Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

July 18, 2009

In my opinion, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki is the anime’s answer to that highly famous dysfunctional family from that US cartoon series, The Simpsons. Depends on how you look at it, I think each of the family members in this anime series is equally quirky themselves. Okay, maybe not so extreme as The Simpsons but I guess the crazy and frenzy fare is enough for me to classify them as its equivalent.

If you are looking for some slapstick comedy with some fast talking amidst all the turmoil and at the same time emphasizing the importance of family bondage and ties, then I guess this series should suit your taste. However I won’t go as far as saying that the slapstick level of this show is close to Excel Saga. Sometimes you’ll really laugh out loud with their hilarious antics and at other times feel a little heart warming fuzziness in your heart because of the lines that they say about sticking together as a family. Hahaha… Aww… Yeah, something like that.

Here is how the story starts off. In episode 1, we see a catgirl, Kyouka, playing naughty pranks and eluding escape from the city’s soldiers. Until she bumps into a personnel of the Great Japanese Empire Paranormal Phenomena Bureau of Measures, Ouka Midarezaki. Upon finding out who he is, they are then taken to the bureau’s headquarters whereby Ouka is being explained by his higher-ups and vice-head of the bureau, Genichirou Hanayama, about his would-be mission. Before Ouka can grasps things, he is forcefully married in a hasty wedding ceremony to Kyouka and hence commenced Operation Cosy Family. What on Earth is that?

You see, a thousand years ago, the god of destruction named Enka was to annihilate the entire planet. However with the humans all united, they managed to defeat Enka and saved planet Earth. But before Enka breathed his last breath, he vowed that he would come back in the form of his ‘children’ who would continue his work to destroy the world. Fast forward to present time, the children of Enka has been identified and Kyouka is believed to be one. Thus the purpose of this Operation Cosy Family is to cultivate love and care by gathering all those related to Enka so that in the event if Enka ever awakens in one of them, he would have learned those loving family values and thus abandon his plans to destroy the world. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, well if that only worked in the real world. But what the heck, it’s worth a shot.

As absurd it may sound, Ouka has no choice but to go along with this mission. He takes the role of the father while Kyouka as the mother. Now, the main motivation to watch this series is definitely Kyouka herself. She is the selfish self-proclaimed omniscient and omnipotent God (Haruhi fans would disagree very much) that everyone shall bow down to. Uh huh. Her fast high-pitched yapping, insults and always-gets-what-she-wants behaviour is the main reason and driving force of why this series is hilarious. Thankfully Ouka is around to keep her in check but he too has his hands full in controlling cheeky Kyouka. So the rest of this episode has Kyouka setting up a one-sided game with Ouka to find the rest of Enka’s children and would-be members of the Midarezaki family. Ouka experiences his first pain and suffering under Kyouka’s rules and to cut things short, the ‘children’ include Yuuka (an abused child – note her hideous scars on her back!), Teika (an African lion), Gekka (a jellyfish who seems to be able to fly and also not constrained to her water tank), Hyouka (a biological weapon) and Ginka (a transvestite). Yeah I know. Weird family members, eh? Human and non-human family members? But one thing is for sure. Ouka is going to be in for the ride of his life.

So in most episodes, you’ll see how the crazy frenzy family members go about in their daily lives with their misadventures and all. Courtesy of Kyouka of course. They’ll meet several other minor characters, some recurring and some just one-off, in their mission to build family ties and relations while having fun amidst the total chaos. How dysfunctional can they get? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Episode 2 focuses more on Yuuka. She is having difficulty adjusting life in her new school and is constantly being bullied. Living up to her name as an abused child? You’ll also noticed that the members of the Midarezaki family previously have their own names before this operation started such as Hyouka was known as Black 13, Teika formerly as Shakuya, Ginka was once Ginichi and Yuuka was previously named Reiko. While Kyouka selfishly wants to do a real wedding ceremony with Ouka, Teika and Hyouka notices Yuuka being bullied but that girl chose not to tell her family members so as not to burden them. Then Ouka finds out and tries to talk to her but Yuuka locks herself in her room. Yuuka is so sad that she wished that she had been better off dead! Kyouka then orders Hyouka to blast open the door and you know it’s going to get dangerous if ever that catgirl gets involved. Yeah, plotting revenge. The next day at school, we see all this as part of Kyouka’s plan to make Yuuka looking all grand. Uh huh. She sets up Teika and Gekka to harass Yuuka’s classmate while Yuuka arrives to save them all. Yuuka will then transform into a magical girl (Hyouka taking over, that is) and whip the lion and jellyfish’s ass. Their plan is successful though Kyouka is really enjoying it all and wants to take even extreme exaggerated measures! Enough already! In the end, everyone praises Yuuka as their heroine and later, Kyouka does her wedding party with an unenthusiastic Ouka. In the end, it is revealed that there is someone paying and ordering those bullies to harass Yuuka. It’s a goth-loli girl, Senko Himemiya and gosh! She has an uncanny resemblance to Suigin Tou of Rozen Maiden! She is so wicked!
Senko comes back to further torment Yuuka in episode 3. You see, the Himemiya has a weird abusive tradition whereby the older ones will take out on the younger ones. Because Yuuka has left the family, Senko is getting the receiving end from her crazy grandma and brother. She feels that Yuuka should come back as she’s the one who is supposed to get hit! How selfish! Before Senko could further abuse Yuuka, Ginka comes by to save her (initially he put up a brave manly front but reveals his scaredy self one Senko is gone). It seems Ginka and Senko knew each other when they were younger. When Senko was beaten, Ginka came along and told her how he would save her. But Senko feels that he won’t come to her aid now seeing the way things are and that night, Senko hires those bullies to further hit poor Yuuka. Luckily her family members arrive in time to stop her brutality and at the same time, some strange voices in Senko’s head lectures her and causes her to collapse. When she comes to, she finds herself in Midarezaki’s home and initially Kyouka wanted to kill her as punishment for messing with their family but Ouka points out the source of her problems from the Himemiya.
Thus Kyouka declares war on that family and that night they ambush their mansion, taking out lowly guards, destroying priceless belongings and the finale of Hyouka blowing the whole place up with his nuclear weapon. What a way to end things. With Senko having no place to go and after Ginka apologizes for not being able to save her earlier on, they decide to test her to see if she is related to the child of Enka. But Senko has her reservations because every living thing already underwent this DNA testing so there is no chance for her to be one. Though the results came out negative as expected, to her surprise, the scientist confirms she is a child of Enka! How come? Well, Kyouka played cheat by using her Cellphone (some telepathy thingy in her head) to control the scientist’s mind! Slick. With that, Senko is now part of the family and will be known as Chika. Welcome to the family. She apologizes to Yuuka for her cruel ways, discards her gothic fashion for a casual one and you’ll notice how she doesn’t address Kyouka as mom but neko (kitty) and at times try to make Ginka a more manly man since she likes him. But since Ginka is a transvestite, failure to do so gets Chika upset and punishes him (S&M type of punishment?). Also, news of the Himemiya has them in great debt and been absorbed to some other family and their sick traditions abandoned. Chika also thinks that the voice earlier in her head may be of Gekka’s. Hmm… That jellyfish is more than meets the eye.
In episode 4, Kyouka decides to bring her family for a honeymoon trip and goes to a travel agency to book one. The travel agent’s most successful and popular staff, Chieri Sakurai (notice her sales stats penetrating out from the chart box and stretches across the ceiling! Wow! I think every sales personnel wants to have such a statistic), is to meet Kyouka and her family tomorrow but it seems the head of this branch, Doinki (some voodoo enthusiast?) loathes her and decides to steal her customers. If this guy’s planning to mess with Kyouka even though his target is Chieri, then he’s going to regret it. The next day, as Chieri welcomes Kyouka (who brought along Ginka, Chika and Yuuka), Doinki devises several schemes to sabotage her, which eventually leads them to his office. Doinki tries to snatch Chieri’s customers and relegate her to doing assistant duties but Kyouka is adamant that she wants Chieri to do the talking. Doinki tries to shift their attention by showing them a simulator whereby they can go anywhere in the world with just a push of a button (surrounding effects may be dubious. The staff making sound effects and changing props?). Kyouka goes back to think about it while Doinki ties up Chieri in a room for his ultimate plan. The next day, Kyouka and family comes back to test this simulator and with the constant location changes, it is putting a strain on the machine and staff. Doinki then wants them to sign the contract but Chika is unwilling because she believes that a fun trip must come from laborious planning and preparation. But Doinki doesn’t give a damn and that’s when the other Midarezaki family crashes in. Ouka arrests Doinki for using illegal curses but Doinki uses a hypnotized Chieri to allow himself to escape. Kyouka throws Hyouka at Doinki to break the spell. When Chieri is back to her normal self, she is depressed of her failure. But after Kyouka lectures her, she gets her self-confidence back and with that, greets them with a smile. Looks like their honeymoon is on track.
The gang will enjoy their first honeymoon together in episode 5. We see how powerful Kyouka is. Since it’s a pain to go to the airport, she has the airport come to them instead! Woah! The whole runway right in front of their house! And off the go to some uninhabited crescent island. Because Kyouka was playing with the controls, the plane crashes but luckily everyone is safe. Now how will they get off the island? After a day of fun in the sun, the family follows the pamphlet’s directions and treks through the jungle to find a huge 5-star hotel! WTF?! Yeah, a lone staff-cum-hotel manager, Akeru Nishikura, is waiting for them since they have made reservations through that travel agency. Kyouka decides to name him Pierre based on her stereotypical view that anyone who wears white tuxedo with red bowtie are called so. Yeah, I think I’ll refer to him as Pierre too because it’s easier to remember. Pierre cooks the gang an exquisite meal and later Ouka discovers that Pierre is from the bureau as well because only Kyouka and the bureau can do such extreme measures like having runway at their doorstep and a hotel built on this so called safest island in the world, whereby it is freed from all sort of living animals and microbes. Also, Pierre is posted here for ‘slowing down’ people back at the bureau. That night when everyone is asleep, they are rudely awakened with an ambush. Ouka thinks this is all part of Kyouka’s scheme but finds out that she isn’t involved (she’s watching some love comedy so that she could play a prank on Ouka!). The hotel is under attack by white monkeys who then kidnapped Yuuka and imprisoned her in a cell along with Gekka. Kyouka assembles her family to bring back Yuuka and uses her Cellphone power so that she could see what Yuuka sees. To her surprise, as Yuuka looks out her window, she has a top view of the crescent island below! A castle in the sky? Yuuka and Gekka then enters a room to see a little old guy and she mistaken him to be a monkey. Hahaha. Looks closely like one. Want a banana?
In episode 6, Yuuka finds out that he is a scientist named Inuhiko Saruwatari and he is damn happy after Yuuka acknowledges him as human. We learn that he was doing research on A.I. but his colleagues made fun of him and thus decided to hide from the rest of the world in this floating castle of his. Here, he tried to create human beings but the results were white monkeys instead. He then wants to make Yuuka his… Uh oh. That scary look in his eyes… Because Saruwatari knows that Kyouka is going to take back Yuuka, he sends his monkeys down to stop them, only to be greeted with Kyouka serving the monkeys a sumptuous meal and entertainment. Meanwhile Yuuka is being strapped onto an operation table and is scared stiff but luckily Hyouka appears to save her. The floating castle then starts to explode. What happened? This is part of Kyouka’s plan to lure the monkeys with food. After having tasted such a great feast, she tells them to bring some blue crystal (which keeps the castle flying) if they want to taste greater food. But since it is limited, the monkeys panic and start fighting among themselves for it. All that’s left is for Hyouka to fly down with Yuuka. Though Hyouka wanted to slash the obstructing monkeys, on Yuuka’s pleas, he decided not to. Then Hyouka said something how if the world would be divided into 3, it would be Heaven, Hell and himself. Didn’t understand.
Soon Hyouka faces Saruwatari and we learn that Saruwatari was one of the group of scientists which created Hyouka. But the process to create Hyouka as an ultimate weapon backfired and ended with the death of the chief, Dr Gebok. The lab was destroyed and he ended up on this island. But Saruwatari isn’t going to end like this and commands his monkeys to surround them. Since he doesn’t care for the primates, this causes Yuuka to chide him saying that they too wanted to be loved by him. Saruwatari realizes that the monkeys have been looking at him as a human all along and repents. The castle crumbles along with Saruwatari in it (he finally found his happiness and place, eh?) as Hyouka swoops down to the island with Yuuka in his arms. Then we see a goddess-like character who chides the family for cruelly leaving her behind. OMG! Is this Gekka’s true form? Though not mentioned, she says she wants sushi as compensation and uses her magic to whisk them all back. Not only they will forget all that has happened, when they open their eyes, everyone is back home and safe. Everything back to normal. Before I forget, Kyouka decides to claim that crescent island as hers and renamed it People’s Republic of Kyouka (PRK) with Pierre as its head. Yeah, she’s God, remember? She can do anything she wants.
In episode 7, a pair of ninja assassin siblings, Shuu and Tsubaki, decides to abandon their old ways and make an honest living by running a Chinese restaurant. Their dad however is opposed to that idea, though the duo went ahead. To make things worse, their cooking seems to be collapsing everyone although they follow their mom’s notes! Can they be a chef instead of assassin at the end? Tsubaki enlists her classmate’s help, which is Yuuka, to help their shop. Soon Kyouka and family patrons the restaurant (partly because Kyouka has been causing so much ruckus that they’re banned from eating elsewhere. So this is the last place left) and has a taste of their cooking. Though Chika collapses, she realizes the reason why their previous customers suffered the same fate. Kyouka then takes Shuu on a 3 day training stint but in the end, animals ended up as customers. Then before closing time, Shuu is visited by his dad as he tells why he and his wife divorced (something about how she had a weak body, which is detrimental to being a chef) and as a last test from Kyouka, Shuu makes a bowl of sesame balls. We find out that the reason why people collapsed was because the recipes were too good for ordinary humans to handle. Thus the training stint was to tire Shuu out so that he could be reduced to an average person’s level. With that, Shuu’s dad decides to give them his blessing and retire from his assassination business. Their restaurant picks up business the next day with Kyouka (proclaiming to be the restaurant’s saviour) and family once again dining there and the usual ruckus of stealing who and who’s food. Shuu and Tsubaki proudly frames their mother’s notes on the wall.
Episode 8 starts off with a flashback of Ouka. When he was young, he was brought by Shinigami II to a little girl who kills without hesitation and now imprisoned in a messy cell. The girl tries to kill Ouka but he manages to punch her away. In present time, Kyouka is devastated to find out that Ouka went to an amusement park with a girl. Going astray, she thinks. Ouka meets up with an old acquaintance, Shinigami III (what’s with that bone mask anyway? But don’t make any comments about her face because she’ll reply "I’ll destroy your face" answer) and it seems Shinigami wants to know his feelings for her. Before anything happens, Kyouka busts in and you know with 2 women around, a catfight is bound to happen. Yeah, they don’t like each other. Shinigami decides to take Ouka out on a date. Meanwhile, a mysterious being, Odessa Ei, seems to be watching her onee-sama and wants to trap her. You can tell her presence when 2 bunny ears sprout out from something she possessed. Ouka then is whisked away by Teika in disguised to some bar whereby the rest of his children are putting up an act to seduce him. When Shinigami comes in, Ouka then points his gun at his own head and wants Kyouka to come out. He has had enough of this and says he is serious that he will pull the trigger and die hating her. Kyouka agrees though she throws a tantrum. Ouka has a talk with Kyouka and Shinigami and Shinigami decides to judge Kyouka. If she’s not satisfied by the end of the day, she’ll kill her. Kill God? Of wait, Shinigami is a death god too. Literally. The trio take a ride in some slave war exhibit and during the ride, they are ambushed and Ouka notices Shinigami trying to kill Kyouka. Oh wait, isn’t that bunny ears sprouting out from her head? Odessa is calling for Kyouka, her onee-sama, but Kyouka haven’t the slightest clue who she is.
In episode 9, obviously Shinigami is under control by Odessa but some voice from her grandpa interrupting has Odessa releasing Shinigami. The trio try to figure out things but the amusement park is under siege by robots of the park. They dispose of the robots easily and though both ladies still hate each other, Ouka suggests a Ferris wheel ride. Shinigami’s luck has the first ride with Ouka and in the compartment, she wants him to kiss her. Of course he couldn’t. Shinigami then senses the Ferris wheel going to explode and leaps out with Ouka and is saved by a being named Suiar, who possesses a robot. He tells them that Kyouka was once worshipped as a God of an underground empire but committed a terrible sin. Suiar disappears before they could get more answer and the park is once again under attack. Kyouka and Shinigami then fell into some garbage compartment below. Ouka goes to the control room and meets Suiar again. He further learns Kyouka was formerly a demon Queen known as Vanessa in that world and her unforgivable sin was to become human. After having her memories erased, Odessa was her successor but was always being compared to her more charismatic sister. So the only way is to for her to beat Kyouka. But it is even a sin coming to this world and Odessa may be in trouble if the underworld finds out about this. Meanwhile Kyouka and Shinigami put aside their differences and work together to overcome Odessa’s death traps. Kyouka goes into Shinigami’s body and uses her sword skills to slash their way out. Though Shinigami is unconscious, Odessa possesses her to trick and injure Kyouka. Before she could land the final kill, Ouka throws a plank breaking Shinigami’s mask (I see it’s to cover her hideous birthmark). Odessa disappears and Shinigami upon finding out her mask is broken, in her panic swings her sword around ordering them not to look and accidentally stabs Ouka. She regrets what she has done and after Kyouka lectures her, Ouka gets up fine and luckily he isn’t seriously injured because the sword just grazed through his skin. After witnessing them, Odessa decides to return another time and beat her sister. The next day, Ouka meets up with Shinigami who isn’t so concerned about her face anymore. When Shinigami decides to kiss Ouka, this pisses off peeping tom Kyouka as the duo once again duke out their love-hate relationship.
Another beach holiday for the family in episode 10 when they are confronted with the Purple Skull Pirates led by a little girl named Mujaki Serpent. Good thing is that these are friendly pirates doing trading business. But they’re soon attacked by a rival pirate led by Mujaki’s late dad’s former mate, Doggone. He wants the treasure map that Growald (Mujaki’s dad) left behind. Since Kyouka was holding the map, he kidnaps her while Mujaki and the rest of the family chases them. Except for Gekka who stayed behind with Pierre to feast on the sushi. Mujaki managed to catch up and Kyouka rejoins her family and decides to play pirate. Your typical high-seas action ensue with cannonball battles and swashbuckling moves and yes, the Kraken which unleashes its tentacles to sink the ship (it’s Gekka if you look closely). They all awaken to find themselves in a cave and soon finds a chamber with a key to the treasure. Doggone catches up and wants them her to hand it over but Mujaki’s justice and principals to protect everyone turns the tables by shooting him. Doggone then is happy how Mujaki has turned into a great pirate and it’s revealed that he was playing the part of the villain as commanded by Growald to groom her into one. When Mujaki uses the key to open the treasure, a hologram of Growald appears and reveals about this elaborate setup and that the real treasure is the strive to be a great pirate. As for the real gold and silver, Growald tells her to work her ass off to find it as he won’t hand over them so easily. Haha! Duped. With that, Mujaki turned into a conniving heartless pirate as she takes out on Doggone while Kyouka and co tries to escape. Talk about instant change in character. And I wonder why Gekka and Pierre are having itchy allergies after eating too much sushi.
In episode 11, Ouka and Hyouka are escaping from Gebok’s attack while doing shopping errands. It seems Gebok is still alive and he did so by some stem cell transplanting. He wants to know of Hyouka’s progress and a self-destruction causes Hyouka to crash into a shop run by a young girl, Kiriko. Ever since, Hyouka has been coming back to help her fix the store or do some errands. Is he in love? Seems like it. On their usual outing, the duo enters a theme park whereby anyone could see that the person behind that guise is Kyouka. Another setup? Something about wanting to meet her son’s girlfriend. I don’t know why, Kyouka then involves her whole family in some game show for Hyouka. Then when Kiriko appears, the rest restrains Kyouka so that Hyouka could have a word with Kiriko outside. Their conversation is cut short with Gebok’s ambush. Gebok tells a flashback of how Hyouka during one of the experiments, made Hyouka fired onto a target with a live victim inside, which is Kiriko’s sister. This is to hone his killer instincts and make him less resistance to killing but Hyouka went berserk and resulted in Gebok’s death. Hyouka is experiencing malfunction due to his conflicting emotions while Kiriko is devastated. Kyouka wants to help but Ouka prohibits her, saying that this is Hyouka’s fight. Hyouka then powers up and beats the crap out of Gebok and his minions. But this isn’t the end of Gebok yet as you can count he’ll be back in the future. Back home, Hyouka feels gloomy and remorse and Kiriko too the same in her room. The next day, Kiriko goes to visit Hyouka to apologize and forgive him. She tells him that she is leaving town to give herself a chance and to discover herself. They part ways as Hyouka wishes her luck.
Episode 12 takes a breather from the Midarezaki family. A side story which focuses on a normal college kid named Rindou Katsura who leads a pretty boring life until he picks up a cat to his room, which turns into a catgirl named Milcatopy the next day. Hmm… Rindou’s next door neighbour lady sounds so much like Ginka. So Rindou tries to live his normal life with Milcatopy without getting her exposed but she showed up at his college one day. Then at the cafeteria, several armed soldiers wants Rindou to come with them. He thinks he is busted and reveals that he is a fake college student who failed his entrance exam and without any support from his parents, wanted to taste college life. But his lecturer (funny accent he has) knew it all along because of his hardworking personality (come to think of it, all college students are slackers these days, which made him stand out). But the soldiers are after Milcatopy and not arrest him. Milcatopy appears to escape with Rindou while the lecturer and his college mates hold the soldiers down. The duo are then picked up by lady Ginka who drives them to a bar place, Virgo, run by a friend of hers, Drinda. Milcatopy tells Rindou that she’s a spirit from the US and since her mom is ill, she needs money for her treatment and didn’t tell him about it because she thought he will hate her. But is Rindou that kind of guy? Nope. At Virgo they’re begging her to stay and work here for the time being when soldiers surround the place. Rindou creates a diversion and runs out to let the soldiers chase him. He trips on a unkempt hooded Kyouka and gives her a canned food. Rindou is surrounded at the park when Kyouka proclaims herself as Kyoukya, ruler of Shangri-La (among her long-winded speech), and repays her debt as she disposes those soldiers easily (they’re afraid of her?). Rindou goes back to Virgo and starts working alongside Milcatopy. During their break, Rindou kisses her as treat for answering his questions. Initially I thought this story was made-up. Later I found out that the characters here will in the future overlap with the main story and this setting was before the Operation Cosy Family started.
Chika is the focus of episode 13. Looks like she has been touted the school’s gang leader after easily defeating the previous one, Momokusa(which is now one of her circle of friends). Her friends are pestering her to investigate a case whereby girls of their school are starting to lock themselves in their rooms and not wanting to go to school and that the people at the bureau are even looking into this. One day, Chika is being ambushed by several rude soldiers of the bureau and the ones who do not favour this Operation Cosy Family, which is gaining support. Before they can forcefully take her away, they are pounced away by Pierre and his monkey. Chika and her family discuss about this and Kyouka assures Chika of her support. Then at school, Chika finds out from her buddies that even Momokusa is absent. So along with Kyouka, they decide to pay a visit to her home. Thing is, Momokusa’s family is of the yakuza background. But the thugs are easily disposed and as they enter the underground cave, they made a startling discovery, they find Momokusa has been transformed into an animal and locked in a cell! They also find out that Momokusa’s dad is also responsible for this. In order to test their new drug, they spread it into the entire city’s food but the after-effects seem to turn them into animals (no wonder girls won’t come out of their room). Furthermore, Gebok is behind the development of this drug. Before the yakuzas could attack, some green machine, in which Kyouka takes the liberty to call him Dekamelon as he has never enough time to introduce his name, saves the gang. Meanwhile, Ouka is being visited by Hanayama who tells him that the world’s greatest traitor and bureau’s greatest mistake is back as its head. She is Raichou Hiratsuka and Ouka saying something about a death sentence wasn’t enough for this Empire’s Terrorist? This butterfly outfit girl is seen appearing atop the burning yakuza’s rooftop. Is she some sort of a magical girl?
The entire citizens of this city is turning into animals in episode 14 and it is up to our dysfunctional family to put a stop to it. Plus, the entire city has been transformed into a giant defence base in this emergency. We see Hanayama talking to one of his subordinates, Kumo, but since she is working under Raichou, he shoots a sleeping needle into Hanayama’s neck. The Midarezaki tries to take refuge as instructed by the warning but were cut off with the appearance of Gebok (now in the form of a giant tower). He wants them to hand over Hyouka in exchange for the cure. Raichou then appears for the first time before them and says how the bureau too has created a cure but Gebok is preventing their helicopters from dropping the cure. Ouka thought she was against this operation but she replies that she’s in favour of it and needs a strong basis to shut those opposition up. She wants Ouka to stop this madness if he wants to know whether this operation is worth protecting or not. Kyouka agrees as she, Ouka and Hyouka combine their powers to put a stop to Gebok while the rest seek a safer place to hide. Dekamelon appears to help Hyouka to activate some super destructive kick-ass weapon, Lucifer Cannon, to blast Gebok out of the sky (still thinking how marvellous all this is, eh? Mad guy alright). The antidote is then scattered and soon everyone returned back to their human self. As the Midarezakis happily reunite, Raichou is seen happy with the outcome of this test she has set up. She thinks they are able to survive the expected catastrophe with this simulation. I smell something bad coming up. And at Chika’s school, looks like she has become more popular now.
Kyouka’s marriage anniversary is coming up in episode 15 as she bakes a horrible cake for Ouka (reminds us of Bianchi’s cooking of KHR, eh?) and forcefully making him eat it. But Ouka doesn’t remember that special day, upsetting Kyouka as she prompts to get her revenge. She does so by crashing into Raichou’s office while she’s enjoying her cake. Kyouka wants to borrow a device that will pry open Ouka’s head so Raichou gives her a magical wand which changes its target’s love feelings into negative energy. But she has to point at a person who loves Ouka in order for that guy to feel the pain. I like how Raichou tells Kyouka she has a fatal flaw to be a magical girl because she’s already a married 20 year old person! But that isn’t going to put her down as Kyouka goes around with Teika to test her wand on people whom she thinks likes Ouka such as Shinigami (by the way, I found out her real name is Shiruku and that her dad is Hanayama) and poor Teika himself. But they all backfire. Meanwhile Yuuka and Chika are out shopping for mommy’s anniversary presents when they’re confronted by several thugs. Luckily Kyouka and Teika are there to save the day as poorly disguised magical girl combo. Kyouka later goes home to find Ouka apologizing about their anniversary, which softens her heart. Because Ouka said how good Kyouka looked, the wand starts to affect on herself and will zap her. In order not to let Ouka get zapped, Kyouka decides to take the fall but Ouka saves her from a powerful energy light which proceeds to blast through the roof and project en embarrassing message in the night sky: "Ouka, I love you". I guess that’s the most terrible consequence Kyouka has to face. The family returns back to normal the next day as Kyouka once again ties Ouka up to a chair to let him taste her dreadful cake. Now isn’t this love?
Episode 16 has Teika visiting a fellow lion of the Bister King lineage at a zoo, Madara (a white lion with scars over its body and seems to hate humans) and a little lion cub. Then as usual, Kyouka takes her family out to the zoo and has Ouka play her find-their-children game, which include getting attacked by zoo animals and Kyouka accidentally winning a pig race that she initially bet on for Yuuka to win. Soon Teika goes to introduce Madara his family but the latter isn’t amused as thinks he’s on the human’s side now. Some flashback how they met when they’re cubs but I’m not going into detail. Then we see Raichou and Kumo discussing another event that will turn humans into animals once more. Again? So she dramatically enters the Midarezaki’s home to request them for their help once more (hey, they’re quite reliable the last time, remember?) and what’s this? Gebok is now on their side and Ginka’s drinking partner? Meanwhile Shinigami sneaks into the bureau’s HQ to find her dad but shockingly discovers that he has been turned into a little bear! Raichou discusses this case further at PRK (she wants to marry Pierre because of his superb cooking? Is that a joke?). Then we see Madara at a park with that little lion cub. When she finds out that she was once human, she gets upset. She finds herself surrounded by humans that fully turned into animals.
I guess if it’s going to turn out this way, Madara decides to be king of the animals. This is possible since Madara is a lineage of Bister Kings who are able to control animals through their voice. In episode 17, we learn Momokusa’s family are the one responsible for this recurring case. Though they have been disbanded after the 1st incident, they secretly created another drug to re-establish themselves but got out of hand. Madara’s speech is interrupted by Kyouka who plans to challenge her in some election game. The one who appeals to the animals will win. While Madara tells about the humans’ cruelty, Kyouka feeds them with melon bread and promises them that they’ll never go hungry if they support humans. Looks like they’re buying Kyouka’s words. Ah well, one of their basic instincts is food, right? Madara then leaps over to Kyouka’s side and wants them to promise they’ll never betray Teika who lost his family once. Kyouka passes a law which allows animals and humans to walk freely with each other. Don’t be surprise to see elephants and giraffes walking in the busy street for the coming episodes. Then a zookeeper who thinks Madara has kidnapped that little lion cub wants Madara to give her back and fires his gun. Teika uses his body to shield Madara. Luckily, Gekka in goddess form heals Teika doing some magic blood transfusion through Madara. Soon with Gebok’s cure, everyone returns to normal. A hilarious part ensued when Shinigami awakes to find herself naked and thinks her dad is a pervert (yeah, she chased him in circles. Both naked). Later Yuuka has Teika meet up with Madara to talk things over and to Teika’s surprise, Madara is a female and that mane of hers is actually some bird in disguise (like a wig, you can say). Teika is dumbfounded by this and Madara’s body language seems to indicate that she has feelings for him but Teika is too embarrassed to answer her question and flees.
Ouka falls ill in episode 18 and the whole household is turned upside down. Ironically, Ouka was the one doing all the chores. So without him, their home is in a mess. They try to fill in his place but it turns out that they’re all klutz. A funny part sees Kyouka trying to take advantage of Ouka’s immobility to do something lovey-dovey on him but backs out when Ginka comes in. Once she has left, Ginka too thinks of the same thing! Until Chika comes in and gives him her usual S&M pain. Amidst that ruckus, Gekka successfully gets close with Ouka, pissing off Kyouka. But because everyone else is messing up the house, Yuuka puts her foot down and reprimands everyone. Thus Kyouka organizes an expedition to find a cure for Ouka which includes a cursed wooden mask and a little menacing vegetable. When those cures are futile, Kyouka decides to shrink themselves to enter Ouka’s body to fight the virus. It’s like a germ warfare and their zapping of the virus is causing Ouka more pain then anything, even if he’s unconscious. After they defeated the virus, they have to get out of the body before they return back to their normal sizes. Just in the nick of time or else Ouka would’ve been torn to pieces. Though Ouka’s illness is cured, he is bandaged due to those injuries. His suffering will continue because nurse Kyouka decides to nurse him back to health. What did he do to deserve all this?
Kyouka and her family visits Kiriko’s hotspring inn in episode 19. Unknown to them, a hidden threat has emerged, she is Doji Akuma (literally means clumsy devil) and her sloth assistant, Mike. She hails from the underworld and is on a mission (after receiving some sort of vision) to bring back a soul so that she could be a full-fledged demon. However, she’s such a klutz, you’ll be laughing more than feeling threatened with her bungling ways. She observes the family and is surprised by their weird behaviours like an S&M couple, a drunk catgirl, a talking lion and a biological weapon who is seemingly in love with the hotspring hostess. Unbelievable. It’s pretty weird alright for an outsider. As she ponders which of these souls is the one she should take, Doji bumps into Yuuka while going to toilet but luckily her identity isn’t being exposed. Doji later then spies at the girls as they take a dip in the hotspring and Mike thinks she’s peeping. Furthermore, Doji has set a bomb to blow the place up when Hyouka detects a spy. Doji panics and starts firing her gun but her bullets won’t penetrate his metal skin so she runs for her life. The ruckus causes the guys to accidentally come over and while some girls are freaked out, Kyouka doesn’t mind letting Ouka see her wonderful nakedness (oh please!). But Ouka isn’t turned on, upsetting Kyouka and Chika who sends an electrifying Gekka to zap him. Doji is hiding before a rock with a bomb in hand when she has a vision that she’s the one who’s supposed to die and before she knows it, the bomb explodes. But she opened her eyes to find herself recuperating in the inn with the rest by her side. The reason she isn’t dead is because Mike slipped out the gunpowder thinking that she has no resolution to do this. Doji gets an earful from Chika who chides her for wanting to kill her beloved family and if she does she won’t forgive her. Scary. I guess it’s enough for Doji to back down from her plans and turn over a new leaf. The next day, the Midarezaki leaves the inn. Later as Doji is at the back of the inn, she remembers that she has planted several bombs around the inn in case she failed to kill them at the hotspring. Yeah, there’s 1 next to her. BOOM! She died for real this time. Haha! Live stupid die stupid. Too bad Kiriko’s inn takes a heavy damage and she’s in debt now.
Chika is out with her friends in episode 20 as this episode is some sort of a psychological thriller drama. Through her flashbacks, she remembers when she was living under Himemiya, she’s always wary of her elder sister who instead of taking her fury out on her, treated her kindly. Because of that, Senko was always living in fear of her ulterior motives. Senko too kept a monster as a plaything in a hut in the middle of a forest and named it Vitamin C, as what she usually feeds it. One day she brought her sister so that Vitamin C could rip her apart but it never showed up and Senko felt betrayed. Back in reality, Chika and friends noticed that they are being followed by the city’s soldiers and Chika soon realized that one of her friends, Hijiri, isn’t the real thing because the true one was running late when she called them and felt they have left her behind. That fake Hijiri soon turned into the monster Vitamin C as the soldiers surround it. Chika learns from them that this monster is caused by a creature called Muma and though it is small and weak, it takes control of a human’s memories once they bite (Chika got one on her index finger during the start of this episode from a little hamster-like creature) and materializes that victim’s traumatic memories. Chika then decides to confront her past as she borrows Momokusa’s bat and takes out her frustrations by whacking it to its bloody death. The monster vanishes and soon it rains Vitamin C. We learn that Vitamin C was just a figment of imagination of hers and that the real Vitamin C was an escaped convict. When Senko called him out to kill her sister, he was cowering in fear behind the bushes as he couldn’t do so and escaped, never to be seen again. Later as the gang regroups at Hijiri’s house, Chika excuses herself to the bathroom and meets with Hijiri’s dad, who is that escaped convict. But she doesn’t recognize him because hey, Chika never saw the real face of Vitamin C, right?
In episode 21, a young granddaughter of Santa Claus, Chloe, hates Christmas because it made grandpa a slave to his job instead of spending time with her. So she decides to ruin Christmas. Of all the houses, she has to pick the Midarezakis as she gets caught because present-obsessed Kyouka set up a trap to catch Santa Claus so that she could force her to give her all the backlog of gifts. Obviously, she has been a bad girl all the while, you know. Thinking that Chloe is the real Santa, Kyouka then spots the ‘fake’ Santa and blasts him out of the sky with a bazooka! There goes all children’s presents. Soon, Kyouka decides to help Chloe with her job and I think she flexes her authority to have the bureau staff give up their free time to do some big time worldwide Christmas operation. Note the tears of despair not joy and words of hatred not love. She has Yuuka, Ginka and Chika as Santarinas while the other family members as reindeers. The gang do their best to deliver presents and eventually the real Santa turns up to do power battle with Kyouka. He’s a little bigger than the average human and he has a six-pack instead of a flabby belly! I don’t know where he learn those energy projection moves (from playing video games perhaps? Just kidding) but the fight seems awesome. Kyouka beats Santa with some cat punch and was going to finish him if not for Chloe’s interference. Chloe then realized how she still loved grandpa and why he is dedicated to his job as they reconcile. But Kyouka isn’t going to let it end there because she hasn’t got her presents. To her surprise, her family each gave her theirs, making her soft as she rummages through them. Just as Santa said "Anyone who gives a present will in return receive a piece of happiness in return". With that, Chloe happily helps her grandpa to deliver the remaining presents and doesn’t hate Christmas anymore.


A giant alien seed crash lands in front of Kyouka’s home yard in episode 22 and Raichou once again dramatically appears to request her family’s help to save the Earth from those alien invaders. Kyouka has no choice but to oblige because Raichou threatens to fire Ouka from the operation if she doesn’t cooperate. Same time, Ouka out on a shopping errand, meets a water alien girl, Oasis, amidst the city being attacked by those seed aliens. Oasis combines herself to become Ouka’s hand blade to put those aliens at bay. Once it’s over, she dehydrates so Ouka pours a glass of water to cure her when Kyouka spots them in a compromising position and misinterprets that he’s cheating on her. Anyway they brought Oasis home (much to Kyouka’s suspicion that she’s the alien invader Raichou meant) and the family learns that she has to be constantly filled up with water in order for her not to dehydrate, which could lead to death. They also learn Oasis is on Earth to discover the meaning of love so Ginka decides to teach her put gets S&M punishment from Chika when he can’t kiss Chika and Teika gets the same too when he asked Madara for the same (to teach Oasis about love instead of confessing his feelings, that is). This has Oasis to conclude love is pain and starts torturing Ouka. Jealous Kyouka too beats up Ouka so as not to be left behind. Oasis’s constant harassing of Ouka about love has Yuuka misinterpreting that daddy is cheating on mommy when the duo came out of the toilet semi-naked. That night, Oasis even sneaks into Ouka’s room to give him a kiss, much to the horror of his spying family members. Kyouka has had enough and decide to dispose of this alien threat once and for all but Oasis dehydrates again. They try to find water but the entire house is void of it. It’s revealed that Yuuka had drank them all up as she’s worried and sees Oasis a threat to their family harmony. But Oasis revives back after getting sprayed by Gekka. Next morning, the family wonders where Oasis has gone to when Raichou shows up again. Her reason is that she forgot to tell them the name of the alien invader, which is Gouyokuou. So they’ve been on a wild goose chase, eh? Plus, Oasis is supposed to aid them in defeating Gouyokuou. Bummer.

Those seed aliens start attacking the city and Raichou once again turns the city into a defence base in episode 23. Amidst the chaos, a UFO crash lands and this white armour-looking alien is Gouyokuou. The Midarezakis (exception of Gekka who is missing) encounters him and finds him with a polite and pleasant personality. Handing out blank business name cards? His goal is to find love on this planet too. What’s this with aliens and love? They also find out that the poles on his back is some sort of power restraining tool and without them, the slightest reaction from him can cause devastating destruction! Be careful. Because of that, he is a planet destruction weapon though he himself is reluctant to do such a job and runs away. He drowns his troubles at Virgo and quickly made friends with Milcatopy. Gekka then crashes into the place and soon Kyouka and Ouka arrive to find Gekka beating up Gouyokuou. WTF?! They learn that 1000 years ago, Gekka hails from a different planet in which she is the sole living organism amidst the vast ocean protecting the planet. One day Gouyokuou dropped by and confessed he liked her but Gekka doesn’t. So she made a deal to answer him if he could wait 1000 years in her place as god while she left. Time passes, Gouyokuou soon followed Gekka to Earth and upon learning Gekka’s ‘parents’ he wants to have Ouka’s blessing. Of course Kyouka takes advantage and wants him to bow down before her. Gekka quickly takes her parents away in her UFO when Hyouka crashes in to punch Gekka for acting by herself and making them worry (looks like robots have feelings too). Meanwhile Oasis is pondering near a lake when she hears an evil inner voice trying to coax her to the dark side.

As Gouyokuou ponders and waits for Gekka in the city, Kyouka takes her family (except Gekka who goes missing again) to the base’s shelter in episode 24. Suddenly an Arabian belly dancer-like lady, Scooby Doo, oops I mean, Kyupi Do, tries to hug her in her happiness but Kyouka hits her away. She’s from the Shangri-La underground empire and Kyouka was once their queen before she left. Kyupi likes calling Kyouka, Bakka Kyoukya which sounds like stupid Kyouka. Uh huh. Bakka in their empire means master. She wants Kyouka to return to Shangri-La but Kyouka is reluctant. Later Ouka goes to talk to Kyouka about how he initially took this operation as part of his mission but now feels like a real part of a family. Kyupi decides to atone herself by giving the family a wonderful feast and entertainment. But Kyupi’s intention is to get rid of Ouka as she throws her dagger at him. Thankfully, the quick response of the rest prevented an untoward incident. Oasis then appears to tell them that Kyupi is under control of a Water Parasite (WP). True enough the WP appears out from Kyupi and her goal here is to look for her god disguised as a human and living with them (Gekka, that is). Seems she and Oasis are from the same planet where Gekka came from and WP has infected many of the inhabitants on Earth. She escapes and Kyupi regain consciousness only not to remember what has happened.

WP meets up with Gekka at a lake and makes known her intentions to kill her to protect her ocean world but she can’t as Gekka says all those from her planet are part of her. When she felt lonely, she created other living things from her body. So if WP kills her, she too will die. Meanwhile Raichou discusses with Kumo about Gouyokuou not posing a threat now as he seems obedient and that the real threat if the WP possesses 1 of the Midarezaki. Raichou thinks of temporarily separating the family but who’ll stop Gouyokuou if he turns evil? Don’t worry, with a push of missile button, that’s all it takes to destroy him. Is it? However they’re interrupted by the bureau’s top head, Million (an uncanny resemblance to Senko’s sister. Hmm…), who disagrees with Raichou’s plan. Raichou is still persistent because she thinks the family may face an unwanted ending. Since Kumo is under direct orders from Million, amidst the struggle to draw some funny face on Raichou, she accidentally hit the missile button. This is a signal for the soldiers to move in and destroy Gouyokuou (still patiently sitting and waiting for Gekka, is he?). Lastly, Kyouka takes her family via UFO to the world’s safest place, PRK.

The family arrives on the island in episode 25 to find it has been overrun by hungry white monkeys and love-stricken pirates. They manage to enter the barricaded hotel and seems like Pierre and Mujaki are the only ones unaffected by the parasite due to their unusual water drinking habits. As the gang further discuss the current situation, the soldiers move in to attack Gouyokuou but only succeeds in making his poles fall off and causing surrounding destruction. The soldiers soon cower in fear that nothing can destroy this alien as Gouyokuou slowly walks away. He then goes over to see Virgo on fire and is being chided by Drinda to go do something useful to help them. He gets an idea and meets Oasis at the lake. He requests her to make rain to smother the flames. Gekka tries to find her family but gets a message from Kyupi that she has gone to the island. That night, Ouka finds Kyouka acting weird and confronts her. To his surprise, she no longer has cat ears and has several monkeys and pirates under her Cellphone control. Looks like she is under WP’s control but even so, Kyouka mentions how she is the real child of Enka. Gekka arrives and can’t forgive WP for involving her family but by that time, the monkeys and pirates are holding down the rest of the Midarezakis when Ouka points his gun at Kyouka’s head. OMG! Is he going to do it?

In episode 26, Ouka knows that Kyouka simply is doing this to rid the child of Enka on purpose because she loves her family and that this isn’t the right way to do so. Just then, the rest of the children starts claiming that they are the real child of Enka (even Chika who obviously doesn’t have Enka’s DNA). Gekka’s voice reaches Kyouka’s inner heart as she coughs out WP. I don’t know why, Kyouka has temporarily taken the form of that WP (something about her ability to take over bodies?) and is back to her yappy self. As everyone rejoice, Gekka absorbs the remaining WP from its host to prevent any more harm. Then Kyouka suggests going back for Gekka’s wedding inquisition and Gekka teleports them all back to Virgo. The rest of the family meets Gouyokuou for the 1st time as he seeks their blessings. But Ouka doesn’t approve thinking that it’s absurd for Gekka to marry him just to save Earth. Oasis butts in and doesn’t want Ouka to speak on Gekka’s behalf. Thus Kyouka proposes a game whereby the one who presents a future that Gouyokuou likes wins. Kyouka suggests some lovey-dovey (possible explicit) stuff which is all okay with Gouyokuou while Oasis allows their marriage but disallow them to be on Earth because of the chaos he will cause. Gouyokuou overcome with conscience agrees with her but notes that she is currently under an operation and can’t leave Earth. Oasis then says that she’ll take Gekka’s place, citing that she’s part of her and that she is in love with Ouka. But Ouka rejects her saying that he loves Kyouka and wants to protect his family. Oh the heartbreak.
Oasis isn’t about to give up yet and claims Gouyokuou owes her 1 for saving the city from fire. She then possesses him and removes his last restraining pole, making him ‘panic’. Gekka swiftly teleports him to outer space and knows that he isn’t possessed. Gekka comments on how weak she is and that this game was a setup by mommy to give her a push since she doesn’t trust nor rely on the rest of her family. She also realizes how she ran away rather than keeping her promise and thinks Gouyokuou is too good for her and confesses that she likes him. Gouyokuou replies that he’ll be a threat to Earth and since he’s used to waiting, he wants Gekka to teleport him far away and promise to see her in 1000 years and perhaps by then Gekka would marry him. She agrees and sends him off with Oasis who will accompany him so that he won’t be lonely waiting. Oasis feels bad but Gouyokuou says she’ll find her own love one day. Raichou narrates how although the real child of Enka remains a mystery, the fact that the Midarezakis repel the Water threat and displayed their strong family bonds, has prompted the support and continuation of the operation. She even suspects that Million expected all this and had given them these trials as Kumo draws another funny face on Raichou’s tummy under Million’s orders. Looks like her chance to get back will be very far. Back at the Midarezakis, they find Kyouka sneaking out to visit her underground empire. Ouka allows her to go but tells her that her home will always be here. The end credits show how everyone continue on with their daily lives and the Midarezaki’s household isn’t quiet after all since Kyouka has several of her chibi self causing her usual cheekiness.
The ending was rather okay though I hope it would end better. I was hoping to find out which of them was the real Enka or somehow the series would end with the awakening of Enka. But I guess that isn’t important because the most crucial thing is that all of them got along and stick as a family till the end. It doesn’t matter if you are not blood related so long as you care and look out for each other, that is what counts the most. Such bonds, relationships and ties, you can’t learn just from any textbook or buy with any amount of cash. It’s the invaluable experience that one goes through as a family.
Still, Kyouka is my most favourite character simply because of her conceited attitude which also hides a caring side of hers. No doubt that her speeches are funny and arrogant (not to mention she talks too fast sometimes so much so you have to strain your ears to keep track of what she yaps) but some of her lines are touching. It’s like you want to strangle her for being a selfish mom one moment and then change your mind and give her a big hug. I’m glad Ouka in the end truly loves his wife and accepts her mischievous personality rather than doing this for his mission’s sake. I also note how many viewers too like Raichou. Initially I thought she is going to be the villain of the series seeing that Ouka did mention her as the Empire’s terrorist. But I don’t know if it is his misperception or what but Raichou seems to be on the family’s side and her role was more like ‘supervising’ them rather than planning something grandiose like I hoped it would be.
The other minor and supporting characters too are quite wacky themselves. Though I’m wondering what further happened to them. I know that the series mainly focuses on the Midarezakis but I still would like to know their circumstances even if it’s insignificant. Like towards the end, we get to see Shinigami bumming around with her dad. Any indications of pursuing her love for Ouka still? Did Gebok decided to give up his villainous role and be a regular at Virgo? Is Pierre happy of his position on the island with white monkeys as its inhabitants? Is Kiriko planning any long term relationship with Hyouka? What about Dekamelon? Who is he really and what happened to him after the 2nd human-animal case? Same thing, what happened to Kyupi or Odessa as well, who wants their underground queen back? What about Kyouka’s multiple past? So many questions. But I guess that won’t matter, does it?
Ayumi Fujimura does an excellent job voicing Kyouka. I wonder if there are any other seiyuus out there who could match her high-pitched fast talking ways. Her other roles include Midori of Xamdou: Lost Memories and Karada in Asatte No Houkou. Also, Yuko Goto does a splendid job voicing the dreamy-sounding Raichou. You can recognize her in other anime roles like Hikari of Special A and Kaede of Shuffle. The other casts are equally good and fit their characters well. They are Takayuki Kondou as Ouka (Oishi in Prince Of Tennis), Kana Hanazawa as Yuuka (Potemayo of Potemayo), Rina Satou as Gekka (Haruka of Minami-ke series), Ryou Hirohashi as Hyouka (Kyou in Clannad), Yoshinori Fujita as Ginka (Masumi of Nodame Cantabile), Haruka Tomatsu as Chika (Lala of To Love-Ru), Hiroki Yasumoto as Teika (Justice of Doujin Work) and a host of other famous seiyuus which play minor character roles like Nana Mizuki (Oasis), Tomokazu Seki (Gouyokuou), Ai Shimizu (Tsubaki), Akemi Kanda (Chloe), Eri Kitamura (Pierre), Marina Inoue (Madara), Mai Nakahara (Chieri), Rie Kugimiya (Mujaki), Satoshi Hino (Rindou) and Rika Morinaga (Shinigami).
The opening theme Chousai Senbo Sengen by MOSAIC.WAV is a crazy hyped-up song befitting the series. Not only you have words so fast that you can’t make out what they’re saying and sounds nonsensical (hats off to the fansubbers who I think manages to put every word they sang down onscreen), the lyrics are kind of cheeky with lines like "Autocracy is the best compliment". Something you’d expect out from Kyouka, eh? And just before the song ends, you’ll get to hear Kyouka’s personal ranting of supremacy and insulting remarks. To add to the craziness, there are 8 different endings altogether with each of the Midarezaki family having their own theme song which reflects their character. The drawing and art pretty feels like your today’s standard of anime but something which bugs me that majority of the characters have that ‘same look’ feel. Is it because of their jawbone, big eyes and thin mouth lines? On a trivial note, viewers can view the mid-intermission which serves as an eye candy with the characters in poses or costumes. Methinks they’re desktop wallpaper worthy.
So what are your perceptions on family now? Anything can be achieved with close bonds and here can even save the world! Look out Fantastic Four! These guys make the Simpsons look so mild. So be good to your family and love them lots, no matter how weird they may be. Broken family is another thing. But don’t be like Kyouka’s selfish side, okay! That sure is one hell of a frenzy family diary.
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

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