Love Love

December 22, 2006

What else can I say about the anime Love Love. It’s another one of those hentai animes. Yes, I do consider this to be a hentai anime. That’s because, even though this series has 13 episodes worth 15 minutes of airtime, suddenly by episode 3, you get to see the girls being bare chested. And I thought it was gonna be just a little ecchi when I first watched it. Even so, maybe I thought the innocent kind. But by that episode, it was like a full blown explosion, sending shockwaves through my nerves and spine.
But I had to sit and watch finish the whole series because of this one tiny insignificant reason, because it’s short. *Smack*. Yeah, I guess if those anime producers want to attract my attention and make me watch one of their shows, they have to make it short so that I can finish watching it in no time. Maybe I should try to change this habit of mine, or else I won’t be able to watch quality animes, huh?
So as usual, this is also another one of those typical harem comedies where there is one main guy and several girls around him. Isn’t it typical. We’ve got this 17 year old guy named Naoto Oizumi who against his parents wish, enrolled in some sort of an art school. But like he mentioned, instead of studying for exams, he’d rather be working in live action movie filming sets. Only thing is, his application’s always rejected.
Not until he stumbles across an advertisement in some magazine which is searching for a super heroine actress for a new age role. That’s right, he finally lands a job as a camera man and the person who will document and record the ‘growth’ of this super heroine for an upcoming tv show called The Cosmopolitan Prayers (reminds me of a magical girl version of Power Rangers). But that’s just on the surface. In reality, he’s actually the script writer for that tv show and this must be kept a secret at all times. And this secret is only known to him and the series producer, Mitsuki Ikuta.
And you might have guessed it too that these 5 super heroines are going to be part of Oizumi’s harem. These still school going girls are Natsumi Yagami, Youko Katsuragi, Hikaru Jougasaki, Sayaka Imamura and Miku Hayasaka. They are to undergo some serious training because the tv series isn’t gonna use any stunt doubles so that all the stunts and action sequences will be very real.
So a really brief description of those 5 girls first. Don’t wanna blab for 100 lines and so detailed about them just because I have a minimum-number-of-words-for-a-blog-quota. Besides, it’s not like that there’re anything that significant, right? Maybe. Okay firstly, Natsumi is that soft-spoken girl but can be quite a stubborn person at times. Youko, the ‘curviest’ one among the 5, is the shy and quite type. Hikaru‘s another one of those polite girl but later on you’ll find out that she’s actually a tomboy because of her upbringing whereby she grew up as the only girl alongside with her several brothers. Then there’s that teaser Sayaka, who’s unashamed and loves teasing Oizumi whenever she gets the chance. Also same age as Hikaru (14 years old), she has that uncanny ability to imitate voices of other people. Finally, the youngest of the lot, Miku who still has that child’s mentality and acts like one. Nothing wrong isn’t it?
Back to the storyline. Love scenario 1. From the first few scenes, you’d probably guess that Oizumi is another one of those perverted minded guys. Yeah, he seems to enjoy it when he sees those girls’ undies or body parts and sometimes has that ‘fantasizing’ moments of his. But he’s not that extreme as compared to Bacchi Guu of Green Green as Oizumi’s is a little more reserved compared to that specky fatty (hahaha). But a pervert no matter how big or small is still a pervert. And no… I’m not a pervert!!!
While working on the set, Oizumi seems to have a crush on one of the actresses, Natsumi in particular. Yeah, so the usual, he wants to get close to her, be with her, blushes and has that increased in heart beat when he’s near her, that kind of thing. Good thing is, his love is returned too when Natsumi too expressed her feelings to him.
Love scenario 2. In short, all the other 4 girls also love him. Is it a coincidence? I mean, these 4 girls and even Natsumi transferred into the same school as Oizumi’s, as he found out on orientation day. And the thing is, he got into embarrassing and perverted situations when he bumped into them. Actually, rather the girls bumped into him. Like how Oizumi got first hand view of the girl’s slip and how he accidentily tripped and his hand touched the girl’s breasts. Things like that. They even confess how they want to be with him. All that on the first day of school. And there’s still more to come.
Therefore, for the first half is something like this. All the girls are trying to vie for his affection and in a way Oizumi gets into an embarrassing and perverted situation, whether they’re at the filming studio or at some hot spring inn. Though sometimes he seems to enjoy it but with Natsumi on his mind, I guess he probably backs down and says it’s a misunderstanding. This guy must be thinking that he’s the most luckiest guy in the world to have experienced such ‘paradise’. A lot of nakedness and nudity here. Since I’m not gonna blog this episode by episode, I’m gonna make things real short. Yup, those girls have an ulterior motive.
The reason why they want to get close to Oizumi is because they know that he’s the secret scriptwriter for the tv show. How did they know since it was supposed to be a secret? Well, Sayaka overheard and eavesdropped that conversation between Oizumi and Mitsuki and she told the other girls.
And because Oizumi’s the scriptwriter, which means that, if Oizumi likes that particular girl, naturally he would be in favour of them and may give a more important and prominent role to that girl, at least that’s what they think. So now you know why, huh? And all in the name of career. But wait. Don’t jump to conclusions yet. Unfortunately, that’s what Oizumi did.
Because somewhere in episode 7, when one of the girls, Hikaru is making that move on Oizumi, Oizumi overheard all this. Actually it was Sayaka impersonating some other girls voice. So what do you think Oizumi felt when his pure, ture and innocent feelings (yeah, right) are being toyed around just for that. Of course he gets mad. Really really mad. Thus, he wants to get back at them.
So in episode 8, we see how Oizumi exacts his revenge on all the girls, even poor Mitsuki for betraying his feelings. And he looked like an evil sadist. I was kinda torn between whether I should feel pity for the girls or I should laugh and say that they deserved it. But I shouldn’t jump to conclusions yet. But this episode felt some sort of ‘exaggerated in a fantasy-like way’. Uh-huh, Oizumi’s become that evil person donning that usual evil monster boss as you always see in shows like Ultraman and even Power Rangers as he plans and schemes on how to make the girls’ life miserable. However, in the end, it’s just revealed that it was all Oizumi’s dream. Yeah, luckily it’s just a dream. That explains the exagerrated-ness. But he’s still contemplating on his revenge.
Anyway, at least the revenge he exact in episode 9 is more down to earth. But Mitsuki noticed something wrong and asked if Oizumi’s ‘letting off some steam’. Though a bit surprised at first, Oizumi’s determined to go through with it and has the ‘we’ll-see-what-happens-then-lah’ kinda attitude. But by the end of this episode, Sayaka told him the truth that it was her doing all along and that he shouldn’t become cruel and torture the others. And this made Oizumi realized what he has done. And also he later finds out that the feelings of the girls were sincere too in a way as time goes by. It wasn’t really about the roles and the parts anymore, as Oizumi heard from them how they’re doing and giving their best too. I guess he must’ve regretted it.
But things take a toll for the worst in episode 11. It’s pretty much grim too. Why is that? Yeah, now there’s some sort of scandal hitting one of the Cosmopolitan Prayer’s actress, and it’s on the front page of some newspaper. Who is it? Why, it’s Natsumi and Oizumi entering into some hotel. Yeah, in the previous episode those 2 actually went there, though I don’t really remember whether Oizumi’s intention was part of his revenge or not. But Natsumi’s intention was really true, since she really loved him and it wasn’t just for those acting parts.
This could have a big negative impact on the whole production crew and everything’s really at stake here. What would people think if these 2 young people had an affair and considering their positions in the crew, many would think that it’s for some favour. Thus, Oizumi’s been dropped from the camera man job and the production put on hold for a little while. Unfortunately, soon after the production is cancelled, much to their horror. And the final scenes are to be shoot using computer graphics. Wah… that bad ah.
It was a really depressing sight to see the gloominess hanging around Oizumi’s head. Yeah, maybe no doubt it’s partly his fault, but I see him so ‘cham’ like that lah. But before this episode ends, we see a turn a round of events like how the production crew people decides to give him one final chance for the final shooting. Yeah, and I think that production boss, Kurume, too seemed to have given him another chance when he told Oizumi of it, as he and those girls were having some kind of gathering at some cafe. And everyone’s happy and to their delight, they’re gonna continue to do their best.
Actually, the production’s really being stopped. And what Oizumi and Natsumi’s gonna do to help revive the live performance of the production is by sending out emails to everybody (can I consider this as spamming?) asking them that if they really do want to see the tv series being resumed, they should come out and support them by turning up at some stage at some place in a week’s time. Wait a minute. Is it emails that Oizumi’s sending out or is it just some general notice he put up on some hompage? Dunno. But since I saw all the production crew reading it as though it was from their Microsoft Outlook, that’s what I thought. Then sending to everybody in the whole wide world to come for this cause is gonna take some time, even if it’s a chain mail. So I suppose it has to be the latter.
The fateful day comes and it’s pouring like cats and dogs. A gloomy atmosphere cast around Oizumi and Natsumi as the 2 waited patiently in the rain for people to show up. Unfortunately, as time passes, it’s still the 2 of them. Natsumi then had a break down and cried. Oizumi tried to cheer and comfort her and asked her to just sing for him even though he’s the only one there.
Just then, the rest of the girls along with Mitsuki arrived. And with Mitsuki as the camera woman, she’s gonna broadcast live the performance of the girls to everyone’s home. And as they sing, their voices drown out the deafening sounds of the rain. Later, because of this, the people who saw this felt sympathized and came out on their own to support for the production to be resumed. In the end, the final scene managed to be re-shot again. And the next day when it’s all sunny again, the girls were receiving their bouquets as signs of appreciation for their efforts, this exaggerated one final slip from Oizumi which ripped Natsumi’s entire costume and left her naked in front of everybody!!! Can’t believe that costume is so easily ripped! And of course in her embarrassement, she kicks Oizumi. And like Oizumi mentioned, his happy ending still eludes him. Isn’t that perverted ending happy enough for you? Maybe not what he meant.
So in the final episode 13 is more like some congratulatory event organized as a celebration for the resumption of the tv series. Nothing much in this episode except how the girls give their usual thank-you-for-everything speech coupled in with some I’ll-continue-to-do-my-best lines.
Other few things that we find out that the twins in the Cosmopolitan Prayers tv series are not actually twins. Yup, they come from very different family backgrounds but they look so alike. Why didn’t I mentioned them before? That’s because, they’re not part of Oizumi’s harem and it wasn’t worth mentioning their small part in this series, since those kiddies didn’t have any real impact in the show. Too bad I left them out. Haha.
Another thing is, we find out also that Miku’s boyfriend is no other than… Ken-chan AKA Kurume. SHOCK!!!! Yeah, everybody’s in a shock that such a guy could have such a young innocent girl as his girlfriend. Well, like they say, age is no barrier to love. But I wonder if Miku actually realized the implications or is she just having that big brother complex? Dunno. But she seemed so happy about it. But like Oizumi said, even though if Dracula sucked the young girl’s blood dry, that would still be a crime?. Hahaha. Yeah, maybe. He does closely look like one, though.
Finally, we hear that Natsumi is going to try a little different line of show, that is, she’s already auditioning for parts in some musical show. But good thing is, at least the feelings between Oizumi and Natsumi are real and that they feel that they’re important to each other. Well, I’m sure Youko and the other girls wanted a piece of Oizumi too (like still asking for more important parts) but looks like Natsumi’s pretty protective of him as she pushed away the rest and grabbed him. Ah-ha… Do I see some jealousy here? End of story.
Overall, I’d say this whole thing is just okay and probably below that okay level. Mostly, the nudity part had me disgusted in several ways and I wasn’t too keen on that. Not that their body ‘very nice’ at all. Besides that, there’s too much of those panty-showing from the girls so much so it made me think that those girls are ‘cheap’ in a way. Also the girls here have that ‘one kind’ look and not to say they’re that cute either. By the way, if you’d like to know, those 5 girls also sang the opening theme of the series. Everything else here too seems okay from the voice acting to the drawing, animation and art. Nothing that spectacular.
Though the first half of the series takes a more light-hearted and comical approach, nevertheless, as the story develops, it took a much serious and grimmer tone later. Though, in the end it all ends well. So I could say for such a short series, the developments of the characters were pretty sufficient, especially Oizumi and Natsumi’s. But that isn’t really much to shout about either.
Well, this anime series doesn’t actually end here. There’re 2 spin-off related animes. Yup, one of them is The Cosmopolitan Prayers. And this series is actually a prequel to Love Love. So if you want to know what’s the storyline of this Cosmopolitan Prayers is like, then you should watch this. Something like those good versus evil in a fantasy-like world. And prior to Love Love too, even Mitsuki has her own prequel! Yup, it’s called Hit Wo Nerae AKA Smash Hit. Something like it focuses on her working and personal life in the movie production line. Since I wasn’t interested and wasn’t that impressed with Love Love anime, I didn’t have the interest to watch them both.
So if you would like to add this short-lived series to your anime watch list, I suppose by all means go ahead. Or else I’m sure there are much better harem animes and hentai ones out there ;). Though, nothing that memorable in the long run with a few occasional laughs here and there. And that’s it.

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