About after a month of my country’s most hotly contested elections ever in the history of the nation, it is time for some healing and moving on. There are always winners and there are always losers. Like politics that I loathe, it gets dirtier and dirtier every time with all the insults and underhanded tactics, both sides accusing each other of this and that. It will never end. It’s already over, damn it. And thus despite everything still in the midst of settling down, I too decided to calm myself by watching an anime that is related to elections. Not that I got involved in my country’s general election anyway. But reading too much aftermath stories of the elections seemed somewhat depressing. So I stopped reading (like I should have a long time ago) and started watching Koi To Senkyo To Chocolate OVA.

The OVA as some dubbed it as the thirteenth episode as it is released with the final volume of the Blu-Ray discs. This OVA takes place after the end of the TV series whereby Yuuki has won the coveted student council president post after his touching and heart moving speech against all odds. This OVA doesn’t really bring much except it is some sort of cooking competition between Chisato and Satsuki over you-know-who. This OVA also gives the minor characters who appeared as cameos back in the TV series a little more of the spotlight, though I doubt that would change anything. Heck, this OVA doesn’t really change anything or add any developments to the storyline. You just watch this as an extension and not hope for something more serious or conclusive. Of course the other reason why I am watching this is because of the sweets. Mmm… Yummy… Now let me have that taste of the legendary Oojima Roll already!

The Food Research Club will be celebrating Yuuki’s election victory. He thought he would have a nice rest for the weekend but didn’t expect to find himself to help Chisato in making sweets. We know her cooking skills sucks big time. But after she puts up a teary performance how she really wanted to cook something for tomorrow’s party, I guess Yuuki can’t say no and will help her out. Before they could start, Satsuki comes in as she needs his help for some duties in the student council. Life is going to get busier and more hectic. However Chisato won’t hand him over just like that. So which is more important? The Food Research Club or the student council? More importantly, who ranks higher? Chisato is the president of her club and despite Satsuki being a club member as well, she is the vice president for the student council. Who should Yuuki listen to? The showdown continues as the girls argue they should hog and monopolize Yuuki. Then the quartet of Mao, Matsuri, Kimika and Ayumu come in. They are here to return the school uniform they borrowed. Learning that the girls are in argument over Yuuki, Matsuri suggests they have a cooking contest. Whose sweets that Yuuki finds the most delicious, the winner gets the right to hog all of him. At first the duo disagree but Matsuri makes Yuuki know his intention that he wants to taste their sweets. Plus, this is Chisato’s great chance to practise on her cooking. So with the quartet splitting up and lending a hand to the contestants, Yuuki is made as the prize. Who wouldn’t want to put in their best since it is Yuuki at stake.

Yuuki hears Matsuri fondling Satsuki’s boobs. He got so interested that he goes to take a peep! Wow! It’s getting real hot in there! Till Chisato punishes him for his voyeurism. As the girls continue to bake, we see some of their antics like how much Chisato sucks in cooking so much so Yuuki had to give his vocal opinion on what not to do. But you know, she’s too slow. She let the butter melt in the microwave oven, pour all the hotcake mix into the bowl and rolled out the dough too much that its thinness is so thin that you can see through it! Will she be alright? Then there is Kimika with her itchy fingers because she is touching and pressing almost every button on Non-chan’s weird inventions. I know she is curious but you know what they say about the curious cat, right? And we all know how ‘destructive’ Non-chan’s food inventions are. So much so one of the inventions caused cheese to splatter all over them. Looks like they have to borrow the uniforms they just returned.

The girls have finished their baking and now it is judging time. However Chisato and Satsuki want the other to go first. Seeing how tense both sides are, Yuuki lets them try his Oojima Roll to calm down. Satsuki is ecstatic with the heavenly taste and starts praising it. Till she realized how embarrassing her ranting was. So… Who is going to go first? Chisato decides to call off this contest seeing that after tasting his Oojima Roll, it is unfair for their ‘inferior’ sweets to be judged by the ‘master’. Even Satsuki agrees that such ‘conflict’ is unproductive. Matsuri objects that they should chicken out now and the need to see things through right till the very end. Since they can’t decide, Matsuri will decide. Satsuki goes first. May I opine that shouldn’t Yuuki choose whose he wants to taste first in that case? Yuuki tastes her cake and finds it delicious. Now it’s Chisato’s turn. Let’s hope it won’t taste like sh*t. Sorry, but you know the kind of comical situation whereby you put something in your mouth and then you just vomit it out? Yuuki takes a bite from her cookie. Guess what? It tastes great! She has outdone herself. He also adds that the other club members would love to taste them.

Before we could hear the results, Satsuki says there is no need for that and concedes defeat. She explains her approach was to make a cake that Yuuki finds delicious and happy. It wasn’t just for the sake of competing. When he tasted it and said it was good, she was the one who felt happy. But in Chisato’s case, it isn’t only the one who ate the food felt happy but the person who made it as well. She never realized this is what sweets are all about. Yet she tried to disband this club for its lack of achievements. It took her this long to realize something this important and admits she wasn’t qualified to compete in this contest in the first place. She now knows this club strives to make others happy. Everyone then have fun eating the delicious sweets made.

A Taste Of Heaven…
Oh… It ended. And I didn’t get to taste any of their delicious sweets. Boo hoo! Too bad for me. But at least it left a nice warm and fuzzy feeling inside my heart (too bad it wasn’t my stomach) knowing that they made something good enough for me to imagine it was definitely delicious. In short, I think that is what the highlight of this OVA is about. The delicious sweets and Satsuki’s understanding of the Food Research Club isn’t just some slacking club with members who sit around eating snacks. There is a deeper understanding to it all and it is a good thing that with this accidental competition, she gets to cherish and value the contributions of this club. After all, isn’t that what snacks and junk food are really about? To make people happy. Forget about the calories and little nutritional value it has because snacks are good for you too. Yes, good for the soul! Yum. I feel like I want to take a little bite now…

It is very obvious that this OVA didn’t even feature any other characters of the series and those in the same club also did not make their appearance. So we don’t really get to see that dramatic love act that we sometimes see Yuuki playing out with Mifuyu, the monkey combo of Kii and Ai, Michiru’s ass showing fanservice or the funniest one being Yume’s gay remarks for Yuuki and his Yaoi Stick. Like I said, no major developments with all the characters and despite this being Chisato and Satsuki focus OVA, it doesn’t feel like they’ve gotten anywhere closer to Yuuki. Don’t hope for such romance to happen here. Now that I have calmed down, I hope that the dust will settle for everyone in my country involved in the recently concluded elections. Don’t get stressed out over something that is already over. And remember, when you are stressed out always take sweets and you will feel better. Why? Because STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards! That’s why chocolates, sweets, candies and cookies will always have my vote.

Koi To Senkyo To Chocolate

February 24, 2013

Last November we had two of the world’s greatest super powers having their election. A few weeks before that it was the Halloween season and we had lots of chocolates, sweets and candies to go about. So where’s the love? Haha! Maybe Valentine’s Day last week was it. I know I love chocolates and those sugary sweet stuffs so it was one of the main reasons why I wanted to take a look at Koi To Senkyo To Chocolate (Love, Election and Chocolate) and see how chocolates are related to elections. I assume that they’re both sweet because in elections you need to use sweet votes to convince and swing voters to your side, eh? Yeah, I know. Politics and election are like a dirty word and game that people like me don’t really obsess over with. Well, let’s just say that the politics in my country isn’t really that ‘appealing’ (from my personal point of view of course). I’m proud to say that I know nothing much happening in the local scene! Should I?

Anyway back to this anime. This series is based on the adult visual novel game of the same name. Takafuji High School is such a large institution that you can say that it can be a small governing nation of its own. With so many students, there are also bound to be many clubs. Big and small. Normal and for the weirdest interests. One of the many clubs is the Food Research Club and we have its members seemingly bumming around in the club room doing nothing but eating snacks. Yum! If only life was this sweet. Where else can you find a place to find a good snack to munch and at the same time enjoy the company of your friends who share the same interest? So what happens when there is a manifesto for the next election from a potential future student council president to scrap such useless clubs to cut budgets? You’re going to do everything you can to protect your safe haven, right? But what happens if there are no suitable candidates around? Why, go in and run in for president yourself! But for a newcomer and relative unknown, can you get all the support needed and overcome all odds to win? Of course this series isn’t just about election and its process but we see some drama and interaction between the characters as they go along. Whether it is country or just a school, the election process is never really clear cut and there are always backstage dealings and underhanded tactics. All just to assure victory.

Episode 1
Kana Ougibashi is taking photos of an illegal transaction and notices one of the involved is from the General Affairs department. Wondering if the Public Safety and General Affairs are in cahoots with such a large amount involved, unknown to her, somebody is also watching her. Maybe she wasn’t concentrating that she couldn’t hear the car coming from behind and ramming into her! The memory disc from her camera is then destroyed by the culprit. In the early morning, Chisato Sumiyoshi wakes up her lazy bum childhood friend Yuuki Oojima (for the umpteenth time, it’s Oojima, NOT Ooshima) from his bed. Maybe there’s a reason why he doesn’t want to get out. Let’s say she saw something horrible and he got slapped. They meet Mifuyu Kiba along the way and Yuuki prefers her kindness over Chisato’s violence. He confesses he likes her and wants to go out with her but she rejects him seeing that she already has someone else in her heart. What’s with this teenage love drama right in the middle of the street? The trio are part of Takafuji’s Food Club that includes Michiru Morishita, Kii Monzennaka, Ai Sarue, Nozomi “Non-chan” Edagawa and Oboro “Yume” Yumeshima. The club is filled with snacks! Yummy! Since Yume’s family works in a snack factory, it is a blessing for them to taste new products. All-you-can-eat snack haven if I should say. They’re here to test the new Yaoi Stick snack. It’s a snack, mind you. Yume is making it sound so pervy if Yuuki wants to eat his “Yaoi Stick”. Yuuki stops Chisato from eating because he notices the snack is laced with chocolates that she doesn’t like. Suddenly Hazuki barges in with shocking news. After calming down with a big glass of beer, the big news is that this club is going to be disbanded. Say what? We see Moheiji Tatsumi from the General Affairs is in a trial questioning the student council president, Yakumo Mouri about some Oosawa incident about some info leak that caused the upsurge of harassment towards financial aid students. Due to his failure to solve this case, he wants him to resign immediately. But Satsuki Shinonome as the finance commissioner comes in with objection and argues her case. She asks Moheiji who would be the next president should he resign. The vice president of course till the next election. She points out the difficulty for an inexperienced vice president to transfer duties to the next administration and the president’s resignation will be a loss for the school. She shows financial records from the General Affairs which are unaccounted so Moheiji panics and changes his stance.

Yuuki and Chisato hear from their friends from other clubs about the disbanding of the many ‘needless’ clubs if Satsuki is elected in the next election as part of her restructuring to reduce overall school expenditure . You could say the Food Club is part of the list since it uses lots of the budget to buy snacks without really achieving anything. So of course the members are against it and are worried if she wins. They get a surprise to learn Satsuki is Hazuki’s little sister. With their different personalities, I’m sure they couldn’t tell. Oh, the boobs. And their stubbornness. Since Oosawa from Public Safety lost her position from the scandal, their only other candidate to support is Moheiji. I don’t know why this guys is wearing a weird mask (or as Yuuki puts it, he might be the only one who is seeing things) but he is trying to win popularity and votes by giving everyone prepaid cards for the school store. Though sleazy, it’s not illegal nor amounting to bribery since the election isn’t called yet. A girl from the financial aid department, Isara Aomi accidentally bumps into Yuuki. She apologizes before rushing off to catch her bus. He picks up the key she dropped. Back at the club room, they further discuss they can’t vote this Moheiji guy since he uses underhanded tactics. Hazuki suggests if there are no candidates, why not run as one themselves. They don’t think they can win but she points out it’s either wait for the inevitable of the club’s closure or put their hopes on a slim chance. If you think about it, what have they got to lose? Besides Hazuki losing this favourite place of hers to drink. So everybody agrees to run for the election and gets excited. For their club’s future! Now the first task is to pick a candidate. I don’t think they even hesitate. Everybody is pointing at Yuuki. He’s the popular guy, right? Mouri sees Kana in coma at the hospital, wondering what to do since the election will soon begin.

Episode 2
I’m sure Yuuki has lots to disagree and that he is not cut out to run for president. Yeah. Why me? I guess it’s a way for the rest to dump workload on him. Besides, Chisato the Food Club president orders him to run. We see Yuuki dreaming that he attended somebody’s wedding with Chisato when he was young. They promise to invite her to their wedding when they grow up despite not knowing what love means. And so Yuuki wakes up having his hands over Chisato’s boobs. She’s not panicking. Is she expecting this? She was amused about him talking in his sleep so he’s going back to dream land. Why? Reality is too tough so he’ll settle to find nice girls in the dream world. Haha! Dream on! Like Chisato will allow that. But Yuuki drops the bombshell because he quits the Food Club! The Food Club members see Satsuki’s manifesto online and are disheartened their club is on the top list to be disbanded! It doesn’t get any worse when Chisato relays the bad news. Yume thought he could convince him to come back but his conversation sounded so gay. His body isn’t enough? Flirting was just for fun? The baby is inside his belly?! Click. Even Non-chan is dismayed that she’ll die without him around. That bad? Without Yuuki, she won’t get her favourite roll cake called Oojima Roll anymore! So that’s all that guy is worth to her. Yuuki is on his way to school when Matsuri Nanase bumps into him. She apologizes before rushing off in a hurry. This is followed by Ayumu Mitani then Mao Shigemori. His streak of bumping into pretty girls ends with Satsuki crashing her bicycle into him. They both politely apologize to each other, make friends and finally he makes it a point to pronounce his name correctly. Yuuki goes to hand over the dropped keys to the Lost and Found department but Isara just came out looking for it. She is grateful he found her house keys and needs to rush to her factory work. Yuuki remembers financial aid students are prohibited from joining clubs according to the school rules. Yuuki thought his destiny of bumping into more pretty girls is a sign his luck is changing for the better. Here comes another bump! Oh. It’s not a girl. It’s a couple of guys from the student council as they pin him down on the floor! They think he’s out to get Mouri. However Mouri tells them to free him since he doubts anyone will want to get him when his term in office is limited. From Satsuki’s manifesto, he can tell Yuuki is running for president to save his Food Club. Yuuki is still unsure to run and he thought Mouri was being unsympathetic towards his club’s disbandment. Actually he was referring to Yuuki’s participation in the election. If there are no suitable candidates, he should become one himself. Due to the scandal, the Public Safety (which Mouri is from) will refrain from entering a candidate this year, leaving only 2 candidates. So this is a good chance for him and will have his support. Is that an endorsement?

Non-chan comes up with some snack machine that will convince her to reconsider her decision to disband their club. Well, you get this feeling that things are about to go wrong. That emitting pink aura doesn’t look good. Later Yuuki chances upon Satsuki fixing her bicycle chain and helps her to fix it. She starts calling him Bowjima because of his tendency to bow. At least she got the ‘jima’ part correct, right? Yeah well, tell her his entire name is important too. He then asks why she wants to disband his club. She views that their activity is similar as of friends gathering and eating in a cafeteria. She doesn’t view that as a club activity much more as it qualifies as a club. Yuuki disagrees and mentions about thinking to join the election to fight that disbandment even though he knows they’re desperate. Satsuki throws him a question what does he call horses who win in a derby. No doubt the strongest horse would be a correct answer but she is looking at a more general answer: The horse that enters the derby. Why? Because horses who don’t definitely have no chance of winning. Same with the election and presidency. The probability of someone who doesn’t enter the race and not winning is 100%. She also likes people who put up a fight knowing well they can’t win. Yuuki now inspired returns to his Food Club and the rest are glad (with their twisted reasons) that he is back. Oh, they’re in the midst of cleaning the gooey mess caused by Non-chan’s machine explosion. He has decided to come back and enter the presidency race and fight for the Food Club’s survival. Now he is giving a speech worthy of a politician! But first he wants them to vote in an intra-club election for a person who has the highest chance of winning the presidential election. Yuuki continues his moving speech about how this club may seem useless, unproductive and laid back in the eyes of others but without this club, he won’t be able to meet them all. It is a fun and important place to him. Then he rants about support, leadership quality and courage. Guess everyone’s mind has made up, right? The results? Yuuki receives a landslide victory! Everybody voted for him except himself who voted for Chisato. He is shocked that everybody was supposed to vote for Chisato! How was I supposed to know too?! I mean, the way he was talking it was clearly showing that he wanted to run for president. Then near the end of the speech, he made indications hinting to Chisato but I guess that was too late. Yeah, everyone is convinced. So confident, he dug his own grave. Please humbly accept the results of the fair election! Well, back to square one, no? Yuuki and Chisato walk home and she buys a chocolate bar. They both take a bite.

Episode 3
Their club room becomes their campaign headquarters while Chisato will be the campaign president. I know they’re fired up for the campaign, but do they have a clue what to do next? So the amateurs brainstorming into getting past the primaries first with a good manifesto. This means they need 10% of the school’s vote which translates to about 600 votes. How are they going to do that? Don’t worry. Here comes Mouri to offer himself to help out. He is also Non-chan’s good friend and hopes they will allow the Public Safety to assist Yuuki in his campaign. The rest are wary because he can’t be doing it out of kindness (especially Yume who feels every inch of Yuuki’s body belongs to him!). Seems they don’t want to relinquish their position to either Finance or General Affairs. Despite they can run next year, he says an election is typically won by the party in power. Once a regime is handed over, it’s difficult to get it back. Thus if an independent like Yuuki is elected, everyone will be on the same level for next year. Buy why him instead of the other candidates? He sees a potential in him to pass the primary election. Mouri has researched that Satsuki’s popularity has dropped by 10% ever since her manifesto announced and this is from the clubs affected by them are now against her. So with the Food Club which would be disbanded instead of receiving budget cuts, they would appear as a reactionary candidate and quickly gain support. Mouri claims with this, they can bring in around 400 votes. Though the balance 200 votes are up to them to gather, Mouri reminds these 400 odd votes will be only possible if they cooperate together. Because of the scandal, Public Safety can’t lend any members but they can share the know-how regarding the election. You can say Mouri is a pro since he was a winner. The best person to ask. Yuuki may not be as demanding and defensive as Chisato because the latter notes that they are in the driving seat position and knows Mouri isn’t doing this out of the goodness from his heart and suspects he may be using Yuuki as a shadow puppet to govern. That’s why Mouri is also here to strike a limited contract till the primaries end. Chisato agrees so Mouri shakes hands with everyone in the Food Club as agreement that they’ll work together. Hazuki remains suspicious because she notes getting 400 votes is a piece of cake to the Public Safety and hopes he won’t use her students in his skirmishes.

Mouri starts his strategy by telling them to ditch their manifesto for the primaries because no one would look at them if the candidate is bubbly. They need to appeal the most significant policy in their campaign, which is to protect clubs. He wants Yuuki to visit clubs facing budget cuts and ask for their support and also bring a female along because this will soften the impact as most clubs are male majority. So the tsundere Chisato takes on the role to be with Yuuki since Ai and Kii feel it’s too troublesome to be with him all day. Mouri also needs someone to take signatures because those who take time to sign are less likely to betray them. Again Ai and Kii feel it’s too troublesome (are they really interested in helping?) but Mouri notes this is a job most effectively done by pretty girls. Right away Ai and Kii get up and volunteer to do the job. Wow. That’s a pro for you. He’s good in using people and making them move. Yuuki and Chisato go see presidents of other clubs, namely Mieru Ariake (BL club) and Reiji “Garage” Saga (figurines club) to form a committee that supports Yuuki from behind and it will consists of clubs targeted by Finance and they’ll be fighting against people that have the support of Finance and General Affairs. They are also required to form a committee with other clubs and though they can’t vote, they agree to do this under one condition. Later Hazuki meets up with Satsuki to ask if she is disbanding the Food Club to annoy her. Satsuki dismisses it and says she won’t allow her private life influence her public duty. We also learn they are half sisters since they are from different mothers. Satsuki vows to become student council president to surpass Hazuki as it’s a position that Hazuki couldn’t become. Hazuki thought she should just fire her since the teachers are hired by students. Though she gives that private and public excuse thingy, Hazuki gets on her nerve when she says she could do it privately. Later as Yuuki goes to buy a drink for Chisato, he happens to meet Satsuki. She has learnt of his candidacy and though it makes them rivals, they hope to have a good and fair fight. After she leaves, Chisato becomes jealous upon knowing that he is on friendly terms with Satsuki. Spill everything he knows about her right now! Explain yourself! That night Yuuki visits Hazuki’s home to cook for her (I guess this must be a frequent occurrence). She teases about him dating Chisato and if not herself. It is hinted that she has felt the softness of Yuuki’s lips and since she still wants him to come over and cook, she decides not to get into his bad books. Before he leaves, Hazuki hugs him in her bosoms.

Episode 4
Yuuki’s mug is now lined up with the rest of the candidates. Wow. So many of them. Does he really have a chance? Believe! Yes we can! He helps out Isara nearby who ran into a little trouble fixing the lights. Since it’s her day off from factory work, she is helping the school with maintenance. She is grateful for the financial aid system as it enables her to study here. Otherwise she would have to work and support her 2 little brothers. A couple of boys make a nasty comment on Isara. Yuuki wanted to go tell them off but she’s fine with it. Then she has Yuuki smell her to confirm whether she stinks or not. I guess he likes that whatever fragrant smell. Back at the campaign headquarters, the gang are now discussing about funds for the campaign. They don’t have money. It costs even to hand out a flyer. So with a low unit cost, they still need a large sum of money when appealing to the masses and may run up to ten of thousands of yen. They can’t use club funds as it’s strictly for club activities and if it is ever found out about its misuse, their victory can be null and void. And Satsuki is on the Finance so you better not fool around. As Mouri points out, they have 2 options. Either they go for self funding in which everyone needs to personally cough up 5000 yen each (everyone is so poor right now) or they can do a bazaar and raise funds for the campaign. Going for the latter, they need something appealing to sell. Non-chan suggests Oojima Roll and starts describing its tasty traits. I need to have one right now! But doing the calculation to get the funds needed, it seems Yuuki needs to make 50 of them, which is impossible because the best he could do in a day is 20 and that is even if he skips classes. Raising the price per roll slice would make it too expensive so how about freebies? It must not cost them or else it defeats the purpose. Mouri shows him his campaign goods that contain his face and name that leave an impression to help people remember his name. As long as they’re considered as campaign goods, they won’t amount to bribery. Even so, they need goods to be worth something or else people won’t even take them if they’re free. Michiru then suggests using Yaoi Stick. Great idea! Those snacks don’t cost them and Yume requests his dad to send in 3000 of them! Chisato sticks a plain label of Yuuki’s name and his cause on the snack but Mouri points out it is a good pamphlet as long it has the candidate’s name and key issues. Just to play it safe, Ai and Kii are tasked to show this to the election administration committee for approval. Chisato also asks Hazuki to lend them some money to start their campaign. Though teachers are forbidden to lend financial assistance, they’re not doing that and will pay her back after the primaries are over. So is 30,000 yen good enough?

So with some of the members with their own duties, I guess the balance have to put labels on the Yaoi Stick. 3000 Yaoi Sticks! I’m sure they don’t want to see a Yaoi Stick in their life after that. Don’t worry. Non-chan has a machine to help massage their aching shoulders. I don’t think that’s the problem. Yuuki returns from his errand from buying Oojima Roll ingredients when he sees Satsuki being confronted by a rowdy pair from the Air Sumo Club. What club again? They are not happy with their budget cut but she points out to them about their suspicious expenditures. For doing air sumo, do you think it’s suspicious that there are too many stews bought? Shouldn’t they try and perfect the art of having air stew instead? Can’t fight back, can’t they? Satsuki sees Yuuki and they walk back together. She reveals the more she investigates, the more irregularities in the club’s expenditure are discovered. He thought she is pretty strict on herself so she mentions about the school’s respect on students’ independence. Because of so, most of the administrative authorities rest upon the student body and the student council is practically in charge of governing a small nation called Takafuji. If they govern too leniently, the school will quickly collapse. Yuuki doesn’t think the school’s financial standing is severe that it requires such budget cuts but she tells him to properly read her manifesto since he may have focused too much on club disbanding and overlooked the rest. Yuuki returns to the club and browses through Satsuki’s manifesto online. He sees one of them including the abolishment of financial aid system and replacing it with scholarship. What does this mean? Well, we know Isara is getting into trouble with a group of bullies. She is too weak to fight back so she follows them to a secluded spot where she gets harassed and the likes. Yuuki leaves school with Chisato and Mifuyu when they see Isara rummaging through the garbage. They want to help her find whatever she’s looking for but she raises her voice and insists she’ll be fine alone. Something is clearly not right. Isara later gets back to her maintenance work at school late into the night as she thinks back the horrible thing the bullies did to her. Because they think she was trying to show off to some senior, they stripped her panties and threw it into the trash. B*tches.

Episode 5
Mifuyu writes Yuuki’s campaign speech. He is so grateful that he once again declares his love for her and to go out with him. Once again she rejects and says that she is in love with someone else. She even mentions Chisato really loves him but the tsundere denies and Yuuki agrees she is more of a slave driver working him to the bone. Hope he is prepared for what’s coming. Yuuki starts making his famous roll cake while Mifuyu continues to type the speech. Seems she is also typing a romance novel-like story of her and Yuuki. Mifuyu is grateful for Chisato and will do anything to help her. When she had to hold back a year and subsequently transferred to Takafuji due to a surgery, she felt out of place. Thanks to Chisato who talked to her, she finally fit in. Hidaka Shiohama, a reporter from the ASP comes in to interview Yuuki as she is compiling a directory list of candidates. First, she gets his name wrong and because Yuuki is adamant in correcting it, she thinks this is his election manifesto. Then she skips lots of other important stuffs so much so she writes down “skip the rest” as Yuuki’s message for the voters. Oh God. Words are pretty crucial in elections, right? So as Mifuyu and Yuuki get down to work, we see some of the other members coming in to check on things. Like Yume with his usual gay sexual harassment, Non-chan wanting a piece of Oojima Roll (maybe putting up an angelic face will get her one), Hazuki coming in to flirt with the guy by sitting on his lap but leaves when Mifuyu comes back. Mifuyu doesn’t want him to be distracted and to pay more attention to Chisato. He assures he is looking out for her his way. Then Isara comes in to relay the message that she will be helping out Yuuki’s team for the election as the election administration committee has assigned every financial aid student to a candidate for errands. Fate? Maybe Yuuki could’ve got friendlier with her if not for Mifuyu giving off that deadly aura that probably says “don’t-you-dare-f*ck-around”.

The bazaar begins as Yuuki’s team are glad that they got their booth near the main stage (thanks to Mouri). Seems Satsuki is popular with many students as they queue to get her campaign goods. Mieru and Garage are selling their products next to their booth as part of the deal to support Yuuki. It proved to be a good move as many of their fans line up to buy their goods as they also relay the message to vote for Yuuki. The other girls hand out Yaoi Stick to further remind voters to vote for Yuuki. It will soon be time for the speech so Yuuki remembers he left it back home and hasn’t memorized them. Mifuyu rushes back to print out but I wonder why she also printed her romance novel. Too eager? Now the star of the show, Oojima Roll makes its debut and is sold higher than the price discussed. How, why, what? Seems it was Chisato’s idea. With Kii and Ai up on stage with her doing cosplay (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica reference), this is to get the otaku fans to buy them. The Oojima Roll is bundled with a ticket that allows them to take a photo with them. See the mad rush! Hey! Yume is cosplaying too! As a girl! I guess he looks girly enough. Then Mieru pulls Yuuki and Yume over for the much awaited event. Yeah, there are lots of pictures of them in yaoi poses! The fan girls love them! Going even wilder when they feed each other Yaoi Sticks! SCREAM!!!! Now they got to do it topless?! EVEN WILDER!!! Yume is so into it. Yuuki is definitely not happy but the girls think he is the tsundere kind. Screw this! Mifuyu returns in time to hand over the script. At the backstage, Yuuki bumps into Moheiji who thinks their goal and platform are in perfect alignment. Since they are against Satsuki, they should form an alliance for the primary. But Yuuki declines because he plans to go all the way and win. However Moheiji remains confident and cocky that Yuuki will hit a dead end. Should that happen, he will still be there to guide him. Mifuyu realizes Yuuki’s speech script is still with her. Guess which script he has in hand then?

Episode 6
It’s Yuuki’s turn to give his speech so Mifuyu collapses that she can’t make it in time. Turns out to be an error because it is Moheiji’s turn first. Moheiji seems to be attacking Satsuki in his speech and even planted sympathizers in the crowd. Next up is Satsuki and she too has her own supporters as she eloquently addresses her manifesto. Yuuki realizes he has no time in listening to speeches of others and takes a look at the script. He realizes it is Mifuyu’s love letter whereby in the end she confesses his love to him. Great. Now he is under more stress. Now it’s his turn to go up and Mifuyu is a moment too late. First thing, Yuuki trips! It’s not funny because he is bleeding. Then he starts panicking but when he sees Chisato watching, that’s when he starts devising his own script. He gets boisterous, telling the crowd to laugh. Despite sounding like a gung-ho, at least he honest about his own club facing disbandment and to vote for him. Then he went on ranting about the club vows to the origins of the universe and the history of ghosts. WTF? Anyhow, the crowd just love it! Despite in the aftermath Yuuki is totally mourning over what he did (he couldn’t even remember the nonsense he said), Isara assures that those who hear it will never forget it. Yeah, even if it doesn’t make sense. Hey, the reaction was positive, right? As the votes are being counted, Hidaka comes into the club (dressed as a boy now? Or is this a different person?) to take live footage for the primary election results. As reported, voter turnout is 98.4% with 604 votes needed to qualify for the next round. As of now, Satsuki and Moheiji are projected to pass and are opening up a big gap from other candidates. Yuuki is currently in distant third place and they feel at this rate, Yuuki won’t pass. Hazuki assures that a chunk of the seniors’ votes aren’t in yet. Since they’ll be graduating, they vote just for kicks. For every 100 votes counted, the total poll will be updated so there are going to be about 60 more updates.

As Satsuki and Moheiji are increasing their lead, a fourth serious competitor shows up. She is Ayame Shirakawa and is closing the gap quickly. She has now 8.8% of the counted votes with Yuuki still at 9.2%. Yuuki would be happy if he just gets the minimum votes but as Chisato points out it will be impossible to win if a fourth candidate passes the primaries because the votes will be split for those who aren’t supporting Finance or General Affairs. Thus he will have no chance against the big duo that already have a secured group of voters in the actual vote. As more votes are counted, percentage wise, Yuuki has hit the 10% mark and only needs a few more votes to qualify. Don’t forget, Ayame is also hot on his tail and catching up. Yuuki is projected to pass and if he does, it will be the first time in 7 years that a candidate not affiliated with the big three to contest in the finals. Yuuki and co can’t celebrate despite being projected to win because they are more nervous if this Ayame candidate passes. With around 140 votes left to be counted, she only needs 20 more votes to qualify. Seems scary that she can actually hit the mark, huh? The votes dwindle down and she needs only 8 more. It’s getting even tense even if Yuuki has already qualified with 608 votes. The final update is here. With 100% of the votes counted, Ayame achieves 9.9% and only 602 votes. Phew! Major relief. Now they can celebrate this miracle. To top it off, Mieru and Garage donate some of their proceeds of the bazaar sale to Yuuki as campaign funds. It may not be much compared to the big wigs but I guess every yen counts. And they’re going to make it count. So remember to work hard because their future depends on his victory. Lastly, Mouri’s aides have identified Ayame’s identity. Seems she has received some votes from the Public Safety and it was a sabotage attempt by the Katahira faction. Mouri notes they won’t let things go his way and just to be safe, to keep an eye on Yuuki.

Episode 7
Chisato and Yuuki stop by a convenience store to buy a chocolate bar. Seems this chocolate thingy had something to do with Chisato’s little brother, Daiki. The Food Club are having their camp. At school. Were you expecting the beach? Mouri congratulates Yuuki on his victory but the real battle is about to begin. As we know Yuuki got over 600 votes. Mouri writes down the total votes Satsuki and Moheiji got: 2700 and 1500 votes respectively. Now you realize what he is up against? Even so, they shouldn’t give up just because the odds are stacked against them. However these aren’t the real numbers and the iron votes for the candidate is 1000 (Satsuki), 1400 (Moheiji) and Yuuki (600). These votes are what you called ‘fixed deposits’ and locked in as they are likely to vote for their respective candidate in the final round. Yuuki has the same number because those who voted for him at first would want to continue supporting him seeing he amazing passed the primaries. Since there are 6000 students at Takafuji and half being iron votes, this means the remaining 3000 are swing votes. Now what Yuuki and co must do is to sway these voters. Because Yuuki is an independent, he can make it look like Finance and General Affairs are having an in-fighting and as an outsider, he can ride on the wave of trying to overturn an old order. Which will leave a more significant impact? A revolutionary of an old order or a revolutionary by a fresh new outsider. So the 1700 swing votes that Satsuki managed to swing in the primaries, where will they go from today? Yuuki and Isara cook together and he accidentally cut his finger. Without hesitation, Isara sucks his finger to stop the bleeding. I guess the only one who is panicking is Chisato. Though this is a method Isara used for his little brothers, Chisato points out Yuuki is not her little brother. But it brought back memories of Daiki so she cans it. After meal, Yuuki soaks in the hotspring alone and is surprised Chisato visits him. The door wasn’t lock. That’s how she got in. She sits next to him and he is obviously not sitting well with this. Then she asks him. Would he love to touch her, see her naked. Can you see where this is going? Yuuki is spared from answering that question when Yume prepares to come in.

After Yuuki leaves his bath, he accidentally sees Satsuki arguing with Hazuki outside. Something about disagreeing to visit their mother’s grave. He apologizes for eavesdropping but Hazuki cheekily tells him not to flirt with other girls because he already kissed her. Satsuki is surprised to hear that. Bed time, Yume has 10 alarm clocks set! This is much less than the ones he used at home. In the event if he doesn’t wake up, he hopes Yuuki could give him that. What? An elbow to the chest? Yume can’t sleep so he hugs Yuuki as his hugging pillow. Now he can’t get out. Maybe he wasn’t kidding that he’s a heavy sleeper. Yuuki needs to go to the toilet and can’t hold it so he imitates Moheiji’s voice and instantly Yume lets go. Maybe that guy just gives him the creeps. After answering nature’s call, Yuuki sees Hazuki sitting outside alone. Worse, she’s drunk. Good ol’ Yuuki decides to bring her back to the female dorm. Though he leaves her outside, she bugs him to bring her to her room. Good guys like him must oblige, right? So it’s no surprise when he is about to leave, a girl spots him and sounds the pervert alert. Yuuki runs but the exit door is locked. So happens the room next to it belongs to Satsuki so she lets him in to hide as she lies to the other girls when they come asking if they have seen a pervert coming this way. Knowing he has his reasons, she gives him a chance to explain himself. It bugs her that he is close to his sister because a student wouldn’t normally carry a drunk teacher all the way to her room. He could’ve just called a female friend to bring her in and avoided this mess. Didn’t think about that? So can you blame her for starting to think they have a special relationship? She will let this incident slide if he tells the truth. Did he really kiss her? Yes. But that was an accident because she was drunk and she caught him off guard. Satsuki has a gist of what is going on. Hazuki forces him to do things from time to time and he isn’t against it. So he tells himself he doesn’t have a choice and puts up with it. He’s worried what she might do and in the end cares about her. Though he doesn’t hate her, it’s not like he is in love with her. Satsuki agrees to let this incident slide but wants him to wait for an hour till things cool down. What is he going to do then? What is he going to do to return Satsuki’s favour so that he won’t regret he stayed here? She takes off her top shirt, sits on the bed looking as though she is gesturing him to…

Episode 8
Our minds must be going wild hearing Satsuki saying those ambiguous words. Turns out that they are playing shogi. Disappointed? Since the other girls aren’t letting up on the incident, I guess he has to wait a little longer. Or the option of staying with Satsuki forever is still open. Is that a joke? Since the kiss still bugs Satsuki, she wonders if she forces a kiss on him, will it be considered an accident. She asks if he had heard reasons why Hazuki left the family and stopped interacting with them but this is the first time he is hearing this. When things quite down, Satsuki guides Yuuki out. Downstairs, Satsuki still ponders about forcing herself to kiss her but you know things won’t go so smoothly. They’re interrupted when Hazuki comes to buy a drink at the vending machine. She then coolly walks over to Yuuki and prepares to kiss him before spitting the water in his face! That cooled things off between them, eh? Unknown to them all, Michiru was watching. In Food Club, the girls are talking about the pervert that crept into the dorm. I guess most of them were sound asleep not to notice anything. Even those who know feigned ignorance. Don’t feel just relieved yet, Yuuki.

As part of the camp, a test of courage is a must, right? And why does Non-chan have this ghost invention to help out? I have a feeling how this will turn out. As the gang take turns walking in pairs in the dark school corridors, Yuuki hears Hazuki and Isara’s scream and gets worried, causing Chisato to feel jealous. Non-chan’s ghost invention walks pass them and turns into a Japanese toilet bowl with legs! WTF?! Chisato tries to make Yuuki worry about her by being captured by this toilet bowl. If she didn’t sound so fake and lame. She wants to know where he was last night so he had to partly lie that he was playing shogi with Hazuki before she got drunk. Then about that incident at the hotspring, he gets it straight with her. He won’t leave her and will be with her whenever she needs him but it’s not that kind of love. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? After bath, Yuuki sees Hazuki drinking by herself again. He asks if he hates Satsuki and her family and she thought Satsuki asked him to prod her, which of course he denies. Yuuki wants her to be serious so she gets serious. She confesses she loves him. Yes, the romantic kind. She was holding back since she’s an adult and knows better. Plus, he has Chisato by his side. But if it’s Satsuki, that’s a different story. So about his answer on her feelings? Can he reply later? Not amused, Hazuki whips out her handphone and calls Satsuki. She challenges her to a match to see who gets Yuuki. Wow. So direct. Plus, if Satsuki wins, she’ll tell her what she wants as bonus. With Yuuki being made as the prize, the girls play a game of shogi. Despite Satsuki saying this is her chance to find out what happened, Hazuki teases her that she is after a certain prize. Satsuki gets riled up with Hazuki’s teasing about the kiss. Against Satsuki’s wishes, Hazuki starts telling the truth. Satsuki’s mother is the second one and became their father’s wife after Hazuki’s mom passed away. Hazuki may have gone too far to say that it’s a good thing they were legally married or else she’d be a child born out of wedlock and considered a mistress’ child. This earns her a slap and Hazuki thinks she has forfeited the prize and goes over to cuddle her prize. But it’s not over yet, because they’re playing shogi with their minds. They are moving the pieces by just saying where they are moving their piece! Awesome! I’m lost. I can’t see anything. Satsuki adds if she wins, Hazuki must apologize to their mother and go home but Hazuki remains cocky confident.

Since Yuuki is at a lost on what’s going on, Hazuki tells the entire true story. Showing him a big scar on her head when she young, the bleeding caused many to panic. That’s because Hazuki has a rare blood type and people were worried there might not be enough blood for transfusion. Till someone close with the same blood type stepped forward. That is Satsuki’s mother. Which means, both sisters had the same mother all along? Hazuki reveals that long before she was born, her supposed late mother had her uterus removed due to an illness. As she was unable to bear children, their father already had an affair with Satsuki’s mother who was a mistress then. Many of the relatives pressured him to abandon his wife but he couldn’t so he settled for having a baby with his second woman. To fool the relatives, he took Hazuki in and raised her like a legitimate child. She thought she hated her but only remembers being showered with love. Her illness caught up and she succumbed to it. Before she could even mourn her death, the second wife came in and Satsuki was soon born. So you could say that Hazuki is the one who is born out of wedlock. Hazuki got along well with everyone till she learned about a truth when a drunk relative slipped his tongue. Her confusion turned into anger and she couldn’t forgive anyone in the family and left. Because if she let it go and accepted the second woman as her mother, it would mean as though her late mother never existed in the first place. If she accepted everything, it’s like she never mattered. That’s why she won’t forgive the family. That first mother who passed away she considers her only mother. Satsuki breaks into tears and apologizes for not knowing the truth. Both sisters reconcile. Meanwhile Mouri learns from his aides of Yuuki secretly meeting with Satsuki late at night. He knows Satsuki won’t use this to blackmail him because she would have used the perverted incident instead. He shreds the documents and hopes no one learns of this especially the enemies that are closest to them. He notes the Public Safety commissioner will return next week once his suspension ends and to also keep an eye on the Katahira faction.

Episode 9
Chisato dreams of giving her share of chocolate bar to Daiki if he wakes up. But he is not… Today is the day their main election campaign starts so as Chisato goes to wake up Yuuki, she thought she saw shades of Daiki in him. Mouri addresses his aides that since their party can’t maintain their rule, they are to support Yuuki the independent candidate with no ulterior motives and make plans for next year’s election. He wants everyone to take extra care in not letting anyone learn of this, especially the Katahira faction. Yuuki bumps into a bespectacled girl on his way to his campaign area. She doesn’t know him well. Is it Yuuki not working hard enough? Rather, she’s been out of school for quite some time and has just returned. He hands her his flyer and hopes she would vote for him. Chisato didn’t like it that he was getting to friendly with her. Trying to get along with the voter, says he? They see Hazuki and Satsuki arguing and the latter accusing the former for using a dirty trick. Don’t worry. If you think Hazuki told that story was a lie, it was the truth. What Satsuki meant was the shogi game. She thought Hazuki distracted her with her past to win it. So that was what matter? Not finding out the truth? Well, Yuuki was the prize… See where she’s getting at? Chisato also doesn’t find their friendliness amusing so Satsuki assures her they are not making secret arrangements for the election and just discussing their private affairs. Private what?! That just made it worse. Hmm… So is Chisato angry or not? No? Maybe.

Non-chan uses her invention to setup the election stage. Chisato is so spaced out about Daiki that she couldn’t even rebuke the usual fooling around of Yuuki confessing to Mifuyu and she rejecting him because she had someone else. As Yuuki makes his speech, the others hand out flyers to the rest. The bullies confront Isara once more and get nasty. Yuuki sees this and stops his speech to go to her rescue. The bullies see they are not at fault and accuse Yuuki of siding with a financial aid student. He would’ve let them had his piece of mind if not for Chisato holding him back because this may hurt his chances as he is in the midst of campaigning. A couple of Public Safety guys come in and want the bullies to show their IDs. They have seen everything and remark they have violated certain rules with their verbal abuse. They want them to report to the Public Safety commission when summoned. Though Isara is fine, she says that she is used to this and that the Public Commission members are scarier. She notes one of her classmates who is a financial aid student was taken away by them and left traumatized. It got so bad that she stopped coming to school. Hazuki thinks it’s that girl who was involved in the Oosawa incident.

Hidaka discloses about the anonymous tipped off the Public Safety that a financial aid student had shoplifted. Commissioner Oosawa overstepped her investigation boundaries and named the suspects despite lack of evidence. Harassment against the suspect escalated till a point she stopped going to school. Subsequently it was discovered the tip off was fake and Oosawa was put under probation for unjust investigation. Though Mouri took over duties as student council president and things calmed down, the Public Safety has never really cracked down on financial aid student harassment and what they saw just now was a rarity. Isara continues to thank Yuuki as we learn the financial aid system is to assist students who excel academically but have financial troubles. They are made to work in companies whereby their earnings are used to cover their tuition expense. This police was adopted to increase student population. That’s why they are prohibited from working part time and joining clubs so they can focus on their work. Yuuki needs a favour from Mifuyu and hopes he can add an item to his manifesto. He wants to end discrimination towards financial aid students. Later Chisato wants him to rethink about that additional manifesto. She reminds him their mission is to win the election and save the Food Club. They need a manifesto that gets as many student votes to their side and win. If he adds such a manifesto, it may backfire because many of the students do look down on the financial aid students and that they are a minority. Can he win if he adds a manifesto aimed only for the minority? Yuuki feels he can’t neglect the issue but she says only to think about changing his policy after they have won the election. Still need to bring attention to this issue? Is he doing this to impress Hazuki? Or is it because Isara is a financial aid student? Does he want to be praised by Hidaka? Does he want to compete with Satsuki? What’s wrong, Chisato? Why is she worked up over this? Maybe the people he is helping out may seem to be girls but she is concerned that she is being left behind. Despite being so close, she feels they are drifting apart. She breaks down but he assures her he won’t be going anywhere.

Mouri and the Public Safety members await Oosawa’s return. It’s that bespectacled girl Yuuki met earlier during the day, Yuina. She hints that he should have had an easier time dealing with the 2 posts he have right now than her because she sympathizes with the Katahira faction. Oh… Showing the flyer she got from Yuuki, she wants him to explain what happened while she was away. Yuina acknowledges Yuuki has potential to win and his approval rating his high but she wants to know if he will be their puppet president and do what she says. Since Mouri mentions they are only cooperating to get him win the election, she takes this as a sign he’s not on their side. She warns him he may institute policies that leave them in disadvantage and for such shady people, he might slit his throat while he is asleep. Or maybe she should slit his throat… Scary woman. Elsewhere, Hidaka announces that Yuuki has the highest approval rating among the candidates. As Yuuki walks home, he spots Michiru trying to play her harmonica but it’s broken. He tries to see what the problem is and blows it but this alerts Chisato and Mifuyu because they see it as an indirect kiss! Michiru is fine. The duo aren’t. Yuuki? Run! Maybe he was too hasty that he didn’t see the truck coming. OH SH*T!!! This horrifying scene brings back traumatic memories that happened to Daiki.

Episode 10
We have this flashback that sees young Chisato always sharing her chocolate bar with Yuuki. One day he doesn’t want to eat the bar anymore and this caused Chisato to go into a crying fit. That’s because she remembers she didn’t want to share a chocolate bar with Daiki when he wanted to. Then tragedy strikes. Chisato apologized profusely that she’ll share her chocolate in hopes that he won’t disappear. Yuuki took that bar, ate it and promised he’ll always be by her side. In present time, Chisato is inconsolable at the hospital. However Yuuki comes out walking and talking normally. Like nothing happened! Miracle! But for Chisato, she’s clinging on to his arm and not letting go! The shock must’ve been that bad, huh? Even Satsuki was worried but is relieved when she finds out his injuries were nothing. But Chisato is still clinging on. Not funny. Like as though he is part of his arm. How is he going to open the door? How is he going to eat? How about taking off his shirt? When doing so, Michiru’s harmonica drops out but he notices the name ‘Kana’ inscribed on it. How is he going to use the toilet? So he starts apologizing but still no response. I suppose there must be a limit so raises his voice. Chisato calls him a liar. Enough for him to slap her. She comes back with a chocolate bar and wants him to eat it and forgive her. But Yuuki wants to know who he is to her. Is he Daiki’s replacement? She doesn’t see him as Yuuki that’s why this isn’t love. She mentioned she felt far away. So is he. That’s why he won’t eat it anymore. He can’t be Daiki’s replacement anymore. Eat it yourself. She does but starts vomiting and then cries.

So as the election campaign gets underway, only Chisato holes herself up in her room. Yuuki sees Michiru alone in the club room and the latter can see Yuuki’s ‘unhappy colour’ aura. He admits Chisato is part of the reason and the other half is his personal problem. He returns her fixed harmonica (anyone can learn how to fix anything as long as you Google it) so happy Michiru plays a song. She doesn’t know its name accept that her best friend Kana taught her and gave the harmonica to her. However she has been missing and the reason why she came to Takafuji to find her. Mouri rushes in upon hearing the song and calls Kana’s name but maintains his composure when he sees Yuuki. He discusses with Yuuki about his additional manifesto and orders him to drop it. He reminds him that they are only cooperating to get him elected and not supporting him so he can push for acceptance of his personal opinion. He can solve the issue when he gets elected as admirable calls for change will achieve nothing unless he has the means. Meanwhile Yuina is seen speaking to Katahira on the phone about Mouri still supporting Yuuki. She assures that arrangements has been made and also makes a request. Yuuki is at the hospital for his usual check up and bumps into Kimika Haida who is looking for her contact lenses. He sees Mouri and tails him outside. He spots him talking on the phone and he is not happy that some deal was made that wasn’t to what they agreed. Anyway he will think about it and hopes Kana will not be abandoned. Yuuki then follows him into Kana’s room and sees the girl in vegetative state before being knocked out. When he wakes up, he finds himself in an interrogation room and Mouri agrees to remove his handcuffs and not be hostile provided he is on his best behaviour. He wants to know how much he knows so Yuuki only knows that Kana is the owner of the harmonica Michiru carries, Mouri made some deal to recover Kana’s consciousness and that Oosawa is involved. Seeing that he has come this far, he will tell him the truth but he warns there is no going back once he hears it. Okay, hit it. As the Public Safety maintains security at Takafuji, it is impossible to keep every part of this large school under control so less than admirable methods are employed called S-agents. Think of them as spies. They attend school like any other normal students and secretly keep an eye on other students and provide Public Safety with intelligence. This system allows them to deal with issues before they turn serious. Once an S-agent completes their training and orientation, they are assigned to an officer. Kana is an agent assigned to Mouri. His other agent is Michiru. Holy sh*t! So all those ass showing fanservice scenes is actually Michiru using a secret communication hidden underneath the floor?

Episode 11
As further stated, while student autonomy holds the foreground in their talks, the old boys are holding power struggles of their own in the background because the amount of money that passes through the school each year can reach tens of billions. He tells of Kana’s hit and run accident last December and was in a coma since. The all important evidence in her memory card was missing. In order to keep existence of S-agents confidential, her accident wasn’t reported and was being treated at a hospital run by a former Public Safety member. However, another problem has crept up: Yuina. This hospital is aligned with Katahira faction and one of the conditions for admitting her here was to appoint Yuina as the commissioner of Public Safety. It might seem underhanded but Mouri can’t watch and see Kana die. Mouri also knows about Yuuki and Chisato’s past. He knows he can stand up against Yuina, the same way he refused to eat those chocolates. After Chisato lost her brother, she has been depending on him for support all her life but he threw her aside. Didn’t he promise to be Daiki’s replacement forever? Well, if one day she comes to terms with Daiki’s death, he’ll be tossed aside and no longer of any use because he used Daiki as an excuse to hide his own feelings. But when he even tried to fall in love with another girl, he couldn’t. Yuuki starts becoming enraged but Mouri wishes it was this simple for him because he might lose someone important. When a new party comes into power, they will conduct an audit and this will expose Public Safety’s expenses that were used to treat Kana. Once this happens, the treatment will be discontinued. Till he met Yuuki. Now he has exceeded his expectations and in first place running for president. But now that has further change and complicates things. Mouri just received word to cease all support for Yuuki or else Kana’s treatment will be discontinued.

Mifuyu goes to see Chisato and is shocked that she doesn’t care about the election or Food Club anymore. She knows Chisato and Yuuki got into a fight and wants to them patch things up before it gets worse. She then opens her closet and lots of half eaten chocolate bars fell out. She realizes she has been Yuuki as Daiki’s replacement and knows she’s in love with him. But Chisato wants her to worry more about herself and knows she too likes Yuuki. She doesn’t want her to hold back for her sake and to just ask him out because he’ll say yes. Then she mentions about her surgery scar. Now it’s Mifuyu’s turn to feel uneasy. She hugs Chisato and hopes she doesn’t say any more. Chisato reveals she wanted someone to forgive her because Daiki died on the day she was mean to him and couldn’t eat his favourite chocolate. Since he isn’t around to forgive her, Yuuki ate and forgave her in his place. Just watching him do so saved her soul. Despite so, she can’t feel happy. Daiki can never be happy again. Mifuyu then starts changing her clothes. The kind that anyone could clearly see her scar on her tummy. She thanks Chisato for being there when she needed it and won’t let her bear this pain alone. Chisato’s pain is her pain. Then she goes off but I guess Chisato was faster rushing down the stairs than Mifuyu taking the elevators. So when she reaches the ground floor, Chisato already caught up and starts hugging her. She just wants Mifuyu to stop this. Mifuyu knows she loves Daiki so much and because of this, there is no way he could not be happy.

Yuuki is disheartened Kana is not told about this since only a handful of Public Safety members know about this. Mouri will hold Yuuki to this confidentiality too. If he tells anybody, he will use the Public Safety to bring him down. He ends their partnership and laments he exerted so much fruitless time and effort. To show their partnership wasn’t for naught, he will make arrangements for Food Club not to be disbanded. Yuuki is freed but he points out his few errors. Firstly, it’s not fruitless and secondly, he doesn’t need his partnership because he intends to be president. He then picks up his handphone and immediately calls Michiru to tell her where Kana is. It was too late by the time Mouri’s aides apprehended him. Yuuki is doing this not because of the election but for Michiru. Does he intend for her to keep searching for Kana forever? Depending on the outcome, Mouri will see the need to really dispose him. Michiru has infiltrated the hospital as a nurse and knocks out those who are suspicious with her needle injection. By the time Mouri and the rest arrive, Kana is no longer in her bed. He orders a wide search for Michiru. He promises that if anything happens to Kana, Yuuki will pay. You can tell he is dead serious and scary because he opened his eyes! Michiru brings vegetable Kana to the river though she is not responding. Wanting to meet her so much, she starts blowing the harmonica. Miraculously it brought back life to Kana! I guess in the dead heat of the night, you can pinpoint where the sound of the harmonica is coming from. Mouri is relieved to see Kana moving and he himself is moved by emotions. I suppose he owes one to Yuuki now, eh? When Yuuki returns home, he sees Chisato and Mifuyu together. Even better, Chisato can now eat the chocolates by herself.

The election debate rages on as Kana continues to seek treatment in the hospital. Yuina is surprised that Yuuki’s rating is still high and thought Mouri had stopped supporting him. Indeed, sources confirm Yuuki is popular by his own merit (approval rate of 39.1%). Of course Yuina isn’t going to sit back and is planning on doing something. The Food Club celebrates Yuuki’s astounding success though tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow is when everyone will vote for the new student council president. Nervous, isn’t he? At the end of the day, Mifuyu puts up Chisato and Yuuki to go out together. They overhear a guy in a pinch. He rushes over to them thinking they are a couple. Chisato doesn’t deny that they are one so he ropes them in. The duo are pretending in a demonstration of a mock wedding ceremony at a bridal fair. I think they can pretend about the kissing part too. Seeing a bunch of kids thanking them, it reminds them of themselves when they were young then. Yuuki notes that he was already in love with Chisato then. It wasn’t that he didn’t know what love was. Rather, he didn’t realize it was love. On the way back as they pass the park, Chisato suggests they can continue their kiss now that no one is watching them. It could’ve been the first kiss we see but it had to be interrupted when several guys stun them out with a taser. Can you at least let them kiss first, damn it!

Episode 12
Yuuki wakes up by his phone call and a mysterious voice tells him to get his ass over to a certain place. Otherwise Chisato’s safety can’t be guaranteed. I see she was only taken and he was left all alone to ‘nap’ at the bridge. By the time he reaches the location, he picks up the ringing public phone and the voice tells him to go to another location. Also, never speak what happened today or else. Kana is doing fine in hospital and is about to reveal what happened with her investigation when Yuina waltzes in. She tells Mouri that today is Election Day and shouldn’t be slacking off so off he goes. Yuina then coolly assures how that they are all from the same Public Safety and won’t hurt each other. It seems she’s trying to get what Kana knows and unsuspecting Kana is about to tell her about the photos she took when Michiru sees Yuina’s aura as dark and evil. Kana realizes the hint Michiru is giving her and quickly changes her story that the photos she took was saved in the memory card. Yuina leaves knowing that there wasn’t any evidence. The Food Club members see a shocking scandalous report online that Yuuki is suspected of election rule violation. They thought Hidaka did this but she isn’t sure so she rushes back to her club to confirm. Mifuyu calls Yuuki to tell what is happening but he can’t say anything on his end and hangs up. When he reaches the next spot, he realizes their conversation was tapped and to head to another location. Chisato’s torn shirt is also there as a reminder to not do anything stupid. Isara manages to arrange Yuuki to go last on his final speech. However poll ratings show that Yuuki is losing support very fast and they are all turning to Moheiji. Hidaka rushes back in and starts apologizing. In girl’s uniform now, she explains how she was made to wear both genders’ uniforms on different occasions to collect data and made it look like as though they are 2 people. Making the club look like having more members was the only way for the club to request more funds. It turns out her club’s head had ties with General Affairs and the report was posted by the latter. They realize if Yuuki doesn’t show up, the students will see it as him running away for fear of being questioned. Yuuki continues to run and even bumps into Ayumu and co but has no time to talk to them. Matsuri is Satsuki’s friend and texts to her about Yuuki so she in return texts to Hazuki. Noting that he is near some school and his clothes torn up, Mouri deduces Yuuki and Chisato aren’t together and he has run into trouble. He orders his aides to look for them. But they’ve turned off their handphones and can’t track them via GPS. How? Don’t worry. Mouri has installed transmitters on all Food Club members in cases like these. Say what?! He gets a call from Kana about a photo she saved in her Smartphone.

Yuuki reaches the penultimate location and was told to say he missed today’s speech because he was afraid and ran away. He realizes this is a ploy so that the election won’t be declared null and void due to the incident. The voice also tells him the next location is his last and he will find Chisato there. He is to have her silent too. Defy the orders and more people will get hurt. Suddenly the call is intercepted and Mouri tells him Chisato’s location. That mysterious voice is no other than Yuina as Mouri confronts her and tells her he has jacked her line. He shows her Kana’s Smartphone whereby images taken by her camera were set to transfer here. The found pictures of Katahira faction members of the Public Safety engaging in a backroom deal with General Affairs. Also is a picture to show the culprit who hit Kana: Yuina. Her mug is reflected in the car’s side mirror. Nice and clear. Mouri arrests Yuina but the latter remains cool and says it’s his fault for not listening to Katahira. She reveals she was dealing with them all along. As long as they’re obedient, it doesn’t have to be someone from the Public Safety. The campus was kept safe at all times, right? Only the minorities were facing discrimination and no conflict among other students. Even countries do that. She is confident Yuuki will not get elected and if General Affairs wins the election, Katahira faction will stay in power. Everything will remain the same. Yuuki barges into a store room to see Chisato lying in a box full of papers (like a coffin?). She wakes up and wonders about the election. Yuuki couldn’t care about that because she is more important to him than anything. However that is not okay with Chisato because this isn’t just about him. He belongs to more than just himself and shouldering everyone’s hope. Otherwise he’ll be throwing all their hard work and plan away. But it’s too late now. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch because here comes Ai and Kii to peddle them back to school. I guess that energy peddling machine during the campaign did give them extra strength, eh?

Yuuki makes it back in time but he is out of time and is cut off before he could say a word. He tells everyone to hold their horses because he wants to talk to himself. The committee stops him and warns him about being disqualified. Satsuki then speaks out that the election and future of Takafuji is important so it is regrettable that a potential topic for debate is left out due to time constraint. Moheiji also agrees with her (hoping this will get him votes for being open minded). Mouri also gives his permission for Yuuki to talk. So here goes… Right off the bat, Yuuki apologizes that he was in a partnership with Mouri! Will this scupper his chances? Listen further. He admits he knew nothing about the election till he entered the race and thanks to his expertise, he garnered support. From raising campaign funds to political strategies and making connections, he realized he never heard the word justice once. He tried to add a manifesto to help financial aid students but was told to prey upon his enemies’ weaknesses than develop his own policies because winning the election is most important. Even so, he feels something is wrong and knows ideals aren’t always the same with reality. But he knows he won’t feel good for being elected with votes won through lies. He further admits running for presidency initially to prevent his Food Club from being disbanded. Along the way, he came to realize something important. The fact that he loves each one of them. He loves his Food Club members, those who supported him and even those against him. He loves this school and students. He loves them all so much that he hates seeing them fighting among themselves!!! So to stop the conflict and see everyone join hands, he decided to hang in and win. And he believes they can make it happen. Even if he doesn’t win, he is glad to get his message through them all. Soon the crowd gives him a rousing applause. A very well speech from the heart! In the aftermath, we see the Food Club members tasting a new flavour of Yaoi Stick. From their speech, we know Yuuki has won and is the president with Satsuki not only his vice but also a new member of the Food Club. Well, seeing Food Club still around is already a hint that it wasn’t disbanded, right? Mouri talks to Kana and was surprised by Yuuki’s unusual election campaign approach. For he didn’t make appealing campaign promises nor did he attack other candidates. That’s how he earned the voters’ trust that he would do his job. I guess the hard part comes now. Speaking of Yuuki, he isn’t around with Chisato because today is the anniversary of Daiki’s death and they’re visiting his grave. Chisato no longer has fears eating chocolate and with a chocolate in their mouth, they kiss. That has got to be double sweet, right? Though, I thought it would be disrespectful kissing at a grave. Should’ve done it somewhere else? Heck, who cares. I’m not the public morals president.

On to the next term…
Surprise, surprise. At first before I started watching, I wasn’t really confident that this anime would be interesting but I was proven wrong right from the start till finish. The flow of the story makes the entire series interesting as we start out from the Food Club’s introduction and their bid to run a member for presidency to prevent their closure. Then we have the primaries before the usual tip-of-the-iceberg more-than-meets-the-eye conspiracy creeping up as well as the scarred past of some of the characters thrown into the mix before ending it on a sweet note. Though I won’t say that the terms and strategies explained are advanced, at least the tactics brought up by Mouri are understandable by my standards and I think such strategies would be like a piece of cake to seasoned campaigners. Not that I would be interested in volunteering myself in future election or the likes, but the way this series paints the election process seems to be like something fun. I’m not saying that everyone was fooling around and not taking things serious but I didn’t come to hate election campaigns or feel disgust at it while watching this show (as far as this anime is concerned). Okay, maybe a school election is on a very different scale compared to an election that involves the entire country. Still, an election is still an election and you can still see the same evils rearing their heads like fishing for votes, trying to make yourself more appealing than your opponents and mudslinging.

What can I say about Yuuki. His final speech was truly motivating and definitely I would recommend all politicians of the world to hear this speech. It wasn’t what he said that attracted the hearts of others but the honesty and sincerity he puts in his words. Even if fiery opponents would classify this act as fishing for sympathy votes, you can feel the genuineness of his words. That all he said was true. He is not perfect and he even admits it. We know we want a role model politician to govern but nothing beats plain honesty and being true to yourself. After all, nobody is perfect. Who among us has not done wrong? Let that person who had done no wrong cast the first stone. I’m sure there are a handful of true politicians in real life around but sadly as in reality, honesty can only get you so far. So maybe that’s the reason why so few had their names etched in history like Abraham Lincoln. That’s the irony of politics, I guess. Like Yuuki, he wants to fight for justice and those oppressed but the majority just wouldn’t allow it. You know what they say about winners only write history, right? Had Yuuki lost the election, he might not be able to carry out reforms but had he won, his conscious and heart will not let him have a good night sleep seeing that he had to lie just to win. So it’s a catch-22 situation. And it’s hard to please everybody. I’m sure when Yuuki won, it’s not 100%. Even the student council president, Medaka Kurokami of Medaka Box didn’t obtain such perfection despite her overwhelming popularity. Man, politics is tough and hard to please all sides. So it’s best to go with what you believe in and it’s better than to have regrets later on.

It was a good thing that Yuuki turns out into one of those good people that doesn’t lose himself to the corrupted powers and greed of politics. Initially he wasn’t too interested in running for presidency and was doing it because he had no choice. But as he delves deeper into the election process, he begins to realize that it is more than just saving his own club that is important. Now he has to make sure that he has to live up to his promises he made or else by the next election he may find his supporters voting against him. I’m sure Yuuki isn’t that kind of guy. Maybe he slacks sometimes (even he needs help from his childhood friend in getting out of bed) and in the final bits we hear Satsuki having a headache trying to amend all the loopholes in his manifesto but with the support of his team, he’ll get by. His mispronunciation of his surname seems to be a running gag in the anime but I noticed that as time passes, this wasn’t really so obvious. Has everyone finally able to correctly pronounce his name? It would have been a grave error if there was some other candidate with his misspelled name. Yeah, they might mistakenly vote for the other guy instead! So how is it they can pronounce the Oojima Roll name correctly and still get his real name wrong? Either they are pulling his leg (and loving it) or they’re just too stupid to realize. His name can’t be that hard to pronounce, right? It’s not like he is from some native tribe with a tongue twisting name. In addition to his name’s mispronunciation, we see it being added nicknames especially by Satsuki. For example, Stupidjima or Sneakyjima. Hey, at least she got the ‘jima’ part correct.

Romance wise, this is definitely Chisato’s arc because you saw what happened in the end, right? Even for those who have not played the game, you could have guessed the love interest and main heroines for Yuuki based on the opening and ending credits animation. Each of them has their own personal tragic issues to deal with and it is fortunate that we see them overcoming them. Of course, with tsundere Chisato being the main focus, we see her issues being dealt more prominently. Chisato who felt guilty that her refusal to share chocolates with her brother led to his death is now no longer in fear of them. Yuuki could’ve been her Daiki forever if no drastic actions were taken. Mifuyu had a surgical scar on her stomach but I’m not sure how this is connected to her feelings for Yuuki. Maybe not. But it is true that she does harbour feelings for Yuuki. Satsuki had trouble dealing with Hazuki because she didn’t know the real truth. Once the cat is out of the bag, there is no reason why she should continue despising her. Michiru’s lack of emotions and monotonous speech makes her the most mysterious character around. To her, everything to her is normal and if she says something beyond normal, it’s a sight to behold! I wonder about her ability to see different aura colours. Is it her natural gift or some skill she developed when she undergo training as an S-agent? I would say that because Yuuki has played a vital role in helping in discovering Kana’s whereabouts, this is a reason why Michiru likes him. Though in the anime this isn’t stated. Finally for Isara, I would have guessed that Yuuki’s courage to stand up for her earned her love for him. But her isn’t so obvious and despite the bullies being taken to task, it still remains to see whether the discrimination towards financial aid students have ended for good. I doubt it will. But I am confident Yuuki can make that happen. After all, he defied and overcome all odds to become the student council president on his own merits.

As for the other characters in the Food Club, I suppose they like Yuuki too but in a way that won’t amount to any serious romance like the 5 heroines mentioned above. Non-chan is just around for his Oojima Roll. Probably that’s her only first true love. Kii and Ai feel like a pair of monkeys and they love teasing Yuuki. They are like the comic relief of the series and at certain moments you can catch them in silly acts. For example about the transmitters installed on the Food Club members, the monkey duo started searching each other including looking into each other’s butt! Despite with enough energy to monkeying around, they do prove to be useful when times call for it. I guess the other serious love contender for Yuuki is Hazuki but she acts drunk and so un-teacher-like that you think she’s just an airhead who loves drinking and getting drunk. Despite her appearance and character, Hazuki is like a big sister to the gang and when she needs to be serious, she can. You can call it her maturity of holding back her love for Yuuki. It is amusing to see Yume’s gay sexual harassments towards Yuuki. I wonder if he really is serious or is just fooling around. Funny nevertheless. Thank goodness Yuuki is straight because if was gay, he wouldn’t be putting on that I-love-you-Mifuyu act only to be rejected. Otherwise his election rivals would’ve even highlighted his sexual preference. Would you want to vote in a gay president? Speaking of that Mifuyu-love-drama, it wonders me if they are really just fooling around. I mean, they are of course just joking since the trio will act out their designated roles like as though it is one big drama. They know who loves who but then act out like as though it is one big play.

We can see that Mouri is a professional and expert when it comes to elections and campaigns, the way he imparts his knowledge and expertise in the area shows you that he is a seasoned campaigner. Mouri is not a bad person because he is caught between a rock and a hard place. All he wants is Kana’s life to be saved and he has his hands tied while trying to do so. The culprit of it all is Yuina and even if that woman doesn’t raise her voice, don’t be fooled by her tone and looks because deep down inside her heart, it is rotten to the core. If she is already this bad at high school level, imagine what would happen if this was a national level? Total disaster, right? We don’t know who this Katahira guy is nor seen him. But this group is perhaps the reason why you see all the tactics and schemes in politics going about. All just to retain power. All just for money. Remember, this is just high school level. And for that Moheiji guy, he looks like your typical politician. Makes it sound all sweet and sugary but if you know him better, you should stay clear of him. We’re not sure if he has any hidden intentions or ulterior motives but you can tell a lot from his campaign speech what this guy is made out. I noticed that in certain episodes, cameo appearances of minor characters like Ayumu, Matsuri, Mao and Kimika, they are actually from another adult visual novel game created by the same creators of this series, Ima Sugu Onii-chan Ni Imouto Da Tte Iitai! I suppose their guest appearance in this series is to promote the game, which serves as a prequel to this series (prior to the elections) and features Chisato and Satsuki as the main heroines, that was released back in December 2012.

The series does have its moment of comical and funny moments but it tries not to overdo it so it isn’t that all bad. Whether it is Non-chan’s absurd and failed inventions, Yume’s mild sexual harassments on Yuuki or the monkey combo of Kii and Ai, they do provide some amusing moments. Some of the lines are witty enough to make you laugh and of course those speeches especially the final lines from Yuuki are really inspiring. So much so it would even make non-believers in politics like me to begin having hope to vote for such person. Really. Being adapted from an adult visual novel, it is expected to have some fanservice elements but this is kept to a very minimal. Perhaps Michiru has the ‘most’ fanservice shots because we see her ‘showing her ass’ each time Yuuki enters the club room. Even so, they are censored out by that streak of blinding lights. Ah yes. Politics is already so dirty, you can’t sully it with fanservice. Somehow I prefer it the other way round ;p.

If you want main male characters with lots of angst or rebuffing, I guess Yuuichi Nakamura does a decent job here as Yuuki like how he did with Tomoya in Clannad, Gray in Fairy Tail and Minamoto in Zettai Karen Children. Surprisingly, Rie Kugimya as the voice of Yuina, although she didn’t put up her typical shrieky tsundere voice, she is still recognizable in that cool soft spoken tone. It’s like you take away the vigour and liveliness in Zero No Tsukaima’s Louise, Toradora’s Taiga and Shakugan No Shana’s Shana and you have this as a result. Other casts include Eriko Nakamura as Chisato (Ui in Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi), Asami Imai as Michiru (Chelsea in Shukufuku No Campanella), Kaori Mizuhashi as Mifuyu (Mami in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Miyako in Hidamari Sketch), Yuu Asakawa as Satsuki (Motoko in Love Hina, Misuzu in 11eyes), Mai Kadowaki as Isara (Ilya in Fate/Stay Night), Chiemi Ishimatsu as Hazuki (Seri in Izumo: Takeki Tsurugi No Senki), Megumi Ogata as Yume (Shinji in Neon Genesis Evangelion), Kenichi Suzumura as Mouri (Shiki in Tsukihime), Yuko Gibu as Non-chan (Maon in Tamayura), Ayumi Fujimura as Kii (Misaki in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Yuka Inokuchi (Rin in Maburaho), Yuka Iguchi as Kana (Index in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Asami Sanada as Hidaka (Kanako in Maria+Holic), Yui Sakakibara as Mieru (Hamaji in H2O ~Footprints In The Sand~) and Koji Yusa as Garage (Ichimaru Gin in Bleach). The opening theme is Signal Graph by Annabel sounds like your typical anime pop. The ending theme by Ceui is Kaze No Naka No Primrose and it somehow reminds me of CooRie’s Hoshikuzu No Surround, the ending theme for Sora No Manimani instead of Sola’s Mellow Melody that I had in mind.

I can’t help take a dig at politics. Because I want to say why politics is such a dirty game is because of where the word comes from. The origin of the word politics stem from 2 words. First, ‘poli’. Which means many and multiple. As in polygamy, polygon and polytechnic. Second, ‘tic’. Which means to tick off as in to piss off or to make angry. So the art of pissing off many is called politics and the person who practises this is called a politician. HAHAHA!!! Do you not see how true this is? Well then, listen to this too. Somebody once said there is a difference between a politician and a statesman. A politician only thinks about the next election whereas a statesman thinks about the next generation. I’m sure you can find lots of other quotable quotes about politics and election on the internet if you just Google them.

Too bad chocolates didn’t really make much of an appearance. Even if they did, they were just the Meiji Chocolate (but without the obvious brand name of course). Too bad it is such a waste that Chisato only eats half of them and not finish the other half. Too bad there weren’t much snacks featured as well other than the Yaoi Stick because I feel that it would have provided pleasing eye candy visuals even though I can’t taste them. If you ask me if I should stand in as a candidate if ever such circumstances happen, I wouldn’t probably want to. Because it’s always easier to criticise and censure the person you vote for ;p. But if they could adopt chocolate as the national food or free chocolates for everybody, they definitely have my vote. Don’t get the wrong idea. I voted for the chocolates, not the candidate.

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