Kyou No Asuka Show

January 25, 2013

Kyou No Asuka Show? What’s this? Haven’t heard it anywhere before and wouldn’t have had I not simply browse through the vast internet. Was I lucky to have picked out such a little known series? Did something catch my eye? Mmm… Striped pantsu… Oops. Ahem. Anyway, from what I read on this series is about this cute girl, Asuka Kyouno who is somewhat a little airhead and gets into little situations that others would seem sexually suggestive to men around her. Hmm… Sounds like fun if you’re thinking that there would be some ecchi fanservice. Yeah, there is. So would it hurt to just check out these short ONA clips that only last 3 minutes each and see the awkward situations she is in? Maybe check out her pantsu. Oops…

Episode 1
Everyone is looking at Asuka. Something is wrong. Yup. Her skirt is hooked to her back so it’s like she is exposing her striped panties! Man, what a sight to behold! If you’re a pervert, that is. Some young guy thinks of pointing it out to her (disappointing all those perverted on-looking bastards). Yeah, looks like he too is expecting her to praise him for being a nice guy. So when he tells her, she fixes herself without much hassle. She doesn’t seem upset about it. She’s just cool. The guy seems even more baffled than she is. So what is he so puzzled about? Shouldn’t her exposed rear made her uncomfortable? Did it made him uncomfortable? Erm… No. In fact, he liked it. Oh good. Then there’s nothing to worry about. Cool cat.

Episode 2
Asuka sees a TV show how a voyeur on the beach was apprehended for filming women in bikinis. She is puzzled because in a swimsuit, you’re supposed to be seen, right? And there is not much difference with an underwear in terms of area covered. Thinking underwear is meant to be underneath clothes, maybe they’ll realize there’s nothing embarrassing about wearing swimsuits near water. She is snapped out of her thinking when her dad wonders about her weird getup and position. She assures she covers up in front of people. Isn’t her dad included? She adds he has seen lots of girls in worse states of undress. But she’s his daughter. But those are daughters of other dads. Doesn’t he feel bad about filming them? That’s why he has to be tough on her so he doesn’t have to feel bad. Back to her thinking, Asuka of testing her theory by wearing a swimsuit on a rainy day. The typhoon is building up as Asuka walks through the storm in her swimsuit with confident. All seems to be going well as she thinks she’s sending a message to others there is nothing to be ashamed of when suddenly the typhoon stops. It’s sunny. She quickly needs to find water and is going to jump into the river! Luckily the teacher pulls her over thinking she was trying to commit suicide! She gets reprimanded in school.

Episode 3
Asuka wanted to buy a popsicle but realizes she forgot her purse. The ice cream peddler has a different idea because he will give her one free if she can eat it within 3 minutes without biting. I’m sure you’re seeing where this is going at. The way she is licking the popsicle oh so… At least that’s in his imagination. However Asuka isn’t dumb and knows what his intention is. So much for that. The peddler gives up. He thought she would do it anyway like a fool since mentioning the indecency would make her seem indecent. Well, Asuka was going to do it if that would make him happy even if it would make her look indecent. But she would prefer to chomp it. I guess that would seem ‘painful’. The peddler just gives her a free popsicle.

Episode 4
Mao Sawada wants to walk home together with Asuka and hold her hand. As they cross the street, Asuka spots an old lady slowly making her way across. Since holding her hand would take longer, Asuka carries her on her back, causing her skirt to be lifted and her striped panties to be revealed. Mao feels the need to fix her skirt and protect her from eyes of the dirty men starring but she too is caught up in the fixation and realizes her striped panties were so titillating that she ignored everything else that was important. Mao feels she doesn’t deserve to hold her hands but when a kid comes asking donation, she donates some money (along with the other guilty dirty men), she feels she has repented and now holds Asuka’s hand. She will also show Asuka her panties next time. Eh?

Episode 5
Asuka thought a boy is going to assault her but turns out this kid, Kobayashi is here to confess his feelings and wants to go out with her despite telling her he is a loser and no good kid, etc. Asuka gives him a disappointed look. She gives an example if he was going to buy an electric product and the promoter informs him all the negative points, will he buy it? Of course not.  So it’s like he is trying to sell her a product he doesn’t believe in. She feels that is rude and wants him to tell his merits. Asuka is impressed that he is good in studying, computers and calligraphy so Kobayashi takes this from the top with more confidence. Now that sounds more like it. Unfortunately she rejects him! Poor soul. Although she did say it’ll work out, she was just saying as an observer’s point of view. Still, she doesn’t want him to say he doesn’t have any good points. He promises to be more confident and when he confesses to her better, he hopes she’ll be there to listen.

Today’s Ass-uka Show
I further read that there were supposed to be a dozen episodes in total but the reason why more hasn’t shown up was because it was only being circulated among Japanese Smartphones. Then you’ll need to use some secret word that was popped up in the episode to ‘enjoy’ the rest of the other episodes. Sounds so troublesome. So I am guessing that those living outside Japan and not subscribing to a Japanese Smartphone plan will have a hard time getting their hands on her ass this series since well, I wonder if video resolutions and format on Smartphones are the same as computers? I don’t know. I never owned a Smartphone in my life.

Despite Asuka being a blonde, I doubt that she is really a dumb blonde or an airhead as we are made to believe. Because we see that she is quite intelligent and helpful in her own ways just that perhaps in the eyes of others she looks like a dumb blonde. First of all, she doesn’t freak out or get embarrassed especially when her rear is exposed. Many normal girls would have flustered very much and I guess guys would ultimately love such reaction too. But for Asuka, she is a cool cat and does not even worry a single bit that it makes you worry if she’s alright with it. Her unconventional methods in helping out others may also make her look like an airhead but she’s not pushover either. So if you think you can get naughty with this girl, you better think again because who knows, she might just give you a sucker punch and you’d be the one ended up with a red face. But we all did enjoy watching her ass and stripped coloured pantsu, right? Ah… Men will always be men.

Seeing that I and most viewers have watched only a handful of episodes, I’m not sure if the other characters will have a recurring appearance or just one off for that particular episode only. Like Asuka’s dad. She seems to know his dirty and suspicious habits despite him putting on an emotionless expression. Yeah, she talks back. Then there is this Mao girl who feels like she is just more than admiring Asuka and will there be a second chance for Kobayashi to confess his love again in the future? For ecchi fans, each short episode is going to be a little treat since we see Asuka in her undies or some ecchi fanservice albeit it’s just some male’s fantasy. That’s what you see this show for, right? Pervy humour. Pervy you, pervy me. However I’m guessing that not every episode will have this fanservice element because the episode with Kobayashi’s confession, that one was void of the usual fanservice.

So while this short anime series may be about guys gawking at a girl’s panties in comical ways, I guess it’s best for males to leave their fantasies confined inside their heads. Imagine if something like this happened in real life. There would have been dire and very embarrassing consequences especially for the girl. Suddenly there will pictures of such ‘mishap’ being posted on Facebook and blogs while Twitter will be all the rage of this ‘phenomenon’. Can you keep your cool like Asuka then? Heh. I admit that I kinda enjoyed seeing Asuka’s pantsu in that short span of 3 minutes. Blame it on my primitive guy libido thingy. However I have to say that I’m not a fan of shima pantsu/striped panties. A little turn off there…

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