Ghosts and spirits aren’t my forte. They aren’t my thing since a long time ago. That’s why I would never have watched Kiitarou Shounen No Youkai Enikki knowing that it is all about Japanese youkai from their folklore. For some reason, probably my mind wasn’t myself at that point because I decided to try it out thinking that maybe I would get to understand that Japanese culture by learning its local spirits. WTF???!!! HOW THE HECK DID I EVER COME TO THIS THINKING???!!! Because each episode is only 4 minutes long and it is more comedy based than scary, it adds ‘motivation’ for me to check it out. I know. WTF, right?

Episode 1
There is a big war among the youkais looming. On one side we have this army led by a human boy, Kiitarou and on the other side a zashiki warashi, Suzu. Then it happens. The big epic clash from both sides trying to kill each other. When the big boss of both sides finally clash, we learn that this great war stems from Suzu accusing Kiitarou for eating her snack. Also, he blames her for not cleaning the house. When they realize it, everyone else has been defeated. They didn’t know they would take this so seriously. Should we? After hearing the cause of it? So now they start blaming each other when a giant youkai falls over them. In the aftermath, both sides reconcile and party like as though there was no issue in the first place. Kiitarou and Suzu realize their childish warring ways that didn’t benefit anyone because nothing beats peace.

Episode 2
Kiitarou was kicked out of his house by uncle for entering some forbidden room so he has to live in a separate building by himself. As he has supernatural powers, this means he has the ability to see the supernatural. He thought he had ultimate freedom till he met Suzu occupying this house. Kiitarou thought there is a pervert in the house because he is licking the bathroom and wants to lick Suzu! Turns out to be Akaname, a youkai that eats grime from household baths. Kiitarou also mistakes this next youkai to be a pervert because Tenjoname is licking the ceiling. You can’t blame them for licking since it is their youkai instinct. But when they start proclaiming they are Suzu’s licking brothers, she gives Kiitarou permission to kill them. They plead for a second chance and it seems Kiitarou wants them to lick something unsanitary! Because Kiitarou spams about licking Suzu, he gets ‘killed’ by her. Suzu then has them clean the entire house properly. Kiitarou learns they will leave once the house is cleaned. So does this mean they are here because Suzu is neglecting her cleaning? Suddenly Suzu is nowhere to be seen…

Episode 3
While taking a walk, Kiitarou spots a Nobiagari. He gets into a staring challenge as it rises up into the sky till Kiitarou bends his back and falls over, accidentally seeing Suzu’s panties. She steps on his face and calls it reflex action. At night, they come into a wall blocking their path. Suzu says this is a Nurikabe. It is no use climbing over or the sides as the wall is endless. The only way is to take its feet out from under it. Instead of using a stick, Kiitarou kicks it! The Nurikabe disappears but crashes down. The impact causes Kiitarou to fall down and sees Suzu’s panties again. Another stepping reflex action. Don’t worry as he assures. It was too dark to see anything like the last time. The last time?!

Episode 4
While picking nuts fruits in the forest, Kiitarou and Suzu witness hamsters doing kendo?! Suzu explains they are futtachi, animals who lived unnaturally long and started acting like humans. A snake is about to eat them so the elder hamster tries to protect his younger siblings. Unfortunately he got eaten whole. Luckily this youkai fox lady, Kitsunemen No Onna saves the day. She smothers Kiitarou in her boobs but he bites her! You no like big boobs, Kiitarou???!!! It seems the Kitsunemen’s job is to supervise other youkai so they do not bother the humans but she is clearly slacking in her job. Kiitarou thinks she could fool him by disguising as Suzu because of the tail as dead giveaway. But after he punishes her, it looks like Kiitarou actually punished Suzu as Kitsunemen was only impersonating as a tail.

Episode 5
Kiitarou knows he is in trouble when he meets a couple of cows with human heads called Kudan. They insist in reading his fortune. He’s going to have bad luck. So they suggest a way to avoid it is to give him a crappy publicity photo of them? This feels more like a curse than a charm. Kitsunemen bumps into Kiitarou and is trying to seduce him but it doesn’t work. Apparently she is running from Suzu because she ate her snack. She forces Kiitarou to help hide her. She becomes a rock as he sits on her. Suzu questions Kiitarou and is suspicious like he is hiding something from her. Kiitarou touches the wrong part (her boobs) and this busts Kitsunemen out of her disguise. Now Suzu is going to get mad at him so to distract her, he throws her that photo as charm. The girls think he is into older women.

Episode 6
When Kiitarou sees Yukionna paint, she doesn’t like how he is peeping at her work and insults him. Wow. Such strong language of telling him to go to hell. She spits too! Later, a youkai named Yukiko visits Suzu to hang out with her. But she gets sick from the heat (she’s a snow woman after all) as Kiitarou swiftly nurses her back to health. He treats her with nice food and this makes Suzu jealous that he is treating her so nice and warmly. Ironic, right? When Yukiko leaves, her mom comes to pick her up. She is no other than Yukionna. She still despises Kiitarou. But despite that, she is a lovely mother towards Yukiko.

Episode 7
Kiitarou plays poker with Yukiko when this bald guy, Tenome comes up to him and wants to play a wager game with him. Kiitarou feeling pretty good about his win takes on his challenge. However Kiitarou lost all of his hand and slowly everything in the house gets confiscated. In the final hand he waged his clothes and needs to find out how Tenome is cheating. In this Kaiji inspired episode, Kiitarou then catches Tenome’s trick. He is a youkai with an eye on his palm. Kiitarou wants to play one last game but what has he has left to wager? Suzu’s panties! Not so fast buster! Kiitarou is punished but instead of letting the rest punish Tenome, he wants him to be freed. Power of friendship? In exchange for learning his tricks. Good trade.

Episode 8
Because Suzu’s face cannot be reflected in normal mirrors as she is a youkai, she is trying to find the special Shomakyo mirror. Kiitarou doesn’t understand why she wants to see her face now because she has always looked cute. Suzu greatly flusters and beats him up to hide her embarrassment. Kiitarou remembers the mirror in the storeroom and goes gets it. When Suzu sees it, she sees how ugly her face is! She then locks herself up in a room, convinced such ugly face will cause Armageddon! Kitsunemen explains this is Ungaikyo. Anyone looking in this mirror is sure to look this ugly. It is often confused with Shomakyo because they look similar. Kiitarou then has Yukionna paint Suzu’s portrait. She is relieved as this is how she looks in Kiitarou’s eyes.

Episode 9
While playing outside, Yukiko finds a Kodama Nezumi. Suzu is scared because she is still reeling from the trauma of an experience of it being blown up when upset. But first they have to swell to a big size. It seems when they try to run away, it only serves to accidentally bump into the rat and make it grow bigger. But Suzu must be the jinxed one since a mere touch as the rat blow up bigger many times fold. Yukiko thought she could calm down by impersonating her mom. Wait. Doesn’t her mom insults others? But wait. Kodama Nezumi likes it! But when Suzu scolds it, it grows bigger. The misery ends when Kitsunemen drops by, accidentally hitting Kodama Nezumi. The explosion is real. So is the trauma.

Episode 10
Suzu is down so Kiitarou suggests cheering her up and Yukiko recommends giving surprise presents. Suzu opens the first box which contains mittens from Yukiko. She seems happy but Yukionna doesn’t like it? Next box is a pair of silk panties from Kitsunemen! As feared, Suzu thinks it’s from Kiitarou. Next box is a realistic figurine of Suzu from Yukionna. So realistic in every part… This means Suzu thinks this too is from Kiitarou! As she gets mad from getting weird presents, Kiitarou shows himself and gives her a pair of slippers. She is happy of his consideration about having cold feet though Kiitarou notes she is acting like a tsundere.

Episode 11
Kitsunemen is attacked by a giant centipede, Oomukade. She is okay but realizes Kiitarou is in danger. Too late. It has got him. Kiitarou remembers he broke a sealed pot when he entered the storeroom to get the mirror. The rest try to remember its weakness. It is some human part. Was it human hair? Fingernails? Snot? Tail? Wings? Now they’re pushing it… Annoyed Suzu awakened from her slumber remembers it is human spit. Kiitarou then spits like a machine gun and sends Oomukade scurrying in defeat. But suddenly Kiitarou collapses!

Episode 12
Kiitarou has been out for 3 days! Everybody including the youkai are worried. Especially Suzu. She remembers the first time she met him when he came to the house. She learnt of his ability to sense the supernatural and laughed when he was disappointed she wasn’t some alien. To decide who is to be the master of this house, she challenged him to hide and seek and if he finds her before sundown, he’ll be master. Kiitarou realizes too late he didn’t set the boundaries for the game. He finds a doll looking like Suzu and decides to sink it in the pond. Suzu pops up and doesn’t want him to soak her real body. Oops. She lost. With him as master, she is forced to clean the house. With more flashbacks of Kiitarou’s adventures here, suddenly he wakes up. Everybody rejoices. He attributes Suzu’s nice voice that woke him up. While embarrassed, the others too would like their praise in waking him up. Did they? Well, they stayed by his side. Kiitarou continues to live a happy life alongside the youkai. One day he will look back and reminisce these precious memories in his picture diary.

Don’t Worry, They Won’t Bite
Well, it doesn’t seem to be all that bad. Because I wasn’t really spooked out so I suppose everything is fine. When you have a human kid being all friendly and living with Japanese ghosts, either the world is such a peaceful place or the ghosts fail to live up to their roles in scaring people. Just like how Casper is a failure of being a ghost, right? But I wonder in the future if everybody else would find Kiitarou creepy because in the final narration he tells us he kept all his fond memories in his picture diary in which for normal kids is supposed to keep track of ‘normal’ and ‘boring’ activities they do. Imagine if people read how he has fun with ghosts, I think they will call him crazy or freak out at everything. I mean, do you really find it weird for kids who make friends with spirits? It’s like he has no other human friends! Yeah, in the future it may look like some creepy cryptic grimoire. Seriously.

I feel that this series is targeted for younger audiences. Because of the non-spooky features of everything and how the youkai are mostly drawn to a cute degree, it feels like this series’ aim is to introduce Japanese youkai. Otherwise, this show literally does not have any plot to begin with since it is just mainly about Kiitarou and his encounters with the youkai. Nothing much ado. What makes this series a little more interesting is at the end of every episode, Kiitarou and Suzu usually explain a little more in detail about the featured youkai in the episode. So if you’re interested in learning more, I suppose you can do your own research. Of course I’m not going to. So once again this section because how it cutely explains the youkai, the reason why I feel this series is targeted for children.

The characters aren’t really much if you ask me because like Kiitarou as the main guy who is forced to live in a house and area filled with youkai, he is sometimes a pervert but is generally a good kid. I want to make a joke about Kiitarou quoting a line from The Sixth Sense (“I see dead people”) but somehow I just can’t fit it anywhere. Maybe somebody can… Suzu is the cheeky zashiki warashi and from the looks of it might end up being Kiitarou’s love interest but I doubt it since she is sometimes tsundere and likes to accuse Kiitarou of his pranks and being a pervert that sometimes aren’t his fault to begin with. I suppose those kind of situations he gets into form the funny moments of the series. Well, who would want to move out of this house if Suzu is such a cute zashiki warashi?

Kitsunemen is quite playful and also a pervert sometimes. She is like the fanservice of the series because who else has got bigger boobs than hers. Yukionna seems to have problems with everything because it’s like she is never pleased with anything. But despite her grumpy mood, she is still a good snow woman. I think. I hope. The better character of them all is Yukiko. She isn’t as extreme when come to taking action like the rest most probably because of her gentle behaviour. We should have more of her character around? Come to think of it, doesn’t Kiitarou have a really hot and cute harem of youkai girls? No wonder he has no qualms of staying here indefinitely.

The anime is animated by Creators In Pack. They specialize in creating many cute short anime series such as Danchigai, Military, Ojisan To Marshmallow, Hacka Doll The Animation Ozmafia and Bernard-jou Iwaku. All of these series have this cute and kawaii look to them and therefore this series is no different. With all the different vibrant colours of the characters, that is why I and most people won’t even be spooked out of our daylights watching this series. Not even Oomukade. Cute enough to not be scary.

For a very short anime series, it seems they have a different ending theme for every episode. However I didn’t notice this at first and only realized this later because I realized it sounded somewhat a little different than I remember. Why it never occurred to me they were different was because that all of the ending themes are hard rock music! They sound almost alike! Of all the hard rock ending themes, I think there was only one which was just normal rock piece. Speaking of this music genre, personally it feels odd to have such hard rock music for this kind of supernatural comedy. I don’t know. It just doesn’t fit. But it won’t even be any much fitting if they play a spooky piece. Or the theme of Ghostbusters.

Overall, this series is light hearted and funny. It won’t give you nightmares in anyway unless you are the extreme type to get freaked out just by the mere mention of the word ghost/spirit/youkai. If you are interested in learning about Japanese youkai, this series isn’t exactly a good place to start but it is just like a light appetizer to gauge whether you are interested in continuing with the full course meal. And then upgrade yourself to really scary Japanese horror movie flicks. Then you’d wish every ghost/spirit/youkai would be as docile and friendly as Kiitarou’s buddies. Okay, maybe those licker types are a bit creepy…

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