Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora

August 10, 2007

Even though I knew that Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora is gonna be another one of those mecha series, I initially didn’t want to watch it at first. But if I’m blogging this series means that I’ve watched it already, right? Well, in a way, that’s half right. I only watched the first episode of the series.
So if I myself being not a mecha fan in the first place, why and what is it that made me curious to watch the series? Furthermore, I read that there is no comedy element in this series. Yup, no comedy. At least, not for the first and only episode that I’ve watched. Even if it does have 1, it wouldn’t be the main driving force of the series as it is more towards fantasy, drama and romance. So what is it? What is it? What is it really?
They say don’t judge a book by its cover and that a picture is worth a thousand words. Guess what I’m trying to say already? Yes, from the looks of the picture of the series, I got quite tempted and curious to watch the show because of some good looking bishies there. Uh-huh. Am I that cheap? Not to say those people there are really really handsome or pretty and would occupy 1 or more spots on my top 100 bishoujo list. But I guess it’s enough to make me watch the show.
So, 1 of the ‘beautiful’ people on the series’ picture is of course the main protagonist of the show, Kuu Shiratori. Kuu your typical normal average high school girl and is always thinking how boring and dull her life is and wishes that the prince of her dreams would one day sweep her off her feet to somewhere more exciting. She also thinks her life is ’empty’. Based on the writing of her name in kanji, Kuu’s name also means empty as well. Having read that synopsis, I was hoping that this Kuu girl would be the genki and funny type in hopes that the series will be funny. Unfortunately, it isn’t so. Kuu is really that depressing and gloomy looking girl inside her heart. And on the outside, you could say that she’s almost close to it.
But as your typical teenage girl, Kuu would of course have her own dreams of her prince charming, gesturing her to come with him. I guess she like red-heads as compared to blondes because the prince of her dream has red hair and I was wondering if that guy’s a guy. Uh-huh. As usual, because of the ambiguous Japanese art, a guy can look like a girl and vice versa. But let’s assume Kuu is a straight girl and everything else will be okay.
That’s what Kuu’s dream in the beginning of the first episode. But she’s snapped back into reality by her friend, Kozue, as we see the 2 of them riding in a train to school. So this Kozue girl knows that Kuu has this crush on some hot guy, who’s also happen to be standing in the same train. Plus, some sort of festival is coming up and Kozue decides to play match making by giving Kuu some sort of tickets to the festival.
After summing up her courage, Kuu decides to just give it a shot and ask that guy. In this story, slow and steady doesn’t necessarily win the race. That’s because before Kuu can say or give him the tickets, some other hot looking girl comes up to that guy and give him hers. And he accepted it. Bummer. So the more appropraite moral of the story here is, the eary bird catches the worm. Of course, Kuu is experiencing a little heartbreak and because she’s not the assertive type of gal, she just says nevermind and it’s okay. Maybe it’s best for her just to give up on him.
Once the train have reached their destination, we find that their school, Academia, reminds you like one of those medieval fantasy-like schools. Possibly like Harry Potter’s. Yeah, some large building on top of a hill. Even the dressing is somewhat a mix between fantasy, today’s modern school uniform and some even those old British era outfits (can’t remember what that era is called).
Another usual day for Kuu as she and Kozue heads towards class. And since I’m at my usual blur mode, I don’t really remember nor understand what Kozue’s saying to Kuu about some guys going missing and a mysterious little cloaked girl seen after school hours. Then there’s this bunch of handsome (and girly) looking guys, dubbed the Mobile Disciplinary Committee, which I don’t remember what they are here for. I think it’s the student council or what but I could be wrong. Anyway, those bunch of guys comes into Kuu’s class, blabs about something before leaving one of them behind. So that left behind guy, Kyoshiro Ayanokoji, seems to oddly resemble Kuu’s prince charming. Because of his good looks, it’s no surprise that all the other girls in the class are falling head over heals for this guy.
Later during recess, Kyoshiro is playing his violin at the school garden and of course accompanied with his good looks and extraordinary violin skills, attracting a crowd of swooning ladies, who are I think more towards admiring his handsomeness than listening to his music skills. While Kuu is admiring Kyoshiro’s music, Kyoshiro spots Kuu among the crowd of girls and walks towards her. Kuu’s heart must be pounding heavily as Kyoshiro puts both his hands on her little shoulders. And all the other girls must be looking with envy and holding their breath in excitement as they watch Kyoshiro’s next move.
What happens next is totally unexpected, random and out of this world. I mean, it’s totally outrageous. Plus, it isn’t the funny kind of outrageous. Can you guess what Kyoshiro did on Kuu? A. He asked her out to the festival. B. He slapped her face. Or C. He transformed her into a frog. Good news is none of the above. Kyoshiro TOTALLY RIPPED THE TOP PORTION OF KUU’S DRESS OPEN!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! I didn’t see that one coming. At this moment, Kyoshiro’s face do look like a pimp and a pervert, smiling and such. Before you know it, he’s asking Kuu to come with him.
Of course it would be obvious that Kuu felt violated and embarrassed by it as she ran away. A more violent and aggressive girl would have land him a punch in the face or a kick in the crotch. I guess it’s unforgiveable even if that guy resembles closely to the guy of her dreams. Plus, if you notice that when Kyoshiro ripped her shirt off, you could see some glowing symbol on her breast. And if you’re a experienced fantasy hardcore fan, you could probably tell that it’s some sign that she’s a chosen one. Thus, that perverted shirt ripping part is actually some sort of a ‘scout and search’ thingy to find the chosen one which Kuu is as you’ll find out later in the series. Of course, I’m not a mecha fan and didn’t know about that part. I just happen to do some further reading on that and found out it is so.
While lamenting her fate on the school rooftop why the prince charming of her dreams turned out to be some psychotic pervert, Kuu stumbles upon that mysterious cloaked girl. Okay, so that school uniform of hers isn’t exactly ripped, because Kuu dressed back nicely after that. Which means that the girl’s uniform could be easily taken off! I’m just speculating. Anyway, Kuu’s thinking that this beautiful girl with green eyes may be the one that Kozue mentioned earlier but before you know it, she disappears from Kuu’s sight and soon an explosion occurs and that cloaked girl saying "Target lost".
Because of that, the preparations for the upcoming festival is postponed. Later Kuu is walking alone through the school corridors when she caught Kyoshiro kissing that cloaked girl in the piano room! Okay, so is this guy a pervert now. Well, maybe he decided to use his good looks to his advantage, huh? Anyway, Kuu’s imagination starts going wild like as though she’s jumping to conclusions. No doubt that this guy has outraged her modesty, she shed some tears and as usual ran away. Probably she’s thinking that if her prince charming even though turns out to be a pervert, might as well, do it on her because he is HER prince charming. I think.
While sitting dejectedly on the stairs and thinking of the events that has just happened, some cat girl appears and starts attacking Kuu. Not only that, looks like that cat girl who irriatingly end her sentences with ‘~nya’, is some sort of a vampire and has bitten Kozue, who’s lying unconscious there. Before cat girl can pound on Kuu, that cloaked girl, Setsuna, arrives in time to ward off cat girl’s attack.
With that, a mecha battle soon commenced. Okay, they could summon the mecha as though it’s like some sort of spirit. But other than that, lots of those typical mecha blasting, pounding, ripping, clobbering action. So you could see that Setsuna and cat girl don’t really like each other as they fought using their summoned mechas. I wonder if the repair bill is gonna be high because they’re destroying the school like as though such buildings are meant to be destroyed in all mecha series. Plus, they could summon either the whole mecha or just part of it. That is, the mecha’s fist only.
While Kuu is caught in the midst of the battle, she’s hanging on to dear life when another explosion causes the ground to break and Kuu to fall to her death. And just like in most fairy tales, Kyoshiro arrives riding a horse and saves Kuu from her impending doom. This must be a dream come true. Well, at least the prince charming on a horse part. Has Kuu changed her miind about Kyoshiro being just more than a pervert. Well, Kyoshiro uses his hand to shield Kuu from the splinters and flying debris, causing his hand to bleed a little.
In the end, Kyoshiro and Setsuna combined their powers and with that horse, they unleash some super powerful blast which sends that cat girl reeling in defeat. But I’m sure that’s not the last you’ll see of her. Kuu in a semi-conscious state, wakes up to see it Kyoshiro on his horse with Setsuna, like as though it’s all just a dream. And though it’s ironic Kuu said that she’s seen enough surprises to last her till her great grand children and that nothing else would surprise her further, Kyoshiro then kisses Kuu on the lips! Now is that surprising or what. Usually the prince gives his princess a kiss at the end of the fairytale but this is just the beginning. Kyoshiro then smiled as he extends his hand once again and beckons her to follow them together. Where? You’ll have to watch the next episode if you want to find out.
Overall, after the first episode, it isn’t enough to sustain me to watch the second one. At least, by watching the first episode, I manage to satisfy my curiosity about the show. So there you have it, how Kuu has being ‘whisked’ away by her prince charming and thus her empty life will now be filled with all sorts of mecha adventure and romance. Yeah, I saw the next episode preview at the end of the first episode and they show Kuu staring in shock at 2 girls kissing each other! Does it seem tempting? Not to me.
As the series progress, Kuu gets involve in some war called Absolute Angels, which are also the mechas in this series. But I’ll just leave it there. If you’re a mecha fan then I suppose there are many other better mecha series out there, such as the more obvious and long running Gundam series. But if you’re the kiasu kind of person (just kidding) and want to watch every mecha series or love mechas so much, I guess watching this one will bring no harm. Plus, if you’re a fantasy buff, consider this an extra bonus. Oh wait. Don’t all mecha genres have some fantasy element in them? Not all. Especially the Gundam series which is more on futuristic sci-fi. I suppose you can consider flying horses to be under the fantasy genre. Furthermore, there are only 12 episodes so I suppose it’s enough to cover that short term fix of mecha fans.
Since the drawing, art and animation as well as the character designs are to appeal to bishie fans, probably it provides eye candy as well. Okay, so I admit that Kuu and Setsuna do look pretty. And I think I paid more attention looking at these 2 ladies than anything else. No, I didn’t really gawk or love the part where Kyoshiro ripped Kuu’s top off. But since I’m a guy, so naturally I did have my fair share of gawking at one of the beautiful creations of mother nature ;p. Hehehe. That still doesn’t make me a pervert okay. Speaking of which, that part I guess is the most surprising part throughout this episode. Just remember, DO NOT try to imitate this stunt anywhere, anyhow and especially to anybody. You’ll end up getting more than a court case against you.
I suppose in a way I too could reflect this on my own personal life. My life may seem boring and dull and I’m just an anime geek overall. But I wouldn’t want some beautiful princess (no warrior princess please) to come whisk me away for an adventure of a lifetime. I’m just happy with the way things are. And I hope Kuu does too by the end of the series. Now that’s living out her dream.

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