It is always good to help out. It is always good to lend a helping hand for those in need. You become a person whom everybody can rely on and it makes you feel good that you can help those. But sometimes helping every time does not always bring positive results all the time. Others become lazy and just leave the tasks to you. You become burdened helping others that you don’t have your own life. Just take for instance this main character in Komori-san Wa Kotowarenai. Basically she is a good girl. She never turns down anyone asking for help. Any kind of help. Even at her own inconvenience. That is why she is so beloved and so heavily relied on. Sometimes you wonder if she was taught to say no. Wouldn’t that be easier? Ah, perhaps doing all the donkey work is much easier than speaking out and refusing. You know, action speaks louder than words?

Episode 1
Right at the start, we see Shuri Komori unable to decline help from any of her school mates who ask her help. But do they all have to come and ask at the same time? This girl is so kind that she even lets other girls behind her to go use the toilet first since they can’t hold it in. I wonder how long she can hold it in. This isn’t confined to just favours from others. Even in class, the maths teacher tend to pick her when nobody else volunteers. Thus her best pals, Masako Negishi and Megumi Nishitori suggest hiding her easy-to-ask face. Hmm… People still recognize her under that cat mask. Maybe it is her height. Will crouching do the job? Nope. People will still crawl to request favours. At the end of the day despite the numerous requests, Komori feels happy to have done something for others. So her friends also ask a favour of her: Let’s walk home together.

Episode 2
No rest for Komori. Because just when she leaves her home for school, lost strangers keep bugging her for help. I know it is good not to waste but I am wondering if the entire class is lactose intolerant since everybody dumps their milk on her. So she has to drink it all… And Megumi keep wondering why her boobs grow enormously huge. Her friends start to note she is displaying old man behaviour thanks to all the helping she does. Then they note her most feminine parts. The flat chests have no more to say… But they can’t help wonder if this makes them more masculine than her. Megumi notes the height difference between Komori and Masako. The latter replies it is the inside that counts so Megumi presumes herself as being number one in that. The rest can only put on a disbelieving look.

Episode 3
Megumi asks for Komori’s help to be popular. So Komori pretends to confess to her and wants to go out with her. They feel embarrassed… Because Masako has not enough sleep, she wants Komori to help wake her up. Since that would put her in the same situation, she suggests to come live with her. Not working. Megumi praises Komori for being helpful and never turning down any request. It is just a ploy to let her to copy her homework. Not working. Komori’s height is useful enough to provide shade for the little ones during PE. When the teacher wants to form pairs, everyone goes to bug Komori. When her friends want to hang out at her place, everybody wants to come too. This causes Megumi to cling on to Komori and proclaims giant girl as hers and hers only. Komori shares her umbrella with Megumi and Masako since they forgot to bring theirs but it is just too small.

Episode 4
Komori seems to be doing well playing volleyball with her friends. I guess this means the volleyball club has to ask her help to pitch in for their practice match. As expected she accepts and the asker is so glad she is a can-do-everything-girl. I’m sure Komori doesn’t think that is really her. Komori doesn’t do well compared to her teammates and this makes her think she shouldn’t have accepted it so easily. But can she turn it down easily? She feels down when the team lost so Megumi reminds her she was here to help. So keep your head up high. The volleyball team thanks her for doing her best. But she still isn’t that can-do-everything-girl. Komori doesn’t want to be that but try her best at everything.

Episode 5
Masako asks Komori if she has ever thought that she can’t help with something. Relationship advice. I suppose she doesn’t have experience. When Komori asks Masako about it, her reply is that all she needs is only Komori… Get the hint? Noting how strong she is, Masako asks Komori to pick her up. Very light. Now Masako wants to try and pick up Komori. But when she places her hands on her side boobs, Komori coils from the ticklish feeling. Megumi notes Masako has been relied on as a class rep. Masako denies she is the leadership type although we see her doing great leadership stuffs. When Megumi asks Komori if she would like her to do something, Komori replies as long as it is not helping with her homework. She knows her game…

Episode 6
Komori bumps into this small guy, Kurou Ootani who is also her classmate. He seems to be pissed with her for never turning down requests so he is here to vow he will never rely on her. Well, that sounded like a request, didn’t it? When her friends notice something on Komori’s mind, Megumi doesn’t like the sound how she isn’t telling. This has Komori lump Ootani the same as Megumi in which he protests of course. And so Ootani volunteers to do things for others. When Komori asks about his reason for doing so, he replies he looks unreliable since he is short. However he notes he is different than her because he does it out of self satisfaction unlike her who enjoys being relied on. She says it is because someone is close to her during those times. And right now that someone is him.

Episode 7
The class cleans the pool. When others request Komori to help, Ootani has that jealous look so she has to invite him to help out too. The girls get to use the pool after cleaning. Masako can’t swim but Megumi has a great idea. While Komori swims, Masako rides on her back! So those boobs float? The guys are running and pass by the pool. Ootani looks at them and envies how the girls get to use the pool. His eyes meet with Komori’s. She calls him a pervert and soon all the boys start chanting Ootani is a pervert. When the guys and girls switch places. A case of déjà vu and history repeating itself but this time Komori envies the boys at the pool. Ootani gets his revenge by calling her a pervert when their eyes meet and her friends start chanting her as one.

Episode 8
A day at the beach. Megumi forgot her swimsuit but Komori has a spare one. Realizing her big boobs, imagine how her swimsuit will look on Megumi… Depression… As usual, Komori cannot decline when people asks to help take photos. Haven’t they heard of selfie? Komori sees Megumi being hit on by a guy and brings her away. She thought Megumi would brag about getting hit but it seems she is close to tears. Was that a scary experience? While they watch the fireworks, Megumi holds Komori hand with excuse to not get separated. Komori notes there are still some things about her friends she doesn’t know. Komori is very tanned on her way back. She thought of putting lotion now when her friends mention how it will sting when she baths. Too late for it…

Episode 9
Komori invites her friends to the autumn festival which will be held in her district. Ootani is also there to help Komori with the preparations. But he tells her to go home and dress up since she will have to go out with her friends. Then he makes a snide remark that dressing up won’t do her any good either. At the festival, Komori is once more requested for help by an old lady so she tells her friends to go ahead first. After she is done, she realizes she forgot her handphone and her sandal straps broke. Ootani is nearby when he sees this. Look at how odd a petite kid trying to carry a tall girl with her big boobs being pushed against his back. Komori tells him about her problem so he yells out loud her friends’ name. They come to them in no time to help fix her sandal. In school, a girl asks Ootani to make the roll call. He wonders why she didn’t ask Komori like she always does. She was told his voice is louder.

Episode 10
Komori’s friends ask what she would want to be when she grows up. A school teacher. Good choice. Because she is always depended on. They also add she should be a detective because she is dependable in solving cases then. It does make her think of the prospects but her friends think she is really interested. The teacher reminds his class to make sure not to drag their friends into the same high school. This is also specially pointed out for Komori so as she would need to decline those who do so. Megumi asks Komori for an answer to a question. Surprisingly she can’t answer so they go ask Masako. Megumi isn’t worried if they just scrape through as she is very confident they will end up going to the same high school. Komori likes the idea of inseparable friends. Megumi forgot her homework and asks Masako to show hers. Komori is so shock that she looks at her with a piercing stare! Masako too! Can’t believe that Megumi is asking someone else?

Episode 11
Masako and Ootani are sick so they are absent from class. As an idiot, Megumi prides she is immune to it but suddenly she starts sneezing. Komori is tasked to send printouts to the sick ones. At Megumi’s home, she learns she has been studying hard to enter the same high school with her friends. Want to hug her? At Masako’s place, Masako is worried they will drift apart one day. Komori is also worried but all she can say is not to worry because she loves her. That is in friendship sense, right? Outside Ootani’s house, Komori faints after seeing him in his boxers… Now it is her turn to get sick. She feels lonely staying home but the next thing she knows, her friends are visiting her. Ootani too is about to visit. As Masako and Megumi leave and pass by him, they give him a piercing stare. Komori soon feels better and believes there is a medicine (friendship) that will make you better and cheer you up immediately.

Episode 12
Komori looks down. Ootani can tell it is because with exam season around and everybody studying, nobody is asking her for help! Her friends cheer her up by asking to help with their studies. But it is back to gloomy back home because mom won’t let her help with the house chores until exams are over. Then Ootani talks to her that even if people don’t ask for help, she should help out. I guess she is fine with that. But soon when the requests come streaming in, you can see a big smile across her face. She is back in session. Komori narrates having people rely on you means they trust you. It makes her happy. That is why she will never decline anyone.

Always Someone To Lean On
I can’t say that I am impressed with this series mainly because due to the very short duration of 2 minutes per episode, there is nothing much that left a reasonable impact for me to remember this series by. To be fair, the series is fun to watch but that is also mainly because of its short duration. I am not sure if I can stomach sitting through an entire episode if it is made into a full length series. Because I can’t imagine about every episode or skit which if just about Komori helping others out. Can you imagine every darn episode following this same formula? It will get boring pretty fast.

That itself is already a problem I am experiencing while watching this short series. Because that is what 99% of this series is all about, Komori unable to decline any request and thus she gets into the action of helping others. It really lives up to its name of its series, which is of course what this series is and should be about. However as I have said, that itself is a downside to me personally as there is nothing else special. At first it was funny to see Komori doing just about anything to help out but when you repeat it episode after episode, the novelty wears off. Thank goodness it is only 2 minutes long?

With a very small cast of characters (in fact, only 4 main characters), it is another reason why this trend gets pretty lacklustre after a while. But heck, it is adding a 100 characters and leaving them undeveloped just to f*ck with our minds, right? Therefore I think the very small pool of characters for this series is just right although it is very pretty much the same going along with the lines of friendship. They care about each other, they worry if they are going to be friends in high school and even for the rest of their lives. It is pretty normal for them to think like that because at least it shows they are being realistic and they value their friendship very much.

Komori as the main character is amusing at first with her strangely helpful attitude. Not to say it is a bad thing but sometimes it makes ‘corrupted’ guys like me wonder if a porn producer asks her to star in a porn shoot, will she do it? But if you notice, she isn’t a girl who will say yes to everything. Her record of not refusing requests is not 100%. That is because whenever Megumi asks for help to copy her homework, Komori at least have the decency not to let her take the easy way out. So there is still hope for this girl to actually say no and refuse. She just needs to say more of it…

With the lack of any back story, you wonder if this habit of hers is something she is born with or something she picked up along the way. You know, something devastating happened and she vowed to always put others before herself or if it is for some sort of promise made to someone in the past. Oh well, screw all that deep confusing plot. It is just about a nice girl who likes to help others. Let’s keep it that simple. The only mind boggling thing about this giant girl is that it made me wonder if she has more friends other than Megumi and Masako. Because I am pretty sure she is very famous around school and town and even possible over the world for helping any darn stranger. So all those people must be her friends, right? No? Yeah, those leeches just being lazy and dump all the task to her…

Komori’s friends are amusing too but since they are just supporting characters, I guess they lack any other impact that will make them stand out more than Komori. Literally too. Small flat chest girls, do they stand a chance against busty tall girls? So with have Megumi as the resident idiot, the lovely hyper cheerful girl who tries to take advantage of Komori’s helpfulness to let her copy her homework and Masako who is somewhat of a polar opposite, lacking any emotions and a bit cynical which I sometimes think she came out from a mild horror movie with that dead zombie looks. And Ootani? Little kid wants to be relied on but often ignored due to his stature. Well, I hope he isn’t doing it for the rewards. So far so good. It might be hinted that he may have feelings for Komori but I think I am just thinking too much.

Art and drawing isn’t to shout about. The characters look a bit cartoonish but that is okay for a short anime. Right? Voice acting is also okay. The only main casts are Aya Uchida as Komori (Kotori in Love Live), Ari Ozawa as Megumi (Nozomi in The Rolling Girls), Maria Naganawa as Masako (Akiko in Anitore! EX) and Reina Takashita as Ootani. On a trivial note, this might the first anime in a very freaking long time that I noticed does not have an opening or ending theme. Yeah, it is so short, why even bother?

Overall, a fun short series if you have time to spare. If you need a fun way and motivation to rekindle that helping spirit in you, this series might do the trick. Or not. You know what they say about giving is better than receiving, right? Remember people, while it is always a good deed to help others, sometimes it is even better not to because there are just some things that need to be overcome by yourself instead of getting help from others. Because there are some things that you learn and grow stronger when you do it yourself. Besides, there is only so much the helper can help and it is ultimately yourself who gets things done. You know what they say, if you want something done, you have got to do it yourself.

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