Koro-sensei Quest

July 21, 2017

How do you still keep a series alive after everything has ended for good and wrapped up nicely? Why, you make a sequel spinoff! This is very much for Ansatsu Kyoushitsu when they had Koro-sensei Quest. Although this spinoff adapted from the manga was published many years ago and has little bearing on the actual plot of the parent series. As you might have guessed from the title and the cute promo poster, it is going to be one of those nonsensical slapstick comedies using the characters of the series. Chibified characters, that is. Like how they did it for Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou, Suzumiya Haruhi-chan No Yuutsu, that Petit Eva series and that Rock Lee spinoff from Naruto thingy. Yeah, things are more fun and cute when characters are in chibi form. And if you’re tired of the storyline about kids being trained as assassins to kill their teacher, time to change its setting to an RPG world where our young warriors are trained by the demon lord himself to defeat him. Wait. What?!

Episode 1
Class 3-E can’t kill Koro. They flop big time. Not surprising. How can you kill the big bad boss when you are just at level 1? Heck, even Isogai’s armour might be grand at first look but it just covers his front! His back is exposed! Too poor to buy a proper armour? Karasuma explains that Koro is the demon lord whom they are hired to kill. Why them? It seems Class 3-E has a special random ability called bug. Like Isogai buying half an armour itself is a bug. But not Kaede’s small boobs or Okajima’s porn collection? Koro will train them up to a level where they will be able to defeat him since he is longing for a good fight. So the first training will have them break their mind set of being weak. They will be fighting with the weakest creatures: Slimes. The slimes thought the demon lord is here to sacrifice humans himself but it looks like he wants to sacrifice them! Would you believe it the slimes are owning Class 3-E? That weak, huh? The girls view Isogai as manly when he tries to stop the slimes but with his naked exposed to them. Jealous Okajima strips himself to do the same but is branded a pervert. Double standards. Nagisa’s random bug has him buffed up like that guy from The Fist Of The North Star. His fireball magic defeats them. This gives the rest motivation to defeat the rest. With everyone celebrating, why is Nagisa nervous? He can’t change back from his buffed mode. Don’t worry, Koro administers some sauna solution to flush out all the bugs in his body. Nothing happens. Only Koro is the one who has shrunk.

Episode 2
Right now the class has no one who can be a true hero. Isogai might have good leadership skills but his half armour doesn’t quite cut it. Karasuma suggests having powerful warriors who somewhat live in caves to join them. One of them is Karma. As they head into the cave, Koro explains of Karma’s bug. The more he scorns others, the more bad luck befalls on him. Then he continues to belittle and more bad luck ensues. Repeat cycle. Yes, it goes into negative points. The cave is littered with traps so Koro easily disarms them all and even makes them more dangerous. Drawing the trademark logo of One Piece is one of them. They stumble into some mushroom people. When one of them manages to slice off Koro’s hand, it turns out to be Karma in disguise. He starts mocking them and true enough all the bad luck follows. Nagisa knows him as a childhood friend and hopes he would join. But Karma refuses and can take on Koro alone. However his net trap failed and this gave Koro enough time to resurrect himself at the hotspring. Then he takes Karma to that hotspring and tries to convince him to join the party and not let his skills go to waste. He would like to think about it but everyone has already accepted him and made it so like he has joined the party for good.

Episode 3
Karasuma teaches the students how to use a sword. Woah! Can you slice a whole mountain like that!? With the girls swooning over him, Koro gets jealous and tries to teach them his style. But which human has got tentacles and fire breath? You just lost to them. As they head to town to buy equipment, they realize the entire town is being charmed by a witch named Irina AKA Bitch. So they head to her tower and despite a shady woman begging for water, Maehara fell into Bitch’s charm trap to become her slave. She is so sexy that she doesn’t need to lift a finger because Okajima and Koro voluntarily fall into her charm! Those boobs are FTW! Bitch kidnaps the girls to hold experiment on them while she has her slaves drive out the other boys. Karasuma will deal with them to let them save the rest. Bitch turns the other guys into her slaves and pushes out Karma and Nagisa out of the window. Luckily Koro saves them. How did he break the spell? He wasn’t charmed in the first place and only pretending. Remember, he is the demon king. Karasuma frees the girls and he becomes more popular with them, earning Koro’s jealousy as he calls him gay. Then they teach Bitch a lesson to never misbehave and it sounded so ambiguous you might think it came from a hentai scene. Okajima is turned on by this and is charmed into her slave a second time.

Episode 4
Asano as the priest is watching with Karasuma the next quest of Class 3-E as Koro takes them to the Ruins of Tribulation. Asano is doubting Koro as a teacher and thus this test. Doesn’t Asano feel like the bad guy here? In the ruins, they meet the guardian who will have them face 3 tests. The first one is to sniff out an imposter. A fake has been slipped into their ranks and they must quickly discover who. Koro panics first as he hopes his students will trust him. Okajima believes he can sniff out real girls so they beat him up and should just kick him out anyway. Karma tries to kill Koro as proof he is the real deal. He mocks this trial and is sent falling through a trapdoor. Karma has left the party? They manage to catch the fake who is a goody version of Terasaka. The next test must have them tell an embarrassing secret of their comrade. Koro is a pro in this as his stalker tendencies has got him lots of juicy details of his students. Nagisa won’t stand for this and takes out his own notes of his weakness. He whispers them all to the guardian… The last trial is self-sacrifice. They have to push a button that opens their door but locks the other one forever. A ceiling will crush the trapped one. Without hesitating, Koro presses his button to let his students escape. He will not abandon his students. The trials have left Asano shocked and confused and for now he will allow Koro to remain as a teacher. Everyone is to head home when Karma says that had they left Koro behind, they would have defeated him for good. This mockery has him fall through another trapdoor.

Episode 5
Everyone is excited they’ll get a transfer student. But they are surprised to see this giant tablet. Ritsu is supposed to be some autonomous magic stone tablet thingy despite it looks like it is somebody inside a box. Anything you can’t explain, she calls it magic. She almost defeats Koro with it but he high magic usage means she is constantly eating to replenish. Koro takes them to a cave to fight stone monsters to level up. Ritsu thinks she can handle them all and petrifies her classmates. She does not cooperate with them and does everything herself. Koro then lets her see how the rest of Class 3-E cooperate and defeat the stone monster boss (having work and family problems?), Koro convinces her to tweak her a little so that she would have a higher chance of defeating him. Next day, everyone is shocked to see Ritsu in the form of a normal girl and also very cooperative and cheerful. Koro deciphered some ancient language at the back of the tablet for this trick. Then he wants Ritsu to tell of a sure way to remove mosaic censors from porn. Wait. He can unlock an ancient language but not mosaic censors? I thought he is can do everything?!

Episode 6
The gang thinks of having Itona join their ranks to have a higher chance. But don’t bother looking for him. He is here, breaking a hole in the wall. Itona is sent by Shiro who views Koro as unworthy of the demon lord title. Sucking up to Asano and being charmed by Bitch’s boobs, that kind of attitude won’t do for solidarity. Thus Shiro has set up Itona to kill Koro and take over. Before they can get down to it, the girls hold some quiz to see who is more worthy. Koro and Itona doesn’t get the first question of saving the princess (Nagisa forced to cross-dress) right and it is Karma who steals the limelight. For the test of maintaining their facial expression when Bitch does her sexy dance, they may have preserved their composure but that is because they have already become her love slaves. So the final quiz is to see who can make the biggest and scariest face. Too bad everyone gets freaked out from the queen of horror herself, Hazama. She takes the cake easily. Koro laments his loss and Itona thinks being bad also needs humour. He rips his own tentacles and leave. Because of that, Shiro kicks him out and with nowhere to go, he will be joining Class 3-E to brush up on his humour. The hole in the wall is his first attempt.

Episode 7
Class 3-E head that the Big Five led by Gakushuu is coming here. They are a group of paladins under the pope. Koro has recruited Bitch to gather some info. After seducing men and making them talk while drunk, she has learnt that they are targeting this class since there are rumours that the demon lord is there. Because this collaboration of the demon lord training Class 3-E is top secret and nobody else knows it except for the pope, they can be imprisoned if found out. So they try to put some disguise on Koro. Close enough… Gakushuu who always has a tendency to want to be the first in everything, leads his men to barge into Class 3-E. Another bunch of people who don’t know how to use the door. Itona shouldn’t be saying this… Gakushuu uses his Light Orb to sense if Koro is the demon lord. But since he keeps dodging, the Light Orb gets ruined. The Big Five can’t believe it and are at a loss so they start discussing their next action. Gakushuu materializes an ice blade that only he can create but Karma easily duplicates it. Before both of them can be at each other’s throat, Koro mentions about the pope and it sends the Big Five into panic mode. I mean, they’re really panicking like it is the end of the world. Koro knows Asano has not given any directives for this quest. This means they are doing this on their own accord. Imagine if super strict Asano finds out about this recklessness and lax in discipline. Especially the broken Light Orb… Time to withdraw. Koro’s lesson for the day is that information can also be a weapon. But Karasuma passes a stack of bills as part of Bitch’s intelligence fee and other miscellaneous expenses. A cost even too high for Koro…

Episode 8
The gang are going to open a mysterious box and Koro is most afraid if it is some powerful monster… Nagisa opens it but nothing happens. Or does it? Actually everybody swaps bodies! So we have mayhem as they figure out who is who. And the other kind of chaos like Okajima in a girl’s body trying to molest himself and Kaede ecstatic that she now has big boobs. Then there is Bitch in Karasuma’s body trying to rape him in her body. Or is it like raping herself? Everyone thought Chiba and Hayami didn’t swap but their personalities are so similar it doesn’t make a difference. As they go find a cure, some thought Okajima has passed out because they tied him up too tight. Turns out he enjoys this bondage. Noticing Karma is gone, they realize his clothes (Nagisa’s) on the ground. They thought he has been done in but turns out he is wearing a swimsuit (remember, he is in Nagisa’s body) and parading around. They finally find an orb that switches them back. Those who were enjoying themselves are now regretting… They notice Koro acting strange. Has he not swap back? Turns out Koro swapped with a caterpillar monster.

Episode 9
Nagisa has been kidnapped by Takaoka and his men. They mistake him to be a girl. Kaede is mad because they also kidnapped her pudding. Thus Ritsu puts together a rescue team via magic (fax actually). Koro seems to have sealed himself in an orb to make the exchange easier. The students wise up and try to defeat him. Too bad his defence is impregnable. The gang face off with Smog first. However Fuwa defeats him by telling the truth about the world! Next, Grip flatters about himself so Karma uses his scorning bad luck to take each other out. Gastro goes trigger happy but Chiba and Hayami’s sniping right in his nuts end it all. Before Takaoka can give his speech, he is already sniped by the sniper duo in the balls! Kaede is absolutely thrilled to rescue her pudding and starts eating it. Takaoka unveils Nagisa cross-dressed as a princess. Nakamura and Karma can’t stop teasing and taking pictures. When Kaede collapses, Takaoka reveals the pudding is poison and only a kiss from a princess can wake her up. Well, Nagisa fits the bill! Everybody wants to see them kiss (including the baddies) so they egg him to do it. Nagisa summons his courage and does so. Kaede wakes up and feels hot inside. No, it’s not love. She turns into… Green Koro? So mad that she destroys the place.

Episode 10
The girls see Bitch to make their Valentine’s chocolates. They should know better. Because some of the guys who ate them turn into zombies! Except for Sugino. He turned into Hulk? Looks like Kanzaki’s chocolates weren’t made from Bitch’s formula. She bought it from the normal store. Okajima didn’t get any chocolates and he is acting like a zombie. Suspicious… Luckily the effect wears out after a day (except for Sugino). The class gets a shock when they hear Takebayashi is leaving them to join the paladins. So whatever the sad reasons we hear, it all boils down to because he didn’t get any chocolates. So they tie him up and discuss how to bring him back. All the girls dressed as maids? I’m in! Why is Nagisa dressed as one too and how come he looks the cutest?! Too bad their maid seduction didn’t work on Takebayashi. Because they are not 2D! Ritsu decides to use her magic to bring him back. So she devours him? Now that he is back out, he is enlightened and somewhat levelled up. Yeah, he even starts singing… Whatever. At least he is back with the class.

Episode 11
A flashback on how Koro as a human before he became the demon lord. A year ago, Koro was the best hero in the land, vanquishing every monster there is. Realizing there is no room for improvement in this dead end job, he sees Yukimura to get a suitable job change. She suggests being the demon lord because the current demon lord too has run out of room for growth and is moving out. They meet up to handover the titles and such. The current demon lord plans on going to another world and become a warlock. While going through the treasure room, Koro wears the demon lord’s robes and it cursed him to become a yellow octopus. One day his disciple comes running in mad. How can a former hero become a demon lord?! In fact, Koro thought being a hero was boring. Being a demon lord is even more boring! He is glad he came so they can have fun. Apparently his disciple didn’t like all of this so to calm down his anger, Yukimura even suggests changing to a suitable job. Yeah, they counselled him. Koro is further bored as the demon king. So much time that he feeds a his dungeon monsters, tending to them, tidying up the castle and placing treasures all over and yet no heroes came. That is when he has this idea to train warriors to become stronger than him. The rest is history. Karasuma and Bitch are listening to his story but they note how much fun he is having now as the demon lord. As for his disciple, he took up some reaper job and disappeared somewhere. Koro teaches his clueless students about changing jobs, failing and trying again. Not that they understand.

Episode 12
We see the dreams and thoughts of our ‘fallen’ Class 3-E students as they trek deep into Koro’s dungeon. For every obstacle or trap, some of them stay behind to let the rest pass. So brave… Sniff, sniff. And some just got screwed by pure bad luck. So a handful of them finally reach Koro’s room. They are shocked to see him singing for their graduation ceremony. Koro reveals that he was fired by Asano after he discovers he was fooling around with the students. So he thought he would go out with a bang with this graduation. So this is all a joke? So what about all the traps and their fallen comrades? Before he could explain, the real Terasaka enters. Oh my! He is so buffed up! Apparently he trained himself after he was swapped and lost. He is level 99! OMG! He has saved his friends and will now have Koro’s head. Koro starts panicking as he reveals all the traps were just dummies. He even tries to make a deal with them to join him or maybe he is everyone’s dad! Just don’t kill me! And Nagisa is worried that Koro might die at this rate because Terasaka is really going to kill him. Isn’t that the point of this whole thing? The place starts to collapse as the traps were pushed to their limits. With their only exit blocked, Koro wants Nagisa to use his bug. He must! I’m not sure what this bug is but it looks like the adventure log vanished… This means they are back to where they are at the end of the last episode. Have to do everything again? Koro is glad he is back to a point he isn’t fired. Yeah, it could have been worse. Be thankful it wasn’t a bug that wiped out your saved games or corrupted your system.

Mini Side Quest Still In Progress
I was expecting it would somewhat end like this. Because with a plot being the irony itself, it would be very sad and ‘unacceptable’ if Class 3-E manage to complete their task of eliminating the demon lord. Quest over, now what? So I figure it would be more on the lines they’ll be together like how they should. Although I was expecting a complete reset as the big punch line. You know, everyone getting frustrated that their saved game file got corrupted and have to redo everything from the start again. So mad that they really want to kill Koro again and the cycle repeats. Who would want to restart a tough game from scratch again, right? I mean, would you want to play Dark Souls from zero again?

The plot is fun and enjoyable and despite it has no influence on the original parent story, if you have watched the original one you can tell that many of the stories here are somewhat a rehash of it. Like how Ritsu and Itona came to join Class 3-E as well as the face off with Takaoka and his groupies and Nagisa’s kiss on Kaede, all albeit presented in a funny and different manner. So if you have not watched the original story, you will not lose much or even anything at all.

Other than the main story of Koro leading his students into various (mis)adventures and trying to level them up (don’t really see how but don’t really care either), many of the episodes break this flow by inserting short funny skits that aren’t related to the main plot. For instance we have a couple of skits featuring Bitch in some S&M torture to give off an impression of some sexual innuendo till she ends it with some unexpected punchline. Then there is that I-don’t-really-get-what-this-means flower watering and gardening scene, also that I-don’t-really-get-what-all-that-talk-means Asano’s PA advice and an I-don’t-really-get-their-joke stand-up comedy duo of Shiro and Yanagisawa. Yeah, only in this world where both those guys can exist separately. Oops! Too late for spoilers alert?

Oddly, despite the even funnier tone of this spinoff, I wasn’t really laughing harder as compared to the original series. Not because the jokes here are not as funny but rather because in the original story itself, Koro himself is already a big joker. Sure, there are times where he gets serious but overall this yellow smiley octopus is so damn good at everything including impossible tasks that he does it in his ‘leisurely’ pace that it is hard to take him seriously. Thus Koro feels right at home in this spinoff as if he was in the original series.

It is a hit and miss for some of the Class 3-E characters for me here. Once again some of them aren’t very prominent here as they were in the original series. It is hard for all the nearly 30 students to have their fair share of screen time. Therefore there are some whom I don’t even remember their faces or their names. But as for the series regulars, some of them have been turned into a comic relief and running. For instance, like how Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou turned Armin into some ‘hooded’ character as he is always seen without his blanket, here they turn Karma into some bad luck guy where basins keep dropping on his head each time he scorns. A staple running joke of the series and it is guaranteed you will see at least one such scene per episode that Karma appears.

Other characters turning into running jokes include Nagisa being made to cross-dress as a girl more often than he was in the original series, Isogai’s poor status personified in his half armour and the Kunikigaoka mascot takes on the role of various dungeon monsters. Heck, even Terasaka has been turned into some nice guy who speaks only English ever since that imposter trial. Then there are some who remain the same as they are because in the original series they were already like that. Only the idiocy enhanced. Like Okajima who is the biggest pervert among all the boys is turned into an even bigger pervert but thanks to his limited screen time, he didn’t turn into a serial molester or become the true enemy of girls! But still a pervert nonetheless.

The opening theme is Re:Quest sung by Aya Suzaki (voice of Kaede). It starts off with somewhat a grand fantasy-like feel before turning into a weird denpa song with crazy synthesizer effects and fast talking lyrics. I prefer the ending theme much better because it is instrumental although its tune is based off the first season’s opening theme. Seishun Satsubatsu-ron Remix gives us old otaku viewers some nostalgia because of its retro 8-bit video game sound accompanied with a rhythm gaming style animation. Well, if you play games in your youth. In this form, I find the piece quite catchy and much better than the original version when the entire Class 3-E was singing and doing that weird high-5 dance thingy. Oh, speaking of which, this time they’re doing some punching-the-air version. At least it doesn’t look that all bad.

Overall, this is a fun and enjoyable comedy series designed as a ‘soft landing’ approach for fans of the series who are still trying to come to terms and get over the fact that the series has ended for real. It also works as a great standalone series by itself that any other Tom, Dick and Harry who have never watched the show will still feel entertained with its funny and brand of jokes. When a game is really over, the main mission done and all the side quests completed, do you play the entire game again? Or do you hope and wait for a sequel? So… Koro-sensei sci-fi space opera next, please?

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