Kuzu No Honkai

July 23, 2017

What do you do when the person whom you have always loved does not love you back? But you are in desperate need of that love too. You need that fantasy to keep moving forward or you’ll wither like flower before your time is up. Well, as sick as it might seem, Kuzu No Honkai ‘suggests’ you date another person as a substitute for that lonely empty heart! Not just any substitute. Example: The person X whom you love who is seeing person Y, and that person Z who has a one-sided crush on person Y also needs to be fulfilled. So what a better way for you and person Z, 2 lonely hearts to nurse each other’s broken heart and unfulfilled dreams and fantasies by making a pact to date and make out with each other until whoever achieves that goal first. Or maybe never. Warning: This series has NTR (netorare – look it up if you’re unfamiliar) and love making scenes…

Episode 1
Hanabi Yasuraoka is in love with her homeroom teacher, Narumi Kanai who is also her childhood friend whom she fondly calls her big brother. But reality has it that Narumi and his fellow teacher, Akane Minagawa very much like each other. Then it gets a little complicated because Hanabi is also in a relationship with fellow classmate, Mugi Awaya. But they’re not actually a real couple. A fake couple who view each other as replacements. Confused? Flashback when Hanabi first enrolled in high school, she is super glad Narumi became her homeroom teacher. She could be with him every day. But that soon changed quickly when she realizes Narumi had feelings for Akane. She hates that middle aged chick. More flashbacks of how close Hanabi and Narumi are during their younger days. Because Hanabi can’t cook, he knew Narumi wanted to quickly get a wife instead of relying on Hanabi’s mom. Hanabi couldn’t be angrier because of all people she had to bump in today, it had to be Akane. Nothing untoward happened as she notices Mugi have the same lifeless eyes as she does. Hanabi and Mugi soon find comfort in each other as they helplessly watch their crushes walk and talk together. Mugi reveals Akane was his tutor in junior high and how lucky he thought he was to learn she became a high school teacher. And then this happened. So back in his place as the hapless rejects bum around, Mugi starts kissing her. He suggests for her to pretend seeing him as Narumi like how he pretends to see her as Akane. Hanabi agrees since if they’re going to do this, might as well do it properly. And hence our first soft porn scene as Mugi slowly undresses her and caresses her female parts while Hanabi tries to focus not to look at Mugi’s face and concentrate he is actually Narumi. She felt good. Too bad an SMS from Narumi put the brakes on this unholy act. What a lousy feeling to read his thank you note. Mugi suggests to make a pact to depend on each other. He assures he won’t fall in love with her because she is not his type. And so is he. Hence the pact that neither would fall in love with the other began. The pact dissolves when one of them manages to make it with the person they really love. Stopping short of sex, they don’t see the problem of relying on the other if they feel lonely. So too bad to the other guys who confessed to Hanabi and got rejected. Oh heck, they’ll get rejected anyway.

Episode 2
As Mugi is about to kiss Hanabi in broad daylight, they are stopped by the screams of this petite girl, Noriko “Moca” Kamomebata. As explained, they are childhood friends from the same apartment. A teacher once saw them like prince and princess so this concept got stuck with Moca. She grew up trying to be a princess and all that is left for the prince to take the bait. And then this happened. By the way, Moca is short for “MOst Cutest Angel” I thought she wanted to be a princess? Anyway, it seems Hanabi also remembers Moca because they went to the same kindergarten. Both hate each other. Still do. Moca accuses her for just putting a nice façade before Mugi. Mugi doesn’t deny Hanabi as a horrible person so this gives her ‘permission’ for her to grab Moca by the collar to put some fear. Moca continues to disrupt their date as they try to ignore her like as though she’s a ghost. Eventually Hanabi has had enough of her being a brat and gets tough. Moca now accuses her of dating Mugi so she can brag to be cool. Despite running away, she vows not to give up. Hanabi realizes she is alone with Narumi in the teacher’s room. It’s her best chance. But then she knows it is Akane playing the piano next door. Look at how mesmerized his face is. Because of that, Hanabi takes out her frustrations singing in a karaoke joint. She sucks. She forces Mugi into a duet. He also sucks. Yeah, now they just feel lousier. So they go back to his place and continue romancing each other in this episode’s fix of soft porn. This time licking each other’s tongue… Damn it lasted so short. I guess Hanabi dating Mugi has some of her classmates thinking she is the master of dating and seeks her advice. It’s one of those complicated love problems. Girl loves childhood friend boy. They go to different schools. He finds new love. She can’t give up on him. But she too has an admirer and dates him. Now she can’t choose either. Yeah, it’s too heavy even for Hanabi’s standards. That is why Hanabi goes to talk to her best (and only) friend Sanae Ebato. She almost choked when Hanabi asks if she has a crush on someone. She gives her earnest opinion. It’s not like she would fall for a person for a particular talent so she would get something out of it. Hanabi feels relieved hearing this and before Sanae knows it, she is invited to stay over at Hanabi’s place. Sanae looks worried. I know this is her first time but what could go wrong between girls, right? Unless you’re talking about them suddenly getting into hot lesbian action!!! How the f*ck did this screw up like this?!

Episode 3
Sanae was troubled by a molester in a crowded train. Hanabi helped chased him away. Then she walked and hold her hand all the way to the exam hall. It was Sanae’s first love. Sanae can’t sleep a wink next to Hanabi on her small bed. She can’t take it anymore and that’s when she started kissing her. Sanae cries as she seeks answers if Hanabi does like Mugi at all. She has a feeling she doesn’t because she has always been watching her. Like a stalker? After Hanabi explains the circumstances, Sanae doesn’t understand why she couldn’t be her replacement then. Screw that. Please continue with lesbian make out. Next day, Hanabi and Moca pass each other. Already a ruined day for the latter. Hanabi tries hard to ignore her as the princess screams not to take her only Mugi from her. It makes Hanabi feel worse because she is just running away. We take a detour to see a bit of Mugi’s flashback. Back in junior high, there was this tomboyish but beautiful girl, Mei Hayakawa. Despite her skinny frame, she has big boobs. Mugi knows because they make out before! She was a lonely girl seeking comfort in him. Because she was dominating over him, he felt scared. Mugi wakes up and is surprised Hanabi has come over to lie next to him. So close that she felt his erected dick. He tells her to touch it. More flashbacks about Mei. When they graduated, she decided not to go to high school. Their relationship was never found out and it ended like that.

Mugi decides not to let Hanabi touch his dick since he might not stop. She doesn’t mind it. You can’t blame her. It’s her first time. She almost broke it! So he guides her how to do a handjob… Seeing how pleased he is, it makes Hanabi think she could touch him easily but not Sanae. Was it because she is a girl? Her conflicted feelings has her crying and then confessing she wants to try fall in love with him. While they eat out, they spot Akane with a man. Hanabi thinks he is her younger brother but his hands are all over her. Next day, Mugi tells her that he remembers that guy as one of the students she used to tutor, Takuya Terauchi. This makes Hanabi agitated because Mugi doesn’t see things the way she does. She was only imagining they had some connection. Mugi is his own person and loves Akane. She might just be looking for someone better, an excuse to get over Narumi and move on. Feeling angry, she confronts Akane about last night. She confirms Takuya is just a friend. This only makes Hanabi suspicious because if there is nothing between them, then why did she signalled her to keep this a secret? Both of them have the same guy whom they don’t want to find out about this. Could it be she has realized Hanabi’s feelings for Narumi? Then what about Mugi’s feelings for her? The bell rings, breaking their conversation. Akane leaves as Hanabi could smell the faint scent of cigarettes on the same dress that she wore from last night.

Episode 4
Akane narrates how she loves the feeling of being wanted. It all started when her best friend’s boyfriend liked her. She didn’t like him but was interested in the attention he was receiving since his girlfriend knew about this. It was then Akane love that feeling of exploiting others. So right now the guy she is seeing, she has lost interest and has set her sights on Narumi. Because she knows that look on Hanabi’s face. She blames her for not realizing she is on this side of the divide. Rather, she didn’t want to notice. That is why she is curious to see when she lets her guard down and has set up for Hanabi and Narumi to come talk to her at the same time at the music room so she could see Hanabi’s painful face when Narumi confesses to her. Narumi narrates he lost his mom a long time ago. As the years passed, he could only remember she had long hair. Just like Akane. Now the time has come for him to get this off his chest. He summons his courage to confess he loves her. Hanabi sees this and runs away. That satisfied look in Akane’s eyes. Just as planned. Hanabi falls into depression. Despite thinking how brave Narumi was, she now has to come to terms that the duo will be together and she would hate seeing that every day. She thought of telling Mugi this but she realizes she only wants to rely on him and not hurt him. He’ll find out himself eventually.

On her way back, Sanae calls out to her. Yeah, she has been following her alright. Hanabi is so hurt that she rushes to hug her. Then they just drop their bags and make out right in public. Luckily nobody around. Then they go home to continue more of their lesbian action. Sanae tries to be considerate. She can stop if she doesn’t want to do this. But Hanabi wants to continue. Because she loves her. Sanae takes this as her concept of love as a friend. She knows she is someone special and can’t say no in fear of losing her. That is why she is going to take whatever she can from her, even if it is her warmth. The lesbianism is getting hotter but Hanabi stops halfway as she tries to fantasize about Narumi but can’t help visualize Sanae’s face. Sanae continues to touch Hanabi in her sensitive places. She doesn’t want her to stop now because it feels good. And then the lesbian sex blows up until Hanabi has her void filled by her. She might feel good now because her conscious (in the form of her younger self) is now trying to make her feel guilty that she took advantage of someone else’s feelings and is no different from Akane. The painful truth is that she already knows it and even more so she is no match for Akane. Next day, Hanabi confronts Akane but it seems the latter knows about the feelings of Narumi and Mugi beforehand. Hanabi is shocked when Akane also knows that Mugi is relying on an accessible classmate to fill the void as replacement for the person he has no chance for. Even more shocking when she admits she loves the feeling of being desired by men even if she doesn’t love them back.

Episode 5
Hanabi narrates how mom cried when father left. Hanabi would have found comfort in being alone had not Narumi came to console her. Thus she can’t understand why for him who offered her a safe space is now abandoning her. Mugi knows about Akane’s ways. When he was still making out with Mei, she showed him Akane’s true colours as they spied on her dating an older man. He cried himself to sleep that night of the shock. But the next day, Akane came to tutor him like normal. It felt like a porn scene because she is doing things to make him conscious like ‘accidentally’ showing her cleavage. So what does Mugi have to do to ease this lousy feeling? He calls Mei and to go have sex at a love hotel! She agrees to it since she is partly responsible for his ‘adolescence’. A hot summer’s day and I wonder if the heat get to our fake lovers because it’s like they’re in heat to make out on the school’s rooftop. They can tell the other slept with somebody else but they don’t care and continue making out. They must be so confused about their loneliness because despite the pain it brings them, they also feel good. Can’t get enough? They return to Mugi’s place for more! Meanwhile Akane is bored. Damn bored! She knew Narumi would be boring but she didn’t expect this honest guy is THIS boring! So to take her anger out, she goes drinking with him and gets a little drunk. She slips as he catches her and accidentally says Hanabi’s name. The sparkle is back in this b*tch’s eyes. Boring no more. So now they’re in a hotel and she can’t believe he is asking permission for this. Then she plays the sympathy card as she mentions how close Narumi is with Hanabi. He probably wants to ease that guilt and quickly kisses her. Got him. Too easy. Back to Mugi and Hanabi, he notices a hickey on her neck and wants to give one too. She agrees but only on a condition he goes all the way. First real sex?! Unfortunately it hurts for her so they give up. Is it because they aren’t really in love with each other that they can’t do it? Hanabi leaves and doesn’t answer his question if they should start dating for real. Back home she feels lonely and hopes she has someone to sleep with. WTF?! Didn’t you just… Brace yourself because the next day is about to get worse. When Hanabi passes by Akane, the latter whispers in her ears that last night she had sex with Narumi. World collapsing in 3… 2… 1…

Episode 6
Hanabi wonders what it’s like to play with other people’s emotions. In that case, she wants to take everybody who loves Akane away and make them hers. She wants the feelings others have for Akane. She doesn’t care if it hurts others or if she’ll go empty inside. Thus Hanabi talks to Mugi and wants to date him for real. Then she tells Sanae about it because as her best friend she doesn’t want to use her anymore. However Sanae wants her to continue using her. She has already prepared herself as she starts kissing her. Hanabi pushes her away but Sanae notes she still won’t let her go. Even at the library, Sanae sits next to her and starts molesting her thigh! Be quiet… And another one in the infirmary. It’s alright if nobody finds out. Sanae says no matter how hurt or corrupted she becomes, she will still accept her. She advises to keep her feelings closed off or she’ll break. It makes Hanabi think if everyone including Akane is sad and lonely. Hanabi meets Takuya in the streets. He tries to hit on her and remembering Sanae’s words she could easily make men fall in love with her, she agrees to accompany him. So they go out together as she asks his relationship with Akane. He knows Akane has got others and he will never get her heart. This makes Hanabi feel disgusted because if that is how he views himself, then he is probably trying to do the same by recruiting her into his groupies. It’s sad and pathetic because all Hanabi wants is to beat Akane.

So Hanabi fakes she longs for love and has him make those eyes that he longs for her. Though she is still sceptical about going further as she is worried about feelings. Takuya doesn’t see any problem. If she feels good, the other emotions will follow. This has her think when she made out with Mugi and imagined Narumi, part of her must be longing for Mugi. The date ends with Hanabi managing to convince Takuya to take their relationship slowly. She learnt a few things from this. That Akane has enough self-respect and self-worth unlike herself who relies on opinions of others for her own self-worth. Thus a simple rejection is all is needed to end and making them feel that way is what love is. Hanabi remembers telling Narumi that relatives told her daddy left because she was born. He assured her this will never happen with them because they will never become romantic. Sanae warns Mugi not to let his guard down as Hanabi is popular with guys. It makes him wonder if she is cheating on him. Next time Mugi makes out with Hanabi, he notices she got better in kissing and wonders if she is now better in hiding it. He likes it that way. Now he has to hear another earful from Moca about the same thing. Hanabi doesn’t want you. It’s okay if he is totally in love with her but it’s not. So why can’t it be her? He then asks if she would like to go out on a date with him. She agrees since it is the first time he asks. She loves him enough to live with that.

Episode 7
Moca remembers she once dated somebody other than Mugi. Too bad she can’t remember his face or name so she doesn’t really consider that as a real date. It was just playing pretend. Hanabi hangs out with Takuya but since this guy is bugging for sex (and admitting sex is all that is on his mind), she gets annoyed. When he receives a call, he decides to leave. So who is this girl he is going out next? The girl who would give him sex! Hanabi becomes depressed thinking she failed to get him to be obsessed all over her. She has fallen so far she can’t tell the difference between love and lust. She is desperate for someone to think she is worth something and at the same time can’t help unrequited love feels empty. Moca goes out with Mugi. I don’t think she can really concentrate on the date since she keeps thinking about the love between them. After a movie and dinner, Mugi notices she hasn’t been looking at him for a while. That’s when they kiss. Next thing they know, they are in Mugi’s place. Lying on his bed, she remembers using her feminine charms to get her way with Mugi during kindergarten. Therefore she knows she isn’t the pure princess she ought to be. She couldn’t care what real love is about now because she isn’t going to throw this chance to make out with Mugi. She doesn’t need him to give her an answer if he loves her as long as she remains cute in his eyes. After saying another round of “I love you”, Mugi goes further to strip her and touch her body. She is scared but allows him. But then he stops. He can’t bring himself to sully her is because of himself. Moca knows he considers her special. All she wants is to live in the same world as him. If she can’t have that, what’s the point of being special. Then she realizes this isn’t helping her at all. Because she can’t throw it away, it’s holding her up. She doesn’t want it anymore. Moca leaves. Now Mugi and Hanabi find company in each other. They note they should have done this a long time.

Episode 8
Sanae meets up with her relative, Atsuya Kirishima. Despite losing contact with each other since young, a recent relative funeral reconnected them again. He had a crush on her and wanted to date her. However she slapped him after he hugged her. He knows she has someone she likes and is a girl. Despite Sanae always confirming she will never have feelings for him, he keeps thinking it is because she doesn’t label him as boy or girl. Just Atsuya. He still thinks he has a chance. Mugi and Hanabi are studying together. Mugi says he will go confess to Akane after this. She decides to jump on this bandwagon too. But right after they’re done studying, they make out with each other. To ease the nervousness? But it’s making them more nervous. So nervous that Mugi can’t finish her. Naturally. After he leaves, Hanabi remembers the previous memories of Narumi she has always treasured. No matter how warped or clumsy, she’ll love as hard as she can since there is nobody else better than him. Mugi successfully asks Akane to meet up. Since he knows he is going to get rejected, his nervousness has her take the lead. Once he calms down, he confesses he likes her. She knows it. He knows she knows it. For some reason, despite his inner heart against it, Mugi starts calling her a liar and such. Is it because he has always known he could never have her? He further calls her a slut and broken narcissist and yet he pushes her down onto the bed, undressing her and ready to make out? He wants to be her first and change her. See if he can say and keep all that after making out with her. Meanwhile Hanabi also meets up with Narumi. She sums up her courage to tell him she liked him. She still likes him and has been in love with him for a long time. She starts breaking down and the moment he hugs her, she cries her heart out. She knows this is the first and last time he will hug her like this. It makes her want to cry more. Even if it is not romantic love, she is happy to know she is important to him. And so her unrequited love has ended and she feels she is ready to move on.

Episode 9
Hanabi waited for Mugi last night but he never showed up. Only a text next morning to apologize. Could it be he really hit it off? She knows he is being tricked but sees visions of Akane telling her how men love to be tricked. Thus to soothe her rejected heart, Hanabi agrees to go on a trip with Sanae. When they arrive at Sanae’s family cabin, they are shocked to see Atsuya around. Lesbian programme ruined? So it gets really awkward between the trio. He is trying to make his advances but Sanae keeps her distance. As she blames him for ruining things, he knows what this trip is all about. Sanae knows Hanabi will never fall for her and thus this trip as their final memories together. She wants to end things cleanly but he doesn’t think she has what it takes. That night, the girls make out. Next morning, Hanabi wakes up early and sees Atsuya in the garden. He asks whom she likes. Since she doesn’t know, he makes it more specific. Be clear about her feelings for Sanae as she is not a replacement. She must decide on this trip. The girls hang out for the rest of the day and when they return, accidentally Hanabi talks how refreshing this trip is after being rejected by Narumi. Sanae hugs her and wants to tell her something. Hanabi knows what it is and won’t let her. Sanae goes ahead anyway to explain what this trip was about. In the end, she just has to let her go. They’ll sleep separately tonight and leave separately tomorrow. So no lesbian sex tonight? Hanabi won’t have it either. So she asks Sanae to be her friend, causing her to get mad and shoot back she doesn’t know how much she loves her. Hanabi will not leave her alone as she wished and wants to know more about her. Sanae realizes both of them have frightened eyes. A passionate lesbian kiss to forget it all. Can they? Next morning, Hanabi already left. Atsuya commends her for doing her best. Sanae realizes Atsuya is also going through like what she did. She decides to trust him a little. Hanabi returns to school. Annoying Moca mocks her she looks like she has been rejected. Hanabi fires back that Moca has ALWAYS been rejected! However Moca is not perturbed. For the umpteenth time proclaiming her love for Mugi is longer and much more, she now feels refreshed after what happened. Hanabi will only understand if she does something for herself. Hanabi thinks that she has thinks she has been standing all alone in this world when she didn’t have the courage to take walk on her own. Meanwhile Mugi continues to make out with Akane. Like a script straight out from porn. Teacher visits home. Parents not in. So? F*ck me, right?!

Episode 10
Mugi knows this is all role playing but he can’t help go with the flow. Don’t want to spoil it when a woman f*cks you, right? Akane narrates as she remembers the first time she lost her virginity to her senior. The more she did it, the more she felt loved. All while enjoying her own worth. She can take all their jealousy and pile them up to play with them on whim. She keeps doing this because that is all she knows about herself. This is all she knows. The only way to keep herself standing. Mugi wants to date her next week but too bad, it’s her date with Narumi. Not satisfied, somewhere privately in school, Mugi ‘assaults’ Akane just to tell her he is mad. She didn’t flinch and instead comments how handsome he is while being mad. Mugi realizes he is just scared and doesn’t want to be hated by the one he loves. He hopes she won’t go for the date but she won’t listen. This makes Mugi wonder if she is lonely because she has no attachment to the affection she gets. She doesn’t turn anyone away nor chase after those who leave. So Akane meets up with Narumi at the aquarium. It’s such a boring date. It makes Akane irritated because how can a guy who slept with her once doesn’t seem to want to do it again? How can they still continue to go on dates and act as if everything is normal? It makes it look as though Akane is pursuing him. She has decided. She is done with him.

At the end of the day when they leave, before Akane could say what she want, here comes Takuya calling her a slut and dating another man. While Takuya’s current girlfriend is scolding him for being no different, Akane feels like punching him and telling him off how he failed her test and thus dumped as her boyfriend. But that would be out of her character. Takuya leaves by warning Narumi to be careful of this slut. Before Narumi can asks, Akane admits that she is a slut who sleeps with anyone. She likes it when men showers he with attention and she can use this to stir jealousy in other women. Since she can’t stop, this is their last date. Goodbye. Akane thought it would be over and would go back romancing high school boys but surprisingly he grabs her hand and hugs her. He even tells her to not to stop. Is he more twisted than she thought? So while making out with Mugi, she keeps wondering it wasn’t that Narumi who couldn’t let go. It was her who couldn’t let go. So they talk about if they like the one they’re seeing to see other people. Of course not. This has Mugi ponder about the reason he made a pact with Hanabi and how he used Moca. It is because he is afraid of changing and clinging on to aspects of his parts he can’t let go. Despite all this, there is a person who still loves him so he has to change. It’s not too late. Apparently for his final attachment, Mugi tries to be assertive with Akane to go out on a date. He is done reading timings and signs. Despite screaming out his pathetic worthless self, he could feel the excitement in this. That’s why he still didn’t realize that she gets caught up easily. At least not yet.

Episode 11
Akane remembers one of the guys she had a fling with couldn’t accept what she was doing. He looked so sad and angry. She isn’t sure of her own feelings either because she feels so disconnected. So now here she is on a trip with Narumi. At the inn, she hints of doing it but he gets embarrassed and excuses himself. What? No wonder Akane’s appalled. She thinks back that she forced him to drink alcohol and thus they’re here now. After Narumi takes a bath, he accidentally steps on his glasses. Blind as a bat, he fumbles his way back to his room. He talks to Akane and trying to compare her beauty but she asks him if he doesn’t mind about her being a slut. What do you mean he is okay with it because she likes it? So being a slut is like a hobby? This throws Akane off as she chides him she wants to know his feelings about this. Since he has to think (seriously) she wants him to hate it! Say what?! And if he doesn’t get upset, she’ll hate him! WTF?! Must be drunk. Anyhow, he still loves her. This makes her confused why despite all that has happened he still loves her. After kissing her forehead, he says he just wants the person eh cares to have a happy life. One thing led to another as they start to make out. Perhaps for the first time, Akane felt genuinely good. But next morning they wake up with a great hangover. I believe it was the alcohol and not the sex… Akane gets another surprise when Narumi proposes to her to marry him. Although she agrees, she knows she is still calculative and needs to ascertain this. So the next date she goes out with Mugi. He knows it will be their first and last. He knows all he thinks he knows about her like how she doesn’t feel comfortable unless she attaches herself to something, the reason she clings to roles is to be freed from her boredom. In that case he hopes that be that. Before he can say what he wants, Akane drops the bombshell that she’s getting married. Stunned, he realizes she wasn’t a sad lonely woman trying to define herself to the world through a man. She has this beautiful look that is now taking a shape of her own. She has changed. There are probably many things he wanted to say but he only congratulated her. After they part, Mugi realizes he loved her as a weak and manipulative woman. He pours his heart out letting her know he will not forget how much he loved her before she changed. All she does is thank him and broken hearted Mugi is left crying in the rain.

Episode 12
By autumn, the school cultural festival is here. Hanabi seems to be living a normal life till Mugi passes before her. It made her remember how Narumi personally came to tell her about his engagement to Akane. She noticed he stopped wearing glasses. She would have preferred him with glasses as this look reminds her of his old self. She accepted his invitation to his wedding and wouldn’t miss it for the world. During the festival, Hanabi visits a class holding a fashion show. One of them is Moca in a wedding dress she designed herself. She looks damn beautiful. It made her think she was alone from the start. Her pact with Mugi was meaningless. So why did they make it in the first place? Why did they meet? During the new school term, a boy classmate seems to be interested in Hanabi. He wanted to confess to her which makes her uneasy and panicky. Before anything could happen, Sanae took her away and tells him hands off her ‘property’. But Hanabi didn’t leave him hanging. She apologizes and thanks him. Sanae has cut her hair short. She feels refreshed with her new start. The class celebrates and congratulates Narumi and Akane’s wedding. Akane gives Hanabi a ‘loser bouquet’ and manages to rile her up one last time by warning her not to let Narumi get stolen. Hanabi and Mugi talk. She wonders if they should make a new contract now that they have both lost their love. However he didn’t want to. Hanabi loves Narumi enough to accept his love so she’s okay now. She is glad to have met Mugi. Hanabi narrates they are looking for real love even if it hurts them. Even so, they will continue to seek it. Although they don’t want to let go and let it end, they have to say goodbye. They don’t need to be saved yet. As they’re looking for real love, they’ll continue to live on. Hanabi and Mugi part ways.

Nisekoi: Love Hurts
Despite the boring melodrama of the final episode, OMG why do I feel so sad???!!! Why do I feel my heart sinking?! Is it because I am sad that Hanabi and Mugi didn’t end up with each other as consolation because deep down inside perhaps that was what I really wanted. It was just sad and depressing that they decided to be together in the end but that would be for the best. For if they had chosen to remain together whether be a real couple or a fake one, it would only remind them of the pain why they resorted to this pact in the first place. Yeah so, although I’m really sad they couldn’t be together, on the bright side they have taken a big step to free themselves from this past love that is chaining them down.

Basically the entire premise of this series revolves around everybody (or at least the characters that are involved) wants to be loved. They want that special attention that satisfies them of being loved. Despite how repulsive some might view it, it is only human nature that we seek such love and comfort and in this case as seen here, they have gone the extra length to fulfil that gap. It doesn’t matter if it is the same gender, blood related or professional status/relationship. Sex ‘transcends’ all that. We do so because we can. For others who aren’t as ‘lucky’ as them (most probably otaku like us watching this), we fall back on porn. Haha! Oops…

Therefore this entire series sometimes feels like an excuse for soft porn. Just that no actual genitals were shown and no real penetration was seen. Whether it is to enhance the dramatic effect or a distraction from the mundane melodrama, this would probably be what this series would be most infamously and controversially be remembered for. It is the reason why we chose to watch it. Unless you ‘accidentally’ stumble onto this anime without checking out the plot first. Yeah, right. Not really sure if the BDs will include more detailed footage… The scenes are suggestive enough to make your horny imagination go wild. Or at least stimulate your libido in a cheesy fashion. This is assuming those watching the series aren’t innocent toddlers anymore. I’m not saying that watching these scenes would want to make you go f*ck immediately but there is a tendency that you may because unlike porn that has unrealistic sex and porn logic, how should I put it, you would find this more ‘relatable’ and ‘down to earth’. Really. I know, many of the sex scenes here feel empty and lack the passionate drive of actual couples making out when there is real love involved. But sex is still sex. Can’t argue with that, can you?

In the name of love, the characters have become tragic characters suitable for Shakespeare’s tragic plays. For the whole dozen episodes they were suffering from one way or another. Hopeless romantics if you should call them. Even their short respite in substitute partners does not really ease their pain and loneliness in the long run. Until they break free from this cycle they can never truly be happy. Thus there is a sense that we can relate to when the characters put up their fake façade and act that everything is seemingly okay. Because for most of us, life is like that too.

Depending on your moral stance, the characters can be the immoral scums to walk the face of the planet or you can sympathize with their cause. For Hanabi and Mugi, they are just seeking solace in each other’s company while yearning to have what they could not. For most of the part, they’re like dead walking zombies and you can see it in their lifeless eyes. Perhaps this unrequited and unattainable that they seek through this substitution was perhaps a blessing in disguise because it made them think and reflect their desires and in the end they somewhat manage to make peace and break free from this cycle of suffering. For Sanae and Moca, it felt like a final passionate one night stand was all it took for them to say their goodbye. Not sure if Sanae would be giving Atsuya a chance now that she has made her closure with Hanabi. But that’s a different story entirely.

I was somewhat predicting Hanabi and Mugi would eventually fall for each other because typical romance drama pattern. After all, they already said goodbye and let go their crushes and seeing that they hit off decently well with each other, why not? There were times when they were together and it looked like it were genuine moments that maybe this could be the spark of their new romance if everything else fails. Alas it was not meant to be and in a way it broke my heart too. It is a good thing that everybody was strong enough to realize the unreachable reality they are facing and move on.

The story seems to shift slowly towards Akane and less of Hanabi in the closing stages. She is perhaps a character who stood out the most. She is a perfect example of what it means for a still water runs deep. Beautiful on the outside, slutty on the inside. It wasn’t surprising to me when she was revealed as to more than meets the eye. Because I anticipated nobody in this anime is squeaky clean. Really. Her actions of sleeping with many men for attention and the thrill of dominance over others make her a character you’ll love to hate. Till you realize that she is most probably in the same boat as Hanabi. She’s in this ‘business’ for so long that she herself doesn’t know why she does what she does. A hobby? A life’s work? So when she broke out of those shackles, it’s like she found a new enlightenment and reborn again. It was like as though she was trying to find the right guy to break her out of this cycle. So who says old sluts can’t change? It was never a competition between her and Hanabi over Narumi. Rather, a realization of what true love had meant to them all the while.

Narumi is an odd person. Among all the characters, he is like an angel compared to them. Again, depending on your moral compass, his acceptance of Akane in sleeping around is very much up to debate. Put yourself in his shoes. Would you want to woman you love that you will spend the rest of your life with to openly sleep around with men? This is assuming if Akane continues her usual ways. On the other hand, Narumi accepting Akane as she is would seem like he is an open minded fellow and in a way it is good because when you love a person, you don’t really see those flaws as flaws. You accept them as a whole for the person they are. Because of those flaws, it makes you, you. Imagine him coming home one day to catch his wife in bed with another man. Just awkward…

In another way, it makes Narumi naïve and don’t really love her. Or he is saying all that because he doesn’t understand the impact or what it means to be a slut. Because in our society, the norm is sex is sacred to the one true love in your life. Your married partner, that is. Screw that. Lots of people are having pre-marital sex at a younger age. Hey, can’t say you have pre-marital sex if you won’t ever get married in the first place, right?! So hopefully Narumi who fell in love with Akane because she has this faint reminiscent about his late mom would continue to grow his genuine love for her.

I read many praise the art of this series because of how it preserves very closely to the art style of the manga. Basically there are quite a few scenes whereby the art style gets sketchy and simple. Like as though it is incomplete. Then there are those ‘special effects’ in which serves more as dramatic visualizations when the characters go into their monologue. Despite all that, the scenes are mostly in bright and vivid colours. Except those sex in the dark scenes of course. So the artwork may not be very obvious at first and looks very conventional Japanese anime but if you observe closer, you might see that little difference. Animated by Lerche who brought to us Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, the Danganronpa series, Unbreakable Machine Doll and Carnival Phantasm.

The voice acting that stands out the most is Aki Toyosaki as Akane. Although still very much recognizable, it is a very different departure from her usual airhead roles like K-ON!’s Yui, Seikon No Qwaser’s Tomo and Noragami’s Kofuku. It is a different of her that you rarely get to hear. There is an air of scheming devilishness behind her voice which makes her character a whole lot creepier as well as the sadness you can feel just by the way she narrates why she loves sleeping around with other men. Also recognizable is Haruka Tomatsu as Sanae. Like Aki Toyosaki, the joker feel in her voice has been casted away for a more serious and dramatic feel. Unlike her other less serious roles like WWW.Working!!’s Miyakoshi or Punch Line’s Rabura, there is more serious emotional impact on this one. Not Magi’s Morgiana since this character doesn’t talk much and has little emotions. Something like ReLIFE’s Kariu if you want to compare.

For the rest of the casts, it is understandably why most of them sound so gloomy for a big part of the series especially the main duo. Even if they do sound lively at times, it feels hollow. Chika Anzai’s Hanabi might as well add to her other list of nearly similar emotionless characters like Hibike! Euphonium’s Reina, Hai To Gensou No Grimgar’s Mary and Qualidea Code’s Asuha. The other casts are Nobunaga Shimazaki as Mugi (titular character in Handa-kun), Kenji Nojima as Narumi (Yuuto in High School DxD), Shiori Izawa as Moca (Pina in Sword Art Online) and Shintarou Asanuma as Atsuya (Tsuda in Seitokai Yakuindomo). The opening theme is rock based, Uso No Hibana by 96Neko. It is the ending theme that somewhat stands out. Heikousen by Sayuri despite a lively rock outfit, I can’t help feel that there is a tinge of sadness to it. It’s possibly because of the lyrics. But it is the singer’s voice that is, well, a bit flat. Especially the opening lines when there is not much music, she’s like singing it aloud in almost one flat one. And then when the music gets heavier, it somewhat shields that part as her singing remains the same.

There is a live action version of this series currently running in Japan. As if we need more soft porn to corrupt our minds. Why not head straight for real porn? Oops! Although I have not seen any episodes of it (don’t intend to. Because. 3D), I believe it wouldn’t be as obviously raunchy as I think it would be otherwise it wouldn’t air over the airwaves in the first place. I guess animes with uncanny sexual content have a higher chance of getting a live adaptation because I remember that chastise belt anime, Saikin Imouto No Yousu Ga Chotto Okashiin Da Ga got a live action film adaptation after the anime. Because sex sells. Sort of.

Overall, this thought provoking (and libido provoking) series is not for everyone as it is controversial. It is one of those series where you need to have an open mind if you to fully appreciate the plot and characters. The soft porn scenes might be a turn off to some but I don’t blame you if you are uncomfortable watching sex scenes even though many of today’s TV shows have ridiculous make out acts. Despite the tragic nature of the series, I still find that the overall story enjoyable. Not because of primarily the sex scenes, mind you. They’re like the okazu ;p… The Beatles might have said and sung All You Need Is Love Better but easier said than done because love is just freaking weird and complicated as seen here. But then again, is it love or lust? This show can be summed up with this saying: It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Well, back to more porn for us lonely singly otaku guys ;p… :-/… :’-(.

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