It’s about time I do another short blog on anime soundtrack. This time round will be from the anime series Lovely Complex. It sure brings back good nostalgic memories when I was watching that love comedy romance series. Tall girl loves short boy. But short boy too dense to know tall girl’s feelings even if it’s spelt right in front of his face. The roller coaster emotional ride that tall girl has to endure in this All Hanshin-Kyojin relationship of theirs.
I think I should stop before I lose myself in the plot (you can read my blog on that series if you want) and should concentrate on the soundtrack album. Released somewhere in September 2007 just as the series is about to finish, the soundtrack entitled Lovely Complex Kyun Shi Ni Music Collection, consists of 35 tracks and does not contain the TV size version of the opening and ending themes like what many other anime series usually does. As usual, listed below are my favourite tracks from the album, in alphabetical order of course:
1) 22 Seiki No Bach
2) Akane Iro
3) Dry Tears
4) Orchestra Na Risa
5) Premier Amour
6) Ragtime Na Risa
7) Risa
8) Theme Of LoveCom
Uh huh. You count them right. Only 8 miserable tracks that really appealed to me. I’m not saying that the rest sucks nor are they horrible sounding. Just that they aren’t to my taste. Besides, some of the tracks have several versions of it. For instance the track Theme Of LoveCom has an orgel version (which sounds like a lullaby considering the music box like sound) and an orchestra blues harp version. So that’s 3 songs already though the basic tune remains and they vary a little.
Out of the 8 favourite tracks, my personal favourite one is Risa. Because of the lively and upbeat fanfare, this piece suits the character Risa well. Heck, the track is named after her, right? This piece has a jazzy feel to it and I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind shuffling our feet or two to the cool saxophone play. Besides, there are other tracks in the album which are named after Risa’s moods such as Fuan Na Risa (a slow cello solo with a melancholic tune), Bosa Na Risa (a Brazilian bossa nova tune), Samba Na Risa (a typical samba and tropical tune and feel) and Kabuki Na Risa (sounds like a fast cowboy solo piece).
Ragtime Na Risa as listed above is another one of my favourite Risa-themed tracks. As its name suggests, it is a ragtime piano piece. As far as I can remember, usually played when there is nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Just a normal day without all those heart stopping moments. Then there is Orchestra Na Risa, which is a slow orchestra piece mix with light and easy piano play. By the way, this track has the longest duration among the other tracks in the soundtrack as it lasts over 3 minutes.
Next is the theme, Dry Tears. I find this piece to be quite dramatic with a hint of sadness in it. Usually played when Risa experiences painful feelings (like when Otani is being a jerk. At least according to Risa’s view). The song starts off with a soft and slow piano and strings. As the song progresses, the crescendo and full effects of the orchestra is gradually introduced to the dramatic effect it needs.
I don’t remember if 22 Seiki No Bach is ever played in the series, but this piece as like what its name suggests, could’ve been an upbeat and lively piece if that music maestro Bach was to survive in the 22nd century. The creative play of the harpsichord, piano and pipe organ accompanied with an R&B-like background beat makes this tune a catchy one. Another Bach-like piece is 18 Seiki No Bach which sounds like a horror tune using pipe organs like those you hear in horror movies.
Akane Iro is another slow piano piece accompanied with some strings. It gives a feeling of a romantic atmosphere, I’d say. Just like the track Premier Amour, another easy piece. I’m not sure if the instrument at the beginning is a piano or a harp. I think it’s a harp. But I can tell that the rest of the song is mainly dominated by the piano while being accompanied by the soft cymbals in the background. Last but not least is Theme Of LoveCom, which is a moderate track which fits as the theme of the series. I think it’s usually played when a problem is resolved or the characters are resolved to do something or move on. There’s a Ska version of it which sounds a little comical. Feels a little like a chase song…
Other noteworthy tracks include Complex (a dramatic pop beat featuring wind and guitar instruments with strings as background accompaniment), Dunk Shoot (another funky samba piece with lively fanfare), Deep Past (a variation of Akane Iro but an even slower piano solo with a little sad tone), Eki Made Dash Eki Kara Dash (feels like a song needing to rush somewhere as time is running out), World’s End ~Chikyuu No Hate~ (feels like a tune for impending trouble with its fast, short and sharp piano and strings. There’s a very slow and soft piano of it called pf version), Honobono (a slow string piece which can stir some emotions), Gakuen Seikatsu (a comical fun piece with trumpets blowing), Manzai Combi (sounds like a song befitting a clown’s performance. Isn’t that what a manzai combo closely resembles?), Maity No Theme (sounds like a super hero tune with those choir voices in the background), Seiko No Theme (sounds like a lively sunshiny mahou shoujo theme) and a rap-like R&B piece, Shouganezee (I think it’s a piece for the in-anime rap star Umi Bouzu).
If you really like this series so much, you’d be happy to know that there is a drama CD as well as the opening and ending singles for it. Since there is a live action version of the series, I’m sure there is a soundtrack for it too. For me, I guess the anime soundtracks for the background music are enough. I’m still listening and enjoying them, though. Now that isn’t a complex thing to enjoy.
Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

March 29, 2008

Love isn’t an easy thing. Sometimes or rather most of the times, it’s hard to understand, thus we always say love works in mysterious ways. And even after watching Lovely Complex, I don’t think I really understand it all but it’s quite amusing to see the funny side of love. If you think the anime title suggests a shopping mall catered for all kinds of lovers, then you’re wrong. It’s the complexity of love. Hmm… Maybe it could also mean an obsession or phobia. But I’m pretty darn sure it’s not a shopping centre.
I’m sure most people would agree with me that a love comedy romance genre is one of the most if not the number 1 all-time favourite genre that we’ll all find enjoyable to watch and would probably go straight into watching it without any doubts or hesitation if there is a right balance of script, story, characters and such. This series didn’t disappoint either.
While watching the series, the first thing that will strike you (if you’re doing some analytical thinking rather than just staring and watching ‘blindly’) is that it deals with the stereotypic view that taller guys have to date shorter girls. What if it’s the other way round. It seems funny, right? Our 2 main protagonists, the towering female ‘Amazon’ giant Risa Koizumi who stands at 172 cm tall, and the shorty ‘chibi’ guy Atsushi Otani who is only 156 cm. Well, if you put them together, you’ll definitely see a difference in their stature. But over the series, I find that even though their heights are not as standard as what a guy’s or a girl’s height for their age should be, it’s not like she’s that tall nor he’s that short either. I mean, maybe they’re different by a head’s length, that’s all. Furthermore, their surnames are a contrary to their sizes. While Koizumi means small spring and Otani means big valley. It should’ve been the other way round, Oizumi and Kotani. But of course, it’s all part of the joke.
To make things worse, it’s like fate played a cruel joke on them as they are always seen bickering with each other at first. So much so, the duo has been given a nickname All Hanshin Kyojin. It’s a type of Japanese stand up manzai comedy whereby 1 of the comedian is tall and the other is short. Typically, it starts out with both of them having mutual feelings for each other. Hating each other, that is. Then gradually Risa will start to develop feelings for Otani and tries to face her fears and confess to Otani. However, that short kid is so bloody dense that even when Risa manages to finally say it (after all those obvious hints failed), this guy still thinks it’s somebody else. Oh come on. How dense is that? Soon Otani and Risa becomes a couple but of course they will face lots and lots of obstacles in their ‘fragile’ relationship. I kinda notice that Risa is quite an insecure and emotionally unstable girl, even if she plays tough on the outside. That’s because I kinda notice that the slightest thing which makes her doubt or hesitate about their relationship, will send shockwaves to Risa or even make her mind go crazy with her unfounded thinking of the worse case scenario. It’s like she’s going through a roller coaster ride of mood swings. In a way, it’s pitiful to see her in this state, but I must admit that due to her slightly ‘crude’ character, it makes it quite funny to watch each time she goes into that mode. Will their love triumph in the end? Let’s find out.
It all started in episode 1 when Risa was caught sleeping in an assembly. Anybody that tall dozing off could be spotted from anywhere. She’s like a sore thumb sticking out. Therefore, Risa is punished to attend summer class whereby to her horror, that shorty Otani is attending one too. Not only there goes her summer break, but to spend her summer classes with the most despicable guy, she must be thinking if God does really exists. As usual quarrel quarrel quarrel. Just then, a tall guy, Ryoji Suzuki comes in and Risa instantly falls in love with him and decides that he’s going to be her girlfriend. Otani notices this and makes a deal with Risa. Because Otani plans to become Suzuki’s pal, he’s willing to help Risa get close to him in exchange that Risa helps him to get close to her other close friend, Chiharu Tanaka. So it’s I scratch your back, you scratch mine. Deal. Then there’s another couple who’re Risa’s close pals as well. They’re the lovey-dovey couple Nobuko Ishihara AKA Nobu and her beau Heikichi Nakao. This duo have no qualms of showing their love in public. Embarrassing? It doesn’t matter so long as they both love each other.
So the group of six heads off to the water park as part of Risa and Otani to get close to the ones they have their heart on. But it seems the duo are alike because they really enjoy rides and having the thrill of their life! Wohoo! Then it hit them that they were having so much fun together, they forgot what their initial mission was. Too late. Because Nobu has Nakao, it’s obvious that Suzuki is left alone with Chiharu. Next day in school, more quarrelling from the All Hanshin Kyojin. It’s such a typical scene so much so you’d expect it in every episode. Risa then finds out to her horror that Suzuki may have fallen for Chiharu! Bummer. Chiharu has always been a shy girl who’s afraid of guys, likewise Suzuki with girls. But I think those 2 suit each other in terms of their soft spoken and shy nature. Shock! Heartbreak for Risa. The guy she loves has fallen for her best buddy. Can it get worse than this? Risa and Otani accepted the fact that Suzuki and Chiharu are now a couple but makes a bet among themselves to see who’ll get a boyfriend/girlfriend first. If Otani wins, Risa will have to buy him a pair of basketball shoes and if Risa emerges victorious, she’ll get all the video games she wants. It’s on.
So in episode 2, Otani spots a weird hairstyle to attract girls. Don’t think it’ll work. Risa’s laughing her ass off. But Risa notices that she’s being left out after seeing Nobu with Nakao and Suzuki with Chiharu. Over the series, you’ll see that Nobu and the rest will scheme and try to make Otani and Risa an item. Of course with hilarious results. So the only thing Risa and Otani have in common that they like is some bald punk-like singer called Umibouzu. Mention this name, and they both get all hyped-up, excited and they could connect very well. Otani decides to give Risa a ticket to Umibouzu’s Christmas concert. Risa also finds out that Otani is a member of the school’s basketball club. It shows that you don’t need to be tall to be a basketball player. Your passion is enough. As Risa and Otani are on their way home, Risa bumps into a girl which has an uncanny resemblance to Chiharu. To make things worse, Otani knows her. She is Mayu Kanzaki and is Otani’s ex-girlfriend. No wonder Otani was pinning for Chiharu because she looks like his ex-flame. Risa also finds out Otani was dumped by her as she went steady with another tall basketball player, whom Otani nicknames Giant. Because of that, he became conscious about his height. Risa is a little worried to find that Otani is talking to Kanzaki the next day outside school and Kanzaki wants to meet up and talk things with him on the day of the Umibouzu concert. Of course Risa just played supportive and tells him to go. On the day of the concert, Risa is obviously falling for Otani as she’s worried whether Otani got back with Kanzaki. Besides, she’s there alone and the sight of other lovey-dovey couples doesn’t help either. Risa injures her leg then. But to her surprise, Otani shows up because he mentions about making a promise with Risa first. With that, the duo had a good time and Risa is able to forget her worries. On their way home, I guess it’s Otani’s turn to be surprised because some random guy who seems to know Risa, suddenly hugs her. Oooh.
That guy is Haruka Fukagawa. Yup, a guy with a girl’s name. Hmm… Looks handsome too. He is Risa’s childhood friend and Haruka fell in love with her back then when Risa saved him from a bunch of bullies. He’s so happy that he finally gets to see Risa, but I guess the feeling is not mutual. I find that this guy’s like a player, though he has other girls chasing after him but he still wants Risa. Furthermore, he doesn’t like Otani and is mad and wonders how Risa could fall for a chibi guy like him. Yeah, he’ll not hesitate to tease or bully him. The feeling is mutual too for Otani. He left the duo alone and walked home by himself. Anyway, it’s the New Year in episode 3 and the gang goes to a shrine to pray. Kanzaki is at the shrine too, which makes Risa start to worry all over again. But Kanzaki clears the air with Otani saying how she didn’t dump him for his height and soon leaves with her Giant. Valentine’s Day is nearing and the rest thinks Risa should make some chocolates for Otani. Of course Risa brushes it off but finds out that Otani likes chocolate cake. Then at the school gates, Haruka is waiting for Risa and if this tall girl isn’t enough bickering, Otani has to contend with another 1 from Haruka. Like he needs another one. Plus, Haruka is also a student in their school. Can it get any worse? Haruka has no qualms in proclaiming his love for Risa and even makes a bento for her. It seems Risa has made some chocolates for Otani but the latter refuses because he thinks she has Haruka to give it to. Pissed off, Risa tells Otani off that she’s going to do just that. So Risa went out with Haruka and had some fun but it isn’t as fun when Otani’s around. So some chat here and there as Haruka thinks Risa is truly in love with Otani the way she says his good points. But Haruka isn’t giving up yet because it’s his dream to make Risa his girlfriend. The next day, Otani apologizes to Risa and would accept her chocolates. Surprisingly Risa accepts. That’s because Otani soon finds out that the chocolate cake Risa made was just an obligation chocolate. Haha.
In episode 4, we see how the basketball club tries to persuade new members to join their club. Uh huh. How is a shorty person like Otani going to do a slam dunk? I’m sure you’ll start raising your eyebrows first and then burst into laughter because you’ll see some guy dressed in a black outfit lifting Otani up so that he could make a slam dunk. Is that a rip-off or what? But this episode sees how a new character, the very girly Seiko Kotobuki, having a huge crush on Otani. Her voice is so girly, either you feel that she’s so cute or so overly disgusting. It all started when Otani ‘saved’ her from a dog while on his way to school. Ever since, Seiko has fallen head over heels for him. Plus, she’s a freshman in Otani’s school too. Be wary Risa, you have another competition coming your way. Things get heat up because in the end outside school as the gang are walking home, Seiko can’t contain her feelings anymore as she suddenly hangs her arms around Otani’s neck and kisses him! WOAH! Double triple shock! Everybody has just witnessed that! OMG! I didn’t see that one coming. The surprises just keep coming.
But Otani is feeling on top of the world and pretty good in episode 5 because he thinks a cute girl admires him so much enough to kiss him. Perasan. At the same time, Seiko’s girliness is enough to make most viewers’ hair stand on ends and at the same time annoy Risa. Yeah, she’s really really in love with Otani. Risa gets even depressed to find that she has grown some more during her school’s annual physical examination. During a basketball practice, Otani hurt his finger and this made Seiko panicked. So she rushes him to the infirmary. I’m sure Nobu’s trying to ‘poke some fire’ when she says what will happen if Otani is all alone with a cute girl in the infirmary. Uh huh. Otani is on the bed and Seiko next to him. Seiko is feeling hot and decides to unbutton her shirt. Be still, our hearts. But I guess Risa decides to rush there to tell Otani the real truth when she overheard some guys saying how Seiko is Seichirou. Get what I mean? Seiko is a boy! Yes! A male!!! A cross-dresser! OMG! I didn’t see that coming too! Risa arrives to late to see Otani passed out and Seiko with her top off. That explains why she’s so ‘flat’. Hahaha. Just kidding. The next day, the gang are trying their best to conceal their snickering behind Otani’s back. Otani’s not too happy after that shocking development. Later Seiko comes crying to Risa telling the latter how Otani may have found her disgusting. But Risa thinks otherwise. Her words was enough to calm Seiko. Seiko’s words too realized Risa a little and Risa decides to try and be more straightforward with Otani the next time. Risa admits to herself what she likes Otani but Seiko mentions that from now on, they’ll be rivals for Otani’s love. Umm… I think given a choice between them, my guess would be, Otani would definitely choose the lesser of 2 evils. Unless he turns homo. From now, I’ll still refer to Seiko as a girl as it’s much easier that way. Plus, Seiko’s more comfortable being a girl. But after this, I don’t really see Seiko being ‘actively involved’ or make an impact trying to make Otani hers. It’s like she just have cameo appearances now and then.
Once again the rest, especially Nobu and Nakao, are trying to play matchmaking with Risa and Otani in episode 6. This time a beach outing for the gang. Purposely, the gang leaves Risa and Otani alone and Risa seems so unnatural when she’s trying to confess. It looks harder than she thinks. Saying those simple 3 words (or perhaps just 1 in Japanese, "Daisuki", that is) can be so tough and nerve wrecking. So I guess to calm her nerves down, she and Otani had a little chat. Risa even mentions that since Otani’s such a nice guy, she might even fall for him (hint hint) but Otani is disgusted with that and tells her not say such disgusting things. Before you know it, another round of quarrel ensued but it ended with Risa in tears. Of course the rest were eavesdropping and tells him off. Even after all that hinting that Risa gives that Otani’s the guy she’s fallen for, he’s still as dense as ever. Being feminine doesn’t suite Risa as it backfires when she tries to act like 1. Soon Risa’s birthday is coming up and Otani calls her to meet her at the train station for some fireworks festival. Risa arrives in her yukata and to her delight, Otani gives her some limited edition CD of Umibouzu. Risa feels confident now and finally confesses she loves Otani. But that guy just stood there speechless. I wonder if he understood what she just said.
He didn’t actually. At the start of episode 7, Otani thinks that Risa’s love is referring to that Umibouzu CD. Don’t you just feel like smacking him over and over? Risa sinks further into depression and this is quite useful because her class is doing a haunted house for the school cultural festival. Yeah, she’s like a real depressed ghost! She’s like the real thing. I guess their haunted house is a success. Later Nobu approaches Otani and even tells him straight in the face that Risa is in love with him but still that idiot dismisses it, sending Risa deeper into depression. Hope she doesn’t turn into a living dead. Risa then heads to Haruka’s class and Haruka along with Seiko finds out that everybody in the entire school knows that Risa likes Otani and the only person who doesn’t know this is Otani himself. Do you feel like shooting that guy now? At the end of the day, Risa and Otani are alone in the classroom as Risa once again tries to tell Otani that the person she likes is in this room. Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out since there are 2 of them. Yeah, that guy isn’t that bright either. He’s still thinking. Thinking! Don’t tell me he’s thinking Risa is in love with herself. But once Risa leaves, it started to hit Otani that she may have been implying that it’s him and is bloody shocked. Took long enough buddy. But is it… Last time that happened, he’s as blur as a brick.
Okay, so he finally realized it in episode 8 but wonders why would a tall girl fall for a short guy. Also, their class is going on a field trip and because the All Hanshin Kyojin is trying to avoid each other, they end up missing their flight and has to take a later one with their homeroom teacher. And when they arrive, the rest thinks that they’re a couple already since they both arrived late and together. Of course the duo dismisses it. The part in the bus was pretty hilarious because Risa and Otani are so deep in their sleep that efforts to wake them up is futile and the duo had foodstuffs stuffed into their mouths. As usual, when the wake up, they had their fun together (I’m amazed how those 2 could even have so much fun riding a rickshaw) and Risa is still having wild thoughts whether Otani really likes her or not. Yeah, she’s going psycho. Then at a store, Otani is having trouble reaching some bear curry box high up on a shelf (reminds you like that case back in the 1st episode when Otani can’t reach for a book in the library). Risa reaches the box and gives it to him. Otani then decides to give an answer to Risa. He thinks that it’ll be weird for their All Hanshin Kyojin status to be suddenly turned into a couple and thinks they should remain the way they are now. Another heartbreaking moment for Risa. Risa decides to retract her confession and runs out in tears. Otani then realized that he might have said something wrong. He has to be careful with his words now. Anything can send this girl into an emotional frenzy mood swing.
The school trip continues in episode 9. Risa is once again back in her gloomy mood and Nobu even suggests some moves to punish Otani. But that girl isn’t in that mood right now. Why, Risa even has a dream whereby their heights would be reversed so that this troublesome thing would never have happened in the 1st place. But I guess she has to live with it and the fact that every other girl has a date and confession stories. Luckily Risa’s got Nobu as a good pal to give her some advice and keep her sanity in check. Erm… I’m not sure what that midnight yuri thing between Nobu and Risa is all about. The next day, the students continue their trip and Risa’s in high spirits once again. So Otani and Risa go round taking shots of themselves in Umibouzu poses. Then a funny part whereby several girls came up to Otani asking him for his help to take their pic and they’re all over his cuteness and his dialect. Risa gets mad and turns on her scary face, making those girls flee. They’re saying "Is she his girlfriend? No way!". Those words remind Risa of Otani’s earlier words back at the store and she gets another gloomy feeling. She then realizes she lost her wallet so the duo went to search for it by backtracking their steps. It’s nightfall and they still couldn’t find it when the duo spots Umibouzu in person! Woah! A dream come true. It seems Umibouzu is on a vacation with his family and he also happens to pick up Risa’s wallet and was going to hand it over to the police. While Umibouzu hails a taxi, Risa and Umibouzu’s wife had a little chat whereby Risa finds out how she rejected Umibouzu’s confessions at first but soon finds herself falling for him. Before they know it, they got married and started a family. Risa’s morale is once again boosted and after Umibouzu left, she tells Otani that she still likes him and tells him that she’ll definitely make him fall in love with her. Ganbaru yo, Risa.
In contrary to episode 10’s title which goes something like "The Epic Breast-Baring Battle!", there isn’t going to be any scenes of any girls baring their chests. Nothing ecchi here. Well, Nobu tells Risa that she has to act more feminine than her usual crude ways if she wants to win Otani’s heart. So Risa has to literally "stick her boobs out". Christmas is coming soon and Risa remembers the events that happened back a year ago. So Risa asks Otani if he’s busy on Christmas and the latter replies he is because his old basketball team is organising a party. Furthermore, Kanzaki is going to attend because she was the ex-manager. I know how Risa’s going to feel. Just when she’s getting back with Otani, a piece of his past is coming back threatening to steal it all away again. So Nobu and Risa ended up going to Otani’s party and I realized that Nakao too is part of Otani’s basketball team. Am I that blur? Good thing is, Kanzaki isn’t there but Risa finds out that this is a plot by the other basketball members to get Otani and Kanzaki back together. You know, Risa can set the world record of the fastest mood swings. Risa wants to go home after hearing some ambiguous talk from Otani and the other guys. Nobu and Nakao then conspire with the other guys to make Risa and Otani closer by locking them in the store room. If you expect them to get all hot and well, passionate, then it’s not going to happen. Just some talk here and there. Risa then presents Otani her Christmas present, a pair of gloves. Of course Otani asks if Risa likes him that much and with him closing in on her face, anybody would mistake him for going to kiss Risa. Didn’t happen because they started arguing. And when Nobu and Nakao finally opens the door, it wasn’t what they hoped for. But at least their quarrelling means that they’re back to normal.
Episode 11 sees Risa playing a dating simulation game and she’s practically in love with the game character Cain. If only Otani could be like him. But it’s New Year’s Day again and the gang heads off to the shrine to make their usual prayers. Later, to start off the new year, Risa and Otani went to belt their heart out by singing Umibouzu karaoke songs. The next day at school, Nobu tells Risa that she heard from Nakao that Kanzaki has broken up with her boyfriend. Oh the horror. Risa wonders if Otani would go back to her now. Then as they walk out from school, they bump into Kanzaki who invites them to watch a basketball game. At the game, Otani, Risa, Nobu and Nakao arrives and Risa is thinking another worse case scenario as he tries to keep Otani away from Kanzaki. It’s going to be hard because Otani’s other pals are trying to make them talk together. Not looking good. Umm… Is throwing a ball at his head going to work? Didn’t. How about grabbing his arm and go in the other direction. Not if the other guy is pulling at the other end too. If this go on any further, Otani will be ripped into half! So Risa lose out as Otani goes to talk with Kanzaki. Risa decides to leave as Otani notices so. But Otani soon comes following her. Risa asks about him and Kanzaki but Otani replies that he may be more suited to a girl like Risa. So I guess that settles it but we wouldn’t just settle for things to go so smoothly like they’ll hug each other or lock lips. Dream on. For now. As expected, the duo starts bickering because they thought the other said some funny things. But above all, they made up once again. That’s what Nobu and Nakao think when they spot the duo arguing from afar.
After New Year’s Day, the next big event to look forward to is Valentine’s Day. So in episode 12, Risa remembers that time 1 year ago where Otani rejected her homemade chocolates. While walking, Risa bumps into Haruka and Seiko who’re shopping for ingredients to make Valentine chocolates. I kinda noticed that Haruka and Seiko are always together even though there isn’t anything going on between them. As expected, Haruka gets upset when he hears how Risa is going to give her chocs to that midget. However Seiko is on Risa’s side and she herself is going to give her chocs to Otani. But this Haruka is so full of himself. Why, he’s bragging that even though he’s got 7 girlfriends, he’s got not much long to go… 90 years left, that is. Hahaha. Since Haruka found out that Otani once rejected Risa, he barges into his class and yells at him in front of everyone. Later as everyone finishes making their chocolates, Risa is going to give hers to Otani but that guy again rejects them because he’s feeling half-hearted about her and walks away. WTF? Because of that, Risa gets mad and throws the whole chocolate gift at his head! He deserves it. More lecturing from Risa before Otani takes it. But when Otani opens the present, he finds the written words ‘midget idiot’ on it! I guess that’s worse than an obligation chocolate. It seems that Haruka has written on it while Risa is out. Furthermore, he mentions that he’s not going to lose as he eats the real chocolates made by Risa. Loser.
More All Hanshin Kyojin bickering in episode 13. What a way to start an episode. It’s like they’re putting on a show each time. I guess it’s normal. But here, while the gang dines at the cafeteria, Nakao brought up a subject that since Otani’s too short, he wonders how he would kiss Risa. Don’t mention that Seiko incident. Hehe. Back home, Risa wonders about kissing Otani and it does seem weird. Next day at school, Otani gives Risa tickets to Umibouzu’s concert in return for her Christmas present and Valentine chocolates. Risa is all excited once again and vows to become a girl kissable for Otani. Huh? But Otani comes down with flu a day before the concert so Nobu and Nakao encourages Risa to go visit him. Upon arrival, Otani’s mom and sister are quite elated to see Otani’s girlfriend. I’m sure Risa likes being called that but she says she’s here to hand him his report card. Otani is surprised to see Risa as mommy and sister brings in some cake. The duo even cheekily teased Otani since Risa is so tall, he’s going to have problems kissing her. Of course Otani denies it and pushes them out of his room. Risa then realized that today is Otani’s birthday and since Otani isn’t feeling too good, he tells Risa to go to the concert alone. A little chat here and there. During the conversation, their face gets too close so much so when Otani faints (due to his fever), his lips touched Risa’s. Oh dear! Does that count as a kiss? But Otani got his face in the cake. Risa is embarrassed and all flustered up and decides to leaves in a hurry. Unfortunately, the next day, Risa gets Otani’s flu as they both head for Umibouzu’s concert. But that’s not the bad part. Thing is, Otani doesn’t remember he kissed her. Double blow.
Because of that, in episode 14, Risa becomes her zombie self as she plays her dating simulation game, infatuated with Cain. Even her family is praying for a miracle. In addition, Risa’s in a pretty bad mood at school as blur case Otani wonders what’s wrong with her. It’s funny to see a desperate Risa telling Otani to give back her first kiss. However it seems the class has a new transfer teacher, Kuniumi Maitake AKA Maity, who looks just like Cain! Risa’s falling head over heels over him. Not only that, other girls too. Except for Nobu, who’s shivering everytime he does his charm or the girls start swooning. Risa even volunteers herself as the class rep and even drags a reluctant Otani to be 1 when Maity asks for volunteers. Another funny part is that during Maity’s class, Otani is sound asleep so much so Maity decides to wake him up by blowing in his ear. Otani wakes up screaming. Now all the girls wants to fall asleep so that Maity can blow in their ears. Later at the basketball practice, Otani has been promoted to captain with the departure of the club’s senior captain. Another round of chat between Risa and Otani and by the looks of it, Otani seems to care for Risa in a way by asking her not to hang around ‘cold’ guys like Maity. Then Otani remembers the time he was sick and Risa was in his room. He was so close to her face. Could it be that those memories are coming back? Otani then says how a grain of rice was stuck on her forehead, that’s why he got so close to her face then. Oh the shocking horror. So it wasn’t about the kiss anyway. Another emotional ride for Risa as she says how worried she was, how she’s trying to be good for him, bla bla bla. In her haste, she grabs Otani and kissed him! This surprises Otani as he asks what’s that for. Risa has had enough of it and tells him that she’s through loving him and runs away. While running down the hallway in tears, she bumps into Maity but didn’t stop or whatsoever and just continued running. Maity notices this.
Risa is going crazy and her family is really starting to worry about her cuckoo behaviour in episode 15. In school, Maity asks if Risa’s alright and the latter didn’t even realize she bumped into him yesterday. Then at the cafeteria, Risa tells Nobu and Chiharu that she’s through with Otani and is now focusing on Maity. Of course Nobu is against it. Meanwhile, Nakao and Suzuki are talking to Otani about that kissing incident. I guess Risa just about snapped because she has formed a new club called Maity-sensei Fanclub and she herself is the president. Yeah, all the girls there are really swooning over him. I suppose with Otani out of the picture, Risa can concentrate on her new love, which looks like her Cain. There’s a funny Q&A part whereby Maity is the guest of honour and the girls are taking turns asking him questions. But every answer Maity says it’s a secret. Even so, it’s enough to make all those girls go crazy swooning over him. Must be his voice. Nobu is bloody mad at Otani and thinks it’s his fault and wants him to go apologize in hopes that she’ll quite the fanclub and things will return back to normal. But when Otani does so, Risa questions him back, which made Otani speechless. She tells him she’s given up liking him and leaves. But Risa burst into tears and all in good timing, Maity happened to be nearby. He asks what’s wrong and lends her a shoulder to cry on. Otani thinks of going after Risa but sees her together with Maity. Jealous? Next day, Otani learns that their basketball coach is injured and is being replaced no other than Maity. Just great. So the duo had a 1-on-1 competition and Maity is a pretty good player. Yeah, all the fangirls are cheering at him. Later Otani is sulking because he can’t even steal the ball once from him. Nobu suggests Risa to go talk to him, in which she went searching for him. Otani is seen having a chat with Maity outside. The conversation may make it seem that Maity has ill intentions but I assure you he’s just trying to get to the root of the problem and solve it all. He’s a good guy. No doubt Maity’s pretty cool, calm and suave as oppose to Otani’s it’s-none-of-your-business behaviour. Finally Maity says that he’ll take Risa for himself in which Otani replies it’s okay with him since he doesn’t like her. Bad choice of words. Because Risa’s standing behind Maity paralyzed as she has heard every single line. The ultimate heartbreak. She’s got to be real ‘suay’ to have been rejected by a guy twice.
Episode 16 continues where the cliffhanger left off with Risa trying her best to keep her sanity as she walks away. Of course we know deep down, she’s been torn to shreds. Nobu and co are really mad at Otani but that guy seems to blame Maity for interfering. Meanwhile, Maity spots Risa crying alone and went to chat with her. She tells him what has happened between them all this while. With that, Maity says he’ll work his magic to make Risa happy again. Woah. Maity’s like an angel sent from above in Risa’s hallucination. Next day, another basketball 1-on-1 between Otani and Maity. During the game, Otani slips and sprains his ankle. Later a concerned Risa offers to ride him home but Otani says he’s fine and tells her to quit that Maity club. Maity then arrives to offer to drive Otani home, which he refuses. He then offers to drive Risa home, which made Otani decide to ask Risa to give him a ride home, surprising her. All part of Maity’s plan. Yeah, it’s to make Otani jealous. Hehe, on their way home, they got chased by a policeman who finds them riding in tandem. Everything seems back to normal the next day in school. Risa also notes that each time she gets her hopes up, it all ends up disappointing and doesn’t want to think about it. Later Haruka comes over to mock that midget when he finds out Otani got injured. Plus, he’s complimenting how Risa should’ve invited him to join her Maity fanclub because he’s always been looking up to him. To cut things short, Haruka is Maity’s cousin. Is that shocking or what. Probably the reason why Otani finds them both irritating. Later, Risa tells Otani that she has quit her Maity club because he had told he to do so. Risa offers him a ride home but he refuses again. Another bickering ensues till Otani agrees but this time he’s doing the peddling. While Risa gets her bicycle, Maity appears and gives Otani some advice. But I suppose it’s the way he put his words, because it seems to be pissing off Otani. As the duo ride back home, Risa notes how it’s better being an All Hanshin Kyojin pair rather than going through all those love pangs. They ended up getting chased by a policeman for riding in tandem. Is that against the law?
The Maity fanclub has been disbanded because it’s come to known that Maity has a fiancee in episode 17. Too bad girls. Also, Nobu isn’t happy since Risa decides to take her relationship with Otani as an All Hanshin Kyojin. Otani’s basketball team will be participating in some tournament and to his horror, they’ll be up against a very strong team in the 1st round. Otani’s already thinking of defeat. Where has his optimism gone to? Risa and the other girls decide to come cheer them on anyway. So before the big day, Risa made a few banners and headbands to support Otani. During match day, Otani is so depressed so much so he tells Risa not to bother cheering for him because he’ll lose anyway. This attitude pisses off Risa as she punches him and gives him another good round of lecture. Otani realized when he opened up Risa’s bag to find all those cheering banners and has his hopes up again. Because of that, he tells Risa to watch him because she’ll fall for him again. Say, don’t their opponents look like tall typical American basketballers? Are they NBA stars? As expected, Otani’s team lost. But it was a good match with Risa and the rest cheering them on. Later, Otani and Risa are sitting together outside on a bench as Otani thanks her for coming. Risa replies that his cool play made her fall in love with him again. Then, just like divine punishment, Otani says how he’s no good without Risa but it seems Risa has fallen asleep and didn’t hear a word. Haha. Now it’s Otani’s turn to feel the pain. Yeah, and Nobu and pals are spying on them behind the bush and are wondering what’s going on.
To Risa’s horror, she has to spend her summer vacation attending classes with the rest in episode 18. Perhaps thinking too much about Otani doesn’t improve her grades. Also, Risa’s birthday is coming up soon and the rest wonder what Otani’s going to give Risa. Hehe, those smirks on their faces. Besides, Suzuki and Chiharu got their faces red when Nobu figures out Suzuki gave her a cute rabbit ring for her birthday. So next day Otani asks Risa what she wants for her birthday but she says she doesn’t want anything. Of course Nobu pounds Risa and tells her otherwise. Well, Risa did want something as her birthday present, Otani’s love, that is. Another flashback whereby Risa confessed to Otani 2 years back and he laughs it off as a joke. Meanwhile Otani is with Nakao and Suzuki in a shop selling cute stuff for girls but Otani is hesitating to buy some rabbit pendant. The next day, the class throws a birthday bash for Risa. Even Maity’s there but Otani is no where to be found. Soon the fireworks began as everyone rushes to the rooftop to watch. Risa gets a message on her handphone to look behind. She spots Otani standing at a dark corner and quietly goes to him. Otani gives that rabbit pendant to her which makes her happy. As they chat, Otani tells her about that incident whereby Risa fell asleep. Risa now thinks that it wasn’t a dream after all. Before anything else could happen, Otani kisses her! Risa is in shock. She wonders if Otani has fever. Hehe, Otani’s asking if she can put on a better reaction face. If that kiss wasn’t enough, there’s round 2 coming. Yeah, Otani grabs her wrist, stare Risa in her eye and the duo lock lips again. Aww… The best birthday gift ever. It would’ve been funny or devastating (depends on how you look at it) if they’re caught red handed by the rest. I guess the fireworks display is just to brilliant.
Risa can’t contain her happiness so much so she almost told the rest what happened back then in episode 19. Luckily Otani’s there to silence her but the rest has already eavesdropped and wants to know all the details. But Otani’s keeping his mouth tightly sealed. Later at a restaurant, Otani gives Risa some tickets to some World Athletics Championship, supposedly hard to find, as their first date. Then Risa bumps into an old friend who thinks they’re a couple but Risa brushes it off and says they’re just friends, pissing off Otani. Oops, slip of a tongue. Next at the stadium, Risa arrives late and decides to make up for it but realizes that in her haste, she left her handbag at home. So Otani has to treat her today. During the game, Otani notices Risa’s gloomy and asks her to come with him somewhere to talk things. Some lover’s quarrel before Risa repeatedly says she loves Otani. While he’s acknowledging in embarrassment, the whole stadium goes wild and cheering. It occurred to them that their drama has been televised on the big screen. Holy cow! I guess this is more interesting than the games. The duo felt embarrassed and rushed inside the building. Otani decides to go get some juice after another short round of bickering inside. Risa can’t seem to be patient and decides to go to where Otani is. To her horror, she spots Otani talking with Kanzaki! The fear is coming back. Risa rushes off in tears but her blister on her foot stopped her. At that time, Kanzaki also noticed her. Kanzaki then helps put some band aid on her and notices Kanzaki’s a nice girl. So a little chat as Otani says that Risa is her girlfriend. But Kanzaki isn’t here to take Otani away. It seems she’s gotten back with her Giant boyfriend and soon leaves with him. That’s the last time you’ll see her. Risa gets emotional for jumping to conclusions and her eyes were too teary to watch the rest of the games. Funny part was on the way out, Risa’s saying how her heart was stolen again and Otani is pissed off replying how many heart she has. Then a girl calls out to Otani and it seems he knows her. It’s his neighbour, Mimi Yoshioka. Looks like another tall girl. Mimi’s asking who Risa is and Otani replies she’s his girlfriend. This surprises Mimi very much. As the duo left, Mimi is looking scornfully at them and can’t believe a girl like her is Otani’s girlfriend. Oh oh. I smell another jealousy case coming up.
Obviously Mimi has a secret crush on Otani. So another challenge in episode 20 as Otani and Risa are officially a couple, much to Nobu and co’s delight. Mimi was once in love in Otani but because of his short stature, she always bring him milk to drink so that he could grow tall. But it never happened. In a way you could say she gave up when Otani started seeing Kanzaki. Then suddenly Otani drops a bombshell by saying he’s got a girlfriend as tall as her. How would you feel? All those past efforts wasted. Mimi is burning with rage and jealousy inside. In front of Otani, Mimi may be that cute model but you’ll soon find out that she becomes the devil in front of Risa and threatens to make life hell for her. Mimi is sure scary. Risa must be feeling pretty scared. She tries to relate her experience without overdoing it to Otani but that guy brushes it off. So lots of scary looking moments from Mimi as her looks is enough to intimidate Risa. Yeah, Mimi’s trying to find out if Risa used any magic tricks and such to win Otani’s heart. One night while the trio are walking together, another argument between Mimi and Risa which causes the former to blurt how she likes Otani more than the latter. Of course Otani heard it and Mimi runs away in tears. Risa goes after her to console her. Mimi unleashes her evil scary side venting her fury on Risa but this time, Otani saw it. Mimi gets depressed with her true colours revealed. So Risa suggests the 3 of them do something after school. It’s like a date and it’s funny to see 2 Amazon ladies clinging on to the midget. Mimi notices how Otani and Risa could click so easily and having lots of fun together. At 1 time Mimi’s acting like a spoilt brat so much so Risa can’t stand it any longer and punches her face! Not good for a model. Eventually Mimi learns Risa has been rejected twice and she’s been trying hard all along. This time Risa runs away in tears. So after some talk, Risa feels better and she walks home hand in hand with Otani. As for Mimi, she may have given up because she told Otani how she can’t deal with an idiot like Risa. I guess the battle ends here. Meanwhile at school, the homeroom teacher is telling Maity that the All Hanshin Kyojin may have to break up because they both chose different career paths.
Actually Risa doesn’t have her future plans charted out yet while Otani decides to become a teacher in episode 21. I wonder if he’ll be mistaken as a student. But this episode is mainly about Nobu and Nakao. Nobu is going to attend an undergraduate university faraway in Hokkaido. Thus she needs to attend an interview there first. Which means the lovey-dovey couple will have to do a long distance relationship. Though Nakao accepts it but deep down, he’s breaking apart. Yeah, he’s going insane and it’s pretty obvious. Greeting a mailbox? Lots of drama and spacing out. After all this time Nobu and Nakao has helped Risa and Otani (whether they want it or not), it’s time for the latter duo to return the favour. Of course Otani just told Nakao straight in the face that if he doesn’t want Nobu to leave, just say so. But I guess Nakao decides to make things ‘easier’ when he acts like he doesn’t care anymore and has 3 lovely woman behind her back and wants Nobu to forget him. This is the funny part. Nakao proceeds to name the 3 women. First, Maiko (Maity dressed as a woman!), then Suzuko (holy cow! Suzuki in 1 too!) and finally Haruko (before Haruka could appear Otani slammed the door)! On the day of Nobu’s departure, everyone is there to see Nobu off. But Nobu and Nakao manage to reassure their love. I love you more than anything in the world and a warm hug. So touching. I wish I was like that too. With that, Risa wonders about if hers with Otani will end up well like this. The closing scenes shows a boy, Kohori, who’s being told by a fortune teller that a tall woman is going to bring him trouble.
While Nobu’s back and the couple are more lovey-dovey than ever in episode 22, Otani is studying real hard while Risa decides to take up a part time job as a waitress. Risa’s a little clumsy, breaking plates and stuff. Plus, the lady boss is quite a strict elderly lady. Risa seems to notice that her part time colleague, Kohori, is also an Umibouzu fan. So you could say they clicked right away. If you notice, this Kohori guy is as short as Otani. So when Risa brags about him at school, Nobu thinks she has midget fetish. Besides that drama whereby Risa tries to comfort a depressed and stressed out Otani for failing his practice exams, it seems Kohori has taken a liking for Risa as he thinks he’s a nice girl. One rainy evening while Risa is taking a short nap at the restaurant (got tired after trying to memorize the menu), Kohori notices how sweet Risa’s lips are. I guess he couldn’t resist it and he tried to kiss her while she’s sleeping! Luckily before their lips met, Risa opened her eyes. Kohori of course is embarrassed and apologizes. But the problem’s only beginning. To Risa’s horror, Otani has just witnessed it all just outside the window. "Oh my God". How she wish this was all a dream. Otani walks away but Risa goes after him to explain things. Otani replied that she has midget fetish, sending her shockwaves. Naturally Otani would be pissed off as he ignores Risa. Even Nobu and Nakao are upset and thinks Risa brought it upon herself and can’t help her anymore. She’s on her own now. Later Kohori apologizes again and decides to give Risa a ticket to a rare exclusive Umibouzu radio concert. Risa is torn between Otani and Umibouzu but decides to take Kohori’s offer since she’s a sucker for Umibouzu and thinks she isn’t two-timing Otani. The duo had a great time while Otani meanwhile tapes that Umibouzu concert and decides to pass it to Risa once done. Risa and Kohori are walking home together when they bump into Otani. Another misunderstanding arises. Risa says that she’s to blame and such but Otani says he doesn’t care anymore as he’s breaking up with her and walks away. Oh no. Previously rejection, now break up?
Even though in episode 23 Otani says his break up with Risa is ‘folever’ (yeah, he misspelled forever) but I don’t think it’ll last long. A reason why Otani decides to do so because he thinks it’ll interrupt his studies. Is it? Risa tries to amend things but it seems hopeless. Even if Otani doesn’t want to be with her anymore, Risa continued to make some supportive headband and banners to cheer on Otani’s upcoming exams (even though they’re recycled goods from that basketball tournament). "Otani For Life!". Later Otani bumps into Kohori and the former finds out Kohori is taller than him by 2 cm. Otani plays a dirty trick by asking Kohori to look down as he punches him. Otani says that’s for his fault for everything. Kohori tells him that the reason why he wanted to kiss Risa while asleep because she looked so pretty, surprising Otani. A short argument resulted in Kohori saying that he likes Risa and isn’t going to hold back anymore. Christmas Day and the restaurant is organizing some karaoke party. While Risa sings her heart out, she realizes it’s not the same without Otani and rushes out. I think Kohori realizes Risa still has a heart for Otani. Otani too feels the same way and so happen they bump each other on the street, reconciled and are back together again. Otani also confesses he loves her. That’s fast. Even Risa mentions that if he’s going to say something like this, she doesn’t mind breaking 100 times. Risa is embarrassed that Otani is hugging her in public. Since he’s short, he’s got no qualms about hiding his face. Soon it’s New Year’s Day and the gang finds Suzuki failed his entrance exam because he was sick. Which means, he won’t be able to attend the same college as Chiharu, who has passed. Suzuki claims he broke his promise to protect Chiharu but it’s more of his pessimistic attitude which causes Chiharu to snap. Woah! I’ve never seen Chiharu raise her voice before. Why, she even lift the desk to show her anger! Anyway, they can’t stay mad at each other and soon reconciled, promise to do their best, etc. Yay. Back together again. Fast forward to the day before Otani’s exams. His family kicks him out of their quarantined house because every family member has come down with a level 5 virus. Level 5? Looks like the only place he can stay for the night is at Risa’s since the other guys aren’t available.
Otani meets Risa’s family for the 1st time in episode 24 and they’re sarcastically asking if he’s okay with a giant like her. Otani sleeps over but did midnight oil burning. If you’re expecting any steamy romances to bloom, drop it. Nothing happened. Next morning, it’s snowing so much so all public transport are cancelled. Plus, Otani has woke up late and is in a hurry. Risa offers to ride him there on her bicycle. Kids, don’t ride recklessly like her. They arrive in time (and in 1 piece) as Otani goes in to take his exam. After that’s done, Otani and Risa went out on a date only to bump into Mimi who’s doing a modelling shoot. Mimi has no qualms taking a chance to cling onto Otani’s arms. One of the producers spots Risa and decides to ask her help in the photo shootout. Wah. Risa looks so girly. And unnatural doing those shots. Mimi is more pro. When it’s over, Risa thinks she’s not suited to be a model but wants to become a stylist instead. With Otani’s words of encouragement, Risa gives him a hug. A week later, the exam results are out and Risa’s entire pals, including Haruka and Maity converge at the restaurant she works. Yeah, they all bluff Kohori how they’re Risa’s family (Nobu and Nakao being her parents while Haruka and Maity as Risa’s lovers). Risa soon finds out from Haruka saying that he saw a depressed Otani sitting by the train station. Thinking Otani has failed his exams, Risa rushes out to find him. The strict lady boss for once allows her because she was once like that while Kohori gladly covers for her. She manages to find him on an overhead bridge and thinks he’s going to jump and tackles him! Of course, Otani’s confused but tells her that he passed. He was just tired then and the reason why he didn’t pick up his handphone because the battery went flat. So as the 2 comfort each other, they exchange another round of kiss. Graduation day, the All Hanshin Kyojin are late as usual as everyone else is already assembled in the hall. Because the speaker is ill, the duo had be the replacement as punishment for being late. They’re still as comical as ever on stage, living up to their tagname, arguing and making blunders. Finally Risa decides to just say it from her heart. She gives an emotionally rousing and farewell speech. She’s glad that she had met Otani and loves him, vice versa. With that and from now on, they’ll always be together.
Overall, I’m pleased and satisfied with the way everything worked out and ends. Risa is still the most amusing and personal favourite of mine in terms of her overall character. Of course Nobu’s punishment on Risa like a knee kick to the back still rocks. I like the way the animators draw Risa in her several moods and forms. Like when she’s gone insane and nuts she looks like a mad squirrel, or when she’s annoyed or suspicious she’ll look like an old woman, and when she’s really sad and heartbroken, she looks so pitiful. Otherwise, Risa’s quite a pretty girl herself. If you don’t mind the height. With that, I’m sure this series will appeal to bishie fans alike with handsome and pretty looking teens.
I like the character developments especially between Risa and Otani from start till the end. I suppose love does and can change a person in more than 1 ways. Though the other supporting characters too have their own little development, it doesn’t feel like an ‘isolated’ case or a filler, even if it doesn’t amount to anything much.
In addition, the voice acting is superb, especially Risa’s. Akemi Okamura who voices her did a splendid job in making her sound loud, crude and ‘crazy’. You could say I never got tired of her speeches. You may recognize her as the voice of Nami in One Piece. Likewise, Otani is voiced by Akira Nagata, a newbie and his voice too is perfectly suited for the character. I’ve never enjoyed loud funny bickerings in my life especially between a boy and a girl till this series came along. Not to say I’m a sadist or what and not that I will look forward to such squabbles. Other excellent casts include Saori Higashi as Nobu (Chuta of Chousoku Spinner), Kenjiro Tsuda as Suzuki (Otona Lambo of Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn, Inui of Prince Of Tennis), Fujiko Takimoto as Seiko, Yasuhiko Tokuyama as Nakao, Junichi Suwabe as Maity (Cain in Trinity Blood, Atobe in Prince Of Tennis, Kyosuke in NANA), Masaya Onosaka as Haruka (Momoshiro in Prince Of Tennis, Vash in Trigun) and Kae Araki as Mimi (Miaka in Fushigi Yuugi).
There are several nice background music (BGM) in the anime and my favourite ones are those slow piano ballads or the orchestra string types. With the variety of BGMs, each are tailored to suit perfectly the atmosphere in the series. Like Risa’s theme is quite upbeat, lively and filled with all those horn fanfares. The 1st opening theme Kimi + Boku = Love? (sounds like a math equation) by Tegomass is also upbeat and lively but the 1st ending theme Kiss – Kaerimichi No Love Song also sung by the same group, is a more slower piece. The 2nd opening is Hey! Say! by Hey! Say! 7. Yup, the group named the song after themselves. I think. They also did the 2nd ending theme Bon Bon. Both themes sound like a group song and has that buoyant feeling. I kinda notice that the animation for the 2nd opening has the characters in fashion consciousness while the 2nd ending animation looks like oil-based crayon paintings.
So it goes to show that love really isn’t a smooth and easy ride. Though at times I do feel pitiful for Risa for going through all those ups and downs, hot and cold moments, but I’m glad it ended well for her. Not to say that I really understood the workings of love but at least it gives me a glimpse and insight of what torrid moments a person in love might’ve gone through. Hopefully, I won’t have to undergo all that ;P. So yes indeed, love is sure a complex matter.
Lovely Complex

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