October 4, 2013

How cool would it be if you had mind reading powers? You can tell what the other wants or has to say without him or her having to open his mouth. You will be able to know in advance and learn all the secrets that people are hiding for you. Why not even ace the exams and read the thoughts of the smartest student during examination while you’re at it? Sounds pretty wonderful if you had just that mind reading ability, right? Think again. It isn’t so in Kotoura-san. Our titular character may look like a cute normal girl on the outside. However she was born with the ability of mind reading. That actually doesn’t seem too bad. Until she starts ‘hurting’ people around her. Or more precisely, people blame her for getting ‘hurt’.

She isn’t the kind of girl who would use her ability for evil. But when you are a kid, like all kids are at their age, they tell the truth. They are honest. So what happens when she starts telling the different thoughts of others instead of the ones through the mouth? Exactly. They hate her. They hate her power. They call her names. They ostracize her. Not so fond of that power now, eh? Just because she is ‘different’ from the rest, she went through a torrid childhood. Sometimes you just don’t understand society. You want to stand out but if you stand out in the wrong department, you’ll find yourself isolated. Quantity over quality. Everybody does it, you also do it. However do not mistake that this anime will be a Shakespeare tragedy. Despite the heart wrenching premise, this is actually more of a romance comedy. Despite the majority of the people around shun her, there are a few whom accept her for who she is and with these few friends, she starts giving life and ultimately herself a second chance.

Episode 1
When Haruka Kotoura was born into this world, she was a happy innocent girl. She somehow knew what others would say and would say it aloud much to the other’s surprise. Innocent and cute at first. Till this habit got a bit out of hand. She told the truth about her friends liking certain boys. Although they deny it, the other misinterpreted it and started crying. Soon she was being labelled as someone who makes things up. A liar. Her father drowned himself with work while letting his wife Kumiko to take care of this problem since it is a mother’s job. Kumiko brought her to various doctors but they couldn’t find anything wrong (she even got kicked out!). Not even the temple priest can help. The stress builds up and she starts drinking and easily getting upset. It all goes downhill when Kotoura mentions about her parent’s affairs. Kumiko has had enough. She is abandoning Kotoura and leaving the family. She doesn’t care anymore. Kotoura doesn’t want her to go and will do anything it takes to go but was pushed away. Kumiko’s last hurtful words were she regretted giving birth to her. Kotoura’s torment didn’t end. The kids tease her a mind reading monster and she became ostracized. Her best friends ditch her because they thought she got close to them just to read their minds. She thought she found solace in an abandoned kitten but that was short-lived. Some women sent the kitten to the shelter because she couldn’t stand someone feeding the cat. What’s her problem? That’s when Kotoura snapped. She just doesn’t care anymore. She doesn’t give a damn what people have to say (in their mind). Transfer to another school, they’re relieved the troublemaker is gone. Transfer in to that school, they complain about the hard time they’ll be having. It’s the same. Till she sits next to this boy in class, Yoshihisa Manabe. She reads his crazy mind. I don’t know what the hell this guy is dreaming! Tadpoles with legs dancing in the American desert?! WTF?! Kotoura continues to be cold to anybody. You say something different in your heart from your mouth, she just tells you the truth. Screw you. But not Manabe. He is the only person (and probably the first in a very long time) who wants to eat with her. He is awed at her mind reading and thinks it’s some trick. He advises her not to go overboard with it. Like she cares.

Over the next few days, Manabe accompanies Kotoura in everything she does. If she’s left out, he goes to her. He thinks her mind reading is cool and wants to learn it but she chides him off for not knowing anything. She tries to avoid him but he gets her attention by thinking doing something naughty with her. Kotoura warns him to stay away if he doesn’t want his thoughts read. But all Manabe is concerned is that he can’t have dirty thoughts anymore!!! It’s torture for a guy who can’t think of dirty things!!! One day, Manabe helps Kotoura in her errand (maybe he wants something ecchi in return). He learns she lives alone. As they are about to cross the light, Kotoura reads the truck driver’s mind that he isn’t going to stop and saves Manabe from being run over. Kotoura thinks this is further proof why he should stay away but all he did was smile and thank her. He brings her back to her place to put some bandage on her bruised knee. Kotoura tells him of her tragic past and that she can’t control its power. She hurts everybody and the only thing to do is to make sure no one gets close to her. But Manabe wonders if she is fine with that. She might not want to hurt others but all he sees is her who is getting hurt. Kotoura fears the people she cares will leave her, that’s why she thinks it is better to be alone. Manabe tells her, regardless of whether she can read minds or not, people who want to leave will leave. Not everyone is like that. He makes a promise he will be by her side no matter what. So won’t she try this out? She is so touched with his sincerity that she cried. But she soon reprimands him for even having dirty thoughts of her at that moment! A girl crying is such a turn on? Definitely a weirdo.

Episode 2
Kotoura seems to be happier with Manabe by her side. Although, he should be more careful about his perverted thoughts. A girl named Yuriko Mifune enters the class looking for Kotoura. She heard rumours she can read minds. Kotoura denies that when Mifune didn’t say a thing. That just proves it. Mifune is happy to meet her and wants her to join the ESP Research Society in which she is the president. Can’t say no, can’t she? Manabe wants to join too. Yeah? What has he got? Lots of perverted fantasies! Perverted power! He’s in. The clubroom is a little scary. It’s no wonder Kotoura wants to run away. They get the fright of their lives when they think a doll came to life. Actually this puny size guy is Daichi Muroto, the club’s vice president. And so the quartet make up the entire club. Blame Mifune for abducting people here so they ran away. Yeah. Kotoura wanted to run away too but they have all the locks and latches. No escape. So as the duo are inducted into their club, Mifune explains their goal is to find scientific proof that psychic abilities exist and protect those who are prejudiced from society. Next day, Hiyori Moritani, the classmate who has a secret crush on Manabe invites him to go out with her as she got some free coupons. However he turns her down and prefers to go with Kotoura for club activities. I’m not sure about Manabe’s training of thinking about dirty thoughts but Kotoura thought she saw a dark past in Mifune’s heart. Later, Muroto notes to Mifune that he knows she did it on purpose. He won’t agree or go against her if that’s what she wants. Mifune is adamant she has found the real thing and will use her even if she has to resort to cheap pity and sympathy. Kotoura didn’t want to go to the club but Manabe forces her. They learn Mifune had a mother who shared Kotoura’s mind reading abilities. She helped police solve cases but one day the newspapers start calling her a fraud. Subsequently she hanged herself. Kotoura feels bad for her. Meanwhile, Moritani escapes her dojo training (are they doing some sort of a family Haka?) and is not too pleased to see Manabe with Kotoura. Mifune wakes up from a nightmare. After her mother killed herself, she was targeted and called names. They continued to badmouth her mom as a con artist and her suicide proved she was guilty.

Mifune plans to hold a fortune telling store to increase the awareness of their club. The plan is to have Mifune sitting up telling the fortune while Kotoura hides behind her and feeds back answers with her mind reading ability. The guys are to hand out flyers. The students have a go since it looks fun. Because Kotoura couldn’t exactly see whose heart she is reading, Mifune read the wrong fortune. Like a fraud, eh? Kotoura suggests switching places. This time she nails it correctly and slowly the impressed crowd grows. Moritani didn’t like how she is getting the attention and goes to take her fortune. Without saying a word, she says all the hurtful things to Kotoura which brings back those horrifying experience. She blames her for snatching away the boy she likes. The final word of calling her a monster causes her to vomit. The next few days, Kotoura starts become the subject of ridicule. She didn’t say anything to Manabe and he didn’t suspect a thing. Mifune hears from her friends that Kotoura is being bullied and feels guilty. She is going to stop this. Finally when Manabe realizes Kotoura has been bullied, he goes all out to find the culprit although Kotoura didn’t say a thing. He has a feeling Moritani is the one behind this and confronts her. He lashes out at her so Moritani wants to know why he is always on her side. Because he likes her! Got a problem with that?! Touched Kotoura heard all that and she is too scared to face him in the clubroom. She’s so small she can hide inside a box! She has to come out sometimes, right? Can’t escape either. The locked door… Mifune apologizes to Kotoura that it’s her fault so Kotoura hopes she can continue staying in this club. The touching scene is ruined with Manabe visualizing their yuri scene. Somebody needs to check his brain.

Episode 3
There’s a love umbrella diagram of Kotoura and Manabe on the blackboard. Manabe tells the class off on how the picture is to be done! Don’t miss out on the heart! Kotoura hears his thoughts. He thinks she hasn’t overhead his confession yesterday and wants to keep quiet about that. Kotoura goes to the clubroom first. Muroto is the only one there. She reads his mind he wants to dissect her!!! Of course that was just a joke so Mifune ties him up. Short guy looking like a cocoon… Mifune realizes Manabe does not know about the confession. She tries to support her but Kotoura is just too embarrassed. Kotoura and Manabe learn Mifune and Muroto are always together because they are childhood friends. At least that is what Muroto claims (now he is a spinning cocoon). Mifune suggests Kotoura make lunch for him and she can feed him while she’s at that. Kotoura will think about it. That just brings tears to his eyes. Today’s after school event is a karaoke session as Mifune feels the need for the members to bond. When Kotoura takes the microphone, she’s tone deaf! So bad that Muroto’s glasses crack! When it’s over, Mifune wants Manabe to walk home with Kotoura. Maybe they can confess better when they’re alone. After they leave, Muroto wonders if she’s trying to make amends for what she did. She denies. She needs to achieve her goal and will play the role of a nice senior if it is what it takes. Muroto apologizes she has no talent to be an actress. Kotoura tells Manabe how she is having a happy time now because there are more people getting closer to her. He is confident she will have more of such moments from now on. She wanted to confess at that moment but accidentally peeks into his mind. Manabe the wolf tries to devour Kotoura the sheep! How can he think of such things at a time like this? Meanwhile Moritani is let off some steam that her training pole takes a beating. Her loyal dojo guys vow to do anything for her. See that evil smirk on her face?

Mifune is disappointed Kotoura still hasn’t make lunch for Manabe. She did but was too embarrassed and ditched the idea. She encourages her to do it again because by doing so it will move him to tears. Later when Kotoura shops for ingredients and tells Manabe her intentions to make him lunch, he is so happy that he could have broken the world record for high jump. Unknown to them, the dojo guys are watching. When Manabe parts, they tail him to a deserted street and beat him up. Based on Moritani, she accuses Manabe as a stalker and wants them to rough him up a little. Although Manabe doesn’t know what’s going on, he fights back. So much so the dojo guys are given a run for their money! They return to Mifune who is more worried about Manabe than them. Don’t worry. He’s still alive. Next day in class, Kotoura thinks Manabe is running late. Suddenly when the teacher comes in, she knows Manabe has been hospitalized due to a fight. Then she hears Moritani’s thoughts. She is trying to assure herself this is not her fault although she is shivering like mad. Kotoura reacts and Moritani thinks it is over. She’s going to tell everyone. But all she did was smile and assure that Manabe will be alright. Kotoura leaves early for the hospital. Mifune is stumped because she didn’t tell on her. She realizes what Manabe said was true and blames herself as a fool. Kotoura sees Manabe in hospital. The thought of pitying crashes to a halt when he wants the nurse to feed him! Then he hears his relief that Kotoura wasn’t around him when it happened. She doesn’t need to get hurt anymore. She realizes things never changed. People around her will eventually get hurt. Because of her, Moritani was pressured to do such things. She swore never to get involved in such things and hopes he would forget about her. Manabe is discharged shortly but Kotoura has not come to school since. She even moved out from her home. Where did she go? The only thing he knew was he failed to protect her.

Episode 4
A week has passed since Kotoura went away. Manabe acts like normal but he knows something is missing. Mifune finds him pathetic and drags him to the clubroom. Yes, really dragged him all the way. He just got discharged, right? Manabe laments he is out of options to find Kotoura and has nothing left, not even a picture of her. Really? Nothing? Thinking back, they have memories, right? Apparently he thinks it’s his burning rage to spank her once he finds her! Mifune announces they will hunt down Kotoura and bring her back. Muroto has hacked the cameras of the train stations and has pinpointed her ‘escape route’. Isn’t that a crime? Oh, who cares! So the trio are starting at the train station where she alighted. Her hometown. They’ve got all the grand plan laid out but they forgot to make reservations for accommodations. The childhood friends blame each other. The station officer knows a place they can stay and introduces to the temple. The trio are amazed when they hear the head priest is ESP crazy. His interest piqued 10 years ago when a girl with strange powers that causes pain came here. Kumiko brought Kotoura here in hopes he could exorcise whatever possessed her. He wanted to do something for her and started researching but by that time she was already gone. The friends are shocked to see a picture of Kotoura. The priest tells how Kotoura was always worrying how to make her parents and friends make up. Manabe is angry she has been carrying the burden all by herself. The priest points out she has a family mansion over the hills and will take them there tomorrow. He notes the good friends Kotoura has. Till he realizes how they plan to grab her from behind, tie her up and take her back home. Some friends… Kotoura talks to her grandpa, Zenzou and laments the need to change to another school and also having him pay for her expenses. Grandpa wants her to sit on his lap. It brings back memories till she reads his perverted mind that he loves the feel of her butt and thighs. A pervert just like Manabe. Manabe who?! Zenzou can’t believe there is another guy who wants to do wanton things with her and vows her butt and thighs belong to him!!! They belong to Kotoura herself, gramps.

The priest brings the trio inside the mansion. Zenzou is waiting for Manabe. Right off the bat, he asks what kind of sexual play he has with his granddaughter! He gives his honest answer of sexual fantasy! Zenzou thinks he is just an amateur and tells him about that butt-thigh contact this morning. They exchange stupid perverted opinions till Kotoura walks in. Catch her! Big house, small girl. She can hide behind any furniture. They split up as Kotoura thinks Manabe is mad at her. But she hears him apologizing he couldn’t protect her and their promise. He wants to see her. Emotional Kotoura is just about to see him when suddenly his mind changes to a perverted one. He wants to spank her butt so hard and then caress the swollen butt. So shock that she gets caught. Do they need a net? Are they catching an animal? Kotoura explains herself she left because she doesn’t want to get anyone else hurt and it’s her fault. Manabe tells her off having her around is already part of his life. Zenzou hopes they will forgive her since she has no friends and doesn’t know how to react around them. He is willing to re-enrol her back in the same school but she stands firm on not wanting that. She runs away so Manabe goes after her. Outside the gates, they are surprised to see Moritani. She wanted to apologize and hired a detective to track her whereabouts. When Moritani spills the beans, she is surprised Manabe doesn’t know yet. He is not happy that she is the source of the attack. She is very sorry and breaks down but Manabe clearly isn’t interested. Crying harder now, isn’t she? Suddenly the victim becomes the bad guy. Kotoura and Moritani make up. The latter thanks her for opening her eyes and will change. More good news as Kotoura decides to go back to school. She narrates although she can read people’s mind and know everything about them, people can change. She was an arrogant selfish coward, turning her back on everyone and herself. She believes she can change little by little.

Episode 5
Kotoura moves back to her apartment and she is on friendlier terms with Moritani. Speaking of which, Moritani joins the ESP Research Society. Manabe is not happy but as long as there is a new play thing for Mifune, she’s glad to accept. Manabe and Moritani fight over Kotoura’s attention. Mifune wants to know what kind of ability she has. Can’t say no… She can move things without touching them. Really? Demonstrate! She uses her Mori style punch to blow out the candles. Wow. Is that really psychokinesis? Moritani wants to know Mifune’s ability. She gives a long winded story about being a general. In short, she has no abilities. Rather, she doesn’t need one. Mifune announces they will have a welcoming party for Moritani at Kotoura’s place. She’s living alone so they don’t have to bother about troubling anyone. Have they thought how it’s troubling her? Mifune lays out the plan and delegates the duties. Moritani notes this is her ability. She’s good in ordering people around. So at Kotoura’s place, the girls cook and it seems Moritani can’t do a decent job. Is that poison she’s cooking? It hurts when that comes out from Manabe’s mouth, eh? Later they watch some psychic horror movie. Kotoura gets scared not because of the show but Manabe’s perverted mind. I guess Moritani wants to use the being scared tactic to cling onto Manabe (looks like she hasn’t given up yet) but he shrugs her off. When they sleep, Kotoura falls off her bed and rolls next to Manabe. Mifune snaps a picture of this and shows it to Kotoura next morning. Wow. Instant wake up. Then she shows it to Manabe who wants it to blow it up to poster size. Curses, she deletes it (not before sending a copy to Kotoura). After everyone leaves, Manabe returns as he forgot to give her a present. It is a poster of Moritani’s family doing their Mori style pose as advertisement to attract new students. Funny, eh? He thought she could use this to cheer herself up. Kotoura feels bad for Moritani and crumples it up. But when she is alone in her room, she can’t help laugh her ass off!!!

In class, she tries hard not to laugh when Moritani speaks to her (she thinks Kotoura hates her again!). So hard that her stomach hurts and she couldn’t pay attention in class about choosing the event for the sports festival. She ends up doing the relay which she really doesn’t want. She wants to switch (especially with Moritani’s) but nobody will give in. So now it’s Moritani’s fault? For what? Yeah, the laughter. Anyway Kotoura mentions her other ability of being a klutz. Don’t worry. Everybody knew about it! Mifune vows to back her up with some training. It’s her way of saying she has lots of free time. And so the dreaded training begins. Let’s say we need to pray for a miracle. And you thought Manabe’s method would work. Whereby he could run faster if he hangs a sexy girl picture in front of his face. He gives Kotoura a naked picture of himself!!! She shred it to pieces. Good choice. On sports day, Manabe who is in the scavenger hunt tells Kotoura he will pick her if his list states ‘girlfriend’. Kotoura waits and hopes and it must have come true since Manabe is coming towards her. However he ignores her since he needs to find a bug. He takes Moritani to the finish line instead. So this is the bug? Feel the wrath of Mori style punches in the gut! And the funny part is ‘mushi’ means bug and ignore. Kotoura steps up for her relay. As expected she is like a slow turtle. She sees her club members cheer her on as Manabe rallies her classmates to support her. In no time, they start cheering for her and this gives her confidence to run faster. Unfortunately she had to trip and takes a tumble. Whose fault was it? Blame Manabe… Kotoura goes home and looks at the Mori picture. She laughs her ass off. Pain gone. Works like a charm.

Episode 6
Moritani interrogates Kotoura for the good grades she gets because she can read other people’s mind. So what’s the big deal? Moritani failed her test and is bound for remedial classes! But does it give her the right to pick on Kotoura? Well, she doesn’t want to be alone and left out for the summer vacation at Kotoura’s hometown. Even that pervert barely passed. Keep thinking more about boobs, butts and bikinis, and Kotoura will ban you from coming. Taking a train, Moritani feels left out since the seats are arranged in fours. Kotoura knows this feeling and goes to accompany her. They arrive and are being picked up by Zenzou in his limo. Zenzou hints she knows Moritani was the one behind the random street attack and indirectly sends a cheeky warning. The friends are brought to a dilapidated building that was a secret government facility carrying out research on espers. But it was destroyed and everyone inside it died. You can see where this is going, right? Yeah, the only one scared to the bones is Kotoura. She’s clinging on so hard to Moritani that Manabe could turn into a ghost of jealousy. Of course, everyone except Kotoura knows this is not a secret facility as claimed by Zenzou but just an abandoned hospital. Mifune tells the truth straight about this setup because they love to see Kotoura’s reaction and freaking out. But even if there are ghosts, can Kotoura read their mind? Yeah. She’s hearing voices. Perverted voices. Don’t worry. Those are Manabe’s perverted thoughts. It’s his ability to think perverted stuffs in any situation. Just then, a monster taps Kotoura’s shoulder. Is this a real chupacabra? Hell, just run! There are other monsters chasing them to. When they reach the end and out, they see a huge amusement park. Wait a minute. Aren’t those mascots representing them in the parade? Only Moritani is in a cage… As revealed by Zenzou, he put together this flashy theme park, Haruka Land to commemorate Kotoura’s first time of bringing friends home. The abandoned hospital they went through was actually part of the haunted house attraction. Kotoura is overflowing with embarrassment…

So after a theme park, now it’s a private beach? How rich is this dude? Mifune and Moritani show off their swimsuit and curves. Kotoura isn’t anywhere near them… Mifune gets pissed since she didn’t get the desired reaction from Muroto. He just continued reading his book on the deck chair. What a big disappointment. I guess Manabe admires the swimsuit so much that when he wants to play with Kotoura, she snarls at him and swims further into the ocean. Back on shore when it is time for lunch, they realize Kotoura too far and waving frantically. Manabe with his power of love, rows as fast as his could to rescue her. Kotoura cries and holds him. Feeling scared and relieved at the same time. At this point, Manabe is in a dilemma to do funny things to her or just suffice being the good guy. Once back on shore, Kotoura is surprised Zenzou has hired a chef to make them lunch. Then Zenzou laments to Manabe he wasted the chance he had given him. He’s a pathetic wimp he couldn’t do anything. Try harder next time, eh? It seems Kotoura has made lunch for Manabe. Thinking he won’t get to taste it again, luckily this guy is sharp so he goes to have hers instead. Delicious as always. During night time, they play fireworks and Kotoura refuses grandpa’s help (he hired professional firework artisans). She is glad that her summer vacation is fun because of them. It is just the beginning. But it starts off with her usual pathetic ditzy tripping.

Episode 7
If you’re wondering why Manabe and Zenzou are talking about some friendship adventure in the beginning, it’s because they are very looking forward to the mixed hotspring. Too bad it’s close for remodelling. So very disappointed… So desperate that they try to dig one of their own in the backyard with dirty thoughts of Kotoura fuelling their digging. Guess what? They hit oil! Why still so sad? What’s the use of adding more wealth when grandpa can’t even spend some quality time with granddaughter in the bath? Manabe drowns himself by eating and ate Moritani’s horrible cooking (no improvement as far as I can see). So horrible that his face turned rainbow! He shoves it down her throat and they go crazy. She’s trying to rape him?! Kotoura tries to stop them but Moritani is interested in molesting her while Manabe is having a swell time with a pot. That’s not Kotoura, dummy… Meanwhile the priest seems gloomy when he talks to Zenzou. Last night, he brought Kumiko to the beach when the kids were playing fireworks to see how Kotoura has changed. She was not impressed a single priest and still thinks she will bring misfortune like how their family was torn apart. She didn’t want to even meet her as she felt they’ll end up hurting each other again. Next morning, Manabe couldn’t believe he is sleeping between Kotoura and Moritani! How the heck can he not remember the greatest time of his life last night?! He is so screwed. Moritani also gets the wrong idea when the seniors put it in a very ambiguous way. Moritani’s mind became so dirty due to the misunderstanding that very embarrassed Kotoura had to poke her eyes to snap her out of such unholy thinking. Kotoura lectures Manabe and Moritani but the former isn’t listening. They have to leave for home since Moritani needs to finish her homework. Before leaving, Kotoura takes a look at the room she once spent a great deal of her time. She can tell from the priest’s thoughts that mommy was here and was watching over her. Kotoura didn’t break into fear so it proves that she is wearing such a lovely smile now.

Back home, Kotoura thinks of inviting Manabe to hang out with her while trying to convince herself this isn’t a date. However he can’t be reached. For several days, she cannot contact him so she goes to see Mifune. Something is obviously wrong. The last time she was with him, he was doing multiplications in his head! Mifune gets this idea to spy on him. Who knows? Maybe he is cheating on her and dating Moritani. Muroto dismisses it since she is back home doing her homework under the watchful eye of her dojo people. Some setting… Muroto doesn’t want to join the girls but hints to them he is near the train station before giving off an evil smirk. The girls see Manabe taking tissues from only girls. Then they lost him easily. Kotoura passes a bear mascot and his thoughts seem somewhat similar. It is Manabe underneath it and while taking a breather during his break, he is surprised Kotoura confronted him. He is obviously hiding something when he tries reciting the pi formula! Kotoura gets desperate to use her flat boobs to seduce him but it backfired. Instead she became disheartened instead. Kotoura seeks solace in Mifune. She lets her have a peep into her memories again. A time when everyone teased her about her mom being a phony. Muroto was the only person who stood up and believed in her and that her mom was the real thing. The thing she wants to say is that even if you love someone a lot, sometimes you get tired of believing and begin to doubt. Of course she thinks Manabe will be alright since he is an idiot. I’m not sure if Kotoura is emotional after seeing her tragic past or jealous of her confidence coming from her boobs. Summer vacation is almost over. Moritani escapes her dojo’s ‘house arrest’ so she can seek Kotoura’s help to study. Moritani worries about Kotoura after hearing what she’s been through. She feels bad for thinking that something bad has happened to them and knocks her head on the wall repeatedly as repentance. I wonder if that was necessary. On the day the new school term starts, after class, Manabe gives Kotoura a big birthday surprise at the clubroom. He did all the decorations and setup. He learnt her birthday from Zenzou and wanted to do something and never told the rest because he wanted to show off. After giving his little present, Kotoura is the happiest girl in the world.

Episode 8
Kotoura receives a lovely little pendant. The mood is ruined when she finds a naked picture of Manabe inside. Crush it! Kotoura soon develops a fever and has to stay in bed. Her friends visit her. The rest doesn’t think it is a good idea for Manabe to stay with her all night long due to his perverted nature. Manabe asserts he won’t take advantage of Kotoura but they don’t trust him. However Kotoura doesn’t read anything bad on Manabe’s mind. Although still suspicious, they trust Kotoura’s words. After everyone leaves, Manabe thinks of trying out something as he too sensed something amiss. He thinks of the most perverted fantasies he has with Kotoura. No rebuking action. This means she can’t read minds when she is sick! A good opportunity to take advantage of! Perverted fantasies to the max! Then he realizes it is no fun if he doesn’t see Kotoura embarrassed! She feels sweaty so he thinks of wiping it off for her. Kotoura can’t detect any perverted thoughts but his face seems perverted. She agrees to let him do so and takes off her shirt. They didn’t go through with it since they got embarrassed. Kotoura falls asleep and dreams of better times with her mom. When she was sick, she was the kind gentle mother who took care of her. Manabe feeds her porridge and when it is time to leave, she requests him to hold her hands till she falls asleep. Manabe tries to hold it in and be a gentleman. Next day, Kotoura is back to great health. But the rest are still worried if Manabe did anything funny last night. Even if Kotoura assured them he didn’t, Manabe sure doesn’t look too well. He wants to take a break after working so hard? Once hearing the truth about him suppressing his desires then, Kotoura gives Moritani the permission to beat him up. Although it is somewhat confirmed she cannot read minds when she is sick, Kotoura cannot recall if this is always so. She was sick several times before but in such state, she is in no condition to read minds. Besides, her mind reading power isn’t back yet. Mifune seems disappointed. To make Manabe atone his sins, Mifune wants Manabe to show Kotoura a good time like eat the same food she likes, take her to place she likes and do the things she likes. Doesn’t that sound like a date?

And so Manabe nervously waits for Kotoura on their ‘date’, although he has always waited for her every morning to school. Well, this is not a date but his punishment as Kotoura embarrassingly puts it. Is it? So embarrassing their reaction that they realize other people are watching the dating amateurs. Kotoura takes him to a clothes shop (although he prefers to enter the lingerie shop next door). The saleswoman thought they were a couple so Manabe is thrilled and gives his opinion on the kind of clothes he would love to see Kotoura in. All sex outfits! I think Kotoura already left the building. He finds her pouting in the nearby alley and tells her to wait here and rushes off. For some time he has not returned and Kotoura feels worried. At times like these, she feels scared that she can’t read the minds of others. Then he comes back with a sweet taiyaki for her. Kotoura brings him to another place: To watch a movie. Normal? Well, in her case, she always knows what the movie outcome is even before it starts. So why not take this rare chance? Meanwhile Mifune is bored and hanging out in Muroto’s room. She is down because if Kotoura doesn’t get her mind reading abilities back, she can’t accomplish her goal. That’s why she thought of giving Kotoura some sort of stimulation with that date. Manabe and Kotoura continue their date. After taking a picture at the photo booth, she uses this picture for her locket. Much more befitting. As they are happily walking along, Kotoura suddenly sees horrifying visions before collapsing.

Episode 9
The police cordon off an alley. Detective Yama and his assistant, Aki Tsukino investigate the area. Seems there have been random attacks lately and all victims are high school girls. This is the third case. Although they didn’t die, they were attacked bad enough to be hospitalized. Kotoura is fine (seems she had anaemia then) and nothing serious. They discuss about what Kotoura saw but she can’t pinpoint the culprit as there were many people around her then. Muroto shows the newspaper article about the random attack. He thinks it is fine if Kotoura doesn’t say anything. The police won’t believe them if she says she read the criminal’s mind. Even if the culprit has seen Kotoura’s face, it is not like he knows she has this power. Manabe walks Kotoura home but she feels afraid to be alone and has him come in with her. He is trying his best not to think about something perverted. How long can that last? I guess there is somebody Kotoura needs to take more caution of. After dinner, Manabe will go back home to bring his stuff to stay over. Yeah. Thinking of getting lucky tonight? So Kotoura, do you fear being alone or with Manabe more? By the time Manabe returns, he is beaten up by a demon at the door and thrown into the garbage area. It is Moritani and she lectures Kotoura of what might happen if she lets that pervert sleep with her. She then informs everybody. Next day while walking to school (Moritani pulling Manabe’s ear all the way!), Kotoura gets a call from grandpa. He wants to talk to Manabe. He is disappointed that he let slip so many chance to get close with Kotoura. The friends see Yama and Tsukino at school. They are investigating this area since the girls who got attacked are from around here.

In class, Moritani talks to Kotoura about this case. The other girls think Kotoura can use her mind reading ability to catch him. Moritani chides them for being insensitive. Because of Kotoura’s reluctance, rumours soon spread throughout school that Kotoura is keeping the police from catching the criminal. This time Kotoura doesn’t keep it a secret and tells Manabe what is bugging he. He is upset of their irresponsibility. Mifune suggests cutting the rumour off at its root. That is, they will help catch the criminal. Of course Manabe shoots it down since that is the police’s job. Kotoura gets a call from grandpa. He is in the area at the moment and invites them all for dinner. Can’t pass up on a free meal, eh? But Moritani wants to pass this. She has something important to do. She feels guilty for this one and wants to do something about it. Our friends have nicely dressed up for the lavish dinner only to be disappointed it is some rundown sushi bar Zenzou takes them to. Since he doesn’t want to waste their effort, he brings them to a real classy hotel restaurant. Now this is what they’re talking about. However Kotoura is surprised to see Kumiko and her date, Tsuyama. Suddenly she becomes stunned. Words cannot come out of her mouth even though she has lots to tell her. Mom still doesn’t think well of her. Tsuyama tries to introduce himself to Kotoura but when she puts up that mind reading reaction, Kumiko scolds her again for doing the usual. Kotoura becomes afraid. But she realizes she has friends and regains her confidence to tell her she now has friends. Kumiko sarcastically tells her to take care of them or risk losing them again. Then Manabe goes up to Kumiko to introduce himself and his intention never to leave Kotoura’s side. Mommy doesn’t give a damn so Manabe takes it as she has given her blessing to do whatever they want tonight. Perverted desires unleashed! He is about to really smooch her when Kumiko doesn’t like the way this lecher is treating her daughter and beats him up! You got to respect this idiot’s courage although it is not something to take after. Kotoura is glad that her mom still cares for her. If Manabe is in no condition to eat, then Zenzou can call the dinner off. Not a chance! He’s alright, see? Lastly, Moritani is in shock. Her hands are covered in blood and a high school girl lies unconscious in her own pool of blood. No…

Episode 10
While walking to school, Manabe and Kotoura see the police and the news people at the school gates. Kotoura instantly knows that Moritani has been arrested as a suspect. She is in interrogation but is in shock to say anything. Manabe and Kotoura arrive at the police station and start shouting for her name. Kotoura knows she is innocent and just a bystander. Though this motivates Moritani, the duo got kicked out for causing a ruckus. Well, I don’t think they want to do that again since Moritani’s dojo is having a standoff with the police at the gates! Tsukino sneaks them in (including Mifune and Muroto). She knows it is illegal but she thought Moritani would ease up with her friends around. She starts explaining that the source of the rumour of Kotoura started by her friend. She told her to stop but it fell on deaf ears. She continued to look for her till but to no avail till she found her unconscious body. She just stumbled into the crime scene. Kotoura says she knows who the criminal is. Yama wants in on this information but he doesn’t believe her as a mind reader. As proof, she reads out all his embarrassing personal problems. Now do you believe? Even so, they can’t use a psychic person to gather evidence as it is not accepted by society. Mifune is the one who is most upset because she feels the police used her mother and then let her die. Yama finally recognizes her as that clairvoyance’s daughter (he was at her house to investigate the suicide). Knowing this won’t go anywhere, the friends take Mifune and leave. Yama notes that Mifune’s mom was very useful to the police. But since the methods used were off the book, they had no choice to feign ignorance when she was declared a fraud. Mifune thinks of finding the criminal themselves since they can’t rely on the police. Kotoura agrees as she wants to use her power for good. However Manabe disagrees. He is worried that Kotoura will faint again like before if she peeps into the criminal’s mind. Kotoura insists she wants to do anything she can to help but he believes she is doing something dangerously stupid. Relations between them got bad and ever since, they haven’t seen or talk to each other.

In the clubroom, Mifune, Muroto and Kotoura discuss the points of the crime scenes and where she walked by him. It seems the criminal wanders in a crowded area to pick his victim before following her to a secluded spot to attack. Kotoura walks home and meets Tsukino. She tells Moritani is doing very well in her cell. Too well. Is she enjoying life behind bars? If they feed her great food. How can prison food be good? Oh, she’s a bad cook… Just kidding. Kotoura tells her they are trying to catch the criminal. Tsukino wonders if it’s to show off her ability and doesn’t want them to get involve and leave it to the police. Kotoura finds out Tsukino doesn’t have many friends and can be quite blunt. Soon Moritani is released because another attack just occurred. This at least proves her innocence. With her back, the ESP members minus Manabe continue their own investigation. They end up with no leads and the attack has since stopped. Could the culprit have fled town? Kotoura gets a call from Tsukino. She knows they have been doing their own investigation as she has observed them from afar. She wants them to stop and to stay away from the 2nd Street alley since they suspect that is where the criminal is hiding. Mifune suddenly wants to go there. Kotoura disagrees of her action to be a bait to lure the criminal out. Mifune won’t back down now. This is her only chance to get back at the people who laughed at her mother. The gang are walking through the crowded street when Kotoura suddenly sees a blurry vision and hears the muffled voice of the criminal. She is almost close to collapsing. What Kotoura is puzzled is that the criminal knew Mifune’s name. Mifune has already walked deep into the alley and her thoughts are only to show those people who didn’t believe in her mom. Too deep in her own mind that she noticed a little too late that the criminal crept up from behind getting ready to strike.

Episode 11
Muroto takes the full blow of the criminal’s strike. Ironically for a guy who is half Mifune’s size, he was fast and spot on. Not even Moritani’s martial arts could best her. Since the crowd is building up, the criminal escapes. Muroto is hospitalized although nothing serious. Kotoura blames herself again. Since Moritani was distracted by her phone call, Kotoura wanders off by herself to the park where she trips and bruises her knee. Tsukino happen to be there so she takes her back home to treat it. Kotoura then texts Mifune her whereabouts but the crashing of the pot startles and makes her drop her handphone under the TV. Seems Tsukino wants to make dinner but sucks. Looks like Kotoura will have to help out. Meanwhile Manabe is still worried back home when he gets a surprise visitor: Moritani the demon! He is so scared that he thought she is bringing him somewhere to beat him up! She tells him everything that has happened. From the assault to Muroto’s injury and Kotoura blaming herself. She slaps some senses into him for forgetting the most important promise of being by Kotoura’s side. Probably it’s during that confusion that Moritani took the chance to confess she loves him. It’s no joke. He apologizes he can’t reciprocate her love because he loves Kotoura. Moritani didn’t feel bitter but felt relieved because she prefers to see Manabe and Kotoura together. Even when they are fighting, she is worried about them rather than to think it is her chance to take him for herself. So now Manabe has to go look for Kotoura. Where? That’s his job. Now that he has gone, Moritani lets her tears flow freely. I think she has hold it in long enough. Muroto wakes up and Mifune is very relieved. She regrets that her silly quest for revenge has caused others to be hurt. She was scared he would not come back. She doesn’t want to see him hurt again. He plays it cool so wonders why he is always by her side even if it makes him end up like this. Is it because of her mom? Although he respects her mom, if he had to choose between them, he would definitely choose Mifune. He will always stay with her till the very end since he is in the same boat with her.

After Kotoura and Tsukino had a good meal, Tsukino tells of her past whereby she was always bullied due to her large stature. So she took up martial arts and fought back. But it somewhat backfired since everyone stayed away from her. She ended up being alone. Muroto discusses with Mifune about the criminal. Something feels odd. Why did Tsukino tell them to stay away from that street? Psychological people usually would do the opposite. And how many people know Mifune as the famous clairvoyant’s daughter? I’m sure you could have guessed the criminal by now. I already did in the last episode. Mifune is shocked that Kotoura is at Tsukino’s place now and tries to call her. Kotoura realizes her handphone is not with her and gets up to retrieve it. She just barely missed being strike by Tsukino!!! Saved by the ringtone? Tsukino admits she is the attacker so Kotoura just run and run. But why did she have to run up and corner herself at the rooftop? Manabe is anxious because he still can’t find Tsukino’s address, although Muroto is cracking his head (pun not intended) to hack and find the address. Hurry up before something happens to Kotoura! Tsukino reveals that she is an alter ego of herself. Her dark side. Tsukino crammed all her negative thoughts into her heart and turned from a good girl into a bad one to relieve stress. She always envies people with friends and wants to ruin their lives. Of course her dark side releases all that stress without her good side knowing. Tsukino is going to use Kotoura as another stress reliever. Kotoura realizes she was wrong in her thinking. She thought she was better off not being born but with friends, she doesn’t want to die. She screams Manabe’s name. Like magic, there he is blocking Tsukino’s strike. But we’re not going to see any fist fight since Kotoura tries to convince Tsukino to turn over a new leaf. Via words. Persuading her that there are people who will reach out and stay with her, Tsukino tries to resist her other side from taking over. Eventually the good side won. Tsukino gives herself up to the police without resistance. Wow. This is super effective. If this could only work on all the criminals in the world. Kotoura reunites and goes home with her friends.

Episode 12
When everyone gathers in the clubroom, Mifune has an announcement to make. As of today, ESP Research Society is disbanding! Say it can’t be so! But don’t looks so down because in place of that today will be the birth of the New ESP Research Society. Eh? So what is the slight name change for? Instead of doing scientific activities to confirm the existence of psychic abilities, the new club will revolve around having fun with a psychic. That is, picking on Kotoura and taking pleasure in her silly reactions! WTF?! But wait… Haven’t they been doing that previously all the while? While Manabe is lost in his usual perverted thoughts, Kotoura reads Moritani’s heart and sees that heartbreaking confession. The first activity of the new club is to head for a karaoke session. Muroto takes Manabe and Moritani to book a place. When Kotoura is left alone with Mifune, the latter starts crying and apologizing that she was trying to use her all the way. Despite admitting she tried to use her, Kotoura had always known it. She’s a psychic, remember? She won’t hate her because she too was essentially trying to use her too. Thanks to her, she has a wonderful place with friends. On their way out, Kotoura thought she could tease Mifune about her relationship with Muroto. She got more than she bargained for when Mifune forces her to read her heart!!! So can you blame Mifune for being so frustrated? After all these years, that shorty still has no clue about her affections! Not even a notice! Well, she’s used to it. Mifune finds out Manabe never confessed directly to Kotoura. I think she doesn’t want to get involved in this one… And so the karaoke session with the tone deaf person… I think everyone else died. Only Mifune learnt her lesson because she was wearing ear phones. When Kotoura goes back home, she is shocked to see Kumiko waiting. Apparently the restaurant nearby closed so she stopped by here and the landlord opened the door for her. Kotoura turns into her little faithful servant in serving her dinner. She accepts all the criticisms thrown at her till accused Kotoura of lying about having friends. That’s when Kotoura stood back up to counter claim. She tells off mummy about her precious friends who supported her and even if Kumiko tries to play the blame game about her hurtful past, Kotoura shoots back that she should have sought for help. But she didn’t and it could only mean she doesn’t have any friends. Kumiko wanted to slap her daughter but was pushed back. Luckily she fell onto the bed. Then Kotoura starts whacking mummy with her pillow. She retaliates. Pillow fight! Insults included. Wasted, all the food…

Well, that didn’t last long as they exhaust out easily. Kotoura reveals she wanted to tell that Tsuyama is a lolicon when she read his mind then. Why didn’t she say? Wasn’t Kumiko the one telling her not to read other people’s heart? She doesn’t remember. They admit they have a terrible taste in men. After Kotoura cleans up the mess, Kumiko has fallen asleep. She hears her murmur words of apology to her. Peeking into her heart, on the day Kumiko left and viciously told her about regretting giving birth to her, inside her heart she was breaking and falling apart like hell. She was crying she couldn’t protect her daughter. Kotoura realizes she didn’t try to understand what Kumiko was really feeling. She puts her mother to bed and sleeps by her side. Next morning, Kumiko wakes up first and pats her daughter by the head. Then she leaves but not leaving breakfast for Kotoura. It might be overcooked and bitter, but at least it has a mother’s love. In class, Kotoura talks to Moritani about not being confessed directly by Manabe. She is glad to help her out and to try practising to confess. She can think Moritani as Manabe and express herself. As Kotoura stammers, Manabe comes in and in the midst of the confusion, he misinterpreted that Kotoura confessed to Moritani! What the hell is this new yuri play?! I don’t know, but Manabe somewhat likes it! Seriously?! Mifune knocks the pervert out and understands the situation. She wants Kotoura to continue. Even Muroto has advice for her. Since she is the kind to self destruct, it is better to let it out naturally than putting too much thought into it. Wow. He is sharp on the relationship of others but not his own? How ironic. So Kotoura and Manabe go out on a date. Kotoura confesses she loves him but that useless guy couldn’t remember he never said that directly to her. Thus for the record, he replies that he will always love her. Perhaps even more since he doesn’t need words to say it to her. Kotoura has read everything in his heart. Kotoura continues to hang out with her friends (in their usual silly activities) and Kumiko still comes to her place to eat.

Haruka No Heya
This segment was released before the TV series as ONA as some sort of promotion to the show. In this short segment that lasts less than 2 minutes, we see Kotoura introducing the main characters that appear in the anime. The odd part is the drawing. Clearly they look different but the feature that bugs me most is the eyes… Black round circles… They look like aliens or demons… Scary…

Room 1: Kotoura introduces herself like her psychic ability and that sex maniac classmate of hers (you know who you are). Since she is running about playing both the interviewer and interviewee, she tires out easily and eventually loses all her breath. I think she really needs to do some work out and get in shape seeing that the way she shifts her position up and down isn’t so arduous. It’s not like the sofa is even a metre away!

Room 2: Manabe is the guest of honour. He gets carried away by telling us how lovey-dovey he and Kotoura are. Ahem. But his mind can’t be un-perverted for a minute because he starts fantasizing about his ideal country of women filled with big breasted women! Kotoura with big breasts?! Can’t stop the erotic imagination… Oh Kotoura, you shouldn’t really have brought up that topic…

Room 3: Mifune explains the reason why she forms her ESP Research Society. Sure, it seems like a noble idea to study espers and all. But she ‘hijacks’ the programme by ranting about fake espers, the danger of using such abilities in front of the media which will result you being shunned and the lack of facilities in Japan as compared to other countries to research and protect such people. Quickly cut to commercials!

Room 4: Muroto is so short that you could only see the top of his hair! He is not fazed by this situation. So when Kotoura has the camera adjust to view him properly, he is playing a video game! Does he do this all the time when not on camera? Well, he admits he do other stuffs like using the computer and sleeping. Kotoura is disappointed he is this hollow but he seriously says that if he is not on screen, it is like at the backstage. So what is wrong with a little relaxing? Yeah, he’s serious…

Room 5: Moritani thought Kotoura didn’t do her introduction properly like she did for the rest. Continuing, they talk about Moritani not liking Kotoura much at first because the latter was like trying to steal Manabe from her and it irritated her. Kotoura adds that not only they are classmates but rivals in love. Moritani wonders if that means she still has a chance with Manabe. Kotoura bluntly denies that she has a chance. No chance at all. Can you blame Moritani for going berserk? Please stand by while we fix this situation… Oh, it’s already the end…

Room 6: In this final episode, Kotoura reintroduces all the characters once more as they have their final say. Each has something to lament about. Manabe can’t get lovey-dovey with Kotoura. Mifune is sad ESP is still unrecognized (no, there won’t be Yuriko No Heya next) and who knows where Muroto is since he switched with some hair monster thingy. Moritani? Is it her fault since this programme is ending? Maybe. Maybe not.

Always Think Twice Before You… Think?
This is such a nice and heart-warming story. May not end up as one of my all-time top 10 of such stories but I definitely would recommend people to watch this. This show tells us 2 scenarios: The victim and the bully. Put yourself in Kotoura’s shoes, how would you feel if you were being shun and being called a monster? I doubt many would understand but as we can see the difference that separates Kotoura from the normal people is her mind reading ability. Aside that, she is just a human being like everyone else. All she wants is to be treated like a normal human but because of the prejudice that she can read minds, people shut her out quickly. If I should say, she is more human than all those who treated her badly and never reflected and repented on their actions. The other scenario being the bully, even if someone has a substantial difference than the rest, what gives us the right to persecute that person? Would doing so make you a better person? It’s not like that person is using the gifted power for bad. Even though I believe there are some who do not want to torment Kotoura, the pressure of society made them act the way they do. The herd mentality. It’s like saying if you don’t keep away from her, you’ll also share the same fate. So can you blame them for acting so? In a way, I would say yes. Because they were too weak to stand up for what they should do as the right thing. You don’t need any mind reading ability to see what is happening in that sense.

Kotoura is a lucky girl and I would say that having the mind reading ability is a blessing in disguise. It might have brought her lots of suffering in the early stages of her life. She might have avoided it all and have a normal happy family and childhood had she not had it. But think about it. The misfortune of events eventually led her to cross paths with a few understanding friends who accept her for who she is. If she was a normal girl, she might have not met them and experience such warmth. She might have walked down a different path which may be worse off than before. Now she has a place to call her own and she might not break the Guinness World Record of having the most friends in the world but a few friends are better than none. Now that she has her ESP club members as her friends, I can see that other people are less inclined to bully her. Or maybe there are people who still do not think well of her and will never change. Just that Kotoura has shifted her priority to having fun with her friends rather than reading scornful comments of strangers. I think that is better. She’ll live longer and happier without all those unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Thanks to Manabe in ‘breaking the ice’ first, Kotoura’s life has taken a drastic turn for the better. Despite being perverted right down to his bone, he is a very caring and kind person. I suppose being dirty minded is something natural (if not very unnatural) in every guy. Just like Kotoura, it tells us not to judge a cover by its book. It’s not the outside that counts the most but the inside. Okay, maybe not entire everything in the inside when it comes to those perverted fantasies. Thankfully all his perverted fantasies are all just in his head and hopefully it would stay that way. After all, part of the thrill of fantasizing ecchi stuffs on Kotoura is to see her reaction. Where would be the fun if the girl you like ignores you? Mifune also clearly realizes what is most important to her. Was it getting revenge for her mom or the friends she has now? Just like Muroto suspected, I don’t think she had this intention to fully use Kotoura for her ends even if she said she was just putting up an act. Besides, her ‘acting stinks’ since I feel she was sincerely treating Kotoura very nicely (despite her claim that it is all an act). Perhaps she was just trying to act tough to Muroto in hopes to gain some attention from him. I’m not sure if Muroto is fully aware of Mifune’s feelings for him. He is a smart guy and level headed and I know most animes have such characters dense when it comes to love. Unless you’re telling me he is a very good ‘actor’. He pretends not to know. But notice how he always looks out for Mifune and the rest? Finally about Moritani, although she starts of as someone you would love to hate, it shows that she too can change. She wasn’t a bad person to begin with. Just that her jealousy got the better for her and it took something a little extreme to open her eyes and repent her ways. Though, I still find her family stance funny. “Mori! Mori! Mori!”. That sure is guaranteed laughter.

Being in distress and anxiety for so long, it is sad to see that Kumiko has hardened all over the years. So much so that I thought that her long face expression has become part of her permanent feature of her face. Due to her bitter experience, she approaches everything with scepticism. She views everything her daughter does with negativism. I think she wants to change but like I said, she has been in agony for a long time that it is just hard to change her ways. It will take some time and I hope with Kotoura around, she can start changing that frown into a smile. From her actions as revealed in the final episode, there is still a place in her heart for Kotoura. All is not lost. Even if she said the harshest word that no mother would ever say, it proves that she still loves her daughter and was thinking for her sake. No mother in this world will ever hate or abandon their child. Those who do are not mothers to begin with. Telling off Kotoura that she should not be born in the first place was perhaps the best way she could protect her. But was it the only option then?

Since AIC produces this anime, the art and drawing of this anime hovers between cute, simplistic and pretty. I feel like it is a cross between Acchi Kocchi, R-15 Bamboo Blade and GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class, other animes that they have produced under their name or one of their company divisions. I have to note that the funniest looking character is still Muroto. At first glance, I thought he was going to be the perverted joker instead of Manabe but it turned out to be the other way round. I don’t know what turned him into such a bespectacled bookworm with a ‘3’ for a mouth because when he was young without those glasses, he looks much better! Really! Sure, he has an interest in psychic abilities especially Mifune’s mom but why the change in appearance that makes him look like a nerd or dork? There is a saying about someone who is smart who hides his cleverness. Yeah. I think that. On a trivial note, the next episode preview is an amusing segment. It seems like a section for Manabe to take out his true perverted thoughts (most of them anyway). Whether it is to rile up Kotoura and sexually harass her like wanting to spank her butt and wanting the perversion to go on forever! I think if Kotoura will have a new trauma if Manabe has his way with his perverted fantasies. Sexual harassment trauma.

Hisako Kanemoto as Kotoura makes her character sound very cute and innocent. So cute that I thought she was going to break into her “~de geso” trademark like Ika-chan from Shinryaku! Ika Musume. Kana Hanazawa as Mifune puts on a slightly lower voice for her character and although at times her trademark upbeat voice is still there, at least it doesn’t go far enough for me to classify her as one of those characters in retard mode like Nessa of Fractale and the titular character in Kobato. Initially I thought I read wrongly when I saw Jun Fukuyama’s name as Manabe. Indeed I saw wrong and taking a closer look, it is actually Jun Fukushima (Jin in Aquarian Evol). Once again, hearing Hiro Shimono putting up a soft spoken side as Muroto seems odd. Still not quite used to his characters that don’t blow their top like Tsubaki of Sket Dance and Keima from The World God Only Knows. Here he sounds a bit like GJ-Bu’s Kyolo but less sissy. Surprisingly, veteran Kikuko Inoue was the voice of Kumiko. It is a departure from her dreamy sounding anime characters like Mizuho in Onegai Teacher and Kasumi in Ranma 1/2. That dreaminess is replaced with disdain and scorn. That’s why I couldn’t really recognize her. Other casts include Yurika Kubo as Moritani (Hanayo in Love Live! School Idol Project), Akeno Watanabe as Tsukino (Rito in To Love-Ru) and Tomomichi Nishimura as Zenzou (Anzai in Slam Dunk).

The lively opening theme is Sonna Koto Ura No Mata Urabanashi Desho? by Megumi Nakajima. The slow ballad of the main ending theme, Kibou No Hana by Haruka Chisuga will definitely move your heart after watching the heart wrenching and heartfelt moments that Kotoura has gone through. Sometimes you want to cry and sometimes have that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. The lyrics may be sad but it is filled with hope. Even though there is loneliness, you can be stronger if you walk forward and smile. Therefore I think slow pace of this song aptly fits the tone of this series even though it is mainly comedy and romance. There are a couple of special ending themes that only appear once during the TV series’ duration. The first one is The ESP Research Club’s Theme and is sung by all the club members, though Mifune takes the lead in this one. A crazy song that befits the crazy group of people in this club. Mifune cuddling baby Muroto in her arms??? That dude is tiny to act as one… The other special ending theme is Tsurupeta by Kotoura. Like the title suggests, Kotoura sings about her worries and complaints about have such a small chest!!! That includes the wandering mind of Manabe be it about Kotoura or some passing pretty lady. Although the tune doesn’t sound funny, for Kotoura to be singing such song, it really sounds funny if you think about it. So flat that she could slide for miles across the ice…

After seeing this show, now do you have second thoughts about having mind reading powers? Actually the point is, it doesn’t matter what kind of strange powers you have, it all boils down to what kind of person you are deep down inside your heart. You can have no super powers but still be a rotten fellow. Besides, if everybody could read everybody’s mind, everything would get so confusing that you wouldn’t know if you are thinking about your own mind or thoughts. You might wonder if what you are thinking is truly yours and not others, vice versa. I suppose you can still make an issue about this mind reading thingy as invasion of privacy. What fun would it be in life if you can’t even have little perverted thoughts in your head. But you don’t need to have mind reading ability to read the thoughts of a perverted person when he starts putting up that perverted expression. Yeah. It’s all written over his face like an open book.

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