What anime would allow the characters to be in their swimsuits for nearly half, if not, the entire episode? And I’m not just talking about 1 episode but the entire series. That’s right. Not if it’s a swimming-themed anime, which Kenkou Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho is all about. With a name that long, I was having a hard time trying to even pronounce it. It’s like a tongue twister to me. But I eventually got used to it.
Now, if you’re already thinking that girls and swimsuits mix means an ecchi outcome, then you’re right too. Probably another excuse or cover up for some fanservice. But for me, I’m here because of the sports comedy genre even though the ecchi part does help bring in some laughs. Unlike most sports animes like Slam Dunk, Prince Of Tennis and Eyeshield 21, which are long running and span a lengthy amount of episodes, this one just lasts only 13 episodes. Nothing much to tell (maybe to see, then ;P), huh?
Also unlike those long running sports themed animes I have just mentioned, this series doesn’t have all those flashy exaggerated moves you see the characters amazingly pull off during the competition. Heck, getting into that high school Inter High isn’t the main focus here (probably because this series is too short), though it’s the aim of the swimming club of this school that the show will be focused on, Kenritsu Umineko Shougyou Koutou Gakkou. Phew. Another long and confusing tongue twisting mind bending name to say (and to remember!). Luckily, it’s shortened and also known as… Umisho. Plus, this school is situated quite closely to the beach and sea. So I wonder why the school has a swimming pool instead of using the ocean for free. Aha. Probably a swimming pool’s water is filtered and cleaner. You won’t have that sickening feeling if you accidentally drink salt water.
So in episode 1, we’re introduced to the motley crew of Umisho’s swimming club members. As far as I can remember, the swimming club mixes boys with girls and it would be totally missing the point if there were more boys than girls. Yup, the club has 12 girls and 5 boys. More like it. But not everybody here is gonna get the spotlight and I feel some of them are just there. Fullstop. No impact neither do those supporting characters stand out prominently.
One of the main featured character is Kaname Okiura, who is the club’s manager. Ironically, this guy can’t swim. Yeah, it’s like having someone without cooking background to be as a head of a restaurant. But Kaname has his reasons. When he was young, he was traumatized while swimming in the ocean. He felt that something, like a mermaid, was pulling his feet deeper into the depths of the ocean. Ever since, he’s been afraid of swimming. Well, can’t blame him. We all have our own fears. But it still makes me wonder of all the clubs in the school, I wonder why he has to join this one. Ah… is it because he gets to see pretty sexy girls in swimsuits? Kaname may be a pervert but he’s the passive kind in the sense that if there’s ‘an accidental chance’ that he gets to see some girl’s cleavage because she’s being too close, he doesn’t mind it either until he snaps out of it. Other than that, Kaname’s pretty okay and normal.
Speaking of pervertness, the other guys of the swimming club are just plain bunch of losers. The club’s captain Masa Ikariya or Ikamasa for short (not to be mistaken as ‘ikasama’ which means to cheat) is an airhead. Though he is muscular, the one thing I find peculiar about him is his Speedo trunks. What’s so strange? Why, he has his face on the crotch area! Vain? Whenever he’s hyped out or serious (seriously?), he’ll be that loudmouth and burly sounding character. Otherwise, he’ll sound like a daydreaming soft spoken sissy loser while doing his weird hip shaking dance of his. How did he ever become the captain of the club? Plus, this guy likes to strip naked at times!
The most perverted guy in the club has to be Seito Takeda, whose head looks like some sort of a giant plum. Furthermore, his creepy dreamy voice does enhance his pervert status. Then there are other 2 guys who are perverted as well, but they’re more like side characters. Umisho’s vice captain is the serious Momoko Orizuka, who’s trying her best to give the right motivation to her swimming club, and more importantly control the weird antics of Ikamasa and the other guys. She’s gonna have it tough. Other protagonists include the shy and soft spoken Mirei Shizuoka who has breasts size which defy all odds and physics (you can’t have this kind of show without this kind of character, right?), flirtatious Sanae Kise (any guy would do for her. I mean any guy, old or ugly) who is Orizuka’s best friend, and petite Maki Ikuta AKA Makio (resembles somewhat a little like Kazuma of Yakitate! Japan) who is still a beginner and learning the basics of swimming. But I guess her big passion and ambition for the sport will get her to places one day. Though I feel it’s gonna be a long one.
Anyway the swimming club is having their usual practice when Makio spots a floating house coming their way. Really, that house is like on a raft and soon a very genki happy-go-lucky airhead girl, Amuro Ninagawa (reminds me a bit of Shion from Shuffle) appears and introduces herself. One thing weird about this girl is her swimming technique, which she seems to swim like a dolphin, if not resembles a mermaid. But she’s bloody good and fast. Amuro seems to have spotted Kaname and feels she has seen him somewhere before but Kaname too doesn’t remember. Plus, it seems Amuro will be a new transfer student at Umisho. Orizuka sees some swimming talent in this girl and challenges her. Orizuka is amazed by her swimming ways. I mean, can anyone swim beneath you and stare for the whole 50 metres? Unfortunately, Amuro knocked her head on the wall because she wasn’t looking where she was going.
Later, Orizuka is still suspicious about Amuro’s swimming technique and drags Kaname along to spy on Amuro at her raft house. Hiding behind the rocks, they see Amuro and her dad (let’s call him Dad) cooking up some weird meal but Orizuka slips and falls over Kaname when she was to eager to see what’s going on. Since Amuro and Dad aren’t the bad people Orizuka imagined, they invited the duo to stay for some meal. Once done, Amuro did the unpredictable by stripping herself naked and jumping into the ocean and swim! Orizuka thinks that this must be Amuro’s secret weapon for her swimming technique and also strips herself and jumps in! Kaname is taking this chance to escape but Amuro wouldn’t let him go and pulls him into the water. Orizuka is horrified and tells Amuro that he can’t swim. Traumatizing memories come haunting back to Kaname. But before he could drown, Amuro dives down to rescue him. I’m sure he’s relieved that he isn’t dead yet, but he better realize fast that he’s clinging onto a naked Orizuka… Soon Amuro finally remembered that she indeed had met Kaname previously while they were young.
Episode 2 sees Amuro joining Kaname in school and the swimming club. Also, Amuro is fascinated with Shizuoka’s big boobs and can’t control herself as she ‘plays’ with it, much to Shizuoka’s displeasure. Anyway, at the swimming club, Ikamasa introduces himself and soon takes out a razor and starts shaving Amuro’s legs! Uh huh. Something about how the hair gets in the way when one is swimming. Soon he tells the guys that they too should start shaving a girl. Do you think those perverted guys would let this opportunity slip? It’s worse than playing cops and robbers. Kaname and Shizuoka manage to escape and hide behind the swimming club’s 2 storey changing room. Well, it was actually after Kaname accidentally ripped Amuro’s swimsuit with his razor. However, Kaname heard something Shizuoka said which was in contrast of his perceptions of her. Something about how she doesn’t like this shaving thing but it would be nice to do it on a guy. Gasp! You see, everyone thinks that Shizuoka is nice girl who is brought up nicely. But still waters run deep. This girl has some dark secret desires, especially about doing certain things with the opposite sex. Plus, she likes staring at other naked people but gets that uncomfortable feeling when people stare at hers. You get my drift. Later as Amuro and Kaname head home, she finds that her home is in the same direction with his and decides to walk with him to school every morning.
Next day at practice, Kaname has a pretty hard time trying to shoo away all those loser boys from gawking at the girls practising. Shizuoka also approaches Kaname for help on her slow start. After some chat, Kaname continues to belief that Shizuoka is a good girl and that previous thing was just something he misheard. Until the wind blows her skirt up to reveal some naughty garter belt she’s wearing underneath… Haha. Perception change! Later that evening as Amuro and Kaname walk home, they had some chat about how Kaname feels he’s happy just supporting everyone. Amuro is playfully walking along the bridge barrier when she suddenly falls into the river below. Kaname is in a dilemma whether to jump in to save her. Better decide fast because something, a shark, is approaching Amuro! Oh no, oh no! It has got her! Wargh! Oh wait, why is Amuro laughing? So that wasn’t a shark after all. It’s just a cute white little seal tickling her tummy. Phew.
In episode 3, that seal is the new buzz in town and is named Ono, after the island. But here, Orizuka and her swimming team arrives in another school for a friendly match and also to gauge their performances. Yeah, there’s a perverted advisor of that rival school who seems to admire the girls from Umisho. Not if Orizuka can help it. The regular Umisho girls did quite well as Kaname coaches Amuro on how to do a proper start. So when it’s Amuro’s turn, she did make a great start and even surpassing others with her great speed to take the win. However she was disqualified because, I’m not sure about this, but there’s a rule saying that if a swimmer doesn’t resurface his/her head after some metre distance, he/she will be disqualified. Over the series, I noticed that this is the swimming style that Amuro has. But in the end, Umisho ended up last in the tri-school meet.
Later, Amuro drags Kaname to the beach when the latter spots a shark coming towards Amuro. Kaname hurriedly paddles a boat to reach Amuro but finds out that shark was just Ikamasa in a shark suit. Ikamasa wonders if the duo are dating but Kaname refutes, unlike Amuro who says 2 people who go to the beach are definitely dating. Ikamasa soon leaves and Amuro gets on the boat but Kaname accidentally touches her boobs and this causes him to fall into the ocean. He’s in panic mode once again but he manages to calm down when Amuro grabs his hands and praises him for being able to get in the water.
Afterwards as the Umisho gang practices, they spot a depressed Ikamasa. "Don’t worry…". Love that low sexy depressing voice. Ikamasa is disheartened because his dad has opened a sushi restaurant and has no business. In no time, the shop will be closed down. The gang tries to help and surprisingly, Shizuoka comes up with an idea to dress themselves as swimsuit maids to attract customers. Crazy as it seems, but it works. Only goes to show that guys here are perverts. With that, their business booms and Ikamasa and his dad rakes in lots of money. One night, Kaname is at the cashier and is being told to give some packages to the customers. Kaname accidentally opens it to find sexy pics of the girls in their swimsuit maid outfits during their shifts. I guess it’s some perverted idea of the father and son duo to make the customers come back for more. Though Kaname is against it, Orizuka notices their commotion and finds out that they’ve been duped. You don’t want to get this girl all mad, don’t you. Too late. They got the punishment they deserved and it would be the last time Orizuka and the girls will ever help them out. The next day, we see Ikamasa in his usual depressing state. "Don’t worry…". Hahaha.
Episode 4 has more of that Amuro playing with Shizuoka’s boobs in the changing room when Ikamasa barges in and blabs about teamwork. Does this guy ever think of what he’s doing? After all that chaos settles down, Orizuka tries to get everyone to practice but everybody seems lethargic. I don’t remember how, but Orizuka ate some mushroom which causes her to become flirtatious. Like in a drunken state, she strips naked! Kaname tried to stop her but Ikamasa too stripped himself naked as the captain and vice captain swam naked. Later as the girls take a bath, Makio wonders how Amuro got her big boobs and the latter replies how her relatives always rubs them (sicko!). Once the girls are done, Shizuoka who’s shy of taking a bath together with the girls, goes and take a dip alone. But during that time, it’s the guys turn and comes in. Shizuoka is trapped and is hiding in the bathtub while the guys are talking about weird stuffs. Yeah, Ikamasa said "Be baptized by my dangling thing!" to one of the guys! I don’t want to know whether it happens or not. Shizuoka is tormented because she would really like to see what’s going on but can’t or else her cover will be blown. Just when Kaname notices something strange and is gonna have a look, a blackout occurs and Shizuoka uses this chance to escape. Kaname notices Shizuoka’s panties (who else could be wearing such daring undies?) in the locker and thinks that she’s here but the other guys don’t believe her.
Meanwhile, Amuro brings Orizuka and Makio to her house to replenish some refreshments when a sudden storm occurs. The house is then drifted away and damaged. Kise who didn’t get into Amuro’s house, rush back and report this to the boys. The guys come rushing but since there isn’t much they could do, they all head back. So much for that friendship and help thingy. As the 3 girls are being drifted away while thinking of food, Takeda then appears. How on Earth was he hiding there all the while? I mean I know he previously heard how the girls are going out to get some refreshments and made some scheme of his, but to hide out there while the storm lashes just now isn’t that all logical. Anyway, Takeda is blackmailing the girls to do some sick sexy cat impersonation fantasy of his if they want to have some food and clean water. No choice, they have to give in. It seems Amuro does it quite perfectly and is turning on Takeda. Since Amuro’s really into it, she accidentally causes Takeda to drop all the food and water into the ocean. So all that embarrassing act was for nothing. They take out all their anger and frustrations on him before a ship arrives and picks them up. He definitely deserves it. But will he learn? The next day, Kaname and Ikamasa are surprised to see Dad quite calm over what has happened. Yeah, he’s just sitting there fishing. Isn’t he worried about his floating house gone?
Because their home is gone, in episode 5, Amuro and Dad had to temporarily move into Kaname’s home. Oh great, that’s what he needs. Uh huh. To start the weird things off, Amuro showers herself naked in the garden with the garden hose. Then as Amuro is going through Kaname’s stuff in his room, Kaname accidentally slips and falls on top of her. It probably could’ve developed from there if not for Shizuoka’s undies falling on Kaname’s head. Hey! Why did Kaname bring back Shizuoka’s panties from the locker room? Kaname’s mom comes in and misinterprets that they’re doing it so fast already. That night, Kaname has a hard time sleeping and has weird dreams. He wakes up to find Amuro on top of him this time. Yup, he’s not dreaming. If Amuro can’t get through the door, then the window’s suffice. Kaname, Amuro and dad (has a weird habit of collecting weird things) are taking a walk when Kaname and Amuro entered a temple. It seems Shizuoka is there too but manages to hide herself. Some ambiguous sexual subtext talk between them. "The soft thing gets harder when you touch it". Referring to the food lah! Shizuoka’s interested to take a peek but her boobs causes her button to pop out and her cover blown (no pun intended). She runs away in embarrassment.
Amuro and Kaname continue their walk and Kaname wonders why Amuro can still be so carefree. Then Amuro just run away and Kaname thinks he may have said something wrong. Dad appears and tell him how Amuro loves her grandma but never returned from the ocean after a swim. Though Dad says that the ocean has taken her, Amuro still believes that 1 day she’ll return. Furthermore, that ‘X’ hair accessory was bestowed by her grandma and she treasures it very much. Kaname rushes off to find Amuro but only finds Makio back at his place. He tells her what’s going on and Makio sends SMS to Orizuka and Ikamasa for help. Kaname is searching through a cave and finally spots a crying Amuro seating on a rock at the end of the cave. But it’s revealed that she just had a stomach ache and wanted to get some seaweed as thanks for letting her stay at his house. Soon the gang arrives and they all had a seaweed meal. Kaname then feels he understands why Amuro loves the ocean so much. But I guess this doesn’t explain her quirky personality.
Episode 6 introduces another character and would-be member of the Umisho swimming club. She is Maaya Nanako and is some kind of idol swimmer. However don’t be fooled by her pretty looks as she is quite bratty and obnoxious. She bumps into Amuro and it’s revealed that she is Kaname’s childhood friend and calls him Okky. But Kaname isn’t too please about this returning nightmare. You see, when they were young, Maaya used to ‘bully’ Kaname to assert her authority over him, though she paints a more romantic picture of it. Anyway Maaya doesn’t like Amuro because she’s too close to Kaname and challenges her to a swimming duel in the ocean. But she backs down after seeing how big her boobs are. Even in school, Maaya manages to use her seductive charm to win over the boys. Because she doesn’t want to change with the other girls because of their bigger boobs (?!), she orders them to construct a changing room for herself on the lower ground as the girls changing room is usually on the top. I suppose the guys must have put in all their love and passion into making the changing room look extravagant. Then this is the funny part. Amuro, Makio and Shizuoka are checking it out and you could imagine what goes on behind that curtain as their silhouettes are cast upon it. Yeah, I dunno what’s a mushroom is doing there but they pick it up and put it in a way to look like a male anatomy. And that inflated balloon looked like oversized boobs. The guys must be having the nosebleeds of their lives! Because Ikamasa was drilling too many holes, the building soon collapses.
Now the changing room has been reduced to a single storey pile of rubble. So a competition is held to see who will get the rights to use the only changing room. If the girls win, then it’s theirs vice versa. Shizuoka unwillingly represents the girls while Takeda the boys. However, there is a 3rd competitor and he is Ikamasa. He’s suggesting that if he wins, everyone will strip and change naked outside! Horror! Don’t let this sicko win. The race is on. A tightly fought race but the first person to touch the finish line is… Ono?! Wait, no. It’s that perverted elderly advisor from that rival school a few episodes back, wearing a seal outfit. Orizuka pounds him away. I guess since none of the trio won, nobody gets the room. But Maaya is still kicking up a fuss and acting all spoilt when Amuro flicks her head and tells her off how she should have fun with everyone and suggests to swim together. But Maaya just kicks her into the pool. Ah well, it’s gonna get a lot cattier now.
During their usual practice for an upcoming preliminary tournament in episode 7, Amuro suddenly feels unenergetic and lethargic as though she has been cursed when she loses one of her ‘X’ hair accessories. Though it’s kinda hard to believe that if Amuro losses her ‘X’ she’s cursed as told by her grandma (some have their own weird ideas of why Amuro is behaving so. Robot controlling device?), but I guess everyone has to start looking throughout town because Amuro is their best bet for the tournament. Without her, they can forget about making past the preliminaries. Besides finding a needle in a haystack, you could also say it’s yet so close yet so far because due to circumstances, they lose it after a few seconds in their grasps. Maaya is still acting like a spoil brat because she thinks Kaname prefers to help Amuro rather than play with her. With their efforts futile, the gang decides to make another ‘X’ but that too didn’t work. Then they made posters and distributed it to help find the lost ‘X’. Well, Makio got cat claws all over her face. Wonder why she’s asking a feline in the first place. During the distribution, Kise went off to flirt while Shizuoka enters a shop and wants to buy a penis cover (?!) but is too shy and fears she’ll be misunderstood. The shopkeeper mistook her to buy some little elephant furniture.
Later the gang regroups and still couldn’t find the ‘X’. Until they spot it flying. They started chasing it and we see an Initial D parody here. Ironically, the gang ran faster than the AE86 but couldn’t match the speed of the train in which the ‘X’ was stuck to. The chase leads them to find the ‘X’ high on top of the Buddha statue and Makio suggests of making a human ladder to retrieve it. Even so, the final person on top, Makio, has a hard time reaching it. Too short, I’d say. In no time, the human ladder crumbles with all that pressure (with Ikamasa as the foundation, of course lah). We then see Amuro retrieving it herself and looks pretty much her usual self. Amuro then reveals that she was just hungry and after eating some food offering at the Buddha statue, she feels fine. So it wasn’t a curse after all. And after going through all that trouble, why didn’t she say so? Really weird girl. That evening, Amuro thanks Kaname for helping her and reminded him that this beach was the 2nd time they’ve met. Back at home, Dad tells Kaname that the curse from grandma was just a lie.
Episode 8 sees Orizuka preparing her team for the upcoming Kantou tournament. Ikamasa tells Kaname to come to the changing room that night. Since he was bloody convincing, Kaname decides to meet up but to his horror, the guys are playing mahjong wearing the girl’s swimsuits! Disgusting! How can they fit into that, especially Ikamasa?! Then the guys proceed to ask Kaname which he prefer more, Shizuoka or Amuro. I don’t know why he’s obliged to tell them, he could just say it’s none of their business. The hoo-haa ‘party’ lasts till next morning and you know what happens if Orizuka catches them sleeping in their swimsuits, right? Next day at the competition, we see the girls changing in the locker room, when Umisho’s rival, Shinomiya, led by the busty and boastful Kisara Nanjou arrives. Yeah, lots of CSI (Chest Size Intimidation, that is. Haha! Can’t believe I actually thought that one up). Nanjou is boasting about how big her boobs are when she spots Amuro and Shizuoka’s. I don’t want to know how that turned out. Don’t worry, there lots of kanji wordings to cover the necessary areas.
Though Umisho did pretty well, Nanjou suggests a penalty game before the finals. Whereby, the loser will have to strip and shake her boobs in front of the crowd. In the end, it’s Orizuka vs Nanjou and in a closely fought duel, Orizuka beats Nanjou. Now she has to eat her words. Orizuka is taunting Nanjou to strip when suddenly Orizuka’s bottom half of her swimsuit snaps. Must be a real embarrassing moment. Kaname remembers the previous night whereby Ikamasa wore it and Orizuka punished the guys to wash the swimsuits hard. Thus it might’ve stretched too much. I guess everybody is gonna enjoy this free show even more because Nanjou went crazy and strip herself, telling the crowd to look at her better prized assets. I might have guessed it as well because Ikamasa soon strips himself and did his usual hip shaking dance. Sick people.
Episode 9 is a flashback of how the Umisho swimming club came to be as told by Kise since Makio and Amuro are eager to hear it, except for Kaname who probably has heard it 100 times. It all started when Orizuka and Kise were 1st year students and seeing that the school had no swimming club, they decided to form 1. Ikamasa’s there too but he wants to form a mahjong club, which was rejected for obvious reasons. A 3 member minimum is required to form a club so they had Ikamasa dragged into it. A young good looking teacher, Tokorozawa, sees their passion and decides to help them. Doesn’t he looks a little like Onizuka from GTO or Kawachi from Yakitate! Japan? So the quartet gets the green light to form a swimming club from the principal then as they clean and spruce up the school’s swimming pool. Then Orizuka hinted that she might’ve a crush on Tokorozawa but was too shy to confess. Kise decided to help her and met with him. However Tokorozawa replied that he actually has a crush on Kise herself. Orizuka who’s eavesdropping was devastated and ran away. Kise went after a heartbroken Orizuka and tells then that they don’t need men. The weird part is that at the park while consoling her, Orizuka tells Kise to comfort her and take away her troubles. The duo then stripped naked and made love! Holy smoke! It could’ve been the hottest yuri sex ever if not for a policeman soon caught them in the act and the girls were suspended. Because Tokorozawa felt he was responsible for it, he left the school.
A sad story indeed but Kise tells the gang not to tell this to Orizuka. Speak of the devil, Orizuka catches up with them as Kise flees. Because of their weird behaviour, Orizuka suspects something is wrong and wants them to spill the beans of what they’ve been told. Orizuka then tells the gang the real true story of what actually happened. Back then, Kise wasn’t as hardworking as she painted herself to be and left Orizuka to do all the cleaning work while she laze around. Plus, Tokorozawa wasn’t as good looking either. Ugly. Enough said. Because Tokorozawa and Kise was caught flirting too much, he was eventually kicked out of school. I guess the gang would believe Orizuka’s story more because as they’re walking by, they spot Kise flirting with a storekeeper to get some stuff for free. Some things never change.
In a later part, Makio decides to do a webpage for the Umisho’s swimming club. After toiling and burning the midnight oil, the webpage is up. Argh! It looks horrible. With advice from the rest, Makio does more research and finally comes up with a better looking website. With that, the hits for the website also increases. Amuro and Kaname decides to check it out and to Kaname’s surprise, the reason why their webpage is so popular is because Makio had propped it up with photo imposing pictures and cosplay outfits! Yeah, it’s so unreal. But I guess people really do love it.
Its’ the festivals in episode 10 and another reason to see the girls in their yukatas. Maaya is upset at Kaname again because she thinks he’d rather go out with bigger boobs Amuro than her. Who wants to be with a devil child like her? Maaya runs away and bumps into Makio at the outskirts of the festival. Some talk before both of them forming a Breast Massage Alliance. Uh huh. Desperate case. In a toilet cubicle, the duo are massaging each other’s boobs in hopes of making them bigger. While Makio is quite excited, Maaya seems embarrassed. But if it’s to beat that Amuro, she’ll do anything. We also see Ikamasa and his dad putting up a stall and gets the Umisho gang into 1 of their schemes. Something about catching fishes. While Amuro is quite skilful, this made Ikamasa and his dad to put in some eels to up the competition. But the eels are slippery as it jumps out of the tank and into Orizuka and Shizuoka’s yukatas. With the eel tickling their cleavage, they strip their yukatas and well… those expression on their faces and sound seems to be quite suggestive… This scene must be a real crowd puller. Why can’t they just take out the eel themselves. Later on, Kaname got dragged by Amuro and Dad into a watermelon eating contest whereby the loser will be dunked into the water tank below. Kaname has no choice but to win this one for he fears of drowning. But would Amuro and Dad let up? One by one, the other contestants fall into the tank and in the end it’s between Kaname and Dad. Kaname can’t go on even further and tries to keep his sanity by using mental images but notices Dad isn’t moving. With that, a bloated Kaname is saved and wins the competition.
Meanwhile, Shizuoka goes to the toilet to wipe that slimy eel feeling of her chest when she spots Makio and Maaya massaging each other’s boobs. Makio is glad to see her and wants the ‘master’ to give some visual training for encouragement. Meaning, she wants Shizuoka to show them her humongous boobs. Reluctant at first, Shizuoka eventually gives in. Haha. It’s like a bright light shining out from there. Hallelujah! Burn that image right into your skull girls! Makio then put her hands on them to have a feel. I can’t believe this kid is also a sicko. Maaya is disgusted and decides to leave. Can’t believe she went through all this in the first place, huh? The next day back at home, we see Amuro wanting to challenge Kaname to another watermelon contest, but that guy just don’t have the stomach for it. Feel like vomiting now?
Another story takes place during the festival and this time it focuses on Takeda and the other 2 loser guys. They tried several loser pick up lines but fails miserably. Why, Takeda even accidentally tried to pick up a little girl. Luckily, her mom’s there to take her away. They eventually ran into Nanjou and her swimming team members. Takeda even tries to hit on Nanjou but it didn’t work. Something about I’ve seen you in my previous life… Lame. But 3 of the Shinomiya girls somehow take a liking for those 3 losers and indirectly had some time together to watch the fireworks. Yeah, they look pretty ugly. Cod lips girl, fox eyes girl, and ugly specky girl. I guess they can’t complain and just take whatever that comes. Just when Takeda is about to make a move on 1 of them, the mother of that little girl brings a policeman to catch the boys for trying to kidnap her daughter. But Takeda dismisses it and says that he was just trying to hit on her. The Shinomiya girls are disgusted that they would stoop this low and left the guys. Too bad for them, another ruined night as they’re taken in by the policeman.
The upcoming Kantou tournament sees Orizuka trying to improve herself in episode 11. Ikamasa has a new suit called Moro-1 with inbuilt gadgets and I-pod to help with his training but got fried the instant he dives into the pool. They then decide to use a more traditional way by using rubber hose to hold them back while they swim to build endurance. Later it’s revealed that the rubber hose were actually their bicycle tyres and Ikamasa was the one who took them for the training. Later, Ikamasa suggests that Kaname would do anything if they win. With that, everyone has their own ideas of what Kaname should do for them. But in a way, it does revive the competitive spirit in them since Kaname promised them. The day of the tournament nears and Orizuka takes her team to a hotspring inn for accommodation. While the Umisho girls are enjoying themselves in the hotspring, Shizuoka is changing at the changing room when Shinomiya girls come in. Looks like they’re here too. A lot of talk on taking down Umisho. Shizuoka tries to escape without being noticed but when she reaches the hallway, she has to turn back because the guys were there. Thus Shizuoka has become their captive.
Nanjou then proposes another challenge to see who can stay in the hotspring the longest and the last one standing wins. The penalty this time is that they will have their pubic hair shaved. One by one, they all got up (Nanjou already quit and leaves it to her other girls). Ikamasa and the guys are eavesdropping next door and that captain got all excited when he heard there was gonna be some shaving. Yeah, it causes the border wall to collapse. Because of the surprise, Orizuka stood up and this causes the Umisho to lose at first. But upon closer inspection, Shizuoka is still in the water and has fainted. So technically, Umisho wins again. Yeah, shaving time. So because of that hectic night, everyone was knocked out. On the day of the tournament, everyone seems to be a little tired even though it’s just the preliminaries. It seems only Orizuka, Amuro, Kise, Shizuoka, Maaya and Ikamasa are entering the tournament proper and the rest are just like there to support them. After the tournament, that night, Maaya is upset because she failed to do well. Though Orizuka tries to comfort her, Maaya lashes back at her saying that she’s not used to losing like them losers and runs away. Kaname, Ikamasa and Takeda sets out to find her. Maaya is depressed and sitting alone near a river bank. Shizuoka spots her and the 2 had a chat. Besides that breast rubbing scene, Shizuoka manages to calm Maaya as the latter cries in her bosoms. Maaya then regains her confidence back and tells her to do their best tomorrow. The guys are watching and Takeda notes how he wants to bury himself in Shizuoka’s chest. Maaya spots them and sends Takeda and Ikamasa flying to the moon. Literally.
The next day of the Kantou tournament sees the Umisho team getting back on track and doing well in episode 12. This time, Umisho will be up against another rival school called Tamatsuka, in a relay medley. Orizuka along with Kise, Shizuoka and Maaya are in the team. As for the boys side, only Ikamasa is entering the competition. Earlier on, Amuro spot a tanned girl from Tamatsuka and is confused by her several change in character and personality. Later on when the Umisho goes up to the starting line, they’re surprised to see that the Tamatsuka team are actually quadruplets! Don’t need to check your eyes. You’re not seeing things. The race begins but it seems Tamatsuka has brought a secret weapon with them in the form of the girl’s choir and they’re singing their school anthem. This allows the Tamatsuka team to be in sync as the power up and zoom pass Umisho. So the supporters of Umisho decide to sing their own anthem as support but it sounded horrible. One of the Tamatsuka choir girls notices how disgusting the Umisho is, especially Ikamasa. Then the hilarious part is when Ikamasa is doing some march dance of his, his loose bermuda pants seems to ‘flash’ his ‘dangling thing’. This causes that Tamatsuka choir girl to be in some sort of a fear. Because of that, the rest of the choir group has been distracted and it sends them into chaos! Hahaha. Ikamasa the flasher! With their rhythm disrupted, Orizuka who is the anchor for Umisho manages to beat Tamatsuka. However, victory comes with a price as Orizuka has sprained her ankle. While recuperating at the hospital, Orizuka tells the gang that she could still make for tomorrow’s finals but the doctor says that she’ll be unable to compete with such an injury. Even if she does, she’ll never swim again. Orizuka is disheartened and torn. But Kaname tells her that Amuro will take her place since each regular swimmer is entitled to 1 substitute. Well, Ikamasa initially wanted to be the replacement and even dresses up in a female swimsuit with huge melons as his big boobs. But I think we can all see through that disgusting disguise. With their hopes high up again, they prepare themselves for the finals.
Episode 13 sees the final relay medley between Umisho, Tamatsuka and Shinomiya. It starts off with Maaya’s backstroke, followed by Kise’s breaststroke, then Shizuoka’s butterfly. The funny part was when Takeda decides to get a close up on Shizuoka’s butt with his camcorder. He saw her adjust her swimsuit line and the camcorder suddenly dismantles at that ‘magnificent’ sight! Yeah, the most massive nosebleed ever. Though Umisho is trailing behind, finally it’s Amuro’s turn. I’m not sure if it’s part of the rules even if it’s freestyle. Because Amuro is swimming like her usual dolphin style unlike the rest who’re doing front crawl. Is it legal? Anyway Nanjou is amazed by the speed of Amuro (partly she’s staring at her too). In the end, Amuro wins it for Umisho with Shinomiya in second and Tamatsuka in third. With that, Umisho definitely qualify for the Inter High. Luckily Nanjou didn’t make any penalty game or else it’ll be on her again. But she did mention she’ll get her revenge then. The entire Umisho is overjoyed so much so Kaname hugs Amuro. Orizuka thanks the team for their hard work. As for the individual events, Orizuka, Amuro, Kise, Shizuoka and Maaya manage to easily make it to the Inter High. Even Ikamasa. Yeah, by fluke. Previously the other rivals got disqualified because they all jump start when they thought they saw Ikamasa starting off. It was just his Speedo face popping off.
In the aftermath, Orizuka and Kise had a little chat and the former seems to have no worries about the juniors taking over the swimming club. Also, Amuro’s new floating home has been rebuilt and Amuro remembers Kaname will do something for her if she won. Kaname fears that Amuro may want to make love with him (he even prepares to kiss her) but all Amuro wants was for Kaname to swim with her. Is that good news or what? When Kaname gets into the water, he remembers his childhood trauma but remembers that Amuro was the person who saved him from drowning when he had his ankle sprained. I guess in Kaname’s joy that he’s been freed from this trauma, he hugs Amuro. We also see Dad trying to trap Ono for some seal meat but that seal is too smart for him. Back at Umisho, everyone is back to their lazy self and pestering Kaname to give them what they want. They somehow found out that Kaname has fulfilled his promise only to Amuro and misunderstood that the duo are going out. Makio’s scary unbelievable facial expression is hilarious! Kaname accidentally trips into the pool and Amuro comes to catch and hug him. She tells him that isn’t he glad that he learned how to swim. After the end credits, I’m not sure what it is all about except the gang took a trip to visit Amuro’s family (big fat momma she got there). After a series of events, Amuro and Kaname are left alone when Amuro leans forward to kiss him. Huh? But that’s the end of it.
Ah well, all I could really say is that this short series had some enjoyable and hilarious moments. If you don’t mind the fanservice and panty shots, that is. It makes me wonder if such huge boobs are more of a liability than an asset when it comes to swimming. Unless it’s like a buoy… Oh great, I sound like a pervert. Unlike long running sports genre which really drags on and on, the main focus here is about teamwork and comedy while doing so. Probably if there’s a second season, maybe they’ll concentrate it on the Inter High.
The drawing, art and animation seems simple even though at first glance they may have that bishoujo and bishonen feel. Meaning that the details of the character’s face isn’t given much attention. Maybe also it’s because of the colouring which at certain points seem a little ‘light’. Each of the episode’s mid-intermission are different and can range from real silly to ecchi to the characters in certain poses. Yeah, even the short background music sounds funny. Not to mention the episode title sounds very tropical-like. The voice acting is quite okay and my favourite ones are still Ikamasa (by Makoto Yasumura) and Takeda (by Satomi Kourogi). Amuro and Shizuoka’s voice actress (Aki Toyosaki and Yukari Fukui respectively) somehow gives their characters a ‘unique’ sound. At least I’ve never heard such voices anywhere like those ubiquitous squeaky or hoarse female voices. Also Ai Shimizu is the voice behind Makio.
The opening theme song Dolphin Jet by Ayane is quite upbeat and lively. It’s essential so that viewers can get into the mood and atmosphere of the series. The ending song Splash Blue ~ Taiyou No Lemonade by Ayumi Murata sounds slower but it’s still lively nevertheless. I just want to note that the ending credits animation shows the happy faces of the Umisho girls, regular and side characters. Don’t be surprised if the ending theme comes rather early in some episodes because there’s a short story after it. Like episode 3 and 9 on Ikamasa’s restaurant helping ploy and Makio’s website creation.
Speaking of the character’s quirky personalities, now I remember that they can rival those troublemakers in Ping Pong Club. Yeah, I’d like to see what happens when Ikamasa and Takeda faces off with Maeno and Izawa. Hehe. Yeah, with a club captain like Ikamasa, I suppose people will think twice about joining the club. We’ll never look at a swimming club the same way again. I wonder if I can still remember all those swimming lessons I had back then. Don’t worry, it’ll all come back naturally. "Don’t worry…".
Kenkou Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho

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