Now, where have we seen this setting before? A city being enveloped by a mysterious mist that nobody can get out. But for all those who are trapped, they continue to lead their daily lives as usual. Kekkai Sensen, right? Wrong! It’s Lord of Vermilion – Guren No Ou. Just replace New York with Tokyo and the white mist have now gone red. And what is this borrowing elements and tropes from other shows too like the characters being able to use their blood as weapons (Deadman Wonderland, anyone?), the need to destroy Tokyo (Akira, anyone?) and both sides taking each other out battle royale style (Basilisk, people?). Oh no. I have a bad feeling about this…

Episode 1
Teens with weird powers fighting and taking out each other in decimated Tokyo. Everybody dies. Wow. Chihiro Kamina and Kotetsu Doumyouji are dojo brothers. Chihiro was taken in by the latter’s father and to repay that kindness, Chihiro is such a great cook as well as a great kendo warrior. As the duo head off to college, suddenly a loud ringing paralyzes everyone. A red mist soon covers the place. In this dream wold, Chihiro meets this strange woman, Dux. She talks about strange things especially twisting Shakespeare’s works. Something about repeating this heroic scene again and again till the end of time. When Chihiro wakes up, he is in the university’s hospital attended by the doctor, Inuki Akaya and his rude nurse, Koume Sakiyama. It seems Chihiro has been in coma for 5 months and is the last one to awaken. Outside the window, it seems Tokyo is covered with overgrown branches and red mist. Nobody really knows what happened on that day termed as the Great Collapse. Kotetsu is glad Chihiro has woke up but after he is discharged, they are met with reporter, Isshin Kakihara and his assistant, Tsubasa Tachikaze. It seems Kakihara has a bone to pick with Chihiro and is trying to provoke him. Something about something bad he did 13 years ago. Kotetsu explains how the red mist enveloping Tokyo, nobody has been able to escape it. So I guess life has to go on and mysteriously water and electricity still flows through, huh? Just can’t escape. When they reach back the dojo, they once more hear that paralyzing ringing. This time Chihiro spots Jun Aoi snapping his fingers. Is that the cause of the ringing? Soon a samurai monster pops up before them. Time to put those kendo skills to good use. However this monster is actually Kotetsu’s dad so with Chihiro being hesitant to slay it, he gets cut down instead. However this awakens his power.

Episode 2
His blood becomes blades as he mercilessly cut down the monster. When he realizes what he has done, he starts to break down but Eiko Morizono puts him to sleep. Kotetsu pesters her for answers but she will explain it later. For now, they are interrogated by the policewoman, Marie Kurokami. Eiko claims she is just passing by. Marie warns that there are disappearances like this since the Great Collapse and rumours that those disappeared turned into the mist or monsters. Kotetsu bugs for more answers but she only confirms that Jun is the one who turned his dad into a monster. Chihiro finally wakes up albeit a little confused. Eiko cooks for him and once more gives that I’ll-tell-you-later excuse. She’ll explain when he remembers. Wait. WTF. Nevertheless Chihiro still feels guilty over killing Kotetsu’s father. I guess life has to go on so they return to college. A guy seemingly goes berserk but is taken out by Inuki and Koume. When Inuki looks at Chihiro, he knows something about him. Why don’t you tell us already? Eiko finally reveals some stuffs that those monsters come here via some gate. The only way is to kill them. Also, Chihiro is essential to the new world they are creating. Can’t blame the guy for not accepting it all as he takes a breather. Then he hears that ringing again. This time it comes from Yuri Shiraki. She leads him to a hall while she murmurs about he should have been better off dead. More ringing as the students in the hall start to turn into monsters, including Chihiro’s classmate, Ikurou Owari. However since Yuri is hesitating, Jun completes the ringing process to turn them into monsters. Kotetsu on the verge too. Eiko is begging Chihiro to remember his Heroic Blood sleeping inside him. Of course he can’t. Even if he could, he won’t kill someone precious and would rather die. Oh, he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore because Kotetsu’s power awakens. Yup, he is a Heroic Blood too. He fights off the monsters but finds them too strong. Still don’t want to remember, Chihiro? Don’t want to soak your hands in blood? Well you have to now since Kotetsu is in a pinch.

Episode 3
Only when Kotetsu is on the verge of death from those Diabolos (those monsters) did Chihiro awaken and become badass. Eiko also has him remember her real name: Cerdid. She transforms into, uhm, a fairy priestess? Chihiro’s heroics of killing a Diabolos is witnessed by Kakihara and Tsubasa. What a scoop. He tries to blame him for the murders but Jun has resummoned the Diabolos and make it even more powerful. Only this time guilt ridden Chihiro won’t kill and lets himself be killed? Too bad his blood protects him. At the same time Tsubasa is starting to act weird. Kakihara pleads for help and will do anything so this priestess girl, Shouko Hanashima has his Heroic Blood inside him awaken as well as call out to Tsubasa’s real name: Aero. She transforms into, uhm, feather fairy? Chihiro goes berserk unable to control his power so Jun retreats and Cerdid stabilizes him. Kakihara continues to blame Chihiro but is interrupted when Ikurou is in pain as his transformation failed. After Inuki takes him in to be treated, the rest follow Shouko to Maldeus Church, the Heroic Blood’s stronghold to fight against Chaos. Dux is their leader as she explains in 40 years their world will be destroyed. No use trying to prevent it because it will be destroyed. Hence their goal is to shape the new world based on their utopia. For that to happen, Lord of Vermilion must appear, otherwise the new world will be plagued with sickness, war, etc and ruled by Chaos. Meanwhile we also hear the Chaos’ side of the story. Led by Grumman Aldo Shiraki and the ominous looking sorcerer, Van Drail, they believe they can stop the destruction if the destroy the Heroic Blood as they are believed to be the source of the destruction. Dux further explains about Diabolos using humans as a gate to enter this world. The only way to stop that is to destroy Tokyo. No Tokyo, no gate. Kakihara thought Tsubasa is back to normal but it is just Aero taking her form. Cerdid explains the Tsubasa he knew is gone and hence what has got a mad guy do but blame it further on Chihiro. He feels guilty for always ignoring her and continue to follow Chihiro. Yeah, blame him some more until you get your justice whatever. Ikurou’s condition has stabilized as Inuki explains he has been taking in people like him ever since the Great Collapse. Some explanation about humans having this Arcana gene that is the reason why Diabolos uses it as a gateway to this world. Some turn into monsters while others can coexist like Cerdid and Aero and those who can’t will vanish into the red mist. More guilt trip for Chihiro as now even Dux blames him for attracting death and tragedy. It’s his fate. Can’t this guy even catch a break?

Episode 4
Chihiro is destroying barriers around Tokyo. He has decided to save their future so a few innocents won’t matter, right? Grumman is displeased his agents are letting the Heroic Blood do as they please but Jun notes they are already at their limits and hints about reinforcements. But Grumman isn’t pleased to hear that so Jun takes it as he will find reinforcements himself. Later Grumman apologizes to his daughter Yuri for his behaviour but the truth is he doesn’t want to put her in danger as she is the only one who can save him. As Chihiro and co go destroy another barrier, this time they are met with resistance by Jun and Yuri. Kotetsu fights Tsubaki Manazuru but soon they realize they thought the other is an agent of Chaos. Oops. Tsubaki had her fun and leaves. While Koume beats up Jun, he is saved by new recruit, Haru Minakami who is eager to get a piece of the action. As Yuri tries to stall Chihiro, she puts a spell that sends both of them into another misty dimension. She keeps following him and tries to change his mind about destroying the barriers and innocents. In turn he blames her for turning people into monsters. Because Chihiro is in despair in whatever decisions he make, the outcome will be the same for him, Yuri suggests they run away and change the world together. She takes him to a rock barrier that is the centre of it all. He powers up to destroy it as Yuri also lends her strength. Upon destruction, they return to reality but not before Chihiro has flashbacks of his younger days. Ah, the happy and not so happy moments. They part ways but Yuri blames his mother for it all.

Episode 5
Both sides retreat. When Kotetsu tries to explain about the enemy he fought, Shouko believes that person is from the Guardian State. An organization who has been protecting Japan long before Japan was formed. Eh, what? So basically another enemy? With Chihiro claiming he has no memories of his childhood and can’t remember his mother’s face, Kakihara calls it too convenient because it seems he knows the kid more than himself. He reveals that the explosion at AVAL research lab was caused by Chihiro’s mom. But the catch is her body was never found and was listed missing. Kakihara thinks Chihiro killed her as well as his father and tries to provoke him into remembering. Later Chihiro and Kotetsu are met with Marie and Tsubaki. They do not hesitate to reveal they are from Guardian State and are trying to locate Jun who is believed to be behind the series of murders in Tokyo. Wow. Is Tokyo so big that they can’t find him? Kotetsu becomes eager beaver to help locate him. Inuki’s testing seems to be bearing fruits. So he tells depressed Chihiro that he might have found some component in the red mist to alleviate the Arcana syndrome and save Ikurou. He asks what Chihiro really wants. As he is still reeling from the fact he is only good for destruction, he wants to be forgiven and escape from this despair. Inuki tries to stay positive and will help him. Of course, don’t give up too. Shortly, Inuki goes missing. Chihiro goes to find him but sees Yuri taking care of kids at an orphanage. Tsubaki stumbles upon a beast in the midst of killing its victim. Could have been one too had not Kotetsu come to her aid. Although the beast escapes, it soon transforms back to his original form. Surprise, mother*cker! It’s Inuki! I’m sure that scream isn’t because he is howling to the moon.

Episode 6
Chihiro tries to look for Inuki as he saw him die in his dreams but guess what? Shouko doesn’t have time for his dreams! WTF is she so busy with?! When a group of punks finally find Inuki, here comes Chihiro as distraction. I wonder why they are more interested to surround him than Inuki. Because his transformation is acting up and conveniently he escapes into the sea. When Chihiro returns, Kakihara and his ‘investigation’ has revealed that Inuki is the traitor. He shows a picture of that orphanage in which Inuki and Jun came from. They’re like brothers. The orphanage belongs to AVAL and behind the scenes they conduct experiments on kids. Want more proof? AVAL’s president is Grumman and Yuri is his daughter. Later Chihiro hears more from Koume that she too is from that orphanage. Failed experiments like her are discarded. They survived but Inuki is still suffering from the aftereffects and is running out of time. Jun meets up with Inuki. It seems Inuki wants to be killed by him. Jun offers to come with him and find a solution but Inuki won’t return to AVAL. Uhm, so why the heck were they fighting in the first place? Because Inuki would rather die as his brother, Jun has no choice but to grant that wish. Only for dumb Chihiro to interrupt. Oh look. Now Inuki has turned into a beast. Rage away. Chihiro tries to save Inuki but fails since his blood powers go berserk. Berserk on the Lord of Vermilion level. Inuki somehow managed to control his primal instincts. Because it’s cue for him to dispense last words of advice before he dies. Don’t give up. Control your powers. Believe in the future. Not sure what happened with all that red mist because Inuki becomes a red crystal. Oh Chihiro, your guilt of racking up your kill ratio is sure increasing. Are you going to stay depressed despite what all Inuki has said to you?

Episode 7
Chihiro gives the crystal Inuki turned into to Koume. Wow. Everybody trying not to act like they’re sad. Meanwhile some conspiracy going on between Dux and Shouko. They say only one Heroic Blood can survive this and Shouko is adamant she will be that lone survivor. Chaos agents too plotting their own conspiracy. Grumman wants more human sacrifice and killing of Heroic Bloods to die. Jun selects Chihiro as his next target but won’t kill him outright and will make him suffer. Typical villain mistake 101. And he wants Yuri to stay out of this knowing her feelings will get involved? So why announce his plan before her then? Oddly, Yuri and Chihiro meet. Like as though they’ve been lovers for ages. After a few boring moments together to troll us into thinking some possible romance is on the cards, Yuri explains what she meant when she blamed his mother. Apparently Mitsuki worked with Grumman to experiment something. It went wrong and failed and she was swallowed up by another world. Ever since, Grumman tried experimenting on Tokyo to open gates to another world. She wanted to look for Chihiro but father forbade her. He stopped being the kind father she knew and only saw her as a vessel of Heroic Blood. So I guess she was conflicted about killing him when they were reunited after so long? Later Chihiro dreams that Kotetsu is dead. He goes to find him. Not in his room. This guy has time to date Tsubaki? Oddly Jun and Haru are tailing-cum-stalking them. Think Chihiro will show up? Poor Chihiro runs to Yuri to ask the meaning of his cryptic dreams. It’s not like she has a direct answer either. Be strong and face the challenge. Like anybody can say that, right? Suddenly he gets a call from Kotetsu. Help! He’s in danger! Oh no! He runs to his aid. Well, the lovebirds forgot their wallet so Chihiro was called in to help pay. Damn trolling… But glad he is safe? Not for long because here comes Jun kidnapping Kotetsu to lure Chihiro to face him. Haru meanwhile has to keep Tsubaki busy. Chihiro fears seeing Kotetsu in his ‘dying’ position. He can’t move an inch as Jun threatens to kill him and hence uses this advantage to torment Chihiro. Then they both argue they were trying to save Inuki. But look who is here? Yuri seems to have defected and protects Chihiro. I guess Jun can’t handle them so he retreats and also takes Haru with him before Tsubaki makes mincemeat out of him. Since Yuri has risked her place of belonging, Chihiro vows to save her this time. Come join our side, will you?

Episode 8
Looks like Chihiro has called on the sides of the Heroic Blood and Guardian State to meet so they can work together to save the world without destroying Tokyo. Of course some like Shouko and Guardian State’s Julia Ichijou and Suruga Juumonji are against the idea and rather jump on the idea to fight each other. It seems Chihiro believes his idea can work as he shows Yuri on their side. Yup, nothing says more than hope when the enemy joins your side. Plus, the prophecy he saw Kotetsu dead didn’t happen so it is proof they can change fate. Based on this one single event? Chihiro’s answer to all this is for the Heroic Blood to survive long enough so they can stop agents of Chaos. So that’s basically it? Those who are against him won’t join his cause but some like Tsubaki and Akira Harabuki would gladly (the latter being wanting to get her boyfriend Haru back). Marie shows unpublished evidence to Kakihara that Chihiro didn’t kill his dad. At least not intentional but in self-defence. Dad even left a dying message for him to read. I can’t read that messy words written in blood… Kakihara still refuses to believe. Is this journalism? He is hell bent on believing Chihiro really killed his dad. In another gathering, Yuri informs AVAL is trying to cause another Great Collapse, that is why her father is transferring large numbers of machines from the lab. More cheesy romance between Chihiro and Yuri. This time we see his dream of his dad going crazy because his wife didn’t return. Because of that he tried to kill Chihiro. WTF. Is he that useless without his wife around? It ends with a prophetic dream of Marie being killed. Guess what? Marie is doing her own investigation at AVAL. She is attacked death maestro, Kark Kaburagi. Oh look. She got killed just like the way in the prophecy. And just when everybody started to think where Marie went, here she comes back bloodied. Yeah, nice of her to die without saying anything but leave this bloodied handphone as so called evidence. Thanks to that, everybody believes Yuri is a traitor. No defending from Chihiro could help. I don’t think they trust Chihiro any better now too. Made worse when Grumman applauds Yuri’s ‘heroics’ and tempts her to return. Well, if she goes back to him, it only worsens the accusation, right? Yeah… Then out of the frying pan and into the fire because Yuri gets beaten up by father for trying to leave him. And then a stern reminder of an important place he has with Mitsuki that Yuri is never permitted there. Wow. Such fatherly love.

Episode 9
Julia is using this excuse never for the Heroic Blood to contact them again and to break their alliance. Koume continues Inuki’s research while Kakihara and Aero do their own research. Meanwhile, Grumman is pleased with the progress of the experiment of turning people into monsters. Kakihara knows Chihiro has been following him and deduces he saw him die in his dreams. Chihiro doesn’t care if he hates him. He just wants to protect him. With Chihiro continuing to ‘stalk’ him, I guess Kakihara has to go talk to him. Something about how he is a survivor of a family suicide and never knew why his parents abandoned him. Kakihara is still bent in believing Chihiro killed his father so Chihiro replies him he really wanted to die that die. But there could be a meaning for him surviving. I don’t know. Is it because he doesn’t want to die? Kakihara then brings Chihiro to a site that was from Marie’s data. There is a strange device creating artificial barriers and there are 7 of them around Tokyo. Chihiro thinks it is to create the next Great Collapse and oh look, Kark is here to confirm that. How nice of this famous pianist to do so. I guess he is confident he is going to kill them all. He hypnotizes Chihiro to see dead ones dragging him to hell, locking his blood ability. Kakihara takes a beating while trying to save him. In the end, Aero gets killed while trying to protect Kakihara while trying to protect Chihiro. This awakens Kakihara’s power but he has taken too much damage. Kark flees when Kotetsu and Tsubaki arrive. When a person is dying, he has got a lot to say. So from Kakihara’s last words, he finally accepts Chihiro didn’t kill his dad. He targeted him out of jealousy and didn’t want to acknowledge his parents abandoned him because if you love someone, you should take them with you. Hence he couldn’t forgive him for refusing to die with his that and thus his life purpose to make Chihiro admit that fake guilt. And the final key word of the day: Live. I guess that’s why Kakihara lived this long just to tell him that. Eh, WTF… Meanwhile Dux is not pleased another one of their side is gone. She laments even if Tokyo is destroyed, Chaos cannot be stopped as they are just a barrier away from connecting it all. They have no more excuse to retreat.

Episode 10
Dux explains the last barrier will be completed at a theatre. Shouko doesn’t hesitate to badmouth all those who died and I’m wondering if Chihiro is just standing there waiting to smack her face. Now Grumman considers Yuri useless and won’t use her. Jun is not happy with this and even made more so when he is ordered to guard the other barriers instead of the final one based on the grounds he will ignore his role to get revenge. And now we’ve got mad Haru blaming it on Yuri for turning Jun like this. So he rebels by giving the Heroic Blood side a poster of Kark’s performance at the theatre. Yeah, that’s when the final connection is supposed to happen. Although there will be many sacrifices when that happens, Chihiro has a plan to take out Kark before that happens. So when the Heroic Bloods come flying into the concert, they are of course stopped by several monsters created by Kark. Just when Haru thought he killed Chihiro, he turned out to be a fake (a familiar of Akira disguised as him). The real Chihiro dives in to kill Kark himself in the hall. Too bad Chihiro’s plan is in tatters as Jun drops in to fight him. With this distraction, Kark is able to turn all the audience into some dragon monster. Jun is losing and just when he thought he sees an opening to defeat Chihiro, Kark kills him. Haru so mad he tries to kill Kark but Akira protects her ex-boyfriend from Kark’s scythe. Too bad all in vain because his scythe is longer than that and got him too. 2 for the price of 1. It’s Chihiro’s turn to get mad as his Lord of Vermilion awakens. Previously he was afraid to stain his hands to become Lord of Vermilion. I guess it took a few deaths for him to accept he needs to accept that burden. And so Chihiro is super awesome in taking down the dragon. He could have fought Kark too but he escaped. Meanwhile during the commotion, Shouko usurps and steals all the credit by destroying the barrier. Grumman is in despair that he cannot create the second Great Collapse and pleads to his other daughter, Chiyu for help.

Episode 11
Yuri is so happy that with the second Great Collapse stopped, she doesn’t have any more reason to fight Chihiro. Until papa and co tell her how Chihiro killed everybody. Still don’t believe? Here’s the video. Who the f*ck recorded this?! And uhm, isn’t it edited? Shouko thinks she is the saviour but everyone else is praising Chihiro. Grumman enters Chiyu’s lab as she explains how her research can now forcibly open the gates that would also destroy Tokyo. Convenient. Cue for maniacal evil father laughter. Sourpuss Shouko is sore that Chihiro is being praised. Because she is so dumb, now only she thinks to kill Chihiro and the rest to become the last standing one. Too bad Kark comes in and decapitates her and burns down the church! Like, WTF????!!! But good riddance this b*tch is dead! And when the other Heroic Bloods gather, Dux tells them of the Chaos agents of their alternative plan. Oh, please do tell. Yuri is miserable as she is forced to watch (edited) footage of Chihiro killing everyone. Grumman brainwashes her that his greed to become Lord of Vermilion has his powers going berserk. Only she can stop him. And for some reason, we have that cheesy Chihiro and Yuri rendezvous again. At first she is so happy that he is still the same. That turned into shock when she learns he did kill those people although he blames Kark. She them to elope and go somewhere away from this madness but since he isn’t willing to (and not stop killing), Yuri becomes disillusioned and prepares to attack him. Believe you can only change him? That is when Cerdid attacks Yuri, blaming her for changing Chihiro. Eh, what?! Something about he has been ignoring her ever since. So don’t care if he hates her forever because Cerdid is going to disobey his orders and kill Yuri? But wait! Suddenly Cerdid is killed! From Chihiro’s angle, he thinks Yuri did it. But panicky girl denies and all she could do is run away? Chiyu has finalized and activated the necessary. The beginning of Tokyo’s destruction. Oh Dux, still need to preach about heaven helping those who help themselves? For Chihiro, I think it is more like you want something done, do it yourself. Yup, taking what’s left of Heroic Blood as they head in for the final battle.

Episode 12
Oh look. It’s Kark. Time for Chihiro to get his revenge and let the others move ahead. But now they’ve got tons of monsters to fight. Next sensible thing to do, Kotetsu and Tsubaki let Koume go ahead so they can have their own cheesy romance moment together. Hey. It’s the last days of Tokyo. Don’t want to regret it, do you? Chihiro is fighting Kark’s dragon but takes a lethal blow. Because he is main character, he cannot die… Yet… More drama with Grumman and Chiyu. The latter claims because she is made out of Mitsuki’s DNA, she knows that Grumman loves nobody but himself. Also, Mitsuki has never loved him so if he steps through the portal, she will not be waiting for him. Grumman goes insane and refuses to believe this crap. So he runs? Good timing for Koume to barge in and fight Chiyu. Say, why does Chiyu’s shield reminds me of Captain America’s… Chihiro is supposed to be dead but what did I tell you about him being main character? Instead, in this dream state, he meets Dux. He thinks she is responsible for all his prophetic dreams but in actual fact they are other realities in which he died. Even if in all realities he is never forgiven, this one seems to have the most Heroic Blood survivors. Because he needs to change and take action, all the dead tell him to live. And hence Chihiro revives! He destroys the dragon, sending Kark into shock before cutting off his pianist hands and then killing him for good. Kotetsu and Tsubaki are having a tough time but here comes Julia and Suruga. Gee, for the Guardian State who is supposed to protect the world from this sh*t, they’re sure late.

Although Koume defeats Chiyu but doesn’t kill her, the machine is going out of control. Grumman relishes to see Mitsuki and Drail gives him a push into the abyss. Bye. Even if Chaos has failed, the expanding power will continue to consume the world. Oh well Chihiro, as Dux says, since you’re the closest to being Lord of Vermilion who can create worlds, you know what to do. But here is the last obstacle before him: Yuri. She will not let him do it because it would mean sacrificing his life when he enters the gate. I don’t what Chihiro is explaining because Yuri is like us, “I don’t understand what you’re saying!”. She is sad he has changed and attacks him. Moments before he kills her, he didn’t. Because he won’t kill the one he loves. Suddenly change of mind. Because Yuri believes he hasn’t changed. I don’t blame her. All this madness has taken a toll on her. She wants him to take her along into the gate. But after a few cheesy moments, Chihiro betrays her and pushes her away. He enters the portal alone. Distraught is Yuri but Chihiro wants her to promise him to live on her behalf. I guess no use in fighting against him. Okay. Promise. Besides, didn’t Chihiro break his promise to live? With that, the ominous portal and the destruction that goes with it clears up. Well, somebody better catch falling Yuri or she’ll fail her promise too. In the aftermath, I don’t know how normal Tokyo has returned but Yuri is seen drinking tea on her own. So sad… I guess it’s a happier ending with Kotetsu and Tsubaki as they end up together. Why are Haru and Akira still together?! I thought they’re dead?! Last but not least, a teaser that shows Drail approaching Suruga with his own plan… You mean this sh*t isn’t over yet?!

Lourd Of Vermin Minion – The Cringe-some King
Why, oh why? Why didn’t they just kill everybody in the end?! Let Tokyo and possibly the world be in ruins! Why must only Chihiro be the one who gets to sacrifice himself and save the world who will never know of his efforts? But thank goodness that is the end of the anime. I don’t know how long I can take it anymore if this went on for another cour. I’ll probably turn into a monster and start going on a mindless rampage and then kill myself. But then those ubiquitous word of the series had me brainwashed. Live! Live to see more crappy animes in the future! Yahoo!

By the time the first episode ended, my guts were already tingling like a Spider-sense that this was going to be bad and if I was going to sit through the rest of the series, I better bite the bullet and take the bull head on by the horns. Thank goodness for that sixth sense warning of mine because I might have grown crazy with the super disappointment of where everything is going. Because by the time the second episode ended, my guts were ringing like hell nonstop. Stop! Go back! Go back! I couldn’t. Not that my stubbornness of watching till the end of a single cour anime would allow it.

The plot itself doesn’t make very much sense and it feels like it is made up along the way. Both sides have to eventually destroy Tokyo. It feels like they are taking their sweet time. An excuse to pin the blame of their delay of Tokyo’s destruction on the opposing force. Because you know, let’s take out the other party who would be interfering with our destruction of this city first. And yeah, Tokyo area must be so big that they can’t really find each other. I didn’t know Tokyo could be the size of United States for not being able to find each other within the confines of the mist but then small enough like Singapore when they need to suddenly confront each other and fight. All too freaking convenient.

More convenience when you realize that water and electricity could come freely and normally. So, everything can come into the city but only humans cannot leave? Like, WTF?! So my theory for humans who want to really leave Tokyo: Become electricity particles or water molecules! Haha! Assuming if Tokyo doesn’t pay its electricity or water bills, are the supplies going to be cut anyway? Will Tokyo descend into darkness and primitiveness? Oh right. Internet banking still exists so feel free to wire transfer your funds to pay your bills and keep the city running. Meanwhile outsiders are not even intrigued on getting in because you don’t hear any news of the outside people freaking out either. Tokyo closed off by a mysterious fog? Whatever. Still can get my sushi and ramen fix in other parts of Japan. It’s not like Tokyo is the only place that has all that, RIGHT???!!!

And the rest of the other inhabitants who are stuck in Tokyo trying to live their normal lives feel like NPCs. Unimportant minor background characters who have no feelings or concern whatever. Because it’s not like they’re panicking trying to find a way out or anything. Or if other people turn into monsters, no need to freak out. Everything is just fine. It’s not like the fight between Heroic Bloods and Chaos agents are so prominent but a few incidents and skirmishes here and there should be enough to make people wary. Instead, a bunch of them decide to go to this concert hosted by Kark and get their souls harvested. They deserve it. OMG! Famous pianist (who the f*ck?)! Let’s go attend his recital! In the end, I guess we never cared about them either.

And the characters… Oh God… Why do they have so many of them when many of them don’t even play any significant role and just to be added to the numbers. Because they only seem ‘relevant’ when they are about to die and be killed off. Otherwise, I keep asking myself after they have been killed off, how important and relevant were they to do the overall storyline? Not that I can see from my side. My ‘favourite’ character goes to Kark because he raked up the most character kills and I wished all of them would just die by this grim reaper’s hands even if some of the deaths seem so comically unrealistic. But hey, can’t complain. I wished everyone would be better off be dead and this is the only dude who has no conscious and qualms in killing others even his own allies. Damn this guy should be the main character.

There is some sort of cheesy and ‘complicated’ relationship going on between Chihiro and Yuri. Probably some sort of distraction in case you find the pacing of the overall plot hard to follow. Originating from different sides of the divide, it is like they are this anime’s version of Romeo and Juliet. Even far more comically tragic. At first they are portrayed as enemies and then once they entered that weird dimension together, it’s like they suddenly become on a dating status. I mean, WTF. I don’t even know this place that they usually frequent and meet. It kept me wondering if it is the dream world or some parts of Tokyo not yet discovered by the rest. Should be the latter because certainly Cerdid couldn’t be so jealous just to follow Chihiro into his dreams, right?

And then in between the cheesy budding romance and their sides fighting each other, this place of meeting (which they do so often like it’s their most secret place in the world) feels like it is timeout moment for them as they take a breather just to reassure their love, their past, themselves and whatever before the next sh*t comes. Because Chihiro’s problem is that he doesn’t want to kill others, hence dirtying his own hands which he eventually has to if he is going to end this crap, and Yuri her problem is a place of belonging in which she has to decide otherwise she’ll have no place to be.

More confusion because Inuk and Jun are like best friends. What? You serious? So how they ended up on different sides then? Beats me. I wasn’t paying attention how it got to this point. I guess it drives up a lot of drama and tension points when you have best friends on opposing sides just like in Chihiro and Yuri’s case but minus the straight relationship. Now we have bros here. So Inuki dead, more cheesy reason why Jun is mad and fights against the Heroic Blood side.

Other characters are just mostly annoying and itching for you to hate them. For example, Isshin and his stubbornness to find evidence to blame Chihiro that he killed his parents. Like, why so obsessed in accusing this kid, dude? Sure, his past crap thingy. Eventually he sees the truth but only in death. Good riddance? Shouko is another annoying b*tch because of her selfish ways to steal all the glory. Think God is watching you? Yup. God definitely is watching you and not give a f*cks. The most hilarious part was how she died so conveniently. The best death ever in this series. Good riddance. Grumman is also annoying by the fact he is doing it all for Mitsuki and turns into some crazy mad scientist to do so. He uses his daughter like a tool that (real) feminists would have screamed their heads off over this injustice. But probably it is Yuri’s fault too because she allowed it to happen. She thinks she has no place to belong so what is Chihiro’s side then to her? She sounded so confident they could be together and although the events that transpired made them unable to be together, if she was really resolved, she would just take him and run away from it all. Instead, she has to face all this sh*t that has nothing to do with them.

I don’t know if they are hinting another romance in Kotetsu and Tsubaki because that it looks like to me. Not as cheesy as Chihiro-Yuri only because they lack screen time. It’s the only reason why Tsubaki joins the Heroic Blood side (excuse that she’s doing it on her own free will) instead of staying with her Guardian State buddies, Julia and Suruga who are both equally as obnoxious and distrustful just to get on our nerves. I don’t know why this little moment cringes me: Each time Tsubaki calls Kotetsu by his pet name, Kotecchi, it sounds like she is saying potato chips… WTF… And because you know how squeaky cute Tsubaki sounds, it is most likely the reason why my hair stood on ends.

Koume was annoying at first because of her rude ways but after Inuki died, it’s like she toned down and decided to just continue his research in a quiet manner. At least she isn’t as annoying as she started out to be. Akira and Haru as just super redundant. It’s like they needed to have more numbers on both sides and hence their odd couple relationship. If my memory serves me right, they’re supposed to be dating but I don’t know how Haru ended up on the bad side, probably just to seek some thrill (and to be somebody’s lackey) while Akira rues to get back with him. Funnily enough, they got back together. In death. Like shish kebab. Hah. Second funniest death in the series. Cerdid and Aero fall off the radar as soon they are introduced and their roles are supposedly to die for their master.

Dux is like one of the biggest mysteries in the series. As she is a character that appears in the original Lord of Vermilion series (which is an arcade card game that the anime is adapted from), it is unsure of which side she is actually supporting. From first looks, it looks like the Maldeus Church and Heroic Blood because she seems to be hanging out there often. Plus, Shouko seems to be praying to her a lot and Dux takes an interest in Chihiro in his ‘ability’ to defy fate. Yeah, that was one time. Speaking of which, Chihiro seeing the next person dies in his dream feels like Final Destination. Because he manages to break the pattern once (Kotetsu’s death), he thinks he could prevent the next but fails. Ultimately, I don’t think Dux cares which side wins and just wants to know what kind of world will be built next. After all, she is just an observer.

I have a feeling that Drail is also something like Dux as she is on the Heroic Blood’s side while he is on the Chaos’ team. However he has far less screen time and his goals are quite unclear. Mostly we see him hang around and watching. He enjoys the spectacle of others being killed so I’m not sure if that last scene teaser was to initiate another mess just for his own amusement. Probably jerks would only submit to his schemes like Grumman who is just so obsessed in getting to Mitsuki that he is just bad being the baddie. Uhm, I don’t think I’m trying to say he is a good guy. That last minute drama with Chiyu felt cooked up the last minute because that’s the only way we could dispose of him. Not by any of the other characters’ hand because he is just not worth it to be killed by their hands.

Action sequences are cheesy at best. In every episode, the characters fight for a while before circumstances (AKA plot requirements) have them retreat. The characters transform into their fighting form, supposedly hardened blood but they look like red crystals sticking out like a sore thumb. I don’t remember particularly if each of the characters has some sort of special or unique moves (like Kark using his death girl and scythe) because they all look the same to me. In the end, the only thing I remember about transforming into this version is so that they could fly! I sure would love to fly if I bleed myself and let my blood coagulate. Damn it turned into scabs…

Art and animation also feels pretty standard. Sometimes the quality goes a notch down especially during action sequences because who is going to pay attention to details when the supposed clash is happening reasonably fast? It’s funny when the main characters die, they turn into unique crystal stones. I can’t even tell them apart despite each has their own pattern. Yeah, I felt that you can put up a mini museum and exhibit them. This stone is Inuki. This stone is Isshin. This stone is Jun. So on. Get the picture? Is it me or does the clothes Yuri wear make her look a bit fat? One mind boggling trivia for me is how Tsubaki manages to keep her feather spreading-like hairstyle so perfectly flawless despite wearing a full face helmet. Did she use some kind of special hair gel? This anime is produced by Asread who did Mirai Nikki, Gai-Rei: Zero, Kiddy Grade and Yuushibu.

One of the factors that attracted me to watch this mediocre series is the fact that there are quite a few veteran and recognizable seiyuus lending their talents to this piece of crap. At least for me. It’s my only ‘salvation’ while watching this show and it is one of the very few animes in which I pride myself to be able to identify more than half of the main and supporting casts. So we’ve got Yuuki Kaji as Chihiro, Satoshi Hino as Kotetsu, Rie Kugimiya as Tsubaki, Yuu Kobayashi as Marie, Aoi Yuuki as Koume, Shinichiro Miki as Kark, Junichi Suwabe as Jun, Sho Hayami as Grumman, Rina Satou as Akira, Yui Horie as Julia, Akira Ishida as Suruga, Nobuyuki Hiyama as Drail and Chiwa Saito as Chiyu. Wow. That’s a lot.

For the rest not so unfortunate for me to recognize (maybe in the future, huh?), they are Misato Fukuen as Yuri (Yami in To Love-Ru), Ai Kayano as Shouko (Darkness in KonoSuba), Hiroki Touchi as Isshin (Pantherlily in Fairy Tail), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Inuki (Naraku in Inu Yasha), Takuma Terashima as Haru (Shiroe in Log Horizon), Tomoko Nakamura as Cerdid (Yaya in Shugo Party), Hisako Tojo as Aero (Chiaki in Hinako Note) and Sayuri Inoue as Dux.

Fans of May’N would be at home with her style of singing as she sings the opening theme, Tenshi Yo Furusato Wo Kike. I suppose the rock beat of this piece is fitting for this anime only if everything else lived up to its standard. Great voice acting talents, great famous singer singing the opener but the rest of the parts are just a big let-down. Another rock outfit for the ending theme, Akaku Zetsubou No Hana by Junna. Again, the dramatic dark feel of this song could have been fitting had this series lived up to some decent standards. There is a creepy BGM here, usually during Dux’s scene. Weird cacophonic choir voices like as though they are doing some sort of sacrificial ritual. Glad I’m not going to hear that ever again.

Overall, you know my sentiments after all that I have said. It is just bad. Mediocre is just being nice as this series doesn’t even quite cut it to even be at average. Because of the many recognizable seiyuus, it softens the blow but could have softened even more had they added Mamiko Noto as part of the cast. They didn’t so it’s still very bad. Weird plot pacing, uninteresting characters and too many of them to even care about makes you wish that not only Tokyo in this anime but the whole series be destroyed in the ultimate Great Collapse that will never have them return ever again. Live, people! Live! Because if they have another season, I think we’ll start crying blood that won’t be even be of red colour. Oh, can you hear Kark coming down with his requiem again?!

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