I couldn’t believe that there is another OVA for the Kodomo No Jikan series. And I thought after the second season that came in the form of OVA, there won’t be another round of horny loli to go about. This is what I found out. I think. Besides the TV series and the Nigakki OVA, there are a total of 3 OVAs. The first one being the one shown before the TV series started (the little girls trying to buy Aoki a present), the second one focusing on the relationship between Kuro and Shirai-sensei and the recent one released back in January 2011, which is this blog, is the third one. Wow, that’s a long time if you consider this OVA spanning 3 over years for just 3 episodes.

In this third OVA instalment, Aoki’s 3 little students, Rin, Kuro and Mimi follow him back to his seaside hometown. His colleague Houin also tags along in hopes to appeal to his parents as his bride. Looks like she hasn’t given up yet. Aoki is tackled by his younger sister Chika. Rin and Houin start thinking that she will be their future sister-in-law. Counting your chickens, eh? Chika proceeds to greet the kids but doesn’t seem too fond with Houin because of her bigger boobs. In the car ride, Kuro hears that Chika is popular with the girls during her school days and tries to get some tips from her but was ignored (if you watched the series, you’ll know Kuro is a lesbian and has a crush on Rin but that love is one-sided). Rin and Houin blush when they hear how Chika was telling Aoki that their mom got excited when she thought he was bringing home a bride.

Upon reaching the house, the gang meets Aoki’s mom. She welcomes them until she mistaken Houin’s flabby belly for being pregnant and repetitively slaps Aoki! How can my son do such a thing?! Why is Rin trying to put a pillow up her stomach to be pregnant?! As the little ones put on their swimsuit, Mimi feigns she has her period coming and thus forgot to bring her swimsuit. That’s when Chika comes in and fondles-cum-tests Mimi’s boobs. She proceeds to give Mimi her old swimsuit and teaches her how to use a tampon. I’m not sure if Mimi’s moaning is fear or sensation. As they play at the beach, Rin bluffs Aoki that she has been stung by a jellyfish on the thigh and wants him to suck the poison out. He was really going to do so when Kuro came by to note that the permanent marker is wearing off. Pissed off Rin buries Kuro in the sand. Yeah, she’s making Mimi at least building her ‘bigger boobs’. Rin gets an SMS from Reiji so Aoki teases her that he must be free. This upsets Rin as she tells him off that Reiji only has feelings for her mom. But what Aoki meant was he was free to watch porn. That’s a joke of course. Rin continues that when her mom was still alive, the 3 of them would go to the beach and had lots of fun.

That night back home, Aoki rubs lotion on Kuro’s back as she is in pain from sunburn. Chika talks to Houin about Aoki and since the busty teacher’s flustering is so obvious, Chika decides to tease her more and invites her to drink. As Aoki falls asleep, Rin comes in and sleeps next to him naked! Then Aoki starts cuddling Rin like as though she is a bolster! When Aoki awakens, he finds Houin and Chika flanking and sleeping beside him. They reek of alcohol too. Looks like Rin couldn’t take the heat and backed out earlier. She thinks it is impossible for it to ‘fit’ in. Aoki goes to sleep somewhere else as Houin unconsciously goes on top of Chika and starts kissing her! Yeow! That passionate tongue kissing! Because of that, the next morning Chika starts to fear Houin though the latter doesn’t have any recollections of last night’s hot passion. She’s obviously acting real strange.

That evening, the little girls make preparations for the Bon festival. Aoki comes back from an errand with Houin and notices Rin looking gloomy though she scoffs it off as nothing. Night comes as Kuro tries to play a sparkler prank on Aoki but it backfires. Chika becomes scared when Houin comes in to bath with her. Crazy city girl, she thinks… Rin becomes more depressed when her sparkler dims. Later Aoki goes to talk to her. She mentions something about she thought she could meet her mom again. Aoki notes how he thought he wanted her to quickly grow up so as to change all those sad feelings to memories. But he rather let her stay as a kid around him and spend her time as one. Aoki allows Rin to hug him, delighting her very much. The next morning, Aoki and co prepare to leave. Aoki teases Kuro who is really tanned and nicknames her so (her name means black) so Kuro gives that virgin a kick in the crotch. After all those kicking, he should’ve seen this coming. Before Rin leaves, she puts a photo that she took of themselves next to Aoki’s photo during his younger days.

Summer Holiday and Lolis…
Well, this OVA doesn’t feel like much. Just a little bit more on Aoki and Rin but nothing really concrete that will take their relationship to the next level. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s not like Aoki is a lolicon because he is a good person and teacher to begin with. Surprisingly this OVA isn’t as horny as the TV serious or previous OVAs. The only fanservice bit you’ll ever get to see is that short naked scene when Houin enters the bath to join Chika. This OVA was rather more of a drama and a smatter of some funny parts here and there. Otherwise if this is the real ‘final’ episode of the Kodomo No Jikan series, then what more can I say?

I guess it’s rather okay since it has been a long time since I watched this series and even if it doesn’t amount to anything much, missing a few other characters like Reiji and Shirai. Kuro and Mimi were just playing supporting roles and not much development for them. Chika was sure funny herself because she got more than she bargained for in the end. She thought she could tease Houin and have fun doing so but it turned out that she became very conscious of her. So what about Houin’s chances on Aoki? Maybe that will be another story.

So again, this series is about the childhood times of a person. If that kid has a traumatic childhood, then there is a big chance he/she will be unstable and most likely endanger not only everyone else but himself/herself as well. So it’s best that every child enjoys their childhood as we know, we all only have one. I don’t know if I’m wasting my youth being an otaku. You can call me a kid still or a big buffalo. Anyhow you look at it, I’m quite happy the way things are.

Kodomo No Jikan Nigakki

October 2, 2009

Because one TV series season of horny loli wasn’t enough, I guess they have to make another production to satisfy all you loli hardcore fans out there. And no, I’m not one of them, mind you. Kodomo No Jikan Nigakki more precisely is a 3 episode OVA and those who have watched the TV series will remember how horny and kinky that kindergarten girl, Rin, is towards her good hearted homeroom teacher, Aoki. I suppose because the original TV series had too much censorship, the producers decided to go straight to the OVA. I guess the horniness continues here but I noticed that even if it is an OVA production, the ecchiness is toned down quite a bit. Don’t want viewers to get more ‘dirty’ ideas, huh?
Another thing which I later found out is that the OVA episode proper has only 3 episodes. The first episode it seems is a special OVA and is not considered by many to be an actual first episode. Which means the second episode is the first episode and the next episode is the second one and so forth. Why so confusing? I don’t know. But I read that so called special OVA episode was released concurrently together with one of the manga volumes. I mean to me, it makes no difference. An OVA is an OVA, right? Anyway back to the story and to avoid confusion for myself, I’ll follow the ‘official’ episode number instead.
Episode 0 Special – Kuro-chan and Shiro-chan
The episode opens with Rin up to her usual horniness again. Yeah, she is saying how something is coming into her body. All that dramatic-ness is actually Rin and the rest are taking a vaccination shot. She hasn’t changed at all. Thinking that Aoki is jealous, Rin offers to let him stick his big fat booster shot into her butt! She’s even showing her ass to him! Cheeky Rin then goes out to call the others in for their turn while Mimi is struggling herself with the shot. The next scene shows Aoki narrating how everyone is in the 4th grade and Rin is the class rep and thinks how she has become more responsible. But she’s back to her cheeky ways when she changes the class’ slogan to "Everyone gets creamed inside".
This episode is more on Rin’s lesbian buddy, Kuro and the no nonsense teacher, Shirai. Kuro is upset because Rin and Mimi think that she likes Aoki for always teasing him. During the teacher’s meeting, Houin is upset and disagrees with Shirai that club activities will be cut down, though the decision is postponed. Later in the evening, as Shirai sits alone ranting about how she dislikes her job and kids (the reason why she is still teaching is to pay off her flat loan), Kuro comes by and says how pretty she is. She proceeds to nickname her Shiro-chan and wants to get acquainted. Even if Shirai doesn’t want to but Kuro isn’t listening. Over the next few scenes, Kuro follows Shirai like a leech. Worse. A stalker. Even to the toilet. So Shirai goes to tell off Aoki to handle his student properly but Aoki took it the wrong way and pesters for Shirai’s secret on how she got so close to Kuro instead.
Another meeting between Shirai and Kuro make sense why Kuro clicks with her. They both hate Aoki. Kuro gives her a white rose hairpin and herself a black one as commemoration of their friendship. This reminds Shirai of her past whereby her mom advices her not to get too close to some popular girl named Chika for fear of being influenced by her bad habits like wearing her skirt too short. Then one day Shirai heard how Chika and her pals talked bad behind her back like she’s so plain and sophisticated and that’s when she began to feel that they are just a bunch of bubbleheads.
The next day in school, Rin enlists the help of her buddies for field day selection but Kuro cites boring reasons and would only do so if Rin gives her a kiss. Rin agrees and Kuro is taken aback. Could it be true? As Kuro prepares herself, Rin kisses Mimi instead. Well, she didn’t say who to kiss, right? Upset Kuro runs out and bumps into Aoki on her way. She gives him the usual kick in the crotch before running off. Kuro meets Shirai once more and pours out her complaints about Aoki. She then tells her about this certain girl that she likes and wants her opinion. Shirai is a little surprised and tries to recall her child psychology classes she took back then for the right answer. However Shirai’s answer upset Kuro further. What she said was that if she doesn’t think about it, she’ll turn out normal when she grows up. What does that imply? It means Kuro interpreted it that she isn’t a normal person. She runs away in tears telling Shirai to forget this conversation ever took place.
Shirai on her way home ponders her actions. Back home, she receives a call message from her mom saying how Chika is getting married and is thinking about introducing Shirai to someone nice too. Shirai is pissed of her change in attitude towards Chika and then it hit her. She realized that she herself is not normal. Yeah, for a 30 year old woman to be still single and not even dated a single guy. Is that normal?
The next day as everyone lines up for an assembly for the field day, Kuro notices that Shirai has put on her white hairpin, making her happy. Kuro also puts on hers when she hears a couple of boys mocking old broad Shirai for putting a flower on her head. Kuro immediately goes into fury and starts fighting with the boy and wants him to apologize to Shirai but the boy refuses. Aoki and Rin tries to stop the fight as Shirai wonders if this girl was by her side back then, what kind of person she would turn out to be herself. Yeah, she imagines Rin slapping that Chika girl and giving her the thumbs up. Back in real time, Houin notices how Shirai is smiling. Something which is never seen from her. Meanwhile the fight escalates because Kuro accidentally punches Aoki in the face and knocking him out. Rin takes this opportunity to do a mouth-to-mouth CPR and this instantly breaks Kuro from her fight as she tries to pull Rin away from Aoki.
Episode 1 – Fourth Grader
The episode opens with Rin on a tree and Aoki trying to apologize. Rin slips and a branch hooked her dress which means she falls down semi-naked and her crotch into Aoki’s mouth. Uh huh. He’s got a taste of what’s coming, eh? The next scene shows Rin and Reiji as they walk to school together. Reiji notices Rin’s very short shorts which makes her butt to near exposure and tries to cover it from other people’s eyes. Then when somebody calls the police for a child molester, Reiji is looking for the perpetrator but finds himself being surrounded by police. Haha, of course at that position to cover her butt would seem so ambiguous. I guess he was let off the hook as they both arrive at the school gates. Now Aoki and Reiji don’t really like each other seeing what happened at the end of the TV series. Aoki thinks Reiji is making Rin dressing so kinky and is considering reporting him to the child welfare department while Reiji is thinking Aoki is smirking like a pervert. But Reiji claims victory in their staring showdown when Rin gives him a goodbye kiss in the cheek.
In class, Aoki is suggesting for any volunteers to be class rep. A girl nominates Mimi but she starts to panic. With that, Rin decides to help Mimi out of this pinch and offers herself to be class rep while making Mimi as her assistant. Everyone agrees. In the teacher’s room, Aoki wants to know of Shirai’s opinion of his class but she tells him to figure it out himself. Houin wants Aoki to stand up for himself but he is okay with it and she wonders why he could empathize with her. Her conclusion: They are both virgins.
The next class is home economics and the kids have to make a dish. Rin is her cheeky self as she dresses in a naked apron. Since everyone is not interested with class, Rin announces that Aoki will buy ice cream for the ones who make the best dish. That’s enough motivation for them. When it’s over, Aoki has a taste of their delicious effort. Kuro decides to sabotage one by putting some paste in it. As Kuro calls for Aoki, Rin switches the dish and when Kuro tastes it, he finds it delicious. Stumped Kuro then decides to have a taste of it and she got a taste of her own medicine because Rin switched the original dish back. Uwaaaaaaaaaah!!! She gets what she deserves. Later when the trio meet, Mimi asks Rin if she was covering for her when she was in trouble becoming a class rep. Rin gives her reasons and assurances.
One evening when Aoki goes to class only to find it empty and wonders if Rin had forgotten to tell everyone to stay back for cleaning duties. If not perhaps told everyone to run away when the time came. Aoki rushes downstairs as he meets Rin outside. Due to Aoki’s body language, Rin concludes that Aoki had no faith in her and runs away. Mimi and Kuro come by just finishing up their cleaning job. They tell Aoki that it was Rin’s idea to have the students to bring their bags downstairs when they come cleaning so as it won’t be troublesome for them to go back up and get them again. Aoki realizes his mistake and tries to find Rin. He finds her sitting on a tree branch in the school compound and this scene plays out exactly like the one at the beginning of this episode. If you think she’d be happy over that perverted accident, Rin slapped him instead. This is for the part whereby Aoki thought she was lying to her. So to make things up, she tells him that she has feelings too and proceeds to lick his ear. Of course Aoki is taken aback and thinks she is screwing with him. Rin gives out a heartily laughter before joining her pals to go home. All is forgiven and back to normal.
Episode 2 – Fun Sports Festival
Reiji is all excited as he prepares a video camera to record everything on Rin during the sports festival. During practice, Mimi is having hard running her relay part so Aoki advices her on how to do so more effectively. In class as Aoki gives encouragement to his students to do their best for next week’s sports festival, a daring and cool Houin comes in to challenge him that her class won’t lose to his. This has Aoki’s students all fired up. It’s revealed that it’s a ploy from the 2 teachers to motivate their students. So now it is Aoki’s turn to do the same in Houin’s class. Because of her initial advice to act mean, Aoki corners Houin to the blackboard and threatens her. However Houin somehow finds it a turn on! She couldn’t reply back so her students are obviously upset and tells him not to pick on her and go back to his own class.
Meanwhile Shirai is totally upset that Houin has organized a costume parade for teachers. In other words, it’s like a cosplay event. But since Kuro heard them, she is very excited and happy and asserts that she will do her best for the sports festival. Rin and Mimi are busy finishing up their banner in class. Mimi leaves as Rin stays behind to complete it. That night as Aoki is making his rounds, he spots Rin lying unconscious in the classroom and tries to wake her up. When Rin comes to, she teases him for trying to molest her and what a wuss he is. Cheeky Rin is back to her energetic self and runs out of the classroom. Aoki notices the finished banner.
On the day of the sports festival, it seems Rin starts coughing and Reiji left a note saying that he has work and will try to his best to attend. At school, Aoki is designated as the announcer as Rin tries to make Aoki kiss her as a reward. Aoki knows what she means and so he says if it is ice cream that she meant, he’ll gladly buy lots of them. Of course Rin says that she wants to suck his, lick it all the way from the tip and work it till it’s bone dry… I guess Aoki has learned to counter such statements by saying that his isn’t for sale. As Mimi is carrying some equipment for the games, she starts thinking how she’s daddy’s girl while her brother is her mommy’s apple of the eye. But she felt lonely ever since her dad moved out due to change in his job post. Mimi then accidentally bumps into several boys during her spacing out and they proceed to taunt her that if Rin was around, they don’t even need Mimi as a vice.
While Shirai is dreading which costume to put on, Kuro spots Rin coughing heavily in the toilet. Kuro wants her to go to the infirmary but Rin is bent on continuing for the sake of Aoki. Kuro is upset that Rin has turned into a slave ever since she became class rep. Rin asks her what she thinks of her and Kuro’s answer that she is cool and pretty but Rin says otherwise. Though Aoki saw the ugly and weak side of Rin, he accepted her as she is and tried to understand her. That’s why Rin believes in him and wants to be by his side. The costume parade starts and Houin is dressed as some anime magical girl, Saint Rose, while Shirai opts for a safer choice, a full panda suit so that nobody could recognize her. However Kuro does and when she calls out to her, she starts crying uncontrollably so Shirai has no choice but to hug her. Does Kuro realize that her love for Rin will never be returned? Her dream of being with the one she truly loves shattered?
Before the start of the 4th graders’ relay, Aoki gets word from Mimi that Rin is missing so he goes look for her. He finds her semi-unconscious behind a building block and thinks she is fooling him again. Rin slowly gets up and wonders if he would have sex with her if she wins the relay. Believe it! That’s what she really said! He tells her not to say immature things so Rin says to check it himself to ascertain whether she’s mature or not as she pulls down her bloomers. Aoki is horrified that Rin isn’t wearing anything beneath but realizes that she’s wearing bandages as her panties. Rin then says she’ll win the relay for him. During the race, Mimi spots her mom and feels happy but soon that turns into despair when she sees her praising her brother. Because of that, Mimi couldn’t concentrate well during the relay and trips. She manages to give the baton to Rin who zooms pass those in front of her like a lightning streak. Wow. Mimi hears some scathing remarks from a few boys blaming it on her. Rin crosses the finish line and into Aoki’s arms as she wins the race. Mimi on the other hand goes away from the crowd and cries alone. Back home, Reiji apologizes for his no show but Rin says it’s okay and wants him to stay the way he is and hugs him. Back in her room, she is still coughing and feels that she’s in a mess.
Episode 3 – Green Cherry Tree
This gloomy episode starts off with Rin really sick after overworking herself and being nursed by Reiji back home. Reiji is a little worried because her incessant coughing brought back haunting memories of Aki’s case. In class, Aoki gives back the class’ test papers and once again Mimi is being praised for getting the highest score. However she doesn’t feel happy because the only time she gets praised is about her grades. Kagami is spacing out so much so she didn’t hear Aoki call her name. Furthermore, he teases her for handing in a blank answer sheet with only ‘baka’ written on it. Not amused, she goes up to him a slaps him! Can she do that to her teacher?! So much anger… Aoki doesn’t lose his cool and takes her to the teacher’s room for lecturing instead. But Kagami just walked off. She runs away when Shirai comes in. Back in class, the boys are being too noisy and since shy Mimi is unable to contain them, the girls think she’s no good especially since Rin isn’t around.
Mimi later goes to visit Rin and is initially flustered with Reiji’s kindness. She goes into Rin’s room and is shocked to see Rin so weak and lifeless. She asks what she wants and because Rin was dreaming about her mummy’s boobs, she wants Mimi’s breasts. Can’t blame her. She’s sick, right? Surprised Mimi refuse so Rin starts to cry like a baby. Eventually she gives in to help her. I don’t know about this fanservice scene of Rin sucking on Mimi’s breasts but it sure looks real odd.
Meanwhile Shirai confronts a male teacher colleague that he talked with Houin about her dad (probably about that parade stint). She continues her story whereby everyone sucks up and be nice to her because she is the daughter of the Director of Education. She asserts that she is herself and not the daughter of some big shot. Their conversation is interrupted when Kagami comes in wanting to walk back home with her. On their way home, Kagami says how she doesn’t want to be an adult because it hurts so Shirai too mentions the same about herself and apologizes for what she said earlier. This made Kagami happy as they walk home hand in hand.
When Mimi is done and Rin finally calm asleep, she whispers in her ears that she doesn’t have to force herself to smile in front of her. As she leaves, Mimi hints to Reiji that her own parents won’t worry about someone like her. Because Mimi’s case reminded of himself and not wanting her to become wicked like himself, he tells her that one day she’ll find someone who is able to understand and love her. So until then, she just has to try her best until that happens. He then hugs her as she finds it hard to hold back her tears. Elsewhere, Aoki gets a call from Houin to meet up but since he just came out of the bath, she says never mind. She notes how pure Aoki is and probably she is drunk as she toasts aloud to virgins. There are other men in the bar, you know…
Rin soon recovers and comes back to class. Though Kagami puts on a face that she doesn’t care, you can tell that their relationship is back to normal. Mimi thinks Rin has no recollection of that breast sucking incident when Rin gives her a bra. She then hugs Mimi and whispers to allow her to touch them again. Better not let Kagami find out… Aoki comes in and they all start their homeroom lesson. Later as Aoki notices the sakura trees are now covered with green leaves, Rin comes by to ask permission to prepare for the dodgeball game. He tells her not to push too hard for his sake and wants her to stay as she is now. But she says doing something for him is like doing something for herself. She then runs up to him and gives him a kiss. Now she has upgraded to this level, eh?
Kodomo No Mondai
Well, nothing really that groundbreaking actually. Everybody goes back to normal in the end. The Rin-Aoki relationship is still, well, like that lah. Though I feel Rin has matured a lot and less horny as compared to the TV series. But she is still cheeky as always. Likewise, Kagami and Shirai’s relationship takes a better turn towards the end but I don’t think I could say the same for her and Aoki. At least Shirai isn’t a cold hearted teacher as portrayed previously. Even so, it took a little girl to make her realize that she too at one point in her life was a child with her own set of problems. I wonder if Kagami has given up her lesbian love for Rin. What about Houin for Aoki? Yeah, maybe thinks are better left the way as they are for now.
Mimi’s problem on the other hand is probably the acknowledgement and attention she never received from her parents. While nothing much is shown on them, at least Mimi has her friends who support her and treat her for who she is. Reiji meanwhile tries his best not to repeat the mistakes he made before. He can’t afford to lose Rin like how he’d lost Aki. In overall sense, this second OVA series feels more drama-like and deals with these little problems the characters faced. Not many of those bold antics you’d see in the TV series.
Even if these kids are just elementary or kindergarten level, it goes to show that they still have problems of their own. And if you don’t take quick steps to contain them, they may grow up into very troubled people in the future. Definitely not child’s play. Thus I’m grateful that I didn’t go through torrid times during my childhood. And if you really love your teacher (in the sense, more than a teacher-student relationship), it is still not a good idea to steal his/her lips. Sure, Rin is a little girl and could probably get away with it. But it’ll be a different story when her puberty and raging hormones kick in a few years time. So just enjoy the time being as they are now.

Kodomo No Jikan

Kodomo No Jikan

September 27, 2008

Warning! If you can’t stand even the slightest bit of ecchi, it is very advisable that you DO NOT, I repeat, YOU DO NOT want to watch this anime series. Uh huh, if you do, then I suppose it’s true that curiosity kills the cat. Kodomo No Jikan is filled with such ecchiness so much so that I think the producers and creators have extreme lolicon fetish.
So for those first timers or people who are not use to this kind of genre, I don’t blame you if you feel that this is some what child porn. Uh huh. But you’re not going to see any intercourse activity here. So how bad is this lolicon comedy series? Take for instance the main protagonist of the series, Rin Kokonoe. To summarize into 1 word, she is horny! That’s right. It’s that ‘H’ word. To make things worse, Rin is only 8 years old! Woah! How does a young little kindergarten kid know so much of these adult stuff? Blame the age of the internet if you will. Information is accessible at our young generation’s fingertips anytime.
It may bug viewers to see how wide knowledgeable Rin’s sexual knowledge is. She is so unashamed of it, so bold, so daring, so flirtatious, so ‘corrupted’, so naughty, so mischievous, so… horny. Stuffs which people don’t even think or suspect to see from cute little darling angels. Yeah, like they say, it’s more than meets the eye. She isn’t the only horny one around. Why, even her ‘partner in crime’, Kuro Kagami, the fashion-conscious rich little brat is equally as bad as her but doesn’t usually display it in terms of action. I notice she is more ‘verbal’. Then to complete the group of trio is the busty Mimi Usa. At her age, she is already showing physical signs of being a mature woman. However unlike her other 2 buddies, Mimi isn’t horny and is gentler but slow. Another thing that viewers may notice is the long big fluff of hair these 3 girls have on their head. At first glance, it may seem too heavy for them to shoulder. It looks like it could break their neck anytime. I mean, having such long hair at such a young age?
Viewers expect to see some sort of loli ecchiness in each of the 12 episodes. But the thing is, the girls aren’t going around seducing little boys their age or older guys with money. As seen in episode 1, we are introduced to a newly transferred kindergarten teacher, Daisuke Aoki. He looks like a freshie 23 year old who has just stepped into the teaching profession and is quite looking forward to it. I know that most senior teachers will say "Wait 10 years down the road lah…" but I guess it’s no harm in starting out with a positive attitude. Unfortunately on his first day, while daydreaming in his positivism, he accidentally enters class 3-1 (the class he is in charge of) and accidentally sees the girls changing naked. One of them being Rin. I’m not sure how Rin has this thinking, but she does mention that a guy sees her naked body, they will have to marry. To cut a long story short, Rin is head over heals over Aoki. So this is where the ecchi part comes in. Rin will try several ways to seduce Aoki and even blackmails him! OMG! Aoki can’t do anything or report to the authorities because who in the world is going to believe that an 8 year old is sexually harassing him. Normal people would think it is the other way around. Why, Rin even threatens to scream rape if Aoki doesn’t do her bidding. So you might guess that this Aoki teacher gets corrupted throughout the series and in the end they have some illicit teacher-student age-gap affair. Wrong. Aoki is a good guy, a good teacher, though he may be a greenhorn. Though he gets thrown into this sticky situation, he still sticks firmly to his believes as a teacher and tries to sort out the problem, though it may not work out as it should.
To make things even worse, Rin’s pal Kuro is some sort of a lesbian. In other words, Kuro is in love with Rin and I mean she likes her and wants to be more than just friends. However, Rin doesn’t feel that way and thinks that her love is that usual friendship of theirs. So when Aoki comes into the picture and threatens her ‘dream’, Kuro instantly doesn’t like Aoki and even sarcastically calls him ‘Virgin’ because of his lack of experience in lots of areas… Yeah, not only Kuro verbally abuses Aoki, but sometimes physically as well, like kicking his crotch! OUCH! Now that will really make him impotent. Naughty girl!
So after Aoki clears up that misunderstanding and introduces himself as the class’s homeroom teacher, he notices that 1 of his students, Mimi, has a high absentee record. One of the other staff teachers, Kyouko Houin, tells him that the class’s previous teacher, Nakamura, seems to cruelly pick on Mimi a lot, instilling some sort of fear. In retaliation, Rin and the other classmates did something horrible which made Nakamura hospitalized! Oh dear. That’s why Aoki is here to replace him. What is Aoki getting into. It’s going to be a rough ride. As Aoki tries to understand the situation, he learns about a stray cat that Rin seems to play and feed with, Nya. Aoki also learns a thing a two about Mimi via Rin and taking her words for it, Aoki decides to make a house visit at Mimi’s place. Though Mimi is still afraid, Aoki is able to break the ice and bring some confidence back to her. Now this is what a teacher should always do and be. With Mimi’s confidence back, she even returns to class. One day, Aoki heard from Kuro how Rin is trying to save Nya stuck up a tree, by climbing up the shaky branch as well. But the branch breaks. Luckily, Aoki was there in time to break her fall. She fall on him (uh huh. In addition to fall for him. Hahaha, just kidding). Rin remembers a similar incident of being saved while she was younger. Of course she too is worried about Aoki’s well-being (not to mention her future boyfriend-cum-husband). But rest assured, there is nothing wrong with Aoki as he recuperates in the infirmary. To show her gratitude, she kisses his forehead while he is sleeping. But if you think that’s the end of the horniness, well, after Aoki is back on to his feet, at the hallway, Rin along with Kuro and Mimi lifts up their skirt to show their undies to Aoki! Extreme! And that’s just the start of his troubles…
In episode 2, Aoki asks the class to write down their hopes but they aren’t really enthusiastic about it. Furthermore, we all know by now that Rin really likes Aoki so when she wrote this disturbing sentence with hope in it "I hope you will ejaculate inside me", and shows it to a surprised Aoki, I guess that’s a sign of her advances… This kid is bloody creative but she used it on a wrong basis. Hehe. So Rin continues to mess with Aoki with her ‘horny cheekiness’. That night, Aoki goes out drinking at a bar with his teaching colleagues, Houin and Oyajima, as he expresses his rough time handling the kids. You’ll guess that Houin has a crush on Aoki but her several hinting have always failed partly because Aoki is too engrossed in thinking about his student’s welfare. Like this bar drinking session, Houin only wanted to invite Aoki but due to certain misunderstandings, Oyajima too tagged along. After the drinking session, Aoki goes home and gets a little confidence back after reading his student’s assignments, which are a little better. However, this doesn’t translate into good grades as his class experiences a decline when they failed their tests, including Rin. Aoki ponders what is wrong when all he did was tried his best to provide good education to those kids.
So Aoki calls Rin for extra class but finds out that Rin purposely failed her tests so that she could be with Aoki. Rin even suggests a reward (like to kiss) if she does well but of course Aoki just brush it off. The next day, Aoki finds it hard trying to control his students but it seems Rin is like some sort of ‘leader’ and when she tells the class to listen to Aoki, they immediately do so. When the results of the next test are out, Rin scores perfect. Again, Houin tries to ask Aoki out for dinner but the latter turns her down after spotting Rin. Thinking that he may have loli fetish? Aoki praises Rin and Rin wants him to hold and walk her back home. As she gives directions to her place, they talk about things like how Rin really likes him and even manages to make Aoki say the same to her. But in the end, this is just one of Rin’s mischief as they have been walking around in circles and are back to the school grounds where they started. I guess Rin got her kicks there. Aoki must be realizing he had been had once again. Rin rushes off back home, leaving Aoki behind. When she reaches home, she tells her guardian, Reiji, how her teacher likes her. But Reiji seems to have his reservations and suspicions about it. Meanwhile, Houin is wondering why she can’t get it right with Aoki.
Episode 3 sees Rin up to her no-good seducing schemes one more. She tries to send a naughty picture of herself by SMS-ing it to Aoki. Kuro is devastated and rushes to Aoki to prevent him from seeing but in the end it was just spam. Even though it isn’t Aoki’s fault, Kuro proceeds to give him a kick where it hurt most. Aoki notices Mimi’s busty-ness and during the conversation with Houin, the latter misunderstood that he may like little girl’s boobs and probably hers doesn’t really matter… At class, Kuro thinks she has a chance to have an indirect kiss from Rin by drinking from a packet drink after Rin gives it to her but Aoki takes it away. Kuro tells him not to waste it so Aoki himself drinks it! Oh, the indirect kiss chance went to that virgin. Meanwhile Mimi consults with Houin about her huge boobs and after finding out what makes them grow so big, Mimi decides not to drink milk. That girl dislikes her body and thinks it’s a ‘heavy’ burden. After school, Aoki spots a magazine which Kuro always reads. To his surprise, it’s one of those goth-loli fashions. And the other boys misunderstood him when they saw him pick up that book. The next day, a couple of classmate boys tease Mimi for wearing a bra. This causes her to run out in tears. Rin and Kuro proceeds to give them a good bashing. Later the duo comforted Mimi and finds out her bra size is wrong and the trio soon went to do some bra shopping for Mimi. That Kuro girl is so rich that she even has her own private clothing department. So when Aoki asks Rin’s help about Mimi’s case, the latter agrees and in exchange gets a hug. But Aoki soon finds out what Rin and co had already done for her and notices Mimi is now smiling. Later outside the classroom, Aoki overhears Rin and the girls talking about ‘aka-chan ningyou’. That literally means ‘baby doll’ and Aoki thinks it’s those toys girls play with. Feeling no harm, but when he opens the door, he finds the trio in sexy baby doll lingerie! It then dawned to him that those dresses are the ones he saw in the magazines Kuro read. Ah, the second time Aoki sees Rin naked. Well almost. I’m sure Rin will come up with a plan to make him take some responsibility or excuses to continue with her flirtatious ways.
In episode 4, Kuro claims it is an invasion of privacy when Aoki suggests his students to write about their parents. Furthermore, Aoki finds out from Oyajima and another strict colleague, Sae Shirai, about how useless it is nowadays for teachers to make house visits. Aoki decides to take Houin’s advice by researching about Rin through the archives and to his surprise finds out that Rin’s mom, Aki, has passed away and that she is living with a guardian named Reiji. So is it because without the warmth of a mother’s love that Rin went astray and became horny? Reiji is surprised to find Rin’s assignment about her mom but acts like as though he didn’t see it. After Rin hands over her assignment, she notices how Aoki is treating kinder than before after she got a little injured. Funny part was when Aoki carried Rin in his arms back to class, Mimi frantically tries to prevent Kuro from seeing it. Yeah, all hell will break lose if she does see it. But when Aoki returns the assignments, his slip of tongue causes him to mention about Rin’s guardian. Rin is devastated and ever since then, Rin becomes dejected. Even at the school pool, Rin coldly ignores Aoki even if he’s trying his best to apologize. So much so Aoki went to Kuro and Mimi for help but Kuro is being sarcastic as usual. She indirectly indicates the reason why Rin is acting so is because she loves him. Aoki is left wondering what she meant. With that, Aoki decides to visit Rin’s home. At the doorstep, he is being greeted by a suspicious Reiji who eventually lets him in. At that time, Rin isn’t back yet. Aoki is surprised to find that only Rin and Reiji lived together alone in this house. As they both chat, Rin comes home and is surprised to see Aoki there. Aoki leaves after seeing and being assured of their fine relationship. Rin asks what Aoki had said about her and Reiji replied exactly as Aoki describes her. Feeling that Aoki sees her as important, Rin swiftly steals Aoki’s first kiss at school as a thank you and with that, their relationship is back to normal. Only thing is, Aoki may not be too happy that his first kiss went to a student lolicon of his.
I’m sure every kid looks forward to summer vacations. But not Rin. Why? In episode 5, with the upcoming summer break, she won’t get a chance to see Aoki. Ah, I see. However, Aoki will still be in school to take care of the pools. Thus desperate Rin did an unthinkable act. Yeah, she jumps on top of Aoki’s head and covers it with her skirt! Extreme! During the holidays, Rin missed Aoki and though Reiji apologizes he has to work, he notices Rin not being true to her feelings because she mentions how she doesn’t mind Reiji not being able to take Rin out. So Rin and her pals decide to pay Aoki a visit at the school pool in their swimsuits but Rin spots Houin trying to get close to Aoki. Rin must be feeling jealous that she now has a rival. Later when Mimi and Kuro went along with their respective families for vacation, Rin is left all alone and decides to go to school to see Aoki after feeling bored. Again, she finds Houin conversing with Aoki about wanting to watch the fireworks together. Aoki then cuts off Houin again when he spots Rin from above the classroom and rushes there. After the usual teasing and all that, Aoki asks why she came to school and Rin mentions about the promise made before. Before Aoki knows it, Rin teasingly pushes Aoki into the pool. Rin too jumps in and hugs Aoki. So as they watch the fireworks display from the pool, Rin notices Houin watching them so she uses some seductive move on Aoki to make Houin feel jealous. After Aoki brings Rin home, Reiji arrives home late to find a note on the table. So the rest of the summer days sees Rin, Kuro and Mimi deciding to sunbath in their bikinis at school, much to Aoki’s surprise. Well, Rin’s reason is so that he won’t cheat on her. Trying to think 1 step ahead?
Episode 6 focuses on Reiji’s flashback. In short, he comes from a broken home. His dad was abusive and gets mad about the slightest thing while his mom never stood up for him. So when they both died in an accident, Reiji never shed tears for them. Furthermore, he sensed that the other relatives just want him to go away. So he ended up living with his cousin, Aki, who is a single parent. Back then, Reiji was quite bitter of his life and wouldn’t open up. So he was in a dilemma and confused over Aki’s generosity, hospitality and kindness. Also back then, Rin was really cute and adorable. As time goes by, Reiji slowly learns to accept them and even grows to love Aki. He learned Aki was strong-willed and when she was pregnant with Rin, the father wanted to abort her but Aki didn’t and chose to keep and raise her. Though Aki suggests to adopt Reiji, he refused. Because his love for Aki grew each day, he decided that he would marry her and wished he grow up into an adult fast. However, Reiji soon found out that Aki is sick and tried several jobs to help pay the bills. But her illness worsened. Aki knew her days were numbered so one evening on the beach, she told Reiji to take care of Rin as she finds that they both got along with each other well. Reiji hugs her and promises to protect them both. I’m not sure about incest but one night as the duo were really getting intimate with each other, Reiji discovers that she is suffering from an advanced lung cancer and to his horror, Aki became hospitalized and ever since, Reiji became depressed. Rin on the other hand is still unaware of what is really going on. While Reiji is in deep thought, Rin is making some paper cranes and she shocks Reiji by asking if Aki is going to die. Reiji instantly hugs her and assures Rin that Aki is going to get better. Thus Rin continued to make many paper cranes until Aki recovers. One night Reiji returns to find Rin in shock mode and that Aki has passed away and a letter of apology for her death. Back in present time, Reiji and Rin visits the beach where the trio once spend time together. It does bring back nostalgic memories. Because of this, Reiji vows not to let anyone hurt Rin. This episode was a really touching one and it makes me understand and appreciate things in life.
Episode 7 begins with Rin trying to think of ways to seduce Aoki in her room. Yeah, she’s practicing it with her stuffed teddy bear. But this episode has the kindergarten kiddies having a field trip to the mountains. Mimi notices Rin and Kuro having devilish intentions of playing mischievous pranks on Aoki. The terrible twins are back in action. Like on the train, Rin got too close to Aoki and because Kuro made some noise, the other passengers mistakes him for a paedophile! The gang finally reaches their destination and they have to hike to their cabins in groups. Rin and Kuro rushes off after being scolded by Aoki for lagging behind while Mimi needs to relieve herself. Aoki is really in a pinch. But he manages to arrive in time as he carries the trio and rushes there. Kuro thinks she’s going on some sort of vacation and has several huge luggage in which Aoki rejects them. Night time, the brats are at the hotspring and notices how big Houin’s boobs are and decides to take off and have their own fun. Meanwhile, Aoki is chiding several boys with perverted intentions (kids these days, is this natural or what?) when he notices the 3 little girls behind some door. As he chases them out, Mimi trips and Aoki’s towel came off. Argh!!! She saw something she wasn’t supposed to. It’s sleeping time and Aoki does his rounds to ensure the kids are in bed. Surprisingly, some of them are reading porn magazines and others doing some sacrificial black magic thingy. What’s wrong with these kids?! Finally Aoki dreads the last cabin because it’s where Rin and co are but surprisingly finds them asleep. As he walks back out, he got into Kuro’s trap. This is some revenge for not giving her luggage. Aoki notices Rin not at her bed but Kuro has Aoki let him sing her to sleep and uses this chance to keep him here. Unfortunately, even if Aoki singing is that bad, Kuro soon fell asleep. Aoki retires back to his cabin and surprisingly finds Rin sleeping on his bed. Not only that, Houin is at the door. Can’t let her find out or else further misunderstanding will arise. But Houin just says how glad she is being there for him and rushes off. I think she has no guts to confess just yet. Rin is now fully awaken and continues to harass Aoki. But no midnight romp here. Due to last night’s misadventure, Aoki and Rin are dead tired and sleeps throughout the day underneath a tree. Kuro and Mimi spots them and not wanting to be left out, joins in too. Later in the evening as Houin goes to get them, they wake up to find Aoki’s pants soiled because of the brats’ drooling saliva while they were sleeping. Yeah, that disturbing moment looked like the aftermath of some porn scene, if you know what I mean. Of course it’s a misunderstanding but you know those brats lah… They might even ‘upgrade’ his status…
Because of Shirai’s statement that males and females should avoid any skin contact, in episode 8, Aoki coldly ignores Rin and due to the fact that there is some truth in the harassment he receives from Rin. Another reason why Shirai has become more serious is that an ex-teacher colleague, Nogi, will be visiting them. She was the one who thought Rin back in Grade 1. Rin is jealous to see Aoki playing football with the boys and gets an idea. She calls Kuro and Mimi to her house and to their surprise, Rin cross-dressed as a boy. Unrecognizable. I wonder how Rin manages to keep all her hair underneath her disguise. Kuro is darn excited and happily agrees to make-up Rin even further. If only Rin was a boy, now it would be perfect for Kuro. A little flashback on how Rin and Kuro met. Back then, Rin was reeling from shock of her mom’s demise, her eyes were ‘lifeless’ and couldn’t speak a word. Kuro then accidentally found out about Rin’s mom and decides that Rin be her doll so that she could play dress up on her. While dressing her up, Rin said a word "Mother", which prompts Kuro to tell their then homeroom teacher, Nogi, all about it. Since then, they have been inseparable friends. Back in present, Nogi has visited the school and leaves after chatting with her ex-colleagues. Aoki gets some insight from Nogi about how a child needs to be hug and such. With that, Aoki tries to get Rin’s attention the next day but was snubbed instead. The following day, Rin cross-dresses as a boy with the help of her pals and gives them a little peck as appreciation. Kuro must be over the top. Rin manages to play with Aoki in a football game but when Aoki gets too close in contact, Rin starts to feel uncomfortable. Aoki intends to take of Rin’s shirt after being dirtied during the play (nothing hentai lah!). But Rin ran away. After Houin points out that there’s no such boy in her class, it dawned to Aoki that ‘he’ may be Rin. True enough, Rin exposes her identity. She explains why she did this and Aoki felt guilty and allows Rin to punish him in anyway she likes. Unexpectedly, Rin slaps him but quickly burst into tears soon after. As she hugs him, she tells him not to ignore her. Aoki remembers Nogi’s words as he comforts her. Back home, Reiji notices that Rin has been crying. Though Reiji thinks he can’t leave Rin alone just yet, Rin snuggles close into Reiji’s arms but in her dreams, she’s actually hugging Aoki.
After Shirai tells Aoki how soft he is with those kids, in episode 9, Aoki decides to be more assertive and strict. This however doesn’t make Rin too happy. This is made worse when Rin eavesdrop that Houin has invited Aoki for a meal at a restaurant. So young also know how to feel jealous. So the next day, Rin plays a prank on Aoki by tying his necktie to the window barrier and at the same time tell her other classmates to run and escape from class while Rin herself dangerously slide down the building after her suggestion for Aoki to take her to a restaurant is being turned down. The knot must be real tight. Eventually, Shirai calls Reiji to school to discuss about Rin’s behaviour, in which Reiji mentions about the teacher at fault. This in turn leads to Shirai blaming Aoki for what has happened. As Aoki returns home, he became sick. Due to that, Shirai temporarily takes over Aoki’s class. They must be regretting putting Aoki out of commission indirectly because Shirai’s class is so strict and no fun. Better listen to this scary woman if they don’t want anything bad to happen. Because of that, several boys blame Rin for her actions which causes her to run out from the class. Later, Rin, Kuro and Mimi decides to visit Aoki. The trio decides to help clean up his messy place and Rin seems to throw away stuffs which are deemed useless to her. Kuro then decides to leave Rin and Aoki alone together as the former takes Mimi out. Is she okay with this? Well, so long as Rin is happy, Kuro doesn’t mind. A little chat which made Rin feel better. The doorbell rang and Rin thinks it’s her pals but to her surprise, finds Houin instead. Houin then decides to cook a proper meal after seeing how the girls fed Aoki snacks. Not good for health or those recovering. After that, Houin decides to bring the girls back but Houin’s statement about the girls being just kids affected Rin. Rin thinks that at this rate, Aoki may see her just as a child. The next day Aoki has recovered and everyone including Shirai is happy to welcome him back. Now those kids will learn to count their blessings. But the episode ends on a grim note. Later that evening as Houin is standing at the stairways, she thinks she has forgotten something. Rin is standing beside her and has a scary look on her face. This scary look isn’t the funny kind of look. And suddenly… OMG! Rin pushes Houin down the stairways! Oh no! Has she turned into a child killer?!
Apparently not. That was just Rin’s imagination of what she would really like to do. So in episode 10, she just let Houin go. This episode sees Rin and her pals cross-dressing in each other’s dress. So much so, Aoki became confused when Mimi comes confessing her love to him. Actually, it’s Rin in disguise as Mimi. Of course it didn’t turn out the way Rin hoped for and she runs away disappointed. The 3 girls are on their way home and to their surprise spots Reiji, who takes them out for a meal at a restaurant. From the looks of it, Mimi seems to take a liking for Reiji. During the meal, Reiji mentions how he is going to work and come home late but Rin says it’s okay. Next day at school, Rin got a little injured while watching the solar eclipse so Aoki takes her to the infirmary. There, Rin tries to pester Aoki to go on a date with her but the latter still adamant on refusing it and that she’s still a kid. Rin tries some seductive move and wants Aoki to look at her as a woman but Aoki looked away. Rin must be desperate. Due to that, Rin becomes depressed. Kuro and Mimi went to find some answers from Aoki. Seeing that he needs to be more assertive, Aoki raises his voice and tells them to go back to class. Mimi then starts shivering and painful memories of Nakamura came rushing back. Mimi runs out and Aoki realizes his mistake. He thought Mimi’s scars were healed but it wasn’t so. Later at the park, Houin came to console Aoki, who thinks he has not have enough experience with woman after going through Rin’s case. Looks like an unofficial date. Because of Houin’s words, at 1 point, Aoki seems to see Houin a little attractive but was interrupted by an SMS from Rin. Aoki rushes to Rin’s home thinking something may be wrong but it’s just one of her usual whims. But Aoki just left without saying anything. Rin in a way felt happy because he came for her. As Aoki rides a train home, he ponders why he couldn’t get angry with Rin. Aoki concludes that he is afraid of her. Next day at school, Aoki notices Rin is depressed and later Houin finds Rin sitting dejectedly on the stairs. Thinking that Rin got into a fight with her friends, Houin consoles Rin and provide some advice like the need to be kind to oneself first. With that, Rin gets her confidence back and rushes off while thanking her. Who would know her romantic rival was the one which provided her a guiding path. A person she least expected from. Rin spots Aoki sleeping in the classroom and puts a coat over him before leaving.
Episode 11 begins with Reiji having a nightmare. A young Reiji is using a knife to stab his parents who aren’t listening to his voice. The school is having a dodgeball tournament and it seems Houin is so into it (partly due to yet another date failure with Aoki). Kuro notices Rin, Mimi and Aoki are seemingly depressed so she comes up with a plan. In the end, Houin’s class beats Aoki’s class for the title. Mimi tries to apologize to Aoki but because earlier on she learned some foul words from Kuro without knowing the meaning of it, Aoki is in a pinch. Yeah, Mimi thinks why Kuro’s words always make Aoki ‘happy’ and proceeds to learn it from Kuro, who seems to have a devilish idea of it. While Shirai notices Houin being overjoyed of her victory of Aoki, Shirai goes and tell Aoki of his duties to clean up the gym. Because Aoki’s students have already left, he has no choice but to clean it all up himself. As Aoki is putting back stuffs into the storeroom, Rin comes by, which surprises Aoki. She tells him Reiji is working late. Before they know it, somebody locks up the storeroom. So cliche. Chance for Rin to get horny… Or not. When Reiji comes home late, he finds that Rin isn’t home yet and starts to panic. In his frenzy, he searches throughout town for Rin, disregarding his safety. That train nearly hit him! Aoki could have made a call but he left his handphone in the teacher’s room. He notices Rin sneezing so they cuddle up close to each other for some warmth. Rin’s handphone then rings and a panicky Reiji is on the other line. Though Rin tells him where she is, the line isn’t stable and is soon cut off. Houin is preparing to leave but Shirai and Oyajima came rushing to her after receiving a phone call. As Rin wants Aoki to not leave her, Aoki assures her that he’ll always be there for her. The storeroom door then opens. Though everyone is relieved to see each other, but not Reiji. He has snapped and in his rage punches Aoki. He thinks Aoki may have done something to Rin. Reiji drags Rin away back home without wanting to listen to anyone’s explanation. Even Rin tried to explain but Reiji isn’t listening. Though Aoki wanted to go after them and clear things up, Shirai stops him and reminds him of his duties as a teacher not to only 1 student. Back home, Rin realizes her futile attempts to reason with Reiji. You know, Reiji is scary when he’s extra nice. Even if his voice sounds calming. Too calming. I think due to Reiji’s past and his inability to keep Aki’s promise, that poor guy finally snapped. Like a ticking time bomb that just exploded.
In episode 12, Rin has been absent from school since. Due to that, Aoki has been acting strange and Mimi and Kuro notices how Rin’s absence is affecting him and suspects something is wrong. Aoki then sends an SMS to Rin, which made the latter happy. It seems Reiji has taken Rin to an amusement park. Since Reiji has blamed his long working hours which in turn leads to Rin having some affair with her teacher, Reiji takes a break from his job to spend time with Rin. So when Rin gets the SMS from Aoki, he tells her to hand over her handphone. Rin becomes a good kid and has no choice but to do so. Though Reiji tells Rin to go for further rides, but all Rin wants is to go back to school, something which Reiji doesn’t agree upon. When they get home, Rin notices a mail in the box (placed by Aoki when he stopped by earlier on when nobody’s home) addressed to her and rushes into her room. She is happy to know that everyone in school is worried about her. Reiji once again have that recurring nightmare. The next morning after preparing breakfast, he tells Rin that he’s going out. Rin still wants to go to school but Reiji gives his usual answer and his expression is enough to instil some fear in that poor girl. Because he thinks that he is the only one capable of protecting Rin, Reiji locks Rin inside her room! He’s so unstable now. As Kuro and Mimi confronts Aoki about Rin, Aoki pats Kuro’s head because he believes they’re concern about Rin, which softens her heart. Yeah, she’s thinking that this virgin may not be so bad after all. On the other hand, Mimi thinks Aoki likes girls which are like Kuro. Soon Aoki receives word that Reiji will be meeting them at school. In short, Reiji is here to do transfer Rin to another school. Aoki asks if this is what Rin wishes but Reiji says an adult like him won’t understand. This prompt Reiji to realize that he is still a kid when Aoki says that he too is an adult. Aoki thinks that Reiji may still be a kid and wonders when he himself had turned into an adult. Reiji then quickly leaves.
Back home, Rin is making paper cranes when Reiji returns and tells her about her transfer. Rin is not happy that Reiji made that decision without her consent. Reiji then sees a pair of scissors in Rin’s hands and this led him to recall that nightmare. Only difference is, instead of him holding the knife, he saw Rin in place of him. Aoki has just arrived outside Rin’s doorstep when he hears Reiji scream. He rushes in to find Reiji unconscious. Did Rin stabbed him? No she didn’t. He just suddenly collapsed. No blood stains on the floor. Reiji dreams about Aki whereby he tells her about breaking his promise but Aki didn’t think so. As Reiji lies on the bed, Aoki talks to Rin and understands that she wants to go back to school but at the same time don’t want to leave Reiji as he is already hurt. But there are some things too that he can’t understand as all this while he has lived a normal life but he wishes to learn from them. As Rin accompanies Aoki to leave the house, we see Reiji opening his eyes. Looks like he has heard everything and perhaps his perception of Aoki changed for the better. Before Aoki leaves, for once Rin requested something normal, a handshake, which Aoki gladly obliges. Of course everything went back to normal the next day. Rin is back to her mischievous self with her pals, Reiji praying his respects to Aki, and Houin concludes Shirai a possibility as her other love rival for Aoki after thinking that it’s her way of showing her love to Aoki (being strict, that is). Rin had an indirect kiss with Aoki through the recorder and almost had an intimate one if not for Kuro’s flowery insults. I guess Mimi too is trying to improve her vocabulary. But Rin mentions that an indirect kiss is fine as the trio continue their pranks on Aoki. He has got to be a very patient man.
Prior the release of the tv series, there has been a 1 episode OVA release. I’m not sure of the timeline of where this OVA takes place but I’m sure it’s during Rin and the pals have Aoki as their teacher and Rin is still doing her seductive moves on him. But this OVA focuses more on the 3 girls and Aoki rarely makes his appearance. This episode also has more of those sexual innuendos and I feel it’s like to tantalize viewers of what is to come. Like some sort of sampling, huh? Here, the gang tries to shop for a present for Aoki. At the shopping centre, Mimi hears a couple of nasty ladies insulting her body. But Rin apologizes to them in a mature manner and leaves, putting shame on those grown ups. By the time they have found what they want, they ran out of money. They head back to Rin’s house and meets Reiji there. Mimi is surprised to see Reiji and Rin quite close together and that Rin doesn’t even mind Reiji looking even if she’s naked. But Reiji seems to be treating the girls quite nicely. From preparing their meals, to bath time and bed time. Some pondering here and there like how Rin really likes Aoki. Next day at school, the girls are going to give Aoki their present. Aoki receives an SMS from Rin to look outside the window. When he does saw the 3 girls below waving and a writing on the ground which says he is a lolicon lover. Rin starts a countdown as Aoki rushes down there. When he arrives, all in good timing, Rin jumps into his arms.
If you think that this whole series is filled with all those loli ecchiness from the start, then you are only half right. That’s because for those who have watched the tv series will definitely know that in each episode, there will be those annoying censors. Either the entire screen will be covered with some sort of screensaver which shows Rin juggling and ‘e’ logo with her feet or Reiji drinking or hitting the bottles or that yellow stuffed teddy bear smoking. WTF? Well, I guess it’s better than showing seemingly loli porn, right? Yup, so ecchi fans will be darn frustrated whenever this happens. Not only that, some of the unsuitable words are being beeped out and replaced with a duck quack are car horn (I found out Kuro’s calling of Aoki as a virgin is one of them). I agree it’s annoying when that happens but since they’re broadcasting it on national tv, it’s not really going to be suitable for younger audiences. Can’t have little children have a bad start and footing on sex education, can’t you? Or can they?
But don’t worry, those who really want to see all that loli ecchiness without those censors, they can go buy the uncensored DVD version. Feels like somewhat a marketing ploy. As for me, I have only watched the first 4 episodes uncensored and in my opinion, I don’t think they are as bad. I know you may think that I’ve seen too much of such shows that’s why I can handle the shock and that I’m a loli pervert. But even though I’m a ‘veteran’ such stuff don’t really turn me on and I’m just watching it for the hilarious comedy.
Because of the art, drawing and animation which has the girls looking cute, I’m sure this may appeal to younger audiences as well and that’s why the censors are necessary. The opening theme song sounds lively and generic and is entitled Retsu! Ohime-sama Dakko. It is sung by the seiyuus of the 3 little girls, Eri Kitamura, Kei Shindow and Mai Kadokawa. But the main ending theme song, Hanamaru Sensation, by Little Non, sounds like a little girl trying to sing out loud and fast. The song too is quite upbeat and feels like a dance song as we see the girls doing some wild handshaking dance of their own. I’m not sure about the lyrics because when I did some research of its translation, the sentences sounded like nonsense or maybe the translation was done in bad English. So much so, even if the song sounded naughty due to its upbeatness, I don’t really understand what the song is about. Other ending episode themes include episode 6’s slow and sad ballad Yasashii, by Chata, and the final episode’s Otome Chikku Shoshinsha Desu, also done by the seiyuus of the 3 little girls. The OVA itself has a different set of opening and ending theme but I can’t remember how they sound like ;p. There are some background music which have that fun feeling especially those string pieces.
The end of the tv series though it ended well, I’m wondering how would Rin and Aoki really end up in this awkward relationship. If they really become lovers and then get married, it’ll be like the case in Onegai Teacher and Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei. Only difference is, Rin will be more horny and there is a substantial age gap as compared with the other 2 series. Yeah, it was mind blowing when Rin once boldly told Aoki in his face "Let’s have sex, sensei!". Woah. But as mentioned, I think Aoki won’t let Rin influence him with all that naughty seduction of hers because he’s a good guy. Hey, doesn’t Aoki resembles quite closely to Ichimaru of Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei?
Hopefully, little children like Rin exists only in the animes. I know it’s good for kids to be positive, extrovert and energetic, but with this wide knowledge at this young age makes me feel like she’s a call girl in the making. Ah well, if she was a little older perhaps we would all have different views and perspectives of her then. But as for now, knowing she has such capability is highly disturbing. IS THIS THE KIND OF CHILDREN THAT WE WANT FOR OUR FUTURE???!!!
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