes by to give Sanpeita the vacation photos and confirms herself that he is living together with Kemeko. You can tell that she is upset and jealous because she breaks the tree branch with her bare hands! As Sanpeita tries to pester MM for answers about herself, she avoids him. So I guess he has no choice but to leave for his appointment with Vanilla. Upon reaching Mishima HQ, Sanpeita is tranquilized in the neck and when he comes to, he notices Vanilla in a sexy seductive position, trying to hit on him. Sex ed? Of course that guy isn’t amused and wants her to get to the point. Vanilla says that 10 years ago, the founder and first president of Mishima, Souichirou, developed an invention which could harness infinite power out from nothing. But that invention was incomplete and he was killed by his only daughter, Mei (I guess that’s what MM’s initials stand for), and stole the invention. MM senses something wrong and immediately hops into her Kemeko, jumping from place to place over town, searching for Sanpeita in frenzy. It is then she encountered Ryouko and they had a short duel before Ryouko tells her to hurry or else Sanpeita will die. Before Vanilla could finish her story, the intruder alarm goes off and the 2 intruders identified who are here to retrieve Sanpeita, Kemeko and Ryouko. I’m not sure what that initial duel was about but looks like Ryouko is on Kemeko’s side.
Episode 12 begins with a short flashback of how Souichirou showed Mei his Nano Ball creation in a lab tube. In present time, Kemeko and Ryouko decides to part ways after disposing some robots. Ryouko thinks of leaving but Riko and her army androids decides to play with her. Meanwhile Izumi has a hard time sleeping and her Sanpeita-in-danger-sense is tingling so she herself runs out of her home late in the middle of the night (realizing how unhealthy what she is doing eh?) right to Mishima’s HQ. She just got a feeling Sanpeita’s there. At the same time, the explosion from Mishima HQ has many curious onlookers, including Ryouta who is taking the chance to snap pretty pics of ladies with his handphone. Too bad, Izumi accidentally comes by and ruins it by breaking his handphone before stepping on his face. As Vanilla takes Sanpeita up a lift to meet Kemeko and telling him how Mei wants the Nano Ball inside of him, Kemeko intercepts the lift and Sanpeita free falls. Kemeko catches him before he falls to his doom but the first thing she did was to beat the crap out of him for making her worry. So the battle between Kemeko and Kiriko starts. Metal saw vs double metal fans. Not to say that the action choreograph scene is out of this world but more like engaging. It’s odd to see weird robots twisting and turning. At the same time, Ryouko along with Juumonji easily take out Riko’s androids before Ryouko herself handcuff and arrest Riko. It seems Ryouko knows about Riko’s sad past like how she wasn’t treated as a normal human for being a genius, the reason why she ran away. Ryouko tells her to go home because her parents are still looking for her. But Riko doesn’t want to so she uses all her handphones to activate her androids to self-destruct. I think Riko died in the blast.
Likewise, Kemeko defeats Kiriko with her The Exploding Kemeko Kick. Kemeko and Sanpeita’s emotional conversation is cut short when Kiriko appears. Seems Kemeko had defeated a dummy. Round 2 is to begin but Sanpeita comes between them. Sanpeita makes clear his choice that he is not going with Vanilla because he finds Kemeko not a bad person. Just that simple reason? Yup. I guess Sanpeita even crosses the line by blurting out Kemeko’s bad and embarrassing habits and had to beaten up again. But Kiriko isn’t going to let go because she hates Kemeko very much. Before anything could happen, the floor collapses courtesy of Kemeko’s earlier destruction of the research floors below. Thankfully, Ryouko bursts in on her motorbike to give the gang a ride to safety. Kiriko is stretching her hands out for Sanpeita to save her. Though in a dilemma, Sanpeita soon chooses to go with Ryouko and Kemeko. And I thought he would try to save everyone. Not. Kiriko falls into the depths in shock. Outside the nearly ruined HQ, Sanpeita is reunited with Izumi, who as usual ticks him off of his unhealthy habits before giving him a nice face punch. Misaki and Ryouta show up to complete the ruckus. Sanpeita goes to reconcile with Kemeko and tells her that he has no reason to kick her out of the house, making her happy as the gang walks back. A girl in a miko priestess outfit watches them from a distance and says how she had wanted to meet with Sanpeita. I think this is the girl he met 10 years ago. If it’s true, man she’s so different! In the end scenes, Kyte is teasing Vanilla how she is dumped by Sanpeita. But Vanilla isn’t going to give up because she has received orders from the president of Mishima and has recalled all the R&D sections to forcefully retrieve the Nano Ball and destroy Kemeko once and for all. Yeah, they’ve got their plan rolling already since we see a huge army of mean-looking androids chanting destruction. Sanpeita and co better watch out.
Ah well, an ending which give rise to a potential sequel, I must say. There is a big probability because there are still many unresolved issues such as Sanpeita’s inner Nano Ball and why Mishima wants it so badly. Even so, why did it take them 10 years to do so? Probably reports of its awakening? Was Vanilla’s story of MM being a traitor a lie? Then there is MM’s past which desires a lot to be revealed. Even though she briefly denied that she was the one who killed her daddy in the final episode, I still wonder what is the true story behind it all. Aside that, it is pretty funny to see such a scene whenever MM is peeking her head out of Kemeko’s head at times. It’s like it doesn’t match up. MM is definitely bigger than Kemeko so seeing such a scene feels kinda odd, if you know what I mean. Sometimes it feels like there’s a thin person trying to get out of a fat person, you know what I’m saying. Another mind boggling thing about Kemeko is her tendency to dress up in weird outfits besides her red trademark one as she thinks befitting for the occasion. From the visually disgusting swimsuit to a casual summer wear to a strange slug suit. I wonder if it’s necessary to do so because it seems so odd (but funny). Plus, how and where on Earth did she get to custom made outfits to fit Kemeko’s odd body structure? She personally made it? Or does it come with the strange robot?
But I guess for this particular short series, at least Sanpeita accepts MM and Kemeko for who she is, even if it means more havoc days ahead. Speaking of which, that poor guy has been through a lot of pain, torturing and humiliation ever since Kemeko and MM arrived. He’s got to endure it all whether he likes it or not. Kemeko and MM’s contrasting personalities are quite amusing. Kemeko on one hand can be the assertive, pushy and aggressive weirdo while MM on the other can be seen as a little clumsy and shy. In my opinion I think MM does have some feelings for Sanpeita. Ryouko… What more can I say about her. She’s just a teaser and an observer. No chemistry for Sanpeita that’s for sure.
As for the other characters like Ryouta, Misaki, Fumiko, Aoi and Tamako, they are more like side characters (well, duh!) and I thought they would help contribute to something at the end. It’s like they were ‘cast aside’ when Sanpeita decided to go meet Vanilla in the final storyline. Nevertheless they are still wacky in their own ways like Fumiko’s never-ending manga job with Aoi. I think at this rate she will go cuckoo. Oh wait, she already is. What about Izumi? Obviously that girl still hasn’t got the guts to confess so it’s back to square one. Unlike Ryouta’s unreturned love from Ryouko, but that’s a different case. And that Miura girl? Didn’t see much of her after the festival. I thought she wanted to be Sanpeita’s master and do anything and be anywhere for him. Amazingly MM manages to keep her secret identity from the rest of the gang and although there are times when Izumi and lately Misaki suspected something about that pink haired girl or Kemeko-sensei’s weirdness, they eventually didn’t bother much about it.
I liked the voice acting for Kemeko which is no other than Chiwa Saito (Kirie in Girls Bravo, Natsumi in Keroro Gunsou). I love it when she goes into hyper loud mouth mode and her answer for everything is ‘creative’. Initially I thought she too would voice MM but it seems the producers decide to employ another seiyuu for a more higher pitched character. Haruka Tomatsu does MM and her voice sure fits this girl. You can recognize her in previous roles like Nagi in Kannagi and Lala in To-Love Ru. They also did the same thing for Vanilla (who is voiced by Aya Endou – Miyuki of Lucky Star) and Kiriko (voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi – Excel of Excel Saga). Though Rie Kugimiya isn’t in her tsundere loli role, she is still recognizable in her Misaki role. Just imagine her in a more soft-spoken state. Other seiyuu casts include Eri Kitamura as Sanpeita (Rin in Kodomo No Jikan), Mikako Takahashi as Izumi (Rushuna in Grenadier), Ryoko Shiraishi as Ryouko (Hayate in Hayate No Gotoku), Mai Goto as Tamako (Mizuki in ef ~A Tale Of Melodies), Ayako Kawasumi as Fumiko (Kaede in 2×2=Shinobuden), Saeko Chiba as Aoi (Natsuki in Mai-HiME) and Kana Hanazawa as Riko (Potemayo in Potemayo). Though only a brief appearance, Mamiko Noto still did a splendid and lovely role for Miura (that’s because she’s still my all time favourite seiyuu!).
The opening theme is of the same name as the anime title and is sung by the main female seiyuus of the series. It is your typical upbeat and crazy group song and the animation itself is wacky which includes Kemeko doing several flasher poses and Sanpeita bearing the pain of it all. Poor guy. The ending theme is Purippurin Taisou by Chiwa Saito and as expected it sounds very much like a tune fit for an aerobic exercise. However, I find the lyrics a little mischievous such as "Sigmund Freud is an erotic twerp". I’m not sure if such workout would reduce one’s weight. Maybe it’s just a dance craze. Not doing that "MARVELLOUS!" thingy anytime or ever.
On a trivial note, the mid-intermission shows several rows and lines of the Kemeko army marching. Yeah, it’s a scary fact if they are to be produced in such large amounts. Imagine the chaos and frenzy not to mention the ‘abuse in power’. At the start of each episode, a random character will seemingly tease viewers about what is in store for that episode. Not to say that they are giving away much details but I can’t help notice that some of them are nonsensical chatter. Also, at times I kinda noticed Sanpeita’s skin tone to be a little pinkish. No, he’s not blushing. Maybe it’s his skin tone after all.
Perhaps it is such a fitting nickname that Kemeko is dubbed the Steel Bride or the Unknown Girlfriend. Who wouldn’t have the shock of their lives when some mechanical girl forcefully proclaims to be one’s bride. Forced marriage. Yeah, happens in the real world too. And even if one really do appear, could you run? Could you hide? Could you even escape? Better to grit your teeth and bite the bullet. There are much worse things in life than getting married.

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