Koi Koi 7

March 6, 2010

I initially write off Koi Koi 7 simply because it had some mecha elements in it. You know, me and my bias perception on mecha genre animes. But much later when I read that there was comedy, ecchi and fanservice, it got me thinking that there is no harm in trying. Yeah, that mecha thingy has been thrown out of the window this instant. So if you’re the kind who likes this sort of mix of genre, well, not to say it is pretty awesome. Just run of the mill. But if you want a little laughs and fanservice, then go ahead and have a look.
Episode 1 opens with a couple of helicopters attacking Otome Chono and Sakuya Kazamatsuri. Sakuya must peddle with all her might or else they’ll be toast. By the way, how can a little man powered bicycle avoid all those high-tech missiles? To add to the incomprehensible action, Sakuya counter attacks by whipping out her bazooka and with Otome’s computer targeting-like vision, she blasts 1 of the helicopter. Then don’t know how, she jumps high in the air with the bicycle and stabs her light sabre into the other helicopter to send it crashing. WTF?! Don’t ask me how 2 helicopters can lose to a bicycle. And where the heck did Sakuya keep her weapons?! Anyway, new transfer student Tetsurou Tanaka arrives at Gokou Academy and sees himself as the only guy here. Wait a minute, is this an all-girls school? Something is wrong. The crashing of the helicopters nearby causes a great wind, lifting up the girls’ skirt so Tetsurou has a full view of their coloured panties. Now, that’s what you called an opening fanservice. A cargo truck then threatens to crash into him but a girl, Yayoi Asuka, glides over and saves him. A short flashback of Tetsurou and Yayoi when they were young as she showed him something with her palms. Yayoi leaves for class duties as Tetsurou wonders how she knows his name. Rich obnoxious girl, Miya Higashikazuno, arrives in her limo (almost crashing into him) and chides Tetsurou to be careful on the road since her precious cargo was ruined.
Homeroom teacher Worie Kanou introduces Tetsurou as the new transfer student as he sees Yayoi in the same class. She gets enthusiastic, excited and lovey-dovey physical with him. Miya (also in the same class) isn’t happy about Yayoi and her pal’s frolicking moreover that new student she met this morning was the one that put scratches on her Zaidrits and won’t forgive him. Miya has several loyal underlings. One of them includes Hekuso Kazura. I don’t know, her name means Poophead even in kanji writing so I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not. Then there are Katsuko Iidabashi, Chuuko Asakusabashi and Youko Suidobashi. The trio are nicknamed WaYoChu Sisters, though I don’t know if they’re blood related or not. As Tetsurou learns he’s the only guy in school, Yayoi gives him a tour around the school like the locker room (in the midst of girls changing), the shower (in the midst of girls bathing) and infirmary (OMG! Yuri girls having sex!). Later he asks why she’s nice to him so she says about a promise to always protect him, though he doesn’t remember much. Miya, introducing herself as president of the many clubs in school, come by with her underlings to offer Tetsurou a tour of the school and gives Yayoi a crab bread to keep her at bay. Now, this Yayoi is definitely an airhead. But Sakuya fires several warning shots from her chaingun so Miya and co back off. Miya warns Tetsurou not to associate with those lowly rejects (her reference to Yayoi and her friends). Later Tetsurou meets Yayoi’s other friends like the soft spoken (literally) Miyabi Tsukiyomi, super strong otaku Akio Suzuka and gardening freak Hifumi Inokai.
As Tetsurou is in the toilet, Miya’s underlings kidnap him (no peace/piss at all! Haha!) to their office Gokou-kai, Miya rants about some finest image, upbringing, image, lineage bla bla bla, asking him to swear a loyalty oath to her, bla bla bla. Then Tetsurou says how her panty is showing. Feeling embarrassed, she decides to punish him the most embarrassing way: Pinching his naked butt. WTF?! Tetsurou’s cry for help reaches Yayoi and co’s ears as they rush to Gokou-kai. Some lengthy poetic narration about themselves and though there are only 6 of them, they call themselves Koi Koi 7 (KK7). Why? Don’t ask me. Incomprehensible. Miya fights back as she and her underlings unleash their mecha and do battle. Sakuya, Miyabi, Akio and Hifumi do frontline battle disposing of the mecha while Otome works in the background. Airhead Yayoi is just cheering them on. I guess it’s for moral support, I think. The battle gets even outrageous because Akio can fly! Hifumi is super strong?! Miyabi can grab and cut things with her hair?! Where does Sakuya keep all her big guns?! Are these girls human or not?! When they finally dismantle Miya’s Zaidrits mecha, its hand comes falling down on Tetsurou. To Yayoi’s horror, she suddenly sprouts white wings and flies Tetsurou away. She says this is her 1st time flying and wished she was stronger so that she could protect somebody important to her and also confesses she loves him. Tetsurou goes back to the dorm he’s supposed to be living in, Anoyoroshisou. Looks a little run down. He is surprised to see KK7 living there as well as Kanou. Just when he thinks he can relax in his room, he finds his room and Yayoi’s has no wall between them so he sees her changing as she goes to hug him. A mysterious eye-patch girl in bandages is seen alone wishing for Tetsurou to come.
Yeah, so that pretty much how it is in the first episode. I’m sure viewers would be surprised by Tetsurou after watching those girls with super human powers go into battle. Is this all a dream? Nope. More like a living nightmare. Because KK7 and Miya’s Gokou 5 are in some sort of war, in almost every episode, you can see them do battles but you’ll know how it all ends because Miya’s mechas are pretty much useless. All for show? And you thought filthy rich people can buy the best things with money. And there’s the case of the mysterious eye-patch girl. Mysteriously popping up here and there. Something about her and Tetsurou…
In episode 2, Gokou 5 are in their mechas in another attack against Tetsurou and KK7. Miya’s not giving up her quest to get Tetsurou’s loyalty oath. Hey, he’s the only guy in school, right? As usual, they fail. Tetsurou thinks these girls aren’t normal (damn right he is). Next morning, he wakes up to his dismay to see Yayoi sleeping next to him in her undies. He later calls his dad and wonders about his transfer and says he can’t pull through but daddy thinks he can and hangs up. Looks like his hell will continue. Miya captures Tetsurou and forces KK7 to a competition. Hey, Miya’s the granddaughter of Gokou Academy’s principal so she can make forceful requests. She also makes that yuri pair, Subaru Satou and Isuzu Yamada, as referees. The match is a swimming relay and the prize will be Tetsurou (tied up and semi-naked). Though Miya’s underlings use jet propulsion, they still lose. So Miya forces another competition: Mongolian wrestling. They also lost. Then a volleyball match. While the battle rages on, gloomy Tetsurou thinks of everyone’s weirdness. Then it hit him that everyone may be doing their best for his sake. So after KK7 trounces Miya’s team 21-0, Tetsurou gets his confidence back and will continue. KK7 are happy with his release. Meanwhile eye-patch girl is seen floating alone in the pool saying how Tetsurou isn’t fair before sinking to the bottom. Tetsurou and the girls are on their way home when kiasu Miya and co are going to do the real showdown (claiming those matches they lost were just exhibition matches – too bad Tetsurou’s pain was real). Miya summons her Zaidrits as they merge into 1 big robot. Note the lengthy transformation and no, you’re not watching Transformers. But the mecha crashes before they could make their 1st move due to some technical flaw. Bummer. KK7 wins by not even lifting a finger! The gang continue to walk home as Yayoi tells Tetsurou once more that he is the most important person and wants to be with him forever. Then an announcement announcing 14 student names that they’ll participate in a special review session after school for the next 3 days (KK7, Gokou 5, Tetsurou and the yuri pair). Finally, eye-patch girl is in her undies and hugging herself in cold, reiterating that unfairness line.
A robot named Celonius Mark 19 goes berserk and escapes during WaYoChu Sisters’ programming in episode 3. At Anoyoroshisou, the gang sees a news report that a mysterious trench coat nicknamed Burusera Mask is terrorizing high school girl students by sucking up their uniforms with his vacuum and leaving them in their undies. In school, Tetsurou sees Burusera Mask sucking up the clothes of Yamada and Satou. They plead for help so Tetsurou shouts for help (hey, that’s the best he could do). Akio drops by and utters her hardcore Warriors Kino Rangers line and takes out the menace but he escapes. Tetsurou comments on her tight sexy battle gear outfit so Akio quickly puts a Kino Ranger outfit on him. She starts teaching him how to pose and shout those Ranger lines. Miya questions the progress of Celonius but WaYoChu Sisters give excuses for its delay. Akio takes Tetsurou and Yayoi to the woods to help train her Kino Rangers move. During the break, when Tetsurou says of his uselessness of being protected by everyone else, Akio tells how she was once a cry-baby but was saved by that 1 girl. She takes Tetsurou to soar in the sky and says the source of power that defends justice is in one’s heart. Burusera Mask strikes again at Gokou Academy so Akio along with Tetsurou and Yayoi vow to defend them Kino Rangers Style but the other KK7 aren’t amused. Must be embarrassing. Miya plans to protect the girls with her mecha when she overhears WaYoChu Sisters about their blunder.
Burusera Mask is skipping along the hallway when he comes face to face with eye-patch girl. He touches her boobs before running away in fear. Kanou initiates an emergency order and locks down the school. Miya flies in with her mecha (oh, that merging scene again) and recognizes Burusera Mask as Celonius. It’s a biological weapon designed to humiliate KK7 but due to you-know-who’s mishandling, it went berserk. She plans to atone her underlings’ mistake. Burusera Mask transforms into a large monster and in a single roar, Miya’s mecha tumbles out of commission. It’s getting worse, eh? Sakuya, Miyabi and Hifumi kick into action but their clothes get sucked in and then tied up. Then it’s Akio’s turn but she too gets tied up. Tetsurou takes up Sakuya’s dropped bazooka and blasts the monster. This allows time for Akio to unleash her death blow technique to destroy the monster. In the aftermath, Akio and Tetsurou had a little chat. Hifumi teases Akio that she has fallen for him but she denies and they all laugh. Lastly, eye-patch girl is seen alone and naked in the darkness, pleading for Tetsurou to find her quickly.
Sakuya comes home drenched on a rainy day in episode 4. She says they can’t afford to get cold or sick, prompting Tetsurou to remember they are cyborgs. No wonder. This explains their super abilities. Sakuya tells Tetsurou to go fetch Otome and not let her get wet. He arrives at school and sees eye-patch girl standing in the rain and offers his umbrella. She gets close to his face and her creepy smile creeps him out so he gives his umbrella and runs away. He picks up Otome as Yamada and Satou thinks he’s cheating on other girls but Yamada starts getting yuri on Satou. As they walk home, Otome suggests walking while hugging each other to minimize them of getting wet. Miya spots them and is upset for them walking together like that. Otome then mentions how she is a tool to be used but Tetsurou disagrees. She lets him touch her hands which are cold. They take a detour to a park and see an abandoned puppy. Because the dorm’s rules of not allowing pets, they leave their umbrella with it and rush off to take the nearest shelter at a nearby store. Otome thanks him and pecks him on his cheeks before starting to short circuit. Hey, if he’s holding a short circuiting robot, isn’t he going to get electrocuted? And it’s raining too, you know.
Back at the dorm, Sakuya beats him up for letting Otome get wet. Miyabi calms her down but Sakuya says she won’t forgive him if anything happens to her. While Kanou repairs Otome, Sakuya shuts herself in her room, crying and not wanting to lose anyone again. Hifumi comes back with the abandoned puppy (as emergency food supply – yeah, she was kidding. Maybe) and learns of the situation. Though she says it isn’t Tetsurou’s fault, he still feels guilty for breaking Sakuya’s promise. Then Otome enters the room and everyone is relieved. Later Kanou talks to Tetsurou about Otome’s case. Though she’s a cyborg, she is different than the rest as she has unstable parts. Her body will malfunction if it comes into contact with water and if they don’t keep backing up her memories, they’ll be lost, like the events this morning. So she doesn’t want him to force Otome to remember them as it’ll be painful. Later everyone is stunned to see Otome cuddling up closely to Tetsurou as she herself can’t explain why. Yayoi doesn’t want to lose out and hugs him too. Hifumi later baths with the puppy (licking here and there…) while naked eye-patch girl alone wants Tetsurou to come warm her up.
Tetsurou nurses sick Miyabi in episode 6 and because of that, her hair goes out of control when his face gets too close while feeding her. Talk about having a bad hair day too. Miya organizes some super swimming sport in which the winner will get 1 million Yen cash prize in addition to a secret prize. KK7 are also participating since they need money to fix Anoyoroshisou. Otome sits this one out since she can’t come into contact with water. Tetsurou is feeling down because he’s the only guy and has a feeling something crazy is going to happen again (damn right). He sees Miyabi being admired by lots of fan girls. The tournament begins with Miya making Tetsurou the object (see, his guts was right). Whoever gets him wins. All the bikini babes surround him as Satou and Yamada are made commentators. Satou is enthusiastic because she was bribed to do so. Also, this tournament is part of Miya’s plan to get back at KK7. Her underlings play dirty by pulling their legs underwater. Then they launch some cannon which send everyone flying out of the water. Miyabi saves Tetsurou by bringing him back to safety. Kanou notices eye-patch girl watching from afar and recognizes her as Celonius #28. She rushes over but is gone by the time she gets there.
Everyone travels up into Miya’s orbital satellite in space only to find another pool for their tournament. Perhaps in space no one can hear you scream. Tetsurou is whisked away and seated next to Miya. First game is Tama-ire (throwing as many coloured balls into the net) and Miya’s underlings play dirty by throwing coloured grenades and send everyone flying. Then the kibasen event also ends with the underlings unleashing a rain of missiles sending everyone in the air. Is all this legal? Tetsurou tells Miya that Miyabi isn’t well and wonders if she could let her rest. She agrees. Kanou is during research on Celonius #28 and is surprised to learn she is enrolled as a student in Gokou Academy. Tetsurou accompanies Miyabi in the infirmary. His kindness prompts her to have flashbacks of how she was bullied by boys but thinks Tetsurou may be different from them. In the end, Miya announces Miyabi as the winner, making everyone wondering why. She hands the money and invitation to join Gokou-kai (the secret prize). Miyabi refuses so upset Miya refuses to give the cash prize. KK7 leaves disappointed. Back on the ground, Miya isn’t going to let them leave for insulting her like that so she pilots her mecha to destroy them. Miyabi protects her friends with her hair in a single blow, making the mecha tumbling and destroying the orbital satellite. That fragile, huh? Eye-patch girl snipes a shot a Yayoi but Miyabi was quick to deflect the shot. Eye-patch girl escapes as Kanou wonders why she is targeting Yayoi. Back at Anoyoroshisou, Tetsurou continues to nurse Miyabi. He praises her so she blushes (her face is red not due to her illness…). As for eye-patch girl, she is alone regretting and apologizing that she screwed up.
For the International Anime Carnival in episode 6, Kanou is distraught that her responsibility for its anime work schedule is pushed forward rather than a special guest piece to be aired at the event due to some show-offs and power speak (that is, courtesy of Miya and Kazura). This means many people will be watching it and thus questioning her management skills. So that’s what it’s all about? Sakuya is made production manager because she flunked her test and as exchange to have this failure erased. Sakuya casually goes around to see oversee production but everyone can’t start because the director’s lounge (Miya’s underlings) haven’t started work. The backlog has Kanou calling Sakuya and Kazura saying how audio production is in 1 week’s time and won’t forgive them if they’re a second late. Though it’s possible, the thought of flunking has Sakuya snapped. Over the next few days, Sakuya becomes a merciless drill sergeant-cum-demon instructor-cum-slave driver, forcing everyone to work with her abusive military lines and behaviour. How about "You’re not humans! You’re machines!" and "You have no freedom!" sound? Scary, no? Nobody can escape from her grasps as she’ll hunt anyone down and make them pay and finish their job! Don’t sleep in too unless you want to die! Each group makes progress as Sakuya delivers the finished work by stages. Though the reception manager notes how animation these days are digital and it’s hard to see film reels, Sakuya fires several warning shots to take it or else. Don’t complain, man. Slowly every group manages to finish their designated job (each becoming pale white and drop dead after completion). Even Sakuya works over time and burns the midnight oil doing each delivery. Tetsurou is worried for her but she can’t let their sacrifices go to waste. Sakuya delivers the final piece and her weary self instantly falls asleep in Tetsurou’s arms when she returns to Gokou Academy. Soon Sakuya is called by Kanou saying that the International Anime Carnival has banned the anime for being too erotic (though Yamada calls it art). Thus the promise to scrape her flunk grades is off. Boo hoo! All the hard work…
While Kanou researches how Celonius #28 escaped from the facility and enrolled into school undetected in episode 7, Tetsurou is doing odd jobs as the head of the school’s Three Light Festival president. And you thought being a president is to shake leg. Miya is doing her horrible singing practice and causes havoc and disruption (girls dropping dead!). Because of that, Tetsurou spilled paint on his uniform and since he’s the only guy as there are no other male uniforms, Yayoi has him wear a school girl uniform. There’s an odd part in which Tetsurou is in a dilemma of whether to enter the girl’s or boy’s toilet. He chose the former and probably regretted it because he was stuck in the cubicle for a while when a couple of girls didn’t leave and went on ranting about their girly talk. It got me thinking that he’s the only boy in this school, he should’ve entered the boy’s toilet even if he’s dressed as a girl. Nobody else would’ve enter, right? Later, Miya can’t recognize Tetsurou and thinks ‘she’ is a new transfer student. Yup, she instantly falls in love with ‘her’! She gives Yayoi the crab bread distraction and takes Tetsurou to Gokou-kai. Tetsurou worries about his true identity being busted so he lies by saying he is Tetsuko. Miya proceeds to do lots of lesbian thingy (Maria-sama Ga Miteru parody!) including giving ‘her’ a pet name Petite Souer, wanting them to be sisters and exchanging their ribbons as proof of their friendship. She then gives Tetsuko a tour around the school, places of Miya-use-only places. No wonder they’re all empty. Tetsuko learns how Miya likes her smile because nobody she met smiled at her because they think she’s the principal’s daughter. Miya wants to be friends forever.
Yayoi panics as she tries to tell her pals she lost Tetsurou (so much for wanting to protecting her most important person) but they’re arguing on what to do for the festival. She then bumps into eye-patch girl who tells her where Tetsurou is. After Yayoi leaves, she notes how Yayoi is the light and she is the shadow but that will soon be over. Yayoi manages to snatch Tetsurou from Miya’s grasp, much to her dismay. Later when Yayoi and Tetsurou meet up with the rest, Tetsurou learns the deep meaning of exchanging ribbons. No choice and heavy hearted, he goes to return Miya’s ribbon and apologizes. Miya is visibly saddened and thought ‘she’ would treat her differently and not as the granddaughter of the academy’s head but as a woman. But since she is deeply hurt, she isn’t going to let Tetsuko go. Uh oh. Desperate Miya chases Tetsuko in her mecha. KK7 arrives and an epic battle begins while eye-patch girl brings Tetsuko away from harm. Miya and her underlings unleash a sound barrier which has KK7 reeling in pain due to Miya’s horrible singing. But it was so horrible that the speakers itself broke. Haha! While Tetsurou tries to remember how he met eye-patch girl, she kisses him and says that she is Yayoi Asuka before going away, leaving him confused.
A short flashback in episode 8 of Kanou contacting some scientist at a facility about Celonious’ escape. Though he denies any knowledge o this, he says she has a heart now but she wants him to take her back. Also, she spoke to her higher up which is also the principal of the school, that records of Celonius’ transfer was forged and thinks they must’ve sent her here for some plan of theirs since Celonius is acting on her free will. Kanou thinks of restarting the defence system but access was denied. The festival is on the way and after Tetsurou takes a look at Yamada’s porn doujin (still insisting they’re art), Sakuya takes him away and puts a maid outfit on him to help out in their class’ maid cafe since they’re short on workers. Miya comes by to invite Tetsuko to her concert but ends up fighting with Sakuya. Eye-patch girl comes by to bring Tetsurou away and causes a short power outage. Outside, she tells him she knows about him all along. Yayoi comes by so eye-patch girl decides to privately talk with her. Kanou gathers the other KK7 and tells of the infiltration of fake Yayoi. She tells them she originally existed as a network system to monitor Tetsurou and Yayoi once they’re born in this world. However Celonius continued to evolve and improved. Celonius tells Yayoi that her feelings were installed into her and that she wants to protect Tetsurou only and starts to electrocute her. The other KK7 come to Yayoi’s aid but got electrocuted. Her eye-patch then falls off and Tetsurou sees her robotic eye. Celonius starts to panic and tells him not to look. Her electricity goes out of control that it turned all the maids in school doing lesbian stuff on each other! Especially Yamada and Satou WTF?! Hey, those 2 are always yuri no matter what. Total service, I tell you if you’re visiting the maid cafe.
Otome is trying to release the system lock but is futile. Kanou tells her Celonius isn’t the same as her because Celonius wasn’t a robot in the first place and was only 1 part of the monitoring/defence system that covered the entire planet. But when the syndicate began to understand what Yayoi was, they made Celonius by plugging her into a worldwide network and acquiring all knowledge that humanity possess. Kanou then sees Scientist visiting the festival and goes to confront him. She asks him if Celonius has feelings and did he toy with them. He replies Celonius seems to really love Tetsurou even though she’s a robot. Kanou gets upset and punches him but he stops her fist and goes home. Tetsurou tells Celonius to stop as it won’t change a thing. Celonius is upset that he is covering for Yayoi and hits him away. It’s Yayoi’s turn to get upset that she hurt him. Vowing to protect Tetsurou, she sprouts wings and a bright light engulfs Celonius. When Kanou arrives, Celonius has malfunctioned. Tetsurou tearfully pleads to Kanou to save her. Later that day, Kanou shows him how she has reset Celonius’ memories and installed her in 1 of Otome’s spare bodies. She also has no memories of what happened up to now. Celonius seems a little shy so Tetsurou starts making friends with her. I guess that threat is over. From now on, she is much gentler and docile.
In episode 9, Celonius #28 is nicknamed Gantai and lives with the gang at Anoyoroshisou. She wakes up early and watches some of them do stuff like Akio watching Kino Rangers, Otome sitting around doing nothing and Miyabi cooking. However she finds it all boring. She then secretly follows Hifumi to school as she wanders around, she has faint memories of her previous life as Celonius and gets scared. Meanwhile Tetsurou, Akio and Sakuya go in search for her. WaYoChu Sisters find Gantai and not knowing what to do with her, take her to see Miya (caught red-handed still fantasizing about her Tetsuko). They want Miya to show her greatness to her and this will help spread and make her well known to others everywhere (lies!). Proud Miya agrees but Gantai makes fun of her forehead and starts drawing on it. Miya gets pissed and is going to have a piece of that little brat so scared Gantai runs away as WaYoChu Sisters restrain Miya. Kanou is talking to Principal about Gantai and thinks their best option is to watch her in case ‘he’ makes a move to send something to this school as the loss of Celonius will cause some reactions. He gives her permission to do what is necessary. Tetsurou finds Gantai in the streets but she runs away. When he catches up to her, she says she doesn’t want to go back to Anoyoroshisou because everyone is no fun and starts breaking down. They soon walk back together and Gantai finds it funny that Tetsurou’s stomach growls when hungry. Yamada and Satou spot them and think Tetsurou is cheating on Yayoi again. They think he’s a lolicon! When they ask Gantai her name, her reply of Yayoi Asuka stuns them so Tetsurou covers up by saying it’s just coincidence. Tetsurou and Gantai come home and though the rest say they were worried about her that she ran off like that without telling anyone, they’re glad she’s alright and welcome her home. Gantai feels happy to be part of them.
Hifumi astounds the class and Kanou with her amazing scientific answer to a maths question in episode 10. Katsuko isn’t pleased and rants this to Miya (still thinking about Tetsuko) but Kanou throws a blackboard duster in her face for making a ruckus and talking back. Hifumi is putting a little bird back in its nest on a tree when Tetsurou and Yayoi come by. He accidentally sees her panties so she gets embarrassed. She falls onto him and starts panicking that he’s an animal before running away in tears. She wonders where Akio is because at times like these, she’s always around to help her. Speaking of which, Akio and Gantai are at the mountains to find a cure for Hifumi’s sudden strange acting. They think the cause is a magical mandrake in which when carelessly pulled out, its shriek will cause a change in personality and eventually one to lose his/her memories. To cure it, that person has to eat that mandrake raw. Katsuko is still pissed and plans to get her revenge on Hifumi while Satou and Yamada suggest she put on spandex to solve her problems. But since they mentioned panty lines, Hifumi decides not to. Tetsurou seeks Otome’s help to locate Hifumi’s whereabouts and rushes there before she finishes her sentence. When he arrives to apologize, he sees Hifumi taking off the spandex and the typical retribution of seeing any embarrassed girl change is to get punched.
Hifumi walks home wondering where Akio has been. That night, she dreams of her childhood past and friendship with Akio. The next morning, she starts to forget who Akio is so Sakuya takes Otome in order to contact Gantai. Yeah, some embarrassing taichi-like pose to get the best reception. However there is no response because Gantai is taking her afternoon nap. Katsuko sprays water on Hifumi and then offers her change of clothes back at Gokou-kai. After putting on a nurse outfit, she takes pictures of helpless Hifumi in embarrassing poses. Hifumi can’t do anything since some robot is restricting her movements. Katsuko is enjoying this revenge so distressed Hifumi manages to remember Akio and calls her name for help. Akio sense Hifumi in distress and immediately flies to her rescue. She teaches Katsuko a lesson by kicking that robot down on her. Back at Anoyoroshisou, Hifumi returns to her normal self after eating the mandrake, much to everyone’s relief. But Akio realized that she left Gantai behind. She is happily having fun enjoying herself plucking mandrakes. Ah, that little girl…
To settle the final score with KK7, in episode 11, Miya kidnaps Gantai and forces KK7 to come get her at her Cattleya Castle right in the middle of the desert. The castle’s defence is too tough for Sakuya’s big guns to break through. Otome and Hifumi then suggest going home since Miya did mention she’s treating Gantai as her precious guest and won’t harm her as she’s not the kind of woman who goes back on her words. Everyone gets demotivated (or relieved) and leaves and this furthers pisses Miya off as she disables her defence system and tells them to come in. Haha. I think it’s some sly psychological move. While walking through the corridor, Sakuya thinks Miya may put weird ideas into Gantai’s head like naked apron so Tetsurou suffers massive nose bleed after some wild imaginations. It’s better being a normal boy rather than un-normal cyborg girls. They enter a room with a bridge surrounded by water (don’t ask me how big this castle is). Chuuko in a power suit gloats about its power so Miyabi strips her suit leaving her powerless and naked. Meanwhile Yamada and Satou are talking how Miya is the school head’s granddaughter and never lifts a finger. Because Satou is changing, Yamada gets stimulated and proceeds to get yuri with her.
In the next room filled with rocks, Katsuko enters wearing a powerful suit and knocks out Sakuya’s bullets and Akio with her sound decibel attack. Hifumi is upset Akio is hurt and unleashes an even louder scream attack knocking Katsuko out. But she too knocks her other pals out. Elsewhere, Kazura is seen contacting somebody who tells her ‘that man’ has suppressed his superiors and will do anything to achieve his goal, even if it means destroying the world. He wants her to return if her life is in danger but she isn’t going to leave Miya. In the next room, a rocky American desert outback awaits KK7 as they’re being attacked by a quick slime ball which then morphs into Youko in a cat suit. They tease her and Akio gets hyped up of her cosplay and proceeds to teach her the real way to cosplay. Meanwhile Kanou is talking to Principal who tells her ‘that man’ is making his move so she mentions that a time-space oscillator archetype is hidden here. Finally KK7 reach the room Gantai is in and sees her having fun eating all the lavish cakes Miya provided. Miya admits her defeat, congratulates them and keeps her end of the deal to free Gantai, surprising them. No hidden attacks either. Is it that easy? After they leave, Miya’s underlings apologize for their failure but she doesn’t mind and thinks of leaving since she decided so if she lost here. They assure their unwavering support for her and plead for her to stay. Miya changes her mind and will continue protecting this school. Kazura tells her a greater enemy is coming and this battle will have their lives on the line. She wants Miya to protect the world.
Episode 12 starts off with Kanou’s flashback of how she first met Scientist when she was a high school student and looked up to him very much although she knows he had no use for her. It is also mentioned that Scientist is Tetsurou’s dad. Scientist has a flashback of how he’s being removed from the research facility by the science community so he awakes and takes his artificially altered female assistants, Yaku and Shou, and head towards school. Gokou 5 is once again in another endless battle with KK7 because of Yayoi’s flirting with Tetsurou in public. Another eye-opening battle because Katsuko lifts her skirt to fire missiles! WTF?! How did she keep all of them there?! Meanwhile Scientist has reached the garden’s fountain and conveniently flips open a switch and head to an underground lab. He destroys the security system and defence missiles easily (also by lifting his lab coat to fire missiles?! What kind of absurd technology is this?!). He reaches the lab and activates to oscillator. While Kanou is analyzing things with Otome, the battle between KK7 and Gokou 5 has the latter’s mecha come crashing into the building, disrupting Kanou’s work. They’re all being punished to stand in the hallway. A beam of light is fired down from the sky and light particles are seen spreading everywhere. Suddenly all the girls in school except for KK7, Kazura and Kanou fall deeply in love with Tetsurou and starts chasing him! Kanou explains Scientist has opened the gateway and is merging both worlds, thus the escaping particles are arousing the girls. Some theory that is. Then my theory is that the other world must be a horny one, eh? So only those who are artificially altered humans are unaffected.
Otome reports the space-time system energy is reaching critical mass. Miyabi uses her popularity to buy Tetsurou and Yayoi time to escape while Akio and Hifumi disguise themselves as decoys. When Tetsurou and Yayoi take refuge, Yayoi says how she felt jealous when the girls started chasing him and hated them but he mentions he will never hate her so they make a yubikiri promise. As they make their escape, Yaku and Shou appear and orders Yayoi to follow them, hypnotizing her. Tetsurou tries to fight back but Kazura stops him, saying he can’t defeat them. Plus, they did mention they’ll return Yayoi unharmed once they’re done with her. After they disappear, the other KK7 arrive and Tetsurou pleads to help save Yayoi. They agree but Kazura warns that they’re more powerful than Celonius #28. But they still insist on going since they’re guardians of Tetsurou and Yayoi. With that, Kazura tells them that Yayoi is being held inside of Cattleya Castle’s Lilian Garden. She also tells a way to beat them. That is, when they reach their full power limit, there’ll be a 5 second freeze so they must use that moment to strike. Otome reports that the oscillator system have all synchronized as KK7 and Tetsurou arrive only to see Yaku and Shou standing in their way. Yayoi is inside a chamber screaming in pain as the gateway expands and a winged human appears, much to Scientist’s joy. Note the dramatic angelic choir in the background music.
Whatever happened to all that suspense suddenly shifts away to a much fanservice episode 13. Yup. The entire gang seems to be relaxing on a southern tropical island. That means, babes in bikinis, bouncy boobs and another reason for Yamada and Satou to get horny with each other. Ugh! They even kissed! It seems Yaku and Shou have been turned into bodies the size of Gantai and are quite friendly with the gang. Kanou receives an invitation letter from Scientist and a short flashback of how after they kissed, Scientist told her that his heart still wants ‘her’ back, which is his first love. Miya and her underlings are in a high-tech submarine and as usual she isn’t happy with KK7’s frolicking and ambushes them. With WaYoChu Sister’s strengthened mecha and the submarine’s beam (roasting KK7 for once and destroyed poor Kanou’s letter), it isn’t long before KK7 get their act together and crashes both the mechas and submarine to put the persistent threat out of commission. Then they learn this island is owned by Miya and proof is that her mansion is on top of the island’s hill. Because of the tsunami caused from the fight, Otome has malfunctioned and Sakuya is upset. Though if you think about it, it was KK7’s fault in causing the tidal wave. Miya escapes via Kazura’s speedboat. Kanou can’t repair Otome since she didn’t bring her tools when suddenly a spaceship beams her up and disappears. Since Gantai is part of Otome, Kanou does a little adjustment as Gantai leads the gang to where Otome is being held deep in the island’s jungle.
During the journey, the gang are puzzled to see a hotspring in the middle of the jungle and jumps in naked to have fun. Search party on hold? Then it gets too hot so they got out. Furthermore, it started to snow and then a stormy blizzard. It seems all this is the doing of Miya and co in her mansion, controlling the weather. I don’t know how she got the technology. Must be her money and power. To finish them off, Miya and co launch in their mecha to attack KK7 and another battle of epic proportions. Note how KK7 are fighting totally naked! Meanwhile nearby in a little hut, Otome is having tea with Scientist. Seems this guy isn’t as bad as he had saved her. Otome then recognizes the angel lady who served them as Tetsurou’s mom. So Scientist did all those experiments just to bring back his dead wife? Why does she have wings still? Maybe she abruptly came down from heaven, which is the other world. Haha! Just kidding. Back to the battle, Miya’s attempt to finish KK7 once and for all with her hyper mega cannon beam is deflected back to her mecha and is sent crashing onto her mansion, causing a volcanic eruption. Everyone watches the ‘beautiful’ scenery including Otome and Scientist (he thinks mankind can rest in peace now?! He’s got to be kidding?!). Tetsurou’s words are more ‘logical’: "Just like always, something ends up destroyed, right?". Right. Incomprehensible.
That’s it? After all that, it just ends like that? I felt that there was something missing considering the gap between the penultimate and final episode. It was rather disappointing to see it finish with mindless fanservice and another one of those eternal unfinished battles between KK7 and Gokou 5. So what Scientist did was just to revive his dead wife and after all that talk that made it sound how the world’s balance is left in a precarious state, nothing much happens. I mean, he got his speechless wife back, the world is safe, what more could anyone ask for. If it had put the world on the brink of extinction then perhaps it may be a different story but since it didn’t turn out like that, I guess let’s not look at all those iffy questions. What happened to the fight between KK7 and the guardians Yaku and Shou anyway? I know KK7 should emerge victorious but I would still like to see them battle it out, even if it’s short. So that hint Kazura gave them was so viewers could use their imagination if they ever wondered or try to imagine if the battle ever takes place? Thus I find the overall storyline to be so-so. From what it seems to be the mysterious threat of Celonius #28, ends quickly at halfway point before it moves on the ‘threat’ from Scientist.
Even so, there are many other questions raised. Why in the world does Scientist need Yayoi’s power to do what he had to do? And what about the promise Yayoi and Tetsurou made when they were young? What about the little flashbacks of the other KK7? Like the person(s) that Sakuya don’t want to lose, the bullies who nearly caused Miyabi to take her own life, or the one about Hifumi and Akio’s childhood friendship? Maybe they’re just that. Beats having a long dedicated episode for flashbacks. What about Yayoi’s ability to spread white wings? Perhaps only in desperate situations only? Don’t Gantai have recurring nightmares of her horrible past anymore? Maybe the magical mandrake erased that part. And what about that special review session mentioned back in episode 2? Not that I could see them attending it or perhaps it was just an end notice as some punishment? So why did Scientist enrol Tetsurou in this school in the first place anyway? Why on Earth are the births of Tetsurou and Yayoi so important that those KK7 guardians are needed? What was Kazura’s advice for Miya to save the world for? She didn’t do anything near that, did she? All incomprehensible. I know that this series is ecchi but the final episode has full blown frontal nudity. Panty shots and boob shots for service is considered permissible by mild ecchi standards but I wonder if this is even allowed. Yeah, almost hentai. Well, not to say that they draw those parts in detail and though drawn ‘plain’, it still makes you wonder. Yeah, you could say that the fanservice elements exceed the short mediocre mecha battles (probably intended).
The characters may not be memorable in the long running but I kinda find most of them interesting. For instance, it never fails to make me raise my eyebrow whenever Sakuya whips how her super huge guns out of nowhere. I know she’s a cyborg but it doesn’t show that any part of her body is made of those guns. Another interesting one is Otome. I couldn’t help break into a smile each time she says "Incomprehensible". Ironically, she’s a robot and should have lots of data and information but in many instances, circumstances in the series always has her going saying that trademark line of hers. Yeah, there are many things humans do that defies logic and reasoning. Yayoi is still the complete airhead she is as Akio won’t stop her Kino Rangers hobby anytime and Tetsurou seems pretty much a secondary character. Another thing is Miya’s mechas. I guess they’re really for show. Though they show a little improvement towards the end (a huge progress if you considered all it did was taking a beating) but still it is pretty much flawed. She should start investing in better mechas if she’s going to beat those rejects. But even so I think KK7 can hold their ground.
On a trivial note, the mid-intermission shows randomly the characters of the series in certain poses and saying some random lines. They may sound ecchi or nonsensical sometimes. As for the episode title, though they are not the longest sentence, at least it was long enough the way Yayoi narrated it to be in her typical dramatic airhead style. And it ends with "~desu", which is what she ends in most of her sentences. I think a certain doll in Rozen Maiden does it better. The opening theme by the seiyuus of KK7 is Mega Love and sounds like your typical upbeat get-into-the-action kind of song. "Mega love! Mega love! Ready to fight! Let’s go". How does that sound? Not to mention the crazy animation (includes Miya and co trying to capture Tetsurou but only to be foiled). In stark contrast, the ending theme by Upper Slope, Miracle, is a very slow ballad. The animation here just sees Tetsurou and KK7 (later joined by Gantai after her ‘taming’) sitting on the grassy plain enjoying the gentle breeze.
So for Tetsurou, he may just be starting to accept the girls as they are. Life may not be peaceful and boring but heck, would you pass up a chance to be surrounded with babes with super powers? Incomprehensible. Being the only guy in a school filled with girls? Every male otaku’s dream come true. Incomprehensible. Why couldn’t Gokou 5 ever make peace with KK7? Maybe that will be no fun. Incomprehensible. So the next time there is another anime series with both mecha and ecchi elements, I should be careful in whether to jump in and watch. Hmm… On second thought, maybe there is no harm in trying. Why? Because I can. Incomprehensible.

Koi Koi 7
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