Kill La Kill

December 21, 2014

They say clothes maketh the man. You are what you dress. First impression is important and based on how you dress, it tells a lot about you. Why, costumes are very important in cosplay, right? So treat your clothes well as they will treat you well in turn. Hey. What am I ranting about? Okay people. Watching this anime series may change your mind about clothes. Those pieces of cloth that you put on every day, don’t take them for granted. Yeah people. Don’t underestimate clothes and treat them with respect.

From the director and writer of the crazy series, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann comes yet another crazy series, Kill La Kill. It sounds like another excessive violent anime, doesn’t it? Well, excessive crazy over the top action, if I should put it. This is more than just a simple story of a girl trying to seek revenge and find her father’s killer. Armed with only half a giant scissors as her weapon and only clue, she’s got to fight against almost everyone in seemingly uniforms that give them superhuman abilities. Ah, clothes that give you super powers. Now people, do you not see why Superman wears his underwear outside even though it makes him look so silly? Because it has always been the clothes that give him power! Yes people, the clothes give Superman and everyone their power! Now you know why people who buy branded t-shirts feel more ‘powerful’ than those cheap plain Joes and Janes? Yeah… Ahem. And oh, she’ll find a deeper and heinous conspiracy in her journey. You know stories are always like that.

If you’re wondering about the crazy sense of the title and why would they pick such a ‘violent and cruel’ word, just be enlightened that there is a play on the Japanese word. Just like how seifuku could both mean uniform and world conquest (which are both a major theme in this anime), the word kiru can also both mean to put on clothes or to cut (both of which you’ll be seeing and hearing quite often in this anime). And if you know your Japanese Romanization well, kiru would of course sound like kill, which sounds fancier, right? Before I bore the pants off you, you might want to get into your cosy clothes and watch this crazy ride. Hope you’ll still keep your shirt on at the end of this anime ;).

Episode 1
At Honnouji Academy while Aikurou Mikisugi is teaching his class, suddenly Ira Gamagoori of the Disciplinary Committee bursts in to arrest the culprit who stole a One-Star uniform. That person will be punished with no chance of defending himself! Immediately he runs but how far can he go? He puts on the uniform to gain some power. However he is still no match for Gamagoori’s Three-Star power. Defeated, naked and crucified. This is a stern reminder to others that as long as he is around, the rules shall be obeyed. Now pay your respects and salute to the student council president, Satsuki Kiryuuin! New girl Ryuuko Matoi arrives in town and gets surrounded by a young punk, Matarou and his pals. They think she is easy picking but is immediately shown their place. Matarou’s sister, Mako Mankanshoku beats him up for trying to mug people. Realizing she is late for school, she makes a dash. Ryuuko sees a crucified person outside the academy gates. She is the new transfer student in Mikisugi’s class and sits right next to Mako. She explains the different stars on a Goku uniform that gives the wearer different strengths. The more stars, the more powerful. Ordinary students like them have no stars while the highest, worn by the student council’s 4 elites have Three-Stars. Learning Satsuki is the big boss and here she comes into the picture, Ryuuko draws out half her Scissors Blade and demands if she has the other half. Satsuki doesn’t answer her question. Ryuuko charges at her but Boxing Club captain, Takaharu Fukuroda punches her away. Ryuuko is beaten up but she won’t hand over her scissors and is forced to retreat. We see the 4 elites in a discussion. Other than Gamagoori, there is Uzu Sanageyama of the Athletic Committee, Houko Inumuta from the Information and Strategy Committee and Nonon Jakuzure of Non-athletic Committee. They talk about Ryuuko and her attempt of starting fights in the eastern Kanto region.

Ryuuko is at the abandoned and dilapidated house where she and her father, Isshin once lived. The floors cave in and she didn’t know there was such a huge underground beneath. Her blood seems to have awakened some sort of creature and he wants more of it. This talking uniform, Senketsu forces Ryuuko to wear him. Mako is captured and is used as bait to lure Ryuuko out otherwise she will be executed (Mako is the only girl who has spoken to Ryuuko and thus they think she is her ‘friend’). Fukuroda has been given another chance to redeem himself and a Two-Star uniform. Failure means his Goku uniform will be confiscated. Ryuuko does not disappoint and jumps straight in. After freeing her Mako, she fights in a boxing ring with Fukuroda. Upon taking off her cloak, everybody has their eyes fixed on her sexy and scanty outfit. Distraction? It made Fukuroda want to strip too although Ryuuko is very much embarrassed to be wearing it. Fukuroda may have powered up his gloves with super weapons that just seem illegal but he cannot punch through Ryuuko’s steel uniform. She fights back and achieves her first victory with Fukuroda having Fibre Lost (his uniform is shredded to pieces and ultimately stark naked). Everyone is shocked that Fukuroda is defeated. They try to protect Satsuki from the scattering blood but a little drop splats on her cheek. Horror? Unfazed Satsuki wants to know where she got that uniform. It is her father’s keepsake and this half scissors was left behind by the person who killed him.

Episode 2
As Ryuuko is bleeding too much blood, she is in danger of collapsing so Senketsu tells her to retreat for now. Satsuki doesn’t want her underlings to go after her because she knows she will be back. Ryuuko wakes up almost being raped by some perverted guy! Actually, he is Mako’s dad and she is in her home. Ryuuko meets the quirky family (including a quirky pet dog, Guts) and gets a taste of their not so appetizing dinner. Croquettes with maggots? Heck, at least they are not poisonous. Tennis Club captain, Omiko Hakodate has the honour to wear a Two-Star uniform for her interleague match (armed suppression, that’s what they really calling it). If she is successful, their conquest of northern Japan will be complete. Satsuki’s butler, Mitsuzou Soroi wonders why she doesn’t wear a Goku uniform. Her sword is more than enough. Ryuuko remembers when she put Senketsu on, she was highly embarrassed by how revealing it is. Senketsu cannot remember much of his memories or how it really works. As long as she puts him on and he drinks her blood, she gains power. Also, he was invented by Isshin. Ryuuko goes to school with Mako and learns that depending on how many stars you have on your uniform, it determines your lifestyle status. Therefore there is an obvious gap between the rich and poor. Mako is attacked by tennis balls. Hakodate claims she hasn’t been fulfilling her obligations to her club. But she was being taken hostage yesterday? That doesn’t count. Ryuuko will fight for Mako as thanks for food and lodgings. However she can’t use Senketsu and gets owned.

Mikisugi picks her up and in his secret hideout he explains about the Kamui, uniforms whose powers surpass of the Goku uniforms. Only those who master wearing this can beat Satsuki. If she requires further explanation, beat Hakodate to prove it. He also gives her a gauntlet, Seki Tekko that should allow her to provide blood to Senketsu easier. Ryuuko drops in the midst of the Tennis Club’s punishment against Mako. Ryuuko slices the ball but is called fowl. In a tennis match, you don’t slice the ball, right? But look at Hakodate’s racquet! Isn’t that totally illegal?! Mako butts in to argue it is Ryuuko’s win since she came to save her friend and this means she won over her friendship, blah, blah, blah. And so a one game tennis match is decided. Ryuuko is on the losing streak and the other guys are obviously watching it because of her scanty outfit. Since Hakodate’s strength is too much, Senketsu suggests to use her scissors as racquet and the fibre of her clothes as strings. They want to call it a foul but Satsuki tells her to play along. If she’s good, she’ll crush her in no time in her Two-Star uniform. Ryuuko fights back in this power match and rips Hakodate up to a Fibre Lost. This qualifies Ryuuko to personally fight Satsuki. But she is not going to tell her anything and wants to prove it with her skill. Senketsu warns she can only last for 2 minutes otherwise she will pass out (Senketsu drank lots of her blood). The pressure and landing strike from Satsuki is so awesome and powerful that the audience is blown away!!!!!! Even the court is ripped apart! Freaking superb!!! Ryuuko is forced to retreat again. Satsuki orders the Sumo Club to take the place of the Tennis Club for their northern Japan conquest. She also notes that her Kamui is worthy since it could turn away her blade.

Episode 3
Satsuki remembers her father showing her a ‘wedding dress’ called Junketsu. She was young and never knew its true meaning although she yearned for it. Ryuuko sees Mikisugi for more explanations. Life Fibres are fighting fibres with life of their own. One-Star contains 10% of it, Two-Star 20% and so on. But there are some that are completely woven with it and those are called Kamui. Those who know of this secret are the Kiryuuin clan and Isshin. Kiryuuin must have attacked Isshin to steal his secrets and keep it for themselves. Mikisugi once worked for Isshin and despises Kiryuuin’s despotism. They wanted to thwart their world domination plans but Isshin died and left him a note to give Senketsu to his daughter. But he doesn’t know who killed her father. He is actually on an undercover mission as a teacher to uncover what the Kiryuuin clan is up to. In a secret lab in the school, a student becomes a guinea pig by wearing a Five-Star uniform. He becomes uncontrollable and smashes through everything. Only Inumuta is able to stop his rampage. Seeing that at 50% Life Fibre makes someone go out of control, they can’t believe others can wear a Kamui. This means Satsuki will be taking action. She enters a secret room underneath her mansion, against the wishes of the guards so that she could remove Junketsu and wear it. There is a risk she might die from it but she is adamant she will control and bend it to her will. Ryuuko stays with Mako’s family and she is embarrassed to change in front of people. To her dismay, the males in her family went to sleep just to peep at her change and they get beaten up.

Next day, Ryuuko and Satsuki have their showdown. Satsuki wastes no time in donning her Junketsu, another revealing sexy outfit just like Ryuuko’s. Senketsu warns she is more powerful than her. So powerful that it is blowing away all the low lives! Satsuki is untouchable (she loves the power) unlike Ryuuko who is struggling like mad. Ryuuko couldn’t understand what Senketsu means about donning him unless he drinks her blood. Isn’t she wearing him now? To save her from losing more blood, Senketsu reverts back but Ryuuko gets owned. Satsuki chides her for this pathetic nonsense. She explains about the Kamui’s true power and that the fact Ryuuko is embarrassed that she looks like some exhibitionist proves how small she is. Satsuki will not hesitate to bare herself and will let the world see it all if it means attaining true power. Surprisingly, Mako butts in to say Ryuuko has one. At least in terms of her boobs are bigger. After all that blabbing, she wants Ryuuko not to be shy of her great body. So just rip it off and get naked! Satsuki calls all that nonsense but this makes Ryuuko get up and fight back. She now understands what it means to wear Senketsu. It is the need to become one. It means he becomes like her skin. Because she was embarrassed, she was like rejecting him and thus why he needed to drink great amount of blood. The more her heart closes, the more he yearns for a blood connection. Now that she has accepted it, she moves faster and more powerful. Senketsu doesn’t even need to drink so much blood. Both are equally matched in this power fight. Satsuki still won’t tell her what she wants. What good will it do? Don’t know. She just needs to know. Satsuki won’t say anything to someone so devoid of aspirations. After blowing everyone away, Ryuuko vows to crush her ideals on ambitions and aspirations. Satsuki finds it interesting. Because Honnouji is like her kingdom, she must face all the clubs who will be after her head tomorrow. Ryuuko is confident she can take every one of them down. If she does, she will get her rematch with Satsuki and her Junketsu again. If she bests her, she will tell her everything too. Challenge accepted.

Episode 4
The alarm sounds at 4am. Mako’s mom is washing Senketsu. It’s like torture. Ryuuko is suddenly whisked away by Mako to school as they join a large student crowd like a mass migration. As explained by Gamagoori, today is No Late day. Once every semester, students with no stars will be tested through a field of traps on their way to school from 4am to 8.30am. Those who are late will be expelled. Let the challenge begin! I don’t know but Mako is shameless to lecture Gamagoori about sleeping and pyjamas… One of the students, Maiko Oogure seeks to join Ryuuko to school since she is injured in one of the traps. Ryuuko likes her fighting spirit and agrees. But does it seem like Ryuuko is the one escaping at the skin of her teeth with all the traps? Mako’s family is on their way to bring Senketsu but each time Maiko accidentally pulls down Ryuuko’s pants and reveal her shima pantsu, they crash and leave the delivery of Senketsu to another member. They hijack an armoured bus for One-Stars to navigate through the mine field. I don’t know how Maiko drives the bus with her injured hand. Maybe it isn’t… They are spotted and all the residents start shooting their machine guns at them. They crash through the school gates with 15 minutes to spare. Guts brings Senketsu but because of Maiko’s blooper again, he nose bleeds and trips on his own blood. Maiko steals Senketsu and reveals her true nature. She is under the Disciplinary Committee in charge of developing the traps. After overhearing Ryuuko’s challenge to Satsuki, she got this idea to steal Senketsu and best Satsuki so that she can rule this kingdom and live in luxury. But when she puts it on, Senketsu is stiff. It won’t move. Now she’s pleading for life. Sorry won’t do. Ryuuko beats her up and takes back Senketsu who in turn spits out Maiko’s blood. At least he didn’t cheat on her. They think they are home free but they bump into a painting. Yeah, the school is just a painting. Maiko’s last trap is to set them on a one way trip down to hell. They crash far away near the ocean. They won’t make it even if Senketsu is put on. So they hijack the cable car reserved only for the rich people and ride their way up. Maiko although notes her plan failed, she will lie low and wait till the next chance arises. However Gamagoori has overheard her despicable plan and expels her from school. Since there is no time to stop at the station, Ryuuko cuts the cable car wires and it propels them directly into class. Made it in time. Hey, I wonder how those other students got there first?! Because at the beginning it looked like all those no star losers were seriously owned and not making progress a single bit.

Episode 5
Tsumugu Kinagase is about to snipe Ryuuko but the Gardening Club confronts him for stepping on their flowerbed. He doesn’t give a sh*t and even throws his cigarette into it. Safe to say, those guys aren’t anywhere near this punk badass to even scratch him. Ryuuko once again saves Mako from the Biology Club using her as an experiment guinea pig. Senketsu could taste saltiness in her blood and thinks she has been cocky recently. Mako is suddenly put unconscious with sewing needles. Tsumugu then attacks and overwhelms Ryuuko and wants her to hand over Senketsu. However he is interrupted and backs off. But he’ll be back tomorrow. Tsumugu goes to see Mikisugi who interrupted him. He is told to leave Ryuuko alone. Satsuki’s national school conquest is almost complete and the only place left is the Kansai region. It is the goal of Isshin and Nudist Beach organization to defeat Satsuki using Kamui and he doesn’t want him to interfere. Tsumugu deems that uniform dangerous and will create a bigger threat than the Kiryuuin clan. That is why he will eliminate it. Mikisugi quotes from Kinue, “People and clothing aren’t enemies”. Tsumugu will not back down. Although he owes Mikisugi a great deal, he will do anything except when it comes to Kamui. The student council are discussing about the intruder that attacked their Gardening Club. It is confirmed he is part of the Anti-Uniform Guerrilla who has been attacking their affiliated academies. His needle weapon is composed of a special alloy and has the ability to sever the connection between a human body and Life Fibres. Jakuzure offers to move in this time since. Back home, Senketsu wants Ryuuko not to wear him tomorrow since Tsumugu’s target is him. No can do. She will wear him and defeat Satsuki. Mako’s family are spying on her and they think it is just sad she is talking to her uniform (only Ryuuko can hear Senketsu). Doesn’t she have any other friends? Mako notes she is weird but they should accept her.

Ryuuko faces off with Tsumugu the next day but the battle is joined by several other clubs like Gardening Club, Rakugo Club and 100 Poets Club who are sent in by Jakuzure. Ryuuko is forced to flee from Tsumugu’s needles (needless to say too that those club members are easily owned). Senketsu is at his limit and cannot maintain his form. Tsumugu’s jamming needle did the trick to seal her Kamui. He tells her to strip and a little story about a woman who thought clothes and people could be friends. However she was betrayed by it. The rate Ryuuko is going, she will end up like her. Senketsu uses his last ounce of strength to protect Ryuuko but Tsumugu views this as the clothes becoming berserk to escape by itself. Mako then stabs Tsumugu in the butt with a broom and lectures him about Senketsu being the only set of uniform Ryuuko has. That is why she is so protective of it. Thus the uniform is her friend. Mako also mentions she only had friends in her head till she met Ryuuko and made a real one. So what’s wrong with a girl making friends with her clothes? Mako gives Senketsu back to her and then goes off to clean the toilet as punishment for sleeping in class. Tsumugu is still going to annihilate the uniform while Ryuuko clings on to it. Suddenly he hears Senketsu’s voice to not lay a finger on her or he will make him pay. Is he hearing things? Jakuzure interrupts and wants everyone to surrender but Tsumugu takes Ryuuko and escape and leaves a bomb behind. Although they got away, Jakuzure did her job perfectly because Satsuki’s intention is to obtain the Anti-Uniform Guerrilla’s combat data. Ryuuko wakes up safe with Senketsu. She notes they need to get stronger and can do it together. Not because he is her uniform but her friend. Maybe she can start by losing 2cm off her waist… Mikisugi thanks Tsumugu for saving Ryuuko. But he says he is only giving her a chance. Otherwise he will come back to rip it off her.

Episode 6
Ryuuko confronts Mikisugi and seeks answers that he knows Tsumugu. There are photos of them in a bar together circulating. Whatever reasons he gives about bonding her with Senketsu won’t work. So he strips and mentions his Nudist Beach organization repetitively. Enough to make her back off. Shiro Iori, the president of the Sewing Club receives loads of Life Fibres as requested by Satsuki. What is she going to do with it since she was always opposing to create more Three-Star or Two-Star uniforms to bolster their ranks since that would mean a drop in quality. Sanageyama goes to see Satsuki’s permission to fight Ryuuko. Why? Because he wants to fight someone strong. Flashback 3 years ago when he was a gang leader in North Kanto, he and his gang were facing Satsuki alone. They lost. She invites him to come to Honnouji Academy where he can unleash his strength. Now he is confident he can defeat Ryuuko as long he has these eyes. Satsuki receives a call from her mom Ragyo, wanting an explanation that she used Junketsu. Ryuuko won’t refuse a personal invitation to fight Sanageyama. So there he is, transforming his Three-Star uniform into its Kamui version, Blade Regalia. Ryuuko is no match for him because as long as he has his multiple eyes that can detect every motion and movement, she cannot beat his Tengantsu. Ryuuko then uses a clever move. She cuts a small portion of Senketsu to cover up all the eyes. There, can’t see now, can’t he? It is Ryuuko’s victory as Sanageyama experiences Fibre Lost. He wants to continue fighting but Gamagoori won’t let him as he has disgraced them. Shortly, he goes to see Iori and seeks a favour.

Ryuuko irons Senketsu and their victory couldn’t be much sweeter. But enjoy it while it lasts… Sanageyama goes to seek another permission from Satsuki to face Ryuuko. This time he knows he will win because he has already resolved. In the second showdown, Ryuuko is feeling confident. She does the same move but it doesn’t work. Sanageyama still manages to hit her. Taking a closer look, his eyes are sewn shut! Sanageyama had Iori sew his eyes close as his resolved not to rely on his eyesight to beat Ryuuko. Now that his uniform has become his eyes, he is faster and more powerful than ever. To a point he can just sense everything about Ryuuko. Shingantsu has surpassed Tengantsu as he is using the eyes of his heart to see. Ryuuko starts getting intimidated by and backed to a corner. She is beaten to a pulp and could have lost if not for Blade Regalia overheating and losing its form. This allows Ryuuko to escape barely with her life intact. Satsuki tells Sanageyama there is no shame and should stand proud. It was a result of his power outstripping the Goku uniform. Iori has made some adjustments so that the uniform could keep up with him. Sanageyama continues to have his eyes permanently shut. He thanks Satsuki for giving him a fresh start. But he won’t be able to join her for tea as promised because now that his other senses have heightened, his tongue is sensitive to heat.

Episode 7
Ryuuko is having a happy lively dinner with Mako and family. Save for the peeping she dislikes so much… Ryuuko continues to easily beat all the Two-Star uniform club presidents. She learns that those people used to be under a single club but separated and become club presidents so they can get Two-Star uniforms to beat her and get Three-Star uniforms. This gives Ryuuko to form a new Fight Club. Surprisingly Satsuki approves. Since she has to do lots of paperwork, submit reports, budgets and attend daily meetings, she shoves the president role to Mako! But look at it this way. If Ryuuko beats them, her status and living will improve. Ryuuko does her part and Mako doesn’t give up. Now her family has moved up the tier to a decent life. They have a proper meal, proper rooms that are all air-conditioned. OMG! Life has never been so good! Though the guys still are at their same ol’ peeping game… Some things never changed. With more hard work, the family is now living the ultimate luxurious life! Big rooms and steak for dinner?! However everybody is so busy and have their own schedule. Where is the family time? Ryuuko feels something is wrong. She is eating alone. Even Senketsu wonders if they have achieved victory. The 4 elites are worried at this rate, Mako will be part of their inner circle. Satsuki isn’t fazed yet. They will soon find out if they will destroy this academy or be assimilated into it. On the day Ryuuko is to fight her big match and upgrade and Mako will be part of the student council, Ryuuko throws her resignation letter. She is fine losing this luxury status and living in the slums. Mako won’t allow it. She isn’t going back to living the poor life and will protect their lifestyle.

Satsuki throws Mako a Two-Star uniform. Use it and fight against Ryuuko. If she wins, she will have a Three-Star uniform. Mako takes it and without hesitation fights Ryuuko. Even her family is rooting for her to beat the crap out of Ryuuko. Satsuki shows it to Ryuuko that this is the human nature’s purest form. Once they have tasted pleasure, they have become her slaves. They are greedy pigs in clothing that must be tamed by force. Ryuuko stops fighting. She allows Mako to beat her up. Before she can throw the finishing punch, Mako stops. She is sad nobody tried to stop her. Not Ryuuko, not her family. Why? She thought their lives improved but apparently it was all just some fake glitter. She pounds the ground to create a huge crater. Ryuuko explains that this is her uniform’s true power. She never attacked her all out because she believed she was fighting against her own desires. Ryuuko tells it back to Satsuki that this is proof humans aren’t as weak as she says. Mako disbands the Fight Club and Ryuuko cuts it and it becomes a beautiful fireworks. The family rush down to apologize and seek Ryuuko’s forgiveness. Now living back in the slums, although poor, they are happy and lively eating their dinner together. All smiles. This is how it should be. Satsuki notes that for the clubs to be defeated to the lowly Fight Club, it means they are not worthy. She is going to rebuild this academy from the ground up again by holding a Reprisal General Election. Inumuta realizes Satsuki has exploited Ryuuko just to purge the academy of its undesirables.

Episode 8
Satsuki announces a battle royale where students can attack any students in this first natural election. You do not choose a candidate but choose yourself and fight. For a week, they must fight each other in this courtyard and then face off in a Sudden Death Runoff Election. The winners will be granted improved Goku uniforms. Naturally it becomes a battlefield with everything goes. Mako has no intention to fight since she is a No-Star, she has nothing to lose. Being poor is the best, right? Ryuuko brings Mako to her burnt down mansion. Her mom died after she was born and her dad is only interested in his research. She lived a delinquent life picking fights till 6 months ago she received a letter from her father to meet. But he saw him breathing his last breath. He gave her 2 choices. Walk away and lead a peaceful life or take this half scissors and find the person who killed him. But fate for the latter will be cruel. Ryuuko thought she saw the killer and started chasing but the mansion blew up. Ryuuko realized for the first time she knew nothing about him and at least wanted to know who killed him and why. What are these scissors for and the reason he made Senketsu. The scooter ran out of fuel so they hitch a ride. They didn’t expect it to be Gamagoori. Just got his driving licence? Mako is itching for a drive. Gamagoori assures he won’t fight her here because the Sudden Death Runoff Election is where he will face her. They are attacked by the Automobile and Airsoft Clubs who are after Gamagoori’s uniform. He is going to settle this himself and tells Ryuuko to stay out. Everyone fires at him but his uniform absorbs it and turns into Shackle Regalia. He sounds like a masochist because he wants more pain!

Flashback reveals Gamagoori was a student council president but couldn’t save a bully victim from his perpetrators who used their family status to have things their way. They made the poor chap jump off a building. Gamagoori was helpless. Luckily he is saved by Satsuki’s trampoline. She then proceeds to show those punks who the boss is. No match. Gamagoori views her the same as she is using her family’s influence. She asserts she is different. While the rest are leeching off their family’s influence, she uses it and will absorb them till it becomes her own. The difference is resolve. After he graduates, he enrolled in Honnouji to serve by her side. Gamagoori absorbs more firepower and this made his suit expand like some hulk. When he climaxes, his uniform transforms into Scourge Regalia and blasts away the enemies. The process sounded so pervy… The Sudden Death Runoff Election is here. Lots of survivors. Satsuki initiates the rule that there are 5 towers and only 5 who can stand on it will be eligible for the fight off. Naturally the 4 elites are already on top. This leaves Ryuuko to scramble for the last one. After she makes it, the 4 elites propose a new rule. They want to challenge Ryuuko to a one-on-one match. Agreed. A big arena in the middle emerges. It’s like they planned out all this all along. If she wins this, Satsuki will tell her the details of her father’s death. Gamagoori will be Ryuuko’s first opponent.

Episode 9
The other elites do not approve of Gamagoori going first but Satsuki mentions the order of their fight. Based on how many students they defeated in the battle royale, the one with the fewest will go first. That means Gamagoori will be first in line followed by Inumuta, Jakuzure and finally Sanageyama. But the fight doesn’t start now. It begins at 1pm. That’s 4 more hours… During the break, Mikisugi confronts Ryuuko and wants her to drop out of the fight because the 4 elites are on a different level. Because he cannot answers what she wants, she tells him to shut up and just watch on the sidelines. The first fight begins. Gamagoori transforms into Shackle Regalia so Ryuuko isn’t dumb enough to attack him. However Gamagoori anticipated this and whacks himself! Ryuuko has to be careful since falling out of the ring means automatic loss. Her Scissors Blade cannot cut through Shackle Regalia since its surface is cloth armour reinforced by special power. To absorb his Life Fibre, she must pierce through this armour and into the uniform proper. Sure she can try cutting her way deep in but that would mean powering him up more too. Ryuuko gets beaten up as we see Gamagoori’s flashback on his iron resolve. When Satsuki was on a school conquering spree, Gamagoori stood in her way and vowed not to let her have her way. He was wearing an armour vest and despite knowing he cannot beat her, he also resolves not to lose and kneel to her. He takes in all her blows and although ultimately lost, Satsuki didn’t consider that posture as him kneeling before her. She tells him to become her shield. She views people in clothes as pigs and will fight against the world and completely recreate it. Her first step is to create a new high school that will be her army in 2 years. Join her there and he will acquire new powers.

With that resolve, Gamagoori will not lose to her and mocks Ryuuko’s petty personal vendetta. That kind of resolve will not defeat Satsuki or even him. Senketsu has an idea. Ryuuko begins cutting him up like mad and then defend herself against his onslaught. Gamagoori rants about his discipline and his whip of love to other students about independence. He disapproves of her slutty outfit. Because of that he is going to mould her into a proper student. Ryuuko is crushed between his iron (is this his idea of straightening her out?) and when Gamagoori unleashes his big whip of love (big dick?), Senketsu bites into it. Ryuuko gets wrapped into Shackle Regalia and is suffocating. However it is a foolish move since she is inside it, she can do Life Fibre Synchronize. She breaks out of it and Senketsu is now in another new form. Senketsu Senjin has blades all over. With Gamagoori too weak to transform into his Scourge Regalia and that his Life Fibre is exposed, she defeats him into Fibre Lost. Victory for Ryuuko! Gamagoori feels disgraced with the defeat and is going to commit seppuku but Satsuki stops him. It is too early for him to kneel to defeat. Next up is Inumuta and Ryuuko declines Satsuki’s offer for any rest. She’s going to beat them all up and come after her.

Episode 10
5 years ago, Inumuta tried to hack into the Kiryuuin stocks and cause it to crash. He was immediately discovered and all the MIBs were hot on his trail till he is cornered. Satsuki is impressed he is able to breach the tightest security and he did it for the thrill. The harder the more worth it. However she calls his ambition small. He should change the system of the real world. She invites him to come to Honnouji. Back to our match, Gamagoori sits next to Mako. He lost his Three-Star uniform and is now a No-Star. Got to work his way back up again to repay Satsuki’s kindness. Inumuta transforms his uniform into Probe Regalia. Like his abilities suggest, he is taking in all the data he can process. I just find it odd that he has keyboard all over his suit and his fingers were like wriggling here and there and everywhere… Of course Inumuta is able to predict her capabilities and anticipate her movements. He then turns invisible to enhance the psychological damage. More like optical camouflaging. Ryuuko takes a beating but she calls Senketsu for Plan B. Senketsu’s eye turns into a huge fly swatter. If she can’t see, might as well attack everything at one go. Inumuta is slammed. No data could be computed for his escape. Even he has reached the limits of his processing capability. Ryuuko is on a roll. Right before Ryuuko lands the finishing blow, Inumuta announces he forfeits the match. It would be a shame if all the data he gathered were destroyed. Besides, it is the data he wants and not victory. It’s another victory for Ryuuko. Inumuta sits with Gamagoori. Mako sandwiched in between… You know what they say when 2 elephants fight.

Now it’s Jakuzure’s turn. With a flashy marching band entrance, her Goku uniform, Symphony Regalia Gravel is one big mother ship! She attacks using loud sound waves and music notes. Yes. Music kills! Time for a little flashback. Jakuzure and Satsuki have known each other since kindergarten. Jakuzure has everyone under her thumb and made her a sand castle just for Satsuki. However Satsuki has created a greater building from sand, one that she can look down on others. The sand castle is blown away in the wind so how sure Satsuki’s building will stay up? Build a skyscraper within your mind so that it will never fall. Jakuzure is awed and vowed to follow her from that day. Now Jakuzure can fly! Hey, I thought you’re out if you go outside the arena? I guess there is a difference between falling off and flying. Ryuuko is going to bring her down then by using her Life Fibres to drag her down. Jakuzure may not be able to cut it but she destroys the ground. It’s giving way. No more arena? But it’s not over yet. Ryuuko surprises everyone when Senketsu undergoes another evolution. Senketsu Shippu allows Ryuuko to fly now. Yeah, I guess you don’t need an arena now that they have taken it to the skies. But Jakuzure is pissed because the sky has always been her territory. Meanwhile Mikisugi contacts Tsumugu who then makes a u-turn back.

Episode 11
Now that Ryuuko can fly, she targets Satsuki but Jakuzure won’t let her so easily. Ryuuko then throws back a missile at Jakuzure to destroy her ship. Now that she can’t fly anymore, Ryuuko shows no mercy in fighting fair with her and lands the finishing blow. However Senketsu cannot feel her Fibre Lost. Jakuzure rises up for an encore performance. Her Goku uniform now is Symphony Regalia Da Capo. It fires Beethoven’s music waves that sever and manipulate Ryuuko’s Life Fibre link with Senketsu, weakening them. Ryuuko amazes everyone when she takes in Jakuzure’s rhythm to match it to her own frequency like a tuning fork. Senketsu could hear only Ryuuko’s voice loud and clear. Then they send back this wave right back at Jakuzure. Defeated. Fibre Lost. Ryuuko wins! Iori has analyzed the data of the problems in the Goku uniforms and is already making necessary adjustments. Tsumugu gives Mikisugi a special bullet. He only has one shot. Jakuzure now joins the bench of the defeated student council. A loser too? Now it is the rematch between Ryuuko and Sanageyama. He claims his upgraded Blade Regalia MKII is much better than before. Before they can clash, a cute girl drops in and interrupts everything. Nui Harime must be a powerful chick because she causes Satsuki to lose her cool as she orders Sanageyama to get away from her. Satsuki is not amused that this Couturier who doesn’t associate with anyone would drop in now although Nui feels it was a bit cold in not telling her she was doing something this fun. Sanageyama won’t have his rematch interrupted but Nui tells him that he is not the one to fight her. She is. She easily overpowers Sanageyama and instantly makes him Fibre Lost without any Goku uniform and only with her pinky finger! And she’s smiling cutely all the way! Satsuki and Iori are shocked that she could immediately spot the weak stitching and Banshi. Ban what? Life Fibre that has been imbued with the will to become clothing. It has multiple layers of defences to prevent it from feeling the effects of an attack. It is the last fibre to go when Ryuuko’s Kamui absorbs Life Fibres. Mikisugi thinks things are getting complicated now. Because REVOCS’ top dog, Ragyo must have send the home office’s High Order Tailor here. Ryuuko will defeat anyone just to get to Satsuki. I guess this will be the next fight. Happy Nui hopes Ryuuko would transform into her Kamui although she herself doesn’t wear those crude things. As motivation, she takes out her half Scissors Blade! She admits (with a cutie smile) that she is the one who used it to kill her father. Ryuuko… SO PISSED!!!!!!! You mad, sis?

Episode 12
Ryuuko mad. Slashing like hell. Nui cool. Smiling all the way. So the reason she killed her dad was because he meddled in something he shouldn’t. Senketsu warns Ryuuko to calm down because her blood is boiling and he can’t take it. Nui finds Senketsu’s Banshi and cuts it. Although in great pain, he doesn’t come undone since he has more than one Banshi. Nui is impressed. Flashback time. She visited Isshin after she caught wind of his research and was ordered to take it. He just invented the Rending Scissors that could cut and kill any Life Fibre. Because Isshin exerted too much strength, she stole the scissors and used it against him. At that same time, Ryuuko just came in looking for her father. Nui was distracted so Isshin took half the scissors and blinded her left eye. In her rage, she stabbed him with her half scissors and escaped. Ryuuko is so mad that with Senketsu they turned into a rampaging monster. So people, remember never get this angry. At this rate she will lose a lot of blood and die. Mako is very worried because Ryuuko dying is not cool. As the daughter of a back-alley doctor who also steals blood and sells them for profit, she is going to do her bid to save Ryuuko. Satsuki now steps in the picture and orders her elites to evacuate the rest. Tsumugu also joins the fray because Mikisugi needs him to pin the target down as he only has 1 shot. Tsumugu distracts Nui into a trap and then blows up the pillars to trap Ryuuko. But it’s still not enough. Satsuki has arrived and knows Nui’s goal isn’t just to see how powerful this uniform was created by Isshin. It’s for revenge over her lost eye and for being completely fooled since she was fixated on the scissors and didn’t notice Senketsu. She orders her to sit back and watch while she is going to destroy her. I guess watching as an audience can be fun too.

Both the ladies swing and slash with flashy bright effects. Even Tsumugu is forced to withdraw. Before they can ultimately clash, Mako gets in the way. She hugs Ryuuko and pleads to her to return to her senses. This is not the Ryuuko she knows. When she was drunk with power, Ryuuko saved her so now it is her turn. It’s not revenge she seeks for her father but rather she wants to get to know him better. With a series of sumo slaps, Ryuuko regains her senses much to Mako’s big relief. She collapses due to exhaustion not because of blood loss. Though, indeed she lost quite an amount. Mikisugi is relieved he didn’t had to resort to this and Tsumugu feels he needs more training since he couldn’t even get close to those 3 ladies. Satsuki bans Nui from Honnouji otherwise she will show no mercy if she meddles in her affairs again. But you think this mischievous brat will listen? A few days later as Honnouji is being rebuilt, Ryuuko confronts Satsuki to seek Nui’s whereabouts for revenge. But she is told it won’t do her any good. Because Satsuki is the one who ordered her to steal the scissors so if she must hate somebody, hate her. Also, Satsuki is the only one who knows why Isshin was killed and what Kamui and Life Fibres are. Ryuuko doesn’t care and wants to fight but Satsuki doesn’t even need to exert any strength to beat her. With her body still recuperating, there is no way she could win. In fact, Satsuki thanks her because with her fight against the 4 elites, she is able to make the final adjustments to the Goku uniforms. They will be deployed in battle in a week’s time to crush the western academy administration who opposes her rule in one fell swoop. Her nationwide academy conquest will be completed.

Episode 13
Satsuki and her elites discuss their plan to raid the cities of Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka. Special Goku uniforms have been calibrated for this trip and victory will finally see her goal of conquering high schools all over Japan complete. Shinjiro Nagita who was formerly from the Newspaper Club is being chased by Disciplinary Committee members because he is banned from the school grounds. He sees Mako in hopes he could take him to see Ryuuko. Speaking of her, she has fallen into depression back home. She feels guilty for letting her rage getting the better of her. When Nagita comes by, he pleads to her to don Senketsu again and fight for she is their hope for students like them to fight against Satsuki. She won’t because she doesn’t like fighting for other people. Ragyo addresses her men about clothing that are actually man’s sin. Their REVOCS company control 90% of the world’s clothing and that clothing is that world that binds heaven, earth and all of mankind. Satsuki sees her to ask about Nui’s interference. Seems she did it on her own whims and Satsuki is free to act as she pleases. She also informs of her city raids and will only need a day for her conquest. By then REVOCS uniform will be supplied throughout Japan. Nagita ropes Mako to help to distribute illegal newspapers to start some revolution. But here come those Disciplinary Committee guys again. Run! Mako gets caught by Gamagoori and is put to hard labour for the raid.

Ryuuko is still down. She talks to Senketsu that she is afraid of herself and not him. She could feel he was crying when more power pumped into him. She could even taste his bitter tears. If not for Mako, she would have been swallowed up. Senketsu praises her for not rejecting him. Nagita happen to drop by and the Disciplinary Committee members rough him up and Mako’s dad got caught in the crossfire. This gives Ryuuko the resolve to don Senketsu again. She confronts those bullies and defeats them. To her surprise, they are puppets. Even bigger surprise awaits her. Nagita set all this up just to ‘rehabilitate’ her and get her back into her groove. The puppets are under his control. And he is no other than Nui in disguise! She wants Ryuuko to show her power even more. However she gets bored when she feels Ryuuko has become much weaker than before and cuts Senketsu into bits! Before she could kill her, Satsuki is here. She warns those who do not obey will face her blood purge. She’s serious. Time for Nui to back off for good. Satsuki sees Ryuuko in her disgraceful state. She takes all of Senketsu’s bits to Iori and wants him to find suitable hosts and distribute them to others for the raid. Speaking of which, the raiding operation begins now.

Episode 14
Ryuuko wakes up in Mikisugi’s place. She is reeling from Senketsu being chopped up to pieces. She chides Mikisugi for his lame impersonation of Senketsu but it seems Senketsu is here. Well, the scarf portion only. It was the portion she held on tightly when she was out. Since his other pieces have been distributed to all other students for the raid, Ryuuko is going to get them back. Mikisugi is no longer a teacher and returns to his Nudist Beach. But those he has to strip right now? Gamagoori’s team fights off the Americanized Kobe guys with their student handbook that is made of steel (because Satsuki’s word is ironclad rule, geddit?). Jakuzure is having trouble fending off those magic guys in Kyoto since they’re using illusions that are putting fear into her team. Inumuta helps out by employing his paradox painting whatever to break their barrier before Jakuzure pounds them with her music. Sanageyama faces off with Kaneo Takarada and his money face Osaka team. Money rules, right? Yeah, using money as weapon. Literally. Mako is tempted to taste the Osaka snacks but she is broke. Don’t worry. Learning that those guys use money as ammo, she picks them up and now she has a blast buying all the stuffs she wants. This field trip is so worth it. The Kobe team now resorts to the best Kobe beef to counter the handbooks but can they stand the heat once the meat is cooked? They are about to surrender when Ryuuko comes in and snips Senketsu’s parts from the team. Likewise, Jakuzure is enjoying the sound of victory (music to her ears of course) when Ryuuko rides in does the same. Sanageyama is having it a little tough since Takarada is using the citizens blinded by money to fight for him. Don’t care about his town? Well, he comes from a rich conglomerate and can hire people to rebuild it. Satsuki drops in the fight. Mako could have been reprimanded for fooling around by her team but here comes Ryuuko to her rescue. She has got all the parts now except for one left. Senketsu notes she has gotten stronger than before because despite he only gives her a little power, she still owns everyone who has a part of him. Mako believes she is fixated on her desire to get Senketsu back and that desire causes her to get stronger. But the last part isn’t easy because it is in Satsuki’s possession. Don’t worry. Ryuuko isn’t the usual girl you know. She’s stronger now, right?

Episode 15
Takarada throws more money for the people to lay down their lives but Satsuki cuts their soul and sends them fleeing. She proves it to him that money doesn’t rule over people but fear. Takarada unleashes his robot to fight. Cue for Sanageyama for his new Goku uniform, Blade Regalia MKIII to make its debut. No matter what dirty tricks Takarada comes up, Sanageyama finds his way around it and bests him. Satsuki is about to interrogate him where he got the uniforms that could stand up against the Goku uniforms when Ryuuko crashes in. She’s going to take back the last piece of Senketsu which she is wearing as a glove. Satsuki will go all out with her and dons Junketsu. Ryuuko is unable to transform since if a piece is missing, it impedes some flow. Tsumugu comes to Ryuuko’s aid. At the same time, Nudist Beach launches their attack. Their mission is to rescue Ryuuko and Takarada as their ultimate goal is to resist subjugation by the Life Fibres that Satsuki uses. Also, Gamagoori reveals the true intention of this raid, which is to smoke out Nudist Beach. It is all part of Satsuki’s plan to lure out rebel forces, the reason she allowed Mikisugi to continue his activities. With the elites powering up and go on attacking spree, Ryuuko wants to transform and tells Senketsu to his her skin to compensate what is missing. It is dangerous but Senketsu did say he wants to wear her, right? So believe in her like how Mako does. Her skin is burning in pain as she transforms. This is enough to allow her to clash with Satsuki and take back the last piece. Satsuki is impressed that Ryuuko’s power has increased and is on par with her. Satsuki warns her of that rage but Ryuuko vows never to make such a mistake again. Her desire now is to protect her friends.

Now that the battle is going aerial, Jakuzure allows Satsuki to ride her. Ryuuko takes a great fall but Senketsu cushions her fall. Senketsu wants Ryuuko to bet on him. This time he turns into claws. Although he cannot cut Junketsu, the blood spilled from the clash covers Satsuki’s face. This allows Ryuuko to fight back and steal Satsuki’s sword which can pierce Junketsu. But the ladies are in a standoff since Satsuki is pointing a drill from Junketsu at her neck. Noticing the devastating toll of the battle and her fighting friends (Tsumugu vs Inumuta, Mikisugi vs Sanageyama, Mako vs Gamagoori –WTF?!), she makes a deal with Satsuki for her to withdraw her troops to spare her friends and she will let her go. She will not sacrifice lives of others for her goal. Satsuki felt insulted that she looked down on her but Gamagoori pleads for her to do that since this is not the place she should die. Satsuki orders her troops to stand down and return to Honnouji. Ryuuko tells Satsuki that she may have mastered Junketsu but she is alone. Because Ryuuko and Senketsu are one. Satsuki thinks it’s fairytale. She gives her sword back. Jakuzure finishes destroying Nudist Beach’s base and with that, the raid mission is successfully over. Satsuki commends Ryuuko’s sneak attack but it will not work the next time. Nudist Beach is counting their losses. It costs them most of the forces. Mikisugi is impressed Ryuuko fought Satsuki to a draw and now promises her to tell her everything.

Episode 16
Satsuki is exhausted from wearing Junketsu. Soroi and Iori tranquilize it so Satsuki could get out before the dress starts acting up. Nui is piloting the helicopter and is here to bring Satsuki to Ragyo. Her return to Honnouji will be delayed. She takes a bath in the grand bath. The medicated waters are supposed to boost Life Fibre Harmonization. Then this scene… Mother and daughter yuri?! I don’t know how this is purification. Then she brings her to the room to tell her the origins of their power. There is this big ball of fire that spits out Life Fibres. It is called the Primordial Life Fibre. It was drifting in space before arriving at Earth and since they become the clothing that covers this world known as COVERS. The Kiryuuin clan is the spokesperson for COVERS’ will. Ryuuko and Mako follow Mikisugi and Tsumugu back to their Nudist Beach base. They are surprised to learn that Isshin is the founder thanks to the patent funds he received and used to form this organization. Mikisugi begins his story. Humans are the only species to wear clothes. However that statement isn’t wrong. It is the clothes who are wearing humans and evolve them to this state. In short, clothes created mankind. Life Fibres are aliens from outer space and are a form of parasites. Although they should have infected the host directly, humans’ nervous system cannot withstand its strain and will eventually burn out. For that, they cover their host’s body. This way, the host cannot die. Humans were selected since they were the most developed beings at that time. In time, humans evolved to who we are now but in short, this is part of Life Fibre’s plan to make humans their food. But everybody is wearing clothes, right? It is believed they went into hibernation after the evolution. They only emerged from it 20 years ago when Ragyo made contact with the original Life Fibre. In short, they were waiting for the human livestock to grow before feeding.

Senketsu is overwhelmed with shock and guilt that he is eating Ryuuko and the reason why he needs her blood. Mikisugi adds that Isshin created Senketsu as an artificial to fight Life Fibres and Ryuuko is the only one who could wear and use him to his full potential. This is to thwart the Kiryuuin clan’s ambitions. Isshin once worked and researched under them but discovered its threat so he escaped and founded a rebel organization. Senketsu now remembers he was created in his lab but went to sleep shortly and only awakened when Ryuuko came. Mikisugi couldn’t tell her the whole story till he was sure she was able to summon up all of Senketsu’s power at will. Failing which, Tsumugu would have put her down on the spot. In which, he still intends to do that. Mikisugi continues that REVOCS are dominating the world with their clothes brand and each one of them has Life Fibres woven into them. Though they are dormant, there is no telling what will happen when they awake but he knows it will be a very big threat. Ragyo learns of Satsuki’s successful raids. She believes it is time to move to the next stage and wants Satsuki to put the Cultural and Sports Grand Festival into effect. She can’t wait to see the Honnouji she has created. Ryuuko is upset. She cannot believe Senketsu is made as a weapon to fight, what more kill his own brethren. He has his own will. Fighting for the sake of mankind doesn’t cut it. She takes him off and doesn’t mind going nude because there is no reason for him to fight. Tsumugu is going to put Senketsu down now because a Kamui that doesn’t fight is useless. Ryuuko dares him to kill her. Oh Mako. How are you going to quell this scary situation?

Episode 17
Satsuki returns to Honnouji and addresses her students to prepare for the festival and welcome Ragyo in their stadium. Ryuuko and Tsumugu’s standoff is put to a stop with Mako’s twisted reasoning that a woman should only show her naked body to the person she truly loves (because Ryuuko dared to go full on naked) and of course she is going to get a cold if she doesn’t wear something. Later Ryuuko hears from Mikisugi about Kinue. She is Tsumugu’s older sister who died in a Life Fibre experiment. As she was Isshin’s top assistant, they were trying to create Life Fibres that obey humans. She lost her life in an accident but despite that, she wanted Isshin to carry on and after much improvements, Senketsu was made. Because Senketsu’s Life Fibres were taken from Ryuuko’s central nervous system’s DNA, it is the only reason why she can communicate and wear him. Isshin did this to protect her. As Gamagoori is addressing the students about tomorrow’s festival and to bring their parents and to wear specially provided suits, Mako’s family comes up to him looking for their daughter. She hasn’t returned from the field trip. Gamagoori notes she has sided with the rebels and by right the family should have been banned from this town! But in the spirits of the festival and giving them a chance to atone, they must participate. Mako’s dad asks 2 things: If the girls are alive and if there is going to be food. Yes to both. They’re in.

Thanks to the hidden cameras, Mikisugi and co are watching what is happening in Honnouji. He explains Ragyo’s final experiment at Honnouji by offering ever last human at Honnouji to become sacrifices. In other words, food for the Life Fibres. That is the real purpose of this festival. Hell, Ryuuko isn’t going to let that happen. So they make their way to the stadium and little do they know they’ve been watched too. By their own hidden cameras as hacked by Inumuta. This is part of Satsuki’s plan to bait them. Preparations are well underway for the big festival tomorrow. Satsuki and her elites drink to a toast. The stadium is packed with people (Mako’s family just enjoying the food) as Ragyo makes her dazzling appearance on stage. So bright that I don’t think you need those floodlights. As she makes her speech, she initiates her plan and wraps around those hapless humans with Life Fibres. Screams of despair. Looks like the party has started. Only Matarou is not affected since he sold his suit and was wearing a body point looking like that suit. Ryuuko and co crash in just as Ragyo is considering this experiment a success. Their ‘chat’ is interrupted with the biggest twist ever. Satsuki stabs Ragyo from behind! She and Honnouji will from now on become her rebels. Ragyo thinks she is trying to snatch her throne but Satsuki corrects her. People do not live for the sake of clothing and she has raised Honnouji as a fortress to overthrow Life Fibres and defeat her. Oh my, that’s so shocking isn’t it? You lost for words, Ryuuko?

Episode 18
Ragyo’s secretary, Rei Hououmaru tries to attack but Gamagoori blocks. Inumuta frees the people while Sanageyama faces off with Nui. The other elites join him but Nui has no time to play with them and lets them deal with her clones. Ryuuko is still in disbelief but as explained, in order for Satsuki to deceive Ragyo, she couldn’t allow her true intentions to show in the slightest bit. As for why Ryuuko had to fight them, if she had lost, it would mean she couldn’t possibly win against Life Fibres. If she doesn’t like this method, she can fight her afterwards but for now she will fight by her side to free humanity. When Mako returns to her family, the first thing they do is eat all the Osaka souvenirs. Gamagoori orders her to evacuate everyone. Nobody is listening to her. Yeah. Free food! That should do the trick. Satsuki calls her mother a monster since she is unfazed despite being stabbed and crucified. Her wounds heal. Her entire life was in preparation of this day to defeat her. It all began when she was 5 years old and her dad, Souichirou told her about Junketsu. Despite it will be her wedding dress, once she wears it, she will be a slave to clothing. Because he is a talented scientist, he was adopted into the Kiryuuin family. As a result, they had Satsuki as their child. The following year, Ragyo tried to conduct experiments of fusing Life Fibres to babies. Since one year olds are too ‘old’, she experimented with the one in her womb. It failed and she aborted it like nothing. That was when Souichirou decided to rebel against Life Fibres and Ragyo. Ragyo believes even if she is defeated, Life Fibres will not. Satsuki already has a plan. Iori and his Sewing Club enter the room with the original Life Fibre and freeze it. Think it’s over? Ragyo breaks free and uses her Mind Stitching to control the minds of her students. Red strings tightening over their brains? Scary. Now they are her puppets fighting against Satsuki. Satsuki has no choice but to take them down until Ragyo is defeated. Ragyo then does the same to Ryuuko and makes her fight Satsuki. Everyone is surprised when Ryuuko’s great will snaps her out of her control. She won’t be tied down like this. But nobody has ever done this before. Yeah. There is always a first time.

Ryuuko wants to aim for Ragyo but here is Nui in her path. Since she is gunning for vengeance, she lets Satsuki deal with her mother. For the first time Nui is looking worried as Ryuuko is faster than her. She has every reason too because Ryuuko and Senketsu are in perfect synchronization. They are one. Satsuki is about to take revenge over Ragyo for killing Souichirou and her nameless sister. It feels like a fatality when Satsuki cuts off her head! It’s raining blood! Think it is over? NOT! The original Life Fibre breaks free and attacks Iori and his team. Soroi rescues them as it starts activating. Ragyo still lives because as long as a single thread of Life Fibre is connected, her body can regenerate. Ragyo turns the tables on Satsuki. She mocks her for thinking she is wearing Junketsu perfectly when she is just forcing it on. Wearing it was a mistake and should have died if not for Junketsu’s strength protecting her. Ragyo smacks her around and it ends when Satsuki’s sword breaks. Ragyo will take back Junketsu. The sky is filled with Life Fibres and ultimately COVERS. Ragyo dons Junketsu and mocks Satsuki that she was never a vessel for Life Fibres. But she thanks her for if not for this, she would not get to see someone she would never expect to see. Ragyo does another fatality on Ryuuko and takes out her heart! But she is still alive! Because as Ragyo says, her body has merged with the Life Fibres just like her. She is the daughter she believed to be dead! MIND BLOWING REVELATION!!!! FFFFUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 19
COVERS start absorbing everyone and turn them into their energy fodder including Mako. I understand her family is distraught but Gamagoori too? Hmm… Satsuki is not done yet and unleashes her final ace. She blows up the stadium! A month later, COVERS are scouring the land for survivors. Jakuzure saves Matarou who is on a personal quest to find Mako. Over at Northern Kanto, Sanageyama and Gamagoori help evacuate people. There is only so much they can save. The 4 elites have teamed up with Nudist Beach whose secret base is in Osaka. They note all the academies Honnouji have conquered have fallen under the hands of COVERS. They don’t have any weapons left aside from the swords of Gamagoori and Jakuzure which was made out of Satsuki’s blade, Tsumugu’s dagger and glove and Mikisugi’s odd robot suit, DTR. Ryuuko although is healed, she is in coma. Gamagoori returns Matarou to his family and makes a promise he will save Mako. Satsuki is imprisoned by Ragyo. She mocks her plans and how humans who have been wearing clothes for all their life will have no resistance in putting them on. Her efforts were for nothing. Ragyo explains that the night Souichirou was targeted, he was supposedly to be killed but survived and faked his death. He changed his appearance and outlook. He became Isshin, raised Ryuuko as his own, gave her a Kamui and even formed Nudist Beach. Satsuki knows Ragyo is keeping alive because she is still of use. She knows about Shinra Koketsu. Ragyo wants her to be angry. The more rage, the more useful she will be. Ragyo goes to check out Nui and the brainwashed Sewing Club as they are making the ultimate Kamui. Sanageyama, Gamagoori, Jakuzure, Tsumugu and Mikisugi go out to battle COVERS who have surrounded the place. Five against all? Guts is seen circling around one of the suits so the deduce Mako is in this one. Gamagoori uses a device created by Iori to suck out Mako. It works. So their plan now is to suck out everyone and this will shut down COVERS who are operating independently from the original Life Fibre since they are feeding from the human as energy source. COVERS start to play one hideous music. The dissonance is so bad that Ryuuko wakes up! Then she slashes all of them in a single strike! Even freeing the captives! Wow! Way much more effective. But this isn’t the Ryuuko we know. Senketsu is happy to see her but not Ryuuko. She tells him to get lost. Looking at him makes her mad. Because they’re the same breed of monster. She views herself not human but a Life Fibre monster. Why so mad, sister?

Episode 20
Here comes Mako with her usual stubborn friendship thing. However it’s not working this time. Serious. She gets worked up when Nui and Ragyo appear before her. Ragyo is ecstatic she is her daughter but the feeling is not mutual. Ragyo challenges her to come defeat her at Honnouji. Ryuuko is so mad that she won’t listen to Senketsu or her allies. To show how bad it is, she steals a badass motorcycle and rides away. Nudist Beach and the 4 elites convene to discuss their next move to rescue Satsuki. Inumuta has hacked into the system as they see Satsuki chained up naked. But they know she is getting ready to go into battle when they see her sharpening her toenail into a claw. Thanks to Takarada putting all his money in building a big flagship for Nudist Beach, the gang set sail for Honnouji in the ship called Naked Sun. Ryuuko arrives at Honnouji to kick ass. Make that kick ass with lots of rage. She faces off with Nui who even takes out her own heart to show it to her. They are the same. The only difference was Ryuuko was conceived in Ragyo’s belly while Nui came from the Life Fibre’s womb. In a way, they’re like soul sisters, right? Ryuuko not amused. Nudist Beach launches an all-out attack on Ragyo but as we all know, such firepower won’t be enough to even touch her. Ryuuko has been distracted with Nui’s fight that she didn’t feel Ragyo taking her measurements and embedding threads all over her. Now she is going to make Ryuuko wear Junketsu. She sees visions of her alternate life. What a happy life indeed. Satsuki breaks free and rendezvous with her elites back to the flagship. Mikisugi thinks they should return to Osaka for the time being but Satsuki doesn’t think they can because the worst enemy is coming. Here comes crazy Ryuuko in Junketsu and she is going to whip everyone’s ass. Tsumugu goes head on but is no match. And now for the match we’ve all been waiting for (again). Ryuuko versus Satsuki. Uh huh. Now Satsuki dons Senketsu in battle. Swapping uniforms, eh?

Episode 21
Ryuuko never knew such bliss existed. Even Nui is jealous. But as Ragyo explains, the Life Fibres in Nui’s body repel other fibres and thus cannot draw Kamui’s power. When news of Satsuki has escaped, Ragyo leaves it to Ryuuko to handle it. And so we’re in the midst of a power battle between the sisters. Ryuuko seems to have really defected to the other side. She belittles Senketsu as a junk. She isn’t convinced even when told she and Senketsu were once synchronized as they wore each other. But as of now, Junketsu is only wearing her. Ryuuko doesn’t see this bliss to be a problem. Ryuuko easily beats up Satsuki since she still hasn’t completely mastered Senketsu. Senketsu continues to persuade Ryuuko. Although Satsuki cannot hear him and their synchronization is in pieces, their hearts are one. Satsuki is suffering a lot just to wear him. Not other human could have bore this. Ryuuko is attacked by the 4 elites. She dodges all of them till she ends up near Gamagoori who uses a device to forcefully suck Junketsu out of her. This was Satsuki’s plan all along. She becomes the bait all for this moment. However Junketsu is not coming off and Nui interrupts. She explains the Life Fibres are tightly woven into her insides so if they try pull it off her, she’ll die from shock. Meanwhile, REVOCS has finally acquired all the clothing companies in the world. Ragyo is thankful she is going to witness the original Life Fibre awakening into the beginning of the Cocoon Sphere. The world will soon be of the Life Fibres.

Before Ryuuko can kill Satsuki, here comes Mako. She’s trying to persuade using the ol’ friendship way. You know, Ryuuko will always be Ryuuko. Nui is going to kill that pest when Senketsu jumps to protect her. In a way making Mako wear him. Satsuki fights Nui who thinks Satsuki will never appeal to Ragyo since she has gotten soft. However thanks to Nui, Satsuki believes it is possible to turn the tables. Because if Ryuuko has gone over to her side, why hasn’t Nui given her half of the Scissors Blade? Because this blade is the ultimate weapon to fight against Life Fibres. This means she has not trusted Ryuuko fully and that uncertainty is where their victory lies. The 4 elites handle Nui so Satsuki could go to Ryuuko. That girl is going to kill Mako and Senketsu. I doubt her family can do anything but you won’t know if you don’t try. Satsuki slices open a little of Junketsu and wants Mako to force Senketsu into her. Mako and Senketsu interrupt Ryuuko’s blissful dream of getting married at the altar. Because she will kill anyone who dares disrupt her bliss, Mako dares her. Oh sh*! She really killed her!!! Mako and Senketsu are thrown out and Nui relishes they have failed to win over her. Suddenly Ryuuko throws her Scissors Blade into Nui. She is sick of all this crap and isn’t happy Junketsu is put on her. She rips it apart and would rather die from all the bleeding. Otherwise she can’t put Senketsu on. She’s back! Oh, it’s raining blood…

Episode 22
Senketsu reunites with Ryuuko and it feels good to put him back on. Nui thinks she cannot defeat her since she now possesses both Scissors Blades. It doesn’t matter. Ryuuko kicks her butt and takes them back and cuts her arms off! This is the power of the Scissors Blades. Nui’s arms cannot regenerate! You mad, sis? The COVERS army shield Nui so that Hououmaru can rescue her. But in this attempt to save Nui, it means the rest get to suck out more people from their imprisonment and collect more Life Fibres. Nui takes out her anger on Hououmaru (unlimited blood gushing onto her face?) and is not at all indebted. Who asked her to be saved? Hououmaru notes that she needs to complete Shinra Koketsu and how will she accomplish it without her arms? Oh, don’t worry. She’ll finish it. Once everything is done, Ryuuko wants to punch Satsuki once. This is for all the rough treatment on her despite her goals. Satsuki agrees if she can still stand after that, she has the right to fight alongside her. Ryuuko throws her first punch but it hits Gamagoori’s face. And then Sanageyama. The 4 elites will protect Satsuki at all cost and won’t let Ryuuko touch her. In fact, this punch is to indicate how weak her punch is. Because normal humans would have died, right? But they’re not normal… Ryuuko realizes Satsuki’s crazy members are just like her own. Satsuki explains that in order to defeat Ragyo, she must treat her men like pawns. Ever since she saw Ryuuko wearing Senketsu, her goal was to train her into a powerful asset to turn against Ragyo.

She played the villain to make her believe she killed Isshin to gauge her powers. If she can hold onto her free will without being swallowed up by the Kamui, she will be useful in the coup. She thought she can do it without telling her. Unfortunately she was mistaken. She realizes her methods were just like Ragyo’s. She pleads for Ryuuko to fight alongside her. Touched, Ryuuko loses the will to punch her. How could you punch your own sister after that heartfelt speech? After all, she too has something to protect. Iori injects a mixture of Ryuuko and Satsuki’s blood into Junketsu to tame it. Then he starts making new Goku uniforms with all the collected Life Fibres. Satsuki explains Ragyo’s plan to transform Earth and cover it with Life Fibres. As every clothing is under REVOCS, once the signal is given, COVERS will awaken and humans with no resistance to it will be converted into their energy source. As Life Fibres are an alien organism drifting through space, once they find a planet with intelligent life with suitable sustainable energy source, they will cover it with themselves to a point the planet will explode. The force will scatter new seeds through space and the process is repeated. This is how they reproduce across the universe. Inumuta has hacked into the surveillance cameras and everyone sees Ragyo is heading towards Honnouji, the base where she plans to transmit the signal all around the world. They have to smash it if they are to stop her plans. But they have to deal with the attacking COVERS first. Satsuki and Ryuuko will go deal with Ragyo and they leave the field operation command to Mikisugi. Time to kick ass. But a giant Life Fibre monster pops out from the sea and it’s going to do some big time damage. Kaijuu? Don’t worry. This time Mako is going to join the fight. She is the Fight Club president, remember?

Episode 23
Mako is able to fight thanks to the Goku power Iori put in her uniform. She sucks more people out from COVERS while Nui is furiously completing her final sew. She’s using her mouth… There is Inumuta’s explanation why Nui’s arms won’t regenerate after being cut by Scissors Blades. Something about being cut from both sides simultaneously. Satsuki’s twin swords are believed to have the same effects. The sisters begin their power fight with their mom. They are evenly matched. However the original Life Fibre is targeting Naked Sun. Mako seems to have done enough and at her limits. This is where the 4 elites step in. In their newly black and gold Three-Star uniform, they transform into their ultimate Goku form which is a mix of clothing and baring skin. Ragyo cuts Ryuuko into half! Then she gets cocky as he beats up Satsuki. But it is all just a distraction and part of Ryuuko’s plan. When Ragyo impaled her, she managed to deflect her blades, pretended to be cut up and threw herself into the sea before her fibres can be completely cut. Ragyo has only herself to blame for underestimating them. Now you mad, mother? The 4 elites join in the battle. Sanageyama loses his blinds and he sees better than ever. Mikisugi transforms Naked Sun into its dagger version and is going to pierce the core of the original Life Fibre. However his Nudist Beach members are running low on energy. Yeah. Running a ship on manpower can be tiring. Don’t worry. This is where Mako comes in. With her powerful feelings for Ryuuko, she powers up the entire ship to full power! And soon all those ex-club members of Honnouji help her run the hamster wheel. This gives enough power for the ship to propel into the Life Fibre and push Ryuuko to help cut through it. Ragyo cannot believe the original Life Fibre is incapacitated. It’s insane. It doesn’t make sense. But then again, those guys she’s fighting against never made sense to begin with. Hate to spoil your victory but Nui makes a grand announcement. The show is not over yet. For she has completed Shinra Koketsu and this will be the ultimate elegant fashion show ever. As reward for finishing it, Ragyo ‘sews’ back her arms. Our heroes turn their attention to storm Honnouji and destroy the transmitter. But first, have some tea. Mako’s family agree to let Mako join the fight because if anything happens to her, they’ll just sue the pants off the Kiryuuin clan. Now it’s time for the final showdown. Ragyo puts on Shinra Koketsu. She looks like some death priestess. For the finishing touches, she absorbs Hououmaru.

Episode 24
The assault on Honnouji begins but the space shuttle is covered with high velocity Life Fibres that it is hard to break through. Ragyo initiates Absolute Submission which renders everybody’s uniform powerless as Shinra Koketsu is the master of all Life Fibres. The original Life Fibre still lives as it wraps itself around the shuttle ready for blast off. Nui is going to kill Mako because she can’t stand another of her ranting. Gamagoori uses his body to protect her and since she is alright, it was all worth it. Oh sh*t! Gamagoori dead?! Don’t you dare! Ryuuko strips to her undies to fight Nui and Ragyo. Even if Senketsu is weak, she can still fight herself. While Ragyo has Ryuuko in her grasp, Senketsu realized that Satsuki can hear his thoughts loud and clear. Then he turns into Shippu Senjin form to thrust through Ragyo’s chest. This returns the power to everyone’s Goku uniform. Senketsu realized after Satsuki heard his voice that he was given the same powers as Ryuuko. They are neither human nor clothing. Powering up to their ultimate Life Fibre Synchronization, the power fight continues as everyone else tries to break through the shuttle. Gamagoori stuns everyone when he returns alive. He was wearing some metal belly band underneath. He uses his strength to rip open the shuttle before Nudist Beach blows it up. They have to have their turn or else they would have gotten undressed for nothing :p. When the sisters finally cut Ragyo, she wants Nui to sacrifice her life. She turns into a Life Fibre monster in which Ragyo wears her. Then she blasts off into the sky to send the signal to REVOCS all over the world. The people of the world is wrapped by their own clothing and the world covered by Life Fibres. Ryuuko volunteers to head up to space to end it all. But before that, Mako wants her to make a promise to come back because they’ll go out on a date. Don’t worry. Ryuuko always keeps her promises, right? Everyone gives Ryuuko all their Life Fibre (and leave them naked) so that she can blast off into space. Behold her ultimate form: Senketsu Kisaragi! Doesn’t Ryuuko look like some Super Saiyan? And Ragyo looks like Maleficent?

Ryuuko puts together her Scissors Blade to cut Ragyo but it didn’t work. Ragyo goes on ranting about the universe and its law. Like I care. Ryuuko regenerates every time Ragyo pierces her. But time is running out. She doesn’t have unlimited regeneration. Then she purposely gets stabbed so that she could absorb Shinra Koketsu and ultimately Absolute Submission. Ryuuko explains that Isshin didn’t create Scissors Blade as the ultimate weapon. It was Ryuuko and Senketsu. They have infinite absorption ability. If you noticed Senketsu has been absorbing Life Fibres to nourish his power. This is part of his evolution. He has free will and can make himself understood by humans. Therefore they are neither clothing nor human. But at the same time they are both clothing and human! Have your brains exploded yet?! Can’t understand this nonsense? That’s because they are always nonsensical! Ryuuko transmit to all life fibres to free their human captives and soon it will be raining naked people. Yeah. Everyone down on Earth is naked. The biggest birthday suit party ever since the creation of mankind. With victory for mankind, Ryuuko wants Ragyo to come back down to Earth with her. However she won’t and crushes her own heart. She warns Life Fibres are still spreading across the universe and one day, more will come to this planet. Even so, people will still be people. Senketsu wants Ryuuko to hurry and return since he has taken enough toll from Shinra Koketsu. But the re-entry is burning him up and much to Ryuuko’s dismay, he is saying his last words like it is goodbye forever. You know, thanks for those wonderful times, you’ve outgrown your uniform, nice meeting you… And then he burns up into nothing. Ryuuko free falls in sadness. It makes no sense that Satsuki can catch her from that height but then again we should all remember, these guys never made sense. Then everyone becomes the biggest human-train-cum-stopper to stop Ryuuko’s acceleration. Ryuuko’s back. Everyone is happy. Nudist Beach’s purpose is complete. So does this mean they’ll have to get clothed now? Well, it’s time to clean things up because the girls got their date. In the aftermath, Ryuuko goes out with Mako and Satsuki who spots a new hairstyle. I don’t know. I’m so used to her long hair and now it is short.

Episode 25 (OVA)
Two weeks after the battle with Ragyo, Sanageyama now fights Satsuki as promise to determine who is the strongest. He charges but no matter where he strikes, he cannot hit her. Satsuki’s single strike breaks his wooden sword. He concedes. But he feels empty while fighting her. Because he couldn’t see her as if her ambitions were all vanished. As though she is a mirage. As planned, Honnouji has served its purpose to defeat Ragyo so Satsuki will hold a graduation and closing ceremony. So everyone in town prepares to move out and our Honnouji students are gathering up for the final ceremony. Mikisugi is also here but as a teacher. He mentions everyone is going their separate ways. When it is time for Satsuki’s speech, suddenly she has a change of heart and insults everyone. The 4 elites notice that she is wearing Junketsu and that there are clones of themselves! In their Three-Star uniform, they trash up the place and won’t let Honnouji close down. Satsuki’s clone fights Ryuuko while Mikisugi is glad to have his Nudist Beach back in action and throws modified DTR suits for the real 4 elites to fight. They’d die rather than put that embarrassing piece of crap on. But what choice have they got? The real Satsuki is captured and she knows the perpetrator is no other than Hououmaru. She has gathered all the remaining Life Fibre threads to create the clones. However it still won’t be enough to turn Earth into a cocoon. Probably the reason why Satsuki let her go and didn’t do anything to her. Hououmaru feels bitter that Satsuki didn’t finish her off then. She feels insulted her life is not worth staining her blade. All life is precious. That is what she learnt. If she still seeks revenge, then take her life. Is this why she let herself get captured? Hououmaru thinks she is insulting Ragyo and Nui as she still believes this world is filled with discrimination. Flashback 20 years ago in some war torn African country. Ragyo saved her from the army. Because she has high Life Fibre resistance, Ragyo took her in and gave her a new name.

Hououmaru activates some defence mechanism that turns Honnouji into a giant robot. Although it will cease if Satsuki dies, Hououmaru has prepared a backup battery: Mako. Man, that cheese trap must be too hard to resist, no? The 4 elites are having it tough fighting their counterparts. Yeah, the DTR made it worse, right? Because Mako is hooked up to the robot, she manages to give everyone the motivation (Mako style of course) that their clones are just figments of their past and imagination. With that, our elites easily overcome it and take down their clones without sweat. Same case for Ryuuko against Satsuki clone. But now the robot rampages and Ryuuko falls deep into the abyss. She hears Senketsu’s voice. He wants her to use the Scissors Blades and sends it falling from space into her hands. She takes them while cutting her way back up, giving Senketsu the proper goodbye she intends. Then she is going to sever the chains of the past holding Hououmaru back. Turning her Scissors Blade into a giant goodbye and thank you version, she cuts the robot as her final farewell to Ragyo. As Satsuki tries to free Mako, Hououmaru refuses to concede and is going to kill her. This beautiful world is nothing but nonsense and crap. She grazes her neck. Satsuki although cannot understand the hell she has seen, this is the reason why the world needs her. Her aim is to create a world where all can co-exist even if they don’t understand each other. To do that, she needs her strength. If she is still not satisfied, then kill her. Satsuki must be shining like Buddha and I guess this is enough to make Hououmaru believe in her. As Honnouji begins sinking, everyone evacuates. Hououmaru comes along with her. Ryuuko goes along with Mako’s family as she says her farewell to Satsuki. See you again another day. As parting gift for Honnouji, Satsuki cuts her hair. Then everyone gives the final salute to the sunken academy. Ryuuko feels she has graduated from wearing Senketsu but as Mako puts it, he’ll always be right here in her heart forever.

That’s A Wrap! Dress To Kill! Dress For Success By Cutting A Fine Figure!
Amazing! Awesome! Great stuffs! Great actions! Great plot! Great everything (almost)! And all good things have to come to an end. Though it was a tad sad that Senketsu had to go but it will be odd to see the only intelligent clothing in their daily normal life so I suppose if you think about it that once the threat of Life Fibres is over, it is only right that Senketsu also had to go. Despite he is a good guy, he is still a Life Fibre and when you truly want to rid the entire world of it, you have to get rid down to the last one.

The pace and story flow are pretty well done. There are interesting plots and twists to keep you wanting more. It was well thought of and everything. At least that is how I felt throughout the series. Each time an episode ends, I just can’t wait to watch the next one. It wasn’t going to be just Ryuuko against the entire school. If that was going to be the plot for the rest of theme, it would have been one piece of boring crap. For a great lady like Satsuki to be the antagonists, of course it just doesn’t feel right and what do you know? She was an ally all along playing Ryuuko all this while to achieve something greater for mankind’s survival. And so that’s why the twists and revelations were executed in a good manner that keeps you coming back for more. To use clothes as the biggest enemy in disguise, something daily we take for granted for is ingenious. And Satsuki and Ryuuko are sisters? It’s just crazy, I tell you. You have to be insane to come up with this kind of plot.

All the characters are pretty crazy that makes them lovable. Even the real antagonists like Ragyo and the annoying but cutie Nui are lovable in their own right. There is enough characterization to flesh them out properly so this is another good point of the series. Especially with Ryuuko and Senketsu, we see how they try to understand each other despite the short comings and imperfections. As long as they’re together, they can achieve greater heights. True friends stick with you thick and thin through good times and bad times and although it feels odd that it looks like a girl and her clothes are best friends, it doesn’t matter what form you take as long as you care for the other and value friendship.

Mako is the best partner and friend that anybody would love to have. Quirky and amusing at the same time, she is the epitome of what true friendship and loyalty is about. She does not give up on her friend easily. Despite her fast paced energetic Mako style antics of explaining things and trying to diffuse a misunderstanding or fight, you can say she is quite effective in it because people listen to her. Okay, maybe it’s because the way she acts out all those examples in such a lightning pace makes her funny but that is why it works, no? Furthermore, I believe she has got one of the best quotes and lines in the series. For example, when Ryuuko tells her to get away somewhere safe because the fight is about to get ugly, Mako continues to stick and follow Ryuuko around. Why? Because like she said, to find somewhere safe. And the safest place is to be by Ryuuko’s side! Woah! Can’t argue with that, can’t you? That’s why for whatever reasons, she is probably the best and most amusing friend and comic relief character ever. There should be more Makos in this world. Then the world would be a happier place. Really.

Best trolling character goes to Satsuki! Yes. Trolling because she has been keeping her great plan in the dark and playing the villain so perfectly that when she reveals them bit by bit and ultimate the big truth, it got me thinking that she must be one heck of a great planner. I don’t know about her inner feelings when she puts on that biggest badass act because she could have been the best poker face ever too. But one thing is for sure. She is very resolved and determined to achieve her true mission and she does not waver a single bit in that. That is what makes her great. That is what makes her awesome. That is why the 4 elites respect her with so much, erm, respect. A complete opposite of Ryuuko’s rash and hot headed attitude. She is cool. She is calm. She is level headed and can think ahead. Because eventually everything will fall into her hand. Like as though she is reading it out from the director’s script. So if there is ever a chance you’d see Satsuki getting agitated or showing more emotions than usual, something is definitely wrong and if she’s screwed, you’re screwed too. You must have guessed that something is up when Ryuuko gets to fight Satsuki early and a handful of times. It’s a sign that tells us is Satsuki is really the final boss or there is something else sinister lurking? True enough she isn’t. Therefore, Satsuki is the best troller, no?

The 4 elites are also good and loyal people to Satsuki’s cause. Each of them has their peculiar traits and sometimes their quick banter between them (especially between Sanageyama and Jakuzure) is amusing. From Sanageyama’s always-rush-into-battle-first-ask-questions-later attitude to Inumuta’s sarcasm and love for data to Jakuzure’s penchant for calling odd nicknames for everyone else and Gamagoori’s masochistic ways (that’s why being Satsuki’s living shield suits him), they give the elites a lot of colourful personality in addition to why they are the best of the best but only second to Satsuki. Though, I thought it would have been interesting to see something happening between Gamagoori and Mako. I really think they like each other although nothing in the series confirms this. We can see how Gamagoori puts his life on the line whenever Mako is involved and when Gamagoori ‘died’, Mako shed the most tears over her senpai. So do you not think they make an interesting and crazy pair? Physically they are poles apart. Big and small. Tanned and fair. Strict and casual. Serious and nonsensical. Oh yeah. Definitely interesting.

Mako’s family is also amusing as they serve as comic relief for as long as they appear. I guess having such a crazy dad who is a back alley doctor, a mom who makes the world’s most delicious croquettes despite things she puts in are questionable, a mischievous little brother and a lovable pug that eats a lot, your life is definitely interesting and crazy. This is what a family is about. That is why being poor has its greatest benefits that the rich will never have: Happiness of a true family bond. Ever since Ragyo became the antagonist, it feels like Nudist Beach’s role has diminished. Mikisugi and Tsumugu reducing to the sidelines and sometimes their presence and a few moments of plunging into battle (only to get easily owned) are just to remind us that they are still with us. With the big bad fight between our main characters, you don’t really think of Nudist Beach anymore. Because even if they have provided all the cool equipment and weapons, I don’t think Ryuuko and Satsuki needed all that. Just their Kamui and a lot of crazy guts to lock into battle.

The art and drawing may seem a bit cartoonish but that doesn’t stop it from what made this anime great. It might feel a bit crude in the sense that the artwork may not be polished and sometimes they look more like sketches but that I guess when you have something so epic, such ‘crazy’ artwork also goes with it. Something a bit like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Although Kill La Kill was produced by Trigger (a relatively new studio so you can say this is their first major anime) compared to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann which was produced by a more experienced and seasoned studio of Gainax (FLCL, Mahoromatic, Medaka Box, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt, Top Wo Nerae just to name a few). Among the other crazy unique stuffs you’ll notice in their artwork in earlier episodes like the words popping up not just on screen but it feels like some solid stone and concrete right smack in the anime itself. It gives more of a 3D than 2D feel.

Despite some of the characters looking quite comical (just look at Mako and her family… I thought she came out from some Peanuts comic strip), in a way you can say that some of their unique traits give off that crazy feel. Like Ragyo whose back hair is always shining like a rainbow so much so you might think she stuffed lots of fluorescent lights into it. Satsuki’s most distinguishable feature is her thick eyebrows while Gamagoori sometimes feels so big, muscular and towering that he may be a moving version of Christ the Redeemer. Really. Notice that when Inumuta speaks, his collar opens and then closes back when he stops?

The designs of the Goku uniforms are also okay and it feels like they pack some sort of power punch although some like Jakuzure feels a bit odd because she’s like wearing an entire airship of symphony. Too big for a little girl which makes it feel like it is too oversized for her. The final form of the Goku uniform of partial clothed and partial nudity is a good mix. It shows that being fully clothed up from head to toe or being full blown naked doesn’t really work and both need to compliment and complement each other. Though, the most eyebrow raising one is again Jakuzure’s design. Her lower anatomy feels so exposed that it’s like as though she just put on some band aid to cover that part. Really. Another odd design is the strange robot suit of Nudist Beach, DTR. Because to wear it, you have to do a planking position. Which is rather odd because although DTR has its own set of legs, your own legs are also dangling outside on the back! Why the heck would you expose your legs?! I don’t think it improves aerodynamics. It would have been normal if they wear it like a standard mecha suit. But this anime is anything but normal. Wearing the DTR makes it feel like there is some sort of sexual innuendo or in my worst case imagination, anchovies. Don’t ask how… But yes! They look like anchovies with legs!

Of course there are the fanservice elements in which Ryuuko and Satsuki donning the Kamui form of Senketsu and Junketsu respectively is already amounting to such sexy visuals. But can your eyes stand and behold the immense power of their Kamui or get blown away by it? Especially with the Nudist Beach who don’t wear clothes but their belt gear does the necessary for the cover up, you’re going to see a few naked butt scenes. But I don’t think it is going to amount to any real frontal nudity since recently I just discovered (or believed rather) that as long as you don’t show nipples and private parts, it is not deemed as porn. Well, think about this. Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants and if he takes off his short and goes full blown naked, would that constitute to porn? No nipples. No private parts. Not porn. Yeah. Therefore the final episode and the final scenes where everyone was just being in the nude, you’d either cringe or be awed over the nakedness of everything. Ultimate fanservice? And so the most disturbing ‘nude’ scene goes to Mikisugi because he likes to pose most of the time. And each time he does that, his nipples and private parts area start to shine and glow in pink-purple light. Fabulous… Are they trying to tell us something? Is this a new form of flashing? Thankfully he doesn’t shoot pink beams out of them. The transformation scene is also done well (with the fibre threads poking and sucking blood of their hosts and all) although you won’t see it to resemble as some magical girl transformation because they really kick ass.

Action is another big pulling factor of the series. It is good and at a fast paced. Over the top and crazy. So if you’re not into the characterization and plot, see the action bits. They’re quite interesting with Ryuuko not just some hot headed girl in a skimpy outfit slashing her half Scissors Blade away. She learns to manage and control herself as well as transform Senketsu into different modes to suite different battle scenarios. It’s great to see her take on Satsuki’ elites once. Because I guess it will be more or less the same thing if she had her bout with Sanageyama again. That’s why they cut it short and never have it started again and changed the direction of the series. Each time Ryuuko takes up her battle gear and fight, you can’t help cheer and support for her. You just want her to beat her opponents and win. Of course you lose some and you win some (in Ryuuko’s case, a lot more wins, which is crucial if she’s going to save mankind). Be warned, though. There are lots of blood spilling out like as though it is some gushing fountain. But it looks a bit comical and like water colour so it isn’t that bad. Unless you really can’t stand the sight of blood… Then you shouldn’t be watching this anime. But really, you still should watch this anime despite so. The violence can be said to be exaggerated and over the top because some intense fights as we can see limbs being cut off and body being sliced into half, even though they are made of fibres but they still look like the real deal. Thanks to all this, that’s why this anime stands out.

The voice acting is superb! The best one goes to Yukari Tamura as Nui. She can be both cute and shrieky while at the same time deadly. She still hasn’t lost her touch and trademark voice after all these years. I couldn’t imagine another person to play this character and fit her like a glove. Both Ami Koshimizu as Ryuuko (Horo in Spice And Wolf) and Ryoka Yuzuki as Satsuki (Ino in Naruto) really sound very commanding in their roles. They put a lot of passion into their characters. Romi Paku as Ragyo feels like she is enjoying her role as the big bad villainess and she revels in every grand elegant moment of it. I don’t know what gave me the idea Ayako Kawasumi was behind Hououmaru’s voice but actually it is Ayumi Fujimura (Misaki in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama, Ayano in Kaze No Stigma) who also doubles as Matarou. Nobuyuki Hiyama who was an alumni of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s Viral, lends his voice as Sanageyama here.

The rest of the extensive casts include Toshihiko Seki as Senketsu (Reito in Mai-HiME), Aya Suzaki as Mako (Tamako in Tamako Market, Kana in Gokukoku No Brynhildr – good job in making her hyperactive in her speech), Shinichiro Miki as Mikisugi (Urahara in Bleach),Tetsu Inada as Gamagoori (Ioryogi in Kobato), Mayumi Shintani as Jakuzure (Haruko in FLCL), Hiroyuki Yoshino as Inumuta (Bossun in Sket Dance), Yuuji Ueda as Iori (Morita in Honey And Clover, Hajime in Jigoku Shoujo), Katsuyuki Konishi as Tsumugu and Guts (Laxus in Fairy Tail), Kinryuu Arimoto as Isshin (Whitebeard in One Piece) and Akio Nojima as Soroi (Richard Jones in Emma: A Victorian Romance).

The first opening theme is Sirius by Eir Aoi. This great and lively rock anime piece sets the tone and pace of what this series is about. The second opening theme, Ambiguous by Granidelia despite also another anime rock outfit, I felt it wasn’t as good as the first one and feels a little lacking some oomph compared to the first one. Maybe it’s because I was used to the first one although the second one isn’t entirely that bad. The first ending theme is also not bad. Gomen Ne Ii Ko Ja Irarenai by Miku Sawai is yet another rock piece albeit at a slightly slower pace compared to the opening themes. The second ending theme they turned it into a cutie Mako theme! I suppose she is such a great girl that she needs her own cute chibi motifs as well. To get a picture of what I mean, just imagine those cutely designed animals from Sanrio (Hello Kitty). Shinsekai Koukyougaki by Sayonara Ponytail sounds like a generic anime pop and a bit out of place if you take into account the pace and genre of this anime. But I guess that is Mako for you. The insert songs (mostly in English) and background music have this grand and epic feel and compliment the scenes very well especially those action, power up and comeback scenes. It makes you feel like you want to throw your support behind the heroes.

Overall, Kill La Kill might not be a series for everybody (because you parents surely don’t want your toddlers to be watching this) but for those mature audiences who love this sort of crazy stuff that isn’t just run of the mill, this is one series that you must add to your must watch list. The action, the plot, the characters and the art (just accept this unique drawing as their trademark, okay?). You’ll not regret it. If you do, you’re not human ;p. The ultimate lesson we can learn from this series? No, not about friendship and trust or family bonds. Yes, sure those are important too but I am thinking more of the lines of how important clothing have defined and changed our lives. Realize how in the real world that clothes dictate the way we live our lives? Different clothes separate us from the popular and the misfits. The rich and the poor. The stylish and the not so stylish. Those who care about fashion and those who just don’t give a damn (like yours truly). So is it not true that if you think about it that it is clothes that are wearing us? Just like for bald men, how hair is to cover for those with ugly head, clothes must be to cover those with an ugly body? Even so, this is not a reason to go commando or start stripping and run around in public in your birthday suit. Or even try flying around in your underwear because realistically, clothes still don’t give you super powers. So please keep your pants on at all times.

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