Here is another versus blog between two animes with sci-fi action element, Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo (Sora Kake Girl) and Kiddy Girl -and (Kiddy Girl). As we know that when mankind has successfully reached the capability of living in outer space, I’m sure there are new problems and issues to deal with like aliens and rebellion within our own kind though they call themselves by a different name. I may not be a total fan of this genre or even these series, but after watching them I thought that there were a few similarities and contrasts between them.

Other related anime
Sora Kake Girl: Well due to the near similar name, sometimes this show may be confused with Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo, though they are not related at all.
Kiddy Girl: The spin off sequel to Kiddy Grade.

The main location of where the series takes place.
Sora Kake Girl: An outer space colony just above Earth, Kirkwood.
Kiddy Girl: The renamed headquarters of GTO (Galactic Trade Organization) formerly known as GOTT (Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs) on the planet Aineias.

The main heroine trio
Good things come in threes…
Sora Kake Girl: Akiha Shishidou, Itsuki Kannagi and Honoka Kawai.
Kiddy Girl: Ascoeur, Q-feuille and Di-air.

The airhead
Notice that they both have pink hair, dense and reckless? But yet kind and cares?
Sora Kake Girl: Akiha.
Kiddy Girl: Ascoeur.

Her main skill
Sora Kake Girl: Akiha assists Leopard in releasing a powerful blast called Soul Shouts.
Kiddy Girl: Ascoeur is able to teleport and later the ability to bend space.

Her weapon
Sora Kake Girl: A Golden Gun.
Kiddy Girl: A multi-purpose comb.

The loli
Notice how carefree they both are?
Sora Kake Girl: Sakura Shishidou.
Kiddy Girl: Di-air and Letuchaia.

You know that cute little creature that makes viewers go aww…
Sora Kake Girl: Imoko.
Kiddy Girl: Tama.

Mecha factor
Refers to the machine that they pilot.
Sora Kake Girl: QT-ARMS called Starsylph.
Kiddy Girl: A guard robot named Typhon.

The ship they ride in
Sora Kake Girl: Leopard’s Brain Colony.
Kiddy Girl: Mistral.

Other allies
Sora Kake Girl: Leopard, Nina Stratoski, Kazane Shishidou, Takane Shishidou, Ul, Bougainvillea and Mintao.
Kiddy Girl: Trixie, Troisienne, A-ou, Un-ou, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Hiver and Sommer.

Other friends
Not involved in the missions they undergo.
Sora Kake Girl: School classmates Julio Surre and Neneko Okura.
Kiddy Girl: Alisa and Belle.

Sora Kake Girl: The Brain Colonists such as Nerval, Xanthippe, Benkei and Aleida.
Kiddy Girl: The G Society with Geacht’er and his Shadow Workers, Shade, Torch, Rubis, Saphir, Pauki and Letuchaia.

Twisted goal
Well, it isn’t the conquest for the universe.
Sora Kake Girl: Nerval wants to enslave all of humanity so as to ensure their eternal peace.
Kiddy Girl: Initially Geacht’er’s mission is to destroy GTO and bring back glory to his Nouvellese clan. Later it is revealed he just wants to destroy the universe because his tormentors denied him his existence.

The police
Sora Kake Girl: ICP (Inter Colony Police).
Kiddy Girl: GTO.

Crazy girl
Whether it’s her voice or character that made me think so.
Sora Kake Girl: Xanthippe.
Kiddy Girl: Saphir.

Girl turned bad
Sora Kake Girl: Nami Shishidou.
Kiddy Girl: Q-feuille (the part when she lost her memories and became Geacht’er’s sister).

Split personality
Sora Kake Girl: Leopard has a dark side.
Kiddy Girl: Q-feuille was brainwashed by Geacht’er as her little sister.

Formerly known as
Sora Kake Girl: Aleida was once known as Kagura Shishidou.
Kiddy Girl: Ascoeur’s real name is Lise-lotte while Geacht’er’s is Alfred.

Fake alliance
The enemy seems to have desert their side for a moment but in the end it’s back to the usual adversary.
Sora Kake Girl: Benkei and Tsutsuji Baba – after they were abandoned by Nerval when they crashed into Earth.
Kiddy Girl: Saphir – a trap to lure and capture Ascoeur but seized Q-feuille instead.

Ghost-like creatures
Sora Kake Girl: Existenz of the Terra Abduction.
Kiddy Girl: Ex-ES Members at an old GOTT building.

The maid
Sora Kake Girl: Imoko.
Kiddy Girl: Koa.

Sora Kake Girl: Itsuki fake her own death so she could go undercover in Akiha’s school. Imoko also tried to do a kamikaze into Cathedral Ventisca but of course that didn’t work out.
Kiddy Girl: Trixie and Troisienne died during G Society’s invasion during GTO’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

Sora Kake Girl: Bougainvillea and Mintao’s bad luck always have them getting injured.
Kiddy Girl: A-ou and Tweedledum were injured during G Society’s invasion and is out of commission for quite some time.

Fanservice episode
Sora Kake Girl: Episode 8 whereby everyone relaxes in a hotspring inside Leopard’s Colony.
Kiddy Girl: Episode 13 whereby the heroines are sent to an all-female resort planet for an investigation.

Filler episode
Sora Kake Girl: Episode 9 turns the entire series into an alternate reality with its baseball theme.
Kiddy Girl: Episode 2 in which Ascoeur and Q-feuille go to great lengths just to get some pumpkin pudding.

Frozen in time
Sora Kake Girl: Humans are put into boxes and become supplementary parts for Nerval, thus there is no need for memories or plans.
Kiddy Girl: Eclair and Lumiere sacrificed themselves frozen in space and time to stop a planet filled with inflammable energy that could destroy the entire galaxy.

Gloomy scene
Sora Kake Girl: Akiha sinks into depression when she thinks Imoko has died.
Kiddy Girl: Ascoeur and Q-feuille sink into depression after Trixie and Troisienne really died.

The all-powerful power
Either it repels the controlling evil force or powers you up.
Sora Kake Girl: Anti-QT and Soul Shouts.
Kiddy Girl: Di-air’s kiss.

Sora Kake Girl: Orbital Cafe Enigma – the place in Akiha’s dream where she always meets Kagura.
Kiddy Girl: Touch N Go – the place Ascoeur and Q-feuille work as part time waitresses.

The Jun Fukuyama factor
The characters he voiced in the series.
Sora Kake Girl: Leopard and Friedrich Otto Nobleman AKA Fon.
Kiddy Girl: Tweedledum.

Quote of the series
Sora Kake Girl: “I have control!”.
Kiddy Girl: “Pokyuun~”.

Number of episodes
Sora Kake Girl: 26 episodes.
Kiddy Girl: 24 episodes.

Well, there may be more of other stuff than this but at this point of time I just couldn’t think anymore. So maybe if you want to add them add, feel free and be my guest. I can’t say which of the series is better since I am not a big fan of the genre or the show. The most interesting thing in Sora Kake Girl is of course Leopard and his obnoxious character while Q-feuille is a cutie and was probably the reason why I watched Kiddy Girl (even if I haven’t watched its predecessor anime). Both have their funny moments and their own plot to build on. Because of the sci-fi factor, the terms and jargons are a real put off to me since I couldn’t remember them and thus ‘impedes’ my ability to further understand. Yeah right. Like I would even if I did. But we all know one thing for sure. It will take a pink hair girl and her friends to save the galaxy rather than an organization with corrupted, shady and dishonest bastards sitting at the top.

Kiddy Girl -and

November 28, 2010

Honestly I didn’t watch the original Kiddy Grade TV series when I decided to jump straight into its spin-off sequel Kiddy Girl -and. Hey, it’s a spin-off sequel and not a direct sequel so how bad can it be, right? Yeah, right. It would be better if one watches the said prequel first because there will be some characters of the former series featured here. Other than that, if you like sci-fi action adventure with lots of futuristic stuff and good looking people (not forgetting the comedy part), than this is definitely your cup of tea. Or coffee. Or pumpkin pudding.

Set 25 years after the events of the prequel whereby heroines Eclair and Lumiere ‘sacrificed’ themselves to prevent the entire galaxy from destruction. Apparently the galaxy is wide and endless so it really boggles my mind that an event like this could even occur given that only God can make such things happen. Oh wait, this isn’t a religiously themed anime either. The organization in the former, GOTT (Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs), has been replaced and renamed with GTO (Galactic Trade Organization). Hey, is there any difference? Depends on the people at the top as always. As usual, we have a new pair of heroines. First, the pink haired Ascoeur who is the typical annoying airhead and blockhead. Reckless, naive, simple and childish at times. Need I say more? Of course what makes her a heroine is her fighting abilities and you know those sense of justice and friendship that all heroes should have. On the total opposite of Ascoeur is Q-feuille, her partner-cum-roommate-cum-friend. Serious, level-headed and intelligent, Q-feuille has very good memory and most of the time has to ‘correct’ or be the rational one among the duo. It’s like a manzai comedy combo. Only set in the future. Well, like they say, opposite attracts. Both girls work as part time waitresses at a cafe in GTO HQ called Touch N Go, run by the masculine-looking chief, Mi Nourouse AKA Minou. Note how her costume changes in nearly every episode. Thus this is the story of Ascoeur and Q-feuille as they work hard to become full ES Members. Sounds easy? Not.

Like in episode 1, we are introduced to them and other characters like Belle and Alisa, friends of the heroine duo and frequent patron of Touch N Go. Ascoeur and Minou are in an argument about wearing bloomers. Too bad they have to cut short their antics when the cafe is under attack by terrorists. They are targeting GTO’s director Hiver and her assistant Sommer who are at the cafe at that time. Even if we want to write off Ascoeur as a dumb heroine, we can’t because she shows us her superb fighting skills via her multi-purpose comb. Those terrorists in full body armour should be ashamed of themselves, losing to a girl in maid outfit. Don’t mess with this action girl. Of course with a little assistance from Q-feuille and her choco bombs, the terrorists are knocked out but the last one made a desperate move by unleashing a robot dragon beast. As it goes berserk and wrecks havoc throughout the entire building, Ascoeur hangs on to it for dear life. It’s going to be the ride of her life. I don’t know why she’s so conscious that she’s not wearing anything underneath her skirt. I know she should, but now? In the end, she cuts it in half (man, her comb is better than any light sabre!) and reinforcements take care of the rest. No doubt Ascoeur and Q-feuille get reprimanded from Hiver for the massive destruction, permanent ES Members, Trixie and Troisienne (pronounced troa-jane) see great promise in them.

In episode 2, Ascoeur works hard at Touch N Go so that she can savour her favourite pumpkin pudding dessert. But before she could dig in, Q-feuille accidentally sneezes and causes it to spill. Feeling a little guilty, she decides to help Ascoeur to sneak into Touch N Go to get her deserved pudding. Expect all the crazy security system traps set by ES Member Tweedledee. I don’t know if it’s called good luck or bad luck seeing each time they bump into them all and each time managing to barely get out. Even some traps are totally weird. Crossing a bridge that resembles like a fat man? Only thing is the man is so slippery that it felt like some sexual innuendo when the girls try to cross (or rather body slide) over it. Then there’s one whereby chibi mini-Tweedledee dolls stuck themselves on the duo and Ascoeur is having so much fun that she doesn’t mind making it look like an afro. Though Q-feuille ‘sacrifices’ herself so Ascoeur could go get her pudding, she eventually fell down a pit. And I don’t know how long they take to climb up the stairs but when it’s done, it’s morning and all the puddings are finished. Boo hoo! Hey, why can’t Ascoeur use her teleporting skill? Maybe she isn’t that pro yet.

Ascoeur and Q-feuille had an argument in episode 3 which puts a serious blow to their friendship. It all started because Ascoeur wants to be so much like Troisienne and is so annoying that you want to strangle her. Then the final straw came when Ascoeur disrespected a magical wand of a famous magical girl franchise that Q-feuille loved so much. Belle and Alisa try to patch them up but ended up being tired out and nothing much improved. Ascoeur and Q-feuille are demoted to doing a receptionist job and they’re still not on talking terms. Till an injured guy came by to request their help for a life-and-death task. He has to hand some draft to a certain person before a looming deadline or else his entire planet is finished! Seeing how grave the situation is, both girls are smart enough to put aside their petty differences and combine their skills to bring the draft to the correct person. Well, the office is such a big place and there are several people of the same name. Just in time. And it’s about time that both girls reconcile and glad that they’re each other’s partner. In the end, they find that the magical wand belongs to Troisienne and she’s also a fan of that magical girl. While Ascoeur is dumbfounded, I guess it’s Q-feuille’s turn to click with Troisienne. And they’re getting along pretty well.

Hiver calls Ascoeur and Q-feuille to her office in episode 4 and it’s not a dream because the duo will be getting their first official mission: To babysit a loli, Di-air. What were they expecting? Cool outer space fights? I find the little blonde loli to be a little annoying. Sure, she’s pretty cute and cheerful but it really gets to you after awhile when she starts repeating end sentences of other people. Seems like a pretty easy mission as they make friends with her. As they take her outside GTO building, they are being attacked by a pair of female assassins, the beast transforming Rubis and ice specialist Saphir, believed to be from the same group of terrorists that attacked Hiver back in the first episode. They thought they were after Di-air but their target is Ascoeur and Q-feuille themselves. The heroines struggle with their limited powers against the antagonist. Till Di-air kisses Ascoeur and powers her up! Now she has more advanced teleportation skills. Rubis and Saphir are forced to retreat when GTO reinforcements arrive. When Ascoeur and Q-feuille report back to Hiver, she decides to continue leaving Di-air in their care. Simply because, she’s also an ES Member candidate like them.

As Di-air is part of Ascoeur and Q-feuille team, in episode 5, the trio are given yet another mission to investigate an old GOTT building. Rumours have it that it is haunted. Oh no. Q-feuille isn’t good at ghost stories, is she? Though she tries to put up a tough front. Scaredy cat. It gets worse when the airheads run off leaving Q-feuille alone and afraid. Very afraid. She goes through lots of traumatic and screaming creepy experiences till she finally meets the real Ascoeur (there was some shape shifting creature pretending to be her pals). Walking through the dark hallways, they enter a lab that houses past ES Members. Then they see ghosts of what is believed to be spirits of 2 of those deceased ES Members. When Di-air finally appears (looking like she had lots of fun, eh?), they are suddenly attacked by a shape shifting mechanical creature believed to be a Genetech Beast. Its attack and reflex is fast so our heroines have a tough time containing it. Eventually Di-air kisses Ascoeur and Q-feuille to power them up as they subdue the beast. Q-feuille realizes that Di-air’s kiss that turned the Genetech Beast into its much powerful form. So it turns into a harmless green little creature named Tama that Di-air will sling around herself as a pouch from now on (I can’t believe Norio Wakamoto has been reduced to a character that says nothing but “Nyuu~!”). Hmm… I’m beginning to feel that Di-air’s kiss is like a ‘refuelling’ station that powers up people. If she does this too many times, I’m going to think that this show will be turning into a yuri series.

The trio smell something fishy going on in Hiver’s office in episode 6. Due to Ascoeur’s bungling teleportation, they see Hiver and Sommer closer than usual! Scandalous! Were they 2 that close to each other and Sommer seems to be the dominating one. Then at one point, Hiver is without her clothes! So when the girls finally confront them, smooth Sommer tells them that he was just trying to teach her magic tricks for the Christmas party. The girls leave and though Q-feuille still having doubts. So do we. Is it really magic tricks or are they really into it? In the second part, yaoi fan Alisa takes Belle, Di-air, Ascoeur and Q-feuille to a male seiyuu cafe filled with male bishonen serving them. Yes, it’s one of her sick fetishes and fantasies. The males are trying to outdo each other of being number one so when jealous Tama accidentally kisses Di-air, he too turns into a bishonen himself! Though he can only say “Nyuu~”. The jealous guys conspire with each other to bring the new guy down by poisoning him but it backfires when Tama goes berserk causing the entire building to be destroyed before Tama reverts back to its little blob self. Was it all worth it?

Trixie and Troisienne take the trio on a mission in episode 7 to infiltrate an illegal weapons manufacturing plant believed to be supplying arms to G Society who are recently attacking GTO. They split into 2 teams and are successful in taking them down but the appearance of G Society’s Shadow Workers, illusionist Torch and fear-implanting-illusions Shade. Torch attacks Trixie and Ascoeur while Shade tries to stall Troisienne, Q-feuille and Di-air from escaping the plant so that the explosions could take them out. But Ascoeur and Q-feuille did not give up and use the best of their abilities to their limits to have everyone escape in the nick of time. That means Torch and Shade also escape.

While GTO are making preparations for their upcoming 25th anniversary celebrations in episode 8, G Society are having their own ceremony of declaring their own independence. Led by the mysterious man in white, Lord Geacht’er, we are also introduced to the other Shadow Workers other than Shade and Torch. They are Saphir and Rubis and a pair of creepy looking kids Pauki and Letuchaia (with annoying multiplication in every of her sentences). We learn the people of G Society are descendents of Nouvelesse from planet Earth and their noble status has been overthrown by commoners and they are seeking revenge to bring down GTO and its ES Members whom they feel are responsible for it all. Everyone worships Geacht’er like God but an old geezer isn’t happy about their progress up till now. Of course he’s so old that he could die anytime before he could see any real achievement so he did the unthinkable by chiding Geacht’er in front of everyone about his incompetence. I guess it’s a lesson for everyone to learn to keep their mouth shut before their leader because Geacht’er plants a red rose on him and the next thing he knows, the old geezer dies as his blood keeps oozing out from his body. That’s a hell lot of a blood for an old guy. Scary…

The GTO 25th anniversary begins in episode 9 but is interrupted when G Society infiltrates it. A large hologram image of Geacht’er is projected as he mind controls the GTO guards to start attacking randomly. G Society uses this chance to blame GTO for harming innocent civilians as G Society unleashes their own soldiers to ‘quell’ the violence. Ascoeur and Q-feuille are tasked to evacuate the people but do you think they want to be left out of the action? The ES Members that include Tweedledee, her brother Tweedledum, Un-ou (possessing amazing hearing abilities), A-ou (possessing amazing visual and sight abilities), Trixie and Troisienne. They face off with the Shadow Workers in a fierce battle. Ascoeur and Q-feuille go help their comrades but Tweedledum and Un-ou got injured during the attack. Geacht’er finishes Trixie and Troisienne off by planting red roses on them. Next thing they know, they’re laying in their own pool of blood. Before the duo die, they plead to Ascoeur and Q-feuille to protect the future of the galaxy. Entrusting the entire galaxy to a couple of apprentices? That’s got to be heavy responsibility.

Ascoeur and Q-feuille continue to be depressed in episode 10 since the duo ES Members that they look up to really died. Di-air is still the energetic and positive girl determined to be a true blue ES Member and though it’s good to have such qualities in such times, I’m not sure if she’s being insensitive. A-ou and Tweedledum are being treated and at the same time GTO and its ES Members have been suspended. Since Ascoeur and Q-feuille aren’t full ES Members, this loop hole gives them the freedom to do anything else. As Di-air wanders outside GTO building, she spots several G Society spies. They start attacking and luckily Ascoeur and Q-feuille arrive in time to save her or else Tama would’ve been at its limits trying to protect Di-air. The spies set upon them their own Genetech Beasts and when Di-air’s life is in danger, it seems Ascoeur and Q-feuille find themselves being able to use the respective abilities of Trixie and Troisienne, that is to control space and time respectively. The enemies retreat. In the aftermath, the duo talk about their newfound powers and they resolve to be full ES Members. Then the trio are called to Hiver’s office as they are presented with their own robot and ship, Typhon and Mistral. Yeah, they are now warrant ES Members.

Letuchaia and Pauki are visiting their hospitalized grandma in episode 11. Grandma is able to get special treatment thanks to their special status and Letuchaia as Geacht’er’s sister (though not really blood related). Letuchaia proudly tells her beloved grandma how dear Geacht’er assigned them to spy in the other Shadow Workers via a maid, Koa. We also see the personal lives of the other Shadow Workers like Rubis a messy eater, Saphir a messy room, Torch a womanizer and Shade his faithful partner and the duo once part of the police force before defecting to G Society. As Letuchaia happily sends her report to Geacht’er, unknown to her, Geacht’er has also ordered the same task to Saphir and Shade into spying among themselves. Hmm… This guy has a much deeper ulterior motive than his pretty face could tell. Meanwhile Sommer informs the gang that G Society is trying to replace GTO by implanting its members in high positions within the organization and also having high ranking allies. They need to trio to fight against G Society but they need to know a little history about the time frozen space incident.

History lesson begins in episode 12 as Hiver and Sommer explain the planet that contained a powerful energy ore that could destroy the entire galaxy. Wait a minute. I’ve said that earlier on, didn’t I? 25 years ago, crazy Geacht’er tried to ignite it but only with the sacrifice of Eclair and Lumiere prevented that from happening. Oh, I’ve said that too. Because of their space bending and time stopping abilities, the explosion is prevented by the after effect is that both Eclair and Lumiere are trapped in it like suspended animation till today. A-ou takes the trio there as they further learn that anyone who tries to get close to it are also caught and gets frozen. Though there is an opportunity to do so once every 3 years. Though that time again is near, but that chance has withered with the deaths of Trixie and Troisienne whose powers are instrumental for that. Reaching at a nearby abandoned station, the girls meet an elderly man named Che sending wreaths in memory of his mother, Eclair. I felt something weird about the short flashback he told when Eclair left for her final mission. When Che was a young lad, Eclair looked young enough to be his girlfriend! I don’t know, it’s maybe because I didn’t watch the prequel. Che wonders if he can see her again so the girls vow to protect everyone.

The trio warrant ES Members are being given a mission to a resort planet that only allows females in episode 13. Seems GTO is still relevant as the higher ups push difficult cases to them. Seems like female heaven with everything you dream and desire served at your fingertips. It’s good being a woman here. Not to mention the fanservice. However due to a security bug, the ladies are trapped on this island and are not allowed to leave. Yeah, probably that’s why they even let Typhon in even if the robot looks ugly in a bikini! Anyway that’s where the trio come in. But they still can’t resist having fun, eh? Hey, Belle and Alisa are there too. After learning that a heavily guarded control centre controls all the robots, the heroines go into action. So much about sneaking it quietly. Thankfully Typhon keeps the security at bay as the girls head deeper underground. They see a woman, supposedly from the previous failed rescue attempt trying to restore the system by herself. I wonder how long she has been doing this. Didn’t the robot security detect her? As they try help to stop the system, Ascoeur and Di-air accidentally destroyed the system causing everything to go berserk. The entire resort island plunge into chaos as our girls along with their robot and ship cooperate to put a stop to the menace and save the rest. When they save Alisa and Belle, it then dawned to them that Ascoeur and Q-feuille are ES Members. When everything returns to normal, they leave the planet. Wasn’t that holiday refreshing?

Q-feuille thinks she is starting to forget her memories in episode 14 so she enters the database to search for her memories and past. She learns that the former GTO director, Eclipse made her 7 years ago (yes, Q-feuille is younger than she looks) though it cost her life. So a flashback from Q-feuille on how she first met Ascoeur. Without a partner at first but being ‘loaned’ to Tweedledee and Tweedledum, she bumps into Ascoeur on the streets of a planet she’s supposed to investigate for oppression of the military police led by Bronco. Because Ascoeur had the ability to teleport, Q-feuille handcuffed them together. They’re stuck together for 5 hours and I guess you could say that’s where their bond started. Okay, it may be a problem if you want to go to the toilet… As they escape from the military police, they soon discover that Bronco isn’t chasing after Ascoeur but Q-feuille. Then they confront him at a building and the cruel bastard has killed all the bureaucrats (though they’re corrupted anyway). He is going to detonate the city but with the cooperation of the duo along with Tweedledee and Tweedledum, they manage to get the detonator away from Bronco and diffuse the bomb. As their handcuff comes off, they feel that they suit each other as partners since they were able to resonate with each other during the fight. As Q-feuille now remembers her past, Di-air and Ascoeur come to fetch her and report the good news that Tweedledum and Un-ou have recovered.

Episode 15 suddenly becomes a high school comedy with Ascoeur running late for school. A filler episode? Yeah, many of the cast are students and Tama as the principal is truly weird. Green head? Anyway the trio ES Members are in the drama club and are supposed to do a Snow White play under the guidance of their senpai Trixie and Troisienne before they graduate. Q-feuille is jittery since she doesn’t want her first kiss to go to a girl. Wait a minute. Didn’t Di-air steal their first kisses already? I guess they’ve got lots to do especially their wooden acting and every time they screw up at the kissing scene. With lots of practice and perseverance, they manage to pull it off. And yeah, all this is revealed to be a dream of Ascoeur. It’s partly because Shade is trying to search through Ascoeur’s mind (other weird dreams include magical girl and Harry Potter parody). As Ascoeur pays a visit to Trixie and Troisienne’s grave, she is surprised to see Geacht’er. She tries to attack him but all her attacks went through like he’s some sort of hologram. Geacht’er reveals that Ascoeur’s real name is Lise-lotte and is his sister. Not that she remembers anyway. As prove, they both have the Rosenburg birthmark on their body. Plus, Geacht’er’s real name is Alfred. Though Ascoeur doesn’t believe him, she has a series of faint flashbacks. She thinks they might be false memories. Geacht’er goes on saying of his time stopping ability and their powers make them compatible with each other bla bla bla. Ascoeur still doesn’t believe him and continues her futile attack. When Q-feuille and Di-air come looking for her, Geacht’er withdraws but will be back since he is giving her time to say farewell.

The gang receives a distress signal from Saphir in episode 16. Seems she is defecting after being fed-up of Geacht’er’s ways (not paying enough attention to her?) and being chased by Rubis. They think it may be a trap but circumstantial evidence proves she is telling the truth. The trio are to pick her up stranded on an ice planet. Saphir manages to beat Rubis and the girls take refuge in the base as they wait for night fall since the colder temperature will have Rubis less mobility and that’s when they’ll make their escape. Over a meal, Saphir is willing to disclose confidential information about G Society when Ascoeur notices the room’s temperature dropping. It is actually a trap from Saphir to put them to sleep. Oh I should’ve known that all this is a plot from the cruel ice queen with a heart of ice. Well actually Geacht’er wants Saphir to bring his sister to him so the best way she could make it look real is by not telling Rubis too. Plus, this base’s staff were all killed and replaced by G Society’s soldiers. Q-feuille powers up courtesy from Di-air’s kiss and time freezes Saphir. At that moment, Ascoeur also powers up but is still no match for Rubis. Then it’s Tama turn to power up but he too can’t do much. Already having her hands full with Saphir, Q-feuille freezes Rubis to order Tama to whisk Di-air and Ascoeur away. In the aftermath, Ascoeur wakes up in a hospital room at GTO while Q-feuille in a white room.

Q-feuille is in G Society’s base, Erde Meteor in episode 17. After she collapsed back then, Saphir and Rubis took her back instead. Seems Q-feuille really has amnesia and also her abilities suppressed due to some sedation as the Shadow Workers make acquaintance with her. Rubis and Saphir tell their sad past how they were assassins for the government 50 years ago. But when the Nouvelesse was overthrown, the duo were imprisoned and tortured into obedience. But Geacht’er appeared and saved them and ever since they’re loyal to him. Though Q-feuille has no further memories of herself, she can’t help think of the Ascoeur name in her head. So much so she writes that name on her bedroom mirror with a lipstick. Meanwhile depressed Ascoeur is trying to cover for Q-feuille’s absence at Touch N Go. Next morning, Shade who was being ordered by Geacht’er, brainwashes Q-feuille into thinking that she is Geacht’er’s little sister so she instantly forgets the name Ascoeur.

GTO has been disbanded in episode 18 so Hiver and Sommer are to be re-assigned elsewhere. Ascoeur wants to go save Q-feuille but Hiver and Sommer stops her because she is G Society’s target. But she doesn’t care about that. As much as she and Di-air try to sneak out, Hiver and Sommer put a brake to her plan. Meanwhile Letuchaia is having the case of jealous sister because with Q-feuille being the new annoying genki little sister to Geacht’er, Letuchaia has been demoted to… Let’s just say it’s something less than his sister. An ordinary Shadow Worker. She has to hold it in because Geacht’er said so. Grrr… But Letuchaia decides to do petty pranks on Q-feuille but it backfires. All of them. The day is just getting worse, isn’t it? Ascoeur is made to sit in the database room as she learns more about Q-feuille. Like she is the same age with Di-air, part of some duplication programme to clone ES Members after the time frozen space incident, etc. Realizing Q-feuille was lonely for a long time, thus her reason why she wanted to save her and was glad to be her partner. If they truly share a deep bond, their resonance would definitely have them meet again one day. Suddenly the building outside goes boom. It is Torch, Shade and Q-feuille as they come face to face with Ascoeur.

Ascoeur and Di-air are trying their best to have Q-feuille remember who they are in episode 19 but each time she does, the butterfly hairpin on her head causes Q-feuille to forget them. After they both pulled each other cheeks, they begin to fight seriously. Partners taking out each other? Q-feuille goes all out but Ascoeur doesn’t want to harm her. Q-feuille has frozen Ascoeur but starts crying when she sees her struggling though she doesn’t know why. Before they both could kill each other, Di-air starts glowing and her powers frees Ascoeur and deflects all attacks from Q-feuille. Looks like she can control both space and time and doesn’t only have kissing powers after all. Di-air collapses so Torch and Shade take Q-feuille away and retreat. Back at Erde Meteor, the trio tell Geacht’er what happened. They think those powers belong to Eclipse but it can’t be her since she died so it is possible that her powers may have been transferred. When they leave, Torch tells Shade how he doesn’t like the idea of partners killing each other. A flashback reveals how Torch was supposed to hunt down Shade for being a traitor (more like he found out the head’s assassination purposes for his own petty reasons). In the end, Torch too was betrayed and was subjected to kill each other but they were saved by the appearance of Geacht’er. Though they’re loyal to him, Torch mentions that if he was ordered to betray his partner, he would rather die. Back at GTO, Di-air is resting as Hiver mentions about how she inherited powers from Eclipse but not her memories, thus why she tires out when she used them all up at once. When she wakes up, Ascoeur suggests that they go save Q-feuille together.

Annoying Q-feuille joins Letuchaia and Pauki to visit the latter’s grandma in episode 20. The girls start arguing so it’s really a bad sign when Letuchaia starts crying that they’re both not really sisters of Geacht’er. This of course confuses Q-feuille as she her false memories tells her that she’s Geacht’er’s sister. So when she starts remembering Ascoeur’s words during their fight, it’s that hairpin-amnesia-triggering thingy again. She collapses and wakes up in her own bedroom with some of the Shadow Workers by her side. Ascoeur and Di-air plan to rescue Q-feuille but this time Hiver allows them since she’s no longer in charge and she’s going to do something about the time frozen space. Ascoeur and Di-air warp into enemy territory and is quickly besieged by a rain of missiles. They manage to get into Erde Meteor as Ascoeur starts having snippets of her past. It’s like she’s been to this place before. Inside, they hear the bell and an announcement for the people to evacuate. But they are attacked by Q-feuille and Geacht’er is also there. He is happy that his (real) sister is here though Ascoeur denies and asserts she is Q-feuille’s partner.

Erde Meteor starts warping to the time frozen space in episode 21. Ascoeur tries to convince and make Q-feuille remember who she is but it’s not working. Geacht’er tries to kiss unconscious Ascoeur (does it make him look like a lolicon?) but Di-air’s powers allow them to escape. Q-feuille finds the duo and tries to use her powers to capture her but Di-air keeps neutralizing it. She then got a little sleepy so Tama turns into an armadillo beast to shield her while she rejuvenates. Q-feuille isn’t happy after knowing the Ascoeur is Geacht’er’s sister and before anything could happen, Geacht’er finds them and is going to kiss Ascoeur once more. Is he that desperate? Well, it’s a way to bring back her memories. Via kissing? Ascoeur is struggling so much and in pain so much so the Shadow Workers (except Saphir) start to pity her. Q-feuille starts crying upon seeing that so the Shadow Workers release Ascoeur from her painful struggle though she passes out. Now Geacht’er has her in his arms, he finally kisses her. The memories come rushing back to her.

We see that the Nouvelesse would rather die than following the orders of the commoners and plan a mass suicide. However young Lise-lotte was spared because due to some agreement by her parents, she was taken away to some experimental facility as a test subject. She met Alfred in a prison and though she tried to kill her for coming to ruin his hopes (?!) she promised to always be with him so he realized his crazy act and backed down. Then she kissed him and the reaction caused the entire facility to blow up (huh?). Alfred saw his sister got pinned under the wall and thought she had died when in fact she unknowingly teleported herself into a capsule and escaped to a planet where she lost her memories. That’s when Alfred turned into a crazy sadist and vowed to give back all the pain and despair society has given him. Back in present, Ascoeur has regained her memories, but Q-feuille instinctively attacks Geacht’er so her orders that puppet to be killed. Saphir gladly takes his offer up while the other Shadow Workers felt pity she has been used and now thrown away. But Ascoeur saves her and they both kiss. Finally a yuri scene between them. Not even Geacht’er’s power could stop their resonance. It was so powerful that it blasted them all away. The hairpin breaks so Q-feuille got her memories back and both girls are glad to have each other back.

Ascoeur tires out in episode 22 and Q-feuille is frozen in time. Rubis volunteers to rid of her while the rest head back. However Rubis tells Di-air to take Q-feuille and escape while she destroys the surveillance cameras. Di-air kisses Q-feuille to free her but they’re going to rescue Ascoeur instead. Ascoeur wakes up and finds herself strapped to a chair that connects Erde Meteor’s warp. She can’t teleport away because it will destroy the whole place and its inhabitants. Geacht’er plans to use her power to undo the time frozen space and destroy the entire galaxy except G Society. Because Ascoeur saw how pitiful Letuchaia is that she wants to save her grandma, she decides to stay put. As Geacht’er leave with Torch and Shade, the rest are surprised to see Q-feuille and Di-air coming in. Saphir is upset over Rubis’ betrayal and intends to finish the job herself. Q-feuille’s power comes up tops over sadistic Saphir and Letuchaia. Ascoeur doesn’t want to leave her seat so Letuchaia finally believes that she is sincere in saving her grandma. Then Tweedledee, Tweedledum, An-ou and A-ou appear via Hiver’s gates. Saphir’s ice pierces herself when A-ou deflects it. She escapes and refuses Rubis’ help while the rest try to stop the countdown machine. Tweedledee puts her computing expertise to use but she notices they need a physical key to stop it. Those of the Rosenburg clan can activate it. So happens they have one. Using a strand of Ascoeur’s hair would do? The timer stops 3 seconds before zero but the gang’s relief is short-lived because the timer is fake and just a distraction.

Geacht’er has already started the bomb in episode 23 and only Ascoeur and Q-feuille can stop it. Who else? The trio teleport onto his ship and learn that he doesn’t care about winning or losing but the destruction of the galaxy. Why? They once tried to deny his existence so it’s his turn to do the same. Tit for tat. His flashback reveals how his body was unique. He wasn’t a boy or a girl but also both (confusing, eh?). Because of that, he can’t be the next successor of his Rosenburg family and was sent to that experimental torture hell. His tormentors were pleased because he couldn’t die no matter how much they did and vow to keep him alive. Geacht’er is going to kill that doll Q-feuille but is intercepted by Hiver and Sommer. Though Geacht’er freezes time, Q-feuille’s similar power nullifies it. They manage to seal him. With Hiver’s directions, Ascoeur and Q-feuille head to opposite poles and begin to diffuse the bomb. The duo meet Eclair and Lumiere who has been waiting for them. They click well and successfully diffuse the bomb after using up all their powers. Hiver and Sommer then notice Geacht’er’s body is ship is just an illusion. Realizing another trap, they receive report from Tweedledee that Erde Meteor’s computer has been locked down and beginning to warp. Letuchaia and Pauki lead Tweedledee and Tweedledum to the main computer block while Rubis stays to protect Q-feuille and Di-air. As Ascoeur hurries her way back to Erde Meteor, she is horrified to see Geacht’er approaching Q-feuille. Saphir unleashes her ice powers to kill her but Rubis uses her body to protect her. Tama changes form to protect Di-air as Saphir freezes Rubis. Geacht’er plans to warp and reignite the galaxy bomb planet and collide it with another planet, Aineias, GTO’s home. So the galaxy isn’t safe yet. Mistral crashes into where they are as Ascoeur leaps out calling Q-feuille’s name.

In episode 24, Torch gives Geacht’er his mind that all this is wrong. So Geacht’er orders Shade to kill him. He refuses. Well, this earns Torch a red rose on him. Before he falls off the ship, Shade takes away Geacht’er’s vision and dives down with his partner. Erde Meteor is on the verge of collapsing so Letuchaia leads the way for her people to evacuation and safety. It’s not about pride anymore. However there are cables blocking the evacuation path and Geacht’er is delighted everyone is in despair. Rubis comes to Q-feuille’s rescue once more when Saphir launches another ice attack. Rubis isn’t dead yet thanks to Q-feuille’s time stopping ability then. Q-feuille freezes Saphir in time. While the other ES Members go stop the galaxy bomb planet, Q-feuille and Di-air go help with the evacuation while Ascoeur stays with Geacht’er as her promise to be with him. Everyone manages to evacuate in time before Erde Meteor collapses but this throws Ascoeur and Geacht’er into space. As both siblings huddle close to each other, Ascoeur wonders if his loneliness was the cause of wanting revenge. He asserts he needed nothing else but her. He’s happy as long he’s with her. He says he loves her before he disappears for good (re-entry burning thingy?). They manage 1 last kiss. Ascoeur felt his powers flowing through her as she uses both time and space stopping powers to stop the bomb planet. Di-air kisses Q-feuille so that they could go help Ascoeur. Wow, another kissing scene between Ascoeur and Q-feuille. Is that supposed to be a greeting? Anyway they’re successful in diffusing it. While floating in space, they’re picked up by Minou. So this answers the question. Yup, he’s a cross-dressing guy. In the aftermath, we see Letuchaia and Pauki happily living with their grandma, Rubis hospitalized but Torch and Shade alive? Not sure about that. Che finally sees his mom. Yeah, the son is now older than his mother! A memorial for Alfred and Eclair and Lumiere join GTO and work in the same cafe as the trio. It’s going to get livelier as they fight over pumpkin pudding! POKKYUN!!!

Hooray! The universe once more is safe thanks to a bunch of kids. Why the heck to we need GTO for? Perhaps we need someone to govern the galaxy, eh? I hope those higher ups have learned their lesson. Whether commoners or Nouvelesse, it’s always better to work together and stay united in this big universe. Ah well, corruption and the greed for power is definitely hard to stamp out even in the future. At certain points in the show, I really felt that some of the girls were just annoying. Like Ascoeur and her airheadness, Alisa and her yaoi obsession, Q-feuille when she turned into that onii-chan complex sister, Letuchaia because of her ego and Di-air… Well, it’s just her. Now we have previous heroines Eclair and Lumiere back, the fun has just started, eh?

Ascoeur no doubt remains the same ditzy girl in the end but we can see her relationship with Q-feuille develop and bond further more than just partners. They’re definitely compatible with each other in that sense. Sometimes I feel Di-air tagging along made her role more of a ‘recharger’. I mean, she powers up the rest with her kiss and sometimes covers their behinds whenever they’re in a pinch. It’s hard to hate Geacht’er because of his twisted and tragic past that made him what he is. Eventually it was his sister’s love that he ever wanted. The true villain is Saphir because she is cruel, sadistic and shows no signs of mercy or repentance. Though I can attribute that to her utmost loyalty to Geacht’er, she’s a real scary person whenever she is in a rage. I’m glad she deserved what she got in the end. Even the other Shadow Workers got a change of heart in the end. They’re not mean people like the rest of the people painted them. Just maybe they’ve got their ideals prioritized in the wrong way. The rest of the ES Members felt like supporting characters. Well, that’s because Ascoeur and Q-feuille are the main heroines, right? I think those cameo appearances of a bunch of ES Members in the final episode are from the prequel and they even had the cheek to introduce them at that point! After all it is hinted that Hiver and Sommer were reincarnations of some previous ES Members in the prequel.

I don’t know if I should consider this series to be a yuri series because of the amount of kissing between the girls. Sure, resonating with your partner is important but kissing as a means to transfer power? Maybe the people here as so used to it that they don’t seemed bugged about it. Hey, now come to think of it, it’s kinda true. Just like in Snow White, the prince had to kiss her to awaken her. Then in Sleeping Beauty? Oh yeah, the power of a kiss. It’s more than just love. The drawing and art cater to lots of bishie and bishoujo so you can bet that there are a number of good looking people. Well at least the returning characters from Kiddy Grade are given refreshing looks.

The mid-intermission is my favourite segment in the series. Simply because it is a take-two of still pictures depicting the characters in some very funny act. Not only that, they are drawn in a very simple way so much so they have that ‘crazy face and looks’! Absolutely funny! Whether it’s about pumpkin pudding, having hotdogs stuffed in their mouths, Sommer’s secret caressing on Hiver, Di-air exploding with super powers, Geacht’er covered in smoke, Geacht’er nose bleeding or melting ice cream, each one of them never fails to bring a smile to my face. Make that a roaring laughter. I just wished they had more of this segment.

The opening theme is by the seiyuu of Ascoeur and Q-feuille respectively, Aya Uchida and Aya Gouda entitled Baby Universe Day. Sounds like your typical upbeat piece for this kind of genre. There are 2 main ending themes alternating with each other as they reflect the personality of Ascoeur and Q-feuille. Ascoeur’s Sun And Moon sounds like the lively and carefree girl she is while Q-feuille’s Moon And Sun sounds calmer and gentler. And no, there is no typo error in the song’s name. Yeah, they just reversed it that’s all. After all, both girls are like day and night, right? Of course there are special ending themes like episode 3’s Magical Sakura-chan and episode 6’s It’s Alright To Dream (damn, this is the only place Norio Wakamoto could say proper words).

So to once more quote from the overused superhero movie line: “With great powers, come great responsibilities”. Ascoeur and Q-feuille were triumphant in doing that since they had to shoulder the fate of the entire universe from total destruction. So if you think that your partner isn’t up to your standards or not to your liking, please be reminded that each of us have our own abilities and talents. Plus, it takes two to tango. Sometimes success comes in the form of the most unlikely combination. Having said that, anybody out there wants to be this otaku’s partner? No special abilities whatsoever. Sighs. If only I was able to stop time and continue watching animes… Wait a minute, wouldn’t animes come to a halt too that way?

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