Another art club themed anime? How many have we had since Hidamari Sketch? Well, not many but there are a few of them. Folks, we can add Kono Bijutsu Ni Wa Mondai Ga Aru to the list of anime series having an art club as its focus. But it isn’t going to be a copycat to Hidamari Sketch or other such animes. While you can expect funny antics from art club members, I doubt it would hardly be any different from the general formula. I mean, if this is going to be a normal high school club anime without any super powers or conspiracy, how far do you think this kind of show can go? Just like every piece of art despite being closely similar, you can’t judge one and judge them all the same. There are some little variants in which you have to pay a little close attention to. After all, this isn’t some sort of law cases whereby a precedent is a precedent and it’s all the same. Despite the name of this series’ title that the art club has a problem, don’t worry, it isn’t the kind of worldly problem or one that threatens the very existence of mankind. Seriously, nothing like that. But still, everybody in the club has some sort of problem…

Episode 1A
Mizuki Usami isn’t fond that her fellow art club member, Subaru Uchimaki prefers to draw 2D waifus. 2D waifus FTW!!! She ‘murdered’ his current (and seventeenth) waifu by punching a hole in her face just because he thought she was quite bothered in his taste. Does that mean she likes him? Usami finds it hard to draw an apple so Uchimaki advises on love and anthropomorphize it. Looks creepy… Then he asks her to be his model. She has her reservations as the last time he drew a completely different person (his waifu, that is). Thinking she could be up for this pose of sitting and wrapping her hands around her knees, she agrees to it. Don’t worry if your pantsu is shown, Uchimaki has no interest in 3D girls. Too bad President got a snap shot of it! The end result of the sketching is a totally completely different person and in a different pose! The only thing he got it right was her pantsu, courtesy of President’s picture. So while Usami goes out to hammer him, Uchimaki draws a decent sketch of that Usami’s pose from the picture.

Episode 1B
Usami again has to hear Uchimaki rant another one of his completed waifus. And then he drops the bombshell. He is going to quit the club after finishing this last piece. So why is she strangling him? Can’t wait to get him out? Uchimaki thought she never liked his work, the reason he is quitting. Thus Usami has a flashback when Uchimaki first joined the club. She and President interviewed him. Hearing his weird answers like the reason of joining this club is because his anime ended and is bored as well as his ultimate goal to draw his ultimate waifu, Usami certainly wouldn’t want this weirdo in but President quickly approves! She wanted to shake his hand but he declines as he mentions he is not interested in 3D girls, giving Usami the wrong idea he thought she was trying to ask him out. And now here she is asking him if he is going to quit for real. He wonders if she would be lonely without him. She is feeling conflicted now and needs to tell him to stay when suddenly he says he was just joking. Oh dear. Real tears streaming down her eyes! And she can’t stop! Next day, she is surprised to see him in the clubroom. Did he not quit? He changed his mind. So how does strangling him make him feel welcomed back? He admits her endearing tears were the one that made him changed his mind. Wait a minute. So he is staying so he can draw girls crying? And this is going to be his next ultimate waifu? Whatever. At least he is staying.

Episode 2A
Uchimaki accidentally knocks down paint on the floor. Worse, Usami’s painting dropped smack on it. Because there is no time to clean up, President tells him to stall Usami who is coming in. Eventually she comes in and sees President lying on the ground. It’s like a murder scene! Of course she knows it is just paint but Uchimaki insists in playing detective believing she will kick his ass if this prank is found out. Then she reveals she needs her painting. She is to submit it for a contest otherwise the club will be shut down. Oh sh*t. As he distracts her to look for it on the shelf, President needs to take a leak! Hold it in. Uchimaki teases he could see her pantsu and this makes her lose her balance. Luckily he catches her like a princess. She thinks a deep kiss will follow next but apparently she is too heavy for him to continue carrying her. An insult? When they fall over President, Usami now realizes what happened to her painting. Instead of blowing her top, she suggests handing in Uchimaki’s work. His waifu is not side show material. Eventually it won second prize. Usami is shocked it won this high and Uchimaki is disappointed it didn’t get first.

Episode 2B
Usami’s friend, Kaori Ayase sleeps over and wants to know if she likes Uchimaki. So she has to start off with a story, huh? There’s this one time when he just joined and she accompanied him to buy painting tools. They stumble into a mother looking for her lost daughter, Moeka. They help find her and see her with a suspicious young girl. Ultraman mask? Moeka is reluctant to go with them as Ultraman girl paints them as bad people. When it is 5.30pm sharp, Ultraman girl leaves and goes home. Moeka is still scared to go with them and since Usami can’t do anything, she too starts crying. WTF. It is then Uchimaki uses his art to draw a picture of Moeka’s mom. She thinks they are her friends and gladly follows them. Moeka doesn’t know what an art club is so Uchimaki says it is a place where one can draw lots of beautiful (2D) girls. To put her story shortly, Uchimaki is not a bad guy. Too bad her friend is already asleep.

Episode 2C
Uchimaki receives a love letter. So why are you flustering Usami? It’s not from you, right? When President mentions how popular he is because there is more than one girl who likes him, he is about to him Usami but she slams the canvas on his head. It grinds Usami’s gears that Uchimaki is asking her about love letters. Not like she wrote one in her life, right? Anyway he plans to reject her but since he is doing it chuunibyou style, I guess Usami has got to coach him in order not to traumatize the poor girl. So here Uchimaki is rejecting her because he already has a character person he likes. But she asks if that girl goes to this school. Hiding Usami and President try to hint to him on what to say when the girl mentions that girl must be Usami. She has always seen them together so that is most possibly the person he likes. His answer? There is nothing between them. Usami couldn’t feel be more disappointed. On the way home, Usami is shocked when Uchimaki stares at a young girl and notes how beautiful she is. She remembers President telling her that his artworks are all resembling young girls. Over time, this might translate him into becoming a lolicon. Could it be his awakening already since she remembers he was nice to Moeka? Then she realizes it was the character strap on her bag he likes. Disappointed and relieved, right? That little girl is apparently the sister of the girl Uchimaki rejected. When she tells of a creepy guy staring at her, she is very sure that is the makings of a predator. Call the cops!

Episode 3A
Colette is another member of the art club and a localized foreigner. Uchimaki agrees to help her find her lost locket thinking it contains pictures of her dear parents. As they go look around at the lost-and-found section, they find Usami’s hairpin. In her gratitude, she gives them a bead bracelet that belongs to President. Colette thinks she can benefit from this when Uchimaki tells of the straw theory whereby a poor trades up till he has riches. When Colette returns the bracelet to President, she is eagerly expecting another reward but obviously she got nothing. When she puts her hands in her pocket, she starts acting strange and wants to give up on the search. The guys are suspicious and have her empty her pockets. There is her locket. Feeling stupid right now? The picture turns out to be a sticker picture of herself being hip. So this is her precious picture?

Episode 3B
When the art club girls realize it is not President sleeping in his usual couch but Uchimaki, they sing a lot of praise for President’s ‘improvement’. It seems Uchimaki is in a slump as he has run out of ideas and hairstyles in particular for his new waifu. Usami suggests a short bob but unfortunately he doesn’t even know what it looks like. You’re looking directly at one… And no, it’s not a bunch of macho guys called Shou and Bob, Colette. Next day, Usami gives him a fashion magazine that contains various haircut. But you wonder if he is going to put it to good referencing use since he realizes these girls are 3D… Now, don’t be picky…

Episode 3C
You bet Kaori wants to intervene in Usami’s ‘romance’ (because life’s much more exciting watching the romance of others) so along with Sayaka Honda and Ryouka they follow Usami to the art club with the pretence to try it out. Kaori gets bold when he casually touches Uchimaki’s hands, irking Usami. Then she suggests a drawing competition in which the loser will buy all drinks. Now for the subject of the art… Usami and Uchimaki together! Now, get even closer… Closer… Closer… But Usami puts a stop to this right before Kaori can suggest a kissing scene. Smashing the bust in her face? In the end, Kaori loses because her drawing was horrible. Was she even trying? Because Uchimaki’s requested drink is unavailable, she bought a carbonated drink instead. However Uchimaki cannot take such drinks. Kaori suggests trading. This causes alarm bells ringing for Usami because Kaori has partly drank hers. Indirect kiss, eh? Uchimaki doesn’t care and is going ahead anyway so Usami snatches it and drinks it down entirely. Guess what? Uchimaki takes her drink and chugs it down. Now they’re even. Oh well, an indirect kiss happened. At the end of the day, Usami felt thankful her friends came to hang out otherwise this indirect kiss never happened. However the next day Sayaka publishes an article for the entire school about this ‘indecency’. Time to go bonkers, Usami.

Episode 4A
Due to the reshuffling, Yumeko Tachibana will now replace Koyama as the art club’s advisor. Naturally she is nervous but that turns into confusion when she sees Colette rolling from across the hallway to the clubroom’s doorstep. When Yumeko introduces herself, Colette gets scared. She thinks she is an imposter who wants to kidnap her for ransom and runs away! Yumeko prepares for more weirdness but thankfully Usami and Uchimaki already know who she is as Koyama told them beforehand. Remembering Koyama’s advice, Yumeko observes the art club members. Because of President being lazy, she thinks he is a delinquent. Because Uchimaki introduces his life size cardboard waifu cut-out, she thinks she is a pervert. She goes out to take some fresh air so the rest device a plan to bring her back. It involves President talking to her and during that time they will sketch her. Once it is done, Yumeko sees lovely portraits of herself (hey, Uchimaki’s cat girl version of her isn’t bad either). This is their welcoming gift to her and this touched her heart.

Episode 4B
We follow Colette walking in the streets and trying to walk in the shades while avoiding direct sun. She meets Moeka and both have this sense of meeting each other before. I guess we know who that Ultraman mask girl was, right? When Colette reaches a full path with no shade, she thinks of walking behind the shadow of a taller person. That person turns out to be President.

Episode 4C
Usami is sleeping in her bed and having a nice dream of Uchimaki. Only to be caught pants down by her mom. That’s what happened when you daydream and not pay attention. It seems there is a call from Uchimaki for her and mom came to gave her the phone. I guess he heard everything too, huh? But first Usami has to shoo away her mom who is so eager to listen. Don’t mind her. Your daughter very much does. Apparently Uchimaki is now at her doorstep this late to hand the printouts (earlier in the day, Colette messed it up with her failed magic trick). Mom is puzzled Usami dresses up so nicely even if she is not going out. Aha. A boy, right? You can tell by how much she is flustering. Usami has to talk with Uchimaki a little further outside because mom cannot stop staring and eavesdropping. After passing the printouts, Usami suggests they exchange handphone numbers to avoid this inconvenience. While Usami is trying so hard just to say it, it’s like all that don’t matter to him because he just coolly agrees so. Well, he is that dense, right? Don’t be too happy soon because mom is still watching… Back in her room, Usami is super happy like she’s got a platinum achievement.

Episode 5A
Why is Colette doing a stare showdown with the bust? We know who is going to win, right? Oh, Uchimaki’s sketch of the bust turns out to be a kawaii magical girl!!! Later Colette thinks the bust looks rather sickly and decides to paint colours over it. Of course she goes overboard and feels the need to get rid of it before the rest finds out. When Yumeko enters the clubroom, she sees books from a box strewn all over the floor. When she opens the box, she is horrified to see a head inside it and faints. So when Uchimaki and Usami enter the room, they mistake something happened to Yumeko. Usami goes to get help and leaves the rest to Uchimaki. Is he going to consult a manga on what to do? Mouth to mouth resuscitation, huh? President gets the wrong idea seeing Uchimaki trying to kiss Yumeko. Wasn’t he into 2D girls? Guilt-ridden Colette returns but President takes her away. They both have the wrong idea on what the other is talking about. Colette thought it was the bust and President thought it is about Uchimaki. It gets complicated when Usami is here. So she brought Koyama as help? That old guy is really slow. Of course her perspective is of collapsed Yumeko so it gets weirder when President thought Usami supports Uchimaki’s love for sensei. But when they reconcile their thoughts, Usami realizes what is going to happen and zooms back to the clubroom. Thankfully Yumeko has already woke up and Uchimaki didn’t have to ‘kiss’ her. All the misconceptions are dispelled as they figure out what happened to the bust. Colette just grovel and apologize… No excuses.

Episode 5B
President needs to call Uchimaki for an important ritual. Because Usami has his number, President teases her about it and even goes as far as discovering she saved his number under his first name. It is very embarrassing for her but if he tells Uchimaki this, she’ll erase his existence! So the important ritual is putting on a dove headgear on Colette? Huh? WTF?! Yumeko then has everyone clean the pool. Why on Earth would an art club be doing this? Because Yumeko is having trouble fitting into her swimsuit (damn those big boobs), President has brought washable paint for them to have fun and turn the pool into their canvas. So let your creativity fly! It turns out to be a gigantic gorgeous picture of a mermaid and her dolphin. Uchimaki is sad to have it erased since they have to start cleaning the pool. And then the paint doesn’t come off… Oh sh*t… They’re so in trouble. Didn’t President make ascertain it was supposed to easily come off? Well, he’s not so sure now. Oh, so he is trying to run away now? He puts on the dove headgear and becomes the dove. WTF?!

Episode 6A
Maria Imari is the new transfer student in Uchimaki’s class. She’s cute so all the boys love her except for a certain 2D lover. However Maria is a fan of a certain manga series and they quickly click. When Usami heard about a cute transfer student in his class, she becomes worried naturally. There are bad omens like her strap broke and Kaori’s yoyo snapped. When she goes look for him in his class, his classmates saw Uchimaki with Imari. Usami tries to maintain positive that he might be showing her around. Then she sees this heart stopping scene whereby he takes her by the hand. Worried now? They’re just acting out a scene from the manga.

Episode 6B
Naturally Usami is depressed and nobody can touch her as she is hogging President’s couch. They believe her attitude must stem from something happening to Uchimaki. Speaking of him, here he comes. It gets awkward for her to face him. He tries to ask what happened but you know being a woman means she won’t say anything and you have to figure it out all by yourself. Then it descends into some pillow throwing fight. Though it breaks President’s heart to see his expensive pillow torn, he’ll forgive them if they patch up. He can buy the pillow again. With club funds. As they reconcile, Usami manages to ask him to accompany her to buy a new strap. And then they have the bad luck to bump into Imari because now Uchimaki invites her to join them. Gladly. The more the merrier. Kuuki wo yonde yo!!!!!!!!! So they end up in a manga store and observing how they interact, Usami believes they are close only because they love manga and their friendship is of that sort and nothing more. She feels a little relieved. Again the duo start arguing because Uchimaki caught her smirking at him. This has Imari thinking they are close to each other. Are they dating? Usami vehemently protests and Uchimaki coolly dismisses there is nothing going on between them. So are you relieved and frustrated at the same time? So if they’re not dating, can Imari date Uchimaki? Wait. WHAT?! Just kidding. Haha! That’s enough heart attack for today. On the way back, they see a boy crying because his balloon is stuck up a tree. It is too high for them to reach so Uchimaki suggests Usami sit on his shoulder to get it. Of course she flusters thinking about dirty thoughts. So will Imari do it then? That’s even worse! Can’t imagine him stroking her lap, eh? And so Usami will do it. After all that flustering, they still can’t reach it. Imari thinks she can jump and grab it. And she did it! She’s quite athletic just so you know. Should have done it in the first place. Imari spews cool manga lines to the kid but it is such heavy stuffs that he almost let go of the balloon. Next day, Usami wants to show off her new strap to Uchimaki but he is more distracted with Imari sharing her manga. Usami cannot understand if she can get along with her or not.

Episode 7A
Yumeko revs up the art club members since there will be an art competition soon. Of course Uchimaki isn’t so keen to enter and leaves it to Usami to join. She tries to bait him by belittling his waifu but he doesn’t care what others think. Their conversation is overhead by this jerk who claims Uchimaki’s second prize at the previous competition was a fluke. He continues to badmouth everything about it. Although Uchimaki is cool, ironically it is Usami who blows her top. It is suggested that they compete in this next competition to see who can rank higher. Thus Usami wants Uchimaki to submit his artwork. Although he is not so eager about it, I guess he doesn’t want to see her angry anymore. So to help him out with his art, as per requested Usami brought a gothic dress for him to sketch. And you know all those unholy thoughts propping through her mind that he had to remind her that she accidentally lifted her skirt too much. Did he saw her pantsu? Will he put it in?! Many days pass as Uchimaki also sketches variations of the original. On the day of the presentation, Uchimaki’s lovely art wins first place. He attributes part of his victory to Usami. Without her, he couldn’t have done it. How sweet. Then they forgot what this competition is all about in the first place. Remember that jerk? He is at the receptionist wondering why none of his work is on display. Only winners are displayed. Loser…

Episode 7B
President sees Colette writes hero of justice as what she wants to be. Then they bug Usami about hers. When she says a housewife, they start laughing. Embarrassed, Usami fires back that her hero of justice is even more ridiculous because it doesn’t exist. However Colette is hurt and runs away in tears. At the rooftop, she bumps into Imari who is acting out lines from a manga. Basically, chuunibyou. They get to know each other and Colette becomes impressed with her and wants to call her master. When she tells Imari about the recent with her friend because of the non-existence of heroes, Imari tells her to make up with her first because that is what heroes are good at. If she can do that, Imari will be her master. Motivated Colette returns to do just that and the girls are back on good terms like the fight never happened before. But now Colette is acting like her master and Uchimaki can make a guess who she is influenced from.

Episode 8A
Remember the bust Colette messed up? Usami has problems focusing on it (“Amigo!”) and since President spent the club funds on a new pillow, he remembers there was another bust in which the old members used but it is in the old storeroom next door. The door is jammed so it is quite hard to open. President accidentally closes it and teases Usami of going wild with Uchimaki in there, making her punch the door. Then when they realize they cannot open it because it must have got out of alignment, fears that they will be trapped here the entire night sink in. At least for Usami. Yeah, time for her delusions again. There are a few close moments between them but don’t worry, nothing scandalous. It’s all in your mind… Colette was outside the door but gave up thinking it is stuck. She couldn’t hear them because she was listening to her headphone. Usami really fears that it will be just the 2 of them so Uchimaki assures it is the 3 of them. His waifu figurine is here. That’s not funny! Best of all, his figurine has torchlight embedded inside and hope a patrolling teacher will pass by. Why does it have to be Yumeko? Of course she sees the light and thinks otherwise. As she goes up close and sees the figurine with flashing lights, she immediately passes out. Uchimaki teases Usami with a few ghost pranks. Any more and she’ll break his figurine! Scarier than a ghost… Looking at an old photo, they realize there is a door that connects to their classroom. Thank goodness it does and they’re back into normalcy again. Next morning, they realize why this other bust was put away because it was also doodled like mad.

Episode 8B
Usami is doing her homework in the clubroom (not at home?) and she doesn’t like how noisy Uchimaki and Imari are reading manga in the storeroom. But when they get too quiet, she even protests! What do you want?! Then an envelope slips out from the manga. It seems to be a treasure map left behind by ex-art club members. The trio decide to go on a treasure hunt by following its clues. This involves looking out from the boys’ toilet and figuring out the number of Van Gough’s sunflowers in his painting. It leads them to a loose tile on the ground. After digging the box out, they are very happy to share their hard work by opening it. What artistic treasure awaits them? Tadah! Porn magazines!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you disappointed?

Episode 9A
Imari tells Colette that they need to find an evil grimoire called Necronomicon hidden in this school. And they’re not really sure what it is about. Yumeko heard about it and would also love to help find it. Not that she knows what it is too. President and Uchimaki alone in the clubroom. President hinting the guys are alone together… Sorry, no gay time. What he meant was the porn magazines. Knowing it is too dangerous to keep it here, he wants to take it home to be disposed. Uchimaki can see through his plan because in that case he is the best person to take it home and dispose off since he isn’t into 3D girls. As they argue, Usami comes in and sees this. Why must girls be so mad when they see guys they know having a porn magazine? But they have to hide it since Yumeko is here and she is looking for Necronomicon. They think it is the porn magazine since there is a front page article called Neko Milk On!!! President manages to slip it to Uchimaki who then runs out with Usami. They bump into Colette and Imari looking for you-know-what. The bump underneath Uchimaki’s shirt is suspicious so they think it is the grimoire. Colette tries to unshirt him while Usami hints to Imari the book Uchimaki has. Before they can stop Colette, the porn magazine drops out. Colette picks it up and flips the pages like a boss. When Yumeko arrives and sees this, Colette just points to Uchimaki who is the owner of this magazine. I think this is the first time we’ve seen Yumeko so enraged. Of course poor Uchimaki is the most devastated. He isn’t even into 3D girls. Life’s so unfair. And Colette doesn’t understand what this porn magazine is about. Safe?

Episode 9B
Remember that jerk? He is back to challenge Uchimaki. Because Uchimaki doesn’t want anything to do with him, he starts begging pitifully… So suddenly it becomes a challenge who can draw Usami the best. Because Usami strikes an unnaturally cute pose, Uchimaki laughs at her. This makes her mad as she roots for the jerk to win. He is taken in because this is a first time in his life a girl is supporting him. What a loser? In the end, Uchimaki as usual draws a moe version of his waifu and the only thing he points out similar to Usami is her pantsu. She isn’t wearing that type today. So obviously the jerk is the winner, right? He didn’t draw anything!!! To star struck?! Reluctantly Usami declares Uchimaki the winner. The jerk runs away in shame and can’t help space out about Usami all day long…

Episode 9C
Moeka somehow sneaks into school and interrupts President’s slumber outside in the garden. I guess he is a good guy so he gives her a tour around the school. From buying her a drink at the vending machine to watching the girls at the gym. So as he is about to drop her off at the staff office, Moeka recognizes Koyama. He is her grandfather. However Koyama warns her about wandering off herself because mommy was looking for her and this made everyone worried. She starts crying so President shows a sketch that Moeka draw of her and grandpa. As they comment on it, Moeka starts thinking about the pecking order. President > Uchimaki. But because President bows to Koyama, grandpa is the greatest of them all!

Episode 10A
Usami and Uchimaki are commended for helping lost Moeka. Sayaka interviews them but a little problem props up for Usami after that. Her teacher, Takeda wants her to become a student council president. Usami finds it hard to decline and thus Takeda can’t stop bugging her about it. Each time, Usami gives some sort of weird reason not to answer. One day she is being called to the staff room. She knows it is Takeda and this time she will really tell him no. However to her dismay, Takeda viewed that since she was always so busy, he has already submitted her application on her behalf! What is she going to do now? That is when Uchimaki walks in. Is he going to save her? Surprisingly he scolds Usami for lagging behind her paintings. He claims the art club needs to enter competitions and the likes, thus the reason she can’t busy herself anymore by joining the student council. As he takes her away on pretence to finish her painting, Takeda asks about the student council then. Do you not get it? At least this time Usami said no to him.

Episode 10B
Uchimaki and Colette are arguing over some manga. They thought Yumeko could help mediate but she is even madder. It seems both of them scored very badly in their exams. They understand for the dumb blonde but Uchimaki has always been an average student. Why suddenly do so bad? Well, there were lots of animes to watch so he couldn’t study… Yumeko warns them to do better in the make-up test or else she’ll have to take drastic measures. It is then Usami offers to coach them at her house. But why call President too? She can’t handle it herself. But he is always sleeping… While studying, Uchimaki gets a little sleepy. Usami offers him to sleep in her bed. No funny thoughts, please. After putting him to bed, she can’t help go on top of him and… She’ll just settle drawing on his face. She goes back to coach Colette and when it is time to wake up Uchimaki, Colette would like to do the honours. Since she took too long, Usami goes to check it out. Colette is sleeping next to Uchimaki! TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!!!! GET UP!!!!!!! In the end, the study session was well worth it because they score very high marks. Now they can sleep in.

Episode 10C
Kaori thinks Imari is going to steal Uchimaki away from Usami. She has photo proof of it. Maybe they just share the same manga interest? She also has photos showing Usami in depression. But they’re not related to that in any way… Kaori then vows to support her friend and tail Imari. Of course you can tell from her actions she looks like a suspicious person. And then she trips. Imari exaggerates her tiny wound and bandages up her entire leg. Kaori is ready to face the interrogation and vows not to reveal everything. So while Kaori sits there like a statue, Imari interacts with her nicely and even treats her nicely. From giving her food when her stomach growls and lending her umbrella when it rains. Wow. Kaori really just sat there doing nothing? Next morning, Kaori brags to her friends that Imari is a nice girl and it is bad to suspect her as a suspicious person in the first place. Wait. Weren’t you… Never mind.

Episode 11
Yumeko is collecting empty cans so that the art club can do a giant sculpture made of cans from this school for the cultural festival. But isn’t it too late? So as not to let her efforts go to waste, the art club members help out in designing what to do. No pretty waifus. No ridiculous words. Seriously, just no. It is decided to make a giant paint tube. The first order of business with the collected cans is to pull out the tabs, wash them, dry them, rinse and repeat. They did it over 30 times! So boring and tedious that no wonder President wants to go back to sleep. When Imari goes to get more cans in the storeroom, she passes by a teacher who mistakenly thinks she is throwing them away because she was speaking in chuunibyou language. Colette fools around and damages some of the cans. She thought Yumeko is mad but she is sad that all the cans she recycled have been thrown away. If they are not giving up, how are they going to collect that many cans in a short period? President has a suggestion. Buy cheap cans from a supermarket and then sell them at school at dirt cheap price. Since the students will throw them away, the cans are still considered to be from school and their theme is still valid. The great idea gets underway and it attracts many cheapskate interested students. Imari is selling well thanks to her boobs. Usami might be a little bit jealous but that nameless jerk would love to buy one from her. Till Uchimaki shows up. He challenges him right now to a drinking contest. However he spits it all out on Uchimaki’s face when he sees Yumeko in a cat mascot outfit. With Usami wiping Uchimaki’s face, the jerk becomes a sore loser. He still lost anyway. Finally they have enough cans and complete their work of art. Yay! Now to haul it to the gym to display. But wait. There is a problem. How will they get this thing out of their clubroom? Dismantle and reassemble it back again. Phew. It was worth the effort.

Episode 12
A rainy day and Imari has got no umbrella. Since Usami needs to help out after class, how about asking Colette? That girl brought a raincoat. Well, ask Uchimaki then. When Usami almost finishes her work, she receives a message from Kaori saying that she borrowed her umbrella without permission! Now she is stuck in school. To her surprise she sees Uchimaki waiting. Where’s Imari? She took off in the rain just like that. Because chuunibyou. But why didn’t he leave too? He was waiting for her. Apparently Kaori took Usami’s umbrella and left her own behind. Hint, hint. How considerate. Now her dream of walking home with him can come true. Usami is giving her silent thanks to her friend till Uchimaki opens his umbrella. Anime character print. Ugh. But still it wasn’t so bad. Next day she is chirpy and her friends know about it. They advise her to quickly do something about her feelings because before you know it, it will be over. Usami sees Uchimaki with Imari. He is telling her he has fallen in love with Usami! Am I hearing this right?! Imari supports him to tell his feelings quickly. Usami is having mixed emotions but she needs to keep calm. In the clubroom, Uchimaki drops the bombshell. He is in love with her. I guess Usami can’t keep her cool that she too blurts out she is in love with him but is quickly cut off when he shows her the anime character named Usami on the magazine’s front cover. Look familiar? That umbrella… Usami must be so frustrated… So why the need to tell 3D Usami this? Since he is so in love with 2D Usami, calling them would be confusing. He suggests calling her by a different name. Perhaps Mizuki? She is surprised and thinks maybe there is some good that came out of this. After Uchimaki left, President pops out from his hiding. He heard everything and advises to move along quickly because at this rate they are not making any progress and it’ll be over before they know it. Same ol’ story, right? That night, Usami contemplates this with her friends who are furious she didn’t agree immediately. They wonder if she dislikes being called so. After lots of thinking and the next day she meets up with him, she rejects his idea of calling her so. He shouldn’t use her name that easily. But Uchimaki is okay with it. He is over with his 2D Usami. Yesterday anime revealed she had a boyfriend and he viewed this as f*cking betrayal! But he gets over it pretty quickly since he has decided the only way to be happy is to draw his own waifus. Yeah well, at least we’re glad things still stay the same.

The Art Of Love
And so another art themed anime came and go without much ado. There are ups and downs but once you realize, everything in the end basically stayed the same as they were in the start. Your point of views might change but that art piece is still the same art piece. What do you expect when you see art club members doing other stuffs which are non-art related like going treasure hunting, group studies, hiding porn and dealing with ‘corpses’ instead of seriously focusing on their canvas? Yeah, that will be too boring.

But if you are looking for character development, don’t get your hopes too high up because shows like this one rarely does it. You know all your characters and their quirky behaviour from start till finish. Having said so, it is no denying that certainly the characters are colourful and amusing in their own right. And in this anime’s context, I suppose it means problems. Because like Uchimaki who has probably one of the greatest talents in art is only very much concerned in drawing his ultimate waifu and adding to his previous collections. I mean as an otaku, that is how you find your waifu, right? You draw them! No need to wait for Ms Right (3D) to pop up in your face. Because of that he lacks the sensibility when it comes to dealing with 3D girls who are looking to be more than just friends. But I suppose as an otaku, he can live with that. We can live with that. It’s not like 3D girls ever mattered in our lives, right? Right?! If Uchimaki ever ‘grows up’ and changes, it would then be seriously “Houston, we have a problem”. Haha!

And then you have the nameless President (at least his name at this point in time is not known) whose only sole purpose in the club (and role of his character) is to sleep as much as he wants. I suppose it is the only club where he can sleep in peace. He should form a sleeping club like a certain sleepy girl in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai. Because of his mature looks like a young adult, it makes me wonder if he failed to graduate and thus had to stay back in school. I mean, President doesn’t look like your average high school student, right?

Then you have the rich halfie foreigner Colette who is of course filling in the typical role of the cheeky troublemaker. That is how such genres expand their variety of comedy by having a mischievous character. Not that I’m complaining. She’s the Sanae (of Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai fame – heck they even share the same seiyuu) of the series but less chuunibyou mode. The only boggling thing about her is that although she officially appeared only in episode 3 (the second episode was kinda unofficial since she was behind a mask and didn’t really introduce herself), I noticed she did appear in the first episode. If you look closely through the locker’s hole in the clubroom, you’ll notice a creepy girl hiding inside who is no other than Colette. It made me wonder what the heck was she doing in there and what was the significant of it since it was never revealed. Yumeko as the advisor is meek, clumsy and knows nothing about art but you can’t help feel you need to help her out since she is trying her best.

Imari should officially join the club seeing that she hangs out and often helps out the art club. She is an interesting and amusing character seeing she has a tendency to go into chuunibyou mode and also the unknown factor that would give Usami a run for her money when it comes to getting Uchimaki’s attention. Even Usami’s pals who are not part of the art club also have their own ‘problems’. Like Kaori being another troublemaker, Sayaka who won’t pass up a chance to write stories about Usami’s unrequited love and Ryouka… Okay, I’m not sure what she has (except spectacles?) but all I can say is that the trio seem to stick around and love teasing Usami till she flusters like mad about her crush. Yeah, I think it makes their lives more exciting. It’s always more exciting to watch such drama unfolding onto others. Even that nameless jerk who keeps challenging Uchimaki and always loses is not different. He has got a problem confessing, doesn’t he?

With all that said, I suppose Usami is the one without any problems, right? Because she is the only true art club member who wants to make true art whereas the rest just don’t quite cut it as a true artist. Well, wrong! She is perhaps the one with the biggest problem all because of her tsundere and crush on Uchimaki. It is so obviously painful that the entire world knows about it except for the boy she loves. How can love be so blind in this literal sense? I guess that is the strange thing about love. She knows well about his otaku habits but yet doesn’t really like it (is it because she can’t stand other women he likes despite they are being just 2D?). She has unholy thoughts of getting closer with him but after so many times you’d think she would learn to control her daydreaming fantasy delusions in public but she ends up getting more embarrassed and redder than the red paint. Sometimes it happens so many times that you wonder if this is going to get old and stale. I mean, this is one of the series’ staple for jokes, right?

Therefore the biggest problem in the art club is you, Usami! Just confess your true feelings and it will solve everything for better or worse. Oh yeah, Uchimaki got confessed and turned down a girl… Don’t want that to personally traumatize you, do you? That is why this one-sided love will never be requited because imagine if they hook up. The end of all the challenges and funny moments Usami has been providing us. For Uchimaki’s case, it will be ultimate betrayal. 2D waifus will never betray you! So better to leave it as status quo. For them and everybody else.

I had a hunch when Uchimaki dropped the bomb when he said he is in love with Usami. I knew there was a catch. Because I’ve been watching so many shows like this, my guts instantly told me something was up. It can’t really end this way. After all, a dozen of episodes and this guy being a typical dense otaku who only loves his 2D waifus, can he change so quickly? There is a slight chance he might be trolling us with his otaku personality all the while but you know what? Otakus don’t really lie that way, right? So this love twist in the end didn’t become a surprise because I expected something like this. Oh well. I guess as long as everybody is happy in the end being status quo. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

Drawing and art seem pretty decent and okay. Your typical Japanese anime with typical bishoujo looks for the characters. Of course if you want to compare with all the other art themed anime series out there, visually in this sense this one is better because you know how oddly moe the characters look in Hidamari Sketch, GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class and even Sketchbook ~Full Color’s~. But if you are talking about other visuals, this series has nothing to offer. I mean you’d expect to see some sort of creative works of art but the most we get is Uchimaki’s beautifully hand drawn waifus. No, that vandalized bust that has an uncanny resemblance to Freddie Mercury doesn’t count. Uh huh. That bust looks like an Indian version of Bohemian Rhapsody hit maker. So yeah, the only major project they’ve done is the giant paint tube. And yeah, minor pantsu fanservice. Now, how to draw more without being labelled as a pervert… Animated by Feel, you might see their familiar trademark art style here in some of their other works like Jinsei, Futsuu No Joshikousei Ga [Locodol] Yattemita, KissxSis, Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai, Oshiete! Galko-chan and Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru.

It is nice to hear Nana Mizuki’s voice again as she plays the character Yumeko. I believe I haven’t heard her for quite a while. At least not for the animes that I have watched (sorry, I’m not a Nanoha fan). She sounds like her super cute version like 2×2=Shinobuden’s Shinobu and Dog Days’ Ricotta. The rest of the casts are Ari Ozawa as Usami (Kirin in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Yuusuke Kobayashi as Uchimaki (Tanukichi in Shimoneta), Sumire Uesaka as Colette (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Kentarou Tone as President (Hattori in Bakuman), Nao Touyama as Imari (Chitoge in Nisekoi), Sora Tokui as Kaori (Nero in Tantei Opera Milku Holmes), Hirohiko Kakegawa as Koyama (Mihawk in One Piece) and Aimi Tanaka as Moeka (titular character in Himouto! Umaru-chan).

Naturally Nana Mizuki is still going strong as a singer so it would be a waste if she doesn’t showcase her strong vocal talents. She sings the pop rock opening theme entitled Starting Now. However I had this misconception that she also sung the ending theme, Koisuru Zukei <Cubic Futurismo>. At least I thought she used her super cute voice in singing this piece. However as I subsequently found out, it is Sumire Uesaka who is the one in the vocals. Now that I think about it, she certainly sounds more Colette than Yumeko. The final episode’s ending theme is Kokoro Palette featuring the quartet of Usami, Colette, Imari and Yumeko.

This series might be cute and has its own funny charms to make it enjoyable and fun for a few laughs but it is hardly overall not any different in a genre that is filled with shows that are somewhat similar in this format. It’s like art in different variants and versions but it hardly breaks the mould or any new grounds. So I guess this anime too has its own set of ‘problems’ and that it isn’t perfect. Nice visuals with interesting characters although they lack depth and a simple plot that would bore those seeking to challenge their minds, well at least it didn’t disappoint. So now that we consider art as subjective, can we consider porn as a form of art too? No? Alright then. Houston, we have a problem.

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