Oh boy. After that ‘tormenting’ mix of blending maids with a young boy, I was wondering if they would throw something else to the mix. Thank goodness dragons aren’t so bad. Wait. What? Dragon maids? Imagine combining something that is legendary fearsome and something that is legendary cute. Cool! And so Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon is about a dragon taking shape of a human maid to serve her human saviour. That’s all there is to it. Nothing really epic or suspenseful. I think I can live with this one. Better than having a boy maid, right?

Episode 1
Kobayashi thought she drank too much and is still having hangover the next morning. Because when she prepares to leave for work, a giant dragon is before her! Then it transforms into a kawaii dragon maid, Tooru. So have they met before? Apparently Tooru is grateful when she saved her in the mountains. To show her gratitude, she wants to work as her maid. Maid? But why? You see, Kobayashi loves maids! Well, Victorian era maids. At first she didn’t want to take on Tooru but seeing how dejected she is, Kobayashi gives her a ‘chance’ to fly her to work. Safe to say that is the last time she’ll be riding like that. Tooru needs to be thought the basics of what maids do. Otherwise she might destroy the house or kill any guests at the door! Plus, whenever Tooru is unsure, she calls her fellow dragon friend, Fafnir for advice. Too bad it is kill everything for him! Tooru did some good when she manages to scare off a couple of thieves trying to break in. Will the police believe them about seeing a dragon? When Kobayashi’s colleague, Makoto Takiya invites her out for a drink after work, Tooru is overcome with jealousy. She’s trying hard to hide her killing intent! Tooru thought she could join in the conversation but it is so deep with engineering terms! She will soon learn how ‘dangerous’ Kobayashi can be when she is drunk. She becomes an obsessed maid loving freak as she forces Tooru to be a real maid. On the other hand, Takiya also turns into a typical otaku to give his otaku ideas. In the end, Tooru had to transform into her dragon form to fly passed out Kobayashi back. She lets Takiya see her true form although he would like to think of himself as drunk. Oh, she has some invisible barrier that prevents other humans from seeing her too. Kobayashi buys casual clothes for Tooru as thanks. Then she has her learn hygiene practices from the internet while she is away. Are you sure? Well, time to consult Fafnir… Kill everything! Maybe not… Maybe Quetzalcoatl (or Lucoa if that is too hard for you to pronounce) will help. She goes on ranting about some Midgard tree and its roots… Don’t ask. As the laundry won’t dry in time due to the heavy clouds, Tooru uses her dragon breath to blow them away for a sunny day! Kobayashi returns home and catches her sniffing her clothes. Nice scent? When Tooru sleeps with her, she has nightmares of her past where knights and wizards try to kill her in another world. A sword struck her. Kobayashi asks if it still hurts. It doesn’t now.

Episode 2
Kobayashi accompanies Tooru to the shopping arcade for the first time. It seems Tooru has made friends with all everyone! When a snatch thief is seen, Tooru asks for permission to stop him. As long as she doesn’t expose her dragon self. Okay. But she uses her super speed and strength to overpower him. Well, glad everyone is cheering her heroics. Back home, a little loli dragon is at the doorstep. Kobayashi thinks she is Tooru’s friend but Kanna Kamui starts accusing her as a slut and to break up with Tooru! Tooru almost misinterpret Kobayashi ‘cheated’ on her with a little girl. Kanna turns out to be her friend and is looking for her since she went missing. Kanna mistook their ‘date’ at the bazaar although Tooru blatantly admits she is in love with Kobayashi. But it seems there is another reason why Kanna is here. She is exiled from her world for a prank. Therefore it will be futile to send her back. I guess we know where she is going to stay. Though, Kanna tries to act tough that she doesn’t trust Kobayashi. Okay. He won’t force her. Tears of joy? Kobayashi wants to take the dragon ladies outside to play so Tooru whisks them to some faraway plains. While Tooru relaxes, she is shocked to see the dragons engage in death match! Is this how dragons play? They claim they are keeping it to human standards since they saw it on TV. Sorry to crush your dreams. As Kanna hasn’t been in this world long, Tooru thought of teaching her some human stuffs. Well, there are some she isn’t sure so she probably lied a bit. Cars run on magic, do they? As they continue to hang out, Kanna speaks to her as she thought she was dead. On the verge. She escaped to this world and that was when Kobayashi saved her. Thus she is now her maid to repay her debts. Then they go peek at Kobayashi at work in their dragon form. Don’t worry. They’re hiding behind the clouds. Oops. I think Kobayashi saw you.

Episode 3
Due to the cramped space of her current apartment, Kobayashi decides to look around for a bigger space. She finds one with a rooftop that is a communal space. First thing to do is to clean and pack up their stuffs. Tooru finds old photo albums of young Kobayashi and slacks off. Kobayashi finds her old manga and starts reading, slacking off. Tooru finds an old maid outfit Kobayashi ordered. She put it away since she saw how bad she looked in it. Tooru gets permission to try it on. Chest area a bit tight… They finally move their stuffs over to the new place. Kobayashi uses the rooftop to wash Tooru in her dragon form. Since she is so huge, it feels like washing a car. After a hard and hectic day at work, Kobayashi mistakenly walks back to her old apartment! On her day off, Kobayashi is annoyed by the noises of her neighbours. Tooru on her behalf goes to tell them to quiet. The loud noises are from Ms Sasakibe’s cooking (?!), Mr Yana’s hideous KISS imitating rock music singing and old Mr Soune who is using a drill to carve his wood! Eventually the trio argue and blame each other for being loud. Tooru wants to kill them all when Kobayashi comes up with a solution to organize a schedule the times they don’t want others making noise. Otherwise earplugs can be the other option. Kanna couldn’t find the perfect spot to sleep. She finally does. On Tooru’s lap. Kobayashi wants to invite Takiya for a party here. Tooru doesn’t like it but Kobayashi also has her invite her friends over. Well, Fafnir appeared in his demonic dragon form! Luckily Tooru tells him to turn into his butler form as shown. Finally arriving is Lucoa. Man, she’s got big boobs fit for a porn movie! And she’s dressing like a slut?! While Fafnir gets hooked (and annoyed) playing that Dark Souls game, Kobayashi tells Lucoa that she is grateful for Tooru. Before she came, she wasn’t smiling as much. The same can be said for Tooru. But Lucoa seems to have something against liquor. Tooru reveals something about her being drunk and got kicked out from her goddess seat. When Kobayashi is drunk, she starts harassing Fafnir to be a true butler before turning to force strip the mature dragon ladies.

Episode 4
Noticing Kanna is looking at kindergarten kids walking pass by their place, Kobayashi decides to enrol her in school. But first they need to buy supplies. However Kanna is picky about her stationery as she wants them cute. The bag is expensive so Kanna understands the need not to add any more costs and puts back a cute keychain she wanted. Then there is this interesting point of view when Tooru asks why the school uniform needs to be the same. Kobayashi replies the need to be similar or else one would get ‘eliminated’ as humans don’t like things that are different than themselves. Kanna is so excited for school that she sleeps with her bag on?! Till she realizes how uncomfortable with it and throws it off! Everyone loves Kanna as the new transfer student, thinking she is some foreigner. However Riko Saikawa is jealous and wants to challenge her. Kanna starts crying since all she wants is to be friends. This makes forehead girl repent and step down. Of course Kanna was just shedding crocodile tears. Just as planned… And now Riko is some sort of biggest admirer of her. One day Kanna brings Riko home as the latter is crying. Just now at the park they were almost hit by a ball from few teens playing dodgeball. Because one of them was rude, Riko didn’t like it and challenged them. Challenge accepted. Too late to realize the sh*t she has gotten into. And since Riko isn’t popular, she can’t recruit others for tomorrow’s challenge. That’s where Kanna has her dragon pals to join in. It is no surprise that the dragons owned and dominated the match and send the losers running away in heavy defeat. But after that, the dragons have their own score to settle with each other. Thus the playground turns into a battlefield as the dragons pitch their powerful explosive throw at each other. Yeah, it’s literally hell. Don’t worry. Lucoa can revert things back to normal and tweak people’s memories. How convenient. Next time, try to play normal dodgeball, okay?

Episode 5
Tooru is bored so she sets her invisibility mode to peek at Kobayashi at work. However she gets mad to see her chief scolding her to fast track some project. She trips him. But that bugger continues to tell off Kobayashi to work faster and Tooru as going to explode! So what she do? She trips him multiple times! He just can’t get up! OMG! Is this some comedy? After work, Tooru could tell Kobayashi was around. She wonders if she was that bored so Kobayashi explains she just wanted to know about her more. Kobayashi remembers a colleague telling her how much happier she is now. She wonders how she was like back then. It doesn’t matter because she has forgotten. Oh, the chief got fired for abusing his power. Fafnir decides to live in the human world for a while. Tooru wanted to let him stay here but since Kobayashi shows to no sign, maybe the mountains will do. That night, the news reports a monster being spotted and police are dispatched. Next day, Tooru reminds him not to stand out. Fafnir didn’t like sneaking about to hide himself from humans. Maybe he should just kill everybody… Tooru decides to help him find a place to stay. Fafnir asks her since she has gotten used to this world, can she kill a human when she returns to theirs. She intends to stay here. Even if Kobayashi will die, she treasures these moments right now. She doesn’t want to have regrets. Since no agency is willing to take Fafnir’s gold, Kobayashi has an idea where to house him: Takiya. It seems he has no qualms letting Fafnir stay. In fact they get along well. Yeah, they’re gaming buddies now. Tooru and Kanna watch a spoon bending magic on TV and want to try too. Despite they can easily bend a spoon with their strength, they aren’t happy because you’re supposed to do it easily. So Kobayashi blows her top when her entire utensils are bent. Learning what they’re trying to do, Kobayashi easily demonstrates she can do it! Tooru is shocked, thinking humans have some hidden power. As she doesn’t want to lose out to humans, she goes on a cliché training that includes waterfall mediation, balancing mediation and even bear training? Don’t ask. In the end, she still has brute strength. Tooru then teaches her how to do it via science. She knows what she wants is to understand humans and that’s why she’s desperate when she can’t. She advises to do things that only she can do. So the next magic trick that shows a magician’s assistant being transferred to another box, Tooru pops out in her place instead! Real magic?

Episode 6
Riko invites Kanna to her home. She hopes to bring Tooru too since she has her own maid. Folks, meet Georgie. Despite not in a traditional maid outfit, Kobayashi instead takes a liking and starts ranting about the evolution of maids. Wow. So deep… Naturally they both click very well and Kobayashi doesn’t like it. But since they invite her to talk more about maids, I guess it’s not all that bad. However with the duo talking deeply about maids, Kobayashi feels left out. Riko plays with Kanna in her room. I want to say there’s nothing naughty about it but they’re playing Twister… As they play video games, Kanna feels worried if she is making friends well. Riko then admits she likes her a lot to the point she wants to marry her! Kanna agrees! Then she goes on top of Riko! Something steamy could have happened had not Tooru barge in wanting to leave but the maid maniacs won’t let her. Once they do, it is revealed that Georgie is Riko’s older sister and another maid fanatic. Lucoa visits Kobayashi to tell she has a home to stay here. Apparently a kid, Shouta Magatsuchi tried a ritual to summon a demon. She answered the call first. I am guessing he is mostly shocked over her huge tits. What Lucoa wants is for Kobayashi to help explain to him that she isn’t a demon. Shouta comes from a line of mages and was thus performing the ritual. Mages are living here quietly but one day if they have to return to their world, Shouta wants to become a full-fledged mage. Thus he is working hard and that ritual. But Lucoa can’t be a freeloader. She needs to do something. She can’t be a maid since mom does the housework. Whatever she offers, Shouta doesn’t need it. Wow. This kid is level headed. The only last thing left is to offer her body! This freaks him out as he believes she is a succubus. Wow. This kid may be gay. Takiya seems to be training Fafnir to become a full-fledged otaku for events. Fafnir is also addicted to gaming, spending 21 hours and levelling up like hell! He doesn’t sleep or eat! He narrates about humans being hits or misses. While misses are quickly known, the hits take time to know if they’re the right one. It is troublesome to spend time with every humans but he feels the misses who trespass his home to steal his treasure were better. Though, he believes Takiya is a hit.

Episode 7
Beach episode! Fanservice time! Especially Lucoa who is just bordering indecency with those bikini and boobs. Oh wait. She is! No wonder Shouta is so afraid and hides behind Kobayashi as his safe space! So we see them in the usual fun of putting lotion, overpowered watermelon smashing and Tooru turning into a dragon to give them a sea ride. Tooru wants to know about Kobayashi’s family. Pretty normal. Even her way of keeping in touch with them from time to time is normal. But from Tooru’s side, she can’t bring Kobayashi to see her parents because they hate humans. In her world, Tooru would be the odd one for sticking with humans. It’s a reason why she wants to spend more time with her. Kobayashi and Tooru visit Comiket to help cover Takiya. Apparently Fafnir is here but he has his own doujin circle to sell! A few minutes after the doors open, there seems to be an earthquake. Actually the crowd stampeding in! Are you scared Tooru? She helps out in the line and learns how fearsome Comiket can be especially the heat. A photographer thinks she is into character despite her attempts to clarify she is a real maid. During their break, they visit Fafnir’s booth. He is ‘dead’. Only his booth has no line. Not selling well? Apparently his book has real curses in it! Outside, Tooru can sense that there are a lot of other creatures from other worlds walking freely around. The best place to hide a leave is in the forest. When she talks to them, they run away in fear after knowing she is a dragon. She gets permission from Kobayashi to expose a bit of her true form. This has photographers flocking to take pictures of her. My, such a long line. At the end of the day, Kobayashi asks how her first Comiket is. She gets to reassure her love for her. But when Takiya requests their help again for winter Comiket, Tooru runs away! No more torture! I guess Fafnir is another defeated soul. Sales definitely didn’t go well.

Episode 8
For Kanna’s upcoming field trip, she wants Kobayashi to make her bento. But Tooru insists to do it and since Kobayashi won’t back down, it’s going to be a food competition. Lucoa, Fafnir and Kanna will be the judges of this best of 3 rounds. First round goes to Kobayashi since her tomatoes beat Tooru’s salad. Next round goes to Tooru because Kanna prefers hamburgers to bacon and eggs. For the final round, Tooru lets Kobayashi taste some fruit candy she bought. Then it turns out to be a carnivorous creature trying to eat him! Of course Tooru gets disqualified for bringing ingredients from another world. After dinner, another dragon lady, Elma crashes in and wants to take Tooru back. Despite being strict with Tooru, she is actually a nice person. Kanna explains Elma and Tooru don’t get along because they are from different factions. Even dragons have factions? Elma is from the harmony faction who wants to get along while Tooru is from the chaos faction who wants destruction. Does it sound like Tooru’s the baddie? The last time they fought, 3 islands were decimated! So they’re going to settle it again? Not in this house! Tooru opens a portal to the plains where they could fight. But once Elma steps in, she closes it! Sneaky! Elma returns the next day and you can tell she is upset. But looks like her stomach is growling. Here, have a bread. Now that she has had her fill, she leaves happily. Kobayashi is shocked when Elma is introduced as his new colleague. Apparently this is coincidental. Her job is to see if other creatures would be able to live in harmony here. Obviously she lacks knowledge of human’s technology and Kobayashi has to teach her. Elma dreads pay is only in a month. What will she do about food and rent? She explains she can’t go back as she doesn’t have enough power to open a portal like Tooru. Kobayashi buys her a croquette. She’ll be glad to teach her things. When Kobayashi returns, Tooru could smell a different scent on him and gets jealous. Kobayashi is sleeping on her much needed day off but Tooru wants to clean. And she really cleans everything spick and span. When Elma comes by to give Kobayashi a protective charm as thanks, Tooru gets jealous and blows her away! Tooru hints to her that she is selfish and holding back a lot and yet she is being mean. Kobayashi replies about the complexity of human relationship. Sometimes she puts distance with others. She has friends but not close friends. He pats her head and hopes she understands. That’ll do. Tooru will make her a protective charm too.

Episode 9
Kanna wants Kobayashi to come to her sports festival but she can’t citing work. She can’t take the day off as that is the same day of her project’s deadline. She will have Tooru accompany her instead but Kanna isn’t happy. She starts sulking as Tooru tells Kobayashi that Kanna probably wants to be spoilt by her since that’s the reason why she got exiled for playing pranks just to get her parents’ attention. One day Kanna spies on Kobayashi at work. When she comes home, she tells her she doesn’t need to come. Knowing she is just putting up a fake front, Kobayashi decides to work longer hours and beat the deadline so she could have that day off. Kanna is really happy when Kobayashi tells her she is able to come. So for the sports festival, we see Riko loving every moment of it especially the 3-legged race since she gets to have the most physical contact with Kanna. Either she wins it or she screws up. Shouta is embarrassed to acknowledge Lucoa is here because she is always cheering for him and her boobs can’t stop bouncing. Well, that seems to contribute to his victories since everybody else got so distracted. For the final relay race, Kanna slips up and drops the baton. Her class is in last place when she finally passes the baton to Kanna the anchor. Kanna zooms past from last place to win the race and the overall for her class! Everyone praises Kanna as Riko feels guilty and dares not talk to her. Surprisingly Kanna licks her face. She thanks Riko for putting in the effort. Kanna thanks Kobayashi for coming. Despite she can’t go all out like she used to, it’s better to be with everyone else. Kobayashi wonders how much of herself has changed since she is able to participate in this kind of activity.

Episode 10
A guy from the shopping district was supposed to put on a show for the old folks home for Christmas. But he is injured and Tooru volunteers to take his place. Since Kobayashi is busy with work, Tooru rounds up the rest. They brainstorm on what to do and it is decided they adapt that matchstick girl story. Fafnir becomes the director since he sucks at acting. But his authoritarian ways means everybody fails! Lucoa has Shouta cross-dressed and he looks like a real girl! After Elma takes over as director, it seems Kanna is most fitting to be the matchstick girl. As they practice, they also try to infuse a few things to make it interesting like 47 Ronin and magical girl (Fafnir’s idea). Kobayashi and Takiya arrive in time to watch the play. Starts off normal till Fafnir pops up as a demon lord bestowing magical girl powers. Then there is Lucoa as a scantily clad fairy, accidental setting fire on a city, Elma as a samurai trying to avenge her lord by fighting Tooru the head of her clan. Yeah, they even use real fire and magic! The old folks think it is great CGI! Kobayashi thought the play is done for but she sees how everyone is enjoying it. The play is a success and everyone celebrates and parties back at Kobayashi’s place. After everyone leaves, Tooru takes Kobayashi on a night flight in her dragon form. Tooru also has a present for her. Not sure what this thing from the other world is since it is mosaic out. Kobayashi doesn’t look impressed, though… Kobayashi also has a scarf present for her. This makes her happy and starts flying haphazardly. Careful. Don’t want to kill your master on Christmas night, do you?

Episode 11
Tooru wins a kotatsu from the shopping raffle. Now they’re addicted and can’t leave. The maid is becoming lazy… So much so nobody wants to answer the door. Tooru is forced to and each time after attending a neighbour and going back to the kotatsu, another doorbell rings. They talk about the Chinese zodiac and Tooru can’t believe the story in which the dragon comes after the tiger and rabbit. Kobayashi has Kanna and Tooru dress up in their kimono so they can go their first shrine visit on New Year’s Eve. The rest are there too. Tooru gets a great curse for her luck reading. Apparently this must be a good thing for a dragon since she’s so happy about it. After midnight, Kanna suggests everyone visit Kobayashi’s home and share the kotatsu. But the little ones fall asleep and the adults continue their New Year eating. Eventually they fall asleep where they are except for Fafnir who continues to stay away playing video games. I swear that dragon has never slept. They manage to get it up in time to watch the first sunrise of the year. Then it is back to kotatsu addition again. Kobayashi throws an orange skin but misses. Not even Tooru wants to pick it up, giving excuses. Heck, Kobayashi went to pick it up so she can throw it again? Missed again! Why so troublesome? Kobayashi soon receives a call from mom asking if all is well. Tooru doesn’t seem too happy. Tooru wonders why Kobayashi doesn’t return to her family for the New Year. She isn’t on bad terms with them but is used to life like this. What about Tooru? She could go back if she wants to. Tooru replies that living here with her is her life now. Kobayashi gives her first New Year’s money to Tooru and Kanna who for the first time receive them. Shouta despite dreaming of auspicious things, they are all in the form of Lucoa! It’s going to be a bad booby year…

Episode 12
Tooru as usual cleans up the place sparkling clean and does the laundry. All that is left is to make dinner. Unfortunately she is over budget and hopes the chicken store seller could give her a discount. He would like the do some service for her but this price is already as low as he can go. No choice, she goes back to her world to get those ingredients. Well, as long as it’s not her own tail. A flashback shows how Kobayashi and Tooru met. Kobayashi was having a rough day with his boss hounding him over the deadline and covering mistakes of others. Naturally on her way home she started drinking and got drunk. She missed her stop and got off in the mountains. That is where she met injured Tooru in dragon form. But Kobayashi is so drunk that she isn’t scared of her threats. She even hugged her and pulled the mighty sword from her body! Tooru is surprised and grateful since she lost a fight with the gods and ran away here. She didn’t think someone who lacks in faith would be able to pull it out. Kobayashi continues to be a drunkard forcing Tooru to drink. She transforms into a human form to do so. They both get drunk and started complaining about their lives. When all is done, Kobayashi offers her to come stay with her since Tooru is alone in this world. She can also be her maid. The rest as we know is history. When Kobayashi asks if there are humans in her world, Tooru describes a human girl she once associated with. This bandit girl was on the run after attacking a noble and hung out in the mountain ruins where Tooru resided. Tooru threatened to kill her but she isn’t afraid. Bandit girl asked what it’s like to be a dragon because she could do whatever she wanted. But Tooru wonders if it is so since as a chaos dragon, there was hardly anything she could freely do. Bandit girl says if she had freedom, she would become a maid and fall in love with her master. Even if that sounds like enslaving, at least she did it because of her own choice. Tooru then hang out and listened to more of her stories till one day she decided to cross the mountains to the next country. That was the last she saw her and wouldn’t mind seeing her again. She could be why Tooru is Kobayashi’s maid now.

Episode 13
When Tooru is out shopping, suddenly her inner voice is trying to sow doubts that she can no longer keep living like this. It is trying to tell her she is a dragon and not a maid as well as the possibility she will have a reason to return to her world. As much as Tooru tries to fight it off, before she knows it, her father appears. He believes she doesn’t belong here and forcefully takes her back. Kanna sees this and tells Kobayashi that Tooru has returned to her world as she cannot go against her father who is the Emperor of Demise. At first it shocks Kobayashi a lot as she tries to maintain her composure. Trying to live a normal life without a maid is hard. Kobayashi is forgetful, rushing and clumsy. A subtle reminder to tell us to appreciate our maid! So gloomy that Riko doesn’t even have the mood to sexualize gloomy Kanna. One morning, Kobayashi hears Tooru’s voice outside her door. She has returned! But their reunion is short-lived. Her father returns and is not amused she has done so without permission. He reminds her about the rules of the world that must be obeyed and that they can’t interfere in this world. Her feelings to stay here is not relevant. When Kobayashi wants to speak up, father shoots a warning shot breaking her glass! It scares the sh*t out of her! But she gathers her courage to say what she wants. If Tooru wants to stay then she is staying. Can’t interfere in this world? Then he can’t kill her. Then there is some future possibility how dragons might invade this world if they are influenced by this. But Kobayashi argues if it is so, it is not Tooru’s fault and he is just twisting it to make her look responsible. She relates all the good qualities of Tooru. The best one: Because she is a maid! Don’t take away my maid! Father and Tooru then go to another dimension to fight. Kanna brings Kobayashi there to intervene. She lectures him about compromise and respect. They can understand each other if they spend time with each other. They have been doing so for some time and if she can have faith in Tooru, why can he have the same in his own daughter? Seeing her resolve, father although still does not approve of it all, backs down and leaves for now. He will not take it from a creature who has a different lifespan than them dragons. Tooru gives Kobayashi a big hug. They return to their normal lives and it is sure good to have a maid around. Tooru knows there will come a time to part with her master but right now she wants to treasure the time they have together and believes she would not be better off had she not met her.

Tooru looks like she rigged the Valentine chocolates. That evil laughter… But when she gives it to Kobayashi, she is hinted and warned about the trust that will be forever lost. Instantly she takes it back. Yeah, there was really something in it. If you’re wondering why Lucoa has so many bowls of chocolate, Shouta can guess she is planning to cover themselves in it! In school, Kanna receives lots of Valentine chocolates and this makes Riko jealous. Eventually she gives hers as Kanna seeks permission to eat it now. Riko must like her fingers being sucked, eh? Elma shows Kobayashi she got a chocolate from a colleague. However other colleagues soon give Kobayashi theirs and in no time she has a big haul. You jealous? Kanna who wants more chocolate, returns home and finds Tooru’s hidden rigged chocolate. She eats it and then offers Kobayashi some. The moment she bites, she feels something strange. She realizes too late this is Tooru’s chocolate. Before she becomes a pedo, she goes to sleep. Tooru comes in to check what is wrong. But are things going to get hot between them? Suddenly Kobayashi blows her top at Tooru for wearing to wrong maid outfit. Turns out the chocolate had alcohol properties and it avoided getting her into serious problems. The whole gang take a trip to the hotsprings. We get a bit of fanservice but don’t expect much. Kobayashi asks the question of why the dragon girls take the human form as they do because they could have looked cuter if than this. There is some brief magic process explained but I’m not in the mood for that. This has Kobayashi wonder her dragon form. Each start fantasizing what she would look like. Weird imaginings. Fafnir learns that Takiya planned this trip as part of the community to help look out for them after that Tooru’s father incident. He also considers Fafnir part of this community. Takiya teases him as a tsundere because he says how much he hates him. Later we have weird ping pong matches. Tooru and Elma’s are too fast for the naked eye to see, Takiya and Fafnir looked like some choreographed cheering while Kanna and Riko are just the girliest and cutest! That night, Tooru gives Kobayashi a clean Valentine’s chocolate. As thanks she lets her hold her hand. Give an inch, want a mile. Because Tooru wants to consummate with her. She’s not supposed to say that out loud. Okay. Cut the talk and let’s just do it! I don’t think that’s what she meant either. On the way home, the tired girls are sleeping but Tooru and Elma still have enough energy to fight each other.

Dragon Musume No Iru Nichijou (No, It’s Nothing Epic, Really)
I supposed the sudden change in pace and drama for the final episode is necessary to give some ‘shock’ value because we have been watching their everyday lives and antics, it might be getting too predictable and boring after all. With Tooru’s dad making his fearsome appearance to take her back, at least it shakes things up a little. It isn’t a laughing matter when the maid gets taken away! No way! Never in a million years! I expected it to somewhat end with Tooru getting to stay with Kobayashi because I just love a good sense of justice. What justice? The good guy always gets the maid in the end! Yahoo!

I have a few questions that kept occupying my mind ever since. For example, if dragons can turn into humans in our world, why not they transform and assimilate into humans in their own world? Assuming humans there are the same as those here, it’s not like they could tell apart assimilated dragons, right? Unless they can’t transform here but then again it doesn’t make sense because there is less magic power in this world. Maybe it is a dragon’s pride to show who is boss in the other world. Also, if Tooru’s father mentions about the fear of other dragons following suit and then some sort of invasion as well as non-interference, does it not make any sense because I thought they are from the chaos clan? Creating trouble and destruction is what they’re supposed to do, isn’t it? Am I missing something here? Ah well, something a human like me cannot understand. Lastly, how did Kanna open up a portal to let Kobayashi settle the fight between father and daughter? I thought she was so weak that she couldn’t return to her home? Maybe she has improved so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Aside these unanswered questions, it doesn’t diminish my overall enjoyment for the series.

The characters are lovable and that is what makes this funny series even more enjoyable. But if I have to point out the most ‘boring’ character ever, it would be the titular character herself, Kobayashi. She is somewhat bland, plain and normal. That’s it. She has a bit of her own quirks but that is usually overshadowed by the quirkiness of the other characters around her. Basically she is a nice person who treats her maid well. She minds her own business. But as you might have noticed, having those dragon girls in her live has made her a better person as she smiles more and has something to care about. I have this conspiracy theory that Kobayashi is a female instead of a male is to prevent from making this series look like some sort of horny dragon harem. That is why Kobayashi is also closely dressed and looks like a male to have that androgynous look. Therefore no sexual subtexts and jokes are to be expected if the main character is to be a man. I mean, could you not resist it if you have a maid? I know I won’t… :-/.

The dragon girls add live and colour with each of them having a distinct character. Without them, Kobayashi would have been living the same boring life had not Tooru (maid dragon), Kanna (loli dragon), Lucoa (boobs dragon) and Elma (foodie dragon) entered her life. Well, maybe she would have more peaceful and less intrusive life but it didn’t turn out that way. So for Tooru, she is like the eager maid who wants to serve her master wholeheartedly. She has a potential to become yandere if her master doesn’t give her the appropriate attention and mixes around with others but thankfully this isn’t that kind of anime. In a way, Tooru sounds a bit possessive as she wants Kobayashi all to herself but she has to open up because you know what they say, sharing is caring. Sometimes. That’s why perhaps there is this running joke that Tooru always wants to cut off her tail and slip it into her cooking to let Kobayashi eat it. Well, dragons are lizards technically so their tail can grow back…

Despite the normal but extraordinary master-servant relationship between Kobayashi and Tooru, I can never see that this will turn into some sort of pure romance. It never hit me until I was typing my end thoughts for this blog. Is it because Kobayashi is female? Is this another reason why Kobayashi is a woman? Oh, you’ve never heard of yuri relationships, haven’t you? There are stories about masters and their slaves or maids falling in love and eloping but it never crossed my mind for this one. But the dynamics of their relationship goes to show that despite their different species and world origins, they are able to put aside their differences and trust each other to live a normal life. Case in point for Tooru who mistrusts humans before coming to this world. Now she has a place to come home to and look forward to tomorrow. So can you say that a bad day at work for Kobayashi is actually a blessing in disguise that led to this fateful encounter? I think it is.

Kanna is ‘better’ than Kobayashi in terms of personality despite her monotonous and emotionless character. Well, at least she is moe and cute. You can never beat that. Doesn’t it make you want to hug and cuddle her? Don’t you want to have a dragon pet sister this cute to hold in your arms and squeeze to death? No? Okay. Lucoa sometimes gives Tooru advice but they’re usually not really the best. Basically she is practically useless besides her boobs. Fafnir has surprisingly turned from kill-everything to a hardcore otaku that he is probably the dragon that has assimilated the closest to humans. And of all the human kind, the otaku. See, people. Anime conquers even dragons! Too bad his doujin never sells. I have a theory that he now takes his kill-everything notion to online games. I guess that way is better. Elma was introduced quite late in the series although it feels like it is purposely done for the comedy effect. Strangely despite her constant ‘riff’ with Kobayashi, Elma is quite incompetent and seen as one who loves to eat but can’t afford it. Personally I think she isn’t as useless compared to Lucoa because at least she is seen trying and learning despite still failing. At first I thought she was a unicorn or narwhale because of her single head horn and her fish-like tail but I guess dragons come in all forms of shapes and sizes.

For the human characters like Riko, she is fast becoming stereotyped as some sort of lesbian and gets her kicks whenever she is with Kanna. It is like that loli dragon is a form of drugs for her because each time she has physical contact with Kanna, you can see that orgasmic ahegao face. As though this is what defines her existence and reason to live. A total opposite for Shouta because ever since Lucoa started living in his place, the constant shoving of boobs in his face has left this kid traumatized. And you thought that this would turn him into a future king of perverts by starting young but instead it had a negative effect. This guy has learnt to fear boobs that flat chested girls like Kobayashi are his refuge and solace! I guess lots of boys his age would love to trade places with him but you won’t know the real hardship until you’ve been in his shoes.

If Kanna exists to satisfy fans of flat chested loli, then the same can be said about Lucoa whose existence is to satisfy those who love big boobs (the kind of boobs that exist only for hentai). Dragons having big boobs in their human form may sound like fanservice but I guess this is the only way to not ‘lose’ their majestic assets. I mean, dragons are huge so naturally they would have huge tits too, right? Because of this, it got me thinking that if all the dragon ladies have big boobs (I know Kanna hasn’t have them yet but give her some time and she’ll grow a voluptuous pair), then in turn don’t you think that Fafnir has the biggest dick ever too???!!! OMG!!! I know you’re going to kill me for saying it but just think about it. If it is no exception that the dragon ladies have such big busts, then it is only right for male dragons to have big penis, am I not right?! Probably why Fafnir doesn’t seem to show it is because we might be ‘intimidated’. Or maybe he just has a sma-… Whoops!

The one thing that boggles me although it doesn’t really have any deeper meaning to it is the scene in between the skits in each episode. You see, as each episode can be divided into a few skits, they are ‘set apart’ by a yellow background followed by 5 dots that eventually turn into numbers or symbols. This in turn form some sort of equation, pattern or emoji. Like I said there isn’t anything deep about this and could be for just fun but I can’t help think that there is some sort of conspiracy behind to it all. You know, maybe a cheat code or something?

The art and animation might feel all cute and moe. It fits the comedic and simplistic nature of this series. Animated by Kyoto Animation, they also did a few series that had this kind of art style such as Lucky Star and Nichijou. Yeah, you’re not always going to see K-ON! style or Clannad visuals always. Everything is bright and colourful that sometimes it looks like a cartoon for children. Even if the dragons are in their beast form, they aren’t that ferocious looking. Fearsome, yes. But not that scary enough to scare the daylights out of me. Me? Scared of dragons more than ghosts or bugs?

Daisuke Ono as Fafnir sounds familiar. Well, almost. Because of his butler outfit in his human form, I kept remembering he would be like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. Just without the grace and devil’s smile. Yuuichi Nakamura as Takiya is also recognizable although no raising his voice and getting mad. Heck, even as a gentle single dad in Amaama To Inazuma has one moment of him screaming at the top of his voice. There is something familiar about Georgie’s voice too. Oh right. It’s Yuko Gotou! Not sure if she is considered retired since fans would know about her health issue many years ago that made her go on a hiatus but in the past few years she did come back a while and do some voice acting. The last I heard from her was in 2015’s Nagato Yuki-chan No Shoushitsu and Ushinawareta Mirai Wo Motomete in the year before. Hmm… Does she have a limit of only voicing 1 anime per year? If so, quota reached for this year!

The rest of the voice acting casts include Mutsumi Tamura as Kobayashi (Sonya in Kill Me Baby), Yuuki Kuwahara as Tooru (Hakua in Shomin Sample), Maria Naganawa as Kanna (Tamaki in Stella No Mahou), Minami Takahashi as Lucoa (Megumi in Shokugeki No Souma), Yuuki Takada as Elma (Rin in Busou Shoujo Machiavellism), Emiri Katou as Riko (Kagami in Lucky Star) and Kaori Ishihara as Shouta (Aladdin in Magi series). It is hard to dismiss the opening theme, Aozora No Rhapsody by Fhana. Some of the lyrics are fast paced almost like a rap. But the thing that is amusing is the opening theme credits whereby the characters are doing cute stuffs. Or weird stuffs. Like the very weird part where everybody stands with their hands apart like a ‘T’ and then spins around! Spin and spin! Human helicopter?! But the ending theme, Ishukan Communication by Choro-gonzu (basically the seiyuus of the quartet dragon ladies) is too cute! The way they sing this song flawlessly and in a cute rhythmic way without tripping the nonsensical but cute opening lyrics is just amazing. I guess it will take a lot of practice and biting my own tongue if I am going to be able to come close and sing the same way as them.

Overall, this anime is funny and enjoyable. Shockingly for me it wasn’t the maid part which I was initially being biased on that will make me love this anime but I was wrong. The maid element didn’t come close as the other aspects overwhelm it. Maybe the maid outfit design wasn’t really to my taste. Decent but still not my favourite type. The skits are light-hearted and funny, the characters are adorable and wonderful and you can learn a few life lessons as well. What? Life lessons? Like being a family despite coming from different backgrounds and worlds. Also, despite our short fleeting time in this world, the most important thing are the times spent together that counts. It could be years or just seconds but as long as that is precious, it is worth more than any gold or silver in the universe. Woah. So deep. So heart-warming. So cute. Sometimes this series might seem like an over the top show about a pet being grateful to its master. We hear a few stories about that in life and seen a couple of them in the movies. But have you got a dragon maid as your pet? No, I don’t think lizards count. And yes, better to have dragon maids than boy maids. Anytime.

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