Kyo No Go No Ni 2008

September 5, 2009

I didn’t expect Kyo No Go No Ni to have a TV series after its OVA and a special was released previously. So when the TV series was released back in autumn 2008, it was a surprise to me that the producers decided to expand the series. Therefore for nostalgic reasons, I decided to put this on my watch list, though it wasn’t a number 1 priority.
One of the obvious things in the TV series is that, faithfuls to the OVAs would come to realize that there is no fanservice at all! No more boob shots, no more panty slips showing and definitely no more panty shots. Such scenes have been totally cut out or replaced with a ‘boring’ one. It is a far cry for those who have watched the OVA and expected something better on this area. I guess this is necessary seeing that this was shown over national airwaves and targeted for younger audiences. Uh huh. Maybe the producers thought that the older and mature ones had their ‘fill’ in the form of those OVAs.
So for those who still caught the 13 episode TV series like me, just like in the OVA, a big majority of the episodes are divided into 4 short stories, which are dubbed Lessons (which I will use as reference in this blog). They are relatively independent of each other though some are inter-related. Of course the final episode will be just 1 big Lesson. Another thing for those who have watched the OVA is that, some may feel it is a repeat of the OVA seeing that the first few episodes contain stories from the OVA! For instance an episode may contain 3 stories from the OVA while featuring 1 new story. Are they trying to rip-off viewers? I’m still wondering why they are being repeated because it is not like they are being retold in an alternate manner or so. Of course gradually as the OVA stories are being covered, more new stories will be shown.
Just a little refresh on what the series is about, it revolves around a group of elementary school kids of class 5-2 and their antics in and out of school. Our main guy is of course Ryota who often gets into hilarious and perverted situations due to some mistake or misunderstanding. Ah well, it is all part of growing up and learning about the opposite sex. But seeing that this TV series has toned down the ecchiness, there won’t be many funny situations based on that. But viewers can guess it is so. Ryota too is your cocky and obnoxious brat though sometimes he is your typical lethargic lazy kid. Since he is the ‘star’, you can feel that many ‘depend’ on him or if not ‘point their fingers’ at him.
Lesson 1 is Loose and this is just like the same story in the OVA whereby queer Kazumi has Ryota stay back with her to do some school work. Kazumi’s ‘chewing’ of her mechanical pencil turns out to be an act of loosening her baby tooth. But when Ryota gets a paper cut on his finger, Kazumi sucks it. So does she really have a fetish for biting things? Lesson 2 is Superball, another OVA story whereby Ryota is challenging Kouji to see whose balls could bounce the highest (nothing perverted, okay!). Of course when it lands on Yuki and Megumi’s head, the girls aren’t too pleased and want the guys to apologize. But they are oblivious to what’s going on. Another try has the balls accidentally flipping up their skirt (sorry, no more panty shots). Now Yuki is pissed off and ticks Ryota off. Unfortunately, Yuki slips on one of the balls and due to their position, her feet kicks Ryota’s crotch. Ouch! Accidental revenge? In Lesson 3 (In High Spirits), Ryota and Kouji are performing an electrifying rock concert using brooms as their guitars. Obviously the boys are more interested in watching them rather than focusing on cleaning the class but the girls obviously aren’t. So when Yuki wants Chika to tell them off for slacking, Chika instead asks for an application to join their band! Rainy Weather is the theme for Lesson 4 and when Ryota, Kouji and Tsubasa forgot their umbrellas, Chika and Natsumi helps them out. However Kouji and Tsubasa ditched Ryota and that guy has no choice but to go with the ladies. Along the way, Ryota has to endure their arguing and good spirits until he gives up. That is when Chika and Natsumi hugged him from both sides so that they could share the umbrella and not get wet. By that time, the rain has stopped, so the girls continue with their journey while Ryota is still annoyed.
Lesson 5 (Cat’s Paw) has the girls talking about cats in class but since Ryota is more into dogs, the girls try to convince him on how a cat’s paw feels like. Such as pinching and pressing each other’s body parts here and there. In the end, when a real stray cat turns up in class and they let Ryota have a feel of it, he ends up with painful scratches on his face and affirms his love for dogs. Lesson 6 (Unbeaten) has Ryota storing sports equipment in the shed with Natsumi. Since that girl has always beaten him, Ryota thinks of a perfect chance to get even when they are accidentally locked in and he finds out her fear of dark places. He scares her as Natsumi starts panicking and clings on dearly to Ryota (like pulling his pants down). So when the gym teacher and the rest go find the missing duo, they are shocked to see what Ryota is doing to ‘violate’ Natsumi when they open the storeroom. Yeah, it’s like he’s forcing her to ‘do it’! Unforgivable! Punishment! Lesson 7 (Ball Washing) has the guys challenging to see who will end up washing the football. Meanwhile the girls are staring at Megumi’s sports bra in the changing room and starts gossiping about it. At the same time, Ryota chases the ball as it rolls into the girl’s changing room and you know what this means when he stumbles upon semi-naked girls changing. Another painful lesson to learn. Lesson 8 (Wet Clothes) has Megumi wondering where her bloomers went so the girls of the class starts conducting their investigation on the boys, checking their bags to see if any of them stole it. Then when it’s Ryota’s turn, he is reluctant to show them his bag and this raises their suspicions. Upon struggling, several puddings fall out and the guys are upset. Then Natsumi flips up absent-minded Megumi’s skirt to reveal that she is wearing them. Ah well, damage done because the boys are fighting over Ryota’s pudding hogging.
You know at that age when boys are starting to get interested in the female’s anatomy. Lesson 9 (Collarbone) has the girls chiding the guys for bringing Playboy magazines to school so I don’t know why the guys seek Ryota’s help and he answered that the collarbone is the most sexiest part of a woman. All the guys believed him and later at the playground, they are gathered around him and seeking his advice! As Yuki is still uncomfortable with that thought, she goes to the fountain to drink and coincidentally meets Ryota. I think he was staring at her boobs but since Yuki thinks he’s looking at her collarbone, she is disgusted and splashes the fountain water at him. Lesson 10 (Library) has Chika sitting on Ryota’s shoulders to get a book high up in the shelves. A little commotion has the duo off balance and crashing onto Kazumi. I’m sure Ryota saw more than he expected. Then when they spot Tsubasa and Kouji taking a chair to get a high placed book, the duo are stumped because they actually didn’t thought about that and starts arguing like a married couple. Shhh! Silence please.
A pair of younger boys flips up Chika and Yuki’s skirt in Lesson 11 (Skirt Flipping) and this prompts the duo to do a study by interviewing other girls. A mixed variety of answers, I’d say. Then they decide to ask the guys. But nobody seems to believe that Ryota has never done it before. And as expected, an accident which has Ryota tripping and accidentally flipping their skirts, left the girls in a furious manner. Some legendary overhead lift, eh? Yeah, now Ryota has joined the statistics of skirt flipping. Lesson 12 (Experiment) has Chika forgetting a skirt but when she goes to retrieve it, she spots Kouji doing some analysis (the skirt was left on his table). When Kouji learns of the situation, they decide to team up and pull this prank on Ryota. That guy starts to think deep and probably panicking on what a skirt is doing on his desk. The rest are snickering as they’re watching from behind the door. Chika comes in and pretend to look for her missing skirt and panicked Ryota unconsciously hid it in his desk. Finally when Ryota realizes that he’s being made a fool, he decides to get his revenge by putting on the skirt and runs away while tossing his shorts to Chika! OMG! A trap in the making! Then the gang did the same trick to Tsubasa but since that guy is too infatuated reading his astronomy book, the prank has no effect. That kid only thinks about the stars.
Ryota and Yuki still have problems washing their eyes after swimming lessons in Lesson 13 (Covered In Water). Chika did a nasty bluff to trick unsuspecting Yuki to wash her eyes. Chika then argues with Ryota who is trying to escape. While quarrelling, Yuki has already changed into her clothes and since she spot the lovebirds bickering and teases them, they decide to get their revenge and spray a water of hose. However it didn’t end too well as Ryota accidentally pushes Yuki into the pool. Because of that, Ryota has to borrow Yuki his clothes while he himself is in his swimming trunks during class. Lesson 14 (Dress Up) has Ryota accidentally spilling milk on Megumi’s dress and his stew on Yuki’s. As Megumi and Yuki are drying their clothes in the infirmary, the get a call to head to the teacher’s room. They borrowed Natsumi’s clothes and promise to return as soon as possible. So while waiting, Natsumi dozes off. Ryota by that time decides to go apologize and heads to the infirmary and spots naked Natsumi sleeping. His mind must be running wild when Megumi and Yuki return. Not good. They must be thinking he’s turning into some serial pervert.
Viewers must be wondering some kind of sexual subtext argument between Ryota and Natsumi in Lesson 15 (Top Bottom) because they are quarrelling about their preference of from the top or the bottom. Then it turned out to be taking off a shirt from the bottom or the top. So when Kazumi suggests Ryota to do so and is successful, this prompts Natsumi to try too. Of course topless Ryota tries to restrain her, Yuki comes in and disapproves of what she’s seeing and stomps on Ryota. The usual bickering between Chika and Ryota has Tsubasa and Kouji wondering their relationship in Lesson 16 (Surprise Attack). Since Ryota says they are just friends, you can see Chika’s disappointed expression. Later as they are alone in the classroom, Ryota is complaining about his painful eyes from not washing them after pool lessons. Chika devises a scheme to make him feel better by asking him to close his eyes. When he does, Chika prepares to kiss him and edges closer to his face but when their buddies arrive (Tsubasa and Kouji shouting out loud on what they are about to see), Chika and Ryota in their surprise bumped each other’s head instead. Ah well, so close yet so far.
Because Chika has never seen Kazumi smiled before, in Lesson 17 (Smile), she and the boys try several attempts to make Kazumi laugh such as a staring contest or telling a funny story but the results are similar. Maybe she’s born with that face, eh? Then Chika decides to use force and tickle her as she chases her down the hallway. Cornered, Chika does her finger work while Kazumi tries her best to hold her smile and tickles Chika back. In the end, though both girls are exhausted, at least Kazumi made a tinsy little grin. The gang are out to watch the shooting stars in the night sky in Lesson 18 (Shooting Star). The weird part is that Ryota is sleeping and those attempted to wake him up, somehow gets pulled under the blanket and a violent struggle ensues before the victim is tossed out sleeping. I don’t know what happened to make them fall asleep so one by one nearly all of them fell into Ryota’s trap and the only one left to watch the shooting stars is Tsubasa. Still don’t get what Ryota did. Episode 19 (Change Of Clothes) has Yuki demonstrating how to put on her swimsuit without taking off her dress to Megumi since the latter forgot to bring some changing sack. But because of her clumsiness, it’s better for her to just borrow one. Meanwhile Ryota and Kouji challenged each other who can take off their underwear with their pants on and the winner is… Tsubasa! Finally the girls are having their swimming lessons and Chika is being praised for her speed by Yuki, which then turns into some boob talk and then physical retaliation in the form of butt smack and tickling. Meanwhile the boys are waiting and wondering when they could get their turn in using the pool.
Observation Diary is the title for Lesson 20 as Kazumi and Yuki decides to record and observe sleeping Ryota by doing experiments what it takes to wake him up. This includes holding his ears and mouth, blowing in his ear and well, biting his ear. Can’t believe that guy is still sleeping like a log. When that guy finally awakens, Kazumi blames it on Kouji and Tsubasa when he asks if they’ve done something funny on him. So when unsuspecting Kouji and Tsubasa come in, they have a torrid time for a crime they did not commit. The gang are playing dodgeball in Lesson 21 (Sudden Shower) when it suddenly rains, forcing them to take nearby shelter. Slow Ryota decides to hide in the slide structure where Kazumi is taking refuge but slips and gets himself all muddy. Ryota snaps and starts playing the rain. Seeing how much fun he is having, the rest soon joins him and gets all dirty playing in the rain. Ah, it’s nice being kids. I’m not sure why Kazumi is worrying about Natsumi’s exposed tummy so when she rushes out, as expected she slips and gets dirty too. When the rain stops, they tease Megumi for being an inverse panda (with her glasses off, I guess her eyes are the only parts not covered in mud).
Ryota sucks in Rock Scissors Papers (Lesson 22) because the loser has to fan the winner. Kouji is on a winning streak and call it stubborn or fate because Ryota refuses to give up but the results are the same as each time the ante goes up. He is such a bad loser no wonder Kouji loves picking on him. Ryota is dead tired by this time as he tries to use all his might to fan when Chika turns up. This causes him to accidentally fan and flip up her skirt. Not amused, Chika challenges Ryota to a rock scissors paper game in which that kiasu guy gladly accepts. However this results in him getting punched. He’ll never win at this rate. Summer Festival is Lesson 23 as the gang make their way to the festival and enjoy their outing. Gullible Ryota learns from Kouji that since girls don’t wear underwear beneath their yukatas, Ryota frantically tries to ‘protect’ Chika from unintentionally ‘revealing’ herself. Chika eventually notices this and thinks he cares for her although the reason Ryota gave was that he didn’t want her yukata to get wet. Yeah, right. The gang watches the beautiful fireworks display in the end.
Lesson 24 (Victory Defeat) shows the kiasu side of Ryota because for every challenge that he contests with Natsumi, that athletic girl always beat him no matter what. Furthermore, the challenges has Ryota is representing the boys and their losing streak means that they have to give up their favourite desserts for weeks to come with his losing streak. So Ryota thinks hard that night on what Natsumi isn’t good at. He finally gets it and beats her! Guess what? It’s embroidery. Yeah, and Ryota is really bragging about his victory. Hey kid, you’ve only won once lah. Lesson 25 (Crossfire) has the guys doing a team death match with their water guns at the playground. When the girls come by, they got accidentally caught in their crossfire. In order to get their revenge, the girls head to a nearby store and bought several water guns and water balloon bombs of their own and beat the guys flat in their own game! Dangerous! Don’t mess with them. Megumi is in a dilemma on which manga to buy in Lesson 26 (Bookstore) since she has not enough money. Ryota and Kouji on the other hand are also wondering to buy a magazine. They each decide to get a copy when Tsubasa buys one. In the end, we see Megumi and Kazumi pooling their resources to buy both mangas and when they finish, they swap them. Smart girls. The usual Kouji-Ryota challenge in Lesson 27 (Three-legged) has them up against each other for the upcoming sports festival in a three-legged race. Their partners have to be a girl and though Kouji and Chika are in sync, it’s total opposite for Ryota and Yuki. Thus Ryota goes all out in his training which he drags Yuki into, going everywhere with their legs (or any other body part) bound together (even going to the boys toilet?). Even after all that, it is understandable that Yuki is fed up even if his intentions are genuine. On race day, the flop and trip at the start while Kouji-Chika breezes through.
Weight-conscious Megumi decides not to eat her lunch in Lesson 28 (Scale) so much so Ryota and Kouji takes the opportunity to seize her lunch. It’s like Heaven’s retribution because Ryota soon experiences stomach pains and head to the infirmary. He notices the scale is a little off and fixes it. Probably the reason why Megumi thinks she has gained weight. At the same time, Megumi comes in to weigh herself and strips off nearly all her clothes and specs. Of course Ryota spots this and starts panicking. Thankfully Megumi is blind as a bat without her specs so even if Ryota makes a noisy blunder, she can’t see clearly. Finally when Megumi weighs herself, she is delighted of the desired weight. Then her buddies come in and Ryota has to continue hiding under the bed. Surprisingly, they didn’t detect him because we all know he’ll get another beating. Lesson 29 (Hunger) has Megumi still concerned about her weight and decides skipping lunch. I’m not sure if Kazumi is a sadist, plain weird or an observation freak (or all!) because she is testing Megumi’s tolerance to hunger by mentioning food names. She also tickles her to see if this would distract her stomach pains. Then when Megumi’s stomach starts to growl, Kazumi puts her head closer to hear. By that time, Yuki and Ryota comes in and a misunderstanding arises because Kazumi says she hears a moving sound. Yuki thinks it’s a baby!
Lesson 30 (Height Comparison) has Chika beating Natsumi in their height comparison so Natsumi decides to hang upside down on a parallel bar to grow taller. Likewise, Ryota too hangs from one to grow taller when Kouji suggests a comparison between Ryota and Chika. The loser will have to do anything for the winner. The results: Ryota beats Chika and that guy starts getting cocky when Kouji notices Ryota’s short legs. So another challenge on the parallel bar sees Chika having longer legs than Ryota. So that guy just had a longer torso, eh? Though it’s a draw in the end, Chika teases Ryota for his order. Natsumi’s appetite for milk in Lesson 31 (Milk) has her drinking lots and lots of bottles of it. The ever challenge nerd Ryota challenges Natsumi to a milk drinking contest, in which Natsumi beats him flat so much so Ryota has milk coming out from his nose! And Natsumi still could go on! Later Natsumi reveals that she is drinking lots of milk so that she could have big boobs when everyone thinks she wants to grow taller. But to her disappointment Natsumi finds that it is just a rumour. But the weird part is that Ryota is starting to have doubts because since he has drank quite a number of milk bottles, he is fearing that he is growing boobs! WTF?! Chika argues with Ryota that he won’t grow any boobs because he’s a guy but the kid still isn’t buying it. He goes on to rant that he fears his boobs may grow to be bigger than Chika’s! An insult or what!
A storm is coming in Lesson 32 (Typhoon). The guys are happy about it because it would mean class to be cancelled. The girls slowly one by one starts believing in the guys when they offer suggestions on several problems during the storm, except for Chika. Then the storm starts to go away and everyone desperately try calling its name to make it come back (storms of the world are given human names, right?) but to no avail. Yuki comes to class in a new fashion outfit in Lesson 33 (Fashion). Though the girls commend her, she goes over to Ryota and Tsubasa and is subtly giving them hints about her new dress. The oblivious guys are panicking because they don’t want to say the wrong things to upset her. After a few bloopers, Ryota then notices her long sleeves. By this time, Yuki is greatly anticipating for them to say the word, nodding her head in excitement in just about any sentence they say. Ryota and Tsubasa then realize that they have to wear shirts with sleeves or else they’ll end up sick like Kouji who is absent, and rushes off. Yuki realizes too late what the guys meant.
In Lesson 34 (Doze), Chika starts dozing off which has her head bump into Ryota’s (she can fall asleep while standing?). Later everyone has a sense of drowsiness and pin points where they get them from. It ends up Ryota being the culprit of how their drowsiness started. A dodgeball challenge is suggested to keep their minds alert. Yeah, Ryota always get hit in the face. Then a challenge to Natsumi has Kazumi sprain her ankle. Ryota has to shoulder the blame and give her a piggy-back ride home. As Ryota walks back with Chika, they hear Kazumi sleep talking saying "Ryota, suki…" (I love you Ryota). This shocks them both but it’s revealed that she her finished line meant that she just wanted to see Ryota in a skinhead. Kazumi then wakes up. Obviously Chika is jealous even if it’s a misunderstanding as they continue walking home. During home economics class in Lesson 35 (Eating), Yuki shows off her culinary skills by mixing anything and too much of everything for their miso soup. Would you want to eat that? Since Yuki test taste it herself and finds nothing wrong, Kouji takes a sip and gives the thumbs up before quickly walking out. So when it is Ryota’s turn, he immediately collapses. Outside the hallway, Kouji is at his limits and is on his knees at the hallway and looks like he has endured whatever pain so as not to break Yuki’s heart.
It is a cold day in Lesson 36 (Warmth). Because Natsumi ran on her way to school, she is all warm so the girls decide to warm themselves by putting their cold hands all over her body. This is sexual harassment. The guys are watching this commotion and as usual Ryota has unkind comments. This prompts Chika to touch him with her cold hands. But since she has ‘molested’ Natsumi, her hands are all warm. Ryota gets cocky when Kazumi comes up behind him to give him the shock of his life with her cold hands. He didn’t see that one coming, eh? Now he’s embarrassed. Lesson 37 (Fairytale) has Yuki and Kazumi overhearing from younger graders about a rumour that a princess’s kiss can heal wounds. Back in class, because Ryota is having some eye pain, Yuki suggests a cure and wants Chika to kiss him. But Chika says she can’t cure him and wants Yuki herself to do so. Yuki in a fix then passes it to Kazumi. With the mess getting out of hand, she then suggests Tsubasa and Kouji. Kouji starts to panic and forces Ryota to kiss Chika. Ryota then mentions how doing this will hurt him even more and this earns Chika’s wrath as she punches him. Then the pain in his eyes is gone. Kazumi then notices a dislodged eyelash which may be causing the pain. So much for the kissing rumours. I don’t know what Yuki meant when she said that is the power of love. Is she obsessed or still in denial?
Another Fairytale II in Lesson 38 takes on a more fantasy-like setting. Kazumi as Tinkerbell is seen guiding Ryota the prince to find the princess (Chika) to cure his short legs curse. Along the way, Ryota is being chased by a wolf (Natsumi), given a paper fan by klutzy water spirit Megumi, fighting off a battle between a witch (Yuki) and her knight (Kouji). I’m not sure why Ryota’s battle with Kouji is comparing their short legs but Ryota ultimately lost. Seeing this, Kouji gives his blessing for him to go seek the princess. As Ryota enters the castle room, he finds the princess sleeping in her bed. Unfortunately it turns out to be a sleeping cat (Tsubasa). Then the real princess comes in and since Ryota pisses her off by saying that if he kisses her he’ll be put under a weirder curse, Chika takes his paper fan and starts whacking him. He’s cursed alright. I don’t understand Lesson 39 (A Leaf) because Yuki and Chika are trying to console a crying Natsumi when the boys come by. They learn that Natsumi read a book with a sad ending whereby a sick girl says her life will end with the fall of the final leaf. Then Ryota spots the tree they are under as it only bears a single leaf. They gang tries not to make Natsumi look at it while slowly bringing her away from the tree but Yuki tripped along with her. Too late. Natsumi saw it and the leaf falls. With the leaf in her palms, Natsumi thanks it for doing its best and hugs the tree. She gets over her gloominess and returns back to her normal happy self. Huh?
Yuki decides to conduct her personal physical examinations on her pals in Lesson 40 (Suddenly). First victim is Megumi then Chika. I’m thinking they’re all sadist because when they are the victim, they are like against it and struggling while the rest turns into devils with red eyes and starts holding the victim down. Then when it’s somebody’s turn, the victim takes joy and becomes the devil. When it is Kazumi’s turn, she voluntarily took her clothes off before the girls could pound, shocking them all. Next is Yuki herself when Ryota decides to enter the infirmary but gets kicked out for being a pervert. Finally Natsumi it’s Natsumi’s turn and by that time, Ryota decides to try a 2nd time. Chika decides to stand guard outside but timing has her and Ryota missing each other when they enter the door. Ryota then sees the girls holding down Natsumi (like trying to rape her or something) and gets a 2nd beating for being a serial pervert. Lesson 41 (Duck) has the girls observing a lone duck swimming in a pool. They try calling it but to no avail until Kazumi calls out "Kobayashi" that the duck responds to her. The guys also arrive and when they wonder how Kazumi knows the duck’s name, her answer: "Because it is Kobayashi". Uh huh. Noticing the migrating flock in the sky, they wonder if it’s being separated and tries to make Kobayashi go back with them. Attempts to make the flock notice Kobayashi were futile too. Then as the gang decide to take care of Kobayashi, did it start to spread its wings and fly. The gang are happy but Kobayashi soon lands at a nearby organic park with other ducks. Looks like it’s just a local duck after all.
Kazumi comes in with a different hairstyle in Lesson 42 (Hairstyle). This has attracted the attention of the girls. Not to be outdone, fashion trend setter Yuki too decides to have a different hairstyle and soon the rest of the girls come to class with a unique (or weird) hairstyle the next day. When Ryota once again comments how their hairstyles have changed but their character remains the same, the girls gladly redo his hairstyle while he is sleeping and he gets the shock of his life when he sees it in the toilet mirror. Then 1 day Kazumi comes in to class with her original hairstyle and it is revealed that she tied her hair up because of her neck rash. Then everybody soon starts reverting back to their original hairstyle when Kouji comes in with a new rock and punk-like hairstyle. He felt embarrassed when he learns the girls have done away with it. In Lesson 43 (Ice), Ryota and his buddies keep a piece of ice chunk that they break from a frozen puddle. Chika warns him about getting frostbite so Ryota drops a piece into her shirt to send her in cold hysteria. Then the guys play their version of curling using their ice in the hallway, which causes Yuki and Chika to slip and drop their trash. They better be prepared for punishment. After school, Chika notices the frozen puddle and decides to break and get one but injures her foot and her shoe wet. Ryota comes by to see her and since Chika blames it on him for all that has happened, he has no choice but to give her a piggy-back ride home, in which she enjoys.
Lesson 44 (Roasted Sweet Potato) has the girls coming across a store selling roasted sweet potatoes. Chika, Yuki and Megumi notices a big one and decides to go for it when the guys come by. With the change in scenario (they’re thinking the perception of how the boys will view them if they select the biggest one), the trio decide to go for the smaller one as Natsumi has no qualms in taking the bigger one as they all enjoy their snack. Then somebody farts and though the trio don’t want to make a big fuss about it until Natsumi and Kazumi pointed it out and make things worse. Ryota and Kouji decide to challenge each other with their fart and things indicate that the fart culprit may be Tsubasa. In Lesson 45 (Kon Kon), The guys notice it is snowing outside but not enough to have their fun and is in a dilemma whether to go out before the other classes hog it. The girls start singing a children’s song which has the lyrics going the snow goes kon kon. This prompt everyone to wonder what kon kon mean. Something about relating to some fox but Kazumi points out that they’re all singing it wrongly. By that time, the gang notices the other classes have already gone out to play in the snow so they follow suit and have their fun.
Ryota’s bad luck streak continues in Lesson 46 (Lottery) when he continues to win consolation prizes of tissues at a lottery. Even Kouji ends up his umpteenth time winning only consolations. Same case with Tsubasa but he really does want a tissue for his running nose. Megumi, Yuki and Kazumi then arrive to play the lottery. Yuki rants on some impassiveness theory but she herself got a consolation prize. When it’s Kazumi’s turn, she got 4th prize and they think the key is indifference. Finally it is Megumi’s turn as she tries to apply the indifference theory and wins 2nd prize, some tickets to a bakery with high quality cake. The gang thinks that it is her empty stomach and thoughts on food which gets her to win the prize.
Natsumi is duped by Yuki into believing that chalks are edible in Lesson 47 (Munch Munch) and nearly could’ve eaten them if Chika didn’t stop her. Chika decides to pull this prank on Ryota and initially that guy didn’t believe her until she mentions some high technology food safety precaution measures did that guy instantly took a bite. While Chika laughs, this made Ryota to say her cookies are bad. Because of that, Chika avoids talking to Ryota and he regrets it. He gets advice from Kouji about never say bad about a woman’s cooking when Yuki shows up and asks his opinion about his cookies. Kouji has no choice but to lie. Happy Yuki then tells him to look forward to her Christmas cake. Oh boy. Later Ryota tries to apologize but it isn’t enough as Chika wants him to kiss her as a condition to forgive him. After summing up his courage, he does and takes her by surprise. Then she wonders if he has washed his lips after biting the chalk, which he didn’t. Yeah, the chalk taste is there. But even if this kiss isn’t sweet, it isn’t that bad for Chika. Lesson 48 (Merry Christmas) is the shortest story ever because it shows clips of what the gang are doing while John Lennon’s Merry Christmas War Is Over song is being played in the background. Like Megumi enjoying her cake (for once she puts away her scale and doesn’t worry too much about it), Natsumi getting baseball equipment as gifts, Kazumi writing her observation diary about Santa, Tsubasa observing the night sky, Yuki visiting Kouji’s home to give her Christmas cake (he’s in big trouble now. Regret what he said?) and Chika and Ryota watching the snow together out in their balcony.
Episode 49 (Yubikiri) starts off with a flashback whereby young Ryota and Chika made a promise to marry each other. In present time, Kouji is demonstrating his magic skills by successfully pulling a table cloth under from a deck of cards. The boys cheer him on until Kazumi pushes her finger to make it tumble. Thing is, Kouji’s trick has been revealed. The cards are stuck with glue. What a big disappointment. Chika then comes in very happy, having dreamt a good dream. Ryota is clueless and later tries to eavesdrop when Chika tries to speak about it at the toilet but was nearly caught as a peeping tom. Attempts to eavesdrop from Yuki to failed when Kazumi requested for his help to pin up papers. While doing so, Kazumi says that she has heard from Chika about the time during kindergarten. Ryota remembers about his marriage promise. Since he said he’s still thinking about it all the time, Kazumi responds by saying how pitiful. This made Ryota mad as he pushes her onto the floor. He realizes his mistake but Chika has witnessed everything. Kazumi clears the air with Chika on the way home and Chika realized something when Kazumi says Ryota got mad on what she said earlier on.
The next day as Chika and Ryota walk together to school, you could say that they reconcile but with the usual spat. When Ryota blurts out about the promise, Chika looked stumped. Then he finds out that the talk all along was actually about Ryota wetting his bed! He realized that was what Kazumi meant. So in school, Ryota is in depressed mode, not talking to anyone. Attempts like Megumi giving her pudding or Natsumi’s milk drinking challenge combo with Kazumi pulling off a funny face didn’t turn things around but instead made him sulk even more. Then one evening sitting alone in the classroom, Chika comes by to have a chat with him. She tells him to try his best and be a better man since it’s too simple to get married because of a promise. At the shoe locker area, Chika trips while putting on her shoe but Ryota catches her hand as they walk home together. In the end scenes, we see several developments like Megumi’s little physical change around her chest area, Natsumi wearing a skirt for the first time, Kouji with a clean successful trick but was forced by Yuki to clean up the mess, Tsubasa infatuated with the snowflakes and yes, Kazumi persisting for Ryota to lend him his finger for her loose tooth. And when Chika comes in to see what they’re doing… The usual ruckus until Ryota trips and falls on top of Chika and Kazumi on top of him. Yeah, the hold class watching. Chika punches him as punishment but soon wonders if she hit him too hard. Everyone then gathers outside to admire the snow.
Is there anything groundbreaking? With nearly half of the Lessons being repeats from the OVA and probably just shown in a different manner, I hardly doubt it. As for the new Lessons, some are really funny which made me laugh out loud like the one whereby Ryota thinks he’s going to grow boobs just because he drank too much milk. Then there are some Lessons which I don’t get like Natsumi crying over a single leaf. The characters themselves aren’t anything new though they are quite amusing in their own ways. Like tomboy Natsumi has no qualms about stripping in front of her pals, Megumi and her weight conscious thinking at her age, Kazumi’s peculiar ways makes her an even enigmatic girl and Ryota’s tendency to ‘get into trouble’. He’s going to grow up with a high resistance to pain seeing the amount of beatings he received from misunderstood situations. Ah well, boys will be boys and girls will be girls.
Those hoping to see any chemistry taking flight between Ryota and Chika would surely be disappointed towards the end. I guess they have just patch up and renew their friendship. But I suppose that’s a start. Don’t really expect kids at that age to act all lovey-dovey, don’t you? Better for things to stay the way as it is now and take things a little step at a time. What about Yuki and Kouji? There are little indications, though. But nothing concrete.
Another obvious thing I should have mentioned earlier is the drawing and animation. In short, it is much horrible! As compared to the OVA, the art now seems to be very simplified and lacking lots of details. Trying to make it a little cartoonish because it’s intended for children? Due to that, the characters look a little different and ‘uglier’. Initially I couldn’t recognize pretty Chika and could only guess by deduction that this now yellow-haired girl is her. At least they still maintain the ‘manly’ facial expressions during confrontation and ‘tense’ situations to put some drama effect. I could say that this drawing does make the kids look grown up, mature and better looking than the standard drawing although it also feels more simplified than the OVA.
The TV series also has done away with the previous voice acting casts of the OVA and has a totally new casts for it. Not that I can remember how the voice acting of the OVA and the TV series but I guess they sound close enough. Like Kazumi still sounds ominous and Ryota is still the loudmouth kid whenever he raises his voice. There are a few fun background music which feels like kiddie songs, especially played during the mid-intermission between Lessons (you can also see random poses of the characters during that). I’m not sure why but the TV series has 4 different endings and the 5th one for the final episode which is the opening theme. A new ending theme and animation after 3 episodes. Well, they all sound like a group of children singing together (actually from the seiyuus of the series) and leans more towards pop or ballad. Just like the opening theme too. No children songs, though. However all the ending and opening themes didn’t appeal to me.
So after a 1 volume manga which has been adapted into OVAs then a special followed by a TV series, what’s next in store? A movie length feature? Maybe. Even if they do come out with one, I won’t be surprise if they rerun certain clips from its predecessors. And then perhaps a video game… Nah, better not. A childhood is a special phase in life which combines the process of learning and fun. I believe such period of innocence shouldn’t be taken away. Unless in the case of this series, would learning a little naughty stuff by accident considered to be loss of innocence? And when little lolis and shotas display a little of bit of their ecchi side, would it mean they will grow up to be perverts? It all depends on the lessons they learn…

Kyo No Go No Ni

Hah! I knew it at one point that they had to make additional episodes of the series Kyo No Go No Ni, this time entitled Kyo No Go No Ni – Extracurricular Lesson. However this time this OVA has been classified as a special. Why? Because this episode lasts only over 5 minutes! In the previous OVA episodes, each story too lasts around that running time but they have a total of 5 stories in a single episode.
The title of this particular short title is mizukake (water chicken) and it opens with the gang after their swimming lessons in school. You know, after taking a swim with other students in the school pool, one has to wash oneself properly in order to clean oneself of the germs, virus and other chemicals like chlorine floating in the swimming pool. You’ll never know what kind of disease you can contract from such places. However, we see Ryota sort of reluctant to wash his face at the basin. So he’s like faking it by putting his face close to the water tap but without washing it.
So when he finally turns it off after making likes as though he has done so, Chika and Yuuki stops him because they know he hasn’t really properly done his washing yet. Chika goes on to lecture him that if he doesn’t wash his face, his eyes will get pain but Ryota scoffs her off by saying that it’s not her eyes and to leave him alone. But Chika isn’t going to have it his way because she doesn’t want some strange voice crying like a baby about how painful his eyes are behind her during class.
Then Yuuki says how she too dislike the idea of washing one’s face and thinks it is scary. Ryota quickly agrees with her so Yuuki takes the opportunity to tease him that he’s a chicken even though he’s a boy, pissing Ryota off. Chika then comes up with a non-scary solution and asks if Yuuki wants to try it out. Chika tells Yuuki to close her eyes while aligning them directly above the faucet. Before Chika could tell her what to do next, she says how there is a hole at the bottom of Yuuki’s swimsuit. Yuuki’s reaction is to open her eyes in disbelieve and that is when Chika suddenly turned on the tap as the water comes gushing out hitting her eyes directly. Ouch.
Yuuki starts crying due to that nasty surprise while Chika teases her that she fell for it. Chika is such a meanie. Then Yuuki stopped crying because she noticed that Ryota along with his males buddies, Kouji and Tsubasa are looking at her butt trying to spot where that hole is! Little perverts! Soon Ryota and Yuuki engaged in another argument calling each other a kid for falling for a prank like that or have no courage to wash his eyes.
Kouji and Tsubasa then decide to let those ‘children’ continue fighting while they the ‘adults’ go change. Yuuki decides to go change too but as Ryota thinks the same thing, Chika won’t allow him to escape. Not until he properly washes his eyes. Yeah, she’s going to properly watch over him till he does so.
Later on as Tsubasa, Kouji and Yuuki are done changing, they meet up with Kazami and tell her that they’re waiting for Chika and Ryota and wondering what is taking them so long as the next class will be starting soon. Then Kouji gets a naughty idea that if Ryota really dislikes that idea so much, he’s personally going to wash him with a water hose.
Yeah, Ryota still hasn’t got the courage to wash his eyes and is just putting his face over the faucet under the watchful eye of Chika. Is he going to take all day? Kouji then comes by and surprises him by blasting the water hose at him. This causes Ryota to slip and fall. Uh huh. Ryota fell on top of Chika and it looks as though they’re in quite a compromising situation. Kouji expresses his apologies when Ryota snatches the water hose away from him. You can see the devilish faces of Ryota and Chika who are going to get their revenge. Since Kouji and the gang are dry and have completely changed, you know what this means. Better run for your lives!
But Yuuki seems to be slow to react to what they mean so Ryota starts chasing her with the water hose although she hasn’t done anything wrong. Yeah, you could see Ryota’s full devil face as he chases her down! He’s laughing like one too. Cornered and nowhere to run, Yuuki then slips (the floor was wet) and fell into the swimming pool. I guess that splash was enough to ‘wash’ Ryota’s entire’s face but then again, that’s pool water, right? Yuuki starts crying once more.
In class, we see Ryota studying in his swimming trunks because he has to lend his clothes to Yuuki while hers is left to dry. Feeling a little guilty? Can’t say that it isn’t his fault, right? I mean, if he had just be like a man and washed his eyes then all this could have been averted. And I wonder why he picked on Yuuki instead of Kouji who originally sprayed the hose on him. Perhaps he thought since Chika managed to bully her, he could have his fill of fun. Well, he just went a little overboard.
I think this short special is just a little taste of things to come. That’s because a TV adaptation of the series has been released since the late quarter of 2008. I guess the OVA is quite popular in order for it to be given a regular weekly television schedule. It would be nice to see what little ecchi antics these little kids have in store.
For a one off special like this, I guess this episode is pretty okay since it brought back nostalgic memories when I was watching the series. Yeah, it also brought back nostalgic memories when I had my swimming lessons when I was young. Thank goodness and many thanks to mainly my dad that we took lots of precautionary measures to protect and maintain our hygiene. From goggles to applying shampoo and soap to proper scrubbing. Ah, those were the swimming days…
Kyou No Go No Ni

Kyo No Go No Ni

October 12, 2007

You know, I actually didn’t really expect that Kyo No Go No Ni had more episodes after the last time I blogged this series way back in 8th December 2006. I thought there were only 2 episodes in this OVA but now it seems there has been an additional 2 more, making a total of 4 episodes. But nevertheless I checked it out because I really find this series funny.
As a recap, we have this 5th grader kid Ryota who seems to get into ecchi situations with his classmate girls Chika, Natsumi, Megumi, Kazumi and Yuuki. Yup, there’s a little hint of ecchiness here and if you’re the kind with loli-fetish, you should like something about this series. However, after watching the 2 new episodes, I find that it is somewhat less ecchi and funny as compared to the first 2. But it isn’t really that bad either.
The new 2 episodes also follows the same format as the previous 2 in the sense that there are 5 story arcs in each episode worth 30 minutes of show time. Even the opening and ending theme songs are the same and so are the voice actors and actresses too. Of course they are the same lah. It’s not like it’s a second sequel nor is it a spin-off sequel.
So to start things off with the first part of episode 3, sees Ryota and his 2 buddies, Tsubasa and Kouji, at the library. While Ryota and Kouji are real bored, Tsubasa seems to be really into reading a book of the mysteries of the cosmos. Meanwhile, Chika is trying to reach some book on a bookshelf which is too high for her and there isn’t any stepstool nearby. Chika spots Ryota walking pass by and is surprised to see him setting foot in the library. I guess Ryota has a reputation of not being the studious kind. Anyway Chika calls him and wants him to give her a piggy ride on his shoulders so that she could get the book. Ryota of course wouldn’t do it, that is until Chika calls him a weakling. So this typical guy has got an ego to protect too. Thus Chika is on Ryota’s shoulders and the latter is having a hard time keeping his balance and blames it on Chika’s weight while Chika herself is having fun and even asks Kazumi to have a look. Chika then felt something tickling her… ahem ahem and thinks Ryota is being a pervert. Soon Ryota can’t keep his balance as he tumbles. Ryota felt something soft and realizes that he just felt Chika’s butt! Not only that. Because his head was underneath her skirt and it was so dark, he flips her skirt over revealing her panties. It seems when the duo fell over, they collided into Kazumi who’s lying there too with her undies exposed. Must be a nice scene for Ryota. Later as Chika and Ryota apologizes to Kasumi, they saw how Kouji and Tsubasa used one of the library chairs to get a book from the top shelf. Now why didn’t they think of that. As usual after their ‘shocking’ find, they resume arguing and blaming each other.
In part 2, we see the 5 girls in the infirmary together and it seems Yuuki has a ‘naughty’ idea of wanting to do some physical measurements. Yeah, she’s thinking of taking Megumi’s stats as the other girls hold her down. At the same time, Ryota has a cold and decides to head to the infirmary. Since the nurse has left to do some errands, it means that the girls have the room all to themselves. So Ryota arrives and wonders why the infirmary is so noisy. He opens the door to see the girls holding and stripping Megumi. Okay, Megumi’s not really being stripped. She’s just got her shirt pulled up just revealing her lower portion of her breasts right down to her tummy. With that, Yuuki throws the measuring tape at Ryota and bullseye. Ryota heads back to his class and soon once the girls are done with Megumi, they move on to Natsumi next. Yeah, she’s pretty reluctant just like Megumi earlier on. In order to prevent what happened earlier on, Chika volunteers to keep watch. Meanwhile Ryota decides to go back there after thinking the girls may be gone. All in good timing, when Chika goes out of the infirmary, Ryota goes in. Yup, because they slide open the door halfway, they step forward without meeting each other. While Chika guards, Ryota comes up to the bed and it’s deja vu. This time on Natsumi. And another deja vu as the girls call him a pervert while Ryota gets thrown by that measuring tape again and Chika wondering what is that ruckus all about.
Natsumi wonders how a chalk tastes like in part 3. Yeah, she’s thinking it’s strawberry if it’s pink and banana if it’s yellow. Therefore she concludes it’s edible. As the girls debate, Chika spots Ryota playing with his buddies and asks him if he knows chalks are tasty. Ryota didn’t believe her at first but after Chika says how chalk these days are designed to be edible as precaution for young children who accidentally ate it, in addition to it has zero calories, Ryota then takes the chalk and sucks it! Everyone watches in surprise. As expected Ryota spits it out and says how yucky it is. The girls laugh and Chika teasing him how she didn’t think he would fall for it so easily. Ryota then retaliates by saying it’s better than the Valentine Chocolates she gave him. With that, Chika throws the duster at him. Ever since, Chika has avoided talking to Ryota. Ryota talks to his buddies and they said how stupid it was. We see Kouji telling Natsumi how her Valentine Chocolates she gave her was good even though it really sucked. Is that really what it means to be a man? Later during gym, Ryota approaches Chika who’s drinking at the tap and says her chocolate were good but she ignored him. Ryota grabs her hand and asks her what would it take to forgive him. Chika says to kiss her. Though reluctant, Ryota eventually does. After a short stare at each other, Chika asks Ryota if he rinsed his lips after he ate the chalk. He didn’t. Chika quickly washes her lips and says that she won’t forgive him. But it seems they’re back to becoming friends again when Chika says depends on what Ryota gives her on White Day as they both smiled.
In part 4, while Chika and Yuuki are chatting in the hallway, a couple of naughty lower grade boys ran pass them and flips up their skirt. Of course the duo aren’t too fond of it but since they’re younger than them, it’s forgiveable because they look ‘cute’. Is it? With that, they decide to ask the other girls opinion. After getting their opinions, they decide to asks the boys. Chika starts off by saying how old were they when they flip skirts. Of course the guys are a little embarrassed and seemingly unnatural when they try to answer the question. Yeah, Yuuki’s taking down notes too. So they better be careful of what and how they say it. Ryota on the other hand says he has never flip a girl’s skirt before, incurring the wrath of Kouji who wants him to confess that he has done it before because it’s natural for guys to do so. So does this mean I’m not a natural guy? As Kouji pushes Ryota, the latter fell backwards as his feet flips up Chika and Yuuki’s skirt in the process. Even though it isn’t really Ryota’s fault, the 2 girls helped him up and pounded him before walking away furiously. With that, Kouji with passion, notes that that was the legendary overhead skirt flip. What the?
Chika, Yuuki and Kazumi are talking about how cute cats are in part 5. Your typical ‘eeee-so-cute’ kinda girly talk. Ryota isn’t too amused about their conversation and wonders what’s so good about a cat and proceeds to tell them about the bad habits of one. So a short debate ensues before Yuuki says how nice a feeling cat paws are. Since Ryota isn’t familiar with this, Yuuki wants somebody to bring a cat and show its greatness to him. As Yuuki tries to explain the greatness of a cat’s paw, Kazumi grabs and pinches Yuuki’s ear. Soon Chika pinches Yuuki’s other ear and says this is how a cat’s paw feels like. Ryota then had a go by pinching Yuuki’s ear but still doesn’t get it. Then Kazumi presses softly Chika’s lips with her fingers. But when Yuuki did her turn, Chika gets a little annoyed and says it should be like this as she pinched Yuuki’s cheek. Yuuki retaliates by grabbing and squezzing Chika’s butt with her palms while saying it’s like this. So what is Chika’s retaliation? I didn’t see this one coming. That’s because, Chika squeezed Yuuki’s breasts from behind. The duo then tries to do one on Kazumi but she avoided them so fast so much so that they think she has cat-like reflexes. Just when they’re about to give up on the topic, a stray cat comes in. Chika then gives the cat to Ryota and asks him to feel its paws. Later as Kouji and Tsubasa comes and asks Ryota if he prefers cats or dogs. Ryota replies he’s a dog person. Yeah, all that cat scratches on his face must have helped him made up his mind.
The fun continues in part 1 of episode 4 whereby it’s Megumi’s turn to have her fair share of air time after I felt that the previous episode has more on Chika and Yuuki. Anyway, Megumi’s in a little panic because her bloomers are missing. She was sure that she put it in her bag and wore it during gym class. Ryota then turns into a detective and says that there might be robbery in this class and tell the girls that it’s their chance to give it back to Megumi now. Kouji then says that a guy might have taken it and Kazumi continues that the criminal may be one of their own classmates since there was no signs of foreign intrusion, Chika suggests that all the boys to be checked thoroughly. Yeah, a first internal affairs for the class. After checking and clearing all the boys, there is still 1 guy left, Ryota. He’s clutching his bag closely and won’t allow anyone near it. They are thinking he may the one behind it all as they try to snatch the bag away but during the struggle, Ryota’s bag opened and it’s revealed that there are several pudding cups in it. The secret’s out of the bag as the guys then says how Ryota was hiding all this from them and wants him to share his extra puddings with them. Yeah, the guys had a little tussle over it as Ryota’s still pretty adamant of not handing them over. Meanwhile, the girls are still pondering where have Megumi’s bloomers gone to when Natsumi comes in and hears the whole thing. She then flips up Megumi’s skirt, and tada! Megumi’s wearing them! Uh-huh. She just forgot to take them off after gym. Silly girl. Can’t she feel the difference of wearing one. By the way, the guys are still fighting over the pudding. I suppose it’s best to let them be.
In part 2, Chika and Megumi are comparing heights as Yuuki quotes how they are as tall as each other. Later during gym class, Natsumi is hanging upside down on the vertical bar and since her shirt isn’t tugged in, it drops nearly revealing her breasts. The other girls are trying to cover it up. At the nearby vertical bar, Ryota is seen hanging on it. To cut things short, Ryota thinks he’ll get taller this way though he says he’s just testing his limits. Soon they decide to see who’s taller, Ryota or Chika. Though Ryota doesn’t want to do it, Chika teases him saying that is his mouth the only thing big. Ryota then throws down the challenge in which the taller one will be king and the shorter one will be the servant and must obey whatever the king says. It’s on. As Chika and Ryota stood back to back and Yuuki taking their measurement, finally the results are out. Ryota is taller! He’s bragging and is in ecstacy. While Ryota’s laughing, Kouji notices how Ryota has short legs. Thus another challenge to sit on the vertical bar to verify this. Ryota is reluctant but Chika seems to be trying to tempt him and ‘take on her’. I guess it must be true because later in class, Ryota isn’t feeling good as Chika rubs his head while in a cheerful mood saying what are the short-legged king’s orders though she admits she lost out on height.
In part 3, Ryota and Kouji are engaged in a ‘heated battle’ by hitting each other using towels? Anyway, Kouji further challenges Ryota to a 3-legged match to settle this match in their gym class later. Also they’re gonna be paired up with a girl. Kouji seems passionate about explaining the manly stuffs about the 3-legged race and in the end, Ryota can’t stand it as they continue whacking each other with their towel. Hahaha. So funny to see them in their chibi form. So the pairings are Tsubasa with Natsume, Ryota with Yuuki and Kouji with Chika. Yuuki teases how Ryota wants to be with Chika as Ryota starts pinching her cheeks. Kouji seems to be in sync with Chika and mocks how Ryota and his partner has started fighting and that there’ll be no contest at all as Kouji walks away confidently. So over the next few scenes, we see how Ryota is determined to practice walking 3-legged with Yuuki. The only ecchi part here is when they walked down the flight of stairs, they tripped and you can see Yuuki’s undies. But that’s about it. Though Yuuki is through, Ryota pleads to her to cooperate with him just a little longer. Ah well, I’m not sure how they end up facing in different directions while tying their heels together. On race day, as expected, the Ryota-Yuuki team tripped on their first step while Tsubasa-Chika makes a flying start. Ryota lost.
Part 4 and 5 are actually the same story arc but it’s just split into 2 parts. This part has more drama in it as it starts off with a yubikiri (pinky swear) between Ryota and Chika while they were younger. At the toilet, Ryota overhears Chika talking to her friends in the adjacent toilet about how Ryota may have forgotten about something from long time ago. Ryota runs away when other girls caught him trying to get closer to hear the conversation in the ladies’. Even back in class, Ryota saw how the other girls are snickering and laughing to themselves as they try to control their ‘whispering volume’. Later during the evening, Ryota helps Kazumi put up some notices in their classroom. Kazumi says she has heard it from Chika about Ryota and her during kindergarten with Ryota replying that’s in the past. Kazumi adds does he have any lingering feelings but Ryota says he’s not completely over it. Then Kazumi says "Don’t tell me you still…", a slight pause before she continues "How sad for you". Ryota is taken aback and is a little mad as he confronts her so much so he pushed her. But they both fall down and Ryota is on top of her. You’ll guess this is one of those cliches because Ryota notices that Chika has just walked in and she saw and misunderstood the situation. Typical.
While Chika walks back in a gloomy mood, Kazumi catches up with her and the 2 chat. Kazumi tells Chika that it isn’t Ryota’s fault but Chika just says that she’s just mad about Ryota’s attitude for getting violent and jumpy. Thus Chika finds out how their argument started. The next day, Ryota is surprised to see a cheery Chika apologizing to him. Soon the 2 talked about their yubikiri they made back then. Chika still remembers Ryota’s teary face when they made that promise. Ryota realized something different and asks what she’s talking about. Chika mentions about the time he wet his bed. So that was the promise made. Not to tell anyone that Ryota still did something that embarrassing. Ryota then reflects back Kazumi’s words. Another misinterpreted situation. But Chika soon blushes and says how Ryota still remembers that promise, the one whereby they’ll get married when they grow up. Later after class, Chika asks Ryota if he has stop wetting his bed because she doesn’t intend to marry a bed-wetter. She continues and says since it’s just a memory and too simple for him, she wants him to work hard to be a better man for her. But she soon says she was just kidding as she goes off in a good mood. Ryota has a flashback of the moment then. How he’s crying and Chika’s trying to console him. Soon Ryota spots Chika trying to put her shoes on. Because she’s doing it with 1 feet, Chika lost her balance but Ryota manages to grab hold of her arm in time. He lends his hand as a support while Chika puts on her shoes as she thanks him. The 2 smiled and stared at each other.
Overall, though I find it less funny than the previous 2 episodes, but nevertheless I still enjoy this one. And no, I don’t have lolita-fetish, mind you. It didn’t turn me into one either. But I once mentioned that this series may seem like kiddie porn to some. So if you really want to watch this, just be aware of this a little. Though the ecchiness is toned down in these 2 episodes.
So if they’re gonna make a 5th episode, I won’t be surprise (or maybe I would) since initially I thought they stopped at 2. Well, even so I’m sure they’ll be trying to fill in the remaining chapters that weren’t featured in these 4 episodes. Uh-huh, the series is based on a 1 volume manga and so far all the episodes that have appeared originated from there. Hmm… By the way, I seem to notice the way they draw the characters’ ear lobes. It’s like as though they’re being ‘bitten’. Oh well.
And even though it may seem harmless, don’t try any of the antics here. I know, boys will be boys and girls will be girls. It’s all part of the process of growing up. I’m just glad in the end Ryota and Chika made good with each other. Hopefully if they ever make more future episodes of the series, I’d like to see how these 2 turn out.

Kyou No Go No Ni

December 8, 2006

Well, what more can I say about Kyou No Go No Ni. It’s another one of those OVA anime series. Meaning that it has only 2 episodes worth approximately 30 minutes of show time. Why only 2 episodes? Because this series is based on the short-lived manga of the same name with only 1 volume! Yeah, that’s pretty short all right.
This comedy-romance series has some ecchi elements in it. That’s probably the main reason why it’s funny in the first place. But don’t worry, the ecchi-ness isn’t that bad in the sense that it becomes hardcore hentai. That’s why it’s only ecchi. So good thing too no full blown bare chested naked girls since the girls here are kiddie-like and just reaching puberty, thus no big bust and oversized breasts.
So what’s this series about? It’s about this 5th grader boy named Ryota Sato and how he gets into ecchi troubles and situations with his 5th grader girl classmates. Though he isn’t the perverted kind (okay, maybe slightly and at times), due to some unfortunate circumstances, he ends up in one beyond his control and is usually in a pinch or misunderstood.
Each of the episodes are divided into 5 short stories in which sees how Ryota has his ‘unfortunate experience’. The first episode seems to be more like one-on-one, meaning Ryota and introducing 1 of his girl classmates for that particular episode’s ‘weird misadventure’. So 1 different girl for 1 short story. Though the rest of the other girls made their appearance that well, but they aren’t ‘directly involved’. Whereas in the second episode it isn’t like that and more of them were ‘involved’ instead of 1. At least I felt that way.
Anyway, this is what each of the short stories of Ryota’s encounter. In the first part of episode 1, it’s between Ryota and a seemingly no-expression and never-smile-before girl, Kazumi Aihara. The 2 were suppose to finish up some class report together and had to stay back after class to complete it. And that Kazumi girl has a habit of biting things so much so that one of her tooth is loose and is gonna come off. The ecchi part is where Ryota has a paper cut on his index finger and Kazumi just like some spontaneous impulse took hand suck his finger! And she’s seemingly sucking it so… passionately. The scene looked like… well… ahem ahem. And Ryota’s seemingly enjoying it… passionately. Is he? Well at first, but later when he realized that she’s sucking to long, he quickly removed his finger, only thing, Kazumi’s tooth came out due to his pulling force. Kazumi thanks him for pulling it out and then says that she has another baby tooth and if Ryota could lend her his other finger. Haha.
The second short story is between Ryota and Yuuki Asano. During class, one of Ryota’s classmates, Kouji Imai and Tsubasa Kawai, brought some porn magazine to class, much to Yuuki and the other girl’s disgust. And his buddies are somehow implicating Ryota into it as they’re asking him to tell the girls that a woman’s breats is what makes a woman. But he just simply mentions that the most sensual part of a woman’s body is… the collarbone. Huh?!. I guess everybody’s a little shock over his answer. And at the playground after school, Ryota seems to be having some ‘lecture’ about the collarbone thingy to his ‘followers’. As he took a break and heads for the drinking fountain, he met Yuuki who’s there for the same reason. As Ryota offered her to drink first, he somewhat admiring and staring at Yuuki’s chest. When Yuuki realized what he was doing, she felt embarrassed and violated. Ryota thought he may have violated her in a way by staring at her chest and apologizes profusely. But Yuuki then mentioned that although it’s weird, he’s staring at her collarbones. Yeah, because earlier on her friends were mentioning to her how ‘revealing’ her collarbone is. Is that a sign of relief or shock for Ryota. Anyway, Yuuki still calls him a pervert and splashes the fountain water onto him. Hahaha.
The third story sees how Ryota lost a one-on-one football match with Natsumi Hirakawa during PE period. Because the former lost, he has to reluctantly help her by finding some cones for some sport event in the sports store room. But they couldn’t find it as their PE teacher, Tamura, locks the door, thinking they may have left without closing up properly. When the 2 found out that they’re being locked in, Natsumi begins to feel afraid as she’s scared of the dark. Ryota saw this as his means of revenge for his earlier lost. So he just dropped some ball and Natsumi got so afraid that in her panic, she grabbed on to the nearest thing, which was Ryota’s pants, pulling it down and screaming!!! Of course, Ryota’s trying to pull it back up. As Tamura and some of his students heard some noise over at the store room, they opened the door and saw them both in that… ahem ahem… blow job position!!! Ryota caught with his pants down!!! And since Natsumi’s crying and saying how scary it was (referring to the darkness rather than that perverted situation as everyone else was thinking), Tamura thought that Ryota did something to her and proceeds to pound him properly. Hahahaha. Too bad Ryota. This is my favourite story among the others.
In the fourth story, Ryota over ate and is experiencing some stomach discomfort as he heads to the infirmary to rest. As he’s resting, his girl classmate Megumi Hidaka enters the infirmary too. He manages to spot her but before he can do anything, Megumi’s undressing herself! She’s stripping down to her undies! Why? Because she’s weighting herself on a scale and she’s a little conscious about her weight and which isn’t at a satisfying level at the moment. She even took off her glasses as she thought it was also contributing to her ‘heaviness’. Is Ryota enjoying this? His facial expression seems like he’s gonna be in for trouble if he don’t get away. Unfortunately, he slipped and fell out of bed. And as Megumi turned and looked, Ryota thought he was in trouble as she’s staring for quite a while. But then, Megumi said to herself that she can’t see anything without her glasses. Phew. Saved by the glasses. As she went to put on her glasses, Ryota manage to slip away and hide somewhere. Megumi then looked at the scales and noticed her weight has dropped to the normal level as she jumped with joy. I guess Ryota’s a bit relieved too.
The last story of episode 1 is between Ryota and his classmate Chika Koizumi. Well, they’re more than just classmates, in fact childhood friends, as mentioned by Ryota. But Chika doesn’t think and feel that way. Yup, looks like this girl has a secret crush on Ryota. During after class, Ryota has some itch in his eye while trying to complete his homework and Chika had an idea to get rid of his itch without him rubbing it (wink, wink). First she asked him to close his eyes real tight and not to open them. Then she slowly proceeds into a kissing position and is gonna kiss his lips. Unfortunately, their classmates who happened to pass by saw what’s gonna happened and sounded the ‘surprised’ alarm. Of course, Ryota and Chika would be shock at first and bumped each other heads. Ouch. As they asked what were they doing, Chika then told Ryota that she was just fooling with him, leaving the others in stitches as they thought they were having a moment of intimacy. Later as Ryota says how it sucks with his eyes still itchy, Chika also mentioned the same. but Ryota’s still unaware what Chika’s planning earlier on. Oh well, yet so close, yet so far.
The ecchi-ness continues in episode 2. In the first part, we see Ryota and Kouji having some duel to see who’s rubber ball can bounce higher. Nearby, Kazumi, Yuuki and Megumi were chatting when the rubber balls dropped on their heads. Of course, the girls approached them. Then the 2 wanted to try again and as they did, the balls bounced up and lifted the skirts of Megumi and Yuuki, revealing their undies. Though Ryota and Kouji saw it, they make donno and played dumb, much to the 2 girl’s annoyance. As Ryota walks away, Yuuki went after him asking him to apologize. However, she stepped on one of the rubber balls and in a way when she slipped, her right foot kicked Ryota’s crotch. OUCH!!! And Kouji and Tsubasa’s thinking that she’s gone too far. Of course Yuuki says it’s a misunderstanding. That doesn’t help when Kazumi says "nice kick" and gives a thumbs up. Maybe Ryota deserves it in a way.
Ryota’s having lunch at the canteen in the second story when he suddenly bumps into Kouji causing him to loose his balance. Good thing is he didn’t spill his soup he was carrying. Bad news is, he managed to find his balance, but only after he accidentily pushed and squeezed a small packet box of milk onto Megumi’s face. And they show the milk being squeezed out in slo-mo and in various different shots. And the milk covering all over Megumi’s face right down to her top part of her chest looked like some porn… ahem ahem. You know lah. And as Ryota stares (yeah, he must be fantasizing about it), he inadvertently spills his soup onto Yuuki’s lap, which looked like some porn… ahem ahem. Of course the 2 are mad at Ryota but they need to dry their clothes as they stayed in the infirmary. But because they had some meeting, they borrowed Natsumi’s clothes for a while and said they’ll be back soon. Yup, so Natsumi’s in her undies now and stays put in the infirmary.
Later Ryota who’s feeling a little bad about the whole incident, decides to head down there and apologize. But as he arrived, he’s surprised to find Natsumi sleeping there instead of Megumi and Yuuki. As he pokes her face to wake her up to ask why, Natsumi turns in her sleep revealing her semi-naked half. Wargh! Ryota’s in a dilemma. He must be enjoying it since he’s staring so long. Or maybe it’s just the slo-mo camera at different shots. Unfortunately, Megumi and Yuuki returned. And they’re pretty mad to see Ryota there, though he’s just standing there watching. And before he could explain himself, the 2 girls beat him up. I guess it serves him right too.
In the third part, Ryota doesn’t play an active role nor is this story that ecchi. Here, Kazumi and Yuuki are supposed to do some observation report and are bored to death as they need to observe something which doesn’t move. Then they noticed Ryota sleeping with a note saying that he’ll beat anybody up if they try to wake him up. So the 2 recorded and observed Ryota’s reactions and whatever sounds he make when they try out different stuffs to make him awake like holding his mouth shut and even a soft blow to his ear. But it looks like he can sleep through all that. Finally, Kazumi tried bitting his ear! At first they thought it didn’t work. But soon Ryota wakes up and asks the girls if they did anything to him. Then Kazumi replied that Kouji and Tsubasa pulled his ear and ran away. Wah! That’s a big lie. Scary. And when Kouji and Tsubasa comes in, a very angry Ryota took some skipping rope and proceeds to whip the 2, who’re still unaware of what’s going on. Pity them lah. But now the girls know what he’ll do when he’s being abruptly awaken.
There isn’t anything that ecchi either in the fourth part and most probably is the most boring one. Ryota and his 2 pals noticed how Kazumi never smiles and so they device a plan to make her smile like making funny faces and armpit tickling. But it didn’t work. Then Chika suggests that they do it by force. Unfortunately, Kazumi ran away first before they could get a hold of her. Chika eventually manage to catch her and they both tickled themselves to laughter. Yeah and it looked a bit like some yuri there. When the boys arrived, they saw the 2 girls tired out. At least Kazumi smiled a bit there. And in the closing scenes, we see Chika and Kazumi tickling each other’s face with a brush…?! And just like what Ryota said, they looked like they’re enjoying it.
And in the last story of the episode, we see a flashback whereby a young Ryota and Chika are arguing over something. Back to present time, Ryota’s has that uneasy feeling of walking home togehter with Chika, because the latter requested it. Plus, Chika asked him to come over to her house since he had nothing to do for the rest of the day. Well, he reluctantly agreed. Ryota’s mind must be running wild and his heart beating (more to worrying than pleasure) when they reached Chika’s home and she told him that no one else is in but the 2 of them. And in her room, the 2 sitting on her bed at a distance, some uneasy atmosphere there, blush blush, shy shy, and some deep thinking from Ryota.
When Chika wanted to ask Ryota something, he chickened out and head for the bathroom instead. And while he’s in there, he’s imagining Chika in a sexy position with a tempting sexy voice tone and sexy look. Anyway, Ryota decided that he’d go straight back home. Unfortunately, in a twist of events he’s being thrown by Chika onto her bed! Yes, she’s on top of him!!! Ryota’s a little worried but Chika seems like she can’t control her feelings anymore. Oh, those eyes. And those words like ‘I know you want it’ and ‘take it like a man’. Yup, she’s gonna kiss Ryota as he’s desparately pleading for her to stop.
Pooof! Well, all that was just Ryota’s dream as he awakens in his classroom to find Chika pestering him about giving her some chicken keychain. Ah well, too good to be true, huh? And Ryota’s laughing like an idiot because that dream seemed like a surprise to him and when Chika asked what’s so funny he says it’s her, much to her annoyance. But still Ryota refused to give her the keychain and they both argue just like in the earlier flashback.
Overall, this short OVA series seems pretty okay to me. I mean with the ecchi stuffs making Ryota’s misadventures amusing and hilarious, it’s nothing too flashy. Just enough to make me have some good laughs that’s all. And since they’re all 5th graders, most of the girls here are more towards just cute rather than the typical teenager bishoujo beautiful.
I somehow find that the first episode was more funnier as compared to the second episode. Probably I’ve come to set in my mindset of what to expect in the next episode. Thus, increasing my treshold of expectation for the second episode. But I suppose it’s still good for a few laughs here and there.
Also read that some viewers didn’t like this anime as they think it was ‘dumb’ and a waste of time. Probably they felt that those ecchi sexual innuendos seemed like kiddie porn. And if you don’t mind all that stuffs, probably you may want to watch it when you really have too much free time on your hands or perhaps you’ve watched every single anime produced and need to watch something whether it’s out of curiosity or just to satisfy your anime craving and fix. Or maybe if you’re just feeling a little ‘horny’…

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