Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

January 3, 2015

Alright. I am going to make a vow now. Never again will I watch a mecha themed anime ever again. After the last few rounds of me somehow ending up watching mecha themed animes that I never thought would ever watch, let me right now make a promise that no matter what kind of great story, great characters, great action or great robot designs will ever make me watch another mecha anime. Cross my heart. That will be my new and steadfast resolution. And that’s why I am going to give Kenzen Robo Daimidaler the big skip. This is a mecha anime, right? Yeah. I’m not going to watch this. You can’t convince me to do so. Say what? It is sexy? Hmph. Not convinced. It has some ecchi elements, you say? Erm… Okay, I’m not swayed either *sweating*… Oh… What… The… You use the power of perversion to pilot the robot and you do so by groping boobs???!!! Oh sh*t! I have to see this one!!! OH F*CK!!!!!!!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, goodbye resolution. And once again, I gave in to the power of ecchi and fanservice to catch this mecha themed anime. Shame on me… But just to clear things up, I’m not in for the mecha elements, okay. It’s for the fanser-… Oh sh*t! I think I just said the wrong thing to make it worst… Anyway, if you want to watch this show, be warned that there a fapping materials aplenty. Yeah… Hey wait. So is this a mecha or ecchi fanservice series in the first place? Or both?

Episode 1
Uninspiring robot design. The reason why mankind lost to some enemy in an equally uninspiring robot design too. Yeah. Mankind is doomed. In present time. Kouichi Madanbashi is a delinquent. A pervert. He isn’t scared of busty teacher Chieko Kakazu who wants to reprimand him for wearing a different uniform. Instead he fondles her boobs and makes his run, on his way flipping girls’ skirt. Oh Kouichi… The enemy of women! Kyouko Sonan stumbles upon him and remembers her mission to find a new particle accumulator. In short, she needs to find people who are possible Factor candidates and test them out. Kouichi is one of them. Is this her lucky day… Or not? Because Kouichi endangers his life just to peek at girls’ panties under the overhead bridge! Kids, remember to look left and right before crossing the road! When Kyouko finally catches up to him, he thinks she wants to f*ck him! They are distracted by several weird Penguin guys from Penguin Empire who start ranting proud about their ‘front tail’. They also know Kyouko is an agent from Beauty Salon Prince Intelligence. Kyouko fires a small firework as distraction to escape. But it isn’t long before they are cornered. Kouichi is going to do some serious ass kicking but gets owned. Super weak! Disappointed? Oh, not Kouichi. He isn’t disappointed by her voluptuous breasts and starts fondling them as he likes. Suddenly he powers up and beats the crap out of the baddies like a super hero! This guy really has the Hi-ERO particles and Kyouko wants him to help them fight against Penguin Empire. Kouichi isn’t interested in this Factor, Hi-ERO and saving the world crap thingy. He’s just a normal high school student. Yeah. Which normal high school student flips up girls’ skirts? So he goes home only to see those Penguin guys raiding his room. Reading his porn… They’re going to great lengths to eliminate anybody who poses a great threat to their ambition. Not wanting his rental deposit to be forfeited, he runs away while the Penguin guys nicely put away his porn before going after him.

Kyouko stumbles upon him again as she was heading to his place. And then those Penguin guys ride their ugly Antarctic robot series to destroy them. As the duo try to outrun Antarctic, Kyouko calls back HQ to request for their robot. However it’s not working and the staffs couldn’t be really bothered. They’re not motivated unless Kyouko treats them. Fine. She is given coordinates to Daimidaler. Mummified? Kouichi agrees to help since it would be interesting. They ride on as Daimidaler unwraps. Kyouko will give him hands on lessons (no pun intended – but I wish it was). Kouichi is doing great at first but since he is still a beginner, he gets beaten up. Daimidaler is also out of power when Kouichi realizes a crucial point. This machine runs on Hi-ERO power that is rechargeable and since Kouichi recharges by doing perverted things to women, Kyouko please bare your boobs for him to fondle! Are you going to let mankind get wasted just to protect your chastity?! So put that erotic body of yours on the line for the sake of mankind! Against her will, she lets him touch them. He enjoys every moment of it and this recharges his Hi-ERO particles and he pulls off never seen before moves. Not bad for a beginner, huh? They won the fight but it’s not over yet. What do you mean it’s not over? He’s not over fondling her boobs! So this is like extra reward? And so Kouichi agrees to lend his power to fight against Penguin Empire because it means he’ll get to fondle more boobs. Every fight will mean another perverted act! Yup. Mankind is doomed one way or another.

Episode 2
Kouichi is brought to the base and introduced to the 3 professors responsible in maintaining Daimidaler: Moriko Tomoyose, Soriko Majikina and Sewashiko Goya. Kouichi wants to fondle Moriko’s humongous boobs but was told to focus on Kyouko. Much obliged! They detect his Hi-ERO particles increasing so much that he must be some S-class Factor, the most powerful of them all. Oh yeah. And he gets it all by his fondling ability… When another Antarctic series attacks, Daimidaler is launched. It is a twin seater. Kyouko is also a pilot even though she does nothing. You’ll see… Antarctic moves too fast and splits itself to attack Daimidaler. At times like this, erotic powers are needed so that’s why Kyouko’s seat can move to where Kouichi is so he can get as much convenient fondling as possible. However his Hi-ERO particles are not charging up! Daimidaler could have been smashed like an iron maiden had not for some mysterious priest calling in the helicopter to unload stacks of porn magazines. Antarctic wants to get them all but in this distraction Daimidaler gets back up to fight and forces the enemy to withdraw. Back at the base, Kouichi continues his fondling harassment to see where he went wrong. The priest appears and chides him for being an amateur. He is the organization’s administrator, Kazuo Matayoshi as he goes on explaining how this organization began as a beauty salon and evolved into electric engineering that has the greatest scientists gather to create Daimidaler as Earth’s first line of defence. Kouichi is a wimp that shouldn’t be here. Uppercut! Kouichi is going to show him his worth (poor Kyouko gets more fondling) but Matayoshi swiftly moves his finger and sends Kyouko into ultimate ecstasy! How could this be? Kouichi thinks back and realizes his finger touched her nipples and just grazing her erogenous zone was able to induce such powerful reaction. Now you realize why you’re just a perverted amateur? Now take some lessons from the perverted master! All breasts are not the same! Fondling breasts isn’t child’s play! See beyond what you cannot see! Oh yeah. Kouichi definitely wants this guy to be his master.

The big boss of Penguin Empire, Penguin Emperor makes a call and wants to negotiate. However Kyouko is the one getting most emotional. She calls them liars and that they tainted her father’s heart 2 years ago. During that negotiation, Penguin Empire did the front tail dance (it is their form of greeting – don’t ask) and it traumatized him. So much so he is afraid of bananas! Since that day, Kyouko hates Penguin Empire and will not forgive them. Since negotiations have failed, Penguin Emperor is going to unleash Operation Shadow Hell. Look up the details in their shady website. All those random GIFs… A huge umbrella covers the city. When it is dark, humans will go home. They will make babies and this will produce Hi-ERO particles that they need. However, despite being dark, nobody is going home to f*ck. Plan failed. Daimidaler is launched and once again Kouichi cannot get Hi-ERO particles to recharge with the fondling. It upsets Kyouko even more when he says he might be bored with her boobs! Do you know how embarrassing is this to her?! What he meant was, if you eat your favourite dishes every day, you’ll get bored. Need more variety. How? Then he realizes Matayoshi’s words. He opens her shirt and lifts her bra to have a full view of her bare tits! That’s it! Hi-ERO powers rapidly increasing! It packs so much power that not only the enemy is defeated but I think it left a big crater in the middle of the city. Matayoshi adds to Kouichi’s lesson that imagination is important and isn’t bound by what he sees. Kouichi is fired up and wants to undergo more rigorous training. Nonstop fondling till the crack of dawn! Spare a thought for Kyouko, please!

Episode 3
Kouichi continues with his training by peeping on the professors doing yoga in tights and of course fondling Kyouko’s boobs. It feels more like a crime than training… Meanwhile Penguin Emperor is sick of Daimidaler thwarting his plans when this cute girl, Rikantz Seaberry AKA Ritz shows up and starts hugging all the Penguins. She loves Penguins! She wants to join them! Penguin Emperor has her pass a test first and it seems she defeats all the elite commandoes easily. She even does to same to his majestic when he joins in. However he disqualifies her because knocking out the emperor is a crime! So she’s out! Ritz is crying alone when one of the Penguin henchmen talks to her that the emperor and everyone else were just feeling touched that a human sympathized with them. This made Ritz vow not to give up so she goes back and polishes everyone’s front tail till it shines so bright like the sun! Penguin Emperor is very impressed and makes her part of the family! Soon Penguin Empire launches an attack on the city by reading an electric appliance instruction in a very horny fashion. Yeah. Put your plug deep into the hole… Kouichi and co think Ritz is taken hostage but apparently they are proven wrong when she pilots Antarctic and attack them. Kouichi is so hot headed and angry that his fondling of Kyouko seems forceful. Daimidaler takes critical damage when Ritz suddenly stops attacking. What gives? Too much spinning causes her to have motion sickness. Thanks to that, Daimidaler is spared but Kouichi cannot accept this embarrassing defeat. Matayoshi points out Kouichi is the biggest weakness as he relies too much on Kyouko. He must undergo some rigorous training so he can pilot Daimidaler without relying heavily on her. Kouichi is desperate to get stronger and agrees to go off on a journey with Matayoshi.

Penguin Empire is celebrating Ritz’s success and putting up a party for her. Penguin Emperor notes he will soon obtain Hi-ERO particles needed to complete this Penguin device. Kouichi has been gone for 10 days while the ladies wait for his return by playing bowling. Starting to miss him, Kyouko? And when he returns, he looks changed and more powered up. Kyouko is happy but something is not right. Kouichi won’t let her touch him! OMG! Is this for real?! Why so sad Kyouko? No more perverted harassments, right? In good timing, Penguin Empire launches another attack. This time they put panties on everything… Don’t ask. Kyouko is amazed that Kouichi doesn’t need to fondle her boobs to recharge and can pilot Daimidaler better. But why the long face? She feels sad she is not needed anymore! What is she trying to say?! Meanwhile Kouichi notices Kyouko’s back. He never realized she was this sexy before. When it’s time for the big attack, Kyouko allows him to fondle her boobs. However he can’t let go of the controls or they’ll be defenceless. There is only 1 way. Kyouko must show her boobs! What kind of a sick play is this now?! Of course Kyouko is still pouting that he was acting he didn’t need her and all. But like any other women, all she needs is her man to say the 3 most important words and she’ll forgive and allow. Finally Kouichi bursts from his holding back. He says he needs her so Kyouko shows her tits. Finally all that training of abstinence is going to pay off. His Hi-ERO particles charge up way past the maximum as Daimidaler sends Ritz to a crushing defeat. Kyouko feels glad that she is still needed but she may be regretting it. Is it her or her boobs that he really needs? Penguin Emperor isn’t disappointed by Ritz’s loss. In fact he realizes Ritz emitting a high amount of Hi-ERO particles and is a Factor herself.

Episode 4
Ritz is in a container to share her Hi-ERO particles to be infused in a Penguin. Previously experiments for this led to failure but with Ritz providing it, there will be a chance of success. One of them is reborn and shall be known as Commando Six! On another day, another Penguin attack. Wait a minute. The Penguin is piloting a Daimidaler? Two Daimidalers! Oh no! How can we tell which is the real one? Of course the real one beats the fake till it exposes Antarctic’s real form. Commanded by Six (Kouichi heard as Sex), both sides trade powerful punches and blasts. I think the city is going to be done for at this rate. Six is going to do a very dangerous move that is akin to suicide. He will do it for the sake of Penguin Empire. In the aftermath of the blast, Penguin Emperor orders his men to retrieve Six who has from the effects of the battle turned human-like. But he is not in his mecha. Kyouko visits her father at hospital and notices a handsome guy. Of course this is Six and from the effects of the battle, he has lost his memories. He felt he has met Kyouko somewhere before but each time he thinks harder, his head hurts. The duo have a lovely chat as she talks about her job as a ‘beauty salon’ and also about happiness. When Six realizes he wants to be happy with this moment, all his memories come back. She realizes who she is. If he captures her, he’ll be able to defeat Daimidaler. However he can’t bring himself to do it and runs away.

Kyouko feels happy for meeting such a nice good. But her good mood is ruined when she returns to base. The professors have analyzed the footage taken from the last battle and they have a clear view of Six’s face. Doesn’t he look familiar? Kyouko falls into dilemma. How could this be? Six enters her apartment believing he can do it this time but he couldn’t and just left a note to meet. Eventually they meet up and since they know each other’s identity, memories of their short good time will be blown away by the wind. They continue their big mecha battle as Kyouko narrates a sad monologue about her wish and happiness. Six pins down Daimidaler and is going to do another suicide move because he believes he has done something that betrayed Penguin Empire. Kyouko isn’t herself either. She tells Kouichi to fire at Antarctic’s weakness. He did and Daimidaler wins. And Kyouko isn’t happy he fired… Which is it? Kyouko spaces out in the aftermath but is back to normal when Kouichi fondles her boobs. And as truly said by the narration about Kyouko’s role, her boobs are not meant for sweet love but to be fondled like crazy! Lastly Penguin Empire is holding a funeral and tribute for Six. He has become a martyr. Penguin Emperor vows to stop at nothing till Daimidaler is defeated. Actually Six is still alive and returned to his original form. There is no way he can find himself to go correct this situation…

Episode 5
Penguin Emperor mulls over the inclusion of Hi-ERO particles and still it wasn’t enough to defeat Daimidaler. Till his henchmen reveal that long ago humans stole one of their robots and used it as a blueprint to build Daimidaler. Come to think of it, humans who have always used planes and tanks suddenly used a mecha. Strange isn’t it? Yeah, they’ve been keeping it from him since he knows he’ll be mad. Oh, he is now. He orders them to do detailed research on Daimidaler or else no food! Kyouko tries to plead to Chieko over Kouichi’s attendance. But Chieko isn’t going to believe that Kouichi is saving the world story. Kouichi proves it to her by fondling her boobs! He’s good! So what’s the proof? His Hi-ERO particles are shining ever so brightly. Much brighter when he was harassing Kyouko! You jealous? All Kouichi needs to do is to take a make-up exam (and reimburse the cost for ripping Chieko’s dress). Kyouko will help him out since he is her responsibility but Kouichi views saving the world more important than school. They end up arguing like a lover’s quarrel (at least to the professors). Then he says something that makes her heart goes soft. If not for her, he won’t be piloting Daimidaler. It is all thanks to her. Had she only heard the reason for him piloting Daimidaler because he gets to fondle her boobs… Penguin Empire launches another attack. This time they are distributing flyers on their empire and since it is raunchy, you know what this will lead to, don’t you? Daimidaler is launch and Kyouko can’t stop thinking about Kouichi’s ‘thoughtful’ words. Has her opinion of him changed? Because of that, Kouichi gets the best reaction from her while fondling. Daimidaler powers up enough to beat Ritz in her customized Antarctica. However this is not the end yet. Antarctica transforms into its true form. Although it looks the same, it is emitting Hi-ERO particles. This makes it on par with Daimidaler. Antarctica even has a Hi-ERO barrier that makes it unscathed from Daimidaler’s ultimate beam.

When Ritz sees one of the Penguin guys injured (his tail has been damaged and it won’t stand up for a while. Geddit?), she becomes filled with rage. She is going to kill everyone who bullies Penguins! Boiling with rage she is that Antarctica rips off Daimidaler’s right arm (it was always useless to begin with anyway). All functions in Daimidaler go offline. It’s like a useless pile of garbage now. Suddenly an anomaly is detected in Antarctic. Because Ritz has been overcome with her feelings, she has been absorbed by the Hi-ERO particles. Since she has not enough experience to handle this, Antarctic cannot maintain this any longer and go out of control before exploding. Penguin Emperor orders Ritz to be extracted immediately. She is knocked out and taken out safely. However Antarctic is still moving by its own thanks to Ritz’s strong emotions within Hi-ERO particles. It will still overload and explode. So evacuate the area now! Kyouko is horrified that their bailout system is not working. Antarctic is inching closer to them. Kouichi uses all his will to force Daimidaler move his hand to break itself so it could extract Kyouko away. To add to Kyouko’s misery, she heard him say last words like tragic heroes always do: He loves her. He really did. NOOOO!!! Kouichi don’t die!!! Had she only heard his complete sentence of how much he loved her boobs… In the aftermath of the explosion that probably wrecked a big part of the city, only Kyouko is detected alive as she is safely protected in the hands of Daimidaler fused with Hi-ERO barrier.

Episode 6
Since the old hero died, time to replace him with a new one! So don’t be baffled if you think you’re watching a new series. The world has now accepted Penguins. They are thriving. Prince has shut down and the professors are reduced to bidding their time bowling in their undies. Our new pair of characters, Shouma Ameku and Kiriko Kiyuna with the former confessing his love to the latter. Kiriko starts glowing with Hi-ERO particles and it seems only Shouma’s touch could calm her down. As explained, she starts glowing whenever she gets excited or her heart beats fast. Eventually they start dating but trouble comes when the Penguin men are here to take Kiriko. Shouma won’t let them and accept their challenge. Compare front tails?! Obviously somebody is going to be the winner… However Shouma remembers some secret move his father told him and unleashes Gulliver front tail! What the heck is that?! The Penguins are not impressed and made fun of him. This causes him to go into shock. Kiriko needs him to excite her so she can power up and beat those goons. How can he? He is in depression. How then? She kisses him! That radiant glow has her beat them up in no time and since they see the beautiful sunset, the Penguins start running towards it. Suddenly Matayoshi is before them. He is Kiriko’s former employer. He isn’t fond of her playing around and flirting with men. He warns her that she is being hunted by Penguin Empire and throws her a remote control. He believes that day will come when she will need it. The Penguins return to base and tired out after all that running. Ritz won’t forgive this and under the orders of Penguin Emperor, they are to bring Kiriko in. Meanwhile Chieko calls Shouma and wants him to break up with Kiriko. There are photos of them being lovey-dovey 24/7 and this looks bad on his reputation to gain entry into some higher learning institute. More importantly, this will hurt Chieko’s chance of promotion! If he needs somebody to get dirty with, Chieko will be the one. OMG! I can’t believe this teacher would strip down herself to let him touch her! But Shouma is loyal to Kiriko and won’t fall into her temptation. He runs away to Kiriko and they assert their love for each other.

When they return to class, Ritz and the Penguins are waiting for them. Shouma suggests Kiriko push them away with her light but when they kiss, nothing happens. It seems Kiriko might have gotten used to kissing so it doesn’t excite her anymore. Ritz calls them amateurs and shows how it is supposed to be done. She lets one of the Penguin dudes fondle her. That lucky bastard! Even luckier, Ritz does her God Scrub on his front tail!!! Kiriko falls into depression but Shouma thinks quick. He fondles her boobs and her Hi-ERO powers unleash to give them enough time to escape. Unfortunately that is only temporary as Antarctica captures Shouma. Ritz is going to violate him. Shouma says whatever happens to him, he will always love her. This makes Kiriko confess. She has been lying all the while. She wanted to hide this glow to live a normal life and was scared she would be found out. Till she met him. He was a convenient and loyal guy that could nullify her light and even luckier he likes her. In short, he was just a convenient tool and started dating him to use him. Shouma’s feelings still won’t change. But here is another confession. She is totally in love with him and can’t stop thinking all the time, etc. She really, really, really, really, really loves him, to put it simply. Using him as a tool was what she thought of initially. But as she spent more time with him, she realizes her love for him has grown and the first confession was to tell him the truth because she wants to be with him forever. But this confession isn’t going to do anything about Ritz doing her God Scrub on Shouma. Kiriko has no choice but to use the remote control to summon Daimidaler.

Episode 7
Kiriko rides the new never tested before Daimidaler. Antarctica is easily defeated and Shouma is saved. Penguin Emperor tells Ritz and co to escape before this Antarctica type is not meant for battle. In the aftermath, Kiriko confesses that she used to be a pilot for Daimidaler. She apologizes for getting him involved. Shouma doesn’t understand what is going on because all that matters is that he wants to be with her and help her as much as he can. Then they kiss so casually in public like there is no tomorrow. There goes Chieko’s promotion… Kiriko and Shouma return to Prince. Matayoshi explains the reason she was chosen despite there are a couple of other Factors was because her name came first alphabetically! Since the duo continue to shamelessly flirt before their eyes, it just makes them jealous. Die! One day as Matayoshi waited for hours just to pick them up from school (because their school prohibits handphones), Antarctica is spotted raging throughout the city. So it’s going to be a rematch between Daimidaler and an upgraded Antarctica model. The latter is much more superior thanks to all the data on Kiriko’s attack patterns. The only way for Daimidaler to attack back is to move massive amounts of Hi-ERO particles into the system. And this means Shouma must do very perverted things to Kiriko’s body! Even Kiriko gives the green light! OMG! Shouma you lucky bastard!!! But wait! He hesitates! WTF?! Shouma you idiotic bastard! He realizes because he did so many light hearted things to her, he believes he has corrupted the pure and innocent Kiriko he knows. He will not do perverted things to her. Shouma you stupid bastard! Are you going to let mankind die because of your morals?! Then he gets an idea. He shows his Gulliver Stick! WTF?! Kiriko is in so much shock that Hi-ERO particles blast through the roof! Despite so, this isn’t good news. Kiriko is so shocked that her Hi-ERO particles are going out of control. Yeah. Gulliver Stick. Truly fearsome. Shouma takes over the piloting but can an amateur do it? It’s precisely why he can. Since Ritz doesn’t have his fighting data, it throws Antarctica off. His punch is his kick and vice versa. Beginner’s luck. Kiriko sees how cool Shouma is and calms down. Together they power up (Daimidaler getting a new bigger hand) and defeat Antarctica. Matayoshi is glad that this pair will be mankind’s key to defeat Penguin Empire. However he still can’t stand their immoral public make out! Must they do it every time? Just die! Meanwhile Penguin Emperor isn’t pushing the panic button yet. Looks like he has an ace up his sleeve…

Episode 8
Ritz and co are trekking through the dessert. Lost… Penguin Emperor tests some teleport device and it brings Macaroni. This cute sexy babe is a subordinate of his from the other world. Matayoshi shows Shouma and Kiriko around the new base but they are more interested in cuddling and be love-dovey with each other. So irritating… Then they get lost in some store room area. Time for a cliché moment. The shelves topple over and they are trapped. Suddenly Shouma becomes a perverted monster and starts fondling her boobs. Actually he wants her to use her Hi-ERO particles to blast them out. Yeah, it did. But too powerful that they are sent flying into to command centre. No more lost. Penguin Emperor notices non-living objects that go through the transporter doesn’t have damage compared to living things. Because those things that pass through will lose something. Be it memories or something physical (the reason why Macaroni was naked when she first arrived). Ritz and co are really lost in the dessert when suddenly they are teleported back. Penguin Emperor reveals he used this transporter and after he has them say what they lost, he apologizes for using something so dangerous on them. He really wants to take responsibility but the rest don’t really mind about the little stuff. Because they are family. Aww… Penguin Emperor wants Ritz to have her physical data taken so the Penguins start off with some erotic play! The data is supposed to be crucial for their next operation so do it properly! The Penguins note that Kiriko’s measurements must be better so Ritz won’t lose to that woman and orders them to go take Kiriko’s sizes.

Guess what Shouma and Kiriko are doing? They’re playing rock-scissors-paper. The loser gets kissed. Isn’t that a win-win solution? So irritating! Heck, they even screw this game and just start kissing! Are you trying to test our patience! Sorry to interrupt your kissing time but here are those Penguin dudes. First they hypnotize Shouma out and then they restrain Kiriko. First she dares them to touch it and they think it’s a bluff to let them lose interest. When they start fondling, she realizes her plan to conjure Hi-ERO particles failed because she can’t get excited as long as it’s not Shouma. Shouma is freed from the spell and uses his Gulliver Stick to do the trick! However from this position, his pants rip and he can’t do this move no more. Kiriko is close to naked and since Shouma sees her, her Hi-ERO particles burst out. She calls forth Daimidaler so the Penguins cry it is unfair since they are here just to measure her data. Kiriko then gives Shouma measure her and let the Penguins have it. As a pride of a woman, she won’t want to lose to Ritz either. Shouma feels unfair for just measuring her. He suggests she measures her stick next time. If she wants to. But of course. When they return to base, they see Matayoshi in negotiations with Penguin Emperor who wants cooperation from his Factors as they need vast amount of Hi-ERO particles. He refuses. In that case, Penguin Emperor will take action. At the same time, Ritz is going to settle their measurement size once and for all. When she sees Kiriko’s data winning by a clear mile, she gets freaking upset. Penguin Emperor uses the transporter to teleport a mecha, Super Antarctica by Humboldt.

Episode 9
Long ago, Ritz seems to be the survivor of a war that ravaged her land. That’s where she met Penguin Emperor who was also alone and wandering. She follows him around and is taken in by his kindness. But once they reach a town, Penguin Emperor told her they had to part because it is not time for him yet to show himself to humans. He tells her to be strong and live, go find her family. Perhaps one day they will meet again. Ritz doesn’t really remember much about it but dreaming that just felt nostalgic. Similarly Penguin Emperor also dreams back of the past. When he was in the other world and his Penguin Empire is on the verge of defeat, his men created some teleport device to allow him to jump to another world. However he toyed around with it and accidentally sent himself there. Trapped in this new world, he has no choice but to rebuild from scratch. That’s when he met that young girl. Since he isn’t a lolicon, he doesn’t remember her face. Penguin Emperor introduces Ritz to Humboldt. She is one of the 5 strongest elites back in the other world (Macaroni is one of them) and looks a bit like Ritz. Although she is flat chest, she is a bit of a pervert… Ritz doesn’t understand about humans being part of his empire but he explains Humboldt isn’t human and was artificially created. It seems Super Antarctica cannot move after being teleported here. Don’t worry, Humboldt will pilot it. Oops. She forgot how! Must be the side effects. I don’t understand about this talk about using generators humans created from their technology to move it. Humboldt remembers there are robots using Hi-ERO particles appearing in the other world but weren’t that useful and changed to some thermal power system. They’re going to do the same here but how are they going to find the funds for to remake it? All the Penguins will sell their porn magazines! All for the Penguin Empire! Ritz has a martial arts combat with Humboldt. Humboldt clearly rules as she finishes her off with her clothes ripping Fiery Blast Penguin Thrust. She tells Ritz is she plans on joining the elite, she must master this fist. And so Ritz trains under this new master of hers while the Penguins rebuild a new Antarctica using parts and technology from Super Antarctica. Once it is done, Humboldt returns to her world and prays for their success. The new Antarctica makes its appearance and of course Daimidaler is called into action. At first, Shouma and Kiriko’s power of love easily overwhelms Antarctica. But this is not the end yet. Antarctica takes Daimidaler up into the air (so that the city won’t be damaged – how considerate) and it starts emitting Hi-ERO particles. Prepare for the blast of your life. Kyouko is seen lying in coma in a containment unit.

Episode 10
After all that explanation about this Evolt power, nothing happens. Failure? Kiriko and Shouma taunt Ritz as they continue to be lovey-dovey. Penguin Emperor decides to send one of his commandos over, Joseph. His front tail has a special ability. But once he is transported, curse the side effects since his front tail is not standing up! Another failure? Don’t worry. Joseph knows how to get it back up. Sexual harassment on Ritz! After recharging, he powers up Antarctica to transform into Super Antarctica (in which we shall call this new version Kai). Kai is much better than Daimidaler and is going to do the finishing blow. Shouma protects Kiriko when suddenly Hi-ERO particles burst out from him. He turns into a Penguin! What the hell?! Ritz persuades Shouma to join them as Kiriko desperately tries to cling on to him and not make him leave. Her high burst of Hi-ERO particles cause Kyouko to awaken. However this only backfires as Shouma did not change. To her dismay, he goes over to the other side and she falls into depression. The battle now takes place over the ocean since Ritz doesn’t want to city to be destroyed. Kiriko is so sad that she is bursting with Hi-ERO particles. As she was able to use it freely with Shouma around, now that he is taken away, Daimidaler is going berserk as it is being drowned in her feelings. She is going to get her revenge. At this rate the city will be destroyed. Matayoshi doesn’t care if a town or two gets destroyed in the process so long Ritz is annihilated! So go forth and destroy her! Destroy the Penguin Empire! Your name will be gloriously carved in the victorious history of mankind! Oh dear. Who is the real bad guy now? Shouma doesn’t want Ritz to attack Daimidaler sloppily because from his experience if she does she’ll be blown apart. Penguin Emperor tells her to use the Penguin Thrust. She is not confident but with all the Penguins supporting her so strongly, she begins her attack. Similarly Kiriko also unleashes her ultimate CP Slash. In the end, Kai wins. Matayoshi cannot believe this lost when suddenly he Kyouko contacts him and wants him to launch her right into the battlefield in this arm of the previous Daimidaler. It’s a gamble. Ritz and the Penguins are making their thanking speech. They protected the city. Thank you everyone. Suddenly here comes Kyouko flying in. The old Daimidaler all of a sudden appears from the sky as the arm attaches to it. Kouichi is back! What the?!

Episode 11
Kouichi in this modified Daimidaler that has a candle on its head, kicks the hell ass out of Ritz. Guess what? The molestation of Kyouko continues. Yeah, the cockpit is also modified for some bonding style groping. After episodes of hiatus and this is their perverted return? The Hi-ERO particles are bursting that it sends Kai reverting back to Antarctica version. Time for a retreat. Back at the base, we hear some explanation how this new Super Daimidaler uses 2 kinds of power and one of them being thermal (the candle). After the explosion, Kouichi found himself in a strange world. Soon, several people picked him up and modified his robot. The odd part is he can’t remember the faces of those people! But he remember being told as long Daimidaler’s left arm was still intact, there is a chance he could go back. So while Daimidaler was being modified, he was spending most of his idle time in the cockpit thinking about Kyouko (harassing her, that is). Kouichi meets Kiriko for the first time. To his surprise, he didn’t know she is from the same school and a year his senior. Meanwhile Penguin Emperor is pondering about the recent events. He knows that candle on Daimidaler is from the humans of the other world as it is their limitless power source. Large amounts of Hi-ERO particles can transfer one to another dimension and the first time teleported him there. When Kai and Daimidaler’s super impact happened the same time, the large Hi-ERO particles allowed Kouichi to return and the left arm was some sort of beacon. Further thinking has him believe that original Hi-ERO particles weren’t meant for weaponry and warfare and thus he might have done something terribly wrong. Kiriko observes Kouichi and Kyouko’s relationship but couldn’t figure it out. He’s bugging Kyouko to wear this skimpy ‘battle suit’ and wanting to practice. The professors have found Penguin Empire’s secret base. How? They just Google it!

Kouichi continues to molest Kyouko in that ‘battle suit’. Oddly everyone seems to tolerate it. I guess this is not as annoying as being a lovey-dovey couple, huh? Unknown to them, this pervy act is being secretly watched by several government men. They have records and statistics to show how sales of unhealthy and perverted things are on the rise since Daimidaler came back. They believe Prince is behind this and should have wiped them out then during the explosion. The irony is that they thought they were the saviours of the world but instead it is Penguin Empire that purified the world from such unhealthy and unholy products. Time to fix this once and for all before the people start making a fuss. Kouichi’s Hi-ERO particles are increasing more than ever so Matayoshi is happy their victory chance is bigger. Kiriko wants to go into battle too and he allows it. Because 2 Daimidalers will increase their victory chance. Although she might go berserk and explode again, since they’re at the enemy base he doesn’t care as it will wipe out the enemy! Kiriko doesn’t need Kouichi’s molestation as she can go into full burst using her own imagination. Oh really? After Kyouko picks the duo up from school, suddenly an army of Daimidaler is seen around the city and the announcement of evacuation. This old Daimidaler types can be piloted by anybody as it uses some plasma system. To Prince’s horror, they have not being disposed off as believed and are not going to use to eradicate the ‘bad guys’. They blame them for bringing back the depravity and unhealthy culture to men and worst of all, do you know how much it costs each time they send Daimidaler back for restoration? Can’t deny that, can’t they? And looks like they’re not going to give them a chance to surrender as they intended to eliminate them from the start.

Episode 12
The army attacks Prince’s base. How ironic. The one supposed to protect is attacking unarmed people without warning. More old Daimidaler models are pushing deeper to destroy Prince’s underground base while Kouichi and the ladies are running around. Can they really outrun those giant robots? Suddenly their Daimidalers burst into the scene. The professors are piloting them and managed to move it away while Matayoshi was arguing with the army commander. The kids enter their robots and it’s back to familiar territory. Kouichi didn’t hesitate groping Kyouko while Kiriko has her own lewd imagination on Shouma. Power them up Hi-ERO particles! The fight rages on but with the endless wave of old Daimidaler models, even Kouichi’s Hi-ERO particles has its limits. Penguin Empire gets wind about this internal fighting and Ritz doesn’t like what she sees. She goes to help Kouichi and co with excuse that she is the only person who will defeat them. The army on the other hand is going to destroy Penguin Empire too because anybody who attacks them is a threat to the country. All the old Daimidaler models combine into one giant ugly model called Super Sound. Kiriko is surprised Shouma comes to join her piloting. She tries hard to psycho herself despite looking like a Penguin, he is Shouma inside. And yeah, his front tail is just his Gulliver. Our kids do well to push back Super Sound and before they could land the finishing blow, the army commander tells them to stop and surrender. What gives? He explains why Prince is a menace to society because ever since they came back, human’s libidos and immoral activities have been on the rise. Unlike Penguin Empire that sucks Hi-ERO particles and leave humans void of sexual desires. Of course this is just a side distraction to let Super Sound recharge. Kouichi couldn’t give a damn about that but Kiriko feels insulted. Are doing those lovey-dovey things considered to be a crime? She won’t accept this and vows to protect Shouma. She ejects him from his seat and is going to do a kamikaze move. She won’t forgive anyone who refuses to acknowledge their deep love as she powers up with Hi-ERO particles and attacks. However she got shot down. If you thought you have seen the end of the professors, think again. Although this time their limited appearance would be to fire their bazooka at some antenna that sends the control signals to Super Sound. Although the army doesn’t control it anymore, it goes berserk destroying the city! Holy cow! This is much worse!

Kiriko wakes up and is so glad that Shouma is back being human! When he was ejected, Six seized him and under Penguin Emperor’s orders, he put some little device on Shouma and infused him with lots of Hi-ERO particles, turning him back to human (that was how Six turned into one, right?). And now that he is back, let the kissing continue! Can we do this later? The plan now is to destroy Super Sound in a concentrated attack. Kiriko won’t go berserk anymore and will join in this plan. When Shouma tells Kyouko that Six gave his regards to her, she felt a sense of nostalgia. I guess it’s a good thing because she allows Kouichi to mess her up the way he wants! Music to his ears! The words he has been waiting for! No mercy groping! And of course, Kiriko and Shouma’s kissing ecstasy… Don’t feel bad or jealous, Ritz… Their over the top Hi-ERO particles power up to the maximum to defeat Super Sound. The army commander couldn’t believe they are being saved by immoral people but here comes Matayoshi to impart his perverted lecture that lust is the proper growth of a sound youth! Don’t those hypocrites also went through the same phase and now they want to ban this from the current youth? Don’t be such an unsound middle aged jerk ass! In the aftermath, Penguin Emperor and his Penguins arrive on scene to pay their respects. He explains that their species do not have Hi-ERO particles and must collect them from others to reproduce. They are more infatuated with lust as they do not have Hi-ERO particles themselves. Because such particles in humans are unusually high, his original plan was to harness it and turn them into their kind. However it is too dangerous and as seen could turn them into humans. It is decided they leave this place and return home. After all, the transporter has been fixed thanks to all the Hi-ERO particles collected. Ritz is not happy they are going away and leaving her behind as Penguin Emperor reasons she is human of this world and cannot take her along. She begs not to be left behind and he remembers she is that girl from the past. He renames her as Rikantz Penguin Seaberry and from now on part of the elite commandoes and reborn as his daughter. This good news calls for a celebration as Penguin Empire bid farewell before heading home. Penguin Emperor and Matayoshi agree that lust is necessary for peace and prosperity. It is the treasure of the universe! Penguin Emperor warns humans not to lose their libido or they will become Penguins like them and suffer the same fate.

Mini OVA 1
What else? 5 minutes of more perversion if you buy the DVDs. Kouichi is adamant that Kyouko cosplays to help fight against the Penguin Empire (really?). However Matayoshi shoots his idea down, calling it childish and this foolish move will make his boob massaging inferior and Kyouko will hate him (I think she already does). Kouichi admits his wrong move so Matayoshi is going to teach him the finer points of boobs massaging. Because Kouichi gropes like a kid so he is going to teach him adult style! Oh God… You know what this means for Kyouko… And so here Matayoshi coaches him on this Touch & Attack method, poor Kyouko is left screaming-cum-moaning at every groping. In the end it not only brings out more Hi-ERO particles, but his groping skill also increases. So remember the hand movements, angle and rhythm! They’re all very important! I don’t know if Kyouko is just tired or climaxed. After that tenacious fondling, Kouichi could tell her left boob is a little smaller than her right! You’re the worst! And now Penguin Empire has conveniently attack. Time to show the fruits of your training. Time to show your boobs, Kyouko! NOOOO!!!!

Mini OVA 2
The scientist trio are playing their favourite game of bowling. Yeah, bowling balls in the shape of round boobs. And of course to make it interesting, they’re going to play a strip bowling competition. Soriko is much against this perverted idea but who cares? It’s her against everyone (that includes us viewers). Even if Moriko and Sewashiko lose, they are happy to strip because they don’t mind flaunting their sexy body! You go, girls! And why is Soriko so upset even if it is not her stripping? Eventually she too has to strip because of the way she clumsily wore layers of clothes. Think she will be safe? Down the gutter! Strip! Strip! STRIP!!! In the end, Moriko wins and everybody is totally naked. Soriko wants Sewashiko to be completely naked and this means taking out that strip of cloth hanging on her nose. Sewashiko starts panicking as Soriko turns into the devil and pulls it out. She got labelled as a pervert. So that tiny insignificant cloth is all that is separating Sewashiko’s modesty?

Mini OVA 3
Ritz is overflowing with Hi-ERO particles due to the generator’s after-effect so much so she is turning into some sort of sex maniac on the Penguins. Get some love! For the remaining Penguins that ‘survived’, they figure the only way to stop her love spree is to unbutton her shirt and expose her boobs. What? They think it will immobilize her. Say what again? Unfortunately it backfired. She is even crazier than ever and gives them a Godly Ungodly God Scrub (whatever, it is freaking super!). The showdown evolves into a Penguin molesting her boobs and at the same time Ritz giving him her God Scrub. It’s getting real intense. Who is going to give way first? Maybe Ritz will be first to break when her panties are off. Now she feels embarrassed? The charade ends when Penguin Emperor beats them up for trying to turn this show into some hentai flick.

Mini OVA 4
What the hell is this? Chieko trying to force Shouma to become her naughty partner?! WTF?! She’s forcing his hands to seduce her boobs as Shouma tries to resist it because he already has Kiriko. Speaking of which, here she comes and she knows Chieko is at fault. Suddenly Ritz raids the school and blasts some sort of solvent that only melts clothes. Gee, why doesn’t it melt panties? Kouichi shows up in Daimidaler to fight Ritz. In the midst of that, the sex crazed teacher is chasing after Shouma but loses him. She vows to let Shouma get a taste of her advances. For some reason too, Kyouko also gets blasted by the solvent and then another round on Kiriko. Not to be left out, Ritz also gets it and to add salt to her wound, she lost the fight. Kouichi is savouring his sweet victory while admiring the sunset as Kyouko is upset she is still naked.

Mini OVA 5
Taking place during Ritz and Humboldt’s martial arts training. Yeah. There was more that was shown during then. We see Humboldt clearly overwhelming Ritz with some sexy-cum-lewd-cum-embarrassing submission pose. The Penguins believe Humboldt’s smaller boobs are superior to Ritz’s bigger ones. Humboldt then pins her down and reveals the secret self-defence of the Penguin Empire: The 69 position! Something how the pleasures continue to repeat itself. Be warned: Extremely tempting fapping material: Girls in freaking hot 69 position!!!!!!!!! Penguin Emperor then has his subordinates remember their proud traditional art. I don’t know what this circling group dance is but it was enough to make Ritz see something and win the fight with her fiery punch.

Mini OVA 6
Penguin Empire is having a mochi party. Thinking that something is missing, they summon Macaroni who was probably in the midst of eating her abalone. The Penguins’ horniness gets activated as they strip and unrobe her. They also have Humboldt do some strip pole dancing. Ritz feels left out when everyone starts talking about Macaroni’s shrunk boobs so she starts pounding mochi with Humboldt. It’s like the mochi also have its horniness activated as it starts fondling Ritz’s boobs. The only way to save her is… Suck on her boobs! Humboldt uses some suction to get rid of it. Ritz’s orgasmic face… The Penguins are sorry for letting this happen to her and ruining the fun (you mean they weren’t having fun with the fanservice?) but Ritz doesn’t think so because as long she is with them, everything is fun. Really? Want to have another go?

The Grope-inator…
Wait a minute! So that’s the end of it?! No hanging teasers of cliff-hangers to indicate that there might be a sequel in the works if ever the producers get horny enough or more perverted ideas in the future?! You mean it ends here with Penguin Empire going home after all that?! Then what will become of Daimidaler from now on? What will be its use now that there is no more Penguin Empire threat to fight against? What will Kouichi do now since there is no more reason to grope and get hardcore perverted with Kyouko since peace reigns! Oh yeah. The irony. Lust for peace! And now that peace is here, where is the lust?

This anime will always be remembered for its notorious breast groping fanservice. This is what this anime is about. This is why you watch this anime. Everything else doesn’t matter. I supposed there is a censored version but I guess if you are going to watch this kind of anime, might as well go for full blown bare tits. Groping boobs feel like the main course compared to the panty shots that are appetizers and desserts. There are plenty of them so if you love this kind of fanservice, you’ll be fapping every episode ;p. For the record, I didn’t. If all that fanservice isn’t enough, be glad to know that the first half of the mid-intermission eye-catch is even shameless with the girls in half exposed bodies and very tantalizing-cum-inviting positions. Definitely your ultimate fapping material! For the record again, I didn’t. The second half of the intermission is the uninspiring mecha pose, which strikes down all that horniness. Why the heck do they need to put this? It would have been better if they put additional of those fanservice poses! Wasted! :). And with the cleverly named term of Hi-ERO particles, it goes to show that sometimes being a hero is also ero.

Character development is close to zero and we have all already resigned to the fact that there isn’t going to be any given the nature of this series. Which is a good thing because it avoids us from getting really disappointed. May I need to remind you the real reason why we are watching this series in the first place again? You can guess from the start that Kouichi is a damn pervert and will continue to always be one. That villainous face screams of fondling and groping intentions from miles away. The same case with Kyouko. The reason she exists or at least her character role in this anime is so that she can be violated and groped to the maximum by Kouichi while satisfying us viewer’s horny lust. In fact, you don’t think about Kyouko. You just think about her boobs! For better or worse, can you say her boobs are her greatest assets? Yeah. Those pair is what determines victory and loss! The professors don’t really play any significant role except for some little fanservice moments like Moriko’s big bust, Soriko’s leotard like as though she just came out fresh from working at Playboy and Sewashiko’s tendency for sexual subtexts in her conversation (why does she have a cloth hanging out from her nose?). Despite making a more notable accomplishment in the final episode, it is easily overshadowed once the action and fanservice resumes. I notice in their past time they love to do bowling. Nothing odd but when you think about professors and bowling, it just feels like a weird combination.

I want to say that Shouma and Kiriko are the most decent characters but their penchant of being lovey-dovey annoys me like hell too. It’s like their purpose in this anime is to piss us single otaku loners-cum-losers and rub salt into our wounds. I also don’t even know why Chieko exists but I suppose it is to provide a variety for big boobs because after a while, we all will get bored with the same groping scene. Yeah. Variety is indeed the spice of life. As for Matayoshi, he must be the master of perversion since he teaches Kouichi the finer points in being a pervert and he gets really passionate when he tells us about that lust thingy. Uh huh. Everybody is a pervert one way or another in this anime. Even Ritz herself. Despite caring a lot about her Penguin family, she sometimes has this tendency to play along in the perversion game. Yeah. Variety is the spice of life. Oh, did I say that before? And her God Scrub = Labour of love. Ultimate pleasing skill ;). The only thing ‘unique’ about the character part is how the main character goes missing in the middle of the series, be replaced halfway through, only to make a grand return in the final couple of episodes. You don’t see that very often in lots of animes, don’t you?

Ironically Penguin Empire is casted as the antagonist initially. However as the series progresses, you’ll find that Penguin Empire isn’t as bad as they seem. Because they really take great care in not damaging the city unlike our Daimidaler pilots who are just going all out with full force. They also treat each other like family and value it like a precious treasure. Penguin Emperor cares a lot about his subordinates and will not risk their lives if the battle with Daimidaler gets too dangerous. Why, he even has regrets. Isn’t that what makes him great? And ironically during their reign, they brought down the level of porn! Although this might be debatable to some but a less perverted city means its citizens will be doing something more productive, right? So now do you see why Penguin Empire is more like good guys than villains? Besides, who would in their right idea casts cute penguins as antagonists? It is like turning pandas into bad guys. It just doesn’t cut it!

So it goes to show that Penguins are also humans! Why not? With the subordinates having ordinary names like Michael, Jim, Nelson, Dennis and Jake, in addition to be a little goofy and playful at times, they are as equally as perverted as their human counterparts having seen reading human porn magazines in their spare time. Yeah, they love those stuffs. Also, since 2 of Penguin Emperor’s strongest 5 have appeared and look so human-like, I don’t really understand about how they were conceived that makes them look so but they definitely do not look as close as penguins. So is it possible there are more human looking subordinates under him? It would have been interesting to see something more about this and his army from the other parallel world. Thus it just feels fleeting that they teleport here just for a short time and then go back once they have done their thing. Can’t they stay longer? I guess this shows that they’re doing well on the other side for them to go back.

Slowly you will realize the Prince team to be villains (or acting very much like one) especially with Matayoshi so obsessed and bent on destroying Penguin Empire at all cost that he doesn’t even care about the lives of others! Aha. First sign of being a villain. Remember what I said about penguins being too cute to be villains? Kyouko hates them to the max. What kind of human would hate such cute creatures?! Only bad guys can do that, right? That’s why Kyouko in this sense is considered a villain. Though I’m not sure if her hatred for Penguins has subsided in the end because we see her dad doing fine and not fearing bananas anymore. And then you have Kouichi who is a big time molester and sexual harassment monster while Kiriko and Shouma are more interested in flirting. Yes, being lovey-dovey with each other shamelessly in public is a crime! That’s why they’re like villains in this sense! Haha! The professors? Since they help maintain Daimidaler, they are like partners in crime. Accomplice, no? And finally, we have the army guys and those old bastards sitting in their dark rooms as the final arc’s antagonist because you can’t put our young kid heroes and Penguin Empire as baddies so might as well put it on those people against sex and porn. And now with Penguin Empire and Prince seemingly making peace (although the former has gone back), does this mean that they are fighting on the same side? The side of porn and eroticism, that is! Yeah. A new reason to fight for. A new reason to live. Long live porn!

The mecha designs especially Daimidaler are one of the most hideous and the ugliest I have ever seen in the history of all the mecha animes I have watched. Even looking at it the first time already zaps the wow factor for the mecha part. It’s like they didn’t put enough effort or just simply use one of their kids’ doodles as the final draft. So laughable that it is so lame to begin with. The Antarctic series also doesn’t fare well but at least it looks slightly better than Daimidaler although generally they are still plain and boring. Of course we are distracted by the groping and ecchi fanservice stuff, the reason why we can forgive this towering metallic atrocity. That is why we can laugh it off without cursing the lack of design effort in this behemoth abomination. Although the Penguins don’t look like the bird kind and resemble more of like humans wearing a full costume getup, it is their front tail that gets the most ‘attention’. There are a few ‘stand up’ jokes about it but it all boils down to perception. Don’t judge a dick by its front tail. If you tend to think of it as their penis and major turn down to the fanservice, then you my friend are really perverted to think so. Because their front tail doesn’t even resemble close to the phallic shape. It looks more like white radish sticking out…

Action wise, there are destructive mecha battles like one would expect but then again as I have said, do you really care about this part? With Daimidaler going all out and unleashing whatever power, the city is guaranteed to be destroyed or suffer some sort of damage in one way or another. And ultimately, the entire Tokyo is now a wasteland. I wonder what the bill is for cleaning and rebuilding everything. So was it worth it? To fight and protect your right and freedom for perversion! The punches and beams of the robots are packed with lots of power and you can feel the impact. No, I’m not talking each time some high powered Hi-ERO particles start charging up. So it is like you get both your fighting and fanservice action all at one go. Kouichi must have the best job in the world. He gets to fight to so called save the world while doing perverted things. Yeah, fighting Penguins feel like an excuse to just grope boobs. Each Antarctica series has their own unique moves but it is more less the same thing of cannon, missiles and beams with a few varieties.

The opening theme is of the same name as this series and sung by Endoh-kai. If this tokusatsu-like opener sounds very familiar it is because Masaaki Endoh (of JAM Project fame) is on the lead vocals and his voice is very suitable and has covered many similar songs. Personally I think this opening song is not bad as it is packed with lots of power, passion and your usual lively and upbeat rock that gives you a feel that this is going to be a mecha series that rocks. But we know the mecha elements aren’t the main thing anyway. Otherwise, I think this is one of those songs that you would want to belt out and sing along with zeal whenever you have the chance to. It is a different story for the ending theme. Now it sounds like an all-girl group anime pop. Suki Suki//Links by the seiyuus of the professor trio also has that cute and kawaii feel. I suppose with the professors don’t make much of an impact in the series, this is can be considered their centre stage as the ending credits animation is focused almost entirely on them (sexy fanservice pose and teasers are very much welcomed, thank you).

I don’t know but I think it must be me since I feel they are trying to subtly hint us a message in this anime. That being a pervert is good?! Being young and youthful means it’s okay to have perverted desires? Well, you only get to be young once. Use it or lose it. Because a sound and healthy mind is a perverted and lustful mind! So does saving the world give you a reason to get perverted? In that case would it have been better for mankind to be doomed in the first place? I know there is this saying of make peace and not war. Because everybody will be too happy having a good time fapping to porn material instead of fighting each other. So is such immoral activities accepted in this sense? Sex and porn are pretty much taboo in many parts of the world and the older generation. If sex and porn are really that bad, how come it is thriving so well? My theory is that such people who are vehemently against this either enjoy a very good sex life or had a very bad experience with it. They’re acting like they know porn very well to be against it. Hah. Don’t deny it. It’s basic human nature and part of who we are. That’s what makes us humans. Eventually it all comes down to moderation. Porn and perversion can only be good up to a certain limit (child porn is still bad in any ways). So don’t jump on the bandwagon and start taking out your perverted fantasies in real life on others. Reality dictates that there won’t be any Hi-ERO particles produced but you’ll be slapped with sexual harassment lawsuits.

Overall, this show is definitely not for everyone and I can clearly visualize viewers will be split into different camps on their views of this series. If you do not support breast groping (pun intended) and find such fanservice to be really annoying, this anime would be downright blasphemous. Then stay away as far as possible or you might catch its perverted disease. In fact, stay away from all anime or TV shows from Hollywood or any parts of the world. Don’t watch TV. Don’t even surf the internet. Stay cooked up in a cave far away from civilization and live a life of boringness and solitude that nobody will ever care. That way your mind and chastity will be safe from all forms of corruption. Might as well be dead. And for those who love it, take it with a pinch of salt. Enjoy the fanservice. Laugh at the boobs groping. Move on. Life is too short to be depressed. So don’t be too hard on yourself (pun intended). Don’t hate porn, hate the stigma. Hope I didn’t rub this the wrong way.

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