Kishuku Gakkou No Juliet

February 10, 2019

The trope of Romeo and Juliet as one of William Shakespeare’s popular romance tragedies has been done to death in modern times in all sorts of forms. From movies to series to local school plays and adaptations based on this play, the theme of love from opposing rival factions never seem to get old. Even in anime there were a few of such adaptations from the loosely based Romeo x Juliet to the even more loosely based Nisekoi. This season we have Kishuku Gakkou No Juliet. A boarding school that has 2 traditional rival factions always at each other’s throats. But surprise, not surprisingly, the leaders of both factions are in love with each other but have to continue fighting in the eyes of the public while keeping their romance hidden. Well, let’s just hope they don’t kill themselves in the end all for the sake of love.

Episode 1
A war has been brewing in Dahlia Academy for a long time between the White Cats led by Juliet Persia and the Black Doggies led by Romio Inuzuka. Only the prefects of each side who hold higher authority can put a stop to this skirmish. However there is a secret that Inuzuka harbours. He is in love with Persia and doesn’t want to fight her. However they have been doing so since young and he is at his wit’s end on how to stop it. As he goes to spy on her, he sees some White Cats reprimanding young Black Doggies who vandalized their property. Persia is able to tell them off nicely and give them courage to be strong. Her other White Cats may not like it but they are told off they have higher standards and can’t fluster just because they are kids. Inuzuka feels the need to confess but couldn’t find the courage. After practice, Black Doggies’ Chizuru Maru and co assault Persia and cut up her top to embarrass her. Luckily Inuzuka somewhat rescues her although his mates think he wants to hog the glory. When Inuzuka sees her crying, he fears she thinks he assaulted her as she runs away. Inuzuka beats up Maru back at the dorm and blames them for the bigger pinch he is in. He then receives a letter from Persia to meet. She wants to know if he attacked or saved her. If he saved her out of pity, it is the same of being attacked. That is when he realized she was crying because of that. Remembering she is the only daughter of the Count, because men only inherit titles and fortunes in this noble class, her family might lose everything. That’s why she wanted the strength to save the world. The strength not to lose to men. The intelligence not to be looked down by others. The influence not to be disobeyed by anyone. His actions have only so far hurt her goals and feelings. Inuzuka declares he will fight her. As they clash, he confesses he loves her. So this is the meaning of him going all out? Of course this shocks and confuses her. He believes he can change the world too if she is by his side. She agrees to be with him so he can show her that changed him but only if they remain secret lovers. He’s so happy he cried. Yeah, he expected to be rejected. Next day he tries to get friendly with her but is given the cold shoulder. He hopes it is the presence of others that makes her react so.

Episode 2
Another day, another skirmish. However the secret lovers take this opportunity to get away and meet up. All is fine until Black Doggies’ Hasuki Komai stumbles upon them and Inuzuka has to pretend to beat up Persia! Later as apology he tries to give her a rosary as a gift but White Cats’ Scott Fold intercepts him. The next time he tries to give Persia the rosary, suddenly it turns out into another big brawl. Because the rosary broke, Inuzuka is pissed as he uplifts a statue and swings it. Friend or foe, everybody dies! He has to pick grass as punishment that night but all is not bad as Persia goes for a boat ride with him. She learns about the rosary but gives him hers. It seems their side often used it as prayers. Although Inuzuka says the thought is what counts, this means he misinterpreted Persia’s good intentions. So she pushes him off the boat. I don’t know how he got back to land since he can’t swim. On a day off, Hasuki wants to hang out with Inuzuka but looks like he has got a date. This young boy? His relative, Julio? Actually it is Persia in disguise! Some flashback shows he begged her because at this rate they can’t date. This disguise is perfect until the Black Doggies really love this new kid and start hanging around. There goes their nice time together. It’s a group outing now. Inuzuka thought they could finally have some private time in the haunted house but it was too much for Persia to handle. He thinks she got mad and went home when Maru and co push him into the sea as payback. They torment him until Persia (still as Julio) beats them up. Later she reveals she wasn’t mad at the failed date and was just taking a break since he wig was itchy. She had fun and is interested to go on another date. Until Scott enters the picture so Inuzuka has to pretend to beat her up. I hope this doesn’t ruin his chance for the next date.

Episode 3
Inuzuka hopes Persia could keep he schedule free in 3 days to celebrate their anniversary. They are interrupted by their aides that the Tyrant Queen AKA Princess Weslia “Char” Chartreux has returned. While the White Cats respect her. It is totally the opposite for Black Doggies. Inuzuka is going to beat her up when she whispers she knows he is dating Persia! To keep this a secret, she wants him to be his dog. He obliges! Black Doggies are confused! So to keep their relationship a secret, he must respond to her every whims and fancies, otherwise she will expose this picture proof. Inuzuka bites the bullet and follows since he doesn’t want to wreck Persia’s dream and this is the only way he can protect her. This includes being subservient before his Black Doggies while Char treats him like a dog. His aim is to find her weakness and blackmail her back. Despite being unable to tell Persia, she somewhat understands. However the Black Doggies aren’t going to take this and they throw him out of their dorm. Only Hasuki stood up for him but it was all in vain. When Inuzuka notices Char looking forlornly at Persia, he asks Persia about her. Childhood friend. Inuzuka then sneaks into Char’s room to find some info but looks like Char has seen this coming. As she tries to snuff him out from hiding, she realizes too late that he is hiding in her secret room behind the mirror that he found by accident. There are pictures of Persia! He realizes the tormenting is to make them break up. Now the tables have turned. Char believes he doesn’t understand her feelings as Persia has been her friend since young. Yet she is with someone like him. Persia is precious. Don’t take her away. With Persia returning (they share the same room), Char thinks she is doomed as there are pictures all over the floor. He tells her to stall Persia. Persia for a moment thought she is acting strange but finally manages to enter the room. Looks normal. No strange pictures. They remind how precious their friendship are. After Persia leaves, Char wonders why he helped her. If she is busted, how would he blackmail her? So now they’re even? However Char still disapproves their dating but she’ll let their anniversary meet up slide for today (Inuzuka cried when he finds Persia fixed the broken rosary).

Episode 4
Hasuki organizes some intensive study for the Black Doggies until they drop! She’s like a different person when she dons the glasses. But why did Inuzuka call Persia (as Julio) over? Because he will miss her since this will go straight for 3 days? Even Maru who isn’t up to studying joins in because of Julio. Must have fallen for those pains. After Inuzuka sees off Persia, Hasuki comes looking for him and it’s like she’s so relieved when he assures he isn’t keeping any secrets from her. Then of course here comes Char to stoke some fire about his secret and put some suspicions if he really trusts Hasuki enough to keep secrets from her. Later Inuzuka overheard Hasuki spilling the beans to Maru why she likes Inuzuka (since she was like so obvious daydreaming over him). She wants to be useful to him and stand by his side. Inuzuka then confronts Hasuki to tell his dark secret of dating Persia (to properly respond to her feelings). This is on his own will and not blackmail by Char. Disappointed Hasuki almost tries to spread this around but after he stops her, she prepares him to do seppuku! Black Doggies have this code of not falling for White Cats. So she’s serious in killing him? What about the Hasuki he knows? That was all his assumption. Hasuki will always support Black Doggies. Inuzuka is now on the run, regretting his miscalculation that this is all their friendship amounts to. Wow. Hasuki really chase him down to the forest. So noisy that Persia even came looking for the commotion and learns the shocking truth he told. Too bad Hasuki is here to kill them. Luckily Char saves her but wants to kill Inuzuka. It’s going to be a busy night. He takes Persia and run but is cornered. Just when he starts feeling useless, she reminds him about their goal to change the world. He isn’t going to run and faces them. He takes Hasuki’s sword head on! Literally! Thankfully it’s only a replica. Persia slips off so he dives down to save her. Can’t swim? Hasuki’s cue. She is still sad and mad at him but comes to realize he really loves Persia and sees her the same way she does for him. She cries knowing they can’t continue to go on like nothing has changed. But the next day, everything is back to normal. Hasuki didn’t spread the secret and she remains friends with him. That’s what he wanted, right?

Episode 5
Inuzuka wants Persia to make bento for him. Thank goodness not babies. However Persia sucks at cooking and almost caused a disaster in her kitchen. Hence she cheated with the kitchen maid making this delicious bento. Of course Inuzuka thinks it is the real deal but before he could eat it, Char makes him eat her foot and runs off with it. Too bad she slips up and it falls into Scott’s hands. This delusional guy thinks Persia made it for him. Back to reality when Inuzuka beats him up. The guys start fighting over it and eventually Inuzuka wins by uprooting a tree and hammering Scott! Amazingly the bento flies into the pig sty and the pigs are amazingly faster than Inuzuka to eat all the food. Yeah, the guys are so disheartened. So big of a deal. Persia finally reveals the truth. Inuzuka in shock they were fighting over the kitchen maid’s bento. She gives him her burnt cookies instead. It’s hard to say that it’s the thought that counts since he eats them but can’t help puke. Inuzuka thought had she told him she wasn’t good at cooking, he wouldn’t have bugged her. But her pride won’t allow it and she’ll make the best bento for him next time. With the sports festival around the corner, Hasuki’s friends set her up to ask Inuzuka to dance with her if she becomes the MVP. So being the MVP is a jinx and not a charm that guarantees this dance? He agrees thinking it is some traditional Japanese dance. Inuzuka who isn’t too eager to join the sports festival, picks a fight with Scott, only to be interrupted by Somali Longhaired and Aby Ssinia. Pretty model boy scoffs off Somali’s claims they are a couple. Because Aby proposes to Persia so that both their factions can get along. She rejects as she doesn’t like shallow men. Inuzuka gets a letter from Persia to help her train for the 3-legged race. So excited he can’t sleep. Can he control himself being this close to her? Flashback shows Inuzuka entered last year’s 100m race. He made a false start and ignored calls for a restart and ran all the way to the finish line. When the race actually restarted, he ran out of stamina and this had the White Cats won. With Persia suggesting whoever wins the MPV will have the other do what the winner has to say, Inuzuka becomes all fired up to win. Now he is all for the sports festival.

Episode 6
The sports festival gets underway with both sides up to their tricks. I wonder if some of them are illegal because it’s like the judges turn a blind eye. During the pole tumbling event, Aby initiates his plan by having Somali injure Persia. She hides this injury until the mixed relay event whereby she collapses just before the finishing line. Worse, Aby and his men blame Persia for being weak and trying to show off by participating. Even the crowd takes the bait and scoffs off at her weakness. Inuzuka would have ran to her aid if not for Char stopping him. He would make the situation much worse. With her feet injury, Persia can no longer participate. Inuzuka feels useless as he couldn’t help Persia. But Char reveals she saw Somali with her spiked shoes injuring Persia’s feet. However she has no solid proof. As Aby’s faction is waging war against Persia’s faction, she too feels useless. Inuzuka tells Persia to come watch the final match once she feels better. In this kibasen match, Maru will not cooperate with Inuzuka as his horse. Black Doggies take a big lead thanks to Hasuki but soon a few Black Doggies start passing out and it is the White Cats’ turn to go on the offensive. At this point only Inuzuka-Maru team is left and stubborn Maru still refuses to move. Until Julio pops up to cheer on them. Now Maru feels like moving! They are able to take down all the White Cats until Aby-Somali team is left. Maru reveals he knew White Cats spiked their drinks and hence many fell asleep. He could have exposed him but he prefers to see his broken spirit when his plans crumble. When Inuzuka mocks Aby’s cheap tricks, Aby gets mad as he rants about class and caste in their society. I don’t think Inuzuka is interested to hear his plan about besting Persia and then being chosen by the elite because Inuzuka flings this guy into the stand! It could have been Black Doggies’ win but Inuzuka says it isn’t over yet. He claims they haven’t defeated the big boss Persia yet. This is their chance to settle it once and for all. And with permission from both sides, it is the final decisive match of Inuzuka vs Persia!

Episode 7
The fight is intense and even the sceptical crowd starts cheering on Persia. Just when Inuzuka thought he could grab Persia’s band for the victory, his hand slipped and grabbed her boobs instead. Everyone in shock. Safe to say, White Cats win and Persia getting the MVP. Inuzuka is chastised and ostracized from Black Doggies. During the dance, Persia sneaks out just to visit Inuzuka being punished alone outside. I guess all is not lost since she asks him for a dance. A month later, the prefects on both sides convene to talk about the grave sabotage during the sports festival. The Black Doggies accuse the White Cats of that drugging although they claims it was Aby’s own doing and since then his faction has been falling apart. They also remind Black Doggies to keep a leash on the troublesome Inuzuka as both sides are barely holding it together from going all out at each other’s throats. Inuzuka has fallen sick after the stress of helping out just about anybody. Hasuki wanted to nurse him but is brought away to stop some skirmish as she is the new Black Doggies leader. Luckily for Inuzuka, Persia visits him although disguised as Julio. No, this is not a dream. Suddenly Persia finds a porn mag. Actually it is left behind by Eigo Kohitsuji who is also a boob fan (everyone thinks Inuzuka is a boob lover now) and lent his boob porn out of sympathy. With Persia looking at him like that… Is this truly the end of him? Persia tries to navigate the Black Doggies’ dorm to get Inuzuka some food but is stopped by Maru. From what he says, it seems might be suspicious of her identity. Persia quickly bolts away and of all the places to hide, she had to stumble into the women’s bath?! Oh, she got wet. Not that kind of wet! Luckily she ran out after before those Black Doggy girls could catch her. She returns to Inuzuka’s room. Don’t peep as she changes… I think they’re too big to fit. Just then, Kohitsuji knocks on the door wanting his porn back. Instinctively Persia hides under the covers with Inuzuka. Kohitsuji goes away thinking he is asleep. I guess Inuzuka’s fever isn’t going down anytime soon. He remembers how mom used to sing him a song while he is sick and coincidentally Persia is humming that song. When Persia says she came here because she wanted to see him, once more Inuzuka’s temperature rises. Is he going to get well at this rate?

Episode 8
With the festival across the campus, Kochou and Teria Wang get permission by their prefect head, Airu to patrol and catch students having too much fun. WTF?! Of course Inuzuka makes a promise to meet Persia there. Inuzuka has the misfortune to bump into the Wang twins. He thinks they are brats but even if Hasuki points out they are the prefects, Inuzuka doesn’t give a damn. Kochou then hints she knows he had a secret meeting with someone to meet at the festival. Inuzuka tries to hide it by saying he was talking to ants. Too bad the twins are on to him as they even raid his room and find a rosary. Their suspicions up a notch as Inuzuka snatches it back and run. Oh, it’s time for the festival. The twins go there too on a pretence to patrol and look for Inuzuka but it is obviously written on their face that they want to have fun too. Then they bump into Inuzuka and the chase goes on. Luckily he loses them and meets up with Persia. At this rate it will be dangerous for them to watch the fireworks together with the twins on his tail. So are they having fun on the run? Finally they hide in a barrel. The twins… So close yet so far. Nearby, a couple of hooligans start fighting so the twins apprehend them swiftly. With others praising their swift action, this gives Inuzuka an idea. He challenges them to ‘battles’ in which they’re just normal fun games. In the end, Inuzuka loses and the twins look disappointed when they can’t do any more ‘battles’. Inuzuka knows they just want to have fun and hang out with friends. Since he ‘lost’, he offers to hang out with them sometimes. The twins leave happy but it’s a race for time for Inuzuka as he rushes back to Persia. Too late. The fireworks have started. By the time he reaches back (you mean he waited until the festival is closed and everyone has left?), Persia is still hiding in the barrel and when a woman says she’s not mad… Okay, she isn’t eventually. Because despite not being able to watch the fireworks with him, at least she get to see his softer side. Yeah, it got me thinking if they were this close who can Inuzuka not make it in time with her to watch the fireworks?! Unless it just lasts 10 seconds… Their consolation is playing sparklers. Meanwhile the twins ponder about Inuzuka’s chances to be selected as a prefect. If so, there’ll be a huge revolution. For now, they’re satisfied with having Airu who turns out to be Inuzuka’s big brother…

Episode 9
Char is excited as Persia’s birthday is next week. Even more excited when Persia has a request of her. I think I know what it is seeing Char’s disappointing looks. Shouldn’t told her it would be anything she wants, eh? Inuzuka is in town to get Persia a present but unfortunately he grabbed this cat doll at the same time with Char. Somebody’s got to pay for ripping it. However an officer wants to escort Char home due to safety as there are radicals in town. Char then gives an excuse that Inuzuka is her escort. At first he doesn’t want to play along but after Char says she knows what Persia wants for her birthday, Inuzuka is officially her escort for the day. So the first thing they do? Go shopping at a lingerie store?! I’m sure their debate on which lingerie looks good on Persia is just pure fanservice for us. Char tries to seduce him in hopes he would give up Persia but he scolds her instead. This brings back memories that because she often gets what she wants and became selfish, nobody dared scold her for anything until Persia did for doing something wrong. It was then they became friends. Char has wandered too far and a couple of radicals try to kidnap her. Char fights back and the last guy pleads Inuzuka for help but gets beaten up. Char isn’t appreciative why he would help someone he hates. Technically he isn’t helping her. If something happens to her, Persia would be sad. So he is doing this for Persia. Char can only laugh at a bigger idiot than her. Char reveals Persia’s wish of wanting to spend her birthday with him even if she broke some curfew rules. Char was happy to be her friend at first but the closer she gets to Inuzuka, there must be some face that Persia only shows him. It made her frustrated. As thanks for today’s escort, she gives him a present. A bra?! What he going to do with it? Later Inuzuka meets Persia and he is happy she invites him to spend time for her birthday. This brings back memories of last year’s birthday where Inuzuka and his Black Doggies gate-crashed and slammed pies in everybody’s face! Better do it right this year. She tells him she wants a pair accessory. Inuzuka skips back happily but is shocked to see Airu waiting in his room.

Episode 10
Airu wants to know where he got this rosary so Hasuki covers for him that he bought it for her. But how do you explain this bra! Damn Char! Not even Hasuki can help you. Airu warns if he is colluding with the White Cats and this brings down their family, not only will Inuzuka be expelled from the school, but the family as well. Inuzuka denies it but Airu will not believe him. The Wang twins plead for leniency and thus Airu will monitor him for a week. If his suspicious are allayed, he will be free. Looks like he is going to miss Persia’s birthday. It is a strange sight to see Inuzuka walking obediently behind Airu. While the White Cats cherish this moment, Persia senses something wrong. Inuzuka remembers Airu always punishes him harshly since young. And now with this constant surveillance including monitoring him in toilet?! Is this extreme?! During the kendo practice, Airu shows no mercy. Of course Inuzuka is just holding it out and still plans to see Persia. Hasuki is very worried because she doesn’t want him expelled. And then Persia heard this and seeks Hasuki’s explanation. That night as Inuzuka breaks out to meet Persia thinking Airu is asleep, that dude is waiting at the gates! Airu knew he was plotting something. Despite his obedience, his determined eyes told a different story. Inuzuka tries to fight his brother but gets beaten to a pulp. No chance. He is thrown into a storeroom to cool his head. After Airu leaves, the Wang twins free him. Apparently Inuzuka talked to them and wanted them to help out if he ever gets into trouble with Airu. He knew Airu would throw him in here like he always does. With Airu thinking he is sulking here, this will let his guard down. Inuzuka makes haste to meet Persia but soon collapses from weariness and pain. Oh, how convenient. He fell on Persia’s lap. She doesn’t sound happy and after knowing his predicament, she is sad that the only present she wants from him is his good health as she vowed to also protect him. In tears, she hugs and apologizes to him.

Episode 11
Persia is avoiding Inuzuka. Even when cornered, she rejects him. He is so dead. But nothing like Hasuki to bring him back to his feet. From billiards to sheep petting (Hasuki got raped by sheep?) and watching the skies from the tower. Why does this feel like a date? No wonder Hasuki is crying. If there was an alternate world where it was just them. Inuzuka feels bad for making her worry that he punches himself? Interrupted when Char comes by. She heard from Persia as she can’t stand to look at her unbearable distress state. Without saying much, she just hands Persia’s cookies to him. So good that it makes him cry. Inuzuka is now resolved to get through this. He rallies his Black Doggies to barge into Persia’s birthday. The plan is to wreak havoc and during that chaos he will take Persia away and have their short little birthday bash. Too bad the White Cats are already waiting and hence it begins the face pie smashing. Inuzuka breaks away from the pack but is restrained by the strength of Somali. Why is Aby now looking like a hobo?! Is this his road to repentance? Inuzuka uses reverse psychology by telling Somali how angry Aby is that she is hugging him. Dumb girl goes to crush hug Aby instead. Inuzuka moves on but is cornered by other White Cats. Surprisingly he is saved by Cait Sith who wants to help him out. Inuzuka remains suspicious of this White Cat’s motives as Cait even tells of Persia’s location of being locked in a room. Since Inuzuka planned this game, he wants to join in and make it fun. Too bad Cait has to return to Ann Sieber, a prefect for the White Cats. Heck, Cait is actually the head of the prefects for White Cats! While Journey Rex has subdued all of the Black Doggies below, the rest are going to stop Inuzuka. Meanwhile Persia rues seeking Cait’s help and now she is really locked up. But she isn’t going to be a damsel in distress and wait for her saviour. She’s going to make her own move.

Episode 12
Inuzuka is having a hard time facing off against Cait’s agility. In perfect timing, he manages to tie up his legs and then jumps out the window. Because he heard Persia’s voice and all in good timing she pulls him up and they ‘vanish’. Is Persia that strong to pull up Inuzuka? Persia scolds Inuzuka for being reckless (is she the one to say for escaping her lock up by walking along the thin balcony lines?), she is also worried but glad he is fine. Our lovers reassert their love for each other in an emotional way. The fracas is toned down once Airu enters. He starts looking for his brother. Oh, there he is. Inuzuka and Persia feigning a pie fight and pied each other’s faces to call it a draw. However Airu is not convinced. He believes they are colluding. Judging from Inuzuka’s behaviour, he knows he wanted to spend time on Persia’s birthday. While Persia denies everything, Airu shows proof. A rosary in his room and date marked on his calendar. To support those circumstantial evidences, here is the big one: The bra! With everyone confused and doubting them, Persia has no choice but to initiate a duel to the death with Inuzuka using real swords. Inuzuka is worried because the price to pay to dispel the doubts would be too great. But Persia is serious in hurting him. Airu knows this is just a bluff and will wait for an opportunity to apprehend them. When Inuzuka remembers their promise to change the world, it is then he realizes the signal Persia was giving. Together they strike each other’s throat. In the aftermath, both are recuperating in the infirmary. Conveniently together? It seemed their gamble paid off but at the expense of their hidden rosary broken to pieces. Also, Airu and Cait intervened or it would have been more than their rosaries that would have been damaged .Inuzuka gives her a matching ring for her birthday present. He wants to change this school and aims to be a prefect. He hopes she will wait for him then. Persia’s hug might be the thing that kills him. Almost. With everyone’s doubts on them erased, the duo continue to sneak out and be together. Inuzuka updates her about his meeting with Airu. He told him his intention and although Airu’s doubts of him are not completely gone, he views this fracas as an oversight on his end. He hopes he will never pull this off again. In a bid to become a prefect, Inuzuka starts by being the Wang twins’ errand boy. Inuzuka and Persia hope someday they can call each other by their first names.

Prince Of Persia: Fighting For Love
Happy ending and good news, right, people? That our lovers don’t have to follow the path of the original Romeo and Juliet and die in each other’s arms! They can continue this charade in secrecy until the world is ready for them. Or rather they are ready to take on the world. I hope they don’t have to put up with this death defying stunts each time they have to quell suspicions of them colluding because for sure one of these days it is going to get them killed for real!

If you consider the overall pacing of the series, there isn’t anything extraordinary. Perhaps I have seen so many high school romances that this one feels like there is nothing special to it that would earn my holy praise. Even if I did not put any high expectations for it, looks like my body and mind have unconsciously grown immune and placed somewhat higher expectations than normal. So in this case if you take away the Romeo and Juliet theme, it still somewhat works albeit sounding even more generic of 2 lovers from different groups trying to find love amidst all the animosity. Sounds a lot like a typical high school romance anime. There are probably other plots like the aristocrats in the White Cats and the family history of Inuzuka but these are not fleshed out properly and from the looks of it only serve as somewhat plot conveniences to reinforce and strengthen the love of our main characters. Therefore from what I can see in many of the episodes are Inuzuka and Persia trying to advance their secret relationship but as life is not smooth sailing like a bed of roses, there are often obstacles to challenges that they have to overcome. The question is how long they can keep this a secret from the general public.

So I’ve basically covered all that needs to be said about Inuzuka and Persia. They’re just normal students of their grade and maybe placed on a slightly higher pedestal by their peers because Inuzuka seems like a pretty tough guy who knows how to fight while Persia is pretty elegant and righteous. For some reason, I can’t seem to see Persia as a strong independent woman. Despite showing us her ideals to change the world for the better, is it because of love that she has been reduced to this ‘pathetic’ state? I know love messes with your head, heart and everything else but it feels like Persia downgraded ever since she tries to think a lot about Inuzuka. I don’t think it is entirely a bad thing either because looking on a positive side, perhaps love is the key to the change she will bring about. The same can be said about Inuzuka but as a character who already started out giving us impressions as a tough guy upfront but has a soft heart for Persia, the impact seems less compared to Persia. He is more brawns over brains so the impact of seeing him enter farcical clashes is not as bad as seeing an upright Persia turning into an emo girl in love. Persia is still Persia with her qualities and ideals intact nevertheless. But I want to point out here that the impression of these characters brought about by the factor of love, it seems a lot more damaging to Persia from my perspective.

Hasuki and Char playing supporting roles add some variety of spice since they are the only characters who know about their crush’s crush and harbour feelings for them. This looks like it will bring about some love polygon but that would only work if Inuzuka and Persia’s relationship isn’t so much a secret. Hasuki is just playing Inuzuka’s best childhood friend and support with the excuse she doesn’t want to see him down even if this hurts her inside. Char on the other hand is a sadist to others but could she be a masochist to herself because she seems to be tolerating a lot of Persia’s love for Inuzuka. Because you’re my best friend, I’ll let it slide just for you. For these girls, it must be the logic and case of loving the other so much even if it means forgoing that love and seeing your love being happy with others. Or one day they’re just hoping they’ll break up and all this support is just to spring back and take that rightful place if ever that worst scenario happens. Love is crazy enough to let that happen!

The other minor characters feel somewhat wasted. Like Scott feels like the punching bag for Char whenever she needs to take out her frustrations if she doesn’t get her way with Persia. This guy feels as much as an idiot as Inuzuka but only lesser because he is not main character. Then there is the delinquent Maru whose role seems to exist to play up the subplot of some possible gay crush moment with Julio. Like as though this is the only thing that makes him relevant throughout the series. His groupie feels like they’re around mostly to help cheer him up. Because he doesn’t want to be dick to them, hence he relents. Maru has some beef with Inuzuka and they don’t usually see eye to eye except when it matters like the sports festival but that feels like one off and so much more like a fluke than anything solid.

Then the Wang twins are like, are they just Inuzuka’s support and best friends or are they his love rivals? I guess we need some legal loli Chinese sisters. Then there’s the mind boggling pair of Somali and Aby. It could have been interesting to see the Aby and Persia faction as a subplot but I guess we don’t have enough episodes and even so, I would complain it as a distraction. Heh. Hence the crumbling of Aby’s faction and short-lived role only seems like plot convenience. That guy’s reputation might have crumbled but Somali’s solid (but dumb and blind) love is still going strong for him. Hey, even if Aby lost his followers, at least he has got this girl always by his side. If he doesn’t die from her crushing bear hugs.

Also feeling wasted are the prefects of both sides. They keep their own factions in line but at the same time hate each other. At least they are ‘mature’ enough not to go all out in skirmishes like their junior counterparts do on a daily basis. In the very few scenes we see them, there is a lot of show of power in their threatening talk and possibly unleashing some ‘super power’ if they get mad. These prefects look like a bunch of weirdoes and I suppose to stand out from the normal commoner crowd, that’s why they look so different. Take for the case in example, Rex. I wonder if this is a macho dude who cross-dresses as a woman or an Amazon woman with obviously bulging muscles. Spoiler: It is the former. You can have both masculinity and femininity together! Then there is Airu who is just looking so mean on the outside. You want to ask him to relax bro but on second thought maybe you should keep your distance. A total opposite is Cait who has this very relaxed personality but his words hide a very scheming personality. Anyhow, these are the kind of people whom you don’t want to mess with and that’s why they are the top of the food chain in this boarding school. I wonder if their authority supersedes the teaching staffs too.

Art and animation feel okay and the character designs and the background look like they have some quality there. This series is done by Lindenfilms who did Yamada-Kun And The Seven Witches, Arslan Senki, Hanebado and Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi To Akashic Records so visually they’re still impressive and maintaining their quality. Bishoujo and bishonen characters and the European-like designs of the buildings bring some eye candy. Although supposedly White Cats represent the west and Black Doggies the east, for the latter I don’t see very much eastern or even Japanese representation. Would it be too obviously glaring and out of place if on one hand you have western-like designs and on the other you have the traditional Japanese motifs.

There are a few recognizable seiyuus lending their voices here. Some feel like they are at home with their characters such as Ayane Sakura as Hasuki, Eri Kitamura as Somali, Yui Ogura as Teria, Hiro Shimono as Kohitsuji and Daisuke Ono as Airu (like a meaner version of Shingeki No Kyojin’s Erwin?). Some I feel are wasted like Tomokazu Sugita as Maru and Hiroshi Kamiya as Scott. It’s not that they did a bad job but with their talent and reputation, voicing such minor characters just don’t feel they quite cut it these days. Mistakenly I thought it was Shizuka Itou behind Char’s voice since that b*tch-like holier-than-thou character reminds me a lot of some of the characters she plays (Meiko in Prison School, Bitch sensei in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Luvia in Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya, Flare in Fairy Tail). Unfortunately it is Yuu Shimamura as Char (Annie in Shingeki No Kyojin).

The rest of the other casts are Yuuki Ono as Inuzuka (Isami in Shokugeki No Souma), Ai Kayano as Persia (Teruhashi in Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan), Rina Hidaka as Kochou (Airi in Ro-Kyu-Bu), Shinnosuke Tachibana as Aby (Tomoe in Kamisama Hajimemashita), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Cait (Hisui in K) and Sumire Uesaka as Sieber (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai). The opening is Love With You by Fripside. I didn’t think it was them at first because it didn’t really sound like their techno trademark that I am familiar with in To Aru Kagatsu No Railgun, Clockwork Planet and Saredo Tsumibito Wa Ryuu To Odoru. I guess those songs have this very similar sounding beat and with this one that sounds slightly different even though it still has its techno elements, I couldn’t recognize it was from them. The ending theme is Itsuka Sekai Ga Kawaru Made by Riho Iida and it sounds like your typical generic anime pop piece.

Overall, might not be the best romance series out there, might not be the best loosely based Romeo and Juliet adaptation out there, might not be the worst butchered version of Romeo and Juliet out there, this series still holds on its own. Still enjoyable as a romantic comedy of the season but it is most likely to be forgettable come the next season or the next loosely adapted Romeo and Juliet comes by. It’s like saying that love blooms in the most unlikely of places but at the same time can’t let everyone else know about it or else there will be hell to pay. World war and hell on Earth. That bad, huh? Might as well cancel this faux peace and start killing each other. Hmm… I’ve yet to see a Romeo and Juliet piece that has everybody else in the faction dies and only our star-crossed lovers surviving and carry on with their love without any hindrance or objections. Truest happy ending route unlocked indeed!

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