KissxSis TV

March 12, 2011

I never thought of myself to watch that incest and ecchi series again. Because I found the ecchi parts of the OVAs of KissxSis to be somewhat a little hard to stomach, I thought of letting it go from my watch list. Then somehow I got this crazy idea that if the OVAs were adapted into a TV series, maybe those disgusting ecchi parts will be more toned down. Just like how they did for Kyo No Go No Ni. Well, I was wrong. In Kyo No Go No Ni’s case, the drawing and art differs from the OVA and they even used an entirely different voice cast. But for KissxSis, not only the production company was the same, the drawing and art including the voice cast were the same for both TV series and OVAs. Which means, you can expect more or less the same thing. Must be pretty popular this series, eh?

And yeah, I read that the TV series was supposed to be a retelling of the story from OVAs. Actually, I don’t see how different it is and in fact could be quite similar. It’s about this Keita guy. He’s got a pair of older twin step sisters, Ako and Riko whom aren’t actually blood related. Because of that, this gives rise to them having some sort of an incest relationship. It doesn’t help since both their parents are supportive of them pursuing a lover’s relationship. The girls are the ones trying to make a move on Keita, who isn’t too fond about their advances but as time passes, he too starts getting attracted to them. Can’t resist your hot sisters, eh? So really, how is this an alternate retelling? Perhaps just throw in a few bunch of characters but other than that, everything else still feels the same. Just feels like something to give fans a weekly fix for three months instead of waiting for months not knowing when the next anticipated OVA will be released.

Episode 1
Thus the episode begins with a short flashback on how Keita’s twin sisters protected him from a pack of mean doggies. I guess it’s the time of innocence when all siblings get along well with each other. But when you grow up, you wonder where it all disappears because Keita is embarrassed when his sisters give him a peck on his cheek each and his pals are utmost jealous he’s got a pair of hot twins to himself. As usual we see the usual tussle over Keita like fighting over his underpants. WTF?! Riko even has the cheek to rub it over her face! Eww! Even if Keita put numerous security locks in his room door, mysteriously his sisters can actually break in and sneak into bed with him. Must be the power of love! I don’t know, but they can be good lock pickers. There’s supposed to be this meeting between parents and teachers but since Keita’s are busy over some neighbourhood meeting, he trashes the note away. Of course the sisters picked it up and suddenly conjure an evil plot. They plan to head to Keita’s school and this is like opening Pandora’s Box. Why? Because all the other boys start going crazy and chase after them. That popular, eh? So when Keita spots the ruckus, he confronts them and tells them off for doing such bothersome things. His pals aren’t happy he coldly shoots them while the sisters apologize and regret before leaving. Then he saw the PTA meeting notice and realized. He apologizes for being inconsiderate and they make up. When they come home, their parents restate their support of them to get married (especially passionate daddy. Something about being a true man. Huh?) so Keita isn’t happy and the sisters peck his cheek once more.

Episode 2
Keita is having a hard time concentrating on his books because Ako’s nice and sexy body are distracting him. She’s helping him by being his personal tutor. Riko feels left out because she can’t do anything to help. She can’t cook but she offered to take care of his urinal. WTF?! Perhaps Ako being a tutor isn’t effective enough so much so Keita fell asleep. Too tired or just boring? So what does she do? She strips her top and now he’s wide awake! Definitely effective. However he flops in the test because he can’t remember what he learned and only remembers her boobs. Damn. But Ako comes up with an idea. She writes important points all over her body! It’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. While Keita has a nice time ogling it at, he at least can learn some of the words and formulas he sees. And it worked! He scored high marks! His pals are suspicious that he may have some secret fling to become this successful. For the next study session, Ako plans to give him a kiss for every correct answer but since he thinks it’s some sort of punishment, she gets upset and changes the rules that he has to kiss her for every wrong answer. At first Keita seems to get it all right but you know, nobody is perfect. So it’s punishment time as Ako waits for his kiss. It wasn’t the lips locking that disturbed me. It was the part they used their tongues to… You figure it out. I’m sure their steamy affair could’ve continued but Riko comes between them as she has finally made some drink for Keita (after all that attempts). Let’s just say she needs more practice. A lot more. When Keita returns home with good news that he scored highly, he gives Ako a big thank you hug.

Episode 3
Another flashback that sees how the siblings nonchalantly kiss each other when they’re younger. But not now because Keita thinks it will disrupt his exam preparations. Because of their persistence, Keita bans kissing in his room. Ako continues to make midnight snacks for Keita. Riko doesn’t want to lose out and tries to make some sweets but as expected with disastrous results. In one of her attempts, she decides to seek daddy for answers but he is not in his room. She spots a naughty adult video cover on his desk and gets inspiration. Oh no. That smirk tells it all. But good thing is that it didn’t turn out anything naughty because she made a chocolate lipstick and put it over her lips and wants Keita to have a taste of it. Seems too hard to resist and probably getting to taste the chocolate was just an excuse to continue their kissing. So normal kissing won’t do now as they ‘graduate’ to different positions and even tongue to tongue. Gross. But they seem to enjoy it. It could have gotten a lot steamier if Ako didn’t barge in a put a stop to their unholy act (she was initially slowed down by Riko’s traps). Ako gets even upset when she finds out that ‘no kissing’ notice has been taken off (it fell off by accident) so this means Keita won’t have any midnight snacks for a while as she breaks the chocolate lipstick. However Riko gives him an extra chocolate lipstick she made. So in school, Keita decides to have that sweet taste again but it wasn’t the same because it felt like the Grim Reaper came to take his life.

Episode 4
The sisters have a little flashback during the time Keita starts becoming rebellious. Like not getting excited seeing them in their new school uniforms. They even tried to date other boys in order to get over their brother complex but it didn’t turn out well. Then they were watching him doing some run practice. Keita fell but get up to catch up and win the race. That was when they started to have feelings for him. As Ako talks about her love for Keita, her homeroom teacher, Yuuzuki Kiryuu mistakes that she may have an incest relationship with her brother and vows to correct her. Later after Keita finishes his study at the library, he passes by the shrine and sees his sisters praying. He prays for his exam’s success as they remember back then Keita prayed to marry both sisters! He was pretty adamant that he could do so and accepted kisses from them both. Keita also remembers soon after he was saddened that the laws in Japan do not make it possible for all 3 of them to get married so I guess that’s where he starts losing his innocence. There seems to be quite a number of wishes other people make at the shrine, including those whose wishes are to date Ako and Riko. Keita thinks back when the sisters felt they should resign to the fact that they may have to date another guy. So he goes back an offers a large offering while praying that he won’t hand over his sisters to some strangers. Oh, now he wants to keep them, eh? It made them happy as they walk home holding his arm.

Episode 5
Keita’s pals are thinking of something perverted. Since Keita isn’t showing any interest, they think he gets his satisfaction from his sisters. He refutes and asserts he loves girls with big boobs and accidentally fondles those of Miharu Mikuni. It was bad she misinterpreted and got into accidental misunderstood positions with this guy in previous episodes, and now this. Because of that, Ako and Riko are suspicious about the hand slap mark across his face. He tries to take his mind of it but I guess he can’t escape thinking about boobs. He decides to go to the library to do so but it seems Miharu is part of the library committee. She has this uneasy feeling that he might do something perverted on her. She also has a hard time trying to excuse herself to the toilet and holds it in, looking for a chance to go when he’s not looking. Eventually she manages to do so but Keita chases after her after learning she dropped her student ID. As expected, she thinks he’s aiming for her and they fell into a compromising situation. To make things worse, Keita’s sisters are heading towards his school to give him an umbrella on this rainy day. It could’ve been sh*t if they ever see that. But at the skin of their teeth, Keita escapes from his sisters’ detection and even drags Miharu along. It’s got to be hard trying to hold it in. Another close shave at in the class locker so Miharu couldn’t stand it anymore at the end of the ordeal and does it standing (?!). They have to make a run and hide in the gym storeroom but the teacher soon locks it. Their only way out is a window high up so Keita suggests Miharu sit on his shoulders and try to reach it. Unfortunately all that shaking causes her to release all her fluids onto his head!!! GROSS!!! Even gross when Keita uses his handkerchief to wipe the floor and smell his hands! What is wrong with his guy?! Then they manage to crawl out after finding a low ground window. Keita promises not to tell anyone but accidentally saw under her skirt. She’s not wearing anything underneath. Ako and Riko spot Keita at the riverbank and call to him but think they’ve got the wrong person because Keita’s face is all bruised and swollen!

Episode 6
The siblings head for Akihabara and the sisters are a hit with the otakus when they don those cat ears. It all started when the sisters tried to Google some porn for research but no matter how much they search with whatever keywords they use, they’re always blocked. It was then they decided to head to Akihabara to buy an eroge. They have to do it without making Keita suspicious. Ako distracts Keita with some cosplaying while Riko goes to buy the eroge. During changing, Keita and Ako see Yuuzuki cosplaying too! Her secret fetish busted. Consulting her imaginary shogun Kanetsugu, she decides to get all the goods she came to buy and retreat. Riko spots a last eroge on the shelf and grabs it. Unfortunately, somebody else also grabs it. It’s Yuuzuki! She tries to give an excuse of confiscating this evil product. When the siblings regroup and learn of Yuuzuki, the sisters are suspicious about her actions in this area as a teacher. Both sides argue so Yuuzuki notices Keita and misinterprets he approves of the incest relationship (because he said he was happy to hear when his sisters told him that they love him) and is the root of the problem. She drags Keita away to have a private talk. Somehow they ended up into some love hotel that seems to have that feudal military theme Yuuzuki is obsessed about. It’s hard to concentrate when the next door is making ambiguous noises. Yuuzuki tries to persuade him but he isn’t fazed and says his sisters are the best. Of course they get into a compromising situation and all in good timing, Ako and Riko find them. At the end, they meet Mikazuki (Yuuzuki’s little sister and Keita’s underclassman) who makes up a story and covers up for big sis that Yuuzuki was here to buy her those stuff since she is underage. And back home, both sisters continue their otaku fetish as Mikazuki takes photos of embarrassed Yuuzuki as repayment for bailing her out of that difficult situation.

Episode 7
One of Keita’s friends, Toda plans to go to the pool as summer break from their studying. This means, Keita, Mikazuki, Ako and Riko are invited to come along. Yuuzuki (fresh from her broke financial state for another Kanetsugu-sama thingy) spots the gang and decides to tail them and if possible, stop their unholy activities (at least that’s what she thinks). Too bad she had to fork out more money to pay for the expensive entrance ticket. After the kids have their fun, Ako and Riko head to the toilet. Seems they are coming Yuuzuki’s way so she has no choice but to lock herself in a cubicle. As she eavesdrops on their conversation, the sisters get suspicious when they hear a suspicious noise coming from the cubicle and thinks it’s a peeping Tom. They flush her out till she’s soaking wet. Yuuzuki reveals her intentions to correct them but the sisters think she has some sort of pent up desires. Why are they shock to learn she is a virgin? Anyway Keita has an extra jersey so he lends them to Yuuzuki for the time being. Back home, Yuuzuki’s thoughts are filled with Keita. She’s supposed to wash the jersey but gets this sick idea of wearing them. Then she starts fantasizing horny stuff about Keita and even gets turned on! Her dream ends when she wakes up in the morning to find she slept throughout the night wearing just the jerseys and nothing underneath. She thought of giving it back like that but couldn’t because she realized she just wet the pants!!! Another sicko!!!

Episode 8
Keita and his sisters go to the festivals as both sisters tussle to spend some quality time with Keita. During a parade, the sea of macho men separate the gang so Keita and Ako end up together. They have their fun time together till at a booth when a chick jumps into Ako’s yukata. I guess she takes this opportunity to have Keita take it out for her and at the same time let him feel her body but unfortunately it was Riko who did the honours. Then they soon get separated again with that parade and this time Keita ends up with Riko. She takes him to the back of the stalls and hints of doing that with him. Yuuzuki was there and spots them. She chases after them but was beaten by that parade. Seems Riko got swept away by it too. Keita learns Mikazuki as the Miss Mikoshi of the parade (she thinks she’s sexy?) and I don’t know why, the parade now seems to chase after Keita. Miharu is at the festival too and she’s waiting at the long queue for the toilet after she spots Keita earlier on. Too bad that parade caught up and she has to make a run. Keita is reunited with his sisters in the secluded forest area. When the fireworks start, the chick got loose so Keita goes after it. Miharu is at her limit and is taking a dump at the woods. Yeah, Keita so happen to bump into her. She panics once more and pees standing… I don’t know what else to say. I don’t know if that look on Keita’s face was supposed to be surprised or in awe. He returns to his sisters as they are puzzled to see his bruised and swollen face. Deja vu?

Episode 9
Keita continues to study hard for the exam. Riko makes him a headband as motivation while Ako makes him a special meal. Of course Keita once again gets distracted when Riko starts teasing him by putting his foot to her sensitive part under the kotatsu. I think they both enjoy it but have to put it on hold when Ako comes back. Soon Ako finds out because they are making funny faces and gives them a good smack after she overturns the table (really!). Later the sisters research on Google about lucky charms and one of them includes pubic hair. Yikes. After embarrassingly making Ako announce in public about her pubic hair, it seems that the fact she can count them actually does get to her. Riko suggests that they combine their pubic hair and it give it to Keita as a lucky charm as they think giving him both would make him throw away one of them. So I guess they have to pull it out themselves unless they want Keita to do it for them (Ako really went of tangent with that fantasy). Riko teases Ako to be a pervert of late but in her own case, she did admit she herself was a pervert from the start! After putting the contents into the charm, they hope to keep it a secret from Keita (got that entwining feeling inside?). They give it to him and make him promise never to open it. Seeing they put great effort into it, he thanks them before kissing it, sending the sisters into a panic blushing. Next day as he leaves for school, Keita hangs the charm on his bag and plans to show it to everyone. To their dismay, Ako and Riko start getting this breezy feeling down there and may have regretted doing so.

Episode 10
Bad luck strikes Keita because he is down with a flu and his exam is just around the corner. The sisters pretend to call in sick and take turns to nurse Keita back to health. This includes kissing him or sucking his saliva (yucks!) so as to pass the flu to them, licking his nipples when he is sweating (super yuck!), licking the inner parts of his ear (how gross can they get?!) and licking the rest of his body. I guess for Keita’s case, if you can’t beat them, join them. Yeah, might as well enjoy it since they’re at it. Soon Keita is feeling much better but Ako and Riko now caught his flu. His pals are suspicious about the treatment he got to suddenly become better. On exam day, it seems Yuuzuki is invigilating Keita’s batch and once more her minds starts going berserk. But she recomposes herself and lets the students start their exam. Ako and Riko remember the time they were on their way to sit for the exam but Ako became panic upon learning she forgot her exam ID. Keita ran all the way to give it to them (Riko too forgot and left it on her desk but was bloody confident she didn’t lose it) and gave his support. After the exam, Keita returns home to surprisingly see his sisters sleeping together. Thinking how cute they are when they’re asleep, he thanks them for everything and pecks them before his paranoia made him realized that this may be a prank and thinks they’re awake. Apparently not so he leaves. Well actually they were awake the whole time so after he left, they become emotional and fluster as they wonder why they didn’t react to him then. What a wasted golden opportunity. Boo hoo!

Episode 11
Keita wakes up from another weird dream. Can’t blame him because his sisters are clutching his crotch while they’re sleeping! Indecent. But it’s D-Day because today is the exam results announcement. Keita and his sisters make their way to school but it seems they encounter bad omen everywhere. From pun words of failing, black cats, a murder of crows to even the shrine bell they prayed fell off! Though they keep positive, upon seeing the board, it seems Keita’s number is not among the successful candidates! Say this isn’t true! Even his pals passed. Why is fate so cruel? Ako and Riko are as shocked as well so much so they take it out by raising their voice at poor Yuuzuki passing. Depressed Keita heads home to find his sisters had worked hard to make a surprise celebration but I guess it’s understandable nobody is in the mood for that. Ako and Riko apologize for everything (see lah, always distract and seduce him lah) but Keita too apologize that he didn’t live up to it after all that hard work. He is prepared to make it next year and so as not to put the food to waste, they celebrate his success for next year. I hope this doesn’t give rise to counting your chickens before they hatch. Later Miharu comes knocking on their door. She hands over a document bearing Keita’s name (somehow her dog had it in its mouth and tried to bury it in her home garden). Inside it, a slip that says Keita has passed his exams. Seems Keita was one of the few successful candidates on the waiting list. Yuuzuki was slow to put it up on the board but those who passed in this manner will also be notified via post. Keita is ecstatic and hugs Miharu. For once she didn’t panic but congratulates him. When Ako and Riko are shock to see their embracing so when Miharu realizes what is happening, she runs away in panic. Back to her old self. Hey, did she pee while running? Is it even possible for humans to do that? Ako and Riko learn the good news as the siblings feel relieve and hug each other.

Episode 12
Keita receives his graduation scroll in episode 12. After the ceremony, he goes to thank Miharu for saving his life. Then his sisters come by to receive his second button but to their horror, seem he has gotten all his buttons taken away by his underclassmen. Is he that popular? Because of that, they decide to have a ladder lottery to decide which item to get in replacement. Mikazuki is also in while Miharu got caught up in the pace of it all. Three out of the four items seem horny. So Ako thought she would have a better chance of scoring with Keita. Unfortunately it backfired and all she got was his uniform collar. Next is Mikazuki and she gets Keita to flip her skirt. Thinking that all those horny incest has made Keita immune, the sisters are in for a big surprise because when Keita flips Mikazuki’s skirt, she has her panties down! You could say he saw the ‘universe’. Then it’s Riko to give him a kiss in front of everybody. Surprisingly she passes the chance up and couldn’t do it. Which means, Miharu gets the ideal one: To do “XXX” with Keita in the gym store room for 5 minutes. What the hell is “XXX”?! A deal is a deal. The duo are locked in the store and it sure brings back wet memories, eh? Both of them talk it out as Miharu finds it hard to tell him that she’s going to the same high school with him. At the end of it as Keita is going to shake her hands, they both slip and he fell on top of her. I don’t know how but it made it look like he tried to undress her. That’s when the 5 minutes is up and the girls open the door to their horror. They think he tried to finish it in 5 minutes!

Sister Act – Incest Version
So I guess they’re not settling for that yet so back at home the sisters are going to have their own ‘graduation’ ceremony with Keita. When he’s asleep, both girls dress in sexy babydoll lingerie enter his room to do horny molestation on his body while masturbating themselves!!! Sickos! I can’t believe he is still sound asleep even with all that stimulating ruckus. I suppose his meat stick wasn’t big enough, they start fighting over it. Is that the thing which controls his dreams? Anyway Ako and Riko spot his second button in his shirt as Keita sleep talks about how he tried to save this button for his sisters but is unable to choose between them. Ako and Riko decide to back down for now and wait till a time he will choose on his own. They peck his cheek. The new semester arrives as Keita walks to school hand in hand with his sisters.

Curiosity got the better of me as I went to watch the OVAs that I didn’t watch earlier on. Seems even before and after the TV series ended, there were more OVA episodes released. I don’t know how many there will be but I think the series must be that popular to release limited OVAs with each new volume of manga released. So this OVA 3 as some may call it lives up to its steamy and horny reputation. When Keita goes off for special classes, Ako and Riko enter his room and stumble upon a porn mag in his bag. Slut sisters! They think he is into this sort of incest and threesome when the mag was actually snuck into his bag by his friend. Ako confiscates it but it was just an excuse to have a look. Though embarrassed, she’s masturbating while going through it! She could’ve gotten high if Riko didn’t come in and find out what that pervert is doing. They decide to do a practice threesome in Keita’s room (because it has got his smell) using blankets, a marker pen and teddy bear. By following the mag, Riko takes the lead and plays it cool while Ako panics and flusters during the act. Riko gets stimulated by the marker pen and the teddy bear’s nose for Ako. It got so shock that they started pinching each other’s nipples and licking each other’s tongue! So shock! So stimulating! So steamy! So good! Can’t stop! OMG! Too hot! Too lewd! Too disgusting! No matter how tired or embarrassed, they kept going on. In the end, let’s say they enjoyed it so much that they stained the marker pen and teddy bear. Must be feeling real good, eh? Even Ako says she’d die of sexual frustration if she doesn’t get to do it with Keita. Must really be that pent up. When Keita returns, sly Riko leaves the mag in Ako’s hands and leaves. In a pinch and panicking, Keita comes in and finds out she has the mag in her hands. He delivers a big blow when he says she is more perverted than he thought. Later Ako and Riko argue about it. It got worse when daddy suggests they shouldn’t just fight over Keita but kiss each other as well. This earns him a double punch. And Keita’s curiosity has him looking through the mag. Interesting, eh?

Then in OVA 4, the siblings head to the hotspring. The taxi driver left them stranded outside a penis museum. Keita and Ako fluster and panic while Riko is excited. The atmosphere gets awkward on their way back because their heads are filled with horniness. Keita is suspicious about his sisters’ invitation to join them at the mixed open air bath but gives in. Of course it has to be another one of their perverted schemes. In the bath that is small enough that they got their legs tangled, Ako gives Keita drink sake under guise of cola. Riko also wants to have a taste of it, gulps it all down and collapses. Ako’s plan to do pervert stuff on drunk Keita backfires as he licks Riko’s boobs instead! Ako manages to distract him to do deep tongue kiss. Disgusting! Then he is going for in between Ako’s legs! Too bad he passes out. Frustrated Ako takes them all back and decides to go to bed when she sees Keita’s erection. She drinks up the sake and plays with that meat stick till she passes out! Sicko! Later that night Keita and Riko woke up and outside the balcony Riko manages to convince Keita to kiss her! Another deep one too! Then she puts his face in her boobs. This causes him to remember how her sisters used to comfort him this way a lot. Till he released he is caressing her boobs for real. Riko teases him to suck and lick her boobs. He does so and I can’t believe he is actually enjoying it! Riko is totally in ecstasy! Or is it pain? Either way, it looked to stimulating. I’m amazed the way she screamed didn’t wake anybody up. However Keita passes out in the end of that ‘ordeal’. The next day on their bus ride home, the sisters are bloody disappointed that Keita forgot all the steamy affair he did last night. Boo hoo! But why is he getting this sexually excited feeling? The body doesn’t lie.

I have got to hand it to them that they manage to make those lewd and horny scenes without crossing the border and making this show into a hentai genre. Sometimes those scenes were pretty funny to watch that it made me laugh how on Earth it could happen this way but at the same time so disgusting that it send shivers down my spine and even made my stomach cringe. I guess that is what you call having best of both worlds and heaven and hell collide. I’m sure if they don’t have brother complex, they would’ve slept around with about 100 guys already. Hah. They’ll beat B Gata H Kei’s Yamada anytime. It’s amazing that they could think up of that stuff and boldly do it on him. Especially the part they’re masturbating. Some sort of practice, eh? If the real one won’t do, then in the mind also can. Yeah, that sexual gratification is all in the mind after all. I know in the end all they want is to express their love for Keita but doing those kind of stuff? Yeah, they’re at that age. Why not use your feminine charms to the max. Even after all that, Keita must be one heck of a patient guy, tolerating their visits night after night. He must have got immune to their advances as well. If he was as perverted as them, I can clearly see what kind of turn this anime would be. But that would be no fun, right? The challenge is to do something you desire against the other’s will instead of having an ‘easy victory’.

From my point of view, The OVA contains more horny scenes as compared to the TV series. However if you ask me they’re still both horny. I thought the TV version would lessen such scenes and although it wasn’t so, they didn’t go all out either. You can tell that Ako, Riko and Keita remain more or less the same characters if you have watched the OVA. Even if Ako and Riko did back down from another of their horny attempt, my guess is that it won’t be long before they resume back to their usual antics once more. I’m thinking was it that innocent young Keita who was unashamed to express his feelings and love for his sisters back then, awakened the horny side in them. Keita’s pals remain the losers and stooges they are and provides a little distraction and comic relief especially when it comes to their deprivation on the other sex. Sometimes I felt that the other characters weren’t necessary and serve to make it so that this entire series isn’t just about the siblings (like what they did for the OVA). Miharu happens to be a girl at the wrong place and the wrong time. Each time always ending in some compromising position with Keita. Each time she thinks of Keita, she starts having this feeling of wanting to rush to the toilet so much so it becomes her reflex-cum-trademark. Mikazuki seems to be an annoying cheerful loli while Yuuzuki self undertaking duty to correct the siblings seems shady itself. I mean, why always target them? Does she have some sort of unfulfilled desire? She’s also rather weak and indecisive at times (having relied on her imaginary Kanetsugu is proof of that). Can you believe Ako and Riko are more assertive than her?

The mid-intermission show random poses of the girls in the series. Not all of them are in stimulating poses or outfits but most of them are. The opening theme, Balance Kiss by Ayana Taketatsu and Yuiko Tatsumi (voices of Ako and Riko respectively) is your typical anime pop music giving that somewhat similar feel to the opening of the OVA as well. The same pair sings the ending theme, Our Steady Boy. The thing I find odd about the animation is the strange dancing by Ako and Riko. It feels a bit robotic if you ask me. Not the kind of dance anyone would consider to have that infectious feel like Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu’s Hare Hare Yukai. By the way, don’t Ako and Riko look a little different here as well? Unless you’re paying attention only to the incest and horny scenes, you may want to take note that there are a few other trivia to spot. For instance from animes like Mahoromatic (when Yuuzuki was cosplaying), Fight! Ippatsu Juuden-chan (the TV programme the siblings were watching), Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (a poster on the wall) and K-ON!’s Azusa (when the sisters put on those cat ears at Akihabara and go nyan~) or Yui’s guitar (displayed at the shop’s window).

Probably in the future when the siblings are all grown up, maybe they’ll change their sexual preferences. Just maybe. Now that he has managed to get into the same high school with his sisters, I wonder if he can concentrate on his studies since they’ll be bugging him for most of the time. You can’t blame Keita for turning into a pervert in the future. Even if he doesn’t know it, he has got his own little harem here. Aside his sisters, Mikazuki’s admiration and reluctant Miharu are unwittingly part of it whether they realize it or not. Yuuzuki could be drawn in too if he hands over his jersey or dress up as a shogun. Don’t even mention those nameless underclassmen that went after his buttons. Man, this guy has got lots of love coming at him. Sometimes love can be so one-sided. Would it be morally wrong to ask him to share the love? Hmm… Was the reason why I couldn’t remember history dates and maths formulas were because I didn’t have an effective ‘study aid’? On second thought, please do not ask your sister or girlfriend to do that.

KissxSis OVA

June 18, 2010

If you’re wondering why this blog is rather late since the OVA for KissxSis had already came out a long time ago, well firstly it means I saw it much later. I saw the first two OVA episodes of the series that time and I was wondering if I should continue to watch the third. All that dilly-dally, postponing and delaying finally made me to decide that I should just watch it or else that dilemma to watch or not to watch will forever be stuck in my head.
Depending on how you number the series, some say this is the third instalment and some the second because the first one that came out was actually episode number zero. But I’m not here to confuse you about it. A short synopsis on what this story is about. Incest. Okay, maybe too short. Keita lives along with his sisters, Ako and Riko. The boy doesn’t have any blood relations with the sisters, though. And because of that, the girls duke it out over each other for his affections whether morally or legally right or not, whether he likes it or not. Yup, lots of ecchi fanservice. Poor guy. Lucky us viewers.
In this instalment, the sisters in their Santarina outfit take Keita to a karaoke box to unwind for his upcoming entrance exam. Heck, we all should know that it is part of their plan to get closer to him. After singing their song (which serves as the opening theme for this episode), the gang have a rest and Ako realizes that the Oolong tea that they ordered tastes different. It has some alcohol content? Well, Riko is fast asleep and this means Ako will have Keita all to herself. Happy? However she needs to go to the toilet after one too many drinks but can’t move her legs. I guess Keita is a little bit drunk too so he even offers to bring her to the toilet. Can’t stand the embarrassing thought of that, Ako starts crawling her way there. Hope no one sees her.
That is when Riko wakes up and she too needs to go to the toilet. She can’t hold it anymore but feels it is too troublesome to go herself. WTF?! After making comments like boys have their own pre-attached hoses, she thinks of using a funnel and doing it in a bottle. You mean this is better than going to the toilet? Well yeah. Apparently she got too lazy so she even thinks of wetting her panties! Keita won’t let that happened (they may be banned from the joint if the management finds out) so he carries and rushes her all the way to the toilet. Ako has finished her business and sees them and regrets that she should have had him done the same thing.
Hey, did Keita realize he just entered the female’s toilet? No time for that. That’s because Riko is causing her usual fuss again. Unless Keita takes off her panties for her, she is happy to pee in them. Oh dear. So what’s a guy got to do so that she could finish her business. Riko must be enjoying this. She’s teasing him because his little brother has grown big. After she’s done she continues her teasing that he’s a pervert because he stayed to listen to her piss and did not get out of the cubicle. Yeah, what the heck was that pee analyzing thingy anyway? As punishment, Riko wants him to wipe her clean or else she’ll be contented of being soiled and dirty so much so they will have to take a bath together and clean themselves. Do you think her hentai attacks are too much? And so Keita has no choice but to be her butler-cum-slave as he takes the roll of tissue paper and starts wiping. Ooohh… Aaahhh… You really like that sensation girl? He comes to his senses when Ako comes knocking on their door because they’re taking way too long. He panics and busts out of the cubicle. Too late. She already misunderstood. To make matters worse, Riko lies and hints he really did something to her.
Back in their karaoke room, Riko is asleep once more (look at the happy smile on her face) and Ako still doubts Keita’s fling. Keita becomes depressed so Ako tries to comfort him and apologizes. She wishes for him to cheer up and will share some of her cheerfulness with him. Suddenly Keita forces Ako onto his lap. Looks like he is totally drunk now. He actually wants Ako to share her cheerfulness. Ako is taken aback. Though a little embarrassed, she thinks it is okay since it is her turn to be with Keita. The duo have a very passionate kiss. Tongue to tongue. Then it gets even ‘hot’ from here. Keita wants her to suck his tongue! WTF?! She obliges. Then it’s his turn to suck hers. She’s feeling good? After that, Keita strips her top and starts pulling her tits!!! Unbelievable! Is he doing some experiment to see if girls get excited when their tits get hard?! Probably he’s had enough of massaging and fondling her boobs so now he’s targeting her ass. Gulp. She’s going with the flow till the telephone rings. Girl, interrupted. It seems the karaoke manager that they have 5 minutes left. Ako requests for an extension but since the joint is fully booked, he can’t accept her request. By that time, Keita is asleep and since Ako was so tensed and embarrassed she wet her panties. She heads for the toilet to take them off.
At the end of the day when the siblings leave, Keita thanks them for trying to make him happy and that he feels better now. Since he didn’t remember much of that passionate incident, Ako doesn’t know whether to feel relieved or sad. Of course Riko suspects that Ako may have done something to Keita while she was asleep. She pesters her to spill the beans so Ako makes a run for it (remember she’s not wearing anything underneath). Well you could say that the sisters even the score with their own Keita time. Too bad Keita gets called an idiot though he doesn’t understand what’s happening.
Though the ecchi fanservice was expected, there was something else that I felt while I was watching this. Disgusting. I mean showing the toilet bowl and even the toilet bowl water? And the pass water too? What in the world? It wasn’t just kinky it was disgusting. Same case when Keita and Ako locked lips. Oops. I mean licked tongues. Some people may get turned on by the saliva and all that but every part of my body was cringing from the inside. And I still wonder myself why the heck am I watching this.
I may not remember the initial OVA episodes but somehow I didn’t find Ako as bold as I expected to. I mean if she is willing to get Keita’s attention, then why is she so embarrassed when Keita starts getting bold? Maybe it’s her first time but she should be glad, if you know what I’m saying? Speaking of Keita, now we know that guy gets horny when he’s drunk. Very dangerous. Maybe he’s not entirely to blame seeing that he has always been seduced by his horny sisters. As for Riko she’s still sly and cunning in making Keita do cunning naughty stuff onto him.
I guess this series was popular enough that a TV series has been made in early 2010. I read it’s a retelling of the OVA version. Oh boy. More incest. I’m not sure if I should go watch it or not. I have my doubts and reservations. Yeah, it’s that dilemma feeling again. At least by watching this show, it reinforces and reminds me of the reasons why I stayed away from pure hentai animes. I’m so not into that. And it’s a good thing I don’t have a sister or else who knows what could’ve happened. Or worse. If she’s anime influenced, who knows what she’ll do to me!



July 25, 2009

Ah, forbidden love. Which kind? The incest kind, that is. What is it with Japanese people and incest? Not only that. There are so many types of hentai and ecchi stories in the anime line ranging from mild to hardcore. Are they such ‘creative’ people that they need to take out their wildest fantasies in the form of 2D animation?
Though I wouldn’t consider KissxSis to be a hardcore hentai anime (tempting mild ecchi with mature content, if I must say), but it does touch on the subject on the forbidden love between siblings. Well, step siblings. It may be a little confusing because our junior high school guy, Keita Suminoe, has 2 older twin step-sisters, Ako and Riko. Although Keita isn’t really one of those perverted guys, both the twins wouldn’t mind going to great lengths and do embarrassing lovey-dovey stuff on him. At first glance, it may be incest because they’re siblings but technically not because they are not blood related. Whichever, Keita is one pretty lucky guy to have them vying for his affections. Or is he?
I’m not sure how many episodes there will be in this OVA but I noticed that there is quite a large gap between the release dates. The first one was released back in December 2008 and the second in May 2009. Then there will be another one to be released in November 2009. I guess it is a trend these days to bundle OVAs together with a volume of a manga in order to increase awareness or sales. I found out that there has been a discrepancy to what the title number of the first OVA should be. Some listed it as number 1 whereas officially it is number zero. Huh? What does it mean? A prequel before the real story starts? A setting to give viewers a taste of what is to come?
The show starts off with Keita waking up to the sound of his alarm clock but he can’t get up to off it because his hands are numb. No, he wasn’t playing with himself, mind you. The reason is, Ako and Riko have once again sneaked into his bed to sleep with him. With both girls flanking his side and resting on his arms, you can pretty much do the maths. Keita is relieved that Ako is soon awake but her morning stretch causes her to accidentally punch Keita in the cheek. To make up for it, she gives him a kiss on a cheek. Of course he tells her not to do such things anymore but would she listen? Once she finds out that Keita can’t move, she gives him a wet passionate tongue-to-tongue kiss! Wow! So stimulating! Sexy crazy! This is definitely a wakeup call. Because of that, his ‘southern’ part too has awakened. Hahaha! Stimulating alright. Ako then goes down when she hears their mom calling.
Once she leaves, it is Riko’s turn to awake. So it’s her turn to get steamy with Keita. Uh huh. Riko takes advantage of his immobility and gets on top of him while giving him another morning kiss. She proceeds to give him some service by gently squeezing his ‘southern’ part. Yeow! Oh baby! Riko then decides to help him change his clothes since he can’t move and starts by taking off his pants. But it’s stuck because of that erected ‘southern’ part so she pulls harder till it came off. Let’s leave his sensation to your imagination. Phew. Are we having enough already?
Keita and Riko comes down for breakfast and we find out that even their parents are supportive of the twins doing whatever they want with Keita! They’re even okay with them marrying their son or even doing this and that on him. Is this the kind of parents we want? Ah well, so long as they love their children. Okay, maybe not. Keita’s dad then tells him to focus on studying instead of women even though the twins are his sisters. We learn that Keita is planning to go to a different high school than the twins, Suisen, because of his lower grades. The high school which the twins are going is much nearer and I’m wondering if they want to go to the same high school, why not they themselves enrol where Keita is instead of asking him to enrol there? They wonder if Keita doesn’t really want to go to the same school with them. Yeah, with all the early morning harassment, I can see why too. As Keita rushes to school, he has got a lot on his mind about his sisters and what they did to him so much so he bumps into a truck door. Ouch. Keep your focus straight.
In class, Keita finds out that his male friends have decided to enrol themselves in the same school that his sisters are. Simply because they want to see them in their student representative uniform or doing some school law enforcing thingy (those masochists…). Back at home, Keita is lying on the floor thinking about the high school he’s going to attend when Riko comes by to purposely show him her panties. I guess this guy has had too many of such teasing that this is hardly (mind the pun) anything exciting. Riko then says how she is doing it for him when Ako comes in to chide her for what she is doing. After Riko runs away, Ako then embarrassingly flash her panties to him. Hah. She’s the one to say. Yeah, she thinks that he has seen Riko’s panties, that it’s only fair to see hers. Huh? Of course Keita isn’t amused and goes back to his room while saying how they’re just using him as a toy because it’s only about one losing to the other in ecchi. Ako is a little depressed and thinks she has made him mad but decides to use her special ability to make up for that chance.
That special ability is to cook Keita a love-filled bento. However Ako gets a surprise when Riko too decides to join in, though Riko doesn’t seem to be quite good in cooking. A chance for Ako? Riko tries to pick up a white radish when she accidentally drops it when Ako spots her wearing Keita’s shorts. She is upset and wants her to take it off this instant. Riko uses a diversion to point that Keita is here to escape. I can’t believe Ako actually fell for it and starts acting all lovey-dovey before realizing she has been tricked. Because of the ruckus, Keita wakes up and goes downstairs to see Ako trying to take off Riko’s shorts. I’m wondering how did Ako ended up in her panties only. Did she take off her pants so that she could put on Keita’s? As usual, Keita isn’t amused with their yuri play and lets them carry on with whatever they’re doing. Finally Ako manages to take off Riko’s shorts (OMG! She’s not wearing any underwear beneath!) and starts rubbing it on her own face! That pervert! No difference. Then their parents come in to see them in such a ‘pitiful’ state and tell them that Keita has left for school already.
Keita gets a surprise visit from Ako in class as she presents to him her bento. At the same time, Riko too hands her bento (bought from the convenience store, that is) and proclaims she won’t lose to Ako. The presence of the twins has Keita’s male guys crowding around them and wanting them to treat them like usual. However, Riko says that she only thinks of Keita, causing that poor chap to be really embarrassed. Keita then blows his top and yells back why do they need to bring his lunch to school is it because they have brother complex or something. Keita’s pals aren’t amused with his outburst but the twins feel guilty and say that they don’t have brother complex, but rather they love him. Wow. A confession right in the middle of class. However Keita is too upset and says that he doesn’t believe in their words because he feels that they have used him as a toy and wants them to leave. With a heavy heart and tears in their eyes, the duo obliged after apologizing.
I guess Keita felt he was too harsh on them and decides to go after them but he heard how the other girl classmates are whispering among themselves about their sick relationship. Keita gets pissed off and tells them off that they don’t know anything and yet they sprout this kind of crap. So they tell him to make them understand and that’s when Keita reveals that they are not blood related while showing them the middle finger! Yeah, you can all go and f*ck off! Okay, I made that last line up. But I guess that’s what Keita would really like to say to them as well. The class is in double shock with their newfound discovery.
Keita manages to catch up to the twins and apologizes for his outburst. The twins reveal that since he is going away to a different school, they started to feel lonely and apologize for being terrible sisters. But Keita disagrees that they are terrible sisters (I think he made that statement based on the flashback of all those steamy moments he had with his sisters. Haha. Just kidding) and concludes that they won’t have to resort to such ‘ruthless’ acts if they’re not lonely and decides to study harder so that he can enrol in their high school. The twins are overcome with joy as they jump to over to hug him, which resulted in them falling onto the ground. When Riko recomposes herself, she is shocked to find Ako kissing Keita! By that time, a crowd of students have gathered around them and I think they very much enjoy the drama going on between the trio. They start arguing over Keita (Ako saying not to interfere when she’s having a good time?!) and when Riko realizes Keita is a little out, she starts dragging him to a secret place. Since Ako is her twin, she can pretty much guess what kind of things they’ll do (heck, we too can guess what kind of ‘fun’ things she’d do on him). They resume quarrelling over the possession of Keita and that guy wakes up to see the usual bickering scene. Yeah, he’s now saying how this might not be so bad after all. Uh huh. Methinks that it’s better to have girls fighting over you rather than none.
The next episode has Keita and the sisters at the beach. He catches a baby octopus which earns the wrath of the octopus boss. You guess right. Fanservice time with its tentacles rubbing here and there over the girls while baby octopus has its tentacles stuffed inside Keita’s mouth. Keita then wakes up from this dream but to his horror finds Ako giving him a tongue to tongue kiss! Some morning kiss! Does he get it every morning? Ako continues to ignore what Keita is saying and is going to prepare him for school when she pulls away his blanket. To her horror, Riko is sleeping cuddling right next to him. It seems she crept in last night and joined him in his beautiful sleep. She then remembers she forgot to give him a goodnight kiss and proceeds with one, pissing off her twin.
As Keita prepares to go to school, to his dismay, mommy already knows that the sisters confessed to him at school because this is currently the hottest topic going around the neighbourhood. I see everyone has no other lives but to enthusiastically butt their noses into some kid’s reluctantly love life. And if mom is hyped up about it, what about daddy? Well, he’s fine whoever Keita picks, as long as it’s not mommy. Who says old people has lost the flame? Anyway, they want Keita to hurry up and choose because the neighbourhood is even betting on who Keita will choose! They really need to get a life. In class, Keita is tired for not having enough sleep so his pals wonder why. When Keita mentions his sisters kept him up all night, they misinterpret that they must’ve done something hentai. They continue to tease him that he has fantasies of them. Keita violently protests as he slams his hand on his desk, injuring them.
Back home, he finds the twins waiting in his room. This is part of their plan so that Keita won’t shoo them away and let them stay. If they came after he enters his room, there’s a big chance he might just slam the door on them. But do you think that giving such excuse to help him study for his exams is going to work. We all know the real reason, right? They spot his injured hand so Riko takes his hand and wishes for it to heal. Jealous Ako too does the same thing but in the form of a hasty kiss. This resulted in Keita falling down and Ako landing on his injured hand. Keita goes to take a bath and is having a hard time with his injured hand. Then it hit him how he may have looked at his sisters differently ever since they confessed to him. Before he loses himself, he decides to get out when Riko comes in naked! Ako in a school swimsuit thinks she’s too late and rushes over to give Riko her lecture. Riko puts on a 2 piece cloth and though the sisters argue, it’s not like they’re going to leave Keita in peace. Their intentions are so obvious. Keita is fed up and wants to leave. The slippery floor causes them to trip and let’s say Ako is on top of Keita and has her butt in his mouth. She’s finding it stimulating? On the other hand (literally), let’s say Riko is sitting on Keita’s injured hand. So when he tries to move his fingers… Yeah, stimulating too… I guess we can’t blame that guy because he has hold on for too long and finally nose bleeds. Riko gets naked and thinks that this will stimulate Keita back to life. Would Ako have it her way?
Keita wakes up to find himself in bed as he reads an apology letter from Ako who feels bad and just wants to help the person she loves. Well at least it sounded like she was treating him like a little brother than a lover this time. Then a letter from Riko in which she says she washed his underwear because she felt responsible for his wet dreams… The way Keita reacted must be true lah. The next day as Keita visits the infirmary, he finds his sisters wanting to go in with him to help. Riko doing something cheeky like saying she’ll be his right hand while moving her hand actions up and down. Thinking of that ‘M" thingy? Keita changes his mind and wants to go home so a little struggle ensued so much so he fell down the stairs. Ouch. Now his hand has a fracture and will take 3 weeks to heal. We all know partly whose fault lah.
I’m not really sure if I could wait until the next episode comes out. Yeah, that will be like a whole year for just 3 episodes. To watch or not? I’ll decide when the time comes. As you can see that the forbidden love here is not so bad either. Though the anime starts out on a rousing and stimulating note with lots of fanservice and panty shots, I wouldn’t really consider this to be a series which contains explicit adult material. Maybe for first timers. I feel it’s rather mild. If you can set your mind that they are not blood related, all those kissing scenes won’t feel that gross. Which brings me to another point. When the sisters kiss Keita especially tongue to tongue, it’s like you could see saliva trails. That passionate, huh? I don’t know. I find it a little disgusting. I guess Keita has experienced too much of this ‘harassment’ so I guess he’s ‘numb’ to it all. So is he a lucky guy or what? Hopefully he won’t turn into a pervert. I know this would make his sisters happy… I also find that Riko is the slightly ‘slow’ but more straightforward type while Ako tends to straighten her out.
The drawing and art seems pretty okay for an OVA, not to say that the quality is top notched but I guess we’ll be pretty much focusing on the characters rather than on the background. Even so, the characters do look a little simple. I noticed that the hiragana or katakana writings will appear onscreen whenever there are some sound effects taking place. I’m still wondering why the scene changer has either Ako or Riko turning or flashing as they move across the screen. Yeah, fanservice. Definitely. So those who love ecchi stuff would fancy trying this out. You could say this is a little like soft porn.
It’s a good thing that I don’t harbour such fantasies myself. Okay, so maybe wishing for a harem is as bad but I still feel that illicit sexual relationship between blood related siblings is something that I still find unpleasant. Where in the world can we see cute and pretty looking girls or sisters wanting to show their undying and overflowing love to that single guy they hold closely in their heart? Ah, animes has opened up and made such thoughts possible. Fear the power. What will they think of next?

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