Killing Bites

June 10, 2018

Have you ever wondered if you matched up certain animals with certain animals, who would be the victor? I’m sure there was kiddie card video game, Animal Kaiser but I didn’t play that one so I wouldn’t know. Instead, we have Killing Bites. No, we won’t be so cruel so as to use real animals to fight each other in a death caged arena. Instead, we have genetically engineered humans with the ability to transform part of their bodies into certain animals as they duke it out to be the ultimate king of the beasts. Because it is not the strongest or the fastest who wins but the one with the sharpest fangs.

Episode 1
Yuuya Nomoto thought he would be picking up girls with his friends. Unfortunately he didn’t read between the lines because they snatch a high school girl into their van and start raping her! Nomoto is shocked from this development but before he knows it, the girl, Hitomi Uzaki is all fine and his friends are all dead! Forcing him to drive to a junkyard, he is further sickened to see dead bodies everywhere. He tries to escape but bumps into Yugo Tani. He explains about Therianthropes, humans infused with supernatural powers of animals. Leo feels insulted when he thinks Nomoto doesn’t believe it all and transforms into his Therianthrope lion form, Brute Leo. Hitomi saves his ass and wants to use Nomoto as a bet. As in money? No, his body. Organs, that is. It will fetch a high price in the black market. Hitomi transforms into her Therianthrope form, Brute Ratel. Hence begins Killing Bites, bloody matches between Therianthropes. Nomoto is stunned as he see both beasts lunging at full power at each other. In the end, it is Ratel who against all odds wins. Something about her animal ratel (mongoose + skunk?) being the least fearful animal in the world. In the aftermath, Nomoto wakes up in his room. All a dream? Not if Hitomi is sleeping next to you. Apparently last night after the match, he is so grateful she won (because he gets to live) and was even concerned with her bruises (because no high school girl should be this injured?). She got a call from her guardian, Reiichi Shidou to let him take her in so that’s how she ended up sleeping here.

At the café, Shidou makes his appearance. We see Hitomi obviously smitten with him. Before Nomoto could explain himself, Shidou knows all about him. Every detail. He explains about genetic enhancements that allowed the development of Therianthropes. So what is the purpose of all this? A secret proxy war has been held among large corporations of the past known as Zaibatsu. The big 4 are Mitsukado, Yatsubishi, Sumitomo and Ishida. They use Killing Bites to fight for representation and as a form of illegal gambling. Shidou is the director and organizer of Killing Bites and his job is to make things go smoothly. This means making his friends’ death look like a car accident. Shidou assigns Hitomi to be Nomoto’s bodyguard seeing his is Ratel’s sole investor. Lose him, lose your rights to participate in Killing Bites. Oh, Nomoto got paid a 100 million yen for that. Shidou’s secretary, Mai Shinozaki wonder if this was necessary as they could save the money and just arrest him. But Shidou thinks Nomoto has something that Hitomi lacks. She’ll need it because the next Killing Bites will get messy. Nomoto becomes Hitomi’s gopher boy. Out on some errand, he is stopped by a flasher. A hot babe! Take a look at her tits! I mean, no straight men would say no, right?! But he has to pay the price as he gets pierced by her spike. She wants him to tell all about Ratel but no need to go through any third party because Ratel is here. Ask her yourself.

Episode 2
Letting Nomoto out was just a ploy to use him as bait. Hitomi fights Ryoko Araka AKA Brute Rowdy. Her porcupine spikes seem formidable and Rowdy thought she had killed her with them. Well, she’s very much alive. Some brief lesson how a ratel’s skin is like a natural armour. Ratel rebounds and wins and could have killed her had not Nomoto stopped her. Don’t want any murders near his home. Rowdy is willing to sacrifice herself to kill Ratel but is knocked aside by Ichinosuke Okajima AKA Brute Hippopotamus. He looks like he wants to pick a fight with Ratel but then he begs her to help his faction. In Nomoto’s room, Okajima explains he is from Ichida faction (Rowdy is from Yatsubishi) and he hopes she will join them. Instant rejection. Hitomi believes she is the strongest and doesn’t need allies. Okajima tries to warn her about not only relying on her skills but this makes her mad and ready to fight. Till a well-timed message from Shidou telling her to join them did she agree with no hesitation. Although Hitomi will not officially join them, this is just temporary help so she can enter the next Killing Bites under the Ishida’s banner. Nomoto’s life has just gotten weirder since Hitomi will be going to his college. Well, she is his bodyguard. So you bet his nerdy friend, Moriyama is going bonkers seeing a super kawaii girl with him. As Hitomi is taking a dump, Eruza Nakanishi of Yatsubishi peeps on her and steals her panties! She makes Ratel chase her all the way out of the campus as Ratel wonders about Eruza who isn’t in her beast form but yet can run and evade so fast. In the forest, Eruza transforms into her cheetah form and pins down Ratel. She tries to finish her off but is impressed when Ratel fights back instead of evade. Before they could get it on, they are stopped by Mitsukado’s guys, Shota Yabe AKA Brute Gorilla and Jerome Hongou AKA Brute Bear. He reminds them that all factions want a piece of Ratel and since Ishida hired her to enter Killing Bites Destroyal tournament, all fights between participants are forbidden under the pact. A couple of Sumitomo Brutes are watching Ratel. They note they have assassination orders on her. One of them wants to have fun with her but is reminded by the other there will be competition. All factions are targeting her and Destroyal will be a contest for Ratel.

Episode 3
Nomoto surrounded by hot girls. They sound like they’re arguing over him. No wonder his loser otaku friends are mad. Because of that, they force him to make them maid outfits. Hitomi didn’t want to but Eruza didn’t hesitate. She teaches Hitomi how to do isolated transformation, partial transformation of some of her beast form so it doesn’t use up much energy. With all the otaku losers cheering on the hot maids, Hitomi loves the feeling of being praised and poses more for them. A win-win situation. When Nomoto goes home, he is shocked to see Leo here. But it is his master, Yoko, the granddaughter of Yozan, Mitsukado’s patriarch, who is here to talk to him. She wants him to withdraw from Destroyal. It seems there is a change in the tournament’s format. Instead of one-on-one, it will now be a battle royale. This could mean certain death for losers. It is believed Shidou had a hand in this as he views Killing Bites as an experiment ground. Yoko informs him that he is also a participant. Brutes are like chess pieces and the financier (him in this case) is the player who moves them. Is he willing to participate in a game that puts her life on the line? Well, he thinks of asking Hitomi’s permission… Otherwise she’ll kill him for deciding alone! Likewise, Eruza is explaining this to Hitomi and wants her to pick a stronger financier. But Hitomi is sticking with Nomoto. Despite being weak, he can sniff out the strong and this means he cannot go against her. She can do anything she wants. Bully.

Yoko is shocked with Nomoto’s decision and decides to enter Destroyal to defeat Ratel. Yozan agrees and will use Destroyal to test Shidou’s worth. When Hitomi comes back and before Nomoto could open his mouth, she says they’ll be entering. Okajima notes that Destroyal is also a team match. Three per team is needed. However it is tough looking for the third Ishida participant since many refuse to enter. Like as though some force behind it is forcing them not to participate. He decides to go one who is not affiliated with Ishida. Herald bunny girl, Ui Inaba AKA Brute Rabbit. Can timid and shy girl do the job? With her being so scared, prospects aren’t looking good. Hitomi takes over. Threats! Made it worse. Now she is totally scared. Nomoto’s turn. Nice encouraging words. Only, some assassin interrupts them. Akemi Kishimoto AKA Brute Horned Lizard of Sumitomo shoots blood from her eyes as laser! Scared Ui runs away. Could have been done for if not for Ratel saving the day. Thinking back Nomoto’s words, Ui gets the courage to help as uses her strong hearing skills to sniff out a hidden opponent and tell Ratel her whereabouts. She is able to defeat both horned lizard sisters but not kill them (because Shidou praised her for doing the right thing with Rowdy). She lets them go and wants to spread the word Ui kicked their asses or she will report to Shidou that they broke the pact rules before Destroyal. With Ui buoyed with her first ever win, she gets confident enough that she can do it and will enter Destroyal under Ishida’s ticket. Now Hitomi will train Nomoto for Destroyal. Hope he won’t get destroyed by her first.

Episode 4
Looks like everyone is having a luxurious party before the fight. Taiga Nakanishi, Eruza’s older brother is not happy that Leo will not be fighting in Destroyal due to his injury from Ratel. Because of that, he views Destroyal as too easy a win for him. Counting his chickens? He thinks he is enough to take everyone by himself so Eruza seeks his ‘permission’ to fight Hitomi. Shidou relays the rules. The battleground will be Hotei Island near Philippines. The island will be divided into grids in which players will give commands to their Brutes on where to move. When Brutes enter the same grid, they will fight. The only rule for victory is if the others are killed or incapacitated. The last ones standing win. Each Brutes will have a communicator in which commands are to be relayed. If they take it off or break other rules, it will explode. Players begin rolling the dice to see how many squares their Brutes can move. Yoko mocks Nomoto if he knows the terrain well because if he doesn’t, he will send his Brutes to their deaths. Many are mocking Nomoto as an amateur. But when it is his turn, he moves Ratel into the most coveted position on the island where it is a bird’s eyes view of the entire island. They realize it is Ratel who is giving him the orders to move. The player being played? Works for them. Ratel will face Bear in Destroyal’s first fight. Bear is confident in taking her down as Leo previously advised him how Ratel will purposely get beaten up just to access your strength. Use that against her. When the fight begins, Bear goes down in one strike! Apparently Ratel still remembers the force during her first encounter with Bear. Everyone is left in shock with Bear’s defeat. Yoko getting even more upset to beat this college amateur. Meanwhile there will be a 4 way fight from all Zaibatsu. It seems there is a secret pact to take down Yatsubishi’s Taiga. But Taiga relishes using Okajima, Gorilla and Sumitomo’s Ryuji Shiina AKA Brute Crocodile to sharpen his claws.

Episode 5
Crocodile only wants to fight Taiga alone. He gets owned. Gorilla tries to intervene but he too gets taken out. Meanwhile at another spot, Eruza is facing off with Sumitomo’s Kaede Kazama AKA Brute Gecko and Den Onuma AKA Brute Cobra. Too bad she got owned and after Gecko beats the hell out of her, it is Cobra’s turn to rape her. I guess a single tail is enough to be considered tentacle rape. Taiga is about to face off with Okajima when he gets orders to move and lend Eruza a hand. However Crocodile bites his leg and immobilizes him. If Taiga doesn’t move accordingly, his communicator will explode. Before Eruza gets raped, Hitomi takes out Cobra. Hitomi to the rescue and it looks like Nomoto couldn’t stand Eruza being ganged up seeing both girls are somewhat friends. When other players hear this reason, they start laughing and mocking him. Except Yoko. She’s so mad that she warns she will kill him if he desecrates Killing Bites any further. What’s this? Hitomi getting owned by Gecko?! It seems she cannot escape her grip as Hitomi specializes in mid-range combat and not close quarters. At this point, I suppose all participants have wised up in learning Hitomi’s traits and skills. Cobra is looking forward to continue raping Eruza but gets slashed by her in the face. This sets up a tag team match of Hitomi-Eruza versus the Sumitomo duo.

Episode 6
Cobra turns into his true cobra form. Uhm, do cobras have arms? Meanwhile Taiga is going to take Crocodile down with him. Crocodile is resolved to do just that and not let go. However Okajima tackles them. Freed Taiga is able to move to the required spot and avoid death. Okajima lectures about Killing Bites isn’t a suicide show despite having no rules and real animals value their own lives. Flashback shows Okajima grateful to Seira Tou for saving his life. She is the wife of some bank managing director and is now his financier. He is willing to lay down his life to give her victory but that will not do for her. As they have invested a lot in Therianthrope surgery, they can’t have them wasting their valuable lives like that. Crocodile is now mad at Okajima and is going to kill him. It seems all his wounds are healing and in no time he will be back up to his usual strength. Cobra thinks he has paralyzed Ratel with his mist of toxic venom. He is going to rape her and is that a giant cobra’s dick we see?! Two of them?! Too bad he got them slashed and ripped when Ratel recovers. She wasn’t pretending to be paralyzed but something about her ability to recover from a cobra’s venom. Then she tears Cobra apart. Eruza seems to be having a hard time with Gecko but in the end the cheetah doesn’t feel any pain from all that high speed pounding. I know cheetahs are fast but that doesn’t mean they are immune to super speed beat ups. Are they? I guess Ratel got bored and decides to see if Eruza needs help.

Episode 7
Before Crocodile could kill Okajima, Takeshi Kido enters the ring (his financier is Yoko). Gorilla warns Crocodile about destroying the environment because Kido is an environmentalist and evil doers will face his wrath. Crocodile doesn’t listen and attacks. But his whipping tail cannot penetrate his hard skin. When he decides to bite his head off, Kido punches a hole in his head! Even when dead, Kido keeps pounding him to a pulp! Hoping his crushed body would be fertilizers for the fallen tree? Gorilla turns to attack Okajima but the latter suddenly disappears. If you’ve been wondering why Ui has not been in action and digging holes, this is probably it. The labyrinth of underground tunnels Ui dug is what saved Okajima. Not sure about Ui’s bright idea to stall the enemies while he recovers. Because rabbit versus gorilla? Looks like she is going to get f*cked. Gecko retreats after getting orders to move. Eruza and Ratel now fight each other. Eruza is dominant and when she gets on top of Ratel, suddenly… THEY START MAKING OUT???!!! WTF???!!! AM I WATCHING THE RIGHT SHOW?! No kidding, they’re really doing it! Hot girls sex, check. Lesbian sex, check. Furry sex, check. Yeah, all the guys love it. Turns out that Kari Rikujo AKA Brute Civet has been unleashing love pheromones. Gecko has the misfortune to encounter Taiga. She thinks she has the advantage if she transforms but before she can do that, Taiga kills her! With that, Sumitomo is out of the game. We return to our regular hot girl lesbian furry sex. Until Yoko puts her feet down and warns to continue the game. Wow. Everybody respects her to move on? We hear her narration that her goal in winning Destroyal is so that she could get back her grandpa’s heart whom she believed has been trapped by Shidou. He is now obsessed with this Killing Bites thing ever since and her wish is to return him to the kind grandpa she once knew. When Eruza wants Ratel to come with her (or is it cum?), Ratel believes she heard that word before. Oh, Shidou said it to her. Immediately she snaps out because she realizes that is the person whom she wants to come with (or is it cum?). She attacks Civet but she evades long enough till Taiga drops into the scene.

Episode 8
In a VIP room, the bosses of the Zaibatsu are discussing the stakes of Destroyal. Whoever wins it will take all the rights to the Theriomorphosis industry and related businesses. On the surface it might look like some gene research thingy on crops but in reality it would legalize the surgery for Therianthropes. However the biggest winner of Destroyal would be none from any of the Zaibatsu but Shidou and his administration as their department has all the power and technology in this area. Ui continues to run like hell from Gorilla. Yeah, it would look bad if she was to be raped with those gigantic hands. In his bid to catch up to her, he smashes down all the trees to block all the burrowed holes. However this incurs Kido’s wrath. Oops. Don’t bully nature. Gorilla panics and thinks of knocking him out and run. But whatever he throws at him, nothing happens. In one fell swoop, Kido cuts him in half! Did Mitsukado just take out one of its own? Not that Yoko cares anyway. Thank goodness Kido is ordered to move or Ui would have been dead rabbit meat. We return to Ratel and Taiga’s power fight. Cobra is barely alive. At least his top half. He tries to intervene but fails. Ratel forces the camera crew to send him to hospital and patch him up. Saving him? But what if he comes back to kill you? Then she’ll just kill him again. WTF. You failed to kill him the first time, right? Anyway, Taiga agrees seeing sparing the life is the privilege of the strong. Flashback shows Taiga and Leo had a very hot rivalry. Yeah, it looked like they came from delinquent schools from very bad parts of town. Obviously Leo was strongly and he did not even have to fight Taiga. He even gave him a chance to become strong so that he will acknowledge him as a worthy opponent. Therefore Taiga will never acknowledge Ratel’s fluke win over Leo as he will only respond with his full strength to those he acknowledges. Cue for cliché hint that he is the only one who can defeat Leo. Taiga gets serious in using his speed and strength to take out Ratel in a single blow. She manages to dodge the lethal blow and survive. Come at her again, bro.

Episode 9
The reason why we have to hear Nomoto narrate his drifting and boring life is so that this should play some ‘important’ part in today’s episode. Get on with Destroyal already. Ratel takes another hit from Taiga and still survives. It seems she is trying to estimate his attacks and she is confident she has analysed them. Taiga now acknowledges her skill and strength and to respect that, his next ultimate move will kill her in one blow. Before it begins, Ui interrupts to warn about Kido. Then she sees how fierce Taiga is and runs like hell, only to be incapacitated by Civet’s pheromones. Bunny wants to f*ck? Everybody especially Yoko is blaming and accusing Nomoto will be responsible for Ratels’ death. It makes him panic at first and questioning what he is doing here in the first place. Don’t worry. He’ll find the answer soon. He realizes his life changed because of her and she has saved him many times. So when it is his turn to move, he has Ratel stay at her spot. He will take responsibility for his decision. He might sound so cool and all but Yoko is not buying it and just mocks he won’t regret it (she thinks he will) and cry later. Taiga and Ratel leap into action only to be interrupted again. It’s Kido. Ratel is temporarily knocked out by his armoured tail. It seems all this is calculated by Yoko. In hopes of defeating Taiga, she used Ratel to keep him company here. Also, this open spot means Kido will be able to focus on fighting instead of protecting the trees. Flashback sees how Yoko got him under her wing. She told him Shidou’s experiments harmed nature and the result of this was the creation of Ratel. Hence he agreed to follow his calling to return this abomination to nature and protect the natural order. Ui escapes from Civet’s grasp by luring her into an endless pit and then burying it! Don’t think rabbits are stupid and good for multiplying. Ratel is pounded by Kido. Before she is done in, Taiga returns the favour of secretly ambushing him. Taiga goes on the offensive but none of his claws could dent his armour all over his body. It is revealed that Kido is Brute Pangolin. Man, in his true form he looks like some badass armoured god or something.

Episode 10
Kido balls up into a defensive position. Taiga keeps hitting it until he thinks there is an opening. But it is a trap to grab his hand and tear it off! Before he gets owned, Okajima jumps into the fray. Although he could match Kido’s strength, his skin isn’t as hard and gets stabbed. This allows Taiga to revive and tear off Kido’s right eye! But in exchange he too gets stabbed. With that, Yoko jumps the gun to brag how superior Mitsukado is and everyone is second rate. Counting her chickens? Eruza intends to fight Kido. I mean, even if she is faster can she stand a chance? No need for that because Ratel revives in time. But she has evolved into her true form! Shidou narrates she is an Origin beast. Unlike other Therianthropes who undergo surgery, she is born with its natural DNA. We interrupt this programme to bring you Shidou’s flashback 7 years ago in Hong Kong. There was some wild animal kid whose real origins are unknown, kept stealing food from the locals. Shidou knew she is an Origin and tried to lure her with food. Lots of them. It sure took a lot of scratching and beating up before he could get close to her. Even so, she maintained her distance. As she is capable of human emotions and understanding, he calls her Hitomi as he could see all that in her eye. Apparently on the night Hitomi could say his name for the first time, Shidou’s colleague has had enough of him playing daddy and fires a tranquilizer at her. Though she runs, she soon collapses. Bad news, she collapsed at the local mafia’s place and she has been stealing a lot from them. When Shidou finds her, he tries to negotiate but gets beaten up. Hitomi sees Shidou getting beaten up as he shields her. I’m not sure if those punks are speaking Chinese because their accent sound so thick and foreign like Russian. Anyway, Shidou could have been done for had not Shinozaki kung fu kick her way to save them. It was then Hitomi started to click with Shidou and went from being an animal to human. Noting she won’t survive if she abandons her animal instincts, he needs her to sharpen her fangs at Destroyal. Ratel is faster than the naked eye and could knock Kido off his feet. She is ecstatic he is tough, sturdy and not break easily so she could toy with him even more. Did the real monster just awaken?

Episode 11
Ratel is like having fun fighting Kido. When she deals him a painful blow, he curls up into a defensive position. Ratel kicks him like a football. Kido realizes he has destroyed a few trees. Flashback shows his mom somewhat left the family and left him a pot of plants as her substitute to take care in place of her. Kido did that but his drunk dad destroyed it while claiming mom was a slut, etc. In his rage, he killed his father. This means it is Kido’s turn to evolve into another super pangolin. Anybody who bullies his mama will die! His scales are sharper and now he is destroying trees without regards in his attempt to kill Ratel. He manages to cut off an arm of her, causing immense pain. However she will not give in to death so she throws her arm into his head as distraction and then jumps up closely to his face. Her gentle smile reminds Kido of his mom. He lets his guard down and Ratel thrusts her arm through his face! Yoko is left furious and embarrassed since she counted her chickens. Ratel collapses from exhaustion but has a happy look on her face. However Kido gets up! Is he a zombie now since his brains are all smashed?! That is when Eruza slices his throat. That’s the end of him for good. Second time Yoko going berserk in the span of seconds. Eruza will spare Ratel’s life as respect for taking on Kido. But now she is off to face Ui who really thinks she is going to get f*cked. There is no way a rabbit could beat or outrun a cheetah, right? She runs as fast but Eruza is on her tail. But Ui slips on a rock and accidentally does a somersault kick into Eruza’s chin, knocking her out. OMG! Ui as the last Brute standing wins Destroyal???!!! WTF???!!! The one who hardly did any fighting or gets her paws dirty won???!!! No wonder everybody is in shock. No wonder Yoko has gone crazy. With the win, the Zaibatsu bosses are now discussing things but the Ishida boss becomes cocky since he is the winner. Sumitomo boss believes Yatsubishi and Ishida colluded with each other since they had better board positions and dice rolls. But the outcome is the outcome. Suddenly all electricity is cut off. Nomoto is worried about Hitomi. On the island, it seems all camera crew are mercilessly killed by… Chameleon people???!!! They plan to kill off all surviving Brutes and officially there will be no winners of Destroyal. Everything will be lost in the shadows and only they will know the truths.

Episode 12
Ui’s sharp hearing has her evade the chameleon’s tongue lash. Lucky for her, Ratel is still able to fight and kill a couple of them although she is back to collapsing. Before the remaining chameleons could finish them off, Shinozaki kills all of them. She is here to interview Ui as the winner. You shocked, sister? Meanwhile Shidou confronts Sumitomo’s boss and knows those chameleons are his stealth assassins. He does not hesitate to admit he did this to nullify the results and make use of this ensuing chaos. Just as his secretary is about to transform and kill off everyone, Leo kills him. Shidou also points out Yozan is also another one who committed a sin. Because he controls Japan’s economy, instead of using the Theriomorphosis technology to benefit everyone, he used it to benefit only himself and his Zaibatsu. Before Yozan could rebel, Leo kills him! Oh sh*t! Yoko wonders how she will face grandpa when she sees his bloody corpse. Shidou says he died of a heart attack. Of course she is not blind and knows he is killed. So they admit about some their plan of theirs and killing him is the best way to minimise casualties. Yoko orders Leo to kill them all but he will not listen. Leo only serves himself. She is left in shock as Leo deals the final blow to her. How does it feel to use others as pawns and now she is being used as one? In order to force her into his submission, he rapes her! OMFG!!!

Life returns to normal for Nomoto. It has been 2 weeks Hitomi and Okajima left. Quiet days are here. He has a few suitcases of money that prove Destroyal happened but he is too afraid of opening them. Out of the blue, he gets a call from Hitomi to meet. At the junkyard, he is glad to see her recovering. Looks like they patched her arm back too. He starts off first by thanking her for everything. He now understands what it means to have the sharpest fangs. It is not to run but to stand and fight and the fangs represent the will to fight. Hitomi is embarrassed because it sounded like he was confessing to her. Now it’s her turn to thank him for sticking with her till the end. And just when you think the mood is getting good between them, SHE SLASHES HIM!!! OMFG!!! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!!! SHE REALLY KILLED HIM!!! It seems it was orders from Shidou. He told her his existence would be a nuisance. She leaves and as proof she did have some sort of feelings for him (even if it is not of the romantic kind), she sheds a few tears. We now have a time skip in which there is an entirely new district, an artificial island on Tokyo Bay specially built for Therianthropes. There is an arena in the middle of it for Killing Bites. We see a bunch of new Therianthrope hopefuls as the next tournament is around the corner. Hey wait. Is that guy at the end, Nomoto?!

Bloody Roar: Beast Wars!
I have to admit that I actually enjoyed watching this series. Yes it was fun. Fun enough that I thought having a dozen episodes was too short and it should have 2 cours! Yeah… Perhaps it was my initial scepticism that made me have very low expectations of this series. I mean, people transform into a certain animal, fight it out, victor triumphs over loser. Basically that is what the series is but I suppose they put in some interesting animal section and bits and that’s why I find it interesting overall.

But of course this series might be good but it is not a masterpiece and I would rate it above average. This is because of the very lengthy Destroyal arc that accounts for more than half of the series. It could just well be a Destroyal arc since after the quick introduction arc, we get down to what this series is all about. I don’t think a single tournament dictates would the winning Zaibatsu absolute power as with big boys playing a big risky game like this, there would have to be more of such tournaments to test their mettle. After all, there could be other bigger tournaments and this Destroyal is just one of the mini ones akin to the dessert of the main course. While it is fun to see several Brutes fighting each other, but they really drag it out with this Destroyal arc tournament. Of course they build up the main character as well as showcase some fight scenes but such long fighting arcs only remind me of Dragonball and One Piece where it looks like it takes forever just to finish a fight. It could have finished a bit faster but then when you consider the pacing, what is left there to show after Destroyal? I guess this is much better than hanging halfway in another tournament. That’s why I said this needed to be 2 cours.

One of the tantalizing draws of this series is of course the fighting scenes involving different types of Therianthropes. Although their powers and skills are somewhat exaggerated, this is all based on actual animal abilities. I mean, when you have genetically engineered and enhanced humans, surely their animal powers would be enhanced too. Well, at least they are not making those Brutes shoot hadoken or fireballs. Good thing or bad thing that dragons and unicorns don’t really exist, just saying… Making the action sequences interesting to watch is how sometimes the narrator would narrate interesting trivia about that particular animal. Yeah, it is like watching a mini National Geographic channel sometimes. Interesting. Thanks to this series, now I know what a ratel is and how ferocious one can be. Yeah, before that I never knew such animal existed! Heck, I was wondering what the f*ck was this wolverine/skunk/badger creature is.

And of course the other draw is the mild ecchi moments. Because Hitomi prefers going around in her singlet and undies, this sexy beast is your main source of ecchi fanservice. If tough kickass badass Hitomi/Ratel is not your type, I guess we have cat girl, Eruza. Sort of. Furry fetish fans might get a little teasing after that Hitomi-Eruza make out during Destroyal. Like as though it was the moment we have all been waiting for. It would be a waste not to have hot sexy girls get lesbian with each other, right? But sorry, not extreme furry hentai. If you’re not into such tough chicks, maybe rabbit girl Ui would be your type. Heck, all Therianthropes females are just sexy. Even Gecko. Until she transforms into one.

Can’t say much about the characters except that since Hitomi is the main character, we have a lot of screen time on her and even a flashback episode of her origin. Because Nomoto feels like a side supporting extra character that isn’t exactly needed. He just exists so that we could see and compare how Hitomi’s life has changed after he meets a gentle wimp. It is also to show that Nomoto isn’t a total loser despite just doing average in college. He’s got a coveted piece like Ratel and for his case of playing with the big boys is like a rabbit walking in a den of lions. So out of place. So sugoi. But still a wuss nevertheless. If this guy goes for Therianthropes surgery, his animal would be a cat. Because you know, he’s a pussy. Haha!!! He isn’t main character material so much so he gets killed off!!! OMG. That was really the shocker. Didn’t see that one coming.

But I don’t know if this guy has returned in the end because it certainly looks like a meaner him. After all, Hitomi didn’t exactly ‘kill’ him. The old Nomoto ‘died’ and a new one underwent a surgery to become a Therianthrope. That is the only way he could continue to be alive. I believe this is how the plot flows along more of this line. Otherwise, even though Nomoto isn’t pretty much that likeable (not that you would hate him) but he isn’t the kind of guy whom you would like the see being killed off after all that has happened. I would like to say that Nomoto and Hitomi complement and change each other although it is the latter who seems to be dominating and wearing the pants (or pantsu in her case) around. I know Hitomi is such a badass but she starts getting a bit annoying with her ‘favourite quote’ when she keeps reminding us about that sharpest fangs thingy wins because this is what Killing Bites. Yeah, for the umpteenth time, roll credits. We get it already!

If Nomoto feels out of place, the same can be said about Ui. Because as we know that Destroyal is one big tough mother sh*t death battle and to cast such a weakling just to fulfil the quota seems strange. Yeah, it’s like the producers thought that they needed another character who will not outshine Ratel in the tournament but also does enough and small supporting bits here and there whenever the convenient plot and flow of the story calls for it. To add insult, they make her win Destroyal! WTF???!!! It wasn’t the strongest. It wasn’t the fastest. It wasn’t the most durable. It wasn’t the smartest. Heck, it wasn’t the one even with the sharpest fangs! It all boils down to luck. Isn’t that what a rabbit foot is? And boy, you thought Ui was going to be a comical character in Destroyal, digging holes the only way she knows best, screaming and running away from stronger and scarier Brutes who look like they’re out to rape her once she is in her sight, and then boom! A fluke shot has her win this entire tournament. Without even bloodying her paws! Yeah, it feels like one of those strategies where the weakest waits in the shadows, waiting for all the strong ones to finish and take out each other before going for the final kill. Saves time, saves energy. Rules are still rules. Last one standing takes it all.

I also want to mention something about that crazy snob b*tch, Yoko. We know she is taking part in all of this is so that she could win back the kind grandfather she once knew. But the ironic and mind boggling part of it all is that in order to turn back her grandfather (assuming this method works), she herself turns into a bloodthirsty thrill seeker just like him. I am pretty sure this isn’t the way of fighting fire with fire. Perhaps this all part of Yozan’s plan to groom her to become the next heir and she is unknowingly dancing in the palm of his hands. Or is this her way of taking over and becoming the next maniac in place of her grandpa? Too bad her grandpa died. Either way, that guy looks like he is ready to kick the bucket in a few more years.

Because she is so snobbish and acts like she knows it all before Nomoto, I was hoping to see her break down and perhaps even starting to fall for this wuss! Imagine looking down on someone she thinks lacks everything only to find that she herself has fared much worse. Her breakdown would be complete after her crazy mind decides that Nomoto is quite a strong guy himself and hence she would start throwing herself all at him! More cat fight with Ratel then. Oh yeah, the fight for Nomoto begins! Ironically, strong women fighting over a weak guy? Only happens in male fantasies-cum-delusions. But too bad the old Nomoto won’t be around for that. She would have become Leo’s sex slave under his new lion male pride harem by then. Just desserts? In a way, I feel pity for her fate to turn out like that. Well, you get what you give.

Shidou continues to remain a mysterious and enigmatic character. He looks like a good guy seeing he treats Hitomi kind and like a family member. But I can’t help think that there is an ulterior motive to it all. I mean, if you think about it, what does he plan to achieve in the research and development of Therianthropes? Does he want to rule the world with his army of mind controlled Therianthropes? Or by a long shot does he intend to find a cure for man’s deadliest disease and having humans undergo such risky surgery is one of its convoluted steps. Even though his plan to bring a world for Therianthropes sounds noble and great, there seems to be more than meets the eye to it. Perhaps in the near future, more revelations and bombshells regarding Shidou’s true colours will be revealed. Especially one I am having a conspiracy theory that will have all her trust and faith for him destroyed and she begin her next stage of evolution as she fights against him instead of being his darling. Hey, this series already has a few shockers and I believe there will be more. Just expecting the unexpected, that’s all.

This series also has a funny segment although it is not part of the main episode and right before the next episode preview, Guide Them Oshie-chan. Oshie Nodoguro is supposedly Hitomi’s classmate and perhaps self-proclaimed best friend. Her character is supposed to take after that honeyguide bird as this segment also doubles as a documentary for it. We learn the characteristics as well as its somewhat symbiotic relationship with the ratel. However in the end whatever Oshie does she fails or her plans backfire and hence cue the punchline of this segment: Because however Oshie isn’t a Therianthrope.

Art and animation feel decent. Certain Brute designs feel a bit weird like Taiga who looks more of a monster cat than anything a tiger. And Eruza looks more like Tarzan girl than anything cheetah. Uhm maybe too sexy for me to notice. After all, cheetahs are skinny and lanky among the feline species. And sorry, she isn’t exactly Kemono Friends material either. I know seeing Okajima’s sumo built makes him having a character of brute raw strength but because his face look like an owl, I keep thinking he should have been an owl too! Okay, maybe sticking to being a hippo is better. Gorilla feels like his oversized arms make the rest of his body hanging. It’s so odd. Like as though he skipped a leg day.

CGI is used but not as often. Mostly used when Kido transforms into his godly pangolin form. Not as bad but still the jarring is a bit obvious. There are also blood and gore so if your furry fetish isn’t strong enough to overcome this, you won’t be fapping to this anytime. This is also what I observed. How come male Brutes are able to transform many of their body parts into animals (if not their entire body) while the females only a few parts transformed and the remaining naughty bits as human? Damn the chances of jerking off are too damn high! This series is animated by Lindefilms who did Yamada And The Seven Witches, Koi To Uso, the Arslan Senki remake and Miss Monochrome.

Voice acting I only recognize Rikiya Koyama as Shidou and Yuuichi Nakamura as Taiga. The rest are Sora Amamiya as Hitomi/Ratel (titular character in Akame Ga Kill), Wataru Hatano as Nomoto (Gajeel in Fairy Tail), Maaya Uchida as Eruza (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Sumire Uesaka as Ui (Aletta in Isekai Shokudou), Megumi Han as Yoko (Jeanne in Shingeki No Bahamut series), Ryoukan Koyanagi as Kido (Ottarl in DanMachi series), Tooru Okawa as Okajima (Gordes in Fate/Apocrypha) and Sayaka Harada as Oshie (Chiya in Urara Meirochou).

Chinatsu Akasaki as Shinozaki as absolutely the craziest. Although she voiced weird characters like Yasuna from Kill Me Baby, Alice from Shokugeki No Souma and Shinka from Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai, none has matched the exuberance and passion from this Shinozaki character. As the emcee for Destroyal, you can hear her scream with a passion as she narrates to the excited audience the ongoing death battles. Even more so when she narrates the next episode preview. It’s like she is having an orgasm as she passionately shrieks at the top of her voice. Like as though this is the most exciting thing she has ever witnessed or the only thing in life that she looks forward to. Kudos and hats off to her for making that Shinozaki character really sound excitedly crazy. It’s showdown!

The hard rock based opening theme that is the same name of this series suits the action. As this is sung by Fripside, don’t expect all that techno trademark that you would normally hear in To Aru Kagatsu No Railgun, Black Bullet and Clockwork Planet. Though, the rock beat style is still pretty familiar. More hard rock music for your soul as the ending theme is one too, Kedamono Damono by Kitsunesuki. Also, more chances for your horny libido as we see the females in the series in very sexy poses and outfits, increasing your masturbating chances and even more if you are a furry lover. Damn if they could make such women so hot and sexy looking, why the f*ck do they need to turn them into beasts?! Just turn them into absolutely stunning human babes!!! Yeah, I’m not really a furry fan that’s why I’m thinking so.

Overall, even this series is garbage, it was still fun and enjoyable for me in the trashiest sense. So bad that it is even good? Well, even before watching this show and reading the synopsis I knew it wasn’t going to be Oscar material or a classic Japanese masterpiece. But still want another season nevertheless. Animal action scenes and sexy animal babes that are not 100% furry are what attracted me. After all, you need to watch so many crap animes first before hitting a good one. It would really be the ultimate Killing Bites if there was a character would turn into a penguin or panda! Or even a hamster! Nobody hates such cute creatures, right? Oh yeah, I would pay to watch that one and put all my money on them to win. Screw your sharpest fangs wins them all. The one which is cutest wins! That is Cutie Bites!

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