Koe De Oshigoto

February 17, 2012

You know all those erotic games? If you are just voicing a character in it, will it make you a porn star? Because you aren’t stripped naked or doing anything physical, that doesn’t mean doing a voice job as an eroge seiyuu means it will be an easy task. No doubt you are just voicing the character but as humans, our imagination and fantasies tend to go wild. So if you’re a damn good seiyuu, you can give heavenly pleasure with only your voice! Well, that’s what I thought when I watched Koe De Oshigoto. Yup, there has to be a girl who is voicing those stimulating voices during those sex scenes. You can’t be thinking they are computer generated, right?

These double OVA episodes aren’t about the making of an eroge. At least in the aspect of the voice acting part. Kanna Aoyagi has just turned 16 years old and been made by her sister, Yayoi to work as an eroge seiyuu! Please don’t think this as some sort of pimping. You think this amateur is going to have a hard time and long way to go but I guess everyone has hidden talents :). Why are you looking at me in a perverted way? So basically this anime is perhaps how an amateur eroge seiyuu girl who knows nothing about eroges, undergo when she debuts as one. I just wonder how she would list it down in her resume of job experiences…

Episode 1
Kanna watches in horror as veteran and expert eroge seiyuu, Fumika Warasono does her recording. This is how it’s should be done! Of course Kanna feels she can’t do it. I mean, how can you make a pure innocent 16 year old say such immoral things? We learn Yayoi wanted Kanna to become an eroge seiyuu the moment she turned 16 simply because their small company is poor and it would be troublesome to call in a professional one. This is when Kanna realized this is what big sister does for her living. Not because she’s a crazy sex maniac who plays such games in her room (yes, she brings her work home). I’m not sure about Yayoi’s logic of raising the best seiyuu is one who is nearby, but Kanna initially refused to do it. Even if there is no stripping. How did she change her mind? Kanna heard mommy telling her how life became tough after daddy was gone. Yayoi had always cared for her and worked hard to save up for her college. I guess in a way she feels indebted to her sister’s love and thus agrees to accept this job. So first thing is to learn and say the ‘basic words’ that will often be used in sex scenes. Ahem, ahem. Kanna can’t do it. She has trouble saying that single word, Stammering and hesitating… Till Yayoi puts her foot down and tells her to say it already, when Kanna says it out loud, an employee overheard her. It’s going to be a streak of embarrassment. In school, she has no time to spend with her friends Kotori Makino and Hazuki Nouge so much so they feel somewhat suspicious.

In the studio, Kanna observes Fumika doing her stuff.  Kanna even starts seeing the scenario and became engrossed into it! A staff reminds Yayoi about the implications of using an underage girl so Yayoi gives off that scary look that if her age is ever found out, just use that age misinterpretation which is common in this industry. Seeing how good Fumika was, Kanna is going to do her best and be as good as her. Is she serious? Might as well. So more ‘word’ training for Kanna and though she can say it, there is no emotion. She has to master this fast since the next recording is next week. Now she has to say a word that is used in 90% of all eroges. Make this your favourite word! Fumika demonstrates how it is done, shocking Kanna. So erotic, so stimulating. Kanna asks how she does it. Doesn’t she find it embarrassing? Though Fumika do feel embarrassed, but if she concentrates and put her mind to it, she can hold out. So you’ve got to be one mind with the game character. For homework, Yayoi has Kanna play an eroge as example. So how odd it is to play an eroge on a bright and nice Sunday morning? Kanna is embarrassed watching the sex scenes but gets so warped in it that she almost climaxed! Serious?! Yayoi’s SMS snaps her out of her trance. I don’t know why, she was trying to put the handphone inside her…

Kanna meets her long-time childhood friend, Nagatoshi Hioki. A childhood friend that Kanna once said she would marry when she was an innocent little girl. Says a lot, eh? And guess what? He was the one who wrote that scenario in the game Kanna just played. Yayoi could guess from Kanna’s reaction, she had fun with that game. Haha. Anyway Nagatoshi has written more scenarios and is glad that Kanna will be on this project as a seiyuu. Handing her and Fumika the scripts, seems Kanna did well in a short practice. But as Yayoi notes, the next one is tough because it’s a fellatio scene. You need the sucking sound… So what better way to create that sound than to suck your own fingers. No, they’re not going to use any sound effects for this. Fumika demonstrates the stimulating sucking. I don’t know why but perhaps she wants to be really good eroge seiyuu or overcome this embarrassment quick so much so Kanna starts licking and sucking her fingers in class! Her friends caught her in the act but they are unaware of what she’s trying to do. Since Kanna has a hard time mastering it, Yayoi suggests another method to get a feel: To suck her partner’s fingers. Nagatoshi’s, that is. Well, Kanna wasn’t so embarrassed and as she starts sucking, she herself is so stimulated and into her role that she is just so darn convincing! She can be the new porn star if you like! See all her saliva dripping all over the place!

As the recording starts, Kanna starts her lines but even if they aren’t sex scenes yet, she is nervous and starts fumbling. Yayoi calms her down by forcing her to say that forbidden censored word 10 times. Aloud. Is Yayoi pulling a fast one? But heavens, it worked! Now calmed down, she can even visualize the hentai scene. Then comes the masturbation scene and since Kanna didn’t practise on it, Yayoi has her go out and do running for 30 minutes. This is so that she will be tired and her lines will sound more convincing. Fumika learns that Kanna used to do mid to long distance running, thus the reason why she is energetic after so many hours of recording. Once Kanna comes back, she is tired and this time Nagatoshi will be sitting next to her during her recording. Recording resumes as Kanna slowly gets into the role. Reaching the fellatio scene, Nagatoshi extends his finger as Kanna starts her sucking. She sounds so sensual that it’s perfect. Woah. She’s really into it. Like as though she’s playing the game character. It ends with Kanna climaxing for real. In the aftermath, the team congratulates her on her awesome recording. And this is her debut, you know. Yayoi tells Kanna straight that she knew she climaxed during that scene and the amazing part is Nagatoshi didn’t even touch her. Not even those with wild imagination could do this. Though Yayoi has seen lots of seiyuus in this industry, she has never seen one who could do such a feat and something which Fumika herself couldn’t do. Her verdict? Working as an eroge seiyuu is her talent! Is that a compliment or mockery? I just know she’s going to have a very long streak of red faces.

Episode 2
Kanna plays the eroge she voices and is worried since her name appeared in the credits, will she be ‘famous’ with the guys all over the country? In office, the rest of the production team congratulates Kanna for her awesome work. They include graphics designer Natsumi Harie and Fuyumi Hirobe and guy seiyuu Sakanami Sekikazu. Sakanami is filled with amazement that a high school girl was the voice in the eroge that he admits he is getting an erection now. Till Fumika beats him up. In school, Kanna and her friends notice a classmate, Motoki Kaizu watching them. They thought he was looking at Hazuki but as Kotori notes he was looking more at Kanna. Hazuki also says the kind of stares they get from the guys. Majority of which are sexual fantasies. Can’t help it if they’re this cute, right? Kanna’s friends think Motoki likes her. Though she denies ever being popular with boys, when Motoki looks over at her, she starts blushing. Her friends are convinced that this must be it. Kanna is in class alone and contemplating if Motoki really does like her. That’s because she already has Nagatoshi (I thought she looked to him more as a big brother than anything. But I guess after being an eroge seiyuu, anything is possible). Then Motoki comes in and wants to ask a burning question. A confession? Nope. Is she an eroge seiyuu. Oh sh*t. How the hell does he know?

Poor Kanna thinks her identity is busted and seeks her sister’s help because she can’t possibly face Motoki again. However Yayoi knows that kid won’t reveal her secret. To know why, she has Kanna come to her job meeting tomorrow. They meet the CEO of Studio Kaizer who is employing them for the next project: Yasuto Kaizu. He is Motoki’s father and looks like Motoki is also drafted to help out with the project. Talking things out, so the reason he was staring at her was because he thought he knew somebody familiar when he learnt the person in this project was Yayoi and her sister doing the voice acting. He thought it might be coincidence since Kanna shared the same surname. Also, Kanna will be practising with Motoki till the recording starts. Nagatoshi? He’s busy writing scenarios so he locked himself up in the library. Kanna is uncomfortable spouting hentai lines in front of her classmate and since she sees him in school every day, that makes it even more unbearable. She starts breaking down upon thinking he’ll think of her as a dirty minded girl and can’t do it. However Motoki assures he will never think of her that way. In fact he respects girls who are doing this kind of job because they work hard to say those embarrassing lines with courage. Since she has become one as a high school student, he thinks that is awesome and hopes they can work together. This clams Kanna’s down as they take a look at the scenarios. Curious Kanna asks a question that dumbfounds everyone: Why do girls lick dicks? Expert Sakanami gives his honest feelings on how good it is. In fact he wants to lick it himself but his body structure won’t allow him so that’s why he needs a girl to lick it! The next dumbfounding question Kanna asks is how sperm tastes like. I guess Sakanami is still into it and wants to give Kanna to taste his!!! Punch that sicko out! Thank you Fumika. Yayoi gives a direct answer on how it tastes. Like your finger? Does this mean she has tasted it? However Natsumi takes over and says sperms taste like condense milk! Sweet and delicious! Totally untrue! If that was the case, everybody would have saved their money and used their own sperm for their morning coffee, right?! But Yayoi lets Natsumi go ahead with this false information so that she will really get into her role.

At school, Hazuki and Kotori spy on Kanna and notice how close she is getting with Motoki. They congratulate her for ending her 11 years of singlehood but she denies it. Plus, since they were talking on erotic scenes, she can’t possibly tell her friends about it. They’re getting more and more suspicious… At the studio, Kanna continues to practise her lines. Sakanami totally digs Kanna’s line and admits that he is getting an erection. Fumika isn’t happy about his sexual harassment but Sakanami says those words are compliment. I mean if a guy says that, that means you’re attractive, right? Depends on how you view it. However Motoki didn’t feel any reaction. No, not because he has ED, but rather he pities girls doing erotic lines so it’s hard (no pun) for him to get stimulated. Fumika tests it out on him with her most stimulating demonstration that is guaranteed to cure guys with ED cases. That didn’t turn Motoki on so for once, Fumika felt mortifying and understood what Sakanami meant. Now it’s Kanna’s turn and after Sakanami whispers a secret word to her, she says her fellatio scene lines and it turned Motoki on. Actually it’s the way she said it while looking at him with that gaze. So does she feel happy or embarrassed? Yeah, Fumika wants another try on Motoki. Kanna and Motoki stop by the convenience store. He got her an ice cream. Instinctively, she starts licking and sucking the ice cream like what she practises for her scenes! Motoki tells her he was first embarrassed when she was his partner but not anymore. He wants to help her out as much as possible. Then to Kanna’s horror, she spots her friends across the road. I’m sure no amount of persuasion would change their mind.

Kanna starts her recording and as usual everyone is amazed that she is into her character. Then for the fellatio scene, she is reluctant to suck on Motoki’s finger but with Yayoi giving her the death stare, she better suck up (no pun intended) her courage and do so. However Yayoi thinks this is no good since she is not in her trance mode. After sending Kanna to run laps, Yayoi explains to President Kaizu how inexperienced Kanna needs to enter into a trance state to act out an erotic scene. It was okay with Nagatoshi but looks like she needs a different prerequisite for Motoki. When Kanna returns, everyone chips in on how to turn Kanna into her trance mode. Why is everyone suggesting she do something to his dick for real?! Touch it? Observe it? Smell it? Put it in?! Yayoi suggests a hug till she changes. As Motoki hugs Kanna harder, she could hear his heartbeat and smell his scent and soon enough she enters her trance state. She is in that ultimate mode that she far exceeds perfect! For realism, Motoki has condensed milk on his finger when she’s sucking on it. And in the end, Kanna climaxes in front of everybody! Because of that, the sight of Motoki has Kanna running away in an instant. Faster than The Flash! Her friends know something is wrong so they set them up together alone in the classroom. They both apologize when Kanna suddenly hugs him to thank him because of that, the acting went well. She wants to improve and perhaps teach her everything. This moment of embrace could’ve last longer if they didn’t realize Hazuki and Kotori spying from outside the door. Thumbs up for her proactiveness?

You make it sound so horny!!!
Well, well, well. I guess Kanna do really have a talent for becoming an eroge seiyuu after all. Not only surpassing everyone’s expectations, but to climax herself indicates that she enjoys it, right? I’m not sure if she would ‘upgrade’ herself into real hentai films. She’d be a natural, guaranteed. But that will be a different story. Her voice alone itself is enough to draw out the scenarios so she must be real good. But then again it depends on how wild your imagination is. If she could bring you into an erotic just by making you hear her voice, man, she’s good, right? After watching this series, it is safe to say and reassure myself that I won’t be touching any hentai games ever in my life. I’m not really into that kind of hardcore games but I guess there are many people with wild fantasies that a very great number of such games and varieties are produced yearly. I suppose if you’re an otaku with no girlfriend (3D ones at least), maybe eroges are your best ‘companion’. Haha! So are those behind the scenes making eroges deemed perverts? Well, everyone in the world is a pervert in his/her own way.

There are lots of erotic scenes in this series and of course since they are from eroge scenes, you’d be expecting to see sexual positions and such. However the necessary parts of the scenes are purposely censored out and lines that are erotic are cut out and replaced with some gibberish voice. If you aren’t turned on or at least get an erection throughout the series, either you have ED or have no sex life. Every healthy guy who sees this surely will experience this, right? Yours truly isn’t spared either. No, this doesn’t mean that you should go watch more porn films and play hentai games. This show isn’t meant to get you to buy such games or turn you into a holy angel into a corrupted demon. Just remember, this is how a meek girl goes through her job of voicing erotic roles. Embarrassment is part and parcel of the job. Maybe a few more times she’ll be as deadpan serious like her sister. Numb and immune that it’s really just part of her job. However I must admit that during Kanna’s fellatio practice scenes, I felt disgusted and nearly threw up! Her saliva dripping didn’t turn me on but I could felt my stomach cringing. Even if this is just somewhat ‘digital porn’, nevertheless it really felt sickening. The condensed milk statement made it worse. Somehow now I have fears putting that in my coffee…

So being an eroge seiyuu doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a porn star but with the way society views things, I guess it’s best that most ‘stars’ in this industry keep a low profile. And for Kanna’s case, perhaps it is also best that she be careful of the way she speaks. Sometimes it’s not what she says but the way she says it that could turn something boring into something erotic and received unwanted attention from unwanted guys. Take that ice cream incident as an example. She was licking it like a pro! Like they say practice makes perfect. With each different sexual scene, Kanna gets better and into her role while acting it out. MAKO who voices Kanna in the series did quite a good job in bringing out the embarrassment in her. So every seiyuu has a potential to do eroge seiyuu? And I may not want to rewatch this series a second time because I may get too excited and climax by accident…

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